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4d Error Message Hello Blizz! I got this error code just now when I opened my created game to make it public but i doont know what this error code mean 8FDF1EC0-AC59-40FB-B3F5-7165D10B255A please help. thanksHoney275 4d
4d Cant change Regions :( I cant switch from Americas to Europe region. Only Place i see where there is possible to switch these is on the bnet client Before starting up d3. But even if i switch regions there i still start up the game on Americas. Is there a trick to do this?Rai1 4d
4d i cant play diablo 3 what happen keeps requesting time out?OneHitYouDie1 4d
4d Is it better to increase the viewing angle freedom? Is it better to increase the viewing angle freedom? 보이는 각도 자유도 높이는 것이 좋을까?DIABLO3ROS0 4d
4d This is just ridiculous. I've RIP'd a lot. However, I enjoy hardcore because there is this sense of, "mess up, you lose". You don't get that in scrubcore, period. Sure, when you RIP it's a pain in the butt, but it teaches you something new. My last two characters, however, have just...died. First character: 6P Inna's Mystic Ally Monk. Two-hundred million toughness in Torment 9, cooldowns are active as the Rift Guardian spawns. He hasn't even fully spawned, there's nothing with-in two screens of me. And yet, with 200-million toughness, I drop from over 1-million hit points to 0 in the span of two seconds. And then the boss spawns. Spectre has been slain! Nothing telling me what killed me, just I am dead. This has never happened before: every death I have had, it tells mew hat killed me, unless I am killed by something that dropped a pile of Nope and I stood in it after killing them. But in this case, I was standing in nothing, cooldowns active, and a significant amount o toughness, with plenty of time to hit a reactionary potion. Just dead. The second character: Multishot demon hunter. Same problem: nothing around for several screens (in fact, the mobs were on the other side of a set of closed doors). As I tab over to write a Reddit post, I have the game open on my main screen. I watch as nothing, not even a ghost, kills me. And once again...Spectre has been slain! The first one, witnessed by three people in the group. "How did you die?" And what can I tell them? I don't know! As many problems as Path of Exile has, they've gotten rid of "you don't know why you died". None of that has happened (at least to me) in the past two years. And yet, here's Diablo, supposedly a much better game with that. Yeah...Spectre61 4d
5d Gaming laptop help!!! Which would gaming laptop would you recommend? Alienware 17 GTX 1070 or Razer Blade Pro 5d
5d When you finally start creating Diablo 4 Above all else.... code it in DirectX 12. DirectX 12 is not an elites API designed for only the best machines. It's an API that actually utilizes technology developed in the last decade.Pneuma14 5d
5d Returning Player Hey folks I'm a returning player, I'm too bored with MMOs lately and frankly I don't really have the time realistically to invest in getting anywhere. So I'm thinking D3 might be a good thing to do for awhile to get my RPG/Dungeon Crawling itch satisfied. So I typically gravitate toward the Crusader because I like using Shields. In MMOs I typically gravitate toward tanking classes. Once I hit end game is there a need for tanks and is Crusader the class to go with?Oldirtbeard0 5d
5d Returning player here Hey everyone, I just recently returned to Diablo. I have not been playing for almost 2 years now. My main character is a Crusader with a an Akarat Champion build and I can safely do Torment VI. It seems there have been new stuff added to the game like the Kanai's cube. What is that?, is there a better build out there for a crusader? what should I do now to get up to speed with the current content while waiting for the necromancer?. Thank you all in advanceMordar4 5d
5d Is some stuff not even attainable anymore? I'm a pretty new player, so I haven't even got much yet. Primarily this question comes from my looking at some achievements, which I find to be a mildly entertaining way to have some direction in what I want to do, find a bunch of stuff I haven't yet seen, that sort of thing. I notice that the "find all shrines" one has a magic item shrine listed. I've beat the game once now, run around in the adventure/endgame mode a while, dabbled with a few other characters, and haven't seen a single one. Do magic shrines still exist? If not, is it not even possible to attain this chievo anymore? Are there similarly other achievements with elements that are now literally impossible to find?Achamie4 5d
5d more ring slots we can only wear 2 rings....NailNewob1 5d
5d Account Banned or Maintenance Bug? I just tried to log into my account. It says I have been banned. I have never used any sort of hack or 3rd party tool or anything. Is this a bug from the maintenance this morning? If not, who do I talk to about this?Cavendar13 5d
