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Jun 25, 2012 Go to the AH search and type in ProOctopusbread6 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 [Suggestion] Allow base items for crafting IMO crafting is still relatively weak. First, the costs are still fairly high. Yes the cost was reduced but its still a fairly expensive gamble and the AH can usually still be the better path to upgrade. I feel that blizzard should add or modify existing recipes so that they can take a blue item of the same type as a base for the crafting and then roll random affixes until the item reaches the limit for the recipe. This would allow players to pick which stats are important to them they could upgrade a magic find set, work on creating CC reduction pieces for upcoming PvP, or work on optimizing a resist set. Example: Player feels that his should needs the biggest upgrade decides to craft some level 62 shoulders with 5 properties. Player(Barb) selects a blue he has found that has 100 Vit and 60 AR as a base item and pays an additional gold/reagent cost to cart a new rare. Soul Crux Shoulders 322 Armor Melee attackers take 1,713 damage per hit +52 Dexterity +52 Intelligence +10% Life +100 Vitality +60 Resistance to All Elements Not as useful as his current shoulders he decides to craft another. Luckily he has another pair of shoulders with 80 STR and 90 VIT. Player pays the crafting cost again... Darkweave Havoc Shoulders 352 Armor Ignores Durability Loss Monster kills grant +(23-24) experience. +90 Vitality +80 Strength +71 Resistance to All Elements The player equips his new upgrade but still have room to improve on his roles. The point of this change would be allow the user to help tip the scales on roles slightly in his favor at the price of additional mats/gold. This would also blue with high roles on different stats to be more valuable than they are now and create demands for more items. If blizzard is worried about this being the best way to obtain the best items the recipes could be limited to 62 item so that the best possible gear was still obtained by looting the item off a monster. However, this would give people way to upgrade their gear that is better than the current blacksmithing and would open up another gold sink that people would be more likely to use.Helais0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Ticket waiting for ticket 8 days wtf!?Shadow2 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Suggestion to Ease the Suffering Repair Cost Revert repair cost to 1.02. Gold will be lost on death instead. The gold lost will scale up for subsequent death, similar to increasing death timer. No more wear-and-tear issue in cost Lessen the punishment of those who died once or twice in an elite fight. Encourage people to try seek challenges without the fear. Prevent those who died too many times to continue the pursuit of killing certain elites. Nephalem Valor 1. Remain for the entire duration even if disconnected. As long as the player resume the same quest or join the previous game that they have been disconnected from. 2. Nephalem Valor is available for all level. No more disconnect and lose all valor Allow earlier level to farm if they want to Increase finding of lower level gears. Enhancements Gambling Allow additional enhancement or improvements to be made to exist equipment with a chance to completely destroy the item. Give those who already have high end gears to take a chance for getting further ahead. Gold sink Remove power items from circulation Those who are poor will probably not try to gamble one of their equipment in fear it getting completely destroyed. Elemental Damage Skills with a specific element will do amplify damage when the player is equipping a weapon of the same element. Increase customization of characters with specific build. Greater diversity of weapon choices. Outfit Allow an alternate tab to provide alternative equipment that provides no additional bonuses, only for cosmetic purposes. Greater diversity in individual players look If I like the look of my level 40 armors, then let me equip that for the looks. Gijian3 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 IF the old D2 team did do D3(about kripp tps) So watched and wanted share some ideas about PvP/PvM what Kripp was saying. Just some facts - D2 'core' devs went off and enstablished Flagship Studios, with Hellgate:London came out 2007. PvM end game expertise: was here; the level cap was 50(now in HG:G it is 55); after that you got RANKS (another 50 levels, about 1/2 time slower exp gain); and then you can bump those stat poins/Rank exp points into same categories (like vitality/crit chance/minion damage etc). PvP - in HG:G(they purchsed rights to use Hellgate:London after Flagship colsed) - when you play PvP, you got PvP expertise points, and in current state of game for HG:G, you gain just new PvP rankings (like sergant, major etc) - so its still there. END game - in HG:G - as I