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Jul 4, 2012 Question about MF?? Ok I have been hearing this alot and it doesnt make sense all loot is generated per player not all players share the same loot drops so my question is does MF get split between the group? say someone has 200 MF and no one else has MF does that 200 that 1 player has get divided between all the players in that group?Darkfate0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic Find Gear Swapping (Pt. 2) First Thread is full so starting a new one: Option 4: Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes After Swapping Gear When you swap gear, your Magic Find is disabled for 3 minutes. Pros: Absolutely effective at discouraging gear swaps. Still allows you to swap gear when you find an upgrade, and the 3 minute duration is probably short enough that if you kill an Elite pack and get an upgrade, you can put that upgrade on and have your Magic Find active again by the time you get to the next pack. Cons: Players who are unfamiliar with the system may open up their details page and see their Magic Find as 0% and not understand why. We could mitigate this by making the 0% MF colored with a tooltip stating the countdown until your Magic Find would work again, as well as what your Magic Find will be when the time expires. I like this option the best.Laia39 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Question about LEGENDARY weapons It seems as if legendary weapons are under-powered at the moment. Daggers for example has a max dps of about 700'ish...They look cool and pretty hard to find, but they are out classed by rare/magic grade which has over 1k dps. Are their any plans of making them more powerful? Or am I missing something?HungLow7 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 1 sentence review of diablo So the threads name says itself Worth the 60 bucks and I enjoyed myself, time to move on to sc2.TheRiddler8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 blizz control freaks? blizz you are waaaaay too concerned with how your game 'should be played' your customers bought your game, if they wanna smash pots then why not let them, who cares, they bought your game. if they wanna constantly do boss runs, let them, they bought ur freaking game. if people wanna change their abilities once in a while without being punished why not let them? why jack up repair costs? who cares if people want to swap mf gear before kills and chests (pre 1.03) honestly, they bought your game and shouldnt be controlled how to play it. im seeing a very solid trend out of this company. if your customers arrent playing the game the way u want it to be played, its just gotta get fixed. i really wanted to play this game for a long time but its become terrible, have fun, enjoy all your money (that you wouldnt have if it werrent for your customers) very few games actually piss me off but this game is one of them. ridiculous affix combos and unavoidable death is not hard, its just crappy game design. peaceShade3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Stop "Fixing" the economy, FIX anything else! Blizzard should be fixing other things, here is the list: - Make a real lobby, just copy paste the one in Diablo II - PVP - Class balance (before/after PVP, dont care) - Fix drop rates (lvl51 items in act IV inferno???) - Infinite level dungeons - Make us want to play with others, right now the most effective way of playing is alone (alone and online how ironic) And... what do you think???Sattanass0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I don't understand MF Gear swapping I think by making gear interchangeable without losing nv stacks is a fair change. I don't understand what the developers are trying to achieve by having all the extra fluff trying to calculate MF based on time, averages, solar flares etc... If you can beat elites with MF gear on all the time, then FULL CREDITS! If you can beat elites with switching to MF gear on the last blow, then FULL CREDITS! What will also go a long way will be to boost the overall quality of loot dropped, then this gear swapping bs wont even be an issue.kira1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The MF/repair solutions. Get rid of magic find as a stat on gear all together( or see edit 1), return repair fees pre 1.03. Instead of punishing players for dying, reward them for staying alive. The longer you stay alive, the more magic find you gain, cap it at X amount. No more restarting games over and over to farm goblins/chests because you won't get anything from them with 0 nv stacks and no magic find but finding them after you have been farming will feel rewarding. Instead, it will promote farming and hunting mobs. Killing elite packs can speed up your magic find gain incase you are well geared and can farm much more efficiently. When you die, you can lose X amount of mf%. Thoughts? Edit 1: instead of deleting magic find as a stat, it could be used to make you gain magic find quicker over time.jmido2 Jul 4, 2012
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Jul 4, 2012 Leveling builds? I'm a 35 barbarian and I was wondering what the best build would be for leveling solo as far as possible (Since i've heard barbs start to get harder to play later on) And should I be using sword/board or 2h or DW? (Almost at the butcher on Act 1 on nightmare at the moment)Interactive6 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Playing from China I live in China, on the east coast, and was wondering upon release what server I will most likely connect to? I have the beta but can't even connect to it right now and if I connect with a proxy then my latency is so bad I can't even cast a spell. If I have to play on Asian servers (because of the lag issue) and I move back to the states will I just have to bite the bullet and remake a character on the US servers? If I downloaded and pre-purchased the US version am I good to go? TLDR: If I live in China can I play without lag?Amiar9 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Apply the KISS principle to magic find Keep It Simple Stupid... Everyone is sick of nerfs... The current drop rates for rares, sets, and legendaries is terrible from white mobs. I have seen 6 legendaries and one set piece in ~200 hours of farming inferno difficulty. I see maybe 3-4 rares from white mobs per full clear of act one. Would it not make more sense to buff the drop rates for rares, sets, and legendaries from white mobs in inferno to encourage people to not switch gear? This would be an easy, peasy server side tweak with no nerfs... Thanks for readingMerkin2 Jul 4, 2012
