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44m Tainted Abode: Where and How I'm having trouble find any information on how to find and open the realm of fright or any other. I have 6 rifts pieces to use, I just can't find the tainted abode. I know it's in tristram; but, where and in what game mode. Is it in adventure mode or campaign? Can someone pass along some good intell please. DereisendracDereisendrac0 44m
11h Add Sephuz' Secret as a legendary And make it op. Make it so strong that everyone will want one, make it as indispensable as focus/restraint is. ..You know, so then someone will be happy to see it.Hex0 11h
21h Royal ring. Can we please get a pity timer for the stupid ring or do some of us have to get shafted by RNG and wait an entire season to get one...Spamming Act 1 is so friking boring!!!sammich16 21h
1d A Revival of Blackthorne's Battlegear? How do you think that this all around set could be made viable in par with most class-specific sets? A suggestion: (2) piece: - Reduce cooldowns 10% - Resource cost reduction 10% - Increases damage against elites by 5.0% - Reduces damage from elites by 5.0% (4) piece: - Reduce the damage taken 30% - You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster ground effects. (6) piece: - increase the elemental damage you have immunity to xxxx% Balanced to the level of current sets. Immunity to a certain elements can be optained from amulets such as Xephirian amulet. Actually, now that I edited some of the original set bonuses into reworked set, it'd actually almost a viable to have at least two pieces in many builds. It's so pity that it's now useless. Edit: Balanced increase to a certain elementel damage would allow character to play as they want with the available skills. Now we are forced to use the skills the way sets demand.Ruined7 1d
2d Sick of blizzard's 60% bs. It's not 60%!!! I've been trying to level up legendary gems since 3 days ago. Yes, I always play at least 9 levels above gem level so I can get 100% success rate because I know blizzard put fake success % rate for gem upgrade. I've been knowing this because I suffered this bs since season 5. So.. I took 2 months break from season 6 and then started playing season 7 about 10 days ago. Now it's happening yet again. I've been counting my gem upgrade try numbers and among 132 tries of 60% success rate, It only succeeded 22 tries. Does that sound like 60%, blizzard? When will you stop lying and fix success rate? I've seen 60% failing 10+ times in a row few times already in just 3 days. Stop wasting my time. Seriously!! Is it just this season? No!! because I was pissed at this in season 6 too and I was counting numbers back then too. It was barely 20% or less, not 60%. I hope whoever toyed with success % rate burn in hell!Shinobier53 2d
3d loot well, here I am back in the catch-22 of D3. can't get stuff I need to gear a good toon so Blizz, I think I will take my silly hard to learn !@# to another game.Lithlidessa43 3d
4d Cosmic Wings - my experience Last night was the night. If this helps anyone, great and good luck. Class: Witch Doctor (angry chicken) Torment X (switched to Torment 7 later on) after discovering difficulty has no impact Approx farm time: 90 hours Monk, Crusader, Demon Hunter, and Wizard are fast also. I did not kill mobs. I did not loot. I did not click on chests. I killed menagerist goblins until I had all the pets then stopped killing any non-rainbow goblins. I did not stop to spend any blood shards. My initial route: Festering Woods Leorics Passage (via Old Ruins) Northern Highlands (Highlnds Cave if it spawned) Southern Highlands (Cave of the Moon Clan) Royal Crypts Western Waterway Eastern Waterway Cistern Tower of the Damned Tower of the Cursed Core of Arreat Pandemonium 1 After about 40 goblins, I revised to: Leorics Passage (via Old Ruins) Southern Highlands (Cave of the Moon Clan) Royal Crypts Western Waterway Core of Arreat Pandemonium 1 The community for this grind was great. Join "rainbow goblin hunt" and "cosmetic farming" communities. Figure out who is ACTUALLY farming. Invite them to your portals, and they will reciprocate. Add them as friends. Help them and they will help you. My Princess Lillian spawn was from a Western Waterway goblin that someone else invited me to. The communities greatly increase the number of goblins you will see. Good luck. Hope everybody finds them.Anadori10 4d
4d Sets as are ruin game i love playing diablo, though sets are there stats are atm ruin the game. For wizards, which i play, there are 4 sets. Example, fire birds only gives you increased damage for one element. The slow time set, is even more limited, only giving damage to a few spells. Currenly the other two set are useless. If we were'nt, limited to sets, and/or if they were more inclusive to ALL spells, the game could be fun again. It would allow for ALL spells to be used, and make many more items useful. It would allow for, diversity. This is what is currently wrong with the game, SET bonuses, as they are.destruct032 4d
