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Jul 3, 2014 Diablo III Class Short Stories- Updated As we draw ever closer to the worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15, we have been unlocking more information and short stories for our heroes of Sanctuary on our Diablo III launch site. In case you missed the new short stories we've released, we have all five of them listed for you here. Monk- Unyielding by Matt Burns ... Barbarian- Wayfarer by Cameron Dayton ... Demon Hunter- Hatred and Discipline by Micky Nielson ... Witch Doctor- Doubtwalker by Matt Burns ... Wizard- Firefly by Michael Chu ...Nethaera73 Jul 3, 2014
5h Game director job taken So excited when will they make the announcement for this I wonder?Kirile1 5h
1d Journals - Subtitles during pickup? Hello, I am a hearing imparied D3 player who just absolutely loves the HELL out of this game. Is there any way to have the journals that you loot display subtitles as we play? I can obviously see that the journal has some sort of active sound when I pick it up but.. I can't hear it. Of course, I can go into the Journals and find the one i just picked up, but I was wondering if there are any plans to make it as seamless as quest chat bubbles are? I would love to be able to keep slaying hordes of bad guys as the journal fills me in with what is happening - with subtitles/captions, rather than having to find a monster-free area/teleport to town so I can read it.Hexenrit2 1d
1d What happens to Malthael after Act V? Spoiler The nephalem defeats Malthael at the end of Act V... but we know that angels and demons respawn after death, hence why Tyrael had to put the demon souls in soulstones. Now Malthael was killed by the Nephalem but doesn't that mean all he is going to do is just respawn in the high heavens? Same with his followers.... Or is he like Tyrael after destroying the Worldstone that he needs a long time to reconstitute himself? Either way, I don't think Malthael is gone at all and the plot is rather vague on what happens after. What are your opinions on this? Or is there an explanation I missed somewhere?Dierdrea32 1d
Sep 15 who is it Ytar ? The monk quotes him several times.JiHairo1 Sep 15
Sep 13 Proving Grounds and other wasted Tilesets I have thought about this so many times since day one, I am sure i'm not the only person who has attributed my melancholic love of Diablo 3 to it's hits and misses with Diablo 2's genius, the Nephalem proving ground last night was again giving me those same vibes. In this case we have a beautiful open area only the size of what should be a room, that looks like a glorious courtyard on a mountaintop castle, over the back you can clearly see it's in Westmarch, then in the foreground there are these amazing aqueduct-ed falls going over the mountain through these beautiful statues. I'm normally in this map for no longer than 20 seconds then out... today taking time thanks to a bunch of lag, I am reminded what is missing for me. It is always sad to see this amazing place used for naught but a little side mission or dungeon. Diablo 2 and Diablo 1 before it, mastered this amazing open square map, while Diablo 3 did this, there is always far too much time running through these passages. The passages don't even have places where you, traverse up and down and through, it's just an extended hallway which would be better off for the game to ignore. The same sadness occurs when running through these caves, it's because every single one feels like exploring the insides of a dead worm, pardon the pun, whereas if you are in 'Diablo 1 - Caves' the exploration of every corner of this open map while that crackle of magma demons echoes around was stunning. Then you have this amazing Westmarch Proving ground, and you think back to 'Diablo 1 - Cathedral' and 'Diablo 2 - Travincal' these are the best maps that have ever been done as far as I am concerned. If only Diablo 3 had utilized more of these epic tile sets for large open areas and used less of those tunnels, at least the exploration part would have been more epic. N.B: I understand that this was almost certainly maps that are moved from the PvP that could have been, but it's really sad to know that this tile set could have been a big open expanse as a part of the story or adventure mode, because it is damned glorious to see. image: Nephalem Proving Grounds http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/diablo/images/e/e3/NPG_Central.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1280?cb=20160202093722troyshaun2 Sep 13
Sep 11 Assassin / Rogue the next class? It seems that the new short story about Shen and Jia takes place few days before the start of Diablo 3 story. Do you guys think that we will see an assassin-ish character on the 3rd expansion? Right now we have 2 of each primary attribute, and the ending of RoS seemed like the end of D3 and maybe a good start for D4. What do you guys think?MustaKrakish70 Sep 11
Sep 10 Why is there no Diablo movie??? Dear Blizzard, After reaching Act 2 and watching your in-game cinematics, I would pay dearly for an IMAX ticket to a Diablo saga done in your cinematic-game style on the big screen. Your computer graphics rendering are just an inch short of perfection. And the direction (so far in what I've seen) is really good! Worthy of several directors efforts in Hollywood ... Is there any consideration being made at all for a full-length film? And not a live-actor film. One done in your particular style. That would rock hardcore! Kudos to your rendering and art direction team for making a really great story. So far. :) Loving the game. Thank you!Dogpaws7329 Sep 10
Sep 8 Diablo books in order. Can someone please list the diablo books from first to last? I'm done with all the old republic and wow books. I think I would really like to get into the diablo ones. TY.Idriveavette43 Sep 8
