Items and Crafting

Aug 26 Ancient Yang's Recurve 3575 DPS I have an ancient Yang's with the following stats: 1525-1896 Lightning Dmg 7% Attack Speed 9% Damage 896 Dexterity 50% Reduce Resource Cost 9 Max Disc What should I reroll? I'm wondering what is more worth it the Max Disc to 12 or the Dexterity to 1000, or do I change to Fire Dmg? I'm running a pretty standard Multi build DH. Any input appreciated. Thanks.fadrian2 Aug 26
Aug 25 Magic Find ,Helm - Topaz Way has it ben taking off ?????????????????????????Geohunterx1 Aug 25
Aug 25 Blacksmith maximun plan cap? I used to find plans regularly but haven't found a plan in ages - I can't believe I've found all plans available (I don't play quite enough for that) but on searching around a bit, there seems to be a suggestion that there is a maximum number of plans the blacksmith will handle though it's not clear to me if that applies to III or just earlier versions. Is that the case? And if so, is there a way of un-teaching a recipe? I just taught him all I found not knowing there might be a limit :/akerbeltz1 Aug 25
Aug 25 The Armorsmith for End Game??? I see where the small thnigs could help a newer player get from 1-70 however there are no Armorsmith crafting plans that are worth diddly in the game and has been for a long time reguarding the End Game potentials to craft, sure you can spend your time crafting yellow items in hopes of getting a good legendary roll in the sube but seriously, the ONLY time I have ever seen the crafting of weapons and armor was before yuo took away the bidding and began tweaking everything...xXgh0stXx0 Aug 25
Aug 25 Soulsmasher This is an act 5 bounty leg, but I've looted 6-7 of them, and not once seen one drop with int, its always dex or str. Does anyone have one with int, or is this a bug that needs fixing? The game guide page says it should be able to drop with int... Aug 25
Aug 25 Old legendary items I have an old DML quiver for my DH with no legendary power, can I reroll it to get the new power added?RHVfan1 Aug 25
Aug 24 Transmute from Kanai Cube is not working Anyone have an issue? I have all the resources needed and a valid legendary item. I put it into the cube's grid and hit transmute and it gives an error that transmute failed. Any step that's missing? Regards SanjayStarFyre82 Aug 24
Aug 22 SoJ and (new) DH ring ideas... The Stone of Jordon (SoJ) is one of the most iconic items in the Diablo franchise; it needs some love! For one, it needs a buff. The introduction of the Convention of Elements (CoE) ring has killed off the SoJ, as well as the fact the SoJ doesn't have a legendary affix that's able to be cubed. I'm all ears for more unique suggestions but a simple elemental damage increase, from 20% to at least 50% (or whatever number would make it competitive), would be nice. It should also be a legendary affix that can be extracted, similar to how the Magefist gloves can now have their legendary affix extracted. The SoJ was also like currency in Diablo II. With that said, I think it should have some interesting interaction with the cube. Perhaps when reforging a legendary item, instead of the 50 forgotten souls price, you could use a single SoJ instead. Just an idea to make it more desirable. My SoJ buff suggestion comes from the fact I don't like CoE. I don't like the appearance on my character as well as the play-style. Now, I don't want to take anything away from those who do, I would just like an alternative. I mean, there's not one decent DH build that can do GRs without CoE. I saw WDs received a new ring, the Ring of Emptiness, which seems to be making a positive impact as far as build diversity. So I'd like to suggest a new ring for DHs... Enemies take xxx% increased damage for x seconds after taking damage from pets. When the enemy takes damage from a pet a second time within the window of time it resets the timer. I think this would be a good alternative if the numbers were tuned correctly. Almost all DHs use the companion skill in one way or another so I think it would be good for all sets/builds, not just Marauders. One last suggestion would be another similar ring idea... Enemies take xxx% increased damage for x seconds after taking damage from both Elemental Arrow and Multishot. Thoughts? Or ideas for something to be competitive with CoE?AGGR04 Aug 22
