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Jul 3, 2012 | HD Gaming| For The Viewers-TV Live stream Have a chance to win a GTX 670 graphics card and D3 give away at 250 followers. Come join in and have a chat with us, we will answer any questions we can. Just have fun and remember to follow to have a chance to win D3.Camoshooter0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Suggestion that won't punish regular players The problem I see with all of Blizzard's suggestions is that they punish players who play without gear swapping for MF as much as or more than they punish players that do. Let me explain: Imagine the backlash from folks that had spent millions on gear that had both MF and regular usability if they capped it. Imagine how angry people with multiple combat sets for situations (like myself) would be if they made a regular gear swap (not for MF) completely nullify MF for three minutes, or remove a NV stack. So here's a suggestion that circumvents those issues. Instead of calculating MF at time of kill, or calculating MF at time of encounter/entering the zone, calculate as you're doing damage. Each point of damage I deal shifts the ratio towards or away from magic find. The formula would look like this: (F1/100)*(D1/M)+(F2/100)*(D2/M)+...+(Fx/100)*(Dx/M) Where Fx is the magic find of the particular set of items I'm wearing, M is the monster's total hit points, and Dx is the amount of damage I'm dealing to that monster while wearing Fx. This is probably easiest to explain with an example. Let's say my normal DPS set has zero MF, and my MF set is 200 MF. I run across an elite with exactly one million hit points. If I deal 900,000 damage while in my normal gear, and 100,000 damage while in my MF gear, I have the following: (0/100)*(900,000/1,000,000) + (200/100)*(100,000/1,000,000) 0 + (2*.1) = 0.2 So a 20% better chance of getting magical items. Again, I don't know if it's feasible with the code as it is, but I think this solution makes far more sense than any that I've seen proposed so far.Hadonas19 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Fun solution that is needed to fix the core problem with this game--> finding loot should be thrilling and keep you coming back for more (going to the grocery store to buy your loot or trade for your loot is not entertaining for most people) 20% buff to stats on items that your account originally looted This, in combination with improved legendaries that provide unique benefits should bring the excitement back and if RMAH greed would prevent this from happening, think about the loss of $$ from return customers who feel Blizzard no longer deserves their reputation. Most people would rather just pay a monthly fee than have their game affected so negatively.Dtittyslap0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 hack-blue assist please Back on world of warcraft vanilla and bc times , People were known to use lag as a trade advantage. some one would trade with a mod that was during a lag period and when the higher lag end clicked the other end would withdraw items and also get the sale item , wether it be another item or gold. Here we are in diablo 3 and its happening all over again. My only beef now is this is involving real $$ ihave had more than one freind ripped. so much to the point they have left the game in dissapointment. I also have another freind thats been ripped by 600k dosent sound like much . Its alot to people that dont have the time to sit and play 24/7. Here is the trouble with this They logged a claim with blizzard time/date/toon name/where in game/2 weeks ago. Blizzard have not returned an email nor done anything about it. I dont know about you guys but we now have a real $$ AH. Does this theift raise the stakes ? its now real money will blue be good enough to return the players money . They did admit it was an issue during wow vanilla,bc and adjusted trade so it couldnt be done anymore ?? any one else care to offer there story i hear its happening a fair bit at the moment. Regardsschredder1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Whooptee doo on Magic Find? So Blizzard's big announcement was to tell us they might be changing magic find? They need to fix the boring items and bad itemization or magic find won't be worth diddly squat. I was hoping it might be a preview for some meaningful changes but it seems like Blizzard is just dancing around fan concerns with the game. I don't even feel like they give a crap anymore.Bloodmaw2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Leave MF Gear Swapping as is... How about you leave swapping MF gear while killing Elite/Champion packs as is. If people want to gamble with lower stats and risk dying for higher MF on last hit, so be it. However, can you PLEASE implement Option 4 to the environment rolls?!?!?!? Give those of us who have a legit MF/GF gear set, and can still farm effectively, the option to have MF affect the environment(i.e. chests/vases/corpses). This way, everyone wins.ExceedLimits6 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 when will the auction house be avaliable? i need new geartittybanger0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Why do people hate MF swapping? I can't quite wrap my head around why this is such a big issue for people, in the current state of MF. If you're grouped with someone that swaps to MF before a kill, that is helping the entire party's MF, and if you're playing solo, then why do you care so much what someone else is doing in another dimension? I'd love to hear some reasonable feedback since no one seems to be able to articulate why it's such a big deal to them with devolving into trolling.Mattimeo34 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blizz, watch this. Stop forcing the rmah. Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 They should replace launch portrait With this: Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Did they stealth buff the AI again? Was playing fine yesterday in act 2 inferno. Today I run across the 1st champ pack and they Perma jail me for 4-5 sec and desecration under me. ok so its a fluke I say and try again. They do it 3 times in a row... Frustrated, i quit the game to restart instance. 