Items and Crafting

Jun 7 Dread Iron : SS & Avalanche ? While Dread Iron has a huge damage bonus to Avalanche the legendary effect is in my opinion underwhelming. Blade of the tribes already does the job for spamming skills and generating fury. The idea could be to make SS the trigger, creating some synergy with MOTE set : Dread Iron Legendary Mighty Belt Seismic Slam causes an Avalanche to the first enemy it hits. SS and HOTA really need love and synergies.Vorn3 Jun 7
Jun 7 All jewelry needs to be socketed by default. Its true.Buckles6 Jun 7
Jun 7 The Archive of Tal Rasha Just wondering if you add a legendary item to The Archive of Tal Rasha using Kanai's Cube, then come across the same legendary item from a drop later on (with better stats) can you then add the same item to the The Archive of Tal Rasha again to override the original and make use of the new better stats?mainstrum1 Jun 7
Jun 7 Changing names of legendary and set items. Since we can change the looks of legendary and set items, I would like to change the names of the items as well. We all have picked up blue and yellow weapons and armor that were completely useless to us but had really cool names. I would like to be able to use these names on the legendary on set items that I pick up.Centaurus0 Jun 7
Jun 6 Legacy of Nightmare set How rare is this ring set supposed to be? I need the wailing host for my crusader, I already have the other one.. The highest he can do right now is torment 3-4 so it's not very high.. But my WD can do Torment 8, should I just spam rifts with my WD to get it as soon as possible? Thanks for the help!Cira3 Jun 6
Jun 6 new ideas to add to next patch Hi, I have been having some ideas to add to the game. These are minor changes but would help out a lot 1: Option to configure your pet what to pick up. Why only pick up gold? What about health globes? Rift globes. Greens? Gems? etc etc 2: Option to take out calderons despair and put it back into a gem of your chosing. I am losing so much time making a new legendary gem from scratch? Why not put an option in the cube to take it out again so u dont have to do the same work over and over again which is tedious and boring? 3: plz plz plz either drop more deaths breath or make cube recepy's use less...i am constantly out! I never run out of the other materials except this! 4: Being able to alter more then 1 stat to an item. For a casual gamer like me it take too much time to find THAT gear item with the perfect stats. Even an increase of 1 extra slot to change would make so much difference to me. As it costs resources it is still limited to how much u can afford but when u get that money and resources its nice to be able to make the gameplay better without playing for months hoping to find that 1 item. 5: More uses for ramaladnis gift. Why only for a weapon? Why not for off hand and jewelry? I hope i am not asking for too much, probably am ;-) Sowwy.KILLINGSTREE3 Jun 6
Jun 6 Not all legendaries have legendary affixes Why does not every legendary have a legendary affix? I am genuinely curious about this. Mostly because most bulds requires either a set item or specific legendary affixes. Items without legendary affixes simply do not make the cut. This makes these legendary items without legendary affixes rather pointless in the game.the8thark4 Jun 6
Jun 6 never seen this before -- RNG badluck(bug?) I've been rerolling this Aether Walker - Trying to hit 10% CDR, it's never hit 10% CDR and that is the only thing I've been rolling for since the first time I rolled it... It is now at 22.475M Gold Per Roll.. I'm not sure exactly how many rolls that is, but I can tell you I've played this game for 9.2k hours play time, just on Americas server, PTR + EU would put me over 10k, I've never seen an item be this stubborn, like not even close. FIX YOUR RNG, I saw RCR 10% 6 x in just rolling what I did today, which was 55 more rolls.. I cant recall a time that its taken me over 10m to get 10% cdr other than when it was the weapon damage. This is just trying to reroll INT to CDR 10%.Darth1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Should there be a gift to socket Jewellery? Ramaladni's Gift Use this item and select an unsocketed weapon to add a socket. This item is destroyed in the process. We all know that exists. But what if a 2nd gift type existed. To add a socket to jewellery (rings and amulets. This would allow more diverse builds as players would be able to use many more different types of jewellery on their characters. Also jewellery is like weapons. As in for most people they are worthless without a socket. This issue is remedied on weapons with Ramaladni's Gift. But on jewellery where sockets are just as needed there is no remedy. I say adding a new type of Gift to socket Jewellery would be a great idea. With no downsides. This will not turn a character overpowered. Just enable more diverse builds and maybe even allow a wider range of legendary gems to be used. Of cause this still keeps to the one socket per piece of jewellery limit, just like Ramaladni's Gift does for weapons. What do you think? Do you want more options when gearing your character? Do you want more diverse builds in the game? Do you want to have Jewellery gifts added to the game?the8thark6 Jun 6
