Items and Crafting

Apr 26 TOO MUCH STUFF!!! New season legs... great. New sets.... awesome. New gems... fantastic. Just, for the love of God, give me a place to put it all. That's all I'm asking. How can you keep adding more and more stuff with no place to put it all. I play all six classes. I'm screwed. And no, there's no freakin way I make Conqueror in 3 months and get a new tab. Not gonna happen. (now, if you let me buy a new tab every season we can talk) Pretty please? With sugar on top? I'll be your best friend!!Geuggz3 Apr 26
Apr 25 Corrupted Ashbringer I just found this, and I haven't seen it before. Is it any good? thanksChuglug4 Apr 25
Apr 25 I can't play anymore because no stash space. I really love the Diablo game. Great game. Is it something really wrong about operating this game that people can't play anymore simply because there is not enough stash space?? Please, what is the use of all the updates, new items and everything, if people are thwarted by stash space??MICHAELMJL42 Apr 25
Apr 24 Trading makes the game <Trade Discussion> First off, I just want to say that Diablo has always been and forever will be my dream game. However, after finishing up 8+ years of Diablo 2 (which was both amazing and imperfect), I moved into Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is amazing, i love the fluid movements, the story, the multiplayer, the items! However, half the fun for me is always finding the treasure I can't find a use for and giving it to a friend who can use it, or rather trading it for something i can use or selling it for more wealth. I understand that bots had taken over diablo 2 and they moved their way into Diablo 3, but you know what? That's not a player issue, nor should it be our problem, nor should we have to sacrifice our bartering rights just to save blizzard from actually doing there job and making the game fair and upholding their terms and services. If there is a bot issue, address it! don't just say "well, there are bots. better take away trading. oopsies" That's bull. Sure take away the auction house, but don't take away our opportunities just because you can't help but push an issue onto us rather than take the time to address it properly. I bought this game because I saw the potential it had to take Diablo 2's place, but sadly after the restrictions to trading, you may as well be playing offline.MrJacal15 Apr 24
Apr 24 Could you create a bracer? I wonder could blizzard make a bracer with run speed on gold pickup? I play as a locust swarm wd, but i lack speed. It would be nice if there was a bracer win run speed on gold pickup so that my wd would run like the wind :)Megara0 Apr 24
Apr 24 Star of Azkaranth - its use There's lots of good uses for immunity items (Mara's, etc) but Azkaranth has an advantage in terms of speed. While you're waiting for those explosions at the end of fire enchanted elites, waiting to get your purple globes, that's a precious five seconds off your time in a Greater Rift. Just a thought. That's why Azkaranth, if you can find it, helps trim down the time in GR's.Violetta2 Apr 24
Apr 24 Official Encyclopedia PLEASE !!! I have been searching for answers to questions, only to find out that the answer provided in the forums is seriously outdated, and items, skills and gems have been revised since the posts. The 3rd party websites are also seriously outdated, and most don't have any mention of some of the newer items. One item that really needs to be explained in depth is which attacks add stacks to the Bane of the Stricken gem. Does each of the strikes from a 7-sided strike add a stack, or is that considered "one attack" ? If you are wearing Mirinae, does each smite add a stack ? If you are wearing the Wreath of Lightning gem, does each bolt add a stack? If you have a pet build and are using Enforcer, will your pets add stacks ? Does each lightning strike from the Thundergods belt add a stack? Does the damage from "Area Damage" add a stack ? Does Area Damage occasionally trigger another Area Damage ? Sooooo many questions that only the developers can accurately answer. The Damage Calculator websites DO NOT calculate what gem effects work together on builds, or what skills or item effects trigger gem stacks and abilities - only the base damage output based on the items worn. Developers, PLEASE add a listing of "This adds stacks" and more importantly, "This damage type DOES NOT add stacks" for gems like Bane of the Stricken, then update the list when a new patch rolls out. Please do this for all gems. Thank you.BentWilly0 Apr 24
Apr 24 Moonlight Ward where to farm? Hi all, on the PTR i found the lvl 60 version of the "Moonlight Ward" but i can't remember where i found it. Can someone tell me where this amulet is dropping? Can't find stuff on the net. Only about the old version - or the low lvl version on the item page here So any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.Spurlos7 Apr 24
Apr 24 Cosmetic items from China Good morning, Question is more for Blizzard that other players, but who knows... Maybe someone heard some rumors. I am aware that on chinese servers you are able buy some cosmetic items for real money. Like some kickass wings. See below: Are you planning to add them on EU/US server? And if yes - Any estimated time? Regards, FoxFireFoxfire1 Apr 24
