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Jul 7, 2012 Worlds ending.. I found a upgrade that dropped for me so the world is ending!!! No joke First upgrade that has dropped for me in inferno after 300+hrs of total play time. Pretty excited so figured I would share my rare feat. Oh it was a wand that gave me an additional 7600 dps so it was a good one.BigD0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Auction House has unjustifiable shortcomings. The auction house is a convenient means of buying and selling gear, much more convenient than doing everything on forums like the old days. However, it has some usability issues that are very hard to understand. Some of these seem to be much simpler fixes than others, but I think they are all doable. * There is no way to sort rings, amulets, and especially off-hand items by dps. * Items can be filtered by bonus minimum damage but not by bonus maximum. * Items with level requirement reduced sort at the level they would be without the reduction. This makes the AH virtually useless for the trading of these gamebreakingly powerful leveling items. * Items can only be filtered by three attributes. In most cases this is enough, but can fall far short with slots that carry special attributes, for example boots with movement speed. * While the log provides useful information of sales including prices and time of sale, there is no record of what an item was after it is sold. Players would have to manually record all their data to keep track of sales. * There is no record of the listing price of an item that does not sell. * There is no way to search for items irrespective of the character for whom they will be used. When selling an item, multiple searches are sometimes needed to determine appropriate pricing. * There is no way to filter shields by total chance to block or their native chance to block, only by additional chance to block. * There is no way to filter helms by native +life%, MF, or GF, only by the total amount including gems. Some of these are much more important than others, but all of them are issues that have caused me a good deal of annoyance. There may be more, feel free to add your own comments, agreements, or refutations.PvtDeth10 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 This is what we are tired of...crappy drops This was on Act 4 Hell. This isn't the first Resp. to drop crap loot but this was the first time that I have seen only 2 items drop and both were white. The drops have been getting worse over the past week. I'm starting to wonder if they have ninja nerfed the loot tables again.BlackDragon18 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 What is Diablo 3? There is a little banner on the front page which asks "What is Diablo 3?", and if you click on it sends you to a page with a bunch of random information that has nothing to do with what Diablo 3 really is. It is a page filled with misleading lies about a piece of junk blizzard released only to cash out on, seems they succeeded seeing that sales broke records, but their real cash cow the RMAH has failed tell me why that banner or that page is still up?Maxiim0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Farming to sucess Ok as i seen everyone complaining inferno is too hard im on act 3 inferno (skipped act 2 and got lucky with killing belial [really wanted the sigil for killing belial]). so im going to give my advice to those who don't know how to play this game and i havn't even beaten inferno yet on my main char. So what you do is first of all if your under 10k dmg your defaintly going to want to start on hell mode act 4 diablo farming till you can do at least 14k dmg (hard part SAVE YOUR GOLD FOR EQUIPMENT [ one of my problems] ) after you get like 14k dmg go to skelly king runs (inferno) to 25k dmg and then butcher (inferno) im right now at point of butcher runs but can't kill butcher solo he one to two hit kills me on my wizard and from there im not sure where to farm after butcher im right now aiming for 50k dmg where should i farm after butcher? any tips pleaseMythicalRye7 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Inferno Difficulty Issue I am not the original author of this message. I simply read it in another thread that has been buried and thought it was deserving of its own thread. I've made MANY threads like this in the past but I've become too lazy to put in the effort again when it seems that Blizzard is turning a deaf ear to these very real problems. The message is as follows: I'm going to point out what I don't like about Inferno, and the title tells it all. Why aren't melee Wizards as viable as the Blizz/Hydra ones? We, the players, are simply punished for being in melee range. The difficulty is in the enemy damage, not the enemy mechanics, outside of elite packs. This can cause serious problems as taking high damage diminishes the effectiveness and usefulness of a skill. I had an idea to balance out the difficulty while not making the game 'easier': 1. Reduce enemy damage output. 2. Add new and interesting stats on gear that synergize better with builds. 3. Litter the battlefields with enemies. I mean it. 4. Add "Extra Strong" as one of the affixes. Now that enemy damage is reduced, the 1-2 shot mobs will still exist. 5. Give every 'model' type a single affix. Plagued for Zombies, Extra Strong for the Axe Skeletons, Horde for the Fallen Shaman, Desecrator for the Cultists. You can be very creative when it comes to these. 