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Aug 22, 2014 story mode Blizzard give us a reason to play story mode. Let rift randomly spawn higher leg drop rate whatever just make it someother way to play.pjab626994 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Where's Mephisto and the REAL Diablo? So, I'm talking about Diablo 3, not Reaper of Souls, just the base game. I'm not even talknig about at the end of it either. I'm personally not seeing how the Black Soulstone contained every Demon Lord we'd ever faced, since... well... I'm pretty sure it would have to be in proximity of said demon lord to contain the escaping spirit. But even if it did do that... Nope, want to know why? We destroy Mephisto's soulstone upon the hellforge as a quest, and in a cinematic, it also happens with Diablo's, so here is my question. Where is Mephisto and Diablo REALLY? The Black Soulstone was never close to any demonlord, literally all it ever contained was Belial and Azmodan as the Black Soulstone's chamber was never disturbed since before Diablo 1's storyline (however small it still is and ever was). If it was used, then the shadow locks would have been opened, Khulle, would have been alive already, and events would be drastically more different due to the fact that the Black Soulstone would have had to have been used by either Khulle or someone who would have had to kill him. And trust me, if Khulle was revived, and then killed and his soulstone was taken, Act 2 would have had a quest hunting down the Black soulstone, or Adria might have instead gotten it due to her being really the only person capable of taking Khulle out. Evidence of that is Adria can sell you scrolls of apocalypse in Diablo 1. Apocalypse is a spell that attacks all enemies within your screen's range, damage is based on character level times 5000, enough to instantly kill most enemies save for diablo. He takes 2-3 hits of it. And Adria couldn't have been following the hero around for that time, even if she was, the souls of each slain evil never lingered. Andariel's escaped via the burning animation she has upon death, her soul being banished directly to the hells, while Duriel's probably is in the maggots of the ground. Let's face it. The Prime Evil had no reason to be called Diablo, because smiply put, upon desctruction of the soulstones, they were banished to the Burning Hells, meaning Diablo was never in Diablo 3. The Prime Evil only had 2 Evils out of... let's see... Mephisto, Baal (Mount Arreat exploded with the Worldstone, If Adria or anyone other than Tyreal or an angel was there, they would've literally died instantly), Diablo, Duriel (possibly), Andariel... Yep, 2 out of 7 evils contained. Plus Rakanoth (if he counts) was never contained either, so if he counts as an evil of the hells like Andariel and Diablo, then 2 out of 8. So seriously "writers" where even is Diablo and Mephisto and Baal and Duriel and Andariel? Don't give me the whole "They're in th soulstone as we've seen in the game, the black soulstone must be in proximity to a demon lord's soul to contain it, and guess what? The black soulstone was never mentioned even vaguely in Diablo 2. So where is every Evil form Diablo 2 really? They're in the Burning Hells. Banished. Save for Duriel, he's probly growing back to life from the grubs in his butt which spill out upon his death, probly fed by cultists. So literally... RoS is not a full reset button on the whole franchise, Diablo is still in the burning hells, Adria is literally on drugs, and Combining Belial and Azmodan makes a Diablo clone. That's all that Diablo 3's lore has ultimately taught us. Don't do drugs and combining demon lords will make other demon lords. Where are they really Blizzard?StormyFacade4 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Lore question: Adria's Journal part 3 To quote "Do you know what fear is? The fear of who you are, the fear of what your own blood would do if they knew what you were. No, you could never understand it. People look to you as a savior. Have you ever thought about the lives you've taken? They were fathers, lovers... daughters." I don't know why I bothered, but this is the single entry that eludes me. I don't understand. Who was Adria referring to in this entry? The nephalem? Since when did the nephalem killed fathers or daughters? He is the saviour all right. I also don't understand the part where it says "the fear of what your own blood would do"? Honestly this entry just doesn't make much sense to me. Much appreciated if anyone can enlighten me. Thanks for reading.haradanam16 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 The Important Barbarians in D3 Hey guys, thought I would drop in to strike up a conversation regarding the important Barbarians in D3 and Diablo Lore. I am doing this mainly due to the fact that time is better spent doing something like this instead of just wasting it. So off we go! Let us first discuss the male Barbarian we play as in D3. It has been stated by Blizzard that this Barbarian is not the same one in D2. This is further reinforced by the fact that Cain and this Barbarian seem new to each other. However, one thing that throws all of this into the wind (at least for me) is if the Barbarian encounters Mehtan the Necromancer in the Stinging Winds. If this happens, the Barbarian states that, "...I haven't seen one of your kind in years." So for me there is doubt as to whether or not the D3 Barbarian is the one from D2. Now let us go to the Pandemonium Fortress, where we meet an ancestor. To me, this is not the D2 Barbarian. Why? Well the ancestor says that, "...some barbarians would tie their spirit to the mountain." Whether he refers to Arreat or the Worldstone is not clear to me, but if this Barbarian did so, I have one question to ask: why? Why tie your spirit to something that no longer needs protection or is ruined? Who I think this ancestor is instead? He is either Bul-Kathos, the Immortal King (Worusk), or some other important Barbarian from lore. Well that is it from me. Shall the discussions being? I certainly hope so!rethgual3 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 15, 2014 The Book of Tyrael and spoilers Does The Book of Tyrael contain spoilers? I'm about 1/3 way through where they start talking about the angiris counsel and the black soulstone, and I'm starting to feel like I'm hearing stuff I might not should be? What I'm asking is : If I read the book of Tyrael will it spoil parts of the story in the game?