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Jul 10, 2012 Dear Blizz, FIX your AFFIXES! Yeah, fix it, at least make more sense with the combination. Thanks!Magiknizm0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Buying Gold on the AH Can anyone else do this? I'm searching for gold and it always comes up with No Items Found no matter how many X x 100,000 gold I put in.AtomsK4 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Monk forums turned into a trade channel... I'll wager its the same on the other class channels... That seriously sucks.FuzzyWuzzy4 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 what makes a good video game, here is a link to source fed about what makes a game great or not so great. you can decided what d3 has and doesnt have. it basically is a study of what makes a video game good.rezarblades4 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Inferno Ponies - Loot Question Since inferno ponies is leveled to be about same difficulty as act 4... ...does that mean that the drops are also leveled for act 4? Because if it still drops act 1 loot, then that's really stupid. I really want to know whether or not it's worth farming inferno ponies. Thanks in advance for answers.exe13 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Reset Account/Game Does anyone know if this is possible? To start back at square one with no achievements/whatever from your previous toons? And in case anyone asks why, "just curious/for the heck of it".Vaccine2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Do you do this method? When the girlfriend and I farm gold we avg 220% GF and farm Hell act 3. We avg 250K each an hour, After we pick up all the gold and rare items she Identifies them at 240%mf. I was wondering you guys do this? So far it works great, made 1.1 mill on items sold over 3 runs...Tezma18 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 No More Guaranteed Rare from Champs First off, I am a gear-swapper. With that out of the way, in Act 3 Inferno, I used to see at least one rare off of the first 5 champ packs (at which point the guaranteed rare kicks in). Not only that, but frequently I would see two, and sometimes three in these first five packs. Since the patch, I have only gotten two rares off of the first pack and then none off of the next four. They were a level 57 and 52. Could be random, yes. Then my friend who uses the same technique with roughly the same MF sends me a message that he has gotten absolutely no rares off of his first five packs. Now, when farming with 5 stacks I would usually see 2 rares, rarely 1, and sometimes 3. I've killed 6 packs @ 5 stacks now and I know this sample size is piss all, but bear with me. Out of the 7 packs, I got a 57 from one, a 62 from another, a 59, 60, and 61 from one, and the other three dropped no rares at all! I don't know what to make of this, I really don't... This is seriously... wtf...Akaran6 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Diablo 3 is fixable ...if Blizzard listens For 15 years I have happily played Diablo 1 and 2 over and over. I've always enjoyed the story-line, the dark ominous feeling it had, NPC humor, random discovery of new places, and of course the loot. What kept both games enjoyable for so long was the smooth scaling of gameplay difficulty in the fights. Sure there were things which each game could have done better but overall Diablo 1 and 2 were staple games to go back and play again and again, I can’t say that about Diablo 3. Diablo 3 has many of the qualities I mention above that I like about the first 2 games, so I think Diablo 3 is fixable, if Blizzard cares and is listening. There are a number of annoying nuances that make me not want to play Diablo 3 past normal mode. At the top of the list is how badly the gameplay scales. Not everyone played Diablo 1 and 2 just so they could rush to Hell mode or even cared about playing hardcore, at least I certainly didn’t. Normal mode in Diablo 3 for me was good but from nightmare mode and on the good time is over. The problem is mini-bosses starting in Nightmare mode seem more like they belong in hell mode. I don't mind stick and move, but stick and run for your life for almost every single mini-boss I’ve come across is just insane. I would not have bothered finishing Diablo1 if there were 2 or 3 overwhelming butcher type foes on every level! Yet that is pretty much how nightmare mode in Diablo 3 plays out. Everyone understands Diablo is science fiction, but Diablo 1 and 2 at least maintained an element of realism that kept it believable. After enduring about a dozen overly powerful mini-bosses in nightmare mode I finally threw in the towel when a pack of mongrel dogs (of all things) started laying down ridiculous pink clock-arm spinning arcane lasers. I'm OK with patterned attacks, but dogs making 1980’s arcade robot style attacks in medieval times is incredulous. Other things that make little sense in Diablo 3 is the book shelves only dropping gold. Why can’t they drop some of those crafting papers, wizard spell books, or NPC side-kick only adjunct loot? What’s the point of being able to buy goods from the vendors or have it crafted if there is nothing special about them? I can always find better stuff on the ground. I shouldn’t have to go to the auction house to get good loot; I have no intention of ever going to the auction house. I have finished all the Diablo 3 characters in normal mode; I won’t bother finishing any of them in nightmare mode based on the aforementioned. Unlike past versions of Diablo, I won’t play Diablo 3 again and again over the years. Sadly I’m very close to being done with it now only a few months after its release.VegasRage0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 MF on lootable objects? Original quote by Lylirra ... Dear CM's when can we expect this change to happen? Its been a while with no update!AK1231 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Auction House Hover Comparing Suggestion When your viewing items at the AH you hover over them and your item appears next to it much the same as when you do the same in your inventory in game. While in game it also gives you the comparison stats Life/Dmg/Protection. That should be