2nd champ pack in the 2nd game also has jailer + desecrator... once again, perma jailed in place to death... really blizzard?RoX5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Melee misery: tremors and blood star debuff The game has made good progress in terms of closing the gap between melee and ranged classes since release - yet these two remain. Tremors: are by far the deadliest champion and rare mobs because they retain all of their inherent mob abilities but also get a massive speed buff. So no matter what their 4 champ/rare affixes are, tremors are in addition always extremely fast, can shield themselves for a short time (after which they also enrage!), have a lot of HP AND on top of that they also have a knockback. Tremors are also a pain for ranged classes because of their massive speed but I think they are just out of line for melee. Especially with the shielding affix the time frame to do damage as a melee is close to nonexistent. Colossal golgors for example are in the same category of big slow heavy hitters but do not magically gain speed as champs/rares/minions. Blood star debuff: is the debuff that is applied by succubi bolts. For barbs and monks this is a terribly strong debuff as it reduces armor by 50% - and less armor spells "Pain" with a capital P because it increases physical as well as elemental damage taken. Ranged classes on the other hand only have to cope with an insignificant amount of self inflicted damage based on spell costs. What do you think - do these need to be addressed or are they fine in the larger scale of things?Lovejohnson1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 1.0.4 I heard Blizz is going to put mounts on 1.0.4alexp10 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Wacky Charm Idea Take the idea of talismans, which were charms that went into a sort of charm bag, then add bind on character and you may have something interesting. First, the why. I decided to listen to this video of Bill Roper talking about how players like carrots and not sticks, and also how players like to feel they're making incremental progression, and I thought, why don't you take both of those ideas, and combine them to address problems of lack of character uniqueness/permanence and lack of incremental progression in the end game. Instead of penalizing players who swap specs, reward players for committing to a playstyle. Basically, the idea is that talismans would have small stats on them according to their level, stuff like primary stats, crit chance, LPS, LOH, whatever you prefer. When one drops, you can use it to replace a current charm, or discard it immediately- it would have no other use. Based on the fact that charms aren't tradable, you wouldn't have to worry about them flooding the economy, so they could have a higher drop rate. Like gems, they could go beyond i63, perhaps up to 65 or higher, I don't know. So in a play session, you might find a charm that increases your stats by like 1 or 2 points, but at least in a play session you would be making progression. With the originally planned 13 slots, getting 1 incremental upgrade per hour is quite a bit of playing and the highest tiers could have longer average times but with so many slots to upgrade, the player would make progress in most sessions. Sure, eventually players might end up with full i65, but hopefully during the way they had more fun getting those smaller more probable upgrades than having to hold out hope for a really lucky drop. These charms would give players a reason to have multiple characters of the same class too, since they aren't easily interchangable, - at the higher end they could quickly find another set of i61, but if they wanted to get that full i65 again, it would be a lot of effort to swap.TheMediator4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Incorporating MF with the KillingSpree system So, i just read the MagicSwapping blog, and i agree very much with the whole idea, and something obviously has to be done. Keep in mind, this suggestion would work hand in hand with: Option 1: Set a Magic Find Cap 200% Option 2: Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time While both of these are very good fixes, i feel that having your MF capped to 200%, while we used to finish off elites with 300+ mf, would be a loot nerf somehow... So i present you with a 3rd option to work hand in hand with Option 1 and 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- •My idea: Change the way Killing sprees interacts with your character by changing its function after reaching lvl 60, Killing sprees have no use beyond lvl 60 since it only gave a small XP reward for killing a lot of monsters in a short span of time, or consecutively. I would have it changed to give MagicFind depending on the amount of monster killed. The bonus would disappear 30 seconds after achieving a killing spree, and not renewing it. Giving you enough time to kill off that elite pack after finishing off the monsters arroud, while still limiting the amount of time you have. •Killing sprees: Provides extra MagicFind based on the number of monsters killed in a short amount of time/consecutively. It would be capped arround 100-150% extra MagicFind. The bonus MF resets 30seconds after achieving a ''Killing spree'' or killing elites/minions. •How it works: 1: Gives a Retroactive amount of MagicFind based on your total amount of MF, somewhere in the lines of 5% Total bonus MagicFind for every 5 killing sprees, elites adds would be worth 5% ****(Capped at 50% of your total MF)**** 2: It would provide a Fixed amount of MagicFind per monsters killed. 5 monsters killing sprees would give a FLAT 10% magic find, Elite adds would be worth 20% FLAT MF, Minions affix would be worth 10% ****(Capped at 100% flat MF)**** Both of these are actually the same, just a different way to calculate it. One would be beneficial to people who kill with MF, the other, both. •Pros: It would actively promote a fun and active gameplay that isnt always repetitive, along with having to put more thoughts to kill elite packs. It would also increase the overall magic finding, due to having a constant mf while killing ALL monsters, and not only swapping mf to kill the elite pack at the last second. Alleviate the need for players to carry arround a MF set in their inventory because the Maximum Soft cap would be easely achievable, 75%mf 5NV, + 125% from gear, its only about 5-7pieces, and it would make them go beyond that 200% soft cap with a bonus mf with killing sprees. •Cons: Penalize players who ''zerg rush'' to kill elite packs. Penalize players who are forced into cornering elite packs and killing them 1 by 1, but still give a nice little bonus if they are able to kill some of the elite adds before killing the last one remaining.MethTical13 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 D3 needs this This game badly needs a socket quest, and jewels to make it more interesting and give players something more to strive for in endgame Also there is no faster hit recovery at all which isnt good because it takes away a very interesting stat to look for when gearing your character Then to ias, fhr, frw: IMO if there were break points it would make building a character actually take thought again instead of "main stat, vit, res all boring and also be more fun And is it just me? or do all the items in D3 just seem non exciting? no crushing blow, no useful open wounds, fhr etc and the item UI does not make them feel special at all, the text needs to