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Oct 2 Super Levels Super Levels but no super rewards nor more power, check out What lessons are learned with Diablo 3 ? What is missing ? What is so easily and got away the challenge to grind after you got top ladder mostly gems up-to-date to top ? What could be done ? Super Levels could be created. It could be a range of 5 or more super levels. It would work like a daily quest - the players just can exp to super level bar an amount per day. So at the end of super level scenario the player would get an amount of super exp and some bunch of GR stones. Where the super level could be grinded ? A lot of scenario could be used, e.g. the super not cow leve could be opened from a new recipe and so on. This place would match the highest greater rift the player got. There monster would have tons of hp and some of them would inflict damage by 15%,20% from current HP to be more challenging. Super Level rewards: Some status/protection/effect which just would work in PvP or outside Greater Rift (Yes, we don't want the game turn easier and easier it's time to turn features to other places to increase and allow we may have fun grindind out of GR - but always using super level scenarios based on GR level reached to auto scale difficult *so the new feature would require the player reach high GR levels to exp the super levels). Or just forget all of this and give us something bound to GR to play grinding something else. I see Diablo 3 like one health club gym where you just exercise your arms. Give us new stuff to grind GR dependable but which don't bring us more power into GR.PardalBR2 Oct 2
Oct 2 Season 7 is like the iPhone 7. Can't wait for S8! LONG. Deleted. I redid this - reformatted it all. Posted it on reddit. Removed about 6 paragraphs of useless information. Anyways, thanks for the criticisms. Forced me to go back and work on it. Oct 2
Oct 2 a question about the rebirth system if i rebirth a hero will he stay a seasonal hero or will he be changed back to a normal hero just asking cuz im nerveos for itDrCreeps13 Oct 2
Oct 2 As An Aspiring Web Designer... Jesus Blizzard did you think with your new designs? I know you are trying to make these mobile friendly but these new sites seem even slower than the old ones and are much harder to navigate. Not to mention the blinding white flash whenever a link is clicked on. I'm pretty sure my old web teacher would have killed me if I ever did that. Please clean these new designs up....HoldTheDoor13 Oct 2
Oct 2 Game Streamers, are they interesting? I have gone to twitch and Youtube and have seen some interesting streams of Diablo 3. I know some are working on it every day for many hours on camera. That can not be easy. Most are doing the "Adventure Mode" to get the end game seasonal OP gear. While some might find that interesting, I got bored. It is mostly someone pounding on a keyboard not speaking for hours. The most entertaining streams I have seen was streamers doing "story mode". I saw a girl (who's name I forget) on twitch wearing a Pokemon shirt doing the story mode. Very entertaining. I loved the reactions to what she was seeing for the first time. She almost cried when Cain died. Well, tonight at 8PM eastern another Youtube streamer is going to start the game from the beginning in "story mode" and play it periodically through October. Her Youtube name is Corky Dancer and in my humble opinion she is one of the top Youtube streamers. To find her stream go to youtube and type in "Corky Dancer" into the search. It will be the first result you see. I will be there and I hope to see your there.Dkenning6 Oct 2
Oct 2 Make D3 More Multiplayer Friendly? Lately I've realized that Diablo 3 needs more reasons for players to play together. Lobby - Game Room List I really think we should add a lobby hub into the game. Give players the ability to create rooms where other players can look for rooms from a list at a lobby. It would give a more specific idea of what other players want to run with other players. Greater Rift Race And what about a Greater Rift Race? I was thinking 2 teams of 1-4 can race against each other in a Greater Rift that is in real time. It would bring in more thrill because your trying to clear it faster than the other team. I think more players will search and group up for this feature, especially with good rewards for the winners. Trading I know there has already been so many post about this! We need trading! I know Blizzard is trying their best to make it where people can't buy items from other players, but the idea of giving an item to a player or even a friends that would improve their character is fun and helpful. Maybe make it where you can only trade items that are on your friends list? There are so many flaws with the current sharing system we have right now, like what if I'm playing and I found something awesome for my friend but he comes online 3 hours later or he's not in the game with me so I can't really offer it to him. Thoughts?SeuTiBeun6 Oct 2
