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Jul 9, 2012 please bring down the death repair rates Not everyone has millions of dollars. Some only have 50k max at the highest of times. When you see repair costs are over 54k+ like whatare you sposto do ...Oh look I died yet again ... Lets run around the level doing 2-10 dmg ... ya maydo some damage when in act 1 normal but blizzard enough is enough. What I'm getting at is you have set the death toll / repair rate so high you cant play with your gear. Yes, I'm level 60 but I havent even killed act 2 boss yet in inferno and want lower death costs. Blizzard u need to fix this ASAP.kINGLOKEY7 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Fix the Itemization, Not the Drop rate yep.Masokizt1 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 secret element damage change? really?Destruction2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 I'm Tired of This Argument!! ... You know... ppl keep making this argument... but the difference here is that it WAS 10 years ago. They started with a lot of upgrades and addons to Diablo 1 with D2 at launch. Yes they added a ton of content (runewords, assassin, druid, act 5, tons of uniques, ladder system, skill synergies etc.) after the expac and countless patches. BUT D2 DIDN'T BACKPEDAL FROM D1!!!! So where did all that content go? With D2... no one had thought of it yet. No one knew how to implement such things, and as the game grew it got more and more depth added to it. D3 had the benefit of all these ideas being ready-made. All they had to do was to put them into the game. But instead here's what we got. Runes instead of Skill Trees/Synergies (I swear, all that crap Jay said about casuals getting screwed by putting points into low lvl skills is such BS. Did he EVER play D2 with synergies? or at all? You want people to use more skills? Cause last time I played D2 on my barb I kept up 3 shouts, used frenzy, used leap for movement, used berserk for phys immunes used MORE than 3 passives. Bottom line 20 point skill cap + over 100 possible skill points = more than one skill YOU IDIOT) Garbage Uniques and essentially non-existent sets. (Seriously... tell me you dont remember wearing two low lvl set items for a good bump even at higher lvls... like Sigon's 10% leech bonus. At the very least you should remember leaving Act 1 normal with at LEAST one set or unique item {most of which were not class-biased}) Crafting instead of Runewords/Cube Crafting. (D2 = all high end characters were geared with runewords... D3 = crafting blows outside of a few unique patterns which may as well just have been item drops instead considering the pattern drop rates) Nothing instead of the Ladder system... really just nothing at all. It wasn't even that you NEEDED to compete on the Ladder... but it was a nice option and would have been simple to implement. I'm not going to argue the openness, scale, ambiance or story of the games either... This argument people keep making is TERRIBLE. D2 came out a decade ago... D3 should have MORE content and MORE depth, not less. D3 should have IMPROVED on ideas, not thrown all of them out the window or made them junk. D3 should be BETTER than the FINAL version of D2... Period. QQ More fanboys I will see the rest of you in PoE beta or T2 next month. Peace out.Carson3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Do Azmodan's pools disappear? ^^justjoddat4 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 The only solution to save diablo 3 game, look Hi to whoever is in charge of diablo 3, it's a great dismay to see that a 6 to 8 years of game development is dying off in just 2 months after the launch. Heard that players base has drop to less than 100,000. If u are interested to save ur game from dying, I don't mind to share with u the way to get back players but u have to be humble and really acknowledge that you are wrong in handling diablo 3. The day before ias stats was change on items, I had already foresee and posted what's gonna happen if u really do that. There are few things u really need to do in order to save the situation. (1) acknowledge and show to the public that u really care for their interests and ur wrong in changing stats on commodity. (2) change back the ias formula but instead do a caps modifier instead so that the value of the commodity stablises. (3) let the public knows that u will not change the items stats anyhow u like, so that u appease the anger and fear in public heart. Do take note that though u are protected by ur whatever Eula stuff but I said before an online game takes 2 hands to clap, nowadays people are smarter due to IT, therefore u need to capture the heart of the people if not this game will be really gone. I'm just sharing my thoughts to save this game.RobinJack0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 A thing that doesn't make this a Diablo game Why are there cooldowns on my abilities?Pantheon16 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 I cannot kill treasure goblins My girlfriend and I are playing through Diablo 3 together, and we just reached Act IV on Nightmare difficulty, and are both level 50 (she's a monk, I'm a wizard). We are casual completionists; we play for a couple hours every day or two, visit every corner of every map, and pick up every item that drops. Neither of us buy things in either auction house, so all of our items are things we have found in this play-through. Based on the comments I've seen around the web about the level of difficulty once you get to Inferno, I suspect that after we reach the level cap and beat Hell difficulty, we will be done with these characters (although we are likely to start new characters if we aren't sick of the game by then). So far we have really been loving playing Diablo together. Except that ever since advancing to Nightmare difficulty, we can't kill treasure goblins. On Normal difficulty, we would kill maybe two out of three treasure goblins, usually losing one when he ran ahead into a huge pack we hadn't anticipated, or if we didn't notice the goblin because it was at the very edge of the screen and we attacked it without realizing. On Nightmare difficulty, we have been able to kill maybe one in five. And that might be optimistic. The last goblin I can remember killing was in Act II. He ran about fifty feet away into