Console Bug Report

Feb 9 [PS4] Unable to respawn in PvP Arena My friend and i went to this PvP arena from act 1, he was using a wizard and i a witch doctor. I also had equipped 2 parts of the "Jade Harvester" set, so "Haunt" would make very much damage at the second hit. Then when I killed my friend with Haunt, strange things startet to happen: First he died like you would expect. But when he hit Triangle to respawn, he could use his active skills again, but still was only the grave lying around and couldn't move. (I myself had no problems respawning, so we guess it has something to do with "Haunt") So for example I can go next to him and watch myself being killed by an exploding grave :D I also could use "Haunt" again and kill him again, although he was displayed as a grave (couldn't see the green line where his hp should be displayed though), and then, my friend was truly dead again, BUT: this time, there was no possibility at all for him to respawn again (not even displayed), so all he could do was leaving the game. We were able to reproduce this a few times, hope this helps. PS: Sorry if i do not always use the correct English terms, I play d3 in a different language, tried to look things up thoughajsasflaym0 Feb 9
Feb 8 Energy Twister - Storm Chaser rune bug My wizard is using The Twisted Sword weapon on a DMO build. I usually use the Mistral Breeze rune to lower the Arcane Power cost. I was playing around with the different runes to test what rune might be best, and found something curious. While using the Storm Chaser rune, the Twisted Sword buff would erase completely every time the lightning ball would release on Signature Spell use, even though I had 7+ Twisters on screen at a time. Whether it was the first, second or third stack of the lightning ball, it would still erase. I am also using the Arcane Dynamo passive. I could not determine any reason why this would be on purpose, so I figured I would pass it on to you guys to see if it is an actual bug, or gameplay mechanic. Thank you for your time.Logistify0 Feb 8
Feb 8 Corrupted Save File Characters Deleted XBO I tried local co-op for the first time today, and once I was done, I went to switch back to my max level Monk, and I was met with a message that says that my save file was corrupted, I may lose gold, stash items, characters, etc. I turned off my console immediately and restarted. When I opened the game back up, I found that all of my characters were gone except for the one that I was using to play co-op. My Stash is the same, I still have my gold and paragon levels, but my characters are completely gone. I contacted Blizzard and they told me they had no control over my saves or characters. I contacted Microsoft and they told me to contact the developer. I really hope all my characters aren't gone forever, there must be something that can be done.IchiroTanaka3 Feb 8
Feb 8 Missing Signet Ring of the Blizzard (+other) I recently bought D3 for PS4 and linked my account to get this ring. It was not in my inventory, stash, or mail. I un linked my account and re-linked it like some people suggested and reset my game again but still no good. Not sure if it's a bug or timed exclusive, but it doesn't say it's a timed exclusive and pops up in current gem to get it still.... it would be nice because I'm starting from scratch too. Also tried to craft two "Corrupted" shoulders. Went through the process and said completed liked normal, took my materials, but wouldn't do anything else. All I could do was cancel at that point, but didn't get a refund and the item wasn't in my inventory or anything else.MonkeyGamer2 Feb 8
Feb 5 Uable to make Corruption shoulder on Xbox One I not to long ago recieved the plans for the Corruption shoulders. In the last few days including today have attempted to make them and in doing so have been unable to recieve the item. Every time I attempt to make the item it takes the materials and coin needed but no item is produced. I have made several other items before and after the one in question and they all seem to work. Ive tried making them at least 6 times just losing coin and mats in the process. What can be done?Lyconous4 Feb 5
Feb 5 Death/Paragon Level Bug For the third time now I have died at the same time that I have leveled up (mob exploded before it died). The result of this is the game thinking I'm still alive, yet I am a corpse. I can't move, or use the town portal. I can open my inventory and use some of my skills. The problem with this is that this time I am stuck in a GR that I had just completed, but I can't grab any of the loot, upgrade my gem or close the rift. I would have to close the game in order to correct this issue or have a friend enter the game to hold it open for me, leave the game. re-enter the game, enter the portal and run back to where I killed the boss.Risen1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Problem Joining Friend's Party and Invites I have a PS4 (Diablo 3 RoS) and maybe a month or two ago, my friend and I noticed that we were unable to join each other's party. He has the option to join my party but I never get the notice and I have the option to invite him to my party but when he accepts the invitation it just continues loading but never completes. So in short, we don't have both options available (join party or invite to party in our menu) and we are both using NAT 2, both PS Plus members, and have no problem playing other PS4 games.Necrios0 Feb 5
