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Aug 2, 2012 Blues are Back! Thank you! Just seeing your posts put a smile on my face...Iritar4 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 [IDEA] Bring inventory charms back! The title says it all. Love, A huge D2 fan that would love to see a little D2 spirit in D3Kazzrberry0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 My biggest gripe with D3 so far I have played all three diablo games since launch (showing my age here) and don't get me wrong, I like Diablo 3, but I have noticed a disturbing trend in games and D3 is no exception. That trend is that there is no fear factor now. In diablo 1, when you died, you dropped all your gear and appeared back in town naked ... to get your gear back you had to fight you way ... naked ... back to where your body was and hope to hell that you managed to get your body before dying again, it was epic and you really REALLY tried not to die. In diablo 2 + LOD, when you died in later levels you lost XP, and that was a challenge because you were always working towards getting level capped so losing XP was a big deal because it was setting back your progress. Plus your body dropped and you were naked in town again, but it wasn't so much of a big deal because you could just log and come back to collect your gear in town. It was a decent balance, but the lose of XP provided a fear factor because you were there to level to get your build complete. In D3 when you die, you appear at the last checkpoint with all your gear and ready to fight the mob that just wasted you with a durability loss wtf!? that is nothing, there is plenty of gold in the game as it is and lets face it, if you need more you can just go buy it. I'm lost as to what the challenge in this game is ... The fear factor in D1 that at any moment you could basically lose all of your gear was a huge motivator to not die, and getting through that challenge made the game what it was. Having a character that could run through hell wasting stuff was something special, not everyone could do it. But in D3 it is expected that you can get a character to 60, and if you can't just keep plugging away at it and you will get there, it isn't special. I'm not saying that D1 was the best mechanic, but there needs to be more of a fear factor, it keeps people interested and makes people feel special that they can fight through conditions that require them to conquer this fear. /rant over.nit1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 C'mon Man! Wanted to discuss some head scratching moments from Diablo 3. I enjoy the game, but some things could have been done much better, and some things make me sound like an ESPN announcer shaking my head and muttering "Cmon Man!" Why the stupid drop rate for set items? I have logged 200+ hours and have yet to see one. I have even experimented with wearing over 180%+ magic find gear on lower levels for weeks at a time to see if that helps, with no luck. I have friends (with a little less playing time) who have not even seen a legendary item drop yet. Don't even get me started on the drop rate for legendary plans. Was this drop rate intended to make the game more fun? C'mon Man! Why do you have set items with 7 to a set and yet only offer bonuses for 2 items equipped? As hard as they are to find, there should be bonuses for equipping every item in the set! C'mon Man! Why are the legendary items that I have found, not so legendary? I have used some lower level legendary items for brief periods, but most items have such a crap shoot of random affixes that they are sometimes worse than similar magic or rare items. I almost never buy a legendary item in the auction house. Legendary items should make you crap yourself when you find them and hold on to them like your first girlfriends breasts, end of story! C'mon Man! Why do monsters drop white or grey items? Has anyone ever used one? Okay, besides your first hero ever, has anyone used one? They are completely useless. Maybe if there were socketing and crafting options for found items, otherwise they are just useless crap that nobody ever picks up. C'mon Man! Why does Diablo look and sound like an emaciated, whiny, tool! If I hear the overly enunciated "terr-roar" one more time I think I will limit my adventures to treasure goblin hunting only. In Diablo II, Baal's speech in his cinematic was very cool and made you pee yourself a little. This version of Diablo leaves doubt that the lord of "terr-roar" could even take control of my local Cracker Barrel kitchen staff. C'mon Man! Why didn't Tyrael and Leah hook up? This is not realistic at all. After the death of Deckard, any good fallen angel would have used her sorrow as an excuse to make some moves and comfort her and eventually move into her little cottage. Then she would have been pregnant and unable to listen to her stupid mother's requests and would still be alive today. C'mon Man! While I do admit liking the auction house in the beginning, after awhile it becomes a complete grind. You are basically constantly farming for gold (because farming for items is futile, see point #1) to save of up a couple million to be able to have the chance to bid on something that would actually be useful to your hero. It eventually saps the fun out of the game. You are seeing all these