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Jul 4, 2012 Adria's Fate *Spoilers for Act III* So, at the end of Act III Adria betrays the group and facilitates Diablo's emergence and Leah's possession, but then what happens to her? She goes into the portal after Diablo mentions that she has done well and will be rewarded, and just leaves. Could this be Blizzard leaving a loose end for a possible expansion in which Adria plays a role? Where you must destroy her for some fulfilling revenge now that the hero is pretty much finished with his main goal. Or will she try and bring back Diablo or one of his brothers in some shape or form, or even try to take control of Hell herself, now that the evil lingering in the world has no clear master anymore. Just a theory of course, her loose end was puzzling me, what do you guys think?Benji8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Who the hell is Cryder? Apperently he is cool enough to get his own outpost..Joren13 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Speculations - Aftermath of the Siege Just want to see what is everyone's thoughts on the aftermath of the Siege of Bastion's Keep. Personally, my thoughts are: 1) We raised the men's morale by lighting the signal fires. 2) Whatever enemy is left would have been pulverised by the catapults that we helped to raise. 3) We secured the Keep Depths and Larder (not too sure about the stinking food though), and might have walled up the breach (whether with stones or demon bodies is anyone's guess though). 4) We saved the walls of the Keep, by destroying the catapults, trebuchet, and the Siegebreaker Assault Beast, hence reducing the demon horde's offensive power. 5) We depowered the demon horde by destroying the Sin Hearts. 6) Finally, we removed whatever semblance of leadership they have (tactical or otherwise), having destroyed Cydaea and Azmodan. I don't think it takes a tactical genius to recognise that the tides of battle have been turned overwhelming in our favour. And yet, after Adria's betrayal, and the start of Act 4, we seem to have lost some people, who were still alive and celebrating at the end of Act 3 (but before Adria's betrayal). List of notable dead: 1) Former Mayor Holus 2) Rondal and Marta 3) Drian Three thoughts came to mind, but I managed to debunk all the theories (somewhat). They are linked to the three possible killing forces still existing around that time: 1) Remnants of Azmodan's army - Devoid of any probably command and control, they might have committed to a last-ditch attempt to breach the walls, dying to the last demon, but managing to break into the stronghold and killing some people there. However, based on what I've mentioned above, the demon army should have been too fully trounced by us to be even capable of that. 2) Adria - Well, she's evil, so I assume she'd kill people. However, she "portal-ed away", and I doubt she'll choose to "portal" down into the stronghold. 3) Diablo - Likewise, he's (the Prime) evil, so I assume it'll kill people too. However, it's shown that it "portal-ed" into Heaven. I wonder what could have happened...LoneRanger3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Confession Time I have been keeping a horrible secret bottled up inside me for the past few weeks. At first, I swore to myself that I would never reveal it to anyone. But every time I click over to the story forum and see another OP criticizing Diablo 3's story for being "too predictable", I feel a pang of guilt in the deepest fiber in my being. I can stand it no longer! I must confess my sins to the community, and purify myself in the flames that will inevitably follow. I hope for some small shred of mercy...but I doubt I will receive it. Nevertheless, here goes: I DID NOT GUESS THAT EMPEROR HAKAN WAS ACTUALLY BELIAL. To be honest, I didn't think Belial would even bother to disguise himself at all, since it was pretty obvious he already had total control of Caldeum. I thought he was just chilling inside the palace, or maybe lurking somewhere in the ridiculously huge sewer system (seriously, how does a city of thirty people produce that much poop?) and that my character would confront him there. If I had any suspicions, I was always able to explain them away. Why do all of Emperor Hakan's lines sound so stilted and forced? He's probably being voiced by an inexperienced child actor. Why is he able to appear anywhere in a puff of green smoke? Well...this is a fantasy story, right? Maybe he has a little Witch Doctor blood in him. So, am I beyond help? Should I spend a few weeks watching Scooby-Doo in an attempt to build up my skepticism to healthy levels? Does anyone sympathize with my plight?WordMaster16 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 If the Templar is a Zakarum guy.... ....then why does he look like a pally and not a witch doctor?avauntzero6 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Mortal /= Human I've read a lot of complaints on this forum that are along the lines of "How is Tyrael human wtf doodz?!?!?". Apparently the concept of "mortality" is considerably more confusing to players than Blizzard thought so I'm going to try to explain it as clearly as