Aug 22 Increase odds of ancient on reforge? Certain items have extremely low drop rates, and I think that when these items are reforged the odds of improving the item to ancient should be a little higher than the odds on a reforge of a commonly dropped item. Maybe a 1-2% increase based on drop rate for really rare legendaries? I mean, I get dozens of certain flails (for example), so there is little reason to reforge a common one. But other flails I've only seem a couple of them in my (800+300 paragon levels) journeys. So, if the odds of finding it are already super low, maybe bump up the odds of reforging it into a useful version?ShamWow0 Aug 22
Aug 22 Skull grasp Does the skull grasp drop in season 7? I hit para 600 and have yet to see one drop. I have 2 barbs in the season 7 and for the life of me I can't get one to drop or even craft one in the cube by upgrading rare rings into it. Any tips on how to get it or where I can even farm it would be a big help thanks.deathbringer5 Aug 22
Aug 21 Gem of Ease, how do you use it? OK, I have a gem of ease, I see it every time I complete a greater rift, I have upgraded it to level 25, I want to insert it in a weapon of my choice. Easy right, well here’s the kicker. I only see it when I upgrade it after a greater rift, I can’t find it in my stash. Is there something I’m missing here? How do you insert it in a weapon using Kanai’s cube if you can’t find it in your stash and put it in the cube with your weapon. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to remedy my dilemma?Opie2 Aug 21
Aug 20 Legendary Gems Upgrading Question I am inquiring about the chance of upgrading a Legendary Gem. I am familiar with the chance going from 100% at 10+ level of gem down to 60% when the gem is the same level of the Greater Rift. After that it starts to decrease. The game displays certain numbers: GR-1 of Gem level = 30% GR-2 of Gem level = 15% GR-3 of Gem level = 8% GR-4 of Gem level = 4% GR-5 of Gem level = 2% GR-6 of Gem level = 1% GR-7 of Gem level = 1% The display of 1% continues till 15 levels of difference when the chance displays 0%. My question is, are the numbers correct or is the game rounding an actually percentage to display a prime percentage? If you follow the decay function y=a(1-r)^x, where: y= % Chance of success a= 60% (the point at which the decay begins r= .5 (the decay rate) x= how many levels the GR is below the gem with this formula the numbers are as follows: GR-1 of Gem level = 30% GR-2 of Gem level = 15% GR-3 of Gem level = 7.5% GR-4 of Gem level = 3.75% GR-5 of Gem level = 1.875% GR-6 of Gem level = 0.9375% GR-7 of Gem level = 0.46875% GR-8 of Gem level = 0.234375% GR-9 of Gem level = 0.1171875% GR-10 of Gem level = 0.05859375% and so on. If this is the case then the difference between a GR that is 6 levels below a gem is drastically different that a GR that is 14 levels below the Gem, and not equal as displayed by the game. Anyone know?Happydays4 Aug 20
Aug 20 Can BlackSmith lag be fixed already? The screen lags every time. It's insane, since that interaction happens frequently. It's all the useless stuff too, since it doesn't lag until I start finding "legendary" crafted recipes. (which are all useless anyway, since outside Cains for DB farming no one bothers crafting anything else these days) #brokenMidnight1 Aug 20
Aug 20 Stack Size Why are there different stack sizes for the mats we hold? Shouldn't they all be 5,000? Better yet, why not just code it to be 99,999 or whatever the max number is you can fit in the one tile?TheIrishOne0 Aug 20
Aug 20 Wrath of the Wastes Im new to the seasons. i have completed all the journeys including chapter IV. I got the pet and the other gifts but the wrath of the wastes set gave me only 2 pieces which is chest armor and pants. It says you get the whole set for completing chapter IV. Anyone can help ?Maverick83de2 Aug 20
Aug 20 Item that blocks ground spells. So I've been playing on my HC WD and i am almost certain that I have previously seen an item that blocks all enemy ground spells. I was wondering if anybody knows what this item is called because it has completely slipped my mind.LouisCowen2 Aug 20
Aug 19 CHANCE OF FAIL on gem upgrade Devs should clarify that the chance of upgrade for the gems on grifts is for CHANCE OF FAIL, not of success. The way it is now is misleading and people like me would feel less stupid trying to upgrade a gem at 90% and failing 3 times. /sarcasmCelso61 Aug 19
