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Jul 3, 2012 Was the original game 1.0 that bad? When D3 was first released I thought it was pretty good. With all the changes I feel like the game has gotten worse and worse. I can't think of one change that made the game more fun to play for me as an individual. Everything seems to be patched so it takes longer to do everything in game. Longer to level, longer to get gold, longer to mf, longer to progress.Lettus9 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Mob damage is all kinds of jacked up Not sure when exactly mob damage got changed, but it's way higher. I'm running an alt up using seriously twinked gear from the AH, and she started getting one-shot in Act IV Nightmare. Now in Act I Hell, she's getting one-shot by trash mobs. And this is on top of how fast elite/champ affix abilities are proc'ing. Now, I'm not totally opposed to upping the mob damage at lower levels, but it would be nice to know it happened before I start getting splattered. And maybe not quite so far up as I'm already running Reduced Level Requirement gear and can't take getting hit. Oh, while damage seems way up, mob health doesn't seem to have changed. Running 15k DPS in Act I Hell is more than able to just obliterate anything that doesn't kill me first.Xavori0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Solution to Botting Create an image of a class and gender. You just have to click three buttons, choose class and choose gender and confirm. You get some kind of reward like 10 healing potions. It will look similar to a survey. You can periodically do this. Make sure there's something to click (nothing to type) and it doesn't interfere with gameplay. Otherwise people will complain about their deaths due to it. Also give them time to figure it out, maybe a minute and a half. Force this once upon entering each game. Then after x kills. Three fails and you get kicked out of your game for 5 minutes and a permanent strike. Three strikes and you get a temporary ban with investigation.stfn58 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Option 6: Make Mf fun I magic find with my monk. I don't stack magic find much (104 with 5 stack), and I don't gear swap. Yet i still get lots of rares. How you ask? Exploding Palm. When I run into a blue elite pack I get them all down below 30 percent health then try to get them bunched up as best I can (not always that easy!). From there I apply Exploding Palm to the weakest monster then kill said monster. KABOOM LOOTSPLOSION!!! With a 5 stack thats 3-4 rares at least. If I'm lucky 6-8 rares drop per blue pack. Point is, magic finding this way is dynamic and fun. Why not give all classes the ability to do this as well as the monk can? If this gets nerfed as a result of pointing it out.... sorry monks, die blizz.Benny11 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Other options to the Magic find problems.... Since the current thread on the magic find is poping up posts on it so fast nobody can read anything you post anyway.... i decided to add this little thread to see if anybody likes any of these ideas.... ~WARNING...THIS POST MAY CONTAIN GRAMMER ISSUES....PLEASE DO NOT PASS OUT~ Option 6> Since nobody uses whites to begin with.... replace them with extra gold completely removing white items from the game entirely. Option 7> Cap MF at 100% and make it do what it's supposed to.... if i have 50% MF on, it giving me 50% chance to find blues 10% to find yellows and 1% to find oranges/greens so naturally 100% would double that! i think every1 could agree on that. Option 8> Screw MF an increase Drop rates for magic items by alot and make it more like Titan quest: Immortal Throne and screw identification and actually give the items GOOD random stats instead of sucky stats example ..... Lvl 63 gear has a chance to have INT stats between +200 and +300 so that way lvl 63 gear will be worth farming for instead of having a chance at int being between +2 and +300.... i think this sounds the most logical seeings that MF doesnt really do much of anything to begin with in D3.... This option would give players a REAL chance at finding better gear ingame rather than browsing the AH for hours on end and maybe it would also reduce pricing on the AH cuz paying 30 mil for a hat with 150 int and 150 vit is just way too much.... just to get 30 mil requires toiling farming for crap items for weeks at a time just to pay 30 mil for a bonus to +20 to whatever stat you fancy most. Option 9> Sorry AH sellers but this targets you.... put item selling cap on ah at 250k gold that way ppl can focus less on worring about Gold find and MF crap and focus more at beating Inferno mode. Option 10> Blizzard presses the self destruct button on D3 and completely rebuilds the game from the ground up and make it more epicly awesome and less epicly Dragon Ball Z and make the game like it is supposed to be..... A much better Version of Diablo 2..... and kill the Desert and Snow areas cuz nobody likes levels like that..... and actually make the game acts get progressivly longer than progressively shorter Desert and snow areas proclaim a Lazy design ethic because most of those levels comprise of sand.....and snow....... not so much of anything else... allright almost there just one dune to go..... no i can't go anyfarther besides u said that 3 dunes ago this is it...... yes a spaceballs referance..... great movie btwHylox4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Please make more mobs that run away There are too many people playing this game, we need more to quit.Malvenue0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF: Option # 8675309 A simple easy fix would be to make it so if you switch to a piece of gear with higher % MF(than the one equipped), your MF isn't increased(by that piece) until after your Nephalem Valor stack is refreshed. I really can't think of too many faults with this suggestion.Falagar5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 I don't understand gear swapping. If everyone has a full set of perfect MF blue gear they can accumulate for a really cheap, and are welcome to switch with some magic macro or button, then what is the point of the stat? I have painstakingly added magic find to my gear that I run around with. Why am i being punished? There needs to be a reason to have magic find on good gear vs doing 500k dps because you stack crit and crit damage and at the last second switching to 300+ magic find while your sneak in a killing blow.Sismee1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Clarifying Blizz's Position, MF Gear Swapping It is painfully clear that most people are confused about Blizzard's postion on the MF gear swapping issue. ... That is by far the most important statement in the entire post, but is in a place that makes it very easy to overlook. Blizz's intention seem to be in the right place. They want those who have MF gear and are forced to swap with the current setup to be able to keep playing the game without swapping gear and have equal rewards. For Example, Current setup (swapping MF gear for each kill with 5 NV) - Kill 3 Elites - Kill 1 Boss - Earns 9 Rares New possible setup (0% MF for gear switching but MF works on chest) - Kill 3 Elites - Kill 1 Boss - Opens 2 Chest (one regular and one resplendent) - Earns 9 Rares This is something that may look like its bad, but if impemented correctly will have the same results, hopfully allowing for easier gameplay without the need for MF gear switching. EDIT: sorry accidently posted before complete.MissionO4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Perspective and it's importance. I see a lot of people requesting that certain classes be nerfed or balanced because they're too powerful. I feel that these accusations merited or not fail to touch on the true issue here. Allow me to explain: there are different kinds of balancing. There's balancing down; which is a type of balancing that lowers the effectiveness of 1 group to meet the current idea of where power levels should be. Then there is balancing up; in which the other classes in the game are brought up to a certain plateau where power levels are expected to be in comparison to another class or classes. As things stand right now, some people are requesting that the Barbarian class be nerfed. I feel that these kinds of requests are exactly what Diablo III doesn't need right now. In fact; I'm not even a barbarian and I see their current level of power as a glimmer of hope for Diablo III. The primary focus right now shouldn't be how powerful one class is in comparison to the others. The primary focus should be how powerful each individual class is in comparison to the Inferno difficulty. As it stands classes are limited to using optimal builds in order for it to succeed or proceed more easily. That is not what Diablo was ever about. Progression is a modern word for time-sink. Gear Check is a modern term for tedium. Concepts like enrage timers and gear checks have no place in this kind of game. I understand that the primary focus of Diablo III is to make money via the RMAH. Everyone knows that. I'm fine with that, and so should everyone else be. Again, the focus of people's ire is misplaced. It shouldn't be the RMAH that is the target of scrutiny. It should be the methods used to try and get people to use the RMAH. Let me ask a question: If Blizzard is truly only making $1.00 per transaction wouldn't it make sense for them to lower the difficulty of inferno and allow for more diverse play styles? Wouldn't that promote a higher volume of transactions rather than expensive ones? Advice: make the game better AND balanced in the upward direction and people will flock to Diablo III and open their wallets happily and freely as a result. Think outside of the box. Not only would doing this increase the volume of sales but it would make selling an item below i-lvl 63 viable for profit for alts. PVP: Yes, Yes, the urge to pound your friends into Oblivion is undeniable. Allow me to touch on an idea in regard to this as well. Too often I have seen games like W.o.W. attempt to balance as a whole when PvE and PvP are two different entities and should be treated as such. Nerfs for PvP shouldn't affect PvE and vice versa. Attempting to balance them both is a task for fools. I read a lot of complaining about the lack of 'End Game'. If PvP is what is considered 'End Game' I'm very sorry. That is not my definition of 'End Game'. As it stands, the end game of Diablo III varies from Diablo II in only a hand full of ways: Few worthy Legendaries. Higher difficulty. Lower Level Cap. Less repetitive runs. No PvP. (All I could come up with from the top of my head.) I don't know how nostalgia can blind people so thoroughly. The differences aren't so vast. Some of the changes are even positive! I actually like the idea of getting good items without having to kill Diablo every time. I like not dealing with the people who want an already good deal brought down another 50% with some poor excuse for 'bartering." The AH is a good thing. But the very essence of Diablo remains the same. Kill a bunch of things in the most brutal way possible, take their crap and make yourself awesome. The difficulty is what keeps it from feeling like Diablo