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Jun 27, 2012 Please DON'T nerf the D3 Pindle runs To Blizzard, Not every player has the time to stack NVx5 and kills each of the elites in the whole acts. Sometimes, players just want to play D3 for 10 minutes or less. A Pindle-style run in D3 is definitely in need. In addition, killing the same elite over and over again would bring back those good old memories from D2. Please hear our voices.Dialysis2 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Unable to play ACT 2 of Inferno/Not Eligible Hello. I have a question I was hoping someone could answer for me. I've completed ACT 1 of Inferno. I venture into ACT 2 and reach the checkpoint but when I quit, it doesn't allow me to continue from chapter 1. I'm stuck in ACT 1. It doesn't save. I've killed all the bosses, am I missing something?Desinvius0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 250+ hours later and still loving the game A big thank you to the employees of blizzard that made this a great and enjoyable game.scout007101 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Co-Op is not worth it still Whilst playing with a second person the game can still be playable i found once you get to 3-4 players the game becomes boring, Mobs become a solid wall of neverdyingness and the difficulty seems to escalate greatly. I am currently sitting well into act 3 the other 3 guys are in act two yet when we play together the first act takes over double the amount of time than if we ran alone and involves a lot more death. This game is feeling isolating with almost no reward for playing with my friends, the main reason i play this game is to be with my friends so thus i am another who will be quitting. I will be heading over to Path of the exile/Tourchlight/ Grim dawn and eventually GW2.GeneralDerp10 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 My biggest *specific* issue with itemization These two are interrelated: -In D2, ilvl was determined by the monster or area in which an item dropped, not by the base type of the item. In D3 it's the latter. Consequently, the top affixes only spawn on the top tier base items. -Actual # values of whatever magic attribute are being rolled scale up in some kind of ridiculous exponential fashion, like the all-important +damage stat (without which a wep is useless), for ilvl 60 items is at best something around half of what ilvl 63's can get. The affixes that are the biggest offenders are the elemental damage bonuses, life regen, life on hit, and crit damage (where ilvl 62s top out at 60%, but ilvl 63s go to 100%). Incidentally all these happen to be some of the most important affix categories. Add the above two together, and this makes anything but ilvl 63 gear useless in the long run. Hell, it's already useless now if you insist on playing with the big dogs in a3-a4 inferno. A godly-roll ilvl 50-54 and a quality-roll ilvl 55-60 rare should match, or even edge out a middling ilvl 63 rare. Example: let's say an ilvl 51 drops in inferno. Since inferno CAN drop ilvl63, any mod should be able to spawn on that ilvl51. If it's an armor, let it be able to get 300+ life regen/s. If it's a wep let it have up to +600 light/holy/xxxx dmg. Its base stats will be substantially lower, fine, but the affixes can make up for it to some degree. Indexing ilvl to base item type *severely* restricts the gear selection. Everyone who is anyone in PvP once that gets here will be clad in archon-tier gear, exclusively. Why even have sovereign, doom, warlord, balor, or whatever the other upper tiers are? When every *insert class name* looks like every other one of their class, bar color tinting, the aesthetics suffer a lot. Sure D2 had this problem in spades as well, but what's 12 years for?TrmntdByChkn0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Dots dont crit yn?Anodyne0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Why end game is a design hurdle (in any game) "End game" content is basically a diminishing returns reward system for time spent. The balance is to keep people progressing at a rate that feels acceptable without making the game "too easy". All this has to happen while accounting for both people that play 100 hours a week and those that play 10. This is a very difficult balance and takes time to tweak. All the changes we are seeing are a result of this balancing act.BIGS31 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 D3- Min wage workers asking for raise I agree on some level the RMAH has fundamentally changed the dynamic of this game for the worse. That being said, however, I want to explain that I don't object to pay-to-win in principle in a game that is essentially non-competitive. I just think that people's effort-reward equation has been completely knocked off kilter by this game. To reference my title, I feel that no one can be objective about drop rates when there is such a huge monetary incentive hanging in front of their noses. I see people screaming that inferno should drop 100% level 60+ items, legendary and set drops should be vastly increased, and that bosses should consistently drop far better loot. In addition, people seem to feel like class specific drops should have no useless modifiers at all. If these changes were implemented, what would be the result? Good items would drop in price on each version of the AH. But people cannot see that, they think that a 10 mil item is a 10 mil item, no matter if there is 1 of them or 1000 of them. But my issue is that I want good items to be rare, since I rarely look at the AH. I just want it to be like D2, where a GOOD item was possible to find with serious dedication, but the ACTUAL ITEM you wanted was almost impossible to find, therefore you had to trade. To be honest, that is kind of where the game is at, in my