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Aug 2, 2012 "Evil's Truck" Just saw Blizzard's Twitter feed. My first reaction upon seeing "Evil's Truck" is that it rhymes with WTF. Hey Blizzard, if you put the money you made from foisting D3 on the unsuspecting masses into fixing the endgame problems, Inferno play balance problems, loot drop problems, etc. you wouldn't need a fancy tricked out mobile game truck to promote Diablo III. As a diehard fan of D2 I never bought Diablo II and later the LOD expansion based on any game marketing hype. I and we (my 2 best friends) bought D2 and played it to death because it was recommended by many of our friends. Fun to play dungeon crawler games will sell themselves by the fanbase talking it up and reaching millions of gamers world wide. A tricked out truck looks cool and all but in the end is probably only physically seen by a few thousand people. Foist definition:  To pass off as genuine, valuable, or worthy: "I can usually tell whether a poet . . . is foisting off on us what he'd like to think is pure invention" (J.D. Salinger).Marcos0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Dear Game Designers Do you even play your own game? And I don't mean like "I cleared Normal". Do you have a hero in act 3/4 inferno farming? Or even attempting to clear? Dying every single time there is a nanosecond of lag in act3 is not fun. Getting killed by an enemy in the next room is not fun. Getting a wall right on my head which immobilizes me in one of a billion aoe's and kills me in a second is not fun. Fast + molten + vortex is not fun. Jailer, shielding and invul minions are not only unfun they're downright anti fun. What bothers me that somebody thinks succubus, phasebeasts, soul rippers and morlus are good ideas for enemies. Killing packs with all of the aforementioned nonsense for a lv 53 blue ring is basically the opposite of fun. Doing stealth nerfs to affix rolls, drop rates and stealth buffs to all affixes is basically insulting to your player base. Yes we know your CM's have cats. No we do not care. All we care about is the game we paid for getting fixed. We'd like some constructive response to the mountain of constructive feedback we've already given here. Nothing more.Kaiser0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 (Stream) 120k DPS RoF Wizard Solo A3 Inferno Going to be running through some dungeons on my glass wizard. I use a Ray of Frost build, and I am willing to share tips and answer any question you may have about my build. I have helped many wizards reach over 80k dps, and even 100k dps. Link to the stream: My wizard build can be found at: Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 DIABLO 3 Stimulus Package, Priority #1 (todev 1. Fix the social system, make monster health scaling in a group 100 times less, patch tomorrow 2. Buff the rolls chance on item affixs, its way too low. 3. East Coast Servers (Will fix the constant rubber banding, its happening so often now its just discouraging to play) 4. Some feedback to the community, the 1.0.4/PVP blog AT THE very least, it seems as though everyone went on holiday, nothing is being worked on, or the dev team has been literally cut by 90%, with the members being rerouted to other non-diablo 3 projects, this is ridiculous. Tons of people are quitting, its a fact please save the game you and I both love. Thank you. (everyone post to support this topic)likewater7 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 My clock time on d3 in game is military time How do i change it back to normal time, its not linked to the computer clock, because that is the same.Starcore2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Black Dye... Why is there none.. seems standard.monster6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 You dont just stop playing D3 once ur bored.. You stop playing D3 when you hate yourself. true storyRecluse0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 never thought it would come to this.. Never in a million years would i think, that this was the fate of d3. Worthless space on my hdd. We livin in sad times brahs.Abigdeal6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Does afk hours count as played hours? Hi.. i was wondering if my character says " 250 hours played" - does it mean only in game hours or it also counts the on-line hours' when i leave the account logged in and go to work for each character ? ty MadMikeMadMike0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Why so much attention from blues now? over the course of month, there has been like 10 blue post, today there has been 10 alone. Whats the deal? lolzDraccon7 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 RNG Gods Were On My Side. GODLY I honestly can't believe I got this. It's INSANE 37 strength 70 intel 239 BASE vitality 57 res all 5% life 3 empty sockets I'm shocked. edit: chest piece obviously ( 3 sockets)Murairy6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Blue Posters Also Suffers - Admit it blues... Admit it guys in the blues, deep inside, you know the game is lacking all what the gamers wanted. You guys are gamers too. Unless you bought your items from RMAH with our 60$...RYAN0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Godly DH Streaming A3 100mf, 200k dps ss/93k w/o ss, 500ar, 3.7 armor, 43% dodge, 28.5k life I am streaming here: playing good music too ;)Jewels5 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Cya later diablo 3... I am joining most others i know andl ill tell you where blizzard can jam this game... for the last 4-5 afternoons i have farmed act 1 with 270MF for about 8 hours per day. in this time i have found 1 sellable pair of gloves. even with my magic find gear i still have 100k dps (ss DH) and chew thru it very quickly. so i have literally id'd hundreds of yellows. Amazing the level 52-53 items that drop also... Even threw in a few inferno whimsy runs with a friend. Thanks blizzard, i got the hamburger thing for my troubles. I have 100 hours on barb, 100 hours on DH and around 5200 elite pack kills, i dont plan to add one more hour to that until, well until ever because this game sucks. Sure i got my monies worth if you compare cost vs hours played but seriously what a joke of a release this game is. Farming inferno constantly for a ZOMGFTWBBQWTF set or ledgendary item to drop and relise it is utter !@#$ along with all of their "rare" counterparts. 0 Friends online all afternoon, used to be 10+ per day. This is not just real life friends but also randoms met in public games that i have regularly played with. I look at last time logged on and most of them have not been on in days... PvP will not rescue this game, of course we will return out of curiosity and then see what an even bigger joke that is compared to the rest of the game and quit again. Anyone who wants to buy some amazing DH dps gear and barb tank gear drop me a line coz thats it for me. Edit: and that 1 decent item i found.. price it however i like on the AH it never sells, just like everything else. anyone apart from bots use the AH?... o wait we all have to, thats how the game was designed.Babyeata3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 people who say "I played d2 until d3" someone brought this up in another thread but i thought it was relevant..... if you look through a lot of the complaint threads a lot of people say "I played d2 from the beginning until d3 launched" then say "I played d3 for 2 months then quit", then somehow conclude that d3 is bad because of this. Now I want to ask, because it is relevant, how many of you really played dedicated to d2 everyday, for hours upon hours until d3 launched. As in as much as you are playing d3 at launch? A lot of people, myself included, played d2 on an off. I would make about 2 or 3 characters at a time, beat the game and farmed, got bored then left for awhile until nostalgia kicked in then I played again. Somebody else posted that they would sign on again and play when a patch was posted or the leader boards reset, which for me and my friends was true as well. Not everyday like the claims make you believe. Yet people on this forum post things like "820 people in public games today" claiming this number should be at least double that on almost a daily basis. People hold D3 to a standard where if people aren't playing everyday or are on a break, the game is a fail, but hold D2 to a totally different standard claiming they "played it until launch", when they really only came back to it during patches or when they were bored. People complained about d2, yet still according to the posters here they played it faithfully until d3 launched. So how do we know this type of history won't be the same for D3? Where people will play it on and off and wait for patches or resets, then when another game comes out they will claim they "played d3 from launch until now."