(Just in RoS expansion) I've played through vanilla numerous times, but I have not played RoS and plan to for the first time on UEE PS4.Branch77x71 Aug 15, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 Lilith question Okay so just bear with me here as I haven't really been able to check out any of the lore outside of the Diablo games and I may have managed to miss missed these if they have already been answered but I have been wondering for awhile and had a few questions:1) If Mephisto is Lilith's father, does she have a mother too? and 2) My understanding is that Andariel and Duriel are also Lilith's children but Inarius also their father as well? as everyone knows both Lilith and Inarius are the parents of the Nephalem.Jamuus6 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 Assassin/Rogue Class Hey guys i don't know where else to put this but what do you all think of a Assassin/Rogue class i want a character that hides in the shadows stabs people in the back and Poisons are his niche. What do you guys think?Therin1 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 True natures of the Angris Council Malthael was called the Archangel of Wisdom by firsthand accounts iby other characters like Deckard Cain and Tyrael yet the Sin War Trilogy calls him the Archangel of Death not Wisdom! Considering how Tyrael got Wisdom from the Chalice of Wisdom more quickly than Malthael(who usually took months to get it and once the chalice even refused to give him any Wisdom) I would say Tyreal is the real aspect of Wisdom and not Malthael.... Malthael also showed signs of incompetance by absorbing the Black Soulstone into himself risking the Prime Evil's escape! Malthael also shown the ability to sense Human Souls from Pandemonium despite being in the High Heavens.... His aspect was always Death.... If Tyrael was aways Wisdom than who was Justice?.... Tyreal isn't both Wisdom and Justice as he has shown constant unwillingness to face any judgment whether it is just or not! Also Imperius fails to match his aspect of Valor during the Wrath short video since Diablo makes it clear that Imperius fears the other Angels seeing his Wrathful personality and fear is the exact opposite of Valor. The prophecy says that Valor shall turn to Wrath so it seems obvious that Imperius is actually Wrath and what is Wrath but the hand of Justice itself!?! Thus Malthael the self proclaimed aspect of Wisdom is actually Death, Tyreal the self proclaimed aspect of Justice is actually Wisdom and Imperius the self proclaimed aspect of Valor is really Wrath/Justice! Now who is Valor...... Oh wait..... Diablo is the only demon with no fear.... He is Valor.... Does that interfere with his being the embodiment of Terror? Considering how he radiates Terror it seems his body is Terror yet his mind is Valor....Yvenathilm10 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 10, 2014 How much damage did Malthael do? When he unleashed the Black Soul Stone on Sanctuary, how much of the population was wiped out? What about his attack on the Heavens? How much did he taint/destroy? Was Hell even touched? I think these are the answers as to what/where the next expansion is going to be. The Demon Hunters were born from demon's murdering their families. Are we going to see Nephalem who lost everything due to Malthael? And are they going to know who did the damage? It'd be interesting from a lore perspective to be able to roam Sanctuary after the events of RoS. Revisit Caldeum or Tristram. Maybe even get a look at Ureh ;). The Book of Cain had some interesting tidbits on Skovos Isles and that one eye. Any thoughts?BipolarFly1 Aug 10, 2014
Aug 10, 2014 Crusader Resource Name Hi! I was quite dumbfounded when I first saw what the Crusaders' resource is called. Wrath. There is nothing wrathful about the crusader you play in the story. I fail to see why the resource isn't called faith. The only reason I could think of is that they're planning on releasing a priest character and they already have faith reserved. But even then I think belief would be a more fitting word for a priest. Does anybody have a good explanation as to why the resource is called wrath? PS: I do feel that the game as a whole would benefit, albeit extremely slightly, by having the name wrath changed to faith. That is, if I'm not the only person feeling this way!Honeycone5 Aug 10, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 Diablo and Transformers So in Diablo story, Anu was first being in creation, he casted all evil away from himself and created Tathamet, his opposite, and so the eternal conflict began. In Transformers story, there was Unicron who was cut in half/wanted to cast away all good from himself and so the Primus was made, his opposite, and so the eternal conflict began. My question is, are Diablo writers Transformers fans? :) or do we just call this coincidence?Deathstar2 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 So Leah is Diablo's daughter... Leah is Diablo's daughter... Adria is her mother... meaning Adria and Diablo...... HOLY MOTHER IN THE NAME OF !@#@!