Items and Crafting

Jun 27 Legacy of Nightmares balance issues Do you think the numbers of the Legacy of Nightmares set are fair? I ask because many of the other sets have gotten buffs but LoN has not. Why would one spend all the time getting Ancient Legendaries (which getting a full set is vert hard), when other sets easily out dps and out toughness LoN. LoN needs to be more comparable to the better sets we have for each character. This would increase the build diversity and make more people interested in a wider range of legendaries. I do not know how much exactly to buff the LoN set by. It would have to be tested. All I am saying is LoN as a set bonus needs to be seriously looked into in comparison to the other sets out there.the8thark2 Jun 27
Jun 27 Puzzle ring legendary drop rates Hey all, let's collect us some data and try to figure out the chance of the new 2.0.1 Puzzle Ring dropping a legendary item. So far I've gotten 5 items from him, 1 of which was legendary. If enough people pool their finds we should be able to get a pretty good estimate. Pooled data: Total drops: 35 Legendaries: 2 So, so far we're looking at a 5.71 ± 3.68% drop rate. More data would be appreciated!Sharsnik35 Jun 27
Jun 27 New item for wiz 2.4.2 suggestion I believe that there should be a legendary item that plays into an archon build by augmenting the Uptime of archon, so basically for something around every 5 stacks of archon it adds a second of extra uptime. I (obviously) will leave details like the drawbacks, potency, and what item (ring, neck, pants etc.) up to blizzard but I think an item like this would be a cool addition to the game to make archon wizards less squishy when we come out of archon form.TribbleHuntr1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Plan drops..!? Is there a trick to getting plans to drop? I recently bought RoS and have been playing on T1 (though I'm now doing the adventure stuff on T2) and have had only 1 plan drop.. in my entire D3 career.. I've seen lots of posts from people that have lots of plans, so what am I doing wrong? Is it because I want them?seankelle3 Jun 27
Jun 27 Need to undo Caldesann's Despair on my Weapon The tooltip for Caldesann's Despair is ridiculously poor, misleading and incomplete. Only AFTER I burned a level 60 gem adding Caldesann's Despair to my weapon did I learn that the type of flawless imperial gem determines the added stat. The thought of leveling another gem to 60 simply to replace the useless stat on my weapon makes me want to quit playing. Please tell me a developer can undo the Caldesann's Despair on my weapon and return the gem to me. You can easily argue all day long that there's forum information out there on this, but no one should be required to read forums to play the basics of the game. Forums are typically strategic in nature, not basic game instructions. Please don't punish the players for the inadequate tooltips. Please tell me something can be done to return my original gem to my account. You can take away Caldesann's Despair and keep the three gems I used improperly because of the misleading tooltip. Just don't make me level another gem.Painn14 Jun 27
Jun 27 How can one attain a pet or pennant if I don't have any I never had pets or pennats or anything like that. How in this new patch are we supposed to find pets? This is starting to sound a lot like WoW. So if it is, is it the same system of drops or certain vendors?TairaCrow14 Jun 27
Jun 26 SC2:LotV CE - Protoss Transmog - Where is it? I purchased the CE and cannot find the protoss transmog. When I logged in it said I had a new transmog and the probe pet. I found the probe, but checked the transmog for every item slot and it's not there. Am I missing something or might this be a bug?Vyncynt3 Jun 26
Jun 26 Staff of Herding help Ok I finally got everything to make a SOH Amazing. Gemstone and Rainbow on back to back normal bounty runs. This is a noob question but how do I use it to open Whimsyshire?ZstringZ2 Jun 26
Jun 26 Falcon wings - do you have to be in torment X Been looking all around for any confirmation on this. Can you get the falcon wing drop on any torment level of just torment X? Thanks in advance.avohec8 Jun 26
Jun 25 Wand of Woe Exist? I have crafted thousands of wands in the cube, I have hundreds of hours farming on this character and I have never seen a Wand of Woe. Does it even exist anymore because it's hard to believe that I wouldn't have gotten it one way or another at this point.Taxtic2 Jun 25
Jun 25 Season Quest: Set Me Free (Barbarian) I need your advice on how I can finish the quest... I've failed about 10 times now.. I'm wearing the 6 pc set... But the problem is.. it is either my charater is too weak or the enemies are just too strong... I am currently at lvl 71(140). My character is Barbarian. I enter the green portal... enemies come... I kill them... But some enemies hits me once or twice (No more than 2 times)... And I'm dead. I'm out of ideas on how to win this. How did you guys manage to get pass this?irhene055 Jun 25