??boboy0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Why the hate? Why do you feel, that for a mere 60$, this game should be better than 4 games of equal sales value? Why do you attack any post made by anyone from Blizzard? I honestly feel kind of... ashamed to even be here anymore. Almost everyone here attacks everything about this game. IT ISN'T THAT BAD. Yes, I am in inferno, with multiple classes as a matter of fact. No I didn't use the RMAH, and no I don't have the best gear. Sure, they need pvp. Sure, they need to tweek some of the items, especially the legendary items. Why do you rage? They weren't being rude. They didn't slap you in the face. Obviously they don't have clearance to say anything about the patches. Do so many of you work a min. wage job and not understand how corporations work? Surely you can understand that they made an attempt to come and talk with us today, even if they couldn't talk about the patch notes, and you attacked them every chance you got. Do you feel better now Mr. Anonymous? Do you feel better now that you attacked a person online for trying to do their job? Do you feel better that you attacked someone that isn't even one of the people making the changes to the game, that you offered no constructive criticism, and only spewed hate at them for no other reason than your 60$ didn't buy you the stairway to heaven, or maybe the highway to hell that you were looking for? We are better than this. There really isn't all that much wrong with the game. Inferno was SUPPOSED to be a near insurmountable challenge for people to spend their insane gear on. It was built for the farmers to have something to do after they got the items that let them rofl stomp hell. They are working on it. They are trying. Why are you not even letting them try?DaemonSadi80 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Imput limit reached add kick initiation for. people that don`t have lead ..... before anyone desides to troll me and 3 other people on rakkanoth was in a game and some asian or w/e would not accept so we where forced to leave then apon rejoining a couple more times trying to get a game without the anoyance of the guy end up with the limit reached i can see this working as intended for botters but what about a cercomstance where one guy that dont talk and has party lead so no one can kick him how about adding kick initiation for other members beside the leaderDaRkCaSTLe3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Item icons indistinguishable in AH. They just don't translate well. Too small and grainy. Simplest fix would be to lighten the background. Additionally, enlarging them would be helpful. (Edit:) but NOT at the expense of showing fewer search results on the screen, or for that matter, any further crippling of the already abysmal AH interface.STG0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 demon hunter tanking a3?? how tha fuk are u going to mothafukin farm in mothafukin a3 with ur dh if u r fukin getting owned by mothafukin dmg reflecters??? i do 266k and i dont seem to be going nowhere with this motherfuker, any suggestions?AslayerXIV23 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 I thought it was just diablo 3 forums that... had all of this negativity. I took a look at SC2 forums a few minutes ago and it's almost like looking at a mirror image of these forums. It's pages upon pages of complaining and !@#$%ing just like here.Rob12 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Gold Find a waste? I have a level 60 DH I don't really play, so I just spent about 1million gold on cheap GF gear for her. I have a Barb with over 300 MF buffed, but I can't seem to find a single decent piece for the life of me. I'm honestly thinking I can make gold faster with GF. Anybody have any luck with this?Spekkio5 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Price Check on this Cool Average XBow By the way, WTS :) just found it todayArmada1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 d3 needs update asap blizzard doesnt give a crap about the community of players, only money. They would be sucessful with this game if they took our opinions seriously and what the gameplay really needs, yet they turn the other way, do what they think they like and it turns into a failure. 10 years of creating this game and it still feels like a beta. Biggest waste of my 60 dollars ever. I can go back to diablo 2 and play it over and over again till this day. If you want ideas on how to improve diablo 3, just go back and look over diablo 2. diablo 2was mainly about pking eachother, finding crazy drops(easier than d3), and spamming skills, mauling down cows in the cow level which made it hours on end fun. The new "secret level" is crap, too colorful. We need the ability to socket items, ability to go between different acts in a single game instead of quitting every time in order start a new act. Being able to hostile other players in pk games and guarding waypoints (annoying but fun). Get rid of the stupid cooldowns and let us choose to switch skills like D2 whenever we feel in order to survive and spam fun skills. The cooldowns make it too much like WoW. anyone else wanna fill in? I know this is diablo 3, not diablo 2, although what i stated is what made diablo 2 successful.BUBNINDOO4 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Realistic Changes *You* Want To See in 1.0.4? > Constructive Feedback appreciated. Feel free to add some realistic things that Blizzard could change in 1.0.4 that would keep you playing, and perhaps a short explanation of why you think it should go in. Mechanical and balance changes are welcome! I will update the OP as we go. NOTE: This was inspired by a very cool thread by Drothvader, but is aimed at a more focussed suggestion bomb for the next patch. If this goes well, I will try to make this a regular thing to centralize feedback specifically aimed at a specific patch. 1) Buff low level legendary droprate. Currently almost no-one farms low level areas to any great degree - and ironically this is where legendaries are currently quite cool and useful, before they get their well deserved buff in 1.1. However low level legendaries feel a touch on the rare side. A small buff would not go amiss. 2) Smarter Targetting. This counts for both pets and 'homing' skills such as Sidearm, Shooting Stars and the like. Please make homing skills target enemies as a priority (and not fire a 300k damage rocket into the log next to the baddie) and pets focus on the enemies I am currently fighting and not set off Goblins, bang themselves against invulnerable minions or kerplode themselves on a Grotesque. 3) Extra search tabs in the AH. Something a lot of players have been asking for. A boolean And/Or modifier would be sweet too! 4) No Elite suicide mobs. Because Undead Stygian Dolls weren't fun in D2, and these can't even drop loot. 5) No checkpoint camping elites. Nothing quite like logging back into the games directly onto a volley of mortar fire and a jailer proc. 6) Nephalem Valour starts at 30. While it's not *strictly* needed, I would like to see better farming options available before 60 for people who don't want to soley rely on the AH. This would make me a *lot* happier leveling an alt too :) 7) Azmodan needs a buff. Currently he is a great looking and interesting mechanically...creampuff. He needs to summon his add portals further away (and with more life), about 50% more hp (and some way to regain it - blood pools steal life from player?) and some sort of enrage. By Sun: 8) Give those random purples monster spawns loot back. It would be nice to see some yellow weapons on them if we have neph stacked. 