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Oct 13 Patch notes for season 8? Is there a patch coming? It's been two and a half months of hard work. Or maybe there's no-one left to work on D3 anymore?Shark5 Oct 13
Oct 13 Tyrael booth at Blizzcon? Kind've curious why they have a booth dedicated to Tyrael next to the Diablo booth.Nocturnal5 Oct 13
Oct 13 Avarice Conquest (50 Million gold streak) Hi All, I completed the avarice achievement / conquest yesterday but on the run up to getting it I found very little information out there to help me. So I thought I would put together some tips for fellow players who are going to give it a go. Firstly I strongly recommend around 10K gold find and a hoarder gem of at least 30. Torment 6 is basically mandatory as it gives 1600% GF (which is multiplicative, so this works out at 1% GF on gear will give you 16% GF in T6) I would take the hoarder gem as high as you can. On my first few attempts I had ~8.5k GF and a lvl 30 gem. I was running out of mobs at about 45million. (Not saying you cannot do it with this setup; it’s just going to be a lot more RnG) Best place to do this is Act 5 Ruins of Corvus. (I think it could probably be done in the fields of misery too) I ran thought the whole zone first so I could open up the doors and know the lay of the land. Make sure to respect your paragon points into 50% GF Emerald gem in the helm for 41% GF I pretty much got a whole new marauder set with GF rerolled on Goldskin is a good item for keeping the Streak dream alive (also has 100% GF on) Don’t forget to put GF items on your followers if you are solo Personally I think this is a pretty fun achievement, and balanced well, thanks Blizz I enjoyed working towards and getting this. Video here: As you can see I nearly failed around 43, and then ran out of mobs at 52.Lozzy132 Oct 13
Oct 13 Why no bat wings ? Damnit blizz, everybody wanted the dark bat wings, why you no give love whyyyyy ? Now its the same old, 2 weeks, get stash, stay pissed coz you know that the moment they announce the exp, everybody will get that stash anyhow.. TL:DR QQ bat wings QQSmithey771 Oct 13
Oct 13 Blizzcon 2016 Map should be out soon... From what I can tell, now is about the time they reveal the Blizzcon map and schedule. Looking forward to picking both apart to see if we can determine what (if anything) Blizzard has in store for Diablo. I'm afraid I'm in the "nothing substantive will be announced/revealed" camp, though I hope to be proven wrong. My suspicion is that the reason there is a concert outside is because, frankly, there will be nothing worth discussing about Diablo inside. Lots of celebrations for the anniversary, lots of nostalgia items and what not, but my expectation is that absolutely nothing of any significance will be revealed.BrownieMix32 Oct 13
Oct 13 Thoughts on PTRs, Player/Dev Communication, and more Despite all the comments and suggestions for improvements I’ll outline below, I want to mention first and foremost how much I love the game you’ve created. All the criticism that one can read everywhere around the web regarding Diablo 3 can also be seen as a sign of success how you have managed to touch millions of players so much that they care deeply about the game; enough to think about ways to further improve it. Everytime I struggle with something in Diablo - be it something about the game’s mechanics or engine or just the challenge of a high Greater Rift or bad luck in item drops - I just remind myself that this game in the end always feels rewarding enough to go through those struggles because at the end of the day there’ll be the sweet taste of success. TL;DR: There’s no TL;DR. Much of what I say has been suggested before - but I felt in one last effort I might just try to put everything into one post that I’ve heard from the community over the past few years. Also, maybe for some of the community’s arguments a more in-depth reasoning as to *why* a certain change is needed might help to make the case. ==================================================================== PRELUDE ==================================================================== Usually PTR is a pretty open testbed, and the 2000% legendary buff indicates that you just want a lot of players to join PTR testing - regardless of background. Basically: the more the merrier, to get as much data as possible. Last PTR, however, there was a post by Wyatt and in particular his last paragraph caught my eye: “Finally - I want to circle back to a statement from the start of this post - as developers we do not know what the new optimal group composition will be. We're making some significant changes here and the game is intentionally too complex for us to figure out optimal strategies on our own. The collective wisdom of the player base is far more resourceful and capable than us. As a result - we really need people to jump on the PTR and try this stuff out! Particularly 4-player groups. If some highly competitive group discovers a composition of 4 Crusaders that is the most effective but deliberately "hides" it from the rest of the community, then there's not much we, the development team, can do. While we are ultimately responsible for the quality of Diablo III, we can't improve this game without your help.” - Wyatt Cheng, June 22. That was four weeks before the end of the season. In the days after this post I logged on to PTR and in between my own testing checked the group leaderboards, in particular 4 player non-season. If my memory doesn’t fool me, two weeks later (which is when season end was announced and all competitive players raced for the leaderboards on live) there were a grand total of 131 players ranked on the 4 player leaderboard. Approximately 40 groups (in various different compositions) had even cleared *any* Greater Rift, and only three of them had done 100+. Given that only hours after the non-season leaderboard reset multiple groups cleared GR105 on live in every region, it’s safe to make the following statement: No single “highly competitive group” took up your call for “optimal group composition” testing on PTR. By the end of the PTR, there were only a handful of groups ranked that are experienced competitive high-end players with the ability and knowledge to push the boundaries of group compositions. However, that was after the season had ended, the PTR forums had been closed, and likely any discovery would’ve been too late to be fixed. Also note that some groups did test, but decided not to reveal their findings. Sorry for the long story, but I hope you get my point: If you want PTR to be more than just random data collection but actually a meaningful testing environment, I think some things need to change. So, what are the “lessons learned”? I don’t know about yours, but here are mine - not just from this PTR, but from many past PTRs. ==================================================================== PTR INCENTIVES ==================================================================== If you want “high level group composition” testing, i.e., meta theorycrafting, create incentives. High-level players have to sacrifice playtime they would invest in paragon/gear/gem farming on live, and oftentimes it is just to find a build that won’t make it to live anyways, especially in early stages of PTR we all know that it will never resemble the final patch balance. I do not know which incentive you can create; what about some cosmetic reward (like a pennant or flag design that gets transferred to live)? Something like “final PTR leaderboard rank minus 999 in Death’s Breaths” for the next season, which gets unlocked once you reach paragon 800 in the next season (to not skew the starting race)? I would certainly push as hard as I can to get rank 1 PTR then. ==================================================================== REPLACE THE 2000% BUFF WITH A VENDOR ==================================================================== Turn off the 2000% legendary drop rate buff, or make it optional. We intentionally did most of our testing on live instead of the PTR because the legendary drops completely falsify any seasonal testing (e.g., I copied my character a few times on PTR and every time I had my full class set *before* I completed the Haedrig’s Gift’s requirements). In every 1-70 leveling run on PTR we agreed to not pick up legendaries - but had less crafting materials. In rifts, the 2000% legendary drop rate is fun for about 5 minutes, but then it’s only annoying. You spend 80% of the time looking at the drops to figure out if it’s an item you want and 20% actually playing/testing. On the other hand, I wanted to test Sprinter on Seasonal PTR but did not get any Manajuma - despite the 2000% buff. Please turn off the buff after a while or make it optional. What would be much, much better for testing would be to have a vendor. Want to hop on PTR and test a build? Go to place X and buy your set from the vendor. Test the build and report issues. It could even have fixed stats for more streamlined testing. After all you want people on PTR to test builds - not to test looting. People will still jump on PTR, get the items from the vendor, and test builds; but they’re not subject to loot RNG in what they can test. ==================================================================== PTR PERFORMANCE ISSUES ==================================================================== Lag, latency, and queues. First, consider a EU/Asia PTR. With the exception of the Hydra wizard in Season 3, most of the meta discoveries did not come from the NA realm, but EU and Asia. If you compare the leaderboards of the past few seasons you’ll notice that other regions are quite a bit more competitive. However, the NA PTR has quite a lot of latency for non-NA players which makes some builds really hard to test and in general the testing environment not enjoyable. Second, the PTR should have separate stages; only activate the 2000% legendary buff when you want lots of people to come on PTR and do testing to get lots of data. However, coupled with new content that always created queues and lots of lags - up to a point where high GR tiers are unplayable and testing is pointless. And if your game has queues that also means you can’t forfeit a rift, which means you can’t really go high and test your limits (or you’ll be stuck in the queue for an hour). ==================================================================== TARGET DUMMY AND COMBAT LOG (PTR ONLY) ==================================================================== Okay, I know you hate “DPS meter” and anything like that for Diablo and will probably never give it to us on live (*cry* but I loved LUA scripting in WoW so much). However, it is really difficult and cumbersome for us to test something (and prove those test results) on PTR without having a good baseline and all test results being subject to the typical RNG. I used to kill Ghom a few million times with a legacy “min damage ring” to get a fixed amount of damage (rather than a damage range) and a Mara’s in order to get results, but since he has adds and area damage is such an important part of high GR damage output, it’s not really that helpful. Just imagine there would’ve been a test dummy in town on last season’s PTR - people could’ve shown you within a few minutes that the Twisted Sword’s cap is actually bugged. An entire season of nerve-wrecking, motivation-killing “Twister meta” that caused you so much trouble would not have happened. After all it’s PTR and you want us to test something, but there are no good tools provided. It would be awesome if you could give us something. A target dummy in town (or a group of target dummies in another corner in town) and a PTR-only combat log (even if it’s just a simple “/savelog” command that puts the last 1000 