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6d Live Server Downtime - (11/29) 4:30 PM PST Hey all, We are bringing the live game servers down immediately to address some issues. We currently expect this to be fairly short and will let you know as soon as they're back up - keep an eye on this thread for further details. Thanks!Tyvalir1 6d
Nov 9 Client Update (11/9) Hey everyone, We deployed a client-side update a short while ago to fix a crashing issue that was occurring for Windows 10 users. This update is live for the US, Korea, Taiwan and EU regions, and we are still working on an update for players in China. Also included in this update was a fix to address audio and display issues with the Diablo cosmetic pet unlocked via the BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Ticket. If you continue to have issues related to the above, please let us know in the Bug Report forum. Thanks!Tyvalir0 Nov 9
Oct 29 Patch 2.4.2 Hotfixes - Updated 10/28 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated October 28. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.3.0] [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [LIVE HOTFIXES] Seasons Fixed an issue where players may not have received credit for completing their Conquests in the Season 8 Journey Please note: you may need to log out of the game and back in to trigger receiving this credit. (10/28) Fixed an issue where achievements for reaching levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 were not unlocking (8/10) Note: You will need to log out and back in with a level 70 Seasonal hero to retroactively acquire these achievements if you did not receive them previously Items Fixed an issue where the benefits from Firebird's Finery could persist after leaving a Brawl (8/17) The damage bonus from Ring of Emptiness now only applies to damage dealt directly by the Witch Doctor, and not pets or followers (8/4) For more information on this change, see this post.Nevalistis3 Oct 29
Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams DatModz Lynxaria Quin69 Rhykker Alkaizerx PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Bigdaddyden76 Syrinnea Spontainy Bluddshed EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13, 2015
10m 2000% drop on game servers $ 15 per month Hello blizzard!Please make 2000% drop chance payable on the real servers,$ 15 per month,many people needs forgotten souls and ancient set item,this game needs changes,please make real what I wrote,PLEASE!!!Valar22 10m
11m We need the auction house back Diablo 3 was a really exciting game with the auction house, but ever since this means of trade closed down more than two years ago, Diablo 3 has become a really boring game. What made Diablo 2 so great was the ability to trade with other players, and D3's auction house was an even better way to trade because I loved how you can search for specific items with the stats you wanted and the minimum level of each stat, the maximum price you're willing to pay and all kinds of wonderful stuff and the AH was a much more secure way to trade than using D2's trading window, and I struggle to understand why they got rid of the auction house - it was completely unnessary and finding the items you really want through doing rifts, completing quests and killing monsters is a huge hassle and neither kadala or kanai's cube help very much with obtaining the really good items. One of my favorite things I miss about the auction house is that it gave you different ways to play this game - I really enjoyed bidding on it's very many items it had to offer and you could use the AH as an investment tool to your advantage to get tons of superior items, and oh yeah! I really loved how you could use your real money to buy stuff on it and also get real cash for selling your most valuable items there................. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!! Please disregard what I've written above - I'm completely against the re-introduction of the auction house for a number of reasons: The auction house was EVIL; especially the real-money one. The AH severely corrupted the gameplay and purpose of D3; many players were spending copious amounts of time using the AH as an investment tool, rather than playing the actual game and killing tons of monsters for epic loot like it's supposed to be. Many players felt that once they've purchased just one item from the AH, they soon feel like buying more items from it instead of RnG'ing themselves and become increasingly dependent on the AH. I admit I was suckered into the AH, although I never spent any real money on it. When they did get rid of the AH, however, I found the D3 gaming experience to be much more enjoyable. The drop rates on legendary and set items are now more than enough to compensate for the lack of AH and the blood shards and Kanai's cube helps alot. Having an auction house for Diablo 3, in fact, was probably the BIGGEST MISTAKE that the Blizzard development team has EVER made in any of their games.Bobcat118 11m
