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May 28, 2012 Bastion's Keep Can someone please explain to me how this fortress fits into the lore? My understanding when playing D2 was that the entire area surrounding Mount Arreat was inhabited by barbarians. Now in D3 we see there is this absolutely massive fortress built right on the foot of Mount Arreat; whose inhabitants are not barbarians at all, but in fact have fought barbarians in the past (this is mentioned by a few small pieces of monologue from soldiers / NPCs in town). I tried finding every piece of lore I could find, talked to every NPC in town, and there isn't much to be said about who the inhabitants of the fortress are, where they come from, or for how long they've been there. Am I missing something?Jokurr11 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Diablo=classic cartoon villian Is it just me or is Diablo the "classic cartoon villian" as he is ultimately the bad guy in every Diablo game? And he just happens to come back every single time? You but say "bu bu bu its called DIABLO for a reason!" but can't they just call it diablo but have different main villains, lol?DeusXEffect3 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 So The Plot Was Pretty Bad... But am I the only one that thought characterization was pretty good? Leah was fairly bland and annoying, but whatever. She did the job. I thought Adria was pretty ominous. They foreshadowed her betrayal pretty well without beating us over the head with her evilness too hard. I know some people hated Shen, but I thought he was hilarious. I loved having an inscrutable trickster-god make jewelry for me. For those of you that didn't like Shen, listen to his dialogue again, but this time, keep in mind that he's screwing with you the entire time. Where things really shine was the henchmen NPCs. I really enjoyed the random conversations they'd have with your character while stomping around, killing demons. That alone made me want to play through the game with the different classes, just to hear all the different snippets of dialogue. The Templar's "plot" and backstory were for me the most compelling. You start with a rather naive, sort of overbearing zealot who eventually tests his fate. Lyndon was also interesting, with the remorse and regret about his past done in a way that didn't feel schmaltzy. His sarcasm made me chuckle once or twice, too. Eirenna (I think that's her name?) the Enchantress was the least interesting, but I also haven't played with her as much as with the other two companions. Maybe more of her personality shines through when we're busy slaying demons together. My only complaint was that the progression of the companions' various subplots felt pretty artificial, particularly the templar and the enchantress'. I didn't quite buy that they just kept discovering all these plot-relevant clues off-camera. I was also disappointed that there wasn't any sort of satisfying conclusion for either the Templar or the Scoundrel; personally I'd love to take my level 60 Witch Doctor and get some questions answered from the Templar's superiors. Expansion pack maybe? What did everyone else think of the characters, in general?Kinneus1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 The Scundrel backstory It's really interesting and a bit touching. Probably my favorite "sub-story" in the game. Anyone else felt like that?Ellye2 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 So it Turns Out Zoltun Kulle Wasn't So Bad I find it interesting that you only had one chance to avert all the prophecies. That was when Zoltun Kulle offered you a partnership. He didn't say let's go kill everyone. In fact he said, "You're being used," which it turns out YOU WERE! You can't truly kill him anyway since he discovered the secret to immortality. If I were him I'd have escaped and let you kill a copy while I gather my power. So you have no choice but to take the Black Soulstone and revive Diablo. In fact we don't even know what the Black Soulstone was originally created for. Andria modified it to unite the all the Evils. I bet Zoltun Kulle will come back soon and we'll be all sorry for doubting you, and he'll be like that's okay let's do something Kulle. :P What do you guys think?LordZaros9 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 So... adria/black soul stone any thoughts? Is it just me or did I see the black soul stone fall back to sanctuary when diablo is finally killed and what ever happened to adria ? sequel ? expansion ? since its not destroyed the 7 souls should still be in the stone fighting amongst themselves adria is a possible person to find it but honestly there are alot of loose cannons. i give it a year tho since its soo plausable somthing will happen with it .. its NOT DESTROYED YET :D if soo that act will be bad !@# and i hope they add 2 acts :DTyrael1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 So, Diablo is Leah, right? And the piece that didn't burn up and fell back to Sanctuary, that's going to be her?Pendragon1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Why we have to revive Zultun Kulle ? Didn't Adrea know where the black soulstone is kept ? She has already trapped 5 Lords of hell in it.JoeChou4 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Why Deckard Cain Had to Die There really is only one reason Deckard Cain had to 'temporarily' die. Without his death Diablo couldn't have been revived as the Prime Evil. Blizzard realized Deckard would not have fallen for Andria's deceit. I bet he and Tyrael would've killed her while your off helping Zoltun Kulle. So I guess that's why Cain had to die. He was just too smart.LordZaros5 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 I'm going back to Tristram to... check on Uncle Deckard. Dafuq? Why? We're like 5 meters away from the sword hilt - after which we're supposed to go home anyways. Why check on him all of a sudden if we were fine leaving him alone all this time? But no, she just leaves, no explanation, nothing, she just up and leaves. This is bad writing, you may as well have left her back at Tristram and it would have read better, why does she even need to come with anyways? This is bad writing, no amount of blizzard fanboyism can dispute that. It just makes no common sense. It happens only for her to be captured by Maghda. Now if Leah was evil or if she was working with Magdah or some crazy plot twist - then such an abrupt leaving might have made sense - it would focus your attention on why she wants to leave so hastily for a mediocre reason 'checking on deckard'. No sense was made that day. I'm not hating on the game, I'm hating on lazy writers.Constipated2 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 The 5 prime evils in the black soul stone. Do they ever explain how the souls of the original 5 are in the black soul stone? I mean Adria could not even have