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Jul 6, 2012 To All Who Say MF Is Broke You are crazy... I run around with 151 MF when I have 5 stack NV and I find AT LEAST 2 rares off every champ pack and boss... most of them being iLvl 61-63 and have found some amazing blues as well... I find upgrades all the time and also great gear for my alts. I run around with 115k DPS one shotting everything in Act 1 Infeno and it's fun and easy, run all of Act 1 and don't try to cap your MF to 300% or whatever crazy number people think they need to find good items or have rares drop... just run around with minimal MF and some NV and you're guaranteed good items... don't know what all the fuss is about. Also there should be no change in the way MF is run. Leave it as it, if people want to switch gear, then add a tab in like in Diablo 2 where you could have a full set of different gear just for MF if you want to switch at the last moment instead of just having a "swap weapon" spot... Ok that's it, end rant, flame away.DannySki13 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Conversation diablo 2 was so cool man each character was customized you could have a great tank a great melee char a hybrid barbarian a melee necromancer a curse necromancer i wish i could tank would be a lot better man it was so balanced also and the gear just got better and better and it took forever to level my necro was a hybrid necro it was melee and and my minions were strong as !@#$ i had this golem that would kick %^- and there was charms lol well it doesn't sound anything like diablo 3 thats y everyones upset if they don't do a bad as patch i don't even think it'll last 1 year lol really man its for the money here is my theory drops suck, cuz the supply and demand for *!@# is so high, and the $$rmah is 250 limit 15% cash goes to blizzard if the drops were great, gear would be worth nothing man no wonder loll.... no wonder they're doing that $%^- man yeah imagine 60 dollars on a stupid weapon each time, its like there buying a game all over again its ton of cash for them yeah man corruption *!@#ed the game up so dissapointingPablo23 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Hey Blizz, a few suggestions. Long time Diablo player here to offer some suggestions. I have over 200 hours played in Diablo 3, so I think that I qualify for the 'honest feedback' prize. =o] 1) Why were charms removed from D3? I know the reason was originally "Not Cool Enough", but ~ why? Take for instance the MAGIC FIND issue you guys are having right now, wouldnt it have been better to remove MF from gear and add it to charms only? That way you could get as much as you want, but still have to sacrifice storage space. I think that is a great balance. So, my suggestion would be this: Remove MF, GF, HealthGlobe range pick up (and a few extra affixes i cant name off the top of my head) from equipable gear. Come up with some cool 'charm only' affixes like '12% chance to find a health globe on hit' or '1% chance to drop 50% more gold on kill'. This would reduce some of those 'worthless affixes' from gear, and lower the pool of 'trash gear' we find on a regular basis and add some rly cool inventory management layers to the game. It would be nice if charms avoided stats and affixes that raise your DPS, so most players would not need to worry about stacking charms to get max dps, in turn, making them a completely optional part of the game. 2) Dungeon scrolls. Im sure that most of the people working on D3 played Torchlight, and I think we can all agree that dungeon scrolls were one of the best damn features in a ARPG ever. So, my suggestion: Doing Jail and Butcher over and over starts to lose its "fun factor" after the 74th time youve ran it. Make an inferno ONLY vendor, that sells a scroll of dungeon. The scroll would open a portal to a randomly created dungeon, with a random art tileset, and 4 levels deep with a boss at the end. Put lots and lots of champ packs on each floor. This would allow you guys to use the HELL out of all your art assets and keep the hacking and slashing fresh and varied. You know, you guys did say you were having problems coming up with a solid "end game", this could be one of those keys. 3) PvP.I know you guys dont want to create another E-Sport and I'm totally fine with that, but why not give us CTF and DOMINATION style battle grounds? My suggestion would be to add a few battle grounds. You know and I know they would be fun as hell. I dont even think this topic is worth debate because you would have to be a corpse to not find CTF fun in 90% of the video games on the market. I know the plan is to stick with death match battle arenas, But why? Why not expand it to do greater things like BGs? . Treat the PvPers with a little more . . . ohh whats the word. . . . care? consideration? Cater to us a little bit. Another PvP Suggestion: DUELS. Im not one to !@#$% about D3, but when I logged in the first time and clicked a portrait and noticed that I couldn't duel, I was pretty let down. I even frowned and said "Wow, you have got to be kidding me. . no DUELING? I Thought this was Diablo 3, not care bear island adventure." I digress. 4) AH UI. I have a few suggestions for the AH UI. We need to be able to filter more affixes. I would say up to 6. We need the ability to search for commodities the same way we do gear, the same way WoWs AH is set up. Row by Row, not just one record with a buyout button. I have over 200 hours logged and over 100 AH transactions and I still have no idea how this works exactly. We need UI elements to reset affix dropdown lists and its corresponding text box value to null, you know like a little red circle wit an X in it. I love the transaction report we have, but I would make one small suggestion, make it so we can see the stats of the item we sold OnMouseOver(); 5) Items. Can we get some awesome items into the game please? Can we get legendarys that are actually legendary? Im not gonig to suggest how, because I dont know how. I just remember in D2, finding an item with so many crazy affixes on it, I knew it would be valuable to someone, and 80% of the time, it was. I dont get that feeling playing D3. I think this is part of the reason the 'end game' gear grind isnt as 'fun' as you guys thought it would be. Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of text. I would love to see some of this added to the game. Ohh and dont forget about runewords!Beazy0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Why are there 3 Champs in same room That shouldn't even be able to happen QQ Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Diablo 3 -- Why has it been dumbed down Diablo 3 relies mostly on the server side. The client really contains the models, textures and sound. The map generated and mob AI are 100% server side. From a technological stand point, Diablo 3 is an amazing success for what it accomplishes. Ironing out the bugs on the client leaves the developer with limited client side patches, in their case hopefully none. The reason the entire game does not have an offline mode is due to the console version (coming soon) and the need to remove client patches (or at least completely limit them as much as technologically possible). The PC release of Diablo 3 is unfortunately a perfect testing ground for the future console version. As many people have stated in the forums, the PC client base is simply hammering out all the various bugs and tweaks needed for a stable console launch. It costs a lot of money to patch console games (small patches, or large patches). A lot of QA goes into this process. Eliminating the need to patch console clients