14m Eu has deserted D3, game is so bad compared to D2:Lod. Well i've stopped playing Diablo 3, 3 years ago, this game is just boring compared to Diablo 2:Lod. I tested expansion for 2 months at a friends house recently but man i think its worse than the classic game? Nothing to do but rift close portal and repeat like seriously is this it? There is nothing to do after a certain point meanwhile D2 has nice online pvp and trade or singleplayer mods gameplay lasting forever and ever. I there is currently more active folks playing D2 than D3 because ya this game gets boring quick feels like a deserted ghost town(no friends online here, everyone left.. 179 people list all long gone empty)... Overall D2 is a very superior game compared to D3, music, atmosphere, better classes, skill tree much better itemizatio and superior online lobby and online play, 8 player.. graphics are old and inventory/stash space and online bots are a bit lame but this old dog is still better than all newers similar games , poe, grim dawn, and of course D3(which is the worst of them) This is why we did not get D2 HD remake because it would kill D3 for good?? But remember Blizzard never made d1/d2 ... the skilled game company calld Condor was bought by blizzard(renamed Blizzard North) and has nothing to do with the irvine based company that made D3, maybe they will learn from their mistakes and make D4 a worthy game to the D1/D2 legacy and so maybe we are too harsh on them, everyone deserves a second chance or maybe D3 is like Deckard cain had a nightmare killed by a butterfly woke up and the real story continues after Tyrael destroyed the World stone, of course this wont happen but ya D4 needs to go back to the original roots and forget D3 wow lite gameplay, it needs to be real arpg with character development and depth plus the atmosphere or else this series is doomed i think. Btw i'm from germany and every 1 hates D3 herexd, polish swedish friends etc feel the same. I don't mean to insult anyone and if you like this(D3) good for you this is just what most Eu folks think...maybe D3 is more popular in the US, sorry for poor enlighs btw(third language).DrDront1 14m
34m Play it 'YOUR WAY" does not exist Having played this game since the beginning, one of the things I used to look forward to was see stickies in each class on theory crafting and builds. These were driven by MVP’s of each class and input from many players. All I see now is complete and utter complaints of lack of build diversity. Why don’t we have MVPs anymore? Because they all but quit this game. These players would theory craft ideas, do the maths on different combinations of gear and skills and contribute a great deal to each class community. Why they left is pretty much this. No matter what any players suggests in this game the developers DO NOT LISTEN. If they did not come up with the idea, then they destroy it. Plain and simple. One that comes to light was the static charge monk. The scene was set for Ulianas to be the golden monk child for a season until one week in the rise of the static charge monk completely nuked it. Then on the flip side they knew there was a bug in the Firebirds set and did they fix it? Hell no they openly admitted it would remain because they didn’t want to upset the leaderboards. Like WTF and don’t start me on the stupid twisted sword. They couldn’t even get that right when they supposedly fixed the twister count. Another failed developer philosophy was to nerf all crowd controlling and healing skills. LMAO. We know how that worked out. The only consistent thing in groups at high levels over many years is still the zdpds monk because of the damage mitigation/healing it brings. And it still does a great job at it I laugh every time I see a play it “your way” comment comes up by the devs as its never play it “your way” it’s always play it the way the developers want by driving 6 piece sets and legendary item affixes on one item for that set. Speaking of legendary items, can we just have forgotten souls drop instead of the 95% crap that does. Another crushbane, nutcracker or nagelring and the list goes on. The introduction of the crusader when ROS came out was so hyped up only to be pushed aside and never see the light of day again. God help the necromancer. It’s time the developers took ownership of their poor design philosophes, lack of foresight and total disconnect from the playerbase. Don’t get me wrong I do like the fluid playstyle of the game it’s the lack of diversity that’s the issue for mebeetlejuice44 34m
44m DDOS Attacks So the degenerates are at it again I take it. Wish there was a way to deal on site justice to these low lifesGrizzwall31 44m
44m Next Patch and the "always great" Hammerdin So as we know. Hammerdin is the best build in the game............. Yeah right. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys expect from the hammerdin in the upcoming patch(es) and what you think should be buffed, nerfed (why would anyone think hammerdin should be nerfed?) And also talk about the next Patch. Provide some useful information that you know from the PTR. I'll start it off with this question. Will hammerdin actually get a T12 - T13 Build? Or will they just be stuck at a shotty low class build forever?Rosilius2 44m
48m Remove cooldown skills from the game In my opinion these WoW alike skills makes gameplay really wierd and uncomfortable. There are builds which require to keep holding 2-3 buttons all the time. This is not fun and results only in usage of some macro third party softwares or tricks by players. There were no cd skills in D2 and it was a lot freakin cooler c'mon. WoW devs pls gtfo from this game and give it to someone who knows what Diablo series areKaelos54 48m
