May 11 Some gear toss ups with LoN Frenzy for 4p met So just yesterday I got gear im happy enough with I could try out LoN frenzy for 4 player GRs and im loving it so far and it has made me want to perfect it so I want to bounce some ideas off any of you barbs who might be more experienced with the build First off, the CDR requirement to hit permanent IP is insane.. enough that im using Vigilante Belt (8% CDR) and thats still barely enough to get permenent IP: Mob rule, so my options are: keep using vigilante belt and have permanent IP or drop it and pick up chilaniks chain OR use pride of cassius and free up a cube slot. Second, whether or not to use Nemesis Bracers for groups, I feel it makes most sense for barb to use since they will be pulling mobs and if they encounter a shrine they can pop the elite and drag it back to the wizard, now this either lets me not have sescheron/sanguinary or one of them only IF I use pride of cassius and cube one of them. Third, whether sescheron bracers are needed for sustain in higher (100+) grifts as I have only done up to 92 so far with it Fourth, I have been running TS: Falter instead of WOTB: Insanity on my bar as I feel like wizard is still the main DPS so buffing the damage of the wiz is more important than WOTB that will only be up half the time anyway, this also frees up a passive.. another option would be dropping war cry and using both TS and WOTB but unsure about that any thoughts? any tips would be GREATLY appreciated having a blast with LoN thorns and highly suggest anyone to work towards getting the gear for it to help out in this new 4 man meta!Tbone8 May 11
May 11 Whirlwind or Bash against single opponent? What is best against one opponent, whirlwind with 400% dmg or Bash +crit rune?Sodril4 May 11
May 11 A Simple, possibly dumb question So, i made a wizard and had him power-leveled just because i like the way its looking this season. I am a Barb player and like to run G rifts on my Barb and get shards. When i am full of shards in my inventory, i log out of my Barbarian and into my Wizard and go to Kadala. However, i have spent over 10,000 shards and have never gotten a set item. But have from crafting, farming, etc. So basically i am asking, do shards gained by one character somehow work differently if you try to redeem them on another? Possibly a dumb question and just RNG but i thought it was worth asking.Foley3 May 11
May 11 Earthquake Build no Lut Socks What to Cube? I haven't gotten Lut Socks but have every other piece for the earthquake set, including a good ancient blade of the tribes. What should I cube in place of Lut Socks till I find one? Thanks!Anagram89 May 11
May 10 Zodiac WW on the Front Page Cool shout-out from Blizz. Thanks, precious. Remember, everyone. Raekor's and MOTE will push higher. But they don't look as good doing it. Spin to (subpar) win.Free9 May 10
May 10 question on comparing BoT and HellFireAmulet is the ancient one with 14% less EQ worth it a better choice ? again is the ancient one better with 18% physical instead of the non ancient with 7.3% extra damage... i assume the ancient better is better ?fReako5 May 10
May 10 Advanced zBarb gameplay? So I've recently made a zbarb, done a bunch of 80s and a bit of low 90s. Every now and then I join a pickup group in communities and do 90s and I don't do nearly as well then with certain players/friends. I don't know if it's my playing or not. These aren't poorly geared players, and some of them had 2k+ paragon in ns. Wondering about advanced tips for zbarb playing. What tips or general things I should be looking to do. Maybe someone can point me to an indepth primer.Som0 May 10
May 10 MOTE GR70+ Looking for advice :) Hey guys haven't played since like season 2 decided to give leapquake a shot. This character was made about a week ago and had decent luck with drops. I completed GR70 yesterday with not too much effort but several deaths and not much time to spare. What should I do to push into the mid 70s or 80s? What gear slots should I focus on replacing first? Do you think my current gear/build should be able to go further once I'm not playing like a scrub? Halp meh plz! :)HashyLarry6 May 10
May 9 Why F&R over BoM+CoE on R6/IK4? I don't get it. Can someone explain? Another question. Why is BotP better than EA? I felt my toughness still mattered a lot. Are people just having too much toughness and not enough dps?Shady10 May 9
May 9 Season 6: Stash & Dash Looking for some players who want to no life Season 6 on launch weekend and hopefully get the Stash Tab by Monday at the latest. Maybe Tuesday if we get bad luck with the Conquest RNG again. :) Barbarian is definitely looking to be the best class to do this Stash & Dash on as well, so if we can get 4 Barbies together and loot share, might speed it up for all of us. 1. Of the Six Classes, only Barbarian and Demon Hunter get a damage boost with their 4-piece bonus or earlier. This is actually pretty big and makes that GR20 Solo all that much easier. 2. Kanai's Skorn might be a real option to use at the start at Level 1. Demon Hunter's cannot use Kanai's Skorn, however, so Barbarians win. It'll be interesting to see if this remains in the game, fingers crossed. I don't take the game too seriously, but I am a man on a mission when it comes to this; so it'd be cool if people who also want to GTFO of Seasons as fast as possible wanted to join me. Feel free to use this thread to find other Barbros who might feel like going your pace if my tone sounds a little extreme to you. Don't let my need for speed scare you off though, I'm going to give you a hard time if you try to take smoke breaks on me, but there will be plenty of laughing and joking going on too. DISCLAIMER: Do not Feel Free. I am liable for any sexual assault charges that may come from Feeling Free.Jako158 May 9
