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Jun 23, 2012 Stop! ... ... ... ... STOP telling me something isn't fun. STOP telling me what I should and shouldn't be farming. STOP thinking this is an MMO. STOP telling me I don't know what Diablo II was like when I played the game for YEARS. You're wrong. Diablo means FUN to me, it doesn't mean I pay $60 to have an idiot tell me how to play this game. I'm sorry you don't get that. Stop telling me how to play. Stop fixing tooltips and fix your lead game designer. ... How were you ever hired? Trolls: Yes, I stopped playing this game. No, I don't have real money. No, I'm pretty sure you don't know my mother.BoxBroccoli52 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 new acc need help okay, i just bought this account lastnite and i'm only able to kill the black king. whats going on? i paid for it and i can't do content past the black king.......Zod0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Rubberbanding will get You KILLED not once but again and again.. Latency is still at 7-90 range.. never experience any lag or rubberbanding during pre-patch... now its not totally unbearable but it sure is annoying when this problem keeps getting you killed.Lahar0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Serious question: Is Inferno Ghom bugged? I have kited and kited and kited and have yet to see a single gas cloud disappear. I'm DH who is specced for survival but only have 155 poison res (35% mitigation). Was doing fine in the rest of Act 3, no struggles, even with 20k dps (1k dps weapon) and 50k HP. Can't get Ghom past about 80% health cause there is nowhere to kite. I understand the fight was changed recently, but was this the intended design? DPS him down within the first 50ish seconds or you lose?reuterrat4 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Who can tell me where to buy gold? How to secure transactions, fair, shopping nets.HuiDing1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Blizzard Refund Please blizzard, can you please refund me? i have been trying to contact you for weeks and your phone lines always say your queues are full and to try back but no matter what time i try i get the same message. i do not want to be penalized for being past the 30 day mark when i have no way to contact u and i have been trying to reach u since before the 30 days which is not my fault. please provide me with an alternative procedure to obtain a refund for this game. it was not the game i originally purchased and i will never play this in the current state. thank you.Vapors6 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 need another checkpoint Checkpoint - please blizzard, put a checkpoint in act 3 as soon as you complete belial and enter act 3. with this latest patch update i lost my access to act 3 inferno after beating belial in inferno previous to the patch. I was unable to complete the first quest in act 3 before the patch and so now i have to re do belial - the hardest end act boss in the game - imo. My achievements show belial inferno as completed and you are making me have to do him again. please put in a checkpoint, and i would really like to have my act 3 access back. PLEASE - this is what made me stop playing - i managed to work around the other flaws this patch created, but this belial thing was the final strawUnifiedEarth7 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 How to Stop Unwanted Skill Changes Mid Fight Currently Blizzard is in the process of putting in a key lock so that when you are in combat you can not accidently drag off your spells while furiously clicking the screen and fighting mobs. If you play with elective mode this is a serious problem for us out there farming champ packs as we don't want to inadvertently lose our stack of NV. Simple fix. Go into options and TURN OFF elective mode. It DOES NOT reset your skills. You can STILL have skill where ever you want them, with the added bonus that you will not accidently pull them off while in mid combat.Trorg2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Ceremonial Knives Hello i have a WD and NEVER seen a ceremonial knife drop at all (In Inferno btw).....Where do you get them???? I've got some lengendaries and 2 pieces of sets...and IM TIRED OF GETTING DH GEAR.....Gladius4 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Purpose of Magic Find??? Serious question...what is the purpose of magic find in Diablo 3? You have stated you want players to have to balance and choose whether to wear MF or not, but not be reliant on it...which is different from the Diablo 2 concept. But logically, shouldnt having a higher percentage get me a higher percentage of loot and a higher chance of better rolls? Because honestly it doesn't seem to work that way. It actually seems to be more productive to just get powerful loot with 0 mf and just plow through elites in Inferno and run around with NV. Is it not your intention to reward those who have slightly less powerful stats in order to increase their Magic Find to find better gear? Perhaps I'm still stuck on the Diablo 2 idea of..if you didn't have MF, you weren't finding much of anything. But having 250-300% with NV stacks still doesn't seem to reward me as far as it should in Inferno. And what really..mathematically is my +% MF increasing? It would be nice to know the actual statistics behind it so we can see how worthless MF is or not and whether to stop investing in it.Rok4 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 For all those Dissapointed people... Theres a game that went under EVERYONES radar, even mine, check out Path of Exile people... ITS everything WE ALL expected from d3. You wont believe how amazing this game is until you actually try it. "Path of Exile" google it. Don't worry you can Thank me Later.Lucid0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Too complex- can we please simplify the game? Dear Blizzard, I find myself utterly overwhelmed by the amount of options we have on our characters. Furthermore, I find all the "numbers' shown in my character-info window to be far too complex for me. I am just a caveman and am frightened by numbers and percentages and skill trees. Maybe some of the gamers playing have IQs slightly above mine (a hefty 32 here- not too shabby for a caveman lawyer), but I just can't accept the complexity in the gameplay and plot (I won't even BEGIN to tell you how confusing the plot twists are!) In the next patch would you mind simply removing all numbers from the game? And replace the left and right mouse buttons with a simple on-screen blue and red button. Blue lets you kill a monster, red lets you run away. Each should take up approximately 40% of the screen. In conclusion, I would like to thank you for your valuable time. I look forward to the day when all numbers and skills can be removed from this game. Derp.Myrdrexial11 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Can we get the speed of past in future? First of all, I'm Korean. So my English is poor. Sorry :) If inferno is too hard to challenge, we can challenge hell, nightmare or normal. Maybe our heroes are strong in hell, stronger in nightmare, strongest in normal. BUT THEY AREN'T GETTING FASTER. I think IAS won't increase even if in expansion pack. And that means we lost our hero's AS permanently. We can recover the loss of DPS by loss of IAS. But we can never recover the loss of AS by loss of IAS. Isn't it terrible? In addition, most of the reason when my character in game got slow is low latency or cpu busy. And I feel that in DIABLO III from 1.0.3 until now. :(중고아이돌0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 3 things we love that Blizzard has forgotten The inevitable list-article format of the three most important things they did very wrong in not carrying over from Diablo 2 is now here! "But Voodoo!" you say, "Lists articles are a thing for and not our forum! Are you going to be a John Cheese? Please don't be a John Cheese." Nope! Turns out people love having things in an easy to read, super-structured format - oh, and rest assured, I won't be wasting your time with "Here's this 1 thing that I saw and liked and also 9 other things to take up some space" or "3 reasons my life is awful and you should all love me". This is a legitimate list of things Blizzard seems to have forgotten about the players who kept their game going on for 10+ years. It's a long read, so pour your mountain dew, wipe the cheeto-dust off your hands and get ready for a textual ride into the dirty heart of Diablo 3's problems. 