opinion. People want a name to attach to their BIS, and perhaps the legendary buff will bring it, but in a general sense good items are rare, and you have to play a lot to have them drop. Whether you use them or sell them is up to you. So, when you ask for drop rate increases be sure you are not asking for it just to make money for yourself. If drops should be increased to improve the game that is one thing, but you shouldn't be getting a sick level 63 BIS every time you clear act 2 inferno. If you want the game to have legs it can't work like that. TLDR: The game is not meant to replace your part-time job, so don't request changes in order to make that possible.jungfreud0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Another Act I Inferno Farming run, Success! Earlier this week I posted a thread detailing how I ran Act I inferno and made, in the end, over 850k gold after AH drops. Last night I ran it again, still farming to build up gear. I not only managed to replace some armor with an ilevel 63 (new wrists woot!) but I made 1.6 million. Gold is not hard to come by, just run act I.Kyzarius15 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Auction House Bugged? I'm seeing a bunch of auctions with time left on the clock going for 0 gold bids, and it won't let me bid on them. Anyone else having this issue?Xhal0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Casual player feedback/review (long) Disclaimer: I don't usually write reviews, but when I do they tend to be long ;) I consider myself a casual player, I’m 35 years old, have a job and a family with a small child which makes playing during the day nigh impossible unless on weekends during nap-time. I’ve managed to play a lot of Diablo lately though, taking the release-week off work and a couple of days since although those weren't to play Diablo exclusively. I’ve lost some sleep the past month (it is beginning to wear me down) and managed to play a good 200+ hours since release. I have not seen Inferno. I’ve lost my first character in Hell, and due to carelessness/greed lost the second in nightmare. (I play hardcore pretty much exclusively) I have two new characters in Hell/Nightmare respectively and started a normal character recently which is in Nightmare as well. I love your game, it’s the best game I’ve played in years and I haven’t played any other game since it was released. There’s some good, some bad, but the good by far outweighs the bad. Visually the game is stunning: the map tiles are beautifully drawn, the set-pieces (tables, chairs, etc) are varied and look great, each and every monster looks great, the animation is nigh-perfect, my skills look awesome and combat is very, very fluid. I love the way furniture shatters, how enemies are thrown back when you hit them and stain the floor when you rip them apart. Audio is the best. All of the oomphs and thumps, grunts and moans, crackles and explosions are absolutely spot on and sound great. These things are overlooked by a lot of players to the point that the game is often played muted but for me they really add to the game. Voice work is varied, with the female barbarian miles ahead of the pack but a dissapointing male barbarian and a rather bland performance by favourite Jennifer Hale (Leah). What irks me though is that all the player characters have exactly the same lines, it really takes away from the individuality of your character when every character goes ‘Spider Queen?’ exactly the same. This is lazy. Game systems overall are well thought out. This has been discussed to bits and everyone has their opinions on stats and skill selection but I like the choices I’m being offered without drowning in them and I don’t feel like I should check the internet on how to play, cookie cutter builds and whatnot. My wife whom plays with me quite often is not a typical gamer, didn’t know anything about diablo and will never read anything diablo related was fine choosing the skills she wanted without any advice, and has completed hardcore (normal) on her own choices. Apple pride themselves on not shipping a product manual with their hardware, and diablo doesn’t need a manual either: this is great design. Difficulty is just okay. I played hardcore blind so boss fights were tense as I didn’t know what to expect but I always did fine and it was never really close. I feel that normal mode should have been an optional ‘I have never played a diablo/arpg game’ difficulty you select at character creation, and have everyone else start off in nightmare. I don’t mind replaying the game but normal mode is daunting because it’s a bit of a drag. Nightmare felt like a good default difficulty and Hell (for me) is challenging. I mentioned I play hardcore so my take on difficulty is a little off from others: while I say Hell is challenging I have only really died once in Hell, and a total of three deaths overall but Hell keeps me on my toes and there have been a couple of exhilirating close calls which keep me coming back for more. I tried softcore too but the absence of any sort of death penalty really put me off, it felt as if everything could be beaten by smacking your keyboard with a couple of corpse runs in between. I’m all for games being rewarding, but without risk the reward loses it’s value, it’s not a good game if you can’t lose. I like the added repair cost actually but I feel like the death penalty could be handled harscher than it is now, but still not as harsh as the perma-death in hardcore. Perhaps you could lose the contents of your backpack, have a chance at one of your gear-pieces be permanently lost if you fail to retrieve your corpse or lose xp or a percentage of your total gold instead of a set repair cost. I want death to cost me something I care about so that death is to be avoided at all cost and not a minor