Jun 4 cannot get reduced damage from elites I have tried more than 50 times in a row to get reduced damage from elites at the mystic on sunwoku's soul for my season 6 monk. There are only ten possibilities and you get two chances each roll so that means after more than fifty tries, it should have come up at least once, even at a bottom-end roll. I am rolling for the third slot from the top in the armor's stats.Ridgerider3 Jun 4
Jun 4 Dat Boi of the Deep O !@#$, it dropped, waddup! Jun 4
Jun 4 really im desappointed whit this diablo 3 diablo 2 was way much better than diablo 3, im really desappointed.operator1 Jun 4
Jun 4 All class sets need at least 8 items in set All class sets need at least 8 items in the set Reason: Very simple. To promote more build diversity. Often there is times you want to make a build but realise it is impossible because of how restrictive some sets are (based on what gear slots they take up). If all the class sets had at least 8 pieces then we all would have many more options to biuld more varied builds.the8thark5 Jun 4
Jun 2 Doing Falcon Wings Wrong? I've looked everywhere I could trying to find more detailed information, but I'm out of places to look. I've been trying to farm them in private games for 4 full days. Primarily on tier 10, but I've worked my way from T1 to T10, and in reverse, I've entered from gardens level 2, I've opened every chest, not just looked for the mysterious one. I've been doing it with a barbarian, the only character I basically play. Am I doing something wrong, or do the RNG Gods just hate me that much? Feel free to make fun of me and laugh, but if I am doing something wrong, it would be nice if someone could set me on the right path. ::)Czernobog5 Jun 2
Jun 1 Boon of hoarding question Currently I have the gem at level 15. I was going to level it to 25 and then stop. My question is, does the amount of gold that drops go up with the level increase or is it a set amount that drops regardless of the level? Thanks.PhazeDelta14 Jun 1
May 31 Question about armor ranges. I just got two level 70 Cloak of Deception items from an Act 2 cache. Neither are ancient, however they both have an armor mod but the armor range is different. One has 391 armor (range 373-397) while the other has 573 armor (range 559-595). Why is the range so different? Should they be the same? Thanks for any feedback, JJJimmyJames0 May 31
May 31 Jade Harvest set I have noticed that when compared to the 1st set bonus the 3rd set bonus only does about 50% more damage which is absurd because it is supposed to do 300 seconds time of damage of ALL DoT effects( i have haunt and the poison damage gem active). I think there is a glitch but that being said I have not done extensive testing.StarForgeR0 May 31
May 31 Not enough Death's Breaths drops Even with the sages 3pc bonus drops still seem slow and tedious to collect, please add another source of drops other than elite creatures, the cost of the cube is very high and eats them up quickly. Add a Death Goblin that drops Death Breaths. Allow them to drop from chests. Add in another 'to drop' bonus an item. Allow Kanai's cube to create / swap / transfer them. Just a few suggestions.Runemane25 May 31
May 31 Need some cosmetic understanding please x.x So, I've heard, there is a load of new wings in the game, even seen a vid that seemed to showcase liek 30+ or so wings. I hear there is a load of wings in the game now that you could find, but for the life of me, i cannot find a guide or vid or anything that shows me where i could get any of those items. Except for a few, like the butterfly wings from maghda, the falcon wings from act 4 hope place, and the wings from completing all set dungeons. Now I know there is a handful of wings only available to those who pre-ordered things or other games, but ive been led to beleive there is other wings I can earn, and i, for once, would like to not be the only person in all of d3 that doesnt have a pair of wings, and i would really like to not have my only options be those ugly falcon wings, those silly butterfly wings, or those impossible set dungeon wings. So can someone tell me, do i have my info wrong and there is no other wings than the above listed, or can someone point me to a guide or something that shows me all the available wings you can earn and where you can get them?Jojozityjo6 May 31