a dead end corner, got stuck, and then proceeded to miss about three portals until we successfully killed him (no idea why he missed the portals). For the rest of them, though, it hasn't mattered if they are surrounded by enemies or completely alone. We have had a couple that we chased down without another enemy in sight, and despite us whaling away at them they jumped through their portals with nary a care. We simply are not able to dish out the amount of damage necessary to kill the little buggers, despite handling everything but the really unfortunate affix combinations without much trouble. I tell this tale of woe for two reasons: 1. I hope that someone at Blizzard is listening, because darn it we love killing treasure goblins! Watching them blithely escape and having nothing we can do really sucks. Nasty affixes have us swearing a blue streak occasionally, but watching a treasure goblin jump through his portal when you've dealt the maximum amount of damage you can with the equipment the game has given you is really disheartening. I know treasure goblins need enough health to be able to escape occasionally, but it feels to us like they have so much help we have no chance to kill them. 2. I'm wondering if any other players know of tricks to kill them. Are there particular monk or wizard abilities that can disrupt the goblin as it waits at its portal and force it to keep running? They seem to be largely immune (or resistant) to freezing, stunning, and the other forms of crowd control that are so effective against the other monsters. Thanks for reading!Skaak34 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Auction House Bid Error (Error 32105) I'll have a bid placed on an item, and in the last two minutes someone outbids me. So I'll try to counter bid myself, however, every time I do I get an error. Looking at my auction log I see error 32105 for each of the failed bid attempts. Part of the fun of auctions is throwing bids in at the last minute. Why is it that I can't seem to bid on an item when the auction has ~2 minutes left or less? Here's two order IDs where the AH has failed to accept a bid for an item in the remaining few minutes: 451942276 443839339Drake1 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Real money auction house ruined diablo3 I feel like no one is really adressing the real issue in their complaints ... the true problem with this game is that you cannot progress in this game in inferno without using the auction house... this game is completly designed so that the player is forced to use the auciton house in order to progress. What happend to the diablo where it was actually possible for people to find their own stuff!!! How can players stand for this nonsense! an economy/ auction house dominated by goldfarmers, and greedy little blizzard fanboys. Blizzard is really banking on the fact that eventually people are going to spend some serious cash on the real money auction house...but whats the point? as we have seen last patch... THEY WILL NERF ANY STAT . IF you payed real cash for items with attack speed and they nerfed it to !@#$ should be PISSED? Your purchases in the real money auciton house have no value. I CANT WAIT for the class action lawsuit against blizzard , with 1000's of angry consumers demanding their money back because the value of what they purchased is non-existent... BUT I BET WE ALL SIGNED THAT RIGHT AWAY IN THE TERMS OF AGREEMENT HIDDEN ALL THE AT THE BOTTOM.HumanSlob13 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 We USED to like MF, and u removed everything Most of my friends quit, or just stay bored and are thinking about quitting. This game is no longer fun to most of people who finished their inferno or are halfway through inferno. What appears to be the end game now is the MF. Do we like MF? I have to say we _used_ to like it, but now, no, you blizzard removed everything that once we liked. We liked the Replenish Chest in Alcanus. ->You removed it. We liked the vases in Act4. You removed it. ->You removed it. We liked lying dead and getting Tyrael kill ghosts. ->You removed it. Well, those seem fair. Look at the following then. We liked the rainbow level, we paid hours to farm randomly dropped item and paid 2m to make the staff of herding. We liked its massive clouds and good drops. ->You removed it. (All clouds used to drop 1-3 rares for every run, but after some secret patch/fix, it drops 0-1. Then it drops 0 now. ) We liked Act3/4 with exclusive good drops. ->You removed it. (ilvl63 items are more frequently with !@#$ty affixis, and all acts drop high ilvl items) We liked swapping MF gears before mobs are knocked down. ->You are about to remove it. So let me just ask one question: if you remove everything we once liked in this game, and you didn't add anythings that we may like, why u expect us to still play this game??? Talking about my own diablo 3 mf experience. Once, my feeling was like: I farmed 4 hours tonight - I got a few less good stuff, I may sell them for 100k each. I may or may not get one or two really good items, which may sell for a few millions. But anyway, I got something tonight, my gold was accumulating. And I would be able to afford some nice item I need if I farm like this.. But now, my feeling is: I farmed 4 hours tonight - I got nothing I can sell in AH. I may farm tomorrow, but I may still get nothing. I am in hope that one day I am really really lucky that I may get a good roll and get something I can sell for 300m. But before that, I get nothing; and I wouldn't even be sure if I can be so lucky one day. Then my question is, should I still play this game? Spending hours and getting nothing. At the moment, the end game for diablo 3 is getting gears. But economic system and mf system are both broken now. ----------------------------------- So in short, we are trying to get something in the game, to develop our characters, to progress through inferno. We want it to be efficient and enjoyable. But YOU are preventing us from that.qinsoon2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Why do I lose NV stacks when switching builds Seems like a poor design choice to me. It stifles any potential creativity in solving the challenges the game presents you with by locking you into a single build for your farming runs. Why should we be punished for using all the tools provided