Sep 7 What character would you like to know more about? The dark tales surrounding the realms of Diablo are far-reaching. They chronicle everything from angels and demons, to humans, Nephlem, and beasts too fearsome and innumerable to count. Do you pour over each and every drop of Diablo lore? Are you curious about the back-stories behind various characters whose histories and intentions are shrouded in mystery? Do you wonder what became of the brooding faces and familiar places from Sanctuary’s past? For this week's community question, we want to ask you: What Diablo lore character would you like to know more about? Leave a comment below to let us know, or chime in on Facebook or Twitter!Vaeflare100 Sep 7
Sep 5 Next expansion past RoS - Tathamet the Dragon Reborn? Ref: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13779227862?page=5#88 I originally came up with this possible scenario back in 2014...what do you think of it now? ... Adria even said that Diablo always finds a way to come back, maybe he uses the lure of power to corrupt evil wizards to summon him and help him to become Tathamet...surely this time, no Nephalem could take Diablo out then? Let the adventure begin ....SirRight29 Sep 5
Aug 27 Disappointed that the Mystic is introduced I'm so disappointed in Reaper of Souls. The Mystic is introduced in Westmarch, as if I wasn't already interacting with her in Diablo III. That's just one of the issues.FizzyElf2 Aug 27
Aug 22 A Diablo 4 Concept. A Diablo 4 Concept by Stewart Berk. Stay awhile and listen… With the loss of 3 of the Angiris council, and the destruction of the last soulstone, and with it the final prime evil, neither the High Heavens, nor the Seven Hells can mount an offensive any longer. An unspoken cessation has arrived to the Eternal Conflict. The realm of Sanctuary is left in peace. Thousands of years pass. The people of Sanctuary evolve. Technology advances. The Great War and the birth of the Nephalem become myth. However, magic and the power of faith remain. In this new age, the darkness of the past clings to society. While much of the wilds have been tamed, the gothic architecture remains and the skyscrapers are covered with gargoyles, and torches burn throughout the night. While electricity is commonplace, fire is seen as the only security against evil. Four groups govern this new society crouched on an old land. Monks, Mages, Militants, and Mystics. Each has 2 seats on the grand council. Their number is broken by a deciding vote, a man known only as, The Justice. Monks have embraced technology as their religion and built a cult of the machine. They augment themselves with combat tech, going so far as to replace their extremities with robotic limbs. Their goal is to become a living weapon, and they utilize no firearms. They have also developed advanced medical machines in tandem with their augments. They often hold positions of authority in hospitals. All monks, regardless of gender, shave their heads. Through the augmentation process they make their facial features more uniform, and adjust their height and build to conform to what they refer to as the "optimum standards." Mages are the most secretive of the four. For thousands of years their art had been seen as the cause of the great cataclysm, the details lost to time. In these times they practice 2 forms of magic. Arcane and Necromancy. Neither school is looked on with favor, though both have their uses. They practice in secret and are rarely seen in public. Mages who practice the arcane arts are usually tan, due to their exposure to heat and cold. Those who practice necromancy are marked by their pallor and sunken eyes. Spending that much time below ground takes its toll. Militants are responsible for law and order. Their twin orders report directly to The Justice. Members of the first order, known as The Watchers, are uniformly tall and thin. They specialize in reconnaissance and long range engagement. They are ranged weapons experts and masters with both rifles and hand guns. Members of the second order, known as The Hammers, resemble their hallmark weapons. All are as wide as they are tall, and heavy in the arms. They carry heavy electrified hammers and sometimes force shields as well. Between these two orders, law is upheld through rapid deployment by motorcycle, and less common heavy raids. Mystics are the last naturalists on sanctuary. They grow food for the city populous and raise animals. They are well respected, for without their help, the natural resources of Sanctuary would have dried up long ago. However, those closest to them know greater secrets. They are able to influence the weather, and speak directly to beasts. Descendants, of the Umbaru tribes and the historical Empire of Kehjistan, the mystics are shorter than the other factions and darker in complexion. They are almost always accompanied by an animal companion, and some say they can even take the forms of their chosen animals. While the four factions occasionally disagree, a greater peace has held for as long as modern memory reaches. But recently dark rumors have begun to spread of underground cults that speak to beings thought lost to time. Tensions are running high. There have been strange sightings in the wilderness, and odd lights in the sky… The Justice is asleep. His suite in the primary tower of the headquarters of the Militant order is cool. A wind moves the curtains from the open door to his balcony. Despite the breeze, he wakes with a sheen of sweat covering his dark skin. He shakes his head behind his mask of office. His almost mortal dreams have been disturbed of late. He leans over the edge of his bed. His rooms could be described as spartan, plain even. He taps the side of his mask to acknowledge his messages. He stands up wearing only a pair of loose fitting sweatpants and thousands of scars. The mask, a graven image of a skull, tinged gold as if once gilded, is held to his shaved head with a ceremonial red band of silk covering the eye lenses. Justice must be blind.Odin36 Aug 22