#?!!?!? Before we think about how rough it'd be while 'making' Leah... WTF WAS ADRIA THINKING!?!?!? But then of course, Adria is a witch, and she could've just absorbed some of Diablo's power or used some of his blood and created Leah.... BUT STILL!!! EDIT: I guess it also could've happened after the hero of d1 puts the soulstone in himself and becomes the dark wanderer and then meets adria...Wazzalisk23 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 respawn I really like the diablo story. There are somethings that arent clear to me yet though. *Spoiler alert for those who dont know the RoS diablo story yet* If a demon or angel is killed, they respawn within some time in heaven and hell right? So Malthael will respawn? How much of everything he absorbed does he retain? Diablo as the prime evil will respawn too? Leah is dead and gone? She was the daughter of a mortal called Aidian, who got possessed by diablo right? So she is mortal, dead and gone? Zoltun Kulle being mortal is gone too, unless revived? Another question. Angels vs Demons, one side cant win over the other. Its like a stalemate, an eternal conflict However, Tyrael became mortal. Is some other angel created in his place or do some other angels become stronger now to make up for the loss of Tyrael and to keep the balance in power between heaven and hell?Meowazziel8 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 Brother Malachai's Prophecy? From Brother Malachai's prophecy in Tristram And it is written, a fire will carve a furrow in the sky, and this shall be a sign unto you that the end is come. From the east shall come a monarch whose rule begins in blood and ends in bone. In the light of a comet will he die a third and final death at the hands of true men/a chosen woman. What was once one shall become four. Though the three shall become one, never again will the four be whole. Weep, Tristram. I tell you, weep. Justice must be broken so that wisdom can be reborn. A) The comet B) Leoric being slain again by the players C) ??? What does this mean??? D) Erdruin being reforged, and Tyrael taking his new positionMijuu19 Aug 1, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 The seven evils are no more I keep answering this in various topics in various posts. I want to end this totally and completely. The livestream vodcast is here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/14176218/diablo-iii-anniversary-livestream-vod-now-available-5-16-2014 If you go to part three they discuss some aspects of the lore. 42 minutes and 29 seconds into part three of the podcast. Twitter: When diablo was released was it just Diablo or the seven evils? Leonard Boyarsky: I think we can answer that. Yes if Diablo was truly released after the destruction of the black soul stone it would be diablo as the combination of the seven evils. Brian Kindegran: Yes.. yes. It would be Diablo as the prime evil. Leonard Boyarsky: Yeah that's not the question I thought they were going to ask to clarify at the end. That's the easy one haha. Let's end anymore talk about the seven evils all escaping. It did not happen. Diablo is the one free. There is no seven evil business. They're gone.Reslin4 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 22, 2014 Lore Books Any one know a place that lists the locations of all the lore books?... I wanna collect them all... =D I like listening to all the stories... =D I noticed that some of the books only appear between certain time frames in the game... depending on what quest your on and how far into that quest your in... might even have to go to the same location over again where you found a lore book the first time... kinda like all of Leahs Books (1,2,3)... which is in the same location... just different time frames in the game... when you first start act 1...MajinDjinn3 Jul 22, 2014
Jul 19, 2014 why malthael? (spoiler alert) in the story, he is chaotic good and wanted to get rid of demonic presence in all creation. but what led him to destroy the stone and harness the powers of the prime evils? was it an act of desperation or was he corrupted by the black soulstone while he was in the process of altering it? i just don't understand the final scene and is one biggest wtf-moment for me.alunsina54 Jul 19, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Shen, the jeweler - Who is he, really? So, by the looks of him, and his conversations, many people have been wondering if he is Malthael, or some god, or even Demon. I hope this thread could enlighten some ideas and give an opportunity to discuss his real role in future expansions. Shen is a new character to the game, but according to his own, he has knows Zoltun Kulle, what makes him at least 300 years old, according to Tyrael. He doesn't seem to have fear, nor is he ambitious despite dealing with so many money in form of jewels, and he does care about living the good and bad moments of life, regardless of their consequences. He seems surprised for some behaviors and seems to react differently than a human to some trivial day-to-day facts. He doesn't answer directly when asked if he was a god by the main hero. He seems to care about starving people who rob him for their own survivability. What about you. Who do you think he really is?brunobyof69 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 If daemons corrupt, shouldn't angels cleanse? Angels and daemons are pretty much opposite in the lore: - Unity/Order vs Chaos - Good vs Evil etc To have an eternal conflict we need equivalent power of both sides, if not one would have won for good.... The presence of the daemons, or even their souls in the soulstones, have been able to corrupt humans, and even the Angiris Council (to a certain extent, related in book of Tyrael). Shouldn't the opposite be true as well? If the black stone was able to partially corrupt the council, shouldn't the council have cleansed the souls in the stone as well? so, is there a demon->angel version of Izual? Also, following that idea did Malthael do something do the souls of the 7 lords of hell in his posession?gee16 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 