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Aug 24 Minor Patch - Back-end Updates [8/24] Greetings, nephalem, You may notice a client update released today. There are no major updates or balance changes included in this patch, as its focus was on a number of minor back-end updates and small language tweaks. This mini-patch is already on its way, and your clients should receive this updated automatically. Thanks for your patience and we'll see you in Sanctuary!Nevalistis0 Aug 24
Aug 18 Patch 2.4.2 Hotfixes - Updated 8/10 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated August 10. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.3.0] [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [LIVE HOTFIXES] Seasons Fixed an issue where achievements for reaching levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 were not unlocking (8/10) Note: You will need to log out and back in with a level 70 Seasonal hero to retroactively acquire these achievements if you did not receive them previously Items Fixed an issue where the benefits from Firebird's Finery could persist after leaving a Brawl (8/17) The damage bonus from Ring of Emptiness now only applies to damage dealt directly by the Witch Doctor, and not pets or followers (8/4) For more information on this change, see this post.Nevalistis2 Aug 18
Nov 13 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams DatModz Lynxaria Quin69 Rhykker Alkaizerx PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Bigdaddyden76 Syrinnea Spontainy Bluddshed EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13
2m Diablo's New Face Came here after quite some time thinking that people will be discussing it left and right, but nothing. Anyway! In order to hype up BlizzCon, Blizzard added this picture to their FB profile: - Pay attention to Diablo; he looks nothing like any version we've seen in any of the games he has appeared in. Could this be a hint that Blizzard is actually preparing something big for Diablo franchise (like a whole new game), what do you think?Lithary7 2m
8m New Website Format Blows Just my 2 cents for Blizzard. I know they don't much care about the opinions of their customers anymore.Maddhawk4 8m
13m TIPS for returning player Hi Fellow D3 players. I'm starting to play D3 again after a very long time (2yrs idle). Are my items/weapons useless in patch 2.4? Does the effects on items still working? Should I sell/recycle them? Which is the best way to farm new set/legendary items? Season or just in adventure mode? Any suggestions/tips are much greatly appreciated!godofwar10 13m
13m Can I get a Power Level Please? I have been working and doing homework + studying for midterms all weekend. I finally have a couple hours to play! Can some kind soul help me out and boost me to 70?Ryan171 13m
17m 2000000 Batmans I looked over the character profiles of many people in my friends list.... Monks exclusively, because I like the dashing around stuff. Every monk I looked at was using something like Quin69's God Monk or one of his other two youtube monk builds ( the guy is funny I like his videos ) ... However, I felt like my monk was just one of the clones in the monk clone army or , just another Batman in the world of 2000000 Batmans. Commissioner Gordon, "What happens when Batman isn't available?" O' Hara, "No worries, there are still 1999999 Batmans still waiting by their little red phone for you to call... " You guys and girls who have kids know about Winnie-the-Pooh's Tigger? ... how Tigger is "the only one" ... well ... if Tigger were a class in Diablo, then Quin69 would have a video called " GR120+ Bouncing Tigger build " And yet Tigger would no longer be the only one, because everyone would be running the Bouncing Tigger build, bouncing all over the $#%$ place. ( fun fun fun fun fun ) And so what is so special about your monk? Nothing... You have no skill or build that can't be copied immediately by most every other level 70 monk in Diablo within an hour or two. I think this sucks. And, yet Blizzard already knows how to improve this part ... because they started out right with D2 skill tree. So what, right? Sure, most folks may like "assuming the position" and doing what the youtube Diablo masters tell you to do without having to think or find other players with new build (because what current custom build can compete with a 12500% ability set bonus... really). I enjoy coming up with my own item, ability, and build strategies. D3 also abandoned the D2 skill progression based on previous invested skills, and discontinued the notion of powerful unique crafted items ( and nobody uses an item they craft from the current smith. Nobody does cuz they suck. ) If D3 upgrade or D4 could add the best of D2 and D3....example