Oct 2 Drop rate just a idea that i had how about raising the drop rate a bit maybe make the game a little more fun for people. I mean not like the ptr just a bit give the players some fun finding gear yea i know this will get a lot of lame but it just a idea i had would also maybe give ptr sever a break with so much overload it hasDuster17 Oct 2
Oct 2 Bans? I just read the season is ending shortly. Is there going to be a ban wave this season? Or are we back to bot to your heart's content? I really hope the cheaters get dealt with, and yes I know that they never catch them all (just like Pokeman I guess).Trebek4 Oct 2
Oct 1 Need Plevel Hi can someone give me a power level? didnt realize this season was going to be so short wanted to get the portrait before the seasons over. Coolbeamz#1535Coolbeamz0 Oct 1
Oct 1 T13 in under 5 min Season 7 Requirement I mostly play solo and was thinking this season would be longer so if I couldn't get my HT WD up to task to complete the requirement I could re-roll a UE DH. But it looks like I'm running out of time and may not be able to do either. I've managed to complete all the past season stash tabs solo so I hate to ask this but if anyone can carry me for that requirement I'd appreciate it.Sannyasin3 Oct 1
Oct 1 Making a new character anyone want to play to diablo New character till diablomoose7 Oct 1
Oct 1 Why is maphack not being punished? I made a post earlier about <insert_name_of_maphack_program> usage. The moderator felt is was necessary to remove the post. Are we protecting cheaters now? Short version: Everyone on top leaderboards is using it. If you don't have it, you can't play on 4 player party and be competitive. You will also be "gimped" on solo pushing. Basically you are competing against maphackers. I didn't break any forum rules. I was raising awareness of the current situation and you try to hide remove all discussion related to this topic.If this is not a forum where we can discuss about current issues to D3, then what is? Thank you. EDIT: Removed the program name since it's against the forum rules.WanWhiteWolf59 Oct 1
Oct 1 New season 10/21 but no PTR? What's going on? Nothing new?seek1 Oct 1
Oct 1 So, who of you does actually enjoy timed rifts? I am asking because I can't be the only one who sort of dislikes Greater Rifts. Yes, they offer significantly more XP gain and gem upgrades, but what bothers me is the "timing"-aspect of GR's. I always have this sense of pressure when I do GR's, which is something I don't really like. I prefer normal rifts where I can slaughter my way through enemies at my own pace, but they don't offer as much XP and loot as GR's, which is really frustrating and the difficulty setting is limited, which makes Rifts quite easy at a certain point. Anyone else feels the same way I do?clueso46 Oct 1
Oct 1 diablo 3 needs to be reworked from the ground up over power six piece sets, greater rifts, and bounties these are the main problems with diablo 3 and is why this game has died out and anyone with real brains would agree with me but the main thing is six piece sets that dominate the game that is the main problem because one you are force to play a set and two they empower curtain skills but im not gonna go in too all the facts about whats wrong with the game because we all already know. diablo 3 should have had a skill point system that allow us to empower abilities and skill over time instead of overpowerd sets that are broken but what really needs too happen is diablo 3 needs to be reworked from the ground up if this game is going to be great again.creep55 Oct 1
Oct 1 How do i play without my real I.D. friends knowing? There are time i want to play my game without being bugged by anyone so how? Is there a way to be in the game without anyone seeing me?Sorn31 Oct 1
Oct 1 Easiest class to play in season 7, patch 2.4.2? What is the class that requires the least amount of work to play? Such as clicking, mashing buttons. What is the class that can solo greater rifts? Such as high survivability, damage, good class sets. Thanks!Pitch8 Oct 1
Oct 1 Shared cache With the seasonal equipment etc. carrying over into the normal account, I always find myself wishing for more room. Getting set items is great, but is a real difficulty to get enough room for all of the new gems, dyes and all other items one would wish to save. Have you any plans to REALLY expand the cache beyond one bag? The new expansion was a whole chest that was actually one bag?Annihilator2 Oct 1
Oct 1 Does PC have controller support? Console supports controller so it shouldn't be too hard to add it to PC if it doesn't already have it.Melanchor9 Oct 1
Oct 1 Forum looks nice It was really difficult before on mobile device, new look is awesome. Makes it really easy to read on mobile. Thanks blizzard dudes.Midnight7 Oct 1
Oct 1 anyone else miss item level? i liked being able to tell at a glance if an item should be more powerful than another.Hurk0 Oct 1