5d End Game Should be Unifying. The Player Base is Divided One reason I strongly appose the use of as many difficulties as there are in Diablo 3, is simply put, the player base is spread all over the place in terms of who is doing what, and how many people are doing it. You can create content to bridge the gap and all, but for the most part that only broadens the problem. There is no trading, and there are people people localized heavily in certain sometimes ridiculously hard to obtain spots. Sometimes playing this game feels like a ghost town! Not only do we have 5 acts, but endless rift tiers, different modes to play on, and a butt load of difficulties, all of which divide people into all sorts hoobajoob. I maintain that the old formula of Inferno can be brought back expanded, perhaps with all the new weapons and content and afterthought, Inferno could be given a quality pass, balance the difficulty curve to be less ridiculous and more rewarding then it was before. If there is one thing that can be scaled back, its the intense use of different difficulties, but really, there is enough content here to get rid of the inherent problems of the original Inferno. Inferno could maintain an era of intensity, just make getting into it smoother then before, treat every third of an act as a new difficulty setting, just stick it in there. There is no reason to be this inherently divided. Going everywhere to collect anything is cool, and there is nothing wrong with it on paper, but I also like having a feeling of progressing through the landscape I am in, and this game doesn't take that idea very seriously anymore; I think, we can at least imagine what bringing back Inferno in a new way would "feel" like. Please let me know what you think.zSnakez0 5d
5d Since 1882 I have wandered / Tatervei You have no idea about the Romani at all. Dare learn something: 5d
5d How to Paragon Faster? Just wondering how to paragon faster... I must be doing something wrong because I play every day since the season opened and I am no where near 1300 paragon like i see some people. Is there a better way to level faster than just grinding as high level game as you can.? Is there pl gear that people are wearing and still be able to play solidly. Or, are groups stacking experience gear on one or two people and they just sit at the beginning while everyone benefits from the experience? How is this being done? I'm so confused. Please helpFirebullet7 5d
5d Cube recipe suggestions 1. Three of the same non ancient legendary --> Item reroll with a 50% chance to be ancient. 2. Two ancient items(don't have to be same) + 1 non ancient item --> The non-ancient rolls as an ancient item. 3. One item that has had an affix rerolled by mystic + three ancient legendary items (1 would have to be a ring, belt, or any ancient item that only take 1 spot to fit all in cube) --> Make the affix that was rerolled permanently allowing you to reroll another affix.Spaceghost10 5d
5d Need some info on buffs in game. Hi, I am a newbie, and still learning. I notice random buffs that last a mere minute, usually given from some kind of shrine. Is there a wiki that lists all the possible buffs from shines? I dont read them when grinding for I dont want to die or lose time on the short buff. Thanks!GameOverMan3 5d
5d Unanounced Server downtime? Just saw the system message in game. There was downtime this morning but I don't recall any other messages on additional downtime. Anyone from the Blizz team want to comment on how long this downtime will last?EmmetOtter33 5d
5d login to game while BNET down but something not right Im able to login into game while BNET down. But my 700 paragon chars are all gone. Instead I have my very old chars(most of them are deleted already) from 2 years ago showing up with 100 or so paragons on them. What happened?LiWei0 5d
5d This Game... Diablo Three Just make Diablo 2 HD remake with out bots, hacks, and realm downs. Thanks Would post in Diablo II forums, but what forums? Sorry I've gave this game too much credit over the years, it's time to leave. Words can't not describe how awful this game has become, it's a needle to the eye. I apologize for your efforts making the Diablo 1 remake, but be real, it's just a rift.GlowSticks3 5d
5d Just to be clear I bought D3 and D3ROS collector editions for full price on release I bought SC2 WoL, HoTS and LoTV collector editions for full price on release I had WoW subscription for many years, with Digital Deluxe version of every expansion since those started to come out Bought many HoTS heroes for real money on both US and EU realms. Bought Hearthstone packs, and pre-ordered packs for every expansion Hell, I even bought the Nova covert ops for SC2. I get a Blizzcon virtual ticket every year. Everything for full price. And if I don't get that Necromancer hero + SC2 co-op heroes for ABSOLUTELY FREE that's where Blizzard hit my limit. Spitting in my face like that with IAP of content inside a full retail game I bought for AAA price is disgusting AF. I swear to god I will never buy any Blizzard product in the future even if its good value.Haim15 5d