carried over to the AH to make figuring out if an items worth it much easier.TWD3 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Anyone paying 0.25 for commodities? im just curious.. i think its cool we can buy from RmaH but to pay $250 for 1,000 Tome of secretes? im not sure with that... i wanted to see what other people where thinkinghaitianboy16 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Inferno Ghom Still Too Hard I still can't beat Ghom as a wiz, i have 30k dps, 800 resist all and 40k hp and I still die with his clouds, will someone please help me kill him, someone, anyone? pls.celebrei5 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Nephalem Valor Why do I lose my stacks when I get disconnected?Dura2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Release 2008 version of d3 So we've all seen the old footage of the d3 videos and such, it looks pretty complete (and better) if you ask me: It seem to have more features then current d3... :\ Give everyone who bought d3 a copy of this 2008 version aswell.. :DOempa13 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 iLvl 63 D3 UnIDs = D2 SoJ Consumable. Desirable. Can be sold/traded at a fixed cost based on the amount of time and gold it takes to acquire them, and the expected rate of drop. Welcome to your secondary currency, players. May as well get on board. Get a 1100 DPS one-hander with 900 LoH, Crit Damage and a socket? Sell it for 20m... Or sell it for 80 unidentified ilvl 63 items? The future is here, and the only thing we're running out of is inventory space. You can't store unID'd items in the AH. Your options are mule inventories or second account stashes. Pretty sure this beats gold any day.Lelex8 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Players on Strike: item flipping What up, nephalems As of recently, we, the players, respond to a higher authority: the item flippers. They are the guys that, instead of leveling characters or farming gear, sit on the auction house hitting the search button buying stuff for cheap and re-selling for profit. This is promoting an increase in prices at the auction house up to a point where most legit players can't even afford to upgrade their gears. So we farm the items and sell for cheap because we are too busy playing, then they buy from us and re-sell to us for profit. I propose we refuse to buy gear on the auction house, at least for now, as workers that go on strike. Make them flippers sweat, lose some money. Perhaps drive some of them away to the actual stock market or something like that. No matter how many players are banned for flipping, we are the only ones that can stop buying their overpriced items. Even if nobody else agrees with me, I am now on strike against the auction house. I will be dealing only with the trade channel and mainly with unidentified items. And I invite you all to join me. Death to the item flippers! Long live the elite pack farmersallegra208 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 This is how the items should go Only Helms, Armor, Shields, and Weapons can be socketed. Magic Items can have up to 4 sockets. Rare items are limited to 2 sockets. Crafted, Set and Unique items are limited to 1 socket in most cases Rings that have a socket should all be the same level to use. IT SHOULD NOT BE BASED ON WHERE IT DROPS. it should be based on the item and the affix and suffix.Xendim0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Inferno is too hard!!! Wah Wah Honestly, I like how hard inferno is... In Fact they should have made A1 inferno much more harder, but with that said.... Blizzard should also make drops in hell worth farming hell... They made inferno a must play... Inferno should be extra... Im glad to see alot of people crying about inferno... but their crying for the wrong reasons, not because it is too hard... But because how the game is set up... Honestly.. there should be just a "few" extra GODLY items you can get from inferno... They should make Nightmare, and Hell much harder! and give drops that actually help you in NM and Hell... Like in Diablo 2, You could still get a shako from nightmare, or an SOJ.. D2 hell was hard (If you don't beleive me, remember Baal games where everybody would just leave because of souls?) You had to be geared up perfectly to take on hell ** Granted Hammeridians were exceptionally easy to play hell**.... Take for example if they added one more difficulty in diablo 2, Say Inferno... It should have only been playable by a few that love to die... just for the sake of playing... Not a neccessity of playing the game... The best items should still have been found in Hell difficulty with the exception of a few, and I mean a few ELITE GG items you "possibly" could find in inferno.. Meaning, that no... Not everybody has those items and not everybody will get those items... You know,, The kinda items that made youre M&M melt in you're hand. Inferno should be an Extra difficulty as it was intended to be... for the sake of saying... "I beat this game on inferno.." Inferno should be a difficulty where you need to farm hell, maybe save a couple million gold in order to even get through inferno (if you're lucky enough).. because nothing but death await those brave enough to even try... Because right now, the way inferno is set up, it's just diablo 2's hell difficultyFivePointes2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Constructive Discussion : Additions to D3 I thought with all the craziness happening on the forums that it would be beneficial to have a simple, constructive topic about what realistic additions to Diablo 3 could occur to improve the overall make-up of the title. I for one love the game, as a whole, but find the drop rates to be pretty absurd. It is understandable, given the RMAH and AH making everything so visible, but in the end the system is just not working. Diablo is all about the treasure hunt, but it was balanced enough to make it rewarding for the player. D3, overall, does not feel very rewarding. You can spend hours farming with 300% MF and not find 1 sellable item. And if you do come across that VERY VERY VERY RARE item, the random roll on the object could make it unsellable. So, here is some simple additions I think could make the overall product better for the player. 