to us?BeastMode20 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 New content soon? Do you think that Blizzard will add new content and better items like by Tuesday or very soon? Everything is so dull now. I haven't seen any of my friends online and It's starting to take a while to get into full groups for quests... They need to add someting fun. ~UPDATE~ C'mon peeps..How can you guys just settle for junk why not ask for new content now? ... this sums it up 07/08/2012 05:41 PMPosted by Asuka02 but yeah. we gave blizzard 400million dollars in sale and they cant hire more people for diablo 3 to solve botting (without punishing other players), buff certain classes/skills, optimize AH or add new content. ME~ Right!!? Shoot, they should have a team of people working on this 24/7 updating this at least once a week with rolling restarts adding new types of items, gems, content, and more improvements. As players and consumers we shouldn't expect less..especially after giving them so much money. Its people that settle for less that mess up these types of games lately.. I think. ........................................................................................ Posted by DragonLight Have you actually watched the credits... 10 years with ten thousand staff is quite expensive. 400 million dollars in sales is not 400 million in profit. ME~ That just proves how incompetent and wastefull a company could be. Doesn't take that many people and that long to build a program like this.. have you been duped?10 competent Diablo 2 loving programmers could build a game better than this in days with there computers at home. However, they wouldn't have the rights to sell it to the public. #31AXELBRAIN40 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Do We Need Another Loot Droprate Buff? Especially regarding the frequency at which Allres spawns and Legendary/Sets, as well as removing class specific affixes from items not useable by that class (no more +int on quivers) ? Or are things fine as they are? Why?Starbird10 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Act 1 Inferno I feel that drop rate %'s across the Acts are done really well. However Act 1 just seems to have the advantage because there's less variability for the Champion pack spawns due to a large group of them being static. Due to this, Act 1 Speed Runs are way more efficient than Act 3 farming runs, due to the ability to obtain a 5stack in less than 3-4min. Assuming the normal Path Festering Woods Dungeons 2 Champion packs static (Chance for 1-2 more outside, + 1 more if the event is up) Leoric's Manor 1 static Champion pack (1 may be inside as well, but 1 is always guaranteed outside (Sometimes second one outside as well) Graveyard Tombs - No static packs but 2-3 Champ packs in area.+ Quest that drops guaranteed rares at 5stack. (Chance for 1 in the Graveyard area as well as high probability of 2+ in each tomb) Watchtower level 2 - No static packs but 1-2 Champ packs in area. (If its up, I have seen as many as 5 champion packs in Dungeon + the resp. chest and a goblin spawn on occasion)) Then doing the whole Halls of Agony2 - Butcher run. This entire run takes me around 25 Minutes on my Wizard, and 15-20 Minutes on my DH. Factor in that Act 1 can be farmed easily (at a good pace) in pure MF gear for most classes, the drop efficiency of Act 1 is clearly overtuned. If they changed the static rare spawn packs, Act 3 would be a more viable farming run for those with the gear. As it sits now, Act 1 Quantity > Act 3 Quality.Necrotica0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 So good, it's worth a ban: Hello friends and fans of the ARPG genre! I feel compelled to bring to you some gameplay footage of a title that may very well scratch that ARPG itch (and then some) that Diablo 3, for all the hype and development time, couldn't seem to reach. At first I was skeptical; I didn't want to believe that Blizzard was no longer the company that I grew up with and loved; I couldn't imagine that a previously unheard of, small development team could come up with a game of such depth that it may, and likely will, steal the thunder from Blizzard's long standing and beloved franchise. And after playing through Diablo 3, I was ready to accept that the gaming industry as a whole has lost the spirit, passion, and integrity that it once had. And then I found these videos. Without further ado, I present you with a vision of something close to what Diablo 3 could and should have been: Edit: We really need to spread the word about this game, this is what we've been waiting for all these years.KidShowbiz26 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Thank you blizz. Serious, this is not a bash post. My wife stopped playing games when we quit WoW a few years back, this game got her back in. I doubt we'll go further than Hell diff (my barb struggles in inferno on his own and she gets frustrated pretty easily, so I think she'll skip that part...) I have a few beefs with the game, but you know what? All in all I'm really enjoying it. Thanks again. PS my wife says thanks too =porduck6 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 An interesting conversation with my Scoundrel I recently had an interesting conversation with my scoundrel: Comments?Valdro11 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Some Solutions to our Problems Magic Find I find it funny how simple the solution was and how it eluded us all. Dont change magic find on equips but rather change the mechanics of magic find. The problem with magic find is not the amount of rares that are dropped but the quality of say rares. So instead of magic find effecting the grade of equips, instead make it only work when IDing or crafting equips. This has 2 significant pros. 1. no need to swap to a MF set anymore, other then in the safety of town 2. less magic/rare/legendary equips will be dropping so less money from npc, a sink without a sink so to speak. The only con i can see at the moment would be magic find on battle gear becoming a negative but you could always make MF increase the chance of finding gems, recipes, aswell as blues(which are IDed when dropped) Multiplayer Yes, we play a multiplayer game that penalizes players for playing together. The reason i play online is not solely for the competitive side of things but i also enjoy the social aspects of the game. I think by adding a few adjustments to multiplayer people can get a more godlike feel that they've been missing from d2 1. Increase the maximum number of players in a party to 8 2.Instead of increasing mob hp by 110% for an additional player, increase it by a small % and significantly increase the number of trash on a map. This wouldnt penalize burst dps builds which are extremely common in later inferno. 