6. Elites/Boss groups will not have these affixes; they will still be a randomized four. This way, the difficulty isn't punishing builds/skills or players for wanting to be a Melee Wizard (which was intended to be viable), a pet doctor (insta-gibbed on live currently) or a short range powerhouse spell caster (Firebats channels, Explosive Bolts, Electrify magic weapon, Explosive Blast etc.) Also, most elite packs won't be either "easy" or "instant death" depending on how unlucky you get. It's MUCH better difficulty design. This difficulty tuning has you acknowledge the enemy and the most dangerous affixes to take out first. You have to actually pay attention to the 'cannon fodder' enemies, such as Zombies. As it stands right now, the game can't be tuned well enough to make the lackluster or non viable skills useful without tuning down enemy damage. Inferno should be hella difficult, but it's just in the wrong place: Hence the title.Gosu0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Jay Wilson doesnt even count for NV!! Come on man, if you want to make a big bad elite character of yourself in the cemetary, you could at least counted yourself towards the NV. You could also maybe drop a rare or 2 as well. I don't know if this is his way of aggravating people further and gets some sort of amusement out of it, but come on! If I put myself in a game that I directed, I would want myself to think I was cool enough to drop something good and most certainly count towards NV. I don't know if I should say "lame" or "touche"AntonChigur1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Why adding gold to the RMAH could break it Conceptually, adding gold to the real money auction house could mess with the "economy" in diablo III. Think about it, what if an item costs 1,000,000 gold in the AH, and a very similar item is in the RMAH for 20 bucks. Well, in order for it to be a perfectly functioning economy, 1,000,000 gold would HAVE to cost 20 dollars, or this could create a loophole in the system, where I could pay for gold with real money, and get things for cheaper in the AH. Now I don't know, maybe this could actually stabilize the economy. But if there were two different currencies in any given country, how easy would that be to maintain? It's just a thought, purely conceptual. It could have the opposite effect.Sleuth30 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 3 day digital download restrictions (help) I am a 300 + hours played player, my acc was downgraded to starter when I canceled WoW (I had no reason to play wow once i was hooked on d3). I upgraded to retail for 60$ and I can't even add new friends, get items from my friends (I loaned a friend a crazy bow), or put items on the RMAH (i have 27$ balance I think it put everything I sold on my bnet balance instead of paypal -_-) I opened a support ticket, 8 hours no response so far.. you guys think they will reverse it or I'm out of luck for 3 daysJosh6 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Non Elite Loot +Resplendent Chests Etc I understand that elites are basically the name of the game, and I like that. However, the other monsters are left feeling worthless to me. On my Barbarian I basically just skip all of them as the chance at a good score is so minute I feel it's not worth my time. Plowing through lot's of easy monsters should be fun, but it is a little tedious and feels unproductive knowing I will routinely get nothing. I love the elite drop rates in all acts on Inferno and I like the way the loot system works on that side. But white and purple monsters need a little buff in terms of loot. What is even the point of purple monsters? They drop between 0-2 blues almost every time with very few exceptions(Warden/Jondar). It makes me not even want to kill them. As for white monsters, I love the idea of killing hordes of them but I just feel it's a waste of time. When I play with my friends who can't easily slip by all the monsters I just feel they are slowing me down by making me have to kill white monsters with them. I'm not even saying loot in general needs a big buff, I don't think it does. I just want to know I have a reasonable chance at some good items once in a while from white and purple monsters. It doesn't even need to be much, just a little would be fantastic. Also, what about making weapon/armor racks and resplendent chests be affected by something like 20% of your magic find? I feel they have been nerfed so hard they are no longer interesting when they used to be pretty cool. Once again, just a little buff would be nice, make them useful, they don't need to be huge loot pinatas.Silentstar0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Act 2 Inferno.... After almost 600+ hours on my barb and using the best set-up on skills and having decent gear and stats, still get mowed by the first group of champion whatever's I come across? What are barbs supposed to do? Try different skills; tried every build I've seen, better gear; maybe but I'm not far off from what "max" is on most things except weapon of course but this is about being able to survive not kill, resistances; doubtful pushing 1000+ on most of them. They said that with the last patch they were dialing back the difficulty of act 2 but I've not seen a single difference. I've farmed act 1 for so long I can almost do it asleep. When I can get to her, Magda isn't that hard either but stuck looking for the head on the first group of blues getting wiped constantly and then watching them go into rage mode and heal 100% in a matter of 10 seconds... that's uncalled for! My wife and I have waited for this game to come out ever since the end of D2 LoD and it's a real let down to know that unless we BOTH get geared up with godly items, we can only really play up through Hell together. Anything from Act 1 inferno and on is just a waste of time and repair costs, neither of which we have in large supply. One last thought and I'll stop,(god knows how short most people's attention span is), When do set items start dropping? I have no doubt that it won't be for my class but I haven't seen a single one! I'll be happy with just this answer, then at least there's something to look forward to. Edit: Finally got some good life steal and YES, things have gotten TONS easier! Seems to of fixed all my problems, in solo