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Jun 23, 2012 why are the blues avoiding this thread? so much truth yet no blue posts. it was even put in a constructive non aggressive manner.LordZero21 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Blizzard, you will lose players to Torchlight You need to get it together and start taking community feedback seriously, if it takes major overhauls (which it does in my opinion) to redesign the game then do it. Don't even hesitate.Wisdoom106 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 You know what this game is missing? Pandas. Do it Blizzard.ChairmanWU4 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Dear J.Wilson Your game sucks and everyone knows it. Cheap insta kill mobs are a substitute for good game design. Everquest taught this to the entire world 12 years ago. Thanks,IQuaan1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Like D3, want to love it! TLTR- Sorry :o I followed D3 for about a year and a half before its release. Every day I would check the web page and read for hours. The game is released and I still find myself coming to the forums and today I think I figured out why. I am still waiting for D3 to be released. I know this has been said many times in one form or another, but I want to say this before I get to why I created this thread. Firstly, I like D3, It is a good game. Perhaps my hopes were to high, but I don't feel it is a great game. To go one step further, I don't believe it meets what I have come to expect from Blizzard. I have very high standards from this company because I really enjoy their titles and until D3, I have loved every game of their I have picked up. So instead of just not playing, I still really want to love this game, I thought I would give you my two cents about what changes might help make the game more enjoyable, at least for me. Now I am going to make some references to D2. D2 drove me crazy, I loved it as much as I hated its design. But there are some really great key features that it had going for it. D3 team cleaned out most of the crap, but I feel they went to far, and some of the good stuff got lost along the way. 1) End Game Progression- D2 and D3 aren't to different here. You need better gear to progress. But in D2 you also had the potential to increase your power by leveling. I'm not saying D3 should raise its level cap, will not work for this game. But this ability to grind levels which in turn allowed you to farm awesome gear, was a really motivating and fun way to gain power. I feel that D3 needs a system along side gear to help the players feel like they are making progress, whether they get the perfect drops or not. Possible solution- Rune levels. Man I was so sad to see this removed from the game, though I agree that the item juggle it would create didn't sound to functional. But I feel that there is some truly untapped potential in the rune system, it still feels so unfinished. What if, through out all difficulties, Rune orbs dropped at random like health orbs? To accommodate this, just add small leveling bars to the side of each talent on the gameplay interface. When you pick up a rune orb, the bar glows, and the player decides what talent they would like to increase. The rune orb level that would drop would be determined by current difficulty. So if you just got a power that you really like at a higher level, the rune orbs you would feed into it would work that much faster to increase its power level. Of course one orb wouldn't increase your skill rune by one level. It would take many orbs fed into a talent, like an experience bar, to raise its power level and that power level would be capped for each difficulty. I also wouldn't have the power levels reset when you took them off the bar. In time you could max out all of your runes if you put enough time into it. What does this solution offer? A way to increase your power not only throughout the game but where its most needed at the level cap. Makes sticking to talents you like more beneficial, and I would hope it would encourage build diversity. Frees up nephilim valor to be reworked into a more interesting mechanic. Beyond just your gear, it would help players with high powered runes feel like they accomplished something from all their grinding. 2) Weapon Properties- I like tough choices, when it comes to weapons in D3, I have yet to make one. +damage it just to dominate. The numbers scale way to high. I am never stuck asking "damn I really like this chill effect, but this weapon here has 100 extra damage". I go to + damage every time. In fact it is only coincidence that I even end up with a modifier like chill on my weapon. I don't have a solution for this one, anything I can think of gets a big AH red flag. But what I do know is that in its current state, its not very fun. 3) Enrage Timers on bosses- The boss mechanics in D3 are mostly an obstacle for melee. Ranged can continue attacking even when Azmodan does his icky black pool or when Diablo does his fire circle, ranged classes aren't even on screen. These close ranged, don't stand in stuff, mechanics force melee to stop attacking and dance. I like this, its fun. But putting an enrage timer to gear check players only effects melee. Ranged continues attacking through most of the battle. Even if a melee and a ranged had the same dps, the ranged is going to kill the boss faster, due to lack of dancing. This mechanic, with the current boss abilities, was really unfair to melee classes. Solution- Obviously the enrage timers have to go. Unless you redesign the boss encounter to be more challenging to ranged classes. You could add a summoned mob when Azmodan does his black pool. This would force the ranged to stop attacking the boss for a bit and it would give the melee something to do while they hang out in no mans land. For Diablo you could give him mortar. However, you would have to change mortar mechanic completely. In its current state it still punishes melee to harshly. I can still easily out range it with my DH. Mortar should only activate when a player is outside of a certain range, and it should target and fire without a limit to distance. So thats a couple ideas. I know you will continue to make the game better, I just think I will loose interest before it makes it there. I did get my moneys worth though, 100+ hours of entertainment for 60$, is money well spent. Thank you for your time!CobraStyle3 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 blizzards phones wont answer calls everytime i call for the past week their phone services says their queue's are