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Jul 4, 2012 MF solution? Sticky is full and id like to get some opinions. Here is my post from the sticky. I think it could be a very viable solution. ...Carnage8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Make it so the blacksmith can make any none magic item magic. Have it so when you get him to max level he can do this. Like one book + 1000 gold will have him add three magic properties. It would make it so finding junk could still pay off and result in countless cool things! Also give him an option to do a thing I'll call reinforce. IE it adds 3 random magic properties which are AMAZING! and can be added to any item, magic or not, but the cost is very high and it has a 10% chance of destroying the item. People would risk it to see what they would get and it would allow you to make the best gear even better, but risk is involved. Also, at top level make it so the jewler can add sockets to any itemColin0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 <My first D3 gameplay movie> Pls watch and tell what you think. I use it to show a irritating bug (from 6:16) with monk Tempest Rush, still after 1.0.3.Ksho0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Steam has missed out With Steam not having its summer sale this year they have missed out on a fantastic opportunity. With so many disgruntled blizzard fans (lack of content for WoW, and SC2, and disappointing re-playability in D3, Steam could have made some serious bank. Hell I know I would have bought something if it caught my fancy.Joshie2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Valor bug? A few times in the passed few days ive noticed my valor disappear. Having done nothing it baffled me. I realized that what was happening is a skill somehow gets unset. I dont touch anything and this just happens. Anyone else having this problem happen?Gamed0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 A suggestion on Nephalem Valor Blizz Pls Read One issue is really big. That i know MANY people are having. Disconnecting. Whether through blizzard having issues. The internet company having issues. A storm happening. Or perhaps your cat got pissed at you cause you didnt pet it and attacks your wireless box. Who knows? But when you disconnect, you lose your stacks, and this is highly irritating. A way to fix this issue, is to make it so you KEEP your buff, even when you leave a game. However. You lose it if you change quests / difficulties. (so you cant kill normal elites and go to inferno elites with 5 stack. Make it work much like the way changing skills removes it. Also, if you are out of the game for more then the duration of your buff, or simply set it to 10 - 30 minutes whatever you choose. Then it removes automatically. So you cant just keep it over night. All removing it does for us when you disconnect is piss us off and make us ramp up 5 more kills. its not even THAT big a deal, more just irritating. So, please take this into consideration, and if you agree or disagree, say so. Thank you.EscataFlayer3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic Find Alternative Idea The "official" thread for the Magic Find discussion is full and I could not post there so I'm creating this new thread. Here is what I'd like to suggest as a solution to this problem: 1. Remove Magic Find and Gold Find as an attribute from all gear currently in the game and make it so that it can never appear on any gear that is equipped in our current slots. 2. Add 2-4 new equipment slots to our characters. Each of these new slots would be a single "square" in that the items we equip here are small and only take a single square in inventory or the stash. 3. Add a new item type called "Trinket" or "Widget" or whatever. These items will ONLY have Magic Find or Gold Find (or both for Rare or Legendary ones) and can only be equipped in these new equipment slots. This way, everyone can enjoy MF and GF, continue the gear hunt to get items that increase these attributes and prevent anyone from swapping items during a fight. You keep your best gear equipped at all times to maximize your battle performance while also, over time as upgrades come to you, increase your ability to find better items and/or increase gold via this new item type. What do you think of that?Syraen1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 SUGGESTION to blues about MF gear swapping I have some suggestions about gear swapping in battle and community leading/game design in general. 1. My idea about gear swapping in battle - when change gear out of town, have a short waiting time (e.g. 2s) like identifying rare items or open portal. Will make changing all gears during battle take 30s and defenceless which can stop people from changing it in battle. On the other hande, newly found items only take you a few seconds to try it on after a battle which is acceptable to me. 2. Buff/Nerf balance - I think Buff/Nerf is not well balanced in recent changes. Be hornest, I think the nerfs are good for the game in long term, however people need insentive (not something caused by bug, should be well planned features) as well. Personally, I think this is an important reason BLZ start to lose players trust. Trying to earn mondey is fine and will always be the main (only for most) goal for a company, but I believe the best practice is to think like a customer first. 3. "idea management" - For an organisation or person designing a public product or game usually two sucsessful patterns can be found. First is someone in the team (e.g. best be directors or leaders) always have golden ideas that suprises people, then keep it a secret and give people a suprise gift every now and then (like Apple). Another one is to maintain a good community environment, take peoples good ideas (like Google, just an example, Google itself has tons of good ideas too of couse). Unfortunely, I failed to see none of them from D3, please consider change your "idea gathering and reviewing" process.JiangZhu1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The reason why Jay Wilson hates D2 Haven't you been wondering why Jay likes to bash on D2? Did some research and apparently he was denied a job position by Blizzard North. True Story.SK718173 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 RMAH constructive criticism I believe the implementation of the RMAH is really poor. It's unnecessarily clunky, awkward, time consuming and overall just painful. Creating two completely seperate economies, making searching twice as difficult, discouraging people from using it, it's all just bad. There really shouldn't be an