II aside from the infinitely more convenient rune system. (Even though it's also infinitely less interesting.) Lets stop calling Vanity items Legendary items. Lets just put it out in the open. Implement a WoW-esque costume tool and Vanity items will become valuable and popular without the stigma of being called a Legendary. Kripparian had a good idea with Champion points to offset the lack of a high level cap. Just thought I'd toss my coin into that hat. Progression doesn't HAVE to be the same cookie-cut mold taken from every other game that uses that disgusting concept. Ultimately, yes it seems like Diablo III is flopping and it's losing people left and right. But don't forget and have faith. It is always the darkest before the dawn! I salute everyone who has stuck with the game and continues to fight the good fight. I for one will continue to do so with the high hopes that Blizzard realizes the err of it's ways and opens the gate of opportunity for everyone to have fun!Zythe3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Best Way to Fix the MF Problem With all the recent changes making the game easier and increasing the frequency of higher-level drops, I still don't get enough good drops. Here is my solution: for every hour we play, we should be able to select one rare with stats of our choice. You shouldn't even need to battle mobs. Elites are the only mobs that ever drop anything, sometimes it's hard to kill them, and they never drop anything good anyway. Then we wouldn't need to worry about MF gear switching, which I really hate, but I do anyway because I can't kill anything when I'm wearing 300% MF gear. How stupid is that? MF gear that you can't kill anything with? Why do they even bother having those items in the game? I have been endlessly running act I for several weeks now, and I haven't found a weapon over 1300dps. I don't understand that, because I saw one today in the auction house with over 1600dps. I can't possibly afford that weapon. Why are all my drops so horrible and all these people are finding pretty good items that I see in the auction house?qattack2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Feature Request : Show roll "quality" on item I know this isn't the easiest feature to implement, but it would be neat to be able to see how good the rolls were for our items on the actual item popup. Roll quality is something auction house barons & gold farmers have printed out or memorized and it would be nice for the average player to have access to this information within the UI when determining what to sell at the vendor and what to AH. As far as the implementation, the first idea that came to mind was using colored indicators where the stat bullet points are on the item popup: Blue Perfect Green Good (> 75% Max) Yellow Average (50% - 75% Max) Red Bad (Less than 25%) Here's a composite of the idea, it's a little cheesy, but I think the UI designers could find a better looking solution that was still "subtle but useful": Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blizzard is that Abusive Boyfriend/Pimp We get ridiculed by Blizzard. Aren't you thankful? We spend day-in day-out farming and get pimped out to their botting buddies who fill their coffers. We endure all the beating. We give them everything we got. We still stay in this abusive relationship. :(stfn0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Monk Livestream Cleared Diablo pre-nerf inferno and decided to make the fourth alt and most interesting to me, the monk. Chat & Watch or Don't: Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 SKILL, IAS, REPAIR BILL, MF....WATS NEXT? OK, so this is what happened in my perspective Blizzard obviously mess everything up on Diablo 3. And yes, this is a post that's all about complaining, if you don't like it, stop reading from here and GTFO. First, Inferno Level: people were happy cause they finally got to lvl60 until they got 1 shot by some tiny little bees. To keep you in act 1. Second, Skill Nerf: (from online, tried my best to translate it) Blizzard: Inferno is hard but there will be some best player who will eventually beat it. Players: Yes, we have found some good ways(skills) for example: force armor, smoke screen.. Blizzard: Those are bugs and we had already nerfed them. Players: Why are they bugs? they did exactly what they said on the tooltips. Blizzard: That's how we designed the skills but we didn't know you would use it like that. Players: But you made inferno too hard and force us to find a way to get through it, and once we did, you nerf it. Blizzard: We do want you to find a way to beat inferno but we don't like the ways you found. Players: Ok........If you don't like the ways we found, can you please tell us some other ways to beat inferno that wouldn't get nerf? Blizzard: We can't, cause we can't beat inferno ourselves, but we are sure that some hardcore gamers will find some ways to beat it. Except we don't like the ways you guys found. Players: This is stupid, everytime we find a way, you nerf it, there are no gears that will allow us to survive in later acts, even we have the best gears, we will still get owned in a couple seconds. We think you just designed a stupidly hard level. Blizzard: We think Inferno is challenging, but not stupidly hard. And we think it's meaningful. People will eventually beat it, but we have no idea how to yet. But there will be some OP gear coming out, so welcome to the RMAH. Third, IAS Nerf: while i agree IAS is overpowered but why Blizzard have to nerf the gear instead of having a cap or something else? Cause then we have to regear ourselves. Welcome to the RMAH. Now, MF