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Jun 1, 2014 Tyrael and justice Shouldn't Tyrael go back to what he originally was? I know he is wisdom now but he wasn't chosen by the Crystal to represent it. He is born justice since the beginning of creation and I think it fit for him to go back being justice.Utam8 Jun 1, 2014
May 31, 2014 Imperius, Angel of Wrath ...And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost as Justice falls upon the world of men. Valor shall turn to Wrath- and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair. Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all- as Fate lies shattered forever. From the Book of Tyrael, the Prophecy of the End Times. Besides referring to Rakanoth (Despair), Malthael (Wisdom and Death), and Diablo in general, it's also offering at least two hints to expansions. The first is the second last line, 'Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all' which means Reaper of Souls. The only other thing that refers directly to something happening as opposed to vague hints, and also uses a capital, is 'Valor turns to Wrath'. Valor is of course Imperius, and he remains the Archangel of Valor, with some level of antagonism in Reaper of Souls. But as Blizzard said, expansions are self-contained, and they kind of learned their lesson with Kil'Jaeden at the end of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. So Malthael is the focus of Reaper of Souls, so that leaves Imperius open and ready. Main point of this post is that clearly there's an expansion planned in which Imperius becomes the Angel of Wrath or something.Liam24 May 31, 2014
May 29, 2014 Nephalem powers One thing all the player classes have in common is some sort of inhuman "super" form where they are basically in godmode. Wiz -> Archon DH -> Vengeance Monk -> Epiphany Barb -> Wrath Crusader -> Akarat's Champion So were all Nephalem less like fleshy humans and more like big glowing angry energy beings?qynvi7 May 29, 2014
May 28, 2014 Sanctuary's Creation & Rise of the Nephalem Hi guys. My second lore video for Diablo is now live. Constructive critisism and feedback is very much appreciated. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWbathndd8o&list=PLMK-X-jB35Tko6si60EpVh-y2yCeBkJR_Xilith0 May 28, 2014
May 28, 2014 Where is the Assassin sent after Li-Ming? As we know from the short story "Firefly" https://us.battle.net/d3/en/game/lore/short-story/wizard/ we know that Valthek sent an assassin out to assassinate Li-Ming who is the playable female wizard. But i cannot find any mention of this ever going anywhere. So unless i have missed something, i assume they just scrapped the idea altogether so they didn't have to make the gameplay different for different classesIAmDansker2 May 28, 2014
May 28, 2014 Who canonically defeated the Prime Evil? Basically, who actually defeated the Prime Evil in Diablo 3? In Diablo 1, it was a Warrior, a Rogue, and a Sorcerer, who end up being Aidan, Blood Raven, and the Summoner, respectively. In Diablo 2, Deckard Cain mentions in his book that it was the combination of the seven heroes that managed to defeat Baal in LoD. However, the Book of Tyrael and Storm of Light only briefly mention whoever it was that defeated Diablo, and it almost seems to point that it was only one hero. So, which one of the heroes actually defeated him, or was it a combination of the heroes again?Thunderclaww30 May 28, 2014
May 27, 2014 Malthael, Covetous Shen, The Prophet ect.,... Hi everybody, I have just been daydreaming and thinking about some of the characters backstories to them and this is just my theories behind them, let me know what you think, or if it has already been explained fully and I just missed it. There may be spoilers so if you don't want to encounter any then don't read past this point. (haha, get it...point....) ---------------- Malthael, Archangel of Wisdom - Archangel of Death Okay so everyone who follows the story has probably already found out that Malthael has abandoned his post as the Archangel of Wisdom because he was unable to comprehend the destruction of the worldstone. Tyrael suggests that he is wondering Pandemonium in search of answers to the things that plague him. To me, I am kind of thinking that Malthael is the Prophet that the enchantress talks about. My reasoning behind this belief is that going through the Enchantress' story throughout the game, you eventually learn that her master, The Prophet, was actually an angel. She says that the letter from the dying angel saw promise in humanity, and worked in absolute secrecy. Itherael was unable to look into his scroll and see his fate, and so he knew nothing of him. If Malthael was the Archangel of Death, then that