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Jul 4, 2012 Diablo 3 Disappointment & Boring I remember I was thrilled to get D3 when it was first released and thrilled to be up all night playing to max lv and grind my way to max gear. However, going through normal, nightmare, hell and inferno from lv 1 - 60 and repeating nights after nights with SAME elite, SAME environments was starting to get to me. There is no character customization to keep the game interesting, public game was too hard to play cuz gear not good enough so end up playing solo in the SAME area, SAME boss, SAME elite JUST to save money for 1 pc of gear since DROPS were horrible.......I am starting to get fustrated and VERY BORED with this game. I was hoping D3 will be one of the best online game there is but only to realize it was a mistake. I HIGHLY SUGGEST to improve end game contents or larger customization for players to grind away with a purpose since we dont ONLY have D3 as there are MANY MANY more options for us gamers in today's Market. STOP wasting your time on NERF, OR DUMB items on RMAH where NOBODY cares or use!!!Guardian1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Here's the solution Blizzard! I still wonder why everything is about level 60 and loot? What about having fun reaching level 60? When you've reached level 60 that character is kind of finished. I would like to see much more better quality on the drops all over. As today the level of the rare items are between 10-20 levels below your character level... exciting, no! What keeps you going is the excitement on the next rare drop, reach the next character level, unlock/enhance skills and of course slaughter all kind of monsters :-) So how to make this game better: - A higher level cap, at least 100. - Some kind of skill/rune-tree. - Better quality on the rare items and lower the drop rate (a little bit). - The chance to actually find legendary items. - Improve the blacksmith. The AH/RMAH killed him. - An offline-mode without the AH/RMAH, and of course no access to online games with offline characters. You're welcome Blizzard ;-)Lofa2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 2 false ideas about MF that nuked D3 1. A false idea that rares should be better than uniques. (Who thinks this? RMAH economists? WoWeenies? Nice job castrating player goals.) 2. A false idea that players should not be given useful gear. First time out of the gate in D2 I got a GULL dagger; that gave me a smile that lasted for years. This isn't going to happen in D3 .. ever .. by design. We are in mourning.Shukra0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Ideas to add to Re-playability I believe that by adding skill trees into the game and adjusting the rate at which one levels could add significantly to the re-playability of D3. Some would say that skill trees pigeonhole you into picking "x" build that will maximize DPS. This is a yes and no answer argument. Sure there would be some builds that would be marginally better, but the variability within the restraints of a skill tree is where ingenuity flourished. By creating builds that weren't commonly used was half the fun in D2. The skill trees also allowed one to feel the characters strength after a bunch of points were dumped into a few different abilities/synergies. In the end game it feels as if all your abilities do similar damage in a different way. If you have every ability in the game available to you then it kind of feels like whats the point and there isn't really too much of a trade-off. Adding skill trees would allow for damage to be a combination of weapon damage, skill points, and main stats. This would also allow for us to see +skill items drop, another useful affix. Another point I would like to make is on leveling. For me personally I felt as if leveling was too linear and I leveled too quickly. In D2 you had to join many different games many times to increase exp. In D3 I can simply start a solo game and play through to inferno and know where I should be at every step in the game and not have to create a new game. Everyone knows at the end of normal you will be 30ish, end nightmare 45ish, hell 60. Gone are the days of having to do "runs" with groups to hit that "x level" where my character feels godly after getting the first point into a top tier ability. I understand that i make a few comparisons to D2 and people will say well it's not D2. Of course not, but D2 set the bar, not the other way around. The mechanics were changed and it was a good shot, but I'm not sure why the formula was changed. That is my personal take on what I believe is a solution to end game and re-playability.Stalk3r0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Server ??? ok, why is a stand alone game tied to a server? this game is not a mmo, its crazy. i'm so glad i didn't pay for this game. As a consumer, i buy a game that i know to be a stand alone game. Then when i get it home it needs to be connected to the internet to even play it. Its so wrongZoe20 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 My account get locked I just received an email saying my account get locked: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, Account Name: ******* BattleTag: ******* This Diablo III account has been locked due to an auction-related issue. Until this issue is resolved, the account will be unavailable for play. Access to the Diablo III auction house is restricted until the account is unlocked. Contact Account Administration to recover access to the account: Regards, Blizzard Entertainment Diablo III Customer Support -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The latest action I did is to BO an item in RMAH using my visa card. However, that was not my first trade and I have been using RMAH frequently with same visa card (With total amount more than $800) and my account was never get locked before today. I am pretty sure my visa card is valid now and I am also confident on my bank credit. I have submitted the ticket for 6 hours already and there is no reply yet. I need to recover my account asap and I need a detailed explaination why my account is get locked so that I could prevent such case happen in the future. Otherwise, I believe nobody will dare to use RMAH and it will be definately a lost for both sides.BraveHeart10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Gold find useless I was doing some runs with the whole gold find set and I got NOTHING. 100 gold piles dropping randomly was my reward, really now. So, should I just sell my gold find gear (it takes space in the stash, you know)?LenC1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 New addition to game idea Survival Mode. -20 Waves of enemies. -Difficulty increases with each wave. -One elite pack per wave. Maybe two in higher waves. -After every 5 waves there is a boss wave not counting towards the 20 waves. Essentially half waves. Example, after wave 5 the next wave is a boss wave and the wave after would be wave 6. -After wave 20 there is an end boss. -Item level dropped by mobs would go up as the waves got harder. -When a wave is finished the next wave is started by talking to an NPC. With the different boss waves players could change builds to be able to continue, getting less loot from the elite packs or stay the same build getting more loot but having a more difficult time when the boss waves come. But the players that did change their build and lost the neph stacks would get 5 or close to it by the time the boss wave started. Could even record groups/players times as they go through, giving bragging rights to groups/players that can do it quicker, and also obviously hardcore players that can complete it. This would create a whole new meta game of builds for different waves, each of the bosses, and different builds that work throughout the entire survival game. To save implementation and development time Blizzard can use already existing bosses in the game. For instance the first boss wave could be Skeleton king, the second boss wave could be Butcher, the third boss wave could be Belial, and so on. Obviously it would be way cooler if the bosses were unique from the main game and had different mechanics; but I have learned long ago not to aim too high or you just end up with the bullet dropping back on your own head. But if they went with already existing bosses or mini-bosses the development would be just making a map for the survival mode.Warjack1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF and Nerfing Alright so after reading all of the current talk on what is going on with these new absolutely absurd choices with how to reconstruct magic find gear, I find myself thinking what are they going to nerf next? Consistently every Tuesday of every week, blizzard has found something to make gameplay even more frustrating. First, lowering everybodies attack rate on their items, many people losing 25% of their DPS. Next (i believe), Raising the repair and wear and tear rates/cost (too expensive) Then (they did something right), made wear and tear reasonable. (thank you) Also, changing the ingame difficulties of inferno to encourage party play. Now, attempting to discourage players that are willing to go the extra mile to carry around MF gear to swap before kills to possibly get better item drops, and giving players 5 crappy choices to choose from on what they should do with magic find? It just baffles me that blizzard wants to keep meddling in this game irritating more and more players. some of you may argue with me, but please tell me why is blizzard trying to cater to the whining people who are butthurt that people who want to waste a whole 3 columns of their inventory to carry around a MF set are able to be more efficient than them? I would bet $100 that there are more people that are going to be upset with a MF nerf than players that will be happy with it. Why can't you just leave the system alone? If anything just ADD A BUTTON THAT YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE WHAT ITEMS TO SWAP ON WITH 1 CLICK. It wont be a hassle for anyone, the ones crying wont have to hassle with clicking all the gears, and the ones who dont mind swapping will have an even easier time. I don't understand why the developers at blizzard feel the need to always choose the choice that'll piss their customers off more? Can we see a return of the people who were in charge of blizzard when starcraft/Broodwar/diablo1&2&LOD came out? From what i can see they seemed to know what players wanted in a game. Those games were absolutely revolutionary for their time, and you know what also made them great? WHEN THOSE GAMES WERE RELEASED WITH VERY FEW PROBLEMS AND VERY LITTLE MEDDLING! All i really want to see at this point with the game is for yall to BUTT OUT. No longer do i want to attempt to login on tuesday only to realize the server is down for 6 hours. Then when servers are back online i have to find something new that was nerfed. If your going to take the server down for 6 hours EVERY week, why cant there be just 1... just 1 update where players are actually happy afterwards? like boosting server capacity so we dont get the sudden out of nowhere lag spikes?(this is why i gave up on hardcore) or finding a way to truly rid yourselves of the 2 month still ongoing spambots in the chat channels? I don't know about you blizzard developers, but I personally hate getting on the forums and seeing not 1 single positive thread by players. All I, and i'm sure other players would like to see, is the game move in a positive direction. i have 4+ friends i know that never get on anymore out of frustration with how the game is going. (sorry for how long this is, so here's something to make it a little bit longer and you might see what i did here :D)Monahandsome2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Enough is Enough/Inferno is a Joke I logged off last night thinking I had made it to Kulle's Sanctuary in Act II of Inferno. When I logged in tonight, I found myself at the water logged passage again. Is there no end to the strife that Blizzard would put us through? This is really beyond shameless now. I waited 10 years for this game to come out, and it is awful and I posit, incomplete. Champion packs with 5 enchantments. Really? Resetting us back 3 major quests? Just shameless. Unless Blizzard does something to fix this game and apologize to us players, I will never purchase another Blizzard game so long as I live. Just disgusting.TheShaman10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 9 Ideas for a Better Diablo 3 Let me start by saying that this is an unabashedly biased post on what I would change about Diablo 3. The fact is, I'm quite torn on the game overall. I'm still having a blast playing it - the tactile feel of the gameplay is unreal, and there are so many things I love about it. At the same time, I'm very unsettled with a number of aspects of the game. Being a "casual veteran" of the Diablo universe, some things seem missing, weak, or just plain wrong. The bottom line is that I love the Diablo games, I want very much for this one to succeed. TL:DR - the game needs to improve replayability, customization, a larger emphasis on ROLE-playing, significant help is needed for the loot and item systems, and I've got some crazy ideas for all of them. Without further ado, if I had my way, here are some (hopefully) new ideas to improve the game: 1.Once Level 5 is reached on Normal Difficulty, a character has the option to continue with new skills unlocking automatically by the game (as it is now), or manually by the player. If the manual option was chosen, every level up would give the player a choice to unlock one of three skills. The skills available to choose from would depend on the character's current level, and this progression would be very similar to how the skills currently unlock. Additionally, some levels would allow for a player to choose a rune, or a passive skill, an additional active skill, or a combination thereof. The end result would be that at level 60, all skills and all runes would be unlocked. And of course, certain skills/runes would only be available at later levels, to preserve game balance. 2. Once Level 10 is reached on Normal Difficulty, a character has the option to continue with automatic STAT distribution (as it is now), or begin assigning stats manually. This choice would be presented in a 120-second message (similar to the follower messages) and include a button for "More Info". The more info button would explain how stats work in the game, and that automatic stat assignment would guarantee the most well-rounded ("viable") character for using all of that character's class skills. Manually stat distribution would allow players to focus on a particular play-style (more on that later). Additionally, this option could be changed at any moment via the game menu (after level 10). The upside to the two above suggestions are that by continuing on the automatic progression, the game behaves exactly as it does now. This could literally make everyone happy. Why not have 1 & 2 available from the get-go, instead of at Level 5 and 10? For new players, even those that are familiar with Diablo and other RPG-style games, there is a point where you don't really know how this particular RPG plays, and what different stats and skills are really worth. Knowing how "Intelligence" works in a lot of games doesn't mean you know how it will work in the game you just started playing. It's nice to have options open up in a game once you've gotten the hang of it, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed with choices that you might screw up right at the outset. 3. After a character finishes leveling up manually, the "+" skill/stat button would remain in the lower middle of the screen with a 20-second timer. This would look similar in appearance to skill cooldowns. The button would allow players 20 seconds to go back into the skill selection screen to correct any mis-clicks they made on stats or skills. 4.Certain Skills would scale with weapon DPS, while others would scale directly with the character's primary or secondary stats. HEAR ME OUT! Primary/Signature Skills and Spells (left-click attacks, basically) would work as they currently do, meaning that they would scale with weapon damage. The rest of the skills would scale directly with the character's stats. Which stat would be determined by each individual skill's overall concept. For example, a Demon Hunter's "Devices" skills might scale with her Intelligence rather than weapon DPS or Dexterity. Or a different set of skills might scale with her Vitality of Strength. Of course, this would mean re-balancing the skills significantly to ensure that they would be viable for a balanced and appropriate stat distribution. However, it would also mean that now other stats have that much more interest to the Demon Hunter, and gear-selection would become a lot more interesting, and a lot more player specific (no more Dex only gear hunts). For all classes, the item hunt becomes a lot more varied. Your primary stat is still important, but it's no longer the ONLY stat to consider when choosing your gear. Maybe you are a Wizard that favors particular skills that happen to scale with Dexterity. It would also mean that manual stat distribution would become more meaningful, rewarding, and risky. 