originate from the center not the side as if your reading a bookDutchRudder0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 New Belial enrage time is RIDICULOUS! I love the new patch for the most part, even repair cost sits well with me since it's now a hell of a lot harder to die. But WTF is with the Belial enrage timer? I'm decently geared but fairly defensive. I have around 14k dps and sweeping winds up. I can literally ignore all mechanics (including bombs, with cooldowns) of Belial and sit on him with 100% uptime of dps but I get him to ~45%. I would need over 25k dps on my monk to down him currently. Fairly hard to do since as melee I really do need to stack a ton of defence. I killed him ~20 times pre-patch and only died 3 times total. Now I cannot down him at all :S I just don't understand why these enrage timers were implemented on bosses.Invictus13 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Restrict Buy/Sell In Class Forums Restrict Buy/Sell In Class ForumsRyce1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Finished Well, Nothing ever drops and with a refusal to BUY gear from RMAH or use work leave to grind for 10 hours a day to get enoungh gold to buy something just to progeress through ACT 2 I've decided I'm done. Thanks for steraling my money you cretans.Yackandandah0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Game fix: Introduce ladders and PvP nuf said. Do this and people will have plenty to do. Ohh and make sure you let people make Twinks(low level characters for PvP)Ackbarspiff0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Offense/Defense swap ruined Is MF swap retooling going to ruin resist all swapping - YES. I find it beneficial to switch from an offensive, crit shield to a defensive, resist all shield for certain champ packs. I don't do it a ton, but sometimes it helps. I fully expect whatever solution is implemented to be bad for fun and players. That's just the precedent recently set. Go ahead, fiddle with it and make it worse blizz. I've done mf gear swapping and it wore me out. I just don't bother. Does anyone else make O/D switches often enough that they will miss it once blizz penalizies doing so?Lavin0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Answer: Charms I just read the blog and posted an idea on the forum for the whole "solution needed to magic find" thing. CHARMS. I will copy from my original post: ... Original link Anyone else think this is the best solution?Skragz17 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 This video Hits how just about everyone is beginning to feel about D3.Jekuto0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 HC Tank Barb name Narrowed it down to Armatus, Legend, Atlas, or Arma Cast your vote.Annihilate22 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blizzard, use K.I.S.S. for MF Swap Issue I have an idea of my own if that's alright. I think that gear swapping is strategically a good idea, and to avoid player confusion should be continued, but simplified. Add the ability to create a few extra armor sets, that we can easily switch to with a programmable hotkey. This way, we are still swapping, but its more instantaneous and less of a hassle. I feel that alot of the options given are simply a very long shot, and either devalue MF, or would result in player confusion. Also we would still be able to strive for that perfectly viable set that allows us to farm AND not be weak at the same time. Just because people don't like the MF swap issue, doesn't mean you need to touch the MF, remember that. Other things contribute to the problem, the difficulty of inferno, the lack of filters on AH, etc. However far from the topic they may seem, they are a small part of a large issue. Remember Blizzard, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) and good luck. Please thumbs up this issue everybody. :)BlueSin2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Invisible Act 3 Birds When exactly are we going to fix the stupid swooping birds that randomly go invisible and are unable to be attacked yet still shoot fireballs that kill me in 1 hit? You would think this is a fairly pressing issue. Or does that patch sell on the RMAH?Lame9 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 something that must be added Since this game is online all the time, and since a lot of players don't seem to be up to Inferno, something that should be added in an expantion would be a dungeon maker. Imagine, everyone being given the chance to make their own maps, put in whatever monsters they want in them, and then being able to put them up on the web for all to play. I'm guessing in notime whatsoever there would be 100s of new places you could select from to check out. Also, ontop of that they could add a monster maker! It would let you select any monster from the game, you would be able to change his health, damage and give him whatever powers you want. Then you could rename it and place it in your own self made dungeon. Just think of the possibilities. I know I would make a camp crystal lake map and make a Jason Voorhees boss, using a zombie as a model and putting his health way up. Like, wouldn't that be awsome and add endless replay?Colin2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 uber boss killer super tank barb that can tank everthing Boss Killing/Rushing: Any Normal Boss: 20k Any Nightmare Boss: 30k Any Hell Boss: 40k Inferno Skeleton King: 50k (If at door) or 100k (If I have to Walk) Inferno Butcher: 50k (If at door) or 100k (If I have to Walk) Inferno Magdha: 75k Inferno ZK: 100k Inferno Belial: 150k Inferno Ghom: 200k Inferno Seigebreaker: 200k Inferno Cydea: 200k Inferno Azmodan: 150k Inferno Iskatu: 150k Inferno Rakanoth: 200k Inferno Izual: 300k Inferno Diablo: 400k Waypoints: Any in Normal Difficulty: 15k Any in Nightmare Difficulty: 20k Any in Hell Difficulty: 25k Any in Inferno Difficulty: 30k *Note: Can do other random bosses/quests too, please PM for price estimate* *Note: For Waypoints - Join my Game, Get the Waypoint, Leave, and Resume your own game.