access to it before you resurrected Kulle as his archives where locked.Vire5 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 How they're going to tie an Expansion At the end of Act 3, Diablo tells Adria to leave and that he/she would summon her when she was needed. After this point, Adria is no longer heard from. This is basically an open invitation to allow Adria to summon back Diablo, or create some other catastrophe. Nothing else really, just a thought as to how they would tie it in.Rolok0 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 The Diablo 3 expansion. At least we have an idea what it will be about. The dark sole stone is still around. Adria is alive. Leah still needs to be saved and will probably be the goal of the game. And i have a feeling Imperious will be the boss of the expansion. Simply because he hates humans, and now we see he loses his wings at the end of the game. He has a reason to gain power from the dark sole stone.Ryoten3 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 funny deckard cain videos LOL thought i would just post these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBeU2utihwM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMAbNFptzAAmarkywarky0 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 A Demon Lord's Reputation [Spoilers] Personally, I grew up with Blizzard games. Starting from Warcraft: Orcs and Humans when I was seven and now all the way to Diablo III. Unlike other players I've met online, I pay more attention to the lore and story than the gameplay. I mean, it's what the Blizzard team is known for, right? Medivh's possession and eventual redemption, Kerrigan's transformation and the Fall of Aiur, and Prince's Aidan's corruption just to name a few. Having finished the campaign twice, all I can say is that the Diablo III story ... sucks. But what sucked the most where the bosses, specifically the Demon Lords. The D3 Demon Lords do not live up to the reputation of their predecessors (YES, even Diablo himself. D2 generation Diablo beats D3 generation Diablo any day). What I loved about D2 was the reputation of the Demon Lords. The game plot taught you to hate them, and give you a reason to kill them. Sure, Diablo wants to free his brothers and destroy the world, so we need to kill him to stop that from happening; but what if he does terrible stuff to get us all riled up and bloodthirsty? It adds an emotional touch to the game and makes the boss fights more personal. The D3 demon lords don't give us that. I mean, compare the D3 Act IV Diablo vs. Imperius cinematic to the D2 Act V cinematic where Baal kills that barbarian. Come on! I even fell off my chair and nearly wet my pants when he did that (I was 11, and wondered whether my mother was right that Diablo is not for children). Where's the A-material? Where's that kind of action? Sure Imperius deserved it, but couldn't they make it more awesome? Like Imperius exploding? And even I can lie better than Belial! He is the Lord of Lies and yet he can't even make me buy whatever crap is coming out that mouth of his. Why not just make him possess Adria, let his minions 'torture' him in the Wretched Pit, and let Leah save him/her. When they finally get the Black Soulstone, they let him defeat his mirror image (which he purposefully left behind), then BAM, reveals himself, steals the Soulstone, and leaves to meet Azmodan. He's supposed to lie better anyone, but from what I've seen, pretending to be a good liar is his best lie yet. Azmodan is even worse than his lying brother, mostly because he keeps telling the truth, and never shuts up. He's supposed to be this great commander and strategist who defeated the Prime Evils, and I'm sure he didn't do that by telling them everything he plans to do! Why not play with the hero (aka player) by manipulating their humanity? Give them scenarios where they feel greed, pride, gluttony, lust, etc. and then amplify it and corrupt them. He's the Lord of Sin and yet the biggest sin he's ever committed was cheating on Cydaea! Diablo was just a big disappointment, if not the biggest disappointment ever. He was just his D2 incarnation except with Andariel's legs (if you look closely, he's even wearing her shoes). Same attacks, only without the impact. With D2, he had you on your toes; and made you feel real terror when you were an inch away from death. D3 Diablo doesn't play that way. Apparently becoming the Prime Evil just made him hotter, without all the powers of Hell. Why not use Baal's images, Andariel's poison clouds, Duriel's cold attacks, Azmodan's demon gates, Belial's explosion attacks, or Mephisto's thingys? Or split himself into the incarnation of all seven and attack at once? D3 just goes to show that a Demon Lord cannot live up to his reputation! AND I MISS LEAH!Faceless5 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Dream (the 7 primes) Just last night I had a horrible dream If you want to hear something horrifying; read on. Okay, I had a nightmare when i was sleeping and that i woke up and SEVEN figures were at the foot of my bed and all they said was "The end, It's coming Tyrael, We the Evils "Baal, Mephisto, Diablo, Andariel, Duriel, Azmodan and Belial" We will ravage your world until nothing is left but Your mangled corpse. So Prepare for the end of days. Anyone know what this means?rlombardo2 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Achivements = Spoilers. Obscure them. Certain achievements spoil aspects of the game and should not be readable until they no longer do. For example: (Note that these examples will themselves contain spoilers!) -Zolton Kulle has an achievement that you get for killing him. This should say "Hidden Achivement! Unlocked by progressing the story" or some such until you've fought him. -Diablo has an achievement for killing him. While obvious he would find a way to come back, this achievement should be similarly hidden until the start of Act 4 The obvious or unimportant ones can stay the way they are (Butcher is unimportant, and Azmodan is obvious) but some like those two need to be hidden.ToxToothpick2 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Kerrigan, so good they put her in Diablo 3 Or how learned to stop worrying about the Lore and love the new mentally challenged Diablo. Is it just me or are most of the ally NPCs far more aggravating than the (rather generic) bad guys? There are (two) exceptions sure but Leah in particular is plain annoying from the get go (which makes the end cathartic fun instead of tragedy), mortal Tryael is a muggins and even the templar and theif, who start off promissingly end up breaking open a large bottle of whine before too long. I think it is fair to say the character I sympathised with most was King Angry Angel, I too would be more than happy to stab all of them to death. Did I miss something that was supposed to make us care about this lot? tl;dr Deckard