49m Quit making the rewards too hard to get Stash spaces. Green set dungeon wings. Dragon set dungeon wings. All things I can't get. I don't mind farming for things like Cosmic wings and pets but when you gate rewards behind playing the meta its frustrating. Meta players are only like 20% of the player base so only 20% can get certain items? Not very casual friendly or play it your way.Warrior26 49m
51m BARBER NERFED!!!! Hello, it's ofiicial. Nevalistis Community Manager post "It's been great to see a lot of earnest testing and honest feedback. Thanks, everyone, who's participated thus far! Based on your feedback, we have a few changes pending for some of these items that I wanted to share before they go live in the next PTR patch. The Barber Those of you who have been testing The Barber have seen this item jump from flat out not-functioning to most certainly over-performing. We suspect that the damage on this item is a tad high (particularly when using the Phantasm rune), so we're removing the damage bonus granted by the final explosion. There were also some pretty funky interactions occurring with Phantasm that caused some scaling issues, and we'll be correcting those. TLDR: Witch Doctors looking for massive AoE explosions from Spirit Barrage should still see effective results, but they won't be quite so over the top. Faithful Memory Faithful Memory is greatly benefiting from changes made to Greater Rifts and density. As many of you have noted, it's a wee bit on the powerful side. We're going to implement a cap on the number of stacks that can be gained and see how this performs. That leaves room for potential tweaking in the future if it's been adjusted too far. Hellcat's Waistguard We're pretty happy with how Hellcat's Waistguard is panning out in practice. We wanted to introduce an alternative play style rather than a new meta for Greater Rift pushing with the possibility that someone might discover a new top-tier combination or build with it, and we feel this item fulfills that goal. Manald Heal Manald Heal is in very much a similar place as Hellcat's Waistguard, though it admittedly needed a bump from its initial version on the PTR. Thanks to everyone who helped us test this item! The builds that are coming out of it actually perform pretty well, and we think there's still more room for player experimentation here. Overall, I want to reiterate that we don't intentionally design items to shift or change "the meta," nor are we looking to continue feeding power creep. The intention of many of these items (and likely those in the future) will be to provide options to play differently while remaining reasonably competitive with other existing options." So what do you think guy's. Let me know about that. Peace out and see you in sanctuary.sikeone8324 51m
55m Uh guys, there's plenty of build diversity. You don't have to use the Set Pieces to have fun and make a fun build. You can run around with a Frenzy Barbarian who just pummels things into the ground with weapons. You can play a WD and play a pet build. You can do whatever you want in the sun. Just lower the difficulty. You don't need to play at the highest difficulty. That's where the sets shine and where you kind of want to know what someone is going to be able to do just by what class they are. However, in a lower difficulty, one that's just hard enough to be hard, you can play whatever you want. Stop being a bunch of try-hards demanding Blizzard do things for you that are already available. I don't like the idea of set pieces either, but you can still very easily play what you want on one hand, and then have a farming gear/build for when you feel like getting more items.Slarg232117 55m
1h Can I reach level 70 without the expansion? Simple yes/no question in the title. Since I'm here, I'll elaborate a little bit: I played D3 when it was still fresh and unlike many, I didn't hate on Blizzard for all the auction house and loot controversy. However, I lost interest in the game because at high levels every player seemed to be a glass cannon and all monsters would basically always oneshot everyone and it was really absurd. So I stopped playing. I came back once when the expansion was already out, only to find that, apparently, no one else played anymore. At least I couldn't find anyone on any stage I had characters in. Starting new characters was also strange, since it seemed advantageous to start a fresh character on difficulty "Nightmare XIII" or whatever, where you'd gain a lot more XP per kill and if things became too tough you could still lower the difficulty at any time, even mid-game. There was no downside to starting on a higher difficulty, which I thought defused any tension there might still be. And there were no other players either. The whole game seemed to have lost the idea of a "quest" or adventure, some journey you would embark upon to reach a fixed goal, wondering if indeed you could reach it. Instead the goal was open ended, an endless grind with nothing new ever. I know, I know--it was the