Oct 1 lets hope for a reworked diablo 3 at blizzcon 2016 diablo 3 season 8 is right around the corner and season 7 ends in two weeks. i think that diablo 3 might be getting something big at blizzcon 2016. hopefully diablo 3 gets reworked from the ground up lets hope for that announcement ! because this game can be so much better then it is now diablo 3 can become one of the greatest action RPG that everyone wants lets hope and prey that blizzard finally fix diablo 3 at blizzcon 2016 thats what announcement i want. blizzard has spend so much money and time just to give up on this game when it can just be fixed. and i completely disagree with people that are saying that the game is unfixable at this point like are you kidding me ? diablo 3 has the piece's to become one of the greatest action RPG's since diablo 2 and can easily become better then diablo 2.creep5 Oct 1
Oct 1 Two simple little Ideas Hello Diablo3 community! As a casual player I usually don't post on these forums. I read about what is going on but today I would like to share two little Ideas I think could be a partial solution to, 1 managing items and, 2 giving more choice in transmogs :) 1. I have quite a few mules on my non seasonal characters and since I am only a part time player sometime It takes a while to find the items I am looking for that I have stashed by selecting, loading, searching through the multiples mules I have. It would be great if, when you select your profile and inspect a character, you could have a button that would open the inventory of that specific character you are inspecting. Saving you precious time selecting, loading and making you able to find what ever you are looking for that much faster! Not a direct fix to the item management issue but maybe a welcome addition to the game? 2. I miss that time in D3 vanilla where you would have Weapon with different elemental effect. Like a sword dripping blood from having %life steal or a mace with the green poison glooming all over it. I sure love the unique appearance of every legendary weapon in the game but they make the none legendary look so plain and mehhh. What If there was a way to add those effect on the none legendary items in the transmogrify window of the Myriam the enchantress. Like a check box with [poison] [cold] [fire] [blood] or [plain] this would give players more options in personification of their character (I just love spending time re dressing my heroes and changing dyes and what not). Also why cant a 2h polearm cannot be transmoged to a 2h sword :) I know there are more important issue to address right now but I find these changes could be a welcome sight! Just my 2 cents, let me know what you think!warHeros5 Oct 1
Sep 30 Is the number of purple progress globes random? Hi guys, just a simple question: elites either drop three or four progress globes; is the number of globes random or is there a way to tell how many globes an elite will drop?Quotenfrau1 Sep 30
Sep 30 Magic find made the game fun. Sorry Blizzard, but the reasons given for taking away Magic Find don't work if one is a solo player. I am not involved in those groups who are (or can get) into the uber levels. As a solo player with NONE of the items mentioned Magic Find is crucial. There was always the hope that Magic Find would somehow attract that awesome piece of equipment. With said equipment I could then get above Expert level and maybe (gasp) go for Torment. Resource regen does NOT thrill me. As with WOW I feel that the solo player are being swept under the rug so the "groups" can be controlled. You just killed a very fun game.zguy3921 Sep 30
Sep 30 Diablo 3 -Armageddon Expansion Idea Those who were hoping for a diablo 4 release. sorry that isn't happening anytime soon. what gonna happen is massive expansion . probably Diablo 3 expansion - gonna have total 3-4 new acts and auras. . there be new 2 new classes added one is necromancer style melee based class, other has a more druid type feel from it. also in the future related topics of diablo 3. new classes may be added regularly like every year to diablo 3. however players have pay money to unlock them, as well as adding more Items too the diablo shop like item bundles what not that players can buy and play their will be a improvements to paragon levels. adding more opitions also each they also have ability to unlock paragon abilities. and paragon runes and paragon talents I cant really give any more info on this Diablo 3: Armageddon Expansion - is what it is called and basically states beginning of the end. their is a lot speculation about this. boss battles in this expansions are by far the hardness you can imagination You Probably be fighting 4 Lesser Evils and all 3 prime evils at same time. as well as fighting angels. cause your world is now being used as their battle ground, whatever i don't know but i would expect this expansion too be ball breaking tough. expect die a-lotSakurarosa4 Sep 30
Sep 30 Ebenezer Samuel and Thornback Can anyone confirm seeing these two rares recently in SC (non-seasonal)? I've been looking for them for 3 days now and I can't seem to get them to pop. Running T5 and T6.Mamamoo12 Sep 30