1. Trading. It really baffles me when I see that they've just gone off and pushed this right off the table with their auction house system. Do you D2 veterans remember the old days where we had a lobby and could create named games *just* for trading? Do you guys remember waiting hours to snap up a bargain when first starting out and using it to start a collection of items that'd help you get even better items so you can keep trading up and up until you felt that after your extensive SOJ hoarding and bartering experience, that becoming a successful car salesman wouldn't be challenging enough? What happened to all that? So we're now stuck with an OK at-best auction house where every man and his hellbeast is just foisting items into a sea of other, probably-not-so-great items just to see what sells. What we're left with is 95 pages of "Quiver of the feeble elf maiden" with +1 vitality and nothing else when what we're actually looking for is "DEMON BONE QUIVER OF YOU KNOW STUFF IS GOING TO EXPLODE NOW". I think people are entitled to sell off what they want, but what about the real traders? The guys who trade items for items, the guys who made rooms and stood in them for hours sizing up items and haggling down trade prices, the guys who made the SOJ a unit of currency and obsessed over the price of a perfect vs an imperfect unique? Blizzard hasn't exactly "traded up" in that respect. 2. Cool, useful and diverse items. Ok, ok. I get it. The game is literally brand new, but that "new game smell" is starting to wear off and what we're left with is a bland and stale stench that's starting to awkwardly fill the room with everyone looking around to see who started it. Look through the many, many unique/legendary items lists that abound for Diablo 3. Go on, I'll wait. Now, aside from stats that are OKish and nice-ish graphics, the first thing you should notice is nothing interesting. Every single item, even in the 60 level, has: +stat you want +other stat you want +other stat you probably want but could live without +experience per kill +1% chance to make you awkwardly cough every time Leah refuses to believe Cain's "Wacky old man stories" despite the fact that she's literally surrounded by demons at all times That last one doesn't exist yet, but I'm told the Blizzard team is hard at work trying to make THAT particular dream a reality. Seriously though, imagine for a second an item that had an interesting % proc on it like that, except instead of awkward coughing it was a 1% chance to spawn some sort of cool creature for you or had a chance to turn you into a miniature Seigebreaker or whatever. The demand for that item would be enormous, just because it is so different from the bland "+100000000 DEE PEE ESS" we're currently searching and getting bored looking for since it's one of the only stats worth paying attention to. Instead of cool things we've got "3% chance to slow target". Slow target? Really? I murdered a thousand billion rampaging super-hellbeasts to find something that's going to make the next one POSSIBLY go a little slower than normal? If you think that's what we're looking for, then maybe you need to consider the very real possibility that your item design team is the real "slow target" in the equation. 3. MURDERING A THOUSAND BILLION RAMPAGING-SUPER HELLBEASTS. God. God. How did this not be one of the things you tattoo'd onto the brain of everyone designing this game? "All right guys! It took a while, but Normal, Nightmare and Hell are all pretty fun to play with just the right "Stupidly large horde" to "Reasonably difficult to kill" ratio. I think we did pretty well! All right, so let's work on Inferno!" And instead of getting unique mobs that are actually unique and boss fights that increase in depth and not tediousness, we got some guy who killed the design team and replaced the Inferno we were promised with a giant "10x ALL NUMBERS LOL LETS SEE THEM LIVE NOW" sign. There was so much potential for this. You could've had unique mobs with real, interesting abilities or difficulties attached with facing them. Imagine seeing a unique mob called "Nkastoth the Unwavering dude who is on a totally kickin' hellbeast" or whatever name you want to give it, and as his affix all that you got was "Hope Rides Alone." Bam. You've immediately created some sort of curiosity within the player. They've never seen this before, they want to know what poking the big mean dude with a giant-!@# demon sword will do instead of going "Oh great, this guy is going to spew poison and then lava and then some sort of demon lava and then suck me in it and keep me trapped there and also there are 5 of him. Better leave the game!" That kind of challenge is boring, tedious and anti-fun. It's not great design, and it gets in the way of what Diablo fans, at the core, love most: Absolutely ruining hordes and hordes of demons and getting better items to do it in more cruel and unusual ways. There is no one in Inferno mowing down mobs or even getting a chance to do anything other than hit and run or stay and die. 90% of skills are useless in this "difficulty" setting - which I would be perfectly fine with if it didn't also drop the best items in the game. It means I, as a person who likes new items, as a person who likes trading and as a person who likes blowing things up, must now do something tedious and boring, using abilities I don't want to use, in order to do the things I love doing. It means I can't just stay in Hell with the perfectly fine difficulty setting in there since the items are, by design, inferior to those in the setting that I don't want to play because I'm not really playing it as the game should be played. I need to equip items I don't like and skills I never want to use for fights I don't enjoy. That's not what we wanted, and it's so far away from that quality that it's almost the opposite. How'd you miss that?VTT302 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 My 5 game-changes wishlist... Somebody deleted the thread I was replying too, must have been some bad actors posting to it while I was typing this up... so here are my wishes for a better game experience in D3: 1) Improve drops, for sure. It's not right that I've spent hundreds of hours leveling chars up and also farming Inferno Act1 (a lot), and have only found maybe 2 or 3 items that actually significantly improved my character(s) progression. Item levels and affix levels on rares (all items, for that matter) should not be so universally low and crappy for the level you are working in. If you made it all the way to the highest difficulty in D2 and only found 1-2 items along the trip that made you go "cool, that's pretty nice, I can really use that!", you'd want to /wrist. 2) Related to above, but... the auctionhouses, both gold and real money, should be nice additions to the game, a mini-game for those who like playing with that stuff- not the central, inescapable, FORCED mechanic for anyone with any hopes or dreams of ever getting anywhere once you hit Inferno. Frankly, if you haven't spent a lot of gold or whatever on the AH's even before you got to Inferno, it's probably been a pretty rough damn trip. At least until you have 'big-brother' chars to provide hand-me-downs and twink items. I'd stop making everything about the game force you to have to use the AH's. Finding really good stuff yourself, on a fairly regular basis, is what Diablo is supposed to be about. 