Cain and Covetous Shen for the only characters to bring back for DLC/D IVGraegon0 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 *Spoilers* Prince Aiden *Spoilers* If prince Aiden was the dark wanderer. He would be the father of Leah. It would make leah....Zoul1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Shouldn't ***** be the boss of Act 1?spoilers I don't get why the butcher is the boss of act 1. The whole act sets up magda to be to boss, and then the butcher is randomly thrown in at the end as the last boss. And then Magda is a throw away boss in act 2 where Belial is the main focus.Riles13 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Leah is actually evil ... (spoilers) Leah is actually the true evil in Diablo 3 ... Look at the facts: She arrives in New Tristam ... and a dark coven rises throughout the region. Justice itself lands on her position in an attempt to destroy her - she flees and barely lives. She returns to town and then Cain is captured and killed. She uses the Black Soulstone to murder everyone in the Armory in Bastion's Keep. She gets "captured" by Belial ... and then suddenly knows where her mother is... Now ... are we to believe she is so innocent? That she just happens to be the daughter of Diablo - guarded by her mother a loyal and powerful Witch ... and isn't killed by Belial - it's obvious she was conspiring with him - she tempted him with the death of Azmodan, and convinced Belial he would become the lord of hell. Belial isn't a fool - he knew that she was very powerful ... yet he spared her until we could "save" her ... and then she suddenly knows where her mother is and we 'save' her too. All in the guise of an innocent child saving her mother. or Is she really evil? So evil that she thought she could surpass all the Prime Evils in power. She uses her mother's coven to invade Tristam, to learn the secrets of how the Dark Wanderer was created - how he contained the essence of Diablo himself for a time. When she is interrupted by Justice. She uses this chance to fool him ... and she devises two plans - one: hide the sword shards so they cannot be reformed - or two: allow Tyrael to be corrupted by the powers of the coven. However - these plans are foiled - and Maghda is forced to kill Cain in an attempt to prevent Tyrael from uncovering Leah's plans (as Cain is the only one who knows how to reforge the sword). After Cain completes the sword once again - and dies - Leah uses this to her advantage and convinces Tyrael that they must kill Maghda in vengeance ... for justice. However, this leads them directly to Belial, Adria and the Black Soulstone which Leah also needs for her plan. Why do you think Maghda didn't attack in full force in the Drowned Temple? Because Leah was there! After Cain's death ... all Leah had to do was wait and go along. Tyrael wouldn't suspect her of being evil after her 'loss' In the end... Leah uses her power to travel to Heaven - however, with her fight with Imperious - she was weakened - and this is what allowed Diablo to take hold and become the "Prime Evil" - Leah retreated... into the Black Soulstone. Leah's only mistake is that she underestimated the power of Imperious and the combined force of the Lords of Hell ... however she had an escape. She knew that either two things would happen - one: Prime Evil would be cast down from Heaven and the Black Soulstone would return to Adria (in time) and she'll be reborn OR that the Prime Evil would succeed ... in which case she can wrestle for control for all of creation.Clinton7 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Since when is Leah Diablo? 1. Is she Diablo when the character meets her? In other words, is she in a disguise, letting the player gather all the souls of demons so she can become 'Prime Evil'? 2. If not, did she intend to become Diablo? Does Adria force the Black Soulstone into her against her will, or did they plan it together? I am a little confused about this because I thought she was forced to become Prime Evil, but Leah says at the end of Act 3, 'Good job Adria, go away for now.' as if it was a plan. Or maybe Adria met Diablo some time ago and promised to let him out in the world once more before he was sealed? Thank you :3SicaJessica9 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Enchantress Story Lore[SPOILER] Upon meeting the Enchantress in Act 2 we learn that she learned her skills from "The Prophet". Later in Act 4 we found out that this mysterious figure was an angel. Here is something I discovered that may close the case who this prophet was. This is a quote from "The Book of Cain". It's on Page 76 paragraph 3 and 4 and tells of events during the Sin War. It is further stated that when Inarius learned of the Triune religion, he recognized the Prime Evils' deception immediately, and feared not only for his own safety but also for that of his adopted children should Heaven become aware of humanity's existence. And so the texts tell us that Inarius created his own religion to counter the influence of the Triune. Taking on the mantle of THE PROPHET, Inarius founded a gospel based on the tenets of tolerance, cooperation, and unity Could Inarius be the angel that mentored the Enchantress and her sisters?Xatrez2 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 [SPOILER(?)] Captain Rumford I was wondering if anyone knows how he dies? Last I had known was he was alive and defending New Tristram but when you get into Act 4 on your way up to kill Diablo, one of the possible Aspects to kill comes from Captain Rumford's ghost and he says something along the lines of "You think you're a hero but you couldn't even save me" (I do not remember exactly what he says). I searched here and found nothing on him. Can anyone enlighten me?LeglessPuppy15 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 "Oh, it's just nostalgia." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go2SMXxE-8QGosha16 May 28, 2012
