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Jul 4, 2012 Thoughts of mine, about Blizzard. Enjoy it. Dear Bashiok, first of all, I want to say, that my english isn't that good. And I want also to say, sorry, because in the last 48 hours I've been - yeh, let's say it how it is and was - a bit pissed, about the result of a game I've been waiting years for. I was 8 years old - only one year after my father passed away - when I've become my first computer. It was a Pentium 90 Mhz. You know, one of those with "Turbo Switch" and that stuff. And there was a game, which has introduced me into the game world. It was Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. It helped me a lot to get my mind in a different direction, not forgetting, but overpassing what happened when I was 7. And that was the start of the love, I had to Blizzard Entertainment. I've grown up with games like Warcraft II (Tides of Darkness / Beyond the Dark Portal), Diablo, Starcraft and BroodWar, Diablo II and Lord of Destruction, Warcraft III and the Frozen Throne. And I must really say, that I loved Blizzard Entertainment a lot. Then, World of Warcraft camed out. I can remember the early beta, when it was thought to implement "sector invasions" or however it was called. Means, people should be able to "capture" certain sectors and get them under their faction until they lose it again. At a sooner point, this should never happen. So, okay. World of Warcraft camed out and everything was fine. People from the one and own realm could quest, talk and fight together - on the same realm. Due to the mainstream way you guys took, by giving first the little finger to the userbase - you ended by giving them the whole arm. People from different factions couldn't chat anymore each other. Mainly because of the competitive part, which was that harrassing (irony) from the userbase each other. You guys didn't decide to "accept complaints" over another player, just because he started insulting and flaming another one. You guys didn't accept a nearly "racist" way, playes had established because of the Horde and the Alliance. So, instead of establishing a general rule, giving away temporary bans and later permament, if the problem persists, you guys decided to say: "We take the easier way. We don't want to argue with our userbase, no matter if they harrass or not - we just stop the whole communication between both factions and on the same way, we don't have to ban no one. Since he's paying and we don't want to put our efforts on being tutors or teachers of good modals." Later, battlegrounds turned into "Global". Means, people, who have been legends on their own realms, weren't that anymore. They just were "some" of a lot. "Only the few" could hold their legendary presence at the global battlegrounds. Later, people could teletransportate directly to instances. Because, hey, they were paying. And that's why I stopped to play World of Warcraft. It wasn't a game anymore. It just was a great theme park, giving away every accommodation to make people far more lazier. Means, people got bored of World of Warcraft, because they already got everything given by Blizzard Entertainment. And everyone knows: "People, who have everything, get - in some way - bored of life." So, that's why World of Warcraft ended, why I've quitted it when BC camed out - and why I was just playing it another 30 days with my wife, with an whole new account. I guess, the vision was: To get as much players as possible and make the hugest profit possible. And I know, this wasn't Blizzards own idea. It would bet, it was Bobby Koticks idea. If not, please correct me. Then, Starcraft II camed out. A big game, really. I love it. Nothing to say against it. But finally, Diablo 3 camed out. I mean, in some way, I was really happy about the release. And once I've purchased the game, I started to play it the last two weeks a lot. But then I've noticed something different. Not the fact, that I couldn't play with more than only 4 players. Dungeon Siege did the same !@#$. Not the fact, items didn't drop that fast anymore, like at Diablo 2 (Which also wasn't everytime that fast. Sometimes it took weeks to get the proper set item you were looking for.). And not the fact, you guys created an Auction House. But I've noticed, against what you guys were telling us - no matter if it was your intention or not - that the drop rates are not going to be leaded by the influence of the RMAH. And, I don't know if it were errors at the drop rate tables or if it was done intentionally, but you guys managed to drive it exactly that way. I can understand you guys follow in some way the microtransaction system China and Korea has (the company I'm working for is in cooperation with NHN), but I've to say, that people in the US and EU have a different mentality. They want a game referring to the way an older game was, since they've been doing their own experiences, like me, on that game. That doesn't means, it has to be exactly the same. But when it comes to the "item hunt", like you called it, we want it exactly that way. The auction house is more like an accommodation for those, who want to trade on a faster way. And I'm fine with it, when people want to purchase something with real money or gold. BUT - give everyone the chance to get the item he's looking for and every quarter of a year, add new items with a patch. With new lookings, new stats and that stuff. People don't need new maps, new content, dailies or other stuff. People just need to have an motivation to continue. A realistical motivation. Not a way to be playing a game 8 to 12 hours a day, to maybe get what they want. Then, you've decided to erase the way of customizing an character by letting people set up stats. Mainly, a feature, which could be solved if you guys have offered a system, that easy to do, as nothing else. So, here is my question: "Why didn't you guys implement a stat giving system AND an automatical stat giving system, like the one you guys did?" I remember Jay Wilson, who said, that people shouldn't be doing maths on calculating which stats were the best for them or messing up a whole character, just because of failured stat giving. And that's okay. But the better choice were, to give people the possibility to CHOOSE the way they want to set their stats - manual or automatical. Because, one of the main ideas behind the stat system was, that people could create twinks (motivational) and on the same way check out, which builds do work too! Problem now: You guys didn't it, and on the same way, I do not really know why you guys added more than 10 slots, since there is no need anymore to twink. So, is this the way it should be? And... well, let's come to PVP. PVP is nice. And the idea of a (competitive / casual) arena is far more nicer, than what I've been expecting. Problem: People couldn't twink and test builds which are maybe focused on supporting skills / abilities at the battlefield, because you guys could have linked the stats to the abilities / skills of each character. And, I've to be honest. If you guys take a look on "Bloodline Champions", oh my dear... then be sure, this could