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Jul 3, 2012 So can Europeans sell their account now?,,16069323,00.html European court declares resale of used software licenses legal, not matter where and how they were obtained.,,16069323,00.html Reddit is also talking about it. What does is over all mean for Blizzard in Europe?RatzStubing7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 We truly need a Dev blog of some sort I know this is probably the 500th post about something like this, but I thought that maybe seeing another one might at least trigger the thought that the community would REALLY like one of these. World of warcraft doesn't have one, but WoW plays have mmo-champion. Diablo players have diablofans, which hardly sees any data mining, if any. As a player, avid gamer, and Digital Arts major (Looking to become a game Dev myself) I like to see where developers are taking things. It's really unnerving to not know what's in store for us when the general outcry for changes is HUGE. I feel like it'd take a lot of the spam out of the forums, and greatly increase the playerbase's feelings toward the developers. Regardless of whether or not 100% of the community would agree with any announced development directions we'd (The community) still know what to expect, and as the developer you would have the opportunity to take a step back and say "Well the community doesn't like this change. Maybe we should rework it." In all honesty I really hate seeing this game plummet into the ground. I played Diablo 2 for a very long time, even up until the release of this game. I want D3 to succeed. I really do. Problem is, it's very far from that point. It doesn't even have to be the devs that write the blog. It can be a CM, a new employee, a new position to open up, etc. We need something. The game updates aren't frequent enough. What I'm suggesting doesn't require lengthy posts. All it needs is a sentence to a paragraph per day just explaining what the development team is proposing to one another. It's simple enough that the community feels like we're engaged with the devs. As I said before, at least something like this will alleviate some of the questions that the public has.Oven1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 End game solution to mf and gear swapping End Game Solution to Magic Find and Gear Swap problems. This is my favorite solution. Remove mf on gear. Tie MF bonus directly to account based Achievements when you have 5 NV stacks. Give something like 10% MF bonus for how many achievement points you have. I am working towards 3k points and would get a 300% bonus. I would spend a long time playing the game to get the rest of the achievements to get more MF. This rewards the right people without any punishment. People who play the game more will have better MF over time. It will give people a reason to try for complete achievements. It will make people play more classes, try to achieve hardcore rank, more story play, more classes, and find the Easter Eggs in the game. This also gets rid of almost all gold and item botters. Players will have high achievements but no new accounts can get MF or match the most faithful players. There are many, many upsides. Think about it everyone. It only helps the long term players. It is perfectly fair. It makes gear used for killing but the game itself becomes its own MF stack. Here is my rant. Or in other words why the suggested solutions will solve nothing. 1. MF cap: This is a direct nerf on current players that have decent MF gear and punishes most those who are already doing it right. The lower it is, the more it hurts them. The higher it is, the less it works. Very bad idea. Doesn’t even fix the problem. And it ruins MF. 2-5. These all have the same problem. A timed delay or punishment for MF gear swap is easily exploited by players with end game gear. If the delay is anything short, less than 30 seconds, players will just switch and wait it out. This makes the game more annoying because efficiency will be even more of a pain, more slow going and does nothing to fix the problem. If this delay it lengthens in time, say past 3 minutes, or a complete removal of NV on switch, it encourages a change in play style, and that play style still includes a gear swap. The only acts that are really farmed at end game are acts 2 and 3 in inferno. If you want to do it efficiently with these proposed changes, simply clear the trash in the act using your “real” gear. Get a second set of ok MF gear. It doesn’t need to be grand because you will only use it for a few minutes per act clear. During your clear in real gear kill the minions or 2 of the 3 mobs per pack. As you are clearing everything, train these mostly dead packs back to the front or back of the area, which always have handy way points. Warp to town. Swap gear and it in town two minutes. After the time expires, warp back to the 15 way points where the remaining champ or elite mob from each pack sits waiting for you, and kill it in MF gear. So the game will be clear, re-clear, collect loot. AH. This allows a poor but good enough MF set to still farm the same number of packs. It is more painful yes, but not as painful as clearing the entire act in mf gear. It is also much more accessible to all players who will never have the hundreds of millions of gold to approach the power that a non-mf set will have compared to an MF set. This will be the most efficient way to farm and it will happen if 2-4 is implemented. Really, can someone point out a reason why everyone will not do this? TL:DR anything implemented will be exploited to the most efficient end. There cannot be any punishment that is not so punishing that it hurts most players more than exploiters unless it is a new mechanic. The only true solution is a new mechanic. What else would I do? Here are my favorite new mechanics that would be a similar solution by creation instead of destruction. 1. Charms. This is not an end game solution. It punishes people by filling up their bags. Give people something else to look for. This won’t really work because the AH will lead to everyone who cares having a full bag of charms 2 days after they are invent. 2. Enchanter. Make this character put MF on gear. Make the MF only affect the current player, like dye. When resold the gear drops the MF. Make the enchanter another gold sink, or a time sink, maybe giving it (curious shen) only one enchant per day. To enchant all your gear takes a long time and money. This makes players pick their MF set, but punishes them with nothing but delay. 