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May 16, 2012 Vetting a Hero: the Barbarian It can be difficult to choose which hero you want to take into battle against the legions of the Burning Hells. To help inform your decision we’ve compiled all of the gameplay and story information you need broken down by class. Demon Hunter Monk Witch Doctor Wizard The Barbarian Barbarians are savage wanderers who never flinch from close-quarters combat. Mighty ground stomps, leaping attacks and dual-wielded slashes leave a barbarian’s enemies dead in their boots and send any survivors fleeing for cover. Thanks to their size and strength, barbarians can dominate a melee with nearly any combination of weapon and approach, though they tend towards massive and imposing weaponry. Barbarians are no strangers to the pains of battle, and often fare better in the midst of several opponents, taking and giving cuts, than when attempting to chase down single targets. Barbarians’ attacks are primarily melee focused. Their quick weapon swings whittle down the number of weaker foes in seconds, while their slower, ground-shaking slams and stomps can send approaching hordes reeling and crack the armor of mightier foes. Videos Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise - Barbarian story and gameplay pre-launch preview Skill Rune Preview - An example of how skill runes augment an ability like Whirlwind Diablo III Gameplay Preview - Worldwide Invitational 2008 Diablo III first-ever gameplay trailer featuring the barbarian and witch doctor Gameplay Active Skills Passive Skills Skill Progression Skill Calculator Items Images Artwork Screenshots Character Background ... ...Zarhym0 May 16, 2012
Sep 7 [PARAGON 600, GR 60 & BELOW] Help HERE =============== UPDATED FOR 2.4 =============== This thread is for sub-paragon 600 Barbs who have difficulty reaching GR 60 solo. If you are over paragon 600 and have not done GR 60 yet.... well I don't know what to say! Maybe something along the lines of, let's get you in the program and maybe you can do a bit better. But before you ask the generic question of "what shall I do next", you gotta let us(me) know the following basic information about your Barb: (1) What Torment Level and Grift level can you comfortably run on your Barb? "Comfortably run" = reach AND kill the RG within 5 minutes of beginning the rift. (2) What's your max Grift level? (3) Do you have the following build-defining items (*if you have incomplete sets, eg, 5/7 IK pieces, say which ones are missing*) Set Items - Immortal King's 7 piece set - Might of the Earth 6 piece set and Lut Socks - Raekor's 6 piece set and Vile Wards - Wrath of the Wastes 6 piece set - Bul Kathos Swords 2 piece set - Istvan's Paired Blades - Focus and Restraint rings - Endless Walk set (Traveller's Pledge amulet and Compass Rose ring) - Legacy of nightmares rings Legendary Items Weapons - Standoff (supports Furious Charge) - Blade of the Tribes (supports EQ) - Gavel of Judgement & accompanying Bracers of the First Men - Fury of the Vanished Peak and accompanying Seismic Slam bracers - Oathkeeper (supports primary skills) - Blade of the Warlord (supports Bash) - The Furnace - In-Geom Armor - Fury of the Ancients Shoulders - Mantle of Channeling - Skular's Salvation (supports Boulder Toss) - Dread Iron belt and Lut Socks (supports EQ) - Aquila's Cuirass - Vambraces of Sescheron (supports primary skills) Jewelry - Ring of Royal Grandeur - Band of Might - 2x Unity rings and Immortal token for follower - Convention of Elements ring - Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (4) Name your 5 highest ranked gems and what level they are. (5) What are you aiming for in this game? As a very broad benchmark, Grift 60 is reachable with paragon 500, without Ancient gear. (6) How often do you play D3 in hours per day/week? (7) Are you mainly solo, or happy to play in groups? (8) What are the major issues facing you right now that are preventing you going higher? (Usually: lack of damage, lack of survivability, or confusion about build/gear) And this is the most important of all: Have you read my Noobie Guide, understood it and implemented it? Link is here: Sep 7
Aug 16 Barbarian FAQ and Main Builds 2.4.2 Free's Meta zDPS Tao's Guide to MotE - Earthen Rage RICK's Fire EQ by KingBen KingBen's 'Hot Potato' KingBen's T11 Farmer Conan's Frenzy Thread Free's famous WW Thread HellBoy's Acronymns Leaf: Conquistador breaks down the entire Season Tao's No Set GR45 Jako's Set Dungeon Guide Where to find more Barb Information beyond this simple breakdown. Getting better at GR Greetings Barbarians! This is a living document of information often requested. If you find errors, please let me know. The Barbarian forums is often a helpful community. If you need help, just ask! ============================================= Contributors: Wired, Samir, page, Bryanw1995, Xenowrath, RagingKoala, Baconinja, Shadow, CC123, kingdo, Eduw, Nubtro, PoorYorick, Reydien, Leland, WordMaster, Hellboy, Free, Jako, Kuzoh, Detox, Dmoney ============================================ ... Weapons Gems - Stat Affixes - The Magic of Math General Questions - Tips and Tricks - 2.4 Common Questions Common Abbreviations - Cube - Gearing Followers ... The Weapons Damage Range is the important factor to consider, not the large weapon DPS which is based on attack speed. The two numbers below which say xxxx-xxxx Damage. Because elemental and elite damage is so powerful, the main Barbarian weapons for maximizing damage output are as follows. The Big Hitters - Weapons: Legendary Affixes are the true power. Blade of Tribes (Tribes) Standoff (SO) The Gavel of Judgement (GoJ) Immortal King's Bone Breaker (IKBB) Fury of the Vanished Peak (FotP) This item always rolls with Life per Fury Spent (LpFS). It can get an additional Roll of LpFS. You can roll one of these off with Kadala. Bul-Kathos's Oath Great Weapons for Kanai's Cube: The Furnace In-geom FIRE - Maximus - COLD - Warth of the Bone King - LIGHTNING - Schaeffer's Hammer - PHYSICAL - Heart Slaughter (HS) - Q: How do I roll my Ancient Mighty Weapon? If you don't know it's best to ask on the Forum. There are too many variables now and it depends on your build and what level of content you enjoy. Q: My new weapon damage rolled with Poison damage, does that mean I need to re-roll the damage type to Fire or Physical or Cold? No. The type of damage listed next to the damage range doesn't matter. Using Runes with various skills is what determines what element the attack will be. Most runes will say what elemental damage type they provide. This listed weapon elemental damage does not affect your damage in anyway. It's only there for animation/aesthetic/legacy reasons. (Known bugs with Boulder Toss and Elemental Damage, but only matters at very high level play) Q: What weapon should I gift? Gift one of these listed weapons if it has good stats. Good base damage, Correct Primary stats and nice Secondary stats are what make up a good weapon. Always keep one gift on hand in case a better weapon drops. Q: What about my awesome ancient weapon that isn't in this list? Elemental Damage and Legendary affixes are so powerful that it is difficult for an Ancient weapon to out perform one of the weapons on this list. It can happen while you are leveling up, but once you are max level, very unlikely. Q: I haven't got a Ancient weapon yet, why not!?! Random is random. You might not get the rarest items in the game. Play with what you have and maximize the rest of your set up. Q: I got a Ancient! How do I roll it?! Congratulations. Use of a Ramaladni Gift This will give you an extra affix. If it already has a socket, make sure you roll the socket off first, apply the Gift, then try for the priority stats based on your build. You need the following stats in this priority but it untimely depends on what content you will use the weapon for. Solo weapons have different requirements than group weapons. ... A desirable secondary affix is +Fury for many builds. Life after Each Kill is good to have.Tao75 Aug 16
28m Furious for Promises Broken Here's my try on Broken Promises build: If I remember correct, I've cleared GR55 with the gems being ~30 and some items having dextertity and overall poorly rolled. I haven't played much after that because I'm focusing pushing my DH further. It is mandatory to have a minimum amount of critical hit chance (5%) to make Broken Promises critical hits proc. This means that it should not be selected in paragon system either at all. Resource Cost Reduction is something you don't need at all. From options, you must deselect non-critical hit numbers displayed to make it obvious to you when critical hits are on. Gameplay: Stack Furious Charge always when there's a chance as 5 stacks makes your next Ancient Spear to make 3750 % more damage. Always find next elite pack or boss and kick in slashing furiosly with your frenzy. After you see huge amount of yellow damage numbers you'll know that critical hits are on for 3 seconds so you should use your Ancient Spear. Strive for keeping your frenzy stacked at 10 so differ from your elite finding route to refresh your frenzy timer when needed. Legendary gems: Gogok of Swiftness for increased Attack Speed, Pain Enchancer for increased Attack speed after critical hits and Bane of the Stricken just because you hit for a thousand times the same boss enemy in a short time. Items: 6 piece Raekor is mandatory for the build but with Rorg, I've changed one of the items into a St.Archews' to make character to stay alive. For a nice twist, the amulet choice is for once Overwhelming desire to make enemy take 35% increased damage. Oathkeeper makes you attack 50% faster. (early and a bit slow and glumpsy gameplay) I know that some items would make this build shine better but I wanted to use items that are not so frequently used aside of Raekors'. Feel free to bash it, test it and evolve it.Ruined7 28m
1h Season 8: Stash & Dash Season 7 Ends: Friday, October 14 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT Season 8 Begins: Friday, October 21 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT Haedrig Gifts: Barbarian - Immortal King Crusader - Seeker of the Light Demon Hunter - Natalya Monk - Uliana Witch Doctor - Arachyr Wizard - Vyr A little less than two weeks to go before Season 8 begins. I know a lot of you haven't been chasing the stash, but if you have, this will be the 10th and final tab. Doesn't look like we're going to get a patch of any sort for this season. The only downside to that is how badly Barbarians (and Crusaders tbh) need attention for their sets. Having said that, I'm thinking of going Barbarian this time, assuming I have the Haedrig Gifts correct...assuming we're getting them again for Season 8. I figure the IK set will be nice and easy to farm with. Move on to Raekor or MotE if I need to in order for the Conquests. Any who, if you haven't been planning for it, get on it. See ya in 2 weeks.Jako37 1h
1h Music...... heya just wondering what music do you guys bang on while you slaughter hordes of demons myself mostly metal type bands lots of diff styles but at the moment ive been playing Kamelot Within Temptation Disturbed In This Moment tons of others but that will do for nowAbsinth38 1h
10h WotW clears GR90 (video inside) P2500 and also no Bane of the Trapped, guess it is a matter of map RNG =) Cgz @Koume for insane clear! 10h
14h Pure Gasoline Taking a quick hiatus from playing (real life) Anyway, I've been thinking about ways to make a fun T13 (not speed, but able to do it quickly without dying a lot) build using IK6 and Arreat's Wail rune for WotB for damage. I have tinkered around with this a little bit in theory and I'm pretty sure we can get WotB cooldown under 1 second. Key thoughts: You need an absurd amount of fury generation, maxed out you'll be looking at 160fury/sec expenditure as your goal Your skills have a proc chance of 100% what are some ways to abuse this? once you get in the CDR range of 50% you're all right most slots that can provide ias should do so Unsure if orotz will be needed to unwind the shouts fast enough. Core Items Equipment: ik 6 piece blade of the warlord oathkeeper Halcyon's Ascent ancient's fury gems: mirinae's simplicity trapped cube: Blade of the Tribes Tasker & Theo?!SZYV!YZaccc Goal will be 4 aps bash, <1 sec WotB cooldownFourty2DNAD314 14h
17h [Guide] Frozen Fury 2.4 - Cold SS/EQ MOTE Evening/Afternoon all SIl will also be helping out as he is also a Frozen Fury nut and recently completed a solo 75 with the pushing or modified version. As I have had quite a lot of interest in this guide, Ive uploaded a 35 minute tutorial covering everything about the build including paragon points, skills, gear rolls, play style and also completed a speed 65 demonstrating how to use the build. Typical Frozen Fury speed 65, no augmentation Frozen Fury Tutorial Speed 68 with commentary of Frozen Fury Vs MOTE6/IK2 So more to come, but for now please enjoy the youtube clips. Current build clearing 70s solo (3-5 mins spare after RG kill) & highest clear with no sprint but WOTB and BOBK instead of superstition is 75 (see NS leaderboard). Cheers CC123 -----------------------------------------UPDATE----------------------------------------- Write up from Bastich below and more updates to come from both of us Bastich's original post/write up located here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CC123 has come up with the goods for Frozen Fury in this latest patch. Personally I loved Frozen Fury so much from the old days that it brought me back to playing a Barb (yes I spent a long time in the wilderness as a… Demon Hunter. Sorry … This latest version of Frozen Fury is very cool (pun intended). CC123’s videos fully explain how to make build work very well indeed. But there a many of you who don’t watch the videos or you search these forums on a mobile device or tablet and opening the links is a PITA. I also read on here that a few of you are waiting for the guide. So hopefully CC123 wont mind me hijacking his thread and giving you guys a basic guide. I do not want to steal your thunder here CC, I just want more to experience the build that you have given us. Please be aware – some of the skills I personally run are different to CC and others. That’s totally cool. Feel free to experiment with whatever you want to, it is a game after all and not a surgical procedure. Also my Barb running this has a few variations shown because I’m trying a few variations from the original videos. So here goes… SKILL BUILD 1. Seismic Slam – Permafrost 2. Sprint – Marathon. Great for repositioning and keeping up with other fast builds 3. War Cry – Impunity (Charge