* 1) Add: crazyvirus#1172crazyvirus0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Fixes I would implement in D3 for fun's sake Just want to preface this to say as a huge Blizzard and Diablo fan who's been around since D1 that I want to see this game get more awesome as the years go on. I want to see it last as long, if not longer, than Diablo 2 did. In order to get a good start on that I think some basic, easy fixes could be implemented in order to give regular players some added incentive to keep playing rather than what seems to be somewhat boring with the added anti-farming changes made to the game. I do think botting needs to be dealt with in order to prevent some of the economic woes that D2 had, but I also think that the solutions should affect the average player in the smallest amount possible. Here are my thoughts on the matter. Things I would change about Diablo 3 1) Chest drop rates and MF not effecting chest items a. One of saddest changes I’ve witnessed so far in D3 was the chest nerf in order to combat botting and RC chest farming. Often times people would join games, sprint to the chest, grab the loot and remake quickly. This was at a time where MF affected the drops from chest, the solution that was implemented was to make chests drop items without the influence of MF. Not only does this dismay those of us who weren’t just farming chests, but it dismayed many people who took enjoyment fighting their way through 2 levels of a cave to find said chest. In order to reward those who aren’t farming the chests, but are working toward the chests by killing everything along the way it would be nice to see valor MF effect chest drops much like valor stacks do with elites/bosses. Chest farmers would still be able get to the chest by rushing to them, but would not get the added benefit from them unless they obtained the stacks along the way. It will force people to play through the content while also combating chest farming . Alternate you could occasionally replace resplendent chests elite mobs randomly to prevent people rushing to expected chest spawns. 2) Alternate build choices a. A current issue with the game seems to be that many players seem pigeonholed into certain builds with little variances between them. Often because they’re cost effective , but also because many other skills and runes are pointless when put up against the fast pace, high damage game that is inferno. I would like to see some tweeking done to many of the lesser used skills in order to make them more viable and appealing to those of us seeking to make more unique builds in inferno. 3) Empty barrels/vases a. I think empty chests and barrels are one of the most annoying things about the current incarnation of the game. I recall breaking them during beta constant for fun with the added effect of contents adding to my inventory. Now in many areas those barrels contain nothing and remain pointless to break because of the current anti-farming strategy. Its almost as if they have no point in the game anymore(at least in the areas where they’re empty). Can we please find a way to add loot or a little bit of cash back to barrels? Now they feel like wasted space and more of a disappointment than anything. Perhaps barrel drops could be added back with either no player stats affecting the drop(like MF and GF) or add a cash cap to the barrels to prevent gold farming them. 4) AH UI + features a. AH suggested items could benefit from having a check list of item types you want to appear as well as a buyout limit to the list. Say I am happy with my bracers because a specific stat or I just upgraded them, I would not like to have bracers shown on the suggested items because of that reason, however the game may rate your bracers less than optimal and suggest bracers for you to buy. Also a buyout limit would be nice as many of the suggested items that appear are often leaps and bounds of money beyond what I’m capable of affording, therefore they might as well not be there at all. b. The AH could also benefit from some UI tweeking. Adding in a tab to next line feature would be nice for quick data entry. Allowing stats to be included in the search function when specifically searching for a rare or set item by name. Just because I know the name doesn’t mean I don’t have stipulations for those items when I search them. Being able to do that could make searching for items with specific stats easier. Furthermore adding more search categories might help alieviate some of the frustration of searching for 3 of the 5 stats you’re seeking on an item only to have to double back and search the other 2 stats in conjunction with the others. I think it would allow for better shopping and pricing if it was allowed. c. The AH crafting recipe section is terrible. Often times you cannot even see the entire recipe you’re searching for on the list making it a guessing game using the first word or two of the recipe until you click search to bring up the listed prices. I think listing them more clearly could help out. Thats all I have on my mind for now. It'd be cool to hear from a blue post on this, but if not at least I put it out there.onemanlan3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 A simple resolution to the MF issue. Allow players to switch out gear for MF. But if a player doesn't why not give them a 10% increase to their base MF? This continues to allow players to switch but also rewards those that have gone out of their way to constantly wear MF gear. More ideas of MF I posted here and I am quoting over for reference. edit: ... The first part again has a reward method but it sort of punishes those who try to get around the system. I enjoyed it when MF actually helped with breakables. I had mostly blues and yellows drop. But now since it doesn't the drive to break items is a bit less than what it was. Magic Find should also be changed to only be allocated for each player. Not as a group. If you want to encourage group play, you should create a system that increases MF to others by a certain % of each additional player. For example. If one player has 50 MF and another player has 100... the player that has 50 MF only gives his allies 5 MF compared to the other player giving his allies 10. But then on the other hand currently it is an average of what the group has for MF. So instead just have the bonus to other players being the average. So if someone has 200 MF it will only go up group play, the average of his teammates. If there are 4 players in loot range maybe even had a small bonus. This would encourage players to warn other players when they are fighting elites, instead of no communication and the player returns from selling and never knowing there was a fight with elites. I think there should either be a penalty of some sort on a minor level for gear swappers or some kind of reward for actually taking the time to find high end MF gear. I mean, sure there is a chance that a creature might get in a luck shot when you down grade your gear, but then on the other hand there isn't if you let the people that do not keep fighting the boss while you stay father back. But in a sense this could take you out of combat because it makes you less effective. Putting other players at risk because you do not want to commit since you fear dying. This means your allies are having to do your work for you and hence my reasoning behind penalty or reward.WSanity13 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 mf swap before elite/boss kill Does it not work anymore? i am doing glitch runs in towers of sin lvl 2 or whatever crap its name is and when i get them low i switch to 300mf but still only 1 rares or all blues and