Nerf: Blizzard just increased the drop rate not too long ago, and we see alot of us are getting a bunch of lvl63 items now, great!! and now it's time to discuss a MF nerf. Looking through all the options, and sorry i mean 1 option: nerf the drop rate. 1 solution as simple as allow players to wear 2 sets of gear just like in d2 so we can swap gear with 1 key stroke. Have none of them thought of that? Yes they did!! But why isn't it in the option? Cause then there would be no nerf on drop rate!! Future, Crit Dmg Nerf: Hey, We hear you guys don't like IAS anymore, o what? everyone is now getting gears with crit chance and crit dmg? Crit dmg on gear will now be halved =]. Welcome to the RMAH, again.skyler1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Health potions Where are the rejuvs??AlBundy0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Question about loot tables Act 1-4 So I was wondering about the loot tables for the certain acts...Basically, should I just be staying and farming act 1 as it is incredibly easy to do, or should I farm act 2 even though its a little bit harder, and I get less rares. I was thinking since they are on the same loot tables, that it would just be more proactive to stay in act 1 as I am not fully able to clear act 3 yet. A little confused.ggomg7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 When you screw up the AH... it's only fair that you "stop the timer" for the bids. You can't just let the timer run and suddenly a low bid gets the item! I lost an expensive item for a few measly millions just because i want to encourage the fun of bidding. It really creates frustration when you screw something up and don't limit the collateral damagebledig12 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Ingame gold spam Any chance you guys could swoop in and kill all of these spam bots? One just went on a 40 post diatribe about some goldfarming deals and ruined a convo. I can report them all day long and block them too but there seems to be a ton of the popping up every second or so.artcrime5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Inferno DMG raised? Is it just me being peculiar or did anybody realise the damage in Act3 (Since I only do this act) of inferno has raised?lnteractive23 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 What If: we did a mass ID i63 gathering? have about 40-50 folks sign up with a min 20 items each and ID the items while 1 person streams the entire event. would give us a very nice evidentiary observation of a good 800+ i63 items so we can then break down the data of what we saw: quality of items in that massive quantity.Sendantes8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 End game? BRING BACK RUNESTONES Runestones (not d2 runestones people, blizzards orginal idea for skills sets that was X'd during beta) were your hottest idea for this game blizzard, there was your endgame right there the massive amount of farming/trading needed to get your best skills up. Not to mention this would have solved your problem with people whipping through your content in under a month. Would have taken the player base months to gather chars ready to defeat inferno bosses/packs with your earlier design with the runestone system. Having played the game now I am finding it really disappointing you scrapped this idea.Bali0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 132dps Witch Doctor streaming im also looking for a good team for team play msg me or add Lone#1162Lone1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Increase leveling experience In theory this would increase the need for low level equipment, since it will take you longer to reach level 60. This also should also help spread the Auction House economy between upper and lower level items (bringing the low level items up in cost and lowering the high end items). With the same amount of experience being given per mob as is now, characters will level a far less when being rushed through the game by a high end character. Also with an increase in leveling time, the option to run a ladder style tournament again.bravo11560 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Phishing E-Mails Purportedly from Blizzard? I've received a number of e-mails stating that my Diablo 3 chat privileges have been suspended for spamming in chat. I haven't logged in to my Diablo 3 account in a month. I'm wondering if these are phishing e-mails. Has anyone else received any of these?Rose7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Crying bots all over Just get rid of mf and gf from the game. Most of the posts here and topics are made by people who uses bots. As far as the rest goes, i see blue posts talking about everything except the worst thing in this game by miles and that is AH bots. Would love for administrators to find a perm ban button and finally start using it.Dubaaii2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Questions about Hell. I am almost lvl 55 in act 2 hell, I am playing as a tanky monk with 30k health, 3500 armor and 36% dodge chance. I have the worst survivability in this game it feels. I am getting 1 shot by monsters all over the place. I cannot find a game that can actually survive any kind of small rare mob fight. Should I just roll dps as monk and still get 1 shot that way I can at least get some damage out before I die?? Or am I just doing something wrong here? I dont know what the deal is, I love diablo but getting killed in seconds as a tank is just starting to piss me off lol. Help plz!MasterParker2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 If you dont get rid of enrage I for one