is good for more Fury, which equals more slams) 4. Battle Rage – Bloodshed 5. Earthquake – Chilling Earth 6. Leap – Death from Above SKILL OPTIONS I have currently dropped Sprint (which works fine) to test with Wrath of the Beserker – Insanity vs Threatening Shout – Falter. With these skills I find TS Falter to be consistent while WotB is massive when it kicks in. WotB is great when speed farming rifts and you come across goblins. Pop WotB at a gob and they’ll die a second. TS Falter I find great for Grifts. War Cry – Impunity vs Charge. Impunity for us mere mortals (sub para 800) is great. Charge gives a nice hit but personally it takes my sub para 800 casual butt outta my comfort zone. If you’re Conan then go with Charge. PASSIVE SKILLS No Escape Earthen Might Rampage Superstition 5th Passive (HFA) Ruthless is great. If your squishy maybe Bloodthirst. For Passive Skills, No Escape, Earthen Might and Rampage are a must. Using a HFA will allow for 5 passives which is handy. GEMS Stricken / BotT / Zei’s Gear Gems: Diamonds in Chest and Pants (who wouldn’t like a diamond or two in their pants). Amethyst in Helm. CUBE Furnace / Lut Socks / BoM ARMOR Might of the Earth 6pc. These stats can vary as you may have not come across perfect gears… like me. Helm: STR / 6% CHC / SS Damage / OS Chest: STR / VIT / AR / / 3 OS / Elite Reduction / Life % Glove: STR / AS / CHC / CHD (I have Vit instead of AS because these are the best I have). Pants: STR / VIT / AR / 2 OS Boots: STR / VIT / AR / SS Damage Shoulder:: STR / VIT / AR / Life % or Cooldown. I’m testing cooldown at the minute just to see if that little bit extra helps towards more leaps and more crowd control for the group. Life % seems to be the better solo. AD is my next test. Belt: Girdle of Giants Strength is great. Witching hour is YOLO but I’m liking it. GoG = STR / VIT / AS / LpFs WH = STR / VIT / AS / CD Bracers: BoD: Elem% (cold) / STR / VIT / CHC% JEWELRY Rings F & R: Get em as good as you’ve got em. Ideally aim for OS / AS / CHC / CHD Amulet Recommended: HFA with 1 of the 5 preferred passives 1) Elem% or 2) ancient STR / CHD / CHC / OS – basically the best you got to suit a cold build with a good 5th passive and a socket. No Helfire – No Problems. EoE, Mara’s whatever you’ve got that’s cold suitable and is good. I tried Endless Walk for a bit. I find that F&R procs too easy. WEAPON FotVP: dmg% / STR / AS / LpFS / OS / MFR Mine has a double up on LpFS (dunno how) but it let me reroll it twice and then rerolled 10% Damage. It gives me a ton of LpFS (maybe too much). Odd thing is I cant reroll the extra LpFS off the thing. Anyway it works and I can clear 65’s solo with my current gear. PARAGON POINTS Core: MS > MFR > Str Offense: CHC > CHD > ASI > CDR Defense: AR > Life% > Armor > LR Utility: LoH > AD > GF > zRCR (RCR affects LpFS so no points spent here). That’s pretty much it for a basic interpretation from the videos and with my own running of Frozen Fury. Once CC123 gets time to write his guide up fully then I’ll come back edit this and delete the content. This is only a temporary guide for now. Cheers all - Enjoy it. I do :) -----------------------------Girdle of Giants dream buff request------------------------------ Not sure exactly how to word it but a special affix like this would be great........ Your attack speed for SS/HOTA (and other attacks people want like bash etc) is increased by 25%. Kind of boring but in the scheme of things, attack speed is the hardest thing to get so a mighty belt with an affix for it makes sense for the build. So we can go back to using STR/CHD/CHC on rings and get back that juicy 1000 Vit on gloves which is sorely needed on this build as Im farming 70s with 780k Vit. All, feel free to suggest what special affix you would love added to this Mighty Belt to help with Frozen Fury, a variation or your own build (maybe LoN) in which your run the Girdle of Giants.CC123189 17h
1d Returning Barbarian - What is new? Builds? Hey Guys, I am looking to return in Season 8 here. I think it has been 2-3 seasons Since I have played.(You can probably tell based on my profile barbs). Couple of Questions Is there a Barb build out there that works with Groups and actually does damage? The leaderboard for Groups is the support barbs. And I am not a single player Barb. What items should I target to get? What is coming new in Season 8 for Barbs?Kinseth6 1d
2d [Guide] - Frenzy Thorns OVERVIEW Frenzy Thorns! I feel as if this build were handed down to me by the Blizzard Gods at a personal request. Here's what it offers: the best single target Barbarian build possible, extreme tankiness, outstanding group support, high cooldown, high attack speed, and NO CRITICAL HIT CHANCE OR DAMAGE! Absolutely ideal for my personal interpretation of the Barbarian and how the play style should be for our beloved class. Things have changed a little bit so I've done a revision. Although this is my ideal build, it has one major drawback that should be disclosed: FRENZY THORNS HAS THE MOST DEMANDING GEAR IN THE GAME!!!. Just remember that this is a progression build! It gets better as you go, but it takes some time. It's going to eat up your mats like nobody's business, however, the end result is quite rewarding + makes for a very fun/enjoyable build. VARIATIONS SOLO - With ideal rolls: 60% CDR, 446k Thorns, 91k LoH, 38k Armor, 1500+ All Res, 2k+ Phys res, 2.57 APS. This one's a little more realistic/attainable, and more along the lines of what Archael is running: GROUP - Same as above, replacing one 7 IAS roll for 8 CDR. This gives you perm Mob Rule, but requires one attack speed buff from your party to hit your Breakpoint. SPEEDS - Swap out St. Archews for GoW. WC for Sprint, Iron Hide for Bravado, Maniac for Vanguard. 150% movement speed with WotB active + the ability to FC all over the place. PRIORITIES 1. Ancient - your items must be ancient to get the full LoN bonuses. In most cases you'll have to start with some placeholder items until you get the desired item ancient. There's a full gear and stat list below which is going to be your end goal, but you won't necessarily have all of these ancient items, so you'll have to make due with what you have until you acquire them. GOAL- every slot. 2. Thorns - the next major source of damage. Once all of your items are ancient, you want to make sure that they also have thorns secondary rolls. Shoulders, Chest, Amulet, and Belt slots all have higher thorns rolls (max 9500) compared to other slots (max 3500). You may also have placeholder items that have thorns and a not-so-desirable main stat. Be patient and go with the priorities until you can get ideal gear. You can't roll thorns on the weapons we use. GOAL - every slot. 3. CDR - this could almost be #1 priority, and should probably be viewed that way. Perm IP and low WotB downtime make/break this build. 58% CDR is minimum required for this build. This is to keep Iron Hide up permanently in solo runs. 63.33% is needed to keep perm Mob Rule. You want CDR on both weapons, both rings, shoulders, amulet, and gloves. Do NOT have less than 58% CDR and expect to be successful. GOAL - 58% solo, 64% group. 4. Life on Hit - extremely important to your survivability. This will be a major factor in your Passives selection, bracer slot, and grift progression. If you don't have enough LoH, you simply won't be able to stay alive or go as far solo. Once you acquire enough LoH, you can ditch Nerves of Steel passive for Rampage, and you can ditch Secheron bracers for Nems or Andy's. Both helps immensely for solo progression and damage output. As far as choosing Nems or Andy's, it really comes down to personal preference or group composition. Weapon and Amulet slots are the highest LoH rolls. You can get 80k with max rolls on those 3 + your paragon. Bracers, Gloves, and Rings are the other slots you can acquire LoH. GOAL - 75-120k. 5. Attack Speed - too much emphasis on attack speed can actually hinder you at first, even though it's a very crucial aspect to this build. We have a very good breakdown later in the guide that will help you with breakpoints, FPS, APS, and all that. To start, you want IAS at least on both rings and one gear slot. GOAL - 19% Here is a detailed explanation on why it is crucial to have on your weapons: AREA DAMAGE Area Damage does nothing for us. There was a bug on the PTR where Hack was proc'ing AD, but it has been fixed. Do not waste any rolls on Area Damage. GEAR Helm: Andariel's Visage- Phys/Str/7ias/Socket Thorns or Leoric's Crown - Str/Vit/LoH/Socket Thorns - Always socketed with Diamond Chest: Aquila Cuirass - Str/Vit/All Res/Elite dmg reduction Thorns Belt: Pride of Casius - Str/Vit/Life%/All Res Thorns Pants: Swamp Land Waders - 20% phys Str/Vit/All Res - Thorns Boots: Illusory Boots - Str/Vit/Res/Armor - Thorns Gloves: St. Archews/Gloves of Worship* Str/Vit/Ias/Cdr/LoH Thorns Bracers: Sanguinary/Secheron*/Nemesis*/Lacunis* Phys%/Str/Vit/Loh Thorns Shoulders: Skele Shoulders/Homing Pads/Zakara or best you have with Str/Vit/All Res/Cdr Thorns Amulet: Eye of Etlich/Cameo* Etlich is best for progression. A good Cameo or Hellfire goes a long way. Ess of Johan, Overwhelming Desire, or anything with a usable affix will work. This is a tough slot to acquire an ideal roll. You'll have to placeholder for a while unless you're very lucky. Phys%/LoH/Cdr/Str Thorns Rings: LoN Str/Ias/Cdr/Loh Thorns Weapons: Hack and Oathkeeper. Ideally you want to roll the damage off of both. Str/Ias/Loh/Cdr/Vit - Socketed with topaz. CUBE: Bastion's, Secheron/Leoric's*/Nems*, COE SWAMP LAND WADERS They won't let me select Swamp Land Waders for the Barbarian in D3 Planner, but these are the pants you want to wear in every scenario because of the 20% Physical boost. My current ones have Intelligence and no all resists, but they're better than any other option because of the 20% Phys. You'll have to gamble on a WD and hope for the best. Ideal roll is Ancient - 20 Phys/Int/Vit/All Res with Thorns secondary. This way you can roll the Int to Strength. Good luck with that, folks, but use whatever you can in the meantime. If you cube them on a Barb, they still roll with Int. HEART OF IRON: This kind of raises a bit of a dilemma. If you want to use HoI, you''re forced to replace the armor slot in your cube. Or you can wear it and cube Aquila. I personally prefer wearing a physical Andy's and cubing Leoric's. Another source of phys damage and ias is pretty sweet, especially if you need a little boost to hit the next bp. You should try both and see which you like best, or use what you have available to you. Always augment strength, even if using HoI, because the Thorns you get from each point of strength is more valuable than what you get from vitality even while wearing HoI. My personal opinion: HoI is not an option in its current state. SKILLS Frenzy - Maniac or Vanguard only. Maniac for grifting, Vanguard for speeds/bounties. FC - Merciless Assault - Best mobility skill in the game. Threatening Shout - Falter or Demoralize Warcry - Impunity or whichever your party needs from you. For speeds/bounties, I replace this with Sprint- Marathon Ignore Pain - Bravado for speeds, Iron Hide for solo, Mob Rule for group Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity Leap - Iron Impact - This is an optional skill if you're struggling early on or if you want to switch things up a bit. This skill alone will jump you up a few GR levels in survivability, but has a long animation time. This forces you to stop swinging and becomes quite detrimental to our build, especially in solo grifts. For groups, you can also use Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash in this skill slot. For solo, this should be WC if you don't need the extra mitigation to survive. The 150% armor bonus from Iron Impact translates to damage reduction as follows: Armor <> TaN <> TaN+paragon <> TaN+paragon+War Cry 15,000 <> 50.28% <> 46.39% <> 43.69% 20,000 <> 51.28% <> 47.24% <> 44.44% 25,000 <> 51.90% <> 47.77% <> 44.91% 30,000 <> 52.33% <> 48.13% <> 45.23% 35,000 <> 52.63% <> 48.39% <> 45.45% 40,000 <> 52.86% <> 48.58% <> 45.63% 45,000 <> 53.05% <> 48.74% <> 45.76% 50,000 <> 53.19% <> 48.86% <> 45.87% Iron Impact is like another Ignore Pain. PASSIVES Boon of BK - mandatory Tough As Nails - mandatory Nerves of Steel - crucial Berserker Rage - crucial Rampage - crucial once you acquire enough LoH to replace Nerves. HUGE damage + toughness boost. Relentless - can swap for either "crucial" passive. Secheron + Relentless provides outstanding survivability when you have proper LoH and APS. Relentless + NoS makes it really hard to die. Ruthless - optional. I personally love using Ruthless, but some say that it's pointless for this build. If you use it, you'll see that once the elites/RG's hit 30% health, they're obliterated. I love the synergy with Stricken, but the naysayers say Stricken is what makes it pointless. Preference. GEMS Boyarsky Stricken Trapped/Gogok - you shouldn't wear Gogok unless you're lacking CDR/IAS early on or in groups (to hit that Mob Rule 64%). Trapped is just too stronk once you've acquired all the priorities. It's interaction with Sanguinary Bracers is unmatched for our build. All Diamonds in gear. GAMEPLAY Fairly simple: rush to elites and mow them down. Lure big groups of whites to your elites and let Sang Bracers obliterate everything around you. Sang is a major part of your damage (even to elites), and our only source of AOE. You can move around the map flawlessly with FC if the density allows, just make sure to hit at least 3-5 monsters or objects when charging. Keep IP up constantly, you MUST have 58% CDR or you're eventually going to die. Your main source of surviving is attacking, so it's win-win. Keep swinging with Frenzy and you'll stay alive while killing everything. Try to time your WotB with COE's physical cycle on elites. When COE hits the Physical cycle, the fight is typically over. You can get two phys cycles out of it if you time it correctly. I love using Arcane sentries for extra healing on Arcane packs, which will be your biggest enemy if not wearing a Cameo. If wearing a Cameo, lightning affixes seem to be your worst enemy. Frozen Pulse, Thunderstorm, Frozen, Orbiter, Electrified, and homing affixes that attack you while standing still are what you really want to avoid. The best way to avoid damage is to FC away from those stand still affixes and DO NOT STOP SWINGING. Relentless + Secheron makes it almost impossible to die while attacking, but eventually you'll have enough LoH to tank anything in the game while attacking. Remember that FC isn't dealing damage when you're spec'd for Thorns, so it's just for mobility and re-positioning. Once you