RMAH at all. Should have just implemented the option to buy and sell gold only and left it at that, would have saved Blizzard and everyone else a whole lot of wasted time and effort. Currently the RMAH exists on a totally different economy to the GAH. People think the GAH is dead? Actually it's the RMAH that is dead. If you search for items that are any good you'll find more than double the amount of them on the GAH for much more reasonable prices. Weapons that are worth 5m on the GAH go for $25+ on the RMAH. Why? 5m gold is worth around $12 by todays gold seller standards, yet the RMAH equivalent prices are double that. Further to that when you have balance on both sides you have to spend twice as long using an already awful search function to try and weed out the 1 in 100 items that you actually want to buy. Not to mention the price cap is too low, the hassle of adding funds is silly, having to wait hours to get your items is ridiculous etc. Honestly you should just remove the RMAH entirely and just add the option to buy/sell gold. Would make everything so much simpler, easier and better.Bellyfrog3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 My magic find solution. Add a system where you can add magic find from the blacksmith using salvaged gear. Here is how my idea on this would work. -Find an item of a certain ilvl with MF on it. -salvaging this item gives a new salvage item type, we'll call it an MF token for now. This token has 3 attributes. An ilvl and item type that corresponds to the item it was salvaged from, and MF equal to the amount of MF that was on the item. You could even make the tokens things like glove linings or boot straps to differentiate the item types they are associated with. -there could be an option to either get the MF token, or normal salvage mats, or even both at a reduced rate of the latter. -Using the blacksmith, this token can be used to add the magic find amount to a new item of the same ilvl and item type. -Adding this token overrides any existing MF. -Salvaging an item that has had a MF token used on it, will not return that MF token. You could even add a gold cost to it, or require a tome of secrets. I think this system would be great because it will allow players to have awesome gear that makes them feel powerful, while also letting players magic find without that cheap feeling of switching gear sets and having to interrupt game play. It also provides a method to upgrade MF without that lousy feeling of having to use a substandard piece of gear just because it has more MF, and as players find better gear, they will have to upgrade the MF on it all over again. It's a somewhat new avenue of character enhancement, and it has the added bonuses of providing more use from the blacksmith, and not altering anything about how MF or NV currently work. I'm sure this would take a lot of development time, but all the Blizzard suggestions just seemed to suck, and would force players to have to deal with something I don't think anyone wants to deal with. Let me know what you think.Jester0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Polls? Why don't these exist yet? just a simple poll that people can create when they make a thread, or maybe even just a poll that blues can make? They could make use of this if they believe they have a good idea and want player input, like the whole magicfind thing that's going on right now, it would make a lot of things simpler in my opinion.Oempa9 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Constructive Magic Find post. Why not give a flat 20% bonus to magic find to players that haven't changed their gear for five minutes? That way people who swap won't feel like magic find is nerfed, and swapping will no longer be the optimal (yet tedious) way to play. Additionally, this solution fits in with the nephalem valor mechanics. You are rewarded by using one set of equipment that works against many types of enemies which is similar to nephalem valor - being rewarded by using the same set of skills in all situations.Micskill2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Blizzard should of made D2.5 a new ladder season of diablo 2 is more fun than this game, cant belive I waited 3 years for this. they need to cut skill system and make it perminant choices with skill points, bring back stat points and item req, free for all loot, hostile any where, make items more interesting, there is much more that d2 did beter.Bickers4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 No PvP Til 1.1... seriously? I bought this game for one reason - the same reason I played Diablo 2. PvP. Sure the item hunt and customization was extremely fun, but the purpose of that item hunt and build customization was to own people in duel games. The fact that the game wasn't shipped with ANY sort of PvP was terrible, but we were promised it soon after release, which to me hints at 1 month or so, around enough time for everyone to hit max level and gear up a little bit. Now i've lost interest in my level 60, and I have been levelling up alts. Now they are level 60 (1, nearly a second), I have purely been looking for items for them to pvp in and builds I can use in pvp. That's all I do on diablo, and quite frankly its a lot of fun creating those builds and item combinations, but without pvp to test or use them I am extremely bored. So now we learn that pvp isnt intended til 1.1... which will probably be around 2 months time to coincide with GW2 release. But lets be honest, after everything that has happened with D3 I sure as hell will not play it over GW2 unless they screw it up majorly. How can such a large company release a game without even thinking about the end game solutions? I mean if theres no pvp or massive max level grind or uber levels, why not add some sort of survival level like CoD zombies or even some sort of missions or just something to do. The current system can not keep me entertained for the next week let alone the next 2 months. I love Diablo and was rather happy with D3 (pre 1.03 - but I got used to 1.03 eventually except the repair bills) but this game bores me to death now and all I do is build pvp chars in a no pvp game. I mean the youtube videos of arenas have been up since like October last year? So Arenas have been complete since then. Release it how it currently is, we don't need a !