read/searched - in Japanese version is 'Endless dungeon' - you proceed into 50? lvls of dungeon when on each end is some 'tought' mini-boss/unique - each lvl you got deper, you got stronger enemies/better item rewards etc... THAT IS END GAME. SO what I want to say? (and maybe someone said in that origin thread) - IF the core D2 team had builded D3, we all have 'good old' Diablo game - with stat points, skill points, END GAME content - what Kripp was talking about now in 2012(ang HG:L was out 2007)... Now we have only small hope that maybe, just 'maybe' some things will be there after some next patches... :(Bestia0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Are people just mad that they can't make $$$? Disclaimer: I'm not into Inferno yet, and some things like the death timer and high repair costs do seem like a bad idea. I am also disappointed with the AH UI, the lack of font size options in chat, and the lack of ability to hotkey build changes (either full build or just to make it go faster) in a game that is apparently about switching up your build before each fight. I think that all of these things need to be changed. But that said, I don't really understand this amount of rage because I'm still leveling up, and I am having a ton of fun. I am 30 years old, I know myself pretty well, and if they change some things and touch up some others, and add in more content as the game is pretty short atm, I can see myself playing this as much as I played D2. I also find it more fun than I did D2 because in D2 my characters seemed more one-dimensional in terms of skills. It was just left click all day long. I will admit that the areas in D2 were better, but I hold out hope that they will step up their game with new areas now that they've gotten some cold water onto their face. Are people just mad that they imagined themselves making tons and tons of money by being pro micro-manage man, dodging each skeleton warrior's sword in their glass cannon build, and now it's been taken away? I never expected to turn much of a profit, my loftiest goal is to make back what I paid for to get the game and if I don't then it's not the end of the world. So far, I'm having lots of fun. If I were younger I'd stay up all night!SirPrize3 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Anyone else doing great post 1.03? I've gone back to farming Act 1, since 63's can drop now. I souped up my gear so now I am at 306mf/202gf w/valor, running 24khealth/21kdps w/ok resists. I have a second set of more powerful high resist gear for later act play, but I rarely have to break it out, if ever, post 1.03. Usually I only put it on if I get a really bad fast on fast w/stacked control affix elite pack. Anyways, the first day of the patch, I was running 260mf w/valor, and doing pretty decent. I got two moderate upgrades, and one saleable item. The next day I upgraded to 285mf, and did about the same, got one really nice item which sold for 2.3mil. This morning, I dropped about 3mil in the AH and upgraded my mf and gf to past 300/200 w/valor. What a HUGE difference. I'm getting almost 3 rares on every elite pack, and I'm also getting rare drops from normal mobs fairly often. I started a full playthrough of Act 1 earlier tonight, and just finished. Every time I would dump my bags, I'd have about half rares and half blues. Nearly every single bag fill I got a saleable item. Earlier in the act, I got a NICE Andariel's Visage legendary helm drop from a skeleton, and on top of that, it was a really good roll with int for my Wiz. I wish I had gotten that helm a couple weeks ago before the IAS nerf, it would have been epic. Either way, it's still nice, and gave me a 1500dps upgrade on my current helm. It's only the second legendary I've gotten in 200hrs of gameplay, the first was a garbage witching hour belt, partway through my first playthrough on normal. I wore it for a bit and then sold it for $25k. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited when I saw the orange glow. Then, I pulled a ring with int and cc/cd, which was an upgrade to my previous IAS + cc ring that I've been using for a couple weeks now. My old ring already sold for 1.2mil a few minutes ago. I've been shopping for a ring upgrade too, but they've all been too overpriced, and none were really much of an upgrade anyways. Right as I was getting close to the Butcher, I got a VERY nice dex + cc/cd amulet, the cheapest one even close to its stats is going for 4mil (not as good though), and equivalent most are running 5-7mil or more, some with lesser stats. I listed it for 3.7 just to move it fast, if it doesn't sell at that I'm 99% sure I can get at least more than 3mil for it, even with the AH being slow right now. On top of that, I made over 500k in gold from vendoring and pickups, after repair costs. I died a few times because my mf/gf farming gear is a bit weak on resists, but most of the deaths were just due to me being lazy/careless. TL;DR version So far 1.03 is doing