I feel sorry for Diablo I mean, this guy plotted so much, tried so hard, and a petty mortal booted his "Super Saiyan" form right from the heavens. How sad is that? I wish that (maybe in the next installment?) Diablo as Prime Evil gets more respect. Right now he's such a pushover in every game, and not even the final boss after expansions. Plot-wise, I'd love him to actually win sometime. Maybe not the corrupt-the-world win, but achieving something, like killing the stupid mortal who challeneged him. After all, he's the lord of hells, it's kinda anticlimatic when an old man beats him up with a stick and ruins his plans. (yes, I'm refering to Monk ;))Yuri8 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 who are the gods in diablo world? Seriously, there are angels and demons. The monk believe in Gods. witch doctor can speak with the spirits (and I dont know which spirits, since he/she don't interact with the dead). and barbarians also claim to have their God.reidies10 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Andariel and Duriel Am I the only one who thinks Andariel and Duriel should come into the next expansion? Or would that be to many evils to face in one expansion. Its also crazy since the haven't reformed after 20 years.MrChiki4 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 The Archangels' regeneration Since Malthael was killed, can we reasonably assume that he will regenerate from the Crystal Arch at some point? I know this has been touched on in various threads but I wanna concentrate on that and what it means. In my personal opinion, Malthael didn't become evil. He's wisdom and thought for some time on what the right course of action would be. He's entirely objective and unbiased. Almost robotic. I think what he did was the most logical choice he could think of, working under the circumstances at the time. To him, the biggest deliberation may have been whether destroying the nephalem in the process was worth it. Obviously, he decided it was necessary to forever put an end to the Burning Hells, a.k.a. the ends justified the means. Or maybe somehow, dwelling outside the High Heavens, Malthael did become corrupted. If Malthael in RoS was the same cold, logical archangel as before, it brings up a good question, how will he be when regenerated? Presumably he'll be the same, but maybe his judgment will be different. It's interesting to think about. However, if he was corrupted, it would make sense that he would come back renewed. Wanting everyone's opinion here. Also, Is it possible that Tyrael will be regenerated when he dies? If not, wouldn't it make sense the Crystal Arch would have created an angel to stand in his place when he fell? Did his essence disappear, or can it be reformed into a new archangel? Isn't there some kind of balance it keeps regarding that? Also, Tyrael isn't a nephalem. We don't really know what he is. A lot of possibilities could come from this. Also wanting conjectures here as well.Deak211212 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Will we ever visit the Skovos Isles? Well? Possible expansion set? Tyrael hasn't heard from the horadrim that were sent there so perhaps they need rescuing? Curious what you guys think.fuddlez4 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Demon Hunters and melee This is a strange hang up that prevents me from playing demon hunters and I wanted to see if the lore community could shed any light on the matter for me. I know demon hunters train primarily in the use of ranged weaponry, but is it ever stated that they receive ANY melee training? I always wonder what a demon hunter would do (lore wise), if they had access to a sword/mace/axe or something, but not access to a bow. Would the be proficient enough so they could still protect themselves?Aerodox4 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 Imperius vs Inarius I know Blizzard probably already started working on where the story goes from here, but let me lay down some random possibilities for the future installment of Diablo... story wise. You got these three angels, that have all served under the similar position as the leader of the Angiris Council at one point in time, or another. Maltheol, Imperius, and Inarius. They have all served, and they have all done some shady, and just some downright a**hole things to humanity already. Though, only one of these three actually CREATED sanctuary, as well as the Nephalem. So, now there are these two dudes left, who actually still exist in some form. You got Imperius, who is a #@@#@**%, and everyone obviously wants to fight him. We also have Inarious, who of which to most people overlook, is that the whole story of Diablo has been revolving around him, and the actions he took a long time ago. Fast forward to the present. Inarius has been in Hell, being held captive by demons, and has been being tortured for thousands of years inside the Hall of Mirrors. Nobody, has come to save this guy, hes been festering in Hell, for a very long, long time. Pretty much the gist of what I'm getting at here is, the expansion could potentially have to antagonists. Both of which by the stories standards, should be enemies, and would probably destroy eachother if ever given the chance. What would this look like? Well, Inarius would start constructing yet another worldstone in the pits of hell, because the last one he made was destroyed, and he probably wouldn't like that very much. So, Inarius, an angel would actually in a sense become a prime evil. The line between good and evil would be a little grey. Inarius would gain control over hell and its forces, as well as sizable force of angels. Imperius, hes just a #@@#@**% all the time, so he would obviously wage war against Inarius, even if Inarius does indeed deserve vengeance. Here we are, mere humans among an eternal conflict, not just waged by demons and angels anymore, but