@#$ing WoW ranking system or any sort of balance, we need the ability to smash other players like in D2. Once it is released and people can play it you can test it and add the ranking system/tweak it how you like. But don't hold onto it for another 2 months and then still release it buggy because you havent tested it. It will not compete with GW2 pvp.Dayno2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Legendaries now and after the the patch? Okay I have a lot of unid legendary items in my stash (armours, weapons, rings and ect..) They said they will be buffing legendaries in a later patch. Will the patch buff my unid legendaries or no?Nova5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF Swapping. There's a vocal number of people that like the current mechanic / don't want it changed. As one of these persons, I favor option one, allowing some swapping, or allowing people to build with MF in their items.Heart0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Farming in Act 2 with my Critical Mass Wizard Hey Guys, I created a video explaining the critical mass build and farming in Act 2, please check it out and leave a like or subscribe if you enjoyed it. Thanks, Trevor.Rovert0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF Gear-Swap Option 1 is not fun!! I feel very strongly that Option 1 should not be pursued. The MF gear-swapping dilemma is characterized easily: some people are not having fun playing the game because they feel obligated to find, and carry around a second set of gear for killing elite packs. I agree that this is a dilemma. Incidentally, if the gear swapping dilemma is fixed, blizzard might also consider allowing MF to affect chests and breakables again, solving what I also consider to be a dilemma. In Conclusion, Option 3: Using your lowest MF for the last 5 minutes is the best option. Option 1: Set a Magic Find Cap More of a stat should always be better, period. Every stat in this game follows this philosophy, currently, and probably for good reason. People like to get gear, and then get better gear. What we don't want is for people to have gear that is "good enough because it allows me to hit the cap". Capping the stat adds unnecessary complexity to gearing decisions (have to think about not only item budget, but also overall character budget. In other words, MF will be a "waste" of a stat if your char already has MF at the cap) Putting a cap makes the game less fun. Everyone likes to max out stats. I even play the game with MF the way it was meant to be played, i.e. I play in inferno with over 300MF on my regular gear. This is fun for me. I love to see blues and rares pop out of regular mobs, and I used to like seeing them come out of chests. I don't like item swapping, so I don't do it. Putting a cap would make me have less fun,. cause I can't feel like I have "broken the game" by having an awesome amount of MF while getting rares (and legendaries) galore! Of lesser importance is that this would devalue current MF gear significantly for players who play with MF gear all the time. Option 2: Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time I think this is a fine option. It addresses the dilemma, and does not provide too much of a penalty for gear swapping under normal circumstances (i.e. finding an upgrade). Of utmost importance, since it was not mentioned, is that the MF MUST NOT reset like Nephalem Valour when switching games! In other words, say I want to farm a treasure goblin, or an elite pack, or a particular set of mobs near a WP, I should have full MF from the start of the game, so long as I haven't swapped out my gear recently. Option 3: Use your average MF% or your lowest MF% of the last 5 minutes Using your average MF will not remove gear swapping, since the average of 0 (no MF gear) and 250 (Full MF gear) is still 125. Using the lowest MF of the last 5 minutes is a great option! It completely abolishes the desire to gear swap without any gimmicky ramp-ups, or interaction with NV. It is also very favourably for upgrades, since 5 minutes of playtime after an upgrade is not that much of a price to pay. Option 4: Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes After Swapping Gear This option is similar to Option 3, except the penalty is harsher. Since Option 3 will sufficiently discourage gear swapping, I see no reason to pursue this. Option 5: Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor This is not a good option. For starters, it will not completely discourage gear swapping. at five stacks of NV, 1 stack is only worth 15MF and 1 guaranteed rare. +250MF from a gear swap is most definitely worth more than 1 NV stack. Secondly, the interaction with NV is really discouraging for progression item drops. Why would I want to put on a new piece of gear if I lose an NV stack? I would have to wait until the next game to try on my new gear.mcstew3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Stop the NERF! leave MF alone nerf this nerf that... stop it, i don't want you dictating everything i do in a game, i don't swap mf, but if i wanted to, i would like theoption to without repercussions. I think those man hours can be put to better use, how about putting them towards PVP arena like you said you would implement. or better yet, fixing those horrible stats on legendary items. implementing better multiplayer gaming, etc. we dont need anymore nerfs!GEN1311 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 wizard passive bug? any wizards use the illusionist passive skill? its supposed to reset your teleport every time you take 15% or more dmg of your life. Recently however, it doesnt seem to reset 100% of the time when im clearly taking more than 15% dmg of health. anyone notice this?Wizard3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 EU Auction House Hello US blues... mind giving us an update on the eu ah since its been down for 2 days yaaa know... and your eu colleagues clearly dont know what the hell theyr doing... and we'r getting un update once every 3 weeks about something we dont realy care about.. you guys here seem chattyPurEviL1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Why, just why? Why is this magic find thing an issue? What does it matter if some people find things tedious or boring? What does it matter if they feel it necessary to do? Is it necessary? No, it isn't, they just FEEL that way. So they can either do things the way they FEEL is necessary or they can get over it. I don't get it. This is exactly what happened to WoW. Some people thought something was too hard or too tedious and Blizzard capitulated and turned it into "holy hell I can roll my face across the keyboard and still do fine." Revert MF back to the way it was, exclude the damn breakables if you want but give me back MF on chests. I hate seeing a Fortune Shrine next to a chest and know it means absolutely nothing. Change the fortune shrine to something that only affects