May 31 Calamity, or not? - So I have two Calamity 1H bows, one is socketed. (And forgive me, been playing D3 for a long time, but really new to crafting, etc...always have been a straightforward player and tend to skip the frills).My question is, should I extract MfD as a passive in Kanai's Cube? Do I have to use a specific skill to get MfD to work as a passive? Can I extract passives from other legendary weapons that DH's don't use and apply those as well? Ex, a wizard skill on a DH? Thanks in advance.Frosty373 May 31
May 30 over 7 hours ----no Falcon Wings I am sure that people have posted about this numerous times on here and I have seen around 2.5 hours or so as the norm but wonder wtf....heading towards 8 hours and still no mysterious chest! Have others labored this long and still have nothing to show for it? I was also logging for a half hour or so for the past three weeks and nada...I mean RNG my !@#....I think my account is I am not usually this tenacious but I am now on a mission...normally I would just say f*$K it.... Just ventingLobotomizer3 May 30
May 30 Expansion Updates and Suggestions Good Day Blizzard Staff and Nephalem, To get to the point on this, the thought of a few things that have shadowed over many players but with no resolve are looking for maybe some kind of answers as to and if any of this will ever come to pass. So without any further ado's I would like to first mention : 1. Loot Options: Loot options take time from the player enjoying the game and distract them from issues at hand in game this option would be best used in Hard Core while it will benefit all players in a positive way. This idea is designed to address the pickup of items similar in the way of gold but limited to items checked in one of two ways. To address this I propose that one of two way this can happen a: First offer it this in Game play options where the player can check a box that allows items such as Materials of any quality be checked and an auto loot of items would kick in based on the radius of the gold loot where they automatically go to your bag, OR option two b: This option is used in conjunction with an active pets ability to loot gold, however; for the sake of game play and Expansion this option could be introduced as trained skill to a pet through a pet trainer placed in game that must be found similar to the cube. Once found you will have the options with the trainer to adjust your loot style like that mentioned in part (a) of this. Thoughts and feedback on post are welcome, please remember to be respectful and like always be creative.UnholySlayer0 May 30
May 30 [Suggestion] Boon of the Hoarder upgrade So I was talking to a friend today and thought it kind of sucked that Boon of the Hoarder stops upgrading at 50. So we were discussing how to add some other functionality to it to keep it upgradeable like all the other gems. And my thought was this: Add to the main benefit - "Increases Nephalim Rift completion by 1% per [300,000->100,000] gold collected." It would reduce by 4,000 gold per level. This would give better reason to keep upgrading and would stop at 100, which is higher than probably most people get their gems upgraded anyway. Since it would only function toward Neph Rifts and most folks at TX speed run those for keys anyway, it would probably add only a small amount of speed for them, though it would aide in quickening the time to farm each key, even if only by 20 seconds. It gives a reason to pick up gold, aside from empowering rifts. And it would fit with the Boon of the Hoarder gem theme. And since it would only affect completion, it stops doing anything one the Rift Guardian is summoned/dead. Thoughts?BrewceLee3 May 30
May 30 adding an in game mailbox i just lost power along with 2 other people with me and all 3 of us got disconnected right after getting a bandit shrine, we didnt get to get any of our loot and lost out on all the mats and everything including legendarys. i think blizz should add the in game mail in game feature like in world of warcraft where if you miss an item it sends it to you. its really unfair when something like disconnection or power outages hit and you lose everything. PLEASE Blizzard consider adding an in mail mailing system in d3RotCChick1 May 30