multiplayer group of three... A squishy hybrid poison / tank / pet necromancer .... with incredible DOT flesh-eating atomic-yellow-tree-frog poison, while using her pets ( skeletons, charmed monsters, etc. ) to create a survival buffer until the poison finishes off the mobs. Along with a crazy hammer-throwing paladin with aura strength built on skill points, and grouped with another healer-paladin with so much healing juice he could keep the necro's toilet-paper golem alive during a fire attack... Maybe I am the only one who feels this way.. but for me fun would return if: There were more ability to make diverse strategies without so much reliance on set items... but also without the ability to master skills without first investing points in some sort of progression tree. This way every person could find a unique way to enjoy their class... but this must be combined with something to provide synergy like powerful craftable items and not one-size-fits-all set items for each class. Instead of 3 monk group builds there might be 20 that work very well. That feeling of unique synergy in multiplayer games, it seems to be tied to having more player-controlled options instead of being forced to wear one of three sets of ancient green armor to get above GR 30... And then there are always updated and tweaks... remember Adria allowed a one-time reset and reallocation of skill tree points ... Anyone out there feel this way?... Custom skills / abilities make multiplayer more fun? fewer Batmans... maybe a Spiderman , a Hulk, and a Black Widow or two would be nice ... Tigger would be welcome in my group.OrangeBeard8 17m
18m 8 seasons cant believe how unoriginal they are Path of exile adds new systems that are exclusive to the seasons and then are gone forever when the season is over. This at least makes leveling all over again feel somewhat different and unique season to season. This has just been the same drab challenges no change in what we do. Feels really crappy just leveling all over to get back to the very same build we used before. Perhaps I should have quit this game long ago like everyone else I know has. They log off voice chat any time I even mention this game.Magus25 18m
20m Adventure mode, start on Act 1? Another newbie question please: my wife and I started new Seasonal characters yesterday and have decided to switch from the campaign and do Adventure Mode. My question is, should we start on Act 1? Is that the easiest? We're both 11th level. ThanksCoolLew8 20m
27m Stash Tab... Remind me again what happens when people who have played to get the tab from previous seasons and now will have 10. So what will they get in the next season???Ultima3 27m
1h Ned tips for fun build/class Hello, now whit the new season i'm looking for the most easy and fun build/class to play hehe. I'm looking for something easy to get started whit and that is fun to play! Like not to many keys to press when running rifts or what ever, killing large group of monsters easy thats the way i wanna play. Just run into mobs and see them die. What is the best for me? :)Danis1 1h
1h Can someone explain the solo leveling strategy? Been away since Season 4. Whats currently the most effective way to solo level? I've tried checking out guides online, but theyre all under the impression whoever is reading them already knows the lingo and what theyre talking about lol.OdinPrime4 1h
1h We already have haedrig's gift So why is blackthorne set still in the game? Some people saying that blackthorne set is good for starting point. What starting point? I've collected 6th piece of class set before I complete the blackthorne set. Either remove it from the game or buff it into a set that useable for every class. Blackthorne's Battlegear 2pcs : Increases damage against elites by 15.0% Reduces damage from elites by 15.0% 3pcs : You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster ground effects. 4pcs : While this is your only Item Set bonus increase your damage by 1300% and reduce damage taken by 50%Davez9 1h
1h Season 8 Curses! (350 kills TX cursed chest) conquest? How are you going to tackle this Conquest based on the your class choice Solo ? ... not sure if the free gift sets would be fast enough to clear under the time constraint. In the past, my WOL Monk was able to complete it. I know UE DH will have no problem. Both would require a Cindercoat in the Cube for RCR and different sets. Perhaps a Firebats WD or Hurricane WW Barb or Disintegrate Wiz or Condemn Crusader could do it. Fastest group kill spam ratio would be key. Note that the "Cursed Peat" location in "Paths of the Drowned" can spawn with or without the listed bounty, so restart till you see the large 3-level walled location on the map (with a chest and not related to a kill boss goal). Comments and ideas?Graveheart12 1h
