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Jun 29, 2012 Solution to gearing your barb/monk for act 2 Step 1:Go to menus and create a new hero. Step 2:This is the most important part. Select a ranged class! Step 3:Get to act 3-4 inferno and farm for your monk and barb gear. Step 4: You now have an amazing character.ToxicTerror6 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Help us compete with bots; buff NV Welp, if the economy is gonna inflate, then increase the profitability of legitimate gameplay to match it. Double it. 30% per stack.Khristophoro40 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 We were going to Emperor Hakan for him.. ..(Spoiler for Act 2) to tell us where Belial is, then when we saw him my hero suddenly figures out he is Belial? I kinda guessed Hakan is Belial but how did my character, Adria and Leah suddenly figure out too? Which part did I missed on that explanation? Oops: I think this should belong in the story sectionPapercut0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Thank you Blues I just want to say thanks to our community and the people who communicate our needs. For the first time since I reached inferno, I feel like I am finding gear that is worth all my frustration. For weeks prior to this, I have been risking life and limb for what amounted to NOTHING. Not a single upgrade from my hell gear, nothing of value for my other 60, and nothing bigger than nickles and dimes to sell. Since the hot fix, I have replaced one piece of gear in about 2 hours of playing. Mind you it wasn't a huge upgrade, in fact I lost damage for a little more vit and res all, but I FOUND IT! Oh the joy that I have felt in the last two hours is spilling out onto this page in a great big THANK YOU! When I see that Mortar, Shielding, Fast, Desecrator I don't think twice about the repair cost because I'm excited for what their dead bodies will spew at my feet! And if by any chance this gets a blues attention, I still feel a little shoehorned into one build in order to farm reasonably well. Sorry for the sneak qq, back to you guys! THANK YOU!!!!!!! tl;dr Loot tables made the game fun.DutchMaster1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 drop rates buffed the wrong way? I'm disappointed by the way in which drop rates were buffed. The problem I have is with the design assumption that the difference in efficiency between farming Acts I, II, or III is a simple factor of two. I was hoping that we would see changes in the drop rates of Acts relative to each other. Instead, each Act's drop rates got buffed by roughly the same degree. I don't believe that the difference in farming efficiency is a simple factor of two. Act I's advantages compound: not only do the mobs die faster and deal less damage (allowing more MF gear), but they're more predictable and concentrated. Act II and III by comparison require much more travel to find elites, nevermind the combat time to kill them. So for example, I can pull about 20 rares out of Act I within thirty minutes. But in Act III it can take me that same thirty minutes to find enough elites for a full valor stack, with maybe a couple rares in the process. In order for Act III to be as efficient, I would need to see 5 rares within that thirty minutes. Is this a gear problem? Do the Acts become balanced when your damage is high enough that your biggest hurdle is stacking enough +movement speed? Is that even a fun point in the game? So today's hotfix failed to address what I saw as the fundamental problem: a mistaken assumption about the relative efficiency of each Act. I would've preferred Act I's drop rates to remain nearly the same, with slight increases to Act II and moderate increases to Act III/IV.Aklos0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Crafting Question I'm aware that this question has been asked and the topic has been brought up hundreds of times; however, i do not care to fish through all the BS to find an answer. sooo with that said, i would very much appreciate some answers to the following topic: Does crafting an item over & over dozens of times, actually increase the stats on said item? or increase the amount of properties on these items? I have crafted some items at least 25 times+ and have not noticed any increase... I'm 90% positive this is false, but i wanted to get the general consensus. Thanks in advance.Lemon3140 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 why legendaries bugs only fixed in 1.0.4? ... This is a critical bug, I bought 2 legendaries with +IAS with a lot of golds, and now they are useless, am I supposed to wait 2 weeks - 1 month just to be able to use my own items? This is ridiculous, after IAS nerf we have to find even more gears to increase attack speed, and the best ones are... broken. We demand hotfix on this.Dusama1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Full NV act 2 inf I've cleared up to the khasim outpost and have found 5 yellows and 50k gold (all of which went to repairs.) Did I miss something? Was there another nerf? Or am I just having an extremely unlucky day?Nathan0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Hardcore multiplayer perspective. Blizzard I just wanted to make you aware of something here. I play hardcore only. I am a small insignificant voice in an already small population of just 4% of the player base. I enjoy playing with friends and have been duoing hardcore since release. We are currently in inferno and quite frankly