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Jul 1, 2012 Magic Find, worth it at normal difficulty? ^ Also, would you prefer Magic Find or Gold Find or none, at normal difficulty? I have 40% Magic Find, and I just started Act 2. Another question...: Do you get more golds and higher chance of magic loot when you are in public game?Mikelodeon1 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 All my posts.. are gone. Is there an issue with the forums today?BigGurlsRock10 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 My Ideas for Legendaries. What's yours? If you were the part of the dev team, what kind of legendaries will you make? Post your ideas. Here's some of mine I would love to see in the game if it was up to me......... The Great Tank Lvl 62 Shield Block rate 26~32% Block dmg 2700~3500 Armor 3050~4100 +35~55 resist to all + 1 Random magic stats If an attack is blocked, there is 30% chance that you gain 5% health back -15% walk speed when attacked by melee attacks Blacksmith's Soul Lvl 55 Ring +24~30 to 48~60 dmg +40~80 resist to fire +50~100 vit + 1 Random magic stats Reduce crafting cost of items by 10% Regenerates durability of equipped items by 1 durability every minute, this ability only works in field, not in town. Soulstone Fragment Lvl 63 Ring +5% damage as one random element; fire, lightning, ice or poison +5% to all class skill modifiers (words in green in skill desciption) + 2 Random magic stats + 30 to all stats Treasure Seeker's Grasp Lvl 35 Glove +10 IAS +3~5 gold per physical hit +20% Gold & Magic find +1 Random magic stats Items picked up are automatically identified Circlet of Protection Lvl 61 Monk Spirit Stone Armor 350~550 Reduce damage from all sources by 6~9% +45~70 resist to all + 2 Random magic stats Whenever hit by physical attacks, the wearer gains increased dodge rate of 3% per hit. Maximum stack is 10. Ability wears off 5 secs after last attack. Death Orbit Lvl 60 Wizard Off Hand Dmg 200~320 +70~100 int +3 Random magic stats +50~80 arcane resistance Death Orbit surrounds the wearer with degenerating aura on enemies within 15 yards, enemies degenerate 1% hp every 2 seconds when within radius. Blood Sacrifice Lvl 63 2 hand sword Dmg 560~770 +30~40% weapon dmg +300~400 poison dmg Crit dmg increase 50~80% +1 Random magic stats Every hit drains wearer 120 HP, but increases IAS per hit by 4% up to a maximum of 10 stacks. Elemental Sword Lvl 60 1 hand sword Dmg 230~320 +100~150 Fire dmg +100~150 Ice dmg +100~150 Lightning dmg +30~45% weapon dmg Every hit slows target by 10% walk and attack speed. Chance to stun target at 10% per hit. Hits on target caused targets to reduce armor, thus increasing all other sources of dmg by 5% per hit up to maximum of 5 stacks. +1 Random magic stats Confuse if unable to Convince Lvl 62 Witch doctor off hand Dmg 250~350 +2 Random magic stats +50~80% poison resist Reduces WD mana cost by 15% Whenever WD hits an enemy with poison darts (any rune), there is a 10% chance for enemies to go into confusion, rendering them unable to attack players, instead attacking one another for 1 attack. Goblin bomber's Satchel Lvl 50 Demon hunter off hand (in the shape of a satchel) +2 Random magic stats +70~110 dex +12~15% IAS Increases the dmg of grenades by 20%. Increases radius explosion by 3 yards. There is a 30% chance a 4th grenade will be tossed out in a random direction.Kage1 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 New patch made it the last straw for me. The ninja buff to mobs is just stupid. I gave this game a very very fair chance. i have 4 character at lvl 60, 1 in act 4, 1 act 3 and 2 act 2 inferno. So obviously I do like this game....when It's not impossible. I mean come on, I start act 3 war machines, I check everyones gear, all pretty good. Right at the gate, first elite on the spot, 3 birds. desecrator, sheilded, nightmarish, extra health. This combo is nuts. How are we suppose to kill this fast enough? Not only this, after about 7 min in, yellow elites show up. 4 more damn birds. don't even know the affix for the new elite. everyone starts to leave at first death. (barb, 1050res, 24k dps, 8.5k armor,1.6k LOH, 1k regen, all kinds of defense skills) How is this fun blizzard? Everyone likes a challange, No one likes near impossible. I felt that the first inferno nerf was close to giving us a challange but it was def not impossible. For some, maybe it was way too easy, but i'm pretty sure it only made the game easier for most all the way up to ghom. I'm gonna put this game down till pvp and i'm pretty sure that will not be that fun. Who ever is making these bad decisions at blizzard needs to go. We just want to have fun after school/work and not be even more frustrated/stressed over fighting stupid affixed mobs. I guarantee you, If torch light is good, your 1.5k-2k player base 24/7 will turn into something like 300. Where is your RMAH money then? Prob don't even care and that sucks.Modster23 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Best Game Ever! If you're bored, check this out. Diablo3 got nothing on this :3 Koreans got the best games Idk why they bother with Diablo.MajinBuuX30 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 No PayPal in my country! Will there be any other cashout option than Paypal!??!? There are some countries that doesnt support paypal.stevanus2 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 is act 4 ok? enjoyable ? drop rates? Why act 4 got same drop rates as act 3 act 4 have hard bosses ...