rare packs and chests if you can. Stop worrying about the in game economy and let people be exploited if they're stupid enough to be, whatever. No hand holding Blizzard stop it, just stop it.Volstormbrew0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Disconnecting with 5 stacks of valor I know, i know. 100% dev focus is on MF swapping at this point because it is so criminal. You absolutely need to address disconnects and losing valor. This game is tedious as it is. 2 minute grace period. Its not genius. I love the game but this kills it big time....Mythrehnd0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 To quote Lylirra this was from a recent post that had reached it's limit, it really irked me (sorta..) "There was some debate about Magic Find gear swapping before the game shipped. Some of our developers and testers thought it was fun way to game the system, while others felt it was too much of a hassle. In the end, we decided to allow gear swapping, thinking that the players who wanted to do it would, and the players who don't enjoy the practice wouldn't. Of course, what actually happened is that some players got caught in the crossfire -- players who didn't really enjoy gear swapping or want to carry around an extra set of MF gear all the time, but felt like they had to in order to be as efficient as possible." this just gives me an insight, albeit minor as to what minds you have developing the game. first off, i honestly can't think of a single person i've encountered in game / forums that says "gear swapping is fun".. (i honestly don't know what planet you guys are on, i know blizzard is rich but who knows maybe you have a planet, if that's the case, come back to earth) literally nobody in their right mind thinks that way.. "man, i love this thrilling inferno champion pack, it's quite challenging and i'm finally going to beat it!! now let me open up my inventory and click 13 items while i try and avoid damage and completely detach myself from the excitement of destroying these goombas" -- that's just not the case, i don't know wtf you're thinking. lets be honest, it's not news that what.. 60% of activision / blizzard is for sale. a move like that causes instability in a company, how it affects your team? i don't know. but damn: "WHERE ARE THE STANDARDS!?!?!?!?!" - Gordon Ramsay who in your development team stood up and said, "hey lets introduce a feature that allows easy swapping of gear between item sets!! that will appease those who want to fully take benefit of MF items!!" where was this person!? where is that initiative?! where are your imaginative minds?! honestly it just makes you seem like a lazy bunch of people. the cynical within me wants to say "these people probably didn't want to deal with the burden of programming something that's already a part of 2 of their best selling franchises.." i'm just really disappointed in the ingenuity that once was blizzard. now it seems as if though you guys are so far deluded, and there is some sort of distorted reality that makes the small (or large) panel of "deciders" just kid themselves into thinking that a product is good, or an idea is great, when in fact is just trash and about 100 steps in the wrong direction. haha, i really don't know why i took the time to type this since i no longer play diablo 3, and i'm likely done with any further blizzard products. maybe it's a plea for some self-reflection to overwhelm the staff and bring Lylirra to her knees (giggidy) and have some sort of "house-like" revelation where she rekindle's her passion and ignites the creative loins in her co-workers so that future games can be progressive and new and fresh and exciting!! anyways, that's all. thx for the time.sh4dowbunny30 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF fix and melee classes The MF fix options seem to be a bit more harsh on melee classes. For melee classes, there are many cases swapping between shields and weapons for survival, not for MF. Some champs require more protection (e.g. molten, fire chain, wall, whirl) requireing shields, other champs may require more dps (e.g. some with many death-triggers which reducing the number of champs fast is a key for survival) making melee classes to use dual weapons. However, all given options seem to based on the fact that all swappings are for MF only, but in my case, I never swap for MF. To me, it seems that option 4 acting independent for all itemsseems to be best. i.e., if the swapped part does not have MF, it won't have any effect but if the part has 13% MF, than 13%MF would be active only after 3 mins or so. (not making total MF 0) This time, plz consider melee classes as well.스쿠르도0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Community Suggestion thread I'd like to preface this post by saying that I put some great thought into these suggestions, and I would really appreciate some feedback regarding these topics. There have been many posts out there regarding the addition of end-game content, and while that's great, end-game isnt the ONLY aspect that could use some tweaking. There are various other aspects that many of us would like to see added to the game. If you're like me, you want diablo 3 to succeed, and to give suggestions is probably the best way to do that. So without further ado, let's get started. Also, feel free to add what you believe should be in the game in the replies. Any non-troll replies that seem to carry some merit will be added to this post. The following are my ideas. There are 4 of them, and I hope everyone reading this thread reads them in full and responds positively. IF you disagree with any of it, feel free to comment below: Adventuring Structure It's no secret that diablo 3's progression is far more linear than any other game in the series. The landscapes can be randomized, but not in the way that it sounds. For instance, in Act 1 once the skeleton king is dead we're told to go to the fields of misery in order to make our way to the first sword piece, and eventually to the second int he drowned temple. Problem is, we're not forced to search for the drowned temple, because the path leading to it is always in the top right corner of the map. I've never once played and had the entrance at the top, left side, or through a cave. Nothing of the sort. The incentive to explore just isn't there for a lot of the playerbase. It was in diablo 2, but because there was no other option. We were forced to explore in order to find our way around, but that was truly fun. Now in Diablo 3, I know where I want to go 90% of the time, and exploring just isn't fun. The obstacles change, the events in a zone