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Jul 4, 2012 Please fix off-hand searching on the AHs I don't post on the forums much, but anyone who has had the misfortune of trying to buy or sell a source or mojo off-hand can maybe feel my frustration. Please add a way to search for off-hands by the weapon damage it adds. It makes it so time consuming to sift through pages and pages of them and you aren't even seeing all of them. I was just trying to look at some sources on the RMAH and normal AH and with filters on, I'm only seeing a fraction of the ones I really am looking to buy (80+ - 300+ damage). And if you are trying to sell one it's impossible because it's likely not even being seen in the searches with the mass of crap damage ones listed. Considering the number one thing wizards and witch doctors look for on an offhand is high weapon damage (at least most of us do) it's just crazy that you can't search for them that way, or even by what tier they are. Maybe there's a post already or they've said they will fix this (I haven't seen anything of the sort though), but let's make sure they know this is an issue that really needs to be addressed. You can search for weapon damage on amulets or rings but not on off-hands so it can't be all that difficult to fix either (I could be wrong though).Callistora5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Aside from usual criticism/something good This isn't a suggestion so this is going on the general discussion. In the upcoming expansion (BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ONE) bring back the Druid and the Necromancer! Two awesome classes who would look BAD@SS with these graphics. Who ever says there is already a summoner, nah. WD wont ever count like necromancer >8). Also I never read there can not be multiple summoner classes in the unwritten handbook. Don't just not release those two classes because I say you have worries blizzard I wont say crap when you release those two classes such as HEY YOU RATS STOLE MY IDEA. Ill just be one happy dude playing two bad@ss classes that deserve to be brought back in style and sweet graphics.RevolveReX0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 All done I am in this game as my first of the Diablo series. I played WOW for quite some time starting 1 week before Burning Crusade came out and continuing until Cataclysm. I have purchased those games and enjoyed playing them. I started playing D3 recently, as in very recently. The first few modes were okay then really got boring quick, that's when I hit Inferno. In Inferno I have only played since they "nerfed" it. I have to say this game is reversed from any other I've seen. I mean solo play is easier than group play? Who the hell decided that reverse logic was sound? With the overall gameplay I have seen I don't believe I will be purchasing any more of the Diablo series. I have also canceled my WOW account. There is very bad logic coming from their upper tier developers that has caused me personally to begin dropping all Blizzard games.leone1450 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Soo.. What ever happened to this game Cause.. I was pretty excited about D3 at one point... maybe going back to what excited us to begin with, would help with your list of things to change. That includes you nerfing all the WoW-like properties of this game, and getting back to what made the franchise a hit to begin with: loot, and lots of it (boss battles would be a close 2nd for me followed by the actual USE of weapons and loot we pickup, not just some ability driven system that only relies on a unique weapon for a buff) <3 since the 90's, when I was a teen, and bought Diablo, for my 486....... ... .. . ~Coina2sidedcoin0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Here's a video of how fun is that game It's not a new video , ive seen a lot of time but i can't keep laughing when watching it. Here is THE gameplay of real diablo 3. Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Item drop sounds So I just spent a half-hour playing Path of Exile. As it stands right now as soon as it's non-beta I'm switching over. It's not as polished as Diablo 3, and the graphics suck, but it gets the important details right. One of the first things I noticed playing was that - just like the first two diablo games - item drops make unrealistically distinctive sounds when they drop. When a ring, gem, amulet, whatever, drops, you KNOW what dropped just by hearing it. This is in contrast to Diablo 3's item drop sounds which aren't just bland and un-memorable, but also blend into the background noise so well that you don't even notice them. Want an easy way to make this game more fun? Go grab the item drop audio out of Diablo 2, and replace the Diablo 3 sounds with them. Don't over-think it, don't spend time polishing and fine tuning