3. Increase the number of pack elites by 1 for every player with a minimum of 3. Although atm i cant think of a fair way to increase unique/champion mobs to the same extent. 4. Increasing MF and exp for parties some how to some extent 4a. add player MF together 4b. add a % bonus for each member -> but please dont nerf people that invested alot of money in good battle MF gear like you do currently Character Customization Ever feel there's no point to lvling a second character bc it would be exactly the same as your first? That your build is only based on how much money you have to spend. Simple, add a skill point system. You'd still have the freedom to manipulate your active skills depending on your build or situation but this would sort of give you a permanent build, seeing as once you use your skill points, they would be locked. The Overview Every 5 lvls you get one skill point which you can add to the rune of any skill, you can save up skill points to use at a later time. Not having skill points invested in a skill would not hender your kill in anyway(compared to current) but would add an additional bonus when using that particular rune. For example it would add a 1% per a skill lvl bonus to dps skills, make increase duration runes last longer, make status' occur more frequently, reduce cooldowns even more, etc, etc Would love to hear some input, if people are interested, i'll update this with new ideas and concepts that hopefully devs will see.MyCondolence10 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 The RMAH Saved me 1000s of hours + addiction ok so i admit it i spent about $150, but by doing so i saved thousands of hours of farming and I feel like I beat the game. Honestly, WoW was merciless and took a few years from my life. If i could have had everything so easily I wouldn't have played so long. I know it cost me money but I am thankful to be through Diablo 3 Flame me, but know that I am better offCBM56 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Dear Blizzard, And Particularly the CM's #2 [Original by AlariaDragyn, I claim no credit for the below, simply ressurecting the topic as the original is about to fall off the board most popular posts due to the post limit] Hi there, I wanted to write to you as one community management professional to another. For over a decade, I've worked in the industry designing and building support and billing suites for gaming companies. Included in my services is the hiring and training of support personnel - for phone, help desk and forum support. I've trained CSMs, community managers, GMs, moderators, etc. And I spend a significant portion of my time in meetings with the professionals from the marketing and PR departments, especially when things are going south in a game. I often work with a developer until about 6 months post-launch with an open-ended support contract if they need upgrades or additional assistance further out. In every instance, with every developer, there's always a point where it's understood that if things have gone " this far south," then at that point, a representative of the company will step up and admit to the players, "we know the game is broken... we'll be taking XYZ steps to bring it up to par." It's understood that should things fail to that point, the only way to reclaim the player base, or have hope for future support from them, is to come clean. I'm curious where that line is drawn in Blizzard's corporate framework. Because I have to tell you, as a professional - not as a player - by every indicator I've ever seen a developer use, you have not only reached that point... you've passed it by a vast degree. As a company, you have what every gaming professional knows to be the most rabidly loyal fanbase of any other developer in the world. That isn't speculation, it's fact. Any moderator of a non-Blizzard fansite or official forum knows that it's a nightmare every time a thread appears that in any way attacks Blizzard... your fanbase arrives in droves to defend you. Whenever you are launching a new title, we're out there preparing our ban hammers in anticipation of having to deal with your rabidly loyal fans every time someone makes an off-topic post along the lines of "anyone else going to play *Blizzard Title* when it launches next week?" So what does it say that in threads across the web, where Diablo 3 is being discussed, we're only seeing a very SMALL percentage of that rabid fanbase showing up to defend? What does it say that even on your own forums... the number of fans are significantly lower than the number of critics? The fans like to claim it's because "everyone is too busy having fun playing the game to post here..." but let's be honest, guys. I know that's not true and so do you. If it were, then all the times you've had a genuinely successful launch of a new title or expansion, we'd see the same - fans too busy playing to post. But that's not what happens, is it? No... normally, those fans still manage to find PLENTY of time to defend their beloved Blizzard's honor, at all costs. Your game is in shambles. The press is starting to turn on you. And the rest of the industry is looking on, watching the giant begin to tumble. Some of them are cheering your downfall. Your rabidly loyal fans claim that's not happening - you know the truth, so does the rest of the industry. We're watching, and we know you have one shot to save yourselves... it's time to come clean. To step up and say, "we screwed up here... this is what we're going to do to make it right." So I'm wondering - what are you waiting for? You know how fickle players are... you know that you'd earn an enormous amount of desperately needed goodwill, simply by "humbling" yourselves before the players a bit. You know you could lure back players in droves, all willing to give you a chance to make good on your promise to make it right. They just want to hear you make the apology