vary, and the mobs are placed randomly. While those three things work well in unison, they doesn't necessarily add to the overall fun of exploration. What I'm proposing here is the variation of which direction the maps progress in so we don't always feel like we're being thrown in the same direction, on the same map, over and over again. Not only should the maps rotate, but they should STILL randomize in structure. The bastion's keep depths are a perfect example of randomized structure. Keep that sort of randomization, but change the direction in which we progress. For those who haven't noticed, the entrance to the breach from depths 2 to 3 is always on the left side of the map. Same crap, different pile. Act Travel And Forced Story We really need to be able to travel between acts whenever we please. This is the perfect way to cut down on the server load which Blizzard seems to wantt o reduce so much. Think about it. Caps won't need to be implemented on how many games need to be created because we simply won't have to create a new game if we want to farm a different act. We can just travel there. This would be a pretty big addition for myself. I hate having to remake games just to make certain mobs spawn again (including bosses). Basically, if I create a new game, regardless of if I've done a specific quest along the story, all of the mobs in that act, including previous acts and their bosses, should be respawned. I shouldn't have to select a specific quest in order to kill a specific boss. It's annoying and terrible game design to force players to abide by the story. Cutscenes To go along with Forced Story, the cutscenese in this game are annoying. Not once in diablo 2 was I presented with an in-game cutscene where I lost control of my character and to to watch (or skip) it in order to resume control. It's annoying. I don't like being locked out of control via something that I prompted. I still want to be able to move my character around. I'd much rather have some sort of RP event (Much like the Lich king fight in WoW, but FAR less lengthy) than be forced into an in-game cutscene. You can keep the in-game cutscenes in the game, but don't force the player to watch them. Simply removing the control lockout would suffice. Ladders Very many of us would like to see ladders implemented. Reason being, the economy needs some fixing. Of course over time an economy is going to inflate like it already has, but not near as quickly. A separation of non-ladder and ladder auction houses would quickly create 4 separate economies (Can't forget hardcore L and NL) that are pretty damn efficient. Look at it in the following way: A majority of players will go ladder, and those economies will have most of the items. This leaves the non-ladder auction house little room to inflate, because everything is in tight supply because most of everyone is now playing ladder. Ever couple of months when the ladder resets, those once ladder characters become non-ladder, and that auction house sees its share of circulation, while the ladder auction house is reset, leaving its room to inflate limited. See how this works? It changes from one side to the other, back and forth. Of course, this would mean that there probably wouldnt be an RMAH for ladder, but I'm sure 100% of players are absolutely on board with that. Competition can't be challenged with one's deep pockets, it just doesn't work. Those are just my ideas. Feel free to critique mine (I'm a Digital arts student, so I handle constructive criticism fairly well) and add your own. Looking for feedback of any kind, just keep it proper. Don't forget to thumbs up the post to get it some recognition. Thanks!Oven3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Suggestion for Blizzard: AH Recommended Items In the gold auction house, the default screen is the recommended items for page. For some time now, it's bugged me that this screen consistently displays items completely outside of my currently owned gold. Wouldn't it make more sense to display items that would be an improvement but also within your ability to purchase? If I only have 150,000 gold available why display 6 pages worth of of 40,000,000 gold items? It's blatantly apparent that I couldn't buy it if I wanted to, so what's the point of showing it as a recommended item? As far as complexity to implement, it's rather simple to just compare either the current bid/buyout to the current amount of gold a player has. ( != item.buyout { dontdisplay; }). Seems like a rather simple thing to add to me (certainly more complex in practice). I bring this up because I realize that we as a community can't expect blizzard to consider all possible ways we may want to use what they give us, but hope that they consider it as an improvement to the current system. If there is a reason that this is not currently implemented, I'd be interested in hearing why so that I might learn a thing or two about how the current AH system works.Ridonk3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Diablo 3's Inferno not far from the Truth Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Option 6 idea for gear swapping. Thoughts ? Since my comment just got buried in the sticky instantly by like 20 other people lol, I am posting this in a new thread. Keep in mind people that this isn't about the diversification of in game Items, as that is an area that needs improving and is a discussion for a different Thread. This is just about gear swapping and is not limited to just swapping out gear for Magic Find. This is also about the choices that were given. Keep In mind that just because Blizzard has suggested to us 5 options that they are looking at, this doesn't mean that you have to choose between the 5 options. This is a discussion about the 5 options that was listed and other ideas that are sound. CM Bashiok, First off I am pasting a lot of what I wrote about in the MF swapping sticky, so I ask that you forgive me in this regard as I really didn't feel like re wording my entire post as I felt it had some strong points to it. Second off, I would like to thank you for talking with the community. It seems that you tend to talk with the community more so than some of your other colleagues and they could learn a thing or two from you in this regard. I respectfully don't like any of the suggestions on this matter. All 5 choices are not really viable and will hurt players that have already invested in a Magic Find set or any other set not related to Magic Find for that matter. Also the choices are not balance choices for everyone, its either playing favor to the people who are in favor of gear swapping and to