2h Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard + Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer It seems that the legendary affix of the bracers (increases the potency of your shields by x) don't work together with the gems rank 25 property which gives you shield equal to 2x of your hp regen. At least the tooltip on my hp does't show different results with or without the bracers when the shield triggers. Is it intended to not work together, is it a bug or it works and it is just a buggy tooltip? Any answer blizz?Aleks5 2h
2h Season 8 rewards From Diablo twitter account: Diablo ‏@Diablo 2h2 hours ago @BardicKnowledge Aside from Haedrig's Gift and Conquest changes, there will be new cosmetic rewards. We'll be sharing more soon!Nihnu5 2h
2h SEASON 8 JOURNEY : "CONQUEST BUGGED" Anyone have any ideas when they are going to fix this. The Conquests dont tick off in the seasonal journey anymore upon completion and therefore people cant get past the Destroyer SectionKeyblade8 2h
3h Hopes for Diablo 4 (Part Two) Hey guys! Before the last Blizzcon I wrote an article about "How To Improve Diablo III" And I was met with wonderful feedback. (You can read that below: This year I wanted to really dive into what exactly could justify a Diablo IV. To really sit here and think about where I wanted the series to go, not just "better graphics", "more classes", types of answers, as they seem like pretty generic copouts. So with that said you can visit the full "Hopes For Diablo 4" article below: 3h
4h 10 things that.... I have come to expect and dislike. 1. D4 will/ will not be released because..... (and we have no info yet) 2. there will/will not be an xpac for D3 because... (see above) 3. I hate this game because.... (so why are you still playing it?) 4. I want buff for... (my favourite class so its OP) 5. I want nerf for... (my friends favourite class) 6. Seasons are BORING.... (again, why play them?) 7. I am quitting this damn game because... (well done, you have made a decision. We dont really need to know) 8. I want offline mode.....( mainly because it comes up every couple of days) 9. I want controller for PC because.... (dont even want to go there) 10. The fact that I still play solo, and still enjoy it!VPenguin0 4h
6h When will Diablo 3 make a change to the module? 何時暗黑破壞神3進行一次更改模組? 我也有玩暴雪英霸,裡面的暗黑破壞神角色模組都比現在的還要好看. 想建議更新一下讓遊戲更有新鮮感! --------------------------Google------------------------------ When will Diablo 3 make a change to the module? I also have to play Blizzard British tyrants, which Diablo God role model than the current even better-looking. Would like to suggest something to update the game more fresh!BIGWEI0 6h
7h Please can we turn off all these stupid notifications Why is it we can turn achievements and leaderboard notifications off in clan but not friends. I don't want to see player xxx completed GR 10 and is rank 1 blah blah blah over and over from seasons. If I'm not playing seasons let me block the cluttered chat.YDFWM2 7h
8h Can i use a xbox controller for the pc version? just curiousKtulu4 8h
8h new cosmetics? dose anyone know if they released the "other" wings they had in PTR BEFORE 2.4? or are we just stuck with this ONE in S8 and no new pets/wings? thanks just asking if its even worth playing again for new wings in NS HC like post 2.4 patch, thanksChampionNova1 8h
8h Im mad Yea that's anger you're reading right now. I'm mad that borderlands, path of exile and Destiny, especially Destiny are all popular because of Diablo. There is no genre for this game, the genre is simply Diablo and other games are currently doing it better. Now I would argue PoE sucks and Destiny is overrated but Borderlands I admit is the real deal. I really want Diablo to Diablo again. D3 for what it is, is a great game... but the drive to loot level and explore is gone. The competitive loot find is gone. It's become less Diablo more Gauntlet Legends. Rant over. Ty.MWXIII12 8h
8h What are you guys doing to kill the time? I'm trying to satisfy my Diablo itch while I kill time until Blizzcon. I played through most of D1 and was playing D2 Median XL before that. Curious what everyone else is playing.Nocturnal5 8h
9h Back to game after a couple of years off. Any advice since I have to relearn everything. I don't care about the best character or anything just the easiest to jump back in and any other advice would be great. What is the rebirth option about? Should I go through the story again?AnzacMT0 9h
9h LFG 1-70 Season 8 Done.SandCastle0 9h
10h Thank you for the fun. *rides into sunset* I had so much fun(well that's debatable) up to S6. S7, barely played at all. Now with S8, not much changes I see. All games comes to an end. I might get on once in a while to tinker around, etc but it was a long run. Hoping there's some major changes down the road. Ciaos.Wolfance10 10h