Feb 4 Belial on PS4 - Phase 3 I go through phase 1 and 2 without a hitch, however, when phase 3 arrives, there are no green indicators as to where he's going to do a ground slam. I get 1 shot instantly. :-/Avarice0 Feb 4
Feb 3 Export Saves won't work, keeps saying unknown trying to get my Family saves to the Xbox one from the 360 and it keeps saying unknown error try again later. been like this all day. are the severs down or what?Orinwarren0 Feb 3
Feb 3 PS4: Act III The Lost Patrol bounty bugged I was farming Horadric cache materials solo when I ran into this bug. I got to the end of the Bridge of Rakkis and there were 2 prisoners right next to each other. I let them both go but there was still a dot on my minimap where the first prisoner I let go was. It's like the game decided to put them on top of each other. The Spyglass random event occured along the way also (I completed it). I tried walking back across the bridge thinking maybe I'd missed something until I hit snow. I reloaded until I got the same bounty to see if I could reproduce the bug. It worked fine that time.Boddicker0 Feb 3
Feb 3 PS4: DH not getting 20% resistance from Boar I tried it with and without the Marauder 2pc bonus. I always have boar selected when I use marauders. I only play solo. I have the 2pc Marauder bonus and the Natalya 4pc. I tried selecting other animals and it was a no go.Boddicker0 Feb 3
Feb 2 character auth my authentication when i log in doesnt authenticate retreiving my character list wtf?scarecrow9250 Feb 2
Feb 2 hardcore seasonal nolag comp speed fast! after playing for about 3 hours + late night my game just up and froze and its never happened before , logged back in and my character was dead ? wtf how can i die when im no physically able to control my character ......... garbage, i worked days on end hours and hours for my character, was getting really good and now beyond my control its gone i mean i love hardcore seasonal thats what im all about but losing chars to game client crashes hahah rediculous ,client frozen .scarecrow9250 Feb 2
Feb 2 Desolate Sands Issue I stopped playing diablo ever since i found the problem with AMD graphics card about a year ago. Yet i come back to the game and it is still here. The games graphics still freeze up. I was vigilant last time i played and I walked through the whole place while tabbing in and out trying to finish it, granted with a hard will and determination i did it. Though i believe that's not how this game should be played. I know about installing previous AMD software but I feel that if i paid for a finished game it should be able play it on the platform it was released on.DeathProfit2 Feb 2
Feb 1 witch doctor pet issue One of my builds for D3 is the pet doctor, but while doing grifts I have noticed an issue - when there are large numbers of enemies present the giant zombie dog often just stands there and does nothing, even if it is right next to a monster or if it takes damage. I usually also have the three mini-gargantuans and about two dozen fetishes and they never seem to have a problem finding something to attack, but quite often the big undead doggy just watches. I realize that a battle with many enemies and pets can be demanding on the system, but when the AI assigns targets to pets the strongest pets should get priority. Instead, when an enemy appears the fetishes seem to be the first to go after it, then the mini-gargantuans, and finally the zombie dog might get around to it. Considering how vital the giant zombie dog is to many witch doctor builds, this problem needs to be fixed. If the system has trouble controlling the AI for too many things at once and a pet gets left behind, let it be a fetish. It would also be nice if the maximum allowable distance between the witch doctor and his pets could be increased. Quite often I have had to back-up my wd a bit to avoid an AoE attack only to have all my pets abandon their targets and return to my side. While their loyalty is admirable, I need them to kill things not keep me warm!chessnut1 Feb 1