combat events into a text file in the Documents folder) would help so much. And again it would create an incentive for competitive players to hop on PTR. I actually think it would be *beneficial* for proving the build diversity: currently, one player finds out that a spec is really nice. She/he goes ahead and clears a high GR with it, and everyone copies that build like a horde of lemmings. Since 1000 players play this build (and only a few try others) it places much higher on the leaderboard, leading to the conclusion that this build is 5-10 tiers better than the others (despite the real power difference only being 2-4 tiers). This has happened multiple times in the past. A test on PTR with target dummy+combat log would settle many arguments and give those of us who prepare builds on PTR and publish them on Diablofans some evidence to point out that there’s not only one build, but the others are really strong as well. Just look at the current season: everyone was crying about the RoE “nerf” for HT Gargantuams, but the build is still stronger than the others - but Jade, Firebats, and others are now relatively close. A simple target dummy test after the nerf would’ve helped to stop the players’ outrage. ==================================================================== TELL US WHAT YOU’RE WORKING ON (PTR) ==================================================================== A thread with “known issues”, “things that are being worked on”, or just any other form of acknowledgement of player feedback. (I realize this point is almost more about communication - but I want to stress how important this is for PTR.) Many people have even suggested a button that simply indicates “read and forwarded”. In the past there have been “known issues” threads for Diablo 3, but recently I can’t remember - and if so, it did not contain some of the most severe bugs. On almost every PTR forum thread I see people posting “feedback is useless, Blizzard doesn’t read it”. We all know to ignore those cynical users, but with a bit more activity from blue posters on PTR forums such posts wouldn’t even happen. Sometimes there are weeks of PTR uptime without a single acknowledgement of the posts made and bugs reported on PTR forums, so people wonder: “Should I go on PTR, test the same thing, and report the bug again, providing more data?” “Does Blizzard know about this?” There have been bugs in the past that were only fixed after several seasons or bugs that are still not fixed (such as firewalls in Keep Depths Greater Rifts that are wiping entire groups for close to two years now). There are many examples but I want to highlight one: At the end of the Season 6 PTR, the SoS clan (from NA) did a few tests with Twister meta and immediately realized that Twister is still broken and insanely overpowered (that was even before the even more powerful Twister 3.0 that was discovered 6 weeks later on live by EU players). They made multiple threads, including links to spreadsheets and elaborating on their testing and the issues, begging for a fix. However, nothing happened. Their threads were even deleted, so we knew moderators saw them - if their language was out of line that’s all fine if they’re being punished, but many people in the community really wondered why it was not only not fixed, but also why there was no response. Now please put yourself into those players’ position: You go on PTR, test something, find something that is horribly broken and 10-12 tiers above the rest. You report it to the developers - your thread gets deleted and the broken mechanics remain unchanged for an entire additional season. Two months later, you see a developer asking to go on PTR and do high-level meta testing to find broken mechanics. To be honest: I understand why they did not respond. Up until Wyatt’s bluepost the entire community assumed that you were completely fine with the Twister meta and we would see it again for a third season in a row, and I can’t remember any direct response to high-level “meta” testing in any of the recent PTRs. A simple post at the start of PTR with “Twisted Sword is being looked into” would’ve sufficed to put everyone at ease, give the community hope, and players might’ve went on PTR to figure out “what’s the thing that might follow once Twisters are done”. ==================================================================== HIDDEN MECHANICS IN A CASUAL-ORIENTED GAME ==================================================================== Now, with things like Haedrig’s Gift, keeping things simple (e.g., by having elective mode as opt-in), and having challenges that are rather easy to survive (some have finished their Season Journey in one weekend, completing all goals that the game offers in about 30 hours) you have made it very clear that Diablo 3 is geared towards casuals. And I mean this in a very positive way: I remember a quote from before D3 release stating that everyone who knows how to use a mouse will be able to play Diablo 3. If I look back to my first steps in Diablo 1, the game was exactly that - you click your way through Tristram’s dungeons; challenges occur when monsters are too powerful but you just farm some more loot to become more powerful and try again. Now, this paradoxon of “casual gameplay” and “constantly being challenged by more difficult obstacles” is what has made Diablo great. The simplicity of loot - looking at an item and comparing its stats - fit into this quite nicely, it was a conscious design decision to reduce the number of affixes compared to D2, and the tooltip comparison made this even quicker. In Reaper of Souls you added the legendary affixes that greatly increase the fun in creating builds and entirely change the dynamics of classes and their specs. Some classes right now have probably 10 viable builds or more for higher difficulty levels - something unheard of just a few patches ago. However, some of those items and bonuses are at odds with the original mantra of simplicity. A simple example is The Furnace: It’s a great weapon that offers 50% bonus elite damage, but it’s not being displayed in the tooltip comparison or my character screen. I can take out a calculator, but then I have to ask myself “how often do I fight elites”? Well, we have learned to grapple with those decisions - either by taking out a calculator, by asking in communities, or by just trusting our gut. After all, it’s “only” a 50% buff for elites, and at most the difference will result in 2-3 GR tiers. But more complicated examples can be found among the now over 350 (cube-extractable) legendary powers, such as The Short Man’s Finger. It’s very similar to The Tall Man’s Finger, and with Ring of Emptiness, Convention of Elements, and Stone of Jordan a Witch Doctor immediately has an array of 5 rings to choose from just for DPS. Now picture the returning Diablo player who gets into Reaper of Souls and is lucky enough to find all those rings. He might figure out that a 200% increase for one element by CoE is better than the 30% elite damage plus 20% elemental damage on an SoJ even if it’s only active 25% of the time (which is still an average 50% average damage increase). TMF and SMF look very similar. The Gargantuan often seemed to have the AI of a broken squirrel in the past, staring into the air and doing nothing - so he might not realize that this ring is flat out the best damage increase the entire class has to offer! The Ring of Emptiness is a 300% increase if he uses two spells, but is it multiplicative or additive? Also, it requires to use two skills on the bar, is that worth it? Let’s hope he makes the the right decision and sees its insane power. However, absolutely nothing (unless he reads the short bluepost) will let him know that it does not work for pets. And so on. I could continue this list until eternity - internal cooldowns are another thing (a new Witch Doctor might think that Gruesome Feast and Solanium is an amazing synergy to have, only he might never realize that Solanium received an internal cooldown of 8 seconds after Season 5). What I want to say with this: This game is intentionally meant to be really easy to play and simplifies descriptions to not confuse players. You’ve made the conscious decision against combat logs and target dummies to have players not overquantify this game. This would work well - if the bonuses we’re talking about are 10% or 20%. However, with some hidden mechanics buffing your damage by something like 480% (SMF) or 0% (RoE on a pet build), I’m not sure this decision is the right one anymore. I think you’re at a crossroads here and have to make a decision for one of three ways: 1) Reduce those insane damage buffs from their over-the-top numbers to more sane values, such that swapping one item doesn’t enable you to jump up (or lose the power) for an equivalent of 20 Greater Rift tiers. 2) Clarify the “orange texts” on ambiguous legendary affixes, state a number or in some other way make it possible for players to gauge the quantified effect - even if it’s by adding some numbers, especially internal cooldowns. This should not be hidden in advanced settings or the description as it should be possible to see even if you select an item in the cube. 3) Offer a target dummy or combat log. If you don’t want this game to be super quantifiable one way could be a target dummy in town that just offers some response at the end of testing by giving you a funny, yet meaningful response to gauge your power level (“You fight like a dairy farmer!”, “You fight like a cow!”). Or (and I guess others reading this will almost kill me for this) re-open the Realm of Trials - but only for means of testing. In an altered form (with the choice of a single monster per wave or waves of 20 skeletons) it could be useful for testing builds, and in the end you could show a “blurred summary” of selected stats to not overquantify the game, but maybe highlighting “highest crit”, “average time per wave” and so on. ==================================================================== TREAT THE CAUSE, NOT THE SYMPTOMS: DENSITY, PULLING, AREA DAMAGE ==================================================================== I made a post a while ago on the PTR forums similar to this, but unfortunately it’s not around anymore, not even on and I don’t have the draft anymore either… just the first post (of 3, IIRC; link: ). I’m not sure if I clearly articulated this in there, but I’ll just repeat this here: many of the CC changes and other fixes in 2.4.2 are treating the symptoms of gameplay issues instead of getting to the core. Further increasing CC immunities has led to certain classes being close to useless (Crusader) whereas other, formerly powerful effects are still just as powerful and ubiquitously employed in Greater Rift strategies (barb’s spear pulling, monk’s CS pulling). It is punishing casual players, for example the solo Jade WD who is surprised to see his Piranhado sometimes not pulling in mobs, but the high-end groups who want to create high density are still enjoying insane high density, they’re just more careful in applying their CC abilities. What has happened now is that many players feel that some of the pulling abilities have become useless, but the issue still prevails (your GR record scales absolutely with the density in a rift, be it because of mobs running/jumping together on their own or your limited ability to group them up). You have stated yourself (in Wyatt’s post) that density is a problem for gameplay but even for the servers (lag). The issue is *not* that the CC immunity is too low or pulling abilities are too strong. The issue is that density and large groups of monsters are too rewarding for players. Here are some examples with ideas for alternative solutions: * Area damage has become one of the most important damage