10h Campaign or Bounties during Saeson? Hey guys, this is me and my wife's first time playing in a Season, we're kinda new to D3, we created new characters and started the campaign. We like the idea of a good story, not just "leveling" our characters. However, my question is, are we going to miss out on the "rewards" for playing a seasonal character if we don't do the Bounties and Rifts? Thanks for any info.CoolLew5 10h
11h *Serious Inquiry. Compensation for my ideas... Could i please get a blue on this where i could be assisted in submitting my ideas of how i could better the game. Im usually on the WOW forums, if i could get an official email or something like that i would be very interested in making a deal for my concept development :).Jschae9 11h
14h Just logged in cuz i decided to start a new season hero .. man was that a disapointing thing for me to doKaizeR2 14h
35m Diablo 4 is not happening Guys there is not gonna be another Diablo game for another 5 years or so. Diablo 3 Can be fix the main problem is sets are mandatory toware. If they make sets an optional build changing thing a game and make it to ware we can we're full legendarys and use what ever abilities and skills we want then the game will be great again. It's not time to just give up hopes for Diablo 3 and we just have to hope that blizzard makes Diablo 3 the action RPG it's meant to be and should be. And blizzard no more sets we don't need any more sets we need to have the option to use what every skill and ware what ever gear we want that is the only way this game will be great.creep23 35m
14h List of all Quest Journals? Is there a list of all quest journals available somewhere? I'm looking for a complete list, which includes all quest journals such as Journal Of Rayeld The Younger, Part 1, which is NOT required for an achievement. This is what I have so far on my Demon Hunter, and I'm sure I don't have everything yet: Quests A Summoner's Journal Adria's Note Battlefield Reports Command From Cultist Grand Inquisitor Deceivers' Orders, Part 1 Deceivers' Orders, Part 2 Deceivers' Orders, Part 3 Explorer's Log, Part 1 Explorer's Log, Part 2 Explorer's Log, Part 3 Explorer's Log, Part 4 Grand Maester's Journal Guard's Orders High Cleric's Journal, Part 1 High Cleric's Journal, Part 2 Hunter's Journal, Part 1 Hunter's Journal, Part 2 Hunter's Journal, Part 3 Hunter's Journal, Part 4 Hunter's Journal, Part 5 Hunter's Journal, Part 6 Journal Of Rayeld The Younger, Part 1 Journal Of Rayeld The Younger, Part 2 Journal Of Rayeld The Younger, Part 3 Journal Of Rayeld The Younger, Part 4 Journal Of Rayeld The Younger, Part 5 Last Of The Barbarians, Part 1 Last Of The Barbarians, Part 2 Last Of The Barbarians, Part 3 Last Of The Barbarians, Part 4 Last Of The Barbarians, Part 5 Malthael's Plan Miser's Will Missive To Maghda, Part 1 Missive To Maghda, Part 2 Orders From Azmodan, Part 1 Orders From Azmodan, Part 2 Orders From Azmodan, Part 3 Orders From Azmodan, Part 4 Orders From Azmodan, Part 5 Orders From Azmodan, Part 6 Orders From Maghda Reply From Cultist Grand Inquisitor Revival Testament Of My Failure, Part 1 Testament Of My Failure, Part 2 The Destiny Of The Nephalem, Part 1 The Destiny Of The Nephalem, Part 2 The Destiny Of The Nephalem, Part 3 The Feared Hero The Great Weapon The Path Of Wisdom, Part 1 The Path Of Wisdom, Part 2 The Path Of Wisdom, Part 3 The Path Of Wisdom, Part 4 The Path Of Wisdom, Part 5 The Path Of Wisdom, Part 6 The Souls Of Westmarch Urzael's Trap Villager's JournalMelos5 14h
14h Can't wait for next D3 expansion announcement Getting pumped!Desperately want a reason to play this game again. And all of you D4 announcement people are dreeeeeaaming.Province53 14h
15h Melee is hated by Blizzard Melee fighters are completely hated by the Devs here, and it's easily provable. First, it's a PITA to get huge Massacre damage points unlike ranged fighters. Second, the stupid little treasure Goblins (any of them can be used) can out run a Melee fighting toon and I can explain this easily. I( have had four escape today alone, things happen but four and I went all the way down to Normal and my build was easily holding it's own just tine on T1. Now, if they can pout run my toon and escape so easily, even when I am playing Normal, but a ranged toon can kill several on T1 ( I found a goblin shrine, so it's already Proven. Now, on a side note, my ranged toons were not as well geared as my Monk was, so yes, Blizzard Hates Melee players and I can defend this statement even in a Federal court. Simply put, if you are going to play this game, I highly recommend a ranged fighter as you'll want to Kill the Devs after only a few tikmes of being left out of the loop. And Yes, I prefer Wizards and Hunters to Melee, but they have become old after this many years.Cristonic4 15h