2-3 good items in 1.5 months is not a good drop rate, sorry. If that cuts into the $$ profits on the RMAH a bit, too damn bad. I'd make a game focused on player enjoyment, first and foremost. 3) Get real on the stupid affixes on elites. Inferno leapers with Extra Fast, Invulnerable Minions, Vortex, Molten, Walling, Jailing, Mortar... seriously? The horror stories are endless. Some combinations of affixes, and some kinds of affixes on specific elite monsters, need to be made mutually exclusive, period. Unless they put the gold cost of repairs back to a reasonable amount again, to make up for all the stupid unavoidable deaths to these stupid unbeatable things. Trying to farm gold, which you need to do in order to gear up, because the only way to gear up is through the incredibly overpriced AH's... has become a real boring, depressing pain in the !@#, thanks to these and some other recent patch changes I won't blow another yard of screen space listing. 4) Custom chat channels. General chat is a joke. Chatting friends one at a time is incredibly limiting. Huge numbers of people who play D3 have spent years in WoW and other games where you can chat with 2, 4, 10 or 50 other friends at once, in a chat channel created specifically for that purpose. I can't believe they didn't have the good sense to include this capability into the game, right from the get go. It is a huge loss to the Diablo community, in terms of socialization, info sharing, learning, everything. Voice chat is not for everyone, and if you took guild channels out of WoW and told everybody "oh, just use voice chat", you would rightly get told what an utter idiot you are. We need this same chat channel capability in D3, very badly, and soon. I'm not talking about creating D3 'clans', although that would be nice, too... just allow people to create and join custom chat channels, with no limitations to who or how many. It's not like we don't know you know how, folks.... you been doing it in WoW since 2004- and way back in Diablo 2, for that matter. Oh, and allow us to resize and reposition the chat screen too, thanks. 5) There are a lot of other things I'd change or fix, but one thing that continually nags me... call it a nitpick, if you will- is the low rez, low-class, er... shoddy artwork for your characters in the character selection pane. Ever look close (you don't have to squint, the lack of quality is pretty obvious) at your chars and their clothes/armor? Some of the art isn't bad, though none of it is truly good. But some clothes and armors look downright crappy, the way they are shown on your chars. Like the work of a 5th grader. This shoddy artwork right at the start of the game really detracts from any feeling of quality in the product, IMO. Yet another thing they did a slipshod job of, looks quickly done by amateur artists. Ok, so that's not a showstopper, but I'd change it if I was king for a day ;-) TL;DR: 1) improve overall drop quality and frequency of said quality 2) make AH's secondary to progression, not mandatory for it 3) fix ridiculously screwed up affix combos in Inferno 4) add custom user chat channels for socialization 5) fix some of the grungy character artwork in the character screens ;-) PS: Please add the fun back into Diablo. We miss it greatly.Thirst0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Mortar Dead Zone ~~~ I'm unsure if this is supposed to be this way but, when a waller/mortar combo casts a wall, the dead zone no longer applies and they are able to cast mortar against me, while they are directly next to me.GFR0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Addictive ARPG substitute? Kind of looking to get my substitute until TL2 comes out. And no, this isn't a thread about why I'm not playing D3. I don't really see anything on steam that catches my eye and I'm the kind of guy that likes action games with some RPG elements to it. I get too bored easily with a straight up action game like TF2 or MW3. Hell, even a fresh MMORPG experience would be nice for me. Anyone got a recommendation?Debraliew2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 What would re-excite me in D3 - Feedback Stay a while and read... I made the hard call to quit playing D3 this week. It was hard because I want to love this game but I had to admit it just isn't fun at the moment. It was hard because I have so much love for this franchise, and still consider D2 a masterpiece. But I want to try to give back so quitting doesn't become a good-bye, but a see you later. So I'll stay connected to the community, and I'll be looking for some changes that will re-excite me and get me to login again. So rather than disappearing, I want to share my feedback below on what changes I'll be looking for (in order): #1 Character Diversity The reddit AAMA gave some great insight into the character and skill distribution, which is fine, but I think the real measures of success here need to be different. It isn't about a nice flat distribution, but about variability. An example then in the Assassin class in D2, which had viable builds in WWSins, Trapsins and Kicksins (and several others). In one (not overly popular) class you have almost as much variability as the 5 classes in D3, and options like trap-laying as a viable primary attack that aren't in D3. Add in Auradins, SkellieMancers and other builds across the other classes and the variability was amazing. Not to mention LLD builds and others. So, to the pile of spreadsheets and numbers on class and skill usage I'd recommend two for the D3 designers to add top of mind: 1. Scan some D2 strategy sites for the number of named viable end-game builds in D2, and give yourself a goal of beating the number of named D3 builds. Consider yourself failing until D3 has at least 75% of that variability and you can't claim victory until you have more. And note, it isn't about the name, but recognize that by assigning a name we are marking uniqueness. The lack of named builds for D3 is a measure of the lack of uniqueness. The lack of dozens of named builds is a measure of lack of variability. Seek to beat that D2 variability. 2. Count the average number of builds players have of the same character. Right now I can't see why I'd have 2 Monks. If the build-out, including items, was variable enough, I would. Again, seek variability. So, I'll check-in now and then on the strategy and theorycrafting sites. When I see that variability I'll consider coming back. #2 Items Lots has been said by others already here, and the non-legendary legendaries has been recognized so I'll reinforce just two points. First is what I see as one major design flaw: the attributes (dex, str, etc) tied to items. I don't have great ideas how you fix that now, but what this does is dramatically narrow the items that people are looking for. The formula is known: <primary>+vitality+resistance+[IAS and/or crit and/or damage]. And almost all 10 slots look the same. Maybe items can have more affixes/prefixes? Or items have 1-4 stats, plus 0-2 resistances, plus 1-4 other affixes/prefixes (speaking of rares of course). Second, many of the great builds in D2 came about because of an extreme focus like, for example, highly stacked crushing blow. I don't see those builds in D3 today: thorns? nope. bleed? nope. poison stacks? nope. Given we need to follow the formula it is very hard to stack other effects - even if they were viable, and they are not today. I think this is a product of the overly simplified mechanics. Everyone is chasing DPS, and balancing it out with mitigation so consider shaking that up. Go look at DPS and EHP spreadsheets out there, and you'll notice they are all the same - for every