means he would have to ability to phase in and out of different times in history, just like how the enchantress was sent into the future. Also, maybe it is possible Itherael was unable to find out who the Prophet was because Death is itself, and thus has no predetermined fate to head towards, and Itherael was always so aloof, being drowned in the Fate of everything that he never really noticed anything. Perhaps Malthael went back in time before the worldstone was destroyed in an attempt to restore the balance he felt was disrupted when the Worldstone was destroyed, and trained a group of young magically gifted young girls who showed potential in slaying demons to go into the future, when balance is completely out of order and in the favor of Hell, to help the hero restore what he feels is missing since the destruction of the Worldstone. That's just my theory on Malthael anyways. Covetous Shen - Everyone knows going through Covetous Shen's story that the main character is almost entirely convinced that he actually is a God like people believed him to be. Some people feel that Covetous Shen is actually an Archangel, some even go so far as saying he is actually Malthael in disguise. I have my own theory however on Covetous Shen's true identity, although you guys might find it bit of a stretch. I think Covetous Shen is actually the Demon God of Greed. I think all the Treasure Goblins found throughout the game work for Covetous Shen, helping him to search for that mysterious gem he has been looking for, for so long. I say he is the demon lord of greed and I know quite a few will find it farfetched but it has been made clear that not all demons and angels are "for the cause" so to speak. If there is a Lord of Greed, then he would be in love with shiny, precious objects, like gems, and he would covet them accordingly. Perhaps this is why he is not worried about wondering through places infested with demons? His attitude and personality seem to point towards this end, for me at least. Also, his dialog with his guide, Gaven when you first rescue him and find the object he is looking for seems like he could care less about life, as long as he obtains items. --------------------- This is all just my two cents at least. Let me know what you guys think. TL;DR Archangel of Wisdom/Death Malthael I belive is the Prophet from the Enchantress story. I believe Covetous Shen to be the Demon Lord of Greed.Artorias37 May 27, 2014
May 27, 2014 idea for current blood shards remember how we needed to sell SOJS in d2 for the uber diablo? can we make it that if we spend enough blood shards... a random event can open up for us to do? kill a certain boss or something?JJHardaway0 May 27, 2014
May 25, 2014 Two questions regarding angels Hi there! I have two short questions for you. Before that, I have to admit that my lore knowledge come mostly from D3 and RoS as well as a wiki (I've never played Diablo 2 nor did I read any of the books..shame on me I know :P). But, well here we go. 1. Can any angel enter and leave the High Heavens at any given time? I know that Tyrael was on Sanctuary multiple times, as well as back in Heaven...so can any angel just open a portal and go back? (When he is, for example somewhere in Westmarch for whatever reasons). 2. I've read that an angel can disguise themselves to walk among humans? Is this still lore? The sources are from Diablo 1 books, which are quiet older nowadays. That's it for now. Thank you! (Any grammar error you find, you can keep for yourself. English is not my native language :P)Keydiam2 May 25, 2014
May 25, 2014 Angel and Demon? Okay so something I have always wondered is that it seems the Nephilim has a place in both the demon world and the angel world. So does that mean that our hero the Nephilim has traits of both? And if that is the case, what happens if he gives too much to the Angel side or the Demon side?Acusor1 May 25, 2014
May 24, 2014 "Firefly" question Hi, just wanted to ask a question about the Firefly story (probably my fave of the shorts). When Li-Ming asked him if he had ever wondered who was the stronger between the two, and he didn't answer... he had always known she would become the strongest, didn't he? Probably this is why he took her from Isendra? He really wanted to keep her away from the path of a wizard, which would force him to sic the assassins onto her?imsojuicy0 May 24, 2014