Feb 1 Cinematics are not playing on new characters Considering the EU forums don't have a console bug section I am making a topic here hoping that a blue post will see this. This is something I consider to be really important for some reason when you clear the campaign once the game just decides to skip all the cinematics for your future characters even their little book ink parts. This should be fixed period for example If I did not watch my brother play I would have no idea that the DH is from westmarch. If I tried to make a DH that scene would be automatically skipped because I cleared the game with my wizard. This should not happen EVER in a game you should have the option to skip a story cut scenes not let the game auto skip them. I am assuming this is a bug because this issue persists even on the PC. Some people detailed a small fix to reset the single character but its not a full one. The people on console don't have that luxury so now I have no idea where the classes came from or why they are going to find the fallen star. Now my brother who has not played the game has no idea how Malth got the black soulstone. You see the issue now? Fix it. This is issue has really lowered the re playability of this game for me, if this is not hot fixed soon or in the next major patch I am going to heavily consider returning the game. Since I find this ridiculous if this was intended since logically I assume this is a bug because no company would ever do this I am going to be patient. Still blizzard fix this PLEASE I enjoy playing the game but if all the cinematics are gone and each time I finish a quest or act they are auto skipped that is taking a lot of the fun out for me and my brothers. TLDR version : Cinematics/class book mini scenes are skipping by themselves on newly made characters when playing the campaign please fix blizzard.shinros26 Feb 1
Feb 1 Recent Activities on ps4 error When i'm playing Reaper of Souls on ps4 it doesn't show on my recent activities(lat played,troiphies..) i can achieved trophies but it doesn't show on my recent activities.aerow150 Feb 1
Feb 1 Cube - extrated items showing to extract xbox Xbox 1 When I go to the Extract Legendary Power in the cube, I see Leorics Crown and Ring of Granduer - even though I have already extracted the power previous, when I get new drops of those items. They even show the little gem filled in. Nothing major, but is a bit annoying when extracting powers. Showed up after 2.4Lordmho0 Feb 1
Jan 31 xb1 phalanx double bug help!!! (crusader) same problem remaining. shield bearers and bodyguard need wrath and bowman and bodyguard are replaced by the next phalanx team!!! only 1 team possible at the same time. aquila cuirass dont work (ressource costs). i want to play my phalanx build and im JUST WAITING for a fix. please change it with the next hotfix!anton0 Jan 31
Jan 31 Importing from xbox360 to ps4: archievements? I have the ultimate evil edition on both xbox360 and PS4. Both are linked to my account. I exported the data on the xbox 360. Then I try to import it on the PS4. It seems to work: all my heroes are imported correctly, as well as my items and stash (as far as I can tell). The problem is, nearly all my achievements are missing! I wouldn't mind loosing all my chars, but having just 3% overall achievements means I have to start all over again? Even when I log on with a level 70 char, I'm still missing the level 70 achievement, etc. Any info on what might be broken and how I can fix it, to get my achievements?Rissen1 Jan 31
Jan 30 Console bug fix needed my girlfriend and I are trying to get a level 70 of every character each. Crusade has a really high chance of when dying he is unable to respawn. When he does he freezes and cannot come back to life. We have gone to different acts change controls but the only thing is to exit the game. We have tried complete long act four bounties for a week now and cannot do it. Can someone please tell us a fixCazador0 Jan 30
Jan 30 Xbox one save issues. I play the game just fine one day. I get to lvl 22, sign out for the day, then come back a few days later. I sign in again, and it says that there is no game data for this profile. i double check to make sure i am using the right profile, i am. Then the game makes me start over. I have tried re-downloading it nothing and this has happened 3 timesLSDARKDRAGON0 Jan 30
Jan 30 Bug with Impale Shadow's Mantle Set Dungeon Hey Devs, yesterday i tried to master the Set Dungeon (Demon Hunter) of the Shadow's Mantle. I understood all objectives, took my area damage from gear and increased single target damage with legendary gems (BotT, Zeis & BotP). With Impale / Grievous Wounds rune of impale it was not possible to chain more than 2 enemies in row. Especially "blocking" skeletons interrupted my chain, even when the objectiv is just to "hit enemy", not to kill. I didn't hit same enemy twice and still chain breaks. Is this intended or is the rune bugged? Thx for your explanationOmplich3 Jan 30
Jan 30 Demonic Hoard Chests from bosses not appearin So yeah, just today after fighting some bosses i noticed the usual hoard chests were not appearing.....what gives?? Is this something to be worried about?Vorren1 Jan 30