Sep 30 Why was I removed from the game? I'm (fairly) new to Diablo 3. Played around a few months of it and I had a nice person power level me to 70. I finished the season objectives and geared up a bit. I joined a public group to do some normal rifts on my Wizard and after a couple of rifts I was vote kicked from the game after turning in the quest to complete the rift. Did I do something wrong here by turning in the quest? Should have I waited?Shracker36 Sep 30
Sep 30 Re-release of D 1&2 What if they re-release a hd remade 1&2 as Dlc for D3 ? so you can play the story , Id buy it .Delusion4 Sep 30
Sep 30 Bottomless potions If it has a cooldown why doesn't it work with cooldown skills. It should..Derrick21 Sep 30
Sep 30 +2/+3 gem lvl on empowered Grifts So i find myself spending a considerable amount of time oulling up leg gems for Caldesann's. When already on high-end, this is really grustrating, especially on low lvls, where there is no challenge whatsoever, so i cant play more than 10 grifts at a time, then i quit for a while. I propose that we make it possible to have +2/+3 etc. gem lvl upgrades so that we can pull them up more quickly, without getting annoyed, spen our surplus of gold according to the amount of lvls we wish to add. On high-end grifts, this would also induce team communication, an in-depth look at your teammates and add risk-assessment. Thank you for your considerationSeismos11 Sep 30
Sep 30 LON rings bonus wish. Dear Blizzard. the LON ring set is a great idea, I had some fun, Sader boombardment sure have fun or forced to play it to high grifting. non the less, my writing here is a wish for you sit down and calculate a posible boost in damage of them rings set Class Wise. by that i mean! if sader does so well with thorns fine. but no other class can do 90+ lon build ( yes DH FoK ) again i dont think even you at blizz did think that build up. so how about boosting lon damage for WD Barb WIZ and Monk? how mutch i dont know. WD i say at least 175% damage per aincent. i seen some barb thorn build, maby only 150% wiz here i think 150%-200% ( i am WD gamer ) monk again i dont know maby arround 150% to more or less. i know you can make this happen. i keep read players want there own build. BUT where is the fun in max 75 grift with lon ? cant you try to make it so that all classes have same changes at 80-85 Grifting with lon set ? thx all. plz no flaming! plz keep it on topic. lets us try to make it a great thread abouit LON set Thanks all.Code18717 Sep 30
Sep 30 You know you've played too much... when you have over 20 million kills... Sep 30
Sep 30 WoW patch 7.1 points to d2 hd remake, remake hype Posted from dotpanic posted: " Scroll down to 'Items'. There's items such as a horadric cube bag, a guitar toy playing the first few notes from the Tristram song, few other things. Could this mean they're making a big deal out of the 20-year anniversary? Maybe we'll get a moderately big update? Looks like there'll be a short cow level event in WoW as well." Archaetect posted: "You have quite a treasure there in that Horadric Satchel. Here's the stuff that I see at a glance: •Twelve String Guitar •Stone of Jordan •Scroll of Town Portal •Tome of Town Portal •blank Diabolic tome •Horadric Cube •achievement •Small Charm of Life •Small Charm of Inertia •Charm of Strength •Charm of Dexterity •Serpent's Grand Charm •Stalwart's Grand Charm What do you guys think? Classic game remakes on the way? It's hype to say the least. Could only be for diablo 20th anniversary but all of these items are from diablo 2, so who knows?Zerubbabel54 Sep 30
Sep 30 Highest Toughness What is the highest toughness people have gotten? I am on HC DH ad can get over 1 billion. I need better gear though as T10 is about as high I can do for damage wise.Wessman2 Sep 30
Sep 30 [Suggestion]: Cubed Jewelry Should have a socket that allows you to place a legendary gem in it just as the regular jewelry slots do. /dsicussRodrick3 Sep 30
Sep 30 Canadian Forum? Why does the US forum have AUS/NZ but no Canada? I am not complaining I just am interested to know the logic behind this.rhobbyj14 Sep 30
Sep 30 New Forum: Pretty, but not funcional The new forum is beautiful, but during the migration some functionalities have been left behind. I would like to point some things: 1. There are no Blue post Tracker. If there is, it's very well hidden. That was really good to keep players informed about game/forums news. It's a shame that it's gone and I feel like it's a step back. 2. Popular topics area have been removed as well. Those were useful to disseminate what's being discussed on the forums on a more organized way and could pinpoint the overall opinion of players on certain matters. Also a step back in my opinion. 3. Hierarchy of areas are totally misplaced. I understand that Gameplay section is on top (so newbies can access information faster), what I don't understand is why Brawling / Lore and Story are above some more important areas, like General Discussion itself. Don't get me wrong, I think they could be important areas to some people, but PVP is an absolute joke in this game, thus making the whole area unnecessary (it's actually full of complaints on the absence of PVP) and receiving an unnecessary highlight on the forums. 4. Still no avatars? If there was a good chance to create avatars, it was now. Well, at least we have confirmation that it will never be implemented. This is my opinion on the changes. I think the new forum is okay, but it's not really a step forward.Hex15 Sep 30