at least. The wife and I are working on builds for the barb/wiz combo and while it helps me, she's having to go with life on kill items for now.Urza197710 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 anyone else about to quit Because sorfcore is to boring and hardcore is bs because of the lag? fix the dam lag bs already WHY IS IT STILL A PROBLEMKosard0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 @Blizz Prime example of why D3 is not fun Desecrator/Molten/Vortex/Jailer champion pack. Two of these affixes are fine because they can be avoided or minimized to do the player's ability to counter them. Two of them really suck because they occur at random and cannot be countered by anything the player can do except blow major cooldowns. This is the prime example why people are mad. They like killing monsters. They even like being killed by monsters. What they do not like is being killed by things that CANNOT BE AVOIDED. That is the definition of anti-fun. Couple that with the lovely rubberbanding that is still happening this patch and the game is hardly worth playing. Also, when I do kill this lovely combination (no the increased gold per repair and death timer will deter me from actually killing these mobs), more than likely I'll be rewarded with sub ilvl 60 gear for my trouble in Act 2 Inferno, making me rage quit for the weekend. Ball is in your court blizzard. Fix your game please.EJAXIMUS5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Amusing combination of dialogue So there I was, trying Act II Inferno for the first time in a few days, seeing if I could handle it yet. Some minutes later, I'm running from three champion lacuni who are deftly vivisecting me every time I attempt to engage them. Not only are they destroying me, but they're Fast, and even with Sprint I keep running out of fury in my attempts to outrun them. I'm at the part where I have the Enchantress as a story-companion, and I also have my own perm-companion Enchantress, so fairly far into this rather one-sided fight, I hear... "That is a powerful foe over there--" "LOOK! MORE HIDDEN FOOTPRINTS!" The combination of obviousness and obliviousness made me laugh even as I was mercilessly cut down.Jenifer0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Blizzard to further increase drop chances? Something that I read on the EU forums seemed to indicate that Blizzard is planning on raising the drop chances of high level loot in an upcoming patch, again. While I appreciate the fact that this is probably the result of massive outcry from the forums, I cannot help but feel like Blizzard is repeatedly missing the point. Am I the only one who has less of a problem with the frequency at which I find Ilvl 63 loot, and more of a problem with how utterly useless said items are once found? Blizzard oculd raise the drop chance of Ilvl 63 loot to 100% and they STILL would not be doing what the community wants them to do. Blizzard. We aren't upset with howo ften we find Ilvl 63 loot. Well, okay, some of us are, but I think we can all agree that the real problem is the range that the loot system uses to determine the stats on items. It is extremely frustrating to have found exactly one piece of valuable Ilvl 63 gear in 250 hours + of playing. In my particular case, that one item was nerfed by the Ias "fix" and is now a mediocre item. We want a better loot system. WE WANT A BETTER LOOT SYSTEM. WE WANT A BETTER LOOT SYSTEM!!! PLEASE redirect the efforts being made to increase drop chances to work on making more items actually useful. Your community wants more stats of value. Your community wants some items to simply not be able to roll certain affixes (it makes no sense at all to find a mighty weapon with +100 int and +100 dex, and likewise to find a wizard hat with 150 Str on it. Or an Ilvl 63 weapon with 300 dps.). Again. I appreciate that you are at least acknowledging that a problem exists (though you'll never come out and actually say so). But I can't help but feel that you guys are making the wrong fixes. Giving us more bites at the broken loot apple doesn't change the fact that your community keeps getting loot poisoning from it. We want a fix to items. And I'm sorry, but I just don't think raising the drop rates is the solution. Please listen to the thousands of posters who every day beg for better item tuning. We all know that you are obsessed with a successful auction house (even though your players (the people who should matter in all of this) are not), and as a result it is a firm held belief that 99.99% of items are useless on purpose. Please stop that. Please? Improving the quality of found drops (as opposed to the frequency of drops) would honestly fix a lot of issues with this game. Including but not limited to: Gold inflation (more 'useful items' means more supply, meaning prices should go down), Player frustration (may actually find an upgrade from time to time) and the trading market (less unids will be traded because there could be a benefit to identifying them). Please focus on the single biggest flaw in D3. We need more affixes for items, less "crap" affixes, more restriction on what kind of gear can spawn certain stats, more "flavor" stats (like % for whatever to happen), - enemy resistance, a rework of skill buffing affixes (-2 hatred cost on Cluster arrow = lol @ whoever implemented that), more dps increasing affixes (and make +damage on rings, ammys, and etc actually comparable to the other DPS stats),and the biggest of all, increase the baseline value for any stat on an Ilvl 63 item. Arguably nothing is more frustrating than finding an Ilvl 63 that is inferior to an Ilvl 55 item. It was never a good idea to make loot so random. I believe that is pretty self-evident now. Please, since the legendary buff is a long long way away, remove the restriction of certain stats only spawning on legendaries. Would it really break the game