them. Don't worry if they sound a little out of place. Literally. Copy. Paste. Stop worrying about gear swapping silliness and start working on some fun things.Vinz6 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Items aren't selling on AH It seems like the market has died down completetly for items for progressing in inferno for lvl 60. It seems like unless you get something at least decent EG: 180 dex 180 vit 40 AR pants. You aren't gonna sell anything below that. There doesn't seem to be people bidding or buying them anymore and I even put those items at the lowest bid possible. Right now, in order to get an upgrade for me. I have to either pray for it to drop or simply drop one of the high tier items such as Dex/Crit/Crit dmg all rolled high stats ammy to sell for some gold or rmah for me to upgrade. This sucks.kenshi30 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dude, I am so happy I know it's a game but after like 5 hours of farming (total 45 hours gameplay) I finally got a presumed decent drop? on act 1 inferno\ I killed a white mob of savage fiends after the warden when walking toward halls of agony lvl 3 I got legendary plans:seven sins apparently the AH tells me its 26m friends have told me more like 10-20m? I made a post on the trading section and got offered 10m Anyways I have like 130k and am a demon hunter so this is a big step up for me. Thank you for listening <3Swaagar81 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The Perfect video for blizzard to see! Pretty much sums it all up. Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 So tired of rubber banding. I'm really starting to get sick of the damn rubber banding EVERY time i try to tempest rush after a fight in hopes of getting to new enemies after a fight for bigger kill bonus.....UltimaGrant1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Stream: Ultra Fast Arreat Farm Coop (OFFLINE) STREAM IS OFFLINE ... Super fast farm at about 2.5 minutes an elite kill. Full clear with 15+ elites, 2-5 goblins, and 2 bosses. Wizard tank runs ahead with barb shout, finds packs, locks down, and rest of group drops in. We are streaming to promote coop play. Though our characters are built strongly, a setup like this could be put together relatively cheaply if you are fully committed to speccing for others. Please keep this post bumped while we're live =) Bronnix' Stats 1700 phys res ~1200 all res self buffed 7k armor 3.6k DPS 42k HP Bronnix' Build This build is meant for co-op play I would not be able to solo as this build as my damage would be too low. Geared myself enough for act 3 using about 2-3 mil and have improved quite a bit since then but still very affordable. Locus' Builds: Witch Doctor 60k dps 450 res all 25k hp Highly mobile, survivable WD meant for intense burst in combination with Wizard stun locking. Wizard 65k DPS, 450 res, 25k hp, +30 AC, 45% crit Mix of Point blank aoe and ranged bombardment.. assists novas with Bronnix as a sort of "off tank" for 3-4 coop setups.Locus5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 134K DPS Witch Doctor streaming Former rank 1 US Grand Master from sc2- add me to play Lone#1162 quality is low atm tomorrow im calling service provider to address issuesLone4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Imagine a world with no MF The way I figure, MF was put into the game as sort of a self challenge. MF gear is generally weaker than non MF gear, but in return of weakening yourself you get increased reward. Thus being able to farm in full MF gear is a sort of progression thing. My suggestion is just get rid of MF entirely, and instead add in an NPC in town. Once you clear an act, you can talk to this NPC and increase enemy stats by 1 to 100%. Doing so will also increase your magic find by 1 to 100%(Or a better balanced number, like 2% MF per 1% stat increase). Therefore you can make the enemies stronger and still get better rewards without having to worry about all this gear swapping nonsense. Right now, people are using MF gear for all the reward, none of the difficulty increase.Back in Diablo 2, there was a code to make it so the game would act like there were 8 people playing(increased damage, health, and drop rates) even if there was only 1 person in the game. Thus you could increase the difficulty and item drop rate. That's basically what I'm suggesting should be put in and replace MF. This also gives people a reason to still farm for gear even if they can beat Act 4 Inferno with their eyes closed. It adds almost an entirely new difficulty level... It's a way to really challenge yourself and get rewarded for it. This is just a basic suggestion, I'm sure it needs some kinks worked out. I apologize if this has been suggested before.Treenan0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Lets face it The minds behind D1&2 aren't even at Blizzard