stats in the game; top players are leaving rifts if they get a boss with no adds or no pylon to spawn adds. Solution: tune down the effect of area damage. I’m not saying that it should be made useless as it was in the first few seasons, but its current benefits are too strong. * Many effects still scale infinitely with more mobs, such as Swampland Attunement WD passive, Pain Enhancer legendary gem, or Ancient Parthan Defenders bracers. In general it might be a good idea to go through the game and add caps to *everything*. Basically almost every exploit or “overpowered meta” was based on non-capped abilities, especially the infamous Twister era. A cap simply ensures that pulling in more than 5-10 mobs means there’s no benefit but only added danger. * Intransparent CC immunities lead to inconsistent behavior, thus favoring “spamming spells” over mindfully employing your cooldowns. Most prominently the really cool ability Draw&Quarter has been rendered useless by the CC nerfs, whereas CS+spear are still working just fine. The 2.4.2 CC changes have led to Crusaders being even more useless, while barbs and monks just spam their abilities twice as much to achieve the same effect (I know this is a bit exaggerating, but I’m sure you understand my argument). Now, I know there’s no way to display the current probably of your Draw and Quarter being resisted by a certain mob. However, what if CC immunities were calculated differently? What if it’s not per mob, but per spell? What if you can’t pull a mob more than once every 5 second with the same spell? * Reverse density effects: punish “overpulling”. This is probably the most straightforward approach - make the CC immunity of a monster not depending on how often it has been subject of CC effects, but instead (or in addition to that) by how many mobs are around. For each monster within 10 yards, add 20% CC resistance. That will allow players to easily drag a single left-over monster with them, but it will make it impossible to pull 5 more mobs into a pile of 20 monsters. Overall, I feel that current CC resistances are hurting the game rather than making it more enjoyable. Simply because of an issue with insane density for high-end groups in high GR pushing you’ve made changes to CC diminishing returns to an extent that has many players robbed of their ability to control crowds of monsters. I think there should absolutely be no punishment for a group creating “safe zones” by constantly pulling monsters away from their Steady Aim Demon Hunters. Pulling abilities *need* to be extremely powerful for a group in order to have their Wizards be using Halo of Karini, removing any monsters within 30 meters. As others have mentioned recently, there aren’t really many ranged classes, and one of those reasons is that so many effects scale with density (often in melee range). There are very few items like Drakon’s Lesson that reward the opposite of high density - and none of those are “part of the meta”. ==================================================================== (PTR) TIMING ==================================================================== Usually the PTR now starts mid-season, halfway through, to last about 6 weeks. It’s a good point for players who have felt the fatigue of paragon farming to get a change of pace and try new content. However, the first iteration on PTR is always rough and never the final one; changes are to be expected, so everyone takes such testing with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I guess it’s usually good enough to find a few broken things and apply some first fixes. The most important of the PTR, however, are the last few weeks - that’s when the patch gets finalized and players get into more serious high-level testing (if they have an incentive to do so, see my first point). Unfortunately, at this point a few things happen: you close the PTR feedback forums on the same day that the season ends. This means that all the competitive players really don’t have an opportunity to test and give their feedback (which is not bugs) before the end of the season. This is highlighted by the fact that many PTR feedback posts still appear on the General Discussion forums days after, because it’s when people have time to test. Even if you can’t address this anymore because the PTR is “feature lock” and “bugfix only”, I think you’re still missing out on a lot of feedback that could even be helpful for future patches. Another thing is the patch release, post-PTR changes, and season start. When you changed the in-between season time to two weeks my immediate thought was “How smart! Now they get all the data from people playing the new patch on live for 10 days before the season starts”. However, the last three seasons have seen the patch being deployed in the same week as the new season starts - for the Asia realm that means merely one day of “in between” patch and season testing on live (patch hits on Thursday, season starts Friday). This was exacerbated in 2.4.2 with the Ring of Emptiness fix being applied post-PTR, and most players did not see this post before they started the season. In fact, when I logged in on the Asia realm 5 hours after season start I saw that most WDs (both season and non-season) still were wearing RoE+SMF, which as we know by now is a rather useless combination of rings. I don’t know when the Asia CM made the bluepost on their forums, but on EU forums the hotfix was posted 50 minutes after (!) the season had started in Asia. All this last-minute craziness is completely unnecessary. If you close the PTR feedback forums a week before the season and the only thing you’re looking for is really bad bugs that need last-minute fixing, but those bugs are usually hotfixed post-PTR… why not release the patch one week earlier? That way you have almost 10 days between patch release and season start for last-minute fixes. And since seasonal players often try to get on the NS leaderboards in the break (as seen in Era 6) you get a lot of high-level testing that you can respond to if you decide to do so, since you made it clear to us that you don’t want to do any mid-season hotfixes anymore after the Sever+Grim Reaper incident. ==================================================================== TELL US HOW WE CAN IMPROVE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PLAYERS AND DEVS ==================================================================== One thing caught my eye that I really can’t wrap my head around. On July 23 Tchevs made his post about the HT Garg+RoE issue. It was by far not the first and not the last, but the one that you decided to highlight. On August 4, 12 days later and just one day before the season, Nevalistis made the bluepost that shattered the world of all Witch Doctors. In her post this line stood out: “The Helltooth/Gargantuan build surfaced during a time on PTR in which we were already submitting our final builds to the production line. This means changes we could make were limited for the actual deployment build, so an adjustment didn't make the patch launch.” It sort of goes back to my earlier point - “tell us what you’re working on” - but maybe also more clearly telling us what kind of feedback you can listen to. The thread with the WD issue was made well before the PTR feedback forums closed (6 days before). If at that point the patch was already feature-lock, then please close the PTR feedback forums earlier or at least make a thread letting us know that the patch is being finalized. But the other thing is that this build was discovered very very early on in PTR. Obviously the PTR forums are not there anymore - but you can still find threads discussing the overly powerful RoE+SMF+HT combination on the official WD forums, Reddit, Diablofans, and there are even builds on Diablofans from one day after the PTR went live (!). In the beginning of July the build was absolutely dominating the WD leaderboards, and it was prominently featured by WD streamer bigdaddyden on July 17. What I’m saying is: either a patch build gets “finalized” much earlier on PTR than we thought (then please tell us) or you simply didn’t know about this. Either way, it seems obvious to me that the communication between players and developers is lacking a lot. If a build can be found on the Diablofans Builds database 6 weeks before patch deployment, if it tops the PTR leaderboards 4 weeks before patch deployments, and if it’s the #1 topic of discussion in all Diablo online communities 2-3 weeks before deployment, where in that process did we fail to inform you of our insight to take action in a timely manner? On the one hand we’re all just players, a patch is always subject to change, and we know that everything can happen (not just since the Mortick’s Brace removal). But a lot of those players put a lot of time into preparing content - Diablofans Builds, Youtube guides, forum threads with helpful advice for new and returning players. A great deal of time goes into theorycrafting, testing, preparing, writing, and publishing those things. To see all these efforts vanish in an instance a day before the season start - when there is simply not much time to update the guides, let alone do the required testing - is just heart-breaking. Some players just don’t get the update and play for quite some time with a “broken” ring combination of SMF+RoE. Some players are so devastated that they switch classes or stop playing altogether. We don’t want that. I’m sure you don’t want that either. So let’s talk about how we can improve communication - on both ends. Tell us how to make it absolutely clear to you if we are 100% positive that we have found a broken and overpowered skill/item/combination that needs your attention. Maybe for PTR, just give us a weekly update of things that you are working on, things that you know but can’t address right now, and things that you are aware of but disagree with being an issue. ==================================================================== SEASON JOURNEY ==================================================================== Please allow players to “look ahead” in the Season Journey. If not, then at least be mindful in making them not waste efforts in vain. I’ve created the Season Journey website for this season ( - to be honest, I’d be happy to be able to take this down and see you implementing this in our “career” view on the armory. But more importantly, I took the information from a bluepost that said that Guardian requires 3 gems to rank 65. Now, since you can’t see Guardian before you augment 2 gems (required for Conqueror) but many people want to minimize gem leveling, quite a few players leveled 2 gems to rank 65 as soon as possible and augmented them. Only to find out that over night the Guardian requirement had changed to 3 gems to rank 70. I built this tool in my free time to help players out and took the information from official sources and received personal attacks because players relied on this info and “wasted” 130 gem upgrades by augmenting 2 rank 65 gems, just 5 short of the Guardian requirement. I can understand if you don’t want players to look ahead in the Season Journey. It’s the same in Diablo 2: Blood Crescent feels like an insanely powerful weapon early on, but if you knew all the exceptional and elite unique items right away it would greatly diminish your valuation of this item. It’s the same with the Season Journey: It feels really great to finish a chapter, rather than realizing that you’re only one tenth of the way into the season. However, if you decide to keep it that way, you need to remove the augment part, or tell players in the description of this season journey requirement that at a later stage you will have to augment higher level gems (and need to level gems to a higher level) to complete the