May 30 What is up with Cain's and Borns??? Had to plvl a new char in HC, bit the dust today. A buddy was getting a plvl on a second HC. I was 42 and he was 41 by the time I got the gear crafted and on. We leveled at an almost identical rate........Even though I had SEVENTY PERCENT more xp! Seems maybe it was only .7% the whole time? OR calculated oddly so it actually doesn't matter if you wear it? Something is up with that. I should have been leveling way faster.TheIrishOne1 May 30
May 29 Crus items - next patch Some suggestions :) Sun keeper : enemies slowed by shield glare take 200% more dmg from smite. pig sticker : increases attack speed of crusader primary spells by 25-50% and dmg by 200%.Madmartigan0 May 29
May 29 Dh items - next patch Some suggestions : Etrayu : Hungering arrow gain the effect of every rune. Remove the %cold and add +50 - 75% dmg to hu. Wildwood : improve grenades Balefire caster : improve evasive fire Emimei's Duffel: +75/100% to bola dmg bola bow : +50/75% to bola dmg Improve all runes of chakram, right now only physical is used. Fletcher pride : spike trap gain the effect of scatter rune, +50-75% to spike trap. Uskang : fan of knives gain the effect of assassin knives. +50-75% to fan of knives Corruption : enemies hit by both spike trap and caltrops take 500% more dmg from spike trap. Spines of Seething Hatred : +50-75% to chakram Emimei's Duffel : +50-75% to hungering arrowMadmartigan0 May 29
May 29 Monk Items - next patch Some items / (spells ?) need to be upgraded, some suggestions : Scarbringer : enable all runes of the primary spell you have chosen. (if you have chosen way of the 100 fists, all these runes works : Hands of Lightning, Blazing Fists, ....) Demon Hand : triple the effects of the primary spell you have chosen (e. g. : Critical Hits increase your attack speed and movement speed by 15% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.) Logan Claw : it needs to be a "regen" claw : Triple your life per hit, life per regen and life per kill. Won Khim lau : your sweeping wind cyclone deals 400% dmg to enemies hit by them. Sledge fist : ? Staff of kyro : some love for deadly reach ! WARSTAFF OF GENERAL QUANG : rework - enable all tempest rush runes the paddle : rework (slap! come on ...) -> After using breath of heaven - circle of skorn, deals 500% dmg during 5 sec. Rozpedin force : after serenity ends, gain the effect of unwelcome disturbance during 10 more sec. erlang shen : gain the insight rune from epiphany. Epiphany now last 20 sec. Bezoar stone : inner sanctuary gain the effect of forbidden palace. see no evil : after using blinding flash, gain 40% dmg reduction during 5 sec.Madmartigan0 May 29
May 29 Next step for the cube. Cube a fourth spot in the cube, a legendary gem.TheIrishOne0 May 29
May 29 one of the best 1-h weapon dps rolls ever? does anyone have a higher number than this? i know the wand is pretty much useless but these numbers are toptierDecibel0 May 29
May 29 The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis I toook a look at a few of my toons and this item always seems to fill the damage gap until I get the weapon I need to complete my build So my hats off to you The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis you are there when we need you, always rolling high damage and always being pretty awesome until we throw you away for the build weapon we need. I'm looking at you Blade of the Tribes and Sacred HarvesterLypis0 May 29
May 28 Sir Williams, Does it have to be on TX? just curious if it has to be on TX for him to even spawn, or it doesn't matter? and do you need to fully clear the levels for a greater chance on the next run? weird i know, but just stories i have heardMaxipadd1 May 28
May 28 avg dmg vs main stat reroll Hi there I was thinking for some time about how good amulets/rings would be if they had avg dmg instead of main stat. The reason for that is obvious you can pretty much have all the main stat you want from paragons and now I have this near perfect amulet on which i can try this but since as i said its near perfect i don't want to mess it up so I started looking around for any info on how effective is the avg dmg. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon a video with these 2 formulas : avg ring dmg/avg wep dmg = %dmg increase and avg ring dmg/avg wep dmg x main stat+100 = %dmg increase converted into main stat What I would like for you guys to tell me is are these formulas legit and are they still working this way because the video was pretty old. In my case 147/1809.5=8.13% which converts into 757 main stat and if that is correct I don't think the avg dmg is worth since I lose toughness and i get less dmg.dido0 May 28
May 27 Pizza shield I was wondering if you can create item called pizza shield like that item bureger so i would go together with burger like attacking with burger and defending with pizza opShadowPrince5 May 27
