Console Bug Report

May 2 Entering Desolate Sands Crash Playing on PC. Every time I try to enter the Desolate sands in crashes. Tried to uninstall and re-install, did not help. I get this code every time it crashes (A56FDF26-E36C-40DA-9404-25EEB0ACC8BB)ButteredBaby1 May 2
May 1 BUG SABLES DESOLES hello, there is a bug in sands SORRY can not advance in the region because it makes Beuger the character and you can not do anything even with a auter character and even in trying to repair the toujour such games !!! these very embarrassing !mickey0 May 1
May 1 Infinit loading screen when join games Hi I purchased a ps4 a month or two ago and yesterday my mate bought me diablo 3 so we could play together. After installing diablo 3 we both started it up and tried to create a party together. If I was to join him I would get to the screen where you see yourself and player 1's character stood in a character select screen. My mate would also see this but seconds after I join, on his screen I would dissappear. I press enter game and I get an unending loading screen. If my mate tries to join me then he just gets an error saying cannot join parry. (He can join other people aswell as quick matches). - We have both tried restarting our consoles and router/modems. - we have both changed the ingame multyplayer opens to do not override region settings and unticked the other two region/language boxes. - I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game - I have also tried connecting to my router and putting my ps4 I the DMZ zone so it is outside of my routers NAT firewall - I have also tried forwarding several ports suggested online None of the above has worked. I have seen that this has been an issue since the game has come out and quite frankly if I can't get a fix in a day or two I will be contacting support to get my mates money back under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as the game is not fit for its intended use and we will buy another game to play together. P's. I've played Blizzards world of warcraft for about 7 years on and off so hopefully the diablo support is half decent like the wow support.tH3dOuG3 May 1
Apr 30 Char died and not able to do anything after Dear Blizzard, Died on my ps4 match in a greater rift lvl 150 (got boosted) but still. My minions stayed alive and i kept receiving paragon lvls. but was not able to revive and use any actions. please look at this bug. Also i could not loot the items from last boss and the gem etc. for PS4 there is no item recovery so please contact me about that as i would like to yet receive them.Xplosion0 Apr 30
Apr 29 Reapers wraps drop rate..... Hi I'm having trouble trying to get reapers wraps from maltheal on both adventure and story mode killed him in both modes at least 10 times each all on T5 at lvl 70 no drop dk if drop is now bugged I will say I lvled current barb thru rifts as he was my 3rd character first character I know killed him before lvl70 but I replayed A5 today with barbarian and still no plans for wraps PLZ HELPP?????BigNasty4 Apr 29
Apr 28 Le moine bug sur ps4 malgré que je joue sur un serveur européen afin de pouvoir bénéficié pleinement du jeu en Français on m'envoie parler en Français sur un forum en englais pour résoudre mon problème je présume donc que mon poste ne sera surement pas important vue que je parle Français sur un site englais bref on verra bien si prend a cœur les problème de tout ces client je vais quand-même énoncé le problème : Le moine a un gros problème de calibrage au résistance au dégât et meurt parfois sans même avoir d'ennemi dans la zone qui attaque , pour faire court mon moine à beaucoup plus de résistance que mon barbare de même niveau et de très loin et sur toute les résistances ainsi que le double en réduction de dommage mêlé et à distance et pourtant je peut laisser mon barbare au beau mielleux des ennemi et il on bien du mal a le tuer , par contre le moine en une seul attaque il meurt et même parfois il meurt sans même avoir d'ennemie autour , une simple téléportation et pouf il est mort , il faudrait vraiment régler se problème , il y a vraiment un bug au niveau du moine se qui enlève tout le plaisir du jeu et même enlevé carrément le gout de jouer quand on voie tout les efforts mit sur un perso pour maximisé un stuff de malade et le voir se faire tuer sans qu'il y es de menace autour ces très énervant et décevantAuraziel0 Apr 28
Apr 28 Update erased all items in Cosmetics bag. Update for ROS, version 1.13 emptied my entire Cosmetics bag! All except for my Mercy's Gaze. I had a multitude of things in there that took a looong time to accumulate and now my whole strategy is erased with it. Thanks a lot.Sh0tm4k3r4 Apr 28