May 24, 2014 Is Itherael current ruler of Heaven? "Where the actions of hell seem straight forwardly bent on destruction, the motives of heaven are unfathomable." Knowledge of the future grants power over the present. For this reason, Itherael, the archangel of Fate, is a vital member of the Council. He alone possesses the ability to decipher the threads of destiny woven in the celestial Scroll of Fate. His boundless sight grants him perspective others cannot fully comprehend. I don't know how could work Itherael powers... At first i imagine something like Architect in Matrix Reloaded: He can simply "calculate" the future by his perception of reality and time. In the begining all creatures of universe are bounded on their role as evil, chaotic, good, etc.so its ability was simply to be descripted as we listen. With arrival of Nephalem/humans and their free will, possible futures was moltiplexed by infinite possibilities of mortal nature...this could explain why he said "Nephalem's Fate is unwritten" and make Itherael the chaffiest archengel of all Haven, but... What if its powers work so good to make Itherael controll events by minor little action? No one could suspect him for anything. Think about current situation: - Nephalem are a killers easy to manipulate because they trust Tyrael and he trust only their brothers. - Malthael is dead and Tyrael haven't same old powers. Now there are only three Archangel (like a Trinity if you want) in Heaven. Itherael has a defender and an attacker: Imperious and Auriel. Two angels easier to manipulate then Malthael and Tyrael. - Diablo universe are more balanced then before: all seven Lords are finally come back in the Hell and Sanctuary must fight them right as Heaven Some angels don't care about "Good" but only "Law"...and this situation is "fair": Nephalem are stronger then Angels but their world is more unsecured with release of Seven Lords. In this way Itherael seems an wannabe demiurge that controll peoples and factions with invisible actions, to brings Law and Balance also where no one can see. What do you think? PS: Sorry for my bad english.Tyrion2 May 24, 2014
May 23, 2014 The Angiris council Didn't even help???? So Female Diablo is dead and Malthael steals the big piece of Charcoal and turns it blue. I am one who ACTUALLY clicks on and reads Every* piece of dialogue in the game, and explores Every* inch of the game. so I understand much more than the casual gamer does when it comes to in-game lore. (it kinda saddens me to see some people get confused and start asking questions about the story that was easily explained had they actually listened to the dialogue). I'd say my grasp of the whole story is up to par with how the writers actually wanted it depicted. But one thing that makes absolutely no sense. When Malthael started attacking, why was there absolutely* NO* intervention (Or HELP for that matter) from the other Archangels in the Angiris Council??? I understand Imperius doesn't wanna play, since he never liked Humans to begin with, but why didn't Auriel or Itherael do jack squat or lift a finger to help the hero and Tyrael out once Malthael started assaulting earth?? Surely it would be all over the Angelic News by then... Imean, were they just sitting on the Crystal Couch watching the news through the plasma water widescreen jar, eating popcorn that Imperius cooked within his armor when he last got angry?Retukaibo10 May 23, 2014
May 23, 2014 Map! Does anybody have the map of the Diablo series, from the books? please send me linkRaziel0 May 23, 2014
May 21, 2014 [Video] The Story of Diablo's Creation Hi all. I decided to give story telling a try and chose to do Anu & the Dragon as my first. Feedback and constructive critisism would be very welcome! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drKT_xW_WHQXilith0 May 21, 2014
May 19, 2014 How is Diablo killed at the end of Diablo 3? If it was that easy, just like slaying a normal monster, why bother with all that soulstone business at all?UmurAkay1 May 19, 2014
May 19, 2014 So what is the TRUE nature of the Dark Exile? The Dark Exile, one of the most iconic parts of the Diablo backstory.. I recall it adding so much depth to the story reading it in the Diablo 1 manual. Than Diablo 2 threw that curveball.. you all know the moment.. when you defeat Izual.. and he reveals to you the whole thing was just a ruse. The Prime Evils purposely got "exiled" to the mortal realm so they could get their greedy hands on those soulstones. One of the coolest aspects of the Diablo series got retconned into lie. And even the Lesser Evils were aiding the Three, indeed confirming it was all a ruse. Then along came Diablo 3. It re-retconned the Dark Exile into being real again.. complete with Azmodan and Belial really being in the civil war and really having rebelled against the The Three. Uh, what? Now on the anivserssary, Blizz released the "Story of Diablo" feature on the Game Guide, and it also sticks to the version of the story where the Dark Exile wasn't a ruse at all. What am I supposed to make of this? Izual was bluffing? A mix of both stories.. ie the rebellion was real, but The Three losing the war was staged? What really went on?Paz1 May 19, 2014