amazingly for me, I've gotten three solid upgrades, and at least 5-6 items with real value, plus a few others that are worth filling empty slots in AH for extra gold. I know the 300mf isn't hurting either, but the combination of the patch and my new mf, has been epic. Anways, in the last two days I've probably cleared about 10mil in income including gold pickups, drops, and sales. That is with just straight gameplay, no farming, no exploits, no playing AH. Anyone else having this great of luck with 1.03? Frankly, it's been good enough that the last two days have convinced me to keep playing a while longer, and I was on the edge of quitting a few days ago.Vindemi14 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Goblin Massacre, 100s of Goblins TONS of Loot Great night tonight to be on my twitch, giving away iLVL 63/62s to viewers running tons of gobs with everyone, Join up to find out more! Thanks.Draxe0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Killing INFERNO BOSSES = JOKE??? I cant believe this joke of a game its pathetic . I just spent about 3 hours to kill 10 elites and inferno act 2 boss 2 times and got lvl 55 rares from him both times Im barbarian and was soloing just started doing act 2 this week . I died like 3 times doing this which cost me around 15k in repairs .. no big deal but the simple fact is I dont feel like my efforts are being rewarded ? Solution . Make the damn boss in act 2 drop lvl 62 rare . Maybe you should allow us to get 10 stacks Valor instead of 5 . I wouldve killed boss 1 time in 3 hours and go rewarded . Oh well , this game is starting to suck man . I should farm butcher I can get 5 stacks and kill him in 15 mins .Grailer7 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 How is this possible? They released the game 5/15 today is the 6/25. 6 weeks.... I play the game now for 4 weeks and i'm stuck in inferno act 1 because no gear drops! Without the gold ah there is no progress for me. I spend a lot of time in game but that changes nothing.... Most of the gold i farm is now for repair! But that brings me to a question! How is it possible that there are player with end game gear? Where did they get there gear? And how did they get the gear so fast? In just only 2 weeks more of playtime? It looks like the ppl that started the game on day one and could abuse all the bugs have nothing to worry about, they are done! Thank you!Centershock6 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 D3 Storyline, Do you follow it? How many other people care less about the story? I am a fan of diablo, but I dont know any of the story.. Heck, i didnt even watch all the cinematic yet and I have a few level 60's... I was just like "LETS PLAY" and I skipped everything.. Ive owned the game since it came out and the storyline is the last thing on my mind.. I literally know nothing about the story... 0, zilch, nada. Am I the only one?iLL2 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Playing Diablo 3 is like..... please insert your anecdote.TheMooker60 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 i cannot stand these crap drop in act 3/4 holy cow blizzard why does all the drop are garbage? my guaranteed rares are (1 rare with 5 stack vs elites that has invulnerable/reflect dmg lvl 55 for 5 stack valor? ) all the hard mob drop thecrap loot it seem not even worth time killing and repairing for gear if i am getting !@#$ drop so sad sighcollin2 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Adding more secret levels ? Everyone knows about the Pony level now. Apart from farming the existing places, will Blizzard consider adding more secret levels? Instead of changing the whole story line, I think it will not be very difficult adding some events which requires players to collect several items or complete some tasks/jobs (e.g. help to deliver something from A to B), in order to unlock some secret areas, like a backyard, an dungeon under a cabin, etc.? It will be fun and more places for players to farm. Anyone thinks the same? :)futing3 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 I just bought... Ys Origins on steam for €15,- 6 year old game or not, that game delivers the hack 'n slash experience I was craving for. If you aren't enjoying D3 atm but you'd like a slick ARPG with a nice story, cool combat and awesome bosses, I'd totally recommend this. I'm really enjoying this right now. Boss Example: Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Blizzard take notes from the kripp! Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Anyone else notice this? In normal, you get exactly the drops you would expect. That is, trash mobs drop trash with an occasional blue, elites drop blue with an occasional yellow, bosses/uniques drop a couple of yellows each along with several blues. Bosses/uniques drop trash if you kill the same one a second time. You also have a small, but existant, chance to get a legendary. Then in NM and on, you get trash from trash, trash with occasional blues from bosses/uniques, and a slightly larger chance to get yellow from elites. I assume there is still a chance to get legendaries in other difficulties, but so far I've found 3 in normal and none elsewhere. I can't help but wonder if this is actually a bug causing bosses to read you as killing them a second time if you have already killed them in normal. Surely it's not intentional.Judicator2 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Stop it with the kripp threads please That is all.Cortex6 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Betas or finalized? I been watching betas of this game and i find the betas were more fun more artistic and more EPIC!, it has HQ maps, all i got to Say WTF Blizzard what happen?FilKamiKaze0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Kripps Ideas....I like Blizz Watch it : Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Wait for MOP Having played all blizzard games including the lost vikings....i thought D3 will be good enough to have my interest and attention at least till MOP. I was wrong...=/ maybe when pvp comes out but thats 6 patches away. Time to take a break....Thorsten0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 I got banned just because AH!!!! Why they banned my account? I just bought a equipment, and they already charge the money form my bank!! I submit the ticket but nobody respond me!!! Why??? What should I do now?DaisyZhao34 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Brief summary of the deleted Chinese post IMPORTANT - THIS IS NOT MY WORDS SO DON'T BAN ME PLEASE! P1: This post is mainly about cursing Blizzard. Don't read if you think Blizzard is your daddy. P2: We are the real monster in this monstrous game 'cause we players are constantly being %%*@d over and over joyfully by those f**king bas***d elites. P3: Blizzard is ret**ded at the game design. Blizzard's understanding of difficulty is equivalent to more HP and more dmg of mobs and: get %%*@d if you are under geared and %%*@ this game by spamming mouse clicks if geared enough. To achieve that you have to pay extra in the AH wheeeeeee! P4: This game requires no skill, rich morons can pound this game easily. P5: Your story line is s**t, hence doing it repeatedly is sh**ty boring, we wanna more freedom in game exploration! We define the way how this game is played not you! You are not God! P6: !@^#%&# repair bills! P7: &!@%#&^%$& server quality! Stop selling copies if your server can't offer stable services! P8: F**K your daddy's brother! Don't ask me why daddy's brother. I say it because I can! It's called freedom if you can comprehend! ! %!@$# you for restricting our playing styles! We are not having fun but being tortured! P9: We bought this game only because we love D2, which gave us a lot of cheerful memories for us the 70s. But D3 is actually worse than some rubbish games in China mainland that spams little pop-up ads at your browser from time to time. AGAIN - THIS IS NOT MY WORDS SO DON'T BAN ME PLEASE!Mundo6 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Huge problem with Diablo 3 People don't share loot. Everytime a resp chest dropped, 1 person on four accounts could have gotten 4 different drops. As well, people just invite each other to goblin games, and all items drop for different people. This plays a huge role in gold as well. 4x the amount of gold is dropping in a full game. Congrats on this poor excuse for a game.Hades0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Deleted by ChyrosNX Deleted by ChyrosNXChyrosNX1 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Kripp tips . . . end game in diablo3? Idk how many of you saw this or how you feel about him, but i like the idea of a D3 end game. I pretty burn out on farming for no real reason and gettin 98% crap drops that arent worth puttin on the gold ah. I really hope someone at blizz saw this and takes a go at it or gets mad and dose it better. What do u think?Zero4 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 How to make farming more interesting Put an NPC or whatever in the game which will give you each run, day or week a quest where you have to find a certain amount of different bosses (depending on the acts) and kill them. The more bosses you can kill, the higher your reward will be. i know, it's a very common(and boring) quest for mmorpgs (kill A and get reward B), but it's better than just killing random 5 packs and go to a boss. it will also encourage you to try the ones, which you have always skipped (as a dh i feared the phase beast packs the most).Vicious0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Monster Hit Boxes So I was doing an Act 1 farm run in Inferno on my Wizard today and I came across those large guys with the club that looks the size of a tree (can't remember what they're called) that were of course champions. They had Extra Health, Fast, Frozen, and Waller. (aka good times...) Now, I consider myself very good