15h Season 8 Conquest Disappointment I was disappointed to see what season 8 conquest list is: SoftCore/Hardcore 1) Boss Mode/Worlds Apart (kill 16 bosses in 20 minutes on TX) 2) Divinity/Lionhearted (clear greater rift 75 solo) 3) Curses/ Stars Align (kill 350 monsters in chest event on TX 4) Years of War/ Dynasty (clear grift 55 solo with 6 different class sets) 5) Masters of the Universe/ Masters of Sets (master 8 set dungeons) My attention was drawn in particular to the last two. Both require that at least two character classes are played :-( I wish that they had picked one but not both of these conquests that require multiple classes.MicroRNA34 15h
16h Cant progress season Journey. Bug in conquest I have already reported in bug forum for devs but wanted to share here to inform players. In eu Servers we cant progress season Journey past Destroyer. İts either because conquests or the quests "Easy" which requires one conquest to be completed. I have done Curses! Conquest. Was listed in roaster can see it in my Archivements menu etc. Basically everywhere but not in season Journey. Is this because you "copied" season 6 Journey data over this Season? Please have a look at it. It is really meaningless playing without progressing. And if we cant sort this out, wont we have stash? TyStMoses0 16h
17h Alternative ideas for D3 Class System: My idea for this is very complex in detail, but in a nutshell, everyone starts off the same with equal access to everything. All spells, attacks, abilities gain experience with use. As you level them up you unlock new and stronger ones to use. They would be in a tree or three dimensional web structure. Using more advanced skill would continue to add experience to the skills used to unlock them so that your core “branches” would continue to level up. Basically, you can do anything you want, design your own “class” and the more you use your favorite skills and spells the stronger they get. The balancing would come in the form of diminishing returns. All skills and abilities can level infinitely, but it takes exponentially longer and longer for each level up and each level up would provide less and less benefit. Stat System: To further complement the class system would be a stat system with both primary and secondary stats. Primary would be things like Dexterity, intellect, strength, constitution which would provide certain benefits. Dex, for instance, would provide things like ranged damage, accuracy, critical etc. Those aspects would then be secondary stats under Dex. You could put a single point in a primary stat which would affect everything under it or you could put you point in a single secondary to increase that effect solely but with a stronger increase. For balancing, everything would have diminishing returns (subsequent points in the same stat would provide less benefit). This is also very important for making hybrids such as a warrior mage. No diminishing returns would make hybrids completely pointless and basically ruin the whole concept. Skills: you would start off only with basic melee attack, ranged attack, and simple magic spell like fire bolt. Shooting your bow for instance would make your basic attack increase in level and do additional damage with each attack. Also, you would eventually unlock something like rapid shot that just makes you attack faster. Using rapid should would level both rapid shot and your basic attack. Levels in rapid shot would just increase the rate at which you fire using rapid shot. I have a web structure in mind because they would initially branch off into different aspects, but they would also combine together again so that you could have a shot that uses both rapid shot and say explosive shot etc. Also, magic spells could come together with melee and ranged attacks to make attacks that use both magic and physical attacks together. To tie skills into gear legendary items could allow to learn skills that can only be learned when using the item. After leveling the skill up, however, you would still be able to use it after removing the item. These would be similar to what Runes currently do to D3 skills. Equipment: These, like your skill, would also gain experience with infinite leveling that takes exponentially longer and diminishing returns. To make equipping new better gear less annoying, there would be a way to transfer experience over to your new gear with some loss most likely. The leveling up with items could be done in many different ways. Maybe the rare stats just increase with higher level. Or maybe they get an EXP pool you could spend