its begining to feel like we wont be able to play together anymore. Playing together in Hardcore on inferno mode with your lame enrage timers make playing with friends feel like a liability. We cleared act 1 inferno today. We both run 12k DPS. We both have well over 600 resist all and 40k life. We are more then geared enough. However since we were playing together, butcher had an unreal amount of life and we killed him 3 seconds into his enrage. However if we kill him solo its a cake walk. Not close to the enrage. Champion packs feel like all of them have the extra health affix. And god forbid they actually do have the extra health affix and shielding. it just takes forever. We are not under geared. Anyway just wanted to let you know that your current system with difficulty and enrage timers (why are there enrage timers) are actually subtracting from the fun of this game since atm there is no way we can kill beliel together even though we could probably clear to him. And i dont want to get too side tracked.....but HONESTLY WHY DO YOU HAVE ENRAGE TIMERS! Is it cause you want to kill off your 4% of the hardcore player base no matter how smart they play? /end rant /disgustSeacove0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Another Suggestion Thread The more threads like this Blizz sees, the more likely they are to take some of the suggestions seriously. Here we go! 1) LADDER (inferno champ mobs killed by act or use something like Kripparrian's idea) 2) PvP (especially dueling at all levels) 3) Decreased item dependency (increased base stats) 4) Get rid of quest rewards and raise monster killing experience 5) Free roam play mode with all bosses, mini bosses, and quest-unique monsters available 6) Raise the exp gain from playing with others that are way above your level (let us play together!) 7) FIX INFINITE QUEST REWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!! (economy ruined. hardcore getting ruined. see #4)Scruff0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Got disconnected This !@#$ing game %^-*ing sucks! I hate this company. I hope this company goes bankrupted! YOU ARE ALL LOSERS!!!! LOOOOOSSSSEERRRS!!!!!!!! I got disconnected and lost all 5 stacks of nv :( Screw you blizzard!LePhatCow1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Thanks for the increased level drops But I would rather have a 1% chance at rare loot with good rolls than the current realllllllly bad loot pinata's that we have at the moment. Loot is not fun to find anymore. I pick up my items, expect crud, and if I DO get a good item I don't get excited because I was expecting crud in the first place. Why not replace the 'expectation of crud' with the 'expectation of good to great' Most of the rares that drop should be blues or worse. Change the current loot system and move whites to grey, blues to white, yellows to blue and good RNG items to yellow please!Onetic0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Design Theory Vs. Design Reality Caveat: It is a known fact that MOST players will maximize efficient ways to play over potentially "more fun" but weaker ways. This is increasingly true in the endgame. It is also increasingly true in a game where a time investment equates to an ingame gain. PLAYER ATTACHMENT -------------------------- Theory: If we don't restrict players to a certain build, they are free to explore the many build varieties. Reality: MISTAKES are what make us...US. By COMPLETELY removing any form of "set" character builds, there is literally no character attachment whatsoever. I can play on my monk for 1000+ hours or I can have a fresh lvl 60 monk....all I have to do is transfer the gear from the old char to the new char, and voila I have the exact same character. To be clear: When a person puts points in a worthless skill/etc and is then "stuck" with that fail build, that is a bad situation. However, this is what respeccing is for (and a great GOLD SINK, hint hint). This allows players to remedy any potential mistakes, but still gives the player the set statistics that make their character unique and his/her "own". Theory: Skill trees lead to too many mathematical decisions. Reality: This is absolutely true. The proposed skill change DOES solve this problem, however it introduces the critical issue of character attachment. Given the game's current design, players are confined to skills during NV use but are allowed to respec freely between runs. This leads to other issues, addressed below. Furthermore, this is aggravated by the auto-stat system. Although stat distributions are also mathematical, they are not very complex and they lead to minor differences in character that FEEL unique because the player chose them. It would be entirely possible to reduce the amount of user distributed stats or even give them entirely different abilities to further minimize the ultimate difference between two builds while retaining the feel of one's "own" character. The COMPLETE removal of this system however leads to generic characters in much the same way the removal of skill trees has. (To wit: This is effectively what was done with runes; they converted skill-point builds to horizontal shift runes on 1:1 ratio instead) Reduce their range of effects (that is, the difference between the "worst" and "best" builds possible), but still allow players to make those choices. Let them respec at a moderate-high cost, it'll be a great goldsink and players will still feel set in their ways while