season journey. I personally would omit the augment part from the season journey altogether or have it only in the very last step (Guardian). Leveling gems takes quite some time, as someone who writes a lot of guides for players I would not recommend anyone to augment a rank 30 gem ever, so this part of the Season Journey did not really sense to me. While we’re talking about Season Journey testing on PTR: Please for next PTR reset the Season Journey entirely when hitting the “copy character” button. One big source of bugs was/is the “full bounty run” part of the Season Journey - but you could only test it once, since copying your character did not reset the Season Journey. On Reddit people still reported issues with getting credit for this even on live. On a personal note - after many small fixes the Season Journey Tracker is now correct, but there’s still the Difficulty Overview that I maintain which is based on player-sourced data ( I hope it does not contain similar crass errors like the SJ Tracker did. I know that occasionally you are willing to give away numbers (that’s where I got some of them from), so if you’re willing to throw us a bone to highlight numbers that are far off that would be great. Both websites get thousands of hits every day, and I’d feel bad to be embarrassed a second time. ==================================================================== UI DESIGN ==================================================================== One of the things that made me love Blizzard’s games since the early 90s was the interface. It was not that something stands out about any of the interfaces of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans or Diablo 1 - it’s rather the fact that there was *nothing* that was bothering me. There were hardly any misclicks. Interfaces were simplistic (also easier to achieve in the 90s with less features in games at the time), adhering to the basic KISS design rule. World of Warcraft was the first game where simplicity wasn’t necessarily a big strength, just due to the sheer amount of features and complexity that was previously unheard of. However, since WoW interfaces can be altered by LUA scripting, the community has come up with a myriad of great ideas and you have picked up some of then since and integrated them into the default WoW interface. I have to be honest and blunt with my criticism here: Despite my deep love for this game, Diablo 3 does in some aspects not continue this great line of interface design. From release until today there have always been smaller and bigger issues that bug me, and I’m wondering if one PTR thread could be used to address this (and maybe the person in the D3 development team that has an HCI/UX background could step forward and engage in a discussion with the players). Some issues that come to my mind are: * The difficulty selection screen. To switch from Torment 1 to Torment 12 it takes me 3 clicks that could be reduced. Why not have a scrollable list, maintaining consistency with the campaign selection pane? Or even better, why not cut the lower part of the difficulty selection “buttons” and just have all 17 difficulties on one page? Use the screen real estate. On PC we have mouse and keyboard, which is great for using shortcuts (those exist even in Diablo 2 for only three difficulties!) and enough precision to hit even small buttons with the mouse. * The stash implementation. Mixing pages and tabs is such an awkward and cumbersome addition. The only way how I could defend that design is if you were to told me that you plan on adding more stash pages (there’s certainly room for that). However, things would even become more complicated then. We have nice icons for tabs - but not for pages! I find myself mis-clicking back and forth all the time, especially at the beginning of a new season when I’m still trying to figure out a good stash tab organization. The loss of visibility of the other page (which is not selected) just makes it so more difficult as you shift information from the user’s eye to the user’s head. I don’t have the perfect implementation either, but certainly there are some that work better (at least in my opinion) for 10 tabs: 1) Make two rows of stash tabs, next to each other. If you click on a tab in the right row, the rows get switched, to adhere to the Proximity Gestalt Law - the selected tab icon will be next to the open tab. 2) Just make the buttons smaller, half the size. 3) Make it scrollable; just like the captions for Excel sheet tabs. 4) The Blizzard way of fixing a problem by overhauling the system. Split the stash screen, making the top “shared” and the bottom “character only”. Reduce the amount of stash tabs back to 5. You lose 5 (shared) stash tabs at most (after season 8), but you gain 12 half stash tabs (15 with CE) for personal stash per character. Overall a gain of 1 to 2.5 stash tabs. And honestly, a split personal/shared stash solution is one of the most common feature requests I see pop up. * Seasonal portraits covering up paragon numbers. This one has been around for several seasons now - why is the graphical design of the paragon portraits not clean for the bottom part where the paragon level is being displayed? It’s sometimes hard to read (and in one season, I think S4 or S5, almost impossible) which exact paragon level someone is. * Monsters on minimap. Now this one might be arguable as some players probably regard it as a part of “skill” to figure out where the monsters are located. We get skulls for the last few monsters in a bounty, but why can’t we just in general get some dots for monsters on the minimap? At the very least, maybe small dots for elites? Especially with items like In-geom relying on finding every minion in a dense pack of random monsters, having indicators for this would be a great QoL addition. You’ve shown with the pylon indicators and the Menagerist icon that you are aware of potential minimap shortcomings, so I hope we can take it one step further. * Interface elements blocking other interface elements. The most common one is chat. I just want to turn it off entirely. Since there is no combat log, and I’m usually on Teamspeak with the people I’m playing with anyways, the chat has zero meaning for me. Many streamers make an empty channel and display only that because they don’t want to show clan, party, or private chat on stream. But even if you deem chat useful, try posting an item from the bottom row of your stash tab into a chat message. It’s so cumbersome and usually you end up taking the item out of the stash just to be able to post it. Is that really necessary? Another example is the “Journal” popup that covers up your blood shard count. * Important dynamic stats being hidden in deep-nested menus. A prime example is movement speed, which for the Sprinter conquest I really want to keep an eye on - but it covers up 60% of my screen. Players with the Shi Mizu build need to play with inventory open because the red screen flashing only indicates low health - but not necessarily low enough to have the Shi Mizu buff (one of many items that still needs a buff icon, by the way). Convention of Elements has a nice icon, but that one would be unnecessary if I could just constantly see my elemental elite damage prominently displayed somewhere. Okay, I’ll stop here with this list and come up with one quick idea to fix this: Add a shortcut (like CTRL+ALT+click or whatever) to those detailed character screen values that lets you focus up to five of them, just below the rift bar/in the quest pane. This is similar to the web armory where you can click on five of your stats to show the total value, just that this one would be nice to keep an eye on up to five of your character’s dynamic stats. * Let us save builds. You probably had your reason why you removed the “weapon switch” functionality from Diablo 2, and an entire build+item switch mechanism as in WoW will probably not be implemented in D3. However, with players switching between bounties, Nephalem Rifts, and Greater Rifts, it would be so amazing if we could store builds. I can’t count how often I’ve switched to my GR spec… only to forget one skill which made the build not work, and had to restart. Wasted key (especially devastating if you encounter a good rift). High-end players are usually very quick in switching builds and don’t make mistakes, but again, the interface should help us out here. * Quality of life tooltips and UI features. The most often requested one here is to display the *actual* cooldown of a spell instead of the base cooldown; or maybe both (i.e., show the current expected cooldown that takes all your cooldown reduction into account in brackets). In general Diablo 3 has so many cooldowns and some classes/builds use cooldown abilities on all their skill slots (most prominently the LoN Bombardment Crusader) that a more responsive and accurate interface would not only be helpful, but sometimes even be crucial for success and subsequently enjoyment. Other QoL changes would be additional information like proc coefficients and so on; I know you’re unlikely to implement this due to the “less is more” mantra, but in some cases it’s just a necessity. Proc coefficients are a good example though because they’re even mentioned in the official game guide ( but not listed anywhere. Why tease players about proc coefficients and hide them, making it next to impossible for us to derive those numbers? Also, if there was an ability to “pin” certain buff icons it would greatly enhance QoL for certain builds, such as being able to highlight the CoE cycle on screen for builds in which it’s really important. * Tune down the unnecessary delay by animations. We all learn this in basic presentation 101: Don’t overuse animations. Using the default fade-in/fade-out looks nice on one slide. On three slides it’s still okay. If you have a presentation with 30 slides that all use fade-in/fade-out, the audience is likely to hate you. It’s similar in Diablo 3: upon my first playthrough, all those animations let me enjoy the depth of the story, reflect on what an important figure in Diablo 3 history King Leoric is, and so on. When you’re attempting the “Sprinter” conquest these days, you’ll notice that about 15-20 minutes of the one hour is spent in animations; watching the Scoundrel slowly walk up to the event, Leah telling me that she can’t (even though we know she can), Diablo dying for what feels like an eternity - and so on. There is the “skip cut scenes” checkbox in the option, but it doesn’t really skip them; it just shortens them down to what the escape button would’ve done otherwise. It is still nerve-wrackingly slow and it is still imperative to bind “close dialog” to your mouse wheel when trying Sprinter. It would be great if this “skip cut scenes” option would actually do what it says (reduce Sprinter to 45 minutes then), and it would also cancel dialogs. Another example are actions like gem upgrades and cubing items. Here’s a brilliant example of where you did it right in Diablo 2: When you craft the Staff of Kings/Khalim’s Flail, there’s a visual animation as well - but you can immediately take the staff/flail out of the cube and place it in your inventory. The animation is there, but it doesn’t cause unnecessary delay. In Diablo 3, upgrading 20 rings in Kanai’s Cube takes five times more time than necessary - because you have to wait before you can remove the new ring from the cube. This animation matches the anticipation of crafting your first five items… but after that it’s just annoying. You’ve realized that those delays have to be removed in other occasions (identifying items in Diablo 3 vanilla, lengthy gem upgrades in patch 2.4.1) - please revisit other unnecessary delays as well. ==================================================================== Well… that’s it! Had to get this off my chest. I’m not sure this is going to be read by anyone ever (in its entirety), and I know there’s no chance anyone’s gonna agree with everything (as we’re all entitled to our own opinion). But at least it’s out there. ;-)Bagstone40 Oct 13