possible. Tyrael was an angel who became mortal, and mortal is not a species, it's a trait. Think of it this way, there are many stories where there is some psychotic human who is trying to become immortal. All that means is that they are a human who can't die. Why is that concept so elementary but the opposite just causes people to stare blankly and then get angry because they misunderstand it. In the Diablo universe, angels and demons dont "die" persay. It is my understanding that they go off to the abiss and reform (Tyrael even did this once). Now, as a mortal, that wont happen to Tyrael should he die again. He's gone. Angel: Species Human: Species Mortal: not a friggin species! get over it, he did not become human. Seriously >>Lucrecia6667 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Favorite quotes? My favorite quotes are: Scoundrel, "Is there an archangel of effortless victory? We should free him first." Vendor in the hidden camp, "My items have almost no blood on them!"Bluebomber1 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 IS DIABLO 3 STORY CONNECTED WITH SC 2 or even you may think that's impossible but here are some clues #1 zerg based ground looks allot like the ground in the arret crater and we all know where the foundation of hell came from thamet it could be that when thamet died he exploded with such tremendous force that some of his body was forced to inter dimensional travel some of the body mutated to create the zerg #2 part of anu exploded there to, so the pylons were created by the pieces of anu and they thought that they could use there power to make a crystalline bodies so they could move around and interact thus the protoss were born. #3 then the protos got corrupted making a neffelem like creature called the xel'naga thees are a few things that could fit into the story but now your going to wonder where did the Terran come from well when some of the angels and demons wanted to kill the nefelem the lilith transported some of her children to annother universe thats how the terran came to be the dark voice is diablo once he is all five in the black soul stone he is strong enough to send his dark influence to other uneverses and now the world stone is destroyed the terran are becoming nephelem and thats why there are so many powerful humans like kerragen diablo created the hybrids so that he could test them on another universe and destroy it then lead his hybrid army to sanctuary and take over the heavens and any other universesMrRoberto12 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Why D3's story didn't feel the same... As soon as I fired up Diablo 3 for the first time, I knew something was amiss with the story. Even before the endless bombardment of hamfisted dialogue and Saturday-morning-cartoon-esque one liners being flung around by the bad guy made itself known, the story just didn't feel like a Diablo game. Something felt wrong, but I couldn't seem to identify it. I didn't really like the story overall, but liking the story or not liking is pretty subjective, and it's not really the way I wanted to go about breaking down the question of, "Why?" Having said that, I really don't want to critically analyse the story in minute detail at this point, there's really no need. This story has been deconstructed by many people already that have done a better job than I could ever have hoped to accomplish. What I do want to focus on, however, is why Diablo III's story doesn't feel like a Diablo story. So why does Diablo III's story, which contains a greater library of dialogue, more story elements, and much more interactive lore than Diablo I & II combined, feel like it's worse? Because the player is no longer the center of that story. The player, as an entity, is removed from the story's narrative, which excludes them from the emotional attachment as a result of their interactions with other characters in the story. Let me back up a second, Diablo I & II's narrative was structured around the idea that your character in the game functioned as an avatar of the player. When lines of dialogue were spoken to your character, they were actually being said to you, the player. This is where the "Role-playing" element came into the story of those games. This gave you the ability to interpret those elements in almost any capacity that you saw fit, it gave the player a sense of involvement, and a greater sense of emotional investment. My involvement with the story was limited only by my imagination of these characters. I wanted to rescue Cain from Tristram because Cain had helped me in the past before, I've established a rapport with him. As the player, I like Cain. I've stayed a while and listened, I've shared in his successes, I've shared in his plights - we have a connection with one another. So I don't need justification on why, in Diablo II, I would have a personal interest in rescuing Cain from an untimely death. That kind of player involvement feels more personable. This would also explain why players view the Diablo II story as better. While the story might not actually have been better, it certainly made it more memorable. This is why I don't think that nostalgia is the only culprit for why players