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Sep 14 Greater Rifts? Is it just me? or are the density and terrible maps/mobs for the past two weeks at a point where its damn near not desirable to do GR's anymore for a while. Come on Blizz, stop screwing with those nobs, you're making this game really not fun right now.Gzip0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Is it ethical to still offer Hardcore mode? Since the last 2 of 3 patches cause huge connection issues coupled with ddos attacks and lack of security hardcore mode is unplayable. As someone who just purchased the expansion this is extremely troubling because core is a bore. It is unacceptable to offer hardcore mode if you cannot maintain your servers like this. On top of that, you are well aware of the issues and still make us go through approx 48 hours of BS fixes to try to distract us while you fix things. I have had enough. its bad enough Tech support can't do anything but then to have mouth breathing white knights give their worthless opinion while I'm trying to get a resolution is a flawed system too. i need my char restored as core and my others transferred or a refund. how about a direct connection to the support who CAN help me instead of having to make posts. very disappointed because core is absolutely no fun and hardcore gaming just isn't a possibility for this title. i did file for the refund and still prefer that as the solution but will give you one chance to make this right.zzWHITEOPSzz6 Sep 14
Sep 14 Should a Diablo 4 do away with Hardcore? Or modify it? Just curious what some HC players want out of Diablo 4 now that you've had a HC experience in the world of seemingly unpreventable DDoS attacks. Is Hardcore something that should still be included in future Diablo games? If so, would you keep it the way it is today or would you suggest modifications to its "rules"? (i.e. no character restores, perma-death) EDIT: Wow, so much hate for just asking a question. Spectacular! I never realized it before, but the downvotes sort of taste like candy.Monarlais46 Sep 14
Sep 14 Retrospective Fisrt of all, I would like to say that D3 has been a good experience in many point, even if it's not what I wanted to buy and spend my time. For years I played to D1 until D2, in a matter of hack'n'slash, dark fantasy and character build & progression, no other game could give me as much entertainement as the Diablo franchise did. Over the time I have seen a lot of post from players (way too many in my opinion) expressing their dispointement about D3 on this forum As a customer and a member of this community, I just want to clarify the issues I have with the 3rd episode Art During the game development many fans were unhappy with the amount of colors in D3, here I can't agree more. This make me remember what the daugther of a notorious black & white horror movie maker said: ''What's scary is what you can't see (...) shadows are a great tool when time comes to create a creepy mood (...) Imagination is a fear amplifier'' Shades would have done a much better job than colors,at least for the kind of ambiance the game should provide and this can be applied to any tone. I sometime feel my DH like a ''rainbow-caster'' in a Disney Land world. Environment There's not much to say, the Cathedral in Act 1 look like a good start but it also finish there. Gameplay A lot of players on this forum asked for Necromancer, Druid, Assassin and other class to make a return in game. What i understand from it, is that their experience has been so good with D1 and/or D2, that D3 couldn't satisfied them. What's true is that D1 has been the masterpiece of its time in matter of hack'n'slash dark fantasy, D2 has been the version 2.0 In some way D3 went too far away from the 2 others, the skills system is totaly different and look more like a huge amount of compromises, the ressource system have many good points, but i do agree with a fairly big amount of players, about the fact that elemental magic should have a cost in mana because this bring 1 question: What's the point to play a spellcaster such as the Wizard, when every other class can cast magic as much as he do? The 3rd episode came with downgrades: from 8 to 4 players per game, impossible to bring our merc with us in multiplayer mode, several limitations on the trade system, ... What has been asked to the fans is to proceed to a transition from a concept to an other, a very little amount of them accepted. (i.e.: When I played to SC2, I had no doubt, it was really Starcraft version 2.0 but playing to D3 doesn't give me the feel that I play to Diablo version 3.0) Concerning the progression, the gameplay is dictate from patch to patch, the level of stupidity of the rune-skills system went to the point that many skills & items has been redesigned several times. Death penality is ridiculous, the dynamic concerning the health