Oct 13 How do we acquire the stash tabs? Hi, I've been playing almost every season I believe and I never got to Conqueror in any of them. Are these permanently gone now? So if I start season 8 and get a tab, it will only +1 starting there instead of the 10 in total? What about non-seasonal characters? My stash is getting quite cumbersome.HaakonXCI12 Oct 13
Oct 13 season and stash tab.. is it we need to master all class set dungeons ??Lezard2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Season 7 end date? When will season 7 end? I'm already bored.SteLitY32 Oct 13
Oct 13 Hmm! now there's a coincidence, lol October 21st... Anyone notice Battlefield 1 release date is same date as the new season 8 for Diablo 3? Coincidence or not?jimmy13 Oct 13
Oct 13 End Game..Who is really to blame First of all end game gear can be achieved in a matter of 30 hrs game play, give or take luck on drops. It does not have to be ancient or augmented(well unless you want to grind high GR). As far as journey in season well about the same 30 ,you just need a group for a few of the one that you cant do solo. Now why is this game the way it is? I here everyone saying Blizzard doesn't listen to posts? Its clear to me they do and so forth we have the game we have today. To many people complain about one thing or an other and this is what you get a game a 5 year old could overpower. Blizzards solution always is Nerf, always has been ,so keep complaining about things that are too hard for you. Just don't blame Blizzard you all asked for it. On the up side lol lets see what comes from blizz conn.I thinking a patch for d3 ..right after it ends myself.Aysrian7 Oct 13
Oct 13 What if the next Diablo IP had massive siege wars? So, what if the next Diablo IP (whatever it is) had us fighting in the midst of massive armies and humongous monsters that had tons of hp and could squash us like bugs? I feel like it would be cool to have an all out, full scale war going on.Nocturnal1 Oct 13
Oct 14 Vyr - seasonal set issue well, new season #8 wiz seasonal set looks so crappy, it is not viable even on T13 farming. There are many threads about the way to buff it. from my experience in s6 Vyr full set - was more/less competitive to other sets. So the proposal: just add 6 set items bonus: Swami stacks become multiplicative.Alec21 Oct 14
Oct 13 Powerleveling Season 7 For today and tomorrow, at least, I will powerlevel seasonal characters. Once you are 70, if no one else is waiting to be leveled, I do not mind grabbing the cube for you or other stuff related to the seasonal journey tasks so long as you ask. Battletag is LordCahan#1800LordCahan41 Oct 13
Oct 13 Auto pickup crafting items. Blizzard during the first days when diablo 3 was released players were forced to pick up gold by clicking on it. Since then you have implemented auto pickup of gold. Now dont you think it would probably be a smart move if blizzard applied auto pickup to crafting items as well. Many crafting items have become necessary for player progression. I have to admit it is also a little annoying that this had not been administered to the game sooner. So blizzard wadya think are we liketly to see this applief in a future patch.Sevenofnine12 Oct 13
Oct 13 D4 Theory Debunked They are releasing a Diablo pet for Diablo 3 on Blizzcon.Sol12 Oct 13
Oct 13 Simple fix for efficiency rusher Let me start off by saying I'm not against anyone who wanted to rush for efficiency. However, when the behaviour of one rusher is affecting the experience of other three people in the game, it should be address. The online gameplay of diablo game is always CO-ops friendly until this iteration of the series. I had never seen any CO-ops game with one player simply rush ahead and do his own thing while the other tried to keep up. Therefore, I'm suggesting two simple fixes. 1. Remove the progress orb from elite group in rift. Elite group should be a challenge to the player, it shouldn't be trivial task that the player actively hunt for profit. I know at higher GR player tend to focus on white mob to progress but this fix will help the Low to mid GR. 2. Change it so that all mob has a chance to drop DB, and not exclusive to elite mob. Elite mob will have higher chance to drop DB but the ratio should be something like 10:1 when compare to white mob. I'm anticipating some replies will simply said join a community or play with friends or solo. My replies to them, I can just jump into any random game room and have fun in the previous iteration of Diablo game. Why do I have go through other option to find a good team in D3?Neogeo18 Oct 13
Oct 13 Ranking Set Dungeons by Difficulty I completed mastery of all of the set dungeons over the weekend and was curious what others thought regarding which ones were more difficult than others. Keep in mind I main a monk so that could skew my ratings a bit as I had all the gear I needed for those as well as familiarity with the skills. I was short on DPS for some of the other classes, which made the timed portion harder. Here are my rankings. Anything that’s a 1 I completed within 3 attempts. Overall, I found Wizard to be the most difficult and Demon Hunter to be the easiest. Barbarian 4.5 overall IK – 3 Earth – 5 Raekor – 2 Wastes – 8 The Wastes set was the only real challenge here, but every time I failed I felt like it was my own fault for getting hit with the exception of a period where I was lagging. I was also a bit short on DPS which meant I had to hang around the mobs longer than I would have otherwise, increasing my risk of taking a hit. Crusader 5.25 overall Akkan – 8 Invoker – 3 Light – 1 Roland’s – 9 I was short on DPS for the crusader sets as well. Akkan was one of the more RNG based dungeons as you need to hit so many different packs with condemn. If they are too grouped up you can run out of mobs to condemn by the time you reach the end. The only challenge on Roland’s was the timer, but that was a huge challenge. The level is huge and there are hundreds of imps that run off when you kill something. I beat it in around an hour but with literally zero time left. It could have easily taken me much longer. Demon Hunter 3.75 overall Marauder – 4 Natalya’s – 1 Shadow – 4 Unhallowed – 6 Not much to say here. Demon Hunter is the only class without a particularly hard dungeon. Unhallowed Essence was somewhat RNG based, but it’s a small dungeon and didn’t take too long to get a good one. Monk 4.5 overall Inna’s – 1 Monkey King’s – 2 Raiment – 5 Uliana’s – 10 Uliana’s is the hardest set dungeon in the game in my opinion. I had every piece of gear needed except the fire immunity amulet and it still took me 4 or 5 hours to complete. The gear requirement is very steep on this, there is a huge level of RNG with the 21 EPs to the point where you can only complete the dungeon maybe 1 out of 5 times if you do everything right, and the level is huge which means you are racing the whole time just to kill all the mobs. Witch Doctor 4.5 overall Helltooth – 4 Arachyr – 1 Jade Harvester – 8 Zunimassa – 5 Jade Harvester is kind of unique in that there isn’t really anything hard about it on the surface. Once you get the route and rhythm down the objectives are easy and you will easily be able to clear to the end of the map within the time limit. The problem is, once you get to that point you find you have missed some invisible snakes and have to race back through the map trying to find them. It’s basically a matter of being acutely aware of your surroundings and rerunning the map over and over until you are lucky enough to not miss or are able to find them on your backtrack before you run out of time. Wizard 6.5 overall Firebird – 7 Delsere’s – 10 Vyr’s – 8 Tal Rasha – 1 With the exception of Tal Rasha, I found every wizard set to be difficult. I was again a bit short on DPS which really hurt on Delsere’s dungeon as I had to spend extra time killing the elites, which in turn made completing an already difficult dungeon in time even harder. I ran into similar issues with Vyr’s, although that only took around 20 tries, the map is really big and the little imps run off, making it hard to get them all.KrimsonMask26 Oct 13
Oct 13 Better Kick Option As many people know the kick option in the game is pretty garbage. Here is a perfect example of what happens quite often to me and probably many people. I would make a t8 game for rifts and some guy with a low paragon level who cant handle t8 would just join and bum levels. My options are either finish the rift, leave the game or wait for someone else to join to hopefully kick the other person (you can only kick with 3 people as far as I know) I understand this is a coop game and I understand I can make a private game or join a group but If I am the host I should be in charge of kicking people or not kicking them. I also understand that people would abuse this system if it was to be in the game, tons of trolls etc.. I am pretty happy with the game other than this issue.My complaining is a fair point and it is not hard to add it into the game since everyone in blizzard is smart and capable of adding a better kicking system. I know people still have this issue and it still is not in the game. I know you guys will make the right choice.NikTrajkovic10 Oct 13
Oct 13 After 6,800 hours of play, leaving Diablo for a while.. After having accumulated more than 6,800 hours on Diablo 3 playing all my characters, but mostly as a monk, I am going to give Diablo a rest. It just is NOT FUN any longer. Blizzard seems to have decided that ONLY seasonal play will be worked on to be made better. NON-SEASONAL PLAY HAS BEEN COMPLETELY IGNORED for over a year now. I did not play seasonal at first. I do not get pleasure from seeing my score being better (or worse) than 1,000 other players... I started playing seasons, and got over 800 Paragon level on several of them. The seasonal journey was ok too, UNTIL the set dungeon MASTERY became REQUIRED before you could move on in the journey. The problem with set dungeons in my opinion is that they are simply won by LUCK with little or NO skill required. You win by simply playing enough times to get the random number generator (RNG) to finally give you enough density in monster groupings that you can get the BASIC mastery. Kill 460 monsters, don't get hit by succubus, touch chest before 2:00 minute, DONE! YAY! I win! THAT was all the requirements stated on the page to win. BUT THEN after having done ALL that, a NEW requirement pops up.... kill 38 MORE monsters NOW, before your previously specified 4.5 minutes time has elapsed. I have gotten down to only having 2 monsters left to kill when time expired. WHY NOT SPECIFY UP FRONT, “set mastery requires you to kill all 500 monsters (everything in the dungeon) before the 4.5 minutes has expired”???? To race through a set dungeon, get all specified requirements done, and THEN have a new requirement pop up “oh we did not mean you had won by doing everything we specified, we meant you 'basically' had won, but not really masterfully won.” is not fun. It is stupid. How did seasons start anyway? Did someone say “whoa we have players at paragon 1,000 level.... I know, lets make them start all over again at 0 and not be able to use ANYTHING they spent those thousands of hours earning” ??? won't that be fun??? It is, in my opinion, utter idiocy to think it will be fun to someone, who has spent 1,000 hours playing the game to get a character to high enough paragon level to be enjoyable to play, when you tell them “now we are going to drop you back