5d Leave the mats into the cube It is kind of annoying to have to reinsert all the mats into the cube when you are repeatedly reforging an object (e.g. rare into leg, set into new set, leg into new leg)DreamKiller14 5d
5d Ramaladni's Gift the only thing you cant farm So was thinking about this while farming for a Focus ring last night. At this point, I think that Ramaladni's Gift is the only item in the game that you cant farm for in some way. I'm paragon 345 in seasons. My barb is running the Whirlwind Set with Bul Kathos... I wanted to try the IK HoTA Build but wanted Focus + Restraint first. I finally after doing bascially exclusive Rifts, Gambling on Rings, and Upgrade Rings at the Cube, i finally got a Focus ... in the same time I got 6 Restraints. At this point... my next effective upgrade is Ramaladni's Gift in my weapon... I will need 4... 2 for the Bulkathos weapons, 1 for the IKBB and 1 for the HoTA weapon. Currently i have had ZERO Ramaladni's Gifts this season. And in saying I need 4.. thats only if i save them to use on perfect weapons... but if i was to use them on a non perfect weapon, it would still open up opportunties to me. Given that with kadala and the Cube, everything else in the game is now famable, why cant we havea recipe for the Gift? Here is the recipie I think we need: Extract The Gift of Ramaladni 1 Ancient Legendary Socketed Weapon (the socket can be from an enchant) 10 of each Legendary Crafting Materials 100 Deaths Breaths 50 Forgotten Souls Even solo, i could farm up the mats in a few hours... and by level 345 i have had at least a dozen ancient weapons which are useless to me... so I think that recipe is fair... its designed for end game anyway.Thorlek73 5d
5d Reroll legendary item is silly 5 of each bounty reward + 50 legendaries to reroll a single legendary? That's a bit silly dontcha think? I like the extract legendary ability I think that is very reasonable. But, you won't necessarily roll ancient, or a good ancient, for a single legendary, of which you will want to re-roll all your gear for. I dunno it just seems a bit excessive. I was expecting the same cost as extract really. It shouldn't be high, the rng will crush any hopes of you ever getting a good item. It's almost better to just try upgrading into another of the same legendary than rerolling it.d3forlife57 5d
Oct 21 Cooldown reduction item slots. Does anyone know what slots I can have this stat in or where I can find a list of them? Also, does anyone know if there is a cap on cooldown reduction%?Disease10 Oct 21
Oct 21 Special Items like Staff of Herding? Just looking around for Special items like Staff of Herding & Bovine Bardiche, are there others like them? Items I know of so far: Staff of Herding - Used to gain access to Whimsyshire (Pony Level) Bovine Bardiche - Used to gain access to Cow Level Infernal Machines - Used to battle Uber BossesGyrannon3 Oct 21
Oct 21 Too many build rely on COE pretty much all build are rely on one elemental damage dealer. any build can squeeze in a COE will have a COE. personally I am not good at timing the thing rather than just spam spam spam.LouisDragon13 Oct 21
Oct 21 Not-Crusaders Gambling Shields Not-Crusaders gambling for shields receive Crusader only shields half of the time. Imagine if not-Witch Doctors gambling for helmets received Voodoo Masks (and Wizard hats and Spirit Stones). Kadala's shields should be changed so that not-Crusaders never receive a Crusader only shield, or at least very rarely receive one.Razorphilia4 Oct 21
Oct 20 Broken Promises. Is really as useless as some tell me because of it's internal cool down? I want to belive that i can drop crit chance and go full ASI like it's vanilla D3.Worldoflies14 Oct 20
Oct 19 If Sets are forced on us... Then why aren't there more sets that allow us to use all the skills and runes? There so many skills/runes not being being used for endgame, and character skill choice is lessened the more you play, and the higher level you get, not increased. D3 might be lower priority for Blizzard, but even a few more sets for each class would go a long way.SteelFaith40 Oct 19
Oct 19 Stash size increase For a game with such a large variety of items and sets and weapons and easter eggs and so on, we could use a larger stash, ALOT larger. Increasing the size of the stash or the number of items per tab is not that much of an effort and is not affecting the game in anyway. Any chance of getting this enlarged? pun intended ! :PLoque19 Oct 19