class. The most sophisticated just have list boxes to pick skills. Now look at D2 build strategies and you'll see tables on FCR breakpoints or synergies, and whole sections dedicated to equipment. So, I'll be looking for items and stats on items I can use as the basis for some fun characters. Remember, this genre is about the cool characters we build. #3 Philosophy A tricky one here, but hear me out. First, ease off the stick and invest in carrots. Let's look at the IAS challenge as an example. I'm asking for diversity, so I support balancing out IAS, but the approach you took was not to add (so create a carrot), but to remove (take the nerf stick to IAS). It feels at times like you are swinging the nerf stick like an epileptic playing whack-a-mole being attacked by bees, but again balance is good, but consider how you achieve it. A crit dmg/bleed/crushing blow/DoT effect buff to poison/etc would have created an incentive to look at something other than IAS. Nerfs are always going to be necessary, but be careful how you approach them. Give as much, or more, than you take. Even now, compile a list of things you've taken away and write beside it the things you've given in exchange. If that list is grossly imbalanced to nerfs, you are doing it wrong. Second, don't play down to the lowest common denominator. I am sure that the vases/pots/weapon racks/etc were nerfed because of bots. Scripting up a Crypts bot was trivial so I applaud you for taking a creative approach, but you made everyone pay for the few. Throw in some random elites in the Crypts. Randomize the layout. Add some big bad traps that players can easily avoid (arcane pew pew lasers should work). Adding variety and challenge players will appreciate and botters will hate. Others have stated this well (e.g. Strife) but we want to play the game the way we want to play the game. There is nothing wrong with rewarding certain things but there is a big difference between rewarding certain paths more heavily, and removing viability of options. So I'll be looking for a change in philosophy that shows you guiding players rather than removing choice. #4 We need some goals (or ones we can give ourselves) Beating Diablo in Inferno doesn't feel like much of a goal. Especially when some random elite pack is likely tougher. While I like the elites being tougher and varied, we also need some benchmarks to test ourselves and feel proud about. Right now you see people talking about just surviving an act, but not accomplishing a particular thing. No naked Sorcs finishing the game (note: see #2 Items), no solo boss kills in 8-player games, no uber-Tristram, no making it to level 99. Some boss fights feel very scripted, and often beating them isn't about your character and how great they are, but it comes from memorizing the places to stand to avoid taking too much damage from Belial. So I'll be looking for some goals to achieve. The sign of a great game will be that the community creates as many, or more, of these. But we need the options to be able to do so, so see previous points. D2 evolved over its development. The CMs, the AAMA, and blog posts show you are listening. So I want to believe this is just a case of maturing and polish, but 1.03 has shaken me a bit. However, Blizzard has created some fantastic games and I'll assume for now that D3 will eventually become one of those. I look forward to seeing how you address feedback. I'll keep checking in and best of luck, and I hope to defeat the minions of evil with you again.DarthCheddar6 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 A few things not mentioned in patch notes? Noticed a few things after doing runs in A1. - Merchant event is now not guarenteed in the Highlands Crossing (from halls of agony 2 to Cursed Hold) - Monument event in Festering Woods is now not guarenteed. - The guarenteed champ thrall after waiting for the vessel to transform has been nerfed into a regular thrall (when the three casters are around him. If you leave them alone for a while, the middle used to transform into a champ) Now I know this is probably because of the NV change with guarenteed rares, but could a blue at least add these to the patch notes/hotfix list along with any other changes in the other acts? As well as the resplendent chest changes? (this has been ticking me off for a while. Why wouldn't you post this as a change?)Bowser1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Change in PayPal's Policy due to RMAH? I may just be paranoid but I received an email from paypal that said that are going to put a hold on any funds I receive for up to 21 days. I just started my paypal account for the RMAH and only use it for the RMAH. I have bought and sold items on the RMAH using my paypal account. Here's the email paypal sent me. ... Any one else have any experience with this?RokaMic0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Repair costs excede gold drops in inferno now Dear Blizzard, the new repair costs excede the gold found while playing even with over 100% extra gold find gear on.. I and many others are noticing that we are slowing going farther into the red with each moment of play. With the AH limiting what you can sell to only 10 items across all your characters and making you leave auctions up for 36 hours, how are you supposed to ever get ahead unless you are insanely lucky or a gold farmer? For the average player just wanting to survive in inferno and enjoy the game the new repair increase is killing us. I am not looking for smart comments from elitist kids who want to flaunt their "superiority" either with tales of how easy it is to make gold. The fact is the ratio is out of whack for normal players and they need to undo what they did with the patch. If this doesn't change I can see a whole lot of people demanding refunds for making the game unenjoyable and not worth the money paid. We didn't buy this game to be gold farmers, we bought it for the immersion of gameplay and you have ruined it for us blizzard. Please fix it.Nephratari24 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 How does map randomization work in Diablo 3? How is it coded/set up, if anyone happens to know? In Diablo II, as far as I know, there was just a few different maps for the same area that the game randomly picked from (but my memory may be worse than I thought). In Diablo III however, it's very strange. I'm sure we've all noticed that there's PARTS of a map that never change, but the randomization factor changes things up a lot. It seems like a bunch of puzzle pieces that can be arranged in any order, but the pieces themselves are always the same. I know randomizing maps isn't THAT big a deal (i've seen custom maps in sc2 do it, and they're limited on size), I'm just curious how it works so I'll know once I'm designing games myself :)Animus19 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Easy idea for AH. Why when you let us compare our items in AH do you not have the plus or minus? I just bought a weapon because the overall damage was better than what i had. Went to equip it and it's worse dps than the one i had, guess because of the attack speed / crit chance? So now i have to try to resell that item. But seems like such a stupid little thing that should have been in the game forever. Just give us the + and - to really compare the items.AkaDeano1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 I think I know a way to make everyone happy.. I think I may have thought of a way to make everyone happy. With all the rage and complaints that I have been reading about recently, maybe if we were to get Jay Wilson on the forums in some sort of QA, Roast, or just give everyone the opportunity to give our direct opinions of him directly to him; people may just settle down after that and either wait for the next patch that MAY fix something or just quit like they said they were going to. Although on second though some people are afraid of being criticized publicly so maybe this wouldn't happen.Vanitii0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 i thought loot dropping was fixed... im questing act 2 inferno have 5 stacks valor buff on me kill another elite pack and get a yellow, its a level 48 helm. what the !