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May 13, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the desktop app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct, and refer to the Beta FAQ and Known Issues list here before posting to see if your issue is already covered.Aratil0 May 13, 2014
Jun 25 Discussion on Plans for Social Features We’ve received a lot of feedback and questions about the possibility of building social functionality like chat and friends into the app. Right now our focus is on testing and refining the login and updating experience, but we’re planning to continue evolving the app with additional features -- including social features -- in the future. In the meantime, please share all of your thoughts and feedback regarding future plans for the social experience here.Aratil500 Jun 25
20h I love it! Here's what I would love even more! This is the unified Blizzard/ app/launcher I have been waiting for since... well... since first was a thing back in WCIII. - I love having a single launcher for ALL* my Blizzard games! (* <coughcough> please, add classic titles like WCIII, D1 & 2, SC1, etc., even if it is just a launch icon and not full support <coughcough> thanks) - I love seeing the links and feeds for what's new and interesting with Blizzard (no, really, I am that big of a fanboy/junkie). - I love that I can see my friends online and message them from either the desktop app or from any of the games. What I would like to see (because, I'm a greedy gamer that way): - A more consistent and unified set of chat features from game-to-game and including the desktop app; I want to be able to "Broadcast" a message in the desktop app and in Hearthstone, too, not just in WoW, SC2, and D3. - Begin able to subscribe to various forum threads and having a feed show up on the desktop app would be an awesome way to track topics and conversations that I am either interested in or actually participating in. To prevent some sort of feed overload, you could limit the number of subscribed threads. - Some sort of mail system. You could limit the number of characters to 160, make mailing someone in only available to friends and/or co-favorite friends, and even limit the number of mail messages sent in a day. This would be a great way to touch base with friends who may be on a different wake/sleep cycle, etc. - A unified personal/guild/clan calendar system. With various privacy options, this could be a great way to let people know which game you plan on playing and when, guild events, etc., etc. Or, if a player wanted to lock down the privacy completely, it could still be just a great personal reminder/alarm system, especially if it could send you messages in game: Calendar says: "WHY ARE YOU PLAYING D3 RIGHT NOW, NOOB?!? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TANKING FOR YOUR WOW RAID GROUP IN 5 MINUTES!!!" - An achievements page, chronicling all my various achievements from all the Blizzard games. You could even make new meta-achievements that require combined achievements across games. Like the calendar, a player could possibly change privacy/sharing options, because, hey, plenty of us like to compare/show off achievements. - Portrait/Meta-Portrait: Just like when one is posting in the forums, it would be nice to have a little portrait for my presence. It would be great if this was a full-figure model that could be displayed somewhere in the desktop app. It would be pure awesome-sauce if it was some sort of meta-portrait where I was able to mix-and-match parts/features from my various games played (Tauren Marine? Hell yes! Infested Crusader? Why not! (Oh, wait... that may just be a DK...)). It would be beyond belief if they were animated! So, this is just a daydreaming wishlist. That the desktop app does not have these things does not make it bad. Like I said, I love it! This is just some things that I think would take it next level.Wolfcow106 20h
Aug 26 [Suggestions]: New skins, and a universal achievement/award system [EDIT]: I see now that my post is a giant wall of text. I'll put all of the important stuff in bold for those of you who don't have the time or attention span. • The first suggestion is pretty self-explanatory -- Many people who have gripes with the software are people who have misgivings with the look of the interface, or just the feel the get from each game page. So why not create new skins for the app, or at least let us choose different backgrounds for the games, with matching color schemes to accompany them? It couldn't be that complicated of a task to give us that much customization. • The second suggestion is one that would be quite a bit trickier -- A universal achievement system. Each of Blizzard's universes