at dodging attacks and I very rarely get hit, but when one of these champions began the attack animation, I ran away and was as far away as my character's height X2 and STILL got hit and 1-shot. This has also happened in Act 2 (finally beat butcher only to end up in "mobs that go immune all by themselves" Hell) and it seems like the actual attack does its damage as soon as the weapon is swung when it should be when/if it hits the player. Even then, some monsters have hit boxes way larger than their animations would suggest, which makes it that much harder to avoid the damage. Also, those poison spewer wall thingies in Act 2 Inferno do WAY too much damage in my opinion. My Wizard has 23k health and 700 of each resistance and my health goes all the way down to 0 in less than half a second if one of those spits on me. It doesn't help they can spit at you at almost a 90 Degree angle. Keep in mind this is with Force Armor up. Since I got killed the first time by one of these (it happened 3 times) I changed my abilities, losing NV stacks of course, in order to have Diamond Skin, but it can still eat through the 21k absorb in no time at all.Khelbin3 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 A look at D2's endgame and why it lasted long Why was Diablo 2 so successful for so long? After you beat Hell the first time, there was an incredible amount of things to do 1) Extremely rare, but SPECIFIC items you wanted to find: Zod runes, Ber Runes, Arachnid Mesh, Herald of Zakarum. Extremely rare items, but you knew they existed and they motivated you to farm. The problem with D3 is that you're still hunting for super rare items, but they're completely randomly generated and when you find them, they're normally minor improvements over your current gear at best. Pick up every yellow and identify it. There's nothing exciting like seeing a unique Spiderweb Sash or Sacred Armor drop on the ground in this game. D3 items have no character like D2 items did. 2) Needing multiple characters to accomplish different goals: Sure, some builds like Hammerdins could run any content they wanted in Hell, but if you wanted to focus on another attack on a Paladin, you rerolled. Respec was introduced later, but it was expensive and rare enough that it was worth making a new character. Not to mention, a Smiter would need MUCH different gear than a Hammerdin, so it was worthwhile having 2 different characters. Diablo 3 gear is, for the most part, one size fits all builds. There is also absolutely no reason to ever roll a new class of the same type, which is BAD in a game with as easy to reach of a level cap and as little content as D3. 3) Level 99: Blizzard is famous for saying "99 or 60, it doesn't matter, they're just numbers". What they fail to realize is that even though most people didn't need to get level 99 for their builds in Diablo 2, it was still a goal people worked towards whether they did it consciously or not. It was tedious to get to 99, and it took almost an impossible amount of effort and time, but at the end of the day it was a way to keep improving your character for a long time. 4) Chatrooms, with visible characters: Believe it or not, having characters visible in chat rooms increased the end game playability of Diablo 2 by a large margin. It felt like for every new item you acquired, you would impress more people. Imagine D2 chatrooms with the ability to inspect players. It would be amazing. Diablo 3 is a multiplayer game with the social and "show off" aspects removed. Who cares if I ever find an awesome bow, only my friends will see it. 5) Uber Diablo and Uber Trist: Supercharged content for elite players to do. Not only that, but it was very rewarding, and you would always get a good item drop that would have at least some trade value. ALWAYS. Of course toward the end of ladder seasons, the lesser annihilus and torch charms would fall off in terms of value, it was still a brilliant addition to endgame and gave more for the player to strive for. 6) PvP: A lot of players only played for PvP. In Diablo 2 it was just for fun. Some players took it a step further and ruined other people's day by going hostile. It's just an option of fun that we no longer have unfortunately. As ladders reset, PvP became even more amazing, as people would work as hard as possible to make the best PvP characters of their respective class in as little time as possible. 7) Boss and area runs: Somewhere along the line, Blizzard forgot how amazing the various areas in the game were. They tell us people ONLY did mephisto runs, or they ONLY did baal runs. This couldn't be further from the truth. Certain areas were special for certain things. Wanted an SoJ? Nightmare Andariel was the best place for that. Needed certain runes? The countess was best for that. Wanted a chance at any item in the game? Look no further than the pit. Need a fast shako or HoZ? Run Meph. There was tons of viable farming spots in Diablo 2, and they all had their own uniqueness and reason. In Diablo 3, everything is balanced to be identical in terms of farming. 