@#$? act 2 inferno and im getting level 48s with 5 stacks. %^-* this game.giftednimrod9 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Auction House is not fun Cuz I can't find gear with good stats quickly without having sort by stats other than DPS and armor. :(Yamiko0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Which class would you like to see in D3 exp Which class would you like to see in 1st D3 expansion? Paladin!!!!!!!eric8380 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Why isn't there PvP yet? It took 10years to develop a game that hasn't even been finished on release. I know it's been said many times. What I can't wrap my head around is no PvP ... that's what kept me playing d2 for years and drove me to get better gear and level up. So now they have an easy level cap and a game where all you do is kill monsters for gear with nothing else to do but kill more monsters :S that whackXcaLi4 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 What the bloody hell is wrong here? I'm a tad confused. (talking about the auction, by the way)Reapex7 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Necromancers in expansion... definately I hope blizzard releases an expansion for this game soon, it should be free and available for download online for players who already own diablo 3. Mehtan the Necromancer is in act 2 as some side quest. He looks cool, and he looks like a true necromancer with the skeleton warriors, not like the dumb witch doctor. I hope d3 brings back more of the old classes... and really soon, because (ehm ehm direct message to game creators aka jay wilson) this game is failing as we speak and although i have high hopes it will turn around, it doesnt seem like it because what it seeeeems is that d3 is digging itself a deeper and deeper hole every patch, DIG IT UH OH DIG IT, DIG IT UH OH OH! DIG IT UH UH DIG OOH CAUSE YOUVE GOT TO GOO AND DIGG THEM HOLESSWolf9 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 You should all thank You should all thank Blizzard. Rather than trying to figure out what is and is not fun Blizzard flat out TELLS you what is fun. Seriously what other video game maker is that considerate to their fans?Quilla18 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Simple Suggestion: Frequency vs Potency I'm not sure if this has already been brought up, most likely it has, but anywho, here goes. I think a simple solution to improve loot is to REDUCE the frequency of drops (hang on there cowboy, I'll explain below) and INCREASE the quality/value. When I first killed the Butcher and he exploded with loot, I went "Wow, that is so cool!"... after the 100th time of this and realizing that all that loot that drops is 99.99% crap, it gets old, fast. I have 110 hours played on my barb, my only 60, and I use precisely zero drops that I have found, this is a serious problem to me. I understand trading is a major part of the game, but it still needs a balance where you get excited to find something you can use. Suggestions: Drastically reduce the amount of White and Blue (magic) gear that drops, especially from bosses. I know this one has been suggested, but put restrictions for stats on Class specific items. Make finding a class specific item fun for that class. The class specific items are extremely unrewarding. Modify the rare item affixes such that they are more interesting. Perhaps increasing the value of some affixes; ie. put higher minimum values on primary stats, or increase minimum number of affixes for certain ilvls, or have stat categories, so that rare items will always have at least 1 of str/dex/int, modify the resistance effectiveness curve so it isn't as mandatory a stat as it currently is. I am no developer, I'm sure they can come up with much more elegant and exciting solutions. When an item drops, I should have a "Oh man I hope its good" feeling, not "Well its most likely crap, but if not maybe I can sell it". I don't need (nor want) every rare and magic item that drops to be good, I don't need (nor want) the majority of items that drop to be good... what I want is SOMETIMES the items that drop are good, or even great. I shouldn't be able to farm for weeks and never find anything. (Please understand, I have used ZERO of the items I have found at level 60 after weeks of farming Inferno, perhaps I'm the least lucky person on D3, but I'm certain a lot of other people have the same experience.) tl;dr Looting 100s of crap items isn't fun. Reduce crap. Reduce drop frequency. Increase quality. Make me excited when I see an item drop.Ever1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 What did you do on Diablo III today? I checked my auctions, posted some stuff and logged off. What about you guys?Skeeks102 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 13 Questions for community managers Bashiok and other CMs, I would like a moment of your time. I have enjoyed the Diablo series since the first as well as many other blizzard games. I point this out because I want to express where the following post is coming from and that I don’t want anything to be taken with a drop of venom that the forums has been oozing over the last few days. These are all genuine concerns that I would like to talk about. First off I would like to thank the blizzard team for making a decent follow up to the Diablo franchise. I have over 300 hours logged on my main Dhunter and considering the play value of most games that are released these days I certainly have gotten my moneys worth. Now to the questions. In no particular order of importance; 1) Champion packs over Bosses – I understand why you want to push people to fight champion packs. In Diablo 2 they were almost entirely avoided for the sake of getting to the bosses faster for better loot. However you must realize that MANY people find boss fights more entertaining? It also goes against the logic of some random monster is more dangerous than the greatest battle commander in all of the burning hells! Why is blizzard adamant that players avoid bosses and fight champion mobs when the outcry (for the most part) is the opposite? 2) Valor buff. Diablo 3 was advertised as having a wide variety of skills that can be swapped in and out at any time, even in battle (with a small delay for use). This allowed greater variety in the abilities that champion mobs could have and provide greater challenges for the player. You also then provided a Valor buff that is supposed to encourage players to kill more champion packs. But oddly you choose to have the valor buffs be removed if the player changes their skills (or even moves a skill on the hot bar from one position to another). This goes against the entire design of the buff and the goal of having players kill as many champion packs as possible, Why was this decision made and with what logic? 3) The IAS nerf was handled poorly in my opinion. I completely understand WHY the nerf was needed and probably agree with the logic that it needed to be changed. However HOW it was handled was a dropped ball. I believe that the best way to handle the situation was to bring in either diminishing returns or a hard cap (like run speed) that a player cannot go over. This allows people to still gain value from their RMAH purchases without feeling ripped off and also discourages people from stacking the stat over other stats which you want to be a greater focus for the character. It also maintains value in the IAS items for future sales. Why was the IAS nerf not handled in this manner? 