offer an achievement system with loads of rewards in each game, so why not employ a similar system for all of Battle Net? Since the app is beginning to unify all 3 universes and make chatting a lot easier between them, why not offer portraits, or hey, maybe different backgrounds (see: suggestion 1) as awards for achievements? You could actually do it make it even simpler than that -- Suppose our achievement points across all the Blizzard games are added up and summed up on our Battle Net accounts in the app? (Suppose I have 10k in WoW, 4k in Starcraft, 4k in Diablo, totaling up to 18k total Battle Net achievement points?). Some games (such as WoW) have more achievement points to offer the player, and I can see how some players might feel that it's a bit unfair if they don't play WoW and only have access to a much smaller number of achievements. You could remedy that issue by making the points from WoW count for half or something. At least, if you intended for the Battle Net account-wide achievement points to actually be an entirely different point system than the ones in-game. Honestly, if you've been looking for a way for the app to bring a better sense of community and really give people a reason to use it because they WANT to and not because you're making them, why not add some benefits for their hard work, and make them happy that you've unified the launcher platforms? I'd love for people in Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 to see how many achievement points I have in WoW, and vice-versa. Not to mention, these forums are a bit dreadful, with the Battle net logo as avatars. It's not that I dislike the logo, but it's a bit pointless if EVERYONE has the same avatar. Give people a way to earn new ones, and see what they do with it. [EDIT]: • Since changing the UI is on the table, I'd also like to suggest giving people the option to choose the size of the fonts and/or other elements of the app. Personally, I use two fairly large displays (1920x1080, ~24-29" each), so I have plenty of screen real estate to spare. The app is always maximized on my secondary screen while I play my Blizzard games, and it looks great. What I've seen some other people complaining about, though, is that the app doesn't look quite as neat and sleek on smaller displays in its current state, where the elements will look a bit cluttered and jammed in. In the same way that many people with smaller displays use smaller icons on their desktop, it would be nice to see them being given the option to do the same with the fonts and buttons/panels in the Blizzard app.Aurumai51 Aug 26
10h Remove Game Icon I'm never going to play WoW. Why can't I remove it from my game list? I like being given the option to install it initially, and would like to see an install for future (or past) games, but I would also like to be able to clean up my launcher and only see the ones I will actually play. Other than that I love it so far.Drazilin57 10h
15h Launching from Desktop Shortcut So I am wondering what is the purpose for creating a desktop shortcut for blizzard games. Every time I launch the games it only starts up the launcher and from there you have launch the game. Can we please launch the games directly from the shortcut, having already running in the background? ThanksTheIcon0 15h
15h Can't log in I cannot log in, it was inform: More help: BLZBNTBGS80000021 (3003) I have just bought game time 30 days, and i cannot play wow 7 days, please help me to fix the bug (i think server down and not connect). I come from VietNam. I am look forward to hearing from you soon. Tks & Best regards,Sinbad8 15h
1d Voice Chat Beta I would really love to test this voice chat feature, but none of my friends are in the beta. Perhaps throw a couple beta invites for the original user to give to people on their list?Arcsis5 1d
1d Battlenet client settings not saving Everytime i change the install/update settings to "Never automatically update" The client seems to change it back to "Automatically update" everytime i login again. This is frustrating especially due to data caps that are imposed by my phone company. Id hate to run over my cap because of this. Anyway to resolve it?StronKangaRu3 1d