May 9 ZDPS Leapquake [2.4.1] Build Hi everyone. This is my second build topic on I stay updated and answer all your questions as soon as I can. Leave any questions you have in the comments below.Zim6 May 9
May 9 Why not WW & Thorns? Is WW proc co-efficiency to much for Thorns to overcome?DieHard29 May 9
May 9 I hate the Raekor Build -.- Absolultely no suriveability! Always out of charges, and not to mention majority of my gear wont drop cause RNG is a pain! Meanwhile you have all these pros sitting on top of the leader boards within 48 hours of release which is also a horrible joke. Just so very frustrated with this seasons build!RomireOnline32 May 9
May 9 Convention of Elements bug? I'm running Raekor right now...and when I toss boulders, I can crit for around 16 billion regardless of what "element" is active. Since boulder is physical, I would expect a 200% damage increase, but that doesn't happen. Any idea why?SkyRaign5 May 9
May 9 which barb set dungeon is easiest to master? so far i've tried raekors and earth sets and failed at both miserably lol. Which would you guys recommend is the easiest one to complete? last objective i have left for champion this season :(Bucs55Brooks2 May 9
May 8 How much tougher is Mote compared to Raekors? I read everywhere that mote is a lot tankier than raekors, but by how much? Cause I watched vids of mote gameplay of gr75 with ancients, augments, and p1000+, and I still see those players have their life suddenly drop to a quarter and have moments of being close to death. Can the word "tank" be even used in this game?jonathan421016 May 8
May 8 WW barb set dungeon is a joke has anyone done this set dungeon and would like to provide guide on how to not take physical damage?ShootingStar13 May 8
May 8 No escape passive multiplicative? is the passive additative or multiplicative? thxLeTeshNoir3 May 8
May 8 Advice Please ... My profile I am currently ranked 77 and completed a GR 84 within about 14:30. I would like any advice (obviously more para & higher lvl gems will be important) on how to optimize my Barb. Where have I gone wrong ... what's good ... improvements. Thank you very much :XDBornBadd4 May 8
May 7 Raekor build question I see all people with this build using SKULAR'S SALVATION on gear and ancient parthan defenders in cube. Can it be the other way? ancient parthan defenders on gear and SKULAR'S SALVATION in cube? Is there any difference?SoulHunter2 May 7
May 7 10% DR or 20% increase to AR? Which do you think would provide the most survivability?DieHard10 May 7
May 6 EQ 2.4.1 Okay so I have stayed away from barbarian since the switch from inferno...the class just didn't have (to me) what felt like a good synergy of skills. Everything just felt clunky and slow. Well this season I decided to try barbarian, as I've always wanted to give the raekor set a go and while I am enjoying just bashing into things constantly, like some sort of caffeinated freight train on crack...the MOTE set that I have acquired is soooooooooo much fun. That is all this post it, just me gushing about how much fun I am finding the MOTE set...I love it and I am having probably the most fun I have had in a season with this game! Thanks!Cleavedge5 May 6
May 6 How do I roll this IBKB? I'm not sure whether to do damage range or reroll secondary to +fury. I don't want to mess it up, so could anyone give me some advice on which is better? I don't know if there's a spreadsheet for this. Also this is unrelated but I did 77 earlier and it's starting to feel like I have a lot of trouble staying alive, even though my build seems to be fairly defensive. I don't know if I'll be able to do 79 and up. 78 probably, but 79 I feel like I'll be dying like crazy. Tethrys for instance oneshots me with just ONE melee attack. o_0StoleOwnCar16 May 6