feel this way. This is also why I get just a little bit annoyed when the developers take the viewpoint that the story in Diablo II was "not as good as we remembered". Sure, as a direct comparison, Diablo III has more to offer, but the lack of player's personal involvement with the story makes us feel like we've gone from being part of the story to simply watching the story. These two games offer two different story-telling methods that have a very different flavor to them, and while I might have grown out of the taste of the Diablo II story, it doesn't diminish the fond memories I have having experienced it. So how does this affect Diablo III's story? Well, for one thing, it changes the way the story has to be told. When my motivations for completing a quest are no longer my own, that means my character needs motivation. This is where things immediately went sour for me. Since my new Diablo III character has never been on the kinds of adventures with characters like Tyreal and Cain the way I have, I felt taken aback. A lot of story needs to be retread because this character has no real backstory to them that ties them to the events in the game. But this motivation factor is a real problem, because the individual quests don't do enough to establish motivation for my character. This is where things got really lazy to me. See, without proper motivation from good story-telling, the spoken narrative comes to the forefront in a way that it didn't need to in Diablo's I & II. This is why we have bad guy's popping in every 15-20 minutes to throw out dialogue to keep our character on track. It's not that the player isn't aware of what's going on and needs these things, it's that the character the player is playing has no idea what's going on and would be completely lost without it. It's not so much that this method of story telling couldn't have worked, but in the context of a Diablo game, a long running player-engaging franchise focused on role-playing story elements it felt uninspired, lazy, and was poorly written because our characters in the game don't have the kind of emotional attachment to the main characters they way that we the players do.VSKBadCRC15 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 The Black Soulstone Did anybody else realize that in the last cinematic where Diablo falling from the sky, at the very end he turn into the Black Soulstone and fell away? This seems like a legit plot for future expansion.Cimegs50887 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 D3 - Order and Chaos In all honesty, they could make the most epic expansion ever by just having Belial (or a servant thereof) come back from the "dead", and travel back in time to events from the previous games where you do battle with classic Mephisto, Baal, and a full-powered Diablo. This would fix the fact that Belial is the worst liar in history, and that he had planned the events of Diablo 3 to suit his needs. There are a lot of plotholes in even that, but I would have expected the Prime Evil Diablo at the end of 3 to have more similarities to Mephisto and Baal since they were all combined...I may have missed it, but he just seems like old Diablo but more feminine...overall I do like Act 4 in D3, and its pretty much how I imagined the ultimate battle between Heaven and Hell in Diablo turning out...so I give them props for that...just my opinion. For the expansion, I think the inevitable battle between Order and Chaos should be called into play, with Necromancers and Paladins (Templars, whatever) being the two new classes. This would also allow Skulls and Diamonds to be brought back and represent each of the newer classes in socketing...later on past this expansion, if they manage to garner enough success, they could, in theory, do a third expansion that brings the Druid back...but back to the idea for the next expansion... A large majority of people enjoyed Diablo 2...they hold it up with high praise, and anyone can argue its true value, but regardless, I think people would enjoy a second round at Mephisto and Baal, and they could do Diablo proper, but maybe with some sort of twist...I have no idea. This time jumping would also allow Imperius to come back into play...whether or not he dies at the end of D3, and he could theoretically be the primary villain by merging with Diablo, draining him of his evil, taking his place, and what not. I imagine the idea of Tyrael taking Imperius' spot would mirror Imperius taking Diablo's spot. We would be allowed to have good ol' Deckard Cain back (would be cool if he could be the artisan for Socket Runes, or perhaps he holds the Horadric Cube and transmutes items for you)...perhaps we could intervene in some crucial events throughout 1, 2, or 3 that we may or may not have seen along the way. For example, we might be able to 'save' Deckard Cain in 3, or we might be able to kill Adria in 1...this might screw stuff up, and make things worse or unexpectedly bad towards the end (Multiple Endings? Good Ending, Bad Ending, etc.) Just enough difference to make it separate from the previous titles. Maybe we can save Wirt or Griswald? They would make for some funny dialogue. Or not...I dont care. Player Housing was