Oct 18 Stash tabs are not accessible to casual players TLDR; achieving conqueror in Diablo 3 seasons is not a reasonable expectation for casual players. Therefore; casual players are denied extra stash tabs. Therefore; casual players are less able (even unable) to enjoy the full breadth of content that Diablo 3 has to offer. Now that that's out of the way. I enjoy Diablo as a casual game I can just pick up, play, and stop on a moments notice. I love playing my monk and witchdoctor and they have my most hours spent. Eventually though I like to try new things and so I would build a wizard, crusader, barbarian, etc. But then I found that once I got to 70 and started amassing set items I simply didn't have the stash space. I pretty much cap out at my two mains. I've created alts to store some of the gear for my other heroes, but it's a pain in the *** to have to keep switching between characters just to check the stats on a particular piece of gear. So I was SO pleased when the Diablo developers announced there be more stash tabs as season awards. Good idea, gets people to play new characters from lvl 1, start fresh, and go through the dungeon crawl all over again. But when I saw the requirements, I have to say I pretty much decided that I would just end up not playing diablo anymore or at best very rarely. I simply don't have the time, nor the desire to segregate myself from my family and friends for the number of hours it would take to reach Conqueror so that I can get an extra stash tab. Maybe some of you think that if I don't want to play, then I should just shut up and not play. But I don't think this is an unreasonable request. It would not make the game "easier" or less hardcore, it would not diminish anyones experience if you made extra stash tabs more accessible. Sure you would lose the prestige of having having that reward, but so many other players would then be able to play other heroes and then either not have to go through the pain of switching through bum stash alts, or the frustration of having to give up on good set item pieces because they simply don't have the space to store them. As a result, we cannot enjoy the full breadth of gears sets and content that Diablo 3 has to offer. I respectfully request that the Diablo developers consider making the extra stash tabs more accessible so that casual players can have a reasonable chance to enjoy the full breadth of content that the game has to offer. Sincerely SceerSceer42 Oct 18
Oct 18 Anybody know the ICD, if any, of Broken Promises? Does anybody know the Internal Cooldown, if any, of Broken Promises?* You may ask why I care… At the moment, while waiting for S7 to start, I am playing the hard-core character I was required to develop for the Guardian (Conqueror?) Season Journey. I am using what dropped. So I have reduced my Critical Hit Chance to 5%, increased my Critical Hit Damage to 400% (so far), and I am relying on that ring to do my damage. Unfortunately, like the Hellfire Amulet Passives, there is no type of indicator to tell me when that ring is working, so there is no way to tell if it is. I am wondering if anybody has tested this ring or read any documentation on it, to determine if there is an ICD, and if so, what it is. Any takers? *"After 5 consecutive non-critical hits, your chance to critically hit is increased to 100% for 3 seconds."OldPro8 Oct 18
Oct 17 Witch Docter - Weapon Set Suggestion DreadMoon Harvest Set - Dread Moon Shoulders - Increases damage of fetish army fetish scyophants skills gain 200% damage Dread Moon Bracer - 50+ Crit Damage 6 + Crit Dread Moon Scythe - Fetishes and and Fetish Scyophants no longer block gag/dogs or other fetishes from doing damage. (2handed weapon) Set Peice 1 - enemies hit by acid cloud. spirit barrage or plague of toads, or poison darts cause fetishes scyophants to deal 1400% damage over 8 seconds Set Peice 2 - Big Bad Voodoo has its cool-down reduced by 80% and gains the effect of all runes Set Peice 3 Fetish Army - gains head hunter/and tiki torcher rune. and when you use fetish army you summon 3 Tiki Torchers and 4 Head Hunters (no melee ones) this does not effect fetishe scypohantsSakurarosa1 Oct 17
Oct 17 Buff up strafe? As we see in diablo 3, the most built dh build is hellwalkers. I now see LoN FoN build on high gr. I think they should make a bracer that buffs up strafe dmg so we can see more players with a faster and better strafe build. Take this into consideration. I myself love the strafe build. However, with even top notch gear you still deal a low amount of dmg. If there was a bracer in which increased strafe dmg by x % or made it alot stronger so speed t10 farming would be more effecient. Even though you may ask "Well why arent you playing meta" Strafe was never "meta" yet as so it seems with 1 exception, the natalys + strafe build. It still couldnt do a decent job at speed farming even with high tier gear and items. I would like to see a nice bracer that procs with strafe or any item acutally that procs with strafe, vaggas betta and kma kenclip with 200% strafe dmg together, is not working, to get to the point, it would be cool if you guys added a item that buffs up strafe dmg a legendary passive that would combine and so we can see more strafe builds being created, FoN and Multishot are both vanwagon builds its a build everyone has, strafe on the other hand is not built alot because in all true honesty, its not all that great compared to any other dh build. Buff up strafe?VICHURA2 Oct 17