5d Legendary Gemstones Issues and Invisibility Option Blizzard: I have a couple Items that i would like you to please consider looking into: 1) For some time now when completing Greater Rifts you have 3 chances to upgrade a Legendary Gem based off of a percent and the level that was completed (Unless you empower, then you have 4 chances) My Issue is there is a Considerable amount of times (More Then Not and that;s being conservative) that Gemstones fail at 90%, 80%, 70% & 60%, I have made a previous topic about this and herd nothing, if every time I do a GR and I mean every time, one to two times out of three I am failing at the above percents then I cant possibly believe that it would be feasible to succeed at anything below 50%, maybe I have had a ridiculously long streak of bad luck...but I doubt it, it is making doing Greater Rifts more of a Paragon Grind then a Gem Stone Leveling Goal. 2) This may have been addressed before but I don't give a damn, please put the ability in Diablo 3 or any Blizzard games for that matter to log on and be Invisible online, there are times when I just wan to get on one of my games for maybe just 30 min to 1 hour and the majority of that time is spent telling all my friends that I have something specific that I got on for and I don't have time to play with them, this is so damn annoying!!!! and the issue is if I don't reply then they get pissed off because they think I am avoiding them, this is so frustrating as there are times I just want to get on and be left the hell alone! Please consider looking into these issues Thanks ProtossLordProtossLord4 5d
5d why don't make all set/legendary good items? this simple changes can really make a lot of new builds. we have many legendary/set, but only few can be used on meta game. the other we just make materials. we have many sets that all classes can use. [like cain or blackthorn]. why don't make the bonus that we can use? [making all 6 piece bonuses] dont need to be nothing specific, like "+600% critical damage", or "+X to all stats", that criate much more builds and you can use many different skills, not the only selected with actual gear... in, that providenciate many usable builds, have less than half of views,coments and rating to builds of 1 year ago. twitch channel too. the game is dying... :/ i belive that is very easy to make. is nothing hard to create, like new game style... [i wish for a game mode like moba style, that we can use decently PvP]Zilchorien67 5d
5d Create your own Legendary? Really? I wonder, how many people think this is something new and exciting? Makes me seriously wonder if this is something all kinds of awesome and they wanna put their two cents in so bad. Guess what, its not. They didnt have the idea, they used the idea someone else already did. Only difference is, the other people did it first, did it better, and are still doing it...daily. You can literally make as many items as you want. Charan and Reaper have made over 3 themselves that are already in game. Thats right, ALREADY IN THE GAME. And its not even released yet. They also have another 1(Reaper) and 2(Charan) coming into the game soon. I also have a weapon in the game already. You think Blizzard is genius? Try again. They took over a year for an idea that their more successful opponent has already been doing for a year. Also, just so you know, out of their impressive list of over 180 uniques or legendaries, almost a third of them are player and contributer made. Meaning at least 50 different weapons, armour, and other various in game items are player made. Already in the game. Let that sink in...these items, that non dev players created, are already obtainable in the game.Zalm132 5d
5d Vender sold me White items can be salvaged!! I cant remember where he was but just recently i found him. He sold me whites and i was able to salavage i remeber cause i was trying to find someone who would now i look online people say they stopped that but i did find one that does is this a bug?Tàkumi9 5d
5d Necro Off Hand What will the necromancer off hand item look like? Hopefully it'll be unique like a cage or a lamp.CrimsonKing22 5d
5d Unable to Trade I recently bought the game on Wednesday Nov, 23. I did not verify my email address until Saturday Nov 26. When I click on a profile the Trade link is disabled and grayed-out. Also I have done rifts with some people and they have tried dropped items for me in town and I'm unable to pick them up. They said the item was "tradeable" to me. I'm curious why I cannot trade or pic up those items. Thanks.TheCatalyst3 5d