anymore they're making Guild Wars 3 ATM. So a bunch of MMO-Happy WoW guys built D3. Which is what D3 is, a micro-instanced MMO. Get over it though, we should have known better. Get rid of the talent and creativity and go corporate and this is what happens. I will not shed a single tear when D3 servers go down, because most likely I'll be playing Guild Wars 3 and D3 will be a long lost unhappy memory.Numbskill0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Bliz, quit fixing things that aren't broken Blizzard, as a whole quit fixing things that aren't broken, and instead FIX THINGS THAT ARE BROKEN. People like to gear switch and people like to party. However with how you set up Diablo 3, you are screwing UP THE GAME. 1st) Gear Switching People switch gear to fight different mobs on occasion. If you have a higher damage but no CC items, you might need it for a mob you can burn down. If you have a lower damage but CC items, you might need it when dealing with a mob that has damage reflect, vortex or walls. And yes, you might even have a set of magic find that you switch just before a kill. Leave gear switching as it is and MOVE ON. 2nd) People don't party due to MF penalty There is absolutely no incentive to form a party in Diablo. When you form a party you do not get a bonus to your magic find. In fact its the average of the groups magic find. So if you group, you have good gear that includes magic find, it is the parties aggregate magic find that is your final magic find value. Right now, no one is partying due to this "bug". At the bare minimum make it where there is a buff like: Person 1: MF = 100 Person 2: MF = 50 Person 3: MF = 0 Person 4: MF = 125 Avg MF for Party = 92. Everyone keeps their base MF but they get a percentage of the Average added to their base MF. Take the average 92, divide it by 4 so it equals = 23. So now when you party your MF is: Person 1: MF = 100 + 23 Person 2: MF = 50 + 23 Person 3: MF = 0 + 23 Person 4: MF = 125 + 23 source: 3rd) People can't find people to form parties based on spec When you go into the crapshoot lotto for D3 party finding system, you very often get a group of 4 DPS, with no tanks. Believe it or not, it does help if people could at least fill out a group request by either class and role. It does no one any good to have 4 WD glass cannons in a group. I often time have to pop in and out of groups until I can find someone who can at least tank for the party. It is not "fun".Garhent1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Problem Installing the game. I tried to install Diablo 3 last night and it get to the part with searching for updates after that it would give me an error. Now today i am trying to install it and now it won't even let me put in my age to get to the download link. its just grayed out. Any Help?Wolfmanes0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Things more fun than diablo 3 In this thread we post things that are more fun than diablo 3 I'll start >getting a parking ticketvegaseller0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Molten + Vortex I'm all for a challenge, I don't mind dying a bunch but I truly feel that the combo of Molten and Vortex is a little too overpowered.VulnoGD1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 New classes for expansion What we need is another strength based class and a paladin would be too close to the monk (auras, healing ability etc). I was thinking of a spartan like character specializing in spear and shield attacks (shield bash, throw shield, spear throw, impale etc). He could have unique helmets and shields. This class would complement the current roster well I think and be something new. Another idea would be a Mage/melee character maybe spectral knight. When the falling star landed it raised some ancient warriors that had a chance to redeem their souls, hence they fight evil. This class would specialize in arcane/spirit melee attacks.Savage0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Early farming question Struggling in Nightmare Act II, getting killed a lot and haven't caught/killed a treasure goblin in last 5-6 attempts. I know further on it's always, go back a quest and farm (or AH). In Nightmare is it worth going back an act and farming or should I keep bashing where I am? tiaPolane4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic find useless!! I have a lvl 60 Barb with about 200% mf, I find stuff more often than when it was at 0 but there doesn't seem to be a difference in the quality. Also my Witch Doc has like 39% MF and has found 4 legendaries in one run and tons of my best rares. So is there an innate MF that doesn't show up based on character type?Spiderian14 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 But... an item hunt is sustainable.. I keep seeing the quote from a blue post about how they have realized that