1.) New Server : No AH This idea came when I saw that the Hardcore game had a completely different AH attached to it. Made sense. I began thinking that it could be very beneficial to those people who want to stay away from the AH end-game to simply create a new game type that is completely detached from the AH portion of Diablo 3. What you would then create is a D2 esque item for item trading environment and you could also enhance the drop rates more akin to that of D2. Some people like to claim that D2 had incredibly low drop rates as well, but I already have went back and played a bit of D2 and within 50 hours of gameplay I had a stash loaded with legendary and set items. Sure, they were lower class, but unlike D3 even the lower class legendary and set items had their place in the game and were usable for those lower class players. This would just make the overall game rewarding. Instead of farming gold all day, you could easily go into a game with 4 others and trade items instead of it being a pure gold economy. Increases drop rates, in the end, is what players want. They want the reward for their time spent. Right now, they are simply not getting it. It took me 400 hours to finally find something worthwhile. That is far too much time. 2.) Add more beneficial class affixes for items When I look at D2 items you see a common theme among the most popular. +All Skills. What this did, within the D2 system, was make your character alot better with a single item. D3 cannot do this, but they can make far more class specific beneficial bonus's on items. Why are ALL skills not included in a %5 damage increase? here are some examples I think would be fun to have. You remember nerfing Nether Tentacles? How about an item that brings it back? +10% Life Steal for Nether Tentacles +5% Speed increase for Hot Pursuit +10% Resistances for War Cry You know, stuff like that could begin appearing on items. This would essentially create an environment of actually enhancing specific skills for your char, rather then simply increasing pure damage output. You could then begin building sets around enhancing players skills. How about Boots, Belt and Wep that could enhance a Barbarians whirlwind skill dramatically with +life on hit increases and +attack speed during Whirlwind? Ya know, simple stuff like that I think could greatly enhance the overall equipment system. 3.) Rare item quality based around already in place wep quality. I don't know why, but in D3 you have greys and whites with all sorts of quality affixes. Why waste your time with this Blizzard? What is the purpose of a cracked dread crossbow compared to a Extraordinary dread crossbow? Neither will be used anyway. So why not take that system and simply apply it to Rares and Legendary's? You could have Exceptional rare items that have x ranges in stats while Fine Exquisite rare items have X ranges in stats. This would allow the player to identify which rares could indeed be special things. Same goes for Legendary / Set items. It would give the ability to further the rarity ranges of these items but also gives even more randomness to what it could ID into. Finding a Fine Exquisite Legendary item would immediately give the player a sense of wonder and excitement because they know immediately it could very well be the best of the best. This system is also in place already with Crafting. Finding a Fine plan gives +5 attributes while I believe the Fine Exquisite gives +6. Could very easily create such a system with the random dropped Rares. 4.) Make low level Sets / Legendary's scale with player level / stats One thing I thought of was, with the extraordinary rarity of legendary and set drop rates, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a player to play through the early levels, lv. 1-50 and actually complete a set of their level. You just simply will not finish any set in this game while playing and then wear it at your level. So I thought, why not make those low level sets and legendary items scale along with the player to atleast make the item viable. If you, for example find a lv. 25 wep with 100dps or whatever, the item would continue to enhance in ability along with the players level. So when it hits lv. 40, it enhances into a 300dps weapon with stat increases that go along with it. 5.) Bring back the 1 shot merchant / npc Rewards I thought it was an odd choice to take this ability away from NPC's. It was just a cool thing to be able to when it came to going up to an NPC and actually be given a real award for your efforts of .. oh you know ... saving the world. So I say bring back those 1 time per difficulty level NPC rewards. You could have some that, as in D2, enhance a white item into a rare. You could have some that add sockets or name tags to items ( i loved that by the way ). You could even throw out very rare, random merchants that did things like turn a Rare item you own into a legendary of similar stat / capability. I like the idea of very random / rare quest givers and merchants in the game that have very powerful benefits. This would make the overall process of farming and adventuring very unpredictable and rewarding. 6.) AH Searchable In-Game Almost like current search engines add-ons for the internet. Find a Rare item on the ground and ID it and are curious to what it would sell like on the AH. Well, this feature would immediately link you to the AH and would search for an item with similar properties. Or, simply allow an Options choice to enter the AH without leaving your game, so you could then do a quick search on your own. The first idea seems far more advanced, and would take some great coding work, but in the end would an extremely cool feature I think. This would also eliminate the dozens of Price Check messages in general / trade chat and of course, end the flood of such threads in the item forum. Well, go ahead and bash all these ideas if you like. They are just some ideas I had after a long period of play. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.insomniac297 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 That's all you offer? Damn...Presidential2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Alert Sms, prepaid phone and paypal Hi all ! I just want a clear answer on what is planned to fix that issue or if something is planned to allow prepaid phone to use full diablo 3 functionality. I have paid this game like the other but cannot enjoy all of it because I choosed to have a prepaid phone. It's like buying a car without one tire. Moreover I can receive Text message with my selfphone so there is no real problem here. I also have already a paypal account and my phone is already recorded there to manage it, and paypal did not care about my prepaid phone. So I don't know why there is a problem with Blizzard only ?? Could anyone tell me if there is a solution to that ? Thank you RikRicor8 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 I cant open a Gameplay I open Diablo 3, sign up and when the moment say "Loading Heroes" the game close.. return at the desktop. What happen?ElliotPeach1 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 When are you guys gonna fix the lag? Saw some blue posts. Maybe I can get a response to this issue all of us are having.Medieval0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 My 2 Cents Just my constructive criticism here. I've generally really enjoyed Diablo III. I like the levels and gameplay and even the story was hokie and fun. But some design choices have really hindered my continued enjoyment. 1. Auction House Brick Wall: I'm probably one of the few gamers who enjoy using the AH. My problem isn't that we feel compelled to use it because drops are bad (which we do, and they are) its that I have reached a brick wall. I could spend days farming gold and still only buy an incremental upgrade for my character. The cost of items is through the roof. Maybe its botters idk. But like in Act II inferno, I feel like I can progress no further with the AH because its too expensive. 2. Inferno Brick Wall: Blizzard has already acknowledged this and I feel like they took appropriate steps but I feel compelled to mention it here again because the double brick wall of AH and Inferno make it difficult to want to keep playing because I can't find any way to progress. I've done Act I over and over again and get nothing for it. How can you expect me to continue on when everything I do feels so inadequate? This is basically the source of my frustration. I just feel like I can't progress any further. Whether this is just my perception or reality, it is how I feel and I thought I'd let you know because I do know that Blizzard listens to their fans and tries to help so there it is. Do with it what you will.Thrawn2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Impossible packs do exist How you deal with that Jay? This is not hard...this is stupid.Undersky122 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 PVP Does anyone know wehn we can possibly expect to see the pvp arenas up and running?venomtman2116 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 A little bit of constructive criticism Now, I've been playing Diablo 3 quite a lot since it released, and although it does seem a bit rusty, it was quite fun. As the difficulty progressed, it became more and more apparent that rather than becoming stronger, and more empowered, I was becoming weaker. I'm not complaining, it was quite fun overcoming the challenge, but there was one thing that kept coming up time and time again with me. You don't have enough control over your character. I'm sure that right now you're probably thinking that that sounds silly, but hear me out. Look at how many control impairing effects there are on champion monsters. Jailer, Waller, Frozen, and I'm sure there are others that I just can't think of at the moment. I don't know about you, but I don't think that getting frozen in place, without any sort of way to fight back in fun. And this just brings up another problem that has come up. This game is too gear based. Now, I thought when I bought a game in the Diablo series, that I'd be getting a game that rewarded you for knowing how to use skills effectively. I suppose that Diablo 3 does, to a certain point, but not nearly enough. I'm just going to go through how I play my Witch Doctor, as an example. I go through normal enemies with general ease, and when I come to an elite pack, I use wall of zombies, and kite it around for a couple of minutes after that runs out. That's right I kite it around for a COUPLE of MINUTES. Sure, elite packs should be tough, but they shouldn't take longer to kill than a boss fight. Now, I'm not looking at this from a balance standpoint. I'm looking at this solely with the purpose of trying to make it more fun. So here are a few "fixes" I'm going to list off that I'm going to suggest for JUST the character that I've played extensively. -Take out Jailer and Waller.(Or at least 'fix them') Now, I know, a lot of people are going to say "they're fine, you're just complaining!" but I generally don't like dying because I can't control my character for 2-3 seconds. Waller might even be fine if it had a life bar to it, and it could be destroyed. Frozen is completely fine, as it can be dodged. -Make regular monsters a bit tougher, and make elites a bit weaker. This would have to be coupled with my next point. -Reduce the cooldown on SOME skills, and/or add more group control skills. Skills like Wall of zombies need to be able to be utilized more often. Maybe cut the cooldown to 5 seconds, and cut the size of it down to 2/3? I don't know. I'm not going for balance here, just fun. There would also need to certainly be changes to other characters, as the with doctor isn't the only one with this trouble, I'm sure. Give some feedback. Tell me what you think, and I'll perhaps add it to the original post. I'm sure I'll think of other things to add in later, that was just everything on my mind at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to read this.Rodundra0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Blizzard keeps deleting complaint posts again I have made several posts with issues I have been asking Blizzard for answers and nothing guess what. Blizzard deletes them!!!!!!!!!!! This is called customer service you go to a shop you have a complaint it gets answered!!! Blizzard this is your shop now start answering the customers didn't we pay for the game? How many more posts you going to sweep under the carpet now apart from your nonsense of new patches and rubbish you think what we want we don't! I would like a Blizzard representative to answer this without the usual politician type answers!!! Why are my posts gone?