will quit this pathetic pos. Just sayinDomisun0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 FREE GOLD AND ITEMS... EVERYTHING MUST GO Have got some ridiculous deals in here. Items for sale, but big time prizes for bumpers, people with funny screen names, winners on auctions, etc.SacuLddoT236 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 My MF idea Since the sticky is very fast moving thought I would share: How about this as an option (yes this is 1 option total): 1.) Create a swap set button. This would allow swapping for MF as well as allow classes to swap weapons and gear for 1H + Shield vs. Two-Hander for instance. Could have more uses than just MF and a solid upgrade to the game. 2.) In addition to number 1, to help alleviate the "need" or feeling compelled to swap gear and have gear sets, give us a new socketable gem for just MF %. Just as Topaz currently adds to MF in a helm, make something new that would add MF to any slot. There is a limit to the number of items that have sockets but picture the scenarios. You could have good gear with good stats and finding that plus a socket keeps the item hunt going. You could then choose between a little less of your main stat or weapon buffs and rock straight MF%. You could also look for gear with MF% and sockets to add even more MF%, again allowing the diversified item hunt. As a player, you could then balance gear and magic find easier (not super easy, but still easier) and you always have the freedom of paying some gold and removing gems and socketing new ones. I think this would promote less item swapping, but with #1 you could strive for a best of both worlds with 2 sets of gear. Again this offers options that can appeal to many. Lets not forget that an item swap button opens up the door for other things beyond just MF swapping... 3.) If number 2 sounds too imbalanced, then hard cap MF% in addition to the above points. But make the hard cap separate from NV. NV should always add the percentage on top of any caps. Otherwise you could hard cap and ignore NV which diminishes the point of NV. NV should be that extra add-on of MF% always! I'm not a fan of capping, but with the above changes and generous cap it might not be too bad. It would promote freedom of choice and add some new elements to the game which are positive. Thanks for reading! Please post thoughts / take what I wrote and mould it into something better!inCarnate2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Reviewing RMAH purchase using Bnet Balance? I guess I am just confused. So I sell some items and have the fake money added to my bnet balance. It is reviewed for a few days then added to my available balance. Then I purchase something on the Ah using that fake reviewed money and it is reviewed again? This seems to make no sense to me. What is the point of this second review? The fake money has already been reviewed so it should be available up to the amount I have showing. The item is from a game that is online always to prevent an issue so the item should not be in question. I guess I am just not smart enough to figure out why this transaction needs a second review on anything.Ariktu0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 random monster heal?!? sometimes when a champion is off screen for a couple secs, he COMPLETELY heals.. it also doesnt have the affix vampric. Is this a bug or is there some affix that allows the monster to completely heal?Wizard3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 What would be so hard... about implementing just straight up dueling in town like TOMORROW!?!? how hard would it be to code the ability to right click someones portrait like you do when trading / inspecting and having a new option "Duel" they could then accept or decline and you would turn hostile to each other if accepted. WHAT WOULD BE SO HARD ABOUT GIVING US THIS SIMPLE THING UNTIL THE BIG PVP PATCH IS FINISHED?!?!?!?Fearophobias3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Have MF Cap but let NV contribute more I like the idea of a Cap, however I think there should be options on how you get there. If you want to MF gear swap, then have at it. If you want to progress through the whole act obtaining stacks of NV, so be it. Or, you could do both. but the CAP has to be set just right that it is possible to reach with decently rolled items but hard enough to make it also appeal to those that just want to fight champ packs on and on... In this scenario you could (for sake of argument have the cap be 300%) reached by either gear or NV alone or combos of both. but once 300% is reached then no further. Here is an example of how NV could work. With some wish list items of my own nv1=25% MF nv2=50% MF nv3=75% MF nv4=100% MF nv5=125% MF and 1 rare guarantee from champs/elite/boss/goblins/resplendent chests nv6=150% MF and 1 rare guarantee from champs/elite/boss/goblins/resplendent chests nv7=175% MF and 1 rare guarantee from champs/elite/boss/goblins/resplendent chests nv8=200% MF and 1 rare guarantee from champs/elite/boss/goblins/resplendent chests nv9=225% MF and 1 rare guarantee from champs/elite/boss/goblins/resplendent chests nv10=300% MF and 2 rares guarantee from champs/elite/boss/goblins/resplendent chests + a slight increase in set/legendary drop nv could start stacking earlier in the leveling process. This would encourage full act clear (something I thought Blizz wanted) or if you are averse to full act clears... get out your MF gear and swap... I must say, lots of good ideas that i have been reading.... edit for typos....Waxwinger0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Your game is bad and