Apr 28 PS4 Adventure Mode - Quest Bug [Bounty] PS4 Adventure Mode - Quest Bug Location - Greyhollow Island Ancient Tower Quest [Bounty], Torment 1 Level Playing Witch Doctor, Polish Language Version After reaching the boss room in the tower [the one with the readable book], the boss [Fhazrul] appeared before I have finnished to listen to the book dialogue [after activating the book]. In result, he was killed by my summoned minions before the book dialogue was over [and before the objective swapped to 'Kill Fhazrul'. Because of that the quest has not been marked as finnished - instead the game was still telling me to kill the boss [while he was already dead]. In the end, the bounty was not possible to be finnished. Going to town through the portal, and coming back to the place did not solve the problem. Possible Solution - Boss should appear after the book dialogue is over, it would prevent him to be killed before the objective swaps to the proper one.Illuvataar0 Apr 28
Apr 27 Gold going into Negatives (Xbox one) I recently sold a item on xbox in diablo 3 ros which put my gold into negatives which now I can't buy anything with gold cause it thinks I have no gold.. I guess? Is there any way I could fix this issue without losing my game an all my hard work? Edited: Its fixed now.CountryyBoyz0 Apr 27
Apr 27 Bane of stricken and Nephalem glory irregular my buddy and i grinding out grift 100 and nephalem glorys seem to spawn very irregular and just sporadic makes it very difficult to maintain consistant damage. Also anyone else notice elites health dramatically stop taking damage toward the end of there life? Im wondering if there is a problem with BoS for console. please help Thank you.Switchbeck0 Apr 27
Apr 26 Unhallowed Essence set bug 2.4 patch I am not receiving the damage bonus from the DH Unhallowed Essence 4 piece set bonus. I'm definitely getting the 60% damage reduction but my dps remains the same with the buff and without. I am playing on XBox One.FlamSanagan7 Apr 26
Apr 26 [PS4] Transmute Failed? (Bug?) This is kind of starting to get a little bit annoying, but I keep running into an error message when I try to upgrade a rare item into a legendary. It doesn't do anything, then just tells me "Transmute failed" even though I have all the necessary mats. And it does that to EVERY rare item I try. seems to be character specific. My Barb can't transmute for a damn because of this, but my wiz for example has no such problem. What the hell is going on? do I fix it, if I can?WhiskyGeorge4 Apr 26
Apr 26 error message when tryin to join friend xbone i keep getting the message, "your version of diablo 3 is out of date. please connect to xbox live to get the latest title update." i am connected to live. idk what this thing is talking about. i have signed out and back in, cleared my system cache/hard reset countless times....... i play with him all the time, wtf is going on?Dominator0 Apr 26
Apr 25 xbox one Be careful in hardcore mode during pvp if you are going against a monk that is well geared there is a bug that even if you spawn into the town the damage will stay and it will kill you in town i just had this happen and lost everything the company states they can't recall a fallen hardcore character there fore due to their bug in their game i still have to deal with getting back to that point so for safety if battling in the training ground just to make sure that the damage doesnt kill you when you port to town exit the game then reenter instead of respawn in townBrice0 Apr 25
Apr 23 Buff-text popping up on item pickup If I have Aquila Cuirass on me (have not tested with other items), the buff-text always pops up in the left corner when i pick up items even if my resource is full. BUT, it's even more annoying when I use the Convention of Elements ring, because the text is popping up every 4th second. This is absolutely not necessary. Please add an option to disable the text pop-up for buffs and items.slarur0 Apr 23
Apr 18 Cooldown not adding up I am wondering why my cooldown state doesn't add up to what my gear states I have 7% on my shoulders 10% on paragon and 12.5 for my gem but my that should be 29.5% but my stats say 26.74%Nasher2 Apr 18
Apr 16 PS4 Mail System Bug I was sent an item through the mail, after I claimed the item it did not show up as in my possession. Was not in my inventory or stash, even though I had received the item less than a minute before opening my inventory. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.SoulReaver1 Apr 16
Apr 15 [PS4] Can't view Stat Ranges on Potions. Not sure when this crept into the build, but I can no longer use the Stat Ranges command (D-Pad left) to view stats on legendary potions. I've stuck with a well-rolled one for a long time, and I was trying to find another for an alt character, and after finding a few, I realized I could no longer compare one to another since the Stat Ranges command doesn't work. Not major, but it is weird.Arctor0 Apr 15
Apr 14 X1: Orders from Azmodan Part 1 Is this still bugged? I can't seem to find this piece even being on the right quest (Act 3 - The Siege of Bastion's Keep) and going on Skycrown Battlements looking for the Hellflyer scores me nothing. Can anyone help?Cheetoz0 Apr 14