Aug 21 new baddie who is the new bad guy? ive seen his three mouthed face everywhere!!SQUAD8 Aug 21
Aug 19 Blunderbore Do you think the blunderbore monster type from D2 will be back? I always thought they were cool monstersNash8 Aug 19
Aug 19 Diablo 4 Prime Evil Now that Malthael has released the Prime Evil Diablo, I was thinking earlier how cool of a concept this could turn out to be. While the form rematerializes, Diablo can't control the other Evils within himself and they begin to manifest themselves both in personality and physical form, turning the Prime Evil into a constantly changing form struggling with itself internally. I think this would be a really cool way of giving people what they want by having the old Evils resurface in the story without having to split the Prime Evil and continuing toward the ultimate goal of the revival of Tathamet. What do you guys think? Sorry if this is an old idea, I just sort of thought about it today and decided to share.Severen2 Aug 19
Aug 16 Why did tyrael destroy the World Stone? topicFrank12 Aug 16
Aug 4 Marius's venture into Act 3 First off, I've played Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction for 14 years, it's probably my favourite game franchise of all time for so many different reasons. So don't think of this post as negative, this is a legitimate question. Anyways, what i've always wondered in the story is how did Marius actually manage to end up in the Durance of Hate unharmed and then escaped and lived to tell the tale? How did he get past that huge labyrinth-like jungle filled with not just demons, but a very dangerous environment where there's even animals and creatures that try to kill you. How did he get past the Council members that Mephisto corrupted, and how did he get past the Undead stygian dolls/Blood Lords/Blunderbores/Cadavers. And how did he even get into the Durance of Hate when there was a Compelling Orb blocking the entrance? Okay, maybe I could see someone saying he escaped the place after he was too scared to get past the Infernal gate by simply opening a town portal and leaving the area.....but seriously that's really weak and lame.Whirlwind0 Aug 4
Aug 3 Time for some "good demons"? Lately, I have been thinking about the future of the Diablo franchise. As of D3, we know that Angels and the High Heavens are not always good. As such, I was thinking it might be neat to see a sequel (or at least an expansions) where some demons get to be seen in a more sympathetic -- or at least ambiguous -- light. Maybe even have a character who's powers are primarily demonic in nature. Perhaps with skill groups that align (roughly) with the themes of the Seven Lords of Hell. Kind of like the opposite of a Paladin. One of his/her attacks could be "Unholy Bolts", like those used by the Greater Mummies in D2 -- along with an aura called "Damnation". Another idea I had was maybe a reboot or alternative continuity, where Diablo, Baal, Mephisto, and the rest of their crew are not necessarily good...but not altogether evil, either. Rather, they simply represent the darker aspects of life and existence, just as the Angiris Council represent other aspects. Thoughts? :-)HeartExalted13 Aug 3
Aug 3 Scaling difficult grind way to Campaign New Game Play Mode for a possible Game Expasion Why i would vote with urgency ? Of course for Campaign Scaling Level Progression. Which part a lot of players stopped playing diablo ? After finishing the campaign history mode. What made from Diablo 2 a success ? A lot of campaign difficult mode. So create a Scaling Campaign Mode similar to Rifts. So i'm level 70 with paragon 1200 i will select Campaign Mode level 70-85. And give a different GRIND reward to be leveled up for each Campaign Mode played. What it could be ? It don't need to be more power or more damage or more defense or more health it just could be the possibility to make use of more combos. Would be interesting: a legendary power heritage or changing for other item or a gem which give more exp ; or a daily buff for something. And make useful from rift scaling use on this new map to scale the monsters and difficult so the player will be playing without end in these campaign mode. It always will be dropping new itens and will face stronger monster based on scaling difficult system. (So a player into Campaign Difficult Level 50 will meet other players to help them to complete that campaign). A second suggestion -Use that abadoned wave map from rift scale to make other game play mode - waves from a lot of elites together start with 5 elite pack, increasing elite pack and difficult until the last player die scaled by torment. Fun for sure. Final suggestion -What would be a creative gameplay ? You allow players create a monster from Diablo 3, so to level up they have to kill players. But in this case would be a little more complex in this game mode you would have to allow 16 players+ to play to be fun (8 monster players vs 8 characters players). Make use of one of them and let's be happy. Let the Blizzard innovate with mmorpg instead copying stuff already exist. Let's dominate the world with innovations.PardalBR0 Aug 3
Jul 30 Trag'Oul So the wiki says hes just an eternal dragon seeking the balance between heaven and hell and the protection of sanctuary. Is there anything in the novels? Might Trag'Oul be a god more powerful than the Angiris Council or the Greater and Lesser Evils?ShadowFae9 Jul 30
