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May 22, 2012 Tyrael's position (SPOILER) I think a good question to ask is how can tyrael be the archangel of wisdom. Malthael is the archangel of wisdom, and wasn't once mentioned in Diablo 3 even though he is mentioned in the prophecy of end days. He apparnetly dissappeared after the destruction of the worldstone but there is no evidence of him dying and its odd there wasn't a single mention of him being mising or even existing in the game. Also why does Diablo look female, check out his picture in the book of cain and artwork from diablo 2, the new diablo design makes him look like he has boobs?Noxiii19 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Spoilers - Nephalem And YOU! are a Nephalem! That was the context I got as I was finishing the story line. I'm still a bit lost as to how we've discovered that the character we play IS a Nephalem. I know that it was entirely implied a bit in Act 1 with the cultists complaining how we just went through waves of cultists like they were nothing, and Alaric asking if we knew, or doubted what we were as we ripped through the drowned temple. But my question is, throughout all the evils and demons shouting and cursing at the Nephalem, us the characters, when is it that we truly know, realize, and accept that our character is in fact the original all powerful human being created through the union in Angels and Demons?Omnila4 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Blizzard's Oldest Fans Is Blizzard out to lose the respect of all its oldest fans? Seriously, every Blizzard game is now a plagiarism of their last. The world's of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo all share the same general storyline now. There's a prophecy of the apocalypse, which is orchestrated by some big mean guy who's doing it for no other reason than because he's bad, and you're some lame hero who has to stop him just in the nick of time. Along the way, the old plot lines are undone to make way for worse ones and old characters are either killed off or undergo complete personality transformations while new ones that we don't care about are forced on us. We're treated to unimaginative plot devices, absurd plot twists and, in my case with SC2, literal bewilderment at the nonsense unfolding before us. What the hell is Blizzard thinking? I can think of two reasons this is happening, both of which could be true: 1) Blizzard is trying to attract a new new, young fan base with stories that appeal to gamers of every genre. 2) Blizzard's writers have since been replaced by monkeys with typewriters who believe that, now that the old writers are gone, it's their turn to do things right and take advantage of the respect Blizzard has garnered to draw attention to their own pitiful excuse for a story. It's one thing to want to attract new, young fans to their fan base, though. It's something entirely different to utterly destroy what their oldest fans loved about their games in order to accomplish that. Either way, I can see right through the crap being pissed out the Blizzard writers' asses here. Anyone else feel the same way?Salts36 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Question about the Black Soulstone (spoilers) So I just completed Act II (got the Black Soulstone and killed Belial). Maybe I missed some dialog, but did Adria say she "marked" the souls of the prime evils to be drawn into the Black Soulstone? Why would she do that? Wouldn't they be gone for good when their individual soulstones were smashed at hellforge?Bhopx3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Diablo3 a reboot? I think general feelings discontent with the game come from a number of areas, but perhaps it can be summed up in that D3 is at heart more of a reboot than the "epic final chapter in the D series" we were all anticipating. Thus we have redefined core game dynamics, dramatic modification the mythos, and a blatant open ending clearly making way for future installments. Is this a bad thing? well I dunno, but it is certainly blizzard's prerogative. What do you guys think, is D3 a reboot?Tulkas4 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Diablo 3 Storyline - Rated G Diablo 3 is a great game visually and audibly as well as having great mechanics. However the story line, and lore contained within Diablo 3, is terrible, we all know this - and is probably the most disappointing aspect of the game in many's opinion. General Feel Like most of Blizzards game, the Diablo universe had a heavy influence from the Warhammer franchise. This is fine, Warhammer is a great franchise and Blizzard has just taken an awesome idea and tuned it to produce something equally as great. However in the Warhammer universe there is no hope, there is no happiness, humour or safety. It's constant war, misery and suffering. I loved this dark feel as it does feel as if humanity is really struggling to survive. In Diablo 3 most of the dialogue is light humour and cheesy one-liners. You hear NPC's 'gossiping' and saying things such as "The daemons will have to get through me if they want to harm my town!" Where is the horror? where is the suffering? the end of the world is upon them but alls they can do is have a light banter with one another? The Monsters In my opinion the monsters where really boring. Zombies and Skeletons, fair enough every Diablo games needs these. The wildlife isn't very diverse and the daemons are so unimpressive. Basically all the daemon monsters should have been way more disgusting. There should be possessed humans who flail about in their demonic form where you can occassionaly hear the last shred of their humanity screaming for help. Unburied should actually look like a conglomeration of decomposing bodies. The greater daemons themselves should be adorned in the trophies of their victorious battles. Evil isn't slaying the innocent, Evil is capturing the innocent and tormenting their souls and bodies for all eternity. The Story The biggest let down, it was so shallow. Deckard dies in a machinima cutscene. Seconds later the characters are calmly explaining your next quest. Tyrael has been recognised as an archangel, nobody really cares. Adria is an obvious witch, everyone runs with it. Leah is the daughter of diablo and is killed to release diablo. Terrible, just terrible. Leah was the main character, and I actually got attached to