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Jul 3, 2012 Is this possible? Think it would be possible to have a stat thats kind of like magic find but it would boost your chances of finding a particular stat on the random items that drop? Example: 10% chance to find magic item: Stats strength This would in turn boost the chance of str showing up by 10% up on the random drops. Seems like even now we have more drops but more trash to wade through to find what we need is nuts. Just a thoughtBrickadin6 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Option 5 and we quit - signatures So I posted this before and Blizzard Locked it up before I could respond. A few people said there is a post and proper way to discuss this. But I know for a fact that unless you cry and scream Blizzard completely ignores you. I have made reasonable posts in the past, as well as contributed to reasonable-healthy discussion posts- Both in WoW and Diablo. Guess what? Blizzard completely ignored all of them. Some of the people had excellent ideas too. History has shown the only time Blizzard has paid any attention is when people Cry and Scream and Kick and throw a temper tantrum. Hence why the MF discussion is even occurring! So if that's the way it is, then I'll be a squeaky wheel. WHAAAAA WAAAAAAA WAAAA As to why Option 5 is bad- I am a demon hunter, I cannot kill a pack of Reflect Damage Elites without swapping in special gear. And every 3rd pack I pull has Reflect and I die 15 times trying to kill them without my reflect gear. Now you are telling me that from now on if I pull a pack of Reflect Damage elites and swap on my Reflect Damage gear to kill them I lose my Neph stacks??? That is completely unacceptable.Dragoon0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 How inferno should have been done: 1. It should have been "open world", so you can play everywhere in any acts without any story related dialog 2. Constant difficulty between the acts, not progressive like it is now. Make the beginning of the acts easier than the rest so people have a starting point where it's possible to farm (After finishing Hell). 3. Scrap the whole idea of ilvl 61-63 items. The wide range of affixes (especially weapons) combined with same level requirement and easy access (AH) broke the item progression that was intended in the game. 4. Despite point 3 above, keep ilvl 61+ legendaries. Suddenly legendaries become top-tier desirable loot and would be used to drive the game. 5. Make legendaries and set items part tied to acts, or portions of acts. This gives an incentive for people to farm everywhere in the game in order to complete sets, or hunt for specific legendaries. Hint: Infinite butcher/warden runs suck 6. Make an infinite random dungeon with progressive difficulty (no brick walls). This is where fun would be at. All this item hunting and farming in inferno mode would be used to go deeper and deeper in the levels. Somehow reward players for going deeper. A non-substantial but cool suggestion is to display a number beside their portrait icon, showing off how deep they went in the infinite dungeon. Also, you need to kill like 80% of the critters for the door to the next level to open...Thalandor0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 A well-rounded MF Gear Swap Solution Here's an elegant solution to the MF gear swap problem; it incorporates multiple of the options that were suggested, but doesn't use any dreaded 'hidden modifiers.' ... What this combination solution will do is: leave people options on what they want to carry as their secondary (LoH or MF); effectively lower the max MF by boosting everyon's MF (by allowing two more items which can carry MF). What this combination solution will not do is: punish people who want to take down different packs with a different weapon; leave an incentive for gear swapping; require hidden modifiers; remove the option of balancing a build for more MF. Comments? It's clear that Blizzard wants to change the MF gear swap dynamic to remove clunky gear swaps (even if some people like it that way), so let's try to find the best solution.DeathByLlama2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Player's equipment affects quality of drops? I've heard rumors that players are finding that the higher quality items they have equipped (i.e. better stats) have an impact on the quality (i.e. stats) if items that drop for them. That is, players are less likely to get better drops if they are already wearing very good equipment. I'm assuming this is unsubstantiated but want to get opinions on this. I searched the forums for threads related to this but can't seem to find anything solid. Is this true? Can someone from Blizzard comment on this?superclove5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF I dont care. 5NV and gear swap I care. I dont understand what were you blues thinking. Do you guys even play the game? Gear swapping is not just abou MF.... I have alternative sets (one for defense and one for DPS) to do quick change