those that are not in favor of gear swapping. None of the choices seemed to benefit everyone as a whole and just seems like a very complicated process to adjust. Some thoughts on the 5 proposed options. --Adjusting the Magic Find cap ? This devalues Magic Find items and punishes people that have already invested time, gold, and money for their current items. --Removing a stack of NV when swapping gear ? Again this punishes players especially if it was a very tough fight and that player decides he needs to change an item or two out before he goes after another Elite/Rare mob set. --Swapping gear with Magic Find that takes time to "regen" to its max ? This isn't horrible but seems very pointless and again, people lose out on the chance to get an item off regular mobs. --Using an average of the last 5 mins ? That makes no sense what so ever and would devalues high Magic Find gear. Also sounds very complicated. --Zeroing out Magic Find for 3 mins is still a form of punishment as people would lose out on the increased chance of finding loot on regular mobs. These all seem like very complicated methods to address the issue. The more complicated the fix is, the more likely that the fix will break something else. Simple is better. This is what I propose. Option 6.) In your inventory, a new tab is created which would allow you to equip a second set of gear. This would allow players to have 2 sets they could switch to while playing the game. Also a button above the action bar is added just for gear swapping that has a cooldown attached to it. Nothing can reset this cooldown. This button could also be key binded in the options menu. One benefit from having this tab in the inventory menu is that players would be able to see the stat changes from changing from Tab 1 and Tab 2. Being able to see the changes in stats with ease is always a plus. Here is how it would work: Once you have selected your gear for Tab 1 and Tab 2 close out and you there will be a button above the action bar. This would be your gear swap button. A cooldown is attached to this button (much like how skills have a cooldown). Make this cooldown 3 (or what ever is appropriate ) minutes so that people wouldn't be able to swap out gear in and out at will. Now lets say that in Tab 2 you equipped an amulet, two rings and gloves with Magic Find. The rest of the slots are empty. When you hit the gear swap button, this would only swap the items that are equipped in Tab 2. That way you wouldn't be just wearing the amulet, 2 rings and gloves and be naked everywhere else. If no items are equipped for that slot in Tab 2, there isn't a change that occurs when you hit the gear swap button. This doesn't stop people from switching items out from opening up the menu, It is just a game mechanic to help people be more efficient in what they are trying to do in the game. This should be enough to satisfy most people out there. Key word here is most. This in itself I believe would be beneficial to most if not all players. It also has strategic value to it, as this could be used not just for a Magic Find set. Players could have a High Dps set for tab 1 and High Resist set for Tab 2 for those mobs that do a high amount of elemental damage or any other reason someone might need to switch gear that has nothing to do with Magic Find. I think that this would give players more flexibility with the gear that they have or strive to find. I also think this would be the easiest way to fix the issue at hand. This IS a loot game. A big point of this game is hacking and slashing mobs in search for awesome loot. Do not lose sight of this very important fact. It also wouldn't hurt to add at least 2 more tabs to people's inventory to be purchased with gold just like the previous tabs. 3 tab's even now is not enough for gems, salvage materials and other loot people have found in the game. Magic find has been an integral part of the Diablo series and culture. Don't change or try to fix a formula that isn't broken. The NV buff is fine where it is and shouldn't be messed with as it too isn't broken. I like the NV buff as it is a sweet reward for people who achieve lv 60. So I ask please do not adjust these mechanics. While there are people out there who are complaining that they have to get a MF set or don't like having multiple sets. I don't know what to say to them other than tough, that is the way that Diablo games have been and should remain. Again to those I say this IS a loot game. If you don't have great Magic Find gear then you should invest in gear that increases your Magic Find while still allowing for decent dps and or survivability. I'm not saying that you should go and find the best item money can buy (thou you most certainty can with the RMAH) but the point is, you need to invest the time and money (in game gold or real money if you so choose) to acquire those items or by just searching for the items from drops. For those that are saying that this is an exploit, I'm sorry that you think so but unfortunately it is not UNLESS you are using a 3rd party software to achieve instant swapping. If players are doing this manually, it is perfectly fine. For those that are saying that the only set that is needed is godly gear with Magic Find are evidently not looking at the game as a whole. In my opinion a godly item with Magic Find is reward in itself just for the fact you don't need to swap that item with another. What about when PvP comes live ? Isn't people going to need PvP gear with NO Magic Find ? That alone requires people to have a second set. One set for PvE and one for PvP. But I suppose there will be others that will complain about this notion also. Most of which probably didn't even play previous Diablo games. On a PvP note, the gear swapping button could be disabled so that players couldn't swap in a PvP battle. Another possibility is that only weapon and off hands are allowed to be swapped in PvP with a longer cooldown than PvE. Tab 2 could gray out all other slots except the weapon and off hand slots. But since PvP isn't here yet, this point is moot at the moment. Just something to consider. I'm a player from D1 and on, and in every one of the past Diablo games, I had several sets, some of which I hardly used but I still kept just because I like the set. In both previous Diablo games, I had a Magic Find set, I also had a progression set (high dps / survivability) to advance through the game and also a PvP set as did a great many of other players. It's part of the game and there is nothing wrong with this concept. I enjoy to an extent of gathering up Loot and keeping, either because I like the look or because it has