May 19, 2014 Tiamet and the Prime Evil Is there any real appreciable difference between Tiamet and the Prime Evil that was Diablo in the end of the game?MaxPower2 May 19, 2014
May 19, 2014 There can be, only one? Just read some notes from the recent Anniversary Dev Stream on DiabloFans that said.. "After the death of Malthael, the combined Prime Evil Diablo was released, rather than the individual Evils" http://www.diablofans.com/news/48075-more-info-from-the-anniversary-dev-stream-gambling Tyrael also says, after Malthael is defeated that Diablo is released, not giving a sense of all of the evils, but Diablo as a singular enemy. Are we really only going to face Diablo from now? Never again the other evils he combined with like Mephisto, Baal, etc ? I'll be honest, I will be pretty disappointed if it's just Diablo from this point. Part of the fun in Diablo lore wise for me, is it wasn't just a singular leader of the Infernal Hells, but a large army lead by numerous badasses. And with Heaven not really backing us, the odds seemed so overwhelming against Sanctuary and it's inhabitants, which made for a dark and interesting challenge like "How can we possibly win against all these awesome enemies?" But now Heaven is more or less supporting Sanctuary, and only one enemy of Hell to defeat (Diablo as the singular, Prime Evil), which we already have defeated, is this still a challenge? Even without Heaven's support, the Nephalem is more than capable it seems to defeat Diablo again. I for one would welcome the return of ALL the evils, traitors banished (Inarius, Lillith for example), and whatever else can be thrown at us. Otherwise, I don't see Diablo as a game franchise, lasting longer than another xpac, or even being that interesting in the next. Sorry to sound pessimistic, I just love the lore, characters and want to feel like there is still a lot more to come story wise for us. Like Warcraft and Starcraft, there is SO~ much Blizzard can do with the lore in game and I hope they don't fall short of reaching out to deeper and more challenging adventures for us in Diablo.Kinetic1 May 19, 2014
May 18, 2014 Obtaining A prisoners Journal Has there been a fix to this bug yet? i looked it up and there was a thread about it that was shut down by Tsarnis (whom i am assuming is a blizzard employee of some sort)... he said Hi Everyone, While we appreciate all of your reports about this and other issues in this forum, this issue is listed in our Known Issues list. The issues we have listed there are issues that we are aware of, and in most cases plan to fix. I'd encourage everyone to read over the known issues list from time to time. We would prefer to avoid cluttering up the forum with reports of issues that we have listed in Known Issues if possible, which is why that list exists. Thanks again, and see you all in-game! but if you go and look at the known issues list it isnt there, and there appears to be no fix. i have run through this event a couple dozen time and havent gotten the book drop yet. Has been fixed in RoS 2.1.0Garh19932 May 18, 2014
May 17, 2014 Why couldn't the Black Soulstone Why couldn't Tyrael and the Angels destroy the Black Soulstone?celebrei43 May 17, 2014
May 16, 2014 just got a new smart phone i want to load it will ebooks (short stories, novels) from diablo? where can i download and what should i download? thanksveryparanoid1 May 16, 2014
May 13, 2014 Who is this character? http://i2.wp.com/www.adriacraft.net/images/stories/news/2013/Sep/17/reaper_of_souls_portraits.jpg Second row, in the middle, looks like an angel, with the robe and no face. Next to general thorion (wolf helm face) Did I miss him in the campaign perhaps, hmmmm, he somehow seems familiar!mvm1993 May 13, 2014
May 13, 2014 Achievements Anyone feels like doing achievements with me?KB240 May 13, 2014
May 13, 2014 Trag´Oul doesn´t cares about sanctuary? Since the ancient times of Sanctuary Trag´Oul has been searching and protecting the balance,trying to free the world of Sanctuary from the presence of both angels and demons.My question is now,why he didn´t appear when the reapers atacked indiscriminately the humans,endangering the balance. Has Trag´Oul another idea about what balance means?,I thought about it,but he helped humanity,instructing necromancers...so this means he really cares about humanity.. but didn´t appeared yet. Can someone enlight this question or explain his or her thoughts about it? sorry for my english ,Im spanish and i dont know if i explained myself well.Aqua6 May 13, 2014