angels against angels. From there I haven't given much thought. Though I have obviously been pushing for this idea for awhile now. Mainly the idea that Inarius escapes captivity as a deformed monster and causes all sorts of crazy things to happen. I could of written this a lot better, but you get the gist. Fin.zSnakez9 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Diablo extensive story Hi, I really like the diablo story. I would like to read it from start to end somewhere. Diablo story + Reapers of Souls. Not the short summary like version of the story that one can find in the wiki's, but a more extensive one. Does anyone know where I can find this? Any additional stuff like intersting video material tips are welcome too. I myself found an interesting one, which you might have already seen. It is an anime like clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q2htBs_enAMeowazziel3 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 What about animals (or plants)? If humans are born from the union of Angels and Daemons, what birthed the other animals of sanctuary? At some point in the sewers, we learn that some "monsters" are probably also coming from the nephalem but more on the daemon side than the humans. What about the rest? Are all livings in Sanctuary nephalems? Would that explain the cows' power in D2's cow level?gee8 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Plants in the Oasis Nephelem sensitive? I couldn't help but notice that the "explosive" plants from the Dahlgur Oasis are only reacting to the Nephelem, regardless of its strenght/power. When the demons or undead creature from the same area pass next to it, they don't react at all. If those plants only react to nephelem presence, are the nephelem a threat to Sanctuary wildlife? Or have they been in their past glory?Hazmodan4 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Transition btw Act3 and Act4 After cutscene of Adria's betrayal, people in the Bastion keep are dead-some of them.But in cut-scene, it looks like that only few soldiers around ritual was slaughtered by Adria. [Question] Who killed people in keep? Adria or Diablo(or Leah) Also, it would be good if they added some dialogue from peasants that blaming naephalem.Inrang6 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 22, 2014 Why wont new act movies play? So I am not sure where on the forms to post this so I will post it here. Before when I finished an act I would get the CG video to play than the comic book act(w.e) scene to play. Now, I just got the expansion and I am playing as a Crusader and when I go to a new act it skips the videos entirely. I do not have skip cut scenes option checked off so I am not sure why it skips them. I am a lore junkie and I enjoy the story of Diablo 3 so I would like to be able to watch these scenes with all classes. Anyway, if anyone knows why this happens or if there is a way to fix it please let me know.SnR8212 Jul 22, 2014
Jun 28, 2014 Is there any good guy in Diablo?! Descriptions of legendaries says other wise... Almost every legendary is from Evil people... Examples THE FIST OF AZ'TURRASQ The corrupt magistrate of Az'Turrasq punished petty crime at a whim in the name of order. Innocent and guilty alike were crippled or killed by the hundreds during his terrible reign. And Aughild's set :) can we make mini story mode/realm killing Az'turrasq and Aughild?Babymaker2 Jun 28, 2014
Jun 25, 2014 Expansion Predictions Hey guys, Let me just quickly preface everything that's about to follow with a disclaimer: I have way too much time on my hands, I love Diablo lore, and all of this is speculation based on clues left by Blizzard both IRL and in the game itself. So, without further ado, my predictions for the expansion that will follow Reaper of Souls. As we all know (SPOILER ALERT), Malthael shattered the Black Soulstone and attempted to take its power within himself in a last-ditch effort to destroy the Nephalem attacking him in Pandemonium Fortress. What we don't know, or at least it wasn't explicitly stated, was that pieces of the Black Soulstone became embedded in the hero. Tyrael knows, however. In the final cutscene, Tyrael expresses his doubts and fears regarding the potential corruption of the Nephalem. How could we become corrupt though? Just like Albrecht and the Dark Wanderer before us, we are now conscious carriers of the Prime Evil within us. They whisper to us, taunt us, torment our dreams, and even invade our thoughts as we carry out bounty after bounty, rift after rift. Is Sanctuary truly safe, now that the Aspect of Wisdom has been defeated. No. No it is not. In an interview with Leonard Boyarski back in February, he admitted that D3V was to have branching storylines and moral choices, directly affecting the players and the world around them. (Source: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/132464-Diablo-III-Originally-Had-Branching-Storylines-Moral-Choices) The technology in the game's questing and storyline prevented such a branching system from being implemented however, because only one course of action could ultimately be chosen by up to four (potentially competing) voices in any particular game. It's an understandable impasse, they had to let it go, temporarily. Now we have Adventure Mode. A quest-free environment, allowing almost limitless freedom for the Developers to create a faction-based Sanctuary, in which the Eternal War can continue being fought by corrupt and purified nephalem. But how will the Nephalem become fully corrupt or seek redemption? All those voice-overs for Inarius' and Lilith's books are there for a reason. Those Nephalem who choose corruption will ultimately go on a path to kill Inarius in act 6, while those who seek Redemption will hunt Lilith. Where Lilith and Inarius are located in Sanctuary can only be guessed at, but we can be certain, thanks to clues from the