1d Linux Support for Blizzard Games The question of Linux support comes up time and time again but I really think it is time that Blizzard actuallty supported Linux. Here is why. Drivers aren't an issue anymore One of the big reasons that people didn't want to use Linux was the poor state of graphics drivers. This isn't an issue anymore. The drivers have massively improved and the major performance differences that some games still show are down to the lower quality wrapper-based ports rather than the native ports (like those Valve did for their games). Vulkan The Vulkan API is the cross-platform versions of DirectX 12. These two APIs are the future of PC Games but Vulkan isn't restricted to Windows 10 like DX12 is. By using Vulkan, Blizzard can generate code that is multi-platform friendly and would make the job of creating and supporting Linux games much easier in the long run. Blizzard are also a member of the Khronos group, the people who publish the spec for the Vulkan API. Source: Distro Fragmentation isn't an issue Another common argument for not using or supporting Linux is the number of distributions. While there are large number of options, the vast majority of Linux users use a small handful of distros that are very similar to each other. More importantly, Valve only officially support Ubuntu which makes their job easier while also reducing the diea who need to officially support every distribution that exists. Users are willing to test/support companies that support Linux There is a dedicated and growing community around Linux gaming that is willing to help developers, both finanically and constructively, who want to support. The community while buy the games while also do their best to report bugs or test development builds for upcoming or already existing games that are being ported. Blizzard are a massive company and they could easily grab the attention of this entire community and it would help to provide a lot of real world testing for them. Operating system choice is good Giving people the choice of using a non-Windows operating system to play Blizzard games is only a good thing. While you can use Mac OS X you do have to buy an Apple Mac to use it (in line with the license agreement anyway). This is important because Windows 10 and the upgrade tactics have drawn a lot of negative attention to Microsoft. There is an even growing number of people who are switching to Linux or at least considering it. However, there is one problem. Linux has (or had) a chicken and egg problem. Nobody uses it because nobody develops for it which leads to nobody developing for it as nobody uses it. While Valve and other companies have been changing this by porting games to Linux, a company as large as Blizzard porting their games to Linux would do wonders for this movement and would really send a signal to games and developers alike to actually take Linux seriously as a gaming platform. The benefit of doing this is that the users have more choice as to what operating system they run on their computer without having to make sacrifices. You can run the games via WINE but that isn't perfect whereas a native port would allow for Linux Gamers to enjoy the best possible Blizzard experience without having to install/use Windows. Linux Market Share Growth While the accuracy of web based statistics for operating ysstem use is questionable, the usage graph that will be linked below shows that Linux now has more than 2% of the market share on desktop operating systems. This is, again, a sign of progress. Source: 1d
1d [Request] Friends group settings Good evening, my request is to be able to filter / sort the friends on my list, current "favourite or nothing" is not enough. I want to create / delete my own groups and assign people to them. Bonus: able to manage sub-groups Example: "My D3 friends" "My WoW friends" --"Best friends" --"Nice people I met while playing" --"Friends from arena" --"Friends from RBG" --"Raiders" "HS friends" ...pretty please? :)Pepe34 1d
1d Mise à jour du lanceur: vos commentaires Nous invitons à présent des testeurs pour aider à essayer et perfectionner une nouvelle application, visant à améliorer l’expérience du lanceur pour tous les jeux Blizzard et rendre le lancement des jeux plus fluide pour les joueurs. Si vous avez été choisi pour tester l’application, nous vous encourageons à nous faire part de vos commentaires ici. Avant de participer à cette discussion, merci de lire notre Code de conduire sur les forums, vous référer à la Foire aux Questions de la bêta et à la liste des problèmes connus, afin de vous assurer que votre problème n’est pas déjà couvert. Langage: Bien que l’application soit disponible dans toutes les langues que nous supportons, ces forums ne pourront provisoirement proposer d’assistance qu’en anglais. Toutefois, nous avons mis à disposition un certain nombre de messages spécifiques dans chaque langue, à l’attention des personnes ne parlant pas anglais. Tout message dans une autre langue que l’anglais, en dehors de ces discussions, devra malheureusement être supprimé étant donné que les équipes du forum ne peuvent lire et écrire qu’en anglais. Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension.Aratil192 1d