to be able to find a rare chestpiece with +crit on it? Please consider the things I have written, blizzard. I appreciate the effort you are making to improve the experience of playing this game, but I can't help but feel you keep fixing the wrong things in favor of leaving a broken system, well, broken. Thanks for reading, sorry for the TL post. It appears I may have been mistaken that blizzard will be further raising drop chances. The quote Iwas looking at on a news site was ... Looks like my news site is behind the times. Either way, I believe everything I said still needs to be adressed.MrSnaps63 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Inferno should be Full of elites. Every normal pack should be 1 champ pack or 2 unique pack and add the endless dungeon and that horde mode i saw earlierNerfed2 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Blizzard: Merge the Auction Houses! Hi, The region-unique auction houses (particularily the RMAH) are a really bad decision. I don't understand why. At least accept payments from all regions when it's done via Paypal. Paypal automatically converts dollars to euros and vice versa. I'm from Europe which has a MUCH lower market demand for items, so basically I'm being ripped off (less demand, can't sell as much, less money) just because I don't live in the US. One of the best things with Diablo 3 was the possibility to sell stuff for real money, so it feels kind of sucky right now. I've managed to sell stuff in the EU for 10 euro. And I've put up stuff every day since the release of RMAH. And not for unresonable prices, 5 or 10 euro. "So just switch region to the Americas", you say. Sure, but I can't use the RMAH from another region. I'll have to physically MOVE to the US to sell stuff with a better market demand. That's just whack. Blizzard, is there any good reason for the AHs being separate?danielwerner10 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 eBay, The Game Hey Blizzard, if you rename Diablo 3 to this, then there won't be so many threads with negative feedback for you to delete anymore. But since that won't happen, how about addressing a very unhappy fan base as to if you are even listening to them? I see threads getting deleted everywhere, every one of them with actual concerns and constructive feedback, yet the ones I see remain are threads on bacon and fat people, flamers and trolls, or worse, straight out derogatory harassment. Am I to assume you have finally given up? (Finally, like its been out so long already.) I see official posts on book sales and improvements to the RMAH, then finally I see Bashiok basically say "We thought our idea of an endgame would be sustainable, but we were wrong." That's it? That is what you leave all the people with who fell for this money making enterprise? "We know we screwed up"? Ok, now what? Admitting things didn't turn out the way you expected is all well and good, but there won't be any rectification? I do understand you are a money making company, but you honestly expect me to believe that people get into the gaming industry solely for the profits? I might now. I know there will be trolls, and flamers, and plenty of "quit. kthnxbye". I know not everyone agrees that they messed up what was expected from D3, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is mine. I see my own rant becoming tl;dr, so in conclusion, just delete this post, Blizzard, like you do to all the people who just want to have a voice. Finally, after 2 entire decades of being a Blizzard fanboi, (what, i like their games), I have lost faith in you, and this does not make me mad, but lament for what you used to be: A video game company with standards who cared about their games.Digimortal3 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Drop item crappy 2 days and all drop item are below 60 wtf is going on!Michael0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 we get what we want it's true, inferno was to hard they nerfed it, drops were to low they increased it twice already and i hear there is a third increase coming, inferno is still to hard they'll nerf it again i'm sure, well since we're getting our way decrease gold cost repair, remove magic find from gear and put magic find into charms, or character stats, remove the gold auction house cause not everyone wants to spend 3 million gold on a stupid ring, and go ahead and increase drop rates for a fourth time just skip 3 and go to 4. If you want ppl to keep playing the game then stop having your players depend on the stupid auction house, remove the gold auction house and increase the drops which will make the game last a little longer then it has already and maybe players will come back or at least play more. If you guys want your money then keep the RMAH up, although i dont' know why people would use it cause paying 250 dollars for any virtual item is really stupid.jdog1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 More auctions = lower prices GAH prices are ridiculous. Blizzard can alleviate some of these prices just by increasing the number of auctions that people can post at once. More auctions means more supply thereby (hopefully) bringing prices down. This will be especially important as it is likely prices will inflate higher once gold goes on the RMAH. Obviously, inflation will always be an issue because money is constantly introduced to the economy but it would be nice to see blizzard do something about it other than punishing repair costs.psv5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Does this method make the game more fun As we know, the Legendary items are mostly worthless, if the new update can endow the blacksmith one new function that can put one of your legendary items and other stuff like gems together to forge and have a chance to improve one of the property of your item. Would you like it?Michael12110 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Was MF swapping hotfixed on July 3rd? I've been doing solo runs all day with 287% MF and 3-4 rare drops are extremely scarce. I've seen 1-2 rare drop almost every kill. Why do I get the feeling MF swapping was already nerfed?Snurb4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 What Happened with Flawless Square Emerald? Yeah..what happened, guys? Thank God, I have keep my stock 2 stash full of flawless square emerald yesterday >.