Oct 17 Extract Trag'oul Coils Hi, I'm trying to extract Trag'oul Coils legendary power but after I tried, it just told me "Trasmute Failed" i noticed there is no slot for it in the cube... Is this normal? If it is, why?para8dise1 Oct 17
Oct 17 In Regards To Extracting Kanai's Cube Things Say I have two Barbarians, one I created earlier that has a bunch of items melted for their properties in the cube. Later I create another Barbarian. If I delete the first Barbarian do I still get to keep all the cube related melts FOR Barbarians/whatever else I melted on that second Barbarian or do I lose whatever extracts there were. Or to put it more simply, are things melted in the cube bound to my account or the character it's melted on?Urzdaym3 Oct 17
Oct 16 Rotate the pets back around? Just a question - Will the Season Reward pets ever be rotated back in - or made into very rare drops in the non-season? (I'm particularly interested in the Red Unihorn - I wasn't able to dedicate the time to Diablo this season like I have been other seasons and both my wife and I missed out on that particular reward.Adimarcus1 Oct 16
Oct 16 customising build i am lvl 70 with 333 paragon points up to now , my armour etc is made up of random items so i decided to collect a specific class of armour, i chose jade harvester but as i was swapping the items i noticed that according to the figures my build was actually getting weaker , i am a witch doctor , so , whats the point of making an armour set of the same items ...... or am i missing the point ?JABBERWOCKY5 Oct 16
Oct 16 Enhancement to current socketed gem return When an item has socketed gems in it, and it is salvaged, the game correctly returns those socketed gems to the players inventory. It needs to be enhanced to recognize Caldesann upgraded gear also, and in the same way, when salvaged, to return the three Flawless Royal gems AND the Legendary gem of the correct rank, that were used to created the Caldesann upgrade. Caldesann upgrades represent significantly more hours of work to create, and currently there is no way to reclaim and reuse all that work when a new better piece of gear is found, in the way that normal gems are treated. This should be corrected as suggested above.DamagedGoods7 Oct 16
Oct 15 Legit Gripe about Crafting (esp. Gloves) I crafted about 250 pairs of "Asheara's Ward" gloves yesterday, and only ONE was a decent ancient pair (acceptable, but could be better). Some key notes below: 1. There were MANY crafts that didn't have my PRIMARY STAT on them (INT). 2. There were a decent number that had NONE OF THE ABOVE--(attack speed, Prim Stat, Vit, Crit Chance, OR Crit Hit Damage). **This is the WORST of ALL and just plain deplorable.** 3. Most of the gloves with desired traits (see above) were non-ancient (expected that). 4. Crafted items CANNOT be rerolled with the reroll recipe for the Cube. Suggestions: 1. Make Primary stat a GUARANTEED roll for all crafted items. 2. For Gloves, make Crit. Chance a GUARANTEED roll as well (with #1 above). Gloves are by far the HARDEST armor piece to craft if you are going for a good pair. 3. Make the chance for ancients slightly higher for all crafted legendaries/set items. (15% instead of 10%). 4. Also, all crafted items (legendary AND sets) SERIOUSLY need an upgrade--they've been neglected since before difficulties T 7-T 10 were introduced.PDMangler0 Oct 15
Oct 15 Herding Staff Hey guys, I haven't farmed this stuff since diablo 3 v1.0 so figured I would look for them for something to do in seasons. I've seen a few posts here and there about having a hard time dropping the gemstone or mushroom which I was finding as well. Now that I have a speed farm build (aka. Angry Chicken) I figured I would try campaign mode. I don't know if you will get the items but I got pretty much everything first go. Unfortunately I had to unlock the quest line to get to act 3 but was fairly quick overall with a hyper chicken. Good luck for those that are looking for those items!Shockwave14 Oct 15
Oct 14 mantle and taeguk dont work right is it just me or does anyone else see an issue in the damage stat when combining the mantle of channeling and taeguk? they work fine until the 7th stack then the damage resets and when taeguk is at 10 stacks the damage is only just slightly above what it was at on stack 3.darkstar0 Oct 14
Oct 14 Vyr - seasonal set issue well, new season #8 wiz seasonal set looks so crappy, it is not viable even on T13 farming. There are many threads about the way to buff it. from my experience in s6 Vyr full set - was more/less competitive to other sets. So the proposal: just add 6 set items bonus: Swami stacks become multiplicative.Alec21 Oct 14
Oct 14 Tooltips 21 - 23 - 31 - 42 - 52 - 55 - 60 - 60 - 60 - Oct 14