and make the promise. So what are you waiting for? Who is pulling the strings back there forcing the rest of you to keep silent while the giant topples further and further? Because I've got to assume that's what's happening - I know many of your staff... I've worked with (and even trained) some of them in the past. And I know it has to be killing them to remain silent when they know just how bad things are... You've lost the faith and trust of the player base, Blizzard... every decision you're making right now just further compounds the mistrust and heightens suspicion of your motives. It no longer matters if, in the "big picture," you're making sound decisions for the future of the game - the players aren't perceiving your choices that way. Perception is everything, and you have a MASSIVE amount of damage control to do...quickly. You've tried everything else - your numbers keep dropping. It's time for honesty. It's time for "we've made some bad decisions... we're rethinking our choices... we're looking for solutions..." It's time for your devs to step away from the code and the dbases and get on the forums for a week. It's time for you to put a support team together who does nothing but root through the forums and support tickets, looking for the most common complaints/issues - and suggestions for how to fix it... compiling them into an easy to read graph or spreadsheet... and then sit down as a team and figure out how to make it right. It's time to listen to the actual feedback you're being given. Hint: it's mostly bad. Really, really, really bad. I may be the only person in the world who actually sat there and watched the entirety of the credits roll (I was having fun looking for people I know, I admit it)... you have an ENORMOUS global customer service staff. Get them all focused on identifying and prioritizing the issues... and then get your devs and designers focused on finding - and implementing - solutions. Otherwise, in about another month, all you'll have left are a small percentage of your rabidly loyal fans. And bots. Please step up and start working on damage control... that needs to be your priority right now. The giant is toppling... are you really going to go down without a fight? Your Blues here on the forums are just shy of being entirely absent. I know why - I know how hard it is to keep posting, keep responding to fluff while being forced to ignore the complaint threads so as to not lend them any more legitimacy or credibility... but unfortunately for you, the players have also figured this out now... and that's only making matters worse. They KNOW they are being avoided and dodged... they're not nearly as stupid as we might wish they'd be. And at this point, you're even losing the genuinely stupid. That's a very bad sign. Step up and fess up, Blizzard... please don't let the most anticipated game of all time end up being your company's death knell. That would be a huge tragedy.Senjai18 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Group behind artificially raising AH prices? I don't typically jump to wild conclusions or conspiracy theories but we keep seeing the same annoying trend of specific items, namely level 60 items priced over 2mill-20mill being bought and resold at 4X-10x the price within hours, over and over again. I ask this question to other players because I and my group of friends are seeing it happen so frequently that we are beginning to think a group is behind this inflation . Here is what has lead me to ask this question. About a month ago, I was bidding on item X priced at 2.2 million with no buyout option. I put in a bid up to 4million with about 10 secs left and it accepted it for about 1 second as the highest and then I was outbid. I lost but no biggie that happens right? 2 hours later the exact item is back on the AH for 12 million-14mill BO option. That same afternoon I lost 3 more auctions in similar fashion and all 3 were back on the auction house within 2-8 hours. Over the next couple days I asked the 3 players I always group with to see if anything similar happens to them. Sure enough they all had the exact same issue and the same exact item would then reappear right back on the AH within house at least 4X the price. We even tried to time our bids with a stopwatch, putting in the bid with around 2 seconds left and each time our bid was ACCEPTED then re-outbid within those 2 seconds. We tried to bid with less than that amount of time but it wasn't always successful I am guessing due to processing time and latency etc. How does someone outbid you over and over with barely enough time left for latency unless they are using some sort of program to automatically rebid within those milliseconds? So I pose this question to the rest of my fellow players: Do you think it is all just random players trying to increase their gold who happen to be better at timing their bids then me? Or do you think there is an actual organization behind these efforts? Alright I am now taking off my tin foil hat:p Feel free to rip apart me and my theory or make your own tin foil hat and join us!Thorgrimn24 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Jiigglypuff and Tronnyboy - Livestream @ 9:45 Jiigglypuff the monk and Tronnyboy as a Demon Hunter will be farming Act 2 Inferno starting around 9:45 p.m. Pacific Time. We usually farm Act 3, but are going back to Act 2 for better drops. Advice is appreciated, and we try to keep active chat. We also take time to help out our loyal viewers and can do item giveaways and let people join to farm with us sometimes. Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Is more filters to be added to the AH? The auction is broken. Only 3 filters. You cannot find any you really want. The auction house should be a place where we can exchange, really fast. But we have to spend more time on the auction house to look for items then playing the game. Items are not being sold either. Same problem as above, no one able to find the item.Chris0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Travel Powers and Resource Costs I have played games where "Travel Powers" were maintained with a very very small resource cost. I have always felt the cost for powers such as sprint and vault are far too much. While I agree that any rune with an effect other than travel specific effects should have a higher resource costs, I feel that having such a high cost just for travel slows the overall gameplay for no specific reason especially with a game based so painfully. I realize that some powers also have cooldowns. I suggest cutting the cooldowns a bit. So the question is. How do you think having a smaller resource cost just for travel would effect the game? If in a negative way, please explain your logic.AresSupreme3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Best combination of Wizard & DH Inferno Im thinking Wiz Tank and DH pure DPS. Any more efficient combinations? Builds welcome.UnCommonB1 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Hours Played w/ no Legendary, Set or Plan? How many hours have you played and not received a single legendary, set or plan? I am currently at 80+ hours. For weeks now I have been almost exclusively running Act 1 Inferno with my monk...and nothing. (Please don't brag about the dozens of legendary items you found or I may just have to go over to your house and tell your mother on you ;) This is what is wrong with D3. There is no incentive for me to play if I NEVER see nice shiny things drop :( How many hours has it been for the rest of you (or am I the only one with horrible luck)?Ashrael10 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 I miss Angelic Halo.... and snake cord and all the other junk unique and set items you would always get in D2. I'm currently 150+ hours into D3 across five characters. My monk is the only one in Inferno and I haven't done much with him there and I'm not someone who wants to farm. D3 doesn't seem to cater to that. Over those 150 hours I've seen TWO legendaries; Blackhand Key and some belt who's name escapes me. The wand was useful for a couple levels, the belt was junk. That's it. Over 150 hours. At least in D2 I felt like I'd see a unique and a couple set items over an act. Here it seems to take 3 full playthroughs. At 150 hours, I've easily gotten my money's worth, but this certainly doesn't have the longevity that D2 has.SecretAgtKen6 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 end game is getting annoying i want changes been playing a barbarian since the game relesed and im getting tired of being killed over and over playing my class the way i find fun act one inferno should give all i level 61 act 2 i level 62 and acts 3 and 4 i level63 it not fun playing all day and feeling lake i got nothing the game doesnt have to be easier but less annoying would be a huge imporvement for everyoneuntitled0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Why do my threads keep getting deleted Hi, Why do my threads keep getting deleted? I just wanted to sell an amulet in the monk and DH section and it keeps getting deleted? I see other threads of people selling items their on bid and buyout but they remain but not mine? I bet this thread is going to be deleted too but I really don't know what is happening... I just want to sell an item with no tax... Please I want an answer. ThanksPaladin4 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Why does every mob get a free "Vortex" affix? Even the environment spams it! Hooray for rubber-banding.Raj2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 It's not jays fault... As the title states, it's NOT jays fault. It's Bobby Kotick's fault. He's the man that runs the company and jay is like his lil chinchilla that goes and fetches him a banana. Don't be so harsh on jay seriously.Ølandius2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Bored. (not a hate post.) Hey guys. Dropping a post here because there's a lot of creativity out there that some of you have and I think you may be able to help me out. I've leveled 2 60's(Witch doctor + Monk), and a 57 Barbarian in hardcore which sadly never made it to 60. I don't feel like leveling up another character because it feels like I've covered all of the playstyles (Ranged, melee, and hardcore). I've farmed for countless hours and have a decent mf set and a small pile of gold in case I ever find that 6-stat shield in the AH for my monk that I search for every day. I feel as though there isn't anything to keep me engaged as farming elites gets rather monotonous. I'm considering getting a gold find set just for kicks to see if it yields any more play value. Anyone have any suggestions? I've read a few posts that people just delete their characters and start over fresh. Something less drastic would be preferred, but I'm open to whatever at this point.Auvran6 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Hit a brick wall Well I think I finally see what others have been complaining about as far as inferno goes. I literally hit a brick wall in act II with my barbarian. I've exclusively used the GAH to help gear up due to the !@#$ty drop rates. The gear I need now is far above what I have for gold. I guess I could either farm act I (for gold) or do Hell again from scratch. Since the drops are so bad, I just don't see getting anything that beats what I'm currently wearing. I could level up my other characters as well, but I can't even get through Hell with my wizard. Weird huh? Especially given it's one of the more powerful classes.Knavery8 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Best thread yet please read and support this guy's thread it's amazing and bliz needs to read it hit "like" and "request sticky" on his sorry just really want his post to get noticed by the devs (false hope i know)Ash1 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Barbarian and DH legendaries suggestions Just got to lvl 50 on my barbarian, had a lvl 60 DH for a month. I love the game, and I hope more legendaries with unique abilities are added soon. I like items that interact with skills, but most are 'x% more damage' or 'costs X less', and that just makes you go 'meh, that could be an affix that increased my overall damage or resource instead'. Here are some suggestions: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Thoughts welcome. Or add your own!Juan0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 I like Diablo III but... Feel that over streamlining of the game system (though I realize this is the trend) caused a lack of diversity in loot. this there for caused the only way to keep people from get end game loot was to give them crappy loot..... this has made everyone