great stats, or just for nostalgic reasons. I also believe that having multiple sets is the way to go. I mean come on, how can you NOT have multiple sets in a loot game !? Loot is part of the game and has always been a part of this game series. If you are one of those lucky enough to find a "Perfect Item" such as an Item that lets you do great damage, have great survivability and increased loot find, then hey the item itself IS the reward and the fact that you found it makes it an even bigger reward ! If I would say anything about the items in the game, I feel like there should be more diversified items especially in the form of class items having a bonus to any skill that class has. This would help in diversifying builds also. But that is for another thread. I suppose I have taken enough space on the subject matter. I hope that my prospective has been helpful to the community. As a side note, I am not in favor of people using 3rd party software to achieve instant gear swapping. Those programs are a violation of the rules and players should be punished accordingly. If you agree with the post, please like it. If not then post a logical sound reason.FunkMasta42123 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic Find - Some Options Hey Blizz Heres a few Options i have thought about with the Magic Finding stat that would help players greatly. Option 1 Just leave Magic find as it is, but give players the option of some sort of in-game HOTKEY to be able to switch your magic find in. Add some extra inventory spaces specifically for Magic Finding gear, only gear with Magic Find is able to be placed in these spaces and with the use of the HOTKEY, will swap your Equipped gear and the MF gear placed in these spots. CON I can also see this being exploited in a way also so that before you die, people will have placed in those spots something with say 1% Magic find, really cheap also so that they could swap to it before they die and it would make the repair cost quite cheap compared to what their expensive gear would cost to repair. Option 2 Another option is to add a Blacksmithing option that lets us remove Magic Finding % off one Item and place it on another. Ofcourse this would come at a price, but make it quite expensive and you could throw in the option of using Gems aswel, higher level then Flawless Squares. This would mean we would be able to place a MF '%' on our already used fighting gear. This method would also create an extra gold sink because no doubt i guarantee it would be used ALOT. Just a few options i think would work, without completely ruining the Magic Finding stat. These options would no doubt help players greatly, especially Option 1, i think with the combined effort of Option 1 and Option 2, it could greatly boost the value and the versatility of the Magic Finding stat. Thanks P.S Would Love some feedback from a Mod and other players :)L33TG4M3R0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Learned today that MF is averaged Now I don't want to play with my friends anymore. Fix this design flaw, Blizzard. I still pull my weight even with my MF gear. More MF in the party should only mean more MF for all, shouldn't be additive but players shouldn't have their gear penalized. Or else I'm going to be slightly irritated playing in groups from here on out.MegaSkeleton31 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 An Idea to Revitalize Diablo III Have you ever played Torchlight? If you have, and you have beaten it, you will know what I'm talking about to suggest an endless dungeon. What this is, is a personalized, random dungeon that has endless floors that get progressively harder and offer progressively better loot. Many are opposed to this however, due to the balancing for PvP; I've come up with an idea for that as well. When you beat Hell, you can either decide to stay in Hell mode where you can farm and PvP, or you can switch to the endless dungeon but be locked from PvP. I think if Diablo could implement such a system in the game, I would play it for many years to come. If anyone wants to add on to the suggestion, feel free! I'll edit this post with good ideas from the community.Azgor31 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 How long will this last? tl2 The blizzard ppl never post or respond now days, lets see how fast this gets deleted.Ñik0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Elite/Champion mobs Does anyone else find them way too overwhelming? In the Elite mobs' case, they usually come in packs of 3 or 4 each of which spam over and over the same spells, completely trapping you and killing you before you could even touch a single key on the keyboard. In the Champion mobs' case, the champion is usually accompanied by his minions who share his abilities too and, once more, just spam repeatedly the same spells and kill you within a second. It already sounds absurd enough. However, that didn't stop Blizzard from K.O. the nearly-dead game it made. Instead, it completely heals the mobs whenever you respawn and doesn't reset your cooldowns, taking away any chance you had to kill the mobs in the beginning. Please, do not tell me that you have no problem with the mobs and that I'm just a little newbie that sucks. I stacked up on resistances, achieving nearly 700 in all resistances without any buff and gearing up for roughly 7,300 armor. I have 30,000+ health (which I know isn't much, but is usually enough with my resistances) and have about 13,000 damage. My character should be able to at least last a few minutes before dying, but dying within 2 seconds is just insane... I lasted just as long when I had 4,000 armor and 200 resistances. How does it make sense? I suggest either easing up on the spamming or at least not healing the mobs upon respawning to prevent blockage at every INEVITABLE elite or champion mob encounter.Opeth2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 nerfs on items level 63 has anyone noticed the nerfs on items lvl 63? The whole time i was playing I didn't recieve a item lvl 63,. Why is there constant changes every week in game, why can't we get a good thing going and not change it, always something changing from good to bad and bad to good!! ?? Tanica growls..lolTanica8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 An idea to MF and also the sticky MF got lock I like none of the ideas and I say just leave it alone! My suggestion: How about just make a equipment manager button like in world of warcraft where you can switch to different set of gears that we as a player can setup. Like a DPS set /Tank set / magic finding / gold finding / etc....Chomesuke0 Jul 4, 2012