<soegirang0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Did they ninja buff act 1 inferno ilvl63s? I'm getting far more than I used to get last patch. I have 100% mf and would rarely get 63's, and today I have gotten a few an hour doing dank cellar.Josh7 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Have the hackers stopped playing too? During the first couple of weeks after release I would see dozens of threads a day on these forums from people claiming their Diablo 3 account was hacked. I haven't seen such a thread in weeks though. What happened? Did everyone decide to finally get an authenticator? Do people just not care anymore if their Diablo 3 account has been hacked? Is Blizzard deleting all such topics? Have the hackers decided it's not worth the time to hack people's accounts?Quilla10 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Maybe D3 being like WoW isn't such a badthing This was a quote from Nalthera over on the wow forums as a response as to why heroic dungeons get nerfed after release. I dont know about you but it seems like D3 would be a much better game if they adopted this philosphy. Heres a link to the original post It's about balance as always. We have a variety of people who play the game and we have to keep in mind what constitutes challenging and what constitutes frustrating and find a way to move frustrating back in line with challenging. Then from there, we run into different ideas of what challenging is. So, we have to take a look at where the trouble spots are, investigate who is making it through and who is having difficulty. Beyond that, it then gets down to the nitty gritty. Is it simply a class issue? Is it a mechanic issue? Is the dungeon overall just too difficult for a variety of class combinations to get through? At what point do people "give up" or just flat out leave or not even attempt the dungeon to begin with? Once we determine what is the "core" contributing factor, the designers decide on a course of action. Sometimes that course of action is to alter the dungeon itself and make it more accessible. We want the game to be fun. We want people to feel like they can accomplish the task at hand without it being a painful endeavor. We also ultimately want people to get a chance to see the content to begin with. The idea of creating a "piece of art" is to share it with others. The same is true for the various aspects of the game. While there may be aspects of the game that are less accessible for one reason another to a wide array of people, something that's considered a key aspect of the available gameplay is not something we want to heavily restrict or hold people back from.valachase14 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Preparing for PvP I feel like a lot of people that play regularly are getting geared up enough for the upcoming PvP patch, to the point its not a bunch of Wal-Mart equipped people battling it out. Is anyone out there holding on to certain items to take down other classes? What're you hoping to see in PvP?overland7 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Trading I think this is a serious issue with this game. I think there is an inherent problem with video game economies because you are dealing with abundant commodities. Trading in Diablo 2 was fun, or at least theoretically fun, but it also invited farmers, botters, dupers, and scammers. This ruins any game that is focused on trading... Diablo is focused on trading, because it speeds up your progression into higher levels of gear farming. If you played the game single player, you'd find a ton of gear that you couldn't use, but would be worth something to another class. By allowing players to trade, like trading in real life, it allows for exponentially faster progression. A game with the option for this kind of advantage must be tailored to the people benefiting from this function... because if they focus on the people who don't trade, the ones that do trade will be done and out of game content way too fast. A challenge must remain for everyone, and so the people who want to do things on their own get forgotten. Too much challenge is better than not enough. Diablo 2 has just as many problems as Diablo 3 does, so the RMAH cannot be blamed. But Diablo 2 had a slower time getting to such a pitiful state because people were not used to paying real money for in game items at the time, now they are, and know how to use websites and punch in their credit card number... Blizzard did not introduce anything new with the real money auction house; in fact, they potentially eliminated a lot of unnecessary spam (obviously we all see the spam is still there, probably due to Blizzard's obscene "cut" of 15% per transaction plus an extra fee to withdraw money... lack of foresight imo). Anyway, the point is, the option to trade powerful items naturally leads to problems like what we see. We do not have the option to hunt for our own gear because if it was easy to find gear for yourself, imagine how much you could benefit from a free market of items? Because of this market, drop rates are the way they are... they have to be. I suggested introducing a bind on pickup mechanic that would make certain items, perhaps only legendaries and set items (itemization fixes necessary!), bind to your account when you pick it up so that farmers will no longer have the incentive to hunt for items (because they will not be able to sell them). This would effectively kill a lot of trading and auctioning, and serve to benefit the players that can actually find their own gear. I understand a lot of people are against this, but at least have the honesty to logically defend trading in a game like this. Why is it worth all this !