May 27, 2012 Leah & Diablo Evening Maybe its just my imagination running wild but ... well when you killed diablo and the closing credits are shown,.. isnt leah there ? Checked it several times and i think you can see her caged in Diablos forehead. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/833/leahub.png/ sry the screen is kinda small try the vid itself ( set it to high quality) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1Su2kclTwc&t=10m55s Greetings KaboraKabora0 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Things that should have happened Random ramblings/thoughts: 1. Opening should have been longer 2. Show how Tyreal discovered Azmodan and Belial's plans. As of now, coming with a lame warning out of the blue, is, well, bad. Also as i mention below, Tyreal should be deceived by Belial thus his 'warnings' are actually wrong. 3. Tyreal makes a big fuss with imperius about the coming darkness, and that humanity cannot stand alone. Well, why cant they stand alone? Sure Azmodan and Belial are causing ruckus, but they arnt even prime evils. Humans defeated the primes in diablo 2, why all of a sudden do the humans need direct intervention from heaven? Oh no, the armies of two lesser evils! Sorry, but thats nothing compared to what was going on in diablo 2. Therefore, there needed to be more danger, there needed to be something more that Tyreal knew about that would actually have him go directly to Imperius for help. Of all the centuries of Tyreal secretly helping the horadrum, hes now going to imperius? Please. I guess part of this extended opening we would need to see what happened to the heroes of d2 at this point. Would be cool if the lessers waited many years before assassinating them when they are old/least expect it. That way, the heroes of d2 would not be around for the coming attacks, etc. 4. Tyreal should have been cast out of heaven by imperius, making him mortal and taking away his angel status. Could have easily been chastised for his acts in diablo 2, after repeated instruction not to interfere in sanctuary's affairs. This is much better than the whole "tyreal is a super cool dude and he cares about humanity enough to give up his immortality to prove a point to the angels". Not only does it make more sense, it also gives more backstory re: sin war truce between demons and angels, shows what kind of dude he is, and what kind of dude tyreal is, etc.. 5. With the above, I think the story should have been much different. We all know that angels and demons made a truce at the end of the sin war to leave sanctuary alone. The prime evils were exiled to sanctuary by the lesser evils. To the angels, the prime evils are no longer in control of hell, nor part of the forces taking part in the eternal conflict. Tyreal's intervention (multiple) on sanctuary, had Belial and Azmodan (the lessers running hell with the prime's exile) pissed the hell off at Imperius as it appears that the angels are breaking the truce established at the end of the sin war. So Imperius in turn, casts Tyreal out of heaven, as punishment, as well as a gesture to show the lessers that Tyreal was acting alone. With this, the lessers are happy that tyreal is no longer an angel, no longer immortal, and is no longer a threat. With that, they know humanity will be on their own as the angels will pay sanctuary no mind, and can begin corrupting/establishing a foothold on sanctuary. 6. At the very least, if Tyreal has a warning (regardless of where he gets it from), Belial should have at least past along bad information at some point, so we think he will begin his assault at place X, but in reality it was from arreat. So tyreal takes us in the wrong direction, we get to arreat late, everything got rocked. None of this helms deep BS. 7. cain should have became the new angel of wisdom at the end. The more and more I think about the story in this game the more I think blizzard failed hard. Getting a bunch of diablo fans in a room for a few hours could produce a much better plot than what blizzard has done. I hope someone rips the story apart at the next blizzcon Q&A.ForTheTrees0 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 The Giants in Act 3, Tower of the Damned: They're called "The Flayed". Their flesh is used as a building material for various things in Hell. This is confirmed by a follower quote as you descend the towers toward the Sin Hearts. (Can we sticky this to stop the flood of questions about these things? Upvote and post +1 if you agree for a sticky)Melyria4 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Here to save you from another fantastic story http://img804.imageshack.us/img804/6750/1231g.pngNyancat1 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Act 3 boss suggestions... (Spoilers)* I was hoping for the mini bosses in ACT 3 to be better and also have a boss fight for each of the Seven Deadly Sins before fighting Azmodan. They are his generals after all right? We have Glom for Gluttony, good concept there Blizz. Cydaea for the Mistress of Lust..... her powers should have been better. Give her confusion..... so you are 'falling for her' and can't fight her. We could have a boss for Greed who is decked out in gold armor and he uses fire pits to try and 'smith' you in to a gold statue.... give him jailing as well. He could have a huge hammer as well almost like the hell forge hammer. Sloth could have cold abilities and slow you down or blind you as well. Making you slothful. Caltrops but deals damage and frost nova would be good abilities. His armor could have cold thorns on it and his weapon could be awesome claws. Wrath could have huge hammers or whips. He would also have some of the demon hunter abilities like rain of vengeance or other area of effect spells. Give Wrath waller or some sort of ability like that. Perhaps molten as well. He purely does massive damage but gets stunned after some of his attacks. Pride would use your own pride against you by having one unique ability; massive damage and critical's are useless against him. You have to be able to poke and prick as his own pride to bring him down..... little damage, bleeding, poison etc.. would help subdue him. Last but not least, Envy, the most insidious of the sins would have several abilities. She would have the powers of metamorphosis. She could not only turn you into a demon 'archon' with limited abilities but also turn herself into a mirror image of you because she is envious of your power. This means she would be able to use your own abilities against you. She could teleport as well. Those are some ideas..... maybe that would help.JKeyblader0 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Why is Tyrael so stupid? [Ending Spoilers] So, Diablo is dead. Hooray and all that. But, Tyrael casts his corpse from the stop of the Silver Spire and we see him dissolve into the Black Soulstone which, as we know, contains the souls of all the Evils. Now Tyrael, just because we destroyed his physical form (Which basically just amounts to destroying Leah's body), this does not mean his/their souls are destroyed. I thought we learned this from Diablo/Diablo II. Basically, he's just given them a free ticket to coming back AGAIN and then he promotes himself to the Archangel of Wisdom. Really now? On an unrelated note: Really wanna see Mephisto in the expansion. Him being the smartest and all, he could even be the orchestrator of this whole event. Unlikely, but that'd be cool.Conformity5 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 SOOOOOOOOOOOO........... (Story Spoiler) That Diablo had no idea what he was getting into when he decided to take over the body of a woman let alone Leah lol. It must have been Leahs time of the month (If u know what i mean) because boy oh boy was he raging hard in that body of hers LOL. I really dont think he had to much problems in