sometimes 2 rares, then i did it with my regular 130mf build and it was the same as above.Manso3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Would a blue please comment on this hot topic ...was there a buff to elemental dmg during the last patch, or were resists somehow messed up? There's way too many ppl on here talking about it and asking for an answer, so please don't ignore them - they clog the forum every day. Just post an answer already.justjoddat0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Opening hell / inferno pony land as the title says im willing to Open hell / inferno pony land for any one that can help me make the staff. im low on gold and been having trouble making some. if intrested PM me in game and add my gamertag cracie#1296Cracie0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 the gah killed this game, not only the rmah of the things that i am using right now, only one piece is something that I found personally. for now I'm done. we will see if they butcher MF, but i don't see that MF is the answer. It deals with quality of the items that drop and drop ratesGabriel0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Feedback - take it or leave it If you find this post to be constructive (or reflective of your own opinion) feel free to bump, give a thumbs up, etc. to help get some more eyeballs on it. TL;DR list at the top for those with ADD. To really understand what I'm getting at, you'll have to read the longer version below. If this were my game, to alter as I saw fit, this is what I would do (and how I would do it). I understand this is just one player's opinion, and I am not omnipotent, but I think my ideas are solid (and don't all require a ton of development). Throughout this post I will refer to D3's predecessor, D2, in a side note on each bullet point. It's not news to me that D3 is not D2 - I get it, but perhaps we have strayed slightly too far from the roots of the series, and since hindsight is 20/20 why not use that to our advantage? TL;DR: 1. Turn the focus back onto bosses 2. Promote the group experience 3. Introduce a tangible sense of progression 4. Provide more AH functionality 5. Revamp elite pack affixes 6. Accelerate the game pace 7. Release more gimicky side-content 8. Allow offline single-player / LAN 9. Completely change the death penalty 10. Other / Miscellaneous / Minor tweaks / Bug fixes --------- Full Version: 1. Turn the focus back to bosses The problem: While elite packs should not be worthless, it is my opinion that they should not be the main focus of the game. Currently a boss is hardly more valuable than an elite pack, and multiple bosses cannot be killed without 1) starting a new game, or 2) completely finishing an act + clearing another whole act AND rebuilding 5 stack valor since moving to a new act clears the stacks. Proposed solution: Allow act switching on the fly. Inferno mode is not played for the story, so we should be able to move around freely, which would allow multiple boss kills in a single game (reducing server load of people remaking games over and over for a single boss) Also, If elite packs are not someone's cup of tea, then they should not be forced to mess with them. Nephalem Valor should be completely segregated from bosses - affecting elite kills and nothing else. Bosses should, by default, with zero stacks, drop the same that they do now (and not drop anything extra even if killed with 5 stacks). If someone wants to farm Azmodan... that should be ok. If someone wants to farm elite packs, that should be ok too. But currently, it's mandated that both be done, which is restrictive in the sense that it forces a playstyle on the player, something that should be avoided. Pro's: 1) Elites aren't required but are still just as rewarding as before, 2) People who prefer boss kills can do boss farming games instead of single act clearing games, 3) The coolest encounters in the game are actually sought out, instead of just being the period at the end of a very long elite-pack-sentence, 4) People who are frustrated with constantly encountering "impossible affix combos" would have an escape from that playstyle Cons: 1) There will be players who recreate games over and over, farming their favorite boss, possibly increasing server load. Back to the roots: In D2, people ran bosses - a lot. I cannot begin to say how many times I killed Andy, Duriel, Meph, Diablo, and Baal. But you know what? That didn't prevent me from doing other stuff, too. There were entire zones I would clear on my MF runs (the pit level 2 anyone?) and lots of unique/rare mobs I would seek out too. What I'm trying to say is that boss killing was easily the most popular activity in D2, so restricting boss killing in D3 is a very negative move in the eyes of many. The rest of the game won't die, if bosses are brought back to life. 2. Promote the group experience The problem: Single player is more rewarding than multiplayer, by far. Mob's hp MORE than doubles with each new player, meaning that if I were able to clone an exact copy of myself to play with, it would take the two of us longer to kill The Butcher than if I were to kill The Butcher in a single player game. In essence, that's ok - if there's any reward to doing so - but there's not. Also, the loss of your follower in multiplayer games is an instant dps/survivability downgrade for each player, compared to single player. The solution: This is multifaceted, but very simple. 1) Mob's HP should increase no more than 100% for each new player, 2) Droprate should be increased for playing in a multiplayer game, 3) There should be no death penalty if resurrected by another player, and 4) Followers should be allowed in multiplayer games. Pro's: The difficulty level will be approximately the same for MP as it is for SP, maybe a little easier (promoting group play), More people = more drops (promoting group play), Eating a death won't be as much of a downer as long as someone survives to rez (promoting group play), and individual performance won't be reduced for lack of a follower (removing a negative that discouraged group play). Con's: Some people will complain that the game was made easier, more drops will come into the market Back to the roots: In D2, the game got harder when you played with 8 people - but people stuck together and together we were able to clear through stuff as fast as in a single player game (sometimes faster). As a reward, experience was WAY higher, loots were WAY more common and of higher quality, and we had other people to talk to (and compete with :D) That "carrot" that drew people to party-play just isn't there in D3. If you're playing with someone else, right now, you're playing less efficiently than the next guy who is playing by himself. 