dialogue between Tyrael and Lorath in adventure mode, we can safely assume that one of them will be in the Skovos Isles. I want to say that the other will be located in Scosglen, but I really have no idea. Here is a map of Sanctuary, to help you visualize: http://www.diablowiki.net/images/thumb/7/7b/Sanctuary_World_Map.jpg/900px-Sanctuary_World_Map.jpg So, that's about it. The story will take us to defeat or redeem a faction of our choosing through a dynamic and branching storyline. Can we fight the Prime Evil inside of us, or will we succumb to it, as the Dark Wanderer did before us? But what about features? Well, I've thought about that too. First major feature: Adventure Mode PVP. You have been asking for Hostile mode forever. You're going to get it. Adventure Mode PVP will allow players to go Hostile and do battle with enemies of their chosen faction. Classes. It only makes sense that they would introduce 3 new classes, one for each of Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity. My predictions for the classes are: Strength: Either Amazons (from Skovos) or Bear Druids (from Scosglen). If neither of those, I have no idea. Intelligence: Blood mage. Adria and Kadala are the fore-runners for this, setting the groundwork for a new type of magic to enter Sanctuary. Dexterity: Guild Assassin. I say this, only because the Demon Hunter has no melee capability. So, there's a niche that hasn't yet been filled already by the DH or Monk. The class will sit somewhere squarely between the tankiness/survivability of the Monk, and a melee version (ie. daggers, etc.) of the DH's powerhouse damage capability. That's all I've got for now. This was a long post. I'm tired. S.SleepyZ1 Jun 25, 2014
Jun 15, 2014 Firefly- Wizard story http://us.battle.net/d3/en/game/lore/short-story/wizard/Bombat42 Jun 15, 2014
Jun 14, 2014 The Adventures of Tyrael (Mortal version) Is tyrael still a virgin? He looks deprived of sex He needs to get laid, period.Solstice2 Jun 14, 2014
Jun 14, 2014 An idea for the next expansion story. This came to me a long time ago while going through Diablo wiki. And reading some journal during act V further enhanced it. I think in the next expansion, Blizzard really should let the Nephalem journey to Hell to free Inarius. Yes, whatever wrong Inarius might have committed, Inarius is Adam of human kind. And for so long he has been suffered his eternal punishment just like Prometheus. He probably deserves to be free from his terrible fate. So the events of Act V lead to this: The Nephalem, after defeated both champions of Heaven and Hell, decided to free Inarius. And by doing so, he/she also hopes to erase most minions of Hell, making the balance forever swing to the advantage of the angels. Tyrael, sensing something wrong in the Nephalem's goal, find out he/she has been tipped by a mysterious figure, that Inarius has the power to bring back Leah - who is the nephalem's biggest regret. That mysterious figure is all yours to guess :). Meanwhile, since the angels and demon have a pact that Inarius would be forever in the punishment of Hell, the hopeless remaining demons do the unthinkable: ask for Heaven to keep their words - and that would be stopping the Nephalem from doing so. Imperius, for all his pride, intend to keep his promise. And he surprised that Tyrael does not oppose him this time, and even come up with a plan to help. How the story finish is Blizzard's to execute, but at least we will have the battle we all wanted to have - test ourselves again the most badass of Heaven - Imperius. And maybe more. P/s: Apologies for my English, it is my 2nd language :p.Hunter9 Jun 14, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 The Story About the Skeleton King [Video] Hey guys. My third lore video for Diablo "The Story About the Skeleton King" is now live on my YouTube channel. Enjoy! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaBT95RzC9AXilith0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 What might happen next (STORY SPECULATION) To recap what we have seen so far: -Diablo working with Adria managed to absorb all the other Evils, become the Prime Evil and succesfully raided the High Heavens. -By striking him down his soul along with the other evils was trapped within the Soulstone. -Malthael saw this as an opportunity to wipe all demonic beings (humans too) from the face of existence, destroying most of mankind. -Malthael fused with the souls when he shattered the soulstone. -When we killed him, we destroyed them as well. However, when demons die they return to the Black Abyss where they are reincarnated. In conclusion, the High Heavens are in the worse shape they have ever been, Sanctuary is mourning the countless dead and, finally, all the Great Evils are somewhere in Hell with fresh respawn timers. At this point we have to remember the following: -Heaven's power is limited whereas Hell's isn't. -The very first being in all of creation, Anu, was the embodiment of everything, light and dark. When he got rid of all the evil from himself, it took form and became Tathamet, the Prime Evil. They fought until both fell and from the remains of each angels and demons came into being. -Inarius, an archangel advisor to the Angiris council, serving under the command of Tyrael, has doubts about the Eternal Conflict. He gets caught during an attack and in captivity meets a demon who feels the same, Lilith. Together they gathered others who were fed up with the Eternal Conflict and using the Worldstone they escaped in the newly created world of Sanctuary. -From the union of angels and demons a new race was born with the ability to surpass their ancestors' power; the Nephalem. And this brings us to the interesting part. Throughout the games in the series, we have constantly tried to hold the demons from conquering the Sanctuary with the aid of angels (Tyrael) and their angel groupies (Horadrim, Cain was