(days old) Can people please Bump or a knowledge this so Blizzard comes from under the rock they hide I am a customer and would like service please!!! Wake me up when they come.Benneroo0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Are rare drops rare now? Please forgive me for being a moron, but a after a month of not playing I logged back in to finish off Belial in nightmare and noticed that he didn't drop any yellows. Then I noticed that the next few rare mobs didn't either. Are the rare item drops really rare now?ToEleven0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Legendary and SET item question Ok so I have to know, is there a reason why rare items are more powerful than legendary or SET items. Honestly it seems backwards to me. I never find the legendary or SET armor from a drop, and yet they are worse than the Rares that do drop. Anyone know what is actually going on. Isn't the point of having legendary gear or SET gear to have some of the best gear in the game? A perfect example is the highest damage and stated legendary bow doesn't touch the highest damage and stated rare bow. It just doesn't make any sense, Or is it that all of the powerful legendary and SET items haven't been found from the drops yet?Nomad2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Patch not Updating I've tried all the fix's for patch loop however this broke !@# still is not updatingMrOlympia1 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Asia Server still down? Why is Asia server still down? My launcher still can't download patch.Sharphit1 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 blue post on criticism threads none to be found. ill say this. Killing jay wilson in game was pretty satisfying. I quit playing after that... I keep saying.. O the expansions will make this game awesome like diablo 2.. I've been disappointed to much.. i dont think they will be anymoreLolly0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Accused of Spamming Over the last several days I've been getting e-mails warning me that my account was spamming, even when I was off-line for hours/days. Today, my account got suspended for 24-hours despite that I'm never in chat. Anyone else getting this problem. Only other thread I could find was here: I thought it was phishing at first, so I never clicked the links or did anything thinking it was fake and trying to get my account information. Now I know it is "real" or someone hates me and is mass-reporting me.insect2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 (my) Monk Inferno build Hi guys, I've seen and read alot about monk builds for infeno, but I havn't seen any with the build that I have been having success with lately. I'm currently in act 1 inferno (Cain just died) but have used this build since halfway through hell. So far in inferno I have only died once. First off stats.. -Str 330 -Dex 923 -Int 433 -Vit 336 -Armor 6389 (68.05 DM) -Dps 8621 (unbuffed) -Resist 1095 all (unbuffed) (78.5 DM) Skills (1) breath of heaven (blazing wrath rune) (2) sweeping wind (Blade storm rune) (3) Serenity (Ascension Rune) (4) Mantra of healing (Circular Breathing rune) (Left Mouse) WoHF (Windforce Flurry rune) (Right Mouse) Tempest Rush (Tailwind Rune) Passives -Transcendence -Seize the Initiative -One with Everything I'm using an 800 dps fist with a shield. All of my gear is stacked with resist all and fire resist to get over 1k resist. I also stacked life regen instead of LoH, I just prefer regen for this build, I have 1100 regen when MoH is up. My gear was cheap and it isn't very good. I don't think I paid more then 500k for every piece of have. This build puts out decent DPS and has very good survivability. The key to this build is circular breathing. I might also want to mention that my fist has 1.90 regen on it. I have 5 regen a sec with MoH up. With this build, I'm able to run into a champ pack along with a room full of mobs and stay alive with minimal kiting. Obviously, I always have MoH up. When I run into some mobs, I put up sweeping wind and Breath of heaven for the dps bonus. I always try to keep my blazing wrath buff up cause it bumps me up to 9.6k, and it last 1min to its not hard to keep up. If its just white mobs, beating on them does the job, don't have to use any other skills. As for champ packs, do the same thing and start beating on them. When health gets low, I use breath of heaven, or spam MoH. This is wear circular breathing helps. I never have low spirit problems. If crap really hits the fan I pop serenity, and use tempest rush to get out of there. Alot of times, I just use Tempest Rush by it self to get out of fire and arcane sentries, or if I'm just not comfortable where I'm at. Once you get out of the way, one of your cd's should be ready you can run right back into the fight, all the while your hp and spirit are regening. LoH is better, but it doesn't work if your kiting. If you any reason you do have to kite for a bit, you don't have to worry about going back into the fight with no spirit, circular breathing will get you full in about a minute, along with your health regen getting you back to full health. I almost never have to kite, only have to get out of arcane sentry's and such, or just get out of the center of a mob. Along with health regen, Transcendence keeps you healed up, and it isn't a problem with circular breathing. I know alot of people use resolve in inferno, but I find that even with resolve, the damage can still be spikey at times, and its not a problem when every skill you use heals you, and you always have spirit to use them. One more perk to this build with the cicular breathing is that when you are just trying to travel from Point A to Point B (Like after clearing one part of a dungeon), Tempest rush gets you places fast (real fast). Once your spirit runs out, it'll be back to full once you reach your next set of mobs. Well that about concludes this build. I prolly forgot