5d D3 is exactly what it should be Everyone is so caught up in a name of a genre. You naysayers go on long rants about how D3 is not an "ARPG" and what a ''real'' ARPG is. Who cares? The Diablo franchise is about being a hero who kills monsters for epic loot and personal reasons. Sacred books, glory, revenge etc. D3 trimmed the fat and brought the game to wears the focus should be. Killing monsters for epic loot! Trading, Pvp, over complicated itemization and customizability needed to go. So please stop making anti D3 threads out of ''love'' for the franchise.Warrior18 5d
5d Years of war conquest? What exactly must be done in order to achieve this conquest ? ThanksRyan2 5d
5d Retrieving Hero List Fix Delete Blizzard entertainment cache Sign into Europe/Asia Sign out Sign into America GLDareiznogod1 5d
5d Servers down? I don't see the note stating that matainence is still going on and when I try to log in it just gets stuck on server authentication.Malice15 5d
5d Battle Chest vs Ultimate Evil Edition What is the difference between the new Diablo 3 Battle Chest and the Ultimate Evil Edition? Did they just rename it or are there extra features? 5d
5d love 'most' of the game been away for a while, i am really enjoying my return. i just wish more builds could go higher. i dont mind if some builds get 5 or 10 more gr lvls, but kinda dumb that 1 or 2 builds go to 90+ and everything else is stuck at 70ish. some of the progression builds are so boring. and i really, cant for the life of me, understand why you dont make the stash twice as large, or even larger than that. i love trying new things, so i try to keep 1 of each item, so dont even talk about multiple stat versions of each item. so i gotta have 6 mules and forget where everything is... we should have like 3 tabs per class, and one for mats, and 4 extra for the hell of it.... isnt the game about collecting loot?epogow0 5d
5d 2.4.3 Armory suggestion Not sure exactly what would be the best channel to get this suggestion through to the devs, but here it is anyway... The upcoming Armory feature will allow us to save gear sets, but since that gear will remain in our inventory or stash, it would be nice to have some sort of notification that an item is part of a saved set. I'm mainly concerned about times when I need to make space in my stash and I might possibly scrap an item that is part of a saved set. The way I would see this implemented is the same as transmogs, a note in the tooltip listing the saved sets this item is a part of. If this is already taken care of, great!Arkatar4 5d
5d Servers Down ? Hi guys, just trying connect to servers and getting an error code 33.. are the servers down ?Gerard2 5d
5d Hey blizz can you do a remake of D2 please? Just fix up the graphics a little. Implement transmogrify and better UI. (ie, right clicking moves stuff to inventory. and speaking of inventory, can you make the inventory more similar to D3? making bigger items a little smaller and the amount of inventory bigger. Thanks, that's all.frogg6268 5d
5d The Good Music Topic Time to change it up from the regurgitated vitriol and talk about something good. Music! Post some good tunes as I am interested to see what some of you around here consider talent and passion in the forum of music. I will start with some Deep Purple because they are the embodiment of talent. Keep out any of that autotune, pop, dubstep, country, all of that post 2000 garbage is not music.Gameo9 5d
5d Considering returning, has the game changed? Last I played steadily was when RoS was released. End game was kind of boring with just adventure mode and greater rifts. I am wondering has the game changed substantially since then? Is there more to do? Any new content, etc? Thanks.Ironhead8 5d
5d Love Maint. Love 2-3 hour maintenance. Just enough time to clean the whole house so I can play the rest of the day. Wife just doesn't GET why Tuesday is my clean day.....TheIrishOne2 5d
5d Maintence just extended an extra hour Ugh gotta get my diablo fix! only to find it's still offline for more time. Justy ate breakfast but dont feel like washing the dishes maybe I'll take the dogout to the bathroom to kill some time. Dang warcraft armory app was offline as well so I could mess with my quests in the game remotely either.Moose0 5d
5d Add cancel Grift at Orek Since we are bound to be fisherman and you allowed puzzle rings to close without leaving the game...add a cancel Grift feature to orek!CyLaNt10 5d
5d worst greater rift map is it just me or the sewer in act 2 is the worst map? long but only a few mobs aroundNoRegrets3 5d