globes is silly. The chaos of visual effects is so big that even the pointer changed from the gauntlet to a big white arrow. I have seen many players leave a game, because during a rift the only possible action they had left was to pick up the loot on the ground while a ''naphelem-syndrom'' player clear the map. Story The Naphelem thing got on my nerves after few minutes, otherwise it's a genuine Diablo franchise story that I like. Act3 and the mercenaries gave me a lot of laugh, good thing but not what I wanted and expected from the franchise. Music As always, good stuff Community My biggest disapointment has been about how the community evolved, casual players are punished, them and the new players get kicked out from Bounties and Rifts. I always vote no to kick out a player unless he's afk since too long and I get insulted for that. It's not hard to figure it out, the progression have a perfect design to make this game an awful experience for many. Finaly In the end, I must admit that the developers team did a great work and few miracles, but the game, in its core, have several issues. In my friend list, players all left the game, everybody I know in real-life who played to D3... barely lasted few weeks. There's talentuous artists who did an excellent work in D3 - RoS, the problem is the way they have been directed. (Sad thing is: Asmodan wearing a Mickey Mouse hat could perfectly fit in D3) There's a lot to learn from a game which loses fans since day one.Vypwulf0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Hc or general question:10 seconds to get me out of the game. Seriously, there is a philosophy? Diablo 3 combat mechanics do not allow you turn off your computer or modem in a desperate move to save the character. It is live or let die, because in high battles the blows are fatal. Now, die for white minions on a litle farm just because the fell, or even my internet, is sadistic. 4 years suffering from this and today had the courage to raise it. We need protection, and it's past time to rethink this issue with a little more care and consideration for its customers. It is a problem and need a solution. 10 seconds is too much for such an issue obsolete. Let's discuss? P.S.: Sorry for the google translator.Sentinela2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Status Server No topics found. Blizzard nothing to say?!Neo19 Sep 14
Sep 14 of course Just moved into a new place and haven't had the time to set up my comp and play D3 (or any other game for that matter) in over 2 weeks. Just finished setting up comp and guess what... SERVER MAINTENANCE!!!!!!!! >:( I swear sometimes I think Blizzard just knows and does this on purpose. obviously I know its just a coincidence, just wanted to rant.Ghoffman0 Sep 14
Sep 14 How long does your game take to load? From the character selection screen, it takes me 22 seconds from the time I click on the "start game" button until I'm standing in town and can begin moving, and I wonder how long is considered appropriate. I have a 3.8 GHz 6-core CPU and 16 GB of RAM in a water-cooled system that never gets hot. I used to have a WD Black hard drive and a Radeon 7870 video card, but I upgraded to an SSD that has over 500 MB/sec transfer speeds and a GTX970 video card. I also upgraded my Internet to 50 Mbps and got a new DOCSIS3 cable modem. I've experimented with removing my router and plugging directly into the cable modem, but there is no loading time difference. Before any of these tweaks and upgrades, my game load time was 22 seconds, and now it's still 22 seconds. It doesn't matter if it's weekday, weekend, day or night, busy period or slow period. It can occasionally be a little longer during peak playing hours, but for the most part it's 22 seconds. I performed a fresh install when I upgraded to the SSD and Diablo is the only software on my computer. I don't even use it for web browsing. Its only purpose is to play Diablo and I don't have anything else installed. Honestly, I've come to believe my biggest problem is that I live in Iowa and I'm very far from any Blizzard servers, and perhaps people in the midwest simply don't get better connection times than this. It just gets really disappointing when you're doing a bunch of uber runs with a group of people and they arrived in game so far before me that they've already reached the abode and opened a portal before I ever arrive in game. Once I do finally materialize in town, I'm met with an "accept" prompt to join the uber fight. Same thing goes with bounty runs, and I lose a little extra time in grifts due to the time it takes me to teleport from one level to another. Does anybody have any advice? I feel like I've ruled out almost every possibility. My computer is much more powerful than is needed to run Diablo 3, and my Internet connection is very fast. I feel like the bottleneck happens after my signal leaves my house and I may simply have to live with my current game loading time. For what it's worth, how long does it take the "average" user to load a game? Feedback would be appreciated.jonsnow3317 Sep 14