full. this is a little ridiculous . i want my money back for this crappy game.Vapors4 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Why Collector Edition license become starter Why my Collector Edition license become starter edition license? when i join my friend 's game, it prompt that ' Cannot join game with a starter edition license ', how come a Collector Edition license become starter edition license? Can any blizzard technical staff explain it?Windwww1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 How do i do screen shot in game?? See pple all posting their gears to sell wif screen shot.... how is tat done??Matrixmack3 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Answer to Lylirras Stat-Stacking Problem ... -------------- Lylirra you asked for a better solution to the stat stacking problem. Thats an easy idea to describe. not to undervalue how much work this game must be for your team but here goes: Mix it up. That's what you have done with the current math when it comes to weapon damage and armor defenses and how the game totals up the character sheet. you've made it complex. and thats good. Allow me to explain. For a demon hunter, to pin down a formula for how dexterity affects your damage you have to look at your character at that point in time and look at all the numbers that have a bearing on the same thing as the stat in question(Dexterity). It's an assessment of every related stat at a certain point in time. Well what if the stat you were attempting to figure out (as a player) were the ones that were preventing you from surviving a fight? and the fight in question is the present point in time? Basically right now you (as a player) look at math and carefully purchase gear that meets requirements for survival. So make the monsters "throw random math at you" that you cannot sit back and solve on a spreadsheet forever with a single stat. Right know it seem that people have figured out that the benefit for all resistance is so geat that it is "the answer" to the enemies coming to kill you. So do this: create many small and easy edits to monsters so that the all resistance formula is no longer 100% relevant all the time. Make some monsters extra durable to certain weapons. Make some have bigger muscles that have more crit chance on higher armor. Make some monsters have varied weaknesses and varied strengths. If you add enough variation to the "monster" side of things you will CREATE variation to the player side of things. Create monsters that truly do fall faster to barbarians then Demon hunters and you have just pleased the barbarians. Then make big slow monsters that Demon hunters can dodge? And you have just pleased the Demonhunters. then do the same for Monks. Make monster that are penalized for simply fighting monks. Thats what the old Warhammer boardgames did. Dont bother with Witchdoctor though. They are not really supposed to be here anyways. just delete them all from your servers :P So thats my idea. give particular pallete-swapped monsters glowing eyes and leap attacks. just mix it up. just MIX that pot and give all characters and all builds potential areas to shine. Look back at Starcraft?? One of the best video games ever written. Each unit had a bunch of strengths and a bunch of weaknesses all intermixed and thats why the game was so fun. it was an endless barrage of move and counter-move. Start witha goal and work towards it. and you want players to sit back in real life to basically be proud of what they have created: A character that has chosen to excel at a certain thing from a very LONG list of potential things, then thats what you will get. if you made your goal "we want all players to stack resistance so that they survive the higher acts" thats what your will get. if you made your goal "we want all players to value all stats equally" thats great BUT that should immediatly guide you away from having monsters throw to much damage at players or live to long through the players damage. Otherwise yeah you can predict the outcome. The value of damage reduction will become to high. which if this blue post is correct this is the current situation. Obviously you and your people have forgotten more about game design then I will ever know but its something I've been pretty passionate about for a few decades now. So hopefully you read this and get the message I was hoping to convey.... Dont forget; You guys built this game and everything about it from "nothing". Probably started out as a line of code....Thats insane. Thanks for your guys' time and effort All the best. ShurgosaShurgosa0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Average Last Day of Trades: 0g per unit will this ever be implemented?Kryn1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Saving the Refugee quest Just pass along the message to who ever designed the pathing of the refugees and monsters.. well really that entire quest. They failed so hard core. Its sad when you have to basicly cheat as a developer to make it a difficult task to save them. The refugees dont move well. Even if you are far past a spot where a metor is gonna land.. they die. And then they run off sometimes to kill monsters. A player can not even really predict the refugees behavior to adapt because you guys have made them so.. random. As a developer or designer.. should be ashamed of this work. Does not show good planning imo.Vazziera0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 What do you think of the music in D3? For me personally, a block buster game is not only defined by great game design and content but also music that fits the game. Classic examples would be Zelda, Super Mario, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, etc. I thought Blizzard did pretty good jobs with some of their games in the past. Warcraft 2 really stands out and I think WoW was good too given the wide array of areas and themes within the world of warcraft. I feel the music in D3 is almost non-existent. Sure, you have the New Tristram theme but there is nothing new offered in D3. The music underneath the cathedral and cursed hold in Act 1 seems to be just copied from Black Rock Mountain in WoW. I think Blizzard has done a very lousy job in this area. What do you think?Rigoletto62 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 There, I just fixed Diablo 3 Simple as this, Patch 2.0 1) Max level has been increased to lvl 90, 2) Instead of joining or creating a game you have to pick a server to play on, 3) On the server thousands of people can be logged on at the same time, thereby letting you interact with more people, 