same kind of thing in Diablo 2. But in those days, the internet was still new (to me) and the experience of playing a game where other characters were controlled by people hundreds of kilometers away was so fascinating. Trading and all that, and finding out what the game had to offer. The gem in the chatroom. Finding parties, actually talking to people. There were guides and whatnot even then, but today it's like "Oh Diablo 3? Here's all the information you could ever want in a handy wiki." Back in the day you could be anxious about whether you skilled your hero right, and wether you would be able to survive on the next difficulty level. Well, I digress. Anyhow, I lost interest in D3. The reason I come back now is because I played a bit of heroes of the storm, and there's a cross-advertisement campaign that nets you a mount in that game if you get a level 70 character in season 4 of D3. Not that I care much about mounts, but why not? Only I don't want to buy Reaper of Souls for it. Reaching level 70 would be a clear goal and it would give me a reward in another game. So I might play some more D3. Can I reach level 70 even without the expansion?Cibo18 1h
1h No communication between the community and CM I'm opening this thread to make a really simple question; Where's the communication that is seen as MANDATORY for a Community Manager with it's own community? Why do I only see a post from that same Community Manager in a Necromancer related thread? Is the community that scary? Is the fact that your announcement at Blizzcon was a flop that sends you away or what? This was my message to the CM. No reply was given and completely overlooked. Multiple threads were done during the last few weeks and no official reply from the Community Manager popped. It seems to me that you're in a rush to post jokes and to provide answers related to the "original idea" (laughs out loud) but you're absolutely not in a rush to provide answers and listen to the bad feedback. So what kind of job as a Community Manager is that? A convenience one? Is that the person that is going to represent the community that doesn't agree with the developers and game designers? You know, that seems really biased to me and it also seems like an unprofessional attitude. We're not sheeps. We want answers. Your silence is deafening and enough is enough. Show up for once and provide the feedback that the people that have been around this franchise for 20 long years deserve to hear. Stop cowering out. Stop being afraid. Face the reality of your actions. Accepting your own mistakes just leads you to success, doing anything not related to that route, takes you to a downfall.Pyro320 1h
1h Achievement Hunters! Westmarch Event Locations! This is the achievement 'Sight Seeing', to complete all the events in Westmarch. Went through all of these events over the past few days compiling everything I found and threw them together into a video! Video for visual aids: The events can be split into those within the actual map of Westmarch Commons/Heights, and those inside the houses which can be explored. Open Map Events–Event usually triggers by proximity.(All in Westmarch Commons). The Angered Dead – Distinct Large Tile in map. Tollifers Last Stand – Spawns in doorways, open map. Touch of Death – Open map, large square tile, shares tiles with Cursed Forum Chest Event. Walk in the Park – Resplendent Chest in Park Tile. The Harvest – Open map, large tile. House Events–Event usually triggers on entry of house. Finding the Forgotten – House of Corpses (Heights). A Shameful Death – The Killing Floor (Commons). Home Invasion – Ransacked Dwelling (Commons). Necromancers Choice – Hall of Dark Arts (Commons). The Reformed Cultist – Abandoned Cultist Stores (Commons). The Misers Will – Miser’s Hovel (Commons). The Last Stand – Old Smugglers Warehouse (Commons). The Lost Patrol – Tustines Brewery (Commons). Hide and Seek – Captain Hailes House (Heights). Out of the Fire – Not in house, house on fire, rescue villager (Heights). Magic Misfire – Sorcerers Room (Commons). Let me know if any personal experience contradicts what I've collected :D.KelaniScar13 1h
1h Season 8 Conquest Disappointment I was disappointed to see what season 8 conquest list is: SoftCore/Hardcore 1) Boss Mode/Worlds Apart (kill 16 bosses in 20 minutes on TX) 2) Divinity/Lionhearted (clear greater rift 75 solo) 3) Curses/ Stars Align (kill 350 monsters in chest event on TX 4) Years of War/ Dynasty (clear grift 55 solo with 6 different class sets) 5) Masters of the Universe/ Masters of Sets (master 8 set dungeons) My attention was drawn in particular to the last two. Both require that at least two character classes are played :-( I wish that they had picked one but not both of these conquests that require multiple classes.MicroRNA56 1h
2h QoL Improvements Portals edition First, add a couple second delay to 'Monster Generated Portals', so we don't accidentally click on them while killing monsters or trying to pick up items (I do this a lot). Second move the Town Portal in Bastion's Keep Stronghold. Because it's in a very dense spot, right beside the chest/stash, Cain's book, and Tyreal, and the way to the black smith. Doesn't have to be far, Just not to the right of the way point. Though I would suggest straight below the way point. In the corner opposite to the stash, but still within the little square the stash and Tyreal are in. The location has always bothered me, but even more since ROS, where Tyreal is always right in front of the portal in Adventure Mode.maydayp4 2h