an "item hunt" is not a sustainable end game. WUT!? Is that not what Diablo 2 was? Isn't the end game of the most successful MMO made to date, at its core.. just an ITEM HUNT? Can't the difference be seen? The item hunt was more fun in those games for a whole host of reasons already mentioned by many on this forum. The problem here isn't that an item hunt can't be fun... The problem is YOU COMPLETELY ABANDONED the successful and fun item hunt formula you previously had. People love finding items.. YOU KNOW THIS! The problem is, People are not being rewarded enough for the amount of time they spent farming... YOU KNOW IT'S A BALANCING ACT.... YOUV DONE IT... WHY IS IT SO WRONG NOW!???? Can a blue please explain how now suddenly blizzard has realized an item hunt is no fun, and not in this case a matter of just a poorly thought out loot distribution and itemization?? Please.kurleykilla40 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 New GF mechanic proposal, Feedback plz. I always wanted trashmobs to have some significance. What about a mechanic like this: Rules: 1: A players' equipment Gold Find is the base amount, the timer cannot go below that threshold. eg. 30GF stops the decrease at 30 2: GF has a timer that decreases constantly -1GF per sec. 3: GF Maxes out at 300 I propose that every trash mob killed adds +2 sec to gold find and +1sec to a sleep timer. After 150 trashmobs killed, your GF will be at 300 and you will have to keep killing trash mobs to keep it there. This encourages constant killing of trash. Eligibility of the REGULAR user base to collect gold at fair rate to buy expensive AH goods. This will proc the AH to start dropping more good stuff. Feedback? Will it break the game?Sskai0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 a tower for farming make a cool tower outside of the story where u start at floor 1 and end at xxx each floor getting progressively harder with a boss say every 5 or 10 floors. let there be elite mobs to stack up NV every now and then and let the fun begin. or maybe a cave or dungeaon rather then a tower for a better "diablo feel"Moka3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Help Jay with your ideas I was watching this video today on Youtube where Jay was interviewed about the Diablo 3 endgame while it was being in the planning stage. From the interview: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Interviewer: What Im wondering is if there is any plans on your end to do things such as Daily Quests, or Community Events, or things that are going to keep people engaged more than standard leveling and then gone? Jay: Yeah. We've talked a lot about what we wanna do, in-game, and also for continued play. We do have some ideas, umm... umm..., and some of them which will make it into, umm, the shipping product... umm, of which we would talk about if we played it a little bit more, so we havent really locked them down enough that I feel comfortable talking about them yet... umm... but of lot of which we feel that if they shipped would be like the tip of the iceberg kind of a thing. Umm, in terms of exactly what we are going to do, we honestly dont know, because we havent really seen how the community interacts to the game. I really would like to build out that future on how people are playing the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I dont know what those ideas were, because the only endgame in D3 is the same content with a near-impossible difficulty level, worst drop rates in gaming history and repair costs for playing the game. So help Jay... he really, really needs it. Help him make a endgame for D3.Shaman0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Best idea - nerf MF buff NV I feel like it's the best idea anyway. I don't want to feel like MF is mandatory, and right now it almost feels that way since there is nothing to do in this game but hunt for items. Why would I not have MF? To me it should just be a small bonus, not something necessary. Something comparable to Life Regen, or some small bonus on a piece like that. If they made it so that, even if you had awesome MF gear, the most MF you could get from it is 50-100, then it wouldn't feel so necessary since a piece might only have 4 or 5 MF. If you get an awesome piece and it doesn't have MF, well, that's fine, but if it does then hey, that's cool, a little bonus, but it wont feel like a stat that you have to have like Vitality or All Resist, or something. Instead of MF gear accounting for most of your MF, Nephelm Valor would stack higher or give you more MF per stack, and maybe cap out at 200? People with a full MF set would still benefit a lot and the people who don't want to get MF gear would still be sitting pretty well, too. I dunno, none of those options listed today seemed that great and kinda gimmicky to me, and I know a lot of people felt