something, but I think I covered everything important. Comments and criticism are welcomed!JulePatchoul0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Monk DH Combo v.s Barb Wiz I know allot of people have been getting upset over the games current state of being able to farm Inferno or to play Inferno passed ACT 1. I know I built a Monk and loved it until Inferno ACT 2 when I started to boost my resistance and lower my vitality. My solution was to build a OP DH( at the time pre attack speed %) and figured ill just walk through Inferno with mass damage and no resistance or health. Well I was wrong its the same except now I get 2 hit insted of 10 hit. but that is besides the point, after doing lots of reading and crying(due to all the sad forum posts i read) I concluded this game is what it is and if you Cant beat an ACT with one class building a new toon to try and sneak by wont work. As a result I Re-geared up my monk got higer health and Risistance and damage and now can get passed the ACT 2 parts I faced issues with before. After this new way of looking at the game I got to thinking. If you had one melle and one ranged class and had them both geared up to a certian level would it make any sense to do specific ACT runs with a certian class or just run ACT runs with 1 and focus on gearing one toon to do all hunting with. The only reason I ask is 1. Wizards have a build with high health and dps and is allot stronger than say a DH with high dp, 2. a barb with dual whirlwinds taking little no damage and rebuilding health. 3. a DH on the other hand offer a mass dps output build witch witch skills and patiants(kite kite kite) you can run through with as well. 4.monks high health his risistance with medium dps. these 4 builds seem to be the ones people are getting through Inferno with and I cant help but to think would say if I wanted to farm act 2 on Inferno would my DH be better than my monk or my wizard does better at ACT 4 than my Barb, but my Barb does better at act 3 than my Wiz. I will stop rambling hopefully you get the point!. Please post your ideas or comments about this as I would love to hear what others think. This could offer all the people who built 1 toon and stoped playing a chance to maybe build a new class and have it for certain farming but also give them the chance to play D3 more and stop qqing about RMAH. DrazDrazataz3 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 did server crashed? got a black screen while doing Hell A4 (i think was enterring diablo quest , the arch gate) and then cant log back on... (always show error switching heros 3006)Ninja0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Game priorities - vote HERE (Bliz please see) So we all know that there are a host of things we would like to see this game improve upon, but at the same time Blizzard has to prioritize them and put the most important ones first. Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to get a feel for what the community would like to see happen first. Below is a list of general issues that are commonly addressed here in the forums. Reply to this thread with each one in the order you think they are important and I will update the main post as the results come in. If you leave some off the list that is fine as well. Here they are, in the order I would choose them: Class tweaks (improvements to underused skills/runes to make more builds viable) Itemization (specifically legendaries) Server stability (latency, rubberbanding) Auction House improvements (more filters, better search functionality) PVP patch Spam and Bot control Magic find gear swap issue Note: Please try to avoid adding new ones to the list. If several people add the same thing, I will add it. But try to keep it general! I will keep the top post updated so check back to see the results! EDIT4: 4th round of results are in. I assigned a point value to people's choices to give weight to higher priority items. Here they are. Itemization - 94 Server stability - 55 Spammers/Bots - 50 AH - 37 Class tweaks - 36 PvP -30 MF - 21antiduke27 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Just me or... is lag getting worse? Just noticed over the last week, lag is a near constant issue, rubber banding, long pauses, stutters ect... Seems much worse then it was a few weeks back even when showing 200+ ping, now my pings always around 60 but actually gameplay is much worse. Anyone else noticed this?mastermind3 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 AH Bot exist??? I woke up in the middle of the night just to make my last bid... Item was at 500k... Then When I inputted 600k I was outbidd'd by the minimum... Then I bidd'd 800k... I was outbidd'd again... And I placed 1.5m as my final bid and I was out bidd'd by the MINIMUM... again!!! What the hell is that, no REAL MAN can actually tail another player knowing what they have bidded... This is outrageous... I go through all this just to try to win a bid and some BOT beatsz me . . . . . zzzzzz WTF to thisLingLing29 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Blizzard: Is Loot Coming Or Not?? Hello Blizzard – Can we get some sort of update on what’s in the pipeline as far as the loot is concerned? This was and is the most important thing in the Diablo world. As you have mentioned, the item hunt is not there. This pretty much proves that we think (maybe not you), but WE think that the loot sucks. So as long as we are on the same page that the loot truly, utterly, and completely sucks, can we get any news on what will be added/changed? I don’t care if it takes you forever to implement the changes. I just would like to know what is in store for us: Should we expect charms to be added? Should we expect runes? Diamonds? Skulls? Jewels? More sockets? Should we expect more uniques (I mean legendaries, sorry!)