inconvenience. As for the elephant in the room: I haven’t played inferno myself so I’ll avoid going into detail about difficulty, but I’m sure adding inferno has been a mistake. Pretty much all comments/complaints around here or on the in-game chat are about Inferno or endgame, everything else is dismissed. If you say something in-game, often you get the ‘it’s not inferno, doesn’t count’ response, as if the game is called Inferno 3. It seems to have come along from WoW that the game starts on Inferno, like WoW starts on max-level, but it doesn’t. Everyone seems to want inferno tailored to themselves personally, either crazy hard, personally beatable or comfortable to farm. It’s impossible to cater to everyone especially because inferno just opens up after hell, which means it’s natural progression for the common player (meaning it must be beatable for the common player) and it will always be to easy for the hardcore gamers. It’s odd to see people rage about Inferno being beaten so soon, while they are months away from beating it themselves. Endgame. It seems like everyone is expecting to play a 40 euro game for years, with a mmo-grade endgame. I’ve played this game easily four times as long as a couple of the best non-subscription games I’ve played during the past years. How long have you played Portal 2? How much fun was Skyrim 200+ hours in? Sure, there is a demographic that would play far longer on any game than that, but most of my friends never completed Skyrim. Even if I would quit Diablo 3 right now, I would have gotten my money’s worth. Perhaps inferno could have been handled differently I don’t know, seperated from the main game/crowd. After beating Hell Diablo you might be given a choice to upgrade your character to a prestige character, unlocking inferno: an infinite scaling randomly generated dungeon, a prestige auction house and making your character hardcore with permadeath. Prestige characters could be given a couple of perks like prestige levels or titles, maybe even ladders and scoreboards for fastest act clear, boss kills and so forth... make it clear/advertise that prestige levels are a core gamer feature, that it is very hard, unbalanced and even unfair at times. Make difficulty scale with prestige level/dungeon level and set scaling to infinite so that eventually you will die in prestige level 120/whatever and you have your endgame. People complain about patches but at least Blizzard cares about their games and keeps supporting them, unlike some other companies whom abandon their games once the sales have dwindled or after one minor patch after release even if things are left broken (I’m looking at you Electronic Arts!). Sure not all the changes will ever be good or bad for one personally, but I’m sure these changes are needed and not implemented to piss people off. Thank you for caring about your games and fixing them where broken.Murm3l1 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Avenger affix? I was wondering if this is a bug or "working as intended." Two elite packs both with avenger affix were accidentally agro'd together and I saw that when I killed one guy, ALL, including the mobs from the other elite pack, grew in size. I'm not sure if this also happens when there are two packs and only one has Avenger, or if it requires both packs to have it, but it happened to me today with both packs having the Avenger affix.Epikarus0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Why are Blues all I Ever See? Now maybe i am jumping the gun on this, but i have a lvl60 who just downed the Skeleton King last night on Inferno (after a 10min fight) and nothing but BLUES DROPPED. I don't have much MF, at this point I am just trying to put together a set with enough vitality and still do some decent dps. I have been patient thus far with the normal, nitemare, and hell. Seeing better drops from elite mobs (at least they are rare). Never once seeing a yellow or anything that wasn't worth vendoring. When should i expect to see better drops from ACT end bosses? Thanks in Advance.BaneOfDiablo10 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Resetting mobs So this is the third post I've made in regards to elites instantly gaining 100% health and I've yet to get any kind of explanation. Why has this not been addressed, someone for the love of god give me some kind of insight. Please. And while on the topic....repairs were raised because you don't want us bum rushing elites? you want us to "use our heads before"???!?!!?!? What else am I supposed to do when there are extra fast (already fast mobs) blocking me from advancing in a close quarters hallway that are shielding. I need to get back to them before they randomly and for no reason regen to 100% health, and I can't skip them because they are blocking the way. Is that considered "mindless bum rushing" in your opinions? This game is a @#$%ing joke.Amnonongus22 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Blizzard nerfed back act 1 drops already. I was running first act for a week everyday getting item lvl 62 from time to time and very rarely item lvl 63. Now item lvl 61 is max on inferno act 1. Lies all lies with very patch, with every stealh nerf.Frogger204819 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 I think act 3 drop rate got adjusted recently Well my team felt bored from farming act 1 so we decided to go back to act 3 to farm (main reason is because we wanted to farm some 6 props plans), surprisingly the drop rate was better than before, i wouldnt say it was the same as before 1.0.3 but i think it is definitely higher for ilvl 60+ now. It may just be RNG for us therefore i just want to let you know to try it out and reply here if possibleklma2 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Crafting useless at end game? Make crafting