have pushed Diablo 3 far MORE into a competitive way, than you guys have been expecting. The combination of "ITEM HUNTING" and "BEING A COOL TEAM, FIGHTING AGAINST OTHERS" would be a great solution. Also, if you implement an HARDCORE ARENA á la SINGLE ELIMINATION. People play and play and play, improving their characters to be the king of the hill. That could be YOUR GUYS End-Game-Content, beside of the "item hunt". But, this hasn't been done. So... what to do? Where are we at this point, now? We got a game, which, yes, it amuses. Sometimes it is funny, to see "Techno-Caine" at Act 1. Sometimes it is funny, to hear the random dialogues of the mercenaries. And it's cool to play 1 to 5 hours sometimes, hunting a special item, especifically with the nephalem buff. But - is there something more? Currently, not. And I'll maybe never receive an answer of a blue. But, yeh... Maybe you guys can now figure out, why so many people are a bit (lot) pissed. That's why people start to argue with you, calling authorities and that stuff. And that's also, why Vivendi and Co. want to get rid currently of your actions.Sprintfox0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF nerf will hurt Melee more then anything Well after playing ranged and melee i think melee have alot more to lose form this nerf that is coming up as it costs so much to get MF gear with real stats needed upload ranged as they dont really need the amount needed. I am sorry people seem to be challeneged at the fact that you cant seem to switch gear to get better drops yet you need to have the right to ruin others gaming.Ladygrace4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Boycot RMAH I decided from the very start never to use the RMAH. $60 is enough from me. Of course, in the game's current state, it is impossible to progress without gearing up using the Gold AH. Let's get rid of the RMAH. Boycot it! This might get Blizzard to make some drastic improvements in the actual game. HOPE!!! Click like to agree.Culblade2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Do Devs make a commission from RMAH? Because a lot of things concerning the game would make sense if they did. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with benefiting from one's hard work, but there needs to be some form of oversight when the supply of items sold is controlled by the ones profiting from its sale. Right now it is impossible, in my opinion, for the average casual gamer (someone who plays an hour or two a day), to clear Inferno without the use of the RMAH or by purchasing gold for the GAH. The quality of gear drops and gold accumulation is just not there. I know there are people that will say Inferno is not for everyone and not everyone should be able to clear it. But the truth is, everyone and anyone CAN clear it, they just need to purchase the gear to do so. But what about the ones that can't afford it? Is it just, tough luck? I don't want to turn this into a novel, so I'll cut it short. Is the removal of the RMAH completely off the table? And if so, can we expect the loot quality from drops improving in the near future?Gneejack9 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dear Mike I challenge you to hire me to fix all the problems with Diablo 3. 10 grand says I fix it in less than a week. I will need full access to all of the diablo 3 staff and the diablo 2 servers and database. Sincearly, That guy you talk to at the Hilton party.Cramer10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 A Genuine question for Bashiok & other CM's Which of you guys have actually played Diablo 2? The reason I ask is to genuinely get a basis on who can understand where a significant portion of this community is coming from when they say they are upset about X. I want to know which of you actually played Diablo 2 in it's prime, when people were begging for this or that and the devs actually were giving the players what they wanted back then. To be honest; I was under the assumption that this game would be a "sequel" to it's predecessor, based on all of the movies, the hype, the dev videos, etc. However in the light of everything that has happened these past 7 weeks or so, I feel like this game went from riding around on a go-cart track (d2), to riding a quarter machine in front of target that was vibrantly designed to "look" like a giant Diablo shaped character. -- Sure it might be fun initially and your friends will go "ooohh, ahh" and take some pictures of you initially, however after a little while you begin to realize that the thing only moves forwards and backwards over and over and you have to keep feeding it money in order to do so. So I ask you, which of you have actually had experience playing Diablo 2 and can genuinely understand why we feel like this game is an extremely diluted version of it. We need to feel excitement and rush from getting cool loot on a regular basis (even if it means the only thing left to strive for is a few extra stat points on a piece of gear) rather than once in a blue moon we get something that we can "possibly" liquidate in hopes of buying or saving for an upgrade. We all deeply long for PvP and some sort of end game, after we get a set that we can grind though act 3 or 4 solo there's no point in playing anymore, at all. And last but not least; we REALLY want to see co-op be meaningful! As of right now I do not know of a single group of 4 that clears act 3 together, let alone act 4 -- including streamers, friends, etc. (only 3 friends out of 50+ even log on anymore anyway...) All of these things existed in D2, why can't you see that by appeasing what the players want; you'll make more money on your RMAH than you will if you constantly disappoint and kill off the majority of your player base? /signed an old school D2 fanSirLight10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Why is it that..... Since we're all talking about MF today apparently, why is it that every time I kill an elite they manage to drop 2-3 rares, 2-3 blues, 2-3 whites. Ilvl 53-58 rares, 60-62 blues, and all 63 whites. :(WHISTLERDASH0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Where is Customer service in DIII? I usually don’t rant and I know it has no affect what so ever, I’m just the consumer who paid money, nothing special… I lost my last two Hardcore characters due to server issues. One Wizard lvl. 52 and last night my Monk lvl. 35. 