Jun 24 Roll IAS or Area Dmg for Yangs? Finally got a decent yangs and I don't know if it is better to roll the IAS or the Area Dmg. Would area dmg have the best net (Unseen) dmg?TexasTheta121 Jun 24
Jun 23 Player Banners The other day a couple of friends and I were playing and were running around in Not The Cow Level and were discussing that there really should be a cow sigil offered as a bonus for that level, and maybe some of the other random things like Whimsyshire. It would also be fun to have a little more variety of color to play with on the banners. Maybe something to consider adding to seasons is more banner styles and options. There are a lot of options, but it still feels restricted, particularly in terms of color choices.Nellethiell0 Jun 23
Jun 23 an item that bugs me... reading patch notes and see this: Trag'Oul Coils Legendary power added Spike Traps gain the effect of the Impaling Spines rune and are deployed twice as fast. Trang'oul was D2 necro set :| lore wise he was a dragon who is basically creator of necromancers (rathma saw him and made priests of rathma) seeing a necro named item given a DH effect just makes me sour :|Hotaru2511 Jun 23
Jun 22 Using kanai cube power with item Does this increase the power of the item you are using if the kanai cube power is the same as that of the item? An example. Let's say you have kyoshiro's blade equipped which incraeses your wave of light damage. You also enable kyoshiro's blade power on kanai cube. Does this mean that you have 2x kyoshiro's blade power now enabled from the blade you are holding in your hand + kanai's cube?AceDaJace1 Jun 22
Jun 22 Sets, minor socket, gems and belt socket idea 1) Sets in general: This idea did come to me when I was thinking about legendaries with strong legendary powers contesting against sets which rarely have room to fill many interesting or powerful special powers, but also because of the power of LoN which makes some classes like Crusader be more appealing than most class sets. The idea is as followed. 2) Minor sockets for sets: Each set item equipped on the body, except those which already have sockets as primaries(helmet, chest, pants, accessoires) will get a minor socket as additional bonus affix. Those sockets aren't same strong as normal sockets, but will grant still the half value which a gem would actually give when socketing it. Looking at Crusader sets it would be possible to socket 3 additional gems(hands, shoulders, boots) which can be used as additional stat oder defence booster to make it up for the loss of potential strong legendary powers. 3) Additional Gem type or new legendary Gem: It would be great if we would get a new gem type which might boost our RCR significantly. Probably CDR still might be superior, but it would be at least great to have an alternative, if we don't want to play with high CD skills or don't want to boost them higher than needed. This can be also solved by adding a legendary gem which is specialized in usage for costly spenders. Sth. like: - Reduces the ressource costs of spenders by 10% + 0.3%/lvl - At level 25 your Ressource generation is increased by 25%. 4) Belt socket as new special socket: Treated like the helmet, but in another way, always rolls as 5th affix. Ideas how to make the already existing gems working on belts, using the current max level of gems. - Diamond: Increases your Resistance against all elements by 15%. - Amethyst: Increases all healing effects on yourself by 25%. - a) Ruby: Lowers the ressource costs of your spenders by 12.5%(If not using another gem type for helmet) - b) Ruby: Increases the armor by 15%. - Topaz: Increases your thorn effects by 20%. - Emerald: Increases all non-channeled damage over time effects by 25%. I suggest it as 5th affix for that reason, because they are weak on their own and scale together with better getting gear. It has no advantages to get a socket over another primary if the gear isn't ideal anyway.Evildrake2 Jun 22
Jun 22 Leveling legendary gems Leveling gems for augments is ridiculously strenuous be it in solo or group play. I'd like to suggest the following and see if the others feel it might be a workable solution. Objective(s) - Drastically reduce the amount of time taken to level up gems for progression across an account. - Encourage higher GR clears. - Retain the relevancy of lower level clears. Description The gist is to make it so that legendary gems drop, they are based on 12 levels below the player's solo highest GR clear level or current GR clear, whichever is lower. 