end-game viable. I mean put in craftable ilvl 63 items. With all decent items moving to RMAH it is impossible to buy anything at GAH or prices are ridiculous (50-200kk and more) this way crafting would be alternative for people who can't afford to buy stuff on RMAH. Now crafting is pretty much useless because no one wants to spend loads of money on ilvl62 items which you can buy CHEAPER on AH and it doesn't even function as a gold sink because it's not worth it.complexxL90 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 I have a dream SirNeiko1 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Test Subjects? No Thanks. Sums up some of the many players thoughts about Diablo 3 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Please fix champion Tremors/Clarification? Please fix the fact that the tremors take 5 mins to reset after reaching their enrage timers and I leave and go back to town. It's frustrating when I get a pack with extra health (as a barb) and once the big guy enrages I have to wait a several minutes until I can finally come back to kill him. This is not "fun", it is not "hard" it is simply annoying. Every other pack resets in like 10 seconds of not being in combat except for these guys. Unless this is part of the way these reset timers are designed? In which case can we please have some insight onto how these enrage timers differ from monster pack to monster pack, so I know I'm just pissed off at game design not another game bug?radenB0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Add one thing from WoW to D3 This may not be a big deal for some people, but if you play in a group, and with certain classes, you too may have noticed this. I often group with one of two WD friends. One of them uses a skill that tosses fireballs onto the ground and leaves a motlen effect. When grouping with him and fighting mobs with molten effects of thier own, it is impossible for me to tell whether the molten effect on the ground is his or from the mod. Perhaps something can be done about this? In WoW, there was a patch that added a color difference to spells. Maybe enemy spells in D3 can have a white outline, or something so that I know what fire to stand in and what fire to move from. Currently, the only way I know is by taking damage.Nester0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 7 days and still locked to the Skeleton King If you think you've got it bad on D3, consider my friend's experience: 20/6/2012 - Purchased D3 online from Blizzard (We're based in Australia). Was locked to the Skeleton King. Did online due diligence, found out about the issue. Was outraged but decided to be patient. 23/6/2012 (3 days after purchase)- After waiting patiently for the game to unlock, was still unable to access content after the Skeleton King after 72 hours. Put in a ticket via the Diablo 3 account services page. 27/6/2012 (7 days after purchase) - Received a reply on his ticket. Reply as follows: Dear Customer Thank you for contacting SEA Customer Support Team for StarCraft II Unfortunately , we cannot look into your account situation since Diablo III service are provided by Northern America office which is our headquarters. We kindly ask you to contact North America customer support. If your problem is urgent, I recommend you make a call to U.S rather than submitting a ticket. Your query cannot be redirected to US support team so, we ask you submitting your request to US Support Team. So he called the US team as requested, and after a 55 minute wait (despite being told there was a 1 minute queue), was told the only option was to 'refresh' his account – which the operator could not guarantee would work. He requested a refund, which he was advised would take 5 days to process. End result, two options: 1. Maybe able to play (7-10 days after purchase) 2. Refund (7-12 days after purchase). It is damn lucky that this happened to him, one of the more patient people I know. However, I can't let this lie, as this is disgusting contempt for a customer. I would have thought, at the very least, he would have been offered a full refund and immediate access to the game. That would have made sense from a customer standpoint and a business standpoint - isn't the plan for revenue generation in D3 based as much on future content and activity on the RMAH as it is on the initial purchase price? What is worse though is the terrible damage this is doing to a company which once was regarded as dedicated to customer service. We Australian's accept a certain degree of inconvenience due to our remoteness, but this goes well and truly beyond what is reasonable. If anyone knows any organisation out there that does an effective job of consumer advocacy for the digital economy, let me know. Unfortunately, government instrumentalities are just struggling to keep up with this area. My plan B is just to re-post this on as many forums as possible...Thrapad4 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Why is Zultan-Kulle a bad guy? (spoilers) I don't understand this, maybe because I havent listened to enough lore books. Why is Zultan-Kulle a bad guy? Considering he - Created the black soul stone, the only device capable of capturing all prime and lesser evils - Helped me all throughout act 2 to get me that stone - Wanted to turn all humans into Nephalem, to make them all awesome like me I felt like my character was kind of an A-hole for killing him, especially after going through so much trouble to revive him. I would have let him live for sure. I mean yeah his laugh sounds diabolical, but still I felt like he was a good guy.Beefpile144 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Suggestion : Trade system is bad, lets fix it **Skip to the part in bold for my suggestion. I just got trade scammed by someone using a macro to remove the item