5d (Consider Reading) Paragon Under-Designed? This is not really very lenghty. I hope Blizz tech people would spend time reading this. Sorry for my English though... After 2 years of not playing, I came back to playing D3 2 weeks ago, and I was not really disappointed. Blizzard’s improvements to the game seems okay as compared to how the game was 2 years ago (with AH still operational). Except for latency issues, which I’m not really sure whose fault it is (maybe my ISP’s). I’ve been reading the forums again, to see what’s up and what other players, especially the seasoned players, are thinking about the game this time. So far, I've read about concerns on build diversity and the linear character building progression. I admit I don’t play as much as other players do, even during the time before I stopped playing. So I’m not someone who knows how playing the game is at very high Paragon levels. But I like Diablo as a game, and I want to contribute “somehow” on improving it. And here’s how: I think the Paragon system of D3 will address issues on build diversity and linear character progression. This system is quite “under-designed”, I believe. My idea is to have a patch which will incorporate a new “skill tweaking system” under the existing Paragon system, and this is how I think it should be like, conceptually: 1. Include a fifth tab under the Paragon System. This tab will allow players to select Six skills of his/her character. Six I think is enough. After all, there are only six active skill slots. 2. Paragon levels will give characters skill tweaking points, which of course, players will use to tweak/upgrade the six skills that he/she have chosen. 3. Now the trickiest part of this system is designing how skills should be tweaked/upgraded. My take on this is for each of the chosen skill, the player will also select one of that skill’s rune word. It is this rune word that will get tweaked/upgraded. 4. I think that players should be provided with a give-and-take sort of point allocation system for the upgrading of skills. The diagram below will illustrate this clearer: e.g., FROZEN ORB (Paragon Points Available: 30 - hypothetical only) Below are the selection of sample tweaks for this spell: (Add’l Cold/Elemental Damage) <----+----+----*---------> (Resource Cost/Cooldown Reduction) (Enemies are Frozen w/ duration applied) <----+----+----*I (Cooldown Period Applied to Spell, Reduced/Increased) (Resource Cost/Cooldown Reduction) <---------*---------> (Increase AOE) 5. In this example, a player chooses the Frozen Orb rune of the Arcane Orb spell. Now, he could add points to increase Additional Cold damage to the Orb, but doing so will increase the resource cost of casting the skill. Or he could add points to decrease the Resource Cost of the skill, but this would reduce the elemental damage of the spell. 6. Same as to adding points to Causing the Orb to freeze enemies and also increase duration of the freezing effect at higher point levels. But again by doing so, increasing points for this will apply a cooldown to the skill and also increase the length of the cooldown at higher point levels. (You'll notice that there’s no arrowhead pointing to the “Cooldown Period Applied to Spell”, which means that adding points to reduce the cooldown of the Frozen Orb is not available since the original spell does not have a cooldown period.) 7. To make balancing the skill more interesting, the third choice is added, which will counter the increase in Resource Cost and Cooldown of the skill at higher point levels, but decreases the spell’s AOE. 8. These three options will share the available 30 Paragon skill points allowed to be allocated for this particular rune word. Thus, players can tweak this spell, and choose if he wanted more damage, plus the freezing effect, but more Arcane Power cost and a spell cooldown. Or a spell with a not maxed out possible damage bonus and freezing duration, but with less Arcane cost and shorter cooldown. He could also have a Frozen Orb with a huge AOE, but lesser damage bonus and with increased Arcane Power cost and with cooldown. 9. The bottom line is, it is up to the player to choose which he prefer. 10. Also, the plus symbols in the first and second choices actually represents point levels/milestones where certain bonus effects to the spell will be made available. Examples could range from enhanced skill animations only (Frozen Orb has a skull inside, or appears as a snowman’s head, whatever...), or enhanced skill animations with additional perks (e.g., the Orb leaves a trail of icicles and stepping on the icicle field increases Recovery Rate), or any other bonus. I know that someone would think that this entails a major workload for Blizzard people as they need to do this for all spells and all rune words. But wait, notice that the three sample options given could also be applied to the other Wizard skills, e.g., Magic Missile’s Glacial Spike, Energy Twister’s Mistral Breeze. So the point is, maybe a list of possible spell tweaks could be designed, and then just decide which of these tweaks can be applied to which skill rune words. There should also be an applied penalty if the player would change any of the six skills he initially chosen