60+ hours gone for no fault of my own… First off, I could not play my game I bough when I got home, because there was once again ‘Unexpected Server Issues’…. I understand the problems Blizzard had during the launch and have no problem with the game connection being a little sketchy that first day. It was huge traffic all at once. But we are now almost two months in and the amount of players have dropped significantly and still there are all these issues. To pay $60 and still have this much trouble after 50 days. Stardock had a bad launch with Elemental. The difference between them and Blizzard is that they admitted it and have made the 1st two expansions free to people who bought the game. That’s cool! If I was not playing on Hardcore this would probably not have bugged me so much. I have limited time to play and would be frustrated those periods I could not play, but the fact is I do play Hardcode and am investing my time in building up a character. To have me lose all that due to no fault of my own is extremely annoying. I bet that at this point Server issues have caused more HC deaths than Diablo himself on Normal to Hell difficulty combined…. That is extremely sad for such a wonderful franchise. There is a lot Blizzard could do until the servers are stable: Roll game play back 1min when they know a server went down. Yeah there will be people upset because of a drop they missed, but believe me, losing 30 hours of game play is worse. Revive one HC character per month. If that is too extreme, then retrieve one item from a fallen character per month. Or just give my money back!!! I have had a lot of respect for Blizzard games in the past. It’s sad to see how DIII is being handled. Is there not an expression: “You get what you pay for?” So what does $60 of DIII get you….TheSAguy2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Couple questions about game design 1) it is very possible when a barb or monk swings and misses. is it possible for a melee monster to swing and miss (with exceptions of monsters with charge ups). 2) blizzard said that they want MANY *viable* builds, and no best build. If 1 skill must be used because it is the best then something is wrong. So far I have seen very few different builds for demon hunter and barbs. Revenge is a must if the person feels like living. and not to mention demon hunter, i think every 10 demon hunters i see have the same builds with exception of elemental arrow into different runes. but if DH doesn't use SS then they can't play. Intended? 3) Jay said he wants a wide diversity in playstyles and what players can do in game, yet every other blue post is "we dont want players to (insert nerfed stuff here)". So in the end you are forcing players into a linear playstyle. and when that happens, you nerf the thing that affects everyone because everyone's using it after your nonstop nerf - attack speed cut in half. people who farm popular routes get the spot nerfed. people to gold find get gold find spots nerfed. people who like to farm auction house gets banned. can you please release a book for 59.99 that says how JAY WILSON wants us to play the game? 4) Jay said he wants players to play through the game instead of just doing the same runes over and over. Why not unlock all lower acts for single player and increase # of NV buff? you can even make this into a late game mechanic. like you still get exp but you dont get levels. at 2.5 mil exp you get 6 NV buff max, 6 mil xp for 7 NV buffs, 10mil exp for 8 NV buffs, etc etc. right now (or at least wut i do and every single one of my friends do) is get 5 NV stacks, kill boss, repeat. There is NO incentive to play through the game. Oh and especially with unnecessary cutscenes. why should I player 5) thralls' charge up tracking still exists. I thought blizzard got rid of it, and a blue specifically posted about it. why is it still there? 6) energy twister is the worst skill ever. why not change energy twister into zulten kulle's tornado? it tracks, has bigger aoe, and looks more threatening.StoneAge10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF idea - 'Dead items' Some players enjoy swapping items for the purpose of testing and/or modifying their build during gameplay. I (a barb) personally enjoy swapping out my helmets - one for DPS one for defense - while killing elites or just prior to killing elites. I'm sure other players may enjoy swapping out two handers for one handers during combat, or even miscellaneous items such as amulets or pants. Options 4 and 5 punish players for swapping gear altogether. Here are some criticisms for each option followed by a proposed alternative for the options given in the blog. Option 1: Pretty boring. Hard caps take away the desire to find and use 'better' gear, part of the fun in MF building is seeing just how high a player can take it. Option 2: This option will not reduce desire to swap items, it will only prolong the process. Option 3: This could create some interesting gameplay as players would have to decide on which MF items they can afford to keep on for the duration of a battle with elites. I agree with the cons listed. Option 4: Punishing gear swaps altogether is a con. This is similar to nephalem valor being removed for switching skills. In such a fast paced game, swapping skills and gear for the purpose of testing builds and similarly enjoying hero modification should be encouraged. Not sure why so many posters were in favor of this option. Option 5: Agree with the cons listed. Would like to add that punishing people with nephalem valor for any modification of build/skills hurts gameplay. Proposal: Dead Item Timers Swapping gear results in that slot being essentially 'dead' for X duration. For example, when I swap my helmet, the slot will be calculated as unfilled for a predetermined duration. The duration can be adjusted based on the number of items replaced in Y time frame. If the player dies, the timer will restart upon resurrection. Example: swapping my helmet makes the slot 'dead' for 10 seconds, swapping pants in addition to helmet means that I will have two dead slots for 25 seconds (timer being 1st item 10 seconds, 2nd item 15 seconds, 3rd item 20 seconds... and the times will stack). Pros: Risk vs. reward. People swapping for MF will run the risk of death if they are too hasty about switching items, meaning they will need to swap items throughout the fight instead of right before the final seconds of the fight. If the items are swapped just before the fall of elites the player risks dying and losing gold to repairs. This maintains the value of MF stats on gear and does not punish players that enjoy swapping gear for purposes such as testing or dps vs. defense. Additionally, regardless of the reason for changing items, the difficulty of doing so mid fight will result in strategic implications of gear swapping. Cons: Players still need to pop open inventory to swap items. Deaths as a result of switching to MF gear may be frustrating to players. Communicating the mechanics may be difficult. Timers need to be fine tuned. Thank you for reading and considering the proposed option.Kurtesh1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Open Letter to Staff TLDR NOTICE: This is an open letter to staff. You're welcome to read it. Support or criticism is welcomed, if constructive. Free bumps are always welcome. Dear Staff of Diablo 3, As per my experience, I started the game late, compared to most of my friends. I was able to reach the almighty 60 well before them. I've been through most of the content, but am still up against The Wall. Where I was able to reach before, I can no longer. Its as if my resists don't matter since about a week ago. Was this intentional? Are you aware of it? If you take the time to look through the forums, there are many with this problem. No staff have acknowledged that it is occurring. The auction house is very