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Oct 3, 2012 wts Shenlong's Relentless Assault 1018 dps see thread happy bidding =]Prometheus7 Oct 3, 2012
Oct 3, 2012 gear analyzation tool This is based on the very excellent resource found here: I take no credit for gathering the data, I have simply organized it and made a tool for analyzing it in a certain way. I would also like to state that I would VERY much like to create an actual, searchable database with this data, but I do not (yet) have the know-how. When I do, I probably will. If anyone else knows how to do this now, ... you know, go ahead! ITEM COMPARE TOOL Go here: Anyone can edit, and I'm having a hard time getting google protected ranges to work the way I want, so PLAY NICE. (If anyone can help me improve on this PLEASE). HOW TO USE: 1. Near the bottom, click on a "User" sheet numbered 2 or higher. (try to find a sheet no one else is using -- OR, just copy the workbook for yourself.) 2. Click the yellow box and pick your item type 3. Click the grey and blue boxes and fill in your stat types (from the dropdowns) 4. Enter your stat numbers 5. You can then see how your stats compare to the best possible stats. I made several sheets (look near the bottom of the screen) so different users could use simultaneously, but also in case someone breaks something. User 1 is protected, so theoretically, you can't break it. If someone does break a sheet, just highlight all of "User 1" sheet, copy, then highlight all of the broken sheet, and paste. I'd be happy to know if you find any errors. (ps how do you subscribe to forum posts?! can't find anywhere...) This is totally ghetto, I know, but I hope it is useful to someone. I would love to have a full-featured database for this one day...istril0 Oct 3, 2012
Oct 3, 2012 sellin barb ammy and ring AMMY 5% CC 59% CD 319 Armor 126 Strength Ring 67 str 70 vit 9 max damage LoH +30 2.5% CCSwag06901 Oct 3, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 AH item vs equipped gear question Is there any way for me to tell for sure whether the weapon I'm thinking of buying in the AH will actually increase my DPS over the one I'm currently using? Sometimes it's obvious, like when it has a higher DPS and a larger primary stat bonus, but if I'm playing a wizard and thinking about switching from a one-hander with a source to a two-hander, do I just have to try to do the calculations on my own? And if so, does anyone know how I'd do that?Wooginator1 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTB> Inna's Temperance with 160VIT Hi ALL, there is a few Inna's Temperance with BIN price @ AH around 200mil, with 155~160 vitality. So, I like to ask is anyone like sell it without the 15% fee (170mil to 160vit, 150mil to 155vit, I guess). Cheers.FireBr0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Price Check on Godly Lacuni Prowlers Int - 140 Vit - 67 AR -54 Attack Speed -8% movement speed - 12% melee damage - 1225 Also accepting offers. Thanksh3llRaiz3r3 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTB 1.3k DPS Manticore, 2 Socket, 170+Dex Willing to offer 1.5B for a 1.3k DPS Manticore 2 socketed. Add me and msg me if you have something to offer. PrecisionX#1498PrecisionX1 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Price check on Blackthorne's Notched Belt 516 armor 67 dex 193 int 25% GF 20% MF 331 regen Looking for opinions on this as I haven't seen anything on the AH recently with the regen / MF combo. I'm assuming it's more than 5M but probably not more than 30M given the competition in the slot.Dairen0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTS monk set the monk set has 35 cc 260 cd 930 ar unbuffed 43k dmg 5k armor and 5 life steal works great can do all the acts easy solo just want to make my barb better so need the money 40m obo...techn9ne0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 PC on Helm w/ max MF&crit %, +dex/vit/life% 432 armor +127 Dex +143 Vit +9% Life 20% MF +6% crit chance Can someone tell me how much I can sell this for since I can't find any like it on AH or RMAH thanksFireAngelx0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 need a price check [Aegis Charge] (shield) 159 str 107 dex 78 int 16 res all 9%life 15 gf level redudeced by 16 1012 armour IL 62 required level 44 [Castle Onslaught] (shield) 1002 armour 212 str 103 dex 78 int 35 phys res 61 all res IL62 rec lv 60Randy1 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Damage reduction/resists Here's a non QQ thread for you guys. I am very curious how damage reduction