1) If a player clears a GR which is higher than his/her solo GR record, the resulting gem level would be based on the player's highest solo GR clear. There are 2 scenarios here: in a) group play and b) solo play. 1a) Group play: The resulting gem level should be based on player's highest solo clear Given that the player's highest solo clear was GR80 When the player clears GR84 in group Then gem level would be 80 - 12 = 68. 1b) Solo play: The resulting gem level should be based on the player's new highest solo clear Given that the player's highest solo clear was GR80 When the player clears GR81 in solo Then gem level would be 81 - 12 = 69. 2) If a player clears a GR which is at his/her solo GR record, current GR clear and highest solo is the same. Given that the player's highest solo clear was GR80 When the player clears GR80 in solo/group Then the gem level would be 80 - 12 = 68 3) If a player clears a GR which is lower than his/her solo GR record, the resulting gem level would instead be based on the current GR clear. Given that the player's highest solo clear was GR80 When the player clears GR60 in solo/group Then the gem level would be 60 - 12 = 48. Conclusion The number 12 is picked because it will result in getting a gem leveled to the maximum level (that is based the the GR level) after spending the 3 chances of upgrades with a 100% chance. If empowered, the last chance for upgrade is a 90%. The number isn't set in stone and could be deliberated on. Any prior acquired gems will retain the level which they initially dropped and would have to be upgraded the traditional way. I suppose some might feel that this entirely makes leveling gems way too easy. My thought, however, is that there isn't any RNG involved in the process of leveling a gem and it is simply ridiculous time consumption. Frankly speaking, I got really tired of ceremoniously doing GR runs just to upgrade fresh gems. Just wondering if anyone shares this pain. EDIT: Added more clarity to the initial write-up.levionan3 Jun 22
Jun 21 Using Caldesann's despair Sorry, but its the first time using the Caldesann's despair and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have a 4 Flawless Royal Topaz, the Taeguk Gem level 32 and a wand Slorak's Madness, that I transmuted to add more Intelligence. When I hit transmute, it fails. What I'm doing wrong? Thanksradicaled423 Jun 21
Jun 21 Legacy of Nightmare vs Bastion of Will Legacy of Nightmare increase damage by 100% for every ancient legendary I have equipped Bastion of Will increases my damage by 50% for mana spenders and another 50% for mana chargers. I have both sets. When I use Legacy of Nightmare with the 2 ancient legionaries i have equipped I should be getting 200% more damage however when I'm using Bastion of Will the actual numbers I'm seeing pop out are almost double what I'm seeing with LoN when it should be the other way around I'm clearly missing something, can someone explain these two sets and why I might be seeing the results that I am?Ghoffman2 Jun 21
Jun 21 Topaz gem in helm Currently every helm is in pretty good position right now except Topaz. I just want to talk about the helm socket in this one. want to level faster go Ruby want more toughness go amethyst more CDR go diamond the emerald need some work too.We got so much money we can even kill rift guardian if our gold is our raw damage.Who want 41% gold find anyway. But the most useless is the Topaz.Magic find?.I still remember the time when we grind out !@# off for 1 legendary with $%^-ty stat to sell on the auction house. Currently legendary drop so much that any non ancient set item is gonna get smash. Why not change it to something more useful.We already have cdr why not have resource cost reduction too.Or maybe attack speed.Something more useful. And another thing is if out pet already pick up gold.Why not make them pick up gem and material too.We can have a box to check which kind of stuff we want pet to pick up.More killing more fun.CarlJonhson0 Jun 21
Jun 21 Rainbow Goblins Is there one in every act ? Also once you find one you they're gone correct?antsunrise5 Jun 21
Jun 19 In-Geom Fix? Why is it limited to elite "packs" only?? Should be same as Furnace and work on all elites! Help in grifts when killing those single yellow elites to get some cool down. Think that Blizz needs to adjust this. Packs only is too restrictive.Duke0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Nagelring special effect way overpowered? So I just started a brand new seasonal hardcore barb with a friend. I happen to find a Nagelring late in Act 1. For reference, we are playing on Hard mode. I am generally critting for 800-1500 damage at this point, but I see these little Fallen minions from the ring critting for 65,000-70,000 damage... surely that cant be right? We got to the Butcher, expecting it to be a somewhat challenging fight, only to have these Fallen minions kill him before he can take a single step. Was there an extra digit added to the damage modifier or something? Anyone else noticing the same thing?StealthDude25 Jun 19