unintuitive. I'll highlight just a few of the more irksome issues. A few items that you may wish to address include: Socketed gems always count against filters. Should be optional. No other auction system I'm aware of does not allow filtering by time, bid, and buyout. You cannot search for affixes for items that may appear on them. Example: Slave Bonds are a wrist piece with Move Speed, yet you cannot search for Move Speed on wrist items. Recommended Items, though ok in principle, is useless at a certain item level. Perhaps a game option to make it instead show active auctions? When you do have recommended items, it includes those you cannot afford. A leveling character would need to go 50 or more pages in to find affordable pieces. Why not filter it by the accounts available gold? There are a whole host of other issues with the auction system, you're welcome to read the forums. A good development blog about upcoming changes, before they smack us, would be appreciated. There are several known 'exploitable' methods to farm items. These are flooding the market. I will not name them here, as I'm sure it breaks some rule. You, as a studio, are aware of them. Please fix them. Your correspondence with the paying customers has been sparse, usually off from key topics, and wanted badly by us. Would you, those few who come here and read these forums, please request from your superiors the permission to keep us in the loop? There are a lot of patient people here, regardless how loud many are, yet patience does run out after a time. A few posts during a couple hour period, followed by days and days of nothing is not the way to win more people over. There are a host of other games with very engrossed players who maintain their player base by constant and constructive communication. For example, Eve Online, not only has a development blog that has a post about every day or so about just about everything upcoming, but the staff are active in the forums, and they even have a player-elected player team who are the player's voice directly with developers. They hold meetings, post minutes, and its very beneficial for player-developer communication. As Blizzard is known to be almost as bad as Valve with customer relations, perhaps you can break the mold in your studio and open up lines of communication to show you care. I realize there's constraints on how many hours your customer relations people are allowed to spend, but their twitter accounts say they are more active than they appear. It would be nice if a much larger amount of their chatter were directed more at the forums, where more players congregate. Perhaps even add in a twitter feed item similar to your 'Latest Blizzard Posts' that aggregates all of the studio staff's tweets? Lastly, I would like to thank anyone who have made it this far. I know its a long post. Sincerely, A CustomerHeceldi2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Missing: Worthy sequel to Diablo 2 Please help us find this missing game. Time is of the essence, and you can help! Age - about 10 years we believe Genre - Action Role Playing Game Physical description: 'Worthy sequel to Diablo 2' is a Hack and slash game. It is highly addictive. It has Cool and dark story lines. Large random maps. Fun to play. Not a gearcheck. The game is known for wide and varied builds and gameplay diversity, often created by its players. This game is also known to have a creative item system that does not boil down a few specs. This game is easily recognized by its fluent gameplay, often making feel players feel godlike with their various ways of murdering demons (see my other post) while keeping them farming for gear and rolling new characters. For a more complete description, please see Last seen: In a conference room with several other suspects including: Diablo3, World of Warcraft, RMAH, and a fellow known only as 'Large Bumbling Corporate Entity'. Authorities believe, but cannot confirm, that WSTD2 was kidnapped by D3 which then tried to impersonate it. D3, we believe, has been masquerading as WSTD2 for a little more than a month now, but several members in the community recently discovered it and reported it to the authorities. Since then, the primary suspect has been seen evading law enforcement in getaway vehicles called 'patches' and 'hotfixes'. The suspect and victim remain at large. Authorities now believe that there is sufficient evidence that D3 was not acting alone but instead in concert with these other nefarious persons of interest, perhaps as part of some greater criminal conspiracy to commit fraud for profit. We also believe that D3 is the new protege of the real criminal mastermind, WoW. Evidence of this includes arbitrary lvl 60 caps, boring !@# grind fests, stupid $%^ cool-downs, annoying unavoidable cinematics, cartoony graphics, linear pigeon holed gameplay, kiting champ pack fights that make you resort to cowardly tactics that would even make a little girl ashamed of playing and plain old fashioned boringness. We are not sure of the state of WSTD2. We believe that, if it is alive, it is probably in need of serious medical attention as it has probably have been violated by all or some of the persons of interest at this point. This is why your continued support and quick action are so necessary! If you see D3, please do not try to confront and/or apprehend it. D3 is armed and dangerous. D3 is guarded by an elite mercenary group of thugs known as 'fanboy trolls' (or they sometimes call themselves 'Leet','Gosu' and 'Hardcore fans'). These trolls are armed with weapons such as Attention deficit disorder, lack of logical reasoning skills, large egos, impenetrable narcissism and self righteousneous. They will not try to reason with you, instead they will hurl insults with lightning speed. It is our belief these trolls will abandon D3 once either all the 'casuals' (this is what they call anyone who disagrees with them) quit (since they wont have anyone to try to talk down to anymore) or when they realize they actually just want to play WoW or some other MMO . Either way, if you see D3, please simply notify the appropriate authorities. Do not risk your life! Rewards: Community loyalty, brand restoration, and faith in a company that once made cool and addictive games.Thugalicious9 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 End Game Solution! "Rapture" Difficulty! That's right! In rapture difficulty you must venture off into the world and slay endless elites, EVERY enemy you encounter is an elite, imagine hoards of volcanic/jailor/waller/shielding/avenging/molten/mortar coming your way with sweet new lvl 65 gear to potentially drop!!! Slaughter waves and waves of elites, or be defeated in merely milliseconds!EmperorAlex4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF Swap Solution - Read/Hate?