3. Make Gear Swapping official. I would vote for this. Really. People already have shown they want to do this. Make it easy and alleviate the burden. It will be helpful if not needed for PVP so you can have 2 sets of gear and not have to carry bags of junk around. If people would rather MF than PVP they can make the second set the MF set. This hurts no one. It does devalue the MF stat, but creates a mini game of collecting a second set and swapping it, and not dying in lesser gear. This mini MF swap game is much more fun than any of the proposed changes.Flaycrow0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 An honest-to-God constructive feedback post Against my better judgement of posting on this forum (which I rarely, if ever, do), and against the odds of it even being read, I thought I'd do my part, as requested by Blizzard employees all the time. Here go a couple of things I haven't seen discussed much or not at all: Everything stated is from the perspective of a player currently farming Act II easily and Act III with some effort in Inferno difficulty. I don't believe fire damage (or fire resistance) is working as intended. I'm currently sitting at the high 800s of all resistances, fire being over 900. Of all the elemental types of damage, fire damage completely wrecks me. Fire chains instantly kill me, a fire pool from a normal fire construct in Act II kills me in 2 ticks and a fireball from a normal winged demon in Act III all but 1-shots me. This goes way way beyond anything the other types of damage do to my character. Having to skip some special mob packs depending on character, no matter how well you're doing is stated as being by design. I've read this on more than one occasion and my take on it is that this is bad game design. The solution to a game obstacle should never be 'not to play', it's an oxymoron in itself. I've read a suggestion once that would put absurd combinations to rest and I would like to reiterate it: special packs would draw one 1 affix from a number of affix pools (number of pools to be determined). If (for example sake), desecrator and plagued were in the same pool, a special pack would never be both since it could only draw one of them (or others in the same pool); it would then draw another affix from the next pool and so forth. Some normal mob types (even in normal form) are ridiculously overpowered. I won't go into this much, as I'm sure it's been discussed, but those ranged-plagued-unavoidable-attack mobs in act III come to mind. Itemization, economy, end-game solutions, etc. are all being discussed ad-nauseam so there's no point in going at it again. And even though I'm a cynic when it comes to the good will of corporations, I do trust that corporations will always seek good business, which in this case goes through having a long-lasting and successful game. Here's wishing for the best future for Diablo III from a Blizzard customer since 1996.Mishra3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 why was d3 released? so blue post just confirmed that the game launched not only without pvp, but without a proper endgame. What happened to "it's finished when it's finished"? fanboys welcome.Vahagn8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Here's an idea to MF swapping Cap MF at 225%. However, change the NV buff to 10% MF per stack with a maximum stack of 15. Drops are 1 guaranteed rare item per 5 NV, with a cap of 4 rares item TOTAL per elite pack, 5 total rare for bosses. Players however lose 2 NV buffs per death. Now that's 150% with a full stack and players can decide whether or not they want to risk dying with gear swapping that additional 75% MF for the maximum drop potential ( NV buff can be carried on through acts. Now this will make the farming experience a lot more fun for both gear swappers and non gear swappers imho. Non gear swappers should be comfortable with 150% MF and the more extreme players can swap gears for that 1 more rare drop with the risk of losing 2 NV buffs. Thoughts?chakolat5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blizzard want we arent play diablo 3? Diablo is best game ever for me, diablo 2 and diablo 3 never close first Diablo. i was a boy for first daiblo and this game so enjoyable. After years i wait new game first diablo 2 not bad but not is a Diablo, and Diablo 3 totally disapointed. Because when we start play diablo 3 blizzard just did nerf nerf nerf, why? First chars nerfed, now they try nerf MF, ok after? i have 325 Mf i never swap gears and i killed almost 11.000 elites and i got only 1 set item, and other rares believe me all sux. Legends totally maybe 20. And i can play without any single die inferno act 1 but when i go act 2 with my gears i die in 1 hit. its just boring. i being boring. We play just for fun, not for boring.Heracles10 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Repeat after me. Grind.QoOkie5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 How many copies sold so far ? And how many players play each day ? its been 2 months and i am curious..Vanhyo2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Bonus Endgame Content Ever feel the need to do something 'different'? Let us reflect back in the gold old days of the PSX (That's the original playstation). There was once a gem of a title known as Final Fantasy Tactics, still a great game, and worth a crapload still today. After I had done literally everything in the game, there was always one thing to do. Deep Dungeon. 99 levels of increasingly difficult monsters. Ultimate rewards for reaching the lowest levels. Flash forward to the PS2. Disgaea/Disgaea 2. They took the deep dungeon element and went one step further, by applying it to EVERY ITEM POSSIBLE. You could quite literally enter any weapon you had, clear out all 100 levels, and it increased your weapon damage significantly. This was also very required to beat any of the 'bonus' levels provided. While both games are turn-based stragety games, a similar element could very easily be introduced in to the Hack 'n Slash that is Diablo 3. Imagine: Teaming up with 3 buddies to clear out 100 levels of hell, all randomly generated, each level increasingly difficult. It would take the best gear, the best cunning, and the best strategy to even attempt to clear the final floors, but the rewards would be well worth it. The best part: It could be available to only those that have obtained inferno difficulty. The first floors could see trash mobs like the large packs of spiders that die in 3 hits, MAYBE a single elite pack. The middle floors would have a 'purple' or two, as well as elite/champ packs, and the final floors could be nothing but purples and elite/champ packs. These monsters could be from any act, at any point. Or even introduce some new monsters.Noodles0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Any League of legends players here? Please message me in gamexASGxSlayerx0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 How about using repair as an item sink? There has been a lot of debate over gold inflation, the huge amount of itens on the AH, and how there is no item sinks on the game. I've been thinking about this over some time now: Make so that every time you repair an item, it's MAXIMUM durability goes down (I believe D2 was like this, correct me if I'm wrong) by, say, 10%. So an item with 60 durability goes down do 54 on the first repair, then 49 on the second, and so on... This way, every item will have a lifetime (with the exception of indestructible ones), and will eventually come down do 1 maximum durability, effectively becoming useless. That way the item hunt will never cease, and loot rates can be lowered (and made better) without flooding the AH with items. Thoughts?Lhoucomaniac1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Best Goblin farming Spot in a3 OR a4!? Hey, Was wondering what the best Goblin farming spot would be in a3 or a4, I can farm champs their too but sometimes i like to switch it up for fun, Goblin farming is a fun Break from the real thing lol.... I tried Searching online for them, and got some but dont know which ones might have been nerfed since then, If this is against any rules please tell me because I dont want to do that.Kuehljosh8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Option #6 for MF Swap Sorry Blizzard but options 1 through 5 are completely terrible... I propose Option #6: Remove MF from gear It makes no sense keeping it in the game after you created NV just remove it as a stat. Instead let NV Stack continuously till it reaches a cap of 300% the more you farm the more loot. Don't let NV fall off when switching acts. Promotes extended game play and lets players experience more than one act. TBH the idea of Magic Find being one of the main design focuses is really a bad waste of resources at the moment many other things in this game need revamped and changed way more than if one player is getting 2 more rare items than the average player because they gave up inventory space.Skitzo9 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 I know why blizzard keeps nerfing everything fun is an unintended exploit that they are working very hard to eliminate. They destroyed the feedback loop that kept people going at Diablo 2/1 and now they are trying their best at destroying any remaining fun the player base is having. !