lock onto an elite, just hold that left click down and watch the life drain. Illusory boots make it so you can lock on and not have to worry about anything. Hit your TS and IP every time they're available, and WotB on elites with COE phys cycle. There isn't a single RG in the game that can actually kill you, and most take less than 3 minutes to kill. Lock on and rip em up. RG's with adds are even better because the adds proc Sang's and rip chunks out of their life bar. IAS BREAKPOINTS re_aps | chr_aps | tps___ | fpa -------------------------------- 5.19497 | 1.38532 | 5.4545 | 11 | 1.06563487179 ias needed for 1.3 wspd (~6.57%) 5.71446 | 1.52385 | 6.0000 | 10 | 1.17219692308 " (~17.22%) 6.34940 | 1.69317 | 6.6666 | 9 | 1.30244102564 " (~30.45%) 7.14308 | 1.90482 | 7.5000 | 8 | 1.46524717949 " (~46.53%) 8.16352 | 2.17693 | 8.5714 | 7 | 1.67456820513 " (~67.46%) <----AT LEAST here 9.52410 | 2.53976 | 10.000 | 6 | 1.95366153846 " (~95.37%) <--- optimal 11.4289 | 3.04771 | 12.000 | 5 | 2.34438974359 " (~134.44%) <--- requires party buffs re_aps | chr_aps | tps___ | fpa -------------------------------- fre_aps = real frenzy attacks per second chr_aps = character screen attacks per second tps = ticks per second fpa = frames per animation ias = increased attack speed aps = attacks per second Muah! Courtesy of Nubtro from Reddit. I still say you guys should be attempting for 10 aps breakpoint for group runs & try to hit 12 aps with group buffs. As said by many others before, there is a direct correlation between your damage output & attacks per second & stricken makes it exponentially sweeter. With 12 aps in group runs (vs 8.5 or 10 when buffed) you may be able to scale down your LoH or go farther with the LoH you have now. Example of stricken's effectiveness with 5 seconds on an elite: 7.5 aps- 37.5 stacks 8.5 aps- 42.5 10 aps- 50 12 aps- 60 On a 35 second GRG: 7.5- 262.5 8.5- 297.5 10- 350 12- 420 What are breakpoints? Maths ... ... Let me know if I missed any important topics or areas of concern. I typically don't write guides, but Frenzy is my favorite! Thanks to everybody for all of your research and testing. Nubtro obviously provided much of the information and maths that are included in gear, skill, rune, gem, and passive selection. Archael, who has also provided me with a lot of info, has been our front runner and most successful Frenzy Thorns Barb so far. The best thing about this build is that it's easily customizable, and has endless possibilities. We've only just begun to tap into it and see how well it performs. We'd all like to see successful variations of this build, and any additional or new information is always greatly appreciated. This guide will always be updated as the season and build progress, just bear with me at times when it takes me a bit! Please feel Free, then add anything and I'll edit accordingly. Cheers!!Conan1736 2d
2d Barb DPS I was hoping for some kind of buff for barb DPS. Our damage is way lower than the other classes. I guess it really doesnt matter since solo only competes against its own class but I sure would like to be able to do higher Greater rifts.chadkan6 2d
3d New Skull Grasp--What's the drop rate? As the title states, for the life of me I can't get this ring to drop. Any info on this? Best way to farm this ring?KillingTime5 3d
3d Barbarian Wishlist - 300-400% increased damage for generators (item or set bonus) - Mortick's - Frenzy damage multiplier - Vaulted stash: - Dual-wield 2h weapons - Weapon switch like D2 (press W for a different set of weapons/shield) - Remove Rend from WotW and add to Raekor - Add an affix with a multiplicative damage bonus to Rend on Skorn - Legendary gems for armor, hats, and weapons - Cube-able 4th/5th gem - GR viable pet build - Buffs to IK and WotW - Gift-like consumable for jewelry - Ability to convert act-specific mats to other act specific mats - Ability to convert/cube Death's Breaths from other mats and/or gold - Rework a few skills to give AOE damage and/or buff to thorns - Rework useless passives. Particularly to gain a single target damage buff. - Rework legendary affixes for Remorseless, Bracer's of Destruction, Dishonored Legacy, Arreat's Law, and Madawc's Sorrow. - Fix proc rate/ICD of Scourge, Ess of Johan, Overwhelming Desire, Broken Promises, and Rimeheart - Add viable, synergistic legendary affixes to all mighty weapons and belts that are currently without affixes - Reintroduction of crushing blow and deadly strike - Omission of critical hit chance and damage - Uber-like boss encounter(s) with increased difficulty: reward make an item ancient and keep its current stats - Deaths Breaths in GR's - Gems/stash/gear accessible from all chars at all times (ties with vaulted stash) - Paragon cap - Paragon +1 mainstat after 800 - Revamping of Blackthorne's and all crafted sets/legendaries - Custom/Private rifts where you can compete with friends and set custom rules or restrictions - PvPvE, capture the flag, king of the mountain, or some type of objective-based competition My ideal set: 2p: Generators deal 300-400% increased damage and have 50-100% increased attack speed. 4p: Each attack with a generator builds a stack that increases your life per hit by 15,000 and reduces your damage taken by 5%. Stacks up to 10 times. 6p: Overpower no longer has a cooldown, but consumes your frenzy stacks and deals 2,000% weapon damage per stack.Conan93 3d
4d [Farmer] LoN Elemental Frenzy (Cold) T11-T13 I found this build to be effective and fun. Depending on your paragon, gem levels, and gear quality the build can run T11-T13 effectively. Generally you want CDR in any slot possible, it's an LoN build so use what you got. This is not a Thornzy build so don't look for those types of stats, you'll want the standard DPS stats: chd, chc, etc. Here is my char for sample: YouTube Gameplay: Gear Overview: Build!XZjS!abZZac Gems BotT Simplicity Mirinae (if you don't have a Mirinae leveled up use Gogok as second best choice) Cube Bastion's Revered PoC BoM Rings LoN Ammy Any Gear Helm: Leo's Chest: Aquila Belt: Undisputed Champ Pants: Depth Diggers Boots: Ice Climbers (but any will do) Shoulders: Corruption (must craft, but use any if you don't have mats to craft) Glove: Frostburn or Gloves of Worship (if you don't have either use any) Bracers: Nemesis Weapons In-geom Oathkeeper Body Gems Rubies (go Diamonds if you are dying) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Group Uber Session (Hellfire Farming) Build!XZjS!aZZZYZ Change Spring to CotA: Duty of the Clan since you don't need Sprint and so you buff the group CC. Change Battle Rage to Falter since you won't be doing Bloodshed damage then you buff the groups raw damage. Change Bravado to Mob Rule since you don't need the speed then you buff the groups toughness. Gem Change Change Mirinae for Ice Blink to buff the groups CC. That's it That's all the changes needed to swap this build from a T13 Key to Ubers. In this vid I quickly go over the skill changes and do one Uber set: YouTube: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions, comments, or suggestions let me know. KBKingBenjamin41 4d
6d Leapquake Spreadsheet Hey everyone, I've been inactive for a very long time (pre-Season 1), but was curious about all the changes that have been introduced since then. I don't have much free time due to work and family, but I managed to squeeze a few hours of D3 here and there. So nowadays I'm mostly playing casual (EU servers), but I still love to theorycraft. Since I've always enjoyed LeapQuake builds, I created a spreadsheet for it. Here it is: I created it in order to see what would be the most optimal dps setup (AD vs CHC/CHD, etc.). For the sake of simplicity I'm only using perfect rolls since I'm not concerned about actual damage output of any given rolls, but rather wanted to see at a glance which stat(s) should be used in favour of others on certain slots. But I also implemented a lot of other functions as well. You can edit the Paragon lvl @ cell I8 (no need to allocate points, the spreadsheet will do it in the most optimal way) Legendary Gem level @ cell I10 Caldessan's strength @ cell I12 (average/item for simplicity) Stricken Stacks @ cell I6 You can select/apply several multipliers @ cells I16:M16 (Rampage, Ruthless, WotB, Falter, %EQ on gear: shoulders & chest) Fire or Physical on the DPS calculator @ cell M7 rolls on gear under Equip Furthermore you can edit the amount of mobs you are facing @ cell I2 and select the density at which those occur @ cell I4 in order to see how it affects your dps and toughness depending on the spec you are running - physical or fire. My plea to you fellow Barbs Do you have any suggestions of what else could be implemented or is there anything that may need further refinement/attention? ... Last but not least some thoughts of mine on Leapquake: The general consensus is that fire MotE is superior, but most people seem to forget that physical MotE may scale better (depending on density) due to Cave-In potentially increasing the amount of mobs being affected by EQ & AD, plus heavily increasing your mitigation provided via APDs. I'd also argue that using Falter is inferior. You'd gain ~8.33% more dps (200% BotT, no additional %EQ on gear) in exchange for a 20% toughness loss and the loss of a valuable rune effect (Demoralize/Intimidate might negate some of the dps loss as well). In case toughness is no concern, than that's obviously a moot point, though.Dethroy5 6d
6d [Guide] 2.4.2 Whirlwind Build: Zodiac WW 80+ ====================================== Build Introduction and Purpose ====================================== It's 2.4.2 and you're likely either rolling a Barb in Season 7 or you're a masochist. Either way, it's time to talk Whirlwind. First, the bad news: Whirlwind is the second weakest of all the Barb's major sets (first place goes to IK). Why did Blizzard gift this set if that's the case? Good question. Here's another one: Why are Armadons in the game? Now, the good news: Whirlwind is still more than strong enough to obliterate all your season stash tab requirements. This build guide explains in painstaking detail the Wastes- and BK-based Zodiac WW build, the best set-based WW build for pushing Greater Rifts or speed-farming TX-11. The goal of this build guide is to help players gear and play the Zodiac WW build to push solo Greater Rifts. Modifications for mat farming, speed farming Nephalem Rifts, and other types of play are offered where applicable. Warning: This build is not competitive with Raekor', Frenzy Thorns, MOTE in terms of clear potential. Yes, this build can do 85+, but the gear, rolls, augments, and paragon required to make that happen are much more exacting than either Raekor's or MOTE. The Wastes and BK set are in dire need of a buff. Warning 2: If you're looking to efficiently farm T13, this build is not strong enough or fast enough. You're better off going with Frenzy Thorns or rolling a Monk. Yes, I said roll a Monk. That's how bad WW is right now. Thanks, Blizzard. Questions? Read the guide and FAQ thoroughly before posting. Corrections or additions? Let me know. Spin to win, baby. ========================================= Disclaimers ========================================= Disclaimer The First If you're new to Diablo 3, or new to Barb in general, please read the whole thread carefully (including the FAQ) and consult the compendium: For easy calculation of gear rolls and subsequent effects, use these splendid calculators: D3Barb (courtesy of Leland): Whirlrunner: Disclaimer the Second I do not own this build. This build, like any build, belongs to the community. But several skilled players have helped me develop this build and the WW meta over the course of Eras 3, 4, and 5 and this build incorporates some of their ideas in various places. I'd like to credit the following people: Samir, Shiro, Kahle, Henry, Archael, Chainer, Rageamok, and Nubtro. Disclaimer The Third Read this guide carefully and thoroughly. Even minor deviations from the guide can result in a much weaker build. ======================================== Terminology ======================================== Before we begin, I'll cover some common abbreviations in case you're new or unfamiliar with playing Barbs. If you see terminology throughout the guide that you don't understand, please do a little research before you ask questions. WW = whirlwind 6/2 = refers to using 6-pc Waste with 2-pc BK Waste = Wrath of the Waste set BK = Bul Kathos swords set FnR = Focus and Restraint ring set PoC = Pride of Cassius Belt perma-IP = permanent or nearly uptime on Ignore Pain skill perma-Wrath = permanent or nearly uptime on Wrath of the Berserker skill APD = Ancient Parthan Defender Zodiac = Obisidian Ring of the Zodiac COE = Convention of Elements ring dibs = damage increase by skills CHC = critical hit chance CHD = critical hit damage AD = Area Damage IAS = increased attack speed OS = open socket ======================================= Zodiac WW: The Build ======================================== How you gear and select skills for the Zodiac WW build depends on the difficulty of content, your paragon, and your available gear. I'll first cover the base build, then discuss changes you'll want to consider as the content becomes harder and your paragon increases. Requirements: To properly play this build, you need to meet the following requirements: - 40% CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and paragon) - Complete BK sword set - Complete Waste set - One Skull Grasp ring (the new 2.4.1 version -- legacy Skull Grasp rings are useless and should be thrown on the ground) - One Zodiac ring - One CoE ring - Ancient Parthan Defender bracers - Pain Enhancer gem - Bane of Trapped gem - Bane of Stricken gem Active Skills:!ZjSY!bZccYb Let's briefly discuss each skill slot and any viable changes one might make. WW (Blood Funnel): This is the build's main skill and damage dealer through Waste- and Skull Grasp-buffed Dust Devils. Blood Funnel is one of the best sources of healing in the game, and currently the only viable WW rune for high grift clears. Note that I would assign this to the right mouse button, but the skill calculator won't allow that. Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity): This skill boosts your DPS in every possible way. Note that its boost is now a separate multiplier, unlike earlier iterations of the game. This means that keeping 100% (or close) uptime on this skill is key in beating GRs. Battle Rage (Bloodshed): Bloodshed is a massive AOE damage boost. Like AD, the monster who procs Bloodshed isn't harmed by its own proc, but this skill is the best Rage rune by a mile. Threatening Shout (Demoralize): In a way, this is the keystone to the build. Demoralize helps groups mobs and so you can deal damage with AD, Bloodshed, and Dust Devils. Since WW scales with mob volume and density, Demoralize ensures you get the most bang for your buck. As a bonus, this skill also makes mobs attack you, resulting in constant Fury generation. With the right density, you'll be able to drop Weapon Master from the build and rely purely on incoming damage and the BK set for Fury generation. However, against RGs who don't spawn adds, you may need to spam this to sustain Fury, but be very careful not to let your IP drop (more about RG fishing below). For lower tier Greater Rifts or TX speed farming, use Falter. War Cry (Impunity or Veteran's Warning): The rune selected will depend on your armor to resist ratio (see the FAQ for more info). Hardened Wrath is not a good option since you don't want to be spamming this skill. Note: this can be swapped for Overpower (Killing Spree) if you have lots of paragon, high augments, and gg gear. Killing Spree will provide more DPS and more heals, so it's the better option, but only if you meet the aforementioned requirements. Ignore Pain (Ignorance is Bliss): This skill mitigates damage, provides CC immunity, and offers a massive amount of healing. It's vital to keep this skill up and running at all times (hence why we wear the PoC). Another option (and one I used to for my highest non-season clear) is to use Iron Hide for the extra time on IP. This lets you run with less CDR and gives you more wiggle room with Wrath cooldowns, but you will lose a lot of healing. At 68+, I wouldn't use anything other than Ignorance. Passive Skills Passives are key to a winning build, so let's briefly go over those. Any of these are wonderful passives to get on a Hellfire amulet. Preferred HF passives include Ruthless, Rampage, Weapon Master, Brawler, Boon of Bul-Kathos, and Bersker Rage. Acceptable passives include Bloodthirst and Superstition. Other passives are to be avoided, unless you're in Hardcore, in which case you'll want Nerves of Steel. Weapon Master: Crucial for fury gen. It's possible to give up this passive in favor of a DPS passive, and to use mob attacks and Demoralize for fury generation throughout rift. However, you may be fury starved during some RG fights, and Berserker Rage (preferably on Hellfire) requires 95%+ fury to activate. Swap this at your discretion. Rampage: This passive provides a fantastic boost to DPS and toughness through the rift, but won't offer much against the RG unless the boss spawns lots of adds (hello, Saxtris!). Ruthless: When you're pushing your personal best, you'll want every second you can get to kill the RG and elites. This passive makes your job a heck of a lot easier. Take it and profit. If you have this on a Hellfire, take Brawler instead. Boon of Bul-Kathos: This, along with careful management of cooldowns and Zodiac procs, will insure you have perma-Wrath. Gear You'll need six pieces of the Waste set and both BK swords. Though ancient pieces are the goal, ideal rolls take precedence. Secondary rolls, a topic not often discussed, are covered as well. Good secondary rolls are absolutely crucial for pushing top tiers. Helm (Waste) Str CHC 6% WW dmg 15% (swapped to Vit at 70+) OS (diamond) Secondaries: Phys/Lightning resist Augment: Str Shoulder (Waste) Str Vit 8% CDR AD 20% Secondaries: Phys/Lightning resist, pickup radius or globe bonus Augment: Str Chest (Waste) Str Vit All Res OS (rubies) Secondaries: Reduced melee dmg and reduced ranged damage, or if no All Res one secondary should be Phys resist Augment: Str Glove (Waste) Str Vit CHC 10% CHD 50% Secondaries: Chance to stun, Phys resist Augment: Str Bracer (APD) 20% phys dmg Str Vit CHC 6% Secondaries: Phys/Lightning resist Augment: Str Belt (Pride of Cassius) Str Vit All Res 15% Life or Life Per Fury +6 seconds to Ignore Pain Secondaries: Chance to freeze Augment: Str Pants (Waste) Str Vit All Res OS (rubies) Secondaries: Chance to slow or Phys/Lightning resist Augment: Str Boots (Waste) Str Vit All Res WW dmg 15% Secondaries: Chance to immobilize Augment: Str Sword 1 (BK) 10% CDR 24% AD Str (or Vit) OS (Emerald) Secondaries: Stun on hit Augment: Str Sword 2 (BK) 10% CDR 24% AD Str (or Vit) OS (Emerald) Secondaries: Stun on hit Augment: Str Rings 1 (Skull Grasp) CHC 6% CHD 50% AD 20% (or CDR if you have AD on other ring) OS 300% increased Whirlwind damage Secondaries: Phys/Lightning resist Augment: Str Ring 2 (CoE) CHC 6% CHD 50% AD 20% (or CDR if you have AD on the other ring) OS 195%+ elemental damage bonus Secondaries: Phys/Lightning resist Augment: Str Ring 3 (Zodiac) CHC 6% IAS 7% CDR 8% OS Secondaries: Phys/Lightning resist Augment: Str Amulet (Mara's, Hellfire, or Eye of Elitch) 20% phys dmg CHC 10% (can be swapped to AD if above 50% CHC with Rage and Wrath activated) CHD 100% OS Secondaries: Phys/Lightning resist or Health Globe bonus Augment: Str Desired Hellfire Passives: Ruthless, Berserker Rage, Boon of Bul-Kathos, Rampage, Brawler, Weapon Master. Cube Furnace Mantle of Channeling Your worst ring (see below) Legendary Gems Pain Enhancer Bane of Stricken Bane of Trapped Notes On Gear Here are a few important thoughts to keep in mind when gearing your WW Barb: - AD vs CHC (or Proc Me, Baby): If there's a stat you can afford to drop for Area Damage, it's going to be CHC. Since our CHC is buffed by both Battle Rage and Wrath and since our APS will be very high while channeling Whirlwind, Area Damage will provide more overall damage over the course of a rift. It will also provide more damage against RGs who spawn adds. In general, you'll want AD on your swords, your shoulder, and at least one ring. You can also swap CHC for AD on your amulet, but be careful--10% CHC is a lot to lose, and trade-off is much better on rings. - Vitality (or Facts of Life): Since you're dropping Vit from one or both swords (unless you have it in place of Str, you'll need it on gloves and helm. For pushing 60-70, you'll want between 550k-750k life. For pushing 70-80, you'll want 750k-1 million Life. - CHC and CHD (or You Are A Bad Alligator): Your CHC and CHD should be at a 1:10 ratio while all buffs are active, thus if your CHC is 50% while Wrath and Battle Rage are up, your CHD should be at 500%. See the FAQ for an excellent calculator to help determine how to achieve this ratio and when or where you should trade-off. - CDR (or Why We Don't Use IAS Anymore): For 2.4.2, we're throwing IAS out the window and focusing on CDR. This stat, in conjunction with PE, will produce enough cooldown to keep perma-IP and perma-Wrath. So, how much do you need? You'll need CDR on both swords, one ring, shoulders, a diamond in your helm, and paragon. You'll want to shoot for a mimimum value of 40% CDR, though I strongly recommend hitting 44%+. - Secondary Rolls (or Why Am I Dead All The Time?): For pushing in the mid 70s and beyond, we absolutely rely on the legendary power of our Parthan bracers. To proc this, we'll need a minimum of two stun or freeze rolls on gear. You'll be able to get a maximum of four (glove, belt, and both swords), but these are very hard to get since you'll need to roll the secondary stats. That means you'll need near-perfect gear to get more than one or two of these rolls. Be prepared to do a lot of farming, gambling, and upgrading in the Cube. You also need a lot of Physical resist in this build to stay in the fight. I recommend three Physical resist rolls and two Lightning resist rolls. Gear Gems Use rubies in gear until tier 70. After that, switch to diamonds. If you have lots of high augments on gear, you may even be able to stick with rubies until 75. After that, you'll need additional mitigation. Add it into the build in the following order (when applicable): 1. Augments 2. Replace amulet for Eye of Elitch 3. Use War Cry in the free skill slot 4. Road House 5. Make a post on the forums and whine about it Paragon Distribution Be a man and max it all except Resource Cost Reduction. Don't have enough paragon? Get enough paragon, no excuses. Then drop and give me fifty. How the Build Works, My Precioussss The Zodiac WW build requires us to bleed targets with PE in order to proc the Zodiac ring. Because the Zodiac ring now updates dynamically, the more bleeding enemies, the higher our attack speed (from PE's secondary effect) and the more frequently we proc Zodiac. Fighting in density also keeps us healed from Blood Funnel and makes us harder to kill thanks to Parthans. The key to the build is density. Without it, we don't deal damage, erase cooldowns, or heal. This makes fighting lone elites or low-density groups very, very dangerous. You may notice that IAS has been dropped from the build. This came about from some testing done on the 2.4.1 PTR. Read Archael's post here: How The Build Deals Damage The Zodiac WW build deals damage in several ways: 1. Whirlwind Skill: Thanks to the new Skull Grasp, your Whirlwind skill and the Dust Devils are buffed by the ring's multiplicative bonus. However, attacking with the skill itself is still the weakest of our attacks. 2. Dust Devils: Good news -- Skull Grasp now buffs our Dust Devils! That means our Dust Devils deal some hefty damage. They also proc AOE effects, and the higher the breakpoint we hit via PE and bleeding mobs, the more of these we spawn. When in density, spin in tight, small circles to ensure maximum possible contact between Dust Devils and mobs (remember, each Dust Devil can only hit and damage a given enemy once). Against the RG, move in a small line back and forth through the RG to ensure Dust Devils spawned behind and in front of you contact the RGs hit box. 3. Bloodshed: While it doesn't look like a lot on paper, Bloodshed adds up to a lot of extra damage. Under no circumstances should you ever use a different rune for Battle Rage. 4. Area Damage: This is the real damage source in this build. AD does a ton of damage, can get other monsters to proc AD, and generally blows up dense packs of mobs. It also turns elites into damage batteries if you can drag them into thick density. On the flip side, if you don't have density to proc lots and lots of AD, it's time to leave the area and search for more mobs. This is also why RGs that spawn adds are the best RGs to fight. Mark my words: this is the single most important source of damage in the build next to the actual Dust Devils. Do not skimp on stacking this stat. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 88% from gear and 50% from paragon. 5. Skull Grasp: the recent Skull Grasp revision changed the rings bonus from additive to multiplicative. In short, Skull Grasp went from 400% additive damage to a 4x multiplier for all WW and Dust Devil damage. This is a huge boost to the build. How To Play The Build Okay, so, you have the gear, the skills, and the gems. But Free, you ask, how do I Diablo? It's easy. 1. Do the pre-rift check. Are you wearing the right gear? Do you have the right items active in the Cube? Are your legendary gems at least five to ten levels higher than the tier you're about to attempt? If yes to all of the above, go up to the rift pylon and caress it. 2. Enter a Greater Rift. If it's any of the terrible caves, Westmarch, or Realm Walker maps, leave and re-make game because those maps suck so hard. At higher tiers (70+), you'll also auto-quit Keep Depths. Ideally, you're looking for Spire, Spider Cavern, Crypt, Hall of Agony, and Archives, and you're looking for lots of mob density. At 70+, you will auto-quit anything except those five maps. If you get a good map and it's not empty, hit Battle Rage and start spinning. 2. As soon as you see mobs, hit Ignore Pain. 3. Continue through the rift until you find density. No, three or four mobs won't cut it. When you find a dense group of mobs, ask yourself the following: Are they Mallet Lords? If yes, go find different mobs because f$%k Mallet Lords. If no, hit them with Demoralize and lead them to the next dense group of mobs. Repeat several times until you've collected two or three screens worth of mobs. With luck, you'll have a few elite packs in the mix. From 50-65, mob type won't matter much. But once you're in 65+, the type of mobs you engage will begin to determine your success almost as much as the map tile. For example, if you have lots of spiders, zombies, skeletons, Horrors, and Grotesques, you're in great shape. If the rift is filled with Amaddons, succubi, and Morlus, you might want to quit. In other words, mobs that easily group are good, and mobs that like to run away are bad. At 70+, mob types mean the difference between continuing in the rift and leaving to remake. 4. If you have a good map and good mobs, try to find a T-tile, intersection, or large open area in which to fight. Hit the density (comprised of several packs of mobs and elites) with Demoralize, pop Wrath, and start spinning in small, tight circles. Real men go clockwise. Real men also play Lady Barbs and take care not to get split ends. Be wary about mobs becoming CC (crowd control) immune and failing to fall prey to your secondary stun and freeze rolls. If that happens, you may need to spin away, collect more density, and once again herd it all together. 