Apr 11 Witch Dr Gargantuan Grunt Noise Attack Sounds Playing on XBOX 1, every time I make an attack regardless of the location, it will make a grunting noise. The same grunting noise the Gargantuan seems to make. I have taken the gargantuan off of my attack choices and it doesn't change. I have closed and restarted the game and my xbox. No matter what attack I am using or whether or not I hold down A or just press it each time to attack, it repeatedly makes this grunting noise. It has effectively ruined the experience of playing this character because it is very loud and irritating.Eaeris1 Apr 11
Apr 10 ON XBOX ONE NOT unlockable achievements The problem with the opening of achieving Gymkata / Yakhontova our Leveling jeweler on xbox one: jeweler circulated to lvl 12 and have not given achievement writes supposedly 100% and lock hanging .in the game achievement, I did and it was opened but the profile does not appear to support .Note Microsoft sent them here. This is possible as a fix? I wrote on the forum there are also sent hereConstrictus0 Apr 10
Apr 10 [Xbox One] Character lost / Support Issue Hi, as you can see I never posted anything before and I don't really like to spend my time like that but I don't see any other way anymore and hope this will be seen and taken serious! Basically what happened is, I lost all my character except for one. I'm going to explain the whole situation as detailed as possible. First of all I am playing on Xbox One in North America. My console is connected to the internet via Ethernet. It happened last Wednesday the 04/29/2015. I started the game and switched my character from my barbarian to the daemon hunter to finish 1 out of 2 achievements I haven't finished at this point, which is having all 6 character on level 70. So the last character I needed to bring up to 70 was my daemon hunter. I joined an online game on difficult level master. It took me about 2 hours to get it done. When I finally reached that level and got my achievement, I teleported back to the city and spend like another 10 minutes there to see if I have any good items to give my daemon hunter. Since the daemon hunter is my least favorite character I disconnected, after I was done looking for items, and wanted to switch back to my main character the wizard. When I was in the menu where you switch the character and I clicked on the wizard a text came up saying "the character can not be selected". I tried a different character but I got the same message again when suddenly the game restarted itself. After it was done loading it acted like I never played before. It showed me all kind of information and also the last update news again. So I clicked through all that and when I finally got to the menu to select a character everything was gone except for the daemon hunter. So far, so bad. I am in general very calm about stuff like that. I turned of my console, wrote a ticket to Blizzard and went to bed. That's where the fun part started! So the first answer I got from Blizzard was I couldn't transfer PC character to the console version and if the wizard is on the PC version I can't get it to the Xbox. Further more he said, and I quote: ... I thought, okay, no big deal. I will contact the Microsoft support for Xbox One. I decided to chat with someone to make sure I have a history I can save. We went through a couple things like restarting the console completely, removing my profile from the console and log back in again. As you might have expected, nothing helped. A little later the person wrote, and I quote again: ... So I went back to Blizzard. This is what I got: ... I tried with another Ticket to Blizzard and I actually got a message that they know about that problem and they are working on it. After that I send another ticked asking how long it will take and if I get informed somehow. Apparently this person thought I was talking about the PC version and that information was wrong: ... Back to Microsoft ..... ... Back to Blizzard... That time I actually made them call me but that person said the same thing as the others before. I tried one last time with Microsoft yesterday and after explaining everything she suggested to post in the forum and also she said she will address that issue to a higher instance at the Microsoft support and she noted my email address to get back to me in person. Thank you for that! At this point I really don't expect to get my character back. I just keep bothering because I want justice and be compensated for my 253 hours I played this game and the hours I chatted with support people. I had 7 character on Level 70. All 6 classes plus 1 in hardcore. My wizard made over 2200K damage without any "Russian fast"-Crap. I'm very frustrated and probably never play again if there is no wonder happening which brings back everything... I hope with this post I will be taken serious and maybe I find more people who got treated that way and want to tell their story. Thank you for reading! BehrliBehrli2 Apr 10