9) We want to see more variety in the affixes. Since the game has started, I think I have seen the missile dampening twice. The elites dont always have to have the same affixes, make them more random. 10) Increase spawn rate of elites. Since the 1.0.3. patch, sometimes I dont even get 5 stacks on a butcher run starting at the last quest point, and that is 3 levels. I have to go out to some random areas to find an elite pack. By Prodro: 11) I'd like to see the crafting cost of high level items drastically reduced. It seems pointless for me to waste 80k gold to craft an item that I will most likely salvage or vendor. By KingBasten: 12) Writhing Deceivers should be susceptible to traps and other damage while they're invisible. 13) Fix the ability spamming of mortar/arcane enchanted/waller/etc mobs. By DasFeenreich: 14) Real-time updated AH price, so item prices from AH just keeps refreshing when I'm on the page. By Bunny: 14) Make white items useful - increase selling cost to 25-50% of its magic counterpart OR add imbue quest OR require item for crafting. 15) Allow AH to be used in-game - Sick of going back and forth to check item on my character! 16) Allow inventory of all characters to be accesible out-of-game - Lets you easily move your gear around characters. 17) Show allies names on map - Just to know where to run to if someone is asking for help! 18) <EDIT> Already ingame. 19) Put skills into a side window like the inventory - Its hard to test a new skill if something is running up to you and you can't see it behind the menu! By Gatsukama: 20) (Replacement for Invulnerable Minions) - "Ethereal Minions" where they still take no damage, but the attacks go through them and doesn't stop you attacking their master would be good. 21) Shielding should work like Diamond Skin, where it absorbs X damage, or expires after Y seconds. By KingBasten: 22) Nerf the exploding plants on the act2 surface and the poisonous debris in act2 dungeons, they take too long to go away and interfere overly with kiting. 23) Slow the movement speed of Elites and Champions and/or make them more susceptible to crowd control, since naturally fast Elites can be too strong even with MS%. By Kelvin: 24) <Paraphrased>: Make Cluster Arrow explode when hitting a monster, not the floor. By Deadlite: 25) When you mouse over a wep or item in the AH, please bring up a comparison sheet like you get in game when you compare weps to the one you have equipped. So much stuff factors in now other than just straight up top end damage on a wep, like crit, crit damage, primary stat, haste etc, its almost impossible to know how big of a dps upgrade something is without having to use a dps spreadsheet. By TheJesster: 26) <EDIT> This is already ingame. 27) Buff damage bonuses that rubies grant in weapons. Rubies are already the least useful gem type as only one class cares about them in armor, and they're useless in helms once you hit 60. But at the high end they're just pathetic in weapons. Why would anyone slot a Star or higher ruby in their weapon when they'll get 10 times better dps increase with an Emerald. They should be balanced so that someone going specifically for a crit-heavy build would want an emerald, while the average build would do better with a ruby. 28) Take a serious look at unavoidable attack affixes on elites (I'm thinking mainly about vortex and jailer). The cool thing about arcane sentries and ice bombs (and some enemies basic attacks like sand wasp projectiles) is that you can see them coming/forming and have to make an effort to avoid them. But then if you combine them with an inescapable affix like vortex or jailer, suddenly, you can't escape damage that you're supposed to be able to escape, and it just feels like a cheat. No matter how smart/strategically you play, if you get jailed next to an ice bomb, you're just screwed (unless you have godly defenses). Unavoidable deaths are not fun (especially with extreme repair costs). These affix attacks should be made avoidable with smart play. By Ashent: 29) Different class bring different auto passives. If you have a wizard in your party, it buffs your mana, spirit, fury regeneration by 10%, A Demon hunter buffs crit chance by 3%, a witch doctor buffs movement speed by 3%, a monk buffs health regen by 300hp, a barbarian buffs resist by 10%. Sounds familiar? Our followers have some of this buff. By Hadezown: 30) Fix the spawn collision size for walls from elites. So many times, a wall appears ontop of me and I can't even move, it acts exactly like jailer which is unfair if they also have jailer.. By Smapty: 31) Reforging! Spend crafting mats or whatever to re-roll the selected stat on an item... completely random (may even end up with the same stat with a lower value), and can reforge the item as much as you want. This way, with enough grinding you can eventually hone one of your items to perfection... would certainly feel less futile than the current model, like a days worth if grinding actually led to some change in your character's power.Heck, I'd actually prefer Reforging replace the current blacksmith crafting model entirely... just have him disenchant items and reforge your drops and call it a day. By GnomeFTW: 32) Make rebidding easier.When someone outbids me, return the gold directly so that I can bid again rather than claiming the gold from the completed tab and bidding. 33) Distinctive friendly and hostile projectiles (and zones).Like WoW, give certain colors (most likely blue and red) to projectiles so that players can enjoy playing with wizards who use "Electrocute - Forked Lightning" while fighting a electrified.elite/champ pack. By Drothvader 34) More stash space and/or a 2nd smaller stash for individual toons. 35) The ability to toggle minimap. By wdharrisjr: 36) Most importantly, for the love of all things Holy, add functionality to filter by damage amounts for Off-Hand Sources. By DarkNemesis: 37) Decreased repair costs as a whole for High Level Items from 6x of 1.0.2 to say 2-3x to be realistic. 3x is the ABSOLUTE max. The 1.0.3 repair jumps is far too dramatic for me to break even and keep the income going. Anything beyond 3x repair costs is too great. By Orbys: (If you can elaborate more I'll add the rest). 38) Allow nephalem valor to persist when switching acts. 39) Teleporter pad should be an immune area. As long as your standing on it, you should be invincible, and unable to attack. By Khagrim: 40) Illusionist spawns - remove unit collision from these.. adding in other anti-melee affix's pretty much means you gotta take the damage on the chin until you can clear out enough of the spawns to actually move (picture desecrator illusion horde if you want to know why unit collision is fatal on these) 41) Item flagging: instead of removing all pre-60 gear from inferno, flag the lvl 55+ drops (from inferno only) so that they can be broken down for inferno crafting materials, instead of being picked up only to be vendored immediately. lets be honest none of us look at any of the stats on them beyond "req. level NOT 60", anyway From JonnYd: 42) Auction House - I would like to see a total amount off all money earned. I know myself and others keep having to do the math while items are processing and it gets annoying. Also it would just to be cool to see long term how much you have made! 43) Gameplay suggestions - Since your current philosophy on farming is getting 5 stacks to get the best chances for elites why not do the same for chests and purple monsters? This gets rid of your botting issue and lets us have our fun finding a good chest / doing pony lvl again!! 