the same way. More hidden mechanics and possible timers to have to deal with. Just seems like a nuisance. Nerfing MF and buffing NV is win win, in my opinion, and there's no extra work involved.Spekkio1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 price check and opinion, pls price check on these two items. also, which is better for a barb?,Y4BrVArminius5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Don't punish Legit MF users Lots of players, the types trying to legitimately play this game without gear swapping to have their cake&eat it too, have spent time, gold, and effort compiling legitimate, real MFing sets. MF already exists in plentiful amounts on perfectly good DPS and survivability gear. I beat the entire game in Inferno pre-nerfs in a full MFing set. There is absolutely no excuse for anybody to need to gearswap, nor is there any right to the indignation they spew onto the forums boards. If MF/gearswapping are to be addressed, then address them by penalizing those who are cheesing a gamey mechanic to gearswap, not by blanket punishment of the entire community, including the large group of individuals who have been legitimately using MF to farm through the game. You are listening to the concerns of the worst underbelly of the community, the types who are cheesing a gamey mechanic and yet are mad at you for it. They aren't even playing the game, these are the goblin farmer types and the constant acquiescence to their ignorant misplaced rage is severely handicapping this game. The chest/rack nerf was a microcosm of the damage you deal when you listen to this putrid underbelly instead of the great majority of your community.Asclepius8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Class forums = Wow... They used to be a place full of information and theory crafting, now it's almost nothing but people selling items. Sad sad state of affairs, players don't even want to play the game for enjoyment anymore, it's all about trying to make $$$. Such a disgrace, this game -should- have much more than what it turned out to be.Zaelya6 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Blizzard needs to declare war on botters Sorry to beat a dead horse, but botting is ruining the game. I know blizzard said they did something about it, bans etc. etc. but I still have to clean my block list to make room for 20-30 guys spamming gold at 2$ per million each time I enter trade. They have not been reduced significantly. This amount of gold inflow increases prices of decent gear to stupid levels. I know people and their "I got there by gaming the AH, so can you!" inspirational stories and I've heard it a million times that its possible to get good gear gaming the AH, and I believe it because I've done it. The flaw in this argument though is that you aren't really gaming the AH, you're gaming the guys that buy gold from botters. It all comes back to botting. So how to gear without using the RMAH: buy something for a reasonable price, repost on the AH, sell it to a gold buyer for millions. I personally hate this system. I've always been a fan of games having an armchair economics aspect, but this just makes it not even worth playing the actual game. So - I think Blizz needs to upscale its efforts massively. Theres three types of botting accounts, and each needs to get attacked directly: Bot accounts: Detecting packet sniffing isn't enough. Code an algorithm into the game that maps player behavior and logs it when they aren't acting human. Bots are really obvious. Map the click patterns, movement patterns, speed of reaction, etc. and if it looks like a bot the game reports it to Blizz and after a quick review, bans it. Programmers can't eliminate all of the bots nonhuman behavior. Mule accounts: These are the goldmine - the accounts that deliver the gold. Any account that has an insane amount of gold on it is likely a mule. Have the game log all trades of only gold, and focus on accounts with insane amounts of gold on them. Also, its probably even worth it to have a team of minimum wage highschoolers ( they'd be stoked to work for blizz) just buy 2$ worth of gold, then ban the account they bought it from. The kids work will pay their own wages and for the 2$ Blizzard spends on each banning. These guys don't have infinite accounts and will have to buy more cd keys. Spammers: These guys are stupid easy to get rid of, just increase and have vigorous follow-ups and guys who get reported for spam more than 4 or 5 times. Review the chat log and auto-ban them if they're plugging online gold. Easy peasy. A team of 10-12 decent guys with the tools to do this stuff would lead to hundreds (if not thousands) of bannings a day at the onset, ban trillions of gold out of the economy, and it'd pay for itself in new CD-Key sales. These are just some ideas I have - I think if Blizzard gets aggressive