you should feel bad. Too much WoW in my Diablo, and too much Activision in my Blizzard. I'm not sure if the devs didn't play enough diablo 2 or they didn't play it at all, but they seem out of touch with the franchise. Can you please tell Jay and the other developers they are doing a terrible job. If I had all of their email addresses I would be sending them emails personally instead of posting here, but I don't.Dakkin0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF nerf to control AH prices I'm posting this in a new thread because I don't want what I'm about to say to get buried and never viewed by Blizzard or the folks who stalk the forums. Don't let what the blizz devs are saying fool you. They're trying to spin the real intent behind the MFgear swap "fix". Their so called "solutions" all do exactly one thing and one thing only. Nerf the ability to farm good gear quickly and efficiently. To make it worse, they are once again telling us how to play and what is "fun". Personally, I never bothered with MF swapping. I felt it was too tedious and too risky to bother with given the relatively low return for said risk. If other people want to do it and enjoy it, that doesn't bother me. I don't care what other people in this game do. But I do care about my personal game experience, and all of the "solutions" suggested by blizzard will have a negative impact on my gaming experience. In reality, all of the solutions will have 1 eventual outcome. Good gear will be even harder to find than it already is, and thus the godly rolled items will be more expensive on both auction houses. Of course this means more people will shell out more real money to buy what they need, whether it be gold or better items or both. This is what Blizzard wants. This is all Blizzard cares about. They couldn't give a rat's behind about what we as players find enjoyable. Asking the fans for solutions? That's just so that they can make it appear that they care, make it appear that they are listening to us, and so they can point back and say "see...we asked for feedback!" @ Blizzard: I don't really recall seeing too many people complain about MF gear swapping to begin with, prior to a blue post somehow making it an issue. Honestly I thought you had learned your lesson about telling players how to play the game, and nerfing everything that's fun in the game into the ground. Now you're going to go and nerf MF into the ground. Instead of doing that, why not start by fixing all the real bugs in the game first. And there's so many more changes that many more players are begging--let me say that again--BEGGING to see happen. How's about working on those and stop trying to "fix" what isn't really broken.Soulseeker784 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Looking for Team Anyone looking to Magic Find as a team? Most of the people I play with have quit and I'm looking for some more people to kill stuff together. I have 309% MF in my MF gear. Looking for people over 300 MF on switch or fulltime. I play all hours of the day/night whenever I can. It sucks that everyone is quitting as the game is fun if there are people to play with, but most everyone is bored now. I still have hope they will do something to make the game appealing again. Add me in game wilmfred#1901 I'm a monk, I can do all acts and open pony level. Act3 and 4 are what I do the most solo, but I'm bored doing them alone now.wilmfred4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 So BLizzard/activision might very well sink Activisions largest share holder is withdrawing from the sinking ship that is Blizz/vision could this be the prelude to its timely demise after they released D3 a game that has single handedly given blizzard a rapid decline in reputation and driven off a fair portion of their future sales? I mean how many of us will ever buy another blizzard game after this one? All im saying blizzard better get their act together and fix their kuk and on a side note release pvp already before everyone has left and their will only be like 200 people online :/ I want MASSIVE, EPIC PVP... T_T I dont want to be that guy who sits in a 200 people pvp ladderShadopaw80 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 A Ladder Is Needed So Diablo 3 is released and immediately people are finding issues with the game. Continuos complaining about many various elements of the game by so many people, myself included. Its either the story is weak, Legendaries are so far nerfed in comparisson to D2, lag, and the biggest complaint seems to be the lack of endgame content, and it seems to be a valid complaint. The only endgame content with D2 was either Diablo or Baal runs , and non qeue'd PvP. So if we really take a good look at it basically once u add the PvP to D3 the endgame will be very similar. But, the issue is not everyone plays PvP, in fact i believe well less than half of D3 players will play it consistently. Now the way i look at it liek this, a lot of players who are currently quitting over lack of endgame are probably your restart at every new ladder in D2 style players. This makes up for a large chunk of your D3 community. SO what we need is a ladder that resets every 6 months or so. This is one thing that should never have been changed from d2. Throw a few ladder exclusive items in their, a few other other changes and I think it would make a world of difference in a lot of players opinions. The main issue right now is through players eyes they see that until future expansions are released, they are stuck playing the same content with no change, no reason to start a new char and no reason to get excited every now and