44) Itemization - There are some totally pointless stats that get rolled onto your item that just make me sad when I see (i.e ) Monk skills on Wizard helm 45) Show the Root of all the items on the item after you identify it ( i.e Windforce -> Hydrabow ) I constantly get confused with items outside of the ilvl 63 bows and all the archon gear of when it falls knowing it's a ilvl 63 item and I think that would help everyone! 46) Identifying items - After a average act run I have 30-60 rares / set / legendaries and the last thing I want to do is spend 3 secs per item Identifying. Please make it instant like D2!!!!!! From Mith: 47) Allow me to rebind my left/right mouse keys. 48) Add Friends-list wide chat messages/alerts (ie. same chat functionality as in other 2.0 products). From Pry: 49) How about addressing the tracking on berserkers. They charge up real slow and seem dodgeable until they reach 3 times the length of their weapon and turn a 180 degree pirouette to hit you. From Homer: 50) If blizzard could suggest (but not impose) an AH price for every item (based on prices of previously sold similar itens, chances of rolling item's stat and, maybe, on how much people are using itens with about the same rolls), the assimetry of information would be greatly reduced. We wouldn't have arbitrage (a.k.a AH-only players) and we wouldn't have to see all those ridiculously priced itens (200 mil+) that never sells but always appears first at the searches.The "suggested price" would appear when you are about to create your own auction (or, maybe, in your inventory) and in the search results, as another label (for instance, besides the Buyout Price). From Xanaxiel: 51) Angel Wings from collector's edition should be automatically enabled by default ingame, and it should be up to the player to disable it.Angel Wings should also be enabled again when respawning. Players should also be able to see the wings when inspecting the hero, and when out of the game (e.g. browsing the AH) From Judicator: 52) Fix the AH search function - even supposing you don't add extra tabs, all possible affixes should be searchable (i.e. + damage) and it would be nice to have a search function for "Chance to do anything". From Enkidu: 53) They need to include more options to change the mouse pointer, like changing color, contrast, size, etc. There are so many times that i've lost track of the pointer and take a while to find it, in inferno a second of distraction means death. From Phoenix: 54) In Inferno, allow all bosses and minibosses to respawn irregardless of quest. So I could farm Skeleton King, Spider Queen and Butcher in one sitting. From Muklol: 55) Why not put more caves in the map? If we're being encouraged to run around, why not more caves where there are elite mobs guaranteed?I honestly like the idea behind just roaming around and killing stuff, but there should be more to it since when you're done with the act you get to start over. 56) Also - with that change, maybe make it so changing skills only takes away one stack of NV, so you can change skills if you feel like you really need to, while only being punished potentially the rare to kill the mob you were on. From Mune: 57) Get rid of death timer. If the repair cost is still unchanged for death, then the timer SHOULD NOT be there. 58) You need even more communication and transparency. Take a note from Capcom (yes, Capcom) when they released the SF4 series. Tons of notes on essential information, Q&A, a weekly blog, etc. It's the only other game in recent memory that I played as much as D3, and they did a superb job keeping the community informed while new releases were under way (this rang true for patches, too). From teggyguy: 59) I think one nice change would be attack animations, i understand its based off attack speed but im sure everyone can agree that they have died numerous times to the slow attack speeds. im not sure if fixing that without fixing attack speed is really possible for 1.0.4 but it would be a nice little tweak. More from Muklol: 60) Make it so when searching for legendaries, you can search specific stats... Unless there's some option I have checked off, if I go to search for an ammy at a 50m buyout, I'm going to get 46 pages in before I get below 40 million gold. From Horizon: 61) <paraphrased> Allow us to create games with name/short description, we would like to know where are we joining 1/2/3 players game/trade/rush/slow exploration/mf run. 62) Increase drop rate on LOW lvl items (legendary/set) -> you lvl so fast in this game that its quite impossible to find anything while progressing game, and many core d2 players dont use AH/RMAH as it destroy social ingame. From Nasabot: 63) Itemfilter for looting (no one wants to collect all those lv 50-59 items) From Zero: 64) From my '5NV STACK = BREAKABLES DROPPING LOOT PRE-NERF' thread ( From TheJesster: 65) Allow me to drink a potion while holding the shift key (stationary fire key). I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I have potion mapped to my middle mouse button (mouse wheel click), and I often need to use it while firing at enemies and it took me a while to realize why it didn't seem to work a lot of the time. From Bodhicitta: 66) Make it so you only pick up health globes when you have less than 100% health--sure the way it is now adds to the "challenge" and I realize this adjustment would probably require adjustments in health globe drop rates (and negate the only downside of pickup radius), but we can't use health potions when we're at full life so it seems like a reasonable change. 67) Make it so you can see into adjacent rooms a little sooner--the walls stay opaque a little too long in my opinion (especially for ranged chars), I frequently find myself shooting blindly into rooms and wondering why I (the player) can't see a little more of what my character should be able to see. From Tuftronic: 68) Remove full heal from champion and elite packs upon your death. There's nothing more enfuriating than getting 3 creatures down to about 25% health, then getting summoned, jailed and fire chained to death. Then you revive at last checkpoint 10 yards away and guess what?...they are full health again! Fun stuff there! 69) An option to disable the annoying red glow around the screen when my health is low. It' hard to see what's going on around me when this happens. From URBER: 70) pls make sure inner sanctuary confirm don't get defecated by desecrators, plague and all those rubbish which makes the skill absolutely worthless. From Mounopliktos: 71) In the auction house I would like to be able to omit certain attributes that I don't want to see when the search results happen. For example say I want all resistances, life on hit and dexterity but I don't want to see intelligence and pick up gold at 5 yards. From Kadderly: 72) I think once I get a five Neph stack I should be able to get a guaranteed rare from a Resplen Chest and Elite monsters. You guys nerfed the resplen chest because people were farming it, leaving game, farming it, leaving game. Ok, well with a five neph stack they can't just farm a resplen chest. It is extremely discouraging getting to the second level of a dungeon and knowing up front the chest is going to only give me blues. 73) Something needs to be done with the invuln elites. In closed corridors the invuln elites will just block your way to attacking the yellow. 74) Wallers should not be able to cast wall on my character causing me to get stuck. If my character became a wall, I don't know the physics behind it, but I'm pretty sure it's automatic death. From ajk881: 75) Post-60, callouts should award gold rather than XP (nothing). Making massacres or whatnot irrelevant feels like a shame since it's a fun little mechanic. 