1d Overwatch demo Can you please release an over watch demo? Don't want to buy a game without trying it out first, thank you.RobotDoctor34 1d
2d 하스스톤 memmodule32 자꾸 접속시에 사용불가가 나오며 Memmodule32파일을 불러오지 못했습니다 라는 문구가 나오면서 접속이 되질 않습니다 어떻게 해결을 해야하나요?sky2 2d
2d Invisible Mode (Pt. 2) Continued from 2d
2d D/L'ing more then one game via the app would it be possible to allow downloading of more then one game at a time with the app ?? having to install 5 games, would be faster if you can set a max bandwidth, or unlimited, that can use, and spread it over the games you want to install.. is this even possible ??Falco0 2d
2d Appear Offline status, request #7 I've noticed rumors buzzing around the news sites about some upcoming changes to, including a re-branding to the name "Blizzard Tech". That's cool, progress is good. Is there any chance that Blizzard, during this period of upheaval, might find some time to follow through on a few long-standing promises to the user community? If so, might I suggest adding the "appear offline" privacy option to Blizzard Tech? It's more than four years overdue. For the record, this will be my seventh request in seven weeks about online privacy controls for Lucky number seven! My discussion thread from last week has other unanswered questions: Thanks for reading.Offline0 2d
2d Blizzard make this impossable i lost my authentication key so i cant log in to my account , in order to have the authentication key removed i have to log in , Blizzard how do i do that now id like to have it put on my cell phone but how can i if i need the key to log in all the money i spent on games down the drain , starting to think blizzard is all about the money and dont care who they screw over . phone support is a joke nothing but a recording and when you follow the instructions aaaahhhhh gotta have the authentication key to log in (shame on you Blizzard...............................................suthernsteel0 2d
2d Broadcasting Why are we unable to broadcast a status message from either Overwatch or the App? It's in WoW, D3 and HOTS but there aren't any signs of it in either of the two previously mentioned.Sinzah36 2d
2d Inappropriate/Offensive Links The link to Penny-Arcade ( within the browser contains a highly offensive and inappropriate comic. Why is a link taking me to a place where I am going to encounter not only an F-Bomb, but a curse that takes the Lord's name in vain?! Last time I checked, the game is rated T for Teen. Please do a better job, especially when providing links within a gaming browser for a game not rated M.Rorran1 2d
2d 하스스톤 memmodule32 자꾸 접속시에 사용불가가 나오며 Memmodule32파일을 불러오지 못했습니다 라는 문구가 나오면서 접속이 되질 않습니다 어떻게 해결을 해야하나요? 알려주시면 감사하겠습니다sky0 2d
2d Memmodule32파일 자꾸 접속시에 사용불가가 나오며 Memmodule32파일을 불러오지 못했습니다 라는 문구가 나오면서 접속이 되질 않습니다 어떻게 해결을 해야하나요?sky0 2d
2d Allow offline messages. Please allow offline messages between friends on When you try sending a friend a message online you get "Your message wasn't delivered because ***** is offline. [error 17]" Every other chat system in creation allows for offline messages, please implement this feature into's chat. Thank you. WestMort.Westmort49 2d
3d Hide Overwatch From Library and Other Games Please let me remove Overwatch from my library. I do not own it, and I am not interested in purchasing it. I think it would also be a good idea to have the option of hiding the free to play games such as Hearthstone and Heroes of The Storm. I understand my purhcased games staying visible, but these are unnecessary. Especially if someone doesn't play Hearthstone or Heroes. It's also not a very good advertisement (which I feel shouldn't be in the launcher to begin with).DeathTBO0 3d
3d Launch a game directly from a shortcut There should be a way to launch a game directly under certain circumstances. 1a. client is running and is logged in OR 1b. client is not running but auto-login is enabled (remember e-mail, keep me logged in) so that the client is able to start and log in without any user input 2. game is up-to-date If these conditions are met then the game's shortcut created by the client (and maybe even the game's shortcut in the client's system tray menu) should launch the respective game directly without the need to open the client window and press Play.tomo2 3d
3d New web is non-readable on phone Browser Atleast with the old web I can read and posted properly, now I just can't access and post them on phone. Using UC Broswer btw.Randy77770 3d
3d drop outs? every so often i have a random dropout from and it causes me to have leaver status for HotS. anyone else have this?Yettee0 3d