@#$ you blizzard. %^-* you activision.donkeygravy0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Crafting 6 prop gloves 120k+ your mats BATTLE TAG: Alkrym#1507 Add me with the message saying how many gloves you need crafted, I'll add you and invite you to game Mats = 28 essence, 5 tears, 8 tombsAlkrym0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Staff of Herding Inferno [HELP] i need someone that is on act 4 part 4 on inferno to to invite me so i can buy the recipe for the inferno staff of herding anyone that could do this i will greatly appreciate it.. add me: i502#1445 thanks ----closed-----I5021 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Quitting game, free loot. I've got some lv60 legendary items to hand out too, 1k dps 1 handers, witch doc items. Post a youtube vid of you impersonating a Hire mercenary from d3 holding a sign that says which merc you are imitating. Gunna work out and I'll check back to choose winner.Loft1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blues this is for you in regards to your mf ... I'm running act 1 with 177mf and 32909 DPS being able to get the stacks to boost that even higher is awesome Don't change something that doesn't need fixed people are just saying that their tired of wasting hours on a crap shoot when they want a map to the treasure with a big red X so they can be powerful and beat act 4 inferno, start farming make more money max out all their toons and quit playing. To me that would take away from the pretty much the 50% of the game play you guys should have just made it take longer to get to the end of the game I didn't pay you guys 60 dollars so i could reach the end of the game in less than 40 hours with nothing to do but magic find. Diablo 2 was more fun for a reason, you spent days leveling up not hours so you had more time to find drops as you were playing which I'm nearly 97% sure is what the Diablo 3 team was trying to achieve and failed. Just make the game play better (as in all difficultys) we didn't need normal to be a tutorial mainly because you didn't take into account that after the person plays though normal the first time its just going to be dumb the second, third, and forth times. The creatures need an overhaul on their pathing and AI scripting. they need to start using their skills tacitly instead of just spamming them when their cool downs reset. I would love to see the huntresses using this tactic: when target approaches only 70% of the mob surfaces from the sand and kite the target back over the spot then the other 30% jump out and are behind essentially making a 2 pronged attack. BUT you also need to make it so the AI can asses when to use said tatics and when it will get them killed. I WANT A MORE CHALLENGING GAME not a oh ill just boost my DPS as high as i can and kill everything or max my resists and not be able to kill anything but its sure not killing me either. I think these are just taking the game to the dump. You have the money to pay your staff now give these guys a raise and make them work some overtime I want a game that makes me want to play it. I've put almost 375 hours on this between a monk and wizard and now I'm bored I don't have much desire to beat inferno diablo because theres nothing left to do afterward other than what I'm doing now farming for item drops in an economy that obviously is showing signs of doing the same thing and it needs fixed. We need something else to do if we can't have new content then you should have made it last longer instead of this rush fest to level 60 there's people that get to level 60 in 2-3 days. PS my sincere thanks to whoever fixed the mortar skill the huntresses use in act 2 people now have half a chance of dodging the blasts.BluntMonger4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 What type of damage is reflect damage? I assuming its either physical or whatever damage type you deal. I've looked but can't find a definitive answer anywhere. Can anyone help?mahchine5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 How to fix all botting permantly As we all know Diablo 2 was filled with bots and as fate would have it so is Diablo 3. What I don't understand is why blizzard is letting botters get away with it. Sure you can ban a few thousand people but you're not going to catch everyone. There is bots for everything they're spamming the channels, grabbing up cheap auction house items, and getting massive amounts of gold without having to lift a finger. A simple solution to stop bots would be to have us enter a unique code every 5 games we create and every few items we sell or buy. Although this may be an inconvenience to some I feel that its worth it to stop the bots. Maybe someone else could come up with a better solution but it needs to be something that can't be scripted for it to work. Let me know what you guys think.Bubby1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Repair costs... Is it just me or does it seem like the repair costs went down a bit per death? My gear hasn't changed, but seems the amount to repair is less than it was even yesterday, or last week. Was there a nice hotfix today, any notes on it if so? ggpddaawwgg2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Its actually funny All the people crying about those who post from WoW about d3 features and that they shouldnt be allowed to post or keep it to themselves love to suggest ideas that come from wow... such as full gear swapping...Ortgrale3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 The REAL Magic Find Solution (Missing #6) So, as most of you know, Blizzard showcased 5 garbage solutions to a problem that is non-existent to most who play. This post here has the #6 Suggestion, the one that works. Option 6: More Magic Find, on ALL Items with the addition of Diminishing Returns In this solution, Magic Find would carry the same general bearing/benefit as it does right now - up to a certain point. What this whole thing means, is in this implementation of a fix, each gear slot (or at least some gear slots) would have much larger MF caps, allowing players to hit the 200% range in only a few pieces, rather than an entire gear set. This in turn would allow [the player] to use the remaining gear slots to stack whatever their primary attributes are increasing damage and survivability; thus, allowing players to Farm with MF gear, with no need for swapping. Furthermore, for those who really truly care about every single piece of MF they can have - it allows them to stack even more, hell, maybe even up to 400% - BUT, there is a caveat to it all. Diminishing Returns. Simply put, around the 200% MF level, the worth starts to drop off, more and more. So the different between 350% and 400% is almost inconsequential, at least to a point where casual players don't HAVE to have that much MF to be worthwhile. This gives the best of both worlds to casual and full-time gamers. Hell, you can even STILL add the Hot-Swappable gear-set for those who want it with this suggestion as well. Make everyone happy. I feel like in every post I write, I do