then. Ladder could solve all of this. If you do make a ladder allow 2 new characters per ladder reset to allow players to keep their players they have created and still play new ladders when they have reached the current max of 10 characters. Now one other issue is the easy level cap. raise it to 99 but make it extremely hard to level past 60. Make 60 - 61 like 97-98 in D2 and every level after that make it like 98-99 so players technically can keep leveling and have another endgame addition to keep playing for. And then when u release expansions make it easier to get to level 70 and repeat the difficulty after u hit the intended level cap.xG00S3Rx8 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Current MF gear system is forced gameplay A lot of people are complaining on the new proposed MF thread system that "Blizzard is once again messing up by changing the system to force us to play in a specific style. That we want the choice of playing how we want and doing last second MF gear swaps." This statement is absolutely false. If you think the current system is a choice, then you really don't realize what choice means. The current system is already forcing you to have an extra set of MF gear, and is forcing you to swap it at the last second. The illusion of choice is either kill the champ without swapping, or run away a bit and quickly swap for a bonus 250% MF then kill the champ. Either way, your going to kill the champ (and no it doesn't not take that much skill to land a killing blow with weaker gear), so it becomes a choice of do I want loot with no MF bonus or loot that is 3.5x better with MF bonus. That is not a choice. This thread is not about whether their new proposals are any better or worse than the current system, it is simply that any new system would not be more forced gameplay style than it already is.Tesym5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 my soluton 2 mf swaping tank u blizut games You receive all Magic Find from all equipment in your inventory. However, you only receive Magic Find once from each item type. (i.e. if you have one helm at 38% and one helm at 31%, you will only get 38% from helms) For players who were already gear swapping: This changes nothing. For players who were too lazy to gear swap, couldn't do so in the heat of battle, or thought it was unethical: Now that's not a problem. For players who own a functional MF set? Well.. There is now a second Nephalem Valor buff that increases your Magic Find from gear by X%. This buff is temporarily disabled for X time (but not lost) if you change equipment. When this buff becomes active again, all enemies within X yards are healed for X% health (divided by the number of players in game). For players who own a MF set and can fight in it, this is a buff for them. For players who still try to gear swap to reap the benefits, they'll find it's not that easy. For players who were doing Goblin runs, this has no effect on them because they typically operate with zero Nephalem Valor. This maintains the status quo or is a buff for everyone, except for the lazy few who still don't own an MF set. Get off your lazy asses and go get one :) thx 4 reeding n +! if u likD2MX1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF / Weapon swap / Melee Solution Have changing gear drop NV with one exception. Enable weapon swap with W key that doesnt effect NV incase we need to go sword and board. On top of this have 2h mighty weapons and monk weapons have the chance for AR and MF on them. This would actually make them useful and also give 2h barbs and monks a chance for a much needed AR boost.Breakbeat1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Gems are boring... Ok. I don't post very often, but I have to let Blizzard know that the current use for gems is boring and unthoughtful. I feel that we need more than: Helm: 1 bonus Weapon: Different bonus Other: we got tired of coming up with different bonuses. Why not have different bonuses for different slots of the character, that may make me want to use different colored gems throughout, because as a barbarian, I'm currently only using Rubies in my weapon, and Rubies and Amethyst on other locations. I don't feel any need to touch Emeralds... and I'll only use a Topaz in my helm (maybe). Why can't it be something like: Helm: 1 bonus Weapon: Different bonus Chest/Legs: Weird bonuses (life regen, move speed, mana regen, etc) Jewelry: Resists bonuses/shared helm bonuses (I'd like more MF, so sue me) Shield: Combination of all of the above Would this be hard to incorporate? I believe it would make my character feel more customized and it would only add to the fun of the game. It's late, I hope this was coherent.Puny32 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF Swapping Solution After reading Blizzards article about MF swapping and their proposed changes, I believe I have come up with a viable solution encompassing some of their proposed changes as well as tweaking some existing systems. First would be to use Option 1, a MF cap. I believe this cap should be set to 150%. Followers would then have their MF adjusted so that instead of 1/5th they would contribute 1/3rd. This would allow for up to 27% from followers, and 25% shouldnt be too difficult to obtain since you wouldnt need max MF on each piece. With 25% from followers this would leave 125% left for the player. 