May 12, 2014 Olde Town IPA I am all for easter eggs, but this one takes me out of the world. Where in the world of Sanctuary is India?Apostle1 May 12, 2014
May 12, 2014 Dirgest and Liria (Spoilers)? Well now that Dirgest is free what role might he play in the future? If there is another expansion will he be an extension of the sidequest or could he play a larger role? I would compare this relationship to Lycander x Philios whose daughters formed the Sisters of The Sightless Eye and the Amazons of Skovos. I'm thinking Dirgest was a deserter from Hell, maybe a Lieutenant of Azmodan (Master of Avarice)? His very essence was "Desire" which limited him to visiting Liria at night because "desire rules the night", and he captured her heart by showering her with gifts. Zei/Shen says the "World is in danger", which makes me wonder how powerful Dirgest is relative to the demon lords (of course we beat them before, so maybe no big deal?) He is said to have committed "Crimes against his people". But what is a "crime" to demon? That aside, I'm wondering just how the helen-of-troy Shen/Zei can remember ANYTHING. Albeit he says he is losing his memories. I thought most people lost their memories world wide due to intervention after Uldyssian's sacrifice. I also thought all the Ancients lost their immortality because of the changes Inarius made in the Worldstone. Do you suppose Shen/Zei could have stolen a tiny piece of it and altered its properties? It seems he may have trapped Dirgest in a precursor of the Black Soulstone (man made rather than deifacted).Mijuu0 May 12, 2014
May 10, 2014 In Strange Eons Even DEATH May Die (2nd Xpac) That is not dead, which can forever lie. The tentacles of Lovecraftian Horror have found their way into many mediums. Videogames are no exception, and Blizzard is somewhat familiar with it. We have not seen any in the Diablo franchise, albeit we have gotten bits and pieces of it in books. What if....Diablo got a 2nd expansion, and this dealt with the Nephalem and their encounters with other entities from beyond? Angels and Demons are NOT the only immortals. There are many others which come from stranger places and are far older. http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Trag%27Oul http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Covetous_Shen http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Dreamer ... I feel an expansion of this nature could tread a lot of new ground, albeit it might be more appropriate as Diablo IV with 4 full acts unto itself.Mijuu2 May 10, 2014
May 10, 2014 Something Seems Off About the Reapers... I just noticed something and thought it might be interesting to bring up. In Diablo, Angels are shown not to be beings of flesh and blood but instead are more like energy beings inhabiting a shell of armor. The only notable exceptions to this rule are Tyrael, who threw away his immortality and thus became mortal, and Izual, whose soul is bound to that of a demon. This made me wonder why, when we see Reapers that are of Angelic descent (like Anarchs, Exarchs, Winged Assassins) why are they comprised of flesh mainly? Wouldn't they be more energy-like like some of the humans who've been forcibly transformed into Reapers? For that matter, what exactly goes on during the Reaper transformation? I mean, we see energy-being like Reapers in the form of Reaper Archers but then there are more flesh and blood Reapers in some of the Angelic Reapers and some of the human Reapers. Is this some sort of power of Heaven we don't quite know about yet? It's sure not a power of Hell, given Malthael's stance of things (and yes, I know he fused himself with the Black Soulstone during the fight with him, but that was at the very end and was more or less a gamble for him since he needed an edge against us when he realized he was losing). Or could it be something more? Remember, that Malthael said in the lore books littered throughout Pandemonium that he heard whispers that he then followed. What could these whispers have been? Could it have been his own head playing tricks on him as he was walking the path towards madness? Or could there be another power at play here that was pulling Malthael's strings? One that differs from Heaven, Hell, or the Nephalem? If so, who or what could it be? A really messed up Inarius (getting tortured for a long time can screw a person up; just ask Izual)? Lilith? So many questions! What do you guys think?Shade12 May 10, 2014