so I can deal with deferent kinds of situation. MF never appeared in my gear choice. Any one NOT care for MF? 5NV is way more effective.TKen0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 if u dont want ppls to swap gears in combat You can just forbid that, without touch MFTocho8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Auction house disparity According to website - the AH's are up In game, this isn't so. (AH button greyed out) Please sync them better. (make the website accurate. in its current inaccurate form, it's worthless)Nalianna0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 When and how did the vision change? Where is this in the game? What are minor elixers of willpower? Where are these runes that drop? Why was there no event sequence for this boss fight? In a 20 minute video, none of this is in the game. In fact, some of the skills are not even still there. What made you stray away from this original vision? People were so excited for this and now no one has even gotten to play it. These dungeons look awesome and they are not even in the game. Please respond.RshoT23 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Devs missing the main issue I feel the devs are missing a main issue with why so many people are unhappy. The state they are looking at changing MF because some people feel they HAVE to do it. The problem is those people will be that way no matter what the devs change. Some people find changing gear out fun, some people don't do it at all, and the ones in the middle are the ones Blizzard is trying to make happy. The problem is the ones in the middle are the ones you will NEVER make happy. Basically those people are the omg I MUST maximize my results!!!! type of people. So no matter what the issue is they will ALWAYS do it, not because it's fun but because they feel they must. As an example right now Bashiok says they are doing gear swapping because they think they must. Well next month if it seems you can farm with X class better then they will roll that type of character and level it up to inferno to farm. Not because they necessarily think it's fun but because they MUST have that class to maximize the farming. And any time one item/character/stat becomes the flavor of the month they will focus on having to have/do that thing. Just remember "You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time" I think the problem is they are trying to please all the people all the time and thereby not pleasing anyone.Drintar20000 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 What was the auction house update? topicbiaop3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Izual stops taking damage and won't die I've been doing Izual runs looking for the Staff of Herding plans and every once in a while while battling him, he'll reach about 28% HP remaining and he'll just stop taking damage. I have damage indicators turned on and it shows that I'm dealing damage to him but his HP bar doesn't drop at all. I tried using a knockback skill and other things to get him to snap out of it but nothing seems to work, I have to quit the game without killing him. It has happened to several times, about 10% of the time I run into him.Monarch5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 If you must change MF then... I would like to see all MF increases occur with only NV stacks and just do away with MF as it is now. Of course this assumes NV to be available at ALL levels of character development. Before you flame, please read on... You could increase NV from 5 to 10 or maybe 15 stacks, and make MF on gear increase the rate at which NV stacks. For instance... We could call gear MF something like NV stack rate, and the higher the NV rate the more stacks you acquire on kill. 1. NV stack rate @ 200% you get 2 stacks per kill 2. NV stack rate @ 300% you get 3 stacks per kill 3. etc. I'm not suggesting these be the actual numbers...just putting the idea across.Sheldor0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Legendary Buff Since the buff isn't retroactive and 1.1 is a long ways away. All the legendary weapon drops from now till the patch is basically blizzard taking a dump on my face.... mmmkkayy. /Le sigh.Zyloch1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 On the difficulty of improving gear. This post is partly a response to the MF blog post, but it is also about some thoughts I have been having recently on gear mechanics in general. I wanted to post some thoughts I have been having about gear and magic find. I'm going to exclude white and grey items from my discussion since they seem to be almost universally ignored. Everyone has either 10 or 11 slots to fit equipment in. (The latter if you can equip an off-hand slop. The former if you can't). There is no advantage to not filling up every spot except for opening up a few achievements. Your characters attributes at level 60 are only going to be improved by your gear. If you are a demon hunter, you will get 59*3 dexterity points for reaching level 