saves time and money. The future of console games are what Diablo 3 has brought us (as well as some other great games before it): Server side hotfixes. The game is very dumbed down from a pc perspective. Limited use of skills and no character customization beyond choosing which skill to use. This is in direct relation to the console version as unfortunately as it may be, console games are notoriously "go, go, go" type games. Bare in mind there are of course the exceptions, however many console gamers prefer to simply play rather than allocate points and or have access to a wide range of skills sets. I personally have enjoyed playing Diablo 3 for what it is worth. However I do not enjoy the complete item randomization without constants, nor do I enjoy the dumbed down version of my character. I have played enough hours with the game to say that I did get my $60 worth however with that said, I sure didn't get my Diablo (new age/new tech/updated) fix. Cheers people.MrMagu5 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Has anyone else noticed... The insane amounts of Arcane Enchanted mobs lately? Or am I late to the party (again)?Jekuto23 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 why legendaries make me sad. i am sure there has been posts about this before.. but i want to voice how if feel about them. i do my normal butcher runs or farm act 2~3 occationally and when i see a legendary drop i am not even excited.. i just think how will it dissapoint me this time, the same with set peices. i dont think yay i found an item that can be great im so happy, the rush i am supose to feel when finding an "ultra rare drop" dosnt exist. it makes me really sad that i cant be excited for legendaries what so ever or set peices. i personally enjoy farming and dont mind waiting for pvp. BUT when i cant even enjoy finding a legendary. it makes me question why i play this game. there is other problems with this game but i dont mind them for the most part.. but this in my oppion is game breaking when i cant enjoy getting legendaries, OR even if BY the grace of god they are pretty decent, legendaries will almost never ever be BiS. and if i do quit this will be the only reason i quit. im aware people may call me retarded for having such a dumb complaint in their eyes but this is all just my oppinion and i wanted to voice it.MadKittyCat0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Replayability Ideas-Add your Own So after playing games like Torchlight, POE, and other classic ARPGS, I realized that I actually somehow like D3 the best and am back to give more constructive criticism. D3 could learn a lot from its competition. Give the random events rewards aside from small amounts of gold, even if its just a one time deal per difficulty. Such as getting a few stat points or more HP. This hunt for events will be a considerable time sink per character. Better/More Loot. Item affixes definitely need more interesting affixes. There also needs to be other drops aside from actual gear. Alternatives to charms or perhaps there can be droppable spells like in POE. These would be unique skills not known by other classes, there would only need to be a few but they would need to be rare. Bring back skill trees. They would only need to be 0/3 or 0/5. This could also be used to buff certain skills that just aren't viable right now. Respeccing would be a must, some people can't handle making a new character. The cost of respeccing must be great enough that it would actually make you think twice about respeccing, but not so outrageous that you would only do it 1-3 times. Get rid of your atrocious quest-system. Let us create our own runs, not start from the beginning of Act 1 if you want to kill Skele and the Butcher. I should be able to kill the Butcher and then the Skele. You could make WPs farther away from the bosses to compensate. Game lobbies need to be brought back to their former glory and the player count needs to be increased slightly. I think 6 people is a good spot, I agree with the developers that 8 players in D2 was a bit too flashy.I also want to be able to play with those 6 people in games of our choosing, if I want to create a game solely for dueling or trading, then I should be able to Make Inferno Diablo extremely difficult, or create another zone/level for players to test their skill once they have gotten the godliest of gear. You should also tone down the abilities on champs/elites.Meteora5 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 inferno item solution ? remove all items under ilvl 61 from inferno . take away 4 property items from inferno . replace with 5-7 properties per rare . blues stay same . act 1 inferno - ilvl 61 - 50% chance , 62 - 30% , 63 - 20% act 2 inferno - ilvl 61- 20% , 62 - 50% - 63 - 30% act 3 / 4 - ilvl 61 - 20% . 62 - 30% - 63 - 50%beastmode7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 iLvl 63 drop rates 0.48%, not 4.8% in act 1 I thought I was getting iLvl 63 items way too infrequently when farming act 1 inferno, and the blue posts always ask for numbers when people complain about drop rates, so I decided to collect some data and do the math. Clearing act 1, I wrote down iLvl of all magic/rare item drops for 200 items. All were received with 5 stacks of NV. Of these 200, exactly 1 was iLvl 63. The drop rate is supposed to be 4.8% for iLvl 63 items in act 1 inferno, so I'd expect 9-10. Perhaps I'm just unlucky? I did some math: * Given the true drop rate is between 3.8% and 4.8%, there is a 0.36% chance that I'd get 1 out of 200. * Given this data alone, there's a 91.21% chance the true drop rate is below 2%, 98.42% chance the true drop rate is below 3%, and a 99.74% chance the true drop rate is below 4%. I would attribute this to exceptionally bad luck, except it happens repeatedly! Whether or not you believe me, try it out! Collect 100 blue/yellow items in Act 1 Inferno, with normal gameplay, and post here how many were iLvl 63. My guess as to what's wrong: The developers only gather metrics on all items and the vast majority of them are white/grey. If they don't gather and alarm on metrics like this, things critical of the experience of the game, then I will be very sad. It should have been caught in any number of unit tests, integration tests, or metrics alarms. EDIT: * I picked up all blue/yellow items, from chests, regular mobs, elite packs, bosses, everything. * 5 stacks of NV was what I happened to test with, it shouldn't affect item quality. I had 0 other sources of MF. * With a masters in applied math focusing in machine learning and statistics, I can appreciate randomness. I know my data alone doesn't prove anything, but it is convincing evidence that drop rates are skewed differently than I've been led to believe. EDIT 2: My assumptions: 1) Rarity (grey,white,blue,yellow etc) does not depend on ilvl of the item. If this is not the case, I think posting a blanket "4.8%" is quite misleading, especially when they said it *did* depend on item type (ring,pants,etc). 2) Blizzard uses a decent random number generator. 3) Your last drop does not effect your next drop.pfayze500 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 From Force himself.. Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 go ahead, quit many people talk about how they always get an itch for D2 and that's what makes the game great. I really doubt the majority of people picked up Diablo 2 and immediately exclaimed 'oh boy, I'm going to be playing this for the next 10 years' so, I say quit if you want. wait a month or two, I bet you'll get that itch.pogicraft4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 [Suggestion] Gear Re-Rolling Allow players to reroll stats on gear. This will do 2 things: 1) Provide a gold sink 2) Allow players to still feel like they are progressing How it would work: Either bring the mystic into the game or allow another artisan to do this. Players need to acquire mats from salvaging. Players can choose to reroll stats on an item. The item will have the same stat budget for the ilvl, and the same stats that are already on the item. However, the minimum stat value for RNG will be the current stat on the item. The maximum will be 5 - 10% of the current stats on the item. This should require a RIDICULOUS amount of mats and gold. I mean an INSANE amount (200 essences, 100 tears, maybe some brimstone, 10 mil gold - maybe more?). This way people aren't just upgrading whatever they find -- just items they really care about. There would be a chance the stats wouldn't change, but there's a good chance the item will get better.Affe4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 16 ideas for better experience (MF included) About Blizzard Magic Find thread. I would discourage item switching in fight while having MF to full amount fast. While in combat, MF could only decrease to the lowest +MF per item you wore during this fight. Out of combat, it can restore, behave like today. So if I start combat with +10 MF gloves, than switch gloves to a +5 MF and then to +20 MF gloves, my gloves could only count for +5 MF. The +20 can hit in after combat. Ban all these accounts: Gold and leveling spammers / friend requesters / general discussion advertisers Botters A warning or impossibility to bid on an auction I am winning, so I don't outbid myself, would be great. Checking items every day, there are items I see again (because they list for 36h) and I want them! Possibility to buyout an item I am currently winning if fine, a warning would be great. By the way, auctions lasting 36h is great. In the AH, today, the list in upper left displays character like: "Name(Class)" Would be great to have character level too, like maybe: "Name(Level)Class" Display local time while in AH, just like in game. In Act1, the town portal is too close to the stash, maybe in other acts too, uncertain. An ability to compare gear that simulates if the item is not socketed would be great. When I loot a new item that I (or follower) consider wearing, having sockets, they are obviouly empty. Now my equiped item sometimes has its sockets full. It is a waste of time and gold to go to Jewelcrafter, empty the socket, compare, fill the socket again and go. When checking AH, the idea is similar with sockets-full gear. Similarly, a "Try before you buy" option from jewelcrafter in order to "try" what would my character stat would be if I insert this or that rock in the socket. Maybe a free temporary (like 30 second) socketing that pops the rock out after time expires so I have time to wear and see the impact to my stats. Where can I find info about the range value for items attributes per level. Say a level 30 2h sword, what is the possible range of base damage, what is the possible range of poison damage, what is the possible range of strength, etc. for all possible attributes a 2h sword could have. This information would be great to know. Maybe an option in the UI, maybe a new page in game guide or printable from the game guide online that also displays the latest game client version that changed the value, wherever. If it gets in the UI, maybe display where this 2h sword +strength fits is the possible range in terms of % (quantitative) or color coded stat value from green for good rool to red for bad roll (another quantitative) or qualitative terms. Any way to know if the individual stats I see are good or not compared to the possible ranges. About the amount of possible attributes on blue (1 to 3 I believe), on yellow (4 to 6 I believe), on orange (no clue yet!), on green (yet to loot one) I guess the players have to learn! (I guess I haven't fully learned this yet!) Possiblitity to not be able to see/click grey/white items. Fighting as melee, you keep clicking on trash instead of monsters. By the way, for constructive reasons, even improved whites or balanced of other adjective seems like a waste of time for designers/developpers/testers/players. Would be great to have Nephalem Valor buff starting at level 1 (that is for killing special monsters) Why not another buff activating on regular monsters kill that allows items to drop from all lootable non-monster objects. Have equipment-MF unnafecting this loot until MF revamp gets implemented. You could control the chests generation as this buff gets stacked. More chests (reward) for those who deserve them. Are the walls from waller special monster destructible? would be great! Would be great to have more SUSRPISES from chest, maybe some funky monster from somewhere else. Say you are in a field, a chest could have a possibility to spawn a cow from D2. When in a creepy area, it could spawn one of the zerg family monster. Having Bart Simpson poping would be awesome but there are probably copywrights, but having to face Thrall who would be screaming "FOR THE HORDE" would be awesome. Maybe sometimes a 5 minutes pet butterfly follower which could be dismissed. You can go wild here, Blizzard is a diverse franchise. How about just a recording playing the soundtrack for one of StarCraft cheats like "POWER OVERWHELMING". Maybe the ghost of Duriel. Maybe the chest has a hole to hidden underground level producing moonshine. Maybe... surprise me!!! Would be great to add a Suggestions/Improvements/Feedback section in the forum so that constructive post do not get lost in general discussions. Would be great to have the possibility to virtually reduce the damage or power of my character when I join a friend's game. Say I login the game after dinner and I see my friend is playing a level 11. I might not have a character around level 11 but it would be great that I can use my level 45 and when joining his game I have the POSSIBILITY to turn on/off "damage reduction" to a level where we have fun. (Please click "Like" for all posts you like, replying helps too)Yiriba0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Bashlok comment ... Really Bashlok? Help us out? How can you help out a dying breed that you poisoned and left to die to try and suck money out of a dead treeVvasp3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 End Game solution 2 ...Thank you Bashok. I must say that this is first time I am disappointed by Blizzard. Everything in terms of graphics, sound, audio, etc. is as usually fantastic and perfectly done. Artists did such a great jobs. The story on the other hand is crap. They (Diablo managers) IMO went through the easiest path, they possibly could. They did not variate level difficulties at all. They did not attract people in the sense that the next level would reveal more details of the story with for instance new gear !!! People finishing Normal were driven only by better gear to have and more skills that hero can obtained on the way. However, the story remained the same. In Hell I was already fed up with the story but still wanted to improve my character. Now, when I got Inferno, obviously I was still driven by the same thing. This was the only thing that remained. But we have been deprived of that "the only thing" by making monsters so hard that even buying gear from AH to even start Inferno (only this was motivation) cost me almost all golds did not really help. I expected slowly but by little steps continuous improvement of my character. The thing I ended up with was repeating the same story all the time, again, again, and