/Rate! (My dps gear has 250mf% base, so either way I don't care what happens, but I will try to save MF) That being said I will just throw my idea out there so blizz doesn't completely destroy mf%. Basically if you swap your gear when you are not in the town, it will only change next time you enter the town. IMO this is much better than anything blizz said. Worst case scenario kill 2/3 or 3/4 elites, go back to to town and then worry about the third, yea sure he will heal, but if you cant solo 1 elite with you mf gear then I don't know what to tell you. If they end up capping the mf%, that would suck. If you have over 60mf% and you have to wait 3 seconds per point to go up, that would suck. Worth a shot, prolly gonna get some hate from the forum babies, but hey I tried to save a blizz nerf.kwhat2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Beta plus patches = Complete game?!?!?!? I'm not the most savvy when it comes to the 1s and 0s of video games. That being said, I am savvy when it comes to playing a game and judging it on its fun and replayability. I'll leave the game mechanics, mesh boxes and the rest of the "techo-babble" to the experts. I am sure of one thing that all D3 players can agree on whether experts or not. Patches don't solve endgame. As a matter of fact they don't solve any portion of the game. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. It's just ludicrous to think that this dev team released a beta than expected patches to complete it. To think what they did to one of the best and most fulfilling game franchises... Don't worry they will be judged for their crimes. We all are in the end.Jezter9670 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Why I'm about to quit - just about to I'm sure what I'm about to say has been said over repeatedly by everyone else here so I'll try to keep it short. I suppose there isn't a clear point why I'm posting this as things have been said by another 1000 posts here but it's probably just to get it off my chest and rant a bit so here goes: Repair Costs Since this is the main topic these days I'll start here. The repair costs are ridiculous at this point. I average roughly between 20k~40k for repair which is an exorbitant amount to pay for repair seeing that the average I pick up in the game is probably 200-500 in gold to sell to the vendors. Now while every so often.. just every so often... we get that half-decent drop where I can sell on the AH but I can't imagine how many times I died before I even got that item. Now of course there are those that say "Just don't die!" or "If you're dying so often then farm at a lower level". - My response is that biggest issue with that is the in order to survive inferno, you have to grind IN inferno. You cannot gather inferno worthy gear grinding in hell. You cannot grind Act 3 or Act 4 inferno gear in Act 1 inferno because the items just don't drop at that lower level. I can get through Act 1 inferno easily but hit that brick wall in A2 and A3 and we know that "great" gear doesn't really drop until you reach A3 or A4. Now I understand they have fixed it so that the same level gear can drop in A1 and A2 inferno BUT the drop percentage is so low that you'll never get to see it. So it's either you play in a really easy level where you run through everything which isn't much of a challenge.... or you move up a level and get absolutely destroyed. And the results of getting destroyed? Your net gold balance decreases as you're trying so hard to farm for gear in a level you can't survive in. See the dilemma? Unbalanced gear. Let's be honest. The "real" game starts at level 60 because that's when you gain access to a variety of good gear. Prior to 60 it's just random gear that really doesn't matter as you'll quickly out-grow your gear. My issue is this is that there isn't really any rewards in the lower levels. Remember when there were good sets and uniques in Diablo 2 i.e. Sigon set was the set to aim for when you were trying to level? In D3 there are no comparable items to get so there reallly isn't much of a feeling of a reward while trying to get to 60 and what happens when you get to level 60/inferno? You're met with a VERY sharp increase in difficulty and your gear is not enough to handle it. IMO there is a very uneven build up in gear that does not allow you to grow into inferno. As the result of this is you end up dying a lot in inferno and then we face the earlier problem of repair costs. Hyper-Super-Mega-Quad Core-Superman-Goomba Inflation Too much gold in the market. There shouldn't be a reason Natalya's mark is going for some ridiculous price like 25M. How much can an average gamer make in a day?? (without botting of course). Items that would help us not die as often is not accessible in the auctionhouse because it's SO EXPENSIVE... thanks to all the botters and gold sellers out there. And no, I refuse to speak about the RMAH, that's just not up for discussion. The Auction House itself Getting lazy to type but in short: no reliable search method. You may get lucky and craft a search for one item but you may not get the same luck for another. Lack of sorting for certain things is terrible too. All in all - terrible. There's so much more I can talk about but I'm hungry and need to make some chicken. All in all I really don't have fun playing this game... it stopped a while ago... I have 3 level 60s and a few 50s and it has been an eternal grind. So there you have it all... so close to finding the courage to quit! =)Eggtart0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Who cares about NV or MF!? Fixing the end game is more important!Dough039 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Auction House issue Sold items stats should be reviewable. This helps with understanding the economy of the game. I cant remember the stats on 5 items I sold when I havent logged on in a week because of business.Murderface0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The best option for D3 Cancel it then rerelease d2 with better graphics and a handful of new itemsOctopusbread0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic Find (gear swapping) pt2 Since the sticky post has reached a limit here is a new thread for it. Old thread can be found here Nephelam Valor (NV) buff increases MF and gold find (GF) by 15% per stack and stacks to 5 giving a total of 75%. Having 5 stacks of guarantee's 1 rare from champion packs and bosses. Remove the MF effect from but keep the GF and increase it to 20% per stack. Increase NV stacks to 10 but cap the effect at 5. Cap the item affect of bosses and champions at 5 but the GF continues to stack. So instead of 75% MF and GF we have 200% GF and no MF. I'll go into why increase the max stack later. Now Let's get into MF. Instead of MF increasing the chance of getting a magical or higher item. (I'm not sure how MF works now but I know how it worked in D2 but I dont care we are changing how it works.) Now we give MF break points I'm just going to say 20%. At intervals of 20% the lowest Item Level (IL) that can drop goes up by 1. In inferno the Lowest IL that can drop is 50, so at 20% the lowest that can drop is 51, 40% is 52 and so on. There would be a cap at 220% so the lowest IL that can drop is 61 Remember these numbers are just so we can stay on the same page. Now for gear swapping. (is this really a problem?) These effect do NOT happen while in town. The first piece has no cool down, every piece after that will trigger