4) lackluster skills. Nether tentacles. Fix, bug, nerf or whatever you want to call it was probably deserved and required. However I have a design question based around the outcome of this change. If a skill is changed, updated or fixed to a point where not a single player wants to use that skill anymore wouldn’t that be a bad change or too drastic? Will further skill changes(give wiz tornadoes love) be in the near future to give people more options than just pick the next best skill available?(my hopes are to have several options of equal strength, currently I don’t feel that way with the DH setup) 5) The pots/breakables Magic find nerf. It seems from the players standpoint that this is an odd change. Nobody that I saw was complaining about having to put on magic gear to maximize their chances and opportunities with pots and breakables. Yet the reasoning given was that you felt it was unfun for the players. Can you elaborate a bit more on this as I feel the players think differently. 6) Stat stacking. It was mentioned that blizzard does not want players to stack stats in a way that they feel it is a must skill over the base stats such as Dex or Str or Vit. If that is true, why do barbarians and monks (and probably everyone else now after the current changes) have to stack resist all up to ridiculous levels just in order to survive? 7) IAS Side effects. The IAS nerf has had a few side effects which I am not sure were considered in the process. Monks and some barb builds relied on IAS to provide adequate healing through either leech or on hit healing abilities. However with the IAS nerf many are finding that this is no longer a viable path. Is there anything being done internally to consider this unintended consequence? 8) The repair cost increase I believe is also a fair change; however the unfair part of this change was to the wear and tear of doing battle. Now I know that it has already been stated that this is being looked at for an update, are you able to share any reduction values or ranges that are being considered internally? (ex. 50%, 75%...) 9) When are WD’s going to get some love? 10) Boss over tuning. In the recent patch there was significant changes done to some boss fights. However there appears to be a bit of over tuning done in a few cases (in others much needed difficulty improvements). In two cases, Seigebreaker and Cydea however there appears to be a bit of excess difficulty added to the point that in most cases the fights are impossible(for some classes). In seigebreakers case the addition of dmg reflect with a short enrage timer makes him quite the fight to handle on ones own. Cydea has had her little spiders amped up in an insidious way where they spread out and virtually refuse to attack or follow the player unless he/she goes near them. This causes the player to have to fight through them to get back to cydea, however once enough spiders are killed cydea auto jumps off the screen and spawns more spiders. Essentially making the fight a burn her down before she jumps or you lose fight. Are any hot fixes or minor updates being planed to fine tune these updates or do you feel that the current difficulty is appropriate? 11) Favourite snack while playing? I love me some fuzzy peaches 12) The quitters. Many of my friends who played the game have found the recent patch changes to create an unfun atmosphere within the game. They have recently stopped playing entirely in some cases and in others have become frustrated and play much less. While I respect that this is “your game” and you will present the vision that your team has come up with. Are any considerations being made to the players who recently disliked the changes? 13) GAH. 13 is my lucky number so this will be the last question. Due to the recent changes and increase cost of playing the game (gold wise) players have to maximize their income to offset these changes. One of the major ways players make money is through the gold auction house. Is there any consideration being made to increasing the limit of 10 items per account that can be up for sale to help compensate for this increase in costs? Thank you for your time, some of us really do appreciate your efforts put into the community even if we don’t always express it directly.Poisonedpawn500 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Diablo 3 Feels like.. ...a watered down kiddie version of Diablo. Where Diablo 2 went deeper with immersion than Diablo, D3 is a big step backwards. Someone somewhere looked around and saw what Zynga, EA, and Nintendo are doing and said "yeah that's where gaming is going, we should be doing that because it's a bigger demographic.. social gaming with simple rules for wide appeal." Kudos Blizzard, you've officially joined the ranks of Apple in supplying products to the trendseekers. When this game dies off in 2-3 stages (first stage is already happening. True fans are leaving) please don't gnash your teeth and wail "Why are they all leaving us behind? People just don't play the same game like they used to!" The fault lies with your decision makers. The people who said "We should make it this way because that's what other companies are doing right now." I'd rather play D2 offline and solo, or lanning with friends. I've browsed the forums, and I'm not alone in that feeling. That should tell you something. This game should be longer, with a better plot, more epic bosses that feel like something is happening. From start to finish the product you made goes something like this for an average user. Play first time through, 2 days and kill Diablo Play second time through, same game, 3 Days.. Kill Diablo Play third time through, same game, 5 days.. Kill Diablo Kill Butcher 50 times, pray for drops Patch 1.0.3 Kill Butcher then go run around killing Blues, pray for drops. Wipe on trash in act 2, go back to act one (kill the butcher!) gimp your way through act 2 bypassing mobs, go back to act one (kill the butcher!) Get tired of seeing act 1, go back to Hell mode just for flavor. Join enough random public games to kill Belial (yay now for act 3) Get wrecked in act 3. go back to act one, farm more (Yeah.. butcher.. joy) Go play something else. If This is your game model, let me know now.. I'll stop buying your products.Nazzarus0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Blizzard, why did you delete my thread? Please tell me why you deleted the thread called "If Hasbro behaved like Blizzard". I have seen so many threads that are so much more rude than this and this one is deleted. What rule did I break. I wasn’t trying to cause unrest, and I felt it was constructive because it honestly expressed how I felt in the best way possible and I figured I’d put that out there for the conversation Bashiok wants to take part in. What would have been a better way to say what I said? Where did I go wrong? Please answer.Villairn0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Achievements can't be completed I discover new lore books and monsters but they never check off in the achievements. So I'm stuck to complete the game without getting any achievements now ? Fix your broken game Blizzard.MarinoKadame1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Patch 1.04 suggestion Just scale NV to Rare, Elite and Boss kills, and apply NV magic find only to Rare, Elite and Boss kills. Apply NV timer constantly, even while not playing but remove the 5 stack cap. Upon starting a inferno game, have a player start with however much NV was left from before. Each Elite and Boss spawns with the following affixes. Their original abilities + # of NV stacks. Each Rare spawns with 1 + # of NV stacks. This should solve 90% of your current complaints. 1. Solves the Boss/Elite runs. Can you beat Belial? Good. Now do it when he has arcane enchanted. Not hard enough? Try jailer and reflect damage. Still too easy? How about Mortar, Cold Enchanted and Vortex. Going to try the Butcher now? His affixes are Arcane Enchanted, Vortex and Waller. Too hard? Wait for a stack to run out and try Fast and Extra Health. Too easy? An affix was just added. 