again with the same gear--honestly, I did not get anything useful at all. Secondly, I cannot go wherever I want and try this monster; no this one then maybe something else; no, then another one. What I was forced to do was doing the same things. My decision was based on the simplest matter: "There are better things to do than this game." Even though, I would killed Diablo in Inferno, I could not imagine as much do to afterwards; limited by doing repetitive Acts without much flexibility feels boring. Realizing this hit me once and I decided to stop it until I would be even more disappointed. Another thing is RMAH. I am afraid this has very negative impact on the game. In GAH, I could only see things of rocket insane prices. I could not even see the near future to gain enough golds to buy any single item. Not talking about the set I needed. I did not buy anything from RMAH because I did not wanted to mix real money with computer games. I am nerd but I am not that crazy! I never considered buying golds to get better gear as well. This sounds like nonsense. Another thing is that buying stuff for real money is for me like cheating on exams! I would be automatically deprived of any fun if I did so. It's shocking people use it! In terms of farming, the golds increase was somewhat existing but repair costs significantly reduced that. The gear I needed and price of them of range of millions and more was only devastating and dis-motivating. Perhaps the game is not for me and I clearly stated it. Thanks for readingCéldor1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Bored till 1.1 is TSW any good? Just wondering if anyone has given The Secret World a shot, looks a bit different, perhaps something to play while I wait for D3 to get finished or till TL2 comes out. Thanks for the opinions!Killroy11 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Spell damange should NOT be based on weapon I just bought out a 90ish dps spear for my WD and instantly nightmare became normal. Now it seems that damage is the only factor to consider for weapons, if there's a substantial increase it's a no brainer choice for upgrade, I don't even need to look at other stats, not even intelligence. This is both stupid and unreasonable, stupid because, as said above, weapon damage becomes the sole factor, travializing all other stats, unreasonable because the sharpness of my spear shall in no way affect my spells. World of Warcraft has the spell damange mechanics so perfect, make this game so.Peter13 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Damage Fix Here's how I'd fix damage. First: Give people .5-1 damage per main stat point (Int, Dex, Str), and keep the % boost from main stat. So if you have a 1300 damage weapon with 1300 intel, you could effectively double your damage. Now a weapon with 250 int and 700 base damage is about the same as a weapon with 950 base. Gives people more choices of weapon instead of depending entirely on base damage, and makes your weap only amount to (roughly) half of your total damage or less. Maybe now some wizards will actually WANT to use wands, too. Second: Nerf crit to make it a flat 100% extra damage (like what deadly strike was in diablo ii). Assuming you were at 30k before, you'd be at 45-60k after main stat boost, and crit would probably boost you around 90-120k, instead of people hitting 300k after hitting for hardly anything. Not a perfect fix, but I think it'll help even out the game and maybe make other builds viable that don't solely rely on critical hit (I don't think a single ActIV viable build without crit even exists). If you have another idea, go for it. I'd like to see some solutions before PvP comes out and turns into a crit stacking challenge.CptObvious0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Which female class voice = your type of girl? I like the wizard, love her spunkinessyongri8 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Diablo 3 question? Not going to start a rant or complain here so Leave those at the door thx.. Just some questions: 1) what kind of system can we expect to see in the pvp arena? (wow style ranking system? Or more of a classic diablo 2 feel?) 2) can we hope to see any future things like quests that reward (sockets for our gear one per difficulty level per player, imbue on quests, personalized quest for our epic gear or anything of this nature? 3) are lvl caps going to be raised 5-10 levels per expansion or will we get a big lvl 99 grind? 4) can we hope to expect runeword or cube like features or something like that? Or was crafting gems and blacksmith just a beta form of what we can expect to see in the works? 5) will there be any sort of charms placed in inventory to boost players? 6) I imagine many extra if not all extra or added content will only be in future expansion packs what's the timeline look like? Every two years or so? How many? 7) will there be a feature fir weapon swapping? I've heard about mf swapping and hope that this is just a blanket feature that allows for two entire set changes or mix match any saved sets? Game is fun but is missing so much from diablo 2? Was this planned and why?Knoland1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Anyone noticed MF being shared? I currently have 231 MF. When I solo and kill mobs, I normally get a decent amount of rare items. So when My friend joins me with like 43 MF, I start to see not such a great decent amount of Rares. My friend tells me he finds 2-3 per champion pack with only 2 Neph buffs. (That's the same amount I get when I solo.) What is going on here?Shifu5 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 My farming frustrations Okay, this is how it goes for past 3-4 days of farming in act3, since im on a break FOr each day, I would cover act 3, in keeps, rakkis, and the rest till azmodan. of coz stacking 5 NVs constant and if occasionally when the 1 of the last remaining elite is easy, i would swap mf to 373% for the kill. My average drops: Each run: 5-6 elite ilvls 63, and 5-10 ilvl 63 armor. my 1 handers always fall between 600-800 at best with !@#$ty stats. my 2handers... miserable no matter how many hellion or revenants. Each day I would do close to 4 runs, all I got that is worth looking at is probably a bad stats " str" natalyas boot. How is it possible the drop ares still so bad, if this is improved patch. I cannot begin to wonder wat %^-* was blizzard doing between 1.03a & 1.03b I recall be4 the dumb nerf on inferno pony, I would get at least 1 nice drop from a CHAMP, not just the ponies itself, but others like flowers as well. That really leaves me wondering " how is it so screw up " It feels to me like, there are more ilvl 63 drops now, but more LAUGH at your face from blizzard ilvl 63 lolstats items.Balnazzar0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Correction, it's not an "Item hunt" It has become a stat hunt. People rattle off their stats with no mention of items. Anyone i play with state what kind of DPS they are doing not what kick !