(well maybe ghom its harder now) there also not much elites drop rates are same as act 3 which is enjoyable and easy . there is alot nice places/spots for farm even nice to full clear. what a point farm act 4?? all slacking in act 3 ... can Blizzard do something with act 4 make it better to farm than act 3? i m little bored farming act 3 for like 1 month :D also pony level is useless after path 1.03 and MF nerf or maybe there in act 4 is some hidden modifier ... like there is better chance to good roll on item stats?? so what a point?Kotsa8 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Question regarding Gold AH Why can we not search for Quivers with Attack Speed? It is not in the drop down menus as an option.DoubleU6 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 A3/A4 Livestream Mc!@#$ty Barb w/Giveaways Live Stream up come join now for full inventory giveaways and to listen to me get !@#$ on a3/a4 styleAttua1 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 need Feedback find it here ur game suks im outKorlash0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Blizzard how would you like me to play? I would like to start this off with the following; I enjoy Diablo 3, and have been a long fan of the franchise since I had first played Diablo 1 on my Playstation 1, it drew me into a small but randomized world of slaughter, item acquisitions and a lot of dungeon crawling... I remember the post release game play of Diablo 2 and how it also started and was perceived by the general public until a few solid months of patches went into making the game what we all loved and share fond memories of today... A lot of people tend to forget about that bad stuff from the beginning of Diablo 2, because they are quickly drawn into a nostalgic dream like state and over glorify what Diablo 2 was, however no matter what is said about the Diablo 2 the fact remains, it was highly successful, fun and although it was rarely challenging we all still found ourselves logging in day after day. Moving on to the point of my post. NV was invented to keep people playing in the same game for long periods of time to maximize returns on time played (I remember reading that you the Dev's at Blizzard, think this is far more fun than starting a game, killing a singular monster and or group, leaving and repeating (Which most of us beg to differ, but for the sake of my plea, lets just move on.))If i run an entire act, collect all 5 NV's and am completing to maximize my returns on time played in the same game; Why is it when I change acts in the same game, my NV vanishes and I am left to claw my way back to 5 NV... (Q) Blizzard how would you like me to play? Fiery Brimstone, at the rate that Legendaries drop (some people had played 250+ hours without a legendary drop seen. I myself experienced my first legendary drop after 150 hours, and 5 more before I reached 250 hours) and ONLY 1 of them was level 60. But the good news about it was that the legendary in question was so horrible I broke it down to acquire the Fiery Brimstone and 2 tears it would yield. With the lowered chance of getting Fiery Brimstone from a iLevel61, iLevel62, iLevel63 magic or rare. I myself have broken down 2XXX magic's and a little over 8XX rare's without so much as 1 Fiery Brimstone since the 1.0.3 patch. (Q) how would you like us to actually get Fiery Brimstone for crafting? Legendary Items we're the staple in Diablo 2 (Although they were classified as Unique) before the huge patch that added a much more in depth runeword system. If you had a Grandfather sword as a barbarian you we're nearly unstoppable and felt powerful as a character, the fact that a sword like that existed and you had it, it drew you into the game. I know for a fact that other people are bothered by the lack of Legendary items that are epic (for lack of a better word) not a single legendary is truly that good and every single one of them can be outmatched by a blue magic item, which I actually find a little insulting and well depressing because I want to see a Legendary Item and be like "Holy crap! I need it!!!" not look at one and think to myself "Well... I like the look of it, but my 12XX DPS 1 handed blue magic item blows it out of the water". Oh and I love how difficult they are to find that just adds to the effect, however that being said, at the rate they drop now when you find one and see how lame the stats/dps/def/effects are, it just makes you loathe the time you spent into the game to find it. (Q) Are we going to see a vast change into the Legendary DPS/Stats/Def/ect...? (Q:2) Will you be expanding how many legendaries there are in the future? Anyways that's all, just hope It gets seen. ~HoodiHoodi69Ninja7 