need to say, on the off-chance someone Blue actually reads this. Please remember, this is a Diablo game you are working on. Not a World Of Warcraft Expansion - treat it as such. If you like this idea, please, please hit the little thumbs up in the corner. If we can make Blue listen - maybe they will be able to move on to real issues... such as Legendaries being useless... or half of the classes being useless... or half the ... well you get the point. Please Thumbs UP! TL;DR Add more MF % on certain items, so you can hit high percent with less item slots, add diminishing returns at around 225%, and add a hot-swappable gear button while you're at it. Problem solved.flatspotting3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Read my magic find post too blizz QQ Magic find swapping can be fine for a select group of players, On the other hand the bigger majority of players do not like swapping/don't know how to swap/ cant really swap gear that well. Magic Find swapping at the last sec really takes away from the experience to a lot of players, "Yes i am going to defeat this epic mob, One moment while i change clothes bro. i need to make sure you drop phat loot." Either way, the players that do not like to MF swap either are forced to learn to like to swap or to get used to running w/5 stacks of valor. This feels like forcing players to pick one or the other. If you are going to have a system or put a new system in place, i ask that you make sure that every person can use it, from the gamers that spend 40+ Hours to the gamers that log on for 4 to 6 hours a week. What i would like to see is, Blizzard moving forward to make MF a little bit easier for the community as a whole. to allow everyone to have a better chance at finding gear and paying for those repair bills they earned :P Bring back the enchantress. Create some Plans that allow Magic find buffs, Vitality, All resist, Primary stats, CC reduction. Things that can allow players to fix the stats on a certain item that may be lacking. This would do several things. 1. Create another gold sink which you love :D 2. Open up more options for itemization as items that lack a specific stat may not be vendor food. 3. Allow players who have a good gear setup to add Magic find to the gear they have, Just like Gems, this MF and GF % can increase in cost. 4. Also one thing that maybe considered, is allow the enchants to be bound to the account. Example. Player a. Enchants His boots with Lucky bindings 10% extra magic find. then sells said boots on the AH after he is done using them. Once lucky bindings are sold or transfered to another account the enchant will fall off thus allowing player b. to enchant with whatever he/she would like to use. 5.Gives players another customization tool, which we all know people love to be different and find unique things. Thats fun. I know you guys were not to keen on having people find a new piece of gear and feel like they have to run back to town to enchant this new item, but i like getting new gear, i like to add gems and would like to enchant things. Also i dont mind running back to town for a few mins to do a couple things. i prolly have to vendor things anyways. Also someone had the idea of charms. MF and GF Charms would do almost the exact same thing that MF swapping does, minus the hassle part. 1. Takes up inventory space. 2. Provides a sense of wealth, which is another reason play this game. People want to feel like they have a lot. They want to feel 3. Creates new AH items & RMAH items to be sold/bought. 4. Allows all players of the game to actually use Magic find/Gold find with out trying to swap. A lot of people hate swapping. Now you may have to do some adjusting or put a cap on MF or whatever you want but you guys get paid the big bucks to figure that stuff out. Whatever you choose, Make sure everyone can use it all the same.xASGxSlayerx1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Odds of epic 1 hander w/o AH deleted, my calculations were badKerbo11 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Loot is bad i farm a lot, the ilvl is bad and the loot is bad i farm a lot, the ilvl is good and the loot is bad i am sadJake0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Just Another MF Option Here's one solution that i was thinking of regarding gear swapping, it has to do with a major tweak to Nephalem Valor(NV). I'll state off the bat, my idea is somewhat radical, but has a possibility working. Continue after the quote to see my reasoning. ... Nephalem Valor Splitting As of right now, NV stacks MF and GF. This system works great, especially when it comes to maxing out your stacks and having rares drop all over the place. I like the system it has worked wonders for my characters and am now having some sort of income, but splitting NV into two stacks might increase the challenge of getting those stacks and also increase the rewards. NV is stacking for 15% of MF and GF respectively, imagine going out and killing an Elite Pack and getting one stack of MF for 20-25%, or a Champion Pack and getting one stack of GF for 20-25%. Both are separate, but more potent in there effectiveness. This will force players to explore any which place they can for the proper pack they need for an additional stack of MF or GF, and because it's so powerful switching out for MF gear will drop the total MF counter to 0 and replenish slowly over about 1/second. This can happen only when your in battle, when your in town the stacks go unaffected when gear swapping. So farming isn't much of an option because you might find one of each stack, and gear swapping in battle is discouraged especially at higher MF stacks. Magic Find and Gold Find can still play a significant roll on items, but it will be directly connected to the NV stacks. Magic and Gold Find Tweaks MF and GF are a great component to the game when it comes to trying to find stuff. With the recent MF gear swapping phenomenon there has been issue with this. The lack of a secondary load out has resulted in players switching gear out in the middle of battle. By decreasing the effectiveness of the MF and GF of items, this will be discouraged gear swapping in battle, but have an NV modifier for gear your character currently has on. Hidden Modifier are usually never welcome, it makes the games more complicated for casual gamers, but it adds a little more depth to the hardcore gamers that thrive on taking advantage of the modifiers. The modifier i have in mind is an Item MF/GF Multiplier embedded in the NV stacks I explained in the NV Splitting. Lets say Blizzard does decrease the MF on items just for the sake of argument. For every one stack of MF/GF you acquire, the MF/GF on your gear is multiplied by a factor of 0.2-0.5, increasing your MF/GF significantly over every stack you get. So having about 20% MF on your gear, your find your first Elite Pack and you destroy them, you get the MF stack for 20% plus the Modifier. Lets say you got your stacks to 3 MF stacks, your total MF from the MF stacks would be 60% and an additional 30% from the modifier for a total of 90%, but the moment you change out your MF gear in battle or in town, you lose the modifying factor. This further discourages MF gear swapping, and encourages sticking to one set of MF items through a game. (e.g. 20%+(0.5*20)=30%) I hope you guys can come up with other viable variations of this. The NV stack splitting is a long shot and will probably get shot down by much of the community, but I have a voice as well, as felt I could say something productive :P.Tritone5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 People that likes to farm, please answer.. Why or what is your point of farming? There is no ladder, no pvp, no end game. Also, please dont say the reason you farm is because of the rmah. I have made around 450 at the rmah. Most of the profits I made was when the rmah arrived at the early stages. Now, it is harder and harder to sell stuff at the rmah, and I am sure it is hard for you as well. With that being said, what is the point of farming?spanky0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 My two cents...