3h How to access Darkening of Tristram Portal? Hi Guys, So I'm running the latest PTR with the Darkening of Tristram but how do I access the Portal? I've looked at guides online and followed the instructions with no luck. I created a New Player and am not in Adventure Mode (Since it's locked atm). Can anyone help? Thanks!yamcha677 3h
3h Should Blizzard start fresh with Diablo 4? This is a serious question, as I do not believe an expansion could fix the problems that persist within Diablo 3 itself. Also the timeline of no real content would suggest that Diablo 4 has to be in the works (wishful thinking). Some of the issues in Diablo 3 that would be hard to fix in an expansion and would benefit from a complete overhaul in Diablo 4. 1.Trading- limiting this to only people in the game crippled any real hope of an economy and in my opinion took a lot of what DIABLO is all about and crushed it. 2. Sets- These dictate what builds we can use and removes choice from the players. When 5/6 pieces of set gear are a must it ruins build diversity. 3. Legendary Items- 95% of these are awful. We turn them into forgotten souls and move on. 4. Skill runes- We all wanted rune words and they gave us skill runes... the amount of effort put in to make all the different looks of abilities would probably astonish everyone. This needs to be scrapped 100000%. 5. Rifts/GR- I'd like to see these either scrapped or re-worked. As a Diablo player since D1 these feel out of place and arcadish and not ARPG. They could benefit greatly by looking at POE Maps style. 6. Adventure Mode- This was an awesome feature that completely destroys campaign mode. They need to find a balance because I believe bounties are a nice feature to explore but all in all it kind of just breaks the game in its current state. 7. Rare/Magic/White Items- These need to be MUCH more than scrap. I hate to compare but in D2 you could find a jewelers blue chest piece and it would be an amazing day. Rare items were some of THE best in D2 and superior white items were utilized for added benefits in runewords. Why in D3 they're literally all scrap? There is no excuse for a game like D2 to be more diverse than D3. 8. Longevity- As a ARPG fan I think Blizzard could create great longevity with cash-flow following microstranscation system like POE. They only include cosmetics such as armor and weapon looks, spell effect changes, stash additions...etc. PoE has pumped out so much content and really in my opinion is the current leader in ARPG. They started rough but a team of 35 is able to do 10x as much as Diablo's entire team has in 3 years. I think Blizzard has great potential if they go back to their roots and listen to us fans. 9. Community- In Diablo 3 no one talks, no one really plays public games unless they wanna do quick bounties. They need to bring back the channel feature like there was in D2, where you can see your characters and make people want to communicate. Diablo 3 feels like a single player game due to lack of community options in the game and trading. Whats your thoughts?RMG75 3h
3h Season 8 end When does season 8 ends?kakalaci16 3h
4h Diablo III - It was all just a bad dream... Imagine at some Blizzcon in the future... We are shown a cinematic after the opening ceremony... ... You can see how Decard Cain gets owned by a butterfly The greatest general of all time, Azmodan, is telling you everything about his war-plans Some player enters the "pony level" with rainbows and teddy-bears You can see how a full stash of uniques, rares and magic items is being salvaged into matts Some player spends 1000 shards at Kadala, and receives some ultra rare item Error 37 is displayed and it seems like the video stopped and the screen goes black ... DIABLO - THE DARK WANDERER - LOGO SHOWS Fans lose their !@#$ - crowd cheers at Blizzcon like never before - Camera-flashes go haywire. Q&A Session afterwards: Some "Diablo fan" asks if he can transfer his rainbow portrait to D4 when the game launches, and the crowd is Booing and the panel members say "yeah.. no... Sorry no plans at this time, but we are bringing back shared-stash among your characters" One can dream :)TOPCommander3 4h
5h Necro helm I am wondering are blizz making necro helm also in d3 like it was in d2? If yes i hope we can wear it this time!?Nazgul5 5h
5h Unable to log into SC2 forums. Unable to log into other (SC2/WoW) forums with my account. It says "an error has occurred. Please try again." I've tried relogging, restarting, clearing caches, and multiple browsers. Can log into account management and Diablo forums, but not Starcraft or WoW forums. Any ideas?Fangs5 5h
5h age I'm 66 years old am I the oldest diablo3 player in the world....just wondering.Albinocorte71 5h
5h Season 9 rewards Now that we know that stash tabs are capped at 10 (at least for the foreseeable future), what is going to be the new "carrot" for Season 9+ to drag people back into Seasons? Undoubtedly something controversial. a) What do you think the controversial Season 9 reward will be? b) What would you like it to be? It might sound like it's years away, but they are no doubt already thinking about that carrot. Hopefully the ideas in this thread will help them.ercan39 5h