May 27 A brief outline of how to get ancient items While googling how to farm ancients I came across an absolute gem of a forum post from about a year ago in the monk forum. I liked it so much I wanted to repost it here in the items forum. ...PaleBlueDot1 May 27
May 27 Show us your build (Legacy of Nightmare Set) With the new LoN ring sets a lot more builds become endgame viable. In this thread you can show us the builds you created on your own & which you wanna play when the next patch is out.!ZYbh!ZaYZZZ ^^ this here is my CC Whirlwind Barbarian. He uses CCs like Ground Stomp, Leap with the rune that pulls enemies towards you & Earthquake with the freezing rune.!bdXc!acZZab ^^this is a pretty standard Wizard that I would have loved to play in the endgame, but couldn't because there was no set that supported this build.!acVU!ZaZbbb ^^variation of a Shield Bash Crusader that was not endgame viable beforeclueso16 May 27
May 27 Need icon that indicates if power extracted When viewing a legendary item description, there needs to be an icon indicating if the legendary power has been extracted in the Kunai Cube (if the legendary item that has an extractable power). Have three separate icons. Each indicating if the power has been extracted in seasonal, softcore, and/or hardcore modes. It's time consuming to check the Kunai Cube to see if you've extracted a power or not. It's even MORE time consuming if you're playing a seasonal character and need to know if you've already extracted the power in softcore. Since the Kunai powers transfer after a season is done, I would rather not have a duplicate power, unless I needed it at the time. Does anyone else agree that this should be a feature in an upcoming patch.Exarzan3 May 27
May 27 Kanai's cube help. I am working on completing all the power extracts for each class in the kanai cube, this brings me to two questions: 1. I noticed some items overlap between classes. If i extract the item for one class will it be available for the other class? 2. If it does open it for all classes is there a list out that only shows the items needed for each class and not the overlapped items? Thanks!Raiko1 May 27
May 27 Kanai's Cube Question Hello! Kind of a noob. How do you know which powers you are allowed to extract from various legendaries? I watched a video guide on Kanai's Cube and it said something to the effect that only some abilities can be extracted for various classes. I.e., a monk cant extract a certain ability, but a barb could. How do I know which ones I can extract without manually reading everything in the recipe book? Thanks!JohnYeWest7 May 27
May 27 [Suggestion] Consumable to trade items Hello everybody! I have been discussing with my girlfriend about item trading in Diablo 3, it seems things are made so hard to even share items with one another. I understand some of the reasons behind it but, having so that you can only trade items for a certain amount of time and only when you are together seems a little bit harsh, so here's my proposal... A new item, a consumable that would allow players to share items with each other, here's how it works: 1 - Player A wants an item Player B has 2 - Player A gets a random drop of the Consumable 3 - Player A gives the Consumable to Player B 4 - Player B right clicks the Consumable and left click on whatever they wish to transfer ownership to (Account bound to player B) 5 - The item now belongs to Player A (Account bound to player A) 6 - Player B drops or trades the item 7 - Player A gets the item that once belonged to player B Problems that might arise: ? New player get OP items from old players + Not going to happen since new players need to have the consumable ? Old players giving the Consumable to new players + The item will have the player's Name(?) on it, so it only works for the one who dropped --- What do you guys think?Kape0 May 27
May 27 Picking Seasonal items Hi I have an incomplete Raekor's set but I don't know if it's worth using my one seasonal set on a full set of equipment I have half of. I was thinking of picking the Crusader set because I play that class a lot less than Wizard or Barbarian and I'm less likely to grind the set. My big question: Raekor's set is still findable in the normal game, right?Ganymedes1 May 27