@# weapon they have. Every slot i have is a placeholder for stats. I don't feel ike i am waiting for a Grandfather to drop, i am just hoping for something "AH worthy" so i can sell it to buy the item i really need. Tons of threads out there state the issues with itemization far better than i could so i won't go there. But i really wish someone would comment on why the "item hunt" is not that fun. Can the majority of us name one piece they are currently wearing? I cannot. Blizzard has it half right maybe. I really enjoy smashing faces in this game. The mechanics are maybe the only thing keeping me playing. They hybrid ww/overpower/crushing advance build is a blast to farm act 1 with (until they nerf it) But there is only so many times anyone can run this without a rememberable reward.Troubles31 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Act 1 Portal is too close of the stash Hey guys ! I'm the only one who think that the blue portal in town act1 is too close of the shared stash. I mean, it's very annoying to try to click on your stash and to be teleported on the battlefield, because the space between both is so small, that you can easily miss your click. In my opinion, the blue portal should be near the WP. Exactly like in act 2. What do you think about that ?Tartine23 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 EU player, US RMAH Simple question, can I use rmah when i play on us servers when Im EU player with EU version of the game? On 1st lvl there is only gold AH and since the US have 1.0.3 patch, I cant check it atm and Im too curious to w8 until tomorrow ;pNikaz7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 blizzard team lacks economic understanding Here is the real problem with end game... its basic economics. There is no way to control the imminent threat of gold inflation and devaluation of all "wealth". The RMAH only accelerates this material weakness. Blizzard, you should seriously consider hiring people with knowledge of economics/finance to develop the games economy. Right now, gold’s buying power is less and less and will continue to be less and less. Blizzard needs a way to reduce money supply to preserve end game experience. A few viable solutions... blizzard will have to us USD to purchase gold. AKA blizzard will have to play the part of central banks around the world. Or, provide some other benefit for players to trade gold for something they get no trade value for in return... (e.g. the angle wings, alternate skins, something). Be creative, because the way this is going, my farming for 10 hours today will be equivalent to farming for 100 hours later which is why i am looking for a different game to play. note: I'm not some punk kid trying to hate on your company. I'm a shareholder of ATVI and I've been in the financial industry for over 10 years. This problem wasn't obvious but its a problem nonetheless.spawn42 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Rares are good, Uniques are Camel Crap! Ok, so we need more Uniques or Legendaries as you put them. In diablo 2 it was always hard to find a "decent" rare that wasn't better than a unique, but they were always there, whether they were crafted or just randomly farmed they were there. When not finding the right rare you could always fall back onto your unique items, which has predefined attributes, and the value of the attribute was the variable. These Uniques were not the best gear but they worked. When you turn Uniques or ... BLERGGH LEGENDARIES into Rares, what is the point of even having them? I don't want to find the right item but find out it's got a useless strength stat. Eg, Occy: Some faster cast rate and some skill levels, but a freaking annoying teleport that damn near always got you into to trouble. Ondals: 45% fcr 2-4 + All skills 5% bonus experience. this isnt the greatest weapon in the world it is also very rare, stops you from using a shield. Commanly used while leveling, but was a good trade off to other weapons before you got your perfect Hoto, or your Death's Fathom or Eschutas Temper. Spirit, Runeword: This was a very popular runeword, has loads of bonus's. Loads of FHR, +2 skills variating FCR capping at 35% What use is a Talrasha's set when it has +strength you fools. Fix the Legendaries and their drop rates. We don't need godly items, keep rare drop rates the same, just make inbetween gear.Ribskull2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 This game may finally lose me... I've been playing through day one and not once complained or been disgruntled by the many server errors and down times. I started off with a barb and never EVER complained about how hard he had it till the recent patches. But now.. I was on the rmah trying to buy somethin with the money i made selling gear. I press buyout on a good find for like 20bucks and than boom account locked WTF but that's not where they lost me it was the absence of customer service. I call blizzard to see if they can do anything about this or atleast give em and eta on when the lock would be over but no. I have created a ticket and no response for almost 24 hours now and i call them but you all noe what that does. The game itself isn't that bad. I mean its pales in comparison to its predcessor but what game doesn't. I like the game. I like the new skill system and although it has little replayability i've gotten almost all 5 classes to 60 and am even raisin another barb just for !@#$s and giggles. But i can't believe how %^-*Ty theiir services are.TFdkc0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 How would blizzard destroy... Pokemon Red & Blue aaaaaaaaaaaand beginthreadSteven41 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Barb or Monk cant decide I have two friends I play with, one is a wizard and the other is a DH. They want a tank for inferno, should I level a barb or a monk?Hogomojojo8 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Reply to Bashiok about Repair Costs Oki Doki Bashiok, I have been trying things out with the new less durability thing, as you asked, and while that is a bit better and all I still feel like I am being Punished for attempting to progress, and quite harshly at that. I can basically roll over the majority of the content I am attempting, at least up to the point I am personally up to, but when those nasty affix combo elite packs come up It feels like even attempting them is discouraged. There is already two very effective mechanics in place to discourage Death Zerging, the Res Timers and the mobs Healing. I would be all for these being made harsher, if need be, to prevent Death Zerging. The repair/death costs don't hurt those who can already faceroll the content, of course they don't. But are these the only people allowed to even progress, or do those areas? Those who have already completed/outgeared the areas? Before these Repair/Death cost changes, I was having an absolute blast progressing at my own pace, and willing to accept Deaths as part of the learning process. Now, even attempting to progress is a serious drain on the wallet, and the fun, bigtime. It is leaving me broke, and leaving me basically feeling like I don't want to keep being Punished just for attempting new content/areas. Please note, I am definately not crying for things to be made easier, no way. I like the Challenge of Inferno, it has been absolutely fun as, until it started draining my funds to nothing.Darkstar42 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 AH Suggestion: Completed Tab On the completed tab i think you should be able to see the item's stats when you mouse over or click on the name. So if i want to I can go back and check how much I sold a particular item for (if i don't remember the exact name) or quickly check an item i bought in the past.Cotillion0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Exercise in Futility I feel like I need to add my voice to the growing chorus of frustration with the completely broken game economy. I feel like I am essentially playing the game the way it was intended to be played. Gradually working my way deeper into Inferno, farming a lower act for gold and drops to incrementally improve my character, trying to learn how to play my class optimally, and digging into theorycrafting resources to maximize the cost-benefit