great items that you know you will never find by actually playing the game (see point #1) and just hoping that someone doesn't price their item too ridiculously. I want to actually find good items in the game like back in Diablo II. I know you are all saying "someone found all those items for sale in the auction house", but it shouldn't take 3 months of playing almost every day to find zero set items. And lets say on my 5th month of playing I finally find a set item, I am completely expecting it to have crapola stats just like 99.9% of the other stuff I find. C'mon Man! Speaking of the auction house, why is there not more search criteria? I find myself having to mind numbingly, go through countless pages of crap items that I don't want just because there aren't enough search options. I want to be able to search for at least 6 criteria instead of 3 and I also want to be able to search for things that aren't ordinarily on those items. C'mon Man! I want some special quests similar to what Brother Laz brought to Diablo II with Median XL. Level 60 becomes a grind after awhile and I need some special quests for very special rewards for my buffed out character. How about in Act III Inferno letting us have the ability to follow treasure goblins through their portal to find their secret lair of buffed out goblins waiting to kill any intruders. Those that aren't ready can just kill the goblin before he jumps, just like normal. Those who are up for it, will be allowed a 5 second window to jump through the portal after him. The reward for defeating the goblin army should be a guaranteed set item that I can't ever find (see point #1)! C'mon Man! I don't want this to be a complete slam-fest, I really do enjoy most of the game. It just seems like they were so worried about play balancing that they forgot to keep the game fun. C'mon Man!BrokenSword0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 What game is this? I'm not sure, it kinda looks like Diablo 3, but I'm seeing so many things that make no sense. All emeralds on a Barbarian? 14% Lifesteal? Enchantress is using a source Scoundrel has a Quiver 2 sockets on the Weapon ACTUALLY using legendary weapons So what game is this? Who made this? Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Information regards patch 1.0.4 Will we have any news shed anytime soon before I tear my hair off in frustation?Aggeri0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Why did they include an Easter Egg on the... Coming soon announcement via know, the mysterious form with lines, vaguely similar to our character sheet? Is this some sort of hidden message for mathematicians? Don't get it.Ingmartin3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Re-registered WoW recently Despite being completely burnt out, I still had more fun playing it. Diablo 3 has to be one of the most unsatisfying games I have played in years... Sorry Blizzard.Bane3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Well, It was fun... While it Lasted. I am one of the many players that put in years, not hours, into Diablo 2. When I purchased this game I was expecting May 15th to be the start of another amazing journey in a gaming experience. And who would have thought differently with a game that was almost 10 years in the making. The release of this game was an absolute nightmare, but I have been a part of enough game releases to understand things are going to be bumpy in the beginning especially with 6 million people worldwide trying to log on at once. When I first started playing, it really looked like this game might be that game that I had been waiting so long for... A game that I could play for hours and hours on end and really get a sense of accomplishment whenever I played. That sense of accomplishment was reached pretty much every time I played since I was leveling up like crazy and constantly finding new gear to progress with to the next level of difficulty. Then I hit inferno with my first character (wizard) and soon realized that the fun was now turning into a full time job of farming for gold and the very occasional upgrades in Act 3/4 Hell or Act 1 Inferno. I started losing interest in doing this very quickly, so I decided to start my next character (Demon Hunter) and then hit that same brick wall and could not progress without spending countless hours doing the same runs over and over again. I went through this same process with a Monk and Barbarian. I am now sitting with 4 level 60 characters and a few hundred hours of play time and a complete loss of interest in this game. I have been asking myself, "why the loss of interest" and the only thing I can figure out is that when I got to 60 and I hit that brick wall where my gear was no longer good enough and the drops that I was getting from the countless hours of "farming" were not cutting it in terms of upgrades to progress any further, everything I did just seemed like a waste of time. There was no longer that sense of accomplishment that holds me to a game. I hit 60 on 4 different characters and played for a little over 300 hours and can count on one hand the number of upgrades I have actually found and not had to purchase on the gold auction house (I refuse to pay real money for in game items). Overall, I can say that I think I got my 60 dollars out of this game, but knowing