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Letter of Appreciation to Jay Wilson and Co. To Whom it May Concern, As a player that has played the entire franchise of Diablo, and with over 200 hours played on my level 60 wizard, I must say Diablo 3 is by far the best game in the series hands down. I think starting off with launch day is the best place to start. Since I was a loyal customer to the franchise, I bought D3 on day 1 and couldn't have enjoyed my experience more. From purchasing, downloading, and installing on launch day was probably one of the greatest experiences I had in gaming. The sheer amount of determination to try and play the game was overwhelming for me. Ever since then, the constant hotfixes and patches to this game on every Tuesday, really does make it feel like Fat Tuesday. Not only am I grateful and appreciated of the immense talent it takes your team to roll out these fixes in short amount of time, but the sheer amount of updates that overall improve this game is just outstanding. The amount of farming I have done (again over 200 hours on a single character) I have become so filthy rich and have the best uber gear ever. I mean, the loot I findimpresses even my father. With the updated loot system, I get solid gear with so many filthy stats that every time I farm, I can sell a leetsauce item for over 50 m gold. This game is just awesome! The invention of the GAH and the RMAH is just better then sliced bread. Anytime a friend ask me if they should purchase D3 I just jump for the joy. Not only is spending 60 bucks on this brilliantly finished game so worth it, but you can spend your dollar better then the dollar menu at McDonalds! And can't forget to mention you just need to spend 20 mins on a run and find some really sick gear. As a level 60 wizard, I feel like the most powerful godlike hero ever. Having a tiny spider kill me in a couple of shots with my passives all on defensive, I really do feel like a God walking amongst... well bugs? The overall game play is just phenomenal.; including the story. I mean once I found out that Diablo was a girl, I just freaking knew it! I knew it girls had cooties all along and always knew never to trust them! They really are soooo evil! I'm so proud to be a customer of this great franchise. The product on release (and now) is just sooooo well thought out it blows my mind! Truly the best game of the decade. And I can completely understand how hard you guys worked on this. And the wait for this game for so long was totally worth it! Also, I have to admit, I love this game. I have become so addicted it feels wrong. Almost like a crack head on crack. He knows it's wrong, but just can't get enough. Sincerely yours, TupacdmGinC1 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Blizzard, what is the meaning of ilvl? What is the meaning of ilvl when ilvl 62 weapons can be better than ilvl 63? I get several 63 weapon drop and they turn out to be 400ish dps when some 62's I get are 700 dps. Random stat generate is broken and needs to be fixed.MrChin8 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Act III Inferno Firstly I'm a barb. I was doing okay for quite some time, I even managed to kill ghom with cheap tactics but I feel like i'm zerging my way through even when I go for more resistances. Even with 900resistances and 40k HP sometimes I'm getting my !@# handed to me by certain whites. Namely that giant boulder thing which takes lots of damage yet can 3 shot... also the lunatic suicide bombers which I have found no way to defend against, and even those basic skull warrior guys with the giant axe. Everytime I fight them I feel like i'm fighting a champ pack, so much hp and damage. They cut right through iron impact + revenge. Any suggestions from a barb who is managing to NOT zerg through? I've tried many gear combinations, been farming Act 2 for some time now, about to go back and just do that but without the right combo it still won't work.AresSupreme0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Is it against the ToU to Gold Flip? Wait! Before you post, read what I am typing. It isn't as simple as the title. Ok, say that I am an auctioneer tycoon who has millions of gold and knows how to manipulate the market in order to get more gold from sniping good items at low prices from the auction house and selling them for a higher price. This shouldn't be bannable right? I mean it's just an in-game currency! However, what if I were to sell that gold that I just made after price switching? I would be profiting from the RMAH all the same, just in a different way. So is this bannable as well? Is this even tracked or thought of? No, I won't ever do something like this because I didn't buy a game called "Auction House Tycoon". I just wanted to know if this was a bannable offense.Frewdonist58 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Increase ability dmg by x % With items that increase ability damage how is the increase applied? Is it additive or multiplicative? Let me illustrate. Lets start with an item we shall simply call Knife, and it increases Plague