unhappy. I think adding some end game content and if possible adding some new factors (stats) in combat will fix this. I on the other hand have put over a hundred hours in the game and feel I have got my moneys worth and am going to play a lot more. I really just want there to be large community to kill when PVP comes along.ShadowWraith0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Attack Speed Status Is it still worth it on items? I'm deciding if I should get Andariel's Visage with lower int (I'm broke) but 6% attack speed and then the 3% crit. Is it worth it to get? Or go for a helm with over 170 int, over 4% crit, and a socket for the life bonus. Any advice is appreciated!Nymyr3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Alternative ARPG's? Hello, I am currently looking into some alternative ARPG titles. So far I have found Torchlight 2, which I am not fond of the cartoon style graphics; and also Grim Dawn, which has yet to be released. Could anyone recommend a good ARPG like or similar to Diablo 2? Diablo 2 was particularly fond to me, and I have been disheartened with the current direction of Diablo 3.Soulhammer25 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Wont let me use public chat and stuff when i bought the digital version it said it might take 3 days for me to get access to the full features its been 3 or 4 weeks and it still wont let me do it even though i got an email saying that my payment was verified and i could use themAnthuus0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Wow some good loot. Yea here I was just trudging along in act 3 keep. Facing a pack of elite demon tremors (they suck). I finally killed them when lo and behold a brown shield drops. I think to myself, this cant be a stormshield. Its either a lidless wall or ivory tower. I pick it up and boom, Stormshield!. I ID it and its basically the best one ive ever seen. 31% block 169 STR 69 VIT 62 resist 4% melee reduc 4% elite reduc Its up for 250 on the RMAH if anyone wants it.welly3210 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Help with Belial? Hey, I'm stuck on Belial right now with my Wizard (in Inferno)... Is there anyone out there willing to help me take him? AlienOne#1844AlienOne5 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 None of you played D2 Gonna have some fun and throw this out there. 1. Rares being good allows you to slowly buy better gear in increments instead of a night and day difference when you find a good unique. 2. The AH and game gold are no different than people using SoJ's and duped perm or unperm 3/20/20s as currency. 3. D2jsp was the RMAH. Whether you bought the forum gold "fg" or not someone did to begin with thus spending real money on the game. 4. Sites like D2legit existed inflating the economy with bots. 5. You all say gold will continue to inflate and pretend more good items will never be found to balance it out. 6. Immunities went away which everyone completely seems to have forgotten about. 7. Mana burn enemies sucked for every single class in the game leaving you unable to use skills at all. 8. There were terrible mobs and rare mobs that most people simply avoided or did not farm Burning Souls with conviction aura anyone" 9. If you did play the ladder you would know everyone made a sorc as their first char to MF even if they wanted to be another class. 10. Most of the other paladins I saw when playing a hammerdin where also hammerdins or hammer variants like the templar or mage subtypes "templar = Smite/Blessed Hammer" "Mage = Blessed Hammer/Fist of the Heavens" Now that I've pointed out some of the good features of D3 you can all go nuts with the insults. Before you do though let me tell you your problem. You cannot beat inferno, yeah I farm act 1 instead of act 3 by choice. Guess what my blizzard sorc could NOT beat hell solo until ofc she geared up by MFing! This game has alot of improvements on the old D2 and LoD expansion what exactly did you expect? PS: Jay your loot sucks, no seriously your unburied in the Ceme of the Forsaken rare spawn has terrible loot.Broods5 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Simultaneous Key Repeat over Button Mashing? Hey, I made a tank wizard and I have to mash three button + hold right click down when I fight mobs. Is there a way to program my Macbook Pro keyboard to repeat multiple keys at the same time? Example: I press and hold 1,2,3,4 at the same time. Result: 14233333333333333333333 What I want: I press and hold 1,2,3,4 at the same time. Result: 1423142314231423 Any help is appreciated!StringBean5 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Did NRML-what next? Public, NewClass or NTMAR So, what's the funnest next step after (solo) killing Diablo for the first time? Do it all over with the same Hero in Nightmare? Start from scratch with a new Hero in a different class? Or start playing public games with my experienced Hero? Of course, there's no RIGHT answer. But what do you wish you did? What have you loved?jonescamp0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Is there an incentive to play with friends? So im at like 90k base damage, my bud is close behind,.. and whenever we play together it just makes things harder. Is there a reason to play with others besides breaking the menotomy of solo play? I find myself avoiding playing with others because I can do things 2x as fast on my own with the same profits. I wish blizzard would give a reason to want to play with my friends.. 