76) I'd really like an option to disable cutscenes, both out of engine and in-game. Most of the time, the zooming around in-game (Shen's barrel, for instance) isn't necessary for anything and it's always the same thing. Mashing the space bar or escape key again and again even while fighting Diablo really breaks up the flow of the action and feels like a hassle. From Shatnerstorm: 77) Roll individual resistances into all resistances, or at least roll the non-physical/all resists into a single stat (elemental resistance or whatever). Nothing irks me more than having a perfectly good item drop that's ruined because it has cold or lightning resist instead of AR. From Patzy: 78) When I select a quest to kill the final boss of the level, the earlier bosses, quests, and everything should still be open to me. If the name of the game is farming with neph valor, let me farm with neph valor. From MrJones: 79) If i put a max bid into the AH, I want to be able to toggle whether or not to show items that don't have buyouts. From Stonegar: 80) The ability to sort armors based on the stats you want not there armor or price like i want to fillter boots with the best dex i can get from them. From Snowjob: 81) <Paraphrased> Increase the proc rate on weapons, 1% feels far too low to be useful. From Lightbender: 82) <Paraphrased> Stop letting class items spawn with affixes that can only benefit another class - for example a wizard only item with a demon hunter only modifier. From Shadowstar5: 83) Give us the ability to ignore stats from socketed gems when searching on the AH. 84) Give us an option to disable Screen Shake. From Kathars1s: 85) Fix the insanely huge hitboxes on characters. I know you've already said you don't want people dodging things with skill, but I don't believe that's right at all.If that's really the case, fix the hitboxes, but add more mobs to the game in general so it evens it out.Getting hit by a melee swing from 10-15 yards out of the monsters obvious range is just silly and frustrating at the same time. From Peanut: 86) Cancel auction items option on items that has no bidders. Blue said they gonna look into it before 1.03, but I think they might have already forgotten this. 87) Decrease extra health per player. 105% per player isn't fun. Go down to 66%, like in D2. When we play together with other people, we want to kill stuff faster, not slower. Especially with the lack of party buffs. From Orbitron: 88) When I enter the search parameters for something in one auction house, and want to switch over to the other one to check prices there too, I have to re-enter the information. Extremely annoying and time-consuming. 89) If something we auction sells, we should be able to go to our history and bring up the specifics of the item that was sold by mousing over the name. I sell things all the time and wonder "now what was that again?...." 90) In the same vein as #2, if something we auction does NOT sell, we should be able to see somewhere (either in our history or on the "Completed" tab) what price we auctioned it for. This would prevent sellers having to re-price every item every time. Item didn't sell? Drop it a bit and re-list. Boom. Done. 91) A bump to the number of auctions allowed at once would be a nice bonus too. =D From Cypher: 92) I like the idea of adding in new and unique dungeons to the zones, like the towers in the first act...What of them?! 93) I like the idea of little mini quests like the thieves guild. We had such an awesome introduction to this game, but then it just went sour and the off quests dissapeared with boring...Ironically repetitive random generated dungeon. How say you the random dungeons are repetitive...It's their structure and creation process, architecture. The elites are even repetitive, the entire game feels like a farm after the first act. From Tehmens: 94) when looking at item comparisons something needs to be added that shows the change in crit dmg and chance - its not currently added into the calculation. Also, an option for a full screen overlay map (like that of d2) would make things way easier - i dont know how many times i've accidentally backtracked without knowing it because I couldn't see it on the minimap. By Saturnine: 95) Buff life steal, it is highly outclassed by life on hit and it would be nice to see them both be viable or perhaps combine them. By Tyrael 96) <Paraphrased>: either add ingame functionality to allow easy gear switching for MF%, or break it. By Theeighthark: 97) Implement a way to work out the Gemless DPS value of an item without having to remove that item's gems. Or make items with sockets only sellable on the AH with all empty sockets. Either way will work. By Psylosis 98) <Paraphrased>: Elites, especially Tremors need a speed reduction in Inferno. More from Venom: 99) Change the way "purple" mob loot works, it should function the same as elite packs (specifically, the random event purples) It feels wrong to get an event and leave unsatisfied. 100) Any random event should reward at least 1 rare, some reward nothing but gold. By Reitho: 101) <paraphrased>: Give an immunity period to players after being CCd to prevent unbreakable chains. By Kolp 102) Could Blizzard make a way to 'gift' an item to a player who may or may not be currently online? So when they come online there is a little pop-up that says: "You've received a gift!" and it shows up in their inventory. Just a thought, thanks. By Glassfist: 103) <Paraphrased> Allow the NV buff to give extra rares from Resplendant chests. By Facelessvoid: 104) Remove the invulnerability from jumping mobs (lacunis), make it so you can attack them while they do it and reduce the amount of fire potions they throw at you. By S1eth: 105) <Paraphrased> Increase dungeon sizes in later difficulties to allow easier NV stacking. 106) Allow adding to your bid instead of replacing your bid.If I bid 2 million on an item and want to increase to bid to 2.5 million, I first need to spend an additional 2.5 million before I get my initial bet back. Therefore, I need 4.5 million gold to increase my bid by 500k. 107) If I'm outbid and I want to rebid, I'm often outbid immediately. This happens maybe 10 times before I find the right amount of money. And each time, I have to manually send the money back to my stash before I can try to bid again. Please allow me to do this all with a single action instead of switching AH tabs, returning my money, rebidding, etc. From Apoth: 108) <Paraphrased>: Replace the WD skill Vision Quest with an IAS passive. 109) Increase WD mana regen substantially at higher levels. From Heceldi: 110) Add presets option to the skills window. There's plenty of room on the skills window to sneak in another button for 'Presets'. 111) Add presets option to the gear window. By Rastand: 112) possibly change one with everything to an all resist passive buff it restricts monks itemization too much. From Snakefist: 113) "drop all non-magic weapon/armour from inventory button" - since their cost is very little, and for most of the game-time it is unlikely for a player to actually use/sell vanilla item, i think this could speed-up a tedious task player often repeat. 114) "auto-pick potions that are currently used" - self explanatory, if player actively use a type of potion, it is unlikely that he won't pick another (100 potions limit can be removed - at this numbers, 90 second cooldown item quantity is really not important). 115) add possibility to "lock" certain items, so game will ask before they are being sold to vendor (similar to blacksmith and rare items) - often careless right-clicking can lead to unnoticed selling of a valuable (and used) item, noticed too late. 116) AH - add possibility to sort items by other parameter then DPS or AV (for instance, there is no way to sort which doctors mojos by DMG, which is dominant factor for buying them in most cases; also, items with AV always coming at top of the list ruins some more general searches – like search for all dexterity 250+ items, where all 46 pages are reserved for items with AV, regardless of actual dex value – providing that it is above limit). 