(hear me out) Hey everyone, this is my first ever forum post so bear with me. I just want to say i respect everyones opinions and skill levels, there is just a few things i needed to get off my chest. I have been a fan of blizz games since i got the game of the year battle chest years ago(SC2,WC2,diablo) it was friggin awesome and i couldnt have been happier. Because of that purchase, I have been a loyal follower of blizzard since(WC3,SC2,WoW briefly,D2 my fave). After a few weeks on diablo3 i have to admit im starting to have my doubts about the ironclad blizzard name. First off Diablo3 has great graphics, smooth controlls, and your own loot(awesome idea). The grievances i have are pretty much the same thing everyone is dissapointed in. #1 No skipping through acts after difficulty clear I read the comment about you guys standing by your story, and i can respect that decision, after all who wants someone to ignore something you've worked so hard on alltogether? But if ive cleared the game over 6x why do i need to listen to it again and again and again. Diablo is a farming type of game, so why can i only farm by act/chapter as opposed to starting a game and being able to hit any waypoint i want and skip through the slow parts, dosent that go against the efficiency you guys talk so much about? #2 Chests/goblins Really? nerfing gold and items in chests? WTF why not just take them out of the game altogether? Lowering the amount of gold you can get on a given run and increasing the repair costs on items is irritating, i dont care who was farming what and why you did it, you are punishing the player base as a whole because a few people abuse the system, not a way to keep server population up. I was hoping whimsyshire would remain unmolested since i spent the gold making the staff through hellish(wishful thinking i suppose), but looks like yet another wasted investment thus far. #3 Attack speed First off this is not a criticism of nerfing a stat, its not my place to tell you how to balance numbers in a game, you see the figures, i do not(you did lower difficulty to compensate). However, couldn't you just add a hard cap in the details menu and color it(aside from quivers)? Nerfing attack speed on all gear not only seems like a much more difficult task, but it also greatly devaluates everyone's equipment and destroys resale value, dont you make money on RMAH from people selling old gear? If anything keeping gear the same and capping it would make people change certain pieces of gear rather than regearing most of their char thus shifting attention to another item affix, but then you would have diversity in gearing...... #4 Legendaries Or should i say uniques, because there isnt anything legendary about them besides the drop rates. Seeing an orange in D2 was exciting, seeing an orange in D3 is like eh 50-100k if im lucky. Not saying that all legendaries are horrible, but they are so few and far between even if you get a drop it will prob be trash and have 200 less armor/dps than the stuff you just got rid of. I know you guys are planning the legendary patch and i am eager to see the outcome but i fear that the drop rate is so low and the rolls, sparatic, that i will just find Immortal kings with wizard stuff or mnk gear with Str. You seriously need to regulate rolls on class specific gear, it can't change pricing that much, gear already goes for 10m+ and $100+ easily, so making better gear more easily available(in general) will only help southe dissapointed and aggrevated fans. #5 Bosses I dont know whats more dissapointing, the enrage timers or the completely pointless endeavor of killing a boss. In general im a 1H barb, i can't kill belial before he rages even tho he dosent hit hard enough to kill me. Now i fully understand i need to gear to clear, but whats the point if your answer is to cover the entire floor with AOE's so i can stand NOWHERE until i die. All for what? maybe 2 yellows and some blues that are all pretty much useless other than to breakdown and use gold to reroll into a diff useless item. My point is that boss kills should be meritonius and exciting, not oh no the floor is gonna kill me. If you wanted to put an enrage timer on bosses, why not just do a def/atk buff, atk speed buff, or a health regen? To me that seems more balancing than cooking the floor. Im not saying you cant get a legendary or a good rare off a boss, but ive found legendaries and good rares accidentally clipping a pot while fighting. #6 Mob affixes I have to admit i do generally thing that the mob affixes are pretty cool, however i do think some regulation as to what can spawn should be considered. For example, one of the many groups that comes to mind is desecratior plagued jailer molten, or something similar of the like, you get the idea. As a melee, even though my resists are respectable(always room to improve) that many close proximity dots combined with mob HP is kind of crappy. When you can die in under 10sec from standing there i think its a little OP and needs "Balancing". Not saying all champ packs are bad but it is something worth looking into IMO as well as maybe tuning down reflects damage to ranged a bit. My biggest gripe with mobs by far is running away....WTF why does everything run away so i need to corner it to kill it, its bad enough that they are prob molten or fire chains so im getting cooked just giving chase, but really? cant you shorten the distance or range then can flee? Having to chase the last mob of a champ pack bc it runs half the map is irritating and stupid. I can understand making mobs maneuverable, because having them just standing there would be rather boring, but im sure there is a happy medium somewhere. To close out my gripefest(I apologize), i would just like to conclude that i am an average skill player who basically lost the people he played with because of gear nerfs and repair increases. Im in A3 Inferno and of course, as expected i hit the wall and need to regear, and i have no doubt people will tell me to go farm A1,2, but why? ive farmed a1 over 50x(easily) and A2 a bunch as well, im wearing 1 item i found and im lucky to get 1 item every 2 runs to AH, which dosent guarantee it will sell. The point is, if you cant farm for wearable gear effectively and if you get something it may get nerfed in the future, whats the point if your just grinding away? D2 boss runs used to be worthwhile and fun and so did farming other acts, you could play with friends reguardless of how much damage they did or what gear they had on any difficulty, you could gear yourself WITHOUT AN AH, and still roll through hell and get rare and unique items FOR YOUR DIFFICULTY. My original post was better but it got deleted when i tried to preview it hahaha. Anyway people game to get away from stress or boredom at work, and in life in general. They game to spend time with their friends without having to leave the house. reguardless of skill level, play time, or money, the game should at least be enjoyable. well i do believe your server population is showing you how much people are "Enjoying" D3. sorry to be a pessimist, just wanted to get this off my chest.AG3NTEVIL0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Missing