3. Introduce a tangible form of progression The problem: After reaching level 60 and killing inferno Diablo, there is no longer any hard evidence of progression. No more bars to fill up, no more levels to get, abilities to unlock, etc. The solution: This has been discussed at length in other threads, so I won't spend much time on it but I think an "AA" system like EQ or "Hero levels" like others have suggested would provide a sense of progression, something to work towards (other than "hey I bought some shoulders with 5 more dex on them today"). This could be a new set of experience that's earned after level 60, and each time you "level up" the new system you get attributes to spend, or bonus abilities to unlock, etc. A ladder system could also be instated, so you can work towards bragging rights, etc. A public ranking tool for other things would be cool too. Being able to see who has the most HP, Dex, Str, Vit, Int, DPS, etc. would be interesting and more bragging rights. Pro's: Hero's get stronger, and have something to work towards after 60 Con's: The game gets easier as the hero progresses (should happen regardless, though, that's the point) Back to the roots: In D2 the level cap was 99, and it was rarely achieved. If a 99 joined your game you were thinking, Holy crap! In D3 if you're in inferno mode, and someone joined your game who WASN'T at the level cap you'd think, Holy crap! How'd he do that? (lol..) The thing is, the average person was probably somewhere between level 80-90 and that was ok with them. We still got to watch an exp bar move as the days went by, and we were 90% as good as a 99 so it was cool. But the motivation was there nonetheless, going from 90 to 99 was 45 more attribute points and 9 more skill points - hardly necessary but nothing to scoff at either! This sense of progression (not related to gear) is not found in D3. Achievement points aren't even in the same ballpark. 4. Provide more AH functionality The problem: Items regularly drop with 5+ stats on them, in addition to the base stats (like dps, block chance, armor, etc), yet our AH is limited to searching for 3 of them at a time. Finding the exact item you're looking for can be next to impossible currently. The solution: 1) More filters - 6+ is necessary, 2) Sort by bid amount, 3) Search for name on other than legendary, 4) apply filters to a legendary you've sorted by name, 5) Missing stats need to be added to various slots, 6) Highlight items that you've already seen - like change the background color to gray or something so we don't have to look at the same item 10 different times when doing 10 similar searches, 7) Gem filter - option whether to include or not include gems in stat totals for searches, 8) Add filters for base stats (like dps, block chance, block amount, armor, etc) Pro's: We can actually find what we're looking for, we can find similar items to more accuratly price items (which cuts down on crazy overpriced stuff that happens when someone misses the fact that there are similar items for half the cost if they had searched slightly differently) Con's: The AH UI will be slightly more complex.. maybe add a toggle between simple and advanced mode. Back to the roots: No roots here, the AH is exclusive to D3! I'm out of time for now - I will complete this post later tonight or tomorrow. Sorry to cut it short, and thanks for your time if you read this far. Spacebar3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 AH bidding problem Hi, I was bidding this morning for this item. Bid was around 80k so I was planning to bid 100k. I ended up typing 1 million. However, my money is less than that. There was an error. And the item says I'm not winning. However, my money wasn't returned to my stash.. Where did it go? Thanks!cabsy060 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 End game solutions? Can you please give any info about the possibility of adding some end game content, or at least fixing the problems that exist with the current end game content. I understand people weren't supposed to get so far/so fast, but we have (350 hours played, YIKES). Act 4 is currently pointless due to the small number of elites and the the drop rates being identical to ACT 3. Act 3 is superior in every way to Act 4, which seems nonsensical to me..... Maybe you could up the difficulty in Act 4, increase the drop rates, add some elites or allow VALOR to transfer over from ACT 3.Slicktorine500 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 What is dodge-able and what is not? Yes: Physical Attacks Fire that is spit at you out of dungeon traps (act 3) I don't know: Purple lasers Acid Pools Molten Pools I'm pretty sure no: Exploding balls from dead elites. Anything else I am not thinking about. All resist and armor reduce all damage (I believe), I just wanted to see if there is anything that cannot be dodged.themarkmark2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 It feels like Blizzard is siding with hackers Tin foil hat conspiracy incoming: Why is Blizzard so quick to nerf farm spots/skills - but ignore the countless pleas for fixing hacks/bots/exploits? Trade hack is still here. Gold spammers are still everywhere - even though they pretty much vanish when the US is one patch ahead of the rest of the world and it stays that way until other locales are patched. Time to remove global play and get rid of trial accounts entirely. Bots are still ruining the economy. Yet farm spots are nerfed quickly. Skills are nerfed. Legitamate players are continuously penalized by those taking advantage of the game mechanics. As a legit player - it really feels like a uphill battle against hackers and Blizzard themselves right now.Sojou3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Are You Serious? Who in their right mind seriously wants to basically nerf Magic Find? This community really just irritates me, and now I'm starting to believe that Blizzard should stop listening to this community about game changes. This really is just going to make MORE people quit, TRUST ME.Rhythm23 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Disease vs. Symptom First off, I want to thank the Blizzard CM’s for providing us an insight into their developmental process for Diablo 3. However, before anything else, I want to address the options presented in the blog post: Option 1: Set a Magic Find Cap – Setting a cap will not discourage people from swapping gear, it will simply lower the amount of gear that people swap. It will make it less tedious, but won’t change the apparent value of Magic Find except to decrease it slightly. In the end, this is the least fun, and most visibly constricting option of them all. Option 2: Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time – If Inferno has taught the playerbase anything, it has taught us how to kite mobs…. Forever. If you institute an amount of time that people must remain alive in order for their Magic Find to obtain its full effect, then a player will kite until