of item upgrades. What is becoming apparent is that there is hyperinflation on items which represent meaningful improvements (at a certain point, this means near-perfect rolls) and hyperdeflation on non-perfect rolls (practically every single item you are likely to come across on any given day of farming). I feel like I am caught up in a system of ever-diminishing returns. I almost never find a drop that represents an upgrade for myself. Crafting is a total waste of money. Practically every drop is worthless on the AH. Between the gold I pick up and get from vendors, and the (very) few items I find that have some value on the AH, I feel like I am accumulating gold slower than inflation is driving up the cost for meaningful upgrades. I think I have essentially exhausted the upgrades I can do for under 5 million gold, and the number of hours that has to go in to farming to accumulate 5+ million gold to upgrade a single slot is getting kind of ridiculous with how rare perfect-rolls are. I am sure there are a variety of reasons for the economy running out of control. It sounds like massive gold dumps into the economy from bots is a major issue. I also think the limited number of viable stats is another major issue. Basically you need +pri +life +crits +AR (and a couple other slot-specific stats) on an item for it to be an upgrade, and for your character to progress, and basically everything else is worthless beyond a certain point. Everyone is converging on ilvl63 items with those stats, hyperinflating them, and the market for anything else has completely crashed. At this point I am finding it is not even worth the time involved in price checking items that aren't perfect-rolls. After spending hours upon hours price checking stashed items that *looked* pretty good at first glance, only to discover it's all worthless, has just completely taken the wind out of my sails - and motivated me to write this. The whole game at this point comes down to farming for hours upon hours to get a perfect-roll that can sell for enough on the AH so that I can maybe afford a perfect-roll for my character in return. It seems those meaningful upgrades keep inflating further and further out of reach as time goes on though. I would rather not take the cynical view that this is all part of Blizzard's evil plot to drive us all to the RMAH. I don't really see that as a viable business strategy anyway. This kind of an economy is going to drive far more people away from the game than it will ever drive to the RMAH. I think it's in Blizzard's best interest to let the RMAH serve as an option for people to spend a few dollars here and there for upgrades, and do so in a safe an secure environment, but for the gold economy to otherwise be a viable approach to playing the game. Right now it is increasingly non-viable. So how to solve the most problematic elements of the economy? Off the top of my head, I would say make a greater variety of stat combinations viable. I am not exactly sure how the stat rolls happen, but it seems to me that there's a roll for stat affixes on an item, and a roll for a stat budget on an item. I would suggest making more high stat budget items viable. Perhaps by increasing the max value of certain stats, so items with a high stat budget, but only one or two desired affixes, can still be viable. No crit on those gloves? Well at least it has 450 +pri. Another suggestion I would have is making crafting more useful, even at a high cost. I wouldn't mind pumping several million into an item if I *know* it will be an upgrade. This would also serve as a much needed gold sink in the game. If I could choose some of the stats on a crafted item at a significant cost per selected stat. This could also be a gem sink. Perhaps allow 3 gem slots on a crafting recipe for 3 guaranteed stats (or lots of one stat). The higher the gem value, the higher that stat, and the higher the cost of crafting the item. Add no gems to the recipe? It remains totally random, and it's at regular (or even reduced) crafting cost. Another suggestion is gemming for the stats that are most desired in the final acts. Everyone wants AR and crits on their items wherever possible, but we can't really gem for them to anywhere near the degree that we need those stats. This probably contributes significantly to the hyperinflation on the items that have these stats. I guess my final point is that I don't mind the game being hard, having to work at improving my skillz to progress, and for it to take time to get meaningful upgrades. There has to be a sweet spot though. Some fair and reasonable number of hours played should lead to fair and reasonable rewards and upgrades. With market inflation on viable items running out of control, the number of playing hours required for meaningful upgrades is no longer fair, reasonable, or fun.greyhame0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Elite pack and boss Arena After finishing the game and playing on Inferno, game becomes pretty boring as it`s nothing but a chase for elite packs to farm items. I`d say why not bring the Elite packs and bosses to the player instead of letting the player go on boring tedious chase after elite packs going through same boring quests over? An arena with waves of elite pack and bosses would be much cooler. I could also see special item drops when completing few waves on packs in a row, including achievements and maybe a leaderboard. It should also make the co-op much more fun. Something similar to this: Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Blue: Please look into fixes for Resistance I originally tried to post this in a forum about a problem with how all resistance is currently set up in the game but that forum was full so i figured i'd start my own so that we could continue the discussion and see if we can't get some attention from blizzard. Here is a link to the original forum and here is my opinion on the matter I agree 100% with you. Although I do hate to see inferno get so easy that its not much of a challenge because right now the challenge inferno brings is the only thing keeping people playing the game aside from HC. I think that the difficulty is fine but the resistance situation is a bit ridiculous IMO i hate finding gear that I can't use because it lacks resistance. The way I think about it is sure they raised drop rates in inferno and even nerfed it a bit but honestly I still never get gear i can actually use. Plus since 1.0.3 its become hard to sell anything since people can just farm act 1. This leaves me in a situation where i just farm act 1 over and over getting drops i can't make anything off hoping that one day I will get some amazing item i can sell to buy all the gear i actually need. There is like a 5% drop rate for lvl 63 items in act 1 but out of that 5% probably 0.01% it'll be something i can use and a 0.1% chance it'll be something worth selling. IMO this needs to be fixed. Excellent post. Lower the necessity for resistance and it would open the door to SOOO many options for gearing. Even if they made it so that 600 resistance could get you through act 3 that would be good enough for me. Although that might make it a bit easy for the Barb class who gets a pretty good buff for AR. Good post.Linkbbt0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Blog Update? Blue? Anyone? Figured we'd have a bit more info about 1.04 at this point? Are blues even around anymore?BortSimpsons0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Food for thought for Blizzard My post is really in regards to this article/statement from Blizzard and really the end game content as a whole. Blizzard thought the