? Should we expect more sets? Better sets? Should we expect all the amazing loot items from Diablo2:LOD? I know that you guys are currently working on beefing up the legendaries. That sounds awesome. But what else?? This is what we care about. Patches and patch notes about greying out auction buttons, and how many players are playing are not what we are concerned with. Finally, I also know that a lot of people will say, “yes they are coming in an expansion.” Well, that is just speculation. Can you, Blizzard, confirm that expansions will happen, and if they do, any or all of this stuff will be added? Cause unfortunately, honestly, I am pessimistic to think that any of these will be added. Adding so much, (diamonds, jewels, etc) will disrupt your precious AH economy. People have already spent billions of gold for that uber weapon. But it only had one socket. What will happen to that investment now if you made all items have 5 sockets (like in D2?) That person’s item will now suck, and be not worth the amount of gold he spent. TLDR – Blizzard, fess up if you won’t be adding/enhancing the loot because the AH won’t handle it. OR, let us know loot is coming. Thanks!spaneika5 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Umm yeah Commodity Auction House is live Excited to see this part of the auction house go live. But there seems to be a hitch in the giddy up. There are minimums in place that make items unsellable. Believe me I would love to get .25 per Tome of Secrets but there is no chance in hell that someone is actually going to pay that much. Thanks for making it live, but seriously the threshold per item needs to go down.Roque0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Idears to improve AH Hi, i know several of my friends and I have been really annoyed about some things in the AH First thing is that at level 60 and most likely above later on, 3 stats to find a weapon or armor simply ain't enough it takes a "hell" of a time to find what you need and what you want, so at least 4 stats would be a great improvement. etc. you want Dex, some random resist, All resist and Vitality.. but you can only search for 3 so you get allot of items without your much wanted 4th stat or such a little amount that its useless either way. Another thing could be a maximum Bid price, that would help to find items between XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX... millions and lower buy outs.. which we all know there is allot of. Perhaps make a clickable thing which makes your current selected stat the main (max stat) on the desired item. Be able to make more than 10 auctions, and cancel them for more then 5 min all the way to the end of the auction would be nice, i must admit i personally haven't looked up what the reason behind this is, but i guess it has some thing to do with not filling up their servers to quick. If you have any constructive criticism, other suggestions or just like it bump this up so Blizzard will see it. P4iZ On a side note, maybe they should make an achievement called "Retarded Auctioneer" for those who add crap on ah for millions and make their ID to Retarded Auctioneer#XXXX till they sell 10 good itemsP4iZ2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 An Honest D3 Review? Let's be serious and civilized as possible here, let's keep the bashing out, useless non productive comments out as well. Another warning, this is a wall of text. Read at your discretion. Oh, I already have a authenticator! So let's be frank and honest, D3 for the majority of the players around the world has been a substantial let down (See Metacritic - - User Scores, not reviews from "critics". Newegg's user raiting puts this game at a 3/5 ). These ratings can be biased, but later on I'll give my review... General Discussion board usually gets filled with negative comments and remarks and suggestions to improve gameplay, some speculating that blizzard is on damage control on their precious Diablo IP (Recent statement on what the player count actually is). But this doesn't mean it was a let down for all players. A small percentage of the players out there still enjoy playing Diablo 3 for much. To be frankly honest, Diablo 3 was incredibly fun for the first two weeks or so. In fact, I've picked up playing my Monk (Dual Wielding! Yes you read right, no sword and board! with around 300 resistence) again in act 2 inferno and being about 75% cleared, it was quite fun! After two days of killing every champion/elite mob (ok, skipped one pack that had shielding, plagued, desecration, mortar). with 5 stacks of NV, I began to understand why I lost so much faith in the game. There is no building up of excitement and enthusiasm throughout the game. Let me clarify that, there is no late game excitement and enthusiasm found in the game. Because truth be told, opening the box, installing the game then hopping into diablo 3 was a blast. As mentioned above, I truly enjoyed playing the game for the first two or so weeks after launch. The main reason why I found this game so truly enjoyable is because there was a sense of progression and leading up to a climax after each act, difficulty level, item drops. In normal you see the differences in gear act by act, different skills being unlocked with every level, and the story unfolding. You start with a 10 DPS white item in your hand, eventually start seeing 50 DPS! Then when that 100 DPS item pops out you jump in joy! But there is a downside to that, I will admit that without a Auction House I may have never seen a 100 DPS item or better through my progression. In fact, the majority of my gear was AH bought simply because I was not getting the drops I needed to level the playing field. I found the auction house to be a life saver. As you progress into Nightmare and Hell you start seeing even better items, 400 DPS?! You had your mind blown. Even if you had to scourge the AH to find it! With the anticipation of actually beating inferno I continued forward, and to be very honest everything hell and under was "easy". Now, throughout this phase all I heard and seen discussed is methods to get into higher inferno acts and exploit the living daylights out of them for gear drops. Most of the players who I know that have 1000 DPS+ weapons (respective to their characters, and without buying them for millions in the AH) have ran some sort of unintended method to obtain them i.e. letting Tyreal kill mobs, resplendent chest zerging, etc. Shortly after (maybe too late) blizzard patched the game to prevent most of these things. The character of choice to be seemed to be a Demon Hunter, while others became tanks (Monks, I'm looking at you guys). Then