2. Fixes the difficulty challenge. Since the # of affixes is variable, Inferno will scale to your ability to play, and as you progress, either through item drops or better skill combinations or AH, or RMAH, you progress at your pace. Your kills are no longer switching between too easy/impossible. Players with monks/barbarians no longer get stuck in one area due to DH/WD having an easier time forcing Blizzard to overpower Elites. 2.5 No more Nerfs. With NV scaling and NV magic and gold find linked to Bosses and Elites, every skill is nerfed/buffed according to player capability and resources. With NV scaling, the IAS nerf would never have been necessary as the OP of anything would have been self correcting. Same is true of zerging/repairs. Killing too many Rares/Bosses/Elites in a short period of time will run you into a brick wall when the next spawn has 5 or more affixes. Not killing any for a while will run out the timer and reduce NV stacks to where it is possible to kill new spawns. The same is true of gear and skill choice. Any build would possibly be viable in inferno, but there would not be any necessary builds. 3. True endgame. Easy exploration of any act, but with end-gear drops. 3.5. Fewer bots. GF bots might not be affected as much, but hopefully, MF bots cannot deal with ever increasing affixes on bosses 30 min might not seem much to a player, but to a botter, it is an eternity.Chewychewy2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Repair bill ruined my fun... It use to be fun going agenst impossible leet grps die'n a lot to even try and kill them or running in area "where i was not supposed to be" to see what i could kill or what not... hell i even lost hundreds of thousands of gold doing this... but now it would cost me every penny i have to do so... even more it forces me to play stuff that is easy ie. boring... every death cost any one of my toons between 4-8k a death... so sure you can say learn to play and don't die... that is bassicaly saying play the boring stuff that really isn't much of a challenge at all.. no longer are there oh crap moments where you say this is going to be rough... now it well this is a stupid group to fight kite to a corner so i can eat my one death on them and move on... fun... no longer is fun to challenge myself.. it has made the sinlge most fun thing about the game into the single most aggravating aspect of the game.. i am sure it has for plenty of others out there too, i know my game time has dropped off drastically... i get more enjoyment playing counter strike agenst little 12 year old hackers than i do with diablo.. then i love how in the patch notes you say you fixed "rubberbanding" yeah you fixed it... i never had a problem with it till you fix'd it. i counted the times i "rubberband" and over an hour it averaged out to almost 9x every 5 min... thats almost once every 30 sec's.. before patch it was mabey 3-4x in a 3-5 hour play session.. is it to much work to have a ptr to test proposed changes?.. much easier to have "knee jerk" reactions to stuff you feel needs changing and then over do it.. then say later well we did what we did.. can't changed it now but we fell we over did it a little bit... it makes me sad the know that there is a real money ah and you guys are in controll of it with how you handle diablo.. i won't touch the rmah for this reason alone... stop acting like irreponsible children and grow up.. realize your actions have repurcussions and think before you act.. don't have a 1/2 hour meeting toss some ideas out and go with what you deem the easiest fix... remember the one thing you guys said the most before game release "is this fun".. keep that in your formost opinions of why the game needs to be changed and you should be fine... let greedy shareholders who care less about fun but the bottom dollar make decisions and keep loosing long standing fans... the thing that built blizzard was the fact you had super fun and innovative games... stop trying to take the fun outta them cause you feel the game is being played in a way that isn't in your scope of how you feel it should be played... is it fun? leave it the hell alone.. is it giong to make it aggravting? leave it the hell alone.. anyways i wasted enough time on this game for now.. time to go get head shot from a 12 year old accross the map in counter strike..Maynerd1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Best game designers on Earth... ..and they still could not anticipate the effect of nerfing loot drops in act3/4 and giving a1&a2 ilvl63 drops. If you don't follow reddit/d2jsp or other major diablo forums (hell there are even guides on official forums)let me explain. Currently there is no point in farming act3 or act4.Doesnt matter even if you have the best gear in the world.Act1 is the fastest way if acquiring ilvl60-ilvl63 gear.A3 and A4 are not even close to the amount of rares/hour you get. In A1 you easily do a full run with with 13+ champ/rares in 10-15min depending on gear.There is no place in the other acts that guarantees that many (or even 1/3rd)champion packs in such a low amount of time and space,not to mention the difficulty jump in a3,i.e champs have ~600k a1 in a3 they have ~2000k / repair costs anyone? /. So it has been blizzard's goal to let players explore and not force them into goblin/chests/boss farms yet again players are pigeonholed into the same farming area. You do not have to be a genius to have anticipated this, and the community would have given you some constructive feedback including the unforeseen aftermath of your changes if only you had announced them instead of stealth nerfing drop rates. In conclusion , thank you blizzard for killing any sense of progression and making me DEGRADE to act1 from farming act4.GJ. For those of you interested in the farming route it goes like this --> #1. Last Quest A1 #2. Northern Highlands - search Watch Tower in north west direction from waypoint. #3. Festering Woods - Clear dungeons, nothing more. #4. Cemetary of the forsaken - Kill 1 pack in crypts, don't waste time clearing. #5. Cathedral Level 3, look if rare spawned, don't waste time. #6. Leoric's Manor - Inside maybe rare, outside champions 1OO% #7. Ponylevel if you have sick gear (clear in under 10 minutes without dying) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OR #1.Festering woods #2.Leoric's mannor #3.Cemetary of the forsaken #4.Halls of agony level 2 , just run to the butcher without clearing any white mobs.You should encounter ATLEAST 2-3 rare packs on your way. #5 ponies.Believe11 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 I must ask again: Would you hire Jay Wilson I've actually posted this question couple weeks back, and the fanboi consensus was that he has had a myriad of experience and so they would (yes... lol apparently he has a lot of experience). I would now like to re-ask this question because I still stand adamant. I wouldn't, he apparently has a god given talent in killing popular franchise. Below is an excellent post which shows how misguided this man, Jay Wilson is, I suggest people to have a read it's worth while noting before answering this question. PS. This is a very serious question.MoogleBear1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Contemplating quitting Diablo 3 I don't normally use these message boards as i don't like having to enter my authenticator to post so i usually use for questions and problems i have. I'm really contemplating quitting Diablo 3 because whenever I ask a question about skills or what to use etc. it seems everyone's answer is RMAH your gear and you win, no matter what the question is. Normally i get pretty good feed back from the Gamefaqs boards so I believe the RMAH has ruined this game