Apr 23 Deaths breath dryspells??? Whenever im playing i randomly get dryspells of killing elites and not getting any deaths breath for like 20min in spurts is this normal im playing on t8 whiich i think is 100% drop chance is this normal or a glitch????DewMe1 Apr 23
Apr 23 Diablo 3 and charms Bring back charms in diablo 3 and also runewords, thanks.Pacoh1 Apr 23
Apr 22 New Set idea: Tricks of the Trade As much as I like to play an Arcane Wizard, I feel like the current sets don't allow for that much freedom of play. While all Wizard sets are viable, none really lend themselves to a general, all-purpose Arcanist build. For instance, Vyr's set is focused entirely on Archon, and restricts your entire focus around that one spell. Delsere's set likewise focuses entirely around Slow Time, forcing the player to micro-manage time bubbles constantly in order to deal damage and prevent incoming damage. Plus, Delsere's set only works for specific spells, meaning that over half of the Wizard's non-primary damage-dealers will not get any sort of damage buff from the set. As for the others, Tal-Rasha's set requires elemental spam for full effect, and Firebird's set need not apply, because fire only. To counteract this problem, I designed a set based on Mirror Image, which is a spell that I felt has been mostly neglected by Blizzard ever since it was created. While the set will require Mirror Image to be a slotted spell (or have some other form of cloning be present), the lack of a severe cooldown won't require the Wizard to constantly struggle with Cooldown Reduction for the set's damage buff. Plus, unlike Delsere's set, the damage is applied to any spell with an Arcane rune equipped, regardless of which spells are used, thus allowing for much greater versatility. Story-wise, the set was created by a Thief Wizard named Michelis, who stole and re-purposed many magical artifacts in order to construct his own set of magic armor. His primary strategy mixed Mirror Image, Arcane magic, and just about every under-handed trick the Thieve's Guild had to offer. Cosmetically, I figure that it would look a lot like a fusion of Vyr's set and Ascended armor, with a mirrored mask, reflective Pauldrons, and even with a floating circular mirror for the Wizard Orb. The necklace could also be a stolen Cameo locket, with untold truths hidden away. Tricks of the Trade 2 Pieces: Mirror Image gains the effect of every Rune, and last until they die. 4 Pieces: 25% of all damage dealt to the Wizard is split evenly among all Mirror Images instead. 6 Pieces: Arcane spells deal 400% damage for each Mirror Image or Clone. Michelis' Illusive Testimony (Neck) Michelis was never to be believed, even 'if' he told the truth. Michelis' Hidden Agenda (Torso) Many knew of the Thief Wizard Michelis, and his thirst for magical artifacts, but nobody knew why. Michelis' Misleading Stance (Legs) Often, guards were led on long pursuits by Michelis, only to have been misled by an illusion. Michelis' Misdirecting Guard (Shoulders) Michelis used Mirror Images to great effect, often appearing in one place, while stealing from another. Michelis' False Visage (Wizard Hat) While many have seen his face, it is unknown what Michelis truly looks like. Michelis' Beguiling Touch (Hands) If anything went missing, it was sure to wind up in the hands of Michelis. Michelis' Disguised Step (Feet) Michelis put these stolen boots to great effect, sneaking past even the most wary of guards. Michelis' Luring Mirror (Orb) This enchanted mirror was stolen by Michelis, who used it to increase the power of his own reflections.MrGimps1 Apr 22
Apr 22 Set stuff on followers As I play alone, I´ve got nobody to ask, so I came here. I searched and found only topics from many years ago, so things may have changed. I got my vault filled with set jewelry, such as "2rings set" and "1ring+1necklace set". All my toons are already pretty well when it comes to the "bling" items. So I was thinking, can I use those on my followers? Well, of course I can...but will they benefit from the jewelry sets? Will they get the damage bonus, defense bonus and whatnot? I hope someone can bring some light here. Wish you all a good game and loads of fun. p.s.: I hate arcane sentries.Sannosuke2 Apr 22
Apr 22 What's this? Old Ancient Sash of Knives? The #1 EU Demon Hunter is using this item as an ancient. Is this still dropping? Are there two different SoKs around? Old items should not be best in slot.Cybah1 Apr 22
Apr 22 LoN - Additional Build Flexibility Two thoughts to go along with the class skill increases to make sure LoN is not left behind this season: First, to keep the damage scaling similar, why not increase the LoN bonus to either 125% or 150% per ancient and open up more viable/experimental builds? This is a maximum increase of either 325% or 650% if wearing 2x weapons or 1-hand/off-hand, and only an overall 25-50% in comparison with most of the 6-set 50% to 100% overall damage potential increases. Second, change the set structure of LoN to include 1x amulet and 2x rings, but still offering only the 2 item set bonus. This would offer even more build flexibility for either a ring-ring set bonus or a ring-ammy set bonus. Forcing players into only being able to choose 1 legendary ring affix is extremely restricting to build potential for LoN due to the nature of the legendary affixes on rings being more offensive based.Xeliana0 Apr 22