her character in the first few acts. With the aid of the player, I would like to see her save humanity as one of the new generation of nephalem [being extremely powerful since the destruction of the world stone]. She just dies, no closure, she can't be saved, tainted blood - lame. One of my biggest problems is the lore isn't deep enough. You should see and hear snippets of other stories and adventures that are concurrently occuring that you do not witness. In Diablo 1 and 2 you didn't even know all the prime and lesser evils. Even if you kill Diablo, somewhere there is still something just as evil wreaking havoc. You can defeat a evil individual but destruction is constantly being wrought. There's little room for imaginative expantion. Conclusion I'm going to make a parallel to Warhammer again because I think the franchise are very similar in many ways. As far as the lore goes, Warhammer is infinitely superior, far deeper and far more satisfying. Battles are won, but the war is never over and humanity is never saved, they just fight off extinction. That being said, the publishers and developers of Warhammer games are terrible at making games. THQ and Relic being the main offenders. Blizzard is obviously on another Tier to them when it comes to actually making games. I wish Diablo was more heavily influenced by Warhammer and had a more expansive, flexible and constant lore and storyline, with a much darker tone.Bletzkarn4 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Blizzard D3 story was a dissapointment I think the story of D3 was quite awful actually. I can't really complain about the gameplay since I must admit it was a fun journey, but the story is just.. bad. The whole time I played throughout D3 I felt that I was trolled. For one, the prime evils all seemed like just a joke. The whole time, it was just simply "Muahahaha you'l never defeat me." And on the last Act, act 4, All I remember hearing is "Muahaha 1 portal will not do anything bro I got another somewhere else" "Muahaha I don't need portals or an army to rule the world" "Muahaha how do you feel losing when everyone depended on you" *Diablo dies* Same thing with Azmodan. And don't even get me started on Azmodan. Azmodan was probably the biggest joke of them all. Atleast Belial seemed somewhat intimidating when he revealed his true form. Azmodan was just a slow !@# walking peace of hulk that pretty much admit himself to defeat when he said "Fool even if I die blah blah there will be a prime evil." I thought Azmodan was supposed to be more difficult to kill too. Seemed like I killed him in a matter of seconds compared to Belial, whome I thought was more of a challenge to kill. So then Adria betrays her daughter which was obvious from the start. And then you kill Diablo and the story just ends with Tyrael Joining the high heavens as a mortal which doesn't really explain anything. Basically Leah must be the most $%^-ed up character in the game because her uncle dies, her own mother betrays her, she doesn't know where her father is, and then Diablo possesses her, and then her soul just magically trapped in the stone? Man that's just awful. As for Adria, nothing is heard of her, and same thing with Imperius. Act 4 was just sucked in general. Mount Arreat in D2 was actually quite fun. The environment seemed more fun, it felt like you were actually climbing up a mountain plus the caves and the little barricades and everything. In D3, you just atop some endless span of castle walls until you finally get to the ground to find that It's just snow, artillery, and a cave or two. Sounds kind of boring doesn't it? And the idea of fighting in the heavens at the end of the game may have seemed like a good idea, but I really didn't like it that much. Usually at the end of games, you are supposed to be fighting in an environment of mass destruction, instead of going around a place with cute statues and fountains with unicorns flying everywhere (not literally) even after Diablo's destruction of the heavens, I still found it to be the same and no different then it was before. Look at D2. You were in hell literally, with lava surrounding you as if you could see the ash in the air. The environment seemed so much more fitting for an ending to the game. They could've atleast added some fire in heaven or made it more darker with lava pouring instead of water, who knows. I just don't really know anymore. The ending was horrible. Plot twists are obvious. Adria pissed me off. Game ended when Decard Cain died. Prime evils were a total joke. Only characters who I liked were Zultan Kulle who we brought to life just to kill him which is completely pointless and retarded. Tyrael was pretty badass, The Jemcrafter was cool too. And I liked hearing about the Templar's storyline. Scoundrel dialogue was funny and entertaining but his story was too confusing and didn't explain enough. As for the enchantress... No comment Hope the expansion's story isn't just as bad as the game's itself.Antero6 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 D3 expansions - what bosses u want? As far as story AND bosses go I would love to fight Tal Rasha! He showed up in D2 in I think it was the Act 2 cinematic. He never died and we never found out where he went. He just helped summon I think it was Mephisto? Or mighta been Diablo doesn't matter the point is I really hope Blizzard does something with this character as he was supposed to be a supreme powerful sorcerer just as strong if not stronger than the 7 hell demons.Plisk1n7 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 What happened to Adria? Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to the story, but what happened to Adria? Last I remember seeing, Diablo told Adria to return to Hell until he needed her again and that was the last we saw of her. If I'm right, could she possibly be the cause of Diablo IV?MadManYan1 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Diablo is the youngest brother? How is Diablo the youngest brother if they were all born at the same time? Or did the rest beat him by a few sec?Dizzy4 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 PLEASE don't make Malthael a bad guy Please! There's a lot of hints I think that you might be making him a bad guy but he's an ANGEL! PLEASE DO NOT MAKE HIM EVIL I WILL BE SAD IF YOU DO.GGTeMpLaR27 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Nephalem question... Me and a few friends have been thinking, and to put it bluntly NONE of us have gotten a chance to read any of the book series and have been unable to find anything in the online lore... Is it possible the Cain family is a group of nephalems decended from Mathael or maybe even the rest of the horadric council, which adds Tal Rasha. This is just a question we have been wondering and i figured i'd ask the smarter people who know all or most of the lore.Frahmy13 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 What do you think...? So im bored and the servers are down. I will ask these questions in good fun to all of you. So if an Angel and Human have a baby. Then a Demon and a Human have a baby. When the Hybrids Have a baby. What would it be called and what powers would it have? So if an Angel and a Demon have a baby. What would it be called, and what Powers would it have?killall4 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Who in Blizzard had the courage to ask this.. So we have all played enough now to know that Deckard Cain dies in act 1. I see various threads about he was killed by a fairy etc... But I have a question, or rather I found it really funny when I thought about it. Imagine the story and lore writers for Diablo sitting in a meeting one day and one guy pipes up: "Hey, who thinks we should kill Deckard Cain?" I mean seriously, at what point did they plan to kill him off. And what reaction took place when the person suggested it. HAHADangerdildo14 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Confused about nephalem ****SPOILERS***** I am very confused about the concept of nephalem within the game. I understand that the nephalem were the original descendants of the coupling of Demons and Angels, and that there were many of them. I also understand that humans are very distant descendants of the nephalem, and are greatly weakened from the original state of nephalem; however, humans do not call themselves nephalem or that they are distant descendants of nephalem. My question then is, are our main characters nephalem? In Act I during the Drowned Temple quest, Alaric asks Leah if she is nephalem. She answers by saying there have not been nephalem for millenia, to which he responds that in time what she (or the player?) is will be discovered. So Leah point blank says that there are no known nephalem in existence right now. She's spent a lot of time with Cain, so I feel like this is pretty solid information. I would also argue that the coupling of Aiden and Adria would not count as a new nephalem. So then who is Alaric referring to? Is he referring to the playable character? This seems to be true, as later on just about every Angel and Demon refers to the playable character as nephalem, but I thought there was a distinct difference between true nephalem and the descendants that are now humans (or do Angels and Demons not see a difference?). I understand that the Worldstone was responsible primarily for the degredation of the nephalem to the weak human forms seen now, but with the destruction of the Worldstone, are select humans now returning to their powerful nephalem state, which allows the character to fight Diablo so easily? The only problem I have with that, is that humans were fighting Diablo in the first and second games before the destruction of the Worldstone (albeit the Worldstone had been altered to allow for the restoration of the nephalem over time), and that being a super powerful nephalem may not be entirely necessary to defeat Diablo. Maybe I'm just trying to make sense of something that shouldn't make sense, or maybe I'm just missing something, but I don't understand: 1.) what a true nephalem is, 2.) is the main character a nephalem, and 3.) if not a nephalem (or some partially restored form of one) then why are we so powerful?desperado5687 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Witches, Mystics, Sorcerers, Wizards.... and withdoctors, enchanters, and necromancers. REALLY. WHAT is the difference between all these magic practicing folk? The Blacksmith mentioned he found the woman that would be his wife, locked in a cage going to be executed as a witch, but in reality, she was a "Mystic" as they later found out.Mijuu5 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 diablo easier to kill? Is it just me or is diablo a lot easier to kill than he was in diablo 2? I am only halfway through nightmare so I haven't faced diablo again on the next difficulty settings so correct me if I'm wrong but it didn't seem as challenging... In the second version it was an almost instant death ïf you were struck by flame, and the damage from fire, lightning and poison was a lot greater in d2, are these effects greater in nightmare and inferno? Or do we not need to develop as much resistance to this as we did on d2 ?brenny10 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Diablo III Expansion or Diablo IV: Sin War Who would like to see a prequel expansion or a full game say 5-6 years out, that takes place during the early age of Sanctuary?Mijuu3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Who wrote the End of Days prophecy? This may be nitpicky; so be it. I'm a fiend for lore and good story, so I bought the Book of Cain a while back, and I've been a lurker in these forum for some time. I'm in the camp with all those who thought the story for Diablo 3 was very...meh. The end left me unsatisfied. But with all the back and forth going on, one thing has always itched at the back of my brain. Who wrote the End of Days prophecy? "...and at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost..." Was it an omniscient, benevolent being? Was it Malthael, Archangel of Wisdom? If so, how could he predict the actions of the evils and of the angels, and why was he unwilling to warn them of the impending doom of Sanctuary, and the subsequent fall of Heaven? Could it have been Diablo himself? His cunning and scheming to overthrow his brothers is the underlying theme for this whole trilogy of games, so he would be the one who would know, and orchestrate this prophecy. But...if he's using ultimate deception to fulfill his plan, why pronounce it to the humans on Sanctuary, who the other Evils have a very watchful eye on. Either way, whoever made the prophecy would have seen or known something and didn't do anything about it, otherwise they're just words without any ideas to back