5. Repeat until density thins out, then check elites. Are they at 10% health or less? If they're not especially dangerous, finish the fight with them, collect orbs, and move on. If they have more than 10% health, hit them with Demoralize and drag them to the next dense group of mobs. Remember: aside from very weak elites, never stay and fight unless there's density. This build lives and dies on trash density. Don't fight elites (unless they're very weak or pose no threat) without lots of trash in the mix! 7. When the RG shows up, spin to win. For more information about how to beat the RG, see below. How To Beat The Rift Guardian (or How To Kill A Large Snake Person In Record Time) Speaking of the RGs, let's discuss your approach to killing them. The best RGs to fight spawn additional monsters (referred to as adds). Trust me -- you want bosses that spawn adds, because adds proc Bloodshed and AD, heal you via Blood Funnel, and reduce your cooldowns via Zodiac ticks (more bleeding mobs means more APS means more Zodiac procs). Saxtris and Hamelin are the very best RGs to fight, but be very careful with the latter; Hammy's rat swarms will deal a ton of damage, so killing him is about dodging the swarms and letting Stricken do the work. If you're wearing a Mara's, Voracity and Binder are also your friends! Invite them over for tea and watch a giant lady spider vomit acid on your rug. Are you upset? Too bad. You shouldn't have invited a giant spider lady into your home. And you shouldn't have bought a nice rug. Bosses that don't spawn adds and like to run around such as Tethrys, Choker, and Agnibiddy-boody are not your friends. If you've got less than 3 minutes on your timer and no Power or Conduit pylon in sight, leave game and make a new rift. Speaking of Pylons, if possible, save a Power for the boss. Conduits should be used to clear trash and elites from the rift, particularly in density. Bosses that like to zoom around like Raziel, Ember, and Sand Shaper are nightmares to fight. At 65+, leave game and remake. The Hired Help Let's talk follower meta. Now that we no longer use Hexing Pants, the Templar's Fury gen is very useful. In general, he will be your default follower, though you may also use the Enchantress. Luckily, their gear is almost the same: Thunderfury or Blinding Sand, Freeze of Deflection, Ess of Johan, Wyrdward or Stone of Jordan, and Oculus. That last is very, very important: yes, your follower now procs the Oculus effect, and this will give you a nice boost to DPS. Greater Rift Tiers, Paragon, and Augmentation At some point, you'll hit a wall and will fail to clear a particular Greater Rift tier over and over. Welcome to the Greater Rift Fishing game. GR Fishing, also referred to as I Hate This Game, is inevitable. At some point, every build will encounter this painful part of the game. This is because of the infinitely scaling nature of Greater Rifts and the fact that the game hates you. To minimize frustrations, let's talk about how to prepare for success. Paragon is the single-most important factor in successfully clearing a Greater Rift. While it's not set in stone, here's a very, very, very conservative guide of how much paragon is needed for solo pushes with absolutely no augmentation on gear: Paragon 400-600 = tiers 30-55 Paragon 601-700 = tiers 56-61 Paragon 701-950 = tiers 62-70 Paragon 951-1200 = tiers 71-75 Paragon 1201-2000 = 76-80 Paragon 2000-never leaves the house = tiers 81+ So how does augmentation factor into this? Remember that past 800 paragon, 1 paragon point equals 5 points of Strength. This means that 300 Strength through augmentation is equal to 60 paragon levels above paragon 800. So, if you're paragon 800 and you augment all 13 pieces of gear with 300 Strength, you are, for all intents and purposes, paragon 1580. What does this mean? It means that augmentation will push you beyond what you can achieve with paragon and gear alone. Now, I recommend you push as high as you can for as long as possible with zero augmentations. In fact, I recommend you don't augment until you are paragon 1001 and have successfully cleared a 70. The reason I take this stance is that contrary to popular opinion, the Zodiac WW build requires skill. You're managing cooldowns, positioning yourself and mobs, scouting the map for ideal spots to engage, assessing elites, and fishing for certain kinds of maps and RGs. It's going to take you some time to master all of this, and propelling yourself ahead of the skill curve via augmentation is a recipe for frustration down the road. Take the time, learn the build, and clear 70 without augments. Once you've done that, go nuts. And be warned: clears above 75 will all but require augments unless you have over 1300 paragon. Modifications for Speed-Farming and Group Play The Zodiac WW build is an excellent solo push build and one of the best speed farm builds out there. If you're speed-farming Nephalem Rifts solo or in groups, try the following variations (this also works well for speed-farming 50-55s) Rings - Wear Focus and Restraint (preferred rolls are CHC, CHD, and CDR on both) - Cube Skull Grasp Belt - Swap Pride of Cassius for Chilanik's Chain - Alternative: Swap PoC for WH (this will provide less overall speed) BK Swords - Swords 1 and 2 will have Str, CDR, and AD -- no change, really - Cube In-geom Shoulders - Swap AD for CDR (you'll want to keep two different shoulder items with the different stats) Bracer - Swap Parthans for Nemesis - Cube Strongarms if you use FnR Legendary Gems - Powerful - Gogok - Trapped Active Skills - Swap War Cry for Furious Charge (Merciless Assault) if you're using FnR - Swap Ignorance is Bliss for Bravado - Swap Bloodshed for Ferocity - Swap Threatening Shout for Sprint (Marathon) If you want to crank the speed up even higher, swap Nems for Warzechians, Trapped for Wreath of Lightning (less damage, more speed), and Powerful for Boon of the Hoarder (less damage, more speed). Prefer to run fun, weird LoN WW builds for speed-farming? Try these: Hot Magma (a Fire EQ, Ava, WW build): The Windsh1tter (a Physical WW/Overpower build): It should be noted that outside of the zDPS build, WW has no place in the current group meta and should not be played in group Greater Rifts. For 2.4.2 zDPS builds, see this thread: Spin to win, Barbs. And good luck. ======================================== FAQ ======================================== Q. What is a Whirlwind build? A. A whirlwind build is any build in which the primary damage dealing skill is whirlwind. Q. What about IK 6 + WW 2? A. IK 6 is no longer a viable WW build for pushing grifts. The Immortal King set is much better suited to Rend, HoTA, Raekor, and SS builds. But if you want to be a dirty heathen, be my guest. Q. Do ancient weapons really make that much of a difference? A. Yes. Q. Do I absolutely need BK swords for these builds? A. Yes. Q. Are you really the best dressed Barb in Fray? A. Absolutely. Q. What in this build will proc APDs? A. Secondaries on gloves and belt (stun and freeze). 5% doesn't seem like a lot, but it adds up. Other secondary effects work as well. Q. Do you proc Strongarms? A. Every day, all day. Q. Does the DPS of my offhand BK sword matter? A. Yes, it matters. The higher DPS sword should be in your main hand, but the DPS of your offhand sword should be as high as possible. Q. Does WW alternate hands for damage? A. Yes. Q. Is Area Damage better than 10% damage on weapons? A. Yes. Q. How much CHC vs CHD? A. Check this wonderful calculator: Q. How much Armor vs All Resist? A. Check out this other amazing mitigation calculator: Q. My CDR isn't stacking properly! What gives? A. Quin explains all: In short, the effectiveness of CDR and how it displays on your sheet are not the same. Q. How much CDR do I really need? A. 40% +. Q. How can I get my transmogs to look as good as yours? A. You can't. Q. Is Lady Barb better than Dude Barb? A. Always. Q. Can this build compete with the IK/Raekor hybrid or the revamped MOTE sets? A. Not likely. The revamped sets have more built in damage and do not require the kind of ultra-fussy gear rolls as the Zodiac WW build. Q. Can I run a WW build without the Zodiac ring? A. Yes, though you're going to be at a severe disadvantage. Without 55%+ CDR and PoC, perma-IP is out, and even then you won't have perma-Wrath. Without IP and Wrath, you'll be subject to crowd control effects (Jailer, Frozen, etc), and pushing GRs is more or less out of the question. It's Zodiac or bust. Q. Can't I just Cube Ice Climbers for CC resistance? A. Yes, but Ice Climbers are redundant if you have perma-IP and/or perma-Wrath. Q. Is Area Damage really that strong? A. Absolutely. AD is one of -- maybe the -- top DPS stat for WW Barbs. Q. How does AD work? A. Check out Quin's video: Also, check out Nubtro's thread:' Q. Should I swap CHC or CHD for AD? You've indicated as much in the gear section. A. Good question. See the CHC vs CHD info above. Then, provided you can still maintain a 1:10 ratio, start swapping those stats for AD. Be careful -- AD doesn't help against RGs that don't spawn adds, so dropping too much CHC will make those fights longer. Q. What about the 6 Waste / 4 IK WW build? Is that viable? A. Great question! In short, no. Q. Is Bane of the Stricken really that good? A. Yes, though it depends on the circumstance. If you're doing speed clears, swap Stricken for Taeguk or Wreath of Lightning. Q. When should I incorporate Bane of Stricken into my build? A. It depends on how fast you are clearing GR tiers. Generally, I advise players to start adding it into their builds between 62-65. Anything higher than 65 will all but require Stricken. Q. Will Stricken help me clear the rift faster? A. Because of the ICD after each stack applied to a target, Stricken is all but useless for clearing trash. It will help with yellows and elites, but only if it takes you more than a minute or two to kill them. Grouping, AD, and Bloodshed procs are still your best allies for clearing rifts. Q. Is WW weak-sauce? A. Shut your face. But yes. Q. Isn't 6/2 the same as that Rend build that was popular during Season 4? A. No. 6/2 refers to Waste 6, BK 2 WW builds where WW is the primary damage skill. The Rend build, commonly known as 4x Rend, is IK 6, Waste 2, and uses Rend as it's primary damage skill. Q. How exactly does the Zodiac ring work? A. For more specific information, give this a thorough read: Q. What's your highest clear with this build? A. Currently, I've cleared a 76 with decent physical MOTE gear and no augments. I've also cleared up to 74 with Zodiac WW and am fishing 75 pending new gear (currently at 1100 paragon). The clear I'm most proud of happened in Era 4, just before the close of Season 4, where I cleared 64 non-season (no Stricken) while under 900 paragon. For screenshots and specific details, see this thread: ======================================== Change Log ======================================== Edit 9/9: Updated FnR build to Strongarm bracers, added stat goals, clarified RG fight. Edit 9/10: Updated skills, gear, and added more info on how to play build. Edit 9/13: Updated FAQ with calculators for DPS and mitigation. Edit 9/13: Linked to Diablofans build, updated skills to correct missing Weapon Master passive, corrected passive discussion, and discussed paragon distribution. Edit 9/15: Skull Grasp is bad and should never be worn. Edit 9/17: Update FAQ for questions about Zodiac and Ice Climbers, clarified passive skills and Hellfire preference, added Requirements sections closer to top of builds, and re-formatted post. Edit 9/20: Updated builds and FAQ for more notes on CDR, updated secondaries on amulets. Edit: 9/26: Updated builds and FAQ for more info on AD. Edit 9/29: Updated FAQ about 6/4 WW. Edit 10/1: Updated builds and FAQ with info on Stricken, RG fights, WW in season vs non-season, and its relation to 4x Rend. Edit 10/10: Corrected typos, edited follower meta, and other general edits. Edit 11/5: Added information about Zodiac ring. Edit 12/12: Updated skills (Rend to Overpower) and FAQ. Edit 12/17: Updated FAQ with info on highest clear, updated skills, passives. Edit 1/17: Updated guide for 2.4. Edit 1/18: Updated build options and FAQ. Edit 1/20: Updated speed-farming and group-play build modifications. Edit 1/21: Updated speed-farming options, corrected typos. Edit 1/23: Updated info about IAS in the build and how to play in Greater Rifts. Edit 1/24: Edited info on how to play build in GRs and what to look for in terms of maps. Edit 3/26: Updated the guide to 2.4.1. Edit 4/12: Updated guide due to the results of CDR vs IAS on 2.4.1 PTR. Many thanks to Archael for helping me test. Read the full post here: Edit 4/26: Edited some info. Patch 2.4.1 drops. Whatevs. Edit 6/18: Updated speed-farming info and LoN WW builds.Free1084 6d
Oct 13 Damage Comparisons So, in an effort to try to hit a theoretical maximum with a sub-optimal build out of boredom, I have been doing a bunch of sims on against my DoubleDare character. With various tweaks/improvements to my gear, but not just maxing out stats, I am currently sitting around 25.076 B for a 10 minute test on a single white monster. Crank that up to 10 white creatures at once, and it only goes up to 190.546 B, so it scales but poorly At a factor of 100 white mobs, it only gets to 9895.525 B. I am curious to know what ballpark other top configurations are in as far as damage goes for a solo grift build. I've gone to the barb leaderboards to try to import some characters for comparison, but I have not had any luck determining what characters/configurations were used to set a record. I guess what I am ultimately looking for is either some numbers if someone else has already run sims, or an example of a leaderboard character that I could import to run sims of my own.Hattrick19 Oct 13
Oct 13 No patch I was kind of afraid this might happen. With BlizzCon right around the corner, they need something to announce for Diablo. Hopefully this does mean 2.5 or whatever will actually be worthwhile. Assuming they are holding back any updates that is. Sucks though. I'd really like to Whirlwind or HotA sooner rather than later.Jako14 Oct 13
Oct 13 [Farmer] T11 R4 DW/SnB "SpudGun" This is a another great option for those who want to farm solo fast T11 Keys. This build is an adjustment from Samir's DB Farmer build. The main difference between this build and Hot Potato is that this build is geared to effectively kill trash as you FC through in T11 while Hot Potato you are looking for Elites to drop nukes on T13. The reason why I put this build together is that although T13 is good for mats, legends, and db's it is not the best for Key farming which is what i'm doing now. The 3 Key chance on T13 is not high enough to make it worth it while the T11 2 key guarantee drop is faster. Keep in mind that this build is played in the style that you aren't universally Rift farming but just Key farming. So not really stopping for much besides maybe some legendaries. The build is based off the R4 set bonus. It will one-shot trash and will take down Elites quickly. Goldwrap takes care of any lack of EHP from gear. We are using BT on the skill bar just to activate the Resource part of the FnR ring set bonus. I found BT to be the quickest but feel free to test others and use what works for you, no biggie here. What makes this build great is that all Speed buffs = DMG because of Standoff set bonus. Element on gear can be any, you just have to choose the right rune element for Furious Charge. This means you can go cold, fire, physical, or lightning. YouTube: The Build:!jaZS!ZbcZYa Gems: BotT: BotH: Gogok: Cube Standoff: Goldwrap or PoC: Avarice Band: Jewelry Rings: FnR: Both: chd - cc - cdr Ammy: Use your best one. I use a HF w/Rampage. ele% - chd - chc Armor Raekor's 4pc: R4 Chest: str - vit - fc% R4 Gloves: str - chd - cc - cdr R4 Pants: str - vit - ar R4 Boots: str - vit - ar - Acient Spear% Helm: Leo's: str - vit - cc Shoulders: Vile Ward: str - vit/fc% - ad - cdr Belt: PoC or Goldwraps: str - vit - ar - lpfs Bracers: Nem's: ele% - str - vit - cc Weapons / Shield *FC is a MH dmg dealer only. So OH can be a stat stick Weapon #1 In-geom: In-geom is a must Weapon #2 Use a 1H Elemental Weapon Sun Keeper if not using Elemental weapon: str - ad - cdr (mine's are: dmg% - str - cdr) OH Shield: Lidless Wall: The Shield is a great option if you don't have any of the above weapons. ele% - str - cc - cdr Armor Gems: Helm: diamond Body: rubies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions, comments, or suggestions let me know. PotatoKingKingBenjamin16 Oct 13