Apr 22 Blowing off some steam / Firebirds So PTR is boosting the damage on firebirds. WHOOPIE. So can we all clarify that the set bonus on firebirds says while enemies are burning you get a damage increase. Like to point out that its not while enemies are burning its when enemies are inflicted with the SPECIFIC Firebird burning effect. You have to inflict that 3000% fire damage before you get this so called "burning" effect. I'd like to point out that there is a passive skill called conflagration that causes enemies hit by fire attacks to start "BURNING." Personally I hate the firebirds set since you end up killing the target before you can get the damage buff from the set, basically making it impossible to get the damage buff for any worthy amount of time. Now some might say that I'm just not playing at a torment level that can make use of the 3000% fire damage "burning" effect. Well the problem there is that any higher the wizard is basically dead in one hit. So cant make use of the damage even if I get it. What I would like to see is Firebirds set going back to its original stats where there was a worthwhile 4th set bonus. OR make the quote Unquote "BURNING" effect procable by the passive skill conflagration. Considering the set does say when the enemy is burning, not when the enemies is burning with some mystical HOT pink fire that no one ever sees as a graphic in the game. Ah sry about that I feel much better now that I have finished my rant. Thanks for reading this tiny novel entitled blowing off some steam.Aarius3 Apr 22
Apr 22 New wizard item idea - helm of foresight Your primary skills now consume 3-5 arcane per attack granting and arcane reserve. You may store up to 8 stacks. Casting a resource spender consumes your stacks. The consumed charge is removed from the cost of casting the resource spender. Would be awesome for keeping up resource, and could work with the zodiac ring. Just need fragment of destiny affecting all primaries. Could make several builds work with this. A MM / EB build would be pretty cool with this.aloc0 Apr 22
Apr 21 TY 4 bans = :) and set item buffs = : ( I managed to stay on the leaderboards even after not playing for over a month. Checked 2 weeks ago and I was in the 700s+ and now I'm in the 650s lol. Good Stuff! Keep it up Blizzard! Also, I just came across some Meathead Mikhail videos recently and noticed that he nearly completely quit videogames. I do watch a lot of Let's plays and w/e on youtube just to hear something while I work, so that it's not too silent and noticed one thing in particular that made me dislike the whole buffing sets after each patch. Mostly because it makes gamers feats obsolete. I addressed this before and hopefully players and blizzard can hear me out this time as to why I stopped particularly enjoying this game and hopefully remedy this for the future. -Please stop buffing sets. I play primarily DH and it pains me to see every set buffed to new heights. Maybe they want DH to stay relevant in group play but I think more players actually play solo. So when I started off 2.4 I was very happy to reach 75+ GR solo on my Nats and too me, this was a personal accomplishment. But when I heard about the buffs being given all around, I felt like everything I've done is becoming obsolete after every patch and this is making me wonder whats the point? Now I know Meathead Mikhail used to make a lot of videos on his GR push and I can understand why he quit along with his personal life issues but I feel that if maybe Diablo would stop buffing items and sets that DON'T need buffing, players can feel more of a sense of accomplishment. Anyway, that's my 2 cents and hopefully season 6 or 7(I forget) will be in the right direction. Edit: OK i checked and i mean, I hope season 7 will be in the right direction :) as this 2.4.1 will probably stay as is.Speckoh6 Apr 21
Apr 21 improving RNG Hello, with season 5 ending soon, I'm trying to reach GR75 with my wizard and therefore upgrading my gear, specially with transmog it cost me 7.705.530 gold plus comp (I believe some 50 rerolls) to finally get 'increase arcane orb damage' instead of metor on my helmet. 13% only, guess I'll wait for another season to get 14% there are 12 possibilities for this slot on helmet, which means, as you get 2 choices per transmog, that I should have got this affix in 6 rolls where is the fun in that ? how come you haven't found a better way yet ? like letting you choose the affix you want and leave RNG to the value (10 to 15%) like improving the odds everytime you fail like giving you a RNG value at least equal to the one you already have ... and this could work for so many thing, so that you don't make a TX rift and get no legendary at all, so that you don't spend 1200 shards on leg items at Kadala and get no legendary ...Jedam3 Apr 21
Apr 21 RNG Why do I get the same Set and Legendary items dropping. I am playing on Torment 8. I get the same few item drops. Is there a way to reset the RNG?Chaucer6 Apr 21