enough they can eventually push these guys out of the game. It will revert to paying humans to farm in low wage countries, which is unpreventable, but the scale of a human operation has much less impact on a game than an automated, massive one does, and it'll make casual farming for the player much more rewarding and fun. +1 if you agree or flame me for free bump.FattyMcBauer3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 why is there no button that swaps gear? sure its not wow, but the fact is that technology clearly exists in wow, a game made by the company making diablo. that being said, why not just implement the gear change button on your character sheet. PROBLEM SOLVEDvenicide4205 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Obviously MF options have no clear winner So, Blizzard, you cannot choose one of these options. You are going to have more disappointment than happiness doing this. Case closed.Derek0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Force Strategy quit D3 So, this guy basically made websites, videos and podcasts dedicated to D3 for 3 years. He was privy to D3 content before release and was invited to exclusive events. Yet, just 6 weeks after release, he's not having fun anymore. Check out the vid, its good. My concern is how somebody as hardcore as Force is not having fun anymore despite recognizing that D3 is an amazing well designed game. This really bothers me because I'm a super hardcore D3 fan and I want to see it suceed at least as well as it's predecessors. So, what made D2 a game that made me want to play it for 10 years straight? Item farming. But doesn't D3 have item farming? Yes, but there's something not quite right about it. So what is wrong with the D3 item grind compared to that of D2? Here are my thoughts. Both D3 and D2 had random item drops. The difference is that in D3, you need very specific stats (high amounts of resist all, str/dex/int, and vit) on items that are found only in very specific spots. (By specific spots, I mean inferno and generally in higher acts.) Because of this specificity, there really isn't any randomization anymore. I'll explain: In D2, there were some stats which were required such as vitality and +skills but aside from that I could just have a great build and a couple other decent items and I could farm end-game. That and I didn't have to farm end-game to get good items. SoJ's dropped off of Diablo in normal. In essence, what I'm trying to say is that D2 had more viable randomness to it. I could farm/use a greater diversity of items in a greater diversity of the content. Case and point: the shrunken head I found in the den of evil with 2 sockets, +3 to skeletal mastery and +2 to bone armor. I put 2 pdiamonds in it and I used it all the way to hell act 5. The thing wasn't even magic and had 12 armor, lol.Robin21 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Still getting junk... So sometimes I will get 1 rare or 3 rares and still getting really low quality items I rather have a higher chance of getting a quality item than increased chance of items. What sense does it make to have an ilevel 63 item 2h with 250 or even 400dps?? I've tried selling blues even a 2h blue with over 1k dps and no one wanted it so looks like blue's are worthless and pointless. I feel like I am getting suckered into playing again with these patches/updates and they dont seem to be doing anything 8hrs play in a single session and 99% of the items dropped were junk got 1 amulet worth some money with mf but otherwise maybe one day ill get a better 2h weapon? :-( sad times.SuperSaiyan48 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Can't sell anything Gear that use to sell for $100 now won't even sell for $10. Farming is pretty much worthless now. Whats going on? Is the player base dead?vegaseller19 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The End of Deckard Cain Anyone seen this, it was so funnyJörmungandr0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Who is the best farmer? Hi, i want to know what is the best class to farm on inferno, fast and safe, and i search on the youtube for a 'professinal' farm and i didnt get it, can some tell me about it or a pro live stream? thanksBladeMytsu5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 How I would have made D3 -Same D2 skills/stat system, same max level, no cooldowns, all the same core mechanics just with better graphics, ect -5 new classes in addition to previous classes -4 new Acts -8 player games -Battlenet 1 -instanced loot with option to change your game to open loot when playing with friends. -Limited one half the inventory space for the use of charms, other side is greyed out for charms -Shared bank space between characters -No Auction House -Gold is just as useless, only barter Trading games and PVP arenas are to be combined. -PVP ladders