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Jul 3, 2012 If servers are down... how come the server status page is showing the Americas servers are up??JPMorganSLK0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 1.03 Inferno difficulty ramp ... Regarding the design preview notes, a direct quote i found was "As they gear up they can begin adjusting back to becoming offensive in Act II, at which point they can jump into Act III with a focus on defense, and so on". I can farm act 2 no problems with offensive gear, and so can the friends i play with. We normally have a monk tanking, he has no problems what so ever. As soon as we reach act 3 inferno there's a brick wall. We have gone through act 2 probably 5-7 times already, killing all elites and have not been able to find any upgrades so we assumed we must be ready since nothing better is dropping anymore than what we already have and act 2 is now quite easy. So regarding the difficulty ramp, whats with the brick wall again at act 3? Additional info: I currently have been playing wd with 46k life 500-600 resist all, 30k dps unbuffed up to 46k dps buffed. After we enter act 3 , elites will 2 shot me. Something still feels wrong or do we need to buy loot of ah.cdb39 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 What Character Will You Roll Next? Going to try make Barb Will All Intel Stats... Just for fun.. What About You Guys???LordNihilas1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 About pick up Hi I wonder if there a way to stop the mouse left click button for pick up? If there is tons of monster and many item on the ground...isn't that I would mistakenly pick up item instead of hitting monster when I continuously click the left button...Weirdo0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 because dodging attacks in games is not fun who came up with this concept w/ d3? why is it still here? JUSTICEEmoxiHaX8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 please add # ranges of magic props to ilvl ok. so loot is pretty unrewarding since im constantly seeing things like ilvl 63 hellion xbow having + 16 min dmg + 27 max dmg properties. RNG is fine and all but their ranges are ridiculous. ilvl 61 can still be better armor piece then ilvl 63. That should be fixed. I suggest keep the randomness of what stats/magic properties can be placed on an item and the number of properties that can be on the item. That would ensure the randomness still. BUT, ilvl 63's should be more rewarding then the lower lvls. I suggest placing a range on the numbers for each i lvl for each property. for example: ilvl 62 bracers vs ilvl 63 bracers main stat ranges 100-175 main stat ranges 125-200 somewhere along those lines. its still a wide range but at least you wont be seeing garbage 60 dex 70 int on higher ilvl items. It will make them more exciting to ID and more rewarding when you roll good props along side with good numbers. this will also make a little more gold sink since repair costs would go up with each high lvl gear you have. It would also kind of give an higher incentive to farm since you know you could always have a DECENT chance of rolling higher numbers and better properties combos instead of the terrible 1 in a 1 million chance of rolling great numbers with great combos.MohavenDark0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Error 3003 ? Is an error message of 3003 different then the others?Teeaniknik3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 AH Time Remaining Frozen During Downtimes? if not....gonna miss out on 2 items I was planning to bid for....:|:(Korrosive0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 speaking for myself... DiabloIII woot what a rush, just to hear that DiabloIII was actually going live was one of the best moments of the year for me (pretty sad huh). So thatere i was staring down a whole new game so excited at the possibilties and then immediately disapointed. I really thought D3 would be an upgraded vsn of D2lod vsn 1.09 (what an idiot I was). Though i immediately noticed the game was way more wow like in nature than i hoped i trudged onward, making a full set of lvl 60's. Don't get me wrong, it really is a great game (in its own right), but to give it to what i would consider a historic online game such as the diablo family just seemed to be a slap in the face of old diablo players everywhere. Where are the stats page and the requirements on armor ??? Even a true system on skill lvling and mastering?? Sure i enjoy the ability to respec (as we have in diabloII today) but i still long for the pvp days of .09 where balancing stats for damage life blockrate and desired gear was more an artform than the way it is today of just barely enough to hold your gear with all stat buffs, or the lack of personal creativity that we have in D3. There used to be a true artform in building a toon. And the resistance system............ can we please set in a flat baseline on resistances and increase it for each difficulty instead of the lvl of the monster you might be fighting????? Yellows are better than golds is something i will never fully grasp it is a diablo game right??? The total rng of the items is ...well its just boring, i would rather drop a unique monarch shield and be thinking "HELLL YEAH!!!! STORMSHIELD!!!) and know that it would be an upgrade over the yellow i had equipped. but as it is now i get a gold i am only asking myself will some idiot newb give me 80k for it from the ah or should i just sac it for mats . Speaking for myself : The game is a great game!!! BUT,,,It should not be part of the diablo family it is just spit in the face of all the Diablo fans who have been patiently waiting on this release. I am still gonna play because as i said it is still a great game. Just not as good as I had hoped for.kyrian0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Ninja nerf on item drop rates. ANYONE? Usually I take following farming path. Act 3, get Neph stacks in Bastion's Keep Once I hit 5 stacks, Siegebreaker -> Cydaea -> Azmodan Then move to Act 4, Get 5 stacks again in Heaven Gate -> Diablo This run takes lots of effort, and I stopped playing this for awhile b/c 95% of the loots would be ilvl55-60. But right after hotfix, I tried this path 3 times again, and I was able to loot one inventory of ilvl63 at the end of the run. However today, after three runs. WOWz. I was able to obtain only 8 of ilvl63 items. Maybe this is false generalization with low sample size? I dont know. But considering the fact that rest of the loot was ilvl57-61 (only couple ilvl62). I'm starting to doubt if there was a ninja nerf. Anyone feels the same? My last run, all the weapons I looted were less than ilvl 62 with 300-500 dps. IN INFERNO. WOW. NOT EVEN FUNNY.... gonna play LOL for awhile. GGmovementK3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 A message to potential RMAH users I consider myself to be a gamer who falls somewhere between casual players and serious players. As I have a full time job there is limited time that I can spend on this game yet at the same time I am still very competative and am always looking for improvements. So far I have been slowly grinding up my gold and rmah balance, I have kept my gear relatively inexpensive whilst still being effective (no real money used, just lots of farming). I kept my wizard at the level he needed to be to just do his job of farming, nothing over the top. Profits were to go to the rmah balance rather than immediate upgrades. My goal was to build a large rmah balance, not to cash out but to eventually use up when the new legendaries were to be released. Last week I had a few very lucky finds after hours of goblin hunting which took my rmah balance to over 500 while my wizard still had fairly average gear (60k dmg). So a few days ago I decided instead of doing my regular farming runs to instead just olay the game and run through act3 entirely. I wont go into much details since there are already many threads about the problems with the gameplay mechanics of this game. Lets just say that it was a very frustrating experience, so frustrating that I was tempted into used a few hundred out of my rmah balance that I had been saving into getting some upgrades as well as over 10mil in gold(which is really nothing now). I had the hope that gearing up would ease the frustrations that I had with the game, I make myself beleive that if I had THAT weapon, THAT ring and also get those then all will be better and I will start to enjoy the game. I was really made to beleive that my character was weak and gearing him up would solve everything. I upgraded my character significantly, almost to the point that it would have been excessive to get more upgrades. My damage went throug the roof, my armour, life and res were also quite nice, I could not wait to really start playing this game now for real. However, after a quick session of attempting the same act clearance that frustrated me previously i was quickly hit with reality. The same things that frustrated me before still frustrated me. The unavoidable deaths of before were still unavoidable. The constant deaths caused by lag spikes and broken hit boxes still occurred. I tried varying my skills and trying different styles but it was always the same story. I quickly realised that my character previously was not weak, the frustrations before were not due to my character, my equipment, my skills my play was all fine. I was simply being let down by the game. The game was the limiting factor, not me, not my character. Significantly improving my character had very little impact in making me enjoy the game and ease the frustrations because upgrading my character did not target the source for the frustrations which is the broken game. I am luxky that non of the money that I used actually came out of my pocket so I was able to learn this lesson for free. So I want to pass on this message to everyone else who is considering using the rmah to upgrade their characters. If the game frustrated you before, spending money to improve your character wont make the game