to unlock certain things. Certain abilities could unlock at certain levels (equivalent to legendary properties for legendary items) and these could get stronger as the item levels up. Character EXP: your Character would also level up. Each level would provide additional stat points to invest. Also, skill unlocks could be tied to character level in addition to skill levels. After reaching max level, you character can continue to gain experience in the form of paragon levels. I hope that these paragon levels could be more dynamic then the current paragon level system in D3 in tie into your character creation in a more meaningful way. End Game: I think Great Rifts are good for end game content, but there needs to be other things in addition to Greater Rifts. As far as Great Rifts are concerned, I would like an item level tied to Greater Rift level so that completing higher rifts would provide more powerful versions of the same items. As for PVE, they could have “Raid” type options. It could scale based on number of characters so you could solo if you want and it could be sectionalized so that you don’t have to spend hours doing a raid. Doing all the pieces at once could take hours, but each one only takes about 10-20 minutes. They would have a CD like once a day or maybe even weekly. Similar to GR and torment difficulty each raid would have difficult scaling as well. I believe PVP should come into it as well. There needs to be a reason to shoot for better and better gear and leveling your character other than simply making yourself stronger. There needs to be a purpose for it. There could be battleground type options like capture the flag etc. They could even make a MOBA. PVP could make this game into an E-sport.Merrit0 17h
17h What happened to era reset ? "The non-Seasonal Greater Rift Leaderboards will also be wiped sometime after the end of the Season. However, you'll immediately be able to compete in the currently active Era with your non-Seasonal heroes (including those who have just rolled over), and will not have to wait for the start of the next Season." So no nothing ? Nevalistis you did it again...DreamKiller1 17h
19h in honor of S8, I just want to say... ...D3 overall is pretty weak, when it comes to devs understanding the game as players do. Possibly one of the weakest games ever. Definitely the weakest "sequel to a beloved, world-renowned franchise" ever. My main gripe of the day is the lack of stash space. There's barely enough room to properly gear each class for their main, Blizzard-approved build, let alone actually attempt to gear for >1 build per class. (Astonishing concept, I know!) Why are Blizz such cheap bastards about this? ... Also: this new forum design sucks. Making UIs better for phones = making UIs worse for PCs. Blizzard: For Simpletons, By Simpletons Thanks for nothing.STG18 19h
19h Member berries Member Necromancer Member Mephisto Member when Cain wasnt killed by a fairy? Member?Belegur21 19h
20h Just got 70 in EU now time for USA Let the grinding beginMorsuki9 20h
21h Royal gems designs? This is weird, my fully uppgraded jeweler can make flawless royal gems but not royal gems. Are there separate recipes for those? Seems a bit odd having the recipe for the flawless one in his list but not the royal one.Wolfwiyn1 21h
22h Fastest way to level currently? (HC Player) Returning player here. Been on break since Season 4 ended. Im going to go ahead and assume since it's the start of the season that its to play out the story?OdinPrime4 22h
22h 10th tab incoming, end of the road? So yeah, I'm going to play basically a freaking carbon copy of season 7 and get my 10th and final stash tab which I suspect will be the same for a lot of players. So I'm really curious how they think they're going to entice us to play season 9. I'm going to get pissed if they shrink the tabsize space so they can squeeze a couple of more tabs in. Also have to say that I find the way season 7 and 8 are handled are unworthy of any game developping giant and especially Blizzard who have in their corporate motto 'the polish until it shines' credo .... or is that just for show or something of long past era (pun intended)? Instead of shortening season 7 they should have extended it to end AFTER Blizzcon or might I infer that Blizzcon is going to be a total letdown, at least for the Diablo franchise, and the drop of people playing season 8 would have been massive otherwise? Well, in a about 2 week we'll know, but I'm prepared .... and expecting .... to be dissapointed. Dammit, I want to save Leah.Sardaukar11 22h
22h Play your way Static ChargeEXA1 22h
23h Witch Doctor vs Wizard I would like to know which class I should play for season 8, so more along the lines of which I can level fasterIllRecU0 23h