Apr 21 Ease of unwanted trading As a relatively new player/gamer, this game is not the most user-friendly game to start. However, I've been enjoying it so far. UNTIL, I just went to transport to someone and prematurely selected "trade" instead. I did not want to trade anything! I can't find the person, I don't have any record of the trade, and I have no recourse to get my item back! Quite upsetting! Point: Since you can't contact support to offer feedback::: I think in a update, Blizzard should change the location of the trade option. Not everyone has been playing the game since Diablo I! Have some consideration! It's bad enough there's no real guideline to learn about the major components of the game (crafting, etc)!! Disappointing!KONKher3 Apr 21
Apr 20 caldesann's despair question Hey guys, Tonight I performed my first Caldesann's, and used a 65 gem on my Yangs. It was successful, and has added 325 dex . However, my weapon damage remained unchanged, exactly as it was before. Am I missing something? Is it a bug? Am I such a dumbcluck I should go outside and pluck my feathers to make a hat? Yours forever noobily DarkDarkmere8 Apr 20
Apr 19 Spectrum Sword What mob dropped yours? Also anyone want to come help farm for one? (Seasonal)Topher19 Apr 19
Apr 19 Item manager please? Something like the auction house item viewer. I've got my stuff spread out across 14 characters...soon to be 15. Would be nice if I didn't have to leave and rejoin everytime I had to look for an item.frogg6264 Apr 19
Apr 19 more kanais cube slots please please devsMil2 Apr 19
Apr 19 Suggestion regarding ancient items I don't want to waste anyone's time so I'll just throw an ideea I have from some time now, hopefully it was not suggested already by others : In the current state of the game (2.4.0) it feels mandatory to equip full ancient gear in order to be competitive on the leader-board and everyone knows that with a lot of time investment this is achievable. Because of this sometimes the games feels like a "job", you know that if you put enough effort you will get the expected results. Because of this the game is rather plain and doesn't offer too many satisfactions and surprises. In order to promote the game to surprise us from time to time and keep us playing - even if our character is full ancient, adding new levels for the ancient items with exponential increasing rarity based on the ancient level will keep players play the game hoping that one of these items will drop. The drop chance should be ridiculously low so when such an item drops it should be a rare event and no one should make plans to have full ancient level 2 or more. Finding such an item will be a rare event and should be highly rewarding for the player : Supposing the normal legendary is defined by : - normal legendary - 100% stats , drop chance 1% The ancient ones will be by something like : - ancient legendary - 130% stats , drop chance 1% / 10 - ancient legendary level 2 - 170% stats , drop chance 1% / (10 * 1.000) - ancient legendary level 3 - 220% stats , drop chance 1% / (10 * 3.000) .... and so on... we'll let blizzard decide what are the optimal values It make sense to have more than 3 ancient levels so regardless what you find it's nice to know that there is an extremely small chance to find something much better. This could impact the game in many positive ways, finding some key ancient items with level > 1 might determine players to go for builds which are not the most optimum on the leader board, but because the item is so strong it might make them competitive even on leader board. Hopefully this wasn't too long, I would love to see something like this in the game :)Sylar0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Life per Kill gem A "Life per Kill" gem is needed, to somehow use the Soulsmasher (real weapon or kanai extracted).hekoone0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Please sell stash tabs.Cant run another season. I dont know if I can do another season there is absolutely NO REASON to do it other than the 80 hour taunt for a much needed stash tab.I love the game I really do but I DO NOT love it enough to start over and over and over honestly the thought of starting fresh makes me kinda sick and makes me wanna dump it. 5 Seasons of starting fresh and the ONLY thing that makes any sense at all to do a 80 hour grind is a stupid stash tab. That we all need. Activision is a useless company so damn useless they dont even want to make money where money is screaming to be made you would make a killing from stash tabs and you would have happier players.INSTEAD your like here follow the cheese for 80 hours. Listen let me make it clear I have spent like 1400 hours on this game and loved it don't get me wrong I am not complaining about the game I am complaining about the hamster wheel affect and am just tired of starting fresh.. So please either put a reason to do seasons like legendarys, make the stash tab accessible via purchace or remove the earn your stash tabs via seasons one of the above has to happen.Drago9 Apr 19