3d Overlay for In-Game Hello people of (or Blizzard maybe hehehe....) I think it'd be very useful and convenient to have a Overlay because it'd be amazing to be able to access your friends list and make a group text conversation with them and chat from the Overlay. Think of it just like Steam's In-Game Overlay, it'd be really cool and useful. I'd like to hear some feedback! Thanks!VEGASDEATH134 3d
3d Option to add Classic games to the launcher list.. I have quite a few of the classic games from Blizz installed on my computer (i.e. Warcraft II, III, Diablo II, Starcraft..) And think that it would maybe be a good idea for Blizz to throw the option on there to add those games from your hard drive, or perhaps to have the client automatically search your hard drive for said legacy games. Talk to me about feedback :) Thanks. -ImpImperfect23 3d
3d 한국배틀넷 모바일,mac에서 배틀코인결제 가능하게 해주세요 한국배틀넷 배틀코인 충전하려고 하는데 mac이랑 모바일에선 안되서 가게 컴퓨터로 하는데 isp결제모듈 무한로딩으로 카드결제도 안됩니다 계좌이체는 해킹때문에 무서워서 사용도 못하겠구요 그 많은 방법중에 결국 가능한건 핸드폰결제 뿐이더군요 제가 인터넷구매,결제 모든걸 컴퓨터로 안하고 폰으로 해결하는데 배틀코인만 카드결제가 폰에서 해결하지 못했네요 일반쇼핑몰조차도 가능한일을 블리자드같은 IT기업?에서 불가능하다니... 한심할따름입니다금빛어둠0 3d
3d Performance query on Battlenet client at HDD and Overwatch at SSD Hello. My battlenet client and all other Blizzard games is installed on HDD. My overwatch is installed on SSD for better performance as is my most important game. Does installing Battlenet client on SSD will further improve overwatch performance too? Is there a relation between overwatch client and bnet clientI0ri0 3d
4d Alias tracking or nickname tag. I know there is the note feature but I feel like it does not completely fit with what I want. Now that you can change your name as often as you want I think an alias tracking and being able to nickname friends would be good. I will now compare blizzard/ to steam. If someone changes their name unexpectedly I can see their past names to remind myself. I am then able to add a nickname to each person tracking their original nickname. I can use the group feature to track people by game we play to again help jog my memory.Stranger0 4d
4d Client unable to go online Hello, For the past few days I am unable to get my client to go online. I can still use the offline features and manually sign into my games but I cannot use the chat and friend features. I have tried manually updating the app and even uninstalling it completely, restarting my computer, then reinstalling it. Nothing has worked. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any help?Luffy3430 4d
4d CPU on high load when the app is on I realised that everytime I open the battlenet app, my cpu load just increases and my laptops fans goes crazy. Mostly it uses my i7 processor by 14% and it never decreases. The exe file is: Helper.exe and it uses the cpu by 14%. What would be the reason that it is using the cpu that much?Archeon6 4d
4d I can't log in to in Vietnam. Dear Blizzard I can't log in to in Vietnam since 20 Sep 2016 (may be since you monitor a DDOS attacks against network provieders crisis). There always present "BLZBNTBGS80000021 (3003)" when I try to log in with PC. Anyway, I can't connect to Hearthstone with my iPhone ,or iPad as well. Could you please help me to check and solve this problem? Thanks,Zeromaru0 4d
5d name is DEAD? I'm saddened to hear that you guys are changing the name. You've had that name for 20 years and I for one will miss it.Solace7770 5d
5d Thank you OugHatHat and Blizzard. I seriously love and appreciate that you guys aren't forced into writing from a script, we had good laughs and a solid conversation all while trying to fix my patching issue. The issue was somehow fixed when our chat window closed, I wish I could have told them in the chat that whatever we did worked as we spent nearly 40 minutes trying to get it to work, but Thank you though :) This is a shoutout to Mr.Hathat specifically, but it's also a shoutout to the company and the staff. You're all awesome with regards to the way you handle your customer support. 10/10 would grind for hours with each of you.Blazzendrull0 5d
5d Thank you I love, World of Warcraft and blizzard workers. I want only say Thank you, for good services, smiles and entertaintment. Sorry for my bad english, see yaRorschach0 5d
5d Stream option not showing up, need help called blizzard and they couldnt help, the stream option doesnt show anymore.Flownominal1 5d
5d needed to transfer realm hello im a new player im paying 14 dollors a month for four months now i needed to transfer all my 5 character to sargeras cause i dont like it here in tichondrius cause the horde here are retards they keep killing me when doing world quest and i dont want want to do world quest here anymore i play 17 hours a day and im not having fun of getting always killed by the group of hordes if these contenue to happen ill just have to stop playing these game .....dessy4440 5d