what I know now, I probably would have passed this game up. But, I would have never imagined that a game made by Blizzard and the successor to a game that I think I have logged more hours on than any other would have had such a lack-luster replay value to it. Take care's been fun.Kenobi11215 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 WoW Question-- Sorry, I know this is the wrong thread but my WoW subscription isn't active. Does anyone know if we're able to create more than 10 characters per realm now? Since there are 11 classes..I really don't want to delete one of my 85's to make a monk...Dandy6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 I attended the 2008 blizzcon I remember the head poncho of diablo 3 saying. He did not think in game pvp, or being able to player kill someone, or even a ladder system was needed to make the game fun. I hope he found out these were the MAIN aspects that made Diablo 1/2 great? I mean in diablo 1, 2 you did the same thing over and over. But it was still fun because someone could just hostile and come kill you and ruin your game. Sometimes it sucked, but it made it interesting and fun:) You cant even switch acts ingame ffs...... THANKS FOR RUINING DIABLO 3 FOR ME BLIZZARD! I dont have ONE friend who likes diablo 3. Whats next? Mop?Hellbender9 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Stuck in D3 Vortex How do I proceed when I am stuck farming Inf-Act1(get killed in Act2 obviously) with nothing dropping worth selling and no gold to buy anything to upgrade my stats? So is this it? With Blizzard not changing drop rates or the difficulty of Act2 mobs, is this all that's left to farm Act1 for crappy gear?Bulzie2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Did someone say stress test? Yes! If Diablo 3 servers are down Aug. 2nd from 3pm to 7pm EDT and you have GW2 access then tomorrow is another stress test. Can't play D3 anymore because of lag and rubberbanding, plus it's just not fun for me so I'm playing GW2 stress test tomorrow even if D3 is up.Xyv0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 NEED AN ANSWER Demonscumby1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Auction House Woes.. I've found a few good 950dmg weps, and I've been undercutting people 5-10mil with the same stats and I cant sell them, Haven't sold an item over 1mil in 2+ weeks. Its not the lack of quality or stats, some are str/vit/loh, and bows with 1000+dmg critdmg/dex/vit with good rolls. Has anyone else noticed the auction is running at a crawl??LegendaryOne17 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Launcher Failing - Stuck on initializing So, there was an update and now I can't play diablo. Do I need to uninstall, and reinstall, or is there some new patch to download?KarmaKaze2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 List of Game Breaking Bugs/Mechanics Barb Charge Bug. Invincible Wiz Bug. Sarkoth Runs. Act III NM Runs. Gear Swap Macros. Invincible Tyrael farming. Act IV Inferno Vase kicking. Resplendent Chest / Goblin Exploiting. Auction House Canceling. Hex Editor unidentified item. Hex Editor trade window scam. Act III Inferno ledge farming. Spreadsheet Required (Effective Health). MILLIONS OF VIABLE BUILDS! (two in actuality per class) Defense Oriented..........ARPG. With enrage timers. Online only........ with punishing multiplayer. Frustrating, loss of control, monster affix's. Auction House Dependant, yet limited search functionality. Crappy 2h weapons. Worthless Crafting. Rampant Hacking, Bots, Dupes. Let's keep them coming.DarkAries3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 WTB Radiant Start Emerald No one on the trade forums answeredd. I need it now. Let me know your offerShaby234 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Quit being cowards Posting in threads about your first computer specs and haikus, that is not helpful. You're acting like a bunch of cowards because so many people are against you now. Please give us some sort of update. Have you stopped caring about the game? Are you working on something? If so, what? We need info, the silence is very frustrating. /endrantRkOwnage2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 BLUES ARE BACK!!! ^ Was so surprised when I saw that the latest Blue Post isn't about the Annual Pass anymore. No new info on D3 though, but at least they're posting now =D.Wazzalisk19 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Server (error 3003) on Asia? Anyone getting this as well when logging in? This was 30 sec ago after a few unsuccessful login trials.wangyi1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Hardcore Inferno Act4 Right Now If anyone is interested in some intense hardcore inferno progression then check out my stream (link below). I will be attempting to beat hardcore inferno today solo. This is going to be the biggest challenge yet with both Izual and Diablo left and there is a good chance I can die (but hopefully not). Live on stream: PS - I have gotten to this point solo with no act, waypoint or boss skipping.Addicted1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 WTB blues that post somthing meaningfull. First time we see blues post since that wall of PR garbage that was the letter we got last week, and do the blues bring news? do they even post anything about