to be upgraded/tweaked. The penalty should be drastic enough but not a disincentive for the player, e.g., gaining experience from playing the game will be suspended for a set duration/period, or chance to get magic items becomes zero for a set duration or period, or maybe a decrease in ladder positions. This is just to have a decision-making challenge for the player in choosing which skills to upgrade. Having no penalty of course, the less challenging for the player in figuring out what skill build to pursue with upgrading. Lastly, I just wanted to highlight the “Milestone Bonus Effect” I discussed earlier (Fronzen Orb creates icicle field), because instead of anchoring the inclusion of such effects solely to equipments, this could be the avenue to shift the application of such character enhancements towards the characters’ skills. So the equipments’ main purpose is to augment and supplement the character’s skills and not the other way around, as to what other players disliked.Maquimus0 5d
5d Did # season stash gained increase due to new content? just wondering; I got all the stash tabs for the past 4 seasons (jan, april, august, October) AFAIK, they are maxed out. Just want to make sure that this limit of +4 tabs hasn't changed in all the announcements of new content, new class, etc. I didn't see anything about it, so pretty sure it hasn't. (don't like seasons, so I can skip seasons ongoing if there's no more tabs and just play regular) REgards, SanjayStarFyre2 5d
5d Caldesan despair not working HELP PLZ Caldesan despair not working! 5d
5d Necromancer is "Paid" not free What a joke. Also where is Diablo 4 blizzard? REEEEEEEFearGX143 5d
5d How Challenge Rifts might work out I know there are a lot of things going on about stuff that will be upcoming. For this thread, I wanted to touch base on what I thought Challenge Rifts will bring to the Diablo III community. Why challenge rifts? This is probably the first question many ask. For me, I see this as a concept to breathe in a new way of playing rifts. What is the biggest complaint about doing rifts or greater rifts now? They are boring after awhile. Basically you rift and rift and rift until you hit the point where you really can't get any higher vs reasonable time investment. And its mostly the same for each player according to how they each play the game. So what will these do? I really think they are going to shake things up, both good and bad. After all, there is going to be some RnG involved as well as a level playing field for all players that attempt them. The level playing field will appeal to many as it means that everyone, no matter if highly dedicated or casual will have an equal chance to complete the rift's task. The RnG portion of the challenge rifts is that they have the potential to be based off a bad gear match up, bad skill choices, even a bad rift! So that may drive some players mad with frustration, while others will find a challenge in making it work with what they got. Bottom line here though, each one will be different! And I really think there is potential here for a reasonable, additional option for endgame content to keep players playing. So what is really the potential? Well, as I said above, RnG should be factored in how they snapshot greater rift runs that other players accomplish. So far we know the point of a challenge rift it to complete it faster than other players. We know that we can try several times during the challenge. This is important, which means we can run as much as we want and work to get our best time, since nothing changes, not even the map! We don't know how long each challenge will last yet, but lets say for now they give us a week for each one: For one thing, this has the potential to help players learn how to play top builds. Let's say they snapshot a player that completes a level 97 GR. Maybe many of you have never been able to run a level 97 GR ever! Or perhaps you never had Paragon 1500+! Or full ancient gear with good augments! Guess what? You get to play a build that clears high level rifts, which also means you have to learn how to play the build the way that player did.. I see a lot of fun with these sorts of snapshots. Being able to play a build that you had never managed to get put together but always wanted to! Secondly, you can also get a snapshot that is challenging Maybe it isn't optimized well, has skills that do not work as well together, or even using wrong gear/wrong skills, or has horrible layout, pylons, monsters, etc. Still, you will have to figure out how to make that build work as well as you can knowing you can't change any of it. Point is how fast you can clear the rift, even with a terrible gear/build/rift that will define how good a player you are. Third, you may get to experience a class/build you haven't tried before. This may add a level of frustration, as well as a level of challenge. Some