Aug 19 And Old Idea How about enable switchable weapons, just like D2 had, use a keystroke in order to switch them from one set to another, carry more than one.... I would like that...Raizo3 Aug 19
Aug 19 Reforgeing a Legendary Ancient. Can u give us a receipt could Re roll Legendary Ancient and it keep it Ancient plz! I don't care would cost 500 legendary dust! and 50 of each bounty mats. I just want expect it ancient with other stats. Thanks you! :)Run1 Aug 19
Aug 19 Caldesaan's Despair Issue Hi guys, need some help. I am tring to augment my tasker and theo, I have a legendary gem 54 (Toxin) and 3 flawless royal gems (topaz). Everytime I tried to transmute it, it keeps failling. Please help me, any suggestion to the problem will be greatly appreciated.JccJ12212 Aug 19
Aug 18 Season 7 set question I haven't played for a long time until the season 7 start. I get how the gear works and how to get the set pieces but my question is: If you create a second character, how do you get the set pieces for the new one? The chapters don't start over so I'm in the same place I was with my first character... Thanks!Nvincible1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Bul'Kathos I understand not letting players redo sets of 2, too easy to finish of your set. It adds atleast a little challenge when your set has 6 pieces. However, I HAVE 7 F***ING WARRIOR BLOODS!!!! 7!!! I got 3 of them in a SINGLE crafting session. Can't I trade like 5 of these just for a 50% chance at a solemn vow? The worst part, none of these are ancient..none of them.. I have 7 of the WORST statted ones as well. only 1 of the 7 even has attack speed. I am venting..but seriously is there some thing in the works to fix the crafting on sets like these. If I had this many spare pieces (6 spare i'd use 1) I'd be happy as hell. Re roll till I got great stats on every piece.Hitmankcin8 Aug 18
Aug 18 [Eternal Union] Suggestion Suggestion: I would love it if Eternal Union received the following changes: Eternal Union: [ ] Now drops for any class. Legendary effect changed to: "Your pets last until death." Flavor text changed to: "Until death do us part." Affects all pets, even those summoned by items, including Asheara's Vestments. [ ] Why Eternal Union?: Pets gaining unlimited duration would be considerable, or even build defining, for several Nephalim, so the effect should occupy one of the most powerful slots: the ring/jewelry slot. Eternal Union already has a similar design/theme/flavor. Eternal Union was made obsolete by Warhelm of Kassar. [ ] Why Unlimited Duration? This effect would provide several choices to pet-loving Nephalim. Pet Crusaders could quit numlocking Phalanx. Non-CDR pet Crusaders could consider using Baleful Remnant. [ ] Barbarians could use Legacy of Nightmares - Call of the Ancients builds, including the legendary 9 Barbarians build. Wizards could experiment with Mirror Images builds. All classes could add some of the fun pet summoning items to their build. Is it worth giving up +50% damage and a fifth passive for permanent shadow clones? We could finally make Iron Wolf themed Hireling builds with Asheara's Vestments. Why That Wording? IK2 and Zuni2 both say "[pets] last until they die." but really your pets die when your Nephalim dies. Your pets don't continue fighting to protect your corpse until your pets themselves die. "Your pets last until death." still clearly conveys the effect but also seems like maybe your pets will stop when you die. It's also more poetic. But Isn't Player Choice Just an Illusion? What does this even mean? I personally play Diablo III to have fun, and I think it would be very fun to create a Mirror Images Wizard or an Iron Wolf Hireling character and see how far I could take them. Mirror Images and Asheara's Vestments are currently not fun to play, but if they were made fun to play I would still have fun playing them even if they couldn't play on the highest difficulty.Razorphilia2 Aug 18
Aug 17 The tall man's finger and Midnight Feast. Hello everyone! So, i was just wondering if The tall man's finger and Midnight Feast stack in this season ( season 7). I'm currently running with the Helltooth set and the damage is great. Anyway, just wanna know.... thanks in advanceOggySexbang3 Aug 17