works, this includes armor and resists. It seems to me that this kind of gear is vital for inferno, and I think there will be a lot of succesful builds that operate around massive amounts of resist/armor/damage reduction. So how does it work? Resists seem obvious enough. X% damage reduced of a particular kind. Armor seems obvious as well, X% damage reduced of all kinds. Then there's damage reduction %, same as above. But how do they stack? Are they applied sequentially (meaning 50% + 50% = 75%), or is there one that stacks (meaning 70% + 5 % = 75%) Also, does anyone have any idea how high you can get that number(s)? If it's feasible to hit a total damage reduction of 90% you are looking a moving 25k dmg down to 2.5k. If you add reflect damage/damage to attacker and lifesteal into that you reduce it even further (if they work togther like that.) thoughts?Hellkyte10 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Best place to gold/item find in inferno? im trying to upgrade my equips either with gold find to buy equips or to find the equips on my own, so im wondering where is the best spot to gold/item find? or where is the spot most people find their legendaries?Ziecker2 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Everything you wanted to know has been here Collection of posts that are concise & informative; posts/threads that tackle a topic well I will include we have played the hell out of the game since beta, and already know 99% of what you all ask DPS / tooltip / stats Damage reduction/resists e.g. "protection" mitigation/attenuation stats & effective survival Melee damage reduction by x% skills "does x% weapon" is this per second? (channel spells) damage equation (dual wield included) I think my amulet has Hidden damage! (yes it can) 'Black' damage and Rubys WAY more powerful than expected, why? 2h vs 1 hand vs dual wield Should we use Magic find? Life on_hit helps spell? (wizard) What distance does a yard really mean in D3? How much all resistance will I need? vs inferno damage Reflection Packs! what does it mean? how can I deal with this? Demon Hunter specificsCalamity + (DH) Marked for death skill stack? Calamity Vs Manticore, eDPS vs hatred generation vs proc DH Builds Rapid Fire and Strafe ias break points Demon hunter Sharpshooter Demon hunter Cold weapon + snares * Cull of the weak * steady aim * mark Demon hunter Hunger arrow + on_hit coefficients MATHS! Demon hunter Sentry procs/dps/stacking How does Shuriken Cloud get crit%, leech% or steady aim? (DH) what skills are MH only for DH? Nightstalkers internal proc coefficient MH/OH which is priority dual wielding on the DH? Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTS BUL KATHOS SOLEMN VOW & WARRIOR BLOOD SET SOLEMN VOW - 911.2 DPS 197-454 Holy Damage +46% Damage +180 Str + Increase attack speed 10% + 756 Life On hit + Socket WARRIOR BLOOD - 824.5 DPS 148-497 Holy Damage +46% Damage +191 Str + 70% Critical Damage + Damage Against Elite 5% + Socket 45O,OOO,OO In game gold for both Weapons ! . Add KPOP#6172 if interested Thank You.KPOP7 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTS Tal Rasha helm 50ra,176intel crit6 I want to sell the Tal Rasha helm below. contact me ingame if you interes +176 intel +48 lightniing res +50 res all +11% hp +crit chance 6% +open soc 70m start bid. HDuy#1424HDuy1 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Really want a Skorn But will never be able to afford one. And with the drop rates of legendaries and my horrible luck I will never get one playing the game either. I really like using 2 Handers, any other 2H legendaries that are not so damn expensive?SchlitzBeer7 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 NIce Dagger i found for 15mil... I honestly think someone forgot a 0. What do you guys think? Check my profile for the pic or just read the stats. this increased my damage by 14k. Darkblade: Holy Damage 790 damage 219 dex 99 vit 312+ LoH 100% crit damage Socket with 100% crit gemParadigmDeez2 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Same Crappy legendary items....... Yesterday (btw this is all in act 3) I got 2 legs in one run. 56 belt and a 58 wizard hat, both TRASH, probably d/e them. Today I get the same 56 legendary belt. Angel braid of something like that. Why am I getting the same legs over and over? This has to be the 5th time this has happened and why the hell am I getting 56 and 58 legs in ACT3?lostnomad11 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 PC on dext Skorn Hi everyone I've seen skorns like this selling in the