8) Trading: Auction houses are not for action RPG's. Pulling off big trades in Diablo 2 are what kept me coming back for more. Sometimes it's hard to realize how awesome it was. Players invented their own currencies such as runes in order to assign value to certain items. Watch the economy unfold like this was truly amazing and something that will never exist with an Auction House in place. 9) Ladder resets: The most unintentionally awesome thing to happen to Diablo 2. Originally implemented to "clear" the economy after 6 months or so, it ended up revitalizing the game. Take the first 8 points I mentioned, and amplify them by 20, because every 6 months you get to relive the magic all over again. Don't want to participate in ladder, the beauty is, you don't even have to. Conclusion: Diablo 3 is nowhere near this level unfortunately. Being a new game isn't an excuse either, they had plenty from D2 to learn from. After you kill Diablo, what is there to do. There is no social aspect... no exciting items... just nothing.Sevis22 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 I wonder how long till Gold Find is nerfed When I first heard about the new repair costs coming in, I started working on making money to increase my gold find to counter balance the increased repair costs. Result was as expected, the new repair costs don't dent me at all, and I have steadily been gaining money more quickly. At a rate where the only thing I need to improve on is efficiency. I even found an amulet with 25% Gold Find on it, were I to use it with 5 stack NV I would have over 200% gold find, which render locations like Act 3's Arreat Crater massive gold deposits, and my damage is still sufficient that I can cruise through it with little threat face tanking everything on my wizard as if I was a bot on Hell difficulty. If I had a bot program I would use nightmare, would be incredibly profitable with no threat at all. But these thoughts lead me to think that Blizzard is probably looking at nerfing Gold Find for 1.04. After all, they want to curb the gold bots, what better way to do so then nerf the gold find stat that the bot managers buy to improve bot gold finding and collecting efficiency?TankHunter1 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 BLIZZARD >> HIRE KRIPPARRIAN His tips are spot on. Go watch him on you tubeDraegore0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 If Diablo 3 where a girl She just kicked me in the nads.Rich2 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Kripparian needs to be hired by blizzard! Watch this video: And you will know why.ArtistOfFear70 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Is the act 3-4 loot intentionaly lowered ? Did about 10 almost full runs in act 3 inferno since 1.0.3 (about 170 MF) . Gathered about 500 rares , 5 legendaries and rest tons of useless blues. I started 1.0.3 with 1.5 million gold. Now, after about 30+ hours spent in act 3 inferno, i have 0 upgrades for me, about 2 million gold, tons of items that i cant sell in AH for more than 5k gold, while the 5 legendaries that dropped were the only source of income cause, even if they were bad, there were still few newbs that bought them for like 100k each. Rest of the money basicaly ended up in cost-repair effectiveness. That because im a barb, and also lets say i die 3-5 times every run, cause i dont play extremely caution, but rather i preffer to make it a bit more fun. Its ok to play very carefull, i can do that and die 0 times in a whole act 3 clear, but after 1-2 runs like this , its becoming borring, so i just try a bit different specc, wich is not 100% safe, so i know im gonna die few times, wich deny the value of all my blue and rares i find that goes to repair costs, except for the eventualy AH items i could sell. Problem is, there is almost nothing worhty to sell in act 3 after 10 runs there. Im not sure if this is intended, but after spending like 30+ hours with minimal deaths, i expect to rise in gold value, not be like almost in same spot i was before. After 10 runs, from frustration, i went a full MF swapping gear run in act 2. At the end of that run, i had 300k + more gold and about 5 random items worth of 100k+ on AH and 1 very good ilvl 62 shield wich actualy can go to RMAH. Only from 1 run. Pls, dont tell me i had luck with 1 run in act 2 and had bad luck with 10 full runs in act 3 inferno, cause if i would have done 1 or 2 runs, i would agree, but there have been 10 worthless and completely inefective runs in act 3 inferno. Im 100% sure this cant be intended to be like that, no one will ever farm act 3/4 any more then. And i farm act 3 almost same ez as act 2 at my current gear, so its by far not a problem of gear.DinuRazvan6 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Quitting till something changes.. hopefully played enough i guess, my $60 is already worth it, i