May 9, 2014 Leah must remain DEAD: here's why Leah. We kinda liked her and was going to take the place of Decard Cain. But Diablo possesed her and, well, it didn't end nicely. Listen, she has to remain dead. Albrecth and Aidan remained dead. Tal Rasha remained dead and Sankekur remained dead. If Leah returns, there's no reason why all the others can't come back. If you tell me "But wait, the reason is, the last person possesed can return" or "After Malthael was destroyed, her soul lingered around" or "You must go to hell and save her soul" it will end up looking, unless you do a superb storytelling job, as an excuse to have the girl back. Because if you can bring her back, there's no reason why you can't bring back Aidan, for example, or Tal Rasha. Or Cain. Or King Justinian, or whoever, you get the point. And saying "But wait, we have to save Leah because she was nice! She was our friend!" is like saying "She's more special than the gazillions who died during the whole war that Diablo 3 was." If you think inside the universe, how can you say that Leah's life is worth more than Thomas (a character in Storm of Light), for example? But there's another reason. There was tragedy in Leah's death, it was cruel of Adria (and Diablo too, but particularly Adria) to use her just like a vessel (although I don't feel Leah was such a multidimentional personality). If you bring her back, you lessen not only the tragedy, but the shock (or however you want to call it) of death itself. We've seen this in the Warcraft universe, which is fine because Warcraft is fantasy, but Diablo is dark fantasy. Fantasy with horror. Thing don't go well for the good guys; if the hero wins, chances are he'll pay with his life. That's good, that's the way it should be, you're fighting demons, after all, you're fighting hell. Reaper of Souls was an excellent, excellent step in this direction, things were gloomy and dark again, doom was certainly in the air. If you bring the girl back, the mood will get dull again. Because there are no stakes. She can be brought back? Oh, okay, then death is no biggie. The ending can be a happy rainbow where we can all slide in hands with Aidan and Blood Raven and everyone else who died. And every character in the future who dies, will make you think "Why can't we resurrect that guy too?" More importantly, if the Nephalem dies, why can't he (maybe the biggest hero of Sanctuary's history) be resurrected? Leah can but the Nephalem can't? You know what they say in comics, right? "Only Uncle Ben stays dead." Let's not set a precedent in Diablo with this.WhiteZombie16 May 9, 2014
May 7, 2014 Was Malthael correct in his goals? Would like to hear what you guys have to say. No flaming amongst each other (only reason I say that is because this is a pretty touchy subject and I know people will get mad lol), keep all statements constructive and mature to whatever level you can please.Whirlwind1 May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014 Zoltun Kulle - one vastly misunderstood man. Never posted in here before but I enjoy the story of D3 a lot and I just wanted to point this out. Even though Zoltun Kulle is given the voice of a sadistic demon...his goals really aren't so terrible. He's trying to free man from its involuntary involvement in the never ending war between Heaven and Hell. Yes, I realize that he goes to some considerable lengths, albeit evil in nature, but I really feel like he's not as bad as the other villains in the story. I mean, he almost immediately knows about Leah, "I wonder if your friends know what you truly are." He recognizes Tyrael as the savior of man, and the embodiment of justice, "Whatever else he may be..." He encourages the Nephalem to rise above their petty tasks. He's just not so bad. And as SOON as he makes good on his word (which he COULD have broken as soon as he regained physical form), the Hero kills him... I don't know, I just feel as if he had potential as an ally. Oh, and on a terribly unimportant/insignificant note, the Hunter's Journal Part 3 says that each step was "harder than the next." By that reasoning, he and his comrades should have had no problem getting through the Vault of the Assassin...I mean, if each step is easier and easier.... lol, probably just a goof in story writing. Thanks for reading this, haha.Melkor59 May 7, 2014
May 6, 2014 RoS ending (spoiler) btw, Diablo is free. Again. Seems a bit lacklusterKeltari0 May 6, 2014
May 5, 2014 Tyrael - more powerful as a Mortal? Isn't it widely accepted that Humans have the potential to surpass every other being in terms of power cuz of the power of the Human Spirit and yadi yadi yada? So Tyrael basically traded Angelic powers for the potential for unlimited power. Should that even be allowed?.?BattleBra12 May 5, 2014