May 26 So, can we start trading again? I just want to quickly insert this regurgitated message right here. Why is there not official trading in a Diablo game? I hear from a lot of other players that have quit playing or refuse to come back make statements about the poor choices with the trading system. The console has it yet the PC version doesn't. I'm sorry but one of the funnest aspects of Diablo growing up was being able to trade ANY items that the player deemed worthy and creating extemely viable builds to tamper, change, or enjoy at hand. Now, if you don't jump in at the beginning of the season you're playing catch me up for most of the time and way off basis from a lot of players. But being forced into a game and hoping that someone of the same class hits an ancient you're looking for is not just irritating but puts unreasonable barriers on the freedom and choice of the player. IMO that is. There are of course others that are fine with the way the system is and can enjoy a lot of the newer aspects of the game but it still just doesn't feel like a Diablo game without trading.Matheyus128 May 26
May 26 SUGGESTION: A ring/amulet consumable to add a socket What would you all think of a new jewelry consumable like RAMALADNI'S GIFT for amulets & rings? I found a few Ancient Legendary rings without a socket that I'd love to bore a socket into for a legendary gem instead of playing the roulette wheel of re-rolling 1 property. I've tried over 100 times on an amulet and still no socket. Sigh.Lazarys6 May 26
May 26 Need advice on getting Equipment Hi Everyone... First of let me already thank you all. I have only been playing for 2 weeks. I am only playing at T2 difficulty.. However, I cannot seem to scavenge stronger gears. I don't think I will be able to play T3 difficulty and up unless I get stronger weapons at least. I am still even figuring out how to use the Kanai's Cube even and which among those items are actually worth making. I am playing with a barbarian. I am already level 70(80). I need your help bec. I am down to the last 4 on the list of achievements needed to complete season 6 for barbarian. I've been googling about this topic but I am getting to many information many of which I do not understand, yet. I would appreciate your help. =)irhene059 May 26
May 26 Tyrael's Weakness. I know its really called Tyrael's Might but the legendary is just so boring.... For Tyrael being a big character in the current game you would think his "Might" Would have some sort of cool affect to it. Could this Legendary please be the next one up for a rework.Suslik8 May 26
May 25 Gibbering gemstone So I'm looking to make the staff. I know the plans have been updated, this is the last item I need. I know it's an extremely rare drop, but I've been doing this since RoS was pretty much released, and I have yet to get it. I've farmed for probably 100 hours. I was told today it no longer exists in the game, but I don't see proof of that anywhere so I'm going to keep thinking it's there. Is there a way to get a better drop chance? I'm going through adventure mode, so if the Icefall caves bounty shows up I just restart.Bubbles9 May 25
May 25 Witching Hour why is it so hard to get I don't understand why this belt has to have such a terrible drop rate, it's just another piece of gear. I'm really getting sick of devoting all my playtime to getting this one item, thank you for reading.Murdock30 May 25
May 25 Does the horadric hamburger still drop? Who drops it?baibai6 May 25
May 25 XP Sets I was looking at the Born's Defiance set, Cain's Fate set and the Hallwoed Defenders set and was wondering why not make a single set based off these 3 sets where it could have a 2 piece, 4 piece, 6 piece and possibly even an 8 piece set since there would be enough items to do 8 piece. Such a set I feel would work well with the Gem of Ease where a person could turn the set where a LVL 1 could equip it and get leveled up with some gear and if a person were to do rifts they could use a gem of ease on the Nemesis Bracers to make it a very fast way to LVL up a toon while at the same time making it difficult to some degree especially for Hardcore players.MonsterSquad0 May 25
May 25 Season 6 Ancients, Horrible Thank you Blizzard for making it so difficult to acquire anything ancient for a LoN Crusader. I play hardcore mode, and this season I cannot find anything worth anything. Then what makes matters worse is that when I do find an ancient gear, its horrible. I have wasted my time, energy, tens of millions of gold and lots of resources attempting to modify the gear to suit my crusader, but nothing has worked. In the past seasons, I would have my gear by now, especially that I am over 620 Paragon levels, so I could work on upgrading legendary gems and or climbing the leaderboards. Cannot do that this season due to the nerfing of Kadala, the Cube, and Myriam. Even doing ubers nets zero results. Nothing has worked this season. Thank you Blizzard for the frustration.Knightmare6513 May 25