still having the ability to change something should the player feel he made a mistake. CHARACTER RECOGNITION AND IDENTITY ------------------------------------------------- Theory: Dyes and 6 viewable items (combined with only 5 or so looks for each) leads to extreme character identity and recognition! Reality: There are roughly 6! possible looks for any given class (about 720). Dyes are limited to preset colors and there are only about 20 of them, many of which do not match the shown color (Cardinal looks orange on 50% of the things i put it on, but red on others...very inconsistent). In 2012, most games offer a full palette swap. I can't possibly imagine why D3 doesn't include this. The fact of the matter is, everyone looks the same and uses the same skills. I can't tell this hero from that. This is not only a problem in personal-recognition and attachment, but also leads to an issue of "public" recognition. Although this doesn't affect gameplay directly, aesthetics are one of the biggest contributing factors to character identity, and are a leading aspect of many micro-transaction based games today. In other words, the players want character recognition. Theory: Leveling does.... (sorry, I don't know what D3's design theory on leveling is). Reality: Leveling is completely pointless. There are no choices made during the leveling process that affect your character in the long term. Due to a lack of low-level PvP (when it comes out, it is 60 and arena based only, no low level dueling) there is ABSOLUTELY no point in crafting below lvl 60 (and this is easily seen by the prices for non-60 crafting mats) and all other items found below 60 are effectively worthless. Aside from "learning how to play", there seems to be no point to below 60 play at all in Diablo 3. IF low level PvP was introduced, the entire landscape here would change. Non-60 items would be worthwhile to trade on the AH, crafting non-60 items could lead to valuable PvP items, and in general there might be at least SOMETHING to do at the lower levels. However, given the current design, what IS the point of leveling? BUILD VARIETY ------------------ Theory: Since players are not confined to certain builds, they will enjoy playing a variety of builds. Reality: Implementation of NV is *directly contradictory* to this stated design goal. Since NV is removed upon skill-change, this forces the player to find the "best average build" that suits all situations, rather than using a variety of different builds for the different situations at hand. Since the "best average build" will not be changing between different playthroughs, it is effectively reduced to 1 overall build best suited for all environments. Furthermore, because all player characters are effectively equivalent outside of gear, this leads ALL players (that are in the know) to use the exact same build. Anyone not using that build will only be left behind/gimping themselves in comparison. To be very clear here: A different build may be used by players who are geared for different areas (for example A2 vs A4) but for players who are equivalently geared will always use the exact same build since they all have access to identical skills. PERSONAL THOUGHTS -------------------------- Theory: If all skills are evenly balanced, then different players will choose different skills from a wide assortment of available choices. Reality: Barely any games in history have achieved. Furthermore, there have been so many issues that have made it to live, it leads one to question if the design team has the base skill and competence for such a daunting task. Even if they did have such skill, it is still a practical impossibility...Given this, it is desirable to bring the power of relative skills only within an error that is sufficiently smaller than the "fun" of using those skills. If the difference in skill power is LESS than the difference in amount of fun, then players WILL use weaker skills. ARABI'S RULE IF (Difference in power between 2 skills)<= (Difference in FUN of using skill A over skill B) THEN Playerbase will use both skills. Theory: Removing the NV skill constraint will alleviate the build diversity problem. Reality: NV-skill constraint removal will lead to "ideal builds for individual situations" (which again, everyone will use for those given situations) as opposed to an "average best build for all situations" which everyone uses now. In a game where time investment is a core part of the game play, players WANT to be attached to that character they have spent hundreds of hours playing. To know that my character is just like everyone else's makes me care very little for him.EvilLost14 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 IGN's reviews The more I see how much advertisement is on their site, the more I see why certain games get great reviews. Does anyone have good sources to instances like the gamespot reviewer being fired? I knew a company threatened to pull advertisement from gamespot and got that guy fired, but I havent seen any validated stories like that on IGN. For some reason, it feels like I should have though. It seem very likely considering a magazine or website is there to make money via advertisements not subscriptions. So gamers see pretty pictures while having ads jump off their screen an slap them in the face, the reviewers get to play games for cash, and the game companies get 9's and 10's for the same ol' rehashes. Everyone is happy right? Only if it is openly