Jul 20 Alignment selection in D4 I'll be quick. In Diablo 4, we should be able to choose our alignment. 3 basic alignments will do: Good, Neutral, and Evil. Heaven, Hell, and Sanctuary all have their problems at the moment. Heaven is on the bring of a civil war, Hell lost many demons but is finally unified by the Prime Evil, and Sanctuary is in ruins. I recommend an alignment system in D4 with 3 different campaigns: Good campaign: You're good, and sided with the angels. Neutral campaign: You consider angels and demons both to be enemies, and you're human-focused and want to bring the powers of the Nephalem back to humanity. Good and evil are irrelevant to you. Evil campaign: You're evil, and consider Hell to be the better ally of humanity. For simplicity's sake, the first half of the game would be pretty much the same for all 3 alignments.Starblazer9 Jul 20
Jul 18 There's something wrong with Lust I don't get Cydaea...at all. Lylirra's new poll got me thinking about the Evils' characters, and I noticed some stark similarities between Andariel and Cydaea, even though the latter is not even one of the great Evils. She is the Lord of Sin's consort and most favored lieutenant. She's the Maiden of Lust right? But she just reminds me too much of Andariel. To begin, allow me to list the things I know about Cydaea. We first meet the -ugh- charming seductress in the first level of the Arreat Crater. Now, we don't know she's the Maiden of Lust yet, since she doesn't formally introduce herself until the Nephalem reach the first Sin Heart, but we get some information about her when we read Orders from Azmodan, Part 6, and later from Cain's journal. From her first appearance to the end of the actual boss fight, Cydaea does nothing but tease the heroes, which plays right into her character. We also get to meet her 'daughters', appropriately called Succubi. They spend their free time capturing human prisoners for their own -uh- personal interests. They also have a ranged attack that, when it hits, causes a Blood Star debuff (slashes Barbarian/Monk armor in half and causes ranged classes to receive damage for every resource point spent). Cydaea herself possess a variety of attacks, most notably spawning Spiderlings. She also resembles a beautiful woman on the top half, and a huge spider on the lower half. Now that I've listed the facts, I will now get to my point: SPIDERS ARE NOT SEXY!!! She is the Maiden of Lust, and yet she looks like that! I don't know anybody who has a sexual fetish for spiders, and if I did, I wouldn't know them for long. She reminds me of Andariel because of the way she tortured those Flay Demons. Andariel is the Maiden of Anguish, and I thought torturing the mind was her thing? She is also way sexier than Cydaea, which we all know. When I finally defeated Cydaea, I was incredibly disappointed. When I heard Maiden of Lust, I immediately pictured - okay, not important, but you get my point. When confronted with Lust (the deadly sin itself), we experience temptation and the desire to submit to it. With Cydaea, I felt neither (although the voice acting almost did it). How is the hero - let alone Lyndon for Akarat's sake - immediately able to resist her charms? Shouldn't there be special banter between the Maiden and the hero where it shows that the hero falling under her spell but breaking free in the end, until he finally recognizes her as an evil and vanquishes her? If that's the case with the heroes, what about the heroines? No lesbians in D3? Seduction works on anyone. With the female demon hunter, for example, Cydaea may have tried to work on wearing away at her mental armor: playing on her lack of love and affection as she lost her family, especially her sister, and trying to get her to open up. In the D3 short story for the demon hunter, Josen showed no emotion until the end, and that was when nobody was looking. Couldn't the Succubi work on that? As with any great seduction, they first work on mind before working on the body. The Succubi and their Mistress could have possessed a Charm spell, like Eirena's, or a Stun spell (with little hearts blossoming over the hero's head) to further emphasize their devilishly seductive aspects. Seduction is, in itself, torture, but of a sweeter kind - like poisoned honey, if you will. Just leave it to Andariel for the whole 'your-mind-will-shatter-like-glass-when-I'm-done-with-you' thing. (If you haven't seen it yet, you can read all about the poll here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7864428/Poll_Whos_the_Greatest_%E2%80%9CGreat_Evil%E2%80%9D-11_13_2012) Oh, and one more thing: "Your screams of ANGUISH will sound so sweet!"DeviousDummy14 Jul 18
Jul 18 *Spoiler Alert* My Theory.Who's Deckard Cain. To start off, i came across this theory of mine while reading the Book of Cain after being aware of how Sanctuary was created and its history. For those who dont know, Sanctuary was created by Inarius (an Angel) and Lilith (a Demoness). They fell in love and had babies ;p (ask your mom and dad to know how babies are made, not me. Haha) Nephalem were created, pretty much gods more powerful than Angels and Demons put together. They were un-aware of their offsprings power till later in the Sin War. (which i wont get into details.) Anywho, everything boils down to this. Inarius, Lilith, Angiris Council and the 7 Evils still existed at this point. (Before we had slain Durial and Andariel). Everyone is wondering where Lilith is (and with good concern!) but... where my theory enters is... Where is Inarius? We know he was the one behind the Sin War by creating the Cathedral of Light to oppose the Triune... anyway, trying not to waver here. (its hard). After Jared Cain died.. has anyone ever questioned why Deckard Cain who was not in the horadrim (and could have been?) and now suddenly was interested in it and "beleived" ? the Horadrim were extinct... he "picked it back up again". I think its far fetched but beleivable, I beleive Deckard Cain is Inarius trying to put a stop to "the End of Days" or whatnot. Trying