5.Item diversity is increased immensely. This is not a new suggestion, nor am I the first to post about it. But it feels like this portion of the game was phoned in. I read somewhere that Jay Wilson stated in testing, they found that everyone favored straight DPS and ignored other aspects of item selection, and for this reason they did away with a lot of the diversity. In my opinion, give the players the ability to choose a "worse" weapon based on something other than a primary stat. Let us make our own mistakes! 6. Health Potion Cooldowns scale with your character's belt. With no belt or the lowest-tiered belts, potion cooldowns are still 30 seconds. But as better belts are gained, shorter cooldowns are available. Of course, the devs would have to choose an appropriate lower-limit, but I think this would make belts much more interesting. (Remember getting another row of potions in D2?) 7. Outlined Destructible Objects (barrels, urns, ashes, crates, etc) drop more gold and items. The amount of gold/value of the item in each object is determined once a character is within X yards of the object, where X is out of visible range of the character, but relatively nearby. This would prevent players from walking up to a group of objects, swapping out gear, and smashing it to get more gold/items, because the object's contents were already determined. It would also reward players who go with less-powerful MF and GF gear all the time, because the object's contents would more likely be determined while they were adventuring elsewhere in the area. 8. The Level Cap is increased to 66, and the last six levels allow you to combine runes. At level 60, as it is currently, the character will have access to all skills and runes. For each level from 61 to 66, players will gain one "Rune Synergy" Point. These points allow players to select TWO RUNES PER SKILL for one skill slot. Once level 66 is reached, with 6 Synergy Points, every skill slot can be assigned with a skill using two runes at the same time. This makes your six skills slots that much more varied and powerful for the end game. (Yes, I realize that this could be an implementation nightmare, but I don't think it's unachievable.) 9. Crazy Wishlist/Pipe-dream idea: When you die, instead of respawing at your last checkpoint, your character is transported to a small, highly randomized "dungeon" in... the underworld. Armed with nothing but your bare hands, you must battle underworld denizens while you fight your way to the exit. Once reached, you can take one of two portals: The easy way back to the last checkpoint (lose some gold), or the hard way towards retribution. If you choose the hard way, you re-inhabit your physical body exactly where you died, with all your gear and at full health/resources, and a shockwave blasts the enemies away several yards, allowing you to join the fight once more, or escape. Is this a Diablo game, and did I just fight my way out of Hell? Yes I did. While in Hell (the place, not the difficulty), you can't die, and you regain "health" quickly, but getting to zero health slows you down considerably. And for every 10 seconds in Hell, you lose 1% of your gold to "looters" back on the surface. The enemies would be easy by comparison (you're unarmed, after all), and their difficulty would not scale, but be based flatly on your current Difficulty level. Meaning that when the game is easier (dying less), escaping Hell is harder, and when the game is harder (dying a lot), you will probably faceroll Hell. If you took the time to read this, thanks, and let me know what you think.McIntosh13 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 [Suggestion] Add experience on stuff First of all, i want to apologize for my terrible english, i'm french and on our forums, people are too busy complaining about useless things, so i try to spread my suggestion here. The goal of this suggestion is to improve end-game durability. I guess that all people agree to say that progression in Diablo 3 becomes really slow, really fast. Level 60 quickly reached, stuff a little too random, legendary items not interessant and too weak, etc etc... The idea here is to add experience and level on items, and each level will give: a new stat on this item an improvment on one statAnd each rarity would have a maximum level reachable. Example: Normal item, 5 levels, it would allow these items to be interessant, we can imagine a normal item that become magic or rare because of good random stats generated by its level. Magic item, 10 levels Rare item, 15 levels Legendary item, 20 levels It could give a new life to the end-game, because killing hordes of monster will be always useful by giving some "experience" to our stuff. Again, sorry for my english.aRaMinet1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Stop being distracted by MF--not the problem Somehow the boards are getting populated by MF threads all of a sudden. Is it because blues have posted about it and the issue has gained traction? For me MF, MF gearing, MF swapping isn't even secondary, I'd say tertiary. I used to play this game purely because the combat was challenging, not a lot of video games out there that challenge you, most are faceroll. So, for me the direct issue keeping me from continuing has nothing to do with MF, I suspect its secondary for everyone else also. If I saw repair costs drop back down to the previous levels I'd start playing this game again. But farming for hours on end with slim-to-none chance of a valuable drop while getting simultaneously punished via repair costs is not ok with me, not even close. I don't want to farm Act 1--I was done with Act 1 a long time ago. I finished Act 4, and was in the process of gear hunting, which I was having fun with as the mobs were still challenging. But sorry, its just not fun with those repair costs, it was causing me to become angry with the game (and with Blizzard), so I had to quit. I'm not even complaining about drop value frequency because I understand if the market got flooded with high end items, then a large part of the game would be over.Shiel5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Opinions of a 1 month player Story The story was not too bad. There were interesting parts such as Leah turning into Diablo (that sort of blew me away because I came to like Leah as an NPC). Some of the conversations with the mercenaries are really funny ("grow some stones"). As the story proceeded, into Act III, I found myself being transported into The Lord of the Rings, que the massive battle in Helm's Deep. After completing Act IV and hitting the end button, I see Tyrael speaking about the future. That tone of voice and the scene reminded me of The Transformers, Optimus Prime beaming his message across the galaxy to remaining Autobots to come to Earth. Surely, Blizzard, with all that financial clout, could have given us a slightly more original story. Gameplay I have leveled a barbarian and wizard to level 60 and is in the process of leveling a DH. Combat was cool but I'm more used to moving with keypad and attacking with the mouse. It was a steep learning curve on the abilities of the classes. Some skills were particularly useful at the lower levels but generally pointless in the higher difficulties. Others were good for masses of mobs but poor against bosses. I had to decide, give and take to give myself a balanced character. Lots of information could be found elsewhere, but I would love for the tool tips to show them (ie instead of showing X increases damage, list it as X increase damage by Y%). The transitions between the normal, nightmare and hell is quite seemless but the step up from hell to inferno is quite large. I would pin this down to equipment to a large extent. If I were playing my first character by myself, most of the equipment I would get is typically under-level. I would love to have Act bosses (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan and Diablo) to drop at least a piece of equipment based on the recommended level for the fight (ie fghting Diablo on normal difficulty occurs around L30-35, the fight should