Jan 30 Carnevil Darts Doing Reduced Damage XB1 I am noticing that on my LoN Carnevil build my pet dart damage has dropped significantly overnight. Several others are noticing the same thing (See late replies of this thread: This appears to be most noticable on Greater Rifts yesterday, I cleared my first GR71 solo with a minute to spare, today, I attempted some level 65s and failed each one at 50%, I was previously hitting top end crits in the 12B-20B range, today I am hitting top crits in the 1-2B range. Some people are theorizing it is less fetishes darts doing damage, but I believe the fetish poison dart weapon damage multiplier was reduced to pre-2.3 levels. This was my favorite playstyle for the past 4 patches, and sadly I will have to switch to a different character until this is resolved :( Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!blankypoo0 Jan 30
Jan 30 Issues Joining Certain Friends When I try to join a friends game it says "your version of Diablo III is out of date. Please connect to Xbox Live to get the latest title update" I downloaded the 2.3gb 2.4 update. I have been playing it since release. I have one other friend who can I play with but he also has the same issue joining other people. Please help!Loewen851 Jan 30
Jan 29 Modded gear on XBox One Lots of peopke who have cheated or modded the game. I cant find a server without one. I want a refund. This is status quo?! Diablo 2 is the where you set the bar? For shame. At least add a kick option. Make server strictly for legitimate accounts. This is garbage.Laios0 Jan 29
Jan 29 Xbox one bug on defeated enemies. Regular occurrence with online and shared screen experience. Random groups of enemies have no health but won't actually die. They simply get stuck in a random animation; mostly standing with DOT active. This happens to any random enemy and makes rifts a pain. Rather frequent even after hard reset and router reset. Possible minor post patch issue. Seems to affect the wizard primarily with a firebird set. No clear indicator of activation.ThroatSlit1 Jan 29
Jan 28 Black Ice rune (Ray of Frost) broken sorry - I had posted this in the PC forum. Cross-posting in console since I encountered it on PS4. As the title says, it seems since the patch the black ice rune for ray of frost is not working. If someone could investigate, it would be greatly appreciated. You cast ray of frost, but enemies killed by it are not dropping the cold patch on the ground.FettS15 Jan 28
Jan 28 Multiple 2.4 bugs with videos The legendary shoulders "Corruption" can not be crafted and the blacksmith recipe does not feature the updated pickup radius affix The secondary effect of the Mirinae legendary gem no longer procs Also Wreath of Lightning no longer increases your movement speed whilst it is active Another bug I have encountered but haven't had the opportunity to capture on video; If you deal too much damage in a single hit to a Gelatinous Sire goblin after it first splits into 2 it dies without splitting into the 6 smaller goblins and doesn't drop any loot.PureArtistry1 Jan 28
Jan 28 Xbox one characters disappeared - patch 2.4 Hi, I downloaded the new patch today and loaded up D3 on my Xbox one. After the patch splash screen, I got a message that characters, gold, and stash could be corrupted (not sure what full message was). I hit ok and all my characters but the last one I played had disappeared. I quit the game and reloaded it and even that remaining character had disappeared, so I have no characters now. Slybones4 Jan 28
Jan 28 Aquila Cuirass Buff resets on Item Pickup + Playing Reaper of Souls 2.4 on Xbox One, solo, HC lvl 70/600 Witch Doctor It appears that the Aquila Cuirass buff is being canceled and reapplied on specific actions. It may be a UI refresh issue which would then just be an annoyance or, if the actual buff is being temporarily cancelled, could be a major issue if it occurred at the wrong time. Particularly for us HC devotees. The issue has been repeatable without any exceptions. The effect is occurring with the buff from an equipped Aquila Cuirass (have not tested a cubed buff). I mapped Zombie Dogs to the (A) button after first noticing this to ensure it wasn't a mana issue (I always seem to cast the spell when I'm trying to frakin' pick stuff up off the ground). The event occurs even if the skill is on cool down, and not all triggers are (A) button results. No other regular skill bar buffs/icons appear to be affected with my current setup. Other common icons in the buff tray: Zombie dogs, Garg., Fetish Army, Fetish's from Belt of Transcendence, Nephalem's Glory. The following will trigger the refresh: -picking up an item, any rarity (white through unidentified legendary) ---includes an item dropped from inventory and then picked up again -clicking a health pool -clicking an experience pool -dropping an item from inventory (open inventory, select item, press Y, exit inventory) The following will NOT trigger the refresh: -picking up any components, "parts" through "breath" and "souls" -picking up gems -attempting but failing to pick up an item due to "Inventory Full" message -opening a chest -running over gold When triggered the buff quickly disappears and reappears in the tray and the buff's icon appears in the vertical scroll area as if just applied. If you could review this it would be appreciated. Even a positive response on it being just UI and not affecting actual combat numbers would be a great relief. Thank you for making such an enjoyable game and supporting it beyond what is typical for a single point of purchase game. I for one will be giving Overwatch a try in a large part due to the effort I've seen your company put forth on this game. Edited possessive tense.Dex0 Jan 28