Apr 18 How do you organize your items and Stash? Getting ready for end of Season? Getting ready for the the new patch? Wanting to make room for Ancient items and clear space for new characters? (I just saw Flux at IncGamers post a thread discussing item organization and it had me thinking about this again.) It's a topic that effects all of us. What's your strategy for item overflow? Have you thought about it? Have you always employed a specific method of sorting your treasure? I have a really tough time with, 'what to keep? What to toss?' decision making. I know I keep too many things. But, I don't want to hunt for an item twice.(I've had to do this and it's terrible when you read about a build and realize you've tossed away half of the gear you needed try a new style of Diablo game play) So, I literally spend hours sorting through items on odd days. But, only because, if I don't organize, I wont have room to pick up items. (I realize I'm opening the door to the 'you're a stupid hoarder' comments from the trolls ... but, no need for t hose comments I'll admit I have a problem ;) Hello, I'm AdAstrA ... and I'm a Diablo Item Hoarder. But, I'm working on it; devising a system for sorting. Here are some of my ideas, some of my issues and I'll add more as I think of them. I tend to keep crap items until I have a better replacement. But, I'm getting better about only keeping items with certain attributes: If a ring(or amulet) already has a socket ... it's more likely to go to the top of my list of keepers. But, as a general rule beyond the socket, jewelry also has to have a high damage enhancement as well as a main stat. If a piece of jewelry already has max CDR (cool down reduction) and a socket It's a keeper If a piece of jewelry already has max CC (Critical hit chance) and a socket It's a keeper If a piece of jewelry already has max CD (Critical hit Damage) and a socket It's a keeper Max stat (500 Str/Dex/Int/Vit)used to be enough for me to hold an item but, i'm learning to let go if the item doesn't function in any particular game play enhancing way. *also Max cap stats are about to go higher because Ancient Legendaries. So, Many of my saved items are on the choppin' block atm. Alternate set items with various resistances are kept and this IS my albatross. Because, my dream set up is one where my resistances are not only high, but evenly high. Legendary and Set items with Alternate skills ... because skills get nerfs and buffs with every patch; because new builds are game play styles are fun to explore. But, these last two reasons to keep items has my stash locked down. What's your method of item organization? I'm jealous of the people who just toss $#!+. I remember watching a strategy youtube video posted by Moldran and he had next to nothing in his stash. I was like ... this dude has something figured out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What makes this issue more complex for me is that I generally use several classes. I like all the classes. My main class is a DH. (it used to be a barbarian but, ever since the nerf to WW I had to change out) So, I will start season with a DH, and then move on to Barb, Monk and eventually Wizard. I tend to play around with the WD and the Crus but, there's just not enough room for all the gear. So, I try to keep the gear for each particular class stored IN that characters inventory except for when I'm playing them. So I have an alternating tab space that I make available(keep empty) for the particular class I'm currently playing. While I'm playing with a class other than my DH(my main) I move that players inventory into the tab space. If that character is a barb, I move the gear from the barb to the tab second tab space so that the barb has the room to pick up items. I change the 'icon' on the tab to the face of the Barbarian. So, my method: Tab 1 Gems, crafting mats, Legendary Gems, Gifts, Grift keys, rift Keys and spill over. Tab 2 is my Alternating tab ... I swap it out to which ever class I'm currently playing. Tab 3 is DH armor Altertantives (sets and legs) Tab 4 is DH weapons and off hand items Tab 5 is Dex Jewelry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another issue which has me holding on to both seasonal and non-seasonal characters are my friends. For my social network is divided. It seems like many of my friends didn't like the idea of going seasons and many jumped in with both feet. Either way, if I want to hang with all of my friends, I have to alternate between seasonal and non seasonal characters.AdAstrA61 Apr 18
Apr 18 13 gems of ease yup I now have 13 gems of ease at level 25, weird I know but the game has gems for a reason the question is what set do I make level one, I was thinking Nats gear for a DH since that is what I play I have a full mara set of ancient, and just need a chest piece for a UE set the only rerason I did this was because I thought it would be fun to start a new toon with a complete set OF ancient level 70 gearwarmouse37 Apr 18