Aug 17 What's up with the new Invigorating gemstone? The improved Invigorating Gemstone is rather cool, but why is that the gem gains nothing from every rank, but only increases in increments of 0.1% per each 5 ranks starting from rank 3? Shouldn't it increase 0.02% per rank instead or is this just simply a display bug where it don't write the correct % at other levels. Because if so that could suggest that it's due to rounding, that it increases the first time on rank 3. So is this intentional, a display bug, or how?KiWeN3 Aug 17
Aug 17 Please allow more than 1 pet that are equiped I've always wanted to collect the pets in diablo 3, but I just really wish we can be able to have more then 1 equipped. It's always that typical game where we were given a different selection of things but only can select one. I just wish there can be something different with this game than others when it comes to this. Besides it seems awesome when I can see my pets all around me in the battlefield. I just like the vibe of it. I really hope you can make this come true,Lexoph4 Aug 17
Aug 17 patch 2.2 changes to sets, retroactive? just wondering if i should farm the sets now or should i just waitProdigy58 Aug 17
Aug 17 How do i complete s7 chapter 2? I have been trying to craft a lvl 70 item at the jeweler but all rings and amulets are account bound. They do not display a lvl. My barb is lvl 70 with paragon 92. Can anybody help. I have made 4 of each Hellfire ring and amulet with no luck.striker2 Aug 17
Aug 17 how to get wings? hi guys, i am a newcomer to this game, and i was just wondering how to get wings, everyone said that you get wings by purchasing reaper of souls, and i have it but i don't have wings, so could you guys explain this situation to me?Atakan20 Aug 17
Aug 17 Litany/Wailing host set. How is focus and restraint better than this set? 100% dmg total from f/r, or 100% per ancient item from litany/wailing host set. Is there something I'm missing? I'm still getting my eaeth set to work fully, even though the ring says says "only set item bonus..."HandGestures4 Aug 17
Aug 16 Ring of Royal Grandeur drop rate? I'm farming Act I bounties right now, and I must have done about six of them to this point (not many, I know, but still) and so far I've gotten four legendary mace's, I think a couple other drops, but no ring? Is the RoRG still an Act I drop in Season 7? What's the drop rate on it? Edit: For reference, I'm currently doing these bounties on T IXSandman5 Aug 16
Aug 16 Haunt Of Vaxo Clones not attacking anything. The clones appear but just stand by me side and don't seem to attack anything. Is this down to what other equipment or because I'm getting them from a Cube power and not an actual Haunt Of Vaxo amulet?mssloan19620 Aug 16
Aug 16 Deaths Breath Is there a good reason why we don't get any Deaths Breath in the bounties? Why do I have more DE'd legendaries than these things?zushiba4 Aug 16
Aug 16 Vile Hive + Cloud of insects Hello, I am building a WD Zdps build right now to play with my friends. I am a bit confused because I can't seem to see if while using Vile Hive + cloud of insects if the skill will be physical or poison? And if its both, will it affect bad medecine?Noobus1 Aug 16
Aug 15 How do i collect hadreag's gift? Title.nitaZ283 Aug 15
Aug 15 Rainbow portrait drop rate? I farmed rainbow frame for more than 500 rounds, still cant get it. wondering whats the drop rate for this.Emilyliu11294 Aug 15
Aug 15 Crafting sets questions. Is it possible to get recipies for Sunwuko or Uliana set from bountie rewards at the end?Nullified1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Puzzle ring change? Hey errbody! So I have tried opening the Vault in multiple games and with different Puzzle Rings and says that it will not transmute. Anyone have this issue or can tell me what is going on? Did they change the "recipe"?DewDaCreep2 Aug 15
Aug 15 falcon wing and cosmic wing It's still have in 2.4.2 ?armani1 Aug 15
Aug 14 What would be faster?(skeleton pauldron Anci) would it be faster just farming act 1 bountys in hope that i find an ancient pauldron or should i grind all act bounties to reforge the pauldrons?Paul3 Aug 14