of Toads dmg by 10%. Plague of Toads damage is 130% of weap dmg. Now if its additive then every toads attack will do 140% weap dmg (130%+10%). If its multiplicative then its 143% weap dmg (130% + 130%*.10) Anyone know which way it is? Thanks!Slimemold0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Going up against bots on AH is UNREAL You can't win anything, they unbid you instantly before your bid goes through.... Check out this item for reference. I must have bid and refreshed 12-13 times Scout Haven, pants 154 dex 120 vit 40 cold 2 socetsHugster30 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Gold Missing - Bug Report - So I beat the game in normal , never played publicly ( only with my cousin never played publicly ) and my computer is not compromised. I'm reporting this as a - Bug Report - or possible Server Side Hack. These are the things that happen in the last two logins to Diablo 3 that seem to stand out in my mind. - I only ever spoke in [General] chat - I only ever played on my games that my cousin would join *** until this morning *** I joined his game which is slightly more progressed in nightmare mode - I used the auction house to buy an 2 hand axe for my character - I sold an unbreakable wizard hat on the auction house Considerations: - Through some method general chat users are able to gain access to my account. ( server side hack) - I checked netstat logs setup on my linux router and there are no unaccounted for connections outside of blizzard's ( indicating a server side hack) - I had recent players on my friends tab I've never grouped with or heard of ( server side hack ) I'm going to try and get my money back for the game. I've put a decent amount of time into playing the game to have the only resource that matters over diffcultyl levels *** gold *** all gone missing. I'm not paying $ 60 USD to play a game that wipes my progress due to a server side vulnerability which it seems likely tied to the auction house ( greed ).vidurous4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Increased number of elites in Act IV? As the title suggests.. has anyone noticed an increase in elites in Act IV? If this is the case.. thanks blizz!AK1230 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Missing Gold? Well, your gear is next! Think about it, all your gold was taken, but not your gear, why or why not? Here's a thought that is probably true. Real $$ AH gets back up, now your gears gone. You can spend money if you want it back that badly. :D At least, thats my idea of whats going to happen.Flamingbird1 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 I'm done. I'm done, I've been done for a long time now but I'm just realize it now. I can't complain too much though, I put over 100 hours into a game that I payed 60$ for but still I wish... I wish I could of put more into this game. When Diablo 3 was first announced I was excited, oh so excited. Although I never got super deep into Diablo 2 as to kill uber Diablo much less all the uber's or to seriously pvp I enjoyed the 7+ characters I reach max level with over the years. That fast pace game play, awesome level system, and challenge always keep me coming back. It was almost like a itch, every few months or even years one of my friends or I would sudden have the urge to play Diablo 2 again and we would all hop on the bandwagon. The majority of those times we had to start from square one, which we all hated with a smile. I'll be honest, I don't have a ton of memories of Diablo 2 after all it's been years now since I played but the feeling of fun is there.... I don't get that feeling from Diablo 3, none of us do. Your character is too slow, spasmodically improves with items not gradually with levels, and the game isn't challenging, it's cheap. Daiblo 3 is a cheap game with a large amount of luck in the game play mechanics. Diablo 2 had it's "gear checks" and luck based components as well but never to such extremes as Diablo 3. I forget who first said it here but Diablo 3 is the first flop for blizzard. Up till now pretty much every game was expected to be of good quality but now people will be more cautious when buying blizzard games. I know I will be...... I'm disappointed in you Blizzard.Tristanwin1 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Identifying Items... Seriously!? I really do not see a reason why we have to Identify Rares or Legendaries/Sets after they drop, since the stats are already determined when the item is dropped. It is a complete waste of time, and takes away from game play. At the end of a Butcher run, I have to spend around 20 mins Identifying, determining which items to sell on the AH, and which ones to salvage / sell.. when I could be in the next game already killing bad guys. That time could be cut in half or even more removing the need to right click every single rare or legendary item you get. I know people sell unidentified items for gold, but there is so many other ways to make gold. I just don't see a point Identifying items if the stats are already determined before you "open" them.Vegeta31 