Jan 28 Collecting Legendary Items I cannot collect the legendary items (blizzard ring or wings) that are given for connecting accounts. I have a ticket from support stating that my accounts are linked but still have not received said items.ClarkKent830 Jan 28
Jan 28 Collecting Legendary Items I cannot collect the legendary items (Blizzard Ring or Wings) from connecting accounts. I have a ticket stating my accounts are linked but still cannot collect said items.ClarkKent830 Jan 28
Jan 27 Crashing in Greater rifts XB1 The game crashes to the dashboard when the following conditions are meet. Playing Local co op with one other (WD player one) (Monk player two) While playing a greater rift when the progress hits 51% it crashes every time.ciedre0 Jan 27
Jan 27 xb1 jugement- mass verdict bug? the enemies are effected... they move a bit, but not to the center of the area. i dont think it works the way it should.anton0 Jan 27
Jan 27 Xbox one infinite loading screen in quickjoin Everything I go to join a quick join game I can get to the party room. then when I go to join into the game the loading screen will pop up but never stop loading. the only way out is to exit the game and reload it. My nat is open and it is a digital copy of the game. Is anyone else having this problem, or does anyone know how to fix this problem.QuickDrw2 Jan 27
Jan 27 Unable to join friends, friends cant join me. So I got the game roughly 3 days ago for Xbox One and logged on and everything was fine for the last few days and was able to play the game just fine. About 24 hours ago I was on and my power went out. I got back on and found I was unable to join friends as it would let me in there game but when I hit enter I would only be stuck at a load in screen that has an unending time(Longest I waited for it was 35 minutes.) I don't know what to do because I've literally tried everything uninstalling the game, hard resetting, resetting my modem and router, clearing my mac address. I called Xbox and they were very bleak also not knowing much about the issue. I was wondering if anyone had this same problem as I bought this game for the multiplayer aspect and am currently only able to play by myself. Not even joining a quick match works for me. My NAT is open and my settings are all fine this is really a game changing thing as I might turn in the game if I can only play it by myself. EDIT: My friend logged onto his xbox and connected to a game just fine. EDIT2: Add factory reset to that list.Swinekills0 Jan 27
Jan 26 Wizard Barrier Graphics Bug? I've (visually) got a permanent barrier around my wizzy, possibly the same look as the "Dominance" perk (not sure cause I was messing around with a bunch of barriers for a bit). It's blue and has like, more opaque parts on the front and back. Anyway it won't go away when quitting and reloading or restarting the game.Aeolidae4 Jan 26
Jan 26 Tal Rasha 6 set bonus gives wrong meteor dmg When i use Tal Rasha set and meteor skill the set bonus dont give 500% increased damage from each element, but 150% increased damage like it was before the 2.4 update. Looks like all other skills work the right way and get 500% increased damage from each element.Darwin0 Jan 26
Jan 26 Bug impossible de changer mes sort mes pero Bonjours je viens vous expliquer mon soucis je ne peux avoir acces a rien ni a mon inventaire ni a mes sort mon stick analogique reste bloquer ! plz helpB4btou0 Jan 26
Jan 26 RG instakill upon spawn or first hit So basically it's a question as well as a possible bug report. I'm playing gr60 ish walking through it having around 9 minutes left when the RG spawns, death cheat never procs during rift even from molten or multiple arcane orbs. RG spawns 1st hit death cheat procs quite scary since I'm playing HC push trough and end rift. I can't help wonder how he can do so much dmg so I do some testing with and without unity and follower, clear no problem randomly procs at RG. I added a 2nd player in game another wizard with all toughness gear 40 ish esoteric and low lvl moratorium 330M toughness. 1st GR 62 when Rg spawns both wizard gets death cheat procced... There's just no way it can do that much dmg at GR 62 or is there?BIOHAZARD0 Jan 26
Jan 25 Unable to play with friend I want to play with my friends but the game gets an error whenever I try to join his game or vice versa. I can join a different friend, no problem, and my two friends can play together. And if the second friend hosts, he can invite both of us and we can play, just not me and that 1 friend. I have my settings configured so there is no location restrictions even though we are both North America There's a lot of people with this issue and not much help, it is very disappointing. So, A and B - can't play B and C - can A and C - can And if C hosts, A, B, and C can play I have no idea where the issue lies.Tercel0 Jan 25