Oct 12 Please help me understand MOTE barb Hi guys, I am playing a MOTE barb and I have some questions I can't answer: - I am currently using SS with GIRDLE OF GIANTS. I am thinking that the 90% increase EQ dmg ( I guess it's multiplicative ) is really good, and doesn't seem to bother me to spam 2 SS and then 3 EQ. But is it worth it or should I go the route of AS and continuously spam EQ? - I am feeling very squishy, I have unity in cube and EA as a gem. If I leap I survive, but if i stop and just walk/ run I die very easy. I don't have any ancient gear atm. I play on console so you cannot see my profile. Kind regards,adragomir3 Oct 12
Oct 11 Please help me understand and play MOTE barb Hi guys, I am playing a MOTE barb and I have some questions I can't answer: - I am currently using SS with GIRDLE OF GIANTS and doing GR 65. I am thinking that the 90% increase EQ dmg which I guess it's multiplicative is too huge to let it go. I mean If I understand well, it will double my damage right? But is it worth it or should I go the route of AS and continuously spam EQ? - I am feeling very squishy, I have unity in cube and EA as a gem. If I leap I survive, but if i stop and just walk/ run I die very easy. I don't have any ancient gear atm. I play on console so you cannot see my profile, but I have Blade of Tribes, F&R and the MOTE set. Kind regards,adragomir2 Oct 11
Oct 10 [Guide] Seismic Slam: MOTE6/IK4 This guide is based for solo & group play and is based soley around MOTE6/IK4 Seismic Slam. Total credit to KB as I took his HOTA guide format :D and I decided to fully write this as I haven't seen one on official forums and it's 1 week until season ends so start farming up your gears. **Credit to Tao, well because he's Tao that's why. Disclaimer - ***I did not make this build, I had a crazy thought of using FOTVP with MOTE/IK and realized I couldn't do this, but after checking the leaderboards I saw this but with Physical so I tried fire instead. If there is one posted on Diablofans please do link and I will properly credit them(I don't check that site so I'm not trying to steal anything), at the time of posting I have only checked the HC leaderboards there is a 74 clear with this build on 12/20/2015 with Physical SS, I have finished a 67 on 12/22/2015 with Fire SS, there is also a 68 clear on 12/24/2015 with Cold SS.*** With all the ruckus about Raekors/IK being the thing and IK6 HOTA/SS blah blah I figured we could try something new and see where it heads off to.. Updated 12/25/2015 1:45PM EST - to some things Nubtro posted below - link: Updated 12/25/2015 6:45PM EST - added both Fire and Physical Elements build, links are the same except for Seismic Slams rune. Updated 12/27/2015 11:01AM EST - Thanks Tom for testing 7%ASI on rings link: Updated 1/14/2016 9:03PM EST Thanks Nubtro for going into full detail about armor and toughness with MOTE4 piece; Skill Build: Cold SS:!biZj!ccYccZ Fire SS:!jZbi!cZYccZ Physical SS:!biZj!cYcYcZ 1) I linked all 3 element versions of the build, note the skills are the same except for SS itself, see #2 for things you can change around to make it work towards your liking. 2) Some things you can change - Leap: Death from Above to Toppling Impact, Weapons Master to Earthen Might. Rampage to Superstition. 3) Another thing you can try, I only tried it a few times, got bad maps, if you don't use Zei's or No Escape, switch out Warcry to Threatening Shout: Falter, it's DIBS but does add more dps in melee range. You can run No Escape and Zei's if you want to truly play a ranged SS build. Terms used in this guide: MOTE - Might of the Earth IK - Immortal King NOS - Nerves of Steel NE - No Escape WM - Weapons Master SS - Seismic Slam HC - Hardcore STR - Strength CD - Critical Hit Damage CC- Critical Hit Chance VIT - Vitality HFA - Hellfire Amulet COE - Convention of Elements AR - All Resitances EDR - Elite Damage Reduction L% - Life Percent AD - Area Damage LPFS - Life Per Fury Spent Dmg/DPS - Damage Per Second MS - Movement Speed LOH - Life on Hit RCR - Resource Cost Reduction CDR - Cooldown Reduction ASI - Attack Speed Increase FOTVP - Fury of the Vanished Peak Gems: Gear/Jewelry There are multiple legendary gems to use in this build, and I mean multiple. Bane of the Stricken - 100% #1 gem Bane of the Trapped - I've been trying things, and Iceblink(with Cold SS) may be able to replace this gem. Zei's Stone of Vengeance - Awesome DPS gem, works great with No Escape Iceblink - Great for Cold SS Taeguk - Not 100% needed, but if you feel you need extra armor then go ahead and use it. Pain Enhancer - After seeing the other 2 higher clears on HC and my own clear, PE is not needed for this build. And also something to remember, since fury regen is coming from your ancients having high ASI won't be good as it's making you spend fury faster. Stictly Diamonds in Chest armor and Pants and Amethyst in Helm, even early on. Now with augmenting items being a thing you don't need Rubies, and you're also not using Unity for defense. Cubed Items: Weapon - Furnace OR Fury of the Vanished Peak Armor - Fury of the Ancients Jewelry - Ring of Royal Grandeur The jewelry and armor spot in Cube CANNOT be changed for anything, sadly :( Gear: Armor/Weapon Helm - Immortal King's Triumph OR Eyes of the Earth stats - STR/VIT/CC - ***You can put Seismic Slam damage here instead of Vit if you have vit on the weapon, read below on details for weapon.*** Shoulders - Spires of the Earth **NOTE - This slot CANNOT be changed for any other shoulders. stats - STR/VIT/AR/AD, L% Bracers - Bracers of Destruction - **NOTE - This slot CANNOT be changed for any other bracer.** stats - STR/VIT/Element Dmg/CC Chest Armor - Immortal King's Eternal Reign or Spirit of the Earth stats- STR/VIT/AR, EDR, L% Gloves - Immortal King's Irons OR Pull of the Earth stats - STR/VIT/CD/CC Belt - Immortal King's Tribal Binding - **NOTE - This slot CANNOT be changed for any other belt. stats - STR/VIT/AR/L%, LPFS - **Note - you can do L% if you're using the physical rune for SS.** Pants -Immortal King's Stature OR Weight of the Earth stats - STR/VIT/AR, ARMOR - **You may get away with Armor over AR here, I did my 67 clear with Armor over AR so choose at your own risk** Boots - Immortal King's Stride OR Foundation of the Earth stats - STR/VIT/AR/Armor, SS Dmg % - **Armor for more defense, SS Dmg well self explanatory** Weapon - Immortal King's Boulder Breaker - **NOTE - This slot CANNOT be changed for any other weapon.*** **Before I begin, there are many ways to roll this item, choose how you want to roll it** stats - STR/VIT, 10% Dmg, LPFS, 7%IAS. First off, strength 100%. Second, vit can be rolled for 10% if you have vit on your helm, this can also be replaced if you're using the physical rune for SS. So the weapon can be rolled multiple ways, for example: STR/10%/LPFS or STR/VIT/10% or STR/VIT/LPFS or STR/10%/7%IAS, it all depends on which rune you're going to run while playing SS and if you're choosing to have Vit on your helm. **Take a look at all the armor spots and honestly just choose what you have best of for each spot that can use either MOTE or IK pieces. If you're reading this and are wondering why I put a comma instead of "or", the comma is easier on the eyes and makes the stats look easier to read. Gear: Rings/Amulet Rings - COE, Focus, Restraint - stats - STR, AD/CD/CC/Socket Compass Rose - stats - STR/AD, Vit/CC/CD/Socket Amulet - Hellfire Amulet OR Travelors Pledge OR the best Amulet you have stats - Element Dmg or STR/CD/CC/Socket **HFA PASSIVE -> NE, Rampage, Brawler, Superstition, WM, Ruthless, NOS*** Paragon Points: Core: STR/VIT --> MS(MS if you want to move at full 25%, STR for more dmg, VIT for more toughness Offense: CD -> CC -> ASI -> CDR Defense: AR -> L% -> Armor -> Life Regen Utility: AD -> LOH -> RCR -> Gold Play Style I guess I can add this, if you're going to be using Zei's and No Escape there's one thing you should do, don't have your Templar use The Ess Of Johan, you want all mobs to be spread apart but close to each other, if he sucks them all in you have to re position yourself for Zei's and No Escape to take effect. Leap does have an indicator like WOTB/Warcry/Battlerage does for the 4pc MOTE. If you're using Focus + Restraint you can recast it every 5 or so seconds thanks to the insane cooldown MOTE provides, Endless Walk(Compass + Travelers) might be better for this build as you don't have to worry about having to keep the buffs up. If you're going to use Superstition as a passive then your best buddy will be Hamelin, then Verocity, then Raiziel, then every other RG. Final Ramblings A few things to notice here, CDR even in paragon points is not needed, if you're using The Furnace in cube then Leap and WOTB are off of cooldown very quickly, RCR from paragon points is kinda helpful as well when using The Furnace as you don't have the FOTVP RCR. The trick to playing this build effectively is to play smart. I beat my 67 clear on HC while NOS was on cooldown twice, the main element to look out for is Arcane lasers, as you can time Frozen and just leap right before the impact and avoid damage. Well all right guys, I sorta wrote this out the best I can, sadly I can't explain much to it as I'm not much of a game maths guy. So if anyone would like to provide any technical details to this I'll be more than glad to link it to the OP and provide credit. Also I'd like your feedback on the build itself and what you would improve and/or change in itself.henry85 Oct 10
Oct 8 The Future of Whirlwind (and Barbs as DPS) Hi folks. For two patches, Barbs have been fortunate to have three solo builds to choose from -- Leapquake (Might of the Earth), Charge (Raekor's), and Frenzy Thorns (Legacy of Nightmares). But if you're like me, nothing will ever take the place of Whirlwind. Unfortunately, Wrath of the Wastes has been the second weakest Barb set (just ahead of Immortal King) for two patches now, making Whirlwind all but unplayable for T13 much less GR pushes. Furthermore, with the recent shake-up of the Greater Rift group meta, it's more apparent than ever that Barbs have never had the opportunity to be the (or one of the) DPS classes in group meta. GOALS AND DISCLAIMERS The goal of this thread is to communicate to the player bases, the developers, and the community as a whole a desire to see the above problems changed. More specifically, this thread will pinpoint the problems with the Wrath of the Wastes set and suggest macro scale changes that will make the set viable for both solo and groups at all levels of play. If you want to support a buff to Whirlwind/Wrath of the Wastes builds and/or want to see a place for Barbs as the DPS in group meta, show your support. Disclaimer: This thread is not the place for set redesigns or personal vendettas against skills, sets, other players, or members of the community. Play nice or don't post at all. THE GOOD First, let's look at what works about the current Wastes set: 1. Damage Reduction -- the 50% bonus is strong and absolutely essential to survival. Whirlwind is a melee build and needs a lot of damage reduction to stay in the fight and deal damage. 2. Dust Devils -- The best builds in the game tend to rely on Area of Effect (AOE) damage*, so getting Dust Devils for free is fantastic. Unlike the Whirlwind skill, Dust Devils travel over a wide area, deal their damage instantly, and help heal via the Blood Funnel rune. Whether you love or hate Dust Devils, they're always going to deal the bulk of of our damage. THE BAD Now that we know what's working in the set, let's take a look at the problems and potential solutions: 1. Wrath of the Wastes doesn't do enough damage to be viable in end-game GR pushes Due to the complex interaction between Whirlwind, the Wastes set, and other game mechanics a simple damage buff to the Wastes 6 Set bonus just isn't going to cut it. We need the set to do more damage with the Whirlwind and Rend skills, the Dust Devils, and an additional scaling mechanic that I'll discuss in depth below. Suggestions: Buff the 2, 4, and 6 Set damage bonuses; let the 6 Set bonus apply to the Whirlwind skill and the Dust Devils; scale the damage with bleeding enemies. ... 2. Wrath of the Wastes requires twice as much work to gear in terms of stats, rolls, and farming than every other Barb set. Right now, the strongest, most viable Whirlwind build has to juggle CDR, AD, CHC, CHD, Strength, All Resist, Vitality, and incorporate two sets, three legendary rings (two of which have variable ranges on their legendary affixes), and lots of cooldown management. This is fine and dandy if the payout is top tier build power and versatility, but that's not the current state of the Wastes set. So it boils down to this: If the set is going to be this hard to gear, it's got to exceed other, simpler sets in terms of power and versatility. If the set is going to be on par in terms of other sets' power, it should be easier to gear. Suggestions: Increase the 4 Set Damage Reduction; offer additional Damage Reduction or cooldown based on bleeding mobs. ... 3. Rend cannot effectively be used because it leaves us vulnerable and does insufficient damage with one-handed weapons. As long as Rend leaves us vulnerable, it will not be used in Whirlwind builds. Additionally, to make an effective Whirlwind build, we need to use the Bul-Kathos swords. Yet, Rend's damage with these one-handed weapons is so low that the best Whirlwind builds forgo Rend entirely. We need Rend to be covered by the set's Damage Reduction and be powerful with one-handed weapons. Suggestions: Change the Legendary affix on Lamentation; buff the 4 Set bonus; scale the damage with bleeding enemies. ... 4. Outside of a support role, the Wastes set has no viable place in group metas. The one thing that almost all builds capable of acting as the DPS in group meta have in common is a scaling damage mechanic. If Wastes had this, Barbs would have the opportunity to act as the DPS in current and future group metas. Suggestion: Add a scaling mechanic to the 6 Set bonus. ... THE ESSENTIALS OF THE BUILD It's a lot of work to get a Wastes Whirlwind build to function well in higher Greater Rifts. There are a lot of items and gear slots that, if altered, would completely break the build. WHAT WE CAN LOSE 1. Shoulder slot--Mantle of Channeling: Currently used in the Cube, this item offers our lowest damage bonus (a 1.25 multipler). If another Armor item offered us more mitigation or damage, this could easily be replaced provided it's better than a 1.25 multiplier. 