Oct 13 Cube de Kanai : Grâce des ancêtres Une petite question concernant un item précieux que j'ai trouvé : autour du cou, je porte la "Grâce des Ancêtres", qui permet de retrouver en cas de mort subite 100% de ma vie et de ma ressource principale, en echange de quoi l'objet est detruit. Ma question est simple : puis-je utiliser le cube de Kanai avec cet item, et ainsi en profiter sans perdre l'objet puisque devenu un pouvoir du cube ? En sachant que c'est pour être protégé en mode extrême... que se passera t il si je meurt, l'objet ne pouvant plus être détruit puisque detruit dans le cube, pourrai-je avoir ce pouvoir ad vitam aeternam ? merci pour vos reponses :)DarKLorD3 Oct 13
Oct 12 New Magic Item NEW MAGIC ITEM: I just wanted to drop the same idea's for those magic items that I gave guys during the Legendary Workshop. 1. Crusader should be more or a hero class , not the self sufficient pony up train wreck they are now. Item: Shield of the Zakarum 6 stats special ability : Activated shield creates an arc of protection against various forms of projectiles including beams like arcane sentry. Has a duration that expires ( your guys call ) and a cool down like anything else. This would promote the crusader as a savior of the party or at least give it a start as one. Currently the Monk plays the biggest role in this respect. Should not be so.JohnnyDanger3 Oct 12
Oct 11 Kanai's Cube not showing for all characters I recently found and activated Kanai's Cube with a character is Adventure mode and extract some legendary powers. I thought Kanai's Cube was supposed to be available to all characters on my account (all are in standard games, none hardcore) but none of my other characters see the cube in town. How do I access legendary powers on those characters?Bryanticus3 Oct 11
Oct 11 What if... Blizz would make really epic, grindy, needs lots of crafting and rare mats to craft most awesome legendary item. I mean, the only items i have crafted are Cains just for exp then nothing else. Make crafting a thing again!!!Theudys2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Ramaladni's Gift not stacking? I had four Ramaladni's Gifts in my bank and had another drop during a rift. Went to add it to the stack and it won't. I also tried adding the four to the one and that doesn't work either. I'm sure I've had a stack of more than four in the past. Any idea why they won't stack together? It's only one extra bag slot but they're all precious :( Side note: Took ages for the first gift to drop, since then I've had seven drop. It's like the floddgates opened :) edit: Derp I think I just realised the reason. The latest one dropped during a group so it's still trade-able. Guessing once the "You can trade timer drops off it'll stack again." Sorry about that, nothing to see here. Please move along :PCarnacki3 Oct 11
Oct 11 Change emerald effect on helm From gold find into increase attack speed or area damage. I personally prefer increase attack speed.Davez14 Oct 11
Oct 11 Need more RAW cooldown items Im a firm believer that more items needs RAW cooldown or change their % to raw cooldown. For instance, Dawn (reduces Vengeance by 60%) could be reduce Vengeance by 35-45 seconds seconds. It will NOT BREAK the game like some assume. I just wish they would do more raw cooldown items. The legendary effects are terrible on items like Homuculus (spawn a new zombie dog every 2 seconds) It literally doesn't do anything for sacrifice provoke, the best sacrifice rune. Warhelm of Kassar: Reduce the cooldown and increase the damage of Phalanx by 45–60%. Is truly unique with dual use, i don't mind this % as long as it multiplicative. I know this will fall on deaf ears since its officially in maintance mode but please do something about this in D4 PLEASE!DragonLily1 Oct 11
Oct 11 Stone of Jordan completely useless now. It used to be exciting finding these rings.. Now it's ubers of joy when you find a nice Compass Rose or ancient F&R ... Which has lost all it's fun as well ... Since the devs are all about power creep and instead of actual balancing, just increasing everything (Caldesann's Despair - don't even argue this) How about a new recipe for Stones ? They seem pretty rare.. Just as useless with probably all the builds unless its LoN. New recipe idea: Jordan's Following 1. Stone of Jordan, rare or ancient. 2. Any ANCIENT jewelry. 3. 3 of any final gem.. Extract Elite Damage (as stated on ring) and apply it to any ring or amulet. SoJ and gems are taken, outcome is your ring or amulet with bonus elite dmg%. Or make SoJ's elite damage bonus an affix that can be cubed.. ? I remember when Furnace + SoJ would just melt faces... This whole post may be just nostalgia but I'd really like to see this ring do something again... Maybe just a couple more OP ring sets before this ones touched, eh ?..Spades409 Oct 11