similar to SC2 where a player or a small group of players grouped up to fight another. -PVP'ers spawn into persistent trading games that look like Roman Coliseums. -Up to 30 spectators who intend on trading or to simply watch the PVP spectacle spawn into the bleachers with their skills disabled, but chat and emotes enabled. -Chat bubbles enabled for spectators so they can barter or taunt/cheer the PVP spectacle. Ladder is going to be used as an anti-duping measure, what it was originally intended for. -Every 6 months a new Ladder. -Ladder characters don't reset. -Ladder characters are not restricted to who they can play with (except hardcore characters). -Ladder characters cannot trade items and gold with anyone outside their ladder (this is the restriction). ________________________ Add your ideas if you're feeling creative.MattFoley11 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I seriously just dont get it.. Retro nurf but You can retro nurf our gear (ias nurf) but cant retro buff our legendaries??? Ive kept my mouth shut on these forums this whole time, but when I find a crappy lvl 60 legendary...... It boils me. And I know there is no point in keeping it and putting it away till the patch comes out because you already said the buff for legendary's is not going to be retro-active . Yet I can spend 15m in gold on IAS gear for my DH and you can nurf it out of the water.. Im just not happy with the decision, Legendaries are supposed to be that spark of fun in the game when you take ALL that time grinding and you see the last hit kill that SUPER HARD elite and the drop falls, and what is sitting there??? (*huge smile*) a legendary!!! but no, its a lvl 60 with 500 dps on a club or some crap. Makes the game not worth playing because I know my RARE gear is gonna be junk when the legendaries drop after the patch (following the trend of d2) and im going to be left in disappointment that I had the opportunity to keep my legendaries and they could get a neat stat buff and not have to spend 123197 Mil on the item I already found. I feel relieved, Im not sure if anyone else feels like I do about this matter. Thanks, and blizz Has some GREAT ideas around the 12:00 min point.SmirkyRabbit0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 300% MF DH LF Tank Inferno Ponies I have 300% MF with 5 stacks of valor. Even in my MF gear, I have 1800 DEX, 28k life, and crit 80-100k+. I'm looking for a single tank to duo Inferno Ponies with, especially one WITH mf gear to switch to if you have it. Reply back here with your stats/MF, and let's go find some loot :)wLeZeL4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 What do you think about $1/m + Unids? (bots) Gold is about $1.5/m right now on 3rd party sites. Yes we all know it's illegal, that's not the point. The point is this really screws the economy entirely and makes farming for items pointless. It's one thing if bots just farm a bunch of gold, disperse it to non-botting (probably hacked) accounts and then sell it on 3rd party sites. The problem comes with Unid selling arbitration and actually becomes the gold sink for botters. I went from doing gold find runs in NM/Hell on my DH and topping out at 500k/hr which I thought was great, to farming A2 and bringing in 1.5-2m/hr in Unid sales. Unid i63 armor goes for about 200k. 1h weapons 400-500k. If gold hits $1/m (which I'm sure it will soon given the current trend), we're looking at 5x i63 armor pieces for $1. Spend $100 and you now have 500 armor pieces to gamble on. I guarantee you you will make your $100 back and then some. This is going to quickly spiral out of control. Once you get 10-20% of the player base efficiently farming A3 Inferno, everything except the godliest items will be worthless. ---------------------------------------- How do you solve this? I don't know. Get better at detecting/banning bots. Everyone else can do their part and get an Authenticator. And endless stream of hacked accounts = an endless stream of botting. While tracking this is technically possible, it's not feasible because of dispersion, making it easy to false positive someone. Even if you did find a player with 1 hour "played" and 100m, you can't just ban them for having a bunch of gold unless you track the source, which becomes a near infinite loop.Mikhail0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 In response to Bash's comment about end-game "But honestly Diablo III is not World of Warcraft. We aren't going to be able to pump out tons of new systems and content every couple months. There needs to be something else that keeps people engaged, and we know it's not there right now." Yeah, honestly, was Diablo II "like" Word of Warcraft, where Blizzard north had to throw in different stuff at users every couple months to keep them engaged? Here's what what went wrong with Diablo III 1) Character max