117) item identification should be done in a "mass d2-way" (say, by shen) – while identification scrolls not being needed is good thing, having to spend time on manual identification is way inferior to d2 "old man cain identify all". By Indo: 118) Let me use 2 of the same skill on my bar but with different runes. By Melchior: 119) <Paraphrased> Extend the NV DC 'Grace Period'. By Gruberik: 120) Rare loot is yellow; Why not add some shades of orange to red if an item is good?You would not notice the change on unidentified items (to reduce people teching just for the orange/reds).But basically, if all or most of the stats on a Rare are in the top percentile, the colour changes. By Meltdown: 120) More stash tabs. Diablo 2 had one tab per character. Now we only have 3 to share between a max of 10 characters. By DirtnHarry: 121) <Paraphrased> Allow us to check a box disabling cutscenes entirely. 122) We need a tab in options for loot pick up settings. Have check boxes for the following:1) Pick up grey/white items2) Pick up blue items3) pick up yellow items4) pick up orange items5) pick up gems6) pick up potions7) pick up goldIf the box is checked, and the item is in your pickup radius, it gets picked up automatically. I know I would happily check 2-7 and then not have to inspect the name of everything that drops to make sure i didn't miss a gem in an ocean of trash.Or at least put gems in some other color so we don't mistake them for non-magical crap items By Sleuth: 123) I believe we should lesson the gap between ilvl58-63 weapons (aka buff ilvl 58-61) so these weapons that drop could still be viable for a level 60 character By MrH: 124) How about a change to make levelling alts less tedious? Perhaps for every level 60 character you have you get a stacking bonus of 5% to quest and mob XP. So if you have 1 level 60 you get 5%, 2 level 60s 10% and so on, perhaps capped at 30%. Obviously this wouldn't affect hardcore characters. 125) By Klohunter: I'd like to see health scaling diminish as the number of players increases, so something like: 1 player - 100% health2 players - 200% health3 players - 280% health4 players - 340% health 126) By scarface: when auction house is down, countdown timer needs to stop and start only when AH is on again. 127) If you bid for item in it's last minutes, some time should be added to timer so the second best bidder would have time to react- enabling the highest bid to win (like in real auction) instead of just the one with better bandwidth. 128) By Digitz: When I'm placing stack-able items (such as tomes of secrets, gems, crafting mats, etc.) in my stash make them go to any unfinished stacks that i already have no matter what tab I'm on. By Esam 129) Make playing new characters through the game useful in some way. This is D3's major problem with replayability in my mind and a major reason why NOTHING on the AH sells unless it is uber top end, making everyone feel like everything they find is complete junk. I have a lot of thoughts on this so I'm going to break it up into sections on how D2 did this better than D3 By Tazz: 130) I d like to seen in the AH when I'm shopping for an item, what the comparative gain or loss in Life/Resists*/Damage is for the current character your on. When an items in your inventory it does it, but it doesnt do it in the AH. By SgtCreamSoda: 131) I'd like to see 2-Handers get naturally higher stat rolls. 2-Handers can work on Barbs and even Monks but they need to be godly, which currently is the single hardest thing to find even using the AH. By Yuwang: 132) Maybe for WD, add something like "poison master: reduce poison damage spells' mana cost by 10%", "flaming soul: increase the critical chance of all fire damage spells by 3%" and combine passives like "circle of life, zombie handler and fierce loyalty" into two passives "a dog's life: focusing on zombie dogs, and zombie is cool: focusing on hp, armor, damage and resist of summoned creatures in general" 133) I enjoy joining random public games, seeing different builds and etc., but sometimes it is nice to at least let me know what other classes are already in there, then ask if I want to join. If I say NO or do not respond in 30 sec, find me another public game or just return me to menu or something... 134) Armor colours are cool, but how about hair colours too? If changing hair style is too much trouble, adding a layer of colour shouldn't be too hard to do. #1 By Leafeaterx: 135) In co-op games, have additional players only affect monster health when they are outside of town in a hostile area. This is aimed at players that go 'afk' in public games. Thanks Thanks for all the contributions so far. Will update when and as I can. If I skip yours, feel free to let me know. Keep 'em coming!Starbird500 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Why? No response? Is it so hard to post a simply reply to people who care so much about your game like : "We are working on it, your patience is most appreciated" "Thank you for still care to post so many inputs, and your trust that we will make it a better game" "we are thrilled by the heavy posting in the forum complaining the game, we know you care like we do"Drakein3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Hello. Im a conservative one. I have hardly posted on the forums, nothing negative. BUT I JUST HAVE TO VENT. F**K WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE OF THIS GAME! ... that is all. ================================================ Since being dissatisfied with the game since launch, being the sensible person i am, i've never said anything negative about this game since i know it takes time to fix things which inevitably must go wrong once and a while, plus i do have knowledge in basic programming. Seeing all they have done in the patches has been ultra dissapointing. ARE THEY @!$^ING STUPID? WHEN THERE ARE SUCH BIG CONCERNS IN THIS GAME THEY DECIDE TO 'Fix where the buy it now button would grey out if player has insufficient gold'. 'Fix numberous bugs in the auction house.' 'Fixed several tooltips.' ================================================ I hope this number goes to 0. Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 I'm done, bored and sick of Inferno but.. Not unhappy. Parted out my account for around 900 us dollars. Of course blizzard took 15% of that so im waiting for the final figure after processing. It took 400 hours and i finally couldn't stomach farming this game anymore. I guess that's the way it goes, adios..thanks for the rent money guys.twokgs41 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Is this forum still moderated? Why is it so hard to post some simple reply like : "We are working on it, Thanks for the inputs"Drakein0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 1 gold drop from monster with 257% gold find I mean this is it.. my math doesnt add up I guess. I should go back to highschool I suppose. Can somone explain me how can someone with more than 100% gold find would be able to get drops like 1 gold from monsters? description for gold find items says that u get additional gold not smth like increased gold find chance. anyway. a monster can do 2 things - drop gold or not to drop gold. so if he won't drop gold anyway it shouldnt matter. whether you have over 99999% gold find. simple math - zero times anything equals 0 okay I got that. but if a monster is going to the drop the worst possible amount of gold which would be 1 gold. a person with 100% gold find should be getting 2 gold. not !