Sep 30 Big News (Speculations) What we know ~Blizzard Typicaly RARELY makes new games let alone multiple at once and recently released Overwatch So a whole new game is unlikely ~Blizzard doesnt do HD remakes, or remakes in general ~Blue posts in the "Era" thread have DIRECTLY stated that major updates are NOT released during a season ~S7 ends on Nov 5th ~~Blizzcon is...... November 4-5th Diablo 3 Major Update Boyeeee after November 5th :DRagDollRat2 Sep 30
Sep 30 D3 at launch Compared to Now Started as Cancer and now is an amazing fleshed out game with insane amounts of end game content My only nitpicks Lv 70 sets - Holy hek nerf pls, me my fiancee and my friend have been playing religously these sets shouldnt over double our dammage compared to wearing nothing but ancient legendary gear crapped on drops for campaign, I personaly like to level up characters via the story mode and thats not that fun when the only legendary you get is a dumb crown xDRagDollRat11 Sep 30
Sep 30 A question about Season 5 I know it's a little late in the game, but I understood I'd get a 6pc set for my WD after jumping thru all of the hoops. I got 5 pieces, missing the shoulders. All I've farmed are zunimassa rings and a few duplicates of stuff I already have. I would ASSUME the shoulders were part of the 6 pc set. Was I wrong?Proserpina12 Sep 30
Sep 30 Is D3 now in its twilight? Now that the seasons are starting to feel the same, and the endgame is about as fleshed-out as it will probably ever be, it seems to me like this is about the time for Blizzard to begin the lifecycle of their next ARPG and begin to wind this one down. This might just be my perception, but with SC2 now being reduced to micro-purchase content add-ons after 6 years, with D3 seasons turning stale after 4 years, and what is presumably the last WOW expansion considering their 'unannounced' MMORPG they've talked about before, it feels to me like we are about to see another turning point in Blizzard, hopefully within the next year, similar to when WC3, D2 and SC1 transitioned to what we have now from like 2008+.Quadratic5 Sep 30
Sep 29 Where is the bluepost tracker for the forums? Cannot find it.WalkinTall12 Sep 29
Sep 29 [MS Paint] Forum Avatar options please Davlok12 Sep 29
Sep 29 New player, fresh 70. What now? So I just started playing ros and went through the story arc ect. I got the cube and have been playing on T3. I'm finding it really easy to clear everything. Is it a better idea to clear on a lower torment in order to go faster or is it better to go to one thats challenging? I like a challenge but I also like lots of loot :) also are their benefits that I don't know about to playing with other people? I'm enjoying just running around by myself doing bounties but I'd if their is better loot in groups ?? How does one go about joining a clan if so? Thanks in advance for any helpfulness :)Mae8 Sep 29
Sep 29 Problem with Angelic Wings I have the original Diablo 3 collectors addition, and i've always been able to loot my angelic wings out of the stash. Well I started a new Character just now and there's no Angelic Wings in there. Any help?Paulywally1 Sep 29
Sep 29 Cooldown timers? Hi there, I've been looking at the gameplay options, but can't seem to find an option to display actual numbers for the cooldown timers on the skill portraits (so actual numbers instead of the dial). Is there a way to get such timers? I would really love that. Thanks!CameoYaseihi10 Sep 29
Sep 29 how blizzard can fix sets in this game. ok blizzard if sets are going to be mandatory then this is how sets should be in the game. you have a set right and you put on a full 6 piece set and for every set piece bonus you get a utility buff,damage multiplier, and damage reduction. if they do that with all the sets this game will be off the chain and that will fix the game. now they would have to rework all the sets but its worth it and this game will be amazing and also we would be able to mix and match the sets. also remove legacy of nightmares but also focus and restraint from the game because there would not be no need for thos set rings plus we will have two open rings slots and choice in rings again. and dont make the damage multipliers on sets only empower curtain abilities and skills thats the problem with sets now.creep0 Sep 29
Sep 29 I would like to compete true solo. What about adding Solo with a leader board? A completely different stash, cube, etc. Season Solo Season Hardcore Solo Non Season Solo Non Season Hardcore Solo I would LOVE to compete on this.rhobbyj19 Sep 29
Sep 29 New forum look end game 2.0 congratulationsEnergyIsMass68 Sep 29