Apr 18 Finding Better Legendaries I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to find Legendaries with better stats on them. I have tried everything that people have suggested: Running rifts and grifts, Kadala, converting set items, upgrading rares. Everything that anyone has suggested to me I HAVE TRIED. I am just trying to find legendaries that will help me. Read this before replying... I am going for builds that people post on YouTube and not my own build. I know what works on the builds that I am using. All I need are gear with better stats. PLEASE HELP MENeptunus21 Apr 18
Apr 18 Account bound I used an account rollback recently, does that make all my old Vanilla items from early D3 days account bound or did they just make everything account bound even if it was legacy??haxity1 Apr 18
Apr 18 Got my stash tab and can honestly say... I will never play another season again. If that means I'll never get 10 stash tabs then so be it. I'm a solo player, and seasons has never interested me to begin with. I was fine waiting for the new legs to roll out and into the reg pool after the season was done but then blizz made it so I had to play seasons to get an extra stash tab. I forced myself to grind it out despite essentially hating every second of it. yes, It eventually came to a point where I was just playing like I normally would. however, the bitterness I felt the entire time by being "forced" into this mode I had no interest in kept me from ever enjoying it. After experiencing it all I can honestly say extra stash tabs just aren't worth it to me. So, seasonal players, enjoy all the extra space you'll get. I'm off to take a long break from D3 as this whole thing has thoroughly drained my desire to continue playing D3 at all for a good long while.BladeRunner116 Apr 18
Apr 18 Legendary Ideas for DH\Wiz\Monk ! Here are a bunch of legendary effects i would like to see on items in the future. Some of them have been cooking in my head for literally years: I'm just gonna throw a bunch of ideas here, maybe it will spark some more from people! Wizard: * Familiar gains the effect of every rune * Arcane torrent - Death Blossom now targets 70% of projectiles to target location * Shock Pulse now seeks target * Reduce cooldown of Black Hole to 7 seconds (down from 12) * Mirror Image last twice as long * Reduce resource cost of Wave of Force by 50% * Electrocute now has a 25% chance to explode for 300% weapon damage Demon Hunter: * Reduce cooldown of Sentry by 50%, Sentry no longer cost resource * Increase grenade damage by 60% (could just replace the weak grenade passive) * Marked for Death gains the effects of all runes (how about a calamity comeback?) * Increase movement speed by 30% (non additive, UE\M6 are slow) * Increase the damage of your companions by 200% Monk: * Wave of Light - Pillar of the Ancients now lures enemies in 30 yard radius * Increase the damage of Exploding Palm - Shocking Grasp by 50% * Casting Serenity now generates 100 spirit * Reduce the resource cost of Lashing Tail Kick by 50% (basically making it into a SWK option) * Tempest Rush gains the effects of all runes * Seven Sided Strike gains the effect of sustained attack As you can see, most of these are not straight up damage increase, but some chain-breaking of rune-funneling we have to go through with some sets. If sets make us use 1 rune, at least have it passively active when choosing others.HolyDiver2 Apr 18
Apr 17 WINGS WINGS WINGS Okay, considering wings are being added and deleted pretty much on a daily basis it seems like, there is hardly any information on google or these forums that have provided me exact confirmation as to whether or not THE LAST TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE have been wasted or not... According to the Martingale probability theory, I am debating on whether or not I should spend any more time on trying to find the Falcon Wings:: I have been farming Act 4 Gardens of Hope 1st Tier and have found at least 150 of the blue chests but none of them have been titled as Mysterious yet.... Again, According to the Martingale theory, i should be getting pretty damn close... figured i would spend 5 minutes of time and post this, hoping to get an answer back before i spend another 2 hours of time on nothing or not. Thanks!!!SoulSlammer2 Apr 17
Apr 17 Augments with Consumable item I have lots of legendary gems but when I level those up I would rather keep them around in case I want to use them on more than one character. It seems like a better fit to have a consumable change from a socketing item to a levelling item to be used for augments. After we have socketed items there is a low chance to need another one. I currently have 8 of them which could easily fill that usage. If people are concerned about the drop rate of them then that could probably make some sense to increase a drop rate. To me though it doesn't matter. They seem to play into end game progression if it was to be used for that. I am saving my leg gems as it is for that better item before I waste an augment on something.Shockwave2 Apr 17