desperatly to save his offsprings he is trying to fashion a way to intervene without them knowing, in disguise obviously. What if Tyreal figured it out... ? What if Justice came back for him. Deckard Cain wasnt burned and torched in Tristram... why ? because he was caged. Caged you say ?! Why would you cage ONE "human" while massacre and enslave the others? To make him watch obviously. Why would it be worse to make say.. Griswald watch ? Because Deckard Cain is Inarius ! It'd be pretty horrid to watch your kids burn and get murdered and tortured.... pretty horrible? Would instill... Terror.. in someone... dont you think? (Yes i'm leading you on to Terror....) Lord of Terror.... :p He was most likely the one behind the burning of Tristram which would make perfect sense, Diablo was trying to instill Terror in Inarius. Side note, Deckard Cain is... how old now? Perhaps "too" old... but he wasnt done teaching Leah... he had to stay alive just a little longer... teach her a little more..... This would explain why he would train a human (Nephalem) in the Horadric ways because he knew that it was the key to solving the puzzle and that they would be able to figure it out and stop Evil. He knew he was going to be detected by the Angels at some point as he was discovered by the Evils. He hurried to teach Leah all he knew so that its knowledge would go on, that the horadrim wasnt wiped out and that the Nephalem still had a chance to fight and defend their rights as a seperate living world. Its own entity. ((I wont get into the details of the reasons why i beleive all the worlds that were created by the Angels and the Evils while they possesed the Worldstone and that when Inarius and Lilith tried, it worked.)) To summerize it, its pretty simple, as Anu tried to divide evil in himself and created Tathamet (which is himself.... Anu and Tathamet are the same entity...) it didnt work. Explosion after eons.... (i'm getting carried away into details again arent i? ugh!) It worked because it was both "Good" and "Evil" that created the the world. The offsprings had both good and evil within them. Its Balance. Its why the Nephalem are so powerful and why the world "worked". It would appear that Inarius and Lilith managed to "End the Eternal Conflict" by making the impossible, possible again. Combining what "The One" Anu had divided... :) We are all... "The One"... with a little more good or a little moe bad in each of them. TL;DR My theory --- Deckard Cain is Inarius. (I apologize if its hard to read because my ideas are all over the place. I was just too excited :( haha. ) Oh! I almost forgot! I said it first! Rain said it first ;p !!Rainarya12 Jul 18
Jul 18 Did Lyndon Date Gillian? While wandering around the Weeping Hollow on my wizard, Lyndon said something that stuck out to me. This probably isn't an exact quote, but it's pretty close. ...... ... Is it possible that Lyndon is referring to Gillian? Of the females that we know inhabited Tristram in their lives, I think Gillian is the only one who has been explicitly talked about going mad. It could be that the two met after she left the town with Leah.Chris3 Jul 18
Jul 12 Tyrael is the embodiment of all races He is not black. He is not white. He's not asian. He's everything. But he is definitely not black. I keep seeing people saying he is this race or that, and the answer is no. Angels don't even have races, it would make no sense for him to just be a random race.Tsu55 Jul 12
Jul 10 Giants chained in Tower of the cursed Who are the giants that are chained in the Tower of the cursed (Heart of Sin quest where you go to kill Cydaea)? I noticed that they have their arms nailed to their own chests and other forms of torture. Are they captured Nephalems from ancient times? Im assuming this since the concept of Nephalems was heavily borrowed from the Bible's depiction of Nephilim as giants, the progeny of the Sons of God and the daughters of men. Your main character happened to be a midget Nephalem was what i assumed, although he was stronger than all the Lords of Hell. Looking at the size of those giants, i think they could crush Azmodan under their boots if they wanted although for one reason or another, they failed to get close enough to stomp on him.PholkLorr15 Jul 10
Jul 2 Theory for Diablo 4 premise Premise: After RoS, new Nephalem began to appear in increasing numbesr and power, oppressing both Heaven and Hell. As a result, the Horadrim and original/more powerful Nephalem, took action, sealing off access to Sanctuary and imposing restrictions on the rest of humanity(only the Nephalem in control could effectively wield magic). This was originally done out of benevolence to preserve both Heaven and Hell (balance) and prevent humanity from destroying itself, but as the concurrent generations took up the mantle, benevolence turned to malice, and the Horadrims goals shifted from order to control. Tyrael, over the years, becomes desensitized, resulting in a willful blindness to the evils of the Nephalem born out of reluctance to act and a dying faith in humanity. He becomes nothing more that a puppet-head, with the unrestrained, corrupted Nephalem acting as a shadow government. This results in a growing unrest in an oppressed society. While the majority of Nephalem have their powers repressed by the Horadrim, they are still Nephalem with latent powers. The forces of Heaven and Hell, after having restored much of their lost power decide to act by offering these Oppressed (Nephalem) a way to combat the dictating Nephalem: the borrowing of Demonic and Angelic powers. So these Oppressed act as conduits for Angels and Demons, and you could draw your classes from there. The protagonists would start off as non-militant combatants using crude and unpracticed methods to fight. They are essentially slaves given power by Heaven and/or Hell. So for