a topic I heard mentioned before (the poster's name escapes me) but I thought that was an outstanding idea. Whether or not it just be a shared room in each town, or a "Teleport To" portal where you can invite friends to chill and see achievements, and so on. This is going off on a slight off topic tangent, but I think to fill up furniture should be based on Deeds like Ultima Online has, where you use the deed to place a permanent item in your house, then you can break it down and move it from deed to item. To get the item would be achievement based, rare vendor based, or perhaps even from breaking the environment. So say you break an alchemist table...that table might have a 5% to drop a deed for an alchemist table. The uses for the furniture could be solely cosmetic, or certain pieces could have functions like a forge, crafting, or whatever else. Just a thought. And lastly we have the Secret Level. The infamous Cow Level could be brought back and improved 100x in size and scape. Cows could be varied in appearance, the Cow King could be an epic end game fight that sits upon his throne of broken barn fragments, and to make things even more unexpected, to access this Secret Level, we might have to do the rumored way in the 1st Diablo to access it...which was only a rumor and totally escapes my mind at the moment. Otherwise, put back in the Horadric Cube but substitute Wirt's Original Leg from Diablo 3...bingo. And that's all I have...I doubt any of this will be touched upon, but I figured if I got my thoughts out and they end up using some of it, awesome...I'm also sorry if someone else on other posts have mentioned several of these things...I have read a few and I dont think I saw any of the above except for the obvious things. Anyways, good times ahead (I hope), thanks for reading it (especially if any blues are), and feel free to let me know what you think. Good or bad...I am going to grab some of that new black rum by Cpt. Morgan. PS: Also bring back the Horadric Cube and make some new recipes that I can use to salvage junk items to make better (fixed) items, or at the very least new crafting ingredients. THE ENDSchadow0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 here= Fanfiction to justify D3's story half of the posts here are a terrible attempt to make the story of D3 less of a failure than what it truly is. I love books. I REALLY love books. And I love games and tv shows, and the ones with great stories are the ones remembered. The story of D3 is horrible. The simple fact that threads like "Belial is Tyrael" exist is a testament. People are trying to make the story more than it is, because what it is is unsatisfactory. And being forced to play through it every time we farm is AGONIZING. I mean it, I can't hit spacebar fast enough to skip the embarassing Magdah lines.VAaron4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 The Order: Spoilers! Dumbledore DIES. Hermione and Weasley hook up. But seriously it REALLY hurts my desire to buy this book when I know the two will DIE tragically and pointlessly for the sake of fake plot progression.Panadyne2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Diablo Fanfiction Damien knew the fight would be challenging. The zombies stood silently across the embankment, glaring, waiting. They were clearly imbued with some strange magic - lava trailed in their wake, and they moved with unholy haste, as they waited for him. A normal man would be afraid. But Damien was a warrior of the North; he had survived by the sharpness of his steel, his physical prowess, and his unwavering fearlessness. He hefted his mighty axe, still dripping with the blood of the last pack of misbegotten horrors, and with a lunge that disrupted the ground he stood on, Damien lept across the river. He landed in the middle of the zombies, creating a shockwave which made them stagger. The first strike was his, and the axe removed one head with a loud THWOK. Blood and entrails filled the air, as he continued his onslaugERROR3008 The zombies feasted, the battle was over. Damien's deeds of valor will be remembered always.Marmatag0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 (Spoiler) Diablo Prime Evil? So ok, Diablo is now stronger then ever before, he fused with the other leaders of hell, and has become the new ultimate Evil... Ok that alone is AWESOME! And I was sooo looking forward to fighting a vamped Diablo with miphisto, Baal, balail, azmodan and who ever else's abilities. That would have been an epic conclusion and made the story so much better. The final BOSS would have been everything and more that Diablo fans loved about the bosses of previous games and D3. Diablo should have had all of the evils abilities being as he was now a mixture of all their power. Does anyone else feel the same? It looks so much like Blizzard set it up to be, but then nope, it was like fighting instead Diablo from the second game, exept he takes a brake a quater way through to catch some air and let us fight his evil twin.... Pls pls pls be a expansion!Saidencloud3 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Question about "The Order" sticky post above So...this book came out over a month ago, why put up a