Aug 14 Please change the LON set. Rather than: While this is your only Item Set bonus every Ancient item you have equipped increases your damage dealt by 100% and reduces your damage taken by 4%. Please make it: While this is your only Item Set bonus, every legendary you have equipped increases your damage dealt by 50% and reduces your damage taken by 2%. Ancient Legendary items double this bonus. PLEASE. Make it so we can actually farm for LON builds while wearing LON. The current design of the ring set is completely off kilter imo. It would be nice to get a smaller bonus from non-ancient items.Pri24 Aug 14
Aug 14 I have 4 Bul Kathos's Warrior's Blood I have four of these damn things and I still haven't found the other piece and cannot convert set item because the set must have 3+ items to be able to convert. Am I just the unluckiest Barb ever or is this happening to anyone else?Ethakis1 Aug 14
Aug 14 Weapon gems,Sets,and character slots Hi, I am an avid diablo 3 player. This is actually my second account, which I bought to get more character slots. Anyways, I've had a few things on my mind about various items and such in diablo 3, and I'm hoping it could catch the eyes and ears of the devs. This is just things I've thought of while playing the game for so long. First off, let's talk about weapon gems. The majority of people I know ALWAYS put an emerald into their weapon. Sometimes I'll see people with diamonds. But let's actually talk about the gem of ease. It's something different and adds a cool and interesting aspect to your characters. I'm not talking about the level 25 bonus, I'm talking about the per level bonus. It is really useful for gaining paragon levels if you're willing to sacrifice a little damage. But wouldn't it be cool to have other legendary gems that go into weapons? I could think of a few ideas: Cooldown reduction gems, attack speed gems, proc effects (x spell on hit/attack/when hit.) Blizzard, I'm sure you guys could think of really cool ideas for them. I just feel like every weapon for every build always goes for emeralds or diamonds. Adding legendary weapon gems could add a TON of diversity to builds. Even if the gems added debuffs in addition to the buffs, for example plus attack speed but less damage, or whatever. Also, to balance out dual-wielding weapon gems, what about off-hand gems for mojos, quivers, sources, and shields? That would be pretty cool and add new dimension to the game. It would also give us more things to do greater rifts for. Now onto sets. There are two sets I want to talk about in particular. The first set is Tal Rasha's set, but specifically one that uses etched sigil. I have a Legacy Of Nightmares Disintegrate Wizard that is fully geared, all ancient gear, and has every piece of gear with a high level Caldessan's despair on it for intelligence. However, the highest my wizard is able to do is a greater rift 65. She survives well enough, but she doesn't have enough killing power. So naturally I wanted to look for a source of more damage. I tried out a Tal Rasha set with different elemental attacks on my skillbar only to be severely disappointed. The 6 piece bonus does not proc itself with spells casted via etched sigil. So you only get one of the damage bonuses, and if you want the rest of them you have to actually cast the other spells which defeats the purpose of using an etched sigil at all. I would LOVE to make a tal rasha's disintegrate build (the meteors are also really cool.) Is the fact that the 6 piece doesn't proc with etched sigil intentional or simply a bug? If it is intentional, please consider changing it. The next set I want to talk about is Unhallowed Essence. I know many people are going to hate me for this one. TL;DR = Unhallowed Essence is extremely overpowered in comparison to other DH sets. The set was already good when it was at 20% damage per discipline, but now 40% damage per discipline is just overkill and insane. Don't get me wrong; I love my unhallowed essence demon hunter. My problem is that now it seems like the only viable fast build. Natalya's and Shadow's set doesn't even come close to the power that Unhallowed has. I tested it against a shadow's mantle build. Unhallowed essence does more DPS to more targets than shadow's mantle can. Shadow's mantle loses immediately and can't keep up with an unhallowed essence hunter and becomes practically useless, especially in team play. I'm not necessarily saying "nerf unhallowed," but what I am saying is please