known that bad reviews cannot be given out of fear of retribution from comanies like, EA, Eidos, and Konami. You think game informer is impartial?WombBuster1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Your Dream 1.0.4 Patch Notes? If these were the 1.0.4 patch notes I viewed in the next few days... I would cry tears of sweet joy: ...Frewdonist62 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 restart everything again from scratch. So i can get the staff of herding again.DEBBMAC0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Enchantress Model I wish my wizard used the enchantress model rather than the Wizard model. I even prefer the D2 sorc look to the wizard, but its a shame that the enchantress model is only for a NPCZxc5 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Best game ever.... Until you run into a Waller, Vortex, Arcane Enchanted, Invulnerable Minions Affix... wtf Blizzard!NotATroll20 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Make legendaries more fun First of all this post will be less about criticism but focuses more on what I like and ideas that might make this game more fun. Stats on legendaries/sets are useful but they don't have that Diablo flair to them as they don't have gimmicks as some did in D2. Such as the lightsaber in D2 had a chance to proc chain lightning or how a complete Trangs set on a necromancer would change your look and give you a new spell. Things likes these are fun and variety to the game and I don't see them much anymore. Sure in the end people only really care about what the item can do effectively and gimmicks like those don't actually do much as they can be quite weak but it's FUN. And that's why we play games, for fun! (And sure you can add some very powerful gimmicks like a chance to cast Smoke Screen/frost nova when hit. Or make some class specific weapons allow that class to use abilities from another class as long as it fits the theme of the weapon. For example a Monk only staff weapon that's made of wood from the jungles of the witch doctor's home will allow the monk to cast maybe Hex or Fetish Army. But these are just random ideas out the top of my head.)Dnomsed0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Did you remove loot from trash mobs? Because it appears that way. I don't even get white items off of them anymore... Just gold. Another ninja change?goldenjoe6 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 I just saw the D2 intro cinematic... /cry, and it was better than all the D3 cinematics combined.Poyozo0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Question`s for Bashiok please answer.. seems to be that since the game came out every thing the gold farmers and botters do you guys make a change to combat that activity by punishing all the player base thats prolly why THOUSANDS of players left Im totally confused why things are going so diff then d2 did. Does this mean the whole future of diablo 3 being fun for the legit players depends on the activity of bots? guess what all the nerfs etc. bots are still here.. So to sum it all up if the botters dont give a **** about the legit players and continue then the game eventually will be totally worthless to play. Another thing that seems to be catching alot of attention is the thought diablo 3 is all about the RMAH and blizzard getting there cut. I dont know what to think either way on the RMAH subject but i do agree with tons of the frustrations that people have shared on the forums with no responces or no results no matter how many people agreed with ideas etc. only a few get replied to sorry for going on here on this part but i think me and the whole general diablo 3 players that still play... wanna know is this game gonna be like diablo 2 where eventually u guys take action on the botters only and make the drops and everything else the way they should be. My big ???? here is if im suppose to play inferno act 1 to gear for act 2 why do i mostly see stuff drop rares etc. that are under lvl 60... , did i miss something or can toons under level 60 enter inferno mode? Just got home from work and im tired so i will stop here for now but these things have not only been bothing me but thousands of others and if blizzard REALLy is the company people used to know it as and cares about how much fun people have on the game and its not just a money maker off the RMAH then take a few mins of ur very busy and i honestly am sure u are and prolly are under alot of pressure right now but these questions should be answered proptly specially when so many people wanna know the answers how professional is it for u to keep making changes u want and trying to force people to play the way u want us too who is it suppose to be fun for that way us or u ? how do u all and the blizzard company get where u are without having built the rep and backup or millions of people that are being put on back burners and ignored or questions loopholed around all of these people made ur company get where it is today and i know not sure about now but when i was playing wow before i got sick of it was the Dragon Soul patch i know i used to see a 15 milllion player base isnt that 15 million + a month ? That is a pretty big hand to bite on lol Hope to here or see some answers if not to this post then somewhere would be nice to really know the deal. P.S. have a nice day and oh btw diablo 2 itemizaion on the diablo 3 graphics i know would be very pleasing ...DaRkCaSTLe0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Game is balanced around RMAH, not FUN Discuss..bdm2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 For those who join public games. Why join a public game if your not going to play? I understand if you have to go to town to sell some things or repair. Those are quick and easy to do. Even if you want to play around with your skill or equipment, understandable but all you have to do is type "hey i need to (insert crap here) brb" Not hard takes less then ten seconds and then i dont want to kick you for spending 10 min in town. Anyone care to explain why someone joins a game for 5 min stays in town the whole time and then leaves? I'm really curious...DeadGod1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Forums/auction house way too crowded? I've noticed on this game that both the forums and auction house are extremely crowded!! I made a new thread on these forums the other day, and within 5 minutes (yes 5) it was already on page 3 in the subsection...I've never seen any other forum out there that has that many posts lol. And on the auction house, there are tons of pages of items and it is painful to search through all of that. I even put up a few pretty good items (one had 2 sockets and 100 int/vit/str) with starting bids of 1 gold, and they ended up all expiring. I think it's just because there is so much to sort through that no one sees a lot of the stuff on there. Has anyone else noticed this?Sephollos2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Remember how awesome D3 was? Tell me what you'll remember about diablo 3 in about 5 years from now.Nightmare1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Uninstalling Good luck, girls. Better games out there.Tango927 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 I am getting DROPPED and LAGGING...HELP! WTF is going on, yo?Eep0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 someone doinked the AH's today. Seems like people bought everything that was reasonably priced and re sold for Multiple millions. seriously, who has 2 billion gold for one item? Either way, it happened at some point in the last few hours. Same thing on the RMAH. This kind of greed driven stock trading is one of the reasons that a lot of people are quitting this game.. Is it people that run bots that do this?Bizlord3 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 free zk 4x and 3x spot must know wat you're doing add me in game brandonchen#1736BrandonChen0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Why do Pots of Ashes and Vases even exist? ... You mean they actually still had a chance to drop gold? I must have not gotten the memo or something. Why not just remove them from the game altogether? I mean they don't even have a use now do they? Thank you for the drop rate increases, but I thought the vases and pots of ashes stopped dropping gold already! I mean I actually destroyed every single pot of ash on my way to the skeleton king, and only 1 pot dropped 100 gold. One single pot. THIS WAS BEFORE THIS PATCH!Frewdonist16 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Just leveled, Didn't even look at skills Just went 5 levels without even bothering to look at the "skill upgrades" that the dev's came up with in D3. Nough said.Outsidethief4 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Magda A tooth fairy with butterfly wings and tennis shoes looking like she came from a disney cartoon killed cain Smart move blizz.... but srsly why would u make a servent of the lord of hell look like a !@#$ing tooth fairyShadowz15 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 ^^IDEA - Another artisan, maybe item sink...^ All who want item sink always mention "LADDER". I think blizz cannot allow ladders because there is RMAH and want respect ppl's money they spent for aquire items, or maybe "no ladders" because blizz does not like when pp'l loose gear who have worked hard to aquire, i dont know, only guessing... If blizz dont want reseting completly all (this is item sink that blizz dont approve) maybe they want only process that can help in item sink + job for another artisan (blizz mention before release that when they find job for another artisan then it come to us xD): I think about the RITUALS, another artisan can do rituals for our characters (for each individual on our account--artisans is account wide as we know): I Artisan use items we give him and put that items in "Ritual slots", let's say 10 for each character. As we know items have different types of stats, more powerfull item have higher possibility to have higher value of a stat. II When we put that items in artisan "Ritual slot" we chose which stat from each item we want to take part in ritual. Example 1: 10 items with same stat Example 2: 2 with dex 1 with gf 3 with mf 3 with IAS 1 with resist all ect. ect. Which stats can be included and in what max value it depends on dev, tests and so on... III OFC if more powerfull item is then more value we can earn from ritual for our char. IV Items taking part in ritual will be destroyed when ritual end and all stats will be absorbed by our character. V More powerfull item (Magic, rare, legendary)---more % of stat will be absorbed. Example: Magic---10% Rare---- ~60% Legendary--- 100% (we will know that legendary will be buffed so value of stats too maybe) % value it depends on dev, tests and so on... VI Absorbed stats from items taking part in ritual (destroyed after absorption) will buff our char for a limited time, 10, 15 or 30 days or even more i dont know it depends on dev, tests and so on... :p We know that lvl-ing chars in D3 is no big deal so reseting it is nothing really important but iteam sink will be good. Something like that... What say you????Ksho6 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 @BLUE'S : 95% of people are really mad I don't think that anyone would argue that Blizzard is pretty much walking all over everyone with boots made out of the money we pre-ordered with. Just thought I'd try to consolidate all of the problems posted NONSTOP, and possibly even open a few fanboys eyes...or maybe I just want to fuel the fire. Either way, hopefully some CM's can read this and maybe the problems will get addressed? I won't hold my breath, though. 