to zero and watch you have 'fun' doing the same crap, to get the same rewards, and the same weapons, all over again”. And when you finish a season, all that stuff you just spent another 1,000 hours winning, WEEELLLL we are going to add it to the other stuff you spent 1,000 hours winning. Oh but we WON'T give you ANYTHING new or fun to DO with that stuff you spent thousands of hours winning. In fact we are going to ignore it, and tell you to start from ZERO AGAIN... WHEEEEE isn't this fun. Season 7 is the straw that finished off the camel for me. For the first time I have over ½ of my legendary items showing up being MORE powerful than the Ancient version of that item. On the surface, that is JUST wrong, but it is actually an indicator of something deeper being wrong. The comparison tool now ignores SO many attributes of an item (yellow starred) that at best, it is misleading and at worst it is WRONG about which item is better of two. I believe that they don't count the yellow starred items, because they don't want us to KNOW how much or how little something is taken in consideration during game play. Or maybe they don't know either. Like area damage???? is it good, bad, more important, less important, than resource cost reduction??? it used to be Crit Hit Chance, Crit Hit Damage, and Attack Speed... Remember when if you got an Echoing Fury you had the best weapon in the game???? Remember when you use to need weapons to attack monsters (now primary weapon is a skill not even a weapon)... Oh and a question, why have I received hundreds of sets of Blackthorne armor when it is useless? Why do I spend thousands of shards at Kadala, and ONLY get rare or magic items. I play Torment 13 all the time and this is as good as it gets for drops? Why can I play an entire season and not get a single Ramaladni's gift (to add a socket to a weapon). Why are some things ONLY available if you play in a group? Now the legendary gems were a good idea at the start, and even Caldesann is a nice idea to essentially give extra Dex, Int, Vit or Str to ANY Ancient piece of armor or weapon. I can take a legendary gem from rank 0 to rank 52 in 98 minutes. Rank 52 is trivial for almost everyone to be able to get a gem upgraded to, and a rank 50+ gem can be used to Caldesann upgrade armor weapons and jewelry... but it only gives you 250 Dex bump, which is less than a Flawless Royal gem (+280)..... and a Flawless Royal gem is upgraded with gold. BUT you need 3 Flawless Royal gems, PLUS 1 legendary gem above rank (30/40/50) plus the Ancient legendary item to Caldesann upgrade an Ancient item to (+150/+200/+250) Caldesann. Now the guys on the leader boards are running with rank 100+ legendary gem upgrades to Caldesann their Ancients. How many thousands of hours are represented there? The time to upgrade a gem from 50 to 100 is exponential compared with the time it takes from 0 to 50.... and for a full ancient Caldesann outfit, there are 13 pieces to upgrade.... HOW MANY HOURS does it take to upgrade 13 legendary gems to 100+.... It is no wonder that MY BEST solo greater rift is still only 72 even with a paragon 1000+ player and 13 items Caldesann upgraded to 60+. If I spend 8 hours upgrading a legendary gem to 100, does it really make any sense to destroy it, in Caldesann upgrade to get +500 Dex (less than 2 Flawless Royal gems at +560 which you get for 20 million in gold) On to nerfed sets. Sunwuko for two seasons now worthless. They took a reasonably good skill (Sweeping Wind) and made it a weakness. If sweeping wind TOUCHES ANYTHING it loses stacks and Sunwuko special skills, (lashing tail kick, wave of light or the stupid channeling one Tempest Rest) all become inactive because sweeping wind now is only 1 stack high and even though it shows active, you must restart it to get stacks... if you are in battle, you cannot restart it.... at least until you die. Sweeping wind does not act like this any other time except in Sunwuko set. The tank” monk cannot “tank” anything with Sunwuko because if even a tiny eel slides in within 10 yards, POOF, sweeping wind gone and monk dead. Anyway, since I am unwilling to spend any more days trying to “master” a set dungeon for the monk, and that in turn stops my ability to continue with seasonal progress.... (too bad too because when I leveled a third legendary gem to 65, it said I had completed a requirement for Destroyer.... ) too bad I can't see past conqueror 9/10. Wish list includes ability to 1 key save/restore a complete character set (all active and passive skills, weapons, armor, and Kanai's cube items). One per character so that I can keep a “base” character playing that I always come back to, and can still experiment with that character switching skills, weapons armor and such and still come back to a KNOWN good set with a stroke of one key. That would allow me to create only one seasonal character to play. I use two now, one known good, the other to experiment. Wish list 2: how about making some non-seasonal play upgrades, for those of us who enjoy killing monsters at higher levels. Wish list 3: admit set dungeons were a good coding exercise for the intern that did them, and make them optional to play, and NEVER required for anything. In my opinion set dungeons are way below what Blizzard had created as it's standard of excellence in game play. They are on about the same level as the brawling area which should be removed too. Wish list 4: use a RNG that in fact generates random numbers. Mystic upgrade rolls have NEVER gone from 9.5 to 10 for me, without first rolling multiple 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5 rolls. All the lower range numbers are ALWAYS rolled, many multiple times, before a single upper boundary value is rolled. That is not how random numbers occur. Thank you Blizzard for the years of entertainment you have provided me. I look forward to the time when it will be fun to play Diablo again.DamagedGoods54 Oct 13
Oct 13 Where is David Brevik Yesterday ? Hmmmm... goood question Oct 13
Oct 13 The badge of honour In a nutshell when Diablo 3 came out you could grind to paragon 100, this meant those with not much time could focus on one character and those who could play 12 hours a day could make many more. When ROS came out i had 4x P100 chars and life was good. My life has changed over the last four years with getting married and the mrs popping one out. The new paragon system is a shambles as i simply don't have the time to get anywhere near my 8+ hours a day clan mates. I currently have p1040 sc and p1100 on hc, some of the guy's in my clan are p2000 this season alone. I don't get to play with them often except in bounties or t11 farming. I may come across as salty but feel that blizzard has really messed the game up and i won't be playing Diablo 3 again. Blizzcon can't come soon enough and if Blizzard plan to breath new life into this mess of game pls ditch the para grind, for the moment i'll stick with Diablo 2.Artemis0 Oct 13
Oct 13 The last game remotely resembling old Blizzard HOTS is a joke. They are interested in appealing to about 2 percent of the player base so they can pretend they are elitist at "mashing buttons". Overwatch is a TF2 clone. Nothing more or less... it's modified to be newer.. but it isn't innovative at all. Don't play Hearthstone... and don't care to. Starcraft2 = DULL. So what's left.... D3 is it. It was probably the 2nd worst game they ever released on launch. They fixed it to a point where it became playable But far and away the game they have totally ruined is WoW. WoW legion is total and complete trash. WoD was probably the worst game they ever released and the same guys who made it are there ... still... doing... the same... exact... thing. If you're playing Diablo 3 ... you are playing WoW now. And that is not a joke. Even though it doesn't FIT the genre, they couldn't think of any ideas so they basically imported D3 into WoW. Legendaries, RNG and Key runs (yes.. you heard that right). So save yourself a bunch of cash and don't feel left out. You are already playing WoW. FYI, the pvp in this game is superior to that one. What's that you say? There IS no pvp in D3? Right. None in WoW either. So my point is simple. If you paid for this game... along with the RMAH ripoffs and the horrible launch and stuck around... you have already played probably the best you're gonna get from blizzard... for good.Manowar3 Oct 13
Oct 13 Question about Pubs vs Community... So, for the biggest part of my time playing this game (since before 2.0), I've been going at it completely solo. However, recently because I only started this season about 3 and a half weeks ago and about a week and a half ago was only missing the timed rift parts of the journey, I started joining public games in order to get those achievements. Well, I found that it was actually fun to jump into a multi-player (Imagine my surprise at that, lol). Yet, I found that in most cases, even playing a DH, I was a lot slower at the game than most other players. Whether that's because most folks have higher leveled gems and paragons, I'm not sure. What I do know, is that in order to keep up and not die every couple of minutes, I had to run a tough build. What I mean, is I forwent most offensive skills, like a wolf or MfD in order to run Shadow Power while also running Traveler's Pledge/Compass Rose/Elusive Ring in order to get past groups of monsters left behind by the quicker members of the group. So a lot of the time, I felt like I was being carried. Not that that was a horrible feeling or whatever. At any rate, I'm thinking of going into Season 8 right from the start and I was wondering if Public games would "feel better" if I was more in line with other's time in the season, or would it be better to find a community or clan to play with? As an aside, I'm not the most outgoing of people, don't have a lot of friends, kind of socially awkward, I guess and given that, would it better to stick to public given that there isn't a whole lot of interaction?Idolis6 Oct 13
Oct 13 Season 8 Preview? Play it for a couple days, unlock stash tab, quit Season and Era. Even most seasonal players will do that if class sets don't get any balance neither the metagame changes.gambler4 Oct 13
Oct 13 Possible patch on the PTR?!?! I keep getting will now close & update patch but nothing happens, anyone else getting this?!SeaBigBear4 Oct 13
Oct 13 Ranged Classes need inherent ranged bonus TLDR: 1. Barb, Monk, Crusader get 30% damage reduction. WD, Wiz, DH get nothing. 2. Top builds for "ranged" classes are all melee ranged 3. Either give all classes 30% DR, or give ranged classes a damage boost (akin to Steady Aim) The middle finger long directed at ranged players has been getting bigger and bigger. Top builds for the "ranged" classes are not ranged. Wizards are all using melee range abilities, archon or not. DH has the FoK build, which involves dancing around under 25% health for 30 seconds (or whatever), then releasing burst damage (melee range again), and rinse-repeat. DH UE (and Marauder's) are two of the only *somewhat* viable true ranged builds in the game right now, but they don't fit in the high grift meta, so good luck getting people to help you push and level gems. Meanwhile, I've been slogging out solo grift 80s to try to level my gems because the only useful DH now plays "support". Yes, the most thematically and practically ranged class in the game must either play melee or support. What? Speaking of solo grifting, squishy ranged builds don't have the luxury of building density, at least not to the extent a melee build can. We have to kill most things pretty much as we see them.. if we skip around, those things will come up from behind to kill us, or we'll back ourselves into a corner from which we're not likely to come out alive. Also, our damage is directional, not circular around our character, so getting monsters to follow us doesn't help Wizards aren't much better off. They added some legendaries to support channeled spells, but they're only used briefly to proc Obsidian and Chantodo's before fighting in melee range. Channeled ranged spells as primary damage dealers are worthless. The most fun I ever had in this game was back when Tal Rasha 6-piece just gave you meteors. I was running Frozen Orb with fire Familiar and Lightning surge.. it was viable and I had a blast playing it. Anyway, I'm glad ranged classes have a melee option, but a ranged class's best builds should be... drum roll.. RANGED. If Blizz can't do that, they should just admit what a farce it is, and give every class damage reduction. OR, much like the background passive 30% DR for melee classes, give the ranged classes a background 20% damage increase for enemies beyond a certain distance (much like DH passive Steady Aim). Then we might see more ranged builds excelling.. or at least accepted into high grift groups because.. another drum roll.. ranged builds are supposed to deal high damage from a distance for the tradeoff of having less toughness. Pretty basic concept, which they seem to have forgotten. EDIT: Lest I forget about the WD.. when was the last time you saw a Zuni WD? Case in point. EDIT2: I also like these ideas: ... ...Agamemnicon73 Oct 13