yield an item of similar level). This gives the player a chance (nevermind if the item is a piece of ****) of upgrading their character and to prepare them for the next part. Running for 1 month, I found that even without reading up the forums, I gravitate towards certain abilities. This is not uncommon in MMOs. It just shows the lack of planning and testing or the obsoletelness of certain skills. A skill, especially the passive ones, should present equally attractive options. How many barbarians use Animosity or No Escape? The 2 most common skills used would be Ruthless and Weaponmaster. This illustrates the point I'm trying to make. Playing a melee and a ranged build opened my eyes to the disparity between a melee and a ranged character. My under-equipped wizard has a much easier time compared to my barbarian. Surrounded, the wizard is dead meat but he is seldom exposed to that situation given how I honed my kiting skills in MMOs. Not that I'm a lousy melee player but the benefits of ranged combat far outweighs the cons. This is something Blizzard needs to look into. I know these are but very basic observations but they are what first struck me as I played or the first time. As of now, I'm still enjoying the game a lot. Thanks for the game.Aranticus10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 It's not the Drop Rates, it the Quality. I'm not sure why this point is being glossed over by the community at large. Has anyone stopped to ask why there is a loud cry for more drops? We want more Rares, we want more ilvl 63 items, we want more more more. Why? What is the reason *why* there is an out cry for more drops, and more ilvl 63 items? It couldn't possible be due to the fact that the drops people are getting, and absolute, complete, and utter Trash? A picture says a thousand words. That right there is a Legendary Item. The only way to tell is the name is in orange. Anyway, back to the main issue. Put Drop Rates on the back burner for now. Address the real issue, the RNG. The RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, while doing well at being Random, needs a little "direction" so to speak. We need a little dose of intelligent design injected into how items are rolled. I am not asking for "Perfect Rolled" stats, what I am suggesting is a form of checks and balances. Some item combinations shouldn't be possible once an item has been determine to be "ilvl61+" i.e a Wizard only Hat with +130 Str. While I'm still torn on if +STR shouldn't be an option at all, or if +STR should suffer a heavy penalty as to not eat up the items entire "Budget", I do know for sure that something in the form of Modifier Constraints need to be applied to how ilvl61+ items are rolled. I mean it's already a huge joke that even <60 ilvl items can even drop in Inferno, but to see +int Barb Might Belts, or +Str Wizard only Hats is just too much. Granted, if we as players were ALLOWED to allocate our own Stat points, my above statement wouldn't hold water, but since this is a Role playing game, where you have no control over your character's stat progression, there is no Viable reason to have a Wizard only Hat with +STR on it. But I digress. Fix the RNG, Leave MF and Gear Swapping Alone, and watch this game come back to life as people find "their" fun and reason to play again with usable items once again in the mix. tl;dr: Add Modifier Constraints on the RNG.Lightbender9 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 )Refresh(How many legendaries have you found? I've played Diablo 2 since the year LoD was released. Off and on through the years until the release of D3. Weeks ago, a thread was created to find out how many legendaries people had found. I've got over 110 hours of play time in, and so far only found ONE brown legendary "Hammer Jammers" and ZERO green set legendaries. Diablo 2 was fun because i would have found dozens by now. I dont want to play for 110 hours to find 1,000 boring items that all look the same! If I wore the items I've found, I couldnt make it through Hell mode! With that in mind, I think it is due time to ask (again) how many legendaries people out there have found, and with how much play time? I'm sure there are the fanatics out there with 400 magic find who boast of dozens or hundreds, but I'm more curious to find out from the average gamer.HighOffTums0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Set back to the waterlogged passage??? Last night and well maybe for a week. I was on the quest trying to find Kulles body I think. Logged in this morning and now i'm back a few quests. (On Inferno mode) What gives?ChiefRocka0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Give us back the high lv63 item drop rate! I think that the Lv 63 item drop rate is not correct after yesterday's maintenance, I counted 200 items dropped in A3, only 17 pieces lv63 item,that is 8.5%, and 30% was below lv60! Give us back the lv63 item drop rate!!funnybomb8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 A post for Dragonlance fans: sorry... again Today I played D3 for the first time in three weeks and I was sad to see that the patches thus far have been useless to address the issues brought up by D3 players on these forums. I ran act IV in NM with my barb and in the 2 or so hours that it took I didn't find a single gear upgrade. What great fun... Then I looked in my dvd/pc game rack for some other form of entertainment and my eyes passed over the Dragonlance animated movie that came out about five years ago. If you're a fan of DL, and I'd suspect that you are if you're reading my post, I'm sorry to tell you that we got screwed again. When Dragons of Autumn Twilight was announced as in production and Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman were confirmed as consultants there was a general consensus on the forums that the movie would be a true representation of the greatness of the book (even though it wasn't live action). If you saw the movie you know that not to be true. Hacked to pieces and sewn together by a blind truly saddened me to have one of my favorite books represented in that way. I find myself feeling the same way about Diablo 3. I've spent more time playing Diablo 2 than I have any other five games combined and when D3 was announced I was more excited than I'd ever been for a video game release. D3 has been out for 50 days now and I've played for 32 hours, almost none of that time was played solo. For me personally, this game has failed to recreate what was fun about D2 in the same way that the Dragonlance animated movie failed to capture the spirit of the novel. I haven't given up hope on D3 yet. I still check the forums (although they're overwhelmingly negative) and I'm looking at future patches to see what changes may lie ahead, but when I see headlines that are focusing on things that aren't going to fix this game (MF gear switching) I fear for the future of the Diablo franchise.THRILLHO0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 What D3 Really Needs D3 has endgame, the combat is challenging and there's a level for everyone, always with the potential of forward progress. People need a purpose, there feels like there is no endgame because what am I working towards? I think a basic social area where your char is loaded in would be a fantastic addition in this regard. After you select your character instead of "going to menus" you spawn in some town square where maybe 50-100 other characters (similar to general chat) will be gathered in their idle time. The auction house can be a few steps away, as well as any other town additions that might be patched in, an Inn where music is played maybe, or a dueling arena? The idea is every time before you venture into the dungeons, you can see those around you and look at representations of how far you've come and and what you still have to get to. Just my random thoughts after some heavy gaming.Hotform0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 New marketing jingles thread "Winning Diablo 3 - priceless" - VISANewlight0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Only allow gear swapping in town. Lock it so gear can only be swapped in town. This is the easiest solution. The only downside is that people playing who find upgrades have to spend the extra 10 seconds to port back to town, which really isn't too big a deal since after the first hour or two of playing, you rarely find upgrades.Isobar1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Friend list? How