can't play pass inferno act 2 since i can't play the same game for like 16hrs doing the same thing like goblin farming, also the latency issues is really bad.. if you live in the US, fine no problem but for everybody else like south east Asian countries you can't really play 200ms is the best I can get and when things go bad my latency plummets to about 2000ms+ the new repair cost really sucks i lose more gold than I can earn I am not a hardcore gamer just an average one, not casual. This is it for me until something changes i'm not a masochist that can take such a brutality off to Dota 2 for now good luck blizzElli0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Repair Costs getting a Hotfix "We are currently in the process of adding an option to the repair menu that lets you repair directly from your paypal account." -BlizzardMyst128 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 WTB some quick help!!!! (inferno act 4) I am in need of someone whom has made it to the final quest of act 4 on inferno, so I may get my recipe for the staff of herding on inferno. It will be super quick and i will pay for the time,andrewk2 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Nightmarish Shielding Extra Fast Invisible Can anyone tell me how to beat this?? 600 All resist, 46k dps, 30k hp, 3k armor... Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 830 DPS 444LoH 3% Lifesteal + SOCKET Looking for Fast sale Place Bids below Will sell within Hour if decent offer is put forward May sell early if offer is good enoughFiNaLStoRM1 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 The Blizzard Aristocracy 3 classes seperated by wealth. Super rich (Got away with exploiting,duping,auction manipulation)(gets best gear, dominating auction markers, is literally getting away with breaking the law) middle class (Gets massive repair bills, can only farm portions of inferno, generally mediocre gear in AH and equipped) poor(Massive regressive repair bills, you die more than anyone because lack of gear = more repairs. Not enough gold to purchase new gear, cant farm gear because lacks effective gear. No hope.) Congratulations on your little Aristocratic Simulation.Doomsickle4 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 WTB some quick help!!!! (inferno act 4) I am in need of someone whom has made it to the final quest of act 4 on inferno, so I may get my recipe for the staff of herding on inferno. It will be super quick and i will pay for the time,andrewk0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Why this game fails Because BLZ DEVs r trying to prove that they r smarter than us, and actually they r retards. Agreed? CommentsLearn2be0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Why I think that people think D3 is bad. There are a few reasons why I think that people think D3 is bad. I will admit D3 isn't the best game ever and definitely did not live up to the hype, but it is not as bad as people make it out to be. I have clocked in over 300 hours so far and still play the game a few hours a day, and am still enjoying it. With all the negative posts on the forums I was wondering why so many people hate the game that I still enjoy. After reading many of them I have seen a few reasons why people dislike the game (or the people that made it *Cough Jay Wilson Cough*) and I will list the reasons i see the most and my interpretation of them. 1. They tell me how to play a game I paid for. This I will admit is one of the most common and complaint I can agree with to an extent. It sucks when they change things for what THEY see fun or balanced (mf not affecting chests etc, nerfing IAS because THEY felt it was too powerful), after all you paid for the game you should be able to play it as you want. The one problem is I'm guessing you didn't read the Terms when you scrolled down and clicked agree. You paid $60 to have to be able to play their game. Everything you do and acquire is considered Blizzards property and you simply have the "privilege" to play. I do not agree with that completely but in the end it is THEIR game and you agree to that when you first played the game. 2. The loot drops suck Being a long time diablo fan (playing since I got D1 in 98) I disagree. The loot in D3 is the same, if not better than the others since patch 1.03. Can you honestly tell me that you got ALL your high runes, sojs, etc from drops alone, and not only that but within the 1st month of the game? The new patch did hurt drop rates in acts 3/4 and buffed acts 1/2, but if you farm according to THEIR new changes you will notice how much better they really are. It just sucks THEIR new way is just do act 1, get 5 NV and wander around killing elites and eventually bosses at the end. Trust me, wear any decent mf/gf gear and do this, you will make several 100k gold plus chances at ANY item in the game per run. Given that the chances are slim but you wil faceroll act1 so much faster than any other act the pure speed makes up for the lower drop %'s. Again, notice how this kinda ties into the 1st point. 