6h What makes you choose D3 over other ARPGs? For me it's the pace. When it gets fast and furious it's got a pace about it where it's constantly on the go. Almost not enough time to keep the rotation going. It's like a constant rush to identify and clean up before it's back in for more frantic item and DB collection. Alas it doesn't make up for the lack of build diversity so I'm playing POE instead. :( I seriously don't want to though.SpeedY86 6h
6h Graphics already dated I want to fire up D3 again and play through, but the low res textures and less-than-stellar graphics (but not terrible) keep be back. If you remastered it, I'd 100% play again.Tensor14 6h
7h D3 is the least played ARPG I mean what could we add more to this? There has to be a new massive upcoming expansion for 2017. It has to happen, its a matter of life or death right now.Parruna48 7h
7h D3 versus Dark Souls Any Dark Souls fans here? I've been playing both Diablo and Dark Souls series for years and love them both. I do wish that Blizzard would take cues from Dark Souls in more customization of gear and characters and also set design.GhostPants14 7h
8h Diablo 1 Hmm Quick question ? Anyone know where i could buy Diablo 1 ? I don't need the CD, just want it RIGHT NOW .... but i can't find it anywhere on blizzard is the game still available at all ?Kenpachi12 8h
8h Blizzard Doubled Down Again With New Secret Sets ... If your not paying attention to the PTR wizards have now become D3's Beta Test field in-regards to blizzards new secret sets that they are trying to slip into the game hoping that the players don't notice. Not only is Manald Heal a terrible design because its DPS is based purely on chance, but they doubled down on it by making it a SET without giving it a Green label. Apparently the backlash against sets is to huge they have to hide them now, instead of actually listening to the community to reduce the dependency of sets in the game they decided to double down on it. ... A legendary is a SET is a set that requires two pieces in order to function. They just replaced another ring with a required passive instead. If it wasn't a set, it would function without Paralysis, which it doesn't. This item is definitely the worst legendary blizzard has ever made. It's not only a secret set by requiring a passive to function, but it's DPS entirely relies on a chance that is linked to an extremely nerfed CC system. Welcome to the future of Diablo 3.Jumpman20 8h
8h What grift level is considered decent? What greater rift level must i hit to be considered a decent/good player? Thanks!DankDoctor35 8h
8h new item announcement Great Ideas for new Items : Introducing Jewel. Made for Followers only. (Not for Nephalems). Can be socket into the Ring , Amulet , Weapon , OffHand (Shield, Quiver, Orb) , or the Follower's Special Item. (Yes. Scoundrel can now equip Quiver. But he will not gain any Class Legendary Effect from them. Same goes to Follower Enchantress equipping Orb and Templar equipping Crusader Shield. And the new Follower - the Necromancer Mehtan. And the Follower's Special Items can now have Socket). Jewel will have only 4 Properties, instead of 6. Magic Jewel have 1 Primary and 1 Secondary. Rare Jewel have 3 Primary and 1 Secondary. Legendary Jewel have 3 Primary and 1 Legendary. There are also Crafted Jewel. Example of Legendary Jewel and Crafted Jewel : Equip on Follower: Gain access to all skills. Equip on Follower: Your follower cannot die. Equip on Follower: Reduce the cooldown of all Follower skills by 50%. Equip on Follower: 100% Chance To Cast Level 37 Blizzard When They Die Equip on Follower: 100% Chance To Cast Level 48 Meteor When They Die Equip on Follower: 100% Chance To Cast Level 43 Frost Nova When They Level-Up Equip on Follower: 4% Chance To Cast Level 5 Slow Missiles When Struck Equip on Follower: 20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Decrepify On Striking Equip on Follower: 50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When They Kill An Enemy Equip on Follower: 5% Chance To Cast Level 23 Molten Boulder On Striking Equip on Follower: 12% Chance To Cast Level 15 Hydra On Striking Equip on Follower: 16% Chance To Cast Level 21 Frozen Orb On Attack Equip on Follower: 100% Chance To Cast Level 40 Blizzard When They Level-up Equip on Follower: 10% Chance To Cast Level 16-20 Fireball On Attack Equip on Follower: 10% Chance To Cast Level 7 Lower Resist When Struck Equip on Follower: 10% Chance To Cast Level 18 Life Tap On Striking Equip on Follower: 35% Chance To Cast Level 14 Amplify Damage When Struck (from Crafting) These items will no longer drops : Hand of the Prophet - Legendary Enchantress Focus , Smoking Thurible - Legendary Enchantress Focus , Vadim's Surge - Legendary Enchantress Focus , Ribald Etchings - Legendary Scoundrel Token , Skeleton Key - Legendary Scoundrel Token , Slipka's Letter Opener - Legendary Scoundrel Token , Enchanting Favor - Legendary Templar Relic , Hillenbrand's Training Sword - Legendary Templar Relic , Relic of Akarat - Legendary