Jun 19 Extra Stash Tab Season 6 The Extra Stash tab shouldn't be a reward for the end of the seasons journey. It's just taking too long to unlock. It's too much of a time commitment. They should be given away at the end of chapter 1-4 somewhere easy to unlock. QOL features of the game shouldn't demand hours of play.AdAstrA22 Jun 19
Jun 19 Crafting Helltooth Mask If I'm trying to craft a helltooth mask, I use voodoo masks and not regular helms correct?Scorpio3 Jun 19
Jun 18 Idea: Defineable Gear Sets to switch between Hi Blizzard & Community, I was playing my different characters with their builds and I thought: Geeze, it would save me so much time and item sorting if i could just set this as preset 1, then preset 2, preset 3 e.t.c Is this possible? Is there a good reason why you don't want to include this? Thanks for making a great game! And thanks even more for listening to your community on how to make it... greater :DHelioth1370 Jun 18
Jun 18 Diablo 3 - Best of Auction House you could getting real cash for gold and item's them could do legendary gems and yellow and blue and white mats trade for good point in next expansion pack. i have very nice name to wish new set for barb's crush of heart with anicent + ww set in combo.urbanstep10 Jun 18
Jun 17 Reroll stats that increase specific skill dmg Please allow enchanting of the Earthquake Damage increase on Blade of the Tribes and make it retroactive. I dropped an excellent ancient version with the following stats: 4301.6 DPS 1820-2219 Damage 10% Damage 1395 Strength 2105 Life per Fury Spent Increases Earthquake Damage by 158% +23 Maximum Fury All I want to do is roll for a higher Earthquake Damage. This change may help other classes as well if implemented on similar items that have an un-enchantable bonus damage affix.MeatGnBoozmn1 Jun 17
Jun 17 Control impairing effects Does anyone know if the Reduces Control Impairing Effects attribute negates effects which are not combat related such as interactions with the crucible or cursed events etc.....?Archimedes1 Jun 17
Jun 17 need help cant find any good wizard gear. Can someone help me please???devil1 Jun 17
Jun 17 One-click gear and skill swap. One of the most requested features I see popping up around various fan-sites and this forum is for the ability to quickly swap between items and skills. We're in a really good place right now in terms of build diversity used for various in-game activities such as Rifts, Bounties, Greater Rifts (solo/group), and Set Dungeons. However, with the increasing number of builds and activities we also run into the frustrating issue of changing our gear, skills, and even Paragon when we decide we want to switch from one activity to another. Wouldn't it be nice to quickly switch our gear and skills with just one button? I took some time to mock up a rough feature which I believe would not only help with quick build swapping but would also allow us to organize and collect gear for specific builds. Check it out here: Armor Racks specific to each character (not shared). One-click gear, skill, and Paragon swap. Organize and collect gear sets without using up valuable Stash space. If a feature like this was added to the game, what kind of functionality would you like to see?Monstrous190 Jun 17
Jun 16 Getting Crudest Boots and other things I'm wanting to get these for my monk, but I'm worried he's at too high a level. How, exactly, does the drop rate work with things like this? Is it possible for high level characters to get low level drops like that? I don't recall finding any with my high level characters.Allerdyne2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Kanai's Cube Warning!!!! I am here to inform you to NOT use Ancient Items to do the "Laws Of Kulle" recipe. IF you use an Ancient Set/Legendary item to forge another legendary's item property to it, IT WILL destroy the Ancient property to the item. I found this out the hard way when I was doing the RORG's legendary property to my Wizard's outfit moments ago and thought I would post this warning to you so you don't end up making the same mistake I did. I am not very happy that there's not a warning message about this in-game before you proceed with doing so :( Summary of the Warning: Simply don't reforge ANY Ancient gear you already have with the Cube with ANY of the recipes! IT WILL GET DESTROYED IN THE PROCESS AND NOT BE ANCIENT NO MORE!!!LiLmEgZ30 Jun 16
Jun 16 Bombardier's Racksack bug? I am unable to generate two additional sentries using Bombardier's Racksack. Is there something I am using that might generate a conflict with this item? I am not already using it in Kanai's Cube so I have no idea what is going on. Thank you for any help you can give me.SweetCheeks1 Jun 16
Jun 15 Not getting any Weapon Cubes all Season.... I play almost everyday, for some reason I am not getting weapon Cubes, it is really cramping my progress...Loremaster0 Jun 15