60, but that will likely be insignificant to the dexterity bonus you have on your gear in inferno. Each slot can have 1 to 7 affixes which can be stacked (accumulated) across multiple slots or even multiple affixes on a single item that affect the same attribute. The question is, how do you improve the gear on your character? Typically you select a few affixes that are essential and try to stack them as high as you can for increased benefit. For example, if you are a Demon hunter, you may decide to focus on dexterity, vitality (and/or life%), all-resist, max discipline, critical-hit chance and critical damage. On every slot, you are going to try to get as many of these affixes as you possibly can. When you find a new item, either from the auction house or a drop, you need to consider trade-offs between the affixes on one item and the affixes on the other. The problem is, the more affixes per slot you have, the smaller the chance of rolling an item with desirable affixes. Lets make an assumption that each affix rolls independently (or reasonably close to independently). If the probablity of getting desirable affix A is x% and the probability of getting desirable affix B is y%, then the probability of getting them on one item is going to be about x * y. The more affixes there are, the faster the probability drops of getting those specific two affixes together. This is even more extreme if you have three or four desirable affixes on a slot. As an example, if there is a 1/10 chance of getting dexterity and a 1/10 chance of getting vitality and a 1/10 chance of getting crit%, then there is a 1/1000 chance of getting all three. If each of those was 1/40, then there would be a 1/64000 chance of rolling all three. I'm pulling these numbers out of thin air, but it's fairly likely the real numbers are somewhere in between those two. The more important point is that if you only focus on two desirable attributes your odds would be 1/100 if they had a 1/10 chance each and 1/1600 if they had a 1/40 chance each. The gap between favourable odds with two desirable attributs and three are improved. Your odds also improve on items with more affixes because you have more chances to get that attribute. Think of it like pulling the slot machine handle 7 times instead of 2. On top of that, each affix rolls in a range. So you may get undesirable values within the range that make those already puny chances even smaller. The main reason the auction house is so essential to this game is because people feel the need to have three or four desirable affixes on each item. This becomes inevitable after having an existing item that already has three or four desirable affixes in that slot. The reason we have to optimize so much is because inferno is so hard. The reason so many people are frustrated is that the chance of getting gear good enough to make it through inferno is beyond most players attention span; Or put another way, past the point where it stops being fun and starts being a chore. One way to improve our odds is by making magic-find a desirable affix. Or -- as so many people do -- making magic find desirable just at the moment of a kill. The latter provides for a less enjoyable experience when fighting but is traded for a portentially more enjoyable experience when the loot drops. Rather than taking away this tradeoff, how about giving us more enjoyable ways to get magic find. Nephalam Valor is a great example in the right direction. How about letting gems in non-helm slots give us magic find or gold-find. That way it doesn't feel so difficult to find gear for areas closer to where we are currently at. How about making magic-find affect the range-rolls as well instead of only the consideration of "is it white, blue, yellow orange or green"? How about giving us more sockets and making gems a bit cheaper so we can work to improve existing gear when we are frustrated about not getting a good drop? How about giving us a small bonus to each affix of each slot every time we kill a champion/elite pack. 3-5% would suffice if we could stack it like NV. Maybe give MF and GF a larger bonus than other stats. How about integrating the auction house into the game? Or making the vendors worth checking? The problem of people optimizing magic-find is so strongly tied to the frustration we are feeling with getting gear that improves our existing gear. You can't address one without addressing the other. Please don't penalize players who don't use MF-swapping because of the actions taken on by players that do use it. Please take into consideration that the players that are swapping ARE enjoying the process. Don't penalize them on account of players that don't enjoy the process.sovereign0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 This Just In Nerfing Exp From Ponys!!!! no but that would be bad lol:P on a serious note since im here dose anybody wanna run threw hell ponys with me i need somebody to make need lvl 51+ :P add me :PPKGoD0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Nobody