Templar Relic Followers' new Special Items drop, examples : Templar new Special Item (from Crafting) Equip on Follower: Level 13 - 16 Defiance Aura when equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) (varies) Scoundrel new Special Item (from Crafting) Equip on Follower: Level 17 Might Aura When Equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) Enchantress new Special Item Equip on Follower: Level 20 Salvation Aura When Equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) Scoundrel new Special Item Equip on Follower: Level 16-20 Concentration Aura When Equipped (varies) Necromancer Special Item (new Follower) Equip on Follower: Level 15 - 21 Thorns Aura when equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) (varies) Necromancer Special Item (new Follower) Equip on Follower: Level 12 Conviction Aura When Equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) Templar new Special Item Equip on Follower: Level 14 - 16 Holy Fire Aura when equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) (varies) Enchantress new Special Item Equip on Follower: Level 12 - 18 Holy Freeze Aura When Equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) (varies) Scoundrel new Special Item Equip on Follower: Level 15 Holy Shock Aura When Equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) Enchantress new Special Item Equip on Follower: Level 10 Vigor Aura When Equipped on Follower (an Aura from Paladin in Diablo 2) You can now bring 1 Follower to follow you around in a Multiplayer Game. The Follower is 100% visible to other Players. And you have an option of adjusting 'Your Conversation with Follower', Talkative / Talk when they needs to / or stay Quiet. Or you can just turn them 'Off' completely. (If you want to bring all 3 (or 4) Followers with you into a Multiplayer Game, equip Asheara's Vestment Set. Only your Main-Hired Follower are visible to other Players. While those other 2 (or 3) Followers appears 50% transparency to other Players). Here is an Upgraded Idea for the Asheara's Vestment Set (more simple) : (2) Set All Followers will follow you wherever you go. Even in Multiplayer Game. They will fight with you until you die. (They still can get defeat like they used to. If they get defeated, it takes about 30 seconds for them to get back on their feet). (4) Set Every Ancient Items you have equipped on your Followers (all 3 or 4 Followers), increases your damage dealt by 25% (up to +400% damage dealt for 16 items). And every Gems (also Legendary Gems) and every Jewels (also Legendary Jewels) that you have equipped on your (all 3 or 4) Followers, reduces your damage taken by 4% (up to 52% damage reduction for 13 items). (vs +1,100% damage dealt and 44% damage reduction for the Legacy of Nightmares Set ring for 11 Items). Asheara Set and Followers Buff's Requests has finally approved by Blizzard. Any thought?GoldenDay2 8h
11h No way to search through my old posts Along with our forum "upgrade," there is apparently now no longer any way for me to search through my old posts to find a particular topic I might've been talking about. Either that, or in over 6500 posts, I've never used the words "reward," or "Seasonal," or "Greater Rift." So, even though there's a search button next to my name in the "View Post History" page, located with the drop-down arrow to the right of "Posting as:" the search button does nothing except tell you there are no results for any and every search term you put in the box. So, good job, Blizzard, another nail in the coffin of this ridiculous forum.OldPro7 11h
11h Highest lvl gems Does anyone have any suggestions on where I cn get the highest 2 gem designs? I'm lvl 70 with a paragon lvl of 420 and I haven't seen any of the designs for these.CraigD3 11h
13h Do I need Magic Find Now? Hello, quick question, and please don't laugh cause it's been a long time since I played =) But, up until hitting 70 I was getting legendary drops commonly enough, howevever now I havne't found one in quite a while. I also upped my difficulty to Torment (I said please dont laugh!) thinking it would help, but still nothing... I'm wondering if having 0% magic find is the problem?Alpha5 13h
14h Bounties Please make it so that when you're in a group, each person has to collect their own bounty reward. I know it's an online game, but come on. We lose so much time because one person doesn't know how bounties work, or they make a mistake.BlinkandDie2 14h
14h Irony: Adventure Mode, NO Freedom There seems to be a lot of emphasis with grifts and character balancing. I'd like to remind the developers at Blizzard and perhaps some of the playerbase that there are indeed more aspects to Diablo III worth considering. My main concern has always been the role playing elements. For a brief moment seasons offer a refreshing take on the game, but after playing several already I've realized the shallow elements and repetitive gameplay ruined any satisfaction for progression. Streamlining is a double edge sword. Auto pick up of gold and crafting items is honestly the best. Forcing players to quest bounties and caches for act specific materials is honestly the worst and incredibly lazy design. In my opinion. It's ironic to offer players adventure mode with little freedom. Why