then. This option does not change the apparent value of Magic Find, nor does it prevent the majority of said players from MF gear swapping. Option 3: Use your average MF% or your lowest MF% of the last 5 minutes – This strategy sounds similar to instituting a mandatory rule that requires all cars that drive on the world-famous Autobahn to have a governor installed inside…. For safety reasons. The entire allure of the Autobahn is to drive fast…. Very fast! For those who choose not to drive fast, they don’t have to; however, for those that love to devour miles of highway in a single second, the thirst can be quenched on roads like that. This option takes all of the fun out of min/maxing MF gear for those who truly enjoy it by removing the added benefits of added tasks. Option 4: Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes after Swapping Gear - Instead of installing governors in the vehicles that drive on the Autobahn, you institute a speed limit on the Autobahn and divert the entire police force there to provide lovely tickets to every person that drives over the speed limit. This will bring MF gear swapping to a screeching halt that will leave people with a jarring whiplash the likes of which haven’t been seen before. In all seriousness, this option just takes the fun out of the min/maxing MF gear for those who truly enjoy it by instituting a harsh but short (compared to option 3) penalty. Additionally, that penalty is time delayed, and people could still kite a mob around until it wears off; thus, defeating the entire purpose of this option. Games should be all about fun, not tedious activities. It’s more fun to get more loot. It’s as simple as that. Option 5: Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor – This option has the most merits out of the 5 presented, because it presents a punishment that seems commensurate with the crime. Not too great and not too severe. However, the most apparent problem with this option is that it presents players with an unfair choice. While galavanting throughout Tristram, you find a significant upgrade that will allow you to more easily farm that area. You are now presented with a painful choice: do you put on the gear to become more powerful, only to lose a stack of NV? For example, if you can remember back when you were in school, if you completed a test early (because you were smart… of course) you would then have the rest of the testing period to relax, decompress, or simply leave class. It was wonderful. Let’s suppose that there was a rule that punished you every time you knew the right answer and bubbled it in instantly so as not to make the other kids feel dumb (because you’re smart, remember?). This not only breaks apart the merit/reward system, but it’s just plain un-fun. Rewards like loot should be provided to those that earn it, not based on social constructs like “I feel obligated to X and not Y”. The most rewarding activities are often times the most fun or productive. Punishing players for equipping upgrades should not go hand-in-hand with discouraging players from swapping MF gear. This option has some merits, but the costs far outweigh the benefits. ____________________________________________________________________________ First off, I want to explicitly say that I believe that all five options create more problems than they solve. In light of all of the other things that people believe need attention, this one wasn’t even on my radar until the blog post was announced. I personally find it hard to farm for items that seem so obscure and out of reach that I feel compelled to do everything I can to bring those items within reach. However, here are a few solutions floating around the web for the Magic Find problem: Option 1: Gear Swapping Done Correctly – Remember that function that let you swap out a few pieces of gear in D2? It was simple, easy, and effective if you did things right. Why does Magic Find and gear swapping have to be the enemy here? Why can’t there just be another set of gear slots for MF gear with a simple button that switches things? Why is it so bad that some people swap out there gear for the added benefit? However, some people suggest that making MF gear swapping easier will lower the apparent value of Magic Find by making it increasingly easier to obtain the benefits from it. If you have an easy way to swap MF gear, you simply hunt for the items with the highest possible MF% on them, and drop them in your secondary slots. I don’t know if that’s how things will play out, but I can see the validity in it. Option 2: Magic Find Should Feel More… Magical!! – What if when you obtained a piece of gear that had MF on it, you could salvage it and obtain an essence that when used would increase your MF by a certain amount. Suppose that you salvaged a piece of gear with 25% MF, you would obtain an essence that provided you with 25% MF for 1-3 minutes. Just long enough to help, but just short enough that it requires you to time it just right. Or, instead of having MF on gear, you simply had potions drop similar to how health potions drop. By separating MF from the gear, it will remove the ability to swap gear and provide a more simple and tangible way to increase your Magic Find. Again, the problem still remains that if you want to obtain the maximum benefit from MF, you need to have potions to use. Option 3: Your Changes Are Bad and You Should Feel Bad – Currently, NV stacks allow us to kill an elite, champion, or boss (or even white skeleton that looked at us funny) and have loot fly out of it at near cosmic speeds. Every time something dies when you have 5 stacks, it resembles a loot piñata. Fundamentally, any time a benefit is gained from something, and people notice it, they will repeat the activity that granted them the benefit. It’s simple classical conditioning. Therefore, if tangible benefits can be obtained from obtaining gear, and Magic Find determines the amount of gear you obtain, then why is that stat a villain in all of this? More importantly, why are people the main villain in all of this? It seems apparent by the punishment included in all 5 options presented. ____________________________________________________________________________ People enjoy finding useful gear, and Magic Find statistically increases the value of the gear you find by increasing your chances of obtaining something useful. Therefore, MF increases the quality of the gear you obtain, thereby increasing the pleasure you obtain from it… If someone swaps on the MF gear at the last second because they enjoy it, GO YOU! However, if someone puts on their MF gear at the last second because they feel obligated to…. Then that is the real issue at hand. If people were doing things they didn’t particular enjoy in a game that’s meant to be enjoyed, then I would be scratching my head as to why that is the case. Simply squashing