4) Daily quests are created every day that give gold and reputation rewards, 5) A new continent has been discovered North of Sanctuary call "Panderia" 6) You can now be a Panda Monk, There... now everyone is happy...ACK0 Jun 23, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 Error 3006: Stuck on retreiving heroes list? Game just lagged out (didn't disconnect, just stopped responding to commands, but not really a freeze). Now when I try to log in I get 3 check marks but it won't actually let me in. Error 3006 Anyone else getting this?Mikhail65 Aug 24, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 EU AH Missing mats Is there any reason why there are no hell mats listed at all?Swwils2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Did we get Rick roll'd? Is Diablo 3 Blizzards version of being Rick roll'd? We all fell for the hype and high reviews like Ign gave it...We should give Blizzard credit. They Bizz roll'd us!Newtguy11 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Guest Pass and Upgrade I just finished the skeleton king fight where the guest pass ends and when I upgraded to buy the game, it took me back to the beginning of the game as if I had done none of the quests with the exception that I am still level 10 and I still have my companion plus all my items. Do I really just have to run through most of act 1 over again?Bushviper5 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 just posted a new topic and it was deleted y? why was my topic deleted. I am looking for some help on a lost toonMortisWoA2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 2000 Public Games at All Time. Whenever I log on there are only 2000 public games being played. What does the number mean? 2000 inferno games or 2000 overall? 2000 games in my locality/server or 2000 games for the whole east coast? If it is 2000 games overall for the whole east coast... isn't it kinda pathetic... I mean there were 7 millions copies sold right?JY123416 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Change to breakables Would you please explain how your Team's philosophy regarding breakable loot has changed so radically in such a short period of time. TY ... -and I remember reading a poorly worded post by Lyirrya (spelling) that said something to the effect that your Team didn't think it would be a fun experience for the gamer if people felt they had to continuously switch into MF gear to loot chests and breakables in order to compete for the best loot . What about the gamer that wants to adventure in all MF gear all the time? That enjoys a more challenging experience by sacrificing a small portion of their key stats for a slight chance at better gear?xxBZxx22 Jun 23, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 The anger of a Chinese player I am a chinese player.I registered an account of Diablo Ⅲ on May 20. I could not play it a week ago,because my account was suspended by Blizzard.I have appealed for it several times,but I have never received a satisfactory answer.I still could not play so far.Called on the U.S. players to help me. I will be grateful. nono60 Jul 3, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Was the ball dropped w/ Monks? Update? Wizard, Barb, and Monk are all 60 for me. Monk is fun to play, but nowhere as effective as Wiz / Barb. Just doesn't seem to have it's own unique "feel". I won't waste time comparing a melee / tank to a wizard, but DPS wise, Wiz > Monk (pretty sure we're all on the same page). Instead i'll compare the Barb is better in every way as far as melee combat goes, why? Barb has over 11 unique abilities / rune combinations (not including all runes that Revenge has) to self heal / heal over time / heal on damage Barb damage compared to Monk damage is no contest. (before you think my monk is under-geared, here is a pic: Aside from being a billionaire, derp, you'll see that I'm also the greatest monk of all time with my gear. My monk still clears inferno, it's just nowhere near as effective as a Barb. Solution? - Spirit regeneration is terrible, You either have to use: A rune on a garbage ability like sweeping wind. (It's bad because the majority of the time you can't attack in this game so refreshing this is a pain in the @ss. Trying to avoid crap or getting spammed "NIGHTMAAAAAAAREEEED" (srsly, no CD on that? what a joke) or getting spammed walled, or being spammed with Desecrate / Molten mobs or trying to run away from mortar EVEN THOUGH IT'S SUPPOSED TO NOT HIT @ CLOSE RANGE?! Crappy passive talent which increases the duration of a mantra that increases regeneration by like 2 / second?! srsly?! Get passive spirit regen on items, basically compromising other more viable stats.. I'm sorry, i'm not buying a weapon with "increased spirit regeneration by 3 per second" over a weapon that has 200 dex or vitality(I'm sure i may be missing something?) Now, I am by no means a Mechanic, I actually have no idea how to do anything to cars.. But are Monks the only class that doesn't passively regenerate a resource? I mean @ least barbs regenerate it by getting hit and by popping the all-mighty buff anytime they want that will give them @ least 30 (unless they spec into getting 60 rage!!) This is especially unjust vs mobs that Shield / Immune. Someone on the monk forums made a really neat suggestion actually, something about after successfully dodging attacks, you could regenerate % spirit, which i think is a neat and unique concept to Monk. Invulnerable mobs have no place in this game, however. EDIT FIESTAAAAAAAAAAAA Not sure why i just thought about this, but it's probably the greatest idea that mankind has ever had.. Why are some of our abilities SO INSANELY spirit costly considering how UNBELIEVABLY difficult it is to regenerate spirit in certain situations? I'd love to use Wave of Light (our hardest hitting ability if i'm not mistaken?) but 75 spirit? yea i'm going to pass on that in inferno.. (do not suggest that crap rune that lowers cost to 40, and only does 15% moredamage than Lashing Tail Kick w/o bonus and sacrificing a neat Rune. exploding palm as mediocre as i consider it to be, 40 spirit?? -.