the game this forum is about? Nope. Only meaningless dribble and locking threads, so how much would it cost to get a blue to post something useful? How much do you think it would cost/take to make a blue talk?darkmojo1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 [Idea] Possible solution to repair costs. So, I took a bit of time off and maybe this idea has already been proposed, but what if instead of repairs being left at 6x what they were (or whatever the number is) we based them on the level of your black smith and maybe even the Jeweler. So let's say that the normal cost is is 6x (x being what repair costs previously were). What if a level 10 black smith allowed that cost to be down to 4x and a level 10 jeweler brought it down to 2x? The reason could be that "because one has a better black smith he can more adequately mend/repair your items do to his extensive knowledge and training." This would be true in the real world, the first time you do something it usually isn't your fastest or most cost efficient, but after a couple times things improve. The same could be said with the Jeweler possibly, or we could just leave the Jeweler level out all together. The Jeweler may be considered the weakest part of the argument, but I figured I would throw it out there anyway. The blacksmith amount of the repair bill arbitrary in this argument because I don't know the exact figures, but the point is still there. Perhaps a fully leveled blacksmith could cut repair costs in 1/2? This would have a few effects on game play. 1. Costs will still remain higher than they were at launch, creating some punishment in dying. 2. The blacksmith and Jeweler use would increase as players would then have more incentive to use them. 3. This would stimulate the commodities economy as more people are going to want to level up their artisans. Players that don't want to don't have to do it, but can later if they decide the costs are too high. Additionally this may give players more incentive to grab and do things along the way, expanding the side quests (for lack of a better term).Rhino7 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Ladders: game design 101 for Blizzard Alright Blizzard, here's a free lesson in game design I like to call: How to deal with cheaters and not piss off your remaining millions of customers. To do that we're going to use a system called a ladder. A ladder is similar to a season in sports, you play the season, and then after that the records are stored and the teams can start anew. A ladder in diablo 3 would last until some kind of game breaking exploit (or exploits) are found and used. At this time, Blizzard would announce a new ladder starting. What this means, all characters that were around during the exploit, get put in their own little box, and cannot access the auction houses or trade with new ladder characters. Each time game breaking item duplication methods are found, all existing characters would be thrown into their own ladder without AH access, and a fresh new ladder would be announced and begin where everyone starts on equal footing. Pros: -Single player gamers aren't affected by rollbacks or exploits. -You still get to keep your old character to play around with. -Sports season dynamic ensures players never feel like they are too far behind after not playing for awhile. Cons: -Blizzard doesn't make money off duplicated gold and items at ridiculously low prices. A ladder would perfectly address these serious gamebreaking duplication bugs that have been in the game since launch, that couldn't be covered by a simple rollback. The ladder also gently handles casual players who don't care about working the auction house or trading with others, since they can still play their game their way, without having to deal with rollbacks. Looking down the road, a ladder system helps keep the game fresh, because if you already have 2 billion gold and best in slot every item, then what is the point in playing? Does every sensible person agree? A rollback is 100% the wrong way to combat this issue.Dinos2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Looking for new people to farm inferno Alot of people i know have quit and the game is getting boring. Looking for new people to farm with mainly for act 1 inferno. I have a WW bar that farms act 1 easily and i also have a DH with 53k damage without ss and with ss is 105. I want to form a team so that we can share the drops and get better as a whole. Skype is optional but it's more fun when people commuicate. PS. it stops me from sleeping. FL me ingame Hero#1177Hero0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Would someone at Blizzard.... Would someone at Blizzard: please inform the community with some type of update tonight? or acknowledge that things are being read, considered, and such, but that there isn't anything to state as of tonight? I am asking in a sincere way. If you're a game/forum user please feel free to sign on, and just state in a decent manner what you want to know for tonight.Paladin2 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 when... will you play Diablo 3 again? i try to log in and play but after a couple minute i remember why i stop playing and so i log out again.MrShowTime0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Bring back the LADDER!!!!! Easy