Oct 12 Hunt for Pools of Reflection: boredom as well in S8? Considering the situation in group gr's: Before closing the rift, pools need to be searched in order to get the xp boost. You look for the well known spots on a low difficulty. Or you open limited cow levels and need to reset the game every two runs. THIS is boring as hell. Maybe someting can be done about this for season 8? For instance limit the boost of 25% until char level 70, as done with other xp boosters. Or somehow keep the boost only for solo gr's and change it for group gr's. For sure all the xp farmers will cry out now. But somewhere I believe that you also find this pool hunting boring.Cify20 Oct 12
Oct 12 Translation error In the notes of season 8 say: Spanish web - The Haedrig is in the Chapters 2, 3 and exterminator English web - The Haedrig is in the Chapters 2, 3 and 4 Where is the mistake?.DariusPhoeni3 Oct 12
Oct 12 List of all Wings, Cosmetics, Pets, and Promos I have been asked to post my personal cosmetic tracking document so here you go. Please note that it is sorted into various categories so some items appear in more than one place. I am always open to corrections if you notice something that needs updating. >^.^< WINGS 1. Angelic wings (white) - Buy a copy of the D3V Collector's Edition (CE). You would have to search Amazon and Ebay for a box copy and pray it is not a scam with a used key. 2. Wings of Valor (gold) - were a bonus for pre-ordering any version of D3 Reaper of Souls (RoS) (Standard, Digital Deluxe Edition (DE), or CE). The game key needed to be applied to the account by the 31 March 2014 deadline. They are no longer available. 3. Blade Wings (bone) – were part of the SC2 Heart of the Swarm (HotS) Expansion DE. They are now only available as part of the Deluxe SC2 bundle containing Wings of Liberty, HotS, and Legacy of the Void expansion. 4. Mercy Wings (mechanical + blade feathers) – Overwatch Origins Edition or Collector’s Edition. 5. Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings)WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition Requires base WoW game (all expansions including WoD are included). 6. Green Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the basic Set Dungeon Achievements. (Not tied to Seasons) 7. Green Leather Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the Master Set Dungeon Achievements/Goals. (Not tied to Seasons) 8. Cosmic Wings (Princess Lillian in Whimsydale) requires rainbow goblin to open portal. 9. Falcon Wings (Mysterious Chest Act 4 Gardens of Hope Level 1) 10. Andariel Wings: Season 8 Season's Journey Reward. Season starts 21 October 2016. 11. Other wings will become available in game in the future as rewards for completing various goals. No details available yet. PETS 1. Undead Dog pet: RoS CE (physical box) or DE. Still available. 2. Murkgoblin pet: Blizzcon 2015. No longer available 3. Frost Dog pet: Season 4. No longer available 4. Probe pet: SC2 LotV DE. Still available 5. Wickerman pet: D3 RoS Season 5 No longer availiable. 6. Blaze (Blazing Skull): Menagerist Goblin 7. Buddy (Fallen Hound): Menagerist Goblin 8. Bumble (Yeti): Menagerist Goblin 9. Charlotte (Spider): Menagerist Goblin 10. Cow King Pet: Menagerist Goblin 11. Friendly Gauntlet: Menagerist Goblin 12. Galthrak: Menagerist Goblin 13. Grunkk: Menagerist Goblin 14. Haunting Hannah (Ghost): Menagerist Goblin 15. Humbart Wessel (White Skull): Menagerist Goblin 16. Lady Morthanlu (Lamb/Goat Creature): Menagerist Goblin 17. Lamb (Human squire): Menagerist Goblin 18. Liv Moore: Ravi Lilliwhite (Weeping Hollow) 19. Malefasance: Menagerist Goblin 20. Ms. Madeline (Voodoo Doll): Menagerist Goblin 21. Overseer Lady Josephine (Teddy Bear): Menagerist Goblin 22. Queen of Succubus: Menagerist Goblin 23. The Mimic (Chest): Menagerist Goblin 24. The Stomach: Menagerist Goblin 25. Unihorn (Unicorn): Menagerist Goblin 26. Red Unihorn: Season 7 Chapter 4 reward 27. Classic Diablo: 2016 Blizzcon ticket digital reward (virtual or physical ticket) PENNANTS 1. Warlords Pennant: WoW Warlords of Draenor DE/CE: Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 2. Diablo 3 RoS Season 3: Pennant for completing Chapter 4 of Seasons Journey. No longer available. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. 3. Blizzcon 2015: Blizzcon Pennant. No longer available. 4. HotS Pennant: HotS > D3: Level a HotS account to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 5. Set Dungeon Class Achievements. There is a pennant reward for completing all the Class Set dungeons. Achievement [Class Name] Ascendancy. Gives one pennant for the basic completion and one for Mastery. 6. Season 6 - completion of Seasons Journey Chapter 4 awards a pennant. 7. Fallen Pennant (Harvest) – Patch 2.4.2. Graw the Herald Act 2 Stinging Winds TRANSMOGS 1. D3 ROS DE/CE Armor and Weapon Transmogs 2. D3 Season Conquers Armor Transmog from Season 1,2,3. Repeated in S4,5, and 6. 3. SC2 LotV DE Protoss Helm and Shoulder Transmog Still available. See below for link. 4. Blizzcon 2014: WoD themed Weapon Transmogs. No longer available. 5. D3 Patch 2.4 Lachdanon’s Stormshield Transmog. Secret area in Leoric’s Manor. 6. WoW Legion DE or CE: Demon Hunter Helm Transmog INFO BELOW FOR PATCH 2.4.1 FROM Dieidiotscum’s Spreadsheet 7. Axe 2-H: Kanai's Scorn - Immortal Throne Mysterious Chest (March Only) 8. Flail 1-H: Templar's Chain- Cathedral Level 2 Mysterious Chest 9. Axe 1-H Aidan's Revenge Currently NOT available 10. Mace: Mace of the Crows – Act 3 Barracks Lvl 2 Mysterious Barrel 11. Sword: God Butcher - Zakarum Cathedral Mysterious Chest (Act 5 Town) 12. Sword: Ghoul King's Blade (1) - Gardens of Hope Level 2 Mysterious Chest (Story) 13. 2H Mace: King Maker - Regreb the Slayer (Act 2 Stinging Winds) 14. 2-H Axe: Sungjae's Fury - Drowned Temple Mysterious Chest 15. Crossbow 2-H: Crossbow of Corvus - Blood Marsh Mysterious Chest 16. Spear: Steffon's Heavy Lance – Act 3 Arreat Crater Level 1 Mysterious Chest 17. Fist Weapon: Panther's Claw - Eternal Woods Mysterious Chest 18. Flail 1-H: The Que'Hegan's Will -Nevaz (Act 1: Halls of Agony lvl 3) 19. Helm: Star Helm - Orlash (Rift Guardian) 20. Sword: Amberwing - Erethon (Rift Guardian) 21. Staff: Reaper's Kiss - Infernal Maiden (Rift Guardian) 22. Polearm: Man Prodder - Lord of Bells (Rift Guardian) 23. Shoulders: Star Pauldrons - Uber Diablo (Realm of Fright) 24. Sword: Quinquennial Sword - Jay Wilson (Development Hell) 25. Sword: Second Quinquennial Sword - Josh Mosquiera (Development Hell) 26. Flail: Flail of Carnage - The Butcher (Boss) 27. Helm: Helm of Cranial Crustacean - The Succulent (Tidal Cave - Greyhollow Island) 28. Fist Weapon: Hand of Despair - Rakanoth (Boss) 29. Portrait: Rainbow Portrait -Sir William (Whimseyshire) Requires Staff of Herding SEASONS 1. Season 1, 2, and 3 Conqueror’s armor transmog rewards for reaching lvl 70 on a Seasonal Character. S1 armor reward was now available again in S4, S2 available again in S5. The other armor pieces will also be available again in future seasons. Requires RoS. 2. D3 Season 3 Achievement rewards a Portrait and Pennant. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. Season 3 ended 23 August 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future seasons. 3. D3 Season 4 Seasons Journey - Frost dog pet and portrait frames for finishing Chapter 4. S4 started Friday 28 August 2015 and ended 30 Dec 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. 4. Season 5 Seasons Journey – Wickerman pet, Portraits, Conqueror's Transmog Armor (repeat of S2), Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, 7th Stash Tab. 5. Season 6 Seasons Journey – Pennant, Portrait, Conqueror’s Transmog Armor Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 6. Season 7 Seasons Journey - Red Unihorn pet, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 7. Season 8 Seasons Journey - Andariel Wings, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. FREE CROSS GAME PROMOTIONS 1. HotS > D3: Level a HotS account to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 2. D3 > HotS; Reach lvl 70 in a Season and get a free Malthael’s Phantom mount in HotS 3. HotS > WoW: Level a HotS account to 20 to get the Graves pet in WoW. 4. WoW > HotS: Level a char in WoW to 100 to get a free Ironside Dire Wolf mount in HotS 5. HS > WoW: Win 3 matches against another player (not a friend) and earn a free mount in WoW. Free to Play. 6. HotS > HS: Level a HotS account to 12 and get the HotS cardback in HS. Free to Play. 7. WoW > HS: Level a WoW char to 20 and get free Liadrin hero in HS. Free to Play CROSS GAME DE/CE EDITIONS (only covers D3 cosmetics. See links for other game rewards) 1. Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition: Angelic Wings. See Wings Section above for availability. 2. Diablo 3 RoS CE/DE: Undead dog pet and Transmog items. Still available 3. SC2 Legacy of the Void Deluxe Edition: Drone pet and Protoss Transmog This is a standalone product. It does not require any other version of StarCraft II to play 4. SC2 Three game bundle DE: Blade Wings and Banner Sigil. Still available 5. WoW Warlord Draenor CE or DE. Warlords Pennant. Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 6. )WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition: Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings) and Demon Hunter Helm transmog. 7. Overwatch Origins Edition for PC: Mercy Wings. BLIZZCON REWARDS 1. -Blizzcon 2013 - Mark of Death Banner 2. -Blizzcon 2014 - Warlords of Draenor Weapon Transmogrifications 3. -Blizzcon 2015 - Murkgoblin Pet, Pennant, and Portrait frame 4. -Blizzcon 2016 - Classic Diablo Pet EDIT - Corrected Wings section to note WoD is now included in the base WoW game. EDIT 2 - Added Mace of Crows location 1 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 3 - Added Steffon's Heavy Lance Location 2 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 4 - Fallen Pennant Location added 3 July 2016 EDIT 5 - patch 2.4.2 updates with new pet 8/8/2016 EDIT 6 - Belated update for Season 7 rewards 8/23/2016 EDIT 7 - Updated for Blizzcon and Season 8 rewards 10/12/2016MissCheetah93 Oct 12
Oct 12 Two charged in DDOS attacks - up to ten years in prison Hopefully that sends at least a small message to wannabe hackers. Up to ten years... Lol, ten years - RIP Oct 12