come my so-called "friend list" is packed full of other players I have recently grouped with? If I wanted them on my list, I would have put them there! I thought my friend list was for my do I delete the players I don't want there??Amalyn2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 +Crit dmg is new increased attack speed now? Yes +Crit dmg with +crit change seems to majorly buff your dps more than other stats so its over the top like old increased attack speed, as you have noticed +crit dmg weapons cost 3x compared to others w/o it, so how about bringing this stat to same level with others, like with increased attack speed?Ryaz17 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 A class forum without item selling? I was wondering if any of you were aware of any other popular Diablo 3/class forums where mass selling does not take place? I often like to check out forums to expand my knowledge about the classes I play in a game, but the topic congestion in the class forums here makes it difficult for me to find new and interesting subject material. Hopefully some of you have some answers!Allie3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Shouldn't we vote first to change MF or not? "many players have said they don't enjoy doing it but feel the benefit is too large to ignore." But How many? If there r only 10% want change MF,and 70% dont want,then just leave it the same as it is.Naja0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 What is the point of this? So Stupid. I mean, why would the game even bother having this.....Skyforth3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Allow us to upgrade bag slot That would be nice... Maybe a 10k gold for first bag expansion, and then 100k gold for second one, etc. Also, we (I) need Batch Sell, Batch Identify, and Batch Salvage function. :)Mikelodeon0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dupe method out ? Can somebody explain me what i just found on another forum ? I hope this is not what it looks like...pr3d7 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 So much FUN! Jay Wilson says good morning - Knockback molten fast extra health minion writhing deceivers in a small corridor!QuantumBlade0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Is magic find really that effective? This is something I've not used much I'm quite happy getting my 5 NV and killing elites to get 1-3 rares from killing each pack. I don't believe i have any gear with Magic Find on my char. With the discussion on magic find gear swapping now in excess of 600 pages, is magic find really that good as to be a must have?Raptaur11 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Auction house possible error? I have a bid on an item that is the current highest bid on it (890,000 gold is my bid, the current bid is 850,000), yet it states that I am "not winning" the bid. Any thoughts? Possible bug? I'm hoping that my gold isn't compromised, as I don't play often and 900,000 gold is a decent chunk for me right now.UmphreysMcge0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 No one cares but "" I am going to say what i have to say . I have played diablo since diablo 1 and been playing games since the atari 2600 . I had high hopes for Diablo 3 , i even stoped playing the beta early so i could enjoy it more on release . I been trying my hardest to enjoy it over and over , thinking my many hours of grinding would pay off with at least one good drop . Then i found myself forcing myself to play and even to the point where i was falling a sleep from bordem . This game feels like its been made for - Gold spammers , Gold farmers , hackers , exploiters and bots . I dont see the point . There is realy no point for real gamers to even play this game other then the first run threw . Drop rate , stats on drops , all suck . Nothing to make you feel like you realy made a good toon . I found myself just running threw from elite mob to elite mob for valor and drops . That didnt even pay off . See if there was a chance to get good loot from everything = more fun and exploration . To say the least , i hope you guys turn around and do whats right with the first expantion . I am hanging up Diablo 3 untill then . I dont see a point in playing it any more . Good Luck Blizzard hope you figure it out .Gwar20050 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 ERROR 3009? There was an error switching heroes. Of course there was, Blizzard... Of course there was.Exellion1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Famous. Kripparrian, Athene, Force, who else? They have made videos in which to give ideas for Blizzard to fix the game, well end game. Force put a video up today saying that the time he has spent playing D3 was a good experience, but he doesn't have the drive to continue anymore, Level 60 character's, cleared Inferno, grinding your life away in act 3 inferno, buying upgrades in the RMAH because prices are to high in the gold economy, and yeah, !@#$ drops overall. It's a big thing for top tier players giving you suggestions, so wouldn't you think that they are giving you constructive criticism in order for you to have a better game?. Oh well. GG.Panda13 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Game needs more specialization Part of the reason there is no endgame is because there aren't really many opportunities to specialize. - Everyone gets exactly the same skills, and can switch them at will. There aren't any ways to make a specific skill very good. A reintroduction of skill points might be useful here, where each skill / rune had several different levels depending on how many points were put into each (but so that there aren't enough skills points to max out every skill you choose). Maybe, as a WD, I want to completely max out my Zombie Dogs, and have *10* of them running around or something. - Or maybe, make weapons affect skills more! Affixes that do things like "Summon +2 Zombie Dogs on hit with 2% chance", "Chance of casting Haunt on hit", "Hexed targets take 10% more damage when this item is equipped" etc. The current skill-affecting affixes completely suck. (Reduce the cooldown on my 90 second cooldown skill be 2 seconds?). People would seek out weapons that buff the skills they specifically like. - People should *really* be able to specialize in crafting. It would give them something to work towards. Level up each branch of crafting separately; for instance, you have to craft a whole bunch of gloves before you can make Exalted gloves. Go even farther than that; make it so that if you really focus on making gloves for a long time, your chance of making really great gloves gets better. If everyone can do everything at the same exact level as everyone else, it means that thing has to be pretty mediocre (which crafting currently is). - Maybe allow people to choose one sort of weapon/armor to specialize in; anyone who specializes in that thing can craft ilevel63 items of that type. You need to craft 100 ilevel62 items before you can craft the ilevel63 item. If you want to switch, you lose the old specialization. Overally, I think people just need more choices, rather than being able to do everything with relatively little effort.Nimrodel0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Instead of fixing MF how bout Fixing Lag? I play Tera, Battlefield 3, Dota2, NBA 2k12, Magic The Gathering, Guild Wars 2 Betas and Soon to be End of Nations Betas. All with ZERO lag. I have not had so much lag EVER. Several times an hour the game almost pauses sometimes for 10 seconds before catching up... I don't know if I'm dead or not. If that's not bad enough I get little mini lags almost like hiccups or When I first log in that 1 minutes worth of Loading Lag. SERIOUSLY?!?!? With all the games I play online with ZERO lag I get this much lag from Diablo 3? Honestly Blizz.... I personally think you need to re-arrange your priorities.OneBigBugga4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dying against elites mobs decreases iterate? Does dying while trying to kill elites change the drop rate?JaqenHghar4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Elite Phasebeasts What are your thoughts on elite phasebeasts in act 3? I've cleared inferno, downed diablo, but if there's one mob that can kill me consistently, it's elite phasebeasts. There's no way around it, I HAVE to skip them. Each and every time that I farm act 3. They are stupid overpowered.JunkStory12 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 