reset of an economy that has been irreversibly broken for those that elect to level on a ladder - ladder only GAH, with ladder only GOOD items to pull people in - BUT make ladder resets longer than D2 and a one time only port in for existing characters but only naked with totally empty stash and inv just so we dont have to do the horribly boring linear levelling crap againObscene6 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Who believes WW3 will bring the NWO? Who believes war with Iran, and subsequently war with China, is the ploy of the Illuminati?Ralavik39 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Allow 5 - 6 players per party in Inferno Allow more players during the Inferno mode so that we can farm and play the games a lot more.Winterflux3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Looking for a playing partner or 2! Hey guys, I have a lvl 60 WD, but it just got soooo boring. My friend played a barb, and has since quit. Well, seeing him play the barb, made me want to roll one. If anyone has a mic and skype, and wants to roll a new character with me, friend request me, I'll be on a little later! TheWaterBoy#1560 Thanks! P.S. I am a mature 16 y/o.TheWaterBoy18 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Omg I saw a blue post! Even if it is about someone posting in a the wrong forum. They apparently still exist. LOL and notice how the OP posted it 5 hours ago, and how CM responded about 5 hours after he posted it and the post was probably buried 5+ pages deep.Nich21 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Power lvling hey fellow blizzard players. i am willing to power lvl poeple up for 50-75k a lvl. send me a friend if u are intersted. Executioner#1312Executioner1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 I told you so I called D3 as being a second Duke Nuke'em Forever. Everyone laughed. Who's laughing now?DarkAries0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Please replace Blue items for gold in Inferno Dear Blizzard, Please replace Blue items in Inferno with gold. This will save game players a ton of time vendering items. Also, since exquisite essence has dropped in value on the AH, Blue items are not even worth salvaging anymore. Ever since you have decided to nerf stats across the board on all items it seems that every level of item has dropped a tier. Rare items are now equivalent to blue items and blue items are now equivalent to white items and white items are now equivalent to background. Unfortunately, nothing has replaced high end rares as most set items and Legendarys are still junk. But we’ll address that after 1.04. In the mean time, can you release a patch that just converts all blue items into 500-1000 gold? PS. It was nice of you guys to ask us if we would like to see MF nerfed and we essentially told you to F#@$ Off, it would have been nice if you asked us how we felt about you nerfing stats on items but given our response to MF I can see why you didn’t.Doajin0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 just bought POE beta without liking open beta basically d3 is so boring and I have nothing else to play since I was counting on this game being good, that im forced to play POE since I have nothing else to do. lol ty blizz atleast you bought me poe key with rmah moneyUncleKreepy1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 The PC Gamer poll results What a surprise... Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 So Francis, would you recommend d3? lolWylf7 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Do we drop loot for elites when they kill us? And do the elites also get nephalem valor?ImSpartacus3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 asia server down? am i the only who cant connect to asia server? NA and EU seems to be ok.Biben1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Where do we as a community go from here? Please note the following: I have two forum bans, and not in the mood tonight to get a third, at least not right now :) Blizzard is silent, for reasons we have been guessing, and may or may not even know. I am asking where we all (who are unhappy with Diablo 3, Blizzard, and so on) go from here. My first thought is that we sit tight and simply hit Blizzard where it counts, the wallet. How, by not buying anymore of their products. Yes, some are still faithful, loyal, and will buy no matter what, and that is their right. I will not though, and I feel our current redress is not working. I wanted to hear any and all constructive thoughts on the community creating a united front to get Blizzard's attention. I also understand if everyone is past that point and just want to walk away, for I debate that each week now with the game. I am sure some one will attack this post as being deconstructive to the forum and the game, well, so be it then. I would like the game to become fun and legendary for the players. I would like that coupled with Blizzard being happy, everyone being happy (as much as possible) so that great quality gaming continues. I said in another post, that I believe this is Blizzard's eleventh hour, twilight is setting, and the community (mostly from what I can gather) is at the gates demanding some type of legitimate and meaningful response. Blizzard, I call, show your hand. JasonPaladin3 