Oct 12 The Truth about Diablo It was setup to fail. Bait and switch, downgrading (, drop system modeled like a casino forcing players to spend money on the Auction House, complete removal of trade because of it, false advertising of PvP arenas, instead giving hollow, single tiny map, 'Brawling' with no balancing, completely not working condition, promise of diversity, skill specialization, millions of builds, none of that, power leaping, overpowered sets. Made this post years ago, was promised changed, nothing did: The truth hurts.Sol84 Oct 12
Oct 12 problems its a great game, i have it for system but i cant get the game to run on my pc. i bought it to play with my brother but i can never get the game to start. i got help from support but it didnt fix anything. i cant play the game and waisted my money on a game i have played for hours and its kinda sad that this happenedRain6 Oct 12
Oct 12 No PTR forum The PTR is up but there is no place to post what is being tested or bugs discovered. I like the new forum layout but there is nothing for the PTR and no Blue posts on top like the old forums had showing announcements.WitchesStone6 Oct 12
Oct 12 Witchdocter improvements please am primary a witch-doctor player so left your favorite class out this topic. am sorry do not want to comment on classes i knew nothing about. with that out the way. Lets being with Witch-Docters - New Set Trember's Bog Ring Glove Belt Bracer Shoulder Torso 2 + Bonus Plague of Toads Shoots out 5+ Additional Toads and Deals 1500% More Damage (Rain of Toads radius is increased and damage is increased by 750) 4 + Acid Cloud - Deals 1000+ Damage both direct damage and damage over time. additional targets in acid cloud pools (take 5000% additional damage from sarciface 6 + Targets killed by acid cloud/Plague of toad - Summon a zombie dog Improvements Plague of Toads - Increases damage from 190- 380 Plague of Toads - shoots 5 toads instead of 3 Exploding Toads - Explosions now have a radius Exploding Toads - Damage increased from 245 too 525 weapon damage Preicing Toads (Removed) Adding Toads - Targets hit by your toads become charmed for 5 seconds Rain of Toads - Radius Increased - Damage increasded to 182-422 Bog Bullfrogs - Frogs are bigger in size - deal 1200% weapon damage on impact. huge radius (poison damage) can only spam 3 at a time (5 with set) Toad Affinity - Summon 6 additional Frogs but they are smaller each frog deals about 190 weapon damage Sarciface Improvements - Sarciface damage increased - from 1008 to 2016 Black Blood - Stun is increased from 3-5 Next of Kin - Increased from 35% chance too 50% Pride - Targets hit by take 2000+ additonal weapon damage as cold and are slowed by 40% For the the master - Command all your zombie dogs charge the target at same time (dealing 2000% weapon damage each dog) Provoke the pack - gain 50% damage increase for 10 seconds after using sarciface Acid Cloud Deal 450% weapon damage followed by 750 weapon damage over 3 second Radius for All runes - is 24 yards rune improvements - Acid Rain - Removed- Poison Nova - 15 bolts of poison targets hit take 1200% weapon damage as poison and additional 4000 weapon damage over 24 seconds Lob Blob Bomb - now deal 1200 weapon damage Slow burn - now deals 950 weapon damage + 60% slow Kiss of Death - Deals 1200 damage as poison followed by 800 Damage Additional targets hit by this is effected by locus swarm Corpse Bomb - Deals 1400 damage as fire and take 15% additional damage for 3 seconds Fetish Army/Fetish Sycophants - Improvement Fetish army/Fetish Sycophants - now deal 420% weapon damage Fetish Ambush - when not in combat they stealth/cloak first enemy they hit deal 720% weapon damage Devoted Following - after summoning fetish army you gain 2% life per second for each fetish army/Fetish Sycophants you have out on battlefeild Legion of Daggers - removed. Fetish Shaman - you Summon 2 additional fetishes that can heal or cause your other little fetishes go into bloodlust they gain 25% increase damage and attack speed for 5 seconds Tiki Torchers - All your fetish army become tiki torchers dealing 240 weapon damage splash as fire Head Hunters - All your fetish army becomes Head Hunters - each dealing 133 damage and additional 222% weapon damage over 5 seconds this damage can ramp up to 4000Sakurarosa1 Oct 12
Oct 12 gr 100 incoming in season 8? so on ptr people are doing gr 100 in 4mins with a bug ok but the exp scaling is just crazy 500 trillions exp/hour at gr 100 its like 10000-10500 in 1 hour 10000 paragons=47k mainstats lol full best in slots give you overall 10k mainstats lvl 70 at ros before season overall 5b exp/hour season 1 overall 18b exp/hour field of misery farm season 2 45b exp/hour gr 37 season 3 130b exp/hour gr47 since exp multiplier(season 1 at the end) exist I just leveling paragons for damage increase now since each season other people will catch you up so easy if you take a break for one season since exp scaling for each season is retardly big.Gabynator36 Oct 12
Oct 12 Season 7 Ending Notice What? 1 month early ( no communication about this season being short ) 1 week break in between ( no communication about them changing their stance on that ) NO PTR PRIOR ( So what is the entire point of ending it early just to start it up again with nothing to patch? ) I don't understand Blizzard anymore.JoeShmo63 Oct 12
Oct 11 Season 8 Duo question Hey guys! Happy thanksgiving to you Canadians out there! And hope everyone is having a good day! My husband and I played last season for the first time(We just came back a little while ago), and we wanted to push far so I played a support monk, and he was an Uliana's monk. Our goal was 75, and we almost managed it before work got a little busy and took away from our play time. Anyway, with season 8 coming, I'm wanting to push again, maybe try for an 80 this time. But what I was wondering is their another support that can help push that far? Other pairs that work well like that? We had originally been doing a Witch doctor/Monk, but he was having too hard a time surviving at the 72 level, which is why I rolled a support. So i'm assuming I'll need to play a support again, but was just curious if there were any that worked well in duo? Thanks in advance! tl;dr: What other supports work well in a duo besides the healing monk, and with what partners?Dani8 Oct 11
Oct 11 grift death clock I change I would like to see if doable in grifts when you are sitting there dead waiting for timer to count and get rezzed by a team member the clock resets to the same timer ex 15 sec and does not go to next 20 sec or 25 or whatever you happened to be onwarmouse7 Oct 11
Oct 11 Follower augmentaion in 2.4 Can you augment a follower's gear in 2.4 and will it increase their stats? Or will it just be on the gear with no extra effect. I know that Legendary gems do not work on them nor do any ring/neck 2 piece bonuses.Qwknpainless14 Oct 11
Oct 11 Worth coming back? Havent played this in a year or longer and still have this lvl 60 hardcore hunter sitting there in the lobby. The problems is that not very many players willing to work with you or be your buddy and if they get killed, more likely they quit playing. I know hardcore is very risky and thinking about rolling a new character for softcore, but the season 8 wont be around until end of October. Or play without season, not sure if there any fun there. So this time I can play in public games and see who I meet, sooner or later going to meet to crazy hardass players one way or the other. So just gave up on World of Warcraft, just isn't fun like it use to be and messed up some of my favorite skills I like to use mostly. Even my friends stop playing and no one around to enjoy the game.Nightstalker13 Oct 11
Oct 11 Help! New player looking for power leveling and advice. Could you add me ? Ill be on quite a bit Hardcore d2 fan here trying to move on lolMrMurk3131 Oct 11
Oct 11 Would it be reasonable то... ..."import" the maps, mobs, and weapons from D2 into D3 in such way that they would visually look as if they were originally part of D3? So the player, if they wish, could start their adventure with D2 and after finishing it they would move on to D3 What about D1 into D3? or D1, D2 and D3 into D4?Bogoris4 Oct 11
Oct 11 World of Diablo ... instead of D4. WoW is dying/dead. Next big thing. Discuss.Arsonyst42 Oct 11
Oct 11 Back to Diablo Seems like Diablo is the game i always fall back to. Ive noticed some changes since ive played last. No more %MF from a Topaz in a helm? how much MF should i have (around)? I will have more questions in a few im sure. Thanks for any feedback LotharLothaR9 Oct 11
Oct 11 At this point I'd settle for a yes or a no. We're a week away from season end and two weeks away from a new season start. As forum-goers do we're all fighting amongst ourselves about the hidden meaning of Wyatt Cheng's breathing pattern and shoe size to guess if Season 8 brings any updates. It's almost Blizzcon though and Blizzard staff are probably pushed to breaking point with workload. Could someone blue enough to be official take 5 minutes to post with a "yes, season 8 will come alongside gameplay updates" or "no, Season 8 only changes objectives and cosmetics". I mean, at this point the dev team would have locked in their plans with their finger over the deploy button. Just a yes, or a no would be super. Heck, delay any explanation until after Blizzcon. Just someone important drop a yes or no to the question that is going to matter very soon.caracc23 Oct 11
Oct 11 If you do not support anymore please motricks bracers Hello, I can understand , if the Team switched to another project like for example Diablo 4 , Diablo Classics HD or whatever, and there wont be content anymore for the game. But could you please give us the motricks bracers back. Just for fun. No sure if we get any new patches again for this game. I mean the motricks bracers already done. You have to activate it only =) Serioulsy! Thank you for support the game over 5 Years! EDIT: Of course if other classes lost a OP item, too. Activate it,too.HULK1 Oct 11
Oct 11 Truly a newbie question. Hi. :) I'm new to D3, can anyone please tell me how can i change skills i assign to different slots? To my left mouse click i can only assign "primary" skills, what if i wanted to assign Locust Swarm or Haunt? I don't have the corresponding "<" ">" Arrows on the sides of skill selection page. I can only assign Poison Dart, Fire Bomb, Corpse Spiders or Plague of Toads. Thanks, and sorry if i just wasted someones time.LoreGeek5 Oct 11
Oct 11 "Herd and Burst" Playstyle in End Game is Poor Design Due to the fact that GRs are infinite scaling and overall poor density, we develop a problem where builds become centered around basically walking around for 30 seconds or so to gather up mobs followed by a bursting of all the skills you have to blow everything up. I think that I and most players would agree that this isn't the most fun play style. It's not very active. Look at DHs and Wizards for example and you see this in the LoN FoK and Firebird Archon builds. While I think it is okay for them to exist, these builds are by far the best builds of their class, which is counterintuitive to the ranged nature of the class.Whitebeard13 Oct 11
Oct 12 Please help me understand MOTE barb Hi guys, I am playing a MOTE barb and I have some questions I can't answer: - I am currently using SS with GIRDLE OF GIANTS. I am thinking that the 90% increase EQ dmg ( I guess it's multiplicative ) is really good, and doesn't seem to bother me to spam 2 SS and then 3 EQ. But is it worth it or should I go the route of AS and continuously spam EQ? - I am feeling very squishy, I have unity in cube and EA as a gem. If I leap I survive, but if i stop and just walk/ run I die very easy. I don't have any ancient gear atm. I play on console so you cannot see my profile. Kind regards,adragomir3 Oct 12