search for better and better items was a sustainable end game. This is probably due to the success of just that in Diablo II. The search for items as an end game does work as proven by Diablo II, but only if it is set up the right way. With Diablo II legendaries drove the entire game. In the Diablo III they are laughable, stats are all over the map, they are not powerful (i.e. LEGENDARY) and their isn’t as many different types (I’m surprised Blizzard has left them like this way for this long, or even launched them this way). The search worked in two ways, once you found the legendary which took some time to find/trade for, then your search was on for the perfect version of that legendary, which took more time and effort. Another big problem is that in Diablo II you could make 5 versions of the same class and everyone of them a different play style and viability. I know myself had 4 assassins (trap-assassin, melee assassin, PVP, and another different type of trap assassin) and that really drove me to play for years really doing the same thing but because it always felt different. I also had to find different gear for all my characters. Diablo III really lacks this part of the game. Inferno can get so difficult that even minor changes to your build or gear can cause horrible effects to survivability. In Diablo II there was so many viable builds that people made multiple versions, from multiple class, which took, in some cases, years to do (level 99 x 4). I’m surprised that Blizzard didn’t realize that these reasons are why the search for items can be a viable end game, and didn’t implement them into Diablo III. I understand that Diablo II and Diablo III are different games from different times, but Blizzard had to get the assumption that the search for items as a viable end game came from the success of just that in Diablo II. For those that are thinking this post is just another “HERE IS WHY DIABLO 2 WAS BETTER THEN DIABLO 3”. Please remember they are both from the same franchise. So similarities that were successful in one game should show up in one form or another in the next. That’s the whole reason people get excited for the next game in a series. If a game should be completely different, then why not call the game World of Diablo and not Diablo III.Titansofoz0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 When is the Diablo 3 API going live? SSIA. I haven't seen any updates in a while. When can we expect to see this live on the official site?Zandalar6 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 The True Problem on Drops is Total Randomness There is a lot of heavy discussion over MF and NV. I personally do not want to take the time to swap gear out every time I'm about to get the blowing kill on an elite pack. Nor do all decent drops come from elites. Prior to the change for destructible items, I found some good drops in pots, etc... or from a trash mob. I have never stacked MF. I just can't be bothered. I liked starting at the beginning and wasting everything that could possibly give me a decent item, not just destructibles or elites, but EVERYTHING. Good things come in small packages. :) Fixing MF - limit the MF stat on items since all rolls are totally random and lower the stat so that MF is not so high on items. That allows the MF users to have their MF and the non-MF users to have a chance at more drops. Also limit the items that carry MF, and increase NV. That solves one issue about drops, but the true problem does not lie within how many items drop when the majority of the items roll random stats. I have literally farmed for 10 hours a day, only to walk away with nothing most days. Sure, I got drops, plenty of them. I counted an inferno Butcher run a few days, starting at the Manor and working my way through. 19 rares in an hour, that's not a bad average.... out of 19 rares, 19 get vendored as trash... So, in observation, the problem is complete random rolls create useless items. There's too many stat possibilities with a limited amount that can be rolled per item. I'm not saying get rid of random rolls, what I'm saying is clean it up. Whatever the first primary stat that shows up is, don't pile up other primary stats... 20 dex, 30 int, 18 str, 1500 thorns ..... (I actually have a ilvl 61 or 62 belt similar to this sitting in my stash. melee attackers take 1011 damage... WOW, nice damage shield! The rest of the stats totally blow) Why not 80 dex, 18 vit, 1500 thorns .... or 80 dex, 18 vit, 20 all resist, 1480 thorns... still not a very good item, but it gives hope that other items will roll better stats. Limit rolls like reduced level ... there's nothing worse than seeing an almost excellent item, but one stat that could have made that a truly beautiful item (such as vitality) was wasted on a virtually useless stat because realistically a lvl 53 can't afford 8 mil gold for a lvl 60+ item that some foreign Gold Farmer obtained by using MF to make a profit on... Well, that's my thoughts :)... wonder if anyone else sees the dilemma here?Morraina1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 End game solution Okay, I played a load of Diablo 2 (and an unhealthy amount of Diablo 3 already) and I feel like there is something lacking. I Think what it is is that the level grind, which, while mostly superfluous to strength at the late levels in Diablo 2, gave a sense of progress none the less. Here is my reccomendation: Allow leveling to 99, with minimum areas to gain EXP slated throughout the acts of inferno (to encourage progression vs grinding). For example level 60-75 experience could be only gainable in Act 1 (much like being level 51 in nightmare isn't much use), when you hit 75-85 up the exp and likewise up the exp granted in Act 2 inferno, and so on until end game. Now, as this is an extra 39 levels the stats might be a bit too extreme to keep giving like you did the first 60, so here is what I propose is the benefit for leveling: Each level from 60-99 that you gain you also gain 1 or 2 % Gold Find and Magic Find as a permanent buff to your character. This way you can increase your characters farming power without becoming too unbalanced for the current balancing of content (and removes headaches for your guys). It gives something to progress to, makes linear progression eventually through inferno something desired (adds to the later acts for sure), and also brings us back to the good old days of level 99. I'm sure you guys have level cap increases planned for expansions, but I really think this is something that could benefit the game greatly.saltyseaman2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 i..i had the most wonderful time.. so there i was with a friend in act 1 and normally i do my normal: GY/Woods/Halls-> butcher run but we went exploring and not sure if i been there or not but we came across "the watch tower" in the highlands. i was like ok fine lets go kill stuff: we hit level 2 and it was a longgg hallway broken up by doors. first "hall way section" some mobs, a blue pack. second hall way area, some mobs, and a blue pack. third hallway, mobs, gold pack and final you guessed it, mobs and a blue pack! was amazing sure the gear sucked but it felt like an endless hallway of champ packs...not sure if this is common but wow, wtb more areas like this.Massacre7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Ran around in a circle for 10 minutes Last night I was playing my 55 Wizard in Hell Act 2 and I ran into a pack of Champions. I believe they were Shielding/Molten/Mortar. I literally ran around a small cluster of bushes/trees non-stop for 10 minutes using Blizzard and Hydra trying to kill them