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Savage 2 Just thought I would share this free game because alot of people are waiting for the patch and this is a lot of fun. You can either be a commander and play wc3 style and build buildings/spawn points, or you can play as a class and tear into the other team! check it out if you have any time.Spoonmistres0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 RMAH processing display bug is SO annoying. Its been going on since 1.03 deployed where it does not display amount you sold an item for when you sell it on the RMAH. After it was processed (takes 2-3 days), you can see the amount it sold for. I know I can check my email to see the amount an item sold for but that's also annoying. I only play the AH now because the game is very sub-par so at least fix the only enjoyable part left!Rawkus1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 How to fix Diablo 3 issues IMO: 1. ITEMIZATION. 1.1. Item tiers issue. As we all know, only last 3 armor tiers are worthy of using by a fully leveled character. In case of weapons I would say last 2 tiers. What we get is 80% of each class population, running around the Sanctuary, looking the same. To be honest, I am so annoyed with this, that I used Vanishing Dye, only to trick myself with the illusion of customization. That I think should be done is to mix thing up. Starting from nightmare, in each act you could find different tiers of weapon/armor, but with their ilvls assigned to the area and difficulty level where you found it. So basicly in Act 1 Inferno you could find a Tier 4 Body Chest of Item Lvl 62. 1.2. RNG regarding item afiixes generation. I think normal distribution shall be used, so we get a godly item as rarely as we get the crappy ones. More mediocre stuff, more semi-good and semi-crap. Don't tell me it's there, because it's not. Also, randomness of affixes should be reduced. Lower the chance of strenght affix roll on a domen hunter only stuff and so on. To keep players grinding, we should find lots of useful items. I'm not taking of upgrades droping one by one, but a useful drops, which you will keep for your second character or for a possible different build. Ofcourse, keep the godly drops as rare as they are right now, but enhance the chance of nice, satisfying ones. 1.3. Rare items are too common. At this very moment, with 5 NV stacks, you get more rare items than magic. This is unacceptable. As pointed in 1.2 section, if the affixes rolls (and also the dmg rolls on weapons) get a reasonable buff, the amount of rare drops could be significantly reduced. You don't want it to be so common. Common means boring. We need a feeling of excitement, when a yellow drops for us. So it has to offer us a reasonable chance of it being something nice after identification and it has to be RARE. Otherwise, you will always feel like a factory robot. 1.4. Legendaries and set items. Make them useful. Make them interesting. Not only the end-game ones. Make nagel ring and other low lvl stuff demanded. Not better than elite rares, but close to them. End game legendaries and set items must be of ilvl 63. Period. You could lower the max %dmg affix on legendary and set weapons to 45% instead of 50%, so the perfect rolled rare will still be better in some way. But the difference must not be large. So when a gold or a green item shows on the ground, you know you're a lucky man. One or two finding and this will keep you grinding. 1.5. Number of legendary and set items. This is something probably for Expansion, but from the very beginning I find the number of this items too low. The devs said it's around the exact number from D2 LoD, but this is not D2 LoD. This is Diablo 3, massive amount of players were playing this game during the first month after release and in my opinion it should be at least doubled (so they should have taken the number of LoD uniques and then doubled it). 1.6. Item levels in inferno. I would suggest A1 drops being ilvl 56+ in case of armor and ilvl 59+ in case of weapons. A2 would be 57/60 and A3-4: 58/60. (regarding A3-4: a chance for a ilvl 63 armor/weapon could still be as low/high as it is right now, but you avoid low lvl item drops at all). Because lets face it - even ilvl 60 weapon is 90% of the time a vendor item (99% probably). 2. BUILD DIVERSITY. Let's face it. Some of the skills and runes are interesting, but the numbers on them make it impossbile to effectively use them. Buff them all and lets see what will happen. You can always nerf the overpowered ones then, but the boredom will be broken! I tried to make a dodging barb. I find this funny idea and, on the paper, a doable one. Well, on the paper. I ended up with nearly 76 dogde chance when all my dodge skills were active. I asked myself WTH? Wrath only shall give me 60%... Then I realized - diminishing returns. Oh, how great. 