6d Bring up client on opening Hi, I've recently installed the new Beta client (Beta) and came upon this flaw: If the client is minimized to the system tray, it won't come up when trying to open it from a shortcut or the start menu. A previous version brought up the client before when doing this. This should not be intended. I've got the client minimized and non purposely hidden behind the arrow of additional trayed applications. Windows 10 Pro + Anniversary update Best regards, Geppogeppo2 6d
6d nada a cambiado real mete el emparejamiento mete el emparejamiento si ge siendo una real basura nada a cambiado sigue siendo una real basura nada cambiado este juego morirá muy pronto yo dejare de jugarlo ojala blizzard vallanse ala mierdaGONNTA0 6d
6d nada a cambiado real mete el emparejamiento mete el emparejamiento si ge siendo una real basura nada a cambiado sigue siendo una real basura nada cambiado este juego morirá muy pronto yo dejare de jugarlo ojala blizzard vallanse ala mierdaGONNTA0 6d
6d My theory on the battlenet name change Ok so I think Blizzard is slowly turning their app into an IM service like skype. I mean just think about it: emoticons in sc2 which can easily be brought over to the bnet app or even the app getting its own, there is now a "private call" section in alpha testing which is also a private group chat. There is a friends list which is kind of like your "contact list". Only that doesn't really make it a "true" IM service since a new window opens up when you message someone on your friends list. But once the feature currently in alpha goes live then it can be kind of like an IM service already. What Blizzard should do is add a public chat channel on the app like on sc2.Bareleon0 6d
6d Language option being partially ignored Hello, The desktop app began ignoring my language options for one of the ads. My set language is english, and its my preferred one. All other ads appear in the correct language, but this one is in my local language ( Not PC-local, but geographic-local: Hungarian. My OSs language is also english ) The problematic ad is the one for Overwatch being 39.99 euros, it redirects to the corresponding shop page. I'd like you to walk me through the steps required to change the ad's language back to english, as it looks HORRIBLY out of place right now. I talked to one of the european Blizzard support staff members, and they told me there was nothing that could be done on my end to fix this, and suggested I write a post in this forum. What I suggest is that you drop the Geo-IP based ad language thing, and stick with the language that was chosen by the user for the Desktop App. It's counter-intuitive to ignore the user's choice, and force upon them the language of some country they happen to currently reside in. A picture of the issue I'm talking about: 6d
6d I really wanna delete my account imediately Hello. I made this account 3 years ago in US. I really wanna delete my account because i am currently living in Korea. I cannot change my nation. I cannot delete my account.SONGPRO0 6d
6d Cannot connect to Hi supporters, I cannot connect to in a week. please explainIvanTran0 6d
6d Diablo 2, Starcraft, etc... There should be a way for those of us owning older games, such as Diablo 2 and others, to the launcher. no need to implement full capabilities to each game, just make them accessible, and install-able from the desktop app.Webs11073325 6d
6d Please make a app for mobile Sometimes I want to add a friend but I don't have a computer .It's always a trouble. Sometimes I want to download a new game or repair my games when I'm outdoor I can't do it without the mobile app . The app for mobile could include the account protect .魔人奈非天0 6d
Sep 23 Blizzard Tech Features I love that Blizzard Tech, calling it by it's new name, is a great idea that could use a few improvements such as allowing you to use it to download the old games like you can the new ones: Starcraft, Brood War, Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne, Diablo 1 and 2. I own most of these and I wouldn't mind seeing a feature like downloading the old games with this app. I also wouldn't mind seeing an In-Home Streaming Service like Steam has so you can play your Blizzard games on a less powerful device such as a subpar laptop. I love playing these games but I would be isolated in my room playing these games and I do not like that much. I have a laptop I use out in the Living room which is NO WHERE near as powerful as my Desktop is but with Steam's In-Home Streaming I can play games like ARK, 7 Days to Die or Borderlands 2 on my laptop through my Desktop easily. I believe this would be an incredibly useful feature for Blizzard to implement for Blizzard Tech.Kelthazud0 Sep 23