List things that carried over from D2! You can poke the gem at the bottom of this web page.Shukra3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 IDEAS FOR THE DEVS - MF and ENDGAME I'm looking at the blue posts and see how you are struggling with solving the problems of the community and that just makes me want to question, who is really working on this game. Is it the same brilliant people who made Diablo 2 ? Seriously guys - the mf solutions you suggested are not good, and not having any idea for the endgame ? Ehh... Ok ill try my best and share some constructive ideas and who knows, maybe i'll get lucky and some blue's read this and forward it to the Dev's... well here goes 1) MAGIC FIND It should be a no brainer guys. You want people to fight with good gear that already has MF on it instead of swapping it at the end of boss/elite fights ? Put a "IN COMBAT" mechanic ingame, make it last for 1 minute, and in the same time make the mobs heal to full health in 1 minute of no damage. PROBLEM SOLVED ! Sure there will be people who will kill 3 mobs out of the 4 mob pack wait 1 min and swap some items to get a bit more MF. And is that a big problem to you ? It shouldnt be. LET THEM. If they want to waste time for a bit of a better drop and probably die in the process, it shouldn't be your problem anymore. Also implementing a weapon switch like in Diablo 2 would be a nice addition.... 2) MAGIC FIND NERF ON SMASHABLES And as we are on the topic of MF , guys make it work again on chests and barrels and whatnot ! I undersand that you took it off to stop people from going into act4 and smashing barrels to get good gear, and also to stop the problem with bots who would do that same thing overnight. Well the solution is easy. Just make the MF work in 10-20% for the barrels , 20-30% on normal chests, 50-60% on resplendant chests and so on. You get the idea. 3) BOTS And that brings us to the bot problem. EASY !!! Dont nerf MF, dont mass ban people. Just make a captcha code for everyone who makes for example more than 10 games in less than 20 mins. BAM! No more bot problem The problem with AH and bots is more serious. A captcha for AH would be problematic. But it can be done. 4) ENDGAME That is just the easiest thing in the world. Tell the DEV's to dust out their D2 copy and play ladder for a while. What do they see ? Runes, hundreds of legendary items, horadic cube which could upgrade everything. Making you find items, find ingriedients, upgrade stuff, FUN FUN FUN! INGAME TRADE ROOMS ! Yes ! That was fun, you could see a game and you knew that you could come in and barter with someone for the items. Now we have AH, so you thought no need for that right ? Well look at the trade forum and think again. That is a good addition to ponder on. Maybe in addition to normal public games, you could add an option to LIST THE BARTER GAMES ? Make a special barter game option, a new map on which more players can join. Disable the use of skills in that games, and make them open for 10-20 people at a time. Let the games be made with names. So that you can know that if someone is offering for example - 20 unindentified weapons, you will know what to expect Level softcap. That makes you want to excell and get the highest level - keeps you playing. I know you went for Wow system (which was a big mistake) but no harm no faul. You still can still make some other system for getting minor stat rises. It can be for example from a series of achievments, or well from PVP :) PVP !!!!!! Bring it, and bring it fast. Make a monthly ladder for PVP and make the top tier users get benefits from their top status. Make ranks. Make them mean something, not only satisfaction. For example - top ten people get their name displayed in gold, top 25 in yellow, top 100 in blue. Also they get status effect changes depending on their PVP rank. It can be a MF buff, it can be a damage Buff. MORE RANDOMIZATION !!! Make more random dungeons, maybe a small chance to enter a game with UBER bosses (annihilus anyone ? ) , which will yield better rewards, Make boss fights more fun, MAKE THE PURPLE MOBS drop items again, you nerfed them too much, give them skills. Make some other form of goblins that have a big chance to drop legendaries but are nearly impossible to kill, only possible in a co-op game utilizing mixed skills. GIVE US MORE ITEMS !!! GIVE US RUNES , make higher lvl gems drop at a minimal percentage on hihger lvls of inferno, make schematics drop more often, pimp up the gem maker and blacksmith. And as for endgame, endgame.... well just make a great expansion with hard and fun bossfights.... That is just my 5 cents. Hope someone will read it. And if someone will, please dont double it in size :) CheersSonar3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 An Idea for the End Game - Endless Pit I know this topic has been discussed elsewhere, but at the risk of repeating some ideas from other threads, I wanted to create a separate thread for this idea and get some attention/feedback concerning this specific game element. I make no claims that these ideas are original and feel free to link to other relevant sources and threads. I apologize if the desciption is too long, but I tried to divide it into several sections to facilitate reading. To get tl;dr, read the section Basic Idea. Basic Idea Endless Pit can be implemented as a separate difficulty level after Inferno or as an ordinary dungeon that spawns somewhere after the player defeats Inferno. The player would appear in a simple arena, in which a large mob and/or an elite pack/champions will spawn after a while. After the player defeats all monsters, a portal will appear leading to the next level with more difficult monsters. However, when the player dies, he is removed from the pit, game over. (Of course, he might try again in softcore.) In case multiple players enter the Endless Pit together, a dead player cannot be revived and the remaining players have to carry on without him. Of course, there will be some rewards for defeating higher (or rather lower) levels of the Endless Pit. There are many possibilities, from a small increase (1% - 5%) in magic find per Pit level through specific items to purely symbolic rewards: there could be, for instance, achievements centred around Endless Pit, such a large number on the banner displaying the highest level the player defeated. Advantages and Solutions to End-Game Issues 1) Motivation This might satisfy competitive players who desire more PVE end-game content. Because the Endless Pit might be implemented as truly infinite and insanely difficult after a number of levels, there will always be something more to do. At the same time, it will be harder to compain about the difficulty of this arena because the players have to recognize that it is intended as infinite and impossible to beat. A number of players have already defeated Diablo on Inferno and now they lack new achievements to boast of. Besides the big number on the banner, there might be a ladder displaying the most successfull characters, which is now impossible as there is no simple criterion of success. Because Endless Pit will only spawn after defeating Diablo on Inferno difficulty, the players will have something to look forward to. Many players currently feel that after defeating the game, the only option is to go back to the Siegebreaker or wherever and continue farming for better gear - which they don't really need because they have already defeated the final boss. I realize that this might have been difficult to predict in beta, but judging from the forums, there is an overwhelming feeling of having nothing to do or look forward to in or after Inferno. This mode will provide a new challenge, because some very strong equipment and solid play will be necessary to get far in Endless Pit. Furthermore, because a death would mean that the player would have to restart the Endless Pit, this game mode will not only encourage better play styles, but it will provide a nice adrenaline rush as the player progresses. Fear of the next level, anticipation of the challenge and joy after breaking one's record or despair after a useless death are essential for a successful ARPG and this is currently missing in the farming stages of Inferno, let alone the previous difficulties. It is also possible to set a price for entering the Pit, which might provide a solid gold sink and solve some issues of the Diablo III economy. 