them up. And words without weight fall on deaf ears.SkinNBones3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Question about very beginning of Act 2 NO SPOILERS PAST THIS POINT PLEASE. I'm confused about Magdha being betrayed by Belial. What happened? My character said "You were bait to get me away from Caldeum." If I knew this, why did I fall for it then? Then even more confusing, seconds after I leave that little basement, I ask if Magdha reached Alcarnus, and the head guard said yes and that he's heard of a slaughter there. Um, how could she have reached there and done damage if she was JUST in front of me seconds ago?PackersFTW2 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 [Spoilers] Letter to the seven lords of hell Hello dear sirs, I hereby send you a letter to help you improve your behavior in your future endeavors. I do understand that you all come from the same family and probably share a similar education, yet, I feel you could use some advice. - Dear Belial, Lord of lies, gifted with an uncanny reputation for subtlety and deceit. When 9 out 10 gamers can easily tell that you took the emperor as a disguise to control the city : you’re doing it wrong. When the kind of barbarian that thinks “No need for cunning when I have strength” (sic) manages to surprise you in unveiling your disguise : you’re doing it wrong. When a hero utterly annihilate all yours lieutenants, all your armies, and dodges most if not all your plans : Do not fight him, or at least, prepare 2 to 3 backdoors and backup plans. Maybe that way you might actually deserve that reputation and portfolio of yours. Oh, one more thing, it seems to me that you have mistaken the word “lies” with "illusions”. You are the Lord of lies, seek it out in the dictionary, and then, try to lie to yourself when you wake up in the morning, when you think you are ready, train yourself by using lies in your everyday life. You might realize these are really helpful to scatter and disperse your foes, but also to break their bonds. After your absolute failure, we can safely assume that illusions without lies, or with cheesy ones, are not too effective. - Dear Asmodan, Lord of sins, gifted with an uncanny reputation for cunning as well as a brilliant strategist, sided by the unified armies of hell. One would think that a strategist actually thinks one move ahead of its opponents, I could advise, to take the time to seek out the word “Strategy” in the dictionary, a bit of vocabulary can never hurt. So, when you plan a battle, I could advise two tiny things to improve the outcome : First, try to synchronize your attacks : Air, ground, below ground, siege weapons … No offense but your attack on the Last Bastion was a real mess. But most importantly : When you do manage to take your opponent off-guard : DO NOT TELL HIM! Well, that is, if you want to win. Your effort to invade the lower levels below the ground, was indeed a good try, a shame that you had to brag about it right after it happened. Oh, and I know, one of the 7 sins is “Pride”, but still, please please please, just like your brother : When someone almost single handedly manages to undo and kill your epic brother, to defend the Bastion, repel your assault, root your armies, push into your realm, kill your favorite, obliterate all yours lieutenants and armies, start asking yourself questions, and stop bragging every five meters. Either prepare for the upcoming fight, or get the heck out, but do not brag, you are not credible to begin with, and you waste precious time. - Dear Diablo, Lord of Terror in prime evil form, said to be the smarter of your brothers, I know you do are powerful and sole handedly managed to wtfpwn all the angels in less time that it takes to say it. You are about to accomplish an absolute victory, and you actually reached the diamond arch. Now, just like a comrade of yours, Archimond (in Warcraft 3), you just have to destroy it or corrupt it. A badass hero is on your tail and slowly undoes all your armies and lieutenants, you willingly sacrifice them to have time to accomplish what you have to do. Good, I then take it that time is the key factor here? You went that far with a cunning mind … Why would you then lose time bragging in the face of that hero? Seriously, concentrate on your task next time. Maybe you and Asmodan should go see the same doctor about that uncontrollable need for Bragging. I can give addresses on request. As for Mephisto, Baal, Duriel and Andariel, well, I could go on, but you guys could probably learn from what has been said to your brothers so far. I wish you a good recovery. Sincerely yours, Rico. PS : If that makes you feel any better, the other side of the fence is not much better. The ex-archangel of justice, warrior without peer gifted with an holy magical blade prefers to chill in town that help defeat Belial or take tea in front of the diamond arch rather than help against Diablo. How helpful of him. And the teen-prophet Leah, doubts her uncle’s stories even after the archangel of justice falls from the sky according to his prophecy. So do not despair and try harder next time, angels and nephalems have a stupidity of their own. No one questions Adria's motives or bothers asking about Leah's father. Imperius prefers to hunt Nephalems rather than demons destroying the diamond arch ... see ... plenty of potential for stupidity.Rico9 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Making Sense of the Story My friends have called me out for over thinking and over analyzing things in general. It became apparent while playing D3 and trying to make sense of the story. I kept coming against dissonant forces that made me feel stupid! I kept replaying logs and quests thinking I was at fault for not understanding the story and misunderstanding things that happened in the story universe. I don't mean that jokingly. I thought I just wasn't getting it. Now going through the forums, I realize I was just been taken for a tool. I was better off not paying attention and making things up as I went.Logical2 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 (Spoilers)So what have you guys discovered... About the fates of characters and locations from Diablo 2. We know... ~Warriv is dead. ~Asheara led the Iron Wolves to Caldeum ~ The Necromancer got an apprentice ~ The souls of the Andarial, Duriel, Mephisto, and Baal were transferred into the Black Soulstone ~ Gillian went to Caldeum with AdriaCelt3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Four questions about the stroy: What was the point of the soulstones and using the Hell Forge to destroy the soulstones in Diablo 2, when all the evil's souls are intact for Adria to put into the black soulstone? Why does anyone think the black soulstone will work when the others failed? Why does Tyrael let you face Diablo alone? Couldn't they at least have him be trapped, like your henchman? Why does anyone think for a moment that Diablo and all the evils he merged with are gone for good when you defeat him; what made this time so special?nonamesleft3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Are demons and angels two different species? title basically.Constipated14 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 My view on the storyline We all waited for Diablo 3 with great anticipation; however, i found the storyline a little lacking in some places. Such as personalized storyline for each playable class. Granted we did get some background information on the characters, but i felt like i was running an old school dungeons and dragons game where the only story my character had was that he helped a couple of people, created some problem inwhich he had to fix. The majority of the storyline went to the NPCs. Which is fine if they had a better balance of the two. I do not think it would have been that difficult to create 5 decent towns for each of the classes to visit that is based in their homeland. Then add some personalized class quest/lore given from an NPC. But back to the storyline.... Leah, Angel, and The Witch: 1. The Witch: Would like to see a bit more earlier in the game. 2. Angel: Felt that he was kind of a wuss only giving me orders. 3. Leah: Decent storyline kinda saw it coming. Some Suggestions for an expansion: 1. Write more storyline for a more personalized class feel. Get to know your Hero! 2. Interaction with more NPCs in town: Villagers, guards, etc. Not automated talking :( 3. Revisit Wirt's Lore... i know some would like to know how he got peg legged.... 4. Tell us more about what took place between the Expansion and Diablo 3 PS: You broke my heart by killing Deckard. The last of his kind. However, he got a jedi funeral. In the still of the night when silence is not truly silent. I hear the echoes of my "Noooo" crying in my mind. RIP Deckard Cain: He was beaten, caged, and kidnapped. He never gaveup the good fight. His wisdom was not beyond his years.killall0 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Diablo is not about the story I am shocked, baffled and amazed to such a degree that I simply must make this thread, I would like to thank you beforehand for reading this -possibly- infuriating rant. I'll quickly state that it is not my intention to question your mental faculties and if you ever feel I am doing so, please forgive me. To the matter at hand, are you guys serious? You actually had some sort of expectation for the story of a Diablo game? What in the name of the blazing hells were you thinking? Alright, let's get this straight, Diablo has always being about the battle of a definite good versus a definite evil, always. I'm no paragon of literature but I have read, seen and played a couple of good storylines in my time (try hundreds) and let me tell you, there is nothing more boring and bland to have as the theme of your story than the eternal struggle between well defined good and evil. I know Michael (I know your name ain't Michael, but it was worth it to give a scare to the few Michaels that read this), I do know that when done with complex and multilayered characters with different and complex motivations, the battle of good versus evil might seem a bit more compelling but the fact of the matter is that devils and angels are not compelling characters by virtue of their own !@#$%^- nature, this characters are just incapable of stepping away from their destined morality. Anyone who thinks having an epic conflict between a good faction and an evil faction will make for an interesting story is mental and anyone who expects a story like that to have some degree of depth is even more demented. Your see Phillip, a story is only as good as it's antagonist. Let's ponder about that for a minute. So, let's say your antagonist is the root of all evil; what would that mean? Well, first of all, his long term goal will always will be known and the boundaries of the character's actions will be so well defined and obvious he'll never be interesting. That's exactly the problem with Diablo and every single other lord of hell, they are EVIL, period, there is absolutely nothing more to them, they are evil and must be slain. Does that seem like interesting story telling to you? Really? SERIOUSLY? Of course the story is going to suck Willis, the antagonist is the blandest thing I've ever seen since they invented marshmallows. So you knew this Jeffrey and I know you have a good head over your shoulders, you certainly are not an idiot, but yet somehow you developed a degree of expectations towards this game's story, why? Oh dear lord, why? The original had pretty much no story at all and the second game suffers from basically the same problem; Tyrael is noble and good and Diablo is eeeeeeeeevil hence you know exactly what to expect of the story. Seriously Karla how did you come to expect something even mildly decent with characters more predictable than a Chuck Lorre sitcom? I guess where I'm trying to get at Annie is that Diablo, since it's first inception has never been about the story. It has always being a dungeon crawler, the "role playing" of the whole role playing game label Diablo has comes from choosing the role or class you want to take into battle. In Diablo the story has always been a way to link up the acts together in some coherent manner and it has never been the focus of the developers, to them it's always gameplay over story, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some developers want to tell deep and profound tales and others want you to feel like a demigod mindlessly slaughtering the hordes of hell for no other reason than the fact that they are mother*!