Apr 9 Diablo III Servers are not available I have been playing d3 on PS4 for a month, but i can't connect to servers even once. It always says ''Diablo III servers are not available at his time. Please try again later.'' I saw that there are lots of players having this problem. Are the game makers studying on it?jackaliso3 Apr 9
Apr 8 Bug or not I do not know Hi I am repeatedly lock out of the server. I thought it was a Xbox live problem and after logging it all my other games without a hitch, I am only left with the d3 server issues which I can not find for consoles. My Xbox one network setting repeated say that my test near tori and multiplayer connections are both good. Pleas advise me on what is wrong. Is it happening to all consoles on D3 Server? Thanks AllanMonwimp0 Apr 8
Apr 7 Follower items disappeared ark Posts: 1 View profile I'm playing on PS3. Finished a play through on a character, demon hunter Vennia, and reset the campaign. When I got to town all of my followers had lost their gear, including several legandary and set items. This was my 3rd character to complete the game and reset; this was the only time all of the followers lost all of their gear. Is there a way to recover those items? Items were not sold or crushed. There was no warning the followers would be reset. Please help. Thank you.ChiaDark0 Apr 7
Apr 6 blocked royal quarters bug i'm on xbox one if you start a new game in act 1 and go to leoric's manor courtyard, go inside then enter halls of agony and return to leoric's manor the way to the royal quarters will be blocked unless you go back outside againb3nj4m1n1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Probleme anneaux legendaire Bonjour , J ai acheté ce jour diablo 3 sur xbox one et je devais avoir un anneaux legendaire en associant mon compte xbox a battle net mais je n ai rien Pouvez vous y remedier svp : mon mail : teyssier75@gmail.comAmbush0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Cooldown not adding up on Xbox one I am wondering why my cooldown state doesn't add up to what my gear states I have 7% on my shoulders 10% on paragon and 12.5 for my gem but my that should be 29.5% but my stats say 26.74%Nasher1 Apr 6
Apr 4 PS4 Act IV : Key of Evil Torment VI no drop Just spent the better part of my day killing Nekarat the Keywarden, I've killed him well over 50 times and no drop. I have several of all the other keys but none from this guy. I have seen other forum posts (incorrectly labeled for some reason in the topic title) stating that Act IV Keywarden is bugged and key does not even drop on Torment VI. Please fix this, wanted to level another character, but why would I now.Anatomy38 Apr 4
Apr 4 Gear lost - help! Playing Diablo III on the PS4 - I swapped some gear between characters shortly before switching to a different app on my PS4 and then logging off. When I logged back in to Diablo III an hour later, the character was *naked*, and the gear I had transferred wasn't in either the giving or receiving character's inventory or stash. (The 2nd character belongs to another user on the same PS4.) I'm so upset - this is an entire, painstakingly-obtained set. Is there any way to restore/retrieve it?? Thank you in advance for any help or advice.Grizzlemane0 Apr 4
Apr 3 Quest bug : The apothecary's brother(solo) Hello, While doing bounties, this event quest bugged two times with two different characters. I was playing solo. Just before reaching the room where his brother lays, the apothecary get stuck in the corridor. I play on PS3 with french version of UEE. Thanks.Misocrate2 Apr 3
Apr 1 LoU Bloaters poison pods clouds One cloud already causes a drop in FPS. Multiple clouds show a huge impact on FPS. Making this very dangerous on hardcore. Blizzard what's going on? I know these specific effects take a toll on graphic processing power but this is too much.Pr1m3v1l11 Apr 1
Apr 1 xb1 mirinae gem doesnt proc every 5 sec lv25 ability dont work it seemsanton3 Apr 1
Mar 30 M6 Sentries Not sure if this has been bought up as I just recently started playing again, but sometimes when entering a GR or doing the set dungeon, your sentries will be capped at 4 leaving the rift and returning will fix it to allow 5, but I've noticed that when pushing a death will sometimes bug it out again and cap it at 4. This is a major damage loss when this happens. Anyone else notice this?l3igTyme0 Mar 30
Mar 28 Kanai's ate my item without any power extract Just tried to extract the Storm Crow helm's legendary power on my PS4. I was in Act II Town on Torment V. The item is now gone, but when I go to the extracted power slot on the Skills page, there is still nothing available in the "armor" slot. Not sure what happened. I think its supposed to be an extractable power, and in any event I would expect an error message if it wasn't, not simply having my item eaten! I cannot reproduce the error, because I don't have another Storm Crow - but I'm not sure I want to try even if I could! Let me know if you need any more information.. P.S. - I have the game on both PC and PS4, I assume this forum account may not be linked to my PS4 account. If you need to know my PSN name please let me know.EndlessIke9 Mar 28