do something to make the other demon hunter sets viable again. Marauders has almost the same power as unhallowed, but isn't as mobile and can't move as quickly as the unhallowed due to the need for turrets. And lastly, I'd like to talk about purchaseable character slots. As I said at the beginning of my post, this is a second account I bought in order to get more character slots. I like making a lot of characters and different builds. I get bored of playing the same few things all the time. After I kept having to delete characters I liked to make new ones that I might like, I finally decided on the second account. But the problem is that my paragon levels, wings, pets, transmogs, shards, cosmetics, and achievements don't transfer over to the new account. 12 (and 15 with collector's) character slots are simply not enough for some people. I would absolutely love to have the option to purchase extra character slots for my account. It could be a good way for Blizzard to make more revenue on d3. Alternatively, you could always make it a season reward as well if you didn't want to monetize it. Anyways, these are just things I've thought about while playing the game.Jase11261 Aug 14
Aug 13 Do you get more hellfire mats for t13? Does anyone know? I know you get more keys, but what about the mats.DynomiteDave2 Aug 13
Aug 11 Requirements too high for the seasonal stash tab! Having to complete Conqueror level in the seasonal journey for an extra stash tab is way too high! The majority of people get bored and stop playing seasons well before even getting to that point. Those that remain, are casuals that just won't get to that far. The only people I see reaching that level consistently are the same people grinding paragon levels and chasing leaderboard spots. Stash space is more a necessity than a vanity. There's no reason something that important should be gated behind a level of time commitment and play most people won't reach, which ultimately means no stash stab for a large percent of people that play. It will be interesting to see how many people actually reach Conqueror. My personal opinion, objectives for obtaining stash space should be non-seasonal. If they are seasonal, the goals should be realistic for all types of players.Zantara258 Aug 11
Aug 10 Post your legendary gem ideas here! I know this has been done before but lets redo it! Even if a developer gets one good idea out of this whole thread, then it is a success. Just reading some of our ideas may birth a brand new concept to a developers mind. I like the Utility gems "Gem of Ease" and "Boon of hoarder". These gems have a special purpose and it reminds me of when I use to make a enchantress or battle orders barb in Diablo 2. They were utility characters. I would like to increase on this concept. 1. Make a magic find Gem. Ranks 1-25+ will increase magic find by a certain percentage. Rank 25 unlocks something like "Increase magic find percentage by 50% on chests and breakable objects". 2. Make a Goblin Gem. Ranks 1-25+ increase damage against goblins. Rank 25 unlocks something like "increase chance goblin drops vault of glass portal on death by a percentage". 3. Make a Keywarden gem. Ranks 1-25+ increase chance keywarden drops a key by 1% per rank. Rank 25 unlocks "keywarden can be identified on map from anywhere" 4. Make a DPS unity type gem. Ranks 1-25+ increase fire chains damage. Any ally wearing same unity gem will have fire chains connected. Rank 25 unlocks fire chains diameter are increased in size or something a long those lines. 5. Make a Bounty gem . Ranks 1-25+ increase bounty rewards. Rank 25 unlocks "Cache drop now has chance to drop a second legendary" or something. 6. Make a Defense unity type gem 7. Makes gems that can synergize with each other or party members. Example. A freeze aura gem. The freeze gem will increase damage to chilled/freeze enemies rank 1-25+, rank 25 unlocks a chilled/freeze aura. Then there is a gem that is fire that states something like "Fire increases damage to chilled enemies, rank 25 unlocks chilled enemies that die now explode doing fire+cold damage. This concept can be used in a lot of ways. Post your ideas. Even the craziest ideas could potentially spawn an idea from a developer if they read yours.Antizerg24 Aug 10