right before I click accept. Now this thread is not a mean for me to come complain or vent out, and I know Blizzard can't do much about it according to their ticket page (very bad customer service if you ask me). Now I was thinking why the hell is this kind of crap even possible, the solution is awfully simple and shouldn't require a lot of patching/fixing (probably a single hotfix could be enough) : When you click on accept, there should be a prompt screen popping up reviewing the trade and asking if you are sure you want to make this thread. There is in my opinion absolutely no disadvantage to this fix and it shouldn't erase trade scamming completely ! Aniway, let me know what you think and bump it up if you think it's a good idea, have a nice day.Jonathan2 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 RMAH problem I selling my item as Paypal as the Fund Source , But when the item sold it become Balance , seems like Blizzard is Cheating people's money ?TianJian5 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 why are elites healing them so fast? there's some elites, if I die once, go back in to fight. They're fulllllllllll health wassssssssup with that??????? Out of 10 elite packs, about 4 are doing that.andyl57453 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Drop rates ... easy fix remove drop rate of item under 58 in inferno (not 60 cuz will be too many essences), and double the chances of getting level 63 and 62 according to the act. This might at least make it worth while to play/"farm" the game. As of now the average player can farm around 100k per hour since Act1 is a pushover lets not talk about it. BUT... to progess to farming act 2 or 3 you actually need decent gear witch cost anywhere around 1-5mil PER item upgrade spending 2 weeks farming the same content to make ONE upgrade is just RIDICULOUS. More and more players find this game unrewarding after farming act 1 for a week or 2 more and more players are dropping off from your player base plz make the game at least playable -.-James1 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 SKYRIM - Dawnguard FTW!!! !@#$ the RMAH!!! Ruined the game.Wabbajack2 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Grow up kids. Anarchist21 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Toggle "Force Stand Still" allowed? So I'm kind of fed up with having to keep one button pressed during combat "just because". In other games there's a toggle for crouch for example, so why not in Diablo 3? Is it violating ToS (=can I get banned) to make a script to toggle shift so I don't need to press it myself all the time? :SIhmemies0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 I like this Abba song , LOL Money, money, money Must be funny In the rich man's world Money, money, money Always sunny In the rich man's world Aha-ahaaa All the things I could do If I had a little money It's a rich man's worldfacadas0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Will we see a nerf to crit gear? When D3 was still in development there was a clear strategy to diversify the game as much as possible. Recently there was a nerf to attack speed, which in my opinion was required as IAS was too overpowered when stacked. So now we have a similar problem with the crit stat. If you look at every end game character's gear you will notice that just about all of them stack items that have +crit % and/or +crit damage, which results in final damage being many times its original number. This is clearly against your design intent. So my question is are you addressing this issue and when will we be seeing a patch to fix this? Clearly something needs to be done.Sacred54 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 PVP files already in the game client ... ? Got dced earlier and this is a screengrab. I'd hate it if Blizz decides to charge PVP as a DLC ala Mass Effect 3. What do u guys think?ham0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Legendary drop rate stats. Just curious how everyone else is doing with legendary drops. Blizzard has stated that they aren't intended to be the best items in the game, but I don't understand why they need to be so rare in that case. Anyway, here are my stats. Of course, it's hard to factor in magic find (currently running with 111%) and NV, but it will still be interesting to see how things stack up. # of drops: 1 (nightmare) Hours: 107 Lifetime kills: 49,616 Elite Kills: 2224 P.S. To get this info, just click on your avatar at the quest selection/login screen.Zoltar55 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 I hate this game So I have been playing a wizard since day one 8-10 hours a day 7 days a week up until now. I have been farming Act 1 inferno for a month. To get the gear I need to solo the rest of inferno comfortably(not dying) it will cost hundreds of millions of gold the way the market is now. I will simply not pay those prices. So what am I to do? Obviously, the answer is simple...don't play anymore. Unless, blizzard fixes the drop rate. They have stated that they will, but does that make up for the month of time grinding for gear that is junk. No. Absolutely not. How could you guys mess this up. I don't understand it. It's is only number's. I know it's random but to get an awesome item once in every ten thousand elite monster pack kills and it itsn't even for you. For the sake of argument let's say that I have played for a month(I have). I kill say 200 elite packs in a day. That's 200X30=6000 elite packs. Out of that amount guess how many epic items I have gotten. Zero, zilch, nadda, nothing... Mind you just 0 out of 6,000 which takes(again for the sake of argument) 30 days 8-10 hours a day consecutively. That is just absolutely ludicrous. Granted I have gotten "good" items but most of them were not for me but