restrict our progression to simple "objectives". Here's a overhaul I think would improve the quality of life for Diablo. Bounties: Caches should be randomized to offer any legendary material. Getting rid of the bonus cache would allow players the freedom to play whatever act of their choosing. (I really hate act 4) Exploration: Giving players incentive to explore the world would add significant longevity. The portal objectives should be used this way. Instead of streamlining them as bounties, make their purpose rewarding. Players who find them can earn bonus caches with even more legendary crafting materials. Randomizing Dungeons with rare or unique chests that also drop legendary materials would also encourage exploration. Give me something to click! Jewelry boxes for rings and amulets, dead heroes that drop class specific items. Why do bookshelves drop gold? Let me find a plan or something. Questing: Adding story mode elements to adventure mode would make significant objectives with content that already exists. Ex: Finding templar for follower access, searching crypt for towns portal, killing zoltun kulle for cube quest. (Devs can think of more) I didn't love the story personally, but these are role playing elements that can be easily utilized and make adventure mode rewarding for seasonal characters. Itemization/Difficulty: Personally, I hate the fact that legendary items rain from the sky on higher torments. I also hate the fact that there are so many damn levels. Reducing the levels to 5 and adjusting accordingly would make this artificial power creep less annoying. Slowing our progression and lessening the creep makes infinitely more sense for balancing purposes? (correct me if I'm wrong.) Get rid of smart loot. Providing the possibility of finding items for followers and alternate characters simply means there's more to loot. Balance is key. So is player freedom. Why streamline the item hunt? At this point seasonal characters should deal with BOA items and non seasonal characters should have the freedom to trade. Atmosphere is incredibly important to me. I want to immerse myself in the game I'm playing hence the role playing aspect. If there's anything you feel should be included or emphasized please contribute to this thread.nvvr57 14h
15h Feature Request: Elemental Color Coded Runes Dear Bliz, I have a request that I think would be helpful. Can you please color code skill runes based on their elemental type? It would make finding matching spell sets easier IMHO. Arcane = Purple Cold = Blue Fire= Red Holy = White Lightning = Yellow Physical = Orange Poison = Green Please & thx uAlpha3 15h
15h If you had the option for a refund If you had the option for a refund on D3 , would you ask for your money back? Personally, I would even if it was a 50% refund.stfd31 15h
15h how to get back sold item.. sold to vender and i log out....fttk2006173 15h
16h Will you bother with the Necomancer? I feel I want to like the new things, like the weird Diablo 1 like 20th Anniversary event and the Necromancer, but I just have zero enthusiasm for it. I feel the game needs to be re-invented for a new sequel. There needs to be an engaging story again. Bah. I'll just wait for the next one. Not sure I wanna pay for a new class to play a boring old game.Nazghoul131 16h
16h How many patches till We get some set/class balancing instead of retarded new legendaries?Sectorn9ne1 16h
17h Two things this game needs, Please Blizzard. Number 1. Revised trading system, I think players should be able to trade freely between each other, independent of who was there when the items have dropped. (Items still account locked when dropped regularly, they must be traded via trading window to be given/received by other players) Number 2. Revised stash system, there are not enough slots in a stash tabs to keep all the items you might want in it and for people who have missed out on seasons, they don't even have enough stash tabs for all the items they may want to store like sets. I understand that the Auction House and Infinite Stash Slots might be a bit too damaging to the way the game is meant to be played, but I still think there needs to be something closer to those than what the game has now, especially since I have friends who refuse to play the game since alpha/beta because the game is not what the game was anymore. Honestly Blizzard, I just want to play with my friends, and I think you've done great so far for the most part, but these 2 will be needed for me to get my friends in the game, please do something.BrendanatorX1 17h
18h Am I the only one who enjoyed the auction house? Being able to liquidize stuff I don't want. And then instantly being able to buy something I do want. Not having to worry about the headache of managing stash. I know a lot of people complained about it, but I really enjoyed the game more back then than I do now. It felt more alive. Now a days I feel like I'm playing an online only single player game.frogg62642 18h
18h Ultrawide Support ? Any chance of an update to add ultrawide support 21:9 aspect ratios please ?Dicehunter3 18h
18h What does Diablo Battle chest give me?? I already own all the latest versions of Diablo, what does Diablo battle chest give me that I don't already have.Berniemac3 18h