less frustrating and wont make the game more fun. Instead, hold onto your cash and wait for Blizzard to fix this game because in its current state I do not think that it is worth spending any extra real money on.KristianT7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Stop whining about maintenance, play in Euro during the maintenance... Blizzard has the right to work on their game.oliviertm8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Fix Waller Affix Blizzard you should fix the Waller Affix. Its annoying when they cast the wall in me, so i cant move anywhere, cant attack at all but the enemy can Attack me. And when they have Lavecircle or something else a death is unavoidible. At the current castrate and the quantity i constantly stuck in Walls. Or did you do that on purpose, that the Elites uses bugs to kill me?GreenFlubber0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Quit complaining about maintenance. Everyone needs to start learning how to check these things. Not only is every Tuesday around this time a "Scheduled Maintenance", they also gave you all a 3 day warning of this. Stop yelling and complaining to blizzard because you are all to ignorant to read these things.Kyosji0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Diablo III = Windows Vista Blizz is doing the exact same errors as MS after releasing Vista. Release a beta product, ignore customers complaints, communicate in obscure ways. All that nerfing and the economy balancing stuff is really bad for the gameplay.Trolarno0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Diablo III -- servers are broken mine is down again too. blizzard's servers GO DOWN ALL THE TIME. they are terrible. it is only frustrating because they made the internet connection required even if you just want to play the single player campaign in diablo III. bonehead move on blizzard's part because they sure struggle to keep the servers in good repair so that you can play when you want to... i will think twice before getting a blizzard title down the road.Krazen1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 New end game idea Would be nice to see them bring back uber tristram,call it uber new tristram?. for anyone who dont know what that is please read. yes or no?Arnomus0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 I can't connect to the server I can't connect to the server american this morning , yet the status is green. Anyone else have the same problemMasterWolf0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Server Status My God, they can't even update their server status. I am seeing green arrows on Americas Servers but the server is definitely down. Great Job. Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Never ran into log in....... Errors, Maintenance, AH problems. WHY? do you ask? I'll be happy to share with you. Stay a while and listen........ I have a job Mon-Fri 8-5pm. I play at night 6-9. And I play a lot Sat-Sun. This leads me to believe a lot of the people here don't have jobs or jobs with crap hours. I have never ran into any time where I couldn't play Diablo DURING A REASONABLE TIME!!! Stop the QQ and go cut the grass or do some chores.KainDraven1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Thurgs Constructive Criticism A couple of comments, critiques, and curses: a little constructive criticism -Increase how much items sell to vendors for - You increased repair costs about 5x, items should be selling for 5x what they sell for as well. I keep running into public with half naked people who "ran out of money". -Guilds/clans - just what it says, a guild/clan tag and a chat channel for that guild to use. Just a little something to give the game more flavor. -Leveling - far FAR to easy. It was so quick and very unrewarding since it was just so fast. Just curve the exp up as you level, but don't increase the exp from mobs more. -More ability slots - id love to have 8 ability slots so i can diversify what im doing a little bit more. Extra skill slots could be something opened at say level 40, and 60. With mastery of your class comes mastery of your skills. It would also add that much more diversity. -Passive abilities - increase from 3 to 5 at say levels 15, 25, 35, 45, 55. The passives are great, but it just feels like "oh these 2 I NEED, this one should just really HAVE. But I then what about the 1 or 2 that I WANT" It would add so much more diversity to things and allow people to be able to try to do things differently. -Tank/dps classes - tank, healer, dps. These are terms for MMO's where people have a specific role to fill. As showed by wows dungeon finder. The diablo games how ever are not MMO's. All the classes are heroes that all do the same thing, just a little differently. You guys seem to have forgotten that along the way. -Chat channels - I know personally id like to be able to create my own channel to talk with all the friends who are at work or in class and cant be in vent chit chatting with one another. -Legendaries and set items - you gotta break those