the other bodies he possessed. The kind of lines he spouted at u really had me thinking this today XD. Not to mention as well as being female he was god status. Look at those Godzilla fire breaths! :O Moral of the story never piss off a womanBloodNBones6 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 My Diablo III Storyline *Spoilers* Ok, where do I begin. How about with a humble, "I was wrong." After the Open Beta, Public Stress Test on the servers for Diablo 3, I did some heavy research into possibilities on "who" Leah's Father was. I hoped against hope and bet on the wrong person. I had dreams that the Story Writers working for Blizzard on this game for the past 12 years would not go the most obvious route. I had bet that Farnham was Leah's Father. Which is another thread, lost in the massive amounts threads somewhere else in these forums. So I humbly apologize at being so stubborn prior to the games release. I know what everyone was getting at with The Dark Wanderer being Leah's Father. Also placing her as the Daughter of Aiden, making her the heir to The Throne of King Leoric. I just hoped... that they would have had better story writers and not have written something so... predictable. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story. I had to for all 29 hours and 11 minutes it took me to get through Normal Mode. But all the while, I was just hoping it wasn't going to go the direction I foresaw, and it did... and part of me cried and wailed it was so predictable. "So, you want to hear a story, eh?" - Marcus, (C) Gearbox. Here's how I would have changed the current story using most of the current storyline. Afterwards please feel free to discuss. Act I: The Butcher and King Leoric would swap places. The Butcher was always found on floor 2 in Diablo 1, while King Leoric's Tomb was found on Floor 3. Going this route would have had better Storyline as well. Using Tyreal's "fall" into the church as a means to re-awaken the Skeleton King and the surrounding dead. When King Leoric was reborn as the Skeleton King he became a fiercely loyal champion of Diablo. King Leoric's Ghost would be one step ahead of the players as they chase after him, trying to prevent him from gathering up his crown. Along the way, King Leoric raises the dead using his inhuman powers, giving reason to why the country side is riddled with so much undead. The Butcher is placed in the path of the players giving King Leoric the time he needs to acquire his crown. A movie of his slightly ghostly fingers begin to turn solid and skeletal as they grip the crown. The skeletal transformation continues up his arms and into his chest as he lifts the crown up high above his head. And lowers the crown slowly till it rests on his now skeletal brow. A red-ish light emanates from his empty eye sockets as he cackles loudly in his triumph at returning to the mortal realm. Deckard Cain says that they need to acquire the other fallen fragments; whatever they maybe, to both help Tyreal regain his memories and to now use its power to finally be rid of The Skeleton King once and for all. Now the players chase King Leoric back to his castle, where he has gone back to sit on his throne once again. From his seat of power King Leoric once again reigns supreme over his kingdom, his power growing with every minute he sits atop his throne. The players make their way into the Keep, starting at a secret passage into the Dungeons. There they fight their way up the castle until the enter King Leoric’s Throne Room. There they unseat the Mad King once and for all. :Movie: In his dying breaths King Leoric places a curse upon the last person he sees, who just so happens to be Deckard Cain. Who followed the player out to King Leoric's Keep/Castle under the belief that an answer to some of his questions lie in some of Arch-Bishop Lazarus' Scrolls. The curse itself begins to rot away Deckard Cain's flesh. Unconcerned for his own health and obsessed with his thirst for the truth and answers he continues on into Lazarus' Study. There the player finds Lazarus' Hidden Journal and returns to Deckard Cain. :Movie: Deckard Cain begins to read aloud from the book as he translates the written gibberish of the Arch-Bishop Lazarus. He coughs a couple times; each time gets worse, until he has a fit of coughs that lead to his death. After his body is burned, Leah recalls that she has seen this same script in the Great Library of Caldeum. So they journey east, to Caldeum. Before the movie ends, it focuses once more on the burning pier of Deckard Cain's Body, and a Skeletal Hand reaches from inside the fire to grip the edge.Houshou3 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 How is it you're a Nephalem? I really don't understand this plot point. Your character him/herself says to Zultan Kulle that there haven't been any Nephalem for millenia. Now, I understand that the World Stone has been destroyed - which was at some point tuned to rob the Nephalem of their powers. However, it's only been 20 years. Even assuming your character is 20, how have the nephalem returned so quickly? Is there an important piece of lore in the game I'm missing that explains this? Can anyone here add some insight? It's truly a confusing plot point that's not explained clearly at any time.Sareth17 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Disappointment with Belial's story *Spoiler* *Spoiler* Although I loved the boss fight with Belial (jaw dropped on first encounter), I have to say I was slightly disappointed by his failed deception. When I read through the Book of Cain before the game came out the character I was most excited to see come to life in-game was the Lord of Lies. He had the potential to cause so much chaos through deception and add so many twists to the story. I had almost convinced myself that I would be the one in the end to have killed Cain due to an amazing lie set out by Belial. After the disappointment that was Cain's death, I was playing through Act 2 hoping Belial would pull some sort of nasty scheme tricking me into doing something crazy, such as the one suggested by the author of this post. My mind was going crazy with possibilities. Maybe Tyrael was Belial in disguise? Why did Tyrael come back uncaptured without Leah when they had gone off together? I was thinking of so many different possibilities, only in the end for it to have been the most obvious character of them all. Maybe I had built it up too much for myself as I loved the universe so much, but I was disappointed. You might say I set myself up to be disappointed as maybe my expectations were too high, but at the same time I had told myself that this was Blizzard. With such talent they have to work with, my high expectations are usually met in all regards. The game is still really great, but Belial's story came to such a simple non-imaginative end that I felt compelled to post. I was still