@#ing evil and you're good and awesome. It just perplexes and frustrates me so Frank, to see so many smart individuals gathering to complain about the story of a game that isn't about the story at all. A game that it's about the gamplay, the slaughter, the swag (loot) and the co-op, truly the mother of all dungeon crawlers. Who cares if the barbarian is the combined cesspool aggregate of every noble savage character ever? He's fighting the mother of all evil, he might as well flawless and perfect and there is no reason to complain about that Harry, it's after all just a cliché storyline to get you from point A to point B. The joy comes from butchering countless hordes of demons, not from listening to the enchantress endless giggles. Look Damian, since you've come all the way, I'm going to recommend you a game, it's called Planescape: Torment. It's basically the antithesis of Diablo III, brilliant story and disgustingly bad gameplay. You'll never see anyone complain about the gameplay because that's not what the game is about, it's all about the story and the characters. It's a waste of time and effort to come here and complain and complain about how the story of Diablo III is so bad when the game makes no effort to hide just how bad the story is because the story is just not the focus of the game Martha.Superoxide39 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Any expansion Ideas/Speculation? (Spoilers) Here is what I have so far for possible enemies. Dirgest, the demon that the gem is containing (possibly a soulstone?), the one that Covetous Shen is looking for, might be a powerful demon serving as a new generation of Great Evils. It is then revealed that Covetous Shen is a Horadrim, who has great knowledge of soulstones and is capable of sealing the crack that was made in Dirgest's soulstone. Malthael, the former aspect of wisdom, has gone mad according to Tyrael. And with this he may have allied with evil and could possibly be a new lord of evil, since it is also speculated that he is the Aspect of Death, for a new generation of Great Evils. Kabraxis also known as Banisher of the Light and the Thief of Hope, may have corrupted his slayer, Darrick Lang, much like Diablo did with the hero in the first Diablo Installment. Having been an Enemy of the Prime Evils who are more powerful that him, he may have been waiting patiently for their demise in order to assume control as a new Prime Evil. As for after the events after Diablo is vanquished. A new aspect of justice is needed and this could possibly have fallen to the hero who vanquished diablo, having proved that the Nephalem are capable of great power and responsibility for order; And thus fulfilling Sin War Pact for the choice of humanity to have sided with the Heavens.RinalynLee17 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Necromancer Lore/Alignment Being new to Diablo and most likely getting D2, I'm wondering about how Necromancers ((AKA Priests of Rathma)) are handled. Judging by reading the wiki, they seem neutral with bringing the balance of life and death, and wanting to defeat Diablo for trying to defile this. I find it interesting they are not flat out evil like in most universes. And does the afterlife work where good guys go to heaven where the archangels are and the evil go to hell? If so where would the Necromancers fit? They seem to be "Aligned with the light" like the wiki claims but they still do foul acts like raising the dead. So I'm hoping to get a polish of their lore and where they exactly fit.Syt4 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 The story - SPOILERS Were you all happy with the story or did you feel like things were too easy to figure out? The Stranger and the Witch were both a little too easy to see through IMO. I also liked how in D2 they had all 3 characters from D1 show up again as villains. I was a little disappointed to not get that again...except for a reference about the necro from another necro you assist. Thoughts?Splooz10 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Side characters much more interesting? --- Potential spoilers for anyone who hasn't completed the game --- Did anyone else find the side characters much more interesting than the main ones/the overall plot? Snickery old jeweler who may-or-may-not secretly be the incarnation of a God? Troubled blacksmith who marries a witch and joined a caravan to save her from her pursuers? Thousand-year-old enchantress from a mystical time long gone? Righteous templar from a sinister order? Scoundrel with a heart of gold? (Alright, last two might be a little cheesy, but they still are presented in a compelling manner.) If for nothing else, I feel the interactions with these side-characters were all fairly believable, and hearing their stories unfold made me want to explore their lives and times more than the story the game was centered around. People will crucify me for this, but I found Leah to be a rather boring, trite character. She is, honestly, a typical Mary Sue. Everyone she interacts with instantly adores her (why?), she's "secretly" the half-demon daughter of a major lore character and the game's final boss who has been living with another major lore character and is blessed with a magic power she can't control (oh please), and she isn't styled in a way that remotely fits the era she is supposed to be presented in. If she's a local of Tristram/Caldeum, why doesn't she dress like any other Tristram/Caldeum women? If she's a half-demon, why doesn't she resemble her heritage? Nothing about her is exceptionally compelling, and if Blizzard's idea of a 'likable character' is 'a character that everyone in the game universe and your own character are forced to like,' they failed. I thought Tyrael was useful for some of his exposition about the world's history (his various battles with demons and that sort of thing.) Unfortunately, that's about all he's useful for. I would've liked to have seen him have a bigger influence on the story -- I think the most impact he had was opening a door in Act 4? For a character that had the entire ending cutscene centered around his triumphant return to Heaven, he certainly didn't do enough to have me cheering him on in the end. In fact, I was sitting there and asking myself, "why should I care about this?"catfriend2 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 WHAT IF...The Battle With The Lord of Terror What if the battle with The Lord of Terror, Diablo, had gone more like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8Ca_edg6RE Thoughts?Mijuu2 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Kormac, and