was complaining about MF Gear Swapping Not sure where Blizzard got this notion at that we hate gear swapping to MF gear right before killing a boss... Is it tedious? Yes. Does that mean we want Blizzard to make MF gear less attractive or punish us for wanting to make the swap? NO. HELL NO. Who exactly are the people complaining about this? Or is this just a case of Blizzard trying to dictate how we want to play the game? Here's an idea - instead of nerfing Magic Find with a Cap or punishing us for making a gear-swap, why not make it EASIER FOR US TO DO?!?!?! You know - like add a GEAR SWAPPING options? AKA Item Set Manager? You have it in World of Warcraft... all of a sudden it's not a good idea for Diablo 3? Why do we need to be forced to NOT swap gear? Isn't this a game about itemization? Aren't we SUPPOSED to be collecting items for varous purposes? What's next? Punishing us for swapping gear when we run into a Champion Pack that requires a certain type of resistance gear to get past? I just don't understand Blizzard anymore. Instead of making things EASIER for us, they just want to deter us from doing it altogether, and thus, making the game less and less fun to play.Scourge13 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Wag the Dog anyone notice they didn't fix anything this week but instead we got a superfluous debate about gear swapping which is only an issue to the petty, jealous and greedy. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the term chaff, but it seems like there is alot of garbage floating in the air when I look around the metaphorical room.random0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Why I don't like Blizz's current "Maintenance Blizz started the 8 hour shutdown on WoW because it is the largest MMO on the planet and they need the time to clean and reboot / patch / test everything every week. That is fine, even though it is about 4x longer than any other MMO's seem to need. What annoys me is they then decided to force this on ALL of battle net. I mean take Starcraft 2 FFS. The game does not even have gear, or money, or anything else persistent other than a record of ladder ranking and achievements. There is even less reason for that game to go down for 8 hours a week than Diablo. There is nothing to clean up, esp. in non-patch weeks. If they want to reboot every week to clean the caches, fine. That is understandable. It does not take 8 hours to do that. Yes, I work second shift and am usually busy on the weekends. It is kind of annoying to pay for games and then be locked out of all of them 1 night a week, when I only am free to play a few nights a week anyway. But the simple fact is there is no reason it has to be 8 hours, or all at the same time. Blizz has just gotten used to it, and for many of their games it is not necessary. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for D3 at this point, as it is still new. But bear in mind, even if D3 reaches a point where it is OBVIOUS that it does not need 8 hours a week, they will still schedule it, just like they do for Starcraft. It has become part of their mantra, and I think it is something they should reconsider.Ellyll10 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Maintaining for what ??? Can anyone explain why did the servers go down and there's no patch note for it ???Raziel0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Item budgets ninja nerfed. Why no outrage? Despite the rng argument its pretty clear item budgets got nerfed at some point after the ilvl drop rate change. Instead of not finding high level gear you just find or craft terrible gear. Is this what Blizzard thinks will keep people playing?OhBilly19 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 People should be happy about MF Gear switchin Why? Even if you do not like that others do switch to mf gear before a kill, you have a benefit from it. More (good) items beeing found with MF Gear-Switch, the lower the price for them in the AH.Kunstprodukt0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Please read this(blue) Blizzard, please stop changing the game. Its only been out for 2 months and every week you "fix" something. I dont know how the rest of the players feal, But this isnt the game that i bought any more. Blizzard keeps changing it every week and im about to stop playing. if the server is broken, fix it. If a quest chain is broken fix it. Other wise if its just players finding new ways to do things in game leave it alone. All thats going to come from you "fixing" the game every week is more and more ppl are going to leave. This is a good game, i really liked playing at first. it is a pain in the butt sometimes and other times i feal like im getting really good, but then some "fix" comes along and i have to change how i play.Toefinger1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Something to consider ... You know, if you do away with the ability to gear swap, maybe resplendent chests and others might actually take into account your MF... Something