Sep 14 Season 9 Sets Safe to assume we all know what sets are coming to the classes for Season 8 as there is only 1 set left for each class that hasn't been given out. But what about Season 9? Are we going to just redo the cycle? Instead I would like Blizzard to issue out Blackthorne's Set for ALL classes in Season 9 and on top of that it being the ONLY set that can drop the whole season. I also know that after the first 3 weeks most of the players drop off of seasons. So lets make Season 9 only Two or Three Weeks long. I think by doing this it would change the 2 man, 3 man, and 4 man team leaderboards meta and focus more on the skills than the buffs. Yeah you won't get GR 100 runs but so what? It would bring the game more back to its roots. So Devs what do you think? A small hiatus from set reworks and a good old fashion Blackthorne's Set battle... may the best class WIN! Also Legacy of Nightmares would have to be turned off for this as well.SirEpix7 Sep 14
Sep 14 Possible solution to paragon points I meant to post this a long time ago, and I might have forgotten some things that I originally envisioned. Anyway, some people won't consider paragons an issue. I do. I have for a very long time. Mainly because it's a problem that compounds itself. Basically let's recap this is what happens with season play (skip this list if you just want to see what I think should happen): You start out. You pick a DPS class (for purposes of argument it's one of the top 4p DPS classes). You get to 70, but probably slower than people in top clans or with dedicated friends. They (top players that play all the time) get started on grifting earlier than you and ultimately start doing 80's while you're doing 60's in pubs still trying to finish off basic gear. Fast forward a bit. The average support party is looking for 90+ (or 95 or even 100, time depending) DPS while you can only do 80-85, which means you have a harder time finding parties to raise your paragon level so that you can ultimately get to the point where you can actually run with people that are doing those incredibly high runs. At point 4, usually your only option is to go support. It doesn't matter how skilled you are at your chosen DPS class. You simply can't rack up enough points to keep up, even if you augment all of your gear. This is a problem that compounds itself because you will never catch up once you get behind. Assuming the people with more paragon than you are still running consistently, you'll only get further behind. They'll be doing higher speed grifts, getting more exp and more paragon, and more stats... so that they can run even higher speed grifts. While you're sitting there maybe supporting for a reasonably high party... but it's already a done deal. You won't win, you're probably well out of the top 10 solo for any class. You're just running to see where you can eventually place with your gimped setup. You might say "but hey, a support doesn't need that much paragon". Maybe not, but a lot of top parties judge low paragon supports harshly. It doesn't matter whether it's my fault or not, if they have a bad grift, it's gotta be my fault. That's assuming you can even get into the party. That's why I think it's ironic that people think that they actually have a better chance at competing during season play than nonseason play... but that's a story for another time. Anyway... Which brings me to a possible solution: Simply make the paragon stat (post 800) benefits scale based on some function of the competitive community's average paragon level. Basically, just make the benefits past this number still give stat benefits, but make them decay in some form or fashion. I feel like this will have a few benefits. - The higher community might be more willing to help lower paragon players out, to bring this average up a bit. - The season play will actually be more competitive because paragon points will still matter, but not to the ridiculous degree they do now. Obviously some fuzzy points (what function, what's the decay, etc.)... but I think this will be better than what we have now. But I'm Russian so I'm obviously a communist. This idea will be unpopular here. *Puts flag at top of post*StoleOwnCar10 Sep 14