Mar 27 XBOX ONE - microphone to weak Hi Yesterday I've tested official Microsoft Headset ( with microphone built in ) and other player barely heard me it's like Microphone was not sensitive at all.... In Skype application Headset works just fine - so I don't know it's problem with Diablo or some settings ? Mar 27
Mar 26 phalanx bugs- pls dont forget, blizz!!! bowman dont benefit from the 100% power orbs bowman and bodyguard doesnt stack (not more that 1 team at the same time) shield bearers only last for about 6 sec but i have eternal union (ring)? shield bearers and bodyguard have wrath costs (30 wrath) didnt test shield charge and stampade many bugs, please fix it for 2.4.1anton0 Mar 26
Mar 26 Crash/freeze when opening a Grift I've only had the game a day on PS4 and it has already completely locked up when starting a Grift. As soon as the Grift was about to start it froze entirely and I had to close the application from the PS menu.MrH0 Mar 26
Mar 25 eror 96D1F654-1361-4E90-9DDC-C127F211DB24PIONER0 Mar 25
Mar 24 D3 PS4 - says 'Profile unavailable I can't post in many of the forums on this website because it says I only own the starter version of Diablo 3, but I have the PS4 Ultimate Evil Edition and it's linked to my account - I know this because my character has the Blizzard ring! How do I fix this so that my profile is visible on the website and I am able to post in all the forums?Forfrosne2 Mar 24
Mar 23 XBOX One Monster HP much higher than PC I own D3 for both PC and now Xbox one. Immediately I noticed that the HP of monsters in at least the xbox one version of the game is much higher than PC. At level 3 with a barb I can one shot most monsters and bosses in 2 hits with the starting weapon using bash on PC. You can clearly see in this video here It is taking this person anywhere between 3-5 hits to kill zombies with bash, critting for roughly around 15-20 damage. Which would one shot any zombie at that level on PC. This is post 6 minutes of the video. Why are these version not identical? I also noticed that NG is different. With console version granting double damage with extensions of time and the PC version granting three stages of !@# kicking. It makes me wonder what the point of playing the console version is at all if its more difficult for no reason what so ever at the same difficulty levels. Also if its intentional. Why is the same game with the same patch different on different systems as fas as monster hp and gameplay mechanics. It doesn't make any sense to me. Saying well they are different games because they are on different systems is rediculous and blizzard should be ashamed for even making the community think so.AmmoMonkey0 Mar 23
Mar 20 GR guardian stuck in spawn state Hello, My wife and I were playing a GR 55 and when the guardian spawned it didn't go in to a combat state and remove all enemies. It was over the internet, we don't bother using the LAN setting even though we're in the same room. Last 2 minutes of the video is where you can see the issue Let me know if you need more info. Cheers.Bombus0 Mar 20
Mar 18 PS3 Freeze whenever a certain friend joins This morning I was playing with one of my two friends on reaper of souls. The second friend joins in and everything works fine. Mid way both friends (not myself) freezes and they manually reset their systems. Both thus hop on and we continue playing. Later we decide to do the story (act 1) where we rebuild the strangers sword. My friend freezes and is unable to join without freezing all of a sudden. He was able to access this with us before and even stood in through most of this mission before freezing. When we tried to join him he'd freeze and if he joined me I would freeze as well as my other friend. We each uninstalled the patch reinstalled it and even installed the game data. Even after all of that he still continued to freeze. Does anyone know why and/or how to fix this? This is very recent and I rather it not continue any longer.Critec0 Mar 18
Mar 18 Hellfire amulet bug After see this from several others, this seems like a console specific bug. When using your first ps4 profile you can buy and craft a hellfire amulet just fine but when trying with a different profile it's nots possible. The 2mill amulet plan is not available for purchase, it disappears after you buy it with the first profile making it impossible to buy and craft with any other profilesJunior1 Mar 18