to consider, since I'm sick and tired of chests not dropping anything but 3 blues and a bunch of tomes.killacheetah0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF not working on Chests I thought Dev Blog would adress MF not working on Chests/Resplendants/Objects/Etc. Please re-instate this. The botters only care about Gold. The players on the other hand care about items dropping from chests. We see a Chest now and we are like "Meh" it's just going to drop a white and like 76 gold. Is it worth me walking over there out of my way to open it even? It's really disappointing. We want to feel excited again when we find a chest. That feeling is completely gone now. Even Resplendants rarely drop a rare now-mostly just blues and gold.Lycanar2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 If you nerf MF.... I will uninstall Diablo3. Enough is enough. All those nerfs the last patches. Vase, Chests, Bodies, etc. Blizzard really wants to take any fun out of this game for some of us.Kunstprodukt9 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blizzard NERF Bat hits home run again I was hopeful, but now I'm disappointed. Here is what I hoped for: Blizzard giving us an incentive to NOT swap gear. Since last IAS nerf, blizzard has made a BIG mess with the poor handling of the patch and lost a lot of fans. Their mistake was just to straight NERF IAS and dont' give the players any buffs to balance things out. EVERYONE took a dps hit. Here is what WE got: All 5 options are NERFS, they are to discourage gear swapping, and to make YOU, the players, get less blues/raresatkwai44 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Neph Valor + Lack of Offline Ruining Game I am aware that there are a lot of complaint threads already but this isn't one I have seen myself. I am an adult with a full time job, wife and 2 kids. When I am home I like to play Diablo 3 but I also need to be able to get up regularly to help with kids, make and/or eat dinner, help out around the house and a variety of other tasks that anybody with a family can imagine. I have found tricks to be able to pause and walk away from the game to save my Neph Valor but it is imperfect. It seems that after somewhere between 10-20 minutes the server kicks me off if I sit in the pause menu the entire time. I am sure this is to keep inactive users from taking up bandwidth but it also makes me start over and I lose my 5 valor stacks. If I come back to the game and unpause, move my character and pause again I can typically keep my neph valor most of the day but I still get booted from the sever occasionally and have to start over. It really isn't a very efficient way to play. This basically means that in order to be able to farm effectively I have to dedicate hours at a time without interruption. This is just not realistic for a family person to do. I realize that it is highly unlikely that you will add an offline mode for those of us in this situation but I do ask that you work to find some solution that would allow those of us who need to be able to take regular breaks to do so without being punished. It is already hard enough to make progress in the game once you hit 60 and want to beat inferno but having to regularly start building neph valor from scratch due to being disco'd from the server while paused just really sucks. tl;dr - Earning and maintaining Neph Valor and being able to pause and do things as need around the house is not possible without an offline mode. The server regularly boots me off and I need to start over farming each time. Help!!mirage14 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Magic Find and Gear Swapping Solution Let me preface this by stating I do not gear swap, nor am I bothered by other people doing so. I would just like a solution that would benefit both sides of the issue So I've come up with a solution--a simple one: Make Magic Find a stat outside of the regular 4-6 affixes with a small chance to be an additional affix on ALL rare items so we can keep combat viability. Why would I want to give up IAS/Critical Damage/Critical Chance/Resist all/Choice Resist/Dexterity on my gloves in exchange for magic find for my monk? I've already given up vitality to get the rest of the affixes I want. My helms need Critical/Socket/Vit/Dex/All Resist/Choice Resist to be optimal and I sure am not going to exchange 15% additional life for magic find (and doubt I could afford to). Now the whole idea of your rune system was to make players able to make choices on their builds. With the decrease in difficulty you've done so amazingly--with one issue: Most skills require stats to become effective. For example: If I want to use Sweeping Wind: Cyclone I must have increased critical. There's one affix off of the select gears that I must have for maximum effectiveness. Every class benefits from having mainstats (DEX/INT/STR) on their items and most desire or require Vitality. Resistances can be neglected by no one that wants to survive more than one hit. You've somewhat pidgeonholed