instance, you have a simple farmer who imbues creatures with demonic energies to create Hellish monsters or use the powers of Heaven to grant animal powers upon oneself. So each class would have two skill lines, one corresponding to either Angelic or Demonic powers. The reasons for the conflict would be: Heaven: senses Hells movement and requires Tyraels help to grant them access to Sanctuary once again in order to combat the demons. However, they cannot contact Tyrael because he is being controlled/fooled into thinking that Sanctuary and overall balance is maintained. Tyrael still has Loyalists within the Horadrim and is therefore still a significant power house. Hell: desires to seduce the Oppressed into defeating their greatest threat (the Nephalem) and subsequently become an auxiliary force for hell Diablo: Masterminded the whole thing. The first to acknowledge the threat of the Nephalem and so orchestrates RoS to turn both Heaven and Hell against them. In this chaos he fuels the fears of the Nephalem, tricking them in recreating the World Stone/creating an artificial World Stone. Once all three sides are exhausted from combat, Diablo takes World Stone and gg. Then Trag'oul gets in trouble with the rest of his dragon friends, so he destroys Sanctuary Heaven and Hell to hide his mistake. The surviving humans, Angel and Demons than realize that there are others forces besides them. Also the protagonists are guided by the spirit of Leah (unbeknownst to agents of both Heaven and Hell). Her spirit is tied to Diablo's. In order for her to truly die, Diablo must be cast into the fires of Mt.Doom.iAVITN0 Jul 2
Jul 1 Queen Asylla and Lachdanan. Now I could read all of this wrong. However after the royal chambers of the manor house open up. I believe that Queen Asylla and Lachdanan had an love affair at some point before their deaths. What made me believe this was a hidden chamber in the royal chambers that has Lachdanan shield in it. I believe this all started at some point when Leroic begin to slip into madness from Diablo trying to possess him. After Lachdanan was dispatch to westmatch with his knights. I believe it was Lazarus who exposed the affair to Leroic knowing that the king would brand his wife a traitor and have her killed as one.Kaeljain1 Jul 1
Jun 30 What if there is Dragon in Diablo? Edited: ... Let us fight Tathamet in the expansion. Original message: ...XelNagaIvan16 Jun 30
Jun 24 Lore attached to bounties and rifts? Although the bounties are mostly for the purpose of farming needed materials, they do tend to introduce new characters. Rifts have us fighting such lovable characters as Perdition and Voracity, while we often see bounties like... Kill Sotnob the Fool Kill Theodyn Deathsinger Complete The Matriarch's Bones Complete Last Stand of the Ancients Is there anyone else who would be interested in some more lore on these things? Like, who is Perdition, and what purpose does he serve in the Great Conflict? (Assuming he serves the Greater Evils...) Who is Sotnob the Fool, and why is he important enough that the nephalem needs to go take him out? Obviously, this won't matter much to people who are uninterested in lore, but for those of us who are interested...HeartExalted1 Jun 24
Jun 24 Premise for a Diablo Sequel Trag'Oul has flooded the world of Sanctuary and wiped out all of the Nephalem and Demons. His annoyance has grown watching the petty wars of men. The world of Sanctuary lies dormant for a few hundred years until the flood subsides and Trag'Oul breathes new life into the world. Artifacts and runes of great power lay scattered and forgotten. Ancient evil lurks in the depths of the world waiting for a vessel. Civilization reforms itself, and two hundred years go by. The people of Sanctuary grow up completely unaware of the fate of their ancestors. Darius, a man of the new emerging civilization of Harrow's Reach, unearths an ancient Demonic book called the 'Black Book' while tilling his field. The book compels him to bring it home filling his head with whispers. He pours over the pages day and night for weeks being consumed by its tantalizing promises of power. Corruption enters his veins and he isolates himself from society. Darius starts to practice Necromancy and begins raising animals from the dead. His fellow townsfolk notice his disheveled, sunken eyes and the aura of death around him. As time passes, his rituals become more fervorous. Darius starts to kidnap human sacrifices in the middle of the night to conduct more intense rituals. The voices in his head start to get to him, he begins to be driven mad with his desire for power. One night, on a full blood moon, Darius conducts his most deadly ritual yet. Six men, six women, and six children are sacrificed by being flayed alive with The Gibdinn and cutting their hearts out. Their hearts pile up in a bonfire as an offering to Darius' new master. Screams echo through the night. The townsfolk of Harrow's Reach wake from their slumber. Footsteps come crashing through the dim lit forest. "Darius! What are you doing?" the Mayor of the town asks. A hiss of evil dispels from Darius' lips, "What I was always meant to do." More men arrive with pitch forks and torches, "Darius, leave this place, and never come back. You are no longer welcome here... If you ever set foot in this town again, you are a dead man." Darius smiles a devilish smile back at the Mayor, "We are all dead men walking." Darius turns and walks away into the night. He seeks out the old artifacts used by the Prime Evils listed in the 'Black Book' and grows immensely in the demonic arts. Darius renames himself Abaddon in honor of his new master. His demonic presence creates a cult of followers who devote themselves to the Dark Lord Abaddon. They set out to acquire the artifacts of the Nephalem for their master. Blood is shed, towns are