@#$ing 1 gold. or a person with minimum of 200% gold find would be getting 3 gold. so please I beg u blizzard or someone else tell me where am I doing wrong besides wasting tons of gold on gold find gear.merichg10 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Any GW2 Beta Players with opinions? I'm curious to learn more about GW2 and don't have beta access. I want to hear a ton of opinions before buying it because I got burnt by D3.Antilost2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Allow the option of creating "clean" char Sometimes, you just wanna start fresh again with a new character, as if you just bought a clean copy. No gold, no artisan, no stash. Just your level 1 character and nothing else. But for us who has already played the game for two and a half months, that's just not the case. We have millions of gold, high level artisans, many unlocked stash spaces. It's just not the same experience. But at the same time, nobody is stupid enough to actually buy a new copy just for that. So I ask you, developers, to allow the option of creating a "clean" character, who doesn't share anything with any of the existing characters in your account. Opinions?Atonement6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 The most viable end-game solution There was some discussion about players' opinion about the end-game. There also were some nice solutions like Pandemonium events or Infinite instance. But this stuff requires a lot, a lot of coding, designing and other kinds of work. And we all know that the game state isn't perfect rignt now, and end-game is essential exactly now. So IMO, the most viable solution would be implementation of 1. usual ladder (as it was in d2 or some kind of it) and 2. PvP ladder and some competitive game direction, which is more important, i think. PvP ladder (arena rating in reality) is what really gets people to play again and again, get better gear (that is the reason of farming) and improve their skills. Almost every Blizz game had great PvP-component, which helped a lot it become legendary and stay alive, be played for a long time. Jay said about PvE orientation of D3. Yes, we can't disagree whith it. But remember WoW, it is MMORPG, PVE is the most important part in it. So did the Competitive Arena PvP make it worse? I don't think so, I personally found the best stimul of playing WoW exactly in Arenas, many of you will agree with me, I suppose. In WoW there are serious problems of balancing out the PvP, because of a) constant improving PvE content and it's influence on classes (I mean big addons ofc, that make things so different always) b) tons of classes and their abilities that interact in different ways. In D3 there are only 5 classes, content is almost constant game isn't always changing, so it's much easier to inject a portion of Competitiveness in it. Both ladders can be just simple web-applications that abuse D3-api, so they can be done fast and require a couple of coders and designers, so it's pretty cheap and very cool solution, I think. P.S. gimme pvp!!!!Greyvend0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Constructive Criticism (MVP formatted) #1. The Blizzard Company Refuses to give any type of information in regards to the pressing matters brought up. #2 It has been weeks since we have seen a post actually talking about the issues that the community has brought up. We receive fluff instead of solid answers. Their is a public out cry for the lack of customer service, and the response was meager at best from the current CMs. They provided no worthwhile information in regards to when 1.0.4 is slated for or approximate time frame. They provided no information on what is going to be done about the current state of item affix rolls etc. The lack of information has left a sour taste in many gamers mouth, and they are losing players left and right. Furthermore, they have admitted themselves that end game does not exist. This issue has not been addressed nor talked about from that point forward. #3 My solution, fire the current CMs if they are not doing their job. Or release the information. Use some of the money from the 5 million copies sold to hire developers, programmers, testers. Fix the issues in a timely manner and hire competent people to be CMs or simply untie their hands and let them actually discuss the issues. #4 In conclusion, we as a community after spending our money on a game and being forced into an online only game deserve answers. The game has been tweaked and prodded so often when something was deemed 'overpowered'. Yet the community out cry points out major issues and they remain unscathed.DaMoons15 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Green Latency Walking, Red vs Elites Am I the only one that experiences this? Connection is green around 250ms while walking between battles, but as soon as you encounter a group of enemies or an Elite pack...the latency goes to Red and you end up with a Lag Death. Seems to happen too often to be a coincidence, what would cause this? Is there any way to fix this issue?twoCTseven0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Aint even mad. Talking about cats, trolling, ignoring suggestions, not giving updates, alienating the 3 remaining players. Blizzards community relations fit in perfectly with the rest of the game.Faust0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Blues back on the forums means.. Patch notes or some kind of good news coming soon?Eldoon5 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Best forums ever. I thought the blues were breaking the tension before they drop some sort of information us. he ends the last blue post about his cat. It's just so retarded I can't be angry because I'm laughing, easily funniest thing I've seen on the forums it's been hours and they haven't said anything else. haha "work was great today honey I locked like two whole threads, that's right babe it was one but then I doubled it! and then dropped some major knowledge about our cat!.PjTremblay3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 meanwhile, back from lunch at blizz hq... PART 1 is at: dev: ok guys. hope you had a great lunch. i had a hoagie. btw, how'd the forums go? cm1: yeah a couple of us tried to post on some neutral threads and it didn't work out. dev: how come? cm2: they ripped into us as soon as they saw blue posts. cm1: like crazed bloodthirsty sharks. cm3: not like cats at all. dev: toldja. stay off the forums for now then. cm3: okey dokey. smoke break!Tweetybird0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Is Blizzard Trolling Me? I expected a blue to post something about a patch or fix regarding the recent trade exploits but all I'm reading is random crap. Wtf is going on?Ryce2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 ICON/PICTURE on Account name! Hey guys, just a quick questioin, how do you get the icon on your name when you sign into D3? anyone know? For eg, when one of your friends jump on, it says ---theres a little picture/icon here"--- " sdfsdfsd" has come online anyone know how to get it?ClouDRideR0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Gabew#1306 (Scammer Alert) This kid tries to scam me for 28m with an open soc~ 900+dps 900+LoH axe, but failed. Watch out for this tool lolZeN0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 New Crafting Idea (Salvaging Mods) I had an idea about salvaging items, and having a chance to pull off a mod on the item (kind of like guild wars). Then when you craft an item you could put a salvaged mod into the formula and roll a new item with this stat automatically, but the 5 other stats would be random. But finding a blue with 20mf, or other really high stats, would now be a nice find. Like a 100% crit dmg wep thats low dmg, you can have like a 10% chance to get the crit dmg mod and when you craft an i62 wep put that mod on it, even though it will probably be crap dmg cause its i62. I thought it would add a new aspect to the game, and you could have another 10% chance to pull that same mod off the new weapon, and try even another craft roll.UrScrewed10 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Cm's are back..and they're talking about cats After reading the community managers posts I'm not nearly as welcoming as everyone seems to be. Seriously I don't want to hear about life anecdotes after the COMMUNITY MANAGERS decide to NEGLECT THEIR COMMUNITY'S POSTS for several weeks What about the issues of this still unpolished game. Patch 1.04? There are still more disincentives in group play then there are incentives. AH search functionality is still shoddy at best. Blah blah blah the list goes on on and on...and there have been many many posts