Diablo 3 Forshadowing I'm going to keep this as short as possible, Diablo 3's storyline wasn't all that bad as people make it out to be, it was an interesting story line, but the problem is that blizzard foreshadowed what would happen WAY too much in the 'prophecy' and various quests/character dialogue. An example would be in that short little Poem "Justice will fall, hope will become despair, valor becomes wrath" etc. There's a lot of spoilers in that one little sentence if you look at it enough Also in Act 1 when leah talks about her dad being a great warrior who fell when tristram was lost to the demons, that's on the edge of being a spoiler right there. Too much foreshadowing and not enough suspense and wondering about what will happen. Now with that in mind, I LOVE Kormac's story, when I started reading his dialogue I kept wanting to do more quests and more reading to unlock his story. and I hope blizzard will build on this story and the 'angelic' weapons Kormac's order wanted to build. Possibly leading into and invasion of snactuary by the angelic host led by imperious or Malthael. TL;DR KORMAC > DIABLO 3Fingertips3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Why to people dislike Zoltun Kulle? All he wants to do is kill all the angels and demons, thereby promoting atheism in the land of Sanctuary. Whats wrong with that?FlamingTP5 May 22, 2012
May 21, 2012 riddle me this so baal is seen talking to marius in diablo 2 after everything's said and done. Marius starving and a bit delusional thinks its tyrael, tells him the entire story then finds out its baal. baal kills marius, takes back his soulstone, and sets the jail on fire before going on to god know where. What happened to baal? how did he supposedly get stuck in the black soulstone as im sure adria can't take him alone. This is something i noticed immediately since i thought part 3 was going to be baal and the other 2 lesser evils try to take over the world since diablo and mephisto were both killed in diablo 2 when they had their soulstones crushed at the hellforge but apparently they are still alive magically. it doesnt make sense someone explain please.Romanvirus9 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Malthael [Spoilers] What's this fellow up to? Rumour has it he's gone missing, and a poetic blurb floating around here indicates that he is "shattered" I think the words were. So, is he a turncoat? Will he reveal himself to be sacrificed at a later date? Is he doing the hanky panky with Lilith? Any educated speculations?Inkblot26 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 SPOILERS Emperor Hakan II Sooo.... In Act II we saw Hakan 4 times to my recollection. Did we see a real emperor Hakan at any time or was it always illusions?wodfist1 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Nephalem...Allow me to clarify. So, it seems that alot of people don't quite get what a Nephalem is...or maybe they know what one is but don't know why our character is one or somesuch confusion...Well let me briefly explain. 1. Sanctuary began as a...well... sanctuary for angels and demons who wanted to stop fighting in the eternal struggle. The eternal struggle was being fought over a stone that existed at the center of the known universe, the worldstone. Inarius(the angel) and Lilith(the demon) managed to steal the worldstone and they both used it to create sanctuary as a place for them to hide out. 2. The angels and demons begin to mate with each other thus creating the first humans/nephalem. 3. Down the line the latent potential Nephalem/humans possess begins to show itself in the form of a human named Uldyssian. 4. The entire sin wars trilogy happens. 5. At the end of the sin wars trilogy Tyreal changes the Worldstone so that it will limit the powers of the nephalem/humans so they won't become godlike like Uldyssian was by the end of the novels.... 6. A bunch of side novels take place after the sin wars Trilogy but before Diablo 1...None of them really add much to the story so whatever. 7. Diablo 1 happens. 8. Diablo 2 happens. The worldstone is destroyed. The limiter on the nephalem is removed. 9. 20 years of time, during which the powers certain people(Our classes) have from being nephalem start to appear. 10. Diablo 3.Shredow11 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Strange Items In Sanctuary??? Has anyone found, account bound items around ? I resently found a "Black Mushroom" just like the one in the Diablo 1 quest for Adria, it even mentions Adria at the bottom of the item on D3. Went to see her in Norm, she didn't say anything. Anyone know what to do??? ALSO my cuz and mate also found other account bound items that were real weird, any thoughs anyone????Darknight806 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Diablo 3, by the Acts. (Spoilers) Act 1: New Tristram The pace of the act and the quests seemed well done. Excellent story although very predictable. I was not surprised by any of the twists in Act 1. Overall Act one is exactly what I was expecting from a Diablo game. Final Rating: A Act 2: Caldeum *Pop* you are there... WTF? Why was that too easy. Half way around the world in a space of a cut scene? Ok, So its a desert region and its sun shine all the time. Ok I get that. But didn't feel like a Diablo game to me. RUSHED! Why did we go from getting the Black Soulstone to instantly fighting Belial? Was Maghda his only Lieutenant? Did his army of Snake-people demons suddenly go on vacation? Why would he be so eager to battle someone who was cutting through his troups and allies so easily? The Story again was predictable and I was not surprised. I was actually disappointed in Belial. Too predictable, was hoping there was a twist just to make me feeling stupid for thinking it was going to be that obvious. Adria, yup I predicted her appearance back in Act 1 when she was first mentioned, and I predicted her being a servant of Diablo. I would have been surprised if she really did turn out to be a good guy. Final Rating: B- Act 3: Bastion's Keep Ok, the story here was a back seat to awesome Peter Jackson battle sequences and a war that makes LOTR Online look like a Hello Kitty game. Azmodan... /facepalm So Azmodan is the "Greatest General" for evil... Why did he not have a strategy for attacking Sanctuary besides "Ok, everyone into the portal and go kill something". Sure they breached the basement and climbed