many players into swapping gear. I don't have the patience to further this argument or organize it into a coherent thought. I'll end up playing no matter what you do because I enjoy the game, but at this rate I'll be the only one still doing so.Epheron0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Its Official, Blizzard Credits Are NOT Income ... This is from stuff about stock options and whatnot, but it definitely applies to items like Blizzard credits which are non-transferrable.Andrew8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Items disappeared? So i put up 2 rings last night in the AH and they must of ended during maintenance but in my transaction log, it doesn't say anything about them being sold or not and they are not in my item queue from where i can send to stash. Curious if anyone else is having this issueyyjee7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Constructive idea: Champion level Hi guys. Just want to point out about Kripp's idea to have a better PvE end game. The idea is to have champion levels up to level 99 or something after level 60 and will take a long time to get every level,champion levels give small benefits such as stats and others. After some time, such as a year or 6 months, the champion level get reset without resetting any gear. This will make anyone who bought some gear with money wont feel wasted. Maybe better experience from further acts and some polishing of this idea will make this game a real good game.The point is, the basic idea is really good. Video link below.The video had some bad suggestions but the champion level is a really good idea. Please rate this topic if you like it guys, Blizzard might look into it. Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF option 1 Option 1 is clearly the best solution. All other options cause huge problems. Although players may be resistant to "capping" there MF, who really enjoys becoming a squishy bug wit 300mf anyway? that is the whole issue they want to address. Lets just take a cap of 200 or 250, so that the better ones MF gear is the less pieces they will have to swap on, and the more DPS and Life they can retain. DO NOT slide MF, block MF with gear swap, or dissolve NEF VALOR those options are all HORRIBLE!! Option 1 is the best so far, please lets just man up and agree that if we were all just at 200mf or 250mf that would be fine, the better the gear, the less a hassle it is to swap. RaynorRaynor0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Thoughts from a new player First, I'll come right out and claim I am a Diablo n00b. Diablo 3 is my first experience with Blizzard and the Diablo series. I keep wondering if I'm doing this right. As a guy with a full time job, a wife, 3 dogs and a mortgage payment, how do people level up a character to Level 60 so fast? I just barely got out of Normal mode and hit Nightmare. My character is still doing well at Level 37 or so, but I keep reading about people with millions of gold and ridiculous DPS stats of like 30k at Level 60. I keep looking at my damage around 985.00 at Level 37 and wonder....what am I missing? Am I just a sucker playing this game like a traditional RPG and leveling up my character organically, by using only what I find in-game? Or will I NEED to hammer the AH daily and figure out how to make a "bot" to farm millions of gold for me?Ojame9 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 A nice change to MF that benefits all. Being seen on a 250+ page thread if gonna be nearly impossible so just throwing it out here. I believe a decent method would be something of a combination of the options you have listed. For example let’s look at the people who are complaining MF needs improvement. A lot of melee classes that have a higher level difficulty swapping and staying alive, And the players whom have farmed up millions in MF/DPS gear that do no swapping at all that would greatly benefit from a penalty in swapping complaining about the ranged players whom are able to swap into lower level tier gear with high MF and still kill the mobs and gain the same benefit as them. Also you take into account players that are constantly losing stacks of NV buffs because of random DC’s in the game. Option 6: Set a standard cap on MF to 200%. Change the NV buff to 10% per stack and increase the total number of stacks to 10 for 100% MF exactly ½ of the cap. Now this will in theory allow players that don’t incorporate MF into their gear swaps a viable option of farming. Now with that said it would allow players that have decent MF gear sets the option to fight mobs with a full 200% cap in gear from the very start without NV stacks and as they progress with further stacks they could add DPS or resistance pieces of gear instead of MF gear. It is much more viable for all parties to really only then have to worry about 100-200MF on gear max thus allowing for their normal DPS/Resistance gear. This would allow you to install a penalty for changing gear during fights say just like abilities if you