Oct 10 Wailing / Litany Just a suggestion. Maybe there should be a weapon specifically for the Wailing Host & Litany of the Undaunted set. Perhaps something that gives abilities or bonuses if all of your gear is ancient. Just a suggestion.Rigby1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Unhallowed Set So,hello there i got a question,i am trying to build a deman hunter with unhallowed set i only got boots now,my question is,what should i be doing to find other pieces,is it all random or should i be slaying monsters in a spesific area or something ? im 70 lvl,still in campaing T3 ( not adventure mode still not reached act 5 )Revenant1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Legendary Gem socketing options? Instead of saying legendary gems can ONLY be put in jewelry, why not say "only 3 can be equipped at any time", and put them in any socket? I may want to use that extra slot on an amulet, for example, for another power that amulets are more likely to give, without losing the ability to use a gem.ShamWow5 Oct 10
Oct 9 Make Legendaries Very Rare right now you can get like 20 legendaries in ONE greater rift! I think this game is boring because people progress too fast. I mean, an expansion would really be nice but I also think if you slowed the gameplay down a little bit (alot) People will stop complaining because they will actually have something to do.Kronik696923 Oct 9
Oct 8 Every Legendary should be near perfectly rolled And much rarer. That's how it ought to be. Simple as that. When you find one, every week or ~100 hours* of playing, it should be nearly perfectly rolled with maybe a ~10% range* of being completely perfect, useful for your class (sometimes for another class), 'smartly' rolled based on your playstyle. Which then equates to basically every ~1000 hours* you can find an even more perfect, basically flawless drop. And that equals to basically ~13,000 hours* of play before someone has flawless BiS in every slot, but only ~100 hours* per very good, useful and worthy legendary dropped. Then on top of that, based on how diversified the build pool is, there would be multiple variations of very well-rolled items for different builds, expanding upon the room for more drops good for different playstyles in particular, but almost none of the drops would be useful for absolutely nothing because of how random or terrible the roll was. Legendaries shouldn't rain down, but 90% of them be useless, even worst, only 10% of them being ancient. That's just bad design, and basically only act as Forgotten Souls flooded to be used for other features, which shouldn't need to be required nearly as many for its usage in the first place, but rather, properly balanced, be like stated above, and the very few times you do salvage your Legendary as they are replaced by a slightly better version, you can effectively use them as Forgotten Souls for your other needs. For example, instead of needing 50 FS, with the increased quality, decreased quantity, only required 5. * These are just basic, arbitrary values that can be adjusted, but the essentially what they should be and would be far better than currently.Sol35 Oct 8
Oct 6 fastest way of getting ancients What is the fastest way of getting ancient items? I know that they can drop but I haven't seen an ancient Sacred Harvester for my seasonal WD. I have thought about using the upgrade rares but I am not sure if it is better than using reforging. I know that Kadala is not a good choice due to having too many weapons in the one handed weapon that competes for that knife. What do other seasonal players use to get ancient weapons and other ancient items that are not really a good idea to try to get through gambling with Kadala.ShadowAegis7 Oct 6
Oct 6 Overwhelming desire's charm effect I'm wondering if by using the amulet overwhelming desire, all charmed enemies, from any source now take 35% more damage, or is it only the one(s) from the amulet's proc? An example would be using Skull of Resonance on a barbarian along with Overwhelming Desire. Thanks!Googers1 Oct 6
Oct 5 New Item Have an Idea for a new Item. Just as there is a consumable item for weapons why not have one that would force a goblin to open a portal upon death? the item could either be crafted or found. As it stands now if your playing solo it is very very rare that a goblin opens a portal upon death, it seem to me that players would have more fun if we could or would have to find crafting items to make the consumable. Now to make it more interesting one of the needed item could be found say inside the portal or dropped by a goblin all so portals should be opened either way. Last point just as a consumable can be used only once so should the goblin consumable and crafting it will not all ways work thus making it will be a challenge.CruorUmbra9 Oct 5
Oct 5 caldesann's despair question i have caldesann's despair upgrades on 3 items, my main, boots, and one of my rings. for some reason, it doesn't show my correct damage after upgrading . am i still getting the damage i should be getting, or am i effed?ThunderWulf5 Oct 5