hoping maybe Belial had deceived us all somehow in the end, but actually seeing his soul put into the Black Soulstone kind of sealed any possibility of that. Despite all that, I'm still really enjoying the game. Isn't that all that matters in the end? :P Who knows what'll happen in the expansion(s?)RYUhaduKEN1 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 The Great Reset and Nephalem How is it that the world of sanctuary knows of Nephalem when after the crescendo of the Sin-War? Uldyssian's brother Mendeln and the other living Nephalem surely wouldn't convince and rewrite history based on no factual evidence. Now I understand that the worldstone was used as a dampener against humans to dumb down their powers and shattering it would grant humans powers again. But surely we wouldn't have knowledge of Nephalem. Also - Why does Cain have knowledge of the Sin War? Is it because he’s had direct contact with Tyrael? Source: http://www.diablowiki.com/Lore_Summary#The_Reset Loremasters Halp!Thør7 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Making the story "better" misses the point. Diablo isn't a narrative-driven game. It is ultimately going to be run again and again and again for kills and lewtz that may or may not be phat. The story must therefore be A: unobtrusive, B: easily picked up for people jumping in at random points, C: reward the player for being awesome. While I would've loved a plot where Belial isn't an idiot, we know his plot can't be too intricate because it has to be easily understood by the large number of players who aren't really paying a whole lot of attention to the plot. If there are webs of intrigue and layers on layers of deception, the average player who bought this game to co-op through dungeons with some friends is going "Huh? What's supposed to be going on, again?" Someone posted a thread where he proposed a change to the story that had you being manipulated through act 2 and at the end you kill who you think is Belial, but really it's the actual child Emperor and a bunch of human guards and now you're on the run from the law, showing Belial as a master manipulator and not the stooge we see in the actual game. There were 25 pages of praise for this idea (the thread filled up which is why I couldn't make this a response to that one). And that story he outlined is completely nonfunctional for a Diablo game. Because first off it rewards you for progressing through the game by making you a murderer, and second you are going to have to do it THREE MORE TIMES on Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. If the event has any emotional impact at all, players won't want to go through it again, and you're cutting off most of the game by making your players feel bad about playing it. A story twist like that would work if this was a game like Mass Effect or Final Fantasy or any number of character- and story-driven RPGs. But Diablo isn't character- or story-driven, it's action-driven, and an action-driven game must continually reward a player for their action and drive the player toward further action. You cannot have a downbeat moment for introspection on your failings because that kills the momentum of tearing off faces. Yes, this is different from how Diablo II treated things. D2 went for a Gothic/Biblical horror atmosphere. It also had a story and atmosphere that were totally at odds with the actual game you were playing; those tomes full of florid, vaguely menacing narration just weren't things that believably existed in a world where sorceresses chucked around spheres of frost-spewing death like tennis balls and assassins kicked demons in the face so hard they exploded all in search of sweet treasure and gold. D3's plot is different because it is at least trying to fit the game it's in. The games you ought to be comparing D3's plot to aren't RPGs, they're games like Resident Evil 4 and Bayonetta. The plot of both those games makes absolutely no sense at all, and it doesn't matter in the slightest degree. Those games don't have a plot so they can tell you a great story, they have a plot in order to provide a framework in which you can be ridiculously awesome. And Diablo III's story is worse than those games, because it isn't as good at providing that framework for being awesome, but the solution to this deficiency is not to make the plot more intricate and well-thought-out. It doesn't NEED to make logical sense. It needs to make intuitive sense. It needs to feel right instead of withstand scrutiny.Huitzil22 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Diablo/Soulstone question [spoilers] With Diablo being killed and the Soulstone falling out of the heavens, my question is how is it that diablo was sealed back into the Soulstone? Could his physical form be gone for now, but his spirit continues to wander Sanctuary in search of another host? Adria maybe?Cory1 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 oh god why? seriously blizz yo have killed so many good characters. allow me to list the people/things you have killed/wounded: tyreal(wounded), deckard cain(killed), maghda(killed), leah(sacrificed), the imperium(wounded), belial(killed), diablo(killed(for like, the 3rd time)), I dont remember if you killed azmodan or not because I am on the third act right now so the only reason i know about the imperium being wounded, diablo being killed and leah being sacrificed is because i had a friend on act 4 that I played with. now that i have seen the forum: *spoiler* lord of lies then i think that belial may not actually be deadNecros3 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Radek the Fence His name and occupation make me think he's a reference to David Eddings' character Prince Kheldar, a professional thief who occasionally goes by the name Radek of Boktor. Anyone else catch this?roninmodern2 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Were the heroes in d2 nephalem as well? Were the heroes in d2 nephalem as well?MisterTy0 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Ending - Many unanswered questions (spoilers) I felt the ending lacked substance. It left way too many loose ends, almost as if the developers know the fans expect an expansion anyways, so they didn't bother to put in the effort! ------------------------ Questions: 1.) Did the arch-nemesis angel who hated Tyrael survive? If so, what are his thoughts on Tyrael's success? 2.) What are Adria's opinions on Diablo's death? Where did she go? Will she assume Diablo's place as the ruler of Hell? 3.) Leah and Cain's death were not mentioned in the aftermath whatsoever. How will the surviving character's cope with their loss? Tyrael felt rather close to her. What's his opinion on her death? 