Sep 14 focus and restraint,legacy of nightmares and sets i posted this in comment on another topic but i feel this needs to be a big topic What needs to happen is blizzard needs to make sets optional in this game and that would fix build diversity. You should not be able to be force to play a set in order to push GR's they need to buff legacy of night mares and In order for it to be a good competition the damage buff for legacy of nightmare rings needs to be 300% for every legendary item equipped and they need to make it to ware you don't have to have the item ancient in order for it to get the damage buff. It makes no sense that you have to have the items ancient that's the problem and since it takes up both ring slots which I don't like why not just make legacy of night mares one ring then we would have an extra ring slot for all those good rings like stone of Jordan and the same with focus and restraint set rings are just stupid in this game because there are just too many rings that are good and we can't ware them because of legacy of night mares and focus and restraint are set rings which is stupid . There should not be set rings in this game they need to make legacy of night mares and focus and restraint one ring.creep8 Sep 14
Sep 14 The Diablo 3 that never was.... Just watched a YT video about the Diablo 3 that never was and I to say Blizz should have stuck with Blizzard Norths art style for the game. It looks really cool way more medieval (prob spelled that wrong) and you really get a feel of a swords and sorcery vibe. I F***ing HATE the WoWish art style of current D3 but I still play because i love the lore and Diablo as a series. Guaranteed Blizzard still has all of the art assets and files from Blizzard Norths Diablo 3. They should release what they have as a collection of :What Ifs: so to speak.Pantysnatchr0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Reason for autoloot not being in game Yeah, once again threads are starting to pop up asking for autoloot, now to be done by the Pets.. Last time the forums asked for this, one of the devs kindly gave us the answere that if we got autoloot for the mats, blues and yellow weapons and armor, we would feel very detached to the game, just going thru it without actually playing it.. I dissagre, picking up stuffed is not something i want to spen mouseclicks on, id rather spend time killing, but anyway.. The biggest question i have is, when you are pushing a sologrift, and you die..and die...and die...and die...and die...and you en up at the 30second timer for death... And you spend 5, or 6, or even 7 minutes of a 15min grift looking at a timer counting down, waiti g to be revived, only to be smashed again a few seconds later... How "attached" are you to your gameplay then? If i push solos, and i die, by the time i get to 15-20seconds waiting, i just alf+f4 that !@#$ and go do something else, spending time looking at a blank screen is not what i want to do.. You need to change that penalty to time being shaved of your clock, no countdown.. Atleast not in solo.. If not, i kindly ask you to stop with the "auto-pickup leaves you detached from gameplay" bullsh*t you use as a excuse...Bobani0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Is there, or could there be a toggle function? There are certain play styles that require that you hold down bottons to kill enemies (like the laser wizard that no one plays anymore (i don't remember the name...)), this is pretty unhealthy to your nerves, even more than repetitive and fast button pressing. Having a toggle function and a toggle hold would be really healthy, unless it's already there.Worldoflies2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Cosmetic pets that pick up the loot and gold Have suggestion here to give each character a cosmetic pets that pick up the loot, crafting material, gem, and gold. Pick up radius is at least 50 yard. Right clicking the pet allow customization to choose what to pick up. However this pet does not attack and do not enhance the character in any way. This way we can focus on playing the game rather than spending 30% of the game play picking up things. Any idea to add on.KPMKKM13 Sep 14
Sep 14 is anyone still online playing? dc'd right as I was summoning gargs in a joke 75 gr.. got a real bad feeling I wont ever get to play with my epic EPIICC Sacred harvesterDarth5 Sep 14
Sep 14 4 is still not enough!! Empowering is fantastic for leveling those gems. But it still takes forever just to level one. I say let us pay more gold for more rolls. If i do a level 60 Grift it would be nice if i could pay for say up to 10 rolls on a fresh gem. So on and so forth. If we are just gonna get to a power creep anyway it would be nice to get there faster...SilentWar796 Sep 14
Sep 14 this game is going no ware. when is every set going to be good and not poorly design and would be able to compete with each other ? when are we going to get better build diversity and good Itemization ? when are we going to have the option to play how we want and not be force to play of a set in order to push greater rifts and when are gonna get butter choice in skills and abilities these are the questions that the community always ask and wants for the game but blizzard still does not get it they still dont understand there game and its just sad how this game has turned out almost 5 years since this game came out and we still are complaining about the same crap and the same problem that are still in the game. as long as blizzard does not fix all these questions then this game isnt going no ware no matte how much new content they put in the because the same flaws still exist.creep12 Sep 14