of us do not like some classes at all. Or at the very least we have favorites. So besides getting the opportunity to play a class you may not normally, you also may end up playing it in a way that is very challenging. So what are you trying to really say here? I think what I'm trying to get at, is that while the idea of another type of rift sounds bad to some, I don't think everyone realizes the potential of what these rifts could bring to the game. Very good chance at enticing players to want to play them. Perhaps even the chance to one day see the very rift they did become a challenge itself! Replay ability potential is high. If the snapshots as we understand them are random and frequently enough changed, (a week? 3 days? 24 hours?) this can possibly keep many players interested in competing for the best times. Hopefully a leader board option. Seasonal and non seasonal options. I'm sure more details will come out as the team works to develop this new feature. While I doubt there is a serious chance for these challenges to turn into an actual e-sport type of thing, there is potential for it to be perhaps one day. So I put it to you out there, what thoughts or opinions, ideas, suggestions would you put forth to make this appealing to you? What about it sounds fun? What do you think sucks? Please try to be constructive and helpful. I know its difficult, but it helps if we can discuss things like this respectfully with each other. Game on!DTMAce63 5d
5d Give back Vanilla before Loot 2.0 I want to play Vanilla again where i had to farm items and not only paragon points. Where we could trade (RMAH can stay were it is in Hell) Where we were excited about yellow weapons, rings and amuletts because they had a chance to be awesome, and not everythings an insta throw away Where you could play different builds for different farming locations. I miss the times when i was excited about loot and not full geared in 10 hours getting a whole set in 4 and the rest what i need in other 6 to start and endless !@#$ty paragon grind Reaper of Souls has become casual bull%^-* with 0 endgame. I miss the endless grind for items in Vanilla. I also miss the GAH not the RMAH, because at least you got some money for items you didnt need and it was a step in the direction for your upgrade. Now you can play 10 hours with 0 progress exept stupid paragon levels, bit if you have a high enough paragon you dont have a level up I know many people didnt like the AH, but i think it was way better back then, because playing for yourself and not flipping items the whole time you had a endgame the grind for itemsFloxyTek48 5d
6d Boring tedious game play.... Boring.... Level 580 and bored out of my mind. Killing everything instantly yet somehow always just miss the Rift by a few seconds, then your only going to get a single gem upgrade IF you are lucky. I hate that Jem lady so much I enjoy leaving her down in the cave without even talking to the B. I have been playing seems like forever and these 0.1% and 0.2% equipment "upgrades" that usually require major changes to gain a bit more anything is really BS. I haven't had but one weapon upgrade GIVEN to me in a month. I'm tired of getting weapons that add a tiny little bit in one area and detracts significantly in another. I've Cubed and used the Gypsie till I'm blue in the face. Frankly at this level (580) it takes too darn long to advance and it is boring as heck to muddle thru the thousands of useless pick up items. I have 2000 and 3000 of everything 5000 of some. To what point? I have 225 MILLION dollars that for all intent and purposes is USELESS. Doesn't matter anyway I think I am pretty much done with this game. At level 580 I can tell you they decide how far you are going to advance the moment you start the game. I've tested programs all my life and I can tell you the "traps" these programmers use are Pre-Grad level programming. Mandatory deaths, pulling you in from 30 yards away and die instantly. Hit indicators that do not move, slowing down the movement just a bit, Rift guardians that can jump on you and kill by a single touch... its all BS, and it is all the same over and over again. And they want me to buy more? I think I'm out here. Blizzard? NEVER AGAIN. GodesAthenaGodessAthena85 6d
6d Stop the power creep; level the playing field Hey, uh, the numbers are getting ridiculous and not all classes have the same dps potential. I know this might be asking a lot but can Bliz please math out the max dps for each class and put a ceiling on it; the same ceiling for each class. And cap paragon so people aren't in theory infinitely stronger. Also it would be cool if every set was viable so if you've done a set one season you're not pigeon-holed into the same set again another season. This topic might not be very popular but the power creep is out of control and all over the place. Make a ceiling!Joltacks6 6d