two up in the auction house in the search drop down. -Damage range - its nice I can see my dps, but what my damage range? Where did that go to? That was always a big part of determining what weapon to use imo. -Secret levels - id love to see more of them, different varying things. And a real cow level /wink 7/3/12 - Few other things that popped up along the way: -a reset button for the AH feilds -the stat search feild has a minimum but if it also had a maximum it would that much easier to filter down the huge amount of items into the small window your looking for Enrage timers - this isn't a raid in wow, stop that Not being able to run back to a boss fight - this is a terrible change. Pls dont confuse diablo with wow any further then it already is. Just a couple of things that come to my mind.Clurg5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Real contributions in here Discuss:paperbags0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Can someone just settle this? Should I or should I NOT be buying gold from third-party? I see advertisers everywhere and immediately think SCAM, but never a clear answer on whether it's legit or not. Should these people be reported? Is it against ToS? Is it even worth it? What are the official rules? Every answer I've read/heard seems to be a mixed-bag..Brutedawg18 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Wow, Steam Did Me a Solid. I decided to pre-order Torchlight 2 for $19 today. When I bought it, they game me a free copy of the original Torchlight to play until the new game comes. That is pretty cool. I wish I had went ahead and clicked buy on this dang game way back before Diablo 3. But, NO, my friend Nick just HAD to get this game and where is he now? He quit. They all quit. /sigh Oh well. Just wanted to pass this on since we can't play until like 2pm today.BigGurlsRock2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Gambler NPC replaced by AH Who else is under this notion?KradisZ2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Why the hell can't I connect to Bnet? It directs me to the server status page and according to that page the server is up and running. great job BlizzardBattlebacon0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 BREAKING NEWS!!!!! yeah right just the flipping server down.... maint wow.....Luda1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 To all the haters... Why are you still on these forums? I get it, you hate D3. That's fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But why are you still here posting vile comment after vile comment? I enjoy the game and would like to have legitimate discussions with other people who like it more than hate it, or at least have constructive disagreement. If that means there are 5 people on the forums then so be it. At least it will be a fruitful discussion. Just move on to a different game, there are millions out there. Some of which probably won't enrage you. Games are supposed to be fun. Is it really worth wasting your time and energy on something you don't like? Move on.Apocalypse532 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 tuesday = downtime stop posting stop making pointless threads that flood the 1st pageMrpopo0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Please have a prominent notice area in game Hi Blizzard, Can you please have a notification area in game, in a more prominent area, where everybody can notice it easily. Currently you have a notification area in the launcher, but it's not updated, and you do not expect player to shut down the game, and relauch it just to check if there's any latest notices. I understand that you will have maintenance on every Tuesday, but please also be understood that not every D3 player is previous WoW/ Starcraft players, many of us are new to Blizzard game, we do not know your regular server maintenance time as other veteran players did. You should some kind of prominent notification area in game to cater for all kind of game update, server downtime, server maintenance notices. Posting notices in forum is just not enough, not everyone will come to this forum. I believe there are many casual players out there doesn't even know the existence of this forum.SkyHomer0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Quality of Life Change Please Ok so I enjoy this game a little rough but it has only been out for 2 months so im not even upset that somethings are a little rough around the edges. the only thing that this game is in desperate need of is a 4th stat preference on the ah. there are items with 4-7 affixes on it and players cannot search for them. we have to scroll though countless items and pray we find one with the affix we want that hasnt been sniped yet. anyways continue the work on balancing and bug fixes but this one change would make alot easier for the community Thank youLoSo0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Make us scavengers, not beggers... Last night, I had a very embarrassing moment of asking my friend to lend me 10k so i could fix