one). So far the story has shown us that angels=good and demons=bad which leads us to the conclusion that the eradication of all demons would be the ultimate goal for us. However, this approach has made us overlook one thing, the balance. The first being in the universe was everything combined, all aspects of both good and evil. Inarius realized the futility of the Eternal Conflict because it can't have a winner. When there are no demons left there won't be any balance of dark and light in creation which can only lead to two possible directions. Life will cease to exist due to the absence of the dark or evil will manifest through others (what Inarius did is viewed as a sin by the angels) which ultimately means that the Eternal Conflict didn't actually end. So we come to the point of realizing that our actions have no significant consequences in the overall picture of what's happening around us, the player character. But, there is a way to continue the story in a meaningful way. In the next expansion we will try to venture into hell in order to either finish off the Evils or try and get Leah back. Up to this point anything can happen. During our journey in Hell we will come across Inarius, who will be tortured and deformed. He will explain to the hero why he abandonned his post and shed light on the futiity of the Conflict. The hero will then put Inarius out of his misery and continue to put an end the the war by creating a truce or possibly severing and cutting of any connections between heaven, hell and the sanctuary. Possible bosses: -Inarius might not want to go without a fight. -Imperius will not just stand there and agree with the demons-are-friends-not-mindless-sadists campaign nor he will leave them be without pursuing their destruction. -Diablo, since we are in hell, won't just give up on trying to gain dominion over Sanctuary. Also, since he absorbed the rest before he died, it could be that Tathamet will make an appearance instead of him. -If Tathamet won't happen, Inarius is held by Mephisto so there could be some action from the other Prime Evils as well or at least their lieutenants. -Tyrael forgets to eat again and this makes you mad. I mean REALLY mad. So you decide to do him a favor and rid him of his hunger forever... Areas: Most of the Burning Hells, Heaven, the Black Abyss The story can conclude by either: -Creating barriers or severing the connection between the realms -By defeating Imperius and the Evils, others will rise to power and they may come to a truce. TL;DR: Pew pew pew, many dead, more pew pew, more dead, truce, no dead. The end. (I posted this on both EU and US forums. I read all the rules and guidelines but can't find if this is allowed or not.)Deathquest2 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 Update Load Screen Messages The Diablo 3 load screen message describing the Barbarian and Monks' additional damage reduce bonus relative to the other character classes does not mention the Crusader class at all.Oscim0 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 No Lore blurb for Rat Caller monster? Is there a lore blurb for this mob? I didnt get any sort of notification when i first killed one. Was wondering if anyone has gotten some sort of lore blurb from abd al hazir for this monster?VileHearts0 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Diablo being set free. Anyone else find it strange that during the story. Its said that all souls consumed by Malthael will be lost forever when Malthael is defeated. How does this not extend to Diablo? Malthael clearly comsumes Diablo's soul during the fight. It seriously feels like a horrible plot device to keep the franchise running. Also Tyrael's dialog about it was bad aswell, literally all hes says is "Then Diablo is free" and thats it. Its like hes not even worried about it.Subvaries2 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 [spoiler]Second exp. What ending do you wish? I hate what happened with Diablo I main character (we "become" Aidan) and all canonically topic about "who did what". Personaly i prefer what Blizzard did with Diablo II: Heroes are simply part of the humankind who fight evil, without specific names, and plot of cinematics tell about other people (Marius) and things not conditioned from us. But though i don't like Nephalem quoted in Diablo III, i love much more "corruption" topic of Reaper of Souls ending. This also because could be great a second exp. ending where Nephalems close its path and Blizzard will not forced to create another character like Aidan in future. A simple ideas are: - All Nephalem going crazy for their powers and becomes Boss in Diablo IV - They create a new WorldStone that stop future Heaven or Hell attacks and disperse Nephalems powers - Final Sacrifice/death Another good idea for next exp. could be two ending: one for our character and one for all, where first one follow our allineament. Allinament could follow two entity that we don't see in this game: Lilith and Inarius. I said Nephalems ending should be bad...and this two guys are not good (they could be Chaos and Order if you want). Examples Cinematic ending: Show what happen to Sanctuary, Tyrael, Follower, etc. "Scroll" ending (good or lawful): Inarius finds a way to control Nephalems. We sacrifice ourself to stop him. Alternative "Scroll" ending (Bad or chaos): Lilith seduces Nephalem. He/we going crazy or are bainshed in another dimension. What do you thinks? What ending do you wish for second expansion? P.S: Sorry for my englishTyrion28 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Boggan Genocide? What's up with killing all the Boggans? What did they do to deserve it? I skip a lot of the story in the game so I am sure to have missed it if it's explained in the story.Speusippus4 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Who are the giants chained up in Act III? In the spiral staircase levels