Aug 10 New socketed items and earings. Class spesific socketed items : Arrow head for dh, skulls for wd, orbs for wizard, crosses for crusader, spikes for barbarian and holy books for monk. Each off wich would give bonuses to your skills. Like legendary, that gives more then one bonus for each class. Kinda like those good old once from diablo 2. Perhaps 3 bonuses like CC, CD and attackspeed or elemental bonuses. On that note I would also suggest a bonus for having the same stat on each and evry item. Like dex on all gives a 20% increase in dex. CC on each would give the same to cc and so on regardless off what items you use as long as evrything have CC, dex etc. Earings would be like rings today just two more items slots.kenneth1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Inventory Crisis: The Game Within the Game I have had a hoarding problem since the early days of PC gaming. I am also an alt-aholic. I initially addressed these problems by having two level 70 characters of each class. This allowed me to equip two full class armor sets to reduce the burden on our limited Stash space. I could also split the remaining class armor sets between the two characters of a given class to further reduce the burden on my Stash. Unfortunately, that problem is further complicated by all those other class-specific items--wands & sources, ceremonial daggers & mojos, fist weapons, etc.--that further tailor a character's abilities within the game. This got me to thinking--never a good thing...and definitely not the first time--that there has got to be a way to improve our overall gaming experience. So here goes... Class Armor Sets -- In its simplest form, the answer is to expand the Wardrobe. You know. That thing that no one clicks on by the Mystic because they can hit F1 without running across town. It was introduced for the purpose of storing collections of things, and I think that collecting class armor sets qualifies. The window has more than enough space to allow for the addition of an expandable 'Armor Sets' entry on the left side. The character classes could be listed underneath, and selecting one of them could change the middle pane to reveal a set of paper dolls--even if they need to be scaled down slightly to fit into that space--for storing, viewing, and retrieving each of that classes armor sets. Going into one of these sections should shift the window to the left and open the player's inventory & paper doll silhouette on the right. Right-clicking or dragging & dropping should work to transfer the class armor set pieces from your paper doll or inventory to your wardrobe and vice versa. Bonus points for being able to select an armor set (highlighting that paper doll) and seeing what it would look like equipped in the right pane. Additional bonus points for adding a single "Equip" button under each set which automatically equips that armor set to your character. Major bonus points for automatically moving your equipped class armor set into the Wardrobe when you use the "Equip" button to swap to a different armor set. In case of a conflict, drop the item(s) into the player's inventory, or drop them on the ground if their inventory is full. Outdated & Updated Items -- As with many games, items change over the course of the years. And while I do read most of the patch notes, it becomes a bit harder to find obsolete items (e.g. Magefist w/out legendary ability) or unnecessary items (e.g. Rift Stone Fragments) when they could be in any character's inventory. There are 100 ways to flag these items to make them easier to find & eliminate: change their background color to yellow or red, add a yellow or red border, apply the preexisting 'X' overlay, change the color of the item's name, add something to the item name or descriptive text (e.g. Outdated Magefist), or one of the other 95 ways that I have not listed here. And with that, I will quit rambling...for now...rebuhl2 Aug 10
Aug 10 Legendary gem upgrade I would like to know why it is that when I am given a 60% chance to upgrade a legendary gem I have a 65-80% failure rate? Even at a 90% chance for upgrade I have had numerous failures. I’m expecting any time now for a failure at a 100% chance.Nauseous2 Aug 10
Aug 10 Crusader can loot Akarat's Awakening? or bug? i have exchange +20 000 shard and i made +30 yellow to legendary I still have no shield. no luck or bug for crusader ?kaloutch2 Aug 10