Apr 17 Legless Leg Legs. Suggestion of new legendary effects for legendaries without legendary effects. All weapons with the effect of " chance to inflict Bleed for 300–400% weapon damage over 5 seconds" gain instead: 75-100% chance to cause bleeding damage for 300-400% weapon damage over 5 seconds. Each additional strike increases damage by 100% and lowers the time by 1 second to a minimum of 1 seconds. (EG: 5 strikes = 800-900% damage over 1 second) Flesh is torn more and more with each slice, therefore more and more bleeding until everything is liquid. All items with "+10–12% Movement Speed" gain instead: Chance on hit to gain a burst of speed for 10-12 seconds +10–12% Movement Speed is replaced by another random magic property. 10-20% Chance to Stun on hit. Stunned enemies are knocked into the air. Nuts. Cracker. Nut cracker. 15-30% Chance to fear on hit. Feared enemies have a chance to cause other enemies to flee in fear. Each additional fear proc is diminishing from the last EG: First fear 5 seconds. all monsters passing within 5 yard radius of that monster fear for 3 econds. All monsters passing within 5 yard radius of those monsters fear for 2 seconds. All monsters passing within 5 yard radius of those monsters fear for 1 seconds, and there are no additional procs after that. "AUUUUUGH! What? AUUUGH AUUGH! What What? AUGH AUGH AUGH!" This thing... this thing tragically has no effect. It looks cool, its named cool, but it just isn't cool. When struck, 80-100% chance to cast a divine blast of light, dealing 500% damage to all enemies within 15 yards. You think you know me? Your basic attack now does 1500% of your weapon's damage. EG--normal attack, as in literally swinging the sword. Each additional attack by Fleshrake increases damage by 1% You may equip an additional Fleshrake. Enemies below 10% life have a chance to be guillotined. (They lose their heads and die instantly). 5% Chance to instantly do 10% of a monster's life total in damage Enemies destroyed have a chance to rise from the dead as bone mages, dealing 300% of your weapon damage as cold until killed (Max: 5) When an enemy is below 5% health and has been critically struck with Heart Slaughter, any critical hit will cause the enemy to explode in a radius of 15 yards for 2000% [Heart Slaughter] weapon damage. Your allies can proc it, it is based off of your weapon's damage. Blinded enemies take 30% additional damage while blindedHalcyon6 Apr 17
Apr 17 Revolutionary stash management idea Got 1 char of each classes and a few other char from season... Aaaarrggh,.... Have to merge them.. no space left.... Just got an idea! What if I just destroy everything that they do not wear ! That would be easy! :PLloyd7 Apr 17
Apr 17 BUG: very high drop rate of ravens wing in the last two days i have found 11 raven wing bows. somethings up.... with the droplistsean0 Apr 17
Apr 17 After Season 5? I ran a monk for season 5 and I used kanai's cube to capture the special attributes of items. After had converted 10 items I received notice that I had gained the 10 Cubist Award, that was yesterday, after the season ended, I spent three hours wittling all my stuff down so I could get it into a single bank vault :-( (why only one?) Today Sat. 04/16/2016 when I logged in I discovered that I had also gained the other 25 Cubist award! During season 5 I noticed that although i was playing on my account unless I had a recipe for a gem or for the blacksmith i could not make them even if I knew that my other toons had the recipe? So I went and check my monk and lo nad behold she has access to ALL of the Gems and Blacjsmithing recipes that my other toons have! Yeah, So I loaded one of my other toons to see if they could access the Kania's cube items and got nada, zip, blank screen! So now that you have slugged through all this prep reading why is only my monk able to access the kanai cube spells, when she can access all of the gem and blacksmithing recipies even though she never found all of them? OBTW when did the season end and the season toon get jumped to the same level as all the other toons on the account? It was a pleasant surprise, getting boosted 195 levels OVERNIGHT :-) Might not have been such a shock if it has occurred on Friday when i logged on and found that the Season 5 had ended, but nope found it when I logged on 04/16/2016?Cerin0 Apr 17
Apr 16 2016 Affix List? I have been searching for an affix list that shows me what stats come with what gear type, like what stats can an amulet have, ring, boots, main hand, offhand,...etc, but ive been getting mixed information, and all from things back in 2013 or 14, nothing up to date, is there anything out there that is still accurate or are we in need of an updated one?MARIN2 Apr 16
Apr 16 Does Sky Splitter proc on disintegrate? Is it any hit or just physical melee hits?Lutorius2 Apr 16
Apr 16 Caldesann's Despair I just augmented an ancient Dawn crossbow and I got +150 Vitality. I thought it adds to your main stat? Is it random now or bugged? Or is it because it's a pre 2.4 Dawn.DeltahJuliet4 Apr 16
Apr 16 I wish... There were Death Breaths in GR! I have 638 GR keys.. 37 Death Breaths!.. :'(Lloyd4 Apr 16
Apr 16 Patch 2.5 New Wizard set! This is news! Wizard set: The Hall of the Fate Mirrors Shining Illusion (Wand) Gorgeous Sense of Sight (Wizard Hat) Dreamy Controller (Glove) Moon of Darklight (Chest Armor) Unreal Nebula (Pant) Skywalker (Boot) (2) Set: Increase the quantity, duration and life of your Mirror Images by 50%. Decrease the cooldown of Mirror Image by 1 second when your Mirror Images have killed by enemies. (4) Set: You take 10% less damage for every Mirror Image you have active. Your Mirror Images will not destroy when you use another Mirror Image. (6) Set: Increase your damage by 300% for every active Mirror Image. Increase attack speed of your Mirror Images by 200%.SteryT7 Apr 16