- SSS is what 50 spirit?The list goes on... our fun abilities are rarely used due to high cost and poopsauce resource regeneration.. C'monnnnnn!! In spite of all these handicaps, i was still able to clear everything on Inferno on my monk, but it wasn't because i was skilled (i'm actually terrible @ games), it was gear (and certain buggy scenarios due to your programmers' shortcomings ^_______^). Anyways, hope a Blufais reads this and gets some insight from a professional all-star gamer that can also do professional sports like Slip-and-slide and professional Bath-Salting. tl;dr: The eagle lays her nest parallel to the undercooked rice.sh4dowbunny60 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 The best sensation of Diablo3 I just wanted to share with you my beloved D3 players, the best gaming experience D3 has gave to me to date, it happen yesterday and today, I got one rare and 1 legendary item, none of them were good for my WD, so obviously I put them on the AH. The first item I sold it for 600k and it felt good, damn that was great! sorry guys this is my first item sold in such a price....but not everything is made of marshmallows...the legendary item I put it for 700k and I went to bed wondering why it hasnt sold, damn it was a pretty good legendary, I couldnt slept or eat, so I make a quick research and found that the item can be found below the 50k :'( .... so I went to bed with a sad face....damn I was remind me to a sad moment on my gaming experience when I played FF7 and they killed Aeris, damn I was devastated.... But then I wake up check on my AH and guess what? it got sold!! Damn I was sooooooo happy, one of the best moments I have ever had, thanks Blizzard I would remember this forever! Yours truthfully a Blizzard Fan! This is the best Gaming Experience ever!xGsGt1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 So for the next design preview... Can you please not leave out the surprise nerfs?? I mean, I know you guys dont like sounding really unpopular but its a bit late for that. Please, if you are going to nerf even more junk, at least let us know to quit ahead of time. I cant believe I actually waited for patch 1.03 for absolutely nothing.CamelRider3 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Power to the Player! 3 proposals to that end These are the 3 big changes that I feel should be made. They would empower players to enjoy the game and advance in the manner of their choice and solve many of the common criticism from the community about the game. Nephalem Mastery Points This system would allow characters who are level 60 to continue to gain experience points. Once they gain enough they will be awarded with a point and the bar will reset. For every point you have the amount of experience required to gain the next would be increased. This would allow for a near endless level up system if desired. These points would then be placed into skills improving your character similar to the D2 skill system. There would likely be at least 2 trees maybe more. The first tree would be the same among all the classes and involve mostly passive boosts. Like Nephalem Strength which would grant 10 points of strength per point and could have up to 20 points placed into it. The other tree(s) would be class specific and boost various skills/aspects of the class. Like Summon Mastery that would increase the health of all summons by 1% per point and could have up to 10 points placed into it for Witch Doctors. While a system like this would take time to implement it would solve many problems. It would allow players to make progress on their character while they farm for good items. It would allow you to customize your character and allow them to be a bit more unique. Finally, it would allow players to slowly increase the power of their character without being subject to the RNG. Nephalem Valor Stacks While there is nothing wrong with encouraging specific player behavior it is a bad idea to force a specific play style and/or methodology to player activities. I feel the Valor system goes too far and punishes a player that may not have an hour or two to play at a time, or that would like to go kill a boss five times. I propose that the 1 rare per champion pack and boss become standard without the Valor Stacks. Simply increase the amount of gold find and magic find provided by the stacks to keep them desirable. If that would increase item drops by too much simply tweak the GF and MF formulas a bit. In addition while it may seem like a good idea to keep players from switching to all MF gear to smash vases/open chests, and that you don’t want players changing skills all the time the current penalties are simply too harsh. Instead, each time you change a single skill or piece of gear you should only loose a single Valor stack. If you change two skills and three pieces of gear then you should still loose five, but losing all of them for a single skill change and making chests/breakables undesirable is not a good idea. Act Revisit Quest Having players farm items by doing a full act run is a great goal. Currently though you are forced to either repeat the entire storyline and deal with the quest dialog in addition to areas that you may not really enjoy, or simply start with the last quest and accept that you cannot kill several bosses. Instead there should be an additional quest starting point option called ‘revisit’ that unlocks once you have completed the entire act. When you select that quest the entire act will have as much quest dialog as possible removed and all waypoints available. In addition, any event/rare spawn/dungeon will have an increased chance of being available. But the real cool thing that should be done is that all bosses will be available to kill. And there could even be ‘rare’ boss spawns that would replace some of the bosses to add variety. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you go to kill the butcher and instead of him walking out his body begins to tremble as Maghda chants. Then he erupts in a spray of gore and Andariel appears? Or you go to face the Skellie King and instead Archbishop Lazarus is raised? I’m sure some interesting encounters could be created for this purpose. Rant (Please do not allow this to detract from the merit of my ideas but I have to say this) I have been a DM for many years with a variety of table top RPGs for a variety of players. The one thing I have learned is that each person who sits down at the table enjoys the game and has fun for their own individual reasons. Some of them enjoy a good challenge, some the social aspect, others the story, etc etc. Some enjoy d20, others a d6, or even a d10 pool system. Each player has fun for their own reasons and a session that is high praised by one player will be considered a dud by another. The point is no one is entitled to tell me what I will find ‘fun’ and what I will not. If I say boss runs are fun then they are, to me. If I say smashing jars is fun then to me it is. If I say clearing an entire act is fun then it is. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to play a game and have ‘fun’ in it as long as it does not interfere with someone else’s enjoyment of the game. The best thing to do is allow as many activities as possible to be available to the players and hope that they find one or several that they enjoy. That is what these changes are aimed at achieving.bugoo0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Suggestion for fixing boring itemization I think the biggest problem is this game is that the gear is kinda blah. Since our stats are based on our gear rather than being allocated each level as in D2, it means when finding our gear the only thing we are really looking for is will it increase my damage or health/resist. But since stat damage applies to all skills evenly, its essentially like finding +all skills on ever weapon. Imagine how boring D2 would have been if every piece of equipment had +all skills on it. So, first thought, add item modifications to the game. Here's how it would work. It would essentially be adding a whole new loot table to the game. Item modifications would be dropped by mobs independent of other gear and would be armor slot specific. They would contain bonuses that are unique to a certain class or skillset. You could then take those mods to Covetous Shen, who could imbue them onto the appropriate armor slot, but it would destroy a gemstone in the process. Better mods require better gemstones, and while mods could be removed and reused, the gemstones would not be restored. This would not only allow for greater diversity of builds, but it would come with some cost if you decided to change your build. For instance, some armor modifications could be class independent, but only buff certain skill and rune combinations, like +15% lightning damage. A mod like that would increase lightning damage attached to your weapon, as well as damage from any skill with a rune that does lightning damage. Other modifications could be class specific and play to that classes strengths like +IAS for spirit generating abilities (Monk). This way, Monks could still stack IAS but there would be some limitations to it. One last thing about the IAS nerf. Imo, I think it would be cool to allow people to still stack ridiculously high amounts of IAS, but attach a base damage penalty to it. This would make it a very useful stat for dual-wield builds, but much less useful for DHs carrying around 2h Xbows as %damage penalty would hurt their single shot damage by a huge amount. Thoughts?reuterrat2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Auction House Improvement Thread Sorting items by cost......looking for items 200k and under, ect Sorting items by time ending....items that have less than 1 hour, ect. Sorting by more than 3 propertiesDESSILATOR4 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 New Dupe Out - Do something Blizz!!! Just saw a barb in a public game bragging about how he has a new dupe. i inspect him, sure enough, the two rares he are wielding are EXACTLY the same. check the AH, check other PGs, noobs are running around duping everything broken game by broken corrupt developers, allah breathes hellfire and plague on you heathens. pc outMiltonCrux7 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 TO DEVS: Better idea than high repair costs I think it is better to motivate players and reward them for better playing than punishing them for mistakes. It's a game and therefore should be fun! Players who survived an elite group should get additional or better lot or something like that. That way people have a good reason to avoid death as much as possible! Nevertheless sometimes you can not avoid death in inferno as long as you are looking for a challange. Please keep that in mind. I do not want to play hardcore in the normal mode. Dying itself is already frustrating enough even without the high repair costs.Elythia2 Jun 23, 2012
Jul 25, 2012 LAG: The Ongoing Cover-Up [Edit: You can skip to the Blue's response on Page 4: It's a joke; patronizing garbage designed to take attention away from the issue at hand—the lag—and all the theories in this thread as to its causes. I indicated so in my response: Please, join me in asking the Blues to actually address the issues at hand when they respond to a thread, rather than try to discredit the OP and those who agree with me. There have been multiple useful theories about the lag that have emerged in this thread and others like it. People have performed trace routes and noticed that many of us—regardless of location or ISP—are getting routed through terrible ATnT server infrastructure on the way to Blizz's servers. This is just one theory, and it seems to be the most compelling. Do the Blues address this theory in this thread or any other thread? No, they're too busy telling people that we need to read their troubleshooting pages better.] The #1 issue turning players away from this game? Lag. Awful, awful lag, caused by Blizzard/Activision keeping server costs low. The first place I looked was my computer, my network. I have port-forwarded. I have re-cycled my modem. I have used direct connection to modem. Everything, EVERYTHING internet-related is smooth as butter on my network—streaming videos, torrenting, other online games. Ask every one of these people, and they will tell you the same thing: Eighteen pages of proof of the players with adequate networks that are experiencing lag: . Filled in a day. The thread was solicited—then quickly locked—by Bashiok, our ever-helpful forum seer: ... Translation: "It's not our fault, it's yours. Keep giving us money, you stupid sheep." [Edit: because people don't seem to understand: HE LOCKED THE THREAD AFTER ONE DAY. IT FILLED TO 18 PAGES IN ONE DAY. It would have been two hundred pages by now if he had kept it open. And what percentage of actual D3 players use this forum? 5%? 