Sep 14 Fastest way to 70 these days? I haven't played in a year or so and I am wondering what is the fastest way to level up now? I have always hated this part of the game.tastydonut9 Sep 14
Sep 14 i really miss trading and be able to chat with.. i really miss trading and be able to chat with other people that enjoy playing diablo items for items.. now diablo is just a greater rift leader boards gear grinding..and all chat channel is dead..u are force to join a clan to play and farm paragon and as for solo...dead boring hope they bring back trading and more epic diablo items..this game is getting ridiculously boringGoogle33717 Sep 14
Sep 13 Is Bnet down right now? Am I the only one who can't connect to Bnet server?JayOne25 Sep 13
Sep 13 Waaaaa!!!! Server down again! Can't login error 3025!ugotowned0 Sep 13
Sep 13 arachyr how many patches already out and no one has ever played with this set in gr? today the blizz could not solve his feature .. neglect? which the opinion of you would like to know and to hear the front of it.Ørochi6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Just Got Disconnected I just got disconnected, Now Having To Wait For 6 minutes before I can Login again! Why is it that nothing goes smoothly, every time you guys do maintenance?Rogue777771 Sep 13
Sep 13 More build diversity = more D3 players Hello fellow players and Blizzard workers, This is not a complaint thread but rather a call (for what may be really obvious) for future seasons. First off, thanks for this great game that has improved vastly since its inception. I do, however, want to talk about the lack of diversity throughout classes. I believe I am in the majority when I say that D3 would be much more fun to play (especially in groups) when seeing much more variety and possible combinations of end-game builds. I main a Demon Hunter at the moment, play mostly solo, and the only build that I honestly feel like I can run is UE. I tried the M6 build and not only does it take forever to set up 5 sentries, the damage still doesn't come close to UE. Why should a build that takes so long to set up also be punished in damage as well? I hear that Fan of Knives and zdps are alternative builds, but I am willing to bet that less than 1% of players are actually interested in a DH melee build that requires you to survive while grouping up tons of enemies for one shot of fan of knives and praying that it kills everything. Last time I played was Season 3, so seeing the Horadric Cube and other ideas in game is absolutely phenomenal. When I played last though, WW barbarian was pretty much king in the grifts. I was really looking forward to playing it this season, and wow I was so disappointed in the lack of damage. Anyways, what I am getting at is to petition that all set builds be tweaked to be viable throughout seasons. This would give people more reason to stay in D3 in order to play their favorite build, try new builds, and try new variations of groups. Even throughout the season, if there is a build that is obviously lacking, couldn't there be some updates along the way to tweak the damage of said build? Just my two cents on the future of this game, Thanks -SlickSlick19 Sep 13
Sep 13 Have not played for awhile Alright, So I have not played for a minute and I am downloading the game again so I can play. I am really trying to determine what class I want to play. I don't really enjoy kiting so with that being said I have always played a Barb. Is this still the best class to do this, or am I going to have to change to a monk, or Crusader. Any tips would be cool. I don't need you to tell me to search the forms, because I am lazy an did not want to do that. ThanksReserve1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Session Spoofing TRUE First let me say that I run 9th level security for NASA. I create security programs that prevent all forms of invaders local and alien. No I have no authenticator, though using by lexil security path ways every connection I have is closely monitored. Every mmo site I have registered with the same user name and password with my D3 and WoW accounts along with my Sc2 account I go through and monitor also. Beyond that since I have a lack of originality I use the same user name and passwords most places I go which I use the same 9th level security for. This can only lead to Blizzard having large holes in the network they can not close. Now im going to go play one of my other games that Blizzard is not connected to in any shape or form like Call of Duty, or MIB, Spiderman or some of the other great games like Skylander. Though you need to understand how serious of a poster I am. If you have any regards just remember the first two lines in my post and feel the same fear I have.Wakow193 Sep 13