2. Amulet slot: Eye of Elitch is the best-in-slot for Whirlwind builds, but if another amulet offered more mitigation, this could easily be replaced. WHAT WE CANNOT LOSE 1. Belt Slot--Pride of Cassius: The current Wastes set's built-in Damage Reduction is not enough. We require the use of Ignore Pain and that mandates Pride of Cassius. The only way we could give up this belt is if the set offered built-in cooldowns on Ignore Pain that allow us to have the skill active 100% of the time (Ex: Reduce the cooldown of Ignore Pain by 1 second for every bleeding enemy in 15 yards). 2. Ring Slots--Zodiac, Skull Grasp, and Convention of Elements: We need all three rings for the build to work. Skull Grasp is a massive damage buff for the build and Zodiac is the beating heart--it enables us to keep up Ignore Pain and Wrath of the Berserker all the time, both of which are requirements to survive and deal damage in higher Greater Rifts. The only ring that is up for grabs is Convention of Elements, but the damage it contributes cannot be understimated. For a ring to replace Convention of Elements, it would have to offer a major than 200% (a x3 multiplier) to either Rend or Whirlwind or both skills (Ex: Whirlwind deals 500 increased damage to Rended enemies, or Rend gains the effect of the Bloodbath rune and dying enemies deal 150% more bleeding damage, or Whirlwind's damage scales with attack speed). 3. Weapon Slots--Bul-Kathos Swords: The Fury generation and multiplicative attack speed bonus of the BK swords are absolutely essential to a Whirlwind build. For a weapon to replace these, we would need our Fury issues managed (either on the weapon or elsewhere) and the attack speed bonuses--including the one that comes from dual-wielding--to be made up elsewhere (Ex: a ring that offers "During Whirlwind, your attack speed is tripled" and a weapon that offers "Increases Fury Generation by 10," or Increase Fury Generation by 7 for every bleeding enemy in X yards). 4. Bracer Slot--Ancient Parthan Defenders: The extra mitigation offered by these bracers is required to stay alive in higher Greater Rifts. We cannot lose this item unless its replacement offers as much or more mitigation (Ex. Gain 2% Damage Reduction for every bleeding enemy in 15 yards, or Rended enemies deal 30% less damage). CONCLUSION Thanks for reading. If you'd like to see Wastes and Whirlwind builds buffed to once more be viable and competitive, and if you'd like to see Barbs take a DPS spot in group metas, show your support by posting, voting, and sharing this thread with the community and developers. Spin to win, Barbs.Free50 Oct 8
Oct 8 [Guide] Earthen Rage! MotE Toss - 2.4.2 This is a living guide. Updated for 2.4.2 My Main EQ Barb - ... Gear Weapon - Armor - Jewelry - Legendary Gems - Potion and Cube Abilities Skills - Passives - Paragon Knowledge Play Style - Skill Rotations - Cool Down Reduction - Area Damage - Max Fury - Critical Hits Tips and Tricks - Item Variations Pushing Greater Rifts - Fire Fishing Original Guide by kingdo ... Blade of the Tribes 200% EQ damage is huge. Ideal Rolls: Option#1 Primaries: Damage Range 10% Damage Strength Vitality 200% Earthquake Damage Secondary: +Max FuryOption#2 Primaries: Damage Range Life Per Fury Spent Strength Vitality 200% Earthquake Damage Secondary: +Max FuryOption#3 Primaries: Damage Range Life Per Fury Spent 10% Damage Strength 200% Earthquake Damage Secondary: +Max FuryOption#4 Primaries: Damage Range 10% Cool Down Reduction Strength Vitality 200% Earthquake Damage Secondary: +Max Fury Option#5 Primaries: Damage Range Area Damage Strength Vitality/10% Damage 200% Earthquake Damage Secondary: +Max Fury...33.33% CDR is sweet spot. You need two rolls of 8% CDR. Shoulders and Primary Stat on Ring is considered Best. Rubies for going all glass DPS and speed farming Diamonds for more toughness and pushing higher Crowd Control Reduction Rolls for non WotB builds - Helm and rings is a good place to get these. Remember, we rarely keep Armor rolls or EQ DIBS rolls on Shoulders or Chest. Armor comes from STR and EQ damage comes from MotE and Tribes. We do take Armor on boots. Six Set Might of the Earth Helm Str, Vit, Crit, Socket- Diamond for CDR Crowd Control Reduction Shoulders Str, Vit/Resist all, Area Damage, Cool Down Health Globe Bonus Gloves Str, Vit, Crit Hit, Crit Damage Physical Resist BiS Gloves for later - AD, CDR, CHC, CHD, Phy Resist, Pick up Radius Chest Str, Vit/Resist All, Skill Damage/%Life/EliteDamageReduction, 3 Sockets Melee or Ranged Reduction Pants Str, Vit, AR, 2 Sockets Boots Str, Vit, Resist All, Armor Health Globe Pick up Health Globe Bonus Mighty Belt Dread Iron Str, Vit, AR/%Life/LpFS, 200% Avalanche +Fury Belt String of Ears Str, Vit, AR, %Life ==================== Bracers Elemental Damage, Str, Vit, Crit Hit Chance ==================== These are hard to find. Use the best you have. Priority CDR to 33.33% is first then CHC and CHD then AD Rings Focus Ancient Damage or Str or Area Damage or CDR (One ring needs CDR) Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit Damage Socket Physical Resist Crowd Control Reduction/Health Globe Bonus Restraint Ancient Damage or Str or Area Damage or CDR (One ring needs CDR) Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit Damage Socket Physical Resist Crowd Control Reduction/Health Globe Bonus Amulet HellFail Amulet [ul]Physical Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit Damage Socket See below for Passives Melee or Ranged Reduction Mara's Kaleidoscope - Mara - [ul]Elemental damage Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit Damage Socket Melee or Ranged Reduction ... Main Gems - Bane of the Trapped - BotT - Bane of the Stricken - BotS - Esoteric Alteration - Eso - Going Glass - Bane of Powerful - BotP - Zei's Stone of Vengeance - Zei - - Zei's in one of the only other modifiers. Not as good when playing Dirty since things are pulled in. Can be strong for Fire, but keep in mind it only works up to one screen away. ... Nubtro's Pro Trick - potion of fear. This allows you a little wiggle room to move. ... ... ... ... Followers - Check highest leaderboard profiles.Tao862 Oct 8
Oct 8 Barbs and Wrath of The Wastes in 4 Man Meta Going to create yet another topic on this because it needs attention brought to it. Barbarians in Groups All Barb sets are currently poor for multiplayer GR. This holds true no matter how much Paragon you acquire, unfortunately. You can take a fully augmented Paragon 4000 Barbarian with GG gear, and it won't be able to do sufficient damage in a GR setting compared to a (comparatively) mediocre geared Monk, WD, or Wizard. We're talking not even 1/3 of the damage. [NOTE: This comparison is a HUGE step up from previous patches, where Barbs dealt perhaps 1/100 of the damage brought by a Twister Wizard, so props to the dev team for that]. Even Frenzy Thorns, which is supposed to shine vs the RG or in single-target situations, can't compete versus the single target of a WD (hehe) or a Monk. I'd wager that even a Firebird Wizard's burn damage beats a Frenzy Thorns with enough time given. But Archael, Barbs are already in the meta! The ZDPS Barb--which just takes the functional elements of Raekor or Wrath of the Wastes and loads up on team-buffing utility skills to boost the damage, mobility, and survivability of other classes--is the only 4-man role we're good for. While there's nothing wrong with support roles, there is a huge missed opportunity with Wrath of the Wastes where the Barb could bring in all its support skills and still help the party with damage. If devs manage to fix Wrath of the Wastes, it will have the added benefit of letting Barbs play DPS while also supporting the party. They don't even need to be the top damage, but it would be nice if they could help out in some way. As Free has already stated, Wrath of the Wastes needs a lot of work. Not just to make it more competitive but also to make it work properly with Density / Area Damage / Bloodshed without it crushing the servers and ruining the 2016 presidential election. Also, as much as I dislike Raekor, it wouldn't be bad at all for Raekor to help out with damage in groups, too, or at-least provide some benefit somewhere besides just Harpoon. But Archael, if Wastes gets buffed it will kill the servers! Look at the Earthquake Barb. Area Damage used to not work with it at all, because it dealt its damage over (what was it, 16?) 16 ticks a second, which would have annihilated the servers with calculations. But Earthquake was fixed, and now it rolls up all its damage into much fewer, larger ticks, which all work with Area Damage! Earthquake doesn't lock the server up at all, even in super high density. They fixed Earthquake, why can't Wastes get a similar treatment? Constructive Thoughts Here's some ideas that have been brought forth by the community, in Free's WW topics, and in the Wrath of the Wastes blog post: 1. If the problem is Dust Devils creating too many Area Damage / Bloodshed calculations, they can kill the rune. For example, make the Dust Devils rune do something else, or re-work the way they deal damage like it was done with Earthquake. You could just make a Dust Devil rune that increases the radius in which WW deals its damage and call it a day. You know those spinning Whirling Devil guys from Act 2? And Sand Dwellers? They have abilities that deflect projectiles. You could make the Dust Devil rune do that, which is not just cool but has a lot of functionality for solo and group play. 2. Skull Grasp is a problem, because even at 300%, it's still not enough, yet it's a mandatory item, and will become even more mandatory if Wastes 6 gets buffed. Skull Grasp could enable all WW runes and become a utility item. Or, grant it massive Whirlwind damage to enemies affected by rend. 2. The 6 -piece bonus must be viable by itself even without supporting legendaries. It needs to increase the base weapon damage of the Whirlwind skill by a ton. 3000-4000% weapon damage, atleast, perhaps more if we're getting rid of Dust Devils. 3. If you must keep Rend in the set due to design intent, the reward for stopping to Rend has to be massive, OR, just straight up have Whirlwind apply Rends, and have the set benefit from bleeding enemies around you. 4. You must be prepared to kill off the Dust Devils rune if there can be no compromise reached with server performance. Having a border-line useless set on the basis that more people using it would stress the servers is really demoralizing for players. Players are prepared to accept compromise if they get to keep the fun whirlwind playstyle. 5. Remember that people loved Whirlwind in Diablo 2 even without Dust Devils. People loved Whirlwind / Run like the Wind in Vanilla D3 even without Dust Devils. 6. The meta is shifting towards DPS that must be played correctly to achieve good DPS. This is a very good thing. Firebats WD and (to a more demanding extent) Raiment Monks require skill. You can't just load up on stats and let your gear / paragon carry you. You have to watch your mechanics to deal damage, and you have to keep yourself alive to deal damage during the correct cycles. As an example; a 4,000,000 DPS Monk that doesn't know the class won't deal 1/2 of the damage as a 4,000,000 DPS Monk that knows what he or she is doing. Wrath of the Wastes and other Barb sets should provide the same return in DPS if the devs can devise a way for them to reward skill. Here's an example I came up with of an interesting mechanic that would make Wrath of the Wastes deal tremendous DPS, provided it is played correctly; After channeling Whirlwind for 5 seconds, Whirlwind damage is increased by 800% (or whatever). This effect is lost if your health drops below 80% or channeling stops. Something like that would mean that you have to dodge in and out to keep your damage high. That means you'd have to learn when and where to Whirlwind. Sure, you will be tanky and be able to survive big hits, BUT tanking a Mallet Lord, a Frozen explosion, or an Electrified improperly will mean your damage drops. So a good WW Barb would be different from one that can't keep himself healthy. (This is just an example, but you get the idea). Whirlwind is about mobility, after all.Archael19 Oct 8
Oct 8 HELP TO CLEAR T13 UNDER 5 MINs & GHOM 30s Helloooo guys! I am just short on this Journey achievements to clear my Conqueror for the extra stash tab! Please help! Season is ending soon on the 14th Oct! I am rolling a MoTE barb, please help!! ><travieoreo1 Oct 8
Oct 7 Forums - like the design, hate the placements Or rather, hate that can't find the blue posts up top. The only reason I come to the forums every day is to check for updates here. Now I have to check the blog separately. The advantage of the Blue Tracker was I can check that, then see what my barb friends are talking about. I like the big font size though. Must be good on tabs?Anwin2 Oct 7