1%? Ask around in the game; you'll see what I mean. By the way, the fine players in that thread (the ones that dutifully provided their trace routes in a day; that spend time on the Technical Support forums providing info so that Blizz can fix the game they released while broken; that spend time looking for info to help their lag instead of getting to play the game) are the ones that Kaltonis—the incredibly wise Blue who posts later in this thread—says do not know how to troubleshoot. That's his advice: to ... and that ... That's customer service for you. Lies upon lies.] Perhaps it is temporary, as they collect the riches from the RMAH. They will line their pockets and then, after a year or so, they may decide to throw us a bone and do a little bit of upgrading. But why now? They don't even know what kind of quarterly earnings report to expect yet. "We don't even know if it's going to make as much money as WoW yet, so let's not even support the product we're selling. Let's not get carried away here." Oh no. "Instead, let's make it our policy to continue to pretend on all fronts that any instance of latency is the fault of the player." ... That above was a reply to the OP of this recent technical support thread: . That's right, offer to look at our computer specs, as if it's obvious we don't know what we're doing. We can't tell a good internet connection from a bad one. That Blue gave up after the second page, though. He could no longer make it look like the lag was an aberration—some kind of fluke on the fault of us dumb players who don't know how to set up our own networks. Here's another thread from a week before. A hundred posts: . Hmm, no Blue posts in that thread offering to double-check the posters' computer specs for them. Interesting. Perhaps it would have looked ridiculous to imply—in a thread with that many people experiencing the problem—that the problem is always due to the posters being unable (too dumb, too lazy) to resolve their own network issues. Which, by the way, is what Kaltonis the Blue implies in his response to this thread on pg 4. He was probably forced to do so because the lag is becoming a VERY widely-reported problem, and crowd-control is becoming more and more necessary. Check it out; it's a fascinating case study of how customer service actually serves the corporation. They don't want you to know they haven't provided D3 players with adequate servers! They don't want potential future buyers to know! That would hurt their bottom-line, which is all this company cares about now. So if, like me, you are experiencing frequent, unplayable latency spikes (+1000msec) every single day in this game and only this game, keep talking about it. And if they ban you here, then take it to another forum. Take it to the places that count: game review sites, online retailers that post reviews. Your real-life friends. Keep talking about it, because that's the only way to convince them that they can't just shut us up. If we behave like sheep, they will keep treating us like sheep. [Edit: Some of you seem not to understand how businesses work. Like this guy: ... The fact is, they DID cover that up. They refused to speak directly to the issue, just as they are refusing now to speak to this issue. And we did what we always do; we discussed it amongst ourselves. Who remembers a single Blue post that clearly owned up to that issue? I have searched for one, to no avail. You only ever learned about that issue from other players. My full response to this misguided fan-boy: ] [Edit 6/29: Yes, we all felt the special present from Blizz last night, AGAIN. And they will never own up to it, AGAIN. See any Blue posts apologizing for the lag last night? Or even owning up to it? No. Well if it's not Blizz's fault, then how come everyone in General chat and Trade chat was talking about it at the exact same time? How come everyone on my friends' list felt it at the exact same time? How come everyone in my party simultaneously disconnected, only to be replaced by new players who all simultaneously disconnected 20 seconds later? Must be that we're not troubleshooting enough, right Helpful-Blue-Poster-Who's-Also-A-Gamer-Himself Kaltonis?] --- I know this is hard to read. But it's important that I keep updating this post as information comes. I'm doing my best. - FreddyFreddy310 Jul 25, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Thoughts from a Blue? Just a quick thought on how to make fans of d2 and fans of d3 happy at the same time. Change elective mode to give player access to assigning their own stat and skill points. Allowing long time fans of the series the ability to actually create the kind of character they want instead of playing with a template character that was made for them. In turn, for the people who like it the way it is, have the skills auto lvl for those not using elective. For instance maybe if you use a certain skill set overtime it will buff itself after you have killed X amount of monsters with it. Just a rough idea really, would probably take a little more creativity than I am capable of right now.... as I sip my coffee and try to wake up. Almost seems like there's a Civil War breaking out in the forums, or a revival of a Hatfield and McCoy-esque feud lol.xXROOR21Xx0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Why shall I run 5min for one death? Is it fun? Why cant you make the saving point a bit near? Since almost all the video games are doing this,could we just stop the boring run make it less then 30sec plz PS:Elites healed after 8 seconds is nightmare, just making people angryDinosaurzb7 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 I spend more time on AH than I do in game... First off, I like the game a lot. But I'm at a point where it makes more sense to just stay on the Auction House than actually play the game. I make more gold flipping items than I could make farming. And the chances of me getting an upgrade are so low, that it makes more sense to just buy from the Auction House. Is anyone else in the same boat? What do you do to keep the game fun? I wish actual played time was more rewarding (item drop wise).seanbot12 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Expansion Request - True Randomization I had recently read a thread stating that a lot of the broken "farmable" areas (i.e. pot runs, blue spawns, etc) could be fixed with proper randomization. This pushed me to think of how random dungeons work in D3 opposed to D2 or D1. In D3, environments are either Random "Tiles" placed into a fixed map (Pretty much all outside environments), OR a very simple network of pre-created set pieces and dead ends (Inside environments). Diablo 1 dungeons felt very different each time, 2 libraries could spawn beside each other, multiple paths could lead to the stairs down instead of one linear path, and sometimes the stairs down were right beside where you started. I understand with 3D there may be challenges with this, but after just a few runs (say butcher runs), I always head up in Halls of Agony lvl3, as the butchers door is always up a long hallway. if I see the set piece that has the 3 paths with all of the fire vents in them, I just turn around, that is always a waypoint. Outside environments are certainly worse, the shape of the map is not random. This is obviously not something that can be addressed for