change outside of town you have a cool down on those abilities so for instance if you change to MF gear you would have a cool down as well thus making it so that you could not then change at 10% or so for the last 10% of the fight and gain full benefit. It’s not a hard option to incorporate and for those players that have substantial MF/DPS sets it would not lessen the value of that set at all even incorporating a cap thus making everyone happy.Bestovian2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF Gear Swapping - A Real Solution There is a lot of hysteria by people whining and complaining about how some people swap their gear out before killing a monster so as to maximize drops. Personally, I don't understand this. I don't gear swap, though I can see why some people do. If they want to do that, I don't see how it impacts my fun. But, since I can tell that the fan base is going to clamor for another nerf and that Blizzard is going to continue viewing nerfs as a solution rather than a nuclear option akin to mutually assured destruction, let me go ahead and put my designer hat on and propose a solution. Behind the scenes, your character has a pool of Magic Find points similar to your health points where each +1% magic find corresponds to 10 magic find points. When you were magic find gear, your maximum pool of Magic Find points is increased and slowly begins to fill up, say at the rate of 1 point per second. This rate can be tweaked to obtain the desired balance. Drops are influenced not by your magic find percentage, but by your current magic find points. This happens transparently, so that for example, if you had 1000 magic find points built up, then you'd have the mechanical equivalent of 100% magic find. This has the advantange of being EASY TO IMPLEMENT AND CODE and NOT CHANGING THE GAME BALANCE FROM THE DESIGN THE GAME WAS BETA TESTED AT. How does this help? Well, for those people who want to wear magic find gear when farming, they experience no change in gameplay and so MF gear loses no value on the open market and no one feels cheated. For those that still want to swap to MF gear, that's fine, but it carries a significant cost which makes that behavior less productive and rewarding. For example, if you really wanted to swap to +300% Magic Find gear, if we implemented the rate of 1 magic find point per second, you'd have to wait around for 50 minutes before your nifty MF gear produced its full effect. In the mean time, the people who didn't want to gear swap could be farming for 50 minutes. Even implementing a rate of 10 magic points per second would mean that +300% MF gear would not fully power up for 5 minutes. This would be more than enough to balance the game between those that wanted to gear swap and those that didn't. The best part of this design IMO is that you could unnerf the effect of MF on chests. That nerf should have never happened in the first place. It was ill thought out, short sighted, broke the game as tested, and made a lot of people happy. Reversing that overly hastily implemented emergency measure would probably earn some good will. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Blizzard, there should be a big poster in the development room that has a picture of Diablo and says, "Diablo wants you to nerf things in the game. You are a developer, Jondar. There can be no forgiveness for such betrayal." Or something of thesame sort. Nerfs are bad, and the minute you pull them out as a tool you've pretty much failed as a designer. You could even implment a gear swap feature so that people wouldn't complain about people using macros to do this, or that you could do it in D2 but not D3. The playing field would be level and it wouldn't matter, because the big advantage of gear swapping would be reduced. People with a legitimate reason for it could do it, but gear swapping to simply to farm would be less rewarding.Celebrim0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 what is now with the stealth buff? SO could u be so kind and give us an answear?Valhalla0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Modified Option 5 - Free gear swaps in-town Option 5 sounds like the best idea for the MF problem, but if you find an upgrade to gear or something that you want to try on to see how it looks, why should it hurt you? If you can go to town first and put it on, you don't lose a stack. If you're in the middle of a fight, good luck being able to portal out. Cons: Kiting to a waypoint or dungeon entrance to switch. Depending on the area, it might work, but does it do enough to mitigate the problem? Discuss.jrsthethird2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Buff NV and add gear swap key would make everyone(the majority) happy? Buff each NV up to 25% from 15%. Adding gear swap key would require adding another gear set inventory space, do it, then we get more space to stash our gear and everyone would be happy. People with not enough gear can get the extra mf from NV.Vollgas1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 