achievements I don't know where to create thread (didn't find suitable title). Strange that Blizzard do not accept tickets about achievements and just ... I'm missing achievements about acquiring jeweler and blacksmith, but got achievements when leveled them up. Blizzard, I can't attempt the achievement’s criteria again, I already acquired them and don't want to try to delete all characters just to test. I don't ask you to give that achievements to me, just informing you, that your system is broken. }:-( P.S. Sorry for my english.Umbra2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 I SOLOED A GOBLIN...IN NIGHTMARE!!!FTW Goblins always got away from me in normal mode and in nightmare mode I managed to get one with a group. Finally in act 3 nightmare, just after being to the AH (luckily) I saw a treasure goblin that I was determined to take down. My demon hunter fired off shots of the electric ball thingy and just before the goblin was about to teleport he burst open in a beautiful display of lvl 10 blues and piles of 40 coins. I am so happy!!!!!Primate2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF gear swaping solution A solution suggestion I havn't seen. Crafting is very bland right now, allowing people to customize armor could be a solution to gear swapping. One possible solution would be that when you salvage an armor piece with mf or gf, there is a chance that it will result in a component that can be then added to an existing piece of armor. Example. You find a prosperous amulet with 36% gold find. When you salvage it, there is a 10% chance you will get a crafting component called Prosperity: Amulet - 36%(UI people can work on a better naming convention etc) You can then add prosperity to your amulet, so long as it doesn't already have a gf attribute(being able to double stack magic find would just cause people to want to create a mf set with double stats and still switch) Color the stat differently when it has been added, so its visually obvious that the item has already been upgraded. Only 1 component can be added per item and the list of possible components should be kept rather small. Maybe Just gf or mf. You can't allow people to switch in vital stats either, as that wouldn't solve anything If you find an uber item with mf or gf, you can add the other, if you find one with both how uber could it really have been with 2 stats used up. Adding the component could be a substantial money sink, removing shouldn't be allowed. This gives value to perfectly rolled mf/gf items that are otherwise useless. This is not a simple solution and should not be expected quickly and may need to be reworked to work with any possible general crafting overhaul. Otherwise, change nothing. If people want to keep switching gear, more power to them. If they want to spend 500k per item to remove the tedious hassle, they have a solution too. And the economy gets a money sink, which it sorely needs more of. Everyone wins.Dwar4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 do +6 affix plans actually drop in act 1 inf? Has anyone actually found these in act 1 Inferno since the drop rate changes?Slomo4shO0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Improving the blacksmith As everyone knows, currently the blacksmith is completely underutilized. 1) Option to change Armor Set appearances – allow players to change appearances of armor sets to the various tiers available at a high gold cost. This can be extremely high as it is completely optional and will not influence the player’s gaming efficiency. Same can be said of weapons. 2) Legendary Items – I remember reading that legendary items will be buffed enough to be better than magical (blue) drops. My suggestion is buff them to be on par with the best rare (yellow) drops or beyond. When a player finds a legendary item it should be “broken” and requires a blacksmith to repair the item using salvage materials. This will give players a reason to salvage items over just selling them to vendors. Players sink more resources but have a chance at even a higher end item. I figure this is probably too late to implement but maybe a suggestion for expansion. 3) Lower the gold cost further and allow players use mostly salvage to create items. If players are not selling items to vendors for gold, it becomes a gold sink as well.Aya2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Constructive and viable gear-swap button. TL;DR: Give us gear swapping, with a cooldown, so that we can balance the risk and reward of swapping in/out MF gear. Further, incentivize gear stability not by punishing the player (i.e., zero-out mf on swap, love NV stacks on swap), but by introducing rewards (e.g., extra MF/GF%, looting breakables) I empathize with the myriad fans who want "Option 6", and hope to reconcile their collective desire with the design philosophy of the D3 developers and designers. Subtext: as far as I can tell, the intention of MF is to introduce a trade-off between survivability/dps of a character and their ability to find great loot. This makes sense and you want to encourage players to strike that balance, but not to the extent that we all feel it is incumbent upon us to stack MF into our gear. That would give ranged classes an unfair advantage as they can better navigate the MF/survivability/dps trade-off due to their ability to deal damage at a distance. Gear swapping is ostensibly a way to mitigate that trade-off by doing damage and then swapping gear to finish off the elite and get the best chance of a good drop. This is annoying for many reasons that have already been stated. How to get around that is a combination of a carrot and a stick. It would be ideal if we could incentivize using MF on main gear, while also allowing gear swapping in a way that doesn't either completely side-step the above philosophy or annoy the gamer. The options Blizzard proposed address these aims somewhat, and I don't intend to denigrate their proposed changes. What I want to do is make what most people want, a swappable gear-set, viable in the context of Blizzard's design philosophy. First, give people a second gear set that is hotkey swappable and doesn't take up inventory space. This removes all the annoyance of gear swapping (i.e., wasted inventory space, laborious and finnicky swapping method). This solves the primary problem, but goes against the philosophy that Blizzard doesn't want us simply to be able to switch everything to suit every situation (hence the NV buff blowing up with a skill change). This leads me to my second point. Gear-swapping should have a cooldown. For example, if I hotswap my gear set for MF, I should not be allowed to swap back to normal gear for (let's say) 1 minute. That means we must still ensure our MF gear is viable for the content we are playing, but gives us the freedom to swap it to finish elites. If we stack too much MF without attending to survivability, white mobs will one-shot us after we make the swap since we can't readily switch back to our normal gear. If we choose to ride out the cooldown in town, we will make our farming less efficient (and eat away at our NV buff). This makes players happy by giving them an easy way to gear-swap, maintains the value of MF gear in the economy, is perfectly visible and easy to convey, and still aligns with the design philosophy of the developers and designers. Yet we want a way to incentivize players to slowly integrate MF gear into their normal set instead of swapping, right? Hence, my final point. Gear stability should synergize with NV, such that we get an additional benefit for keeping the gear we have, yet not punishing us for exercising