post on the forums now? Isn't it a little late for promotional purposes? It just seems kind of silly to me. That aside, the book was pretty good, I received it in the mail a few weeks back and already read it. But I like all the Blizz lore books anyways, so I guess I'm biased in that regard.Lodeswrath0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 act 1 randoms.. i've got a few random journals left to complete act 1 entirely. if anyone knows where the below journals are i'd appreciate a lil help. just the map or dungeon will suffice THANK YOU here's to getting all of act 1 out of the way -scabbard of talic the defender -kingsport bill -notes of urik 1&2 -report from wortham -page from lazarus's grimoire thank you again :)unquittable2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Leoric in D2? In Diablo II OST, there's a track called "Leoric". I was under the impression that King Leoric didn't appear in that game. If it's indeed the case, then why is there a track named after that character?JohnnyZeWolf0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Story behind the main character? Can I find this someone etc? Like.. where does he come from, family, why he's so strong & brave etc. ?? Thanks in advance.ZeaZe9 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Incomplete Golgor Not sure if its a bug or not but it looks funny http://i49.tinypic.com/sc6crc.jpgArchangel0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Zolton Kulle - Why did his story have to end? The only thing that really was the most entertaining throughout the game in terms of the story was Zolton Kulle. He had a deep history, you learned about his demise through journals and talking with him. He was a knowledgeable "villian". I was expecting him to be a side character throughout the rest of the game. But what happened? We went through the aqueducts, we got his body, we revived him partially, we went through more aqueducts, we opened levers, we went into a desert, we collected both sets of blood, we went through his archive, unlocked both locks, went through a shadow realm, and then.... We killed him. Bam, splat, kaput. Dead in a mere matter of seconds. Anyone else disappointed with how this character turned out? I understand they wanted to use him in order to get the Black Soulstone, but honestly, I thought they could've done this character they developed so deeply some more justice. He could've lived and perhaps been in the next expansion. He could've been a side character. Anything. Instead, he dies, after all that work and plot development. Also, how were we able to kill him, if the Horadrim could not? The entire D3 story was pretty botched to be honest. The lord of lies sucks as lying. The lord of strategy and war sucks at that. Maghda is a weak villian who I could care less about. Zolton Kulle was the only interesting character, and they butchered it...Matik4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Heaven before and after Is what my apartment was like before/after I killed Inferno Diablo today :-)Astinus0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Tried to explain undead to a friend "Yeah the archangel of justice gave up his wings and plummeted to the earth and hit with a huge *poof* of justice, which made all these undead rise because their deaths were unjust so they can ... kill everyone alive. Yep. Justice." I got a really funny look.Bianary12 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Props to Blizzard writing team :) Minor Spoilers warning. Okay first off I've NEVER played Diablo for the story. I know they put a lot of effort into it but the Diablo franchise has never had the strongest writing. Agree or disagree that's where I stand. I've been playing the game for a while, got a character up to 60 and working on 2 more to get to that point. I kinda breezed through some of the sections due to wanting to level up. On my 3rd character Blizzard actually got me. Early Act 4 before I rescued Auriel I went back to the Keep to sell stuff and i guess I never visited the Bastion that early. .. I found the Burial Wishes book. and I found Nikola. beats the Deckard Caine punch moment by a ward margin. I loved listening to the pair of lovers, one pair young and hopeful, one pair weathered and true. Congrats Blizzard, you made me care about background npcs. Question to any of the Blizz tam writers; Where did Nikola's husband meet his fate? My personal canon is the guard that Adria offed during the Blacksoultone scene in Act 3.Bakerofish26 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Not all cut-scenes available in Cinematics Hey, I made it through normal difficulty of Diablo 3, but unfortunately someone in my group skipped through some of the cutscenes leading up the final battle. I know how to view the Cinematics that are available from the login page, but the list only includes the major ones. Specifically, I was looking for the one where Imperius shows his face right before the final battle.ProSlayer5 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Expansion(s)?...but we vanquished Satan... ...how can you top Satan in terms of next boss?KarmaKaze48 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Story