76%, really? I don't say there shouldn't be a cap, but maybe extra dodge chance from a skill shouldn't be calculated the same way as the dogde from dexterity is. Also, look at all the reduction made to CC times, life leech amount... All this cool abilities basicly worthless. Runed ground stomp which should pull nearest monsters to me doesn't seem to work on elites... What? :) Why would I want to use this skill if not to deal with elites? I have my primary ability to deal with normal foes! Just buff it all, then eventually give the monsters more life, if it becomes too easy. 3. EVENTS AND DUNGEONS. Events are really cool, but... Make them more common. In inferno, as it's an end-game difficulty, make 50% of all events occur on the map. Because now the world seems to be so empty. The same with dungeons and special areas, but make all of them occur on the map each game. Then it's a players choice there does he want to go and grind. Also, very important, make the rewards for completing the event more rewarding. Like a 180 second buff similar to shrine, mf/dmg reduction/ias/other stuff - randomly rolled (0 NV=30 sec, 1 NV=60 sec, ... , 5 NV=180 sec). 800 gold is no reward, makes it uncool. Do the thing with shrine-like rewards and people will be searching for events like they are searching for treasure goblins. 4. RESPLENDANT CHESTS. For me opening a resp chest is like a slap in the face. You clear entire dungeon, kill the elite packs and there it stands, a golden chest, waiting as your reward. And what happens? Holy crap, your drop is much worse than from the elites you've just slained. But if you buff the rares quality and make them actually rare, then you could fix the issue. With 5 NV stacks resp chest gives you 1 guaranteed rare of ilvl (inf A1 60+ A2 61+ A3-4 62+). 5. MULTIPLAYER. Something that encourage players to grind together must be done. At this moment we have magic find issues, but also we do have monsters having too much life while in a multiplayer mode. Killing elites simply takes a lot more time than taking them out solo. And the longer the fight, the higher is the possibilty for them to kill you. Management of health globes in MP is also harder. All in all - either monsters life shall be nerfed or players dmg/life in MP buffed, in order to bring back the D2 LoD feeling of playing together being easier and faster.Prime1 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Disconnect from server while using whirlwind Hello guys, I am really want to know that is that only me disconnected from server while using whirlwind skill or there are some others have the same issue with me. The disconnect frequency is quit often, like every 5 or 10 mins i will have one disconnection, but while im using monk or wizard, everything would back to normal, no disconnection at all. This issue really bothered me a lot, if anyone knows how to deal with it, please let me know, i will greatly appreciated it.OBSTINE10 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Left several weeks ago, hoping they'd fix D3. I just checked and here is all they have done since I left: •Fixed a bug that allowed wizards to become permanently invulnerable •Fixed a health regeneration bug that occasionally affected barbarians when using Furious Charge •The following commodities are now available for trading in the real-money auction house (gold commodity trading is coming soon): Gems, Dyes, Crafting materials, Blacksmithing Plans and Jeweler Designs, Pages of Training •The "Bid" and "Buyout" buttons will now be correctly grayed-out in the confirmation window when attempting to purchase an item with insufficient gold •Fixed a bug where leaving a heavily-populated General chat channel would prevent players from rejoining any General chat channel until they logged out and logged back in •Fixed several tooltip-related bugs that were occurring when viewing items with 2 or more sockets in the auction house and profile pages •Fixed a rare crash with tutorials on item pickup •Fixed a bug that allowed players to earn additional stacks of Nephalem Valor or guaranteed item drops by killing multiple monsters simultaneously from the same Champion or Rare pack •Fixed even more game and service crashes ....Epic.Tolgeros8 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 a change i noticed the tone of voice of 'vidar the collector' - one of the merchants in act III - he says the same thing, but with a different ... i dunno, attitude i guess odd little thing to change bliz... i've played this game through 25 times and now after the patch one of the random npc merchants talks different bravo bliz, bravo :)saujamhamm0 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012 Dear blizzard, -from a diablo2 player Hello im a 10 year veteran of diablo 2. never found any game to be as fun and wanting to come back and continue my search on new items to make new chars n builds.. I do enjoy the Diablo 3;s way of using 1 char to have all skills and the option to switch gear at anytime to customize your build. only thing i have an issue with... is being so darn linear the gameplay.. An open world is what made all of us come back and destroy the sanctuary! Forcing the story on us. yes its a great story, but beating a dead horse over and over just makes us all fade away. PvP made the game. Would enjoy claiming all their gold and make myself a hide full of ears. I played the story of diablo 2 for 10 years in a scattered time frame. but diablo 3 is at an end game for the moment.. i know and hope you guys at blizzard could make it an open world once again!Killah1071 Aug 2, 2012
Aug 1, 2012 Almost Like Waiting For a Que to Full Server. Almost Like Waiting For a Que to Full Server. lol? bring back some good old memories of WoW Vanilla.Sorrow3 Aug 1, 2012