the walls. But Really... Where was the Amazing tactical plans? And when we pushed them back into the mountain, where was the "Waves of troops" still coming out of Hell? Its like "Welcome to our base, I guess we ran out of men, so help yourself to all the loot" And what was with the bragging messages from his floating head? They made him look inept as a leader of the forces of hell. At least Azmodan had a good share of Boss guys between us and him. but most of them where just "Oh here is another boss" No build up of anticipation to build suspense. Exception: Maiden of Lust, her Pre-battle dialog was fun. Final Rating: B Act 4: Heaven Ok... Am I the only one who has a hard time taking Diablo Seriously? He looked like they took Diablo's head and put it on the body of the Alien Queen... There just seemed to be a real lack of boss fights. There was "Encounters" but no real Bosses. Where was the resolution? Leah? We don't know. Black Soulstone? Was last seen falling, we don't know. Diablo? Dead, again. Could come back again, we don't know. Shen's Demon Jewel? We don't know. Templar Order? We don't know. The End: "Congratulations you have defeated Diablo 3" Was I the only one expecting to see, and kind of hoping for, a Rick Ashton video to be playing behind the credits? Final Rating: WTF!? F Loved the Follower stories, but mostly they did not resolve.Saibthar0 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 [Spoiler] Evil: Prime and not so prime So since Diablo was able to fuse all aspects of the 7 Great Evils of Hell into the black soulstone and become THE Prime Evil, when he/she was killed, with the banishment back to the Abyss with the respawning the question I have is this: Will Diablo continue to be the Prime evil, or will the aspects split back into 7 evils?Wren1 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 My question for Adria: Adria, Was Diablo the Lord of Terror...in bed?Windghost2 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 is really dead? (spoilers) In the last cinematic they say that diablo has been killed forever... but if i am not wrong the prime evils can`t die, they can only be sent to the abyssm if you destroy their trapped essences (in a soulstone) in the anvils of hell. So my question is .. if the "new diablo" was hosting all prime and lesser evils plus leah what happen with all of them?. They will go back to the burning hells? . I am a bit confused.Deabru10 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Any word on our Heros from D2? I found a Necromancer in Act 2 who said his Master was one of the Heroes who beat the Prime Evils 20 years ago. Has anyone found anything else?Skyblaze2 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Probably a stupid question about act 1 But what was the point of that spider cave where we fight the queen spider boss and save the girl it feels out of place some what maybe i missed part of the story could someone fill me in please?Brad7 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Story catch-up? Besides playing the games, what is the best way to catch up on everything about the storyline of the first two games?ClapTrap275 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Diablo's Backplan was a Fail from the start So, diablo has been planning becoming the prime evil even before leah's birth. The problem is: How the hell did he knew that the hero would finally kill belial and Azmodan? What if we were killed by them, how would Diablo turn into the Prime Evil???brunobyof3 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Confused by the ending... [Spoilers] So when you kill Diablo at the end of the game everyone goes on about how you have killed Diablo forever. I don't understand why he is dead forever. I mean I killed him in the previous 2 games and he still came back why is everyone so sure he is dead for good this time? Is it just that the 3rd time is the charm?Kalis24 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Is anyone else disappointed with the plot? I was wincing through some of that, it felt awfully like a rehashed combination of previous blizzard games. Incredibly cliche, tirelessly predictable and just kind off dull considering the potential that they had at their disposal. They could have written something interesting, or even just delved away from the same themes of sacrifice, mortality, good and evil, etc etc, that seem to crop up in all blizzard games. Furthermore, why does blizzard keep killing off major lore characters? It was announced well in advance that there would be subsequent expansions, surely it would have been better to develop characters, like Imperius and even Diablo, and basing this series of games and expansions on them rather than effectively killing them off and having to introduce new villains and champions in ensuing expansions who, I assume, will be killed off again. Also, why does Imperius, a being know for his prowess in combat and for having previously killed billions of demons in battle, seem like such a pansy compared to Diablo. One of Diablo's tail-sweeps and he was basically debilitated, the battle is literally over in under ten seconds. It is a shame, as in all the other aspects of the game, you can see the painstaking hours of work and incredible expense that must have gone into making Diablo3 the phenomenon that it is. While the fact that they have basically taken the easiest way out in what is, in my opinion at least, the simplest thing to do well, tarnishes the game, and the games legacy, beyond repair. Finally, if this current trend of blizzard storytelling continues, I have a feeling that the blizzard movie will turn out to be about as good as Battlefield Earth. TLDR. The storyline is the worst aspect of this game, which is a shame as it was probably the easiest thing to get right.Gobias10 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 My biggest problem with the ending At first I was mad that Blizzard threw Leah under the bus like that, but then I remembered that the narrator of Diablo 2 had a bad time too. However, if the story flow and arcs of D3 ware going to be consistent with D2, then there needs to be a teaser at the end, and there wasn't. It was just Tyrael standing there, looking all hard coz he's the man. That was my problem: Just boring T and no hint of an Aria/Leah appearance or resolution in the expansion, which I am expecting.Mugwump0 May 21, 2012