a 3 second before stats become effective stacking to 11 for 33 seconds total. No cool down while in town. This is why we increase the stacks of NV. Another option is to remove 1 NV for every piece of gear changed. Will not remove NV stacks while in town.Nerfed2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I never played diablo 2... But I enjoy diablo 3, maybe because I am sitll trying to find the best gear and beat inferno. Will people that played Diablo 2 please explain to me why D2 is so much better than D3? What different is there? Isn't it just item farming as well? Why was it better in D2? Can someone explain to me please? Thank Youwawa29 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 1.1 concerns reguarding pvp I recently read a post by bash saying that 1.1 is still far away. The wait for pvp is the only thing keeping me and I'm sure many others playing this game in the hopes I might find items that r good for pvp. Diablo pvp was always my favorite part o f the game. Wiether it was pking, dueling, and team duels. The constant wait game for pvp is anoying but bareable bc I'm hoping its not horrible considering how long the wait has been and is to come. But after reading it still most likly months away I know I will and sure many others that r waiting for this patch to come and give some life to this game. I hope blizzard realizes there losing players daily and some of us hoping for pvp that will nvr come will be leaving soon as well... Is there even a eta on when pvp will be out. Me and all my friends that play figured it would be out by now. It's sad we still can only play half of this game..squelch7 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Perhaps its just me, but i like the item hunt Going to pre-face this with the fact that i dont use the auction house to purcahse any items at all. Today i did an act 1 inferno run with a friend, and i replaced half my gear with decent upgrades (lots of room to go) and sold a ring for $50. I had one champion pack drop 3 yellows, 2x were huge upgrades for my shoulders and one of my weapons the other yellow was a really good MF ring i am saving for my demon hunter. All in all it was very enjoyable lots of excitment seeing yellows drop (and the orange) lots of excitment checking there i levels, and then identifing good items. What i think the problem that people are having is they are using the auction house (or using it to much). If you purchase the best items, then when good or the best items drop for you they are not exciting because you allready have hte same or better. you leave no room for your own finds unless you get insanly lucky. All of this being said, i would like to see more set and legendary items. I really liked building sets in d2 and was hopeing for that in d3 as of now i have 1x set item for my monk that a friend found and gave to me and its not usable in the end game. Long story short, i enjoy the item hunt but do think the set and legendary item dorp rate and quality could be improved.IceLom0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 farming yesterdasVStoday? yesterday i was farming act 2 for about 8 hours and i got 1 or more i63 (usually 2-3) items per run. ive been doing the same today(after downtime) and so far (4 hours more or less) and i got 0. sure random is random. is it just my bad luck or anyone experienced something similar?warwick6 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Auction Sniping With the time limit on auctions, auction sniping is a given. I just woke up 4:30 am because the time on the item was about to run out. Long story short my bid was sniped last second and I could not counter bid because the auction was no longer accepting bids. What is the point of bidding for a decent price if the bid is just going to be sniped last second unless you overpay? Time extensions should be given if a bid is placed in the last 30 seconds, because nobody wants the auction to be over if people are still willing to place a higher bid. Do you support auction sniping? Because it seems like it. You must know about it, seeing as how your a fairly large and intelligent company. Am I allowed to use auction sniping software? Let me knowShadowblood28 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Option 3 for all that is holy Seriously, pick option 3. Sorry but I don't trust something I post to be read amongst 500+ pages. All the other options totally screw people in one way or another, and trust me you've done enough of that already. Option 1 completely screws anyone that has built their main gear for MF. Option 2 does not even address the problem. Option 4 and 5 mess up people wanting to swap gear for legitimate reasons (some elite packs need to change gear around) Please stop even suggesting things that are gonna screw people over. Removing NV stacks? Making thousands of players gear obsolete? Don't be silly :/Bellyfrog1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 More lag today than ever? I'm rubber banding and lagging extremely bad today... they do something during maintenance?Ody0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 auction house sold items Items that have already been sold should have reviewable stats. I cant see the stats of something I sold and sometimes I can not play consistently to have these stats frsh in my mind. Make the stats on items appear when i hover over them with my mouse on the the completed transaction screen.Murderface2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Auction House - Feedback I have three ideas that would improve the auction house (if it has been posted already, I apologize): 1) Unsold auctions display "0" under the Amount column on the Completed auctions tab. Add in the amount that the auction was put up for - this would literally save the playerbase as a whole thousands of hours of tedious auctioning. If you have an auction that was unsold, and you are selling lots of items, you won't remember what you put up the auction for. The workaround for this is to screenshot your "Auctions" tab so you know exactly what you put up the item for. 2) When you search for an item, the search fields you use are "remembered", even after you click on the back arrow (see the screenshot below): When you click on this back arrow, it should clear out all of the search selections that were made previously. Otherwise you have to close the auction house window to clear your search selections. 