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 value on make believe items It was blizzard who put a value on make believe not us. they did it over greed cause they want more money. so if you are missing 1-10-100 dollars i suggest you complain, call whoever(fbi i guess) cause its your money u earned it. yes its not a real item but Blizzard put a value on it they wanted real money involved. Someone has the money or the item(s) you should get 1 or the other, not pending, pending, pending, failed. then no money or item For all those self entitled little kids who think its just $10 just move on and forget. you dont deserve the shirt on your back let alone the computer you play on.ogre5 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Help me compare these two weapons I hope some of you out there may be able to help me compare the stats on these weapons to explaine why it drops my dps and protection. I am currently playing a Wizard What I have equipped now is: Dagger730.5 Weapon Damage 278-696 Damage 1.5 attacks per second +211-491 Poison Damage +200 Dexterity +163 Intelligence +51 Vitality What I found that I would have liked to switch to, but lowers my DPS and and Protection: (will show char. stat changes below) Spear757.9 Weapon Damage 377-761 Damage 1.33 Attacks per second +186 Strength +171 Intelligence +88 Vitality +11% Attack Speed If I change to the spear my stat changes will be: +1450 Life -229.1 Damage -.06% Protection This just don't make sense to me, the elemental damage on the dagger is higher yes however, the spear includes 11% attacks speed, more Int. and Weapon Damage. I am assuming I loose protection because of the dexterity, I'm not sure. Both weapons dropped after patch 1.03 So, I have 2 questions for you. 1. What are your thoughts? 2. Has this type of thing happened to you with gear or weapons? Thanks for your feedback :)Shadow2 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 What's up with the connection? Danger Will Robertson, Danger... Error 3007 and latency over 1000 all evening and morning. About the 10th time I've been lag'd out of a game and gotten the 3007 error and a complete disconnect. What gives, its 9am on a Sunday, the servers can't be *that* packed can they? Download Speed: 24906 kbps (3113.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 979 kbps (122.4 KB/sec transfer rate) 23ms pingDinkster90 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 So ... what's new in the next patch? Any rumors? 1.04 right?Kanuz2 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 A ways to go yet So i am super happy with the increase to drop rates and boss drops, just a bit sad at its repedative nature. Its also a bit boring to level 5 classes to 60 considering you have to redo all the same quest material with virtually no variation. I know everyone is going to rage at me, i guess i just prefer to have a mmorpg world rather than this linear progression. But overall i am glad that they are starting to make some more sensible changes with patches and hotfixes. It will be interesting to see how PVP works.MightyOneT0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Can anyone spare a diablo 3 guest pass? I'd love a guest pass, if you have an extra...send it my way! chrislivingston02@gmail.comKillawatts1 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 siegebreaker WP Can someone give me the siegebreaker wp INFERNO please? I don't feel like re-running the quest and apparently I didn't get to the checkpoint even though I got to the WP. Megatron#1564 Feel free to add in game! Thanks!Megatron2 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Can anyone spare a Diablo 3 Guest Pass? Sadly, my CE won't be around during release, and I would really love to get a jumpstart on creating a character or few. Level 13 isn't even that bad, I can just level others, and who knows, maybe I'll enjoy a different class. Anyone out there so kind? :) <3 PS -- I'll bake you cookies! or maybe a cake :)Presea183 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Game is fun from 1 to 60. Not fun at 60. Getting annoyed at playing my monk farming act 2 and not getting any decent drops. Decided to try out a witchdoctor and instantly started having fun again. I think the reason is that there is a huge chance that a piece of gear that drops is an upgrade - like what, 5%? Basicly every time I fill my bag, I have an upgrade or two in there - Awesome! I dont even care if its just by 1 or 2 INT. I also notice that on killing bosses, I get Witch Doctor drops specifically. (This cannot be a coincidence - I get ceremonial daggers and voodoo doll off-hands). I think Blizzard should take the same approach at level 60 when farming inferno. If you want me to repeat ACT1 a million times before going to ACT2 - Fine. Why not give me character based drops that ever so slightly buff the character? Check what stats I am stacking, and give me better gear. It doesn't need to be with every drop - but every time I fill up my bags I want an upgrade. Sure this goes against Diablo philosophy but its more important to put a game thats fun out there rather then