@#$?Galt0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Make unidentified items non-tradeable please Tired of seeing the only things in trade chat be non identified items. The ability to trade unidentified items takes away from so many aspects of the game. Maybe if items were worth identifying, it would be fair to let people trade unidentified items, but as it is, it's just ruining things. Honestly I'm not sure what's worse in trade chat, the gold farmer spam or the fact that 90% of things are not ID'd.TheMajy5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Please make the loot more fun Not fun: weird combinations like a Wizard item with Dex or a Monk skill enhancement. Fun: lesser and greater items, but always fitting for a certain class. The system that creates the drops seems estranged from the actual game. Thanks.specular0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Do people know that dying in D2 was worse? People are complaining about losing gold when dying. In D2, you lose 10% of your experience every time you die. If you happened to carry gold with you, you'd lose a hell lot of it, although gold was worthless. Now, in D3, the repair costs isn't a problem until you start dying more than 3 to 4 times. If you died in Hell difficulty that many times in D2, you'd have sabotaged an entire day's worth of experience grinding. if you're at level 95+, it may even be two day's worth of effort. Those of you seasoned D2 players will know that the smart thing to do before fighting a big boss like the 3 Barb Ancients is to level up first. That way, you won't lose 90% of a level's worth of experience. I guess that by today's standard, people will be coming in here by the droves to say that doing that isn't fun. Losing gold is nothing man!MetricTensor26 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Drop rates ok, quality is the problem Item drop "rates" are not the problem. Item drop quality is. By this I am referring to how an Inferno level monster can drop an iLvl 51 item. If a monster is an "Inferno" level monster then they should not be dropping anything less than iLvl 57. Unfortunately this occurs all too often and Blizzard will not fix this (for whatever reason). I have seen very tough champion packs drop an iLvl 51 item for their 1 "guarenteed" rare item. This is insulting and a slap in the face for those who have spend countless hours farming in Act 1 hoping for a good drop. If the 1 rare item was at least iLvl 57 I would not feel quite so insulted, but iLvl 51 is just ludicrous.Grinder6 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Horde Mode Been discussing the idea over on the Europe servers in this thread: It would appear that Community Managers are more involved in the U.S side than the EU side, so I thought I'd start a thread up over here. Basically, my original task was to ask the community managers and developers, was a horde mode ever considered when creating Diablo 3? If it was, are there justifications and reasons for why it didn't make it? If it wasn't, would you consider it in a DLC, Patch or Expansion? Most people are familiar with what a Horde mode is, but for those who don't know, I will explain. Feel free to skip this next bit: Horde mode is a game mode where a number of players (typically 4) battle waves of enemies within one map. As the waves progress the enemies progress to be harder, making the game challenging as you face swarms of enemies of increasing difficulty. The objective can be to either defend a point, survive as many rounds as possible or conquer the level by surviving a pre-determined amount of waves. Feel free to check Gears of War Horde Mode and Halo Fire fight for more details on what a 'horde mode' is like. Carrying on with what I was saying, it would be interesting to find out plans for such a game mode, and if the community show enough interest, possibly push Blizzard towards creating this for us. This isn't a thread for 'Blizzard doesn't care about us', but instead to serve as a way of the community expressing how they feel about a horde mode. If you read my Europe topic, you can see there are several ideas such as - Special items that aren't of great use, but just for fun. - Different objectives depending on the map you pick (I listed Heaven, Earth and Hell as a few examples) - Champion levels. - Packs that each wave can use a variety of different affixes they couldn't previously use, until all affixes are unlocked, then every few rounds, increase the amount of affixes the pack could have, until the pack had perhaps 5 or 6 affixes, making them even more difficult than inferno packs. - The return of Andariel, Duriel, Baal and Mephisto specifically for this game mode so at either every x amount of waves, or as a random event you can face the lords of hell. So, please take the time to have a read, give it a like if you like it and post in here and/or there to try and raise awareness to the developers that we would like a Horde Mode. Thank you!Rowan17 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Anyone else seeing changes? Noticing enemy damage showing up, killing blow appearing after death, and some other random stuff did blizz just do a hotfix?Theklap1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 nightmarish suggestion Remove the ability for elites with the 'nightmare' affix to inflict fear on people with a DoT effect. As an example, a Blazing Guardian pack becomes impossible to defeat due to the fire patches they leave behind fearing you, and if they get you in a corner that's pretty much your butt, and this can be a problem on normal difficulty, where such things