Sep 13 When's the next PTR due? It's been 2 months since the season started? The PTR for the next season should be out about now?Armisal4 Sep 13
Sep 13 If Im Only Para 150 am i behind? i was wondering If Im Only Para 150 am i behind?CyborgSlayz13 Sep 13
Sep 13 i'm retarded. please explain these stats. regarding item has more armor, more vitality, more life per hit, yet........ "-7.4% recovery if equipped". wait. what?paradive9 Sep 13
Sep 13 New job posting for classic games Anyone see the new job listing for blizzard's classic games? Senior game designer who's current on interface implementation. This isn't just for diablo 2 guys. This is for D2, warcraft 3 and starcraft: Brood War. I would play the crap out of all of them, especially if there's new interface structure and new features that makes playing these games more fun on our modern hardware: " Guide developers on interface and game system implementation. Sep 13
Sep 13 I hate set dungeons. that is all.Myxlstyx55 Sep 13
Sep 13 Greater Rift density change? I have noticed much greater density in Greater Rifts. The new density is with trash mobs really thick. But the density of Champion and Rare monsters has decreased. I have gone entire floors without encountering a Champion or Rare but wall to wall trash mobs. Is this blizzard trying to reverse the trend of killing eletes only?ShogunRob1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Goblin etiquette (and Menagerist request) I'm not sure when this happened, but I've noticed a lot of "discourteousness" in public bounty games lately when it comes to goblins and vaults. Certainly most individual goblins are not cause for party-wide alert, but correct me if I'm wrong.. it seemed for the longest time players would alert each other if they saw 1. Gelatinous goblin (blue, splitters) 2. Goblin packs (like a dozen + goblins out in the field) 3. Bandit shrine (shrine that spawns tons of gobs when clicked) 4. A gob that opened the Vault on death I can't tell you how many times in the last month I'm cruising along finishing bounties when I see "XYZ has killed a gelatinous goblin" (repeated like 6 times of course), without any warning to the group. Or having the Greed boss popup, after of course other player(s) have gone through the whole Vault already, with no warning in chat. Or seeing "XYZ has killed ABC goblin" about 10 times because they couldn't be bothered to say "gob pack come quick" There is NO excuse for any of these. So please pay attention and treat your party members to some common courtesy: -Gelatinous show up as a huge blue gob in your mini map, well before you're in ranged. -Gob packs sound like.. well.. 20 different goblins laughing, you can hear them 150 yards away. -Vault is self explanatory. When it opens you say "Vault on me". -Bandit shrines are understandable if you've never seen one before or click on accident, but you can still say "come quick for gobs". I would add 5. people killing Menagerist (pet goblin) without telling other players BUT they are not warned about in advance like gelatinous is. And they should be. So please Blizzard, can you put Menagerist goblins on the mini map so players don't accidentally aggro them?Agamemnicon10 Sep 13
Sep 13 Wand of Woh Any ideas or advice anyone can give about getting the Wand of Woh? I am wondering if anyone recalls where it dropped or what P level they were playing? I would really like to have thisBlackmagick6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Anyone looking to do a T13 rift in under 4 minutes? I need this objective for the Guardian Journey Im strong but not fast enough alone, so if anyone needs wants to help that would be great. Feel free to add me SnowViper #1228SnowViper1 Sep 13
Sep 13 The most obvious QOL change, autocast? So for a very long time now, many people use the capslock/numlock "trick" for auto casting spells. Why hasn't Blizzard adopted this into their game? It seems like good game design philosophy to incorporate this into the game rather than not officially support it, and would certainly be welcomed by virtually every single Diablo gamer.Shafee35 Sep 13
Sep 13 Does Aether Walker drop in Seasons(7)? I have been looking for this and sinking so many mats and Shards and I still didn't find one. Maybe I'm being impatient.Mumrah4 Sep 13