as they chased me. Never stopped running unless I was catching up behind them and they stopped to change their path. In which case, I simply ran in the opposite direction in the same exact circle. Is this a taste of End Game in Inferno for me? Running around a LoS object in a circle for 10 minutes to kill a pack of Champions? Please tell me it gets better than that? Is this seriously the game design Blizzard had in mind for it's end-game content? Running around in a circle kiting mobs into AoE splashes for 10 minutes?Scourge47 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 MF: The right choice is NOTHING Well..almost nothing! Don't make any changes! The reason people are swapping MF is because you cannot balance a character around MF alone. With everyones character nerfed since having IAS reduced everyone would rather just swap before the end of a champion pack. This in itself is a risk of death and worth the reason to have a swap. HOWEVER, please bring back chests with MF! It was silly to remove MF from chests in the first place and was directly nerfing ones ability to recover decent loot! If anything max it at 300% because every other option sounds like another direct nerf to magic find. Everyone is already having a hard time saving gold and collecting rares at the highest level, don't make it harder to MF by placing MORE restrictions! I'm Act 3 inferno as a Witch Doctor. Do the right thing once and for all, NOTHING. But again...add mf back too chests! It's simply not diablo without that!Xeno24 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Hey blizzard, your elites are broken Just had a skip a pack with 100% shield uptime and no mortar minimum cast range "well we didn't change anything so you must just be lying" Sometimes they won't use shield at all, sometimes they will use it right...and sometimes they will spam it 100% of the time. Wtf? Almost every elite I come across is not working properly in some do you let the game sit like this? Not to mention fire damage is bugged since last patch.MintySalmon24 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Jeweler Update Just an idea Would it be nice to have Resist and All resist jewels crafted from the Jeweler? We have what? 4 kinds of stones now amethyst, emerald, topaz, and ruby? Crafting these resist jewels would be a combination of two or three stones Lets say you want to add cold resist to your armor. Combine topaz and amethyst stones. The level of the upgrade would still be the same as the normal crafting system. The higher the grade the more resist it would add but a tad more expensive. All resist stones would be rare drops by elite mobs or bosses or could be looted from the big shiny chest. Why I think this would be a good idea? 1.) A lot of players value a certain gear base on its resist values. Even a 3 socketed rare chest armor with high roll of stats would be valued at under 100k because it has no resists. With this, you can now add your own value to it by adding resist stones and it will be according to what you need. 2.) Crazy AH and RMAH prices. Good gears tend to be a over priced. The addition of resist stones would at least change the some gears are priced in the AH. While players can still price at a ridiculous price, now players can have the option to spec the gear they have or found to what they need to progress. 3.) A whole new system of resist stones would now give players options to what they do with the stones they find while farming. With this addition, now they will be able to sell high grade resist stones using rare jeweler recipes. Problems with this addition 1.) Only The chest, pants, amulet, helm, and rings would be given the option. Well the only good I see from this is that players would not be forced to buy the expensive shoulders, boots, gloves, and braces we now see from the AH. Now there will be whole new dynamics on how players gear to cater to their build. Ex: Buy chest with so so resist with good stat rolls with 3 sockets. Add resist stones to those sockets and buy cheap boots with so so resists but with really good stats. 2.)Gems would be more expensive now with the addition of resist stones Well, you can find gems really easy while farming. A whole run of acts I, II, III, and IV can usually yield you 5-6 gems of each class. While I do see an inflation, it would not be as high as players now would keep their looted gems rather than npc them for little gold.KingKalvin3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Able to check the AH in-game? So I searched for AH in-game to see if this has already been asked (chances are it has, I went 5 pages deep...I know..a WHOLE FIVE PAGES, im exhausted...) anyways I was wondering if this is going to be implemented? I wish I could check the AH on too. That'd be convenient for when I'm at work, like now, and want to check the stuff and see how my auctions are doingJonny0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 END GAME SOLUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK so I have been thinking about this problem for a while now. and i have came up with this.. for all the people who have played Call of duty Zombies its kind of like that... The way it would work it there would be waves of creeps + elites etc maybe mini bosses that would come at you. And every wave would progressivly get harder and along with that drops improve. so the farther u get the better your drops. along with endless waves like in call of duty zombies where it just keeps getting harder and harder. but the drops get better and better. or atleast chance for drops improves.. well that my idea.. -KratosKratos5 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 So have you ever got a drop that made you Just stop farming, and log off no matter what you were doing because it was so terrible it sapped your desire to play? I just found an ilvl 62 neck, and then lo, and behold all it had was a socket in it.....I just alt f4'd right away after staring in disbelief at it for a few seconds.TedNelson26 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 1.0.3 gem changes have a huge oversight The changes made perfectly sense, why bother spending huge amount of golds to upgrade your gem when you can find a better version or simply buy the that version for cheap. Now, that was all fine and dandy, but you STILL NEED "Tome of Jewelcrafting" to combine 2 Square into a Flawless Square gem. The problem is simple, the tomes ONLY drop in hell, meaning I'm forced to farm content I don't find appealing (since way too easy for an inferno character) or buy them for tremendous prices on the AH, which doesn't make sense either, since I can buy for ONE Tome of Jewelcrafting multiple Flawless Square gems. As simple (and bothersome) this problem is, the solution is just as easy to implement: 2 Square + [Tome of Jewelcrafting] OR [Tome of Secrets] => Flawless Square Having Hell drops in inferno is fine, but I don't want to farm hell to get any use of them. Due to this problem Square gems remain as useless as before the patch. Tome of Secrets should be usable for ALL recipes, including low level items and gems, since they are the "magic master" books of both, jewelcrafting and blacksmithing and are of "magic" quality. This would make smithing for twinks easier and allows to combine all gems no matter the level, without forcing you to play low level content with a way to strong character, for the price of a "superior" resource (Tome of Secrets). Many players would be gladly willing to take that trade off as with farming any act of inferno you pile up Tomes anyway. It would also make Tome of Secret more valuable. ... ...zUkUu55 Jul 6, 2012