regarding these matters... then OMG CM'S ARE BACK. MEBBE WE CAN FINALLY HEAR SOME UPDATES ON THE GAME. CM: NAHH IMA TALK ABOUT MY CATMarrowak15 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Looking For A New Keyboard! Preferably a mechanical keyboard. I am also a big fan of shiny things and pretty lights :)! Any advice? Price is not really an issue.Starbird6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 no response in report cheating player i was report a player who using macro running (lvl60 running nightmare mode heart of sin) submit a ticket they said t's nothing they can do report to this yep report about 5 time and his bot still runningGambito6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 A crafting proposal I've had this idea stewing in my brain for about a month now, and I finally reached a point where posting a wall of text on the forum is more appealing than playing the game. It's gonna be a long read. Also note that English is my second language, so it might not be the prettiest, most coherent read. Sorry. I think all can agree with the following statements: -Crafting is largely useless -There is too much gold in the economy -Getting your own upgrades is like playing lottery -Blizzard wants us to spend most of our time clearing whole acts while farming elites With those in mind, consider my proposal. The way crafting works now, you find a plan, melt a bunch of 61+ items for essences and tears, pay gold to create completely random items. Rinse, repeat. I would like crafting to be more personalized and customizable. In this system, the way it would work is: Find a sword plan. Melt a bunch of 61+ items for essences and tears. Farm elites to find a Strength plan, a socket plan, a "insert other affix/suffix here" plan, etc. Farm elites to get x amounts of shards of strength, shards of socketing, shards of "insert other affix/suffix here". Pay gold based on the base item and the amount of mods you added. I specify elites, and that's not an oversight. All stat plans, and shards would drop only from elites. Plans would be rare drops, but not some ridiculous 0.0001% chance. (I don't know which value would be considered balanced. 10%? 1%?) Shards would be pretty common, every single elite you kill would drop one shard. Furthermore, elite affixes dictate which shards they will drop. For example, the knockback affix could be a strength shard dropper. So with inferno elites having 4 affixes, you would know ahead of time that at the end of a fight with a pack of 4 elite monsters, you will end up with 4 shards, randomly picked from the 4 affixes the elites had. This would allow Blizzard to reward us for sticking through a fight with a tough affix, by making the best affix shards (crit, IAS, LpH, res all, whichever other) drop from it. Item plans would only determine the base item used for the end craft. It's ilvl, and the amount of affix/suffix slots it has. There would be a plan for every single useable item in the game, for ilvl's 61 to 63. Affix/Suffix plans would have 3 tiers, T1 (call it ilvl 61) dropping in act 1, T2 (ilvl 62) in act 2, and T3 (ilvl 63) in act 3/4. Each tier would have a range for its stat, which would be 10-25% (again, precisely balanced numbers are beyond me) lower than the range a dropped item of that level can have. For example, if ilvl 61 armor can have 50 to 125 STR (no clue what actual numbers are), the T1 strength plan would have a range that is lower. Shards would share the same tiers, and would drop in the same acts as the plans that use it. Part of me wants to say shards should be bound to account, but it needs input from more people. Now...why should they put in a system that appears so complicated? Think about this before dismissing it entirely: -Crafting would be not only useful, but actually a reason to play specific acts -Pretty much everyone that actively farms inferno would use it, therefore lots of gold would be taken out of the economy -Spending x amount of time farming elites would guarantee a (small) progress towards getting (making) an upgrade -We would spend more time doing exactly what Blizzard wants us to do in their game, clearing whole act while farming elites Note how those 4 points all tie in to the 4 statements I made at the beginning of my post? They could make it so it would take a week of few hours a day farming to make ONE single item, and it would still be a gigantic improvement over the current system. And with stat ranges being lower than equivalent dropped ilvl, those random lucky drops would still be valuable. I welcome discussion, and greatly want input to improve upon something of this scope. I likely missed a few things in the thought process. TL;DR there is no tldr. its a long idea that can't be summarized in a few lines.Syntastic2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Easiest and acceptable way For MF in Coop Two issue here compare solo and coop, 1st follower add you dont, second your MF is shared by team, and the one with Higher MF feels they get used. the Easiest and acceptable solution is to give new bounes BaseMF+NVx+25*X to every one in the team, X= number of players, NVx is NV bonues as example if you have 400 MF join a 4 player game, just say they are 3 with 50MF, 150MF and 200MF,and then everyone get a 100MF bounes for 4 player game. so total MF will be 800+400=1200MF shared by 4, so you as 400MF player will be 300MF but you have team to Tank for you, you die less or farm more effective, and 50MF player will get 300 MF then he is happy, 150MF is happy 200MF is happy, and if you are able to find everyone in the team have 300+MF you will get 400+ on everyone, so by that solution everyone should be happy, Example 2 You and your friends, you have 100 MF he has 200MF when you join the game it become 100+50 and 200+50, totally 400 to sharing. so in the end he has nothing to loss, still you get buffed and both can farm effeciively. by that people will not get rejected by friends complaining low MF they are . and I really think coop should be more rewarding since the Mob have higher DPS and More HP, you die more, monk can tank solo but in coop they cant tank that much, DH can kill everyhing on one short, Coop they cant, so award should be more, not like now. Feel free to discuess...DancingTank16 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 What is better in farming? I want to farm Inferno act 1, but imma dont know what is better. Better do equip items +gold or +item find% ?ummahusla2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 I'm sorry for even making a thread about this because i'm sure this is an easy fix, or is the servers still down? I can't get passed the initializing screen. It just does nothing... If someone could take a second to help me out. I'm not sure what's wrong... If it's just the servers still down i'd like to know. Thanks! >_<StaticPanda8 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 irritated with the whirlwind bug! here's a rant about the bug ^%*&^^%@!$%^&@%!^&%^&!%@&!%^@%& i seriously cannot farm in peace if this have to happen. 5 stacks and half way clearing. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i have to get dc. everytime. you know... seriously i have tried to not bring hate to this game. and try hard to farm as much as i can. didn't quit since opening. never botted. never touched more then 200m! but still love the game. now i face this problem. like seriously? problems after problems. another thing. by submitting tickets. they tell you to post to the forums so devs can see. and do something about it. guess what. this problem have been like 1 month old. and you are telling me that the devs will read? its been awhile since the last patch! i wonder if they will just tell everyone. hey you got scammed! we are closing the game. reasons: its too bad. we receiving too much hate! like come on. do something about this game. you act very quickly to nerfs and exploit! but i dont see you acting quickly with bugs! PFFT! this is just getting very irritating.Azrealcurse0 Aug 2, 2012