in Act III, after the Siege Breaker and before Azomdan, there are these giants chained up and seeming to be in some pain (and some of them dead). Who are those guys?Speusippus4 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 [spoilers] Thinking about story after a year blah blah blah so people don't get spoilers in the preview blah blah blah Ok, after a year and some time to think about the story, I have a few observations. Kinda like the twist in WoW at the end of ICC, there are some really cool parts to the story in D3, but the problem is that the plot hacks to get to those twists are really problematic. Tyrael not recognizing Leah as the daughter of Diablo is absurd, especially given her demonic magic and the reasonably deduced fact that she was born right about the time the Dark Wanderer was around. And he's the new Archangel of Wisdom? Can we get a recount here? It's also problematic that Lea-blo doesn't rip Tyrael's head off right at the top of Bastion's Keep watchtower while he's weak. Or that Adria doesn't kill him. Casting down one of the five archangels isn't something they'd pass up. That's a little easier to look past, but it still tests suspension of disbelief. I love the little animated movie they made about Imperius (not in the game) and it did a great job of establishing his character in just a few short minutes. But at the end of Act 4 when he's somehow surprised that Diablo reached the Crystal Arch...what the heck was he defending? He's the Archangel of Valor and just decided to leave the Crystal Arch undefended? It's kinda dumb. (I am glad we don't fight him, though, it'd have been cool but not...in-line with the personalities of the heroes.) The fact that Tyrael is trying to put Belial and Azmodan in soulstones is also a huge plot hack. Tyrael already knows that doesn't work!!! And the plan with what to do with it after all 7 of them are in there changes. First Adria's going to shatter it, even though when that happens Tyrael says pretty matter-of-factly that it means their souls just get out and they're loose again. Then Tyrael tries to hide it, which is more sensible. But the fact that Tyrael is going along with the plan to hand over the most powerful artifact in creation to a witch?Astinus5 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 Open Letter to Chris Metzen Chris, I've been playing Blizzard games since 1994 with Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and have bought every single title since. I read every page of the manual(s) for Warcraft 1&2, Diablo, Starcraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, etc. and have always enjoyed the storylines which were well written (at least up until Warcraft 3 but even Warcraft 3 wasn't poorly written, it just took a sharp turn for PG-13, which is okay) You have brought us three amazing IPs and are one of the most influential figures in creating the Blizzard empire. You're also an amazing artist, and frankly are the father of the worlds we love. But it is time to pass the torch to some different writers. The quality of writing - especially dialogue - has become really bad. It isn't your fault - one man can't be expected to churn out non-stop quality material for three different universes and one of those being an MMO with constant content additions. You're currently surrounded by sycophants because you're a big wig at Blizzard and nobody wants to get in a political battle - so please, listen to us fans on this one, or better yet - take a look at the cinematics and dialogue from Diablo 2 (especially the one with Baal) and compare them to what we have now. Thanks,Merk283 Jun 1, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 Tyrael and justice Shouldn't Tyrael go back to what he originally was? I know he is wisdom now but he wasn't chosen by the Crystal to represent it. He is born justice since the beginning of creation and I think it fit for him to go back being justice.Utam8 Jun 1, 2014
May 31, 2014 Imperius, Angel of Wrath ...And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost as Justice falls upon the world of men. Valor shall turn to Wrath- and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair. Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all- as Fate lies shattered forever. From the Book of Tyrael, the Prophecy of the End Times. Besides referring to Rakanoth (Despair), Malthael (Wisdom and Death), and Diablo in general, it's also offering at least two hints to expansions. The first is the second last line, 'Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all' which means Reaper of Souls. The only other thing that refers directly to something happening as opposed to vague hints, and also uses a capital, is 'Valor turns to Wrath'. Valor is of course Imperius, and he remains the Archangel of Valor, with some level of antagonism in Reaper of Souls. But as Blizzard said, expansions are self-contained, and they kind of learned their lesson with Kil'Jaeden at the end of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. So Malthael is the focus of Reaper of Souls, so that leaves Imperius open and ready. Main point of this post is that clearly there's an expansion planned in which Imperius becomes the Angel of Wrath or something.Liam24 May 31, 2014
May 29, 2014 Nephalem powers One thing all the player classes have in common is some sort of inhuman "super" form where they are basically in godmode. Wiz -> Archon DH -> Vengeance Monk -> Epiphany Barb -> Wrath Crusader -> Akarat's Champion So were all Nephalem less like fleshy humans and more like big glowing angry energy beings?qynvi7 May 29, 2014
May 28, 2014 Sanctuary's Creation & Rise of the Nephalem Hi guys. My second lore video for Diablo is now live. Constructive critisism and feedback is very much appreciated. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWbathndd8o&list=PLMK-X-jB35Tko6si60EpVh-y2yCeBkJR_Xilith0 May 28, 2014