Oct 1 MotE Variation Tests 2.4.2 Hi Barbro, I started this project when I reached paragon 800 earlier this season in HC. The objective is test different variations of MotE builds. The tests cover physical vs fire, GoG vs Dread Iron, F&R vs Endless Walk and some skill variations. It takes long time as I do not put much time on it. Though it is still a work-in-progress and the gear i have is far from optimal, I think it is good to list my test results here for discussion and, if you wish, more ideas of variations for testing. Testing environment: - Run 5 GR70 in HC for each builds and record the finishing time - All builds equip MotE 6 pieces, Nemesis and Tribes unless otherwise specified - All builds cube Furnace, Luk Socks and BoM - All builds use legendary gems BotT (81), Eso (75) and BotP (77) unless otherwise specified - All builds use active skills Impurity, Falter, Leap DFA, Insanity unless otherwise specified - All builds use passive skills NoS, Rampage, Earthen Might, Boon unless otherwise specified - 3 rubies and 2 diamonds, diamond in helm - Always keep paragon points at 800 only - 6 ancient items including Tribes - Only Tribes is augmented at rank 70 - Whenever NoS proc, go back to town until cooldown completes Remarks: I do not test F&R + CoE version though it is known to be highest damage build. The reason is that even though I can manage on GR70 in the tests, there is very little room for mistake (or, more importantly, lag spikes) for HC players in my opinion. I do not plan to use F&R + CoE to push 80+ later this season. Test Results Fire 1 Jewellery: Endless Walk + CoE Gear: GoG Active skills: SS, Molten Fury CDR: 31.88% Test results: a) 6:25.4 b) 6:22.9 c) 7:31.9 d) 8:57.5 e) 7:36.6 Average time: 7:22.9 Fire 2 Legendary gem: Replace BotP (77) by Stricken (61) Jewellery: Endless Walk + CoE Gear: GoG Active skills: SS, Molten Fury CDR: 31.88% Test results: a) 8:02.7 b) 7:24.9 c) 9:13.3 d) 9:45.8 e) 7:06.4 Average time: 8:18.6 Fire 3 Jewellery: F&R + HF Ruthless Gear: Dread Iron Active skills: BT, Molten Fury CDR: 33.33% Test results: a) 7:11.4 b) 10:49.9 c) 8:54.3 d) 9:05.3 e) 9:05.0 Average time: 9:01.2 Fire 4 Jewellery: F&R + HF Ruthless Gear: GoG Active skills: SS, Molten Fury CDR: 33.33% Test results: a) 8:21.7 b) 7:51.9 c) 9:39.6 d) 7:10.6 e) 6:00.4 Average time: 7:48.8 Fire 5 Jewellery: F&R + HF Ruthless Gear: GoG Active skills: SS, Molten Fury. Replace Insanity by BT Passive skills: Replace Boon by Relentless CDR: 33.33% Test results: a) 11:06.5 b) 7:48.6 c) 9:43.7 d) 9:19.2 e) 9:01.3 Average time: 9:23.9 Fire 6 Legendary gem: BotT , Stricken , Eso Jewellery: Endless Walk + CoE Gear: Dread Iron Active skills: BT, Molten Fury Passive: NoS, Boon, Earthen Might, Ruthless CDR: 31.88% Test Result: a) 12:27.5 b) 7:52.2 c) 10.47.1 d) 10:03.4 e) 8:08.7 Average time: 9:51.8 Physical 1 Jewellery: F&R + HF Ruthless Gear: Dread Iron. Replace Nemesis by Skular Active skills: BT, Cave-in CDR: 33.33% Test results: a) 6:06.4 b) 10:01.1 c) 9:14.3 d) 7:14.9 e) 9:08.2 Average time: 8:26.4 Physical 2 Jewellery: Endless Walk + CoE Gear: GoG Active skills: SS, Cave-in CDR: 31.88% Test results: a) 6:48.3 b) 9:38.6 c) 8:09.0 d) 8:07.4 e) 7:10.5 Average time: 7:58.7 I know the sample size (5 runs) for each build is rather small. Please forgive me I did not run 10 or more for each build. This season I do not have much barb time as i did in previous seasons. Again, you are welcome to comment and discuss. If you have other variation you want to test, please leave message here and I will try to test it when I have time.Tom9 Oct 1
Oct 1 I have forgotten alot. Started playing again this season stopper for nearly a year....quick question if you go Wind Sheer on WW do the Dust Devils from 6 piece set bonus get buffed from lightning dmg or only phys....and what about on ring of conventions for this same question.MASKOAA12 Oct 1
Sep 28 My LoN thorns barb needs some help "Follow the guide" You !@#$s complain there's not enough %^-*ing diversity then you just rehash the same bullcrap everyone else is doing without giving any actual !@#$ing input. Eat a donkey !#*#*#*# you sheeple. "It only works if you follow the hurr durr guide" %^-* you noobs.CptKrnch27 Sep 28
Sep 27 problem with the Wrath or the wastes dungeon i cant rend 10 enemies. I tried ground stomp but they all die from the damage. other ideas on how to get the 10 guys?oh and yah i tried taking away all my paragon pointsMatSav67 Sep 27
Sep 27 Now that you cant hit ground, will you accept that barb shouldn't loose anymore fury. that is simply archaotic.DreamKiller11 Sep 27
Sep 26 Which Ancient Blade of the Tribes is better? I'm a fire leap barb. 4,245.3 damage per second +1746-2200 damage (of 1582-2325) 10% damage <-- rolled this onto it already +1455 str (of 1237-1465) 2066 life per fury spent (of 2059-2435) Earth Quake damage 162% (of 150%-200%) +21 max fury (of 20-24) OR UNROLLED 3,678.4 damage per second +1632-1985 damage (of 1582-2325) +1389 str (of 1237-1465) +1351 vit (of 1237-1465) increase damage against elites 10% (of 9-10%) Earth Quake damage 183% (of 150%-200%) +226 experience I guess a massive factor for a fire leap barb is the earth quake % damage? i.e. boulder toss is to reset cool downs and does no damage. My first weapon has low EQ damage, so the second one makes up for it, However the second weapon has low damage so I must roll the damage. What I don't like about the second weapon is the lack of fury, so resets of leap won't be as good? I currently have paragons, diamond in helm, 8% cdr on shoulders and 6% cdr on ring, and even with the first weapon there is sometimes a small downtime between leaps. I'm afraid the second weapon with no fury will give me a even longer leap downtime. I am able to roll life per fury spent on my belt if I pick the second weapon. So what's everyone's feedback? Is the second weapon a upgrade or not? It's roughly 250 less damage but 20% more EQ damage, but comes with the caveat of losing 21 fury. ThanksArmisal5 Sep 26
Sep 26 @Raging Koala....HOTA time!!!! :)Bloodyzbub25 Sep 26
Sep 26 EQ math help I've long wondered about the actual DPS difference of Fire vs Dirty. Dirty has synergy with EQ, Ava and Toss. But as we are well aware, all the real damage comes from EQ. Please do not account for the CC elements. I dont care about APD uptime with this question. ======== One full rotation of Damage. Full MotE set. Lets say tribes with 4K weapon damage - 200% EQ damage. Dread Iron 200% Ava. No EQ chest or shoulders. No crits. Dont worry about any passives or str. No cube items. No CoE. Keep it a simple comparrison. 40% Fire Elemental Damage 5 Fire EQ + 2 no rune Avalanche Physical + 1 Boulder Toss Physical = total base damage Versus- 40% Physical Elemental Damage 5 Physical EQ + 2 no rune Avalanche Physical + 1 Boulder Toss Physical = total base damage Physical is what percent of Fires damage? ========= Can anyone work this out? It would really help me make some amulet choices. Thanks in advance.Tao67 Sep 26
Sep 25 Season 8 IK Revamp Ideas Hi folks. Looks like sets won't get touched this patch. But all the talk around here about IK got me thinking: what would a real IK revamp look like? I wanted to share some ideas I tossed around with Bloody and hear yours as well. This thread is all about generating and sharing lots of creative ideas. Comment on what you see and post your own. That said, please be prepared to take and give constructive criticism and follow a few simple guidelines: 1. Don't step on other set's toes (no IK WW or Furious Charge ideas) 2. Try to focus on seldom used or under-powered skills 3. Get wild and creative, but try to work within the current set design principles as exhibited by recent set revamps (see below) General Set Design Principles These days, most sets tend to work in one or more of the following ways. Try to use these principles in designing your IK set: 1. Sets focus on one or more skills and use them in some sort of patter or rotation 2. Sets buff damage (multipliers, not additive bonuses) 3. Sets buff healing (mostly through skill runes) 4. Sets buff mitigation (mostly by Armor bonuses or flat damage reduction percentages On the other hand, try to avoid these pitfalls in your design: 1. Effects that will require new art or sound assets to be created 2. Effects that require new supporting legendary items (though designing new support items is also encouraged!) 3. Effects that require highly complex mechanical interaction between skills (whole new interactions that go beyond the normal effects delivered by each separate skill) 4. Don't give any skill, especially Wrath, all runes. No Mortick's, guys. Let it go. To make this all easier to read and understand, please use this handy template when you post: ... Without further ado, here's my IK revamp idea. Free's Draft V.2 To me, the problem with the IK set is that it lacks an identity. While the developers have been explicit that IK is meant to be a generalist set for hyrbids, that's always felt like a cop-out. I picture IK as the set that boosts specific beloved skills. Immortal King's Call (2) Set: Call of the Ancients last until they die and deal 200% increased damage. (4) Set: Reduce the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury you spend with an attack. (6) Set: While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients are active, you gain 50% damage reduction and deal 1200% increased damage with Hammer of the Ancients, Seismic Slam, and Revenge. Additional Ideas But there are other, more creative ways to give the IK set more mitigation. They could offer the TaO for free and increase its DR to 75%. They could load Striding Giant into the 4 Set bonus. They could grant a DR buff every time you activate either COTA or Wrath (easy to get since we'll refresh them so fast). They could make it so that enemies struck by Ancients deal X% less damage. They could add an accessory legendary (bracer or amulet) that offers X% DR for every enemy in Y yards for Z seconds when you activate Wrath (Halcyon's rework would be nice). Any of these would be better than what we have. And so many ways to buff the set's damage beyond simple multipliers (though we need those two): Let COTA casts stack twice (6 ancients with slightly buffed damage) Let consecutive Wrath casts stack and put you in a different, better Wrath form -- a kind of ultimate Berserker that deals obscene damage and gives obscene heals for X seconds. Then you'd have to reset Wrath and start the stacks over. Let Wrath casts stack. Each stack could increase the boosts it offers by 2% for each category. Let it stack five times. Let de-summoned Ancients explode and deal damage (as per my previous post). Change the additive damage bonus on the Boulder Breaker to roll for HOTA, SS, and Revenge as well. Fire away!Free61 Sep 25
Sep 25 Does Toxin gem proc bane of the trapped? Does Toxin gem proc bane of the trapped? Also, does threatening shout proc bane of the trapped?Sodril12 Sep 25
Sep 25 I finally figured it out Which Seinfeld character Siladil is. He's Bob Sacamano. I can finally sleep easy now.Jako9 Sep 25
Sep 24 Looking for build Saw a barb the other day running blade of tribes with 4 raekor 2ik. Looked like it was some modified support.. seemed to be pretty effective. Anyone know what this is? All I'm seeing is obvious mote build. Thoughts?rigs6 Sep 24
Sep 23 Little known ability? I discovered this by accident and I assume that the longtime players know this, but... Weapon Throw, Mighty Throw is Lightning and will proc the damage of Schaefer's Hammer. Probably other lightning as well, but I haven't tested them yetyessquire5 Sep 23
Sep 23 Set Dungeon rewards What do you get from completing the set dungeons. I played the PTR, but did not bother with the dungeons. All cosmetic stuff such as?Silverlock29 Sep 23
Sep 22 Frenzy - Berserk Rune change proposal The Berserk rune for the Frenzy skill unlocks at character level 22 and increases the Fury generation. This rune is unattractive to be selected, even if a build uses Frenzy to level up. I would like to provide two suggestions in order to make the rune more attractive: 1. Hits heal you for 5% of your maximum health. or 2. Enemies hit by your skills have a 5% chance to be Critically hit. or 3. Gain a cold aura that increases all resistances by 2% per Frenzy stack. or 4. Gain a cold aura that increases armor by 2% per Frenzy stack. Thank you.Dragonfire6 Sep 22
Sep 22 [Farmer] T13-GemUps R6 DW/SnB "Hot Potato" Just sharing what I use to speed farm T13. Nothing new but for some it will be so here is a little guide to help you gear a nice R6 T13 speed farming build. YouTube: The Build:!WfZS!YbZZca You can switch No Escape for Rampage if you don't like going range and aiming. Gems: BotT is a must, the other two I personally like but are not entirely necessary. Use what you like best. BotT: Zei's: BotP: Cube Weapon: See the Weapon section. You will cube what you don't have. Skular's or Nems: BoM: Jewelry Rings: FnR: Both: chd - cc - cdr Ammy: Use your best one. I use a HF w/Rampage. phy% - chd - chc Armor Raekor's 6pc: R6 Helm: str - vit - cc (high paragon can switch vit for Ancient Spear dmg%) R6 Chest: str - vit - life% R6 Shoulder: str - vit - ad - cdr R6 Gloves: str - chd - cc - cdr R6 Pants: str - vit - ar R6 Boots: str - vit - ar - Acient Spear% Belt: PoC: str - vit - ar - lpfs Bracers: Nem's or Skular's: phy% - str - vit - cc Weapons/Shield There are various options for this build since a lot of the dmg comes from the R6 set so not necessary to have the ideal setup to make it work. I've tested from worst ideal setup to the best and they both perform well. I even tested using a Pig Sticker and it did fine. Best dmg setup is MH: 300, OH: Doombringer, Cube: In-geom/Furnace (just depends what you like, but I cube In-geom) 300th: Doombringer: In-geom: Sun Keeper: str - ad - cdr (mine's are: str - vit - cdr) OH Shield: Lidless Wall: The Shield is a great option if you don't have any of the above weapons. You can use the SnB passive instead of one of the dmg passives if you go this route. phy% - str - cc - cdr Armor Gems: Helm: diamond Body: diamonds / Rubies (just depends on your paragon level i guess, but I do Rubies) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions, comments, or suggestions let me know. PotatoKingKingBenjamin86 Sep 22
Sep 22 Itsvan paired blades vs bul khatos oath Well i have a problem, atm i have a nice ancient itsvan set and a crappy pair of bul khatos. If i use ww, fury regen shouldn't be a problem running with itsvan but loosing 30 % movement speed i really don't know how this translates in terms of tornadoes pop ... . Also itsvan provides a higher base AS and i can use sprint as well to fill the gap of the movement speed loss. If someone have and idea which set up is best let me know thank you.trinley10 Sep 22
Sep 22 Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 Season 7 I know barb is lagging but am still surprised by that big extent.Tom2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Looking for advice I've been playing Monk on S7, but while taking a break and digging around some of my NS toons, I found enough pieces to make a LoN Thorns build, and have been enjoying the play style. Wondering if some more experienced Barbs can run an eye over my toon and offer some advice, and things to target. I've done GR63 easily, but just looking for ways to improve. Thanks all!Phoenix3 Sep 22
Sep 22 Can't clear GR65? Maybe I'm just playing bad. But it seems like less than 50% of the time can I clear GR65 solo. Suggestions?Makinsushi11 Sep 22
Sep 21 See you next season. Hey friends. Taking a break from D3 and been on forums less and less. I've been playing pretty consistently since RoS and I need a change of pace. I took LeapQuake as far as it was fun. Dirty Rabbit, Savage Slam, H.A.M., Hot Magma and Earthen Rage. Good times. I still love D3 but I've been playing GuildWars2 more and more. Six cool downs in D3 wasnt enough so I'm back to 18 cooldowns as the Daredevil class in GW2. I'm loving it. I made the mistake of researching the combat mechanics and got hooked. The synergies are rich and deep. The forums have been a game away from the game and I've had a blast here. I'll likely be back next season. Be good. Help each other. Have fun.Tao27 Sep 21