Apr 16 leave taeguk the hell alone all this post means is they are gonna make taeguk only viable for strafe and WW, and probably nerf it so bad even those builds wont use it. the gem is great, but you have to manage it to get the most benefit. the only change would be something to help the problem dropping stacks while zoning to a new area. otherwise, leave it alone. there are already other options if you dont want to worry about actually paying attention to it. "Taeguk feels too necessary for a number of builds that it doesn’t fit well into. Every gem should have a specific use. Zei’s Stone of Vengeance is an example of a gem we think works well: it’s used by people who want a ranged playstyle, and it’s not used by people who fight close. Taeguk was intended to be a gem that was great for players who used movement-based channeled skills like Strafe or Whirlwind. It feels bad shooting Multishot into thin air to keep Taeguk stacks up, and we want to look at some changes that would give players other options. We want to avoid changes to Taeguk that would further cement Taeguk as a gem that is strong regardless of playstyle. We’re still working out the best way to address this, but if we change Taeguk to adjust it more for channeled skills then we would certainly provide other comparable alternatives, probably in the form of buffs to some other legendary gems."k1llface25 Apr 16
Apr 16 Spectrum NEEDS legendary effect.... It annoys me that Spectrum is hard to acquire and has NO legendary effect beside a transmog. I have 1 general idea which is similar to Halcyon's Ascent where its class specific and can't be cubed. Legendary effect: When you use (Vengeance, Wrath of the Berserker, Archon, Big Bad Voodoo, Epiphany and Akarat's Champion) the duration and effect is doubled. The reason I believe doubling the duration and effect would force the dev's to try and fix some of the problems regarding those abilities or at least changing them like they did with Vengeance in 2.4 i.e. Dark Heart and added a complimentary item too. The problem as I see it with these abilities is that only a single rune is being utilized and are virtually used in each build.DragonLily0 Apr 16
Apr 15 Invigorating Gemstone Rework Idea Each time you take damage you heal for 1% of your max hp. +0.1% per level. At level 25: You are immune to all control-impairing effects.AlienPrimate0 Apr 15
Apr 15 Will Asheara's ever get some love? Here's a thought: Change the Asheara's Set 4-piece bonus: "Attacks can occasionally cause your followers to come to your aid" to "All 3 followers fight by your side." **Yes, with all the improvements to the character specific sets, why not give some attention to the crafted sets as well? This would mean: 1. Followers are "permed" like the Demon Hunter's Companions (Maurader Set), the Ancients (Immortal King's Set), the Fetish Army (Zunimassa's Set), and the Mystic Allies (Inna's Set). They would still be knocked out for 10 seconds (if they don't have the "Immortal" token), but then, they get up again as before--you just have all 3 of them. **This is a viable option for Wizards who use Tal's as part of a 2-set combo (Tal's and Asheara's, Tal's and Delsere's, and Tal's and Firebird's). 2. This is about the ONLY way you can have a minion-build for Wizards--but it comes with a PRICE. Asheara's will NOT be a good set UNLESS the player is really dedicated to equipping all 3 of their followers well, and so it may be the most-variable set in the game as to what it can offer your class--from being a POWERFUL boost (with well-equipped followers) to a NON-FACTOR (with very poorly-equipped followers). **It is the ONE set that you actually get out what you PUT IN to making it successful. *Some might go for the "Durability" setup--with all 3 using Immortal tokens and Unity rings with their characters--that ALSO takes work. I actually favor using the "All Skills" Tokens on all 3--to get the most out of their abilities--and crowd control. 3. Crusaders don't have permed minions either, though Eternal Union and Unrelenting Phalanx can certainly get their minion-builds close. The Bow Men are quite popular, but as they are currently, they might be overpowered if they were simply permed--they would require some adjustment. Thoughts?PDMangler1 Apr 15
Apr 15 Will Gem of Ease drop again? I haven't seen this question addressed yet, though there is a lot of discussion about the gem's usefulness itself. My question is this - If I were to use the level 25 gem of ease on an item to remove it's level requirement via the Work of Cathan in the Kanai's Cube, will it drop again at level 1? The idea is that it's easy enough to level a gem to 25, and for an in-game loner that doesn't level using friends' help, it could be nice to equip a lowbie with high-end gear for easier leveling. I just don't want to lose the gem forever using it in one recipe. If it's possible for another to drop in GRifts, it would be worth it.Chaoz6 Apr 15