the ones that were had stats that were not as good as the one's I have gotten from the gah. I am sick of this game grinding all the time to come up with junk loot and only a million or so of gold a day. Simply not worth my time.Tors32 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 IMBA MOTAR does anyone else think the motar is absolute BS atm?? im getting motar'd when the monsters arent even on my screen.. i dont even see the motar cmin and it's projectile shape until its too late.. i cant even kite properly because of it.. it's currently the pack that i have the most problems with.. i cant even stay in meelee range cause they just motar and punch me in the face. wth u want me to do? half the time i kill motar monster is because i die 5 times or more and if im lucky i get to kill off 1 or 2.. wait for revive timer to return to 3 minutes then continue and hope for luck to kill the last one.. seriously wtflolwtf0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Any good gold farming spots? I see people saying they make 300-700k per hour, and I was wondering where you did it. PLEASE DON'T POST HERE. PLEASE DON'T POST HERE. Blizz will see this and nerf the spot. Add me and tell me in-game, Snow#1459 Please and thanks! =) PLEASE DON'T POST HERE.Snow7 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Random Loot, A Bit Too Random? I have around 100 hours on my Barb and am farming act 2 inferno and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with loot drops. I haven't equipped an item that dropped since at least early Hell difficulty (maybe earlier), because nothing has dropped for me that was of use. Currently, every single item I am wearing is from the AH. It feels like the range of item levels needs to be tightened. It is a tad ridiculous to be seeing level 51 items in act 2 inferno. Feels like by this level of progression, we shouldn't be seeing anything outside of level 59+ items (act 4 should be 60 only, imo). By giving us such a wide range of levels on items, we see fewer opportunities to upgrade our own gear through in-game loot. If every item that dropped for me in my run last night was all level 59+, or even 58+, I probably would have seen at least 1 upgrade out of the bunch. Does anyone else feel this way? It really feels like about 90% of the items I get are vendor trashed, 9% are salvaged and somewhere between 0 and 1% you get a useful item or something worth selling on the AH. I'm cool with vendoring items. Not every item drop needs to be useful. But, it seems like there should be a larger percentage of useful items that drop, especially at higher difficulties.Fish2 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Thanks Blizzard, but can I eat and play? Thank you blizzard very much for making your games easier for me. I never could grasp what to do in Diablo 2, it was very complicated. World of Warcraft was very complex for me but now I grasp the concept and managed to play the game. Diablo 3 was very easy to learn, I didn't have to learn these builds? people speak of. Everything was straight forward and with only 6 skills, I wasn't overwhelmed with the complexity. I'm happy with skill points being the same because I'm unsure what to do with these, even with the tooltips I still don't understand. Soon I hope to dive into elective mode but thats much further down the road. One thing I ask is in a later update, can you make it so all you need is you mouse to control everything? I ask because I find it very difficult to eat and play. It's impossible to play and with nearly a month into the game, I'm only still level 30 just beat normal. With nightmare it's been very difficult trying to eat and play. Not only would it solve the eating crysis but it would also make the game less stressful for me. I did say I can play it but when a horde of creatures are after me, I get overwhelmed and frantically press everything forgetting what each key is really for. With two(or one button) that problem is reduced drastically. Thank you and I hope to see this change.zKarp16 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Honest question about melee and difficulty. With all the complaints about Inferno, specifically Act 2 and beyond, I was thinking about how a game like Diablo can actually be made to be difficult and yet remain fun and balanced. How would it be possible for Blizzard to tweak Inferno to make melee characters more viable? How can anything be truly difficult if you can "tank" on enemies? I'm currently playing a DH on Act 3 of Inferno. It's my only character, and I realize that it has developed into essentially the only class with enough firepower to actually down enemies at this point in the difficulty progression. Everything kills me in a single shot, but I can also kill many enemies in a single shot (or a few). So, I suppose the game is "hard" for me, because there is almost no tolerance for a mistake. It seems to me that it's pretty simple to add difficulty for a ranged class, provided they have enough power to at least kill their enemies. Just look at an old school shooter like Gradius, you make it harder by throwing more stuff on the screen that can kill you. Everything is a one-shot but you still do enough damage to clear the screen of enemies. For melee it's much more complicated. Currently Act 2+ is so heavily gear dependent that there are very few melee characters that are able to survive. Melee is currently far, far more gear dependent than ranged to be viable in Inferno, which has led to much rage by those players (understandable in some cases). The Auction House is an absolute must, because the gear that allows survival just isn't available while progressing naturally. Some players don't like the AH, which leads to even more rage. I personally enjoy it, as the metagame will add replayability