we get into the "late game", and as described by blues on the forums the "item finding phase". The latter was admittedly announced to be the late game model for D3, and sticking their guns to what D2 was it makes sense. To be honest content wise there wasn't much to do in D2 in contrast to D3, sure there are some differences, but I'd be hard pressed to say there was a huge difference. But there was a big difference between the two games. It was the progression and the feeling that you were getting somewhere in D2. You got to a high level and started massing MF gear and started your journey to get gear. Boss after boss you had that anticipation that you would be rewarded for your efforts, waiting for the unique and set items to drop from the boss kill. You enjoyed doing this for hours on days end because you kept getting built up that there was a drop possible. Sooner or later you were in hell farming and your gear was entirely unique or composed of a set, most of the time on your own accord. Later you wanted to increase your skills power, and vital stat points by maxing out in levels. Perfecting your build to the max. Now another concept, D2 had us hunting for items, real tangible items that were known to be great in slot or best in slot items. Players spent days on end "MFing" to find these items such as a Windforce, The Grandfather, Runes, the perfect chance guards (don't take this list literally, its been a while since I've played d2...). Lastly, the "difficult " inferno level feels rather artificial relying too much on RNG and affix generation rather than player skill. Some players may dislike this but look back on how WoW is doing and why players play week after week and still can't achieve the "last boss" kill. There is tangible mechanics that make bosses difficult or mobs hard to kill. Add these concepts into the game and give us something that feels difficult rather than teedious. While the current concept gives some sense of player skill involvement (getting out of a jailer, kiting, etc) the difficulty level is still dependant on the "RNG" concept. By now those who have bother to read the entire thing could have notice that my rants basically want to make the game a D2 clone. But if I can be deathly honest, D3 is a rehash of D2 with better graphics. But maybe that is the problem, we expected something to hold the great things of D2, and when D3 didn't deliver we all turned sour. But my question is this, while it will seem blunt: Why did Blizzard release a game that must have knowningly had flaws (from a business concept, there are tons of analysis and balancing of "supply and demand" a company does when releasing a product, there surely wouldn't be a miscalculation from a mamoth company would there?) and missing compontents such as PVP? And another thing, there was a video I saw that involved Leonard Boyarksy and Julian Love ( skip to around the 7:40 mark) where they were asked if any blizzard employee had beaten inferno. Their answer was that no one in blizzard at the time of launch had beaten inferno, they reached the difficulty but did not beat it. This only makes me wonder, what kind of development was done with inferno? /end rant, puts flame suit.zeropulse5 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Duel single play modes Currently I have just about cleared Act 2 Inferno with my Monk and can comfortably solo Act 1, except for the super pesky rares. I also have a Demon Hunter that is currently not so well off in Act 1 Inferno, but I'm sure with a few tweaks and a little more playtime I can also get her to breeze through Act 1 also. Last night though I had an idea that could help with some people like myself that like to just jump around in the game without having to follow the quest line to proceed through the game. I also would like to be able to clear certain areas of each act without having to exit the game change the quest and reenter the game. The main reason for this is because, although may not actually have a factor, that some games seem to have better drop rates than others and those kind of games I would love to clear more of than just one Act and then having to completely clear the rest of the game. So last night I had an idea of something that would act as a sort of free play. Basically you would have two game modes one would be for progressing through the quest line to open up new areas, complete new boss kills, etc. The second would be a mode that would allow u to basically do the same as we did in D2, except it could be limited to things u have already attained. Now I think this could do a lot for this game. Such things would include making way-points feel more useful, give the game a better flow and easier navigation, give more reason to explore different acts for areas to visit. I believe this would also give a player like myself who just sometimes runs into an elite that I just can not physically kill even if the 7 before it I just stood toe to toe with and didn't even flinch a way to just continue on without having to just start a new game and hope for the best. I know that some may say u can just run past the mob and continue on, but sometimes its not that easy and it isn't worth the repair to do so, for example when I run into a waller vortex molten plague not that easy to run from and my monk doesn't really fair well against them lol.bravo11563 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Will 1.0.4... be worth the wait or another let down?Fatal1ty3 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 game lost connection i was just equipping new items and got lost connection. i was a demon hunter at the time, but logging in with my other characters i get the same lost connection to server. i just restarted the computer and everything else in my house is running fine on the network.Dragoon19780 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Heres to a second chance Well guys? About to give it a second chance... Wish me luck!SoulessOne0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Asia 1.0.3b maintenance for them: Asia: 1:00 p.m. PDT to 5:00 p.m. PDT Thoughts on an army of bots buying up 'undervalued' GAH commodities after their maintenance is over. /raising the price?Artrion0 Jul 10, 2012