Sep 13 new areas? I know that we have the island in A5, the new part of Leoric's manor in A1 and the place I can't remember the name of in A3 for the barbarians. are there any new places in A2 or A4? I haven't noticed any.KORD4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Chris Metzen Retiring MicroRNA1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Trying to put my finger on why I feel so disappointed So I've been playind D3 on and off since RoS. I refused to purchase the game while the AH was in existence, I read enough to know I would definately not enjoy that game. But when RoS came out I decided to take the plunge and try out D3. I have by far my most hours played in S7, I hadn't played with the Kanai's Cube before, so I wanted to give it a try and see what fun builds I could come up with. While Kanai's Cube certainly has been a blast to play with, hence way more hours this season than at any other time, at the end of the day I still come away from a D3 session feeling a little disappointed and frustrated. It's hard to put into words the exact reasons I consistently end up feeling this way after playing D3, but here is my best shot. I guess the most frustrating thing about D3, and this has always been the case since I've started playing it, is how little skill it takes to play. Actual combat looks great, way better than any other ARPG I can think of, but at the end of the day, the difficulty and content you can complete is based on 1 simple question: Is your gear good enough? It doesn't matter how good you are at dodging enemy attacks, or hitting them with a perfectly placed skill-shot, or thinking up fun and interesting item/skill synergies, the only thing that matters is, Is your gear good enough? In order to answer this fundamental question that will determine what content you can complete in game, we need to look at 2 factors: 1) the inequality between differing legendary/set powers, and 2) poor skill balancing and design. Take for example the Wizard's Delsere Set. Ok, Wizards seemingly got a way for Arcane Orb to finally, maybe, do some damage and be a skill you can make a build around. Well, I did just that, basing my build around a very nice Ancient Unstable Scepter / Triumverate I found early on in my season. I then cubed Fragment of Destiny and wore a Shame of Delsere belt. Seems pretty solid right? Enemies in my Slow-Time take 2000% more damage (that number is enormous, surely I must be able to do a ****-ton of damage no?) plus my 2 main skills are getting lots of damage bonuses from other complementary items. Sadly the answer is, No, this build simply cannot complete the same content that a more meta build can. Why? Arcane Orb is a crap spell. Of 5 possible variations, there are only 2 runes I would even consider using (Frozen or Obliteration). The spark rune feels AWFUL, how did a spell this clunky and slow ever get through development, or better yet, how has it now gotten through 3+ years of patching!!?? Scorch sucks, considering how dependent this game is on big numbers multiplying even bigger numbers, how can I possibly justify going from dealing 700% weapon damage (Obliteration) to dealing a pitiful 274% damage + ~150% weapon dmg per second for 5 seconds (Scorch). So if an enemy stands in place, after 5 seconds they'll take a tiny bit more damage than they would have taken in just 1 second from the same spell? Yea, no thanks So, that leaves us with with only 2 rune options for our main spender/dmg spell, great... What about our generator, we need something to enable our Triumverate. Well, lets take a look at our options, what kinds of neat legendary interactions can we get for our build? On paper we have some interesting options, Mirrorball for a Magic Missile Build, Myken's Ball of Hate for Electrocute, and Fragment of Destiny for Spectral Blade (note: Shock Pulse and all of its runes are completely unsupported, not a single legendary power on any item in the game unique to this skill). But wait, Fragment of Destiny gives 50% faster attacks and 200% more damage, while Mirrorball gives.... 2 extra missiles? There is an INSANE amount of imbalance between the damage you will get using one item over another. What's my point? It doesn't matter how good or bad your mechanics are in this game, the ONLY barrier to success is whether or not you are using the very limited number of skills and runes Blizzard has actually taken the time to balance and support. "Difficulty" is simply a sliding scale of numbers. It doesn't matter how good I am at placing skills, or timing my CoE rotations, or kiting, or any of those gameplay elements. The ONLY factor that will make any real difference to the content I can or cannot complete is whether or not Blizzard decided to support their original content (character skills and runes) with properly balanced legendary items (Fragment of Destiny v Mirrorball). This means we have skill-less gameplay, based on a set of completely imbalanced skills and items. The game has been built on a broken foundation, and the cracks are showing. 2 years ago I had hope, D3 was young enough to get a fair amount of development time and work (I thought), but at this point I think its safe to say what we see is what we get, we're just going to have to wait and pray for a better D4. P.S. to those of you who say "Fine, go play something else" my answer to you is, yes, I will, but I cared enough about D3 and what it represents (the flagship of ARPG games) to at least make as clear as I can what I don't like about D3. My hope is that devs can, in the future, make something that PC gamers like myself might actually want to play, and keep playing for many years, not this half-finished, watered down, skill-less "game" we currently have today.EsoEs2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Is Diablo IV going to be a vaporware? Please share your thoughtsChipoodle8 Sep 13