shouldn't even -be- problems.Jsuelieta0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Hotfix? What is blizzard trying to patch in right now its screwing with my game!!!!Theklap3 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Crafting bug? So i have the plans for 5 prop gloves, and made 8 pairs in a row. 2 came out with 4 props and one pair came out with this normal? im not too upset about the extra prop one lol but i can build 4 prop gloves cheaper......xBLAZEx4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Honestly, what do you want Blizz? Referring to the When we mean D3 is too hard thread when I mean D3 is too hard, I have to bring mobs to corners of the map so that I can skip them despite having 65k dps, 5k armor 800 AR wiz. Does Blizz WANT us to play like this? I'm certain some of the packs I saw today are not killable even if I had godly gear. Blizz also said that Invulnerable minion bosses will have lesser HP. I just owned by this guy who had nearly 3m HP. what of that says lesser hp? I see invulnerable minions do like 140k dmg each. That's insane freakin lame. This game is good but the "best part" ie the important acts of the game is still lame because no matter how good you are, if you're not a barb, u can't win. Blizz said themselves that the difficulty of act 1 was about right, but the rest was like insane. They nerfed it, and now they buffed it again. All this changing and they still haven't got to the parts people have been complaining since day 1, and that is ridiculous mob combos. I played act 3 inferno because I felt it was TOO boring to farm act 1 again, but my god. I can beat it, but it's so frustrating. And fix the demonic tremor packs for god sakessaxy1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Has anyone gotten ANYTHING good from act 1? By anything I mean something worth over 5 million. Am I wasting my time on this game?Sentry31 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Still no Blue posts.... So here we are again. Over 3 days with no contact from Blizz about any fixes or planned updates or anything. I don't know why I am surprised as the lack of communication from this company is nothing short of epic. Anybody else frustrated by this? Thumbs up.............Not that they will respond anyway, but still.LVnative4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Bashiok Down to like 0 gold now if you think that im going back to normal with 13 damage to farm gold your wrong, My repair bill is 33,841 gold i can say the game has failed me now and dont think it can be pulled back, Most my friend's have stopped playing for one thing or another, If it help's try listen to the one's that are left do something good for them, But for me no gold with big repair bill's is end of game have fun all and good luck.coulsl48 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 An actually non-!@#$%y thread! JOY! I'm curious: I've latched onto the formula stating that your character builds have to focus on your class' core statistic. I've been doing this without fail, the end result being Sergei, a Level 51 Monk with a Dex of about 1235 (working from memory here, don't quote me) but a fairly low set of stats everywhere else. I was wondering what was the average placement for Dex items that most people use, and how I could see about improving my toon's viability without sacrificing his fairly awesome level of stopping power. I'm using my Monk and Dex as examples, but this could really work with any other class. I'm down to Act I Hell, and I'm starting to die a lot. This is getting a tad frustrating, hence the question.WeaselBiggs0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Best/Easiest class to farm Inferno? Hey everyone. What would be the easiest class to farm Inferno in? Preferably Act 3.. Not looking for too much funding but a decent amount..Strider2 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Remove magic find from gear Remove magic find from gear and put it into character stats, or charms, or whatever else. if your looking for other magic finding ideasjdog0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Diablo developer kit Is this something that has ever been considered in the Diablo universe? Both Starcraft and Warcraft games benefited greatly from having the Campaign editor function, it seems like a no-brainer that user-created Diablo content would be a huge amount of fun, and greatly increase the longevity of the game. I know this has been done before, Neverwinter Nights had a massive amount of user designed content, and this was what gave the game such a huge following for a long time. (I've heard great things about all of the custom servers in NWN, but I personally never much cared for the combat style of the game, so I didn't get into it.) Even if the game has to remain online for DRM purposes, why not have a Use Map Settings vs. Ladder style games in a similar fashion that war3 and starcraft work? Personally, I would LOVE to play some private games with friends with a retuned difficulty allowing for leveling from 60-80ish in inferno, and inferno act4 runs to grind out 99. Why not? Maybe someone would release a mod with the templar model playable as a paladin-esque dedicated support class, and be a party healer/buff class with group damage mitigation? Some minor tweaking to the experience gained in a party would be nice too. I miss playing in a big group and gaining the extra experience for it. Right now it seems like a hassle to play in a public game, with inferno difficulty being too unforgiving for an uncoordinated party, and solo play being the most viable (for me as a wizard at least.) I'm sure someone out there would invest a huge amount of time and recreate the full diablo 2/ lord of destruction games using the beautiful diablo 3 engine, and a lot of people would have a blast just experiencing that story again. I've killed diablo on inferno