for me.kamoru11 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 A few nights ago at Blizzard HQ (FICTION) @the Super Secret D3 Database Room Rebellious Programmer: I'm going to do it, man. I'm going to do it! Weak-hearted Programmer: No, don't! What if he catches us! Rebellious Programmer: I'm tired of all these nerfs! I'm a gamer too and I don't want something I created to make so many people miserable! Besides, it's only one set. He'll never notice. JW: (Loud bellowing voice) What are you cretins doing here! Hmmm... *JW spots the USB drive the Rebellious Programmer inserted into the main database JW: (An even louder voice) What's this!?!?! We didn't schedule any maintenance today. What are you doing with this USB drive? Explain yourself immediately! Weak-hearted Programmer: Sir! It wasn't my fault! We really just wanted the players to have fun---- *JW's anger filled eyes grow large with anticipation of the Weak-hearted Programmer's confession Rebellious Programmer: ...SO WE WORKED ON MAKING SURE WE GOT EVERY LAST NERF DOWN, SIR! We're sorry but we missed a few very minor... Weak-hearted Programmer: T-tiny! Miniscule even! Rebellious Programmer: ...item adjustments because of the late nights and wanted to make the update without bothering you since you've been losing your sleep brainstorming for the next DH nerf, SIR! *JW's eyes ease up slightly with a more pleased expression JW: Hmmmmm... Very well... carry on. *JW turns his back and starts to walk away. Both programmers sigh in relief. JW: (Suddenly turning towards the programmers and hurling himself into a fit) But the next time I see you here without clearance, you'll both be stuck doing Community Management like Bashiok for the next ten years! *JW disappears in a puff of smoke and black fire Rebellious Programmer: (Wiping the sweat off his head) Phew! Told you we could do it! *Rebellious Programmer enters new values to buff Natalya's Wrath Set.Riot0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 diablo 3 necromancer Though the Necromancer will not be one of the five characters in Diablo 3, the developers have left the door open for the class to potentially return in the game's planned expansions: [5] "There's a lot of people on our team who aren't happy with our class choices,” he admitted. "But after we've established 'Diablo III' as its own game with its own type of gameplay and experiences, I wouldn't be opposed to looking at old classes. We are trying to design [the Witch Doctor] class so that if we did bring back the Necromancer, there's room for him. We're looking out ahead of time at what our expansions are going to be, so we've got to keep room open for some of those other classes down the road." There appears to be a level of PR in this reply -- the D3 Team has never ruled out any character from appearing in an expansion -- but it's impossible to know how much this is a serious consideration and how much it's just saying something consoling to keep Necromancer fans on board. the witch doctor is more about hexs spells posion spirit realm curses pets and hes my fav class in the game . but we want the necromancer back and to were he can at least have 20 skelitions and some other army type stuff. witch doctor has pets necromncer has armys. one cool passive skill i think the witch doctor needs is a swarm of locusts on his body is cover in locusts and when hes hit it sperads to 2 closest targerts and does 5 % dps. one thing i think the necromncer would need would be to waer he could have 3 wretched mothers that follow him and spit out 2 zombie as there attk and they last for 20 sec and then the wretched mothers spit out 2 more. and another rune for it could be were he just has 10 would just be his zombie army ability . that could work with his skelition army , make it were if you have like 10 zombies and 20 skelition that it takes away from the necromancer 2 skills from him so he would then just have 2 army tyrps and 2 attk skills and as long as he has one of the full armys one of his skills will be out. . you ppl like that idea i want the necromancer and his massive armys . the druid has to come back as well. and in a nother exsp they should add a angel like class and a demon like class. they could be the off srping of a angel and human . and the demon one would be the off spring of a demon and human. give them armor that works just for them like the vodo mask for the witch doctor. theres would be wings demon bat like wings all kinds of diff ones . and the tryeal angel like ones and all kind of diff look like one of that kind. the half human and angel class would be more about spell clasting and speed but have some strong melee atkks and the half demon and human would be more slow but a strong melee with some spell attks . make the demon like have heavy armor on and a onesie bodysuit like style kinda like izual had . and the angel one silver armor gloves boots uper chest but exspoed abs with like 2 capes on his sholders and a clothed or armor g string to show that he moves quick kind like the witch doctors loing cloth.IMPERIUS5 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 More lag than ever? databandit2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 What monster would you revive in D3? So, lets say that the necromancer showed up in an expansion down the road. You decide to use 'revive' as one of your main skills. What would you revive? fallen angel? phasebeast? zombie? moon clan shaman?Phobos5 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 How did Bli$$ard expect people to respond? You can't tell us you're trying to improve your game - selflessly working away to make it more fun for the player - while shutting down all options that don't result in us giving you more money. Your slimy, deceptive ways will enrage your once loyal fans, and angry people are much more likely to threaten you than shower you in adoration and (all you really care about) money! It's akin to finding out your wife has been cheating on you in the time you thought she was working overtime, trying to earn the money for a romantic holiday.HarryWilson0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Can someone explain? How yesterday I progressed through the sin heart quest in inferno difficulty, and by that I mean I killed the first heart. And now today when I log in I dont have a checkpoint to log into or even able to start the sin heart quest. I normally wouldnt mind but the fact I almost pulled my hair out doing that yesterday makes me a little pissed its just gone...Any ideas?adaann3 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Other small gaming companies? Theodore0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 The way I play So, I finally reached Inferno last night. What a jump. For the most part, I was holding my own. 12k DPS 30k HP Barbarian. This was up until I hit my first elite pack and got murdered. I knew I had to up my gear. I hate using the auction house to purchase gear. I've only done it a few times and those items have long been replaced with stuff I found. With the changes to the drops, I needed to figure a way to get drops and upgrades. What I do: Start New Game (Hell) choose quest "Enter the Crystal Arch". Head to Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier (Can usually get around 3 Elite/Rare mobs) 3 stacks Head back to town and sell items I've acquired. Head to "The Great Span" and locate 2 more Elite packs/rares. (Total of 5 stacks) Head back to town and sell items I've acquired. Kill Diablo. This has netted me 3 iLevel 61 - 62 upgrades in about 6 runs. (Also, it's netted me quite a pretty profit as I am easily able to dispatch hell difficulty demons and Diablo). Perhaps I'm lucky. But it works for me. Not sure if this will work for others having difficulty in Inferno. Figured I would post the way I was upgrading without using the AH to do so.Asphyxia0 Jun 23, 2012