our freedom to swap gear. I propose two possibilities: 1. Give an additional bonus MF/GF buff for each NV stack (e.g., 5% per stack) that goes away if you swap gear. This will reward people who worked hard to find that perfect balance, while not punishing people for exercising their freedom to swap gear for the extra MF that they can't afford to fully integrate into their normal gear. 2. Make breakables give items and gold with 5 stacks of NV and no gear swapping. This again incentivizes gear stability AND makes farming breakables impossible without fighting elites and playing the game. This gives players back the part of diablo that is so much fun while making bots very inefficient. Note this does NOT remove NV stacks, but gives you a very good reason to shoot for a balance between MF/survivability/dps. I hope this has helped, and I apologize if, in parallel, I have prevented the ideas of somebody else. These are just my own musings at trying to save a part of this game I love. I look forward to reading your feedback.derickvalada3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 My take on it. So I'm currently farming A2 in Hell and loving it. I'm working on acquiring all of the black rock ledgers (half way there and have more page 42's than I care to admit). Once I get the ledgers I will continue on to get the last needed items for Whimsy in Hell. After Whimsy Hell I'll hit Inferno A1 and start farming again. If you enjoy the game then play the game. If you don't enjoy the game then stop playing the game. I've read quite a few posts in the forum where the game is heavily trash talked, and frankly don't understand why someone would waste the time. But hey, it's a forum for all and if that's your bent, go for it. I admit I'm not a diehard gamer but I do feel (personal opinion) that I've already gotten my money's worth. Between farming and hitting the GAH, I've managed to build a barb to a level I'm quite pleased with and look forward to even better gear further down the pike. I take a lot of pleasure from experimenting with the build which farming and the GAH have made a wonderful experience. Real example: last night I was shopping for a new ring and came across a really nice one for less than 300k...I should have just bought it on the spot as it was a complete STEAL but hesitated wanting to look at what else was available. I went back to the ring less than 2 minutes later and it had sold....I was so bummed. I passed on a great deal for a great item and lost the opportunity forever. So today I bought a nice ring (not as great but pretty good) and paid more for it, but hey, it's still worth it. That's just one of the great things about this game, there's so much chance involved. It was chance that I initially found a great item at a great price. It was chance that I passed on it. It was chance that it sold before I got back to it. It was chance that I was able to find another really good item on sale the very next day. If the time comes that I stop enjoying this game then I'll just stop playing it, chances are that day is far off into the future. Cheers.Bloodyzbub3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Is MF Gear Swapping fix really a priority? Long time forum reader, first time post. I can count numerous other issues that appear on the first page of this forum, that likely affect a much larger portion of the player base, yet this is the issue that is receiving the most attention from Blues and the rest of the community? How many players does this really affect?Callidux4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 good leveling spots Are there any left? If so could somebody whisper me or reply to this thread. As of right now I just find it so boring I'd rather just browse the d3 forums. shrike #1996 Edited for grammar, thank youshrike5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 FORCE strategy gaming says it all, sadly... all true...InkEyes0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Auction house item selection Any chance you can change the auction house search results to only search for an item based on its base stats? Example: I want to find a chest piece that has 3 slots, 100 dex, and magic find, but I want the Chest piece to have 100 dex, not 30 dex and 70 more from the gemmed slots..... Its making it more difficult to find the items I'm specifically searching for. For stats that appear on an item all the time, i should still be able to filter them.... Example: How about letting me search for a quiver that has a certain amount of attack speed increase? Additionally, why aren't comparative tooltips showing equip changes in the AH, or in trade windows, or when linked? Why am I spending gold before being able to see what the changes to my character are? I shouldn't be having to use a spreadsheet to find out if an item is better or worse than what I have.....Azeos0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 My cat rules :)TastyRuss0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 DO ALL MONSTERS HAVE SPECIFIC DROPS? DO ALL MONSTERS HAVE SPECIFIC DROPS? Or is it random , literally you can get every item near your lvl? Talking about Elite mobs.DemonGod1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 It will be cool if a Blue can answer this It's not a complaining topic , but im asking a question. When will the pvp came out? There's a pvp arena video from 2 years ago already, dont tell me that the pvp is not ready to launch. I agreed the fact to not start pvp the may 15 for letting people discovering the game, but pvp players (like me) are borred to pve actually. Can you, Blues, give us an average of when the pvp will came out? Thanks for your time, and excuse my bad english. SathanasSathanas12 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Idea: Regarding Potions and possibilities. Even tho cooldowns came from WOW....I'm ok with cooldowns, I just wish we had other options besides 1 pot for 12.5k HP (1/5th of my 55k HP) every 30 seconds. I want to see MORE viable potions to use that cost more to attain. For Example: * 2k gold for 15k HP pot with 20sec cooldown * 4k gold for 20k HP pot with 15 sec cooldown * 6k gold for 30k hp pot with 10 sec cooldown etc. etc... the list can go on. SOMETHING..besides 2 diff pots that heal 1/8th of some players HP. It would be even cooler if there was an alchemist that made pots for u from finding items to mix pots. This is ideal for gold sinks as well. I find it ridiculous when I see elites heal 6-10mil HP in 8 seconds, compared to nephalem healing 12.5k HP in 30 sec. It forces us to rely on LOH, or life steal....was this intended?Riptcage4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Questions RE Mechanics of Reflected Damage Howdy folks, First off, I was wondering exactly how damage is reflected *back to mobs* when taking one's own damage mitigation into consideration. i.e., Hypothetically...(simple math for the sake of argument) let's suppose that my char has: - 100% Reflect Damage. - Enough Armor/Resistance/etc to mitigate 50% of all damage received. 1) If a mob hits me for 1000 damage, how much damage is then reflected back to said mob- 500 or 1000? 2) If the reflected damage that is returned to the mob subject to mitigation? (e.g., the mob's armor/resistances)? 