for me. With the proper gear though, how is it possible for melee to be "hard"? There's no dodging or quick reflexes needed if you can survive many hits. There's no instant death for a mis-click. Adding enemy health just slows down the game and makes it more tedious. To return to the Gradius example, would the game be hard if you could take 10 hits but have to hit each enemy twice instead of once to down them? Its seems to me that it'd just be more tedious but much less stressful and difficult. Does anyone have any insight or ideas on this? Was the concept of Inferno, a super-difficult mode, a flawed concept before it was even implemented? Is trying to make a hack-and-slash game "hard" and yet balanced something that is even possible? When a character class is designed to get up close and be hit by enemies, is making the game difficult a fool's errand?SirCharles1 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 How will people feel when PvP is added? Abilities are gonna need to be completely rebalanced. Barbarians in particular will most likely have to be gutted. Will monster HP and and dmg be reduced by 1000% when the character balance comes down? It has to happen because the 200k damage characters will be 1 shotting everybody. The discrepency in the gear curve is so extreme in this game that it will be the equivilant of Season 12 Gladiator's going up against season 1 gladiators in world of warcraft. It's gonna be nice watching a crit dmg demon hunter with ss 1 shot every build in the game with a 350k dmg cluter bomb. This game is going to have to be completely revamped if pvp gets added. It's gonna be silly. Are we geting a "class balance" patch before pvp gets added or is that all coming at the same time? Don't release the class balance patch, and then wait with the pvp because you'll only have to change it all again.Lawbringer27 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 AH broken -- are all our goods gone I stupidly had 43 items in the completed (it helps me keep track of the price i paid) as the list method provided by Blizzard is not very good , Are the all gone now What about my Bids that are now missing ... I had most of my cash tied up in bids trying to make some cash / score gear to progress Typical Bliz response will be .... Yup tough.. I can see why Korea banned them from running a RMAH over there .Borka7 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Patch 1.0.3 Drop Rate Statistics Hey there. Over the next few days I am going to alternate between Act I and Act III to determine the fastest method of farming iLvl 61-63 rares. I will record my on-going progress below. Feel free to bookmark and check back later to see how things turn out :) Self-Buffed Stats Damage ............ 57k All Resist ................ 360 Armor ........................... 6145 Health .................................. 30k Life per Second .......................... 1600 Life per Hit ......................................... 450 Magic Find .............................................. 300!Yfd!bYYbbZ ACT I Duration: 20 Minutes Location: Cemetery - Cathedral Results: 20 Rares (6 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.3 Minutes. ^Continuation @ 5 NV Duration: 15 Minutes Location: Cathedral (Boss x1) Results: 15 Rares (2 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 7.5 Minutes. Duration: 18 Minutes Location: Halls of Agony (Boss x2) Results: 8 Rares (2 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 9 Minutes. Duration: 12 Minutes Location: Halls of Agony (Boss x2) Results: 13 Rares (2 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 6 Minutes. ^Continuation @ 5 NV Duration: 26 Minutes Location: Whimsyshire Results: 13 Rares (8 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.3 Minutes. Duration: 22 Minutes Location: Festering Woods (Farmed Dungeons via Resets) Results: 21 Rares, 1 Legendary (4 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 5.5 Minutes. Duration: 20 Minutes Location: Festering Woods (Farmed Dungeons via Resets) Results: 17 Rares (4 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 5 Minutes. Duration: 19 Minutes Location: Festering Woods (Farmed Dungeons via Resets) Results: 25 Rares (5 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.8 Minutes. Duration: 6 Minutes Location: Festering Woods Results: 4 Rares (3 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 2 Minutes. ^Continuation @ 5 NV Duration: 26 Minutes Location: Whimsyshire Results: 15 Rares (7 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.7 Minutes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III Duration: 20 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 13 Rares (8 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.3 Minutes. ^Continuation @ 5 NV Duration: 15 Minutes Location: Fields of Slaughter Results: 10 Rares (5 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3 Minutes. Duration: 20 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater - Fields of Slaughter Results:10 Rares (5 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 4 Minutes. Duration: 20 Minutes Location: The Second Heart (Farmed Entrance via Resets) Results: 10 Rares (3 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 6.7 Minutes. Duration: 25 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 19 Rares (7 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.6 Minutes. Duration: 23 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 10 Rares, 1 Legendary (7 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.3 Minutes. ^Continuation @ 5 NV Duration: 73 Minutes Location: Fields of Slaughter - Arreat Crater Results: 41 Rares (18 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 4 Minutes. Duration: 16 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 11 Rares (6 