Assumptions I had Pre-Release. Here are some theories I had about the story pre-release, separated because of character limit. There are some minor spoilers. - I thought every hero would have their own story -- still vague enough to be your own While it was noted in development that the male Barbarian would NOT be the returning Barbarian from Diablo 2 (a mistake IMO), I did expect there to be deep stories about the heroes. Things to explore further would have been; The Barbarians need for revenge. This whole culture of people were scattered to the wind because Tyrael had to destroy the World Stone to save it from Baal's influence. Akin to the Demon Hunter, the Barbarians had a quest of vengeance to accomplish. The honor of their people is at stake. It's personal and evoking of emotion... The Monk is religious, and the demons foul this. The Monks worship 1001 gods and goddesses --they have a religious and disciplined culture. Their quest, is one of a holy nature... The Witch Doctor as an outcast. The leaders of the tribes are becoming corrupt and our Witch Doctor more powerful. The spirits call to the Witch Doctor for a greater purpose... The Demon Hunter's previous life and family. Their family and friends were slaughtered by demons -- and they were important enough to cling to years of hatred in pursuit of revenge... The Wizard is a prodigy. The sorcerers and sorceresses of the past and present cannot compete with the ease in which the Wizard uses magics to do new and unique things. The Wizard is also born after the destruction of the World Stone -- prodigy? or first actual Nephalem... These are things teased during development -- and things I assumed were going to be explored as you progressed during the game.Cable015 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 What form of Diablo looked more terrifying? Diablo 1, 2, or 3. Diablo 1 - http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20060822185117/diablo/images/9/92/Diablo_I_Diablo_portrait.JPG Diablo 2 - http://worldofpwnage.com/images/73_2.jpg Diablo 3 - http://www.youngmanblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Diablo-3-Artwork-Diablo.jpgVincentCross9 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Plot twists Am i the only one who actually got surprised by all of the plot twists? I didnt expect belial to be disguised as emperor Hakkan or that Adria would betray us until the last moment. Although now when i look back her betrayal could have been figured out I still don't understand how Belials disguise was obvious.SVRKNKR29 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Haedrig Eamon, Blacksmith or Agent of Evil? Greetings all. About to start up my Hell run on my Wizard, plowed through the story twice on Normal, once on Nightmare. All the dialogue, NPC banter, and the like are pretty fresh in my mind. After these play-throughs I've come to only one conclusion : Haedrig Eamon, the Blacksmith, is definitely an agent of evil not unlike Adria. Why you ask? Here's why : -Haedrig Eamon is the last living Eamon (we all know what happens to his wife). He knew that his Grandfather, Chancellor Eamon, was buried with the Black King's Crown in order to prevent Leoric from ever coming back as a zombie-king. YET, he didn't know which crypt he was buried in? "Oh hey adventurer, the crown you need is in the Eamon crypt in the graveyard. Which one? **** if I know dude, just go get it." No, wrong. Haedrig definitely knew which crypt contains his grandfather, I mean he was a Chancellor and not to mention Haedrig's deceased father might probably be in the same tomb; family tombs work like that. Gaming element or not, Haedrig did not even attempt to warn the adventurer of the possible several other crypts that look exactly like the one containing the crown thus forcing the adventurer to check every last tomb. Kinda dumb if Haedrig wants vengeance and ultimately safety for the people of New Tristram. -He can't repair. Anything. We have a skilled blacksmith who by all accounts can forge armor and weapons with magical attributes and by all means can take them apart, stripping them of their magical attributes into raw materials to be used in crafting. The adventurer pays for this blacksmith's studies; the adventurer even goes out of his way to collect blacksmithing plans, tomes, pages all for the hopes that Haedrig will learn from this and be able to become a better craftsman. Yet we're to believe he doesn't know how to fix dented, broken, or fractured armor? The little girl vendor in Act 2 can repair gear, but Haedrig Eamon can't? Or maybe its just that he WON'T. He can create weapons out of literally dust, teeth, eyeballs, and pages but he CAN'T REPAIR GEAR? -He has to be evil. He measured the adventurer's will by seeing if they would assist in helping him MURDER HIS OWN WIFE. Knew all too well that the crown necessary for cleansing the evil in the Cathedral was located in the Eamon family tomb, but just so happened not to specify where? He then assists the adventurer, the one who has vowed to save New Tristram, and by extension, all of Sanctuary, yet forces them to not only pay for gear (that may or may not have the right stats) but pay for his