3) What if I dodge the attack or absorb 100% of damage with a skill like Serenity (Monk)? Is this damage treated any differently than damage mitigated by armor/resistance? If so, is any of that damage reflected back to the mob at all? 4) How does the Monk ability Mantra of Retribution interact with items that reflect damage? Are the 40% (60% with the Retaliation Rune) and the item's reflect damage calculations/reflections done independent of one another (stacking), or do the abilities combine to form a maximum single value of damage that can be reflected at any given time? 5) When an item says "Reflects # Dmg back to attacker", is said reflected damage of the same type that was taken (e.g., Fire damage taken = Fire damage reflected), or is all reflected damage converted to a standard type (e.g., physical) unless otherwise specified*? *(e.g., Mantra of Retribution deals Holy damage) 6) What happens if both PC and mob have Reflect Damage properties? Can reflected damage be re-reflected? Thanks in advance for this information! P.S. Did a search for "reflect damage" to see if someone had already delved into this, but all I saw was eleventy-billion "OMG REFLECT DMG INFERNO MOBS R OP!" my apologies if this is a repeat.Alces4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 detailed response to MF swapping i posted the same reply in the sticky, but seeing as how my post is likely to be buried on 435+ pages, i figured id make this as well. the important part is the end. in short, blizzard should not be focusing on a 'quality of life' (if even) mechanic such as mf gearswapping. there are tons of other actually gamebreaking issues with the game that would be a much better use of resources. the people complaining about this are just whiny about others having an 'advantage' over themselves. personally every legendary and set item ive gotten has been on alts with sub 50% mf. i have yet to get any legendary or set with my DH sitting at 260% mf with 5 stacks. mf generating better drops just seems relative. the main issue i have is the lack of quickswap, which D2 had added in lord of destruction. half of the community's problem would be solved if a gearswap button was implemented, and the other half will continue complaining about MF gear being 'unfair'. you cant please everyone. as for blizzards suggested ideas, they all are bad. gearswapping, not only for MF, but stats in general, has been around since D1. in D2 it really shined with the quickswap button, and it wasnt uncommon to play the game with your inventory screen open just to swap gear sometimes. gearswapping is a crucial part of diablo. since we are now limited to 6 abilities on the fly, itemizing has become more important. in D2 players could bind tons of abilities to nearly their full keyboard and switch back and forth for utility, damage, survival, etc. thats why there were so many spells in D2, it gave the players more customization options and different playstyles. however now with the 6 ability lock (skills still switchable in combat, but its clunky and u have a cooldown in doing so), players need to choose their skills for a balance of survival, damage, and utlity; hopefully. the leftover gap is filled in by stats on gear. for example, you could have an amulet that has tons of vitality, life on hit, and resistances, and another that has a socket with a dps gem and really high dps stats. sometimes using the defensive amulet is more advantageous, say with damage reflect affixes. sometimes using the offensive amulet is more advantageous, say with extra health affixes. having the ability to choose what gear to use on the fly allows for more flexibility and playstyle. the main issue with the proposed MF gear swap fixes blizzard has suggested is it would effectively hinder this item swapping gameplay, that has been integral in the game series since the start. if people want to complain about swapping mf gear during fights for loaded rolls is cheating, let them complain. they wont quit over that. what they will quit over is RMAH errors, badly thought gameplay mechanics, balancing issues, bosses having nearly unbeatable abilities, affixes that supplement eachother creating immortal champ packs, etc. directly @ blizzard and TLDR, MF gearswapping should be the least of your focus for diablo 3 at this time. people will complain for the sake of complaining. there are plenty of other issues, which can be seen on a daily basis across all the forums, which are actually gamebreaking. MF gearswapping is not gamebreaking, you even said so yourself.Vyrd0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Long Time Fan Now Disappointed in Diablo 3 Diablo fan since Diablo I came out when I was in high school. I'm an old man by today's gaming standards. I had high expectations, and that may be part of the problem, for Diablo 3 and after taking 2 characters to Inferno Act 2 I can say that this game did not live up to the lofty goals set by the old Blizzard North team. I now wonder if Blizzard is going the way of Bioware (design for profit rather than fun). - The game is a complete grind. What made Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 fun (on the OLD was that the gear you found was good enough to keep you going. You didn't need the "ultra rare" gear. Now you do. You made it EVEN MORE difficult to get gear in 1.0.3. Why? - The "always online feature" is horrible for this style of game. This game is fast, in your face, with dozens of creatures coming at you which means any lag or packet loss is virtual insta death. Why Blizzard? Lag and packet loss is a fact of life on the internet and there is NOTHING you can do to fix that. - People pop into a game and stand around checking out their stash for 30 minutes before actually getting into action. The group and joining a game mechanics are not that good. - The game isn't nearly as dark as it predecessors and that really diminished the game IMO. I was really bummed to see Tyrael watered down the way he was. He went from super bad !@# to cry baby. Which leads to ... - Poor character development. Why should I give a damn about these characters? They don't even seem to care about each other. I won't give go into anymore detail than this as I don't want to post any spoilers. - The cinematics are not that interesting. I know a lot of people will think I am silly for talking about this but they were a BIG deal in the old games. Back in the day they really pushed the limits of what cinematic were capable of and here they are just average at best. I remember being awed and engrossed by Diablo II's cinematics. - RMAH, really? Damn. More and more like EA with each passing day. The phrase "do more, with less" comes to mind. Blizzard North seemed to know how to do that. Done rambling. David AShadowSpirit0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Gold AH not refunding my gold on outbid items I have 4 items that I bid on that haven't refunded me my gold back after being outbid. I thought something was up when i had 300k gold worth of outbid refund gold listed but only 100k gold on me. I added up all the amounts in the bid column and they equaled what I started with (750k) but I only have 113k on me with the 4 items being outbid on that total to just over 300k. I should have 413k gold right now but I don't. Is there some hidden fee or something I am not getting or did the AH really take my gold? I've waited 30 minutes and still no gold refunded back to me in the completed tab. Do I have to open a ticket or something? I can provide the order ID's if need be. Has anyone else had issues with the gold AH taking their gold and not refunding it?Trinomial0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Stacking MF or GF on followers Hello.. so I haven't used a follower since lvl 19 when I first joined a public game. I don't find the need for one. However.. I heard that if you stack MF or GF on your follower that you get a % of their MF/GF stat added onto yours. Can anyone confirm this? Do people actually use their followers for anything?AmazingChore0 Jul 3, 2012