The Fall of Diablo 3 With the fail itemization ,nerf ias and now the mf swap.. i wanna see how them fanboys gonna protect their precious diablo3. come at me.. with arguements that d3 is not a fail game.PsycoBonez12 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blog About Real Issues, Not MF Seriously Blizzard, this is kind of becoming a joke at this point. The obvious answer to gear swapping is to give us the ability to press "w" to switch to a second set of gear. Or just remove the stat if you're so hellbent on nerfing it. Please Blog About: Itemization issues No Build Diversity Replayability Issues Solutions to Botting PvP/PKing Some kind of Endgame These are the issues.Gunblade2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Why does reflect damage work with hydra... ... But life steal does not? For clarity, hydra damage does not trigger life steal. This makes sense, as it's an indirect source of damage. But it does trigger damage reflection, so when my hydra is dealing damage, I'm taking some of it back when up against damage reflect mobs. This is not a gripe, but more of a question of consistency. In one situation, the spell acts as a source of indirect damage, while in another it acts as a source of direct damage. This just seems a bit odd.Michael4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Your starting to lose me Blizz I am not one of the forum haters that post negative things for entertainment. I try to stand up for your games and choices but it is getting very hard. All the choices for MF swapping feel punishing. It feels like when you think something is wrong with your game the first thing (and only thing in this case) you all think to do is make something weaker. Why not just make it easier and add a quick swap button. All these changes you have made since release are making me weaker and are adding up. If you decide to use any of the choices in your blog it might just be the straw that broke this camel's back. Please show me that this isn't going to be the direction for every change.escorpion0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Please... Give an intern the Ban Hammer It would do wonders for the game. I'm sure players would adore you for it. Give an intern the ban hammer and let him/her monitor the general and trade channels. See spam, ban it. That's all it would take. After a few days, we'd be free of the gold sellers accounts, till they got their next round of codes. I can almost guarantee this would be your biggest boost to moral for this game. Especially if you did a "Daily Ban counter" on the front page. *lol*Jesinta2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Game up, no patch? Seems like the game is back up now. No patch was downloaded, no patch notes... what gives? What was the point of the maintenance?nklr7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Option 6 1. Swapping of gear my only take place in town. 2. Weapons and off-hand items may be switched at any time. This is essentially how skills work in Inferno, if I need a different skill, I run away and port back to the city to swap a skill.Dour5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Town Pause for NV I'd like to humbly suggest a 'Town Pause' for Nephalim Valor for when the entire party is in town. I don't use multiplayer often but when I do, we go for very, very long hunts. Problem is, we're all human, we all need to eat sometimes, or stretch, or poop, or what have you. I feel guilty whenever I get up to make something to eat. And even then, I have to rush and eat at my keyboard simply because that timer's ticking away. I've even been in a few parties where the NV's entire timer was wasted standing at the Stash Box. That's not cool. Sure, that's where teamwork and communication come into play but this is only a video game, after all, and it's unhealthy to be glued to a machine for long periods of time. All MMO's I've seen have a disclaimer encouraging an occasional break, whereas in D3, it's seems almost discouraged. Thank you for your possible considerationSonicAlchemy2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 There is something wrong with the loot system when people are selling unidentified items. WTF?Hindenburg0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Any changes during the maint. this morning? I cant find any notes, was wondering if anyone noticed any changes?GenghisKhan0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 The lamest ideas I ever seen for magic find I would love to have seen the developers team meeting on how they came up with these ideas. The meeting must of either took place on a Monday when everyone was hungover or on a Friday afternoon at like 4 when everyone was ready to go home. Leave MF alone... that is the least the games brokenness right now. When you reach level 60, you pretty much get MF and GF bonuses anyway when you kill elites. I usually spend an hour playing in hell act 4 and wind up with a whole bag full of yellows.Hobbesteroo3 Jul 3, 2012