Mar 17 xbox 360. Nerves of Steel lvl 13 Diablo 3 UEE I played Diablo 3 Vanilla to 13 barbarian. Went out and bought Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition. I load character, and goto character screen. I start assigning skills to keys that got changed somehow. I see the Forth Passive Skill Slot. It has a 70 on it. So I click it. The first 3 skills are grey with with no color like the rest. These 3 don't have a padlock on them. So I click Nerves of Steel. It puts a green check mark under it. I can't Change it to the other 2 skills without the padlocks. Still no color in any icon. Just a green check mark in Nerves of Steel. And on the left under character it says " Category Unlocks at Level 70 "..... what is going on? Did I glitch it? Do I need to start all over? I was able to select it under fourth passive slot. Now i can only move the check mark around if i goto first passive skill slot. And it moves the check mark in 10,20,30, and 70. Also notice on inventory screen stats are weird. Reads like this.... Sword icon : 44 Shield icon : 1344 Plus icon " + " : 22 Str : 88 Dex : 20 Int : 35 Vito : 76 Hobbit Level 13Hobbit0 Mar 17
Mar 16 Error in personal chest I am playing Diablo 3 Souls Reaper end no PS4 console and tive the Next Error: APOS A friend send me some items through the mail system , moved the items to my inventory and then to my chest staff , however agora When I open My chest These items no longer appear , Were all erased. How should I proceed paragraph Recover these items ? OU lost eels Definitely ?VagnerMendes0 Mar 16
Mar 16 Loss of Templar Lvls and Equipment After playing co-op earlier in the day with no abnormalities to the game. My husband went to play single player later on and discovered that his templar went from lvl 24 to lvl 5 and had lost all of his equipment. He had just finished the Reign of the Black King in co-op. In addition, he gained the Scoundrel and Enchantress as companions. I also gained the jeweler. He has no other heroes created and has not left New Tristram, so there was no way for him to have gotten the Jeweler and Enchantress. He had not yet started the Sword of a Stranger quest to have gotten the Scoundrel. I wasn't sure what kind of bug to report this as. This only happened after co-op. Has this happened to anyone recently? Any information would be greatly appreciated and incredibly helpful.LilBuddha870 Mar 16
Mar 15 A bug with the animation of Energy Twister. Platform: Xbox One Patch: Class: Wizard Type of bug: Combat bug Skill: Energy Twister Rune: All runes When and where: Always and everywhere Summary: Energy Twister can be cast while casting or channeling other spells without any any animation or interruption at a very high speed. Explanation: Energy Twister is extremely unbalanced right now because of this bug because you can combine it with Shame of Delsere (belt) and Fragment of Destiny (wand) to keep casting Spectral Blades and have unlimited resource while you are able to keep spamming Energy Twisters without any interruption. Without any extra attack speed you are able to have up to 18 Energy Twisters out at the same time. That means that in combination with Twisted Sword you have an ungodly amount of power right now My Delsere's Magnum Opus Wizard can get up to 20 greater rift levels higher than any other classes. This is not with modded gear, just regular gear. This makes it so that this build is unplayable with friends, unless they also have this build. Since Energy Twisters and Twisted Sword are also the most powerful combination without this bug (like on PC), my alternative is too weak to keep up with other classes, Making Wizard as a whole unplayable with friend that have other classes. I'm either too powerful, or not powerful enough because this bug is not intended and thus nothing was balanced around it. I'm aware that Twisted Sword is getting nerfed to only 5 stacks next patch, but I'm still afraid it will be too overpowered in combination with this bug. I actually want to play with wizard, but because of this bug there is not fun playing it with friends. Thank you for reading this.Gemold0 Mar 15
Mar 15 Dead monster attaches to me!! So I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this...... Once in a while (it happened last night too) when fighting mobs, a single monster which looks to be dead somehow ends up being attached to me. It looks like I'm dragging him around with an invisible rope. No matter where I go, it follows. No big deal right? Wrong. Although the monster looks to be dead and has no animation or anything, it seams to be doing damage when it touches me. As long as I'm moving, it stays at a distance from me. But when I stop, it ends up right on me and damage is taken. I had this happen more than once now. And last night it was during a Greater Rift. It obviously effected my chance at beating the rift as it killed me on a few occasions where I had to stop due to mobs. It's pretty annoying when it happens. Has anyone else had this happen to them?cobrasno11 Mar 15
Mar 12 [XBOX ONE] Endless Breach the fortress gate This quest is now endless. I do not know if it is the most recent patch 2.1.2 or the one before. But the game can no longer be beatable. The ram will hit the door once, then there are endless mobs coming onto the sides of the ram. No end at all. Thus preventing anyone from finishing act 5. Please fix, so that your players can finish the act.SalaryCandy5 Mar 12