auction house from anywhere between 20-60 million, what price should I ask for it? Would a monk buy it? ThanksGlorfindel0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 PC Maximus1683loh,119critdmg,340dex can anyone tell me whats this worth , i checked AH n this is the best one with these kinda stats also PC on a pretty good amulet Maximus - Amulet - for sale if anyone wantsSolemnVow0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Price check Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare Trying to get a price check on this source. Sorry no screen shot. +84-409 dam Dex - 108 Int - 190 Max Arcane Power - +13 Crit Chance - 9% Crit Hits - 9 Arcane power Crit Hit Chance Arcane Orb - 6%Pop1 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 PC DEPTH DIGGERS Found these from Ghom last night, 445 ARMOR 219 STRENGTH 85 DEXTERITY 72 ALL RESIST 24% GOLD FIND 19% MAGIC FIND 2 OPEN SOCKETSJackman1 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 P/C ON BEST COMPASS ROSE IAS 6, 178 hp regen, 18% mf , 12% ms , crit chance 4.0 , reduces duration of control impairing effects by 14%Ren4 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 PC on Source (Cross Post from Wiz forums) Hi. I'm never up-to-date on AH prices, especially since the patch, and I was hoping for an honest estimation on a source I found the other day. Stats are as follows: +102-343 Damage +231 Intelligence +42 Vitality +5% crit +8 AP on crit +2.4% to blind on hit Thank you all for any help you can give a poor tank barb.Nonbrother0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 How much it worth this Fist ? Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 PC: Stupid Dumb Sacred Shield! Ok this shield has a nice combination of some ok properties that I'm praying to god this is worth atleast 1 million. (I'm broke and I need money!) I would never use this as it uses strength, and I only use mojos anyways, but maybe a barb might find this good. It doesn't have crit chance or damage, but come on, not everyone is super focused around that! Item image: Item Stats: 1121 Armor 19% Chance to block 3706-4706 Block Amount +285 Strength +109 Vitality +31 Arcane Resistance +32 Resistance to All Elements 7% Life 19% Better Chance of Finding Magical ItemsThepHaRSiDE1 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Zunimassa's String of Skulls RMAH Zunimassa's String of Skulls- +60-369 Damage +90 Strength +185 Intelligence +91 Vitality +13 mana regen +6% Crit Chance +Dmg against Elites 4% +Reduces mana cost of Zombie Charger by 6 mana Current bid- $35 Buyout- $70 Ends- 10/2 1:10 A.M CTAlnes0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Pc on Zunimassa's Trail Plz Zunimassa's Trail Armor 343 Adds 7% To Poison Damage 153 Intelligence 83 Vitality 41 Poison resistance Regenerates 206 Life per second 12 % movement Speed Thank you in AdvanceSavvynig20 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Price Check Nat's Embrece Hi guys, Just got this Nat's Embrace with insane Evasive Fire 14%! 97 dex 17 all res 10% life 98 reg Evasive Fire 14% Here is the pic: Dont know how much it worth so please help me :)TerryMai0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTS Andariel's Visage 227 dex 86 vita 47 poison resist attack speed 9% regen 208 life crit chance 4.5 18% more fire damage taken 38% chance to cast poison nova when you are hit post your offers with your account name and i will get back to you if i like the offer thanksalltattedup0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 Price Check godly vile ward 600 armor 183 strength 43 intelligence 161 vitality 72 resist all regen 330 life per second. what do you think this is worth?DJM2 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 does +X% elemental skill damage affix work? I know frostburns are bugged, but what about other items like Fragment of Destiny? I'd really like to run a cold wizard.Wooginator0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTS Legendaries Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 WTS/PC 3 Soc/163dex/11%life/78vit/38Int Armor Virtue Pledge 3 Socket archon armor 449 armor 3 sockets 11% life 163 Dex 78 Vit 38 Int no gems in sockets--- Can't find a close match in AH, whats a price estimate? ThanksDom0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 PC: Stone of Jordan (for DH) Adds 5% to lightning damage +10 max discipline Increases damage against elites by 24% Increase hungering arrow damage by 11% Thanks in advanceRvnAus1 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 Sever Nerf Cancelled ... Here the link: Just thought it might be important to let people know who may be ditching thiers in fear of the nerf.ChaosLeech0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 PC on trifecta Ring please! +35 Cold Resist +7% IAS +29 CD +4% CC + OS Need a general idea of price...thanks!Highzac0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 wts Radiant Star Ruby 17.25m. selling pre made radiant star rubys, add me in game for delivery thank you!NobleMalkav1 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 WTS 63 UnIDs Hello everyone! Selling some unID stuff while I level my paragon and farm for legendaries. All items are found with exactly 336% MF atm which means more affix chances. I will update this post as I find items, so check back if you're interested in something in particular. Armor (75k per) 11x Bracers 6x Gloves 5x Chest 5x Boots 12x Helm 10x Belt 3x Shoulders 3x Pants Weapons (150k per) 8x Hellion 2x Revnant Bow 2x Desolator Wand 5x Heaven Hand 2x Veil Piercer 1x Centurion Spear 1x Demolisher Weapons (75k per) 4x Exorcist Amulets 6x 60 100k 6x 61 200k Rings 7x 60 100k 3x 61 200k 1x 62 300k Myrdok#1427 - Please just send a request with what you're interested in since i am currently farming and not watching forums :D. Thanks.Myrdok0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 PC/S - Tal Rasha's Brace 285 Ar 160 Int 40 Vit 53 Cold Res 1% CC Pick Up Radius 7 Dmg vs Elites 3% thanks :)NgArclite1 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 WTB IK Boots! Poor barb looking to buy a cheapish IK boots for around 24-28mil if possible!! any kind hearted person willing to part with one? any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!!Watchwolf0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 Price Check on The Witching Hour I just found this belt and I'm looking to sell it, but I'm not sure what it's worth. Can someone help me out?telefrancais0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 Petition To Dye Legendary Gear In New Patch! I pretty sure that almost everyone out there will agree with me when I say we should be able to dye are Legendary & Set gear! Most likely your going to need to throw on a Legendary or Set item eventually if you want to beef up your character, and with the outrageous and ever growing cost of good gear don't you think if were just paid out that much gold from something we should at least be able to dye it to a color that we like, or even use a vanishing potion if your one of those players that likes to run around in your undies!!! We a lot of gold for these items where not renting them are borrowing them from someone. So come on Blizzard with prices were paying we deserve this its are stuff!! So everyone that agrees with me please speak up and keep this thread going. Just maybe if we can get enough people on this thread Blizzard will notice us and actually do something. You don't need to write long post if you don't want to just simply throw a post up with your battle tag, and tell your friends to do the same. New patch is rolling out soon and if enough people show some support here maybe we will get some results. Thank You, for joining my cause and again mention to your friends to come add on as well the more people the better! BizzyBizzy0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 WTS Near perfect Trifecta Ring 70 int 31 fire resist 9 AS 33 Crit dmg 4.5 Crit chance OS Current offer is 155 mill. Edit: Ring sold for 200 millBall0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 Wizard Source PC/Offers I've heard from multiple people it's a hot ticket item. Please help with a PC or bid if you're interested. Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 Price check/WTS STR VIT crit Lacuni Prowlers Strength 169 Vitality 75 Attack speed 9% Movement speed 12% Melee attackers take 1397 damage Critical hit damage 3.5%QIpcquebec0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 Price Check on Tal Rasha's Allegiance? +9 Max Damage 6% Cold Damage 283 Int 106 Vit 8% Attack Speed 63% Crit Damage Any help would be appreciated, thanks.Descend0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 WTT IK Chest + Helm for WD gear Helm has 170 Str and 5.5 CC, Chest 795 armour 133 str, 63 vit, 36 phy, and 79 AR. Looking for upgrades for my WD.. What do you have post here or add me in game.Brahm0 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 The Splintered Oar Anybody else find this? Does it have a special purpose? Maybe something to do with the Black Rock Ledger Mystery?Ic1HooksTV0 Oct 1, 2012