2) Relative Ease of Implementation I have some experience with programming, so I know nothing's really as simple as it seems, but this mode shouldn't be difficult to implement. A new dungeon that spawns somewhere after beating Diablo on Inferno is trivial. The arena does not even have to be randomized, only large enough to allow for some kiting ( The monster may as well be the mobs, champions and elites from Inferno, but their HP/damage/speed/resists will increase as the player gets further. You don't even have to care about balance - the player is fully expected to kick the bucket at some point or other. All in all, it should be fairly easy to implement, as most of the work has already been done and the Endless Pit can very well utilize game elements that already exist. As to the large number on the banner as an achievement and a ladder, that should also be simple enough. Potential Problems and Solutions Of course, there are some problems inherent to this concept and they should be addressed. Most significant of all, the in-game perks that this mode provides should not be strong enough to break the game - in other words, it can't make everything before the Endless Pit only a tedious journey. If every level spawned champion/elites that dropped items just as the regular ones from Inferno, there would be no motivation to play anything else. While this presents a grave balance issue, there are many solutions. To name a few, the Pit might be - at least at the beginning - focused only on achievements and ladders with no in-game advantage. In this scenario, no loot whatsoever will drop, but players will at least know why they should farm Inferno in the first place. Alternatively, the drop rate from the Pit mobs can be tweaked so that the benefits from farming the Pit could be - from certain point - similar to farming Act III/IV in Inferno and perhaps surpassing them after some insanely difficult point. More difficult to implement and balance, yes, but more rewarding. As to the balance across classes, there will be a lot of whining that some classes have an easier time in the Pit than others. However, this has been going on ever since the game was released and it should not discourage the development of a new challenge. Final Question to The Blue Ones If anyone from the company got through this wall of text: in your view, is it realistic to expect that something like this will be implemented, provided that the designers like it? I fully realize that you can't give me a reliable answer at this point, I just want your honest view. Is a new game element of this size still within the scope of what you are willing to invest into Diablo III? Thank you for an answer. To everyone - thank you for reading thus far and all feedback will be appreciated. If you don't like it, I won't take it personally. It's just something I might enjoy playing.Moribundus1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Inferno difficulty curve One of the biggest turn off for players I know in inferno has always been the feeling that no matter what you do you always feel stuck by some horrible elite skill combination. Once decently geared for Act1 or 2 they still run into what seem impossible elite packs. Which leaves them wondering? Just how much more gold or gear do I need to beat this crazy combo? My group is well geared to farm Act2 but we then run into something like shown on the video. Yes, we completed it after many deaths but we shouldn't have to pay lots of repairs to take down 1 elite pack. Every other elite was no problem, a few deaths here and there but nothing like this pack. What I am getting at is that when developers use a random generated mechanic to create encounters they lose control of the progression curve. I would expect to see difficult skill combination on elite packs in Act 4, like Beams with Frozen or Jailer. These combinations I understand are very tough and I think should be in the end of inferno with a higher chance to drop ilv63 gear. But why allow the system to totally trash players for early lower level rewards? Shouldn't there be some sort of restriction as to what skill combinations are allowed on the elites per Act?nexuswoof1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Grind for loot vs grind for power... So, I feel I had a bit of an "ahhh that's what it is!" moment a little bit ago, as to why many of us may feel that D2 was so much better than D3. I've seen it said a lot of different ways in what I've read on the forums, since they move so quickly, but here's how I've managed to put the pieces together for myself: Preface: My experience is limited to D2:LoD, so when I refer to D2, I'm referencing LoD. D2 wasn't just a grind for loot, it was a multi-optional grind for power. What I feel I'm missing, as well as others may, is the lack of progression. Not in the sense of content, but in the sense of getting stronger regardless if you put in 1 hour a day or 6 hours a day. Granted 6 hours felt more "progressive" than 1 hour because while the main focus after a certain level was finding the gear we wanted, if we bashed our faces against mobs all day and didn't find what we were looking for, we were still gaining experience toward that next level. It never came to a halt until lvl 99 which took weeks or months, years for some, if ever. Even though the experience gain was incredibly slow, there was always that prospective level waiting ahead of us. That extra skill point to make our skills hit a little bit harder, our hp/mana pool and main damage stat a little bit stronger so that if we wanted to, we could try out a different piece of gear. We weren't "forced" to rely so much on gear for certain things due to the ability to allocate stat points. In D3 we hit 60 and that aspect of our power is at its limit. Every bit of power we gain from here on out must come from gear that has higher amounts of int/str/dex than what we're currently wearing as well as more survivability. So, we grab up a group of friends or kick it solo for a few hours, or hours on end, and if we're lucky we get a couple of barely sellable items on the AH, or if we're real lucky a decent item to sell or an upgrade to what we already have. And typically the upgrade is pretty minor. The power and "customization" (in D2) that feels lacking (in D3) came from how we built our characters and where the stat points went, between damage skills and survivability skills, then the gear enhanced it all. In D3 absolutely everything is reliant on gear and having to pick between more damage or more life/resistances. I've also read varying opinions on how both games are just a grind so they should be viewed similarly, and how the social aspect of D3 isn't as appealing as it was in D2. It's because we had options when we first logged into before ever joining a game. 1. We could join a public Baal run and work on grinding out some experience, as well as the chance at some loot. One could be priority or neither could be priority and we find ourselves in a Baal run with some pretty fun people, good atmosphere, getting to know one another or even a bit of theory crafting going on in chat. That environment allowed us to take our minds off of the "grind" a bit and relax. (That being said I know there were also many very frustrating games to crawl into as well) 2. We could thumb through the list of public games if we were looking for a certain piece of gear and had something else to trade for it. With this, we also met people (as opposed to never having contact with someone via the AH which might contribute to why some people feel the AH has ruined the game), and sometimes we'd get really good deals and sometimes we'd get scammed by someone who duped. Trading or even just watching the list of games as it changed gave us an idea of what to farm for to trade for gear we couldn't get, or wanted and just weren't having much luck finding. 