D3, but the expansion could possibly include some more randomized elements? I personally don't mind if I have to give up beautiful 3D walls where demons climb up the side, I just want a bit more replayability. Note: It took about 20 Siege Breaker runs before I appreciated how well done the bridge was. I would prefer a random bridge to a beautiful bridge.Jaso1 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Commodities on the RMAH Why are there no commodities on the RMAH?Devilo3 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Blizzard's employees are hypocrites Ok, so they say Elite packs with random affixes at random places in dungeons are there to add variety so its not as boring. They gave elites rare drops so players don't kill the same bosses over and over to avoid being redundant. But.... You set up the game's difficulties so we have to run through the same quest in the same act for hours after so we can survive in the next act. Then repeat hundreds of hours of the same thing until you beat diablo. Isn't that redundant and what you keep claiming that you are trying to avoid? You guys are contradicting yourself. Maybe hypocrite is a strong word because maybe you guys just don't see it. But, there is a strong contradiction to what you guys say you want for the game and what is actually in the game. I've put in over 100 hours in this game so I've gotten more than my money's worth compared to most games out there. I have enjoyed the game even with the frustrating nerf on IAS on my Wd and the Zombie Bears getting screwed up. But, damn if it isn't getting boring doing the same runs over and over. I would like to be able to beat Inferno and continue on with new characters or even hardcore.Sunk0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 The Amazing Molok! I was playing in act3 inferno with some randoms, and we encountered a pretty funny bug, it was an invisible, invincible molok that would occasionally pop out of his invisibility to fire off an attack lol, I recorded the bug and here it is. Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Please apply the following changes to the AH: - Add more filters, 3 is not enough and the list does not contain every desired stat to filter on - Add more sorting options to the listed search results - Add a proper way of comparing search results to current gear And now two more ( which you are very likely not to implement because they will cost you too much of the millions and millions that you have made off the game so far, because they are hardware-related ): - Add the ability to post more than just 10 auctions. - Add the ability to cancel auctions at any time. CheersLupi0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Bullcrap on an epic scale. I'm going against a Savage Beast Elite with Vampiric Extra Health and Nightmarish. I figure I'm screwed since I'm a demon hunter. A few minutes later I have the two minions gone and the main elite down to half heath. Only died once. I figure a little bit of running around fire the occasional arrow and spam a few abilities and I should be good right? lol nope Something pops up where the status inflictions go. Guess what it says. "You are taking too long to kill an elite you lose health every second." And not like 1 point per second or something. Thousands of points per second, I died 5 times before giving up. Thanks Blizzard as if I wasn't having a hard enough times with the elites this happens. Must be some real genius game designers there. /sarcasm.EvilFluffy3 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Breakables Solution ... Here is a simple fix for breakables. After you break ~5 vases, or bodies, or whatever, each destructible after that degrades in chance to drop anything at all unless you kill a monster. This makes it harder for bots to script the action and also greatly increases the amount of time per run for botters/people if they still want to try running breakables. However, for players playing the game normally there is little to no punishment.ANIMUS12 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Why wasn't Shen a follower? All the followers to me, seem boring and annoying as hell. Shen was hilarious! It's too bad they gave him a roll of a jeweler. It would've been fun to have him around sharing more of his crazy stories. D:anku6 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 my cinematic scenes lag anyone know why?stealth2 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Do you REALLY care if one class is > another? This is one thing I really want to ask the players here. Does it matter to you if, for example, a DH is considered "much better" than a Wizard, or a Barb much better than a monk? I'm not saying to allow one class to be a trump all, but you can buff the other ones, instead of nerfing the higher ones. The reason I ask this question is simple. This game in not an MMORPG, yet people want it to be balanced like one and I simply can't understand it. When you play Baldur's gate, Dragon Age, Divinity, Final Fantasy, etc etc, Do you care if someone else playing the game is using a class / spec line that is better than yours? What should it matter to you? If you want to play the most "over powered" class, you can do that, just make one. I say it again, this game is not an MMORPG! I understand that many people here came from WoW, or other MMO's, and if you came here looking to replace your MMO, you might need to fill that hole elsewhere, or maybe you'll find an ARPG is better suited for you, but don't try to blur these genres please. Now, I want to make sure this question isn't being confused with some other statements here. I can understand wanting your own favorite class to be more powerful, but I can't understand wanting to bring someone elses favorite down to the level of yours. Also, I don't want to bring PVP into this topic. For starters, it's not implemented yet, and secondly a game like this should have 2 separate balance charts, one for PVP and another for PVP. Enter into a PVP fight, and your abilities should have different modifiers, possibly be restricted, or maybe even be entirely different. If a game company doesn't do this, they either have to 100% throw PVP to the wind and upset that crowd, or make changes that will effect PVE because they want to change something in PVP. Regardless of the path Blizzard chooses to take here, please do not include PVP arguments into this, it's not an issue at current. I want to play this game with my character, and feel super powerful as I endlessly blow up hordes of enemies, but then I want to have an occasional