May 3, 2014 Hero's becoming so powerful.... That heaven and hell have finally noticed. Diablo 1, your just regular joes who defeated waves of hell and the hero thinks himself strong enough to hold diablo...cool idea and cleaver but never really says much in how everyone got so damn strong, not to mention no one in the realm of heaven or hell seems to care or notice. Diablo 2, your still supposably regular joes again who then continue to defeat waves of hell, and 3 lords of hell. So, you know after playing d2's story when I was young I always thought it funny that the hero's of the game had literally in fact became the strongest people in the world. I thought it even cooler to think they would then become the strongest people and take OVER THE WORLD and FIGHT HEAVEN (Two ideas that are for the next expansion). It's actually crazy to see some of these idea's i thought of actually kinda of happen...i.e going to heaven and the idea that the story is finally realizing that the playable characters really are waaaay to powerful that you'd wonder why no one notices of even cares, but they did, which never happened in both d1 and d2. I know it's different because now the playable characters for diablo 3 are called nephalem but it's still a really sweet moment to have those young idea's coming to life. Hope that made sense.monkeycowman1 May 3, 2014
Apr 30, 2014 Small Lore Error [RoS Spoilers] Hello! There is an error with the lore book "Discovery of Sanctuary: Part 3". The icon used for Diablo is that of his form in D3V; the Leah-hosted body. The icon should depict his base form, example being that which we see in the Wrath animated cinematic. The Diablo quote even mentions that the humans are newly discovered, so he cannot yet have a host, let alone the feminine traits of Leah. Edit: And if I'm not mistaken, Baal is depicted using his Tal-Rasha host. Tal-Rasha did not exist at the time of this quote as Sanctuary was just created / discovered.Crim2 Apr 30, 2014
Apr 30, 2014 Terrible dialogue Dear Blizz, can you please stop having such cringe-worthy, child-oriented themes and dialogue? While I'm in my mid-20s and perhaps that isn't your target audience, but please, sometimes your games come off like old Yugioh episodes... For examples, look at that stupid Magda dialogue in A1 or Diablo "taunting" you in A4. Seriously, listen to each and just roll your eyes. On a side note, what is with this focus in your games were the PC is pretty much a walking god? I mean, in D2 and old WoW you were but a person in a larger world. However, nowadays you may as well be called Arnold, have an M4 with M203 and ALL of the "bad guys" turn into no-name extras... So: Childish dialogues - check. Ridiculous focus only on the player character like they are some god among men - check. (Just look at how badass Tyreal was in D2 and now he - like all other characters - are just worthless). So please, can we have games where the dialogue/environment matches the rating? Kkthx.Lagrangian3 Apr 30, 2014
Apr 30, 2014 So angels and demons have sex and produce us? us = Nephalems, i mean. Seems kinda nasty...pandas16 Apr 30, 2014
Apr 29, 2014 Someones long lost daughter... So, to explain things; I had an idea for the game a while ago.. It was for combining 2 items of the same type together to get shared stats from each item.. I dubbed it 'Fusing', but I doubt I make a thread for it.. Anyway, I even concocted a very short story to go along with how it could be introduced and could even be carried further for more lore... *Please note; This is just 'fan-fiction' ... I stopped after I realized I wasn't going to post the idea in the forums since I didn't think it would lead anywhere.. But it did make for an interesting short story, so I decided to not let that go to waste. If I had kept going it would have probably gone in the direction of her finding out her real father had been murdered by protecting the very thing that had made her travel to this area. And of course there are numerous other routes you could go with the story.. I hope you enjoy or enjoyed the story... If you did, sorry it wasn't longer! If you didn't, sorry it was so long!EvilDread0 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 28, 2014 Jamella and Halbu (Spoilers) If you are a big Diablo 2 fan of Jamella and Halbu like me and wanted to know what happened to the pair.... I am sad to inform you that I have found the Ghost of Jamella and Halbu quest in Pandemonium Fortress Level 1. They were killed my Maltheal when he took over the fortress. For specifics, I recommend finding the quest and read what they have to say. RIPDierdrea2 Apr 28, 2014