demoralize everyone with consistently tough fights with no virtual or emotional reward (Emotional in the sense that I never feel accomplished having beaten elite pack #234235, where it feels good to beat Belial). Also, consider that once I am done inferno - I'll just pick up another character and repeat the whole process again. I want to play all 5 characters to 60, then try my hand at hardcore (with all characters again). Thats a long process - make it a fun one. ThanksValdro0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Loot I like the game. The loot table is bust. I barley get blues these days. not much fun to be honest.Grok4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 What's going on with act 3/4? I know there has been threads about elites mobs doing more damage than previously (something I have noticed), I've been able to clear Act 3 for about a month now I'm struggling. To top it off elite packs are dropping level 52 yellows again. Why can't blizzard get these acts right?Slicktorine0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 class idea for bending universe fans I don't imagine this thread will get much positive attention unless some avatar fans come across it first. Ok, I don't know what exactly to call the class, but it is essentially an avatar from the bending universe. The diablo 3 skill runes are perfect for this idea. For example, there are 5 runes. Let's say the example move is a basic blast sort of attack: No rune: a chi based missile first rune: an air based missile, costs less or shoots multiple blasts second rune: a water based missile, slows target third rune: an earth based missile, chance to stun target fourth rune: a fire based missile, burns target for % weapon damage over x seconds fifth rune: an avatar state type of attack, increase damage % This trend would apply to every skill. A basic chi move without a rune, going up to an avatar state move that would combine the elements. Another example would be the final skill unlocked which would involve the specials in that universe. This trend already seems to be in the demon hunter's elemental arrow that has different elements on it's runes. No rune: a concentrated chi attack for much higher cost and % damage first rune: tornado / channeled wind tunnel second rune: crowd control blood bending move that caused damage and slows targets third rune: crystal and or metal bending, very high damage to an area, maybe 195% fourth rune: lightning that did high damage to one target, maybe 235% fifth rune: use concept of wormhole teleport- no chi cost, high damage, channel for a few seconds, then a cool down. maybe 250% or 300% weapon damage in a cone or line That's what I can imagine for this class without getting too specific, and this idea is never in videogames for some reason. The closest I've seen is city of heroes where you could pick earth/fire/ice for direct attacks or secondary controlling style, which looked a lot like 'bending' from the avatar series. The passives would be easy to design if someone in bliz has seen the show, and hopefully this get some attention because someone needs to do this. Come on guys, don't you want an earthbender who can use the same annoying trick wallers do? You could be your own elite mob! molten waller players!!!Tomnnn0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Is this a known bug? Act three of Hell mode. The loot table is now giving me level 44 items which are trash to a level 58 character...Floode8 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Change required level on weapons Hello Bliz, what about if required pickup level on weapon is based on their final DPS ? Now u identify item, its 121dps crap dagger with some good vit/int on it - for level 60 its trash junk. But, if its based on DPS and this item would be available from lvl30 - it will be actually sellable for new characters. 100+ dps - lvl30 300+ dps - lvl40 500+ dps - lvl60 .. Im sad when i find almost perfect stat rolls on 1h mace but basedmg is low => trash for lvl60s. But it will be sellable for 40lvls for sure.Bash0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Is this a God Mode? Lose it all and you're dead? I don't think so. PS. I was stucked, so yeah, I didn't take my loot and I lost it when the game crashed after few minutes trying to figure out what the !@#$ was happening.ivowns4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Guild Wars had a "vendors for more" item stat I feel like D3 would benefit from putting the same thing in. Have some items have an attribute that says "sells to vendors for more gold" and the prefix could be "golden sword" or "bejeweled" or something. This would remove some of that frustration when you identify a yellow item and it turns out to be something you'll want to send to the vendor.SirPrize0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Leveling abnormally slow? I am currently level 47. To get from level 46-47 it took two plus acts on nightmare mode. Is this normal? My friends say there is something wrong... but im not sureZerkcz2 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Endgame