3. The AH ruined the game In my opinion it did the opposite, I love both. It makes getting the specific gear i need faster and easier than farming it. You know what? so does trading, and that has been around no problem since D1. I just see the AH as a faster easier way to trade. Instead of trading goods for goods in trading gold for goods, and what is wrong with that? In regards to the RMAH I have no problem with it. People will and are currently paying real $ for in game goods, through the AH and 3rd party sites. It will happen no matter what, so what is wrong with blizzard a slice of the pie ( it is THEIR game after all). I personally have not spent $.01 more than the original $60 for the game but I have made several hundred $ selling things on the RMAH. I am making money playing a video game!!!!! If you don't like the AH don't use it and farm or trade. These are the 3 biggest complaints I see, and other than #1 I completely disagree with people on the other 2. I took off my nostalgia goggles and I may have ethical differences ( real $ in a digital game). In the end I notice one thing in common, people are mad that THEY are being told how to have fun and be "thankful".Jdawgzl79 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Lost my 267$ essentially to shady Blizz I made 267$ in about 3 days through my farming method only to find out that you couldn't go from bliz bucks to paypal. While this is entirely my fault I would rather others not have to go through my feeling of immense loss in monetary funds. They need to at least put up a disclaimer pop up box, not the contract no one reads, that says it can't be converted into real cash. I'm sure some others have had this happen to them as well. Just want to know if I'm alone in this or not lol. *Waits for the troll kids to post unrelated garbage. Flood gates open.JmannDriver36 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 The auction house... If you ignore it, it doesn't exist.Gorey5 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Anyone want to know what the chinese post say I translated the first para: First of all this is a pure complaining post about the game, without any technical discussion whatsoever. As a matter of fact, D3 as a game in which you can be as OP as you want by spending money in RMAH, has nothing technical worth discussing. If you are a loyal fan of blizzard and support this game no matter what the truth is, please ignore me. To begin with, I would like to say I spent money to buy this game, so I get to choose how to play this game. I believe I am not entertained when those mobs kill me every day. Actually the only fun I am having now playing D3 is to trash it. It has been two months since the launch, and I have struggled to get 2 lv60 characters. According to Blizzard, this is merely a start point of this game, when you have all skills, runes, difficulties unlocked. In my experience in inferno, I found, I am actually “the mob” in this games. And those “mob” are “paid players” who are having fun in the game. Everytime when I am running back after resurrection, I imagine those blue champions are sitting on the floor, enjoying their cigarettes and beers, and chatting: “how come this retard keeps coming even after dying 20 times, I am bored of killing him”. Another mob saying:” you dont understand , he just like you treat him harshly”. The last one saying: “ bro, when that guy comes again, I am gonna do some good combo and one-shot him, you guys just sit there and enjoy the show.” Then I, the unfortunate barbarian is back, but get instantly killed again. “wtf…” I said, pulling my hands off from keyboard and mouse, staring at the screen numbly and don’t know what to do next.Sharkliver1 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 1% charge on all auctions that don't sell I think a 1 % charge on all auctions minimum bids would do wonders to help keep inflation and over-pricing on the auction house in check.UpgrayeDD17 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Is there a good website For diablo 3 besides the official site? For D2 Blizz had the Arreat summit after awhile, and even the various D2 wikis weren't that bad. Was just wondering if there was a good website for information on the game and what not.TyroneBigums6 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 When server maintenance AH time pause or not? if i bid item (time left < 1 - 2hr) before server close. I will win auction when server open or not? Thanks.WiiKhanthep0 Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012 Should Hackers go to prison? Seeing as how everyone has the option to use the RMAH to sell off goods should people that steal, hack, get punished by law? It's kind of the same as if someone broke into my house and stole my computer, it cost money to obtain, just like some gear that people purchase. What do you guys think?Twixxer1 Jun 25, 2012