level set at 60- If you spend 2-3 days, you could reach lv 60 2) Simplified character skills, removing skill set points At least back in D2, we could take different directions as to how our chars wanted to be. Sorceress had three different types, Amazon had two types, heck every character had at least two ways to raise. What do we have in D3? we could simply change skills, runes and off we go. Sure, simplicity is good, and we thought it was "cool" at first, but it also removed main reason to raise same char again. Have you ever seen user with two, three demon hunters at lv 60? I don't think so 3) Simplified items. I know it was introduced in expansion pack, but D2, we had jewels, runes, sockets, also way better uniques, set items, etc. All we have in D3 is rares, rares after rares 4) Too much emphasize on dps and vitNabimda0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Blizzard just hemorraged employees check out the now hiring list. If anyone is looking for a job, go apply. p.s. this isn't an "I hate Blizzard" post, I just thought the shear number of employees they're looking for was insane.Spriggan4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 How many of you...... Bought a new computer, or upgraded your current one because of D3?Belvue11 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Skyrim or Diablo III? You may say that these are 2 different games but they are both RPG games where you can customize your character. If you really think about it, even WoW is more fun than Diablo 3 (Not that I still play that game). You have 4 acts and 4 difficulties in Diablo 3 and it feels really repetitive to play the same content. There should have been 16 acts instead of having 4 difficulties, the game would get more difficult as you work your way up. I ain't trolling you guys, its the same thing over and over again. Whats the fun in that? If you are going to make a game that is based on PvE, might as well add more acts to it! You may say that I am doing just fine killing elite fallen warriors in act 1. Good for you! The only thing that motivate sane people to play this game is PvP and Jay Wilson did say that they won't make spells based on PvP or change the way spells work for PvP. Don't get me wrong guys I like Blizzard games but this is my opinion.Tassadar2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Inferno too hard? Don't play Inferno. First of all, we need to stop comparing this game with D2, it has nothing in common. Drops doesn't work like d2. Therefore, endgame isn't anything like D2. If you think Inferno is too hard then don't go there. It's pointless since you will loose all your gold on repairs and you will turn to (G/RM)AH anyways. Why you want to play in Inferno? These are the only options that I see right now (you can add others) 1.- For fun. 2.- For a challenge 3.- For loot. 4.- For killing time. The only valid reason for playing Inferno is 2.- for a challenge, but you can play HC for the same reason. Choice 1. is less viable since if your going for Inferno, you played the same game 3 times already, one for each previous difficulty. The fun part of discovering new things, lore, graphics, etc is old news. Choice 4, well.. there are other stuff that you can do and have fun at the same time. Choice 3 I guess will be the most usual response however, you can get to 60 before Inferno. Then you have the (G/RM)AH for loot. While we wait for PVP or new content, this is the endgame that you will have. You need gold to buy items? farm gold in hell mode. I don't think this is what blizzard want us to do but they leave us no choice. TL;DR: endgame = (G/RM)AHyolito0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I am the UBER demon. I was forged in the very fires of Hell. I have slain my foes by the hundreds. I have felt their fear as they fell before my clawed feet. I have crossed swords with angels, and survived. I have partaken in the destruction of entire worlds. I stood shoulder to shoulder with demons who give demons nightmares. I have seen the wrath of my masters, and have even felt their fires upon my flesh. Now it is time for me to fall upon the world of man, and I will tear the flesh from his bones. Wait, wait, wait... Is that brass knuckles I see in your hand?! Please excuse me while I run away like a little b*tch.Ignus0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Sign Here If You Are Switching to GW2 as the title says. I rather play a game that is fun.vegaseller25 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Good diablo 3 youtube channels? Hey all, I am looking for good diablo 3 youtube channels. I know Kripp and Force. Any other you guys like? Thanks! -Dakon-Dakon0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 There needs to be something else that keeps people engaged, and we know it's not there yet. Discuss.IronSteel0 Jul 4, 2012