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 2.7 Minutes. Duration: 16 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 8 Rares (5 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.2 Minutes. Duration: 18 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 6 Rares (4 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 4.5 Minutes. Duration: 17 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 8 Rares (4 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 4.3 Minutes. Duration: 21 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 13 Rares (8 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 2.6 Minutes. Duration: 21 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 20 Rares (10 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 2.1 Minutes. Duration: 18 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 11 Rares (6 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3 Minutes. Duration: 25 Minutes Location: Arreat Crater (Boss x1) Results: 17 Rares (8 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.1 Minutes. ^Continuation @ 5 NV Duration: 13 Minutes Location: Fields of Slaughter Results: 5 Rares (3 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 4.3 Minutes. Duration: 32 Minutes Location: Secret Route Results: 33 Rares (15 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 2.1 Minutes. Duration: 32 Minutes Location: Secret Route Results: 22 Rares (17 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 1.9 Minutes. Duration: 37 Minutes Location: Secret Route Results: 29 Rares (11 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 3.4 Minutes. Duration: 38 Minutes Location: Secret Route Results: 26 Rares (9 of which were iLvl 61-63) Ratio: One iLvl 61-63 Rare every 4.2 MinutesFox57 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 I turned down a pro sports contract to... MAYK MUNEE ON DA REEL MUNACUTINON HOUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DaveyWavey0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Why this game took 12 years to make. I thought about this the first day I started playing diablo 3, I thought "graphics really nice." "cool combat system", "CD's on potions? wtf..." and then it hit me, why diablo 3 took 12 years to develop... Are you ready guys ? ready for the answer? Freaking, naming all the !@#$%^-ed items that exist in the game. Seriously, have you seen the amount of diferent names all the items have? Damn, that must've taken more work than everything else in this game, which is most likely, why everything or almost everything, has been revamped since launch.Devil10 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Development Hell? :) So I was doing Act 1 Hell mode today when me and an ally ended up finding an instance called " Development Hell". Not sure if you can find this on any other mode or if anyone else has uncovered it but it was pretty hilarious killing Jay Wilson. :)) Id just like to thank Blizzard for putting little stuff like this into the game to make me laugh after wiping 100 million times on golden mobs that are pretty much god mode. :)) Pics below! : Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 IAS = crit = crit damage Increased attack speed, crit chance and crit damage are all viable stats right now. They are EQUALLY viable. If you look closely at the stats for rings: max IAS 9% max crit chance 5% max crit damage 35% the max stats are almost equivalent i.e. 5% crit is roughly equal to 35% crit damage which is roughly equal to 9% IAS give or take a bit. So right now you have 3 options to choose from when gearing your character out. very few people are insanely rich to get all 3 stats in one gear. If you take one stat on an item you will most likely lose another stat. Unless you are willing to spend 20M on a ring with 4.5% crit and 30% crit damage. The MAJORITY of players will have to choose one or the other. That is why crit damage and crit chance should not and will not be nerfed. I can't afford crit damage and crit chance items right now. So I supplement my dps with 1/3 IAS, 1/3 crit 1/3 crit damage items. With this set up, I have 58k dps as a WD without PTV. IAS items are so much cheaper yet they give me about the same dps upgrade. I still pick IAS because its still very viable. Don't be so narrow minded when you gear. IAS, crit and crit damage are viableIceAssassin0 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Bash, answer this! I appreciate the $1k+ through the RMAH, don't get me wrong. however what you guys did by nerfing IAS was mind blowingly amazing to me. Not only can i not sell a damn thing on the RMAH now (because people are scared to buy). But i cant help but feel horrible for making profit off of these fellow players that got, well anally? what? (don't drop the soap?) Best damn business decision you guys made was not charging to upfront $1 to list an item, but if it sells you get charged. How are people suppose to feel comfortable to buy items using the RMAH when they are in fear of there item getting defecated on? Feel free to check my RMAH Logs and post them, i am your average player that hasn't spent a dime on the rmah but has profited. However i feel horrible to those whom spend thier hard earned chas only to have thier items nerfed. The better decision was a hard cap on ias, that way those ias items WOULD keep thier value and when people hit the cap they could replace gear with crit damage/crit chance.Varial28 Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012 Demographic of people like / dislike (cont) Dislike: (according to severity) release unfinished game with rush schedule, ninja change, hidden modifiers, bugged ability, always-miss skill, no AH current bid sorting, BOTS, bad items chance on hit, bad items life steal %, instability servers, networks,AntonyLee0 Jun 27, 2012