Sep 12 Location of Kahzra (Fallen) Pennant? Comfirmed as a Fallen pennant not a Kahzra pennant(see below).Does it exsist on console?WALLYWALLEYE2325 Sep 12
Sep 12 No Elite Sound??? You know the "DING" you get for Engaging and Killing an Elite Mob?? Yeah i dont have that "DING" anymore?? When I engage an Elite Mob, there is silience ... But when I kill the Elite Mob I engaged, then there is a "DING" noise???Sparky2 Sep 12
Sep 12 Solo Replay-ability?? So I have had D3 since launch, i went through the inferno days, I played season 1 and played full time in season 5/6/7. But my issue is, when i play the game, I play steady for a couple weeks and then stop. I do enjoy the game. Grifts are fun, I haven't really ever made it that high, but what else is there to do in order to keep the replay value? Are there people that play entirely solo? What keeps you playing?lxHACKDxl1 Sep 12
Sep 12 New hack? Ok, Im used to seeing tons of Bots in rifts and bounties. But the last week I have been seeing "players" that teleport through walls to get the elites and the rift guardian in Greater rifts. What gives?ShogunRob4 Sep 12
Sep 12 Any way to disable enemies flashing white? I'm playing on PC, is there any way to disable this? Just started playing again, am hoping they might have made a change like they did with screen shake.damperfield2 Sep 12
Sep 12 Damage calculator all wrong Lol @ you guys. How did you calculate all of these overly exaggerated e-peen numbers? Seriously, they are blown WAY out of proportion and almost make no sense, toughness is calculated by adding in everything defense wise? Wtf? I shouldn't have to click 3 different things just to find out how much resistances I have, or exactly how much armor I have. Your damage calculator is messed up too. After being told my damage was higher, I noticed it in fact, was not. In spite of flipping out only 2 pieces, which stats were not that much different, it changed my damage from melting to nothing. So why is my damage calc saying I'm doing more but doing less? Can someone intelligently explain why Legacy of Nightmares doesn't show the actual damage boost per item? Or... why so many other damage bonuses apparently don't show up either... Maybe I'm cornfused. I've been playing this game since day 1 and there's been these little things that made absolutely no sense to me, but in spite of it I was able to play fine. However, when I was one of those morons who pre-ordered the digital copy and got stuck, I thought "maybe for sure, since they fixed it somewhat with the expansion, they might fix this and that later on" NOPE Just... laziness guys. Feels like laziness to me. Anyways, I guess I'll play a little more and get back to my other things. Let the thread roll down the page!Onigami17 Sep 12
Sep 12 What would make Diablo 3 fun 4 me. I'll keep it simple. Stash space. I like collecting things. I hate being presented with the decision of to keep or throw away this variant of one piece of armor, that could later be implemented into a different build. One single stat can change the play-style of a build dramatically. And the way I see it, You really limit the players creativity by forcing the player into such harsh consolidation if they happen to play more than one class and in what reality is this a good thing for a game of this style? You can call me a hoarder all you want, To some of us its not about min/maxing everything, Some of us find enjoyment in "collecting" Within** the game itself, not on some website with a database of all the items in-game. To me there's no fun in that. inb4 the play seasons like everyone else bit, I'm sorry but being pigeon holed into some think-tanks idea at increasing the longevity and *incentive to compete in their time sink called seasons does not sit well with me. Stash space is a quality of life feature and imo a major potential mechanic that could bring a lot of people back. Yes i want 6 variants of every set for every class, That's my choice. If I could do that, I would spendmuch more time within this game. Just my 2cents. Sorry, I know i'm the first, nor the last. Hopefully one day corporate will take heed.xxJohnDeerxx4 Sep 12
Sep 12 LFM non-seasonal to do t13ubers with! My keys: 30+ sets Can't find anyone down to do these on T13Qrk2 Sep 12