Jun 15 When French Cuisine become American fastfood I really miss the feeling that picked up a legendary made me excited for the whole day. What's fun of it when I can get a legendary per minute?yins2 Jun 15
Jun 14 Update Bastion's revered I you could add +75-100% to frenzy, then barb could wear this as 2 handed.Madmartigan1 Jun 14
Jun 14 Trading? Any chance they have made a server with trading and vanilla loot yet instead of the stuff that is just all the same??geldour22 Jun 14
Jun 14 chantodo's will chance to craft ancient. basic question is the chance to craft an item ancient always 1/10? crafted way over 30 of the chantodo's wands still no ancient. what is the most time efficent way once u got enough keystones stacked up and that doesnt matter? is rerolling to ancient a better way? stupid rng ;(cataria1 Jun 14
Jun 13 Help Me get Gibbering Gemstone??? PLEASE!!! can anybody help me get the Gibbering Gemstone, ive been trying for a year and i still haven't gotten it...Doomkitt316 Jun 13
Jun 13 Easy way to find Tollifer's Last Stand! I've been looking to get this achievement for a long time and after I did some research on google looking for pictures of the achievement I've noticed that actually the achievement can spawn on campaign mode and adventure (not as a bounty). So the easiest way to find is on adventure mode. Make a game and look for this 3 bounties at Westmarch Commons: A Shameful Death Captain Gerber Reformed Cultists Those are the bounties I've seen pictures and the event spawned, so the tile you are looking for will show up eventually in one of those 3 bounties. All you have to do is create game and look for the place. If you find any other event such as: Walk in the park, etc.... reset and start it over. Only 1 event is allowed to spawn on the map. Here are the pictures: Jun 13
Jun 13 Furnace - Kanais Cube Anyone had a luck with making Furnace in the cube? I am using rare 2H mace > legendary Everytime I try, it gives me only immortal 2H ..sh3riff73 Jun 13
Jun 12 reforge to ancient can you in new patchdunc1 Jun 12
Jun 12 reforge to ancient can you still do it in new season?dunc0 Jun 12
Jun 12 Unknown Cube Recipes Few items I think hold a spot for an unknown recipe: Gift (adds sockets to weapon) was originally going to work differently "Adds maximum number of sockets to an item" (3chest, 2legs, 1everything else socketable) So, I tried a few combos with just 1 gift, no luck, but it would make more sense if it called for 3 of them, plus non weapon item without sockets already on it and maybe plus something else like gem(s) and or mats SOJ also comes to mind, but no clue where to begin with the possibilities Then there is this: a combo that allows you to unlock a second tier of cubed legendary powers, as the original idea of the cubed powers were not capped at 3 items (weapon, armor, ring) And lastly, a combo that lets you clear away the enchant on your enchanted item, in return it lets you keep that item in its current state and giving you the option to enchant a different stat on it. Of course these combo would and should be expensive, and perhaps none of them even exist, but there are still unknown possibilities out there as I'm lead to believe by the hints here and there.tastegw0 Jun 12
Jun 11 Is there a way to check... ...which transmog items I've already found without having to go to the mystic and looking through possible items by being on a character and equipping different things? In other words, is there a way to know what I have and/or don't have in terms of weapons and such?Weltrath1 Jun 11
Jun 11 dual wield binding blind So where did the database function prohibiting dual wield of unique item come from? It seems that the hand equipment attribute only recognizes the player as having one hand, and fails to recognize there are two. Each hand should be able to see any item, even if it is the same item, so long as there are two actual items. It should really even be possible to use two offhand weapons. OR two shields. There seems to be some kind of authorization dilemma with achieving results....????Archimedes5 Jun 11
Jun 11 Cosmic Wings I've been in whimsydale twice but i notice there is no drop of cosmic wing. Does lilian 100% appear in the map? because as far as i know lilian drop the wing 100% right. I also killed oliver the bear but still no drop from him.Psybot11 Jun 11
Jun 11 Custerian Wristguards??? So these LEGENDARY bracers have this really cool affix "picking up gold grants experience". Awesome right? Well its a 1:1 ratio. Pick up 400 gold, get 400 experience... In a game where you get MILLIONS of xp for really short quests. What a joke!Kurnis74 Jun 11
Jun 10 Headrig gift set wizard are not lvl 70 I got my first 4 pieces of wizard's Magnum Opus set, all are level 70 except for the boots, they are at level 55, so I need to break my set to reach level 70 everywhere is this normal ?KunYuL1 Jun 10