destroyed, and evil whispers in the ears of men. The denizens of this new world are forced to band together to prevent him from spreading his influence. Countless stories are left to tell in this new universe since new factions will emerge that will vie for power against each other and the protectors of this new world. It would be almost like a blank slate earth waiting for its history to be written. There would be countless wars for power, ancient necromancers possessed by spirits of old, and new demonic creations under their master Abaddon. The open ended side of this, is that the Lords of Hell would not be the only ones vying for power in this new world. There would be factions of necromancers, assassins, mages, barbarians, engineers, etc. that would all be trying to gain power over one another. These new factions could essentially create a living, breathing world with countless adventures to go on. I would fully be willing to write this, as I am currently working on scripts for other things that I plan to publish. And samples of my work can be rendered to show my writing expertise. I'm not sure what Blizzard already has in the works, but let me know what you guys think of this storyline for a Diablo sequel or Diablo themed MMO.Nocturnal0 Jun 24
Jun 20 bounties need to go I'm sorry but they're not fun, it's been mentioned that a specific item rolled with the 50 forgotten recipe is the only way to progress at a certain point, coupled with a hideous 5 mat requirement is really crippling your mid-late game. Nobody really enjoys them anyway.Mil9 Jun 20
Jun 20 I made a crossover comic with Warcraft Legion (Also there is a video of me doing Torment X in Hardcore) http://blackomenguild.com/2016/06/20/the-road-goes-ever-on-2/Suul0 Jun 20
Jun 17 I reached level 70never got gear I reached level 70 in season requirements and never received my 2 pieces of gear? What do I do, because now I can not read the podium in Leorics manor for set pieces.Partycrasher0 Jun 17
Jun 12 Set Portals? Hi, I've got the hint for where the Wizards portal is but I've looked in all the obvious places, does anyone know exactly where it is or is it different for every player?MissMe1 Jun 12
Jun 8 Can we get more Mephisto? He's the oldest brother right? Seems like he should have been giving his brothers a whooping every time they failed (in another realm or something). I want to see that guy again....he's a good guy and doesn't afraid of anythingClayman871 Jun 8
Jun 5 Achievements for the 16 "significant" Bosses By the "16 significant bosses2 I men those who are always there in Adventure Mode. These are: Act 1: The Skeleton King, Queen Araneae and th Butcher Act 2: Maghda, Zoltan Kulle, Belial Act 3: Ghom, the Siege Beast, Cydaea and Azmodan Act 4: Rakanosh, Izual and Diablo Act 5. Urzael, Adria and Malthael They all give you an achievement when being killed, or rather two (normal and hardcore), and rightfully so. Wait a minute, all? Well, all but one! The sad exception is Queen Araneae This should in my opinion be changed; she is after all one of the 16 significant monsters.. So please give us an achievement each for killing her on normal and on hardcore.Supergirl2 Jun 5
Jun 4 Tyrael inspired by Jesus? Am i the only one who draws a similarity between the lore? they're not exactly the same, but someone from heaven coming to save humanity...IvanThGreat19 Jun 4
Jun 4 reaper of soul's story felt too lackluster I think it's mostly cus cain and leah were killed off. especially can. killed in act 2? I think Jay Wilson was just jealous of the diablo 2 team's success so he killed him off just to spite them. But it wasn't enough. Killing 1 main character pointlessly wasn't enough for him. He doubled it and also killed leah.Enigma13 Jun 4
Jun 4 Diablo III 2nd Expansion Speculation Hey guys! I made a Youtube video which speculates on what the sequel to Reaper of Souls holds and what we can expect. https://youtu.be/ELjLGj8yE6IAlex57 Jun 4
May 25 Feminine Diablo theory I did start this one off in general where it wasn't very well received. Although I have no hopes about it being well received here either, maybe people will give it more serious thought here. Diablo is such a powerful entity that the can take on any form that he wants. He doesn't need the feminine look just because he took a feminine host. So why the feminine look? To specifically remind us that he took a feminine host. Whether you like Leah or not, our characters, our followers, Tyriel, and a number of other NPCs did. Diablo took the feminine form to remind us that he took a feminine host, to remind us, to give us grief that he was able to take Leah from us. That said, one of Diablo's forms during the actual fight should have looked exactly like Leah, mocking us, reminding us, and sometimes, even crying or sounding like she's in agony, all to mess with Psyche of the ones who would dare to stand against him. Edit, deleted first paragraph of my theory for the same reason I did in general. Everyone is so worried about that one little paragraph, that they miss the big picture.Crit28 May 25
May 23 Could Anu be a Warcraft Titan? I mean look at him he's made of crystal and Titans have been described as beings made of Stone and/or Metal. And Tathamet looks like some Lovecraftian monster: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/diablo/images/2/2f/Tahameth_2.png/revision/latest?cb=20120527190716 What else looks Lovecraftian? The old gods and they are beings born from the void.Argronok00 May 23