3) Add in a toggle for "Min Value", so you can search for either Min or Max value - right now we can only search for the max value on stats.ililili1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Nerf MF = Have to play A1 Forever!!! None of the 5 options make this game any better. Leave the MF alone, for God's sake!!!Hao0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 My suggestion to help fix magic find My suggestion is to incorporate a system of "Rested Magic Find". A system that rewards players for spending time away from playing and encourages them to come back and play. Say you spend a week away. When you come back all of your lvl 60's would have built up a MF buff that diminishes as you kill elite groups or by a timer. Of course this would make more sense if a Hard Cap is applied to the MF stat. DiscusOgden0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 What's the point of white and grey items? Why were they put in the game? Why are they still in the game? Right now the only thing they add to gameplay is forcing players to dodge them or sift through their inventory and throw away any crap that was accidentally picked up to make room for magic or higher quality items. The vendor sell value is far too low for anyone to even bother carrying them around. Since they are completely useless to all but the lowest level characters, why did Blizzard even bother allowing them to be sold on the AH? There are so many other more useful ways to improve the AH UI and yet someone took the time to make sure players can filter search results to include white or better items. Seriously.Timondrius0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 what keeps anyone playing this game? the gameplay is fun, possibly better then diablo 2. what annoys me is what do we do once we level 60 blizz? cos farming inferno for better loot is !@#$ing boring, and seems myu reward for farming is some pile of crap. it really feels blizz built the game to revolve around the stupid real currency auction house and the retards who actual buy things on it. i cannot see where this game is going in 6 months other then being deleted and burnt cos i wouldnt even give it away as i already feel as if i wasted £40 and 60 hours getting to level 60 and farming. im going back to starcraft!schnarphoo3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 30 Day Challenge | Streaming Now 100mil, 200k DPS DH! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 1/30 DayCaptainSteez0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Gemcrafting why does it jump from 100g to 30kg in one upgrade?Brian8085 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic-Finding: A Focus on The Compensation I appreciate Blizzard for their consideration of changing the magic-finding game. I have had the opportunity to discuss the proposed options with a few of my magic-finding group members and their immediate response was an impending nerf. We understand that Blizzard is trying to alleviate the task of switching gear as the optimal method of finding loot. If Blizzard, however, is planning to make a change to the magic-finding game, the change must feel like a buff/benefit for the community as it is an improvement to gameplay if we no longer need to switch gear but are able to maintain the same drop rates. “It's worth keeping in mind that if we do implement a method to alleviate gear-swapping in combat, we'll simultaneously be looking at ways for players to get an added MF bonus to compensate.” I have seen the community respond to the proposed options in many creative ways but what if we focus on the compensation? If Blizzard were to remove our ability to switch to magic-finding gear during combat, are there other steps Blizzard can take to improve our experience? While keeping in mind of the programmers’ work load I am trying to figure out a possible solution that is both easy and effective. Here is one of my ideas: Compensation #1: Blizzard caps equipment magic-find (the amount of magic-find I can wear) and as compensation, they remove the Nephalem Valor cap. Blizzard is better at tweaking the values than I am, but let us say that we are able to get increasing rare-quality items with more stacks of Nephalem Valor. For example, we will gain 1 guaranteed rare item for 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor, 2 guaranteed rare items for 10 stacks, and 3 guaranteed rare items for 15+ stacks. Pros: * Magic-finding focus switches from gear to the ability of successfully battling elite packs * Magic-find on equipment becomes more of a bonus stat, rather than a necessity for efficiency * If the 15% magic find per stack stays true, 15 stacks of Nephalem Valor = 225% magic-find. This does not include the potential magic-find on each player’s gear. This means that players can maintain or even exceed their current magic finding percentage depending on the cap and more Nephalem Valor stacks. Cons: * Requires players to play long sessions in order to achieve maximum magic-finding efficiency * Devaluation of magic-finding equipment * I have no idea how this will affect the Auction House prices/economy This compensation would be an improvement to our magic-finding experience as it will reward us for being successful hunters. We will no longer require the task of switching to magic finding gear for maximum efficiency as the majority of the magic-finding percentage is controlled by Nephalem Valor. Again, let us focus on compensation for this thread. If Blizzard were to remove our ability to switch to magic-finding equipment during combat, are there other steps Blizzard can take to improve our experience? What about my compensation plan? Does it work? Tell me what you think!Slug3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 In the name of all that is...NO PVP PLEASE Bliz, Please respect your audience and fix diablo's current situation before you move on to PVP. There's just way too many problems the way it is now. Do the right thing BlizHungLow2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Nephalem Vigor, Nephalem Fortitude. feedback? I have an idea... It involves 2 more MF buffs on top of NV, and rewards players for seeking a challenge. First I must credit to whomever came up with the Nephalem Valor system (Which I think is brilliant). My idea is really only an addition to the existing system (I hope that makes it easier to implement). I believe it also adds an optional element of "Icarus hard" a la Themaceguy in his thread WHAT WE MEAN WHEN WE SAY D3 IS TOO HARD... TL/DR: nope. I posted this on page 495 of the MF Community feedback thread, but I know players won't read it there, and I think the idea can be better fleshed out with community input. Nephalem Fortitude: A buff that gives 1-5% MF/GF for every minute or 2 or 3 (as long as % and time are balanced) a player spends without returning to town. To stop people from just going AFK, the stack would have to be contingent upon a certain amount of combat during the interval. Nephalem Vigor: A larger buff, say, +10-20% MF/GF awarded to players for killing elites in rapid succession. The beauty of this system is that it can be scaled to the different Acts. Act 1: Nephalem Fortitude- Players gain 1 stack of +1% MF every 2 minutes as long as they have not returned to town and have been in periodic combat Nephalem Vigor- Players gain 1 stack of +10% MF when they kill an elite pack within 2.5 minutes of their last pack kill Act 2: Fortitude- 1 stack of +2% MF every 2 minutes yada yada yada Vigor- 1 stack of +12% MF when EPKinterval < 3.5 minutes Act 3: Fortitude- 1 stack of +3% MF every 2 minutes Vigor- 1 stack of +15% MF when EPKinterval < 5 minutes Act 4: Fortitude- 1 stack of +4% MF every 2 minutes Vigor- 1 stack of +20% MF when EPKinterval < 5 minutes Notes: Player Death Halves the # of stacks of Nephalem Fortitude. Vigor is