May 6 Wastes Set Re-work Anyone else feel like this set needs to be re-worked? I love whirlwind, it's been my favorite since D2. It's not too bad on season 6 but just a few salt rants I have about it. First, no one gives a flying f#$@ about rend. It's literally the most unused skill next to seismic slam and probably hammer of the ancients. If the 2 piece bonus of the wastes set would be "Increases the damage of Whirlwind by 500%" instead of "Increases the damage of Rend by 500% and it's duration to 15 second." that would make it do more damage output. The thing with rend, is that you have to STOP moving, lose the 50% damage reduction from the 4 piece bonus and risk getting insta merked by some random !@#$ mob taking a lucky swing at you. Speaking of 4 piece bonus, the 50% damage reduction is very nice, it's a must especially when you fight nonstop elites with the electrified attribute that just screws anyone near the bolts of electricity. The second part of the 4 piece bonus is another rend buff, makes rend do triple damage. Again rend is the most unused skill next to seismic slam and probably hammer of the ancients. Last but not least, the 6 piece bonus of the wastes set is what pretty much gives whirlwind any purpose in this game, which is damage. The only problem I have with it, but many others might like it just the way it is, is the fact the it uses dust devils for the damage. Now I don't know if you guys tried to fight goblins with the wastes set or not, but it's fairly hard to get those %^-*!@#s to get hit by the tornado (which is the only source of pure damage you can get). The little tornados follow behind you and slowly get in front of you, while the goblins (or any mobs that like to run away a.k.a succubus) zig zag all over the place and then sometimes juke you and get behind you. It's hard to kill a goblin room when having to rely on a ranged attack coming from a melee skill that follows a straight path. The 6 piece bonus is currently "Whirlwind gains the effect of the Dust Devils rune and Dust Devils damage is increased to 2500% weapon damage." In my opinion, I think the 6 piece bonus would do better if the bonus was given to the wind shear rune and making it so that whirlwind gets the 2500% weapon damage. That pretty much takes care of any trouble of keeping fury regen up and you can use blood funnel without having to worry about fury depleting fast to be unable to proc the berseker's rage passive. It would be awesome if whirlwind was up there along with the other sets. Earthen set might not do crazy damage, but it's fairly tanky and does decently is higher grifts. IK, I don't play that enough to give a personal opinion. Raekor does like what? 130 billion per boulder now? I don't have the set so I can't say for sure. Wastes set does decent damage, but nothing compared to reach past 30 billion (I'm currently using it and i do about 1-4 billion non-zerker and 4-8 billion with zerker.) Anyways that was my rant and ideas on how to make it fairly better to bring back the traditional whirlwind back into the game.Rockfire0 May 6
May 6 sup How is everyone's season going so far?Dmoney32 May 6
May 6 Raekor FC charges don't always refund? Sometimes when I charge a small group of monsters, my FC charges don't get refunded from Raekors. Has anyone else experienced this? As a result, I tend to keep moving to fight bigger mobs so there's a better chance of a hit registering. But it's frustrating none the less when I know I've hit the enemy but I don't get the charge back.Mugsy13 May 6
May 6 [Guide] 2min WW Zod Speed TX Free's Adjusted The scope of this guide is to provide evidence on the performance of the build and the appropriate changes based on Free’s WW Zodiac build. The build yields ~400 Death Breaths per Hour. Therefore, the build should be based on Free’s contribution for WW6/BK2 Zodiac+SG. We should change the following: Gear and Gems Ancient Parthan Defender => Nemesis (extra Progress and DB) - Elem%, Str, Vit, CHC* CoE = > Stone of Jordan (Elem%, Str, IDE, OS) * Pain Enhancer => Gogok of Swiftness (Lower density in NR, PE not needed) Bane of Stricken => Taeguk (Striken is not needed) Amulet: Any. (I use HFA for extra Berserker Rage) Cube: Mantle of Channeling => Gloves of Worship BK2: If you do not have the “pushing” swords, any will do having at least CDR%. All 5 Rubys, in case you don’t have already. Skills WW – Blood Funnel => The same or Hurricane (cold) or Volcanic (fire)* TS => Sprint / Marathon IP => Bravado Rune. *Best element is Cold, using the Hurricane for more grouping, but use any you have on Bracers and SoJ, you will not feel the difference. Performance Having 12 ancient gear, NO augments, lvl 60 gems, Para 860: This build consistently runs TX rifts between 1:30 and 2:30 (3:00 on the tail of the performance curve on some Caves) with picking DB and legendaries. If you have spare Bovines, enter the realm, take the 6 shrines and then start rifting. However, this is not a prerequisite step. I have done 2:30 with NO pylons and shrines. Key Features WotB: permanent IP: permanent (even with my 4 sec PoC belt) Toughness, Healing, Recovery: ~200 mil toughness (at least 150 mil) and the Life Pool has stuck on 100%. Movement Speed: +155% and you do not need more. Any from +115% will do. DPS: Mine gear and Paragon has 5,5 bil DPS (more than enough) and 9 bil against Elites. CoE is not actually needed and since we replaced the Mantle, the SoJ gives back some boost. Augmentation and higher Paragon will have a slight effect, since you already kill the mobs with the tip of your sword. CDR: 45 - 50%+, shoulders, swords, Zodiac (if not in cube), Helm Diamond, Paragon, Gogok. Pros: 1. Easy to build, no need of Augmentation or high Gems 2. Consistently Fast 3. 20 – 24 Rifts per Hour => ~33 Keys/Hr = > ~400 DB/