3. We could make a game and play solo, or with friends and have a more narrowed focus of what to farm for. A socketed piece of gear for a rune word, a specific legendary because everyone knew which boss/mobs/areas to get them from, the keys for uber runs, experience, etc. Regardless what we did, most of the time invested didn't feel wasted, even in ladder knowing resets would eventually happen. We met people, we learned something, we obtained an item we never had before and could brag about getting that perfect Shako or SoJ drop and everyone knew what it meant, or finding the wanderer in YOUR game! It was exciting. I look back on my time spent and feel like I had options. If I wanted to be social and grind levels, I could. If I wanted to focus on farming an item, I could. If I wanted to progress through an act I was struggling through with the help of unknowns, or friends, I could. If I wanted to sit for hours in a trade game waiting for that chance that someone might have what I need and need what I have, I could. We had options, we had control all around. How we built our characters, what we focused on when building them, how we wanted to gear them, how we played (read: how we spent our time with the game). The missing factor seems to be the control over how we spend our time. Our options feel limited to: spending hours for very, very little gain (or profit) looking for something, anything, that will make us a little bit more powerful and usually failing or grinding gold to slowly work at buying it on the AH, or leveling a new character just to have it hit 60 and feel just as powerless with no alternative. No grinding experience to get to that next level, no re-rolling to try a different stat allocation and no "lobby" of relaxation (if lucky) that Baal runs offered. And in case anyone thinks of achievements as an option, while I am a fan of them as they do offer something else to focus on for a little bit, they, in no way, enhance our characters. I'm not trying to sway anyone's opinion on D3 as I still play very actively, but rather offering my view on how I've put together some of the feedback I've seen on the forums, feedback from friends, as well as my own thoughts, about it all. I'm still hopeful for D3. Many have said that D2 was the same way and it took a lot of patches and an expansion to evolve into a game that many will forever remember fondly. I'm not looking for D3 to be a "face-lifted" D2, but the comparison factor will always be there since it is a Diablo game. TL;DR: We (not everyone, some) find fault with a low level cap (and quick leveling) and no stat allocation option because it forces us to rely soley on gear to feel powerful, thus causing the upset with the loot system. Without the option to grind experience as well as specific loot (knowing which bosses/mobs/acts drop the loot we're looking for, and the chance that it won't even have main stats on it), there's no assurance in payoff. We can't plan for a build, an end goal of satisfaction with a character because we're always forced to pick damage or survivability. IE: There isn't anything else to do that's mind-numbingly repetitive to take our mind off the frustration of the only thing we can do. This all being said, mad props to Bashiok for his post yesterday. It alleviated a lot of my personal worry and frustration. It was a powerful "heal" that my pool of hope needed. (Can be found here for those that missed it: Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Solution to MF gear swapping already exists The solution for those people who do not like having to swap gear to MF already exists. Build a drop set you can fight in, problem solved. The fact that blizz is actually entertaining the idea of placating those people who are gaming the system to the detriment of those of us who spent millions building mf/gf sets we can fight in boggles my mind. If people want to swap gear I have no problem with it, nor do you blizz but there should be a penalty for getting over on the system and that penalty is having to carry two sets of gear and having the tedium of making the swap. Do not penalize those of us who spent millions on gear to do it the right way just to placate those who are too lazy/cheap/whatever to take the obvious solution that is already there for them. Every suggested change you've posted makes a lot of people's gear worthless and that's not fair to us AT ALL.shreloche16 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Neph Valor Buff I think the Neph Buff should not just be for end game. Its clear that drops are dependent on this buff to get any thing of real value. On your 1st play through in normal bosses are rigged to drop some yellows so normal feels a little rewarding. Once level 60 you have the buff so the end of Hell and Inferno can feel rewarding. The problem is the middle... All of Nightmare and most of Hell when you are not level 60 you have no rewarding feelings from drops. The games drops are clearly built with the Neph Buff in mind so not having it in Nightmare and Hell can feel unrewarding at times. This game is about much more then just what you do at level 60. Many people like to level up every class and not focus too much on end game. My suggestion is to have the 5 stacks of neph buff at level 60 like we do now but maybe have the stack start at 1 when level 12 and progress up to 5 by the time you are 60 level 12: able to get 1 stack level 24: able to get 2 stacks level 36: able to get 3 stacks level 48: able to get 4 stacks level 60: able to get 5 stacks tl;dr With drops designed around the neph buff it makes the parts of the game when you don't have it feel unrewarding.Fearophobias17 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Hardcore death count How many hc players died just now?minhhr2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Competitive-Cooperative PVP I'm wondering how many people have thought about alternative competitive team matches as a source of PVP that might fit better into the Diablo experience. Diablo skills are mainly focused on PvE, so there are inevitably going to be many skills that might be kind of silly for PvP--which is fine; but what if Blizzard didn't put themself at the disadvantage of having to support PvP with abilities that fall under that category or having separate math for an ability in an arena? What if there was a type of competitive game that had to do with killing monsters quickly as a team, or dungeon crawling quickly to the end of a multilevel area... Perhaps two teams could be put into a dungeon together and the team that kills more monsters wins, however; you can grief each other while crawling the same dungeon. What about games like "line hero wars" that came out of warcraft3 custom maps and the like? BTW: I played the arena at Blizzcon 2011 and it was pretty cool. I'm not against classic arena style play, I just think that Diablo is suited so well to a style of PVP that involves monsters and killing big groups of mobs in addition. If anyone has any other ideas for PVP, it seems as though Blizzard will have a bit more time to take in some thoughts. Let's discuss some competitive options that you guys think might be fun! (Nothing else to do anyways) :DDan3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Looking for group. Hi guys, Looking for some casual/serious gaming group for both HARDCORE & SOFTCORE. I want some communications with voice, meaning to have skype or others. Add me up in game @ : Fanta#6164Fanta0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Why I fear PvP won't be as good as in D2 I think a lot of you will agree with me that PvM in D2 was hard for a lot of classes in hell. I mean, the only way for a sorc to go through hell was to pick a 2-element build (which is a lot less powerfull than a 1-element build) or get the Infinity-runeword on your merc (which takes 4 HRs; deffo not for everyone). This counts for every 1-elemental- or purely physical build. However, in PvP this wasn't a problem (in GM-battles that is). In D2 PvP there was a lot of room for unusual or for PvM impossible builds for two reasons: Teleport and desync. These two things are avaible to everyone and are the reason why barbs couldn't be one-shotted from a safe distance by ranged chars and actually have a chance to throw a punch. Ofcource, people adjusted their strategies, but they didn't have to change their build. They could get their own Enigma-armor or invest in FRW. What happened was that you got a very mobile game with a lot of originality and creativity. I predict for D3 PvP everyone will build their chars around mobility and anti-mobility, leaving very little room for creative and unusual builds. FRW is restricted (and I doubt desync would work anymore anyways) and Teleport isn't avaible to everyone. I know that other classes have simulair skills, but the thing is, in D2 a player could use every skill he could get his hands on. In D3 we are restricted to six. If I want to use Vault , Leap or Dash, that means I can't use another skill. And the same counts for anti-mobility skills. I'm afraid that his will make PvP very monotonous.. :(Joren21 Jul 4, 2012