ideas! +1 and thumbs up for blizzard! Athenes ideas in his videos were really great, a gearhunting game can be fun if it is well organized. Why it is hard to find it fun: Now may god punish me, but take World of Warcraft as an example. There are a lot of ways to farm your gear, this isn't just either farming one act or another. Since all kinds of treasurehunting has been nerfed in Diablo 3, we are really only left with two options. Either farming act 1 or act 3 depending on gear. In other MMORPG's there is a lot of ways to farm gear. Either going through instances, questing, through proffesions, pvp'ing and the most boring of them farming. And sadly this is the only option we are left with. IMPLEMENTING THE PVP to Diablo 3 will be a huge upgrade! And Blizzard, if you see this which i really hope you do. Then don't rush it. Big maps filled with big teams, having something to do other than killing eachother. - i would suggest some 1v1 and 3v3 arena. Since its obvious you allready have it done. But what a lot of people really would like to see, might be a big map where people were competing against completing a goal before the other. Maybe killing eachother and picking up some golds or something, and the first team to complete this ''mission'' will win the match. And seeing ten people in such a battleground would really be nothing but intense! And remember that the rewardings of the PVP is what keeps people doing it. And the excitement of looking forward to the reward is really the best about it. - i would suggest, either make some really unique gems in some way, heading out some coins which you can buy gear from when you have a certain amount, maybe some enchants for your weapon, or just something unique but really usable as an reward of the intense pvp we are hopefully going to get. Such kind of pvp community will make a whole new kind of game, since there will be big pvp communities, a lot of ways to customize your character. And of course, there is prestige in being undefeatable! Another reason to add the rewardings. Athenes idea about the debuff is really an awesome way to make players keep looking for progression. When you have spend 20-30m on gear so you can farm act 3 with ease, there is literally not anything left to do. I know it requires a lot of work, but more dungeons like the pony level. The real money auction house, ruins it a lot for players that hasn't tons of money in their ''real'' pockets. Because all good items in the normal auction house has sky rocketed. And it's literally not possible to get top notch gear just by spending Diablo 3 gold. Take down the real money auction house, but make people be able to buy golds instead! You can charge your 15% fee still, and you might even earn more money on it. Because people are quitting this game due to no endgame, and broken auction house, no pvp and nothing to do after getting really good gear. ''Blizzard, i do love this game! But you would do yourself and every Diablo 3 lover a favor, by adding a lot more endgame content! Because this is the only negative thing about this game. Please respond if you see this. It would be nice if you could leak something from the pvp, because we are all looking forward to it!''groenbek15 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 CC effects on armor Hey I was gonna make a set with as much cc stuff on armor as I could, but I just wanted to see if there was some kind of diminishing effect. So if I get say, 5 pieces with 4% whatever effect, I should have a 20% chance of doing some kind of cc every hit? And if I use a rune w/ multiple shots does that count too? (ex splinter poison darts, 3 darts, so 60%? seems to OP). or my would my aoe attacks as a WD still trigger them?Morebeer4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Why U No Reply?! I've made several threads in the past but I've noticed that it's been like pulling teeth to get players to respond. Are the topics I'm discussing really just that boring or do I just have bad timing? On the random chance that you're interested, here's the most recent thread: Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 AH bidding question Let's say there's an item I'm trying to win in my bids list with a current bid of 1 million. There's 10 seconds left. I bid 3 million. I get the message "your bid was too low to be the winning bid". Does that mean: A) The other bidder entered a bid of say 4 or 5 million before my bid of 1 million and there just wasn't anyone else with a bid higher than 1 million, thus displaying the "current bid" as 1 million? If so, does that mean my bid of 3 million upped the current bid to a little over 3 million which the other bidder had to pay to get the item? or... B) My bid did nothing, and the other bidder only had to pay 1 million because he had entered his max bid as 4 or 5 million? Thanks for the help!SnowJunkie3 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Quick multiplayer question please Im curious how much exactly each additional player in a game increases mob health? I was thinking about running some public games in a attempt