125% is not incredibly difficult to reach, but it isnt incredibly easy either as it still requires some sacrifice or a some really good gear. With the MF cap at 150%, NV should then be buffed to double its current effectiveness. That would allow 150% for those with no MF bonus at all, but double the MF for those willing to go all out. And as those who are currently swapping always claim to have at or around 300% MF with NV, this keeps MF towards its current level with swapping. However, the cap alone does not resolve the issue of swapping itself. With the previous changes put in, people would still feel compelled to swap gear out to get their 150% as that would be most effective with regard to kill speed vs MF. To this end, Option 4 also needs to be implemented. A 3 minute cancellation of MF after gear swap. Given the previously mentioned changes people should feel less inclined to gear swap, and this would seal that. The only downside would be co-op play since most people would gear with their follower in mind, and followers arent allowed in co-op. For this I propose either allowing followers in co-op or simply increasing base MF to 27% in co-op play to make up for the lack of a follower.Collide2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Public Test Region I think a really good idea would be to implement one of the great features of SCII which is the PTR. A PTR could be used to ninja patch damage, items, MF, stats and much more! You could incentivise your community to play on the PTR and level those characters through rewards in game. If you did not want to have someone start all over in a PTR, then allow them to take their highest character into the test region where the new patches are. You could get the most feedback, AND your coveted statistics. Anyone think that a version of a PTR would be a good idea?Gadget0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Is there a point to plans and crafting? Does anyone know what the reason would be to get a plan and craft anything? It seems to me that you buy a 6 quality plan for like $5,000,000. You spend like $5,000,000 to buy the supplies to make 100 units. You spend like $10,000,000 to actually construct the items. Then you get 1 that you can use yourself and maybe 4 others that are worth selling in the auction. Lets just say for arguments sake you have 10 that are "worth" selling in the auction, which has not been my experience at all. You might be able to sell those 10 for a return of $10,000,000, maybe. There is absolutely no way to make your money back by doing this because you can only have 10 auctions up at a time. I had $50,000,000 and bought a few 6 prop plans and jacked out over about 1000 items with nothing being made that is "awesome". You'd think my blacksmith would get better at producing gloves the more he made. Yet he continues to make garbage, like he's an idiot. So what is the point of even having these plans and crafting? It's stupid. Oh and by the way the 1 item you make you can use... You could have just bought something better on the auction anyway.RedHawk80 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Why should we belive you blizzard yes this post is directed at blizzard why as a community should we believe anything you have to say? I literally cringe ever major patch I think what new fun thing are they removing. I continued to play on the off hope you would make things right but its become clear. Diablo is not designed for the players it was designed for the developers. They had a vision and they have seen that vision thought. The negative changes you have made so far Increased Repair Cost IAS Nerf to Pots Nerf to Chest Nerf to Magic find Nerf to Tyreal's damage Nerf to to skills Nerf to drops Positives you have done Increased Drop rates (fixed what you broke) Smoothed out Inferno lowered the cost of crafting (fixed what you broke) Durability lose on items with out Death (Fixed what you broke) Its obvious to me the community does not matter I assume you get 90% of your feed back from the Diablo 3 forums. I have noticed 99% of that feed back falls on deaf ears or is given answers that are just useless. Things like Are Ignored completely I can only assume because there is no real answer. I don't expect to have anyone from blizzard post what can they say. Seriously at this point whats there to really say to make me feel better or any one to really feel better. I do think a apology would help but its just like a best friend who steals from you. It will take time and lots of good well to fix it. I think soon enough blizzard will have there reality check when MoP sales suffer. They can hype MoP up thought the roof and people will just remember the D3 hype then let down.AngelPaladin3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 I Don't Want A Revolt deletedVernich6 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MF Alternative - Inherent MF Make MF/GF Values Inherent on Items For those of you that don't know what inherent means.. Dropped equipment will have the affix on the item without taking up the space of an affix roll. For example: A rare ring drops. Before you identify it, you can see it's inherent MF or GF it provides listed above where the item's affixes will roll. All gear would have a chance to have inherent MF or GF on it when it drops. This can even be done with other stats/affixes as well. ... By doing this you: A) Completely eliminate the sacrifice between stats and MF B) Remove the need to swap equipment in and out C) Add more flavor D) Make items a little more interesting Thoughts? Panaeolus2 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 132DPS Witchdoctor streaming hi all my in game name is Lone#1162 i am former rank 1 GM from sc2 season 3 record= 330-30 my stream is ; ADD ME IM ALSO LOOKING FOR A TEAM TO PLAY WITH AND NEED HELP WITH AUTO MAGIC FIND PROGRAM FOR MY RAZER MOUSE THANKS:)Lone0 Jul 3, 2012