4.) How are the three cities faring after Diablo's downfall? It would have been great to get a look at each one as they bustle with life, celebrate, welcome our heroes, erect statues, whatever. ^ I'm not saying each had to be answered, but it would have added a lot more personality and emotion to the ending had the developers explored one or more of these possibilities. I just get the feeling the developers dropped me on my head and say, "Now go play Nightmare. Only newbs care about stories!"ReMeDy4 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Memory loss huh? Besides that it is the most banal plot twist, it is used three times in the story. At first, Tyrael is short on memory. Then, it appears that the Templar does not remember his past. After that, we meet the Enchantress, who (gues what!?) lost her memories.Menkar1 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Too childish and soft for M game What happened to the atmosphere and characters? People thought that colourful graphics will make the game more WoW-like and childish. I personally, don't think that it's the case. It's the storyline that's childish. How did we come from creepiness of Diablo 1 and 2 to non-scary and boring villains that I fight in number 3? Every boss in the game is revealed way before we fight him. It ruins the discovery and creepiness factor. They talk way too much. In Diablo 2 no boss would talk to you, you'd just see the result of his actions, fight your way through the legions of undead and demons only to face a silent, horrible boss in the end. That's what made them memorable and scary. Remember Duriel, that big scary bug that you fight in a tight chamber full of other bugs? Or the Blacksmith chasing you through the monastery? you open the door and there they are silent and deadly and you're totally unprepared and tingling with excitement of discovery. Now bosses are fought in arenas and their appearance revealed way too early. Did we really need Azmodan and Diablo whispering to us all the way through Acts 3 and 4? ? It wasn't scary or interesting. It was unnecessary and felt stupid, especially when they revealed all their plans in advance. I know there was a long work made into creating the story, but it's the implementation that's the issue. This is not a rant. I enjoy many aspect of the game thoroughly. I would just like people responsible for the story at Blizzard to pay more attention not only to creating the story but also implementing it in an efficient way.Ursus0 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Diablo III: Angel of Betrayal Hey guys I think I cracked the plot for the expansion! Please hear me out and feel free to discuss. Who's the villain of the expansion? Actually who's the real villain behind Diablo III? The answer may surprise most of you: it's TYRAEL! Yes TYRAEL is the real bad guy here. Here are the clues: The fallen star destructed the balance between heaven and hell and started the story in Diablo III. This means if Tyrael hasn't come down to Sanctuary then the story would not have started. If Tyrael chose to come to help mortals in Sanctuary, couldn't he manage a less eventful arrival? It's not like he hasn't come before. Why the meteoric fall? The end of days are foretold in many parts of the Sanctuary world. For example, the Enchantress was saved by the Prophet which revealed in Act 4 scroll to be an angel. Could this be Tyrael too? The Templar also pointed to emblems on Tyrael's armour as related to the creation of his organisation. Although there is no subsequent conversation to this, it directs a lot of suspicion to Tyrael's role behind the story. Tyrael could have planned this for a very very long time. He might be the one who commissioned the creation of the Black Soulstone. Listen to the dialogues carefully. Now what could be the motive behind all this? The story ended with the demise of Diablo and invasion of the High Heavens. Imperius is wounded if not dead. And Tyrael ascended to the post of Archangel of Wisdom. Now that's an interesting position. Wisdom gives him authenticity to pass commands. Also because of the events, he will probably be able to assume the role of leadership in the Angiris Council. OK so Tyrael has now gained more power and possibly eliminated Imperius who's always been a pain in the back for him perhaps. But a more disturbing thought would be Tyrael's aim to become more powerful than anyone. He wants to become God like. How? If Nephalems, the products of Angels and Demons, can have such amazing powers. Then what could possible arise out of the combined power of an archangel and a prime evil? The Black Soulstone which captured the souls of all the prime evils is still somewhere in the mortal world. I think the expansion will be about Tyrael trying to obtain the BS and somehow transfer the powers contained in it to him. The fact he's mortal now is very interesting, this could be the condition for him to command the power of the BS. What will Tyrael become? Tyrablo? Food for thought.Hypothesis8 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Let's be honest... The story and characters are bad. Very bad. Whilst I know I'm outside of the 'popular majority' with this one (popular majority being those who'd settle for a turd if it was presented on a silver platter), as with Starcraft II the feeling for me with Diablo III is that the plot was terrible, and most of the characters were awful. ESPECIALLY the evils, with their 'muahaha'ing and childish speeches (Azmodan seemed like his IQ was about 40, not really 'befitting' of some being of supposed extreme 'power and cunning', lol). All in all I just felt that the people who wrote it probably had little depth and substance, and so in turn neither do their stories or characters - at the end of the day a work is always going to be imbued with the traits and limitations of those creating it. Personally, though it's just a game, I still dream of a day when more games might move towards being works of art (because very very few have come close), or at least intelligent. It can really detract from the experience and atmosphere of a game when it's basically insulting your intelligence as a human being, and yet clearly *trying* to be serious. Starcraft 1 or Diablo 2 were far from perfect, but at least they didn't do that. They had believability to them, and they were actually compelling. You at least cared. So hire a better writing staff with all of that money of yours Blizzard. Please. Caus it's a win win really. The people who swallow this terrible plot whole or actually think it's good (lol!) won't even notice the difference if the plot actually had some substance. Believe me, they've no eyes for such things. But those of us who appreciate them, and like a game to sometimes take us into a fantasy world where we can escape from the reality and burdens of life for a time... well, we'd be happy. And we're an appreciative bunch if you can connect with us in that way. Anyway, that's just me. It is of course just a game, and so on one level it doesn't even matter, but still... it'd be