May 18 Steffon's Tin Foil Hat http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/steffons-heavy-lance-2n8DaP Steffon's Heavy Lance I've been trying to figure out where this cosmetic item has been hidden since joining the PTR after last season's end. I mostly play Doc and the lance happens to be the only 2.4.1 weapon transmog that ceremonial knives can be changed into IIRC. I've read posts claiming that the last few still hidden items are most likely within "Mysterious Barrels" or "Resplendent Barrels". The same data-mined information also includes "...a3..." in the texture(?) file name, leading people to believe the barrels are in one of the Keep levels in Act 3. Tons of barrels there. However, none of that info confirms any relation between the actual weapon and the barrels so I tried looking elsewhere. "The great knight-paladin Steffon's weapon of choice was a stout steel lance, shorter than a jousting lance, that he would use on foot as well as from horseback." The above quote is the weapon's flavor text. The text got me interested in the lore of the Diablo and gave me hope that there may be some clues as to where they potentially hid the lance in-game. Keep in mind the cosmetic items are "white-named" so the text may have been removed and not be valid anymore. The mention of jousting in the flavor text reminded me of Blackthorne's set. Based on what I've read from the items and similar lore, it seems like Steffon and Blackthorne may have both fought as allies in defense of Westmarch in the war against King Leoric. Some of Blackthorne's soldiers may have fought with jousting lances while on horseback, supposedly the same way Steffon operated. Blackthorne's chest piece flavor text is below. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackthornes-surcoat "Baron Blackthorne led his knights to prevent the escape of King Leoric's forces during their defeat against Westmarch, forcing them to choose between surrender and death in the quagmire." He "led his knights". It states that Steffon was a "Knight-Paladin". http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackthornes-notched-belt "A thick leather belt, notched once for each enemy noble captured in battle, each man ransomed back to his family for a handsome fee." Quoted above, his belt mentions some sketchy activity. Rather than soldiers of Westmarch, both may have been within their own faction of mercenaries, benefiting from spoils of war. Anyways, I'm guessing Steffon was a citizen of Westmarch and fought in the war against Leoric's forces. He could of left his heavy lance behind in the "quagmire" - the same area where Leoric's fleeing army was intercepted by the Baron. Blackthorne and Steffon may even be the same person - Baron Steffon Blackthorne? I couldn't find the name of the area where the battle between Westmarch and Leoric's army took place. However, my buddy google mentioned the quagmire may be the present in-game Blood Marsh. http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/83222-westmarch "What was once a verdant wetland has quickly evolved into a repugnant quagmire that grows less habitable by the day." Blah blah blah I spent way too much time thinking about this. I'm hoping this thread leads someone to the cosmetic spear. If anything this killed a ton of downtime for me while waiting for something to happen at work. GG tl;dr - I'm thinking the one handed spear cosmetic item released in 2.4.1 is in Blood Marsh or its bordering zones within Act 5 rather than in Act 3.SeyserKoze0 May 18
May 17 D3 plot hooks I'd be interested in seeing how Rea is dealt with in a future update.lfoxfire6 May 17
May 17 Poor Leoric's family man... I really feel sorry for the entire family bloodline... Leoric gets betrayed by his servant Lazarus Leoric goes mad Leoric's wife gets executed and her spirit becomes cursed Leoric's spirit gets cursed Leoric becomes Skeleton King Leoric's son falls ill Leoric's son becomes Diablo's vessel Leoric's Older son is forced to kill his brother Leoric's older son becomes Diablo's new vessel Leoric's granddaughter never meets her parents growing up Leoric's granddaughter gets betrayed by her mother when they reunite Leoric's granddaughter becomes Diablo's vessel. The most tragic family of history of gaming. Edit: Leoric's granddaughter also loses her only family (Deckard Cain)SeriusBizNis12 May 17
May 17 Necromancer, future expansion character? There are many players who agree that the Witch Doctor class pales in comparison to the Necromancers. There are those who argue that the Witch Doctor class is sufficient and there is no need to rehash the Necromancer class. But the Necromancer was much better in terms of scale, creatures, and golems. How many would agree, we need the necromancer back?SAL197941 May 17
May 14 Keep to the lore of the crusader one thing I have noticed from the beginning is that the crusader does not hold to his lore. I mean this to say that he does not have an apprentice that follows and learns from him. If you watch and/or read his lore see that he travels with a trainee. I believe that adding this aspect to the game would make it interesting. Any other thoughts?FirstResort5 May 14
May 14 Feminine Diablo Diablo is such a powerful entity that the can take on any form that he wants. He doesn't need the feminine look just because he took a feminine host. So why the feminine look? To specifically remind us that he took a feminine host. Whether you like Leah or not, our characters, our followers, Tyriel, and a number of other NPCs did. Diablo took the feminine form to remind us that he took a feminine host, to remind us, to give us grief that he was able to take Leah from us. That said, one of Diablo's forms during the actual fight should have looked exactly like Leah, mocking us, reminding us, and sometimes, even crying or sounding like she's in agony, all to mess with Psyche of the ones who would dare to stand against him. Edit: Deleted the first paragraph because that's what everyone was so worried about, but means very little in the overall theory. If the theory were a giant tree monster, you'd be patting yourselves on the back for killing one little twig while it ate you.Crit33 May 14