my gears in order to join the fight with them... with the raising cost of armor fixing, do you think it might be a good idea to raise the prices of the junks we picked up on our adventure, to compensate the money we lose to the blacksmith? I dont see reason why not? you want us to continuously play the game, killing mobs, right? and you surely want those grey/white drop to have a purpose in the game, so, why not raising their sale value, so, players have a reason to make use of them? I am not asking a huge difference, but, enough to be of use in the game play. thank you for reading, and hopefully, i'll be able to pay my debt as a puny scavenger...Redhare05290 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 only 3 requests for a next patch 1- Make a invisible mode for the friend list 2- a S.T.F.U option for the hired NPCs and Diablo, im tired to hear stupidities and bad voices acting that plague the game 3- Make the game actually fun for the customers , stop nerfing the game , Fix the servers LAG stop to be greedy for the money like EA .. they start to go downFlaming0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Laggy on laptop I have WOW on max settings with no lag. But with D3... laggy :( Can they fix it?Simz0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 how does the AH work when servers are down I was bidding on a weapon and was planning on placing a bid a few minutes before the auction ended. Well it just so happens it ends during the "scheduled maintenance". Do the auctions countdowns freeze as they are working on it or do they continue as normal?phil4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Losing Act 3 Inferno access for the 3rd time This is the 3rd time I've lost access to Act 3 Inferno. I've killed Belial 3 times and should have been granted access to it 3 times over already. But it seems that I randomly lose the access to it. Why do I say randomly? The latest time I killed Belial, was about 3 days ago and then for the past 3 days I have had access to Act 3. However, when I logged on earlier and tried to access Act 3, from the level selection screen, the furthest I could go was Act 2 kill Belial - this happened the previous two times also, except that they didn't last as long as 3 days, only a day or so. Is "progression rollback" a known bug? Anyone else experienced it before? Edited for poor English: Even my eyes bled at my poor language.Zizin17 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Solution to MF gear swapping issues. The solution is simple. Implement a secondary gear set that players can swap between with a keybinding. This allows players to have the MF set for drops without the tediousness of swapping each piece of armor, and clears up inventory space as well. Both issues that were mentioned by Bashiok in this thread Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Dragus Drops Hey, I'm a 60 monk in Inferno Act 3, and I've been trying to get better gear by farming Dragus, a fairly easy and fast mini-boss from chapter 2 of act 3, but regardless of my probably 50+ kills, I have yet to see a rare drop from him. Is this just bad luck or does he even drop rares at all?Renamesk7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Just a thought Most people are aware of regular weekly scheduled maintenance but when you get into a zone you kind of forget what is going on and you tend to lose sense of time. My thought how about every Monday whether there is maintenance or not you put a little notification in the window on the Diablo 3 login screen to remind people that the game will be going down. Just a thought. It would be kind of nice to have that reminder before I drink piles of caffeine to pull an all nighter. :PMedeiros830 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 More snippets from new diablo book...... Finally Lyndon and Leah were alone. " How about you polish my geodendag?" inquired Lyndon, with a sly smirk. With a seductive look in her eyes, Leah began unfastening the cincture from around his schynbalds, with the intent of taking the size of Lyndon's geodendag and doubling it. Suddenly, out in the distance, and increasing in volume they could hear " both a literal and figurative foe of evil....." They looked about and saw Kormac, confused and muttering to himself, unaware that he was approaching them. Lyndon let out a sigh " We would break the poor templars will if he saw us.....maybe another time". Leah nodded in agreement, but with an obvious look of disappointment. Putting away his geodendag and refastening his cincture, Lyndon suggested that him and Leah should pretend to be discussing something innocent. "Great idea" Leah responded " Uncle Deckard, all he did was read those dusty scrolls of his....... As they began approaching the templar, Kormac started practicing his swordsmanship on a nearby tree. "A mighty blow!!!!" he yelled out. Lyndon could only think to himself " a mighty blow indeed" as he imagined what couldve been.Aurust0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 7/3 sched maint