nice. If I'm gonna play games to relax or unwind, caus we all need a bit of that... well then why not have them provide as much as they could?WalleY95 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Leah's Redemption? I've read a few threads about what people think about what happend to Leah. People want to Resurrect her, people feel the death was needed to add tragedy. But perhaps there is a way to keep her in the game. Leah doesn't need to be resurrected. Because she never actually died. Hear me out. TL:DR She SURVIVES intact, only now she has is awakening to her true potential. Turning her into a Merc for the Xpac. Diablo 1, Soulstone is inserted to Prince Albrecht's head which in turn allows Big D to use his Body as a host. Aiden Kills Big D and removes SoulStone...Removing the evil spirit within the body. Albrecht's Body reverted BACK to NORMAL plus a crater in his forehead. Then lets out a final breath...or gurgle and dies. Now, Leah's body was not taken over by a fatal injury (ie stabbed in the face). She was taken over by the use of a ritual. She has always had her own power, she isn't an average human. Albretch as far as I remeber was simply an easy target for Lazarus to take. Now, just like Tyrael survived his fall from the heavens, Leah survives her fall (from heaven as well). We find her naked and battered, just like Prince Albrecht, but barely alive. The Prime no longer has a grip on her as a Host. And is now safe from future possession, since she was a defeated host and obviously Diablo always moves on the bigger and better things. So she now is hire-able with a inventory like the other mercs with skill sets too. Happy times in a lore friendly way? What do you guys think? Possible solution if we get Xpac? Still not viable?Pooski4 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 The Story was... Predictable. To me at least. Let me get this straight, I really enjoy D3 even though it departs quite a bit from D2. There are things I don't really get lorewise (Specifically the Angel of Wisdom. I thought there's already an Angel of Wisdom around. How'd Tyrael take his place as a Human in the Angiris council as Wisdom... I don't get. But I might be wrong, so I need to consult good ol' Cain on this.) though that might've been from me being ridiculously sleepy when I went through it... But anyways: In ACT 1, when we met the Stranger and my DH said that he was not evil, and when he mentioned a sword I immediately made a guess: Tyrael? Is that you? I mean, falling star from heaven? Not evil? A dude? Probably an Angel. Broken Sword? As far as I know, Tyrael's the one with it. And it was him. Turned mortal. Okay, fine. Aidan, Leah's dad. This was actually... a little stretchy to me, but figuring that everything would link together I made a wild guess that he was the same Dark Wanderer in D2, the hero in D1. And that he was Leah's dad. If he was Leah's dad, the question would have been if he sired her before or after his corruption. Note, this was when Leah mentioned that she was told that her dad was a great warrior or something. From Tristram was it? I don't recall. But I made a wild guess. A very, very wild guess with a "Nah, that can't be right, way too much of a stretch, right?" feeling. And then Leah did her rendition of Dark Phoenix, casting a Nova of deep red. I was like... Oh... if my theory holds, then she was sired after his turning, which would mean that her dad is... Diablo? Diablo in a mortal body making love to that witch to sire Leah? Huh... Kinda like the Darkness and Witchblade... Oh and Adria's betrayal was really point blank to me. Playing it, talking to her, watching her push her daughter... I wondered if she was just pushing her child for a duty she felt like she had to accomplish or that she was playing around with something. I have no idea why, but you just get the feeling you know what I mean? When you start putting the pieces together, you just kinda feel like... she'll be a traitor. After you kill Azmodan, the Lord of Sin (Who I must admit was.. underwhelming. Lord of Sin, tempt me. TEMPT ME. MAKE ME PAY THE WAGES OF SIN, BREAK MY SPIRIT DAMMIT!) you see the trail of blood and you think of your cast. Adria. It's gotta be Adria. Overall, (I do admit that I like Diablo in Leah form and that it was possibly the best thing I saw in the game even though it was in a cutscene that lasted... a very short while... I was hoping she'd best Imperious while in her own body) the story was actually pretty decent if you treat it as something to move the game on, the writing felt... underwhelming. I mean, I don't expect ME3's Indoctrination Theory/GAINAX level of mindscrewing, but with the Lord of Lies and the Lord of Sin... I kinda... expected a little more. Overall, I enjoyed it as a game, if I don't think about the hints handed out on an open platter, and if I don't think of Belial or Azmodan as the Lords of their respective Evils. Just my 0.02 How did you guys feel about it?NoelClover1 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Can someone answer a few questions for me (Spoilers below) The jewelers story i was confused about. so is the dirgust jewel the black soulstone or is it yet to be found. because it seems like he says after its all over you and him can keep searching for it, but then it says other stuff to make me wonder if it is the black soulstone. another thing is about the arreat crater. the areas near the end of act 3 kinda confused me. i thought we were going to the arreat crater to stop azmodans minions you see in the cutscene after act 2 ends. so im imagining we are about to go to a big hole in the ground and do battle on near and around it. but when you get there your going down steps and seeing structures entrances to caves and stuff. i was just like is this like part of hell if not who built all this is the last 20 years. which is kinda funny when you think about who built all that stuff. i cant see any demons in the game with hammers and chisels being stone workers down in hell building that stuff. just try to picture that. but then again what do all the demons do down there? talk about how their day went? but thats another story for another time. but yeah i think i got the rest of the story except those 2 thing can someone help me out on it thanks.SoulTrain750 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 <rant> No one respects the story in pub games Every time i've joined or opened my game up to the public, everyone skips through the story. I find it offensive when people join my server and skip through since i spend so much time going through the story and decide to open it up, and strangers just start running through everything as if you're not there. Lesson learned i guess. If you're not playing with friends, dont expect to know why leah and cain have disappeared from town after Johnny McTroll joins your game!!!</rant>Laserbeak10 May 27, 2012