10% mf buff for every additional player would be all I neededLightninBo2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Endless Gauntlet Idea I thought this would be a decent feature to add to D3. To add another way to farm gear/gold (choices are never bad). How it works - round based, mobs(normals,champs,rares) spawn more/stronger mobs the higher the round (possibly add random events and/or have bosses spawn every so often (5 rounds, would let you get at least 5 NV before the first boss), create new bosses/mechanics for this 'game mode', which boss that spawns every 'boss round' is random. - loot is based off of the round you are in/get too (ilvl and how many you obtain) - loot would drop, additional loot would be rewarded to you after you are defeated, based on the round you reached - after every boss a 1-3min 'break' round, where you can sell, buy, repair, salvage, and access your storage (so inventory would not become a problem because of the higher rounds you go) - loot would have to be reasonable compared to the farming that is currently in the game - mobs would not have 'enrage' timers (rares/champs, boss would still have them) - arena would get bigger as you go up in rounds (bosses spawn and create more room or their abilities break the arena, making it increase in size) Any constructive feedback is much appreciated, I know I am not the only one who has posted something similar to this, just my take on it.SniggleJake0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 One solution to stop all the crying BRING BACK THE ATTACK SPEED INCREASE..............................JEEZ... GAME IS SO do you expect us with less than 50k in dmg to kill in inferno, when monsters have life to the millions + there affixes + repair cost up the roof + enrage counter + AH being too expensive to purchase with gold... I completely quit playing my lvl 60's and just started making new CHARS. I'll just level during this low point of d3 until things change...(been waiting) . Things are too expensive for me to advance to better gear on my 60's. You need millions of gold just for a slight upgrade in ONE piece of equipment even with a good search. I remember when a million gold was worth a million gold.GetTouched0 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Constructive criticism from 1st time poster Hi all. I have never posted on these forums before. I check them periodically for game updates and build strategy, etc. But, normally they are just too venomous for me. However, I've been moved. D2 was my favorite game of all time. Spent years on it. So I was very excited for D3. Nonetheless, I'm on the verge of hanging up the Diablo hat. Here are some suggestions, to any blue that may read this. 1. Enrage timers ostensibly keep the undergeared from 1 hour kiting content. Maybe it is successful at that, I'm not sure. What it is consistently successful at is frustrating a good team. Often, a 4 man team will be in a knock down, drag out fight with a tough mob. We have 5 stacks, but the timer is running out... we're not dying often, but the battle is very push and pull... it's fun! One minion down... two... we're almost there, everyone's playing a role. Good teamwork, barbs are leaping in front of incoming fireballs to save my hide, etc. Then, whoops, sorry, fun time is up. Everyone back to town, wait a few minutes, then you may resume your fun. Except the spell has been broken. I have a very strong suspicion that this frustration happens often, to many players. All for the sake of preventing a handful of people from cheesing a boss or two? D3 already has mechanics to discourage over-reaching - high repair costs, and low return for invested time. Enrage timers do little to provide further "over-reach discouragement", but do much to provide frustration to those trying to play the game. I strongly suggest a cost/benefit analysis. 2. Itemization. Legendary/set items need big attention. The quality of 63s needs big attention. This has been covered elsewhere. One solution may be to reduce the number of yellow drops, but increase their quality significantly. This may infuse the sight of a lvl63 yellow drop with some excitement. Experimental psychologists (like me) tell us that intermittent reward encourages a behavior. Importantly in this case, the reward is not the *dropping* of the 63, but rather the *quality* of the 63. In other words, 63s don't count as rewards unless they're good, and I'm suggesting they are not good often enough. Again, I believe the *ratio* of good to bad 63s should be tweaked (not so gently). Perhaps to compensate, the instance rate of 63 drops could be lowered. This would kill two birds with one stone: the appearance of a 63 would constitute a reward, and the time the reward is experienced would be moved to the sight of the 63, rather than in town, after the magic id timer has completed. Instance and quality would be merged. 3. Company response to problems. I suggest Blizzard re-evaluate their priorities. Sometimes I feel like I'm begging to play this game. Between enrage and the lack of psychological rewards, my enthusiasm has waned. These problems seem to scream for attention. Instead, mf is being altered, so people don't swap out gear at the last second? This practice may or may not affect the game's fun factor - I won't take a position on that here - but I have a very hard time believing it affects it more than the two issues noted above. I did a quick search of a few forums, this one included, and the ratio of enrage/itemization complaints to mf gear swap complaints supports my suggestion. Not very scientific, I know, but it circumstantially reflects the in-game chatter I most often hear in public games. No one ever gets worked up about a team member swapping gear, but cries of frustration after enrage interrupts a good fight or a crappy 3-affix lvl 63 drops can be heard daily. Perhaps all these issues are being worked on simultaneously. In that case, pull the manpower off the mf gear fix and put it on the issues people are most frustrated by. Mf-gear swapping is not a game-breaking mechanic, nor do I believe that it is the number 1 concern of players at the moment (and neither do you). I strongly suggest you move your attention to those concerns. I have made these suggestions because I looked forward to this game so much, and was so very invested in its outcome. I am disappointed with other aspects of the game - most notably the loss of the gothic-horror atmosphere and its replacement by a Saturday morning cartoon atmosphere. As well as the inverted nature of power progression (see However, it is probably too late to change that. I'd like to congratulate you on making a game that kept me playing for a few months. I make the suggestions I have because there is much room for improvement. The 3 problems above can still be addressed - sooner, rather than later. For the sake of those still slogging it out, or those who haven't slogged yet. Disappointed but respectful, M.R.MajorRuckus2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Trade Window exploit So it's been 5 days since a blue posted anything, looking for a blue response here, when is the trade window exploit being fixed?Wulfgar10 Jul 9, 2012