1) An almost infinite number of people angry because theres NOTHING TO DO IN THEIR GAME ANYMORE, NO ONE WANTS TO FARM ITEMS SO THEY CAN GET ITEMS SO THEY CAN FARM ITEMS SO THEY CAN GET ITEMS (Repeated of course) 2) People who actually want to play their game CANNOT BECAUSE THEIR SERVERS ARE HORRENDOUS, I usually have ~400 ping in Diablo 3 and ~85-100 ping in everything else I play. 3) People who can actually play the game getting banned for using the RMAH in a manner that makes Blizzard upset 4) People getting banned for using the RMAH for NO REASON? Lots of reports, can't relate 5) Repair costs completely BRICK WALLED PLAYERS THAT DON'T PLAY ALL DAY LONG. Again, cant relate - however I'd imagine that it's probably upsetting to get on and play your few hours a day after work to just get one shotted by some gimmicky crap then go broke repairing your own gear you're trying to replace. 6) Extremely unrewarding drops for completing highest difficulty. I understand that you can't just let good item's drop all the time, it will ruin the economy. Although the economy is already ruined anyways Feel free to add more belowEnix157 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Fixing Legendary Items I know this has probably been said a bunch on here but seeing that we are going to get a fix for legendary items I'm pretty stoked. What I'm upset about is that Blizzard is saying it wont be retroactive and whatever items you do already own will still be crap. They need to be fair to people who spent either real money on items, or actually found them fair and square. They didn't have a problem taking down all the attack speed on our already owned items why can't they fix the legendary items the same way? I know it's a game and everyone will have something to complain about but this just outright isn't fair on our end.DePadova1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Why do we "hate" the D2 Merc? According to Blizzard, players had problems with the old Mercs of D2, so the Followers we see today were created to be completely different from their counterpart, and in my opinion, are completely useless in comparison. (Source: Since this was based on "player feedback", i've got to ask.. Who didn't like the Merc of D2? and why?Keldon11 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Diablo 3 Lets Play, Intro is Sweet as Hell Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Streaming my wiz 1110 res all 40% crit meele enjoy and ask questions!Latif0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 The Decline of D3 I remember release night, thinking to myself "This is gonna be awesome!" I've been a Blizzard fan for many moons and figured the old mantra "ready when it's ready" meant this game was gonna be the cat's meow. I still play D2 now and then and I found myself making constant comparisons, and find some elements to be much smoother and faster in D3, but many more almost dumbied down like World of Warcraft has become. I did realize that "hey there can never be another D2," but hoped the model could be improved upon.... or could it? Game on! Installed and ready to rock... DOH! Couldn't log in... to be expected. Everyone and their brother was hyped up to play the game we all waited for, for a long, long time. So we log in and maybe make a few toons and play with the different skills etc, to find that for the most part in normal we are pretty much unstoppable, but as we progresed through the ranks, we found ourselves hitting that plateau now and then, and looking for a quicker way to gear... so off to the AH... DOH! AH is broken again.... But at least we still had the core game working somewhat decent, while we leveled our toons up to 60 and stuck with it. So we arrive at endgame. Then we made it to Act 2, Inferno and those who knew of some of the exploits made it far enough to dominate the AH and the now RMAH before adjustments were made. The rest of us even with 30k+ dps and 50k+ health were still getting 1-2 shot. I wanted a challenge, but a fair and balanced challenge.... and I still do, but I digress. Finally! 