Jan 25 HA at 120% instead of 155% Did some testing when I could and it does appear that Hungering Arrow is doing 120% instead of 155%. Doesn't appear to be a problem with the tooltip or anything. Are there plans to bring this inline with the PC version? Is there a reason it was left alone for so long?Vex8130 Jan 25
Jan 25 ps4 hellfire amulet problem repost from reddit for a user who said they cant post here: OK, so i recently got diablo 3 ROS for the playstation 4, The problem i am having is an issue with making the hellfire amulet, i have the recipe and the required materials But when i goto the blacksmith and goto hit X on it nothing happens, it doesn't create one, even though it should, none of my friends are having this problem at all. I want to post this on the Actual battlenet forums, but it will not let me. I have a battletag and it's stating that i need a battletag in order to post on the forums, I am 100% furious that i spent the money to buy a game that i can't get access to all the features, I've searched the internet And NOBODY Literally NOBODY is having the same issue as me. Even if someone could just post this problem to the forums on the site, you would be doing me a great favour. I have literally no idea what to do and could use some help.LanceCucumbr1 Jan 25
Jan 25 BUG: Dark Mage's Shade! The legendary Wizard Hat, Dark Mage's Shade does not automatically activate its effect of applying Diamond Skin when falling below 35% Life! I tested this serveral times, and it seems to be a legitimate bug. This is on PS4.Sawyer2 Jan 25
Jan 25 xb1 fulminator dont proc the ability in kanais cube dont work. maybe equiped it does, i dont know.anton0 Jan 25
Jan 25 Bug: Marauders Set Dungeon Flag not granted System: PS4, latest patch Short Description: The marauders set dungeon basic task is not completed, though I completed it. Detailed description: I've completed all the set dungeons for demon hunter and I've already earned the masters flag (the green one). Yet still the marauders set dungeon is not completed on the basic level. I tried to do the dungeon again and just complete the basic level, and it even says "You've completed the basic level" (in my language, not those words). But the flag is not granted. I've got some evidence for you. - - Here you can see, that I completed all set dungeon master levels. This INCLUDES the normal set dungeon mastery. So I should have both flags. - - Here you can see the window of marauder. This somehow shows, that I have not completed the master-level. But I have, which you can see at the next picture: - - It even displays the golden achievement. - - Here another picture of my inventory, where I just have one flag. I also had a look in my chest, it does NOT contain another flag. There was space for two flags in my inventory and in my chest as I was rewarded just the superior flag. Hopefully you can help out here. Thanks ^^Ysuran1 Jan 25
Jan 25 [XboxOne] Lost save data, account not linking Earlier today I patched 2.4 on my console. When I loaded up the game, everything was there as normal. I went back to the dashboard to create an account for my girlfriend and after creating her character, all my save data was gone. At first I was annoyed as my time investment was gone, but I looked past it as an attempt to reroll fresh with her. Has anyone else experienced these problems? I have Diablo3 on both PC and XboxOne, but I prefer the console to play with guests. This is a major annoyance and I can't seem to find an answer to this situation. EDIT: Account finally linked after multiple attempts, got my ring and items!Alpha2 Jan 25
Jan 25 Possible bug with Tall man's finger As per title. The user Branch77x7 already made a post where he suspected Tall man's finger double damage change in 2.4 was not retro-active. But after investigating it myself, it seems that on console it is just not changed in any version of TMF. The TMF is essentially the same one from patch 2.3, so it does not have the 100% damage increase it should be getting with patch 2.4 To be clear I am not talking about the skill Zombie Dogs not being updated correctly, that has been fixed and I am aware of that. I am talking specifically about the ring Tall man's finger not getting double the damage it should get in patch 2.4 compared to 2.3. As a console player there is no definitive way to test this, but on first impressions it seems the big zombie dog is only doing half the damage it should be doing, especially when compared relatively to the damage the gargantuans are doing while equipping the Short man's finger. Hopefully a community manager sees this post and they can inform the dev team to check if the TMF is patch correctly on the console version. Edit: resolved, there is no bug I misunderstood the multipliers.Gemold0 Jan 25