unaffected. Nephalem Vigor would be unlimited. Failure to make the kill in the allotted time resets the bonus to 0. Nephalem Fortitude would have a stack limit where the MF bonus is the same as 5 stacks of Vigor. (depending on the Act) Some additional thoughts: Full Disclosure: I haven't progressed in Act 4, and I struggle in 3, so I'm not sure if i have the balance correct. My numbers are not meant to be definitive, only approximations. That said, it should be very difficult to get a +20% MF buff. I think that while the different buffs do stack, and thus synergize, they also work against each other. A player trying to maintain their Vigor is far less likely to build up a meaningful amount of Fortitude. Likewise, a player with a lot of Fortitude would be unlikely to chase down multiple elite packs or rush too much and risk death. I'll have more to add, but I think I'm going to post this as a thread and get some feedback to help improve the idea. Vacuum and all that. p.s. sorry if i somehow did this: let me know, and I'll give you the credit you deserveMuadDib18 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 A new gem-crafting and selling tool I made dis! :D Enjoy. And, of course, feedback is extremely welcome. Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Thank you for the honesty Finally. Thank you for the bti of honesty you have provided about the end game situation. I think this is what we all needed instead of a cheeky answer.Imagary0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Instead of worrying about MF, how about PVP Why is blizz wasting time and resources on crap we don't want changed. Bring us PVP, new items, or what have you, jeeze keep nerfing and doing stupid crapDROSE12 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Game Dead yet? Just decided to check out the forums for the first time... Wow people are pissed.... I suggest you only play 1-2 farm runs a days... Wait for WoW expansion maybe play Tribes Ascend... um... oh guild wars is coming out soon and also planet side. Just chill...don't try to fix cant.Bigsnowie3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Finally did it! Killed all 4 bosses in Inferno... not an easy task. Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Killed Jay Wilson... Don't know if this is new or not...,rH9pD all the white monsters were sound directors and artists and many more... pretty neatShyft0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Looking for Goblin hunters Act 2 inferno Looking for Goblin hunters Act 2 inferno with 300 MF + GHOSTHEAVEN#6593 INFERNO ACT2 SOFTCORE MY MF IS 300GHOSTHEAVEN1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 When will Ah improvements come? When will Ah improvements come? Will they come in 1.0.4? Please make them a priority. They are likely the easiest way to vastly improve Diablo 3 with the least effort.AFriskyDingo1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Immortal King I am trying to get a full Immortal King set, yet they cost so frkin much in the AH could someone just post a pic of the full set to slate my lust?Robx1002 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 what is that sound when barbarian does his revenge ability? it sounds like an old cat moaning or something.JadeRaven1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 There is a difference Blizz needs to stop listening to the kids QQing about everything because they all never played D2 before and only WoW which blizzard also ruined. They need to listen to their old D2 players that actually knew how to play. Diablo 3 in my opinion is getting ruined by botters and kids that dont know how to play. They've made the game 10x easier to get better gear and lowered the difficulty of inferno a !@#$ing month or two after release.. For example this whole "nerfing MF" thing can simply be left alone and let people quick switch if they want... OR!!! They could bring back charms for example, which were in my opinion one of the coolest parts in D2. I dont know if anyone else remembers but when diablo 2 first came out it wasnt as good as it was about a year after it released or even when the expansion came out. Basicly being said, you loser kids coming from world of warcraft need to stop QQing and just learn how to play diablo, and for you Blizzard... STOP LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE CRYING! NUFF SAID!BongLoads1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Fix gear swapping by re-doing Magic Find My suggestion to fix gear swapping would be to completely revamp Magic Find. Get rid of +x% to Magic/Gold Find on gear Change it to a system where if you kill a mob, you gain + Magic/Gold Find %. (I am going to refer to both Magic Find and Gold Find as Magic Find, as I am lazy and don't want to type an extra word each time :P) For example, if I kill something that is fairly weak, like one of those scorpions from Act III, then I might get 0.01% to Magic Find. Then, if I kill something that is more difficult, like a Demonic Tremor, I would get 0.05% to Magic Find. Tweak Nephalem Valor slightly as well. Instead of having each Elite pack grant 1 stack of Valor for 15%, with it capping at 5 stacks, maybe make each stack grant 5% and have it be unlimited, or able to reach a higher amount (50 stacks or so). The two increases in Magic Find work together, but are shown separately. If I have 15% Magic Find from Valor, and 4.7% from regular monsters, then I have 19.7% Magic Find. It will just be shown as two different buffs. Also make sure that Magic Find % from kills, and Valor Stacks carry over when you complete an act and progress to the next one. Please note that if you log out or change your skills, you would still lose all of your magic find. Bosses would not grant any + Magic Find%. I would personally just give them improved loot drops. The reason that I think this would be successful, is because it encourages people to farm by playing the whole game. Plus, there is motivation to go and actually kill everything. It also removes the old farming techniques were you stack 300% Magic Find and break vases (Meaning that you can make Magic Find work for breakable objects again! YAY! :D) Sure, some people may only be able to farm Act 1, until they get better gear, but farming a whole Act is better than getting 5 stacks of Neph, killing Butcher, and resetting. It also completely removes any reason to swap Magic Find gear. The only real issue that I would see, is people having a heart attack over losing the +x% Magic Find on their current gear. I have a fairly simple solution for that. Change all of the +x% Magic Find to +x% Magic Find Gained. If I have +10% Magic Find Gained and I kill a weak mob, like the previously mentioned Act III scorpions, then I gain 0.011% to Magic Find. This will add up to a significant increase over time. Especially if you have +100% to Magic Find gained. Obviously the amounts that I used could be changed, they are just what I thought would be fitting. To reiterate, this removes the need for swapping gear, while also fixing an issue of the game being tedious. I’d love some feedback on this idea!Scyntex2 Jul 4, 2012