Are there any notes for this downtime or are the rebooting the servers. I couldnt find anything that said they were making changes. Does anyone know?BLKStang1220 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 What item do you most often dye invisible Honestly, I'm glad for item dyes, I can kill the helmet and shoulders of my characters making them look a lot more reasonable and a lot less warcraft that way. Good deal there Blizzard. Oh, and also pants... Honestly, I find myself wondering why the design team decided it would be best to keep the same item separation as in warcraft. Wouldn't it make sense for the sake of making Diablo significantly varied from warcraft to change up the separation, such as incorporating shoulders in to the torso design allowing for cloaks that weren't neck tails, and pauldrons that didn't float above the shoulders.Cascais0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 "MOBA" Control Option not sure where else to put this, so i guess i'll put it here. i'd just like to suggest a new control scheme option. i'd like the ability to switch a control scheme that controls more like an RTS or MOBA game. in an RTS/MOBA game, "Right-Clicking" tells your unit/Hero to move to the target location or attack the clicked unit. "Left-Clicking" selects a unit, giving information on it. they also allow for other commands, such as "Hold Position" and "Attack Move". your abilities would be bound similarly to how they are now, with a few slight adjustments: the abilities bound to your Left- and Right- mouse buttons would have to be moved elsewhere. this would be a "Mode", sort of like how "Elective Mode" allows you to rebind your abilities as you see fit. it wouldn't be for everyone, or even most players, but veterans of RTS or MOBA would probably find this control scheme much more natural than the current one. again, i suggest it as an optional control scheme, so none of the Diablo veterans would have to use it if they do not wish to.immaterial3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Is there a patch being applied? If so is there any detail on the changes being made?Lonewolf8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Unable to make a game. Error 300008? Anyone else having this issue? O_ORighteoustar19 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Bliz needs to stop I don't know what this company is thinking when they decide to nerf things. When half of the player base thinks that something is overpowered and the other half does not mind it they decide to nerf it thus causing half of the player base to quit. On the other hand had they not nerf it, the players that were whining would still be playing the game. Now they want to take out gear swapping for magic find. If they do continue with this another portion of the players will quit again. It seems like Blizzard is trying to cut down the number of players to a minscule amount who will play the game how Blizzard wants it to be played. Then they tried to help the economy by tinkering with the loot system and failed horribly. With the new loot system people are getting so much more rare drops than before and globins runs are so viable now that to some people this game is called "Goblin Run". Even botters did not mess with the economy as bad as this. What Blizzard should do is fix the things that needs to be fixed such as adding more search option in the auction house, fix the movement speed of some elites and so on.BakaPhil0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 $10,000 purchase? RMAH bug Had to screenshot this. Is this a known bug? Went over to my completed tab and saw this. Pretty lulzy. Apparently I made $10,000 and $600 purchases :PSaulGoodman19 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Server is up but still get error 3003 I don't have to much time to play so when I get a chance I jump at it but I can't log in 7 out of 10 times. I get several different error messages or get kicked off while playing. I love the game so far but I'm not able to do much of anything. Does anyone have any suggestions on a time of day that would be better to play or is there something else going on?DOA0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Beyond disappointed with no patch.. July 4th is tomorrow, many of us have a short week or took some time off (clearly not for diablo).. Is there no way you could have done what any regular business would have - perhaps put in some man hours to make your customers happy? If one of my customers is not happy, I will work through the weekend to resolve the issue. If there is a big holiday coming up, I will do everything I can to get the job finished before said holiday. I feel as if you do not care. Fix the damage problems maybe? I would say thank you for the hard work and communication, but with the lack of one comes the question of whether the other exists.Willzyx0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Maybe they nerf this I hvnt try this cause my monk has horrible items, well its practically naked Jul 3, 2012