to meet some mature people to play with but if I get wtfpwned in inferno because people join it may not be worth my time. Thanks!Warbringer0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 So much for pvp patch in June Yup blizzard has officially passed their, expected pvp patch release dates. Can't imagine that it is because of the RMAH problems they are dealing with....Spooker6 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Cheapest mobile phone/plan for rmah Well I use virgin mobile and I'm happy with it but I need something that will let me use the rmah to take out money. I do not plan on using the phone for any other purpose. I'm in Portland Oregon if region matters at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.DiamondJIM8 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 A truly novel concept for an ARPG endgame I know Path of Exile (POE) has met with a lot of flaming, criticism, and hatred on these boards. And why wouldn't it? It's been waved around like a flag by those who aren't content with D3. But I'm not here to push POE; I'm here to push this as a potential future endgame for D3. Yeah, yeah, if D3 flat out copied it, it wouldn't be a very ethical business practice. But there's a lot to pull from, and I think it's a really cool concept. What do these forums think? Please keep the love/hate on POE/D3 to a minimum. Video Dev Blog; Dev Blog (has more information, minus the awesome accent narrating it to you) Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Witch Doctor Web Spreadsheet (item checker)!! You want to buy an item and you don't know how much damage you gonna get out of it ? You don't know which stat will boost your damage more than others ? feel free to use this web-based spreadsheet to check it before you buy it ! Link 1 - or Link 2 - ill be streaming for a while under , in case u got any question jump in and ask it !!! youtube: livestream: Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Economics... Seems like a few people here are seriously lacking in some economics.... so I thought I'd help out :) Misconception #1 - Item flippers increase prices This is the same reason as a real estate agent won't bother to sell your house for the absolute highest price. An item flipper, like a real estate agent, makes the majority of the gold/money in the first 30seconds of buying the item. That extra 5% is just not worth it. Sell it fast, move your gold onto the next piece. Its far better to keep the gold working rather than sitting in some item. So a good flipper will buy something worth 500k at 200k and sell for 400k. They will actually force the price down. Misconception #2 - We need more AH slots This will increase AH prices.... and increase the number of people putting ridiculous prices up. The limit forces people to sell at reasonable prices or lose their AH slot for 36 hours. Also forces flippers to use low prices. Misconception #3 - inflation is out of control because some items are increasing prices at crazy rates, people think gold is losing value. Yes I agree, gold is inflating, but all money does that. However, inflation is based across the economy, not just the top end items. The low-average items are losing value compared to gold. A good example is a blue 1-hander with 900 dmg has gone from 500k to under 200k now. Misconception #4 - People should be prevented from putting items up for 300m Why? economics 101 - something is only worth what some other idiot is willing to pay. Due point 2, all they are doing is losing a AH slot. If the item sits there for 2 days and doesn't sell, they have lost something. Just because its on the AH for that price doesn't make it worth it till someone else buy's it Misconception #5 - Items cannot be worth 300m Blah blah blah - economics 101 - something is only worth what some other idiot is willing to pay. People love the perfect item.. Sometimes someone is willing to gamble that that 300m item will allow them to farm a4 inferno and make even more. Ill add more as I can think of them Misconception #6 - RMAH is ruining the game This one is debatable (watch the comment space) But basically, all that has really happened is that its moved from D2JSP etc to RMAH. Which is a improvement due to less problems such as driveby downloads, scamming etc. I really think RMAH actually come around to reduce the security concerns based upon driveby downloads to dodgy sites, and it gives bliz a record of transactions and another possible method to chase botters.TheASP3 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Suggestion: BOA Uniques Perhaps for an expansion, since it's a very big change. How about Diablo 2-style uniques, that are bind-on-account? They would have designated stats, with a little bit of randomness (like 80-90 int, 120-140 vit), but designed to always be a fairly good item. Similar drop rate to legendaries/sets. They wouldn't be as good as a the top rares, but better than most of the trash rares & legendaries. They'd be bound to accounts, like the staff to enter Whimsyshire. So no trading with other people or auctioning.Giller0 Jul 1, 2012