studies too? And that ends my argument. Regardless of what any of you say, the truest evils are usually the closest. Mark my words, Haedrig Eamon will be a boss in Act 5 of the expansion. He's just far too evil to overlook.BlitzComet7 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Belial in the Satanic Bible. The Satanic Bible names Belial as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell (specifically, the North Crown), and states that his name means "'without a master'" and symbolizes true independence, self-sufficiency, and personal accomplishment." Belial represents the earth element, is the Master of Mankind and the Champion of Humanity, and represents the carnal and base urges of humans.VincentCross4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Corrupted Angles - Corrupted Demons? So Angles can be easily corrupted by Evil, are there any examples of the opposite happening in Diablo games? Demons being corrupted by the light and essentially turning good?Kangex10 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 was there ever a blue in this forum...? Doubt it. Its easier to ignore what you can't fix. its easier to lie that you get good feedback about the story and leave it at that. i want to openly discuss this game's lore with a blue who will voice the ones who are responsible for THIS! and where did they get their feedback from that, according to them, was positive? blizzard. read this thread. read this forum. answer our questions! KNOW THAT YOU HAVE DESTROYED ONE OF THE PILLARS THAT YOU STAND ON!lichy9 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 So I realize im for sure late to the party... But in Diablo 1 we banged out Adria? Noooooiiiiiiiiccceee Bro. Or in some cases scissored like crazy.KaeZyd3 Jul 1, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 inferno story the game is only intended for low life losers that have 20 hours in a day to farm resist gear or gold, you guys suck and im telling everyone to not play this game, its a waste of time, o and for the future, you should start to care more about your billiob customers than your 1 million bundle of fat sad pathetic americans. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THE GAME SEEM SO COOL, and make it to were no one can play unless they have the best possible gear, i have all rare gear and i just got to 60, if i have all rare gear on why the hell do i get one shoted by everything, horrible horrible game, you lost 20+ costumersBadxample5 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Salutations to Blizzard Much thanks to Blizzard for successfully carrying on the Original and still growing Diablo storyline. I though i would take a thread of this forum line. I have always enjoyed the work they put into such a game. So here is my thanks and good luck on your further endeavors.IronLion1 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 what's the use of of the Aidan retcon? Why did they retcon the vessel of Diablo in Diablo II to be the elder son of Leoric? Is there any significance to this in the storyline now, he's mentioned just once or twice in DIII? It seems strange as there's obviously no mention of him in the previous games. I can't really understand why he didn't just remain the unnamed warrior.Dirach38 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 So how did Tyrael make himself Human? As I understood it Angels were not ascended humans nor were they as powerful as humans (who are really just Nephalem who have been nerfed by the worldstone) so why was Tyrael able to make himself into a Human (Nephalem) considering technically the Nephalem are far more powerful than angels and the Angels were never Nephalem. Also aren't angels supposed to be made up of "light vibrations" or some other such nonsense? Tyrael's whole "fall from grace" doesn't seem to really work lorewise.Xenedus27 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 We were going to Emperor Hakan for him.. ..(Spoiler for Act 2) to tell us where Belial is, then when we saw him my hero suddenly figures out he is Belial? I kinda guessed Hakan is Belial but how did my character, Adria and Leah suddenly figure out too? Which part did I missed on that explanation?Papercut8 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 lets play a game.. lets replace the cheesy and bad stuff in the game with something else for example, diablo screaming like a Saturday cartoon villain "you may have destroyed this rift but its not the only one!! buahahaha" or something like that how about instead of hearing the prime evil who considers us as insects, we see the archangel of hope saying in a worried voice that she can feel that didn't help, that there must be another gate somewhere. note that if done with cood voice acting, the worried voice and give you the atmosphere feeling that is needed. something is WRONG. you know that now. you don't know for sure what is wrong, most likely the angel is right and another portal is open. you also don't know anything about diablo and what he is doing since he DOESN'T FCKING TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME giving you the mystery feeling. diablo shouting to his minions "kill em or i will