elite pack that gives me some trouble, or have 1 boss my character really isn't good at. I don't want to have my class constantly brought downward to the lowest level because someone else thinks it's overpowered (no, I don't play a DH, just making an example! I play Wiz/Monk) One more side note here, should a blizzard employee get to read this topic. Blizzard, I implore you to consider what you are doing with your up-coming patch 1.04. You have the chance here in the next 2 months or so to completely reshape your game, and appease some of us who are desperately holding on for this game to be some sliver of the awesomeness that was Diablo 2. As someone who played Diablo 2 at launch I'm well aware that the game was no where near the amazing experience that I had during 1.08->1.11 times, and even the later patched (which I didn't enjoy as much, because, you guessed it, every farming run was nerfed just about!.) You read these forums, and while I understand that the people posting here don't represent everyone, there are thousands of hardcore, loyal fans of yours who have been awaiting this game for a decade, and we feel like we are being pushed to the side for your WoW players, and the new casual players. Remember, those of us buying your games for the past 10+ years are the ones who got you into the position to be able to sell 10 million+ copies of a single PC title world wide, not these new people playing a Blizzard game for the first time, 75% of which you will never hear from again in 6 months when the next big thing comes out. You have about 2 months left to seal the deal on those of us who are getting more and more frustrated, make this count, and remember, this game is not an MMORPG!Dellusions24 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Idea: Reward players for killing quickly A lot of people hate enrage timers. Why? It punishes players for killing things slowly, even though they are otherwise able to kill said thing. (not to mention, respawn timers, healing timers, health regen, etc) Thought: Instead of punishing players for killing things slowly, why not reward players for killing things quickly? Manage to kill a boss/elite pack in under 2 minutes? Bam better drops whether via better ilvl, or higher probability of legend/rare/etc drops. Took you 10 minutes? Well, you can still get your token rare, but otherwise the drops suffer *but* at least you progress. It doesn't hurt that this mechanic happened to be used in Diablo 2... Of course there would need to be some balancing to account for melee-ranged damage difference, as well as increased monster health in larger parties, but I still see it as far more preferable to enrage timers.Soupaman5 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Another side effect? High end Auctions dead.. Since the patch its v v hard to shift high end gear, no one is buying.. :(KIAEddZ139 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 103 Bots and Drops Botters were making tons of gold, ruining the economy. blizz countered them by figuring out where they were farming and nerfing it, o well blizz added a gold sink (repair) to stabilize the gold prices, fine why were the botters farming gold in those spots? because it was easy, less chance of your bot dying or messing up. but now that act 1 drops lvl 63 items, and it's soooooo easy to clear, botters will just start botting for items now. now i understand elite packs were a genius way to combat botters, since it makes it really complicated to have your bot be ready for all the different encounters they could possibly face. but when i can drop a elite pack in 4-5 secs (in act 1), i bet a bot wont have a problem doing the same. lets say if the fight was 1 min, that would require a 100x more complicated bot. so you screwed botters over with nerfing gold spots, and ended up screwing everyone else over too. but at the same time, you just opened a door to a much better place for the botters. act3/4 loot is broken (even a blue post about suspecting it being broken) to the point there's no point in farming it, although i got to say it's actually more interesting then being god mode and 1 shotting everything in act 1. i enjoy having to put up a fight against a mob, but after 10 elite packs, which some may take me 4-5 mins to kill, and only getting MAYBE 1 63, it can get annoying. Now i didn't just kill 10 elite packs and say this, i farmed act 3/4 for 2-3 days. and 1 or 2 63s out of the 10 packs was a pretty regular drop rate (2 would make me feel very lucky and shocked). So act 1/2 it is for me. so in the end you made the game more interesting and fun for the bots, while screwing over your real player base. bots are now doing more human/fun tasks, while humans are now doing more mindless tasks. So where are we headed now?Deev6 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Here I AM I just wanted to say hello to everyone playing Diablo 3. I had played WOW for many years and I grew weary of it do to many reasons I really dont want to get into. My main in WoW is Jeshurun of Uldaman, My guild was Sanity lead Astray. I stopped playing WoW a few months ago I just didnt enjoy it anymore. My son Stephen surprised me with Diablo 3 and a new StealSeries gaming mouse for Fathers day. I gotta say I really enjoy playing Diablo 3. I hope to hear from some you old friends from WoW/Uldaman that are now currently playing Diablo 3. Diablo 3 much better than WoW. Omg Pandas WoW is done, I think having Chuck Norris do a WoW commercial was the icing on the cake as well.Jeshurun15 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Is there a way to see my Min/max damage? I see my DPS but is there a way to see my Minimum damage vs. max?mustaine0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 Diablo 3 is like Batman 3 Stupid. Many of us are still in shock of the complete failure of this game. Cut your losses and quit this junk (you will feel better). The folks that are farming Act 3/4 with MF gear are going to jump on here and tell you to keep chugging (it's how they are making money too). Just logoff, uninstall this mess and play something fun. Hopefully another developer will come along and remake this series Dark Knight style!Kerbo0 Jun 23, 2012
Jun 23, 2012 ilvl 62 2h 400dps?????? I thought the point of getting higher item level drops was supposed to up your gear? Why is it that a ilvl 62 item has lower dps than an ilvl 58 or 59 item?? If your gonna make the drops more frequent could you also make them better? It is just as disappointing to see that ilvl 62-63 and get a hammer with 443 holy damage.koPain24 Jun 23, 2012