the bug in the house won’t do anything but alleviate the screaming coming from the… man ….standing on the chair in fear. Instead, call the pest guys and have them spray the house, install anti-bug thingies, and fix the real problem. You don’t squash each bug in an infested house, you remove the source of the infestation, or you close the holes that are letting the bugs in. If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it. I’m not sure what the real reasons people have for swapping on MF gear when they don’t enjoy it; however, I know that the best solutions aren’t included in the 5 options presented to us…. They aren’t even good solutions, no offense to those that came up with them. Punishment is never the solution for having fun, especially when it doesn't hurt anyone else.Tuskrat10 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Shielding animation from elites not showing The shielding animation from elite packs isn't showing up on my screen. Has anyone had the same problem and know a fix? In fact, it wasn't untill i saw the shielding animation in a youtube video after 350 hours of gameplay that I realized that I've been playing without it this whole time. As far as I know this is the only thing that's not showing up on my game.Blitzkriëg8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Want an AH/RMAH Interface separate from game The game has serious CPU and systems requirements. The auction house can be streamlined to use less than minimum system requirements to run. This would enable AH traders to buy and sell without needing to dedicate system resources for a game they might not use. This may also streamline servers that can be used exclusively for Auction House use only. The scenario could be the ability to trade items or commodities anywhere at anytime on weak laptops at WIFI hotspots. Add an ability to graph prices and the AH and RMAH can be a separate game in itself. This can be so big, there might be people who would organize an Occupy Auction House protest.... :p "We are the 99% MFers...!! "XSlayer0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Problem with items disappearing In act 1: Salvage items and etc will disappear by the treasure chest with no apparent reason.Solid10 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blizzard Show Price Listed Of Ended Auctions Blizzard Please consider this..... I really wish I was able to see the price that I listed an Item that has recently ended. I list many items that dont sell and I forget how much I listed it for. Would be very nice to be able to see the price I listed it for so I could then re-list it for a cheaper price. I have reverted to writing down all prices ive listed items for and this has helped me sell items I relist without having to look up the item again and then re-list it. If anyone also thinks this would be a great hotfox in the future please comment. Thanks!DBoy1871 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 PVP Horde Type game Idea I was thinking about a game type where instead of PVP use the same PVP arena type maps but instead have the player fight against different hordes of monsters. The hordes could increase in level and difficulty and players would constantly have to fight monsters to survive. If any of you have played Gears of War you know exactly what Im talking about. But just and Idea would be pretty fun to expand the gameplay a little in the future after PVP arena hits the servers. Comment if you have any ideas on this subject or would like to see this type of gameplay. Thanks!DBoy1870 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Please make this patch for fairness As posted here ...vbguy0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Please never make a skill lock toggle Because one exists.Ceratisa0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 ****** ----> MF Swap - Baubles <---- ****** ------------------------------------- New item type: Baubles The idea: Magic Find, Gold Find, and +Experience stats would no longer appear on any piece of armor in the game. Instead, these stats would only appear on Baubles, which would have their own equipment slot on the character sheet (similar to the follower trinket slot). A single Bauble could have one, two, or all three of these stats. The +% of these affixes would be much higher on Baubles than on the current armor pieces today. For example, Magic Find could range from 1% to 200-300% (or so). My thinking is that a perfectly rolled Magic Find Bauble plus 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor would put a character at the Magic Find cap. Pros Very clear, very understandable mechanic. No hidden timers, calculations, or restrictions. Magic Find gear swapping disappears overnight, while those who swap gear for other reasons (two-hander to sword/shield) aren’t punished. No more agonizing over the tradeoff between combat and non-combat stats (mf/gf/+exp) on your gear. You can focus on upgrading them separately. Big impact upgrades from a single item (imagine going from +50% to +150% MF with a new Bauble!) A new, desirable item to hunt for in the land of exploding piñata demons. Cons “Bauble swapping” could potentially exist for characters level 1-59, who would keep a high +Exp Bauble equipped most of the time and then swap for a higher +MF Bauble right before kills. Players who currently have a set of +MF gear would be left with potentially worthless items. Especially painful if RMAH was used to purchase the equipment. Would need to find another stat for the +mf/gf gems. Unless they changed from a Helm-only bonus to a Bauble-only bonus.----------------------------------------------- Implementing something like this would actually get me quite excited to go out and start slaying demons, unlike any of the five proposed solutions. For the record, I’ve done gear swapping and find it extremely tedious and boring. I’ve also built up a +Magic Find set of gear. This is my proposal. What do you guys think?Johnnysquaw7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Crafting 6p items for 150k+mats (live stream) STATUS: ONLINE Streaming at Here is a list of items I can currently craft, add my battle tag if you want anything crafted. Exalted Grand Sovereign Greaves (Boots) Exalted Grand Sovereign Vambraces (Gloves) Exalted Grand Armplates (Bracers) Exalted Grand Pallium (Shoulders) Materials: 28 Exquisite Essence 5 Iridescent Tear 8 Tome of Secrets ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exalted Grand Sovereign Mail (Chest) Exalted Grand Sovereign Tassets (Pants) Materials: 35 Exquisite Essence 5 Iridescent Tear 10 Tome of Secrets ------------------------------------------------------------------------ also combining Flawless Star, Perfect Star, and Radiant Star gems Price:150k for items(includes crafting cost) and 25k per gem combine Thanks, Battletag: uyo#1752Uyo0 Jul 3, 2012