1.03! I expected some dmg modifiers, a few bug fixes, and some "reasonability and common sense" reintegrated into the endgame mechanics. Progressive gameplay is still at just as much of a standstill as before because again, instead of focusing on the core issues, the development team keeps chopping the legs off the horse. Before, we were pigeonholed into using very cookiecutter-like builds, but now if you wish to even have a remote chance to survive, you must. So now, we can take a few more hits, which was an improvement, but the real problem was the mechanics of the elites and champions. I'm a fairly skilled and fairly geared player and find myself disappointed when I fight a group of elites only to have them berserk on me, heal to full, or just literally dominate me. I experience the same thing in public games as well... get rollin with a great group until you are confronted with that one set of godlike elites that cannot be skipped or dragged away from the fray with a sacrifice. We had a lot of farmers... now drop rates, lootables, destructibles, frequency of goblins are reduced because of that. So the other 90% of players that are not farmers or exploiters are in essence punished with the MMO mentality, although D3 is not a real MMO by any means. So, let's reduce it all, and increase repairs to a ridiculous amount to spit in the face of the farmers! Now many of us who did not have a coin hoard post-patch, have to farm even more in Hell or the like just to have a cushion for repairs... or they go with a weaker gear set with the indestructable property. I was extremely disappointed with endgame in release, further disappointed with 1.03 and disgusted with 1.03a, which has ignored the plight of the D3 audience completely. I've played a lot of games over the years and I've seen them come and go, but none so fast as this one. It bothers me that a company I usually associate "Amazing" games with, has dismissed the collective input of its players, intentionally or otherwise. It pains me to say this game will be placed on a shelf with all the other "wasted-60-bucks-on" titles. Prove me wrong Blizzard! I'll gladly eat my words if you provide a D3 that demonstrates potential vs failure.Ceebee4 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Stream tonight with Drop party! A friend of mine recently started a stream and he wants to get it going a bit. Every day he does runs throughout the day to get unidentified items of ilvl 62 or higher and saves them for viewers. Yesterday he was giving them out to anyone who came into his game to craft. There is a great chance for you to gain a good item. He also crafts the sage set for viewers any time throughout the day. Come join us and hang out and hopefully get into the game that we call Chasey Chasey Grab Grab!Fashir4 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 /idspispopd doesnt work! why did you remove this feature?Complication6 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Is something wrong with the servers? BAD lag I have died multiple times the past 3 hours due to lag. It also kicked my friend once saying he had been disconnected from the server. Anyone else having this issue? It's unbearable but I need to know if it's my internet or this game.April5 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Why Blizz takes 15% of GOLD AH? Was wondering why Blizzard was charging 15% fee to sell something on the auction house... I get it for the Real Money auctions But stealing 15% of my gold to simply throw it away seems kind of dumb no??? Am i the only one??OptimusPrime47 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Rerolling as Disney Princess Need a nameShadePopping6 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Stuck on Inferno Butcher on my Hardcore Monk I have cleared act 1 multiple times and only skipped 2 champion packs due to them being spawned on top of each other (not gonna attempt 2 packs at once) but Butcher continues to elude my blade! The reason being? I don't do enough DPS to beat the enrage timer (I only do 7.6k DPS). It truly is challenging game!Slomo4shO17 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 100mil gold per every 10 mins method Found this on youtube, at first i thought i should keep it secret so it doesn't get hotfix but you know what .... i am not a selfish person so here we go get rich!Vanhyo14 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 quick question if I have arcane dmg on my weapon and have temporal flux on my passive. If I use RoF will I slow the target by 60% ?ol3s0070 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 [Auction House] Search within results? Not sure if this has been suggested already, but how difficult would it be to implement a "search within results" checkbox to the Auction House UI? Personally I would much prefer simply adding more dropdown filters for stats, but given the space constraints and programming needed to make such a large change I think that adding "search within results" would tide people over in the meantime. Let's say, for example, I have a brajillion brazillian gold and want to buy a pair of boots. Being the perfectionist I am, I want them to have: 200+ strength 70+ all resistance 12% movespeed 100+ vitality (not sure if these totals are even possible, but bear with me here) Given the current 3 slot constraints, people can only search for 3 of these things and thumb through pages of items hoping to find one that matches the other criteria. Adding a "search within results" would allow a sort of workaround, allowing players to further filter item searches by adding new criteria -I begin by searching for all boots with 200+ strength -next I "search within results" for all boots with 12% movespeed -etc. etc. and I can narrow down my results without adding too much bloat to the Auction House UI, as well as keeping searches brisk by still only having 3 categories to search.Seanzie0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Glass Cannon DH Are people still playing this sort of DH? What build are you using?AresSupreme5 Jun 29, 2012