Apr 28, 2014 What do you think Baal really looks like? From Diablo possessing Albrecht and Leah we can see their physical form tends to adopt traits, albeit subtly, from the host... Enough to at least cause recognizable differences. So that makes me wonder... We have a Tal Rasha version of Baal on D2, which I feel gave Baal a more humanoid face and a dignified manner, but what would a more neutral look for him be?CapnMuffin7 Apr 28, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Had a weird dream Stay with me on this as it may get a little... odd. But I had a dream about the next expansion and for some reason it was about some sort of 'parallel dimension' that the Nephalem travels to and helps those folks out. And in this 'dimension,' or alternate reality (or whatever), the angels are bound to evil while the demons are good. I imagined Tyrael to be an aspect of corruption or injustice, while Diablo would be an embodiment of joy or happiness. In this case there could be a 'white soulstone' where Zoltan Kulle was the only Horadrim who was not corrupted, when attempting to stop this 'evil' Angiris Council from doing something sinister. That was the majority of my dream; however, I do find this to be a potentially awesome idea. Adria could be good and Cain could have been evil... maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.Tassadar1 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 *SPOILER* Discussion of RoS ending So Diablo has been freed, due to Malthaeal absorbing the Black Soulstone to try and end the Nephalem, and when he died, unleashed Diablo. Now, is it regular, beefy Diablo or Prime Evil Diablo? What do you guys think the next expansion will be about? Even Tyrael begins to fear the Nephalem.BigParde21 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 26, 2014 So, what changed in Sanctuary after RoS end? So, in general terms, in Diablo 3 all big demons are put together in a black stone (I still don't understand how putting the most dangerous beings together in a stone is a intelligent idea), and then Diablo is reborn more powerful and badass than ever (and with b00bs). Then, in RoS, an angel decides to kill all humans, and when we fight him, he decides to absorb all demons that are in the black soulstone. So when he dies, someones says "oh, but now Diablo (and I suppose the other demons) are free again", so....are we in a worse situation than at the beginning of D3?Kalsten4 Apr 26, 2014
Apr 26, 2014 If Prime Evil bested angels If evils unite themselves to be the Prime Evil which bested angels, why can't angeris council form to be Prime Angel to match up with the evils? Like Pure Evil vs Pure Light, does not need a nephalem to finish the job. Sorry, English is not my primary language, please forget about my grammar mistake. =)Ivangoh2 Apr 26, 2014
Apr 26, 2014 The Dirgest's Gem. What's the full story? I'm interested in the story of the Dirgest's Gem that Shen is seeking, and I was curious if anyone knew any more about it. PS: I would love to go after the Dirgest in an expansion or something.CulixCupric12 Apr 26, 2014
Apr 24, 2014 how the heck do soulstones work? I'm confused as to what soulstones do. So originally the prime evils went around causing evils and stuffs without the need for soulstones. then one day the horadrim trapped them in soulstones. when diablo and mephisto's soulstones were destroyed at the hellforge, it was said that they died, baal said "my brothers would not have died in vain" so why didnt the horadrim just destroy the soulstones in the first place?? Baal's soul stone was stabbed into TalRasha, Marius took it out, that freed Baal, but for some reason baal needed the soulstone back, why? It seemed like the prime evils needed the soulstones to manifest themselves but originally they didnt, whys this? When the dark wanderer stabbed diablo's soulstone into his head, he turned into diablo while keeping the soulstone there, why does Baal need marius to remove the soulstone from his body, then get it back from him??? Catwomán15 Apr 24, 2014
Apr 22, 2014 Tower of The Damned/Act III [Spoilerish?} WONDERING: Within the area, WHAT are those titanic figures? Is there any lore on them in game that I missed? Why are they imprisoned? Those would make some GNARLY bosses for an expansion.Mijuu25 Apr 22, 2014
Apr 22, 2014 Diablo in Diablo III - The prime evil? I'm not sure if this is a gameplay or a lore topic. It's probably both. When I first played Diablo III and Diablo became the prime evil I thought "Oh sh..". But when I fought him he was just .. Diablo. He did the same tricks he did in Diablo 2 as regular Diablo. I expected him to combine the powers of his siblings. I expected a Diablo with frost aura, poison bullets and ice shards, ring of fire, "beam of death" etc. Have the developers been lazy or is there a good explanation why Diablo only uses his own powers as the prime evil?Cjreek2 Apr 22, 2014
Apr 21, 2014 Comparing the diablo's Kind of a tone shift over the years, no? http://i344.photobucket.com/albums/p358/bob493/comparison_zps0cf41969.pngLinuxpenguin0 Apr 21, 2014