difficulty, and now I just don't know what to do. There have been TONS of suggestions on these forums, a lot of them very good, but it will be a while before most of these can be implemented by the blizzard team. Why not see what the community comes up with instead?Matt1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Dps number on weapon is overrated i paid my 931 hammer 3m yesterday and i just looted that axe lol XDAur3ll40 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Helpful Generic Forum Post! After browsing the forums for a week, I though I could save 85% of the posters a lot of time with a handy generic forum post. Just put an x in all the boxes which apply to you, delete any text in square brackets that does not apply to you, replace the ___ with a number, and insert your name at the bottom! [ ] I am angry with Diablo 3 [ ] I hate Diablo 3 [ ] I think Diablo 3 is the worst thing to happen to computer games in the last 10 years. [ ] I think Diablo 3 is the worst thing to happen in the last 10 years. You should respect my opinion because I have played this game for [ ] 2 hours a day [ ] 100 hours total [ ] 250 hours total [ ] 500 hours total since its release on May 15th, and yet those hours don't justify my $60 because I spent them all [ ] bored [ ] crying [ ] angry with a member of the Blizzard staff who I know by name [ ] all of the above. I know what I'm talking about because: [ ] I have been an IT professional for 5 years. [ ] I have worked in customer service for 10 years. [ ] I design games for a living. [ ] I have a hot wife/girlfriend who plays computer games. and I know Diablo 3 is the worst game released in the past [___] years because: [ ] I cannot complete the hardest difficulty setting less than 2 months after the game came out. Even though other people have done so without spending any money, since I cannot there must be a problem with the game. [ ] After playing for over 100 hours in less than 2 months I am bored, and a game which does not keep me entertained after over 100 hours is terrible. [ ] Class X is better than class Y at doing Z, in a single player or cooperative game where you can play any class you want and leveling is trivial. [ ] I don't feel powerful enough in the hardest difficulty level of the game, and I want it to be easier, but I also don't want to waste my time playing the 2nd hardest difficulty level where I am really powerful and monsters die easily. [ ] It takes far too long for my well geared level 60 to find an upgrade. Basic probability dictates that if item power is randomised, then as my gear gets better the time between finding an upgrade will increase dramatically. But since Blizzard has not 'fixed' probability, the game is terrible. [ ] A [gold auction house / real money auction house] exists. Even though I don't have to use it, and can complete the game without it, the fact that other people are using it to [buy / sell] items and [improve their characters / make money] is unfair. [ ] A [gold auction house / real money auction house] exists and prices are too high for me! Even though I don't have to use it, can complete the game without it, and capitalism 101 dictates that someone has the money and desire to pay whatever people are selling items for, the fact that I cannot afford the items that I want means that Blizzard should 'fix the economy' and bring prices down to what I want to pay. Anyone who can pay the current prices is a scrub or noob who does not deserve their item anyway. [ ] I want a reason to keep playing this game for far more hours than I have already put into it, and I also want the best gear in the game to be more easily available, even though I see no reason to continue playing once I have the best gear. [ ] I want Diablo 3 to be more like Diablo 2 where I ran 10 minute Baal runs for hours and hours each day. I could always play on a lower difficulty level and repeatedly kill the same boss every 10 minutes for hours, and eventually I could gear up to be able to repeatedly kill Inferno Diablo, but since I can't kill the last boss on the hardest difficulty level every 10 minutes with my current gear, the game is terrible. Anyone who actually enjoys this game must be: [ ] deluded [ ] a Blizzard fanboy [ ] a Blizzard fanboi [ ] without a wife/girlfriend as hot as mine. Since there is no way anyone could actually enjoy [ ] playing a few characters through Hell, stopping before the Inferno grind, and being happy that they got 100 hours of monster-killing fun for $60 without finishing the hardest difficulty setting. [ ] gearing up their character through Inferno, repeatedly killing the same challenging monster packs, all the while getting excited when that small upgrade finally drops, and then getting really excited when enough upgrades drop to let them move into the next act. [ ] gearing up through the AH – selling items they find while looking for bargains on items they want, and using the AH as an efficient form of trading. [ ] leveling multiple characters to see how the dozens of different skills play out. [ ] seeing how far they can get with Hardcore characters of different classes [ ] killing monsters with friends, leveling up and sharing items together while working out group skills and strategies. the problem is definitely with the game, and not at all with me and how I am choosing to play it. Yours sincerely, [ ___ insert name here ___ ]Darkpuffin4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Damage/Life/Prot Comparison Tooltips in AH Can we please have comparison tooltips in the auction house that show us the difference in Damage/Life/Protection over our current gear? It is driving me mental having to alt+tab out all the time to tap numbers into an online calculator, which may or may not even give me the correct answer, only to then find that the item has been bought by the time I get back anyway. Thanks.Hoodlum10 Jul 7, 2012