kill you"? yeah thats not needed... have the minions say "this is as far as you go mortal" or "it is time to know your PLACE" and charge with an attack. that is all you need :O also the "look tyrael.. its your old lieutenant... nyah nyah" who the #@%^ thought it was an appropriate remark from THE PRIME EVIL who is currently trying to destroy heaven instead of making teasing remarks? who? who?! WHO?!?!?!?lichy3 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Cinematics... I beat the game in NM but I could only watch the cutscenes, not the cinematics, anyone knows why is that?Cyel4 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Unfound Conversations So i'm trying to get all of the "Conversation" Achievements... I've got the all except for two. Both in Act 1. Leah: "Leah's Power" and, Haedrig Eamon: "A Weary Blacksmith" If anyone could point my to which part of the act 1 story line these occur on, that would be greatly appreciated.Kek5 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 What is the Prime Evil ? As the title says. What is it? Cause I'm really lost on this one. From Journals: - Diablo, The Lord of Terror: "Diablo was the youngest of the Prime Evils..." - Azmodan, The Lord of Sin: "The Valrous manuscripts list Belial as the best battlefield commander of all demons, having defeated the angels many times in the Eternal Conflict across Pandemonium and the Prime Evils in the demonic civil..." - Belial, The Lord of Lies: "(...) it is said that he manipulated Azmodan into revolt against the Prime Evils..." Ok, so the Prime Evils are 3 brothers, Diablo, Baal, Mephisto. Fine, I get it. And then you tell me that I should piss my pants cause Diablo's plan is to become the Prime Evil, the greatest evil one can imagine, its final form. Yeah that would be impressive if you hadn't called the Three with that name all the time. Makes no sense.ramiel3 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Girlfriend dumped me, should I join the Coven I was in an inn one day, drowning my sorrows after the farmer's daughter ditched me for some scoundrel from Kingsport when I struck up a conversation with an old friend named Bob. What he was saying was making a lot of sense. There is this new religious movement out there. The gods and the heavens have abandoned us. The coven offers a new way, a new beginning for mankind. Demons, as bad as they are, are the only ones we can depend on, and when the evils rise again, its guaranteed that we will be eaten last. Sounds like a good deal to me. What do you think?RJFire14 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Number of the beast sword. Hey. I was just wondering if anyone wanted this sword. Its just a level 63 2 hander that has 666.6 dmg. Yahknow. Like. Any roleplayers or something want it. I'll sell it too yah. :3Destrei0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Ideas for a less linear quest After I had killed Diablo again today I decided to listen to all the stuff my followers could say and realized that I probably would have enjoyed some side quests to strengthen the bond between them and I. For lack of a better comparison, Me2 Loyalty quests in D3 for the followers and maybe even Tyrael. Their conversations imply they are much deeper characters and I think a few quests to bond with them and solve their dilemmas (which are automatically solved by progressing through the game) would have been fun. Ex. Finding the Kormac's Tomes or something So what do you think, would loyalty quests have distracted from what D3 is really about or would you have enjoyed the idea/ any ideas of your ownKangex3 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Names for Female Wizard? They seem to originate out of a Chinese type of place. Anyone have any suggestions?Prosercunus9 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 28, 2012 The whole story of D3 is unequiping EC item? So the whole story of D3, of Tyrael becoming a mortal, is the story of an user called Tyrael who bought the editor's collection and chose to give up his angelic wings and become a normal user?Samuel1 Jun 28, 2012
Jun 28, 2012 why Blizzard let Leah die? I am really sad about the end of the story! Leah is my best love girl in D3 She was so kind, beautiful, lovely, warm-hearted, But she was gone,this end is not funny It breaks my heart She is the new role, need to be expanded Only she can inherit Cain’s work And... When Cain died, he was 85 years old. He has enjoyed the long journey of life. But...Leah is only 20... . she is poor, innocent. Therefore, I hope that she can be brought back. I really hope that we will have a new story to save her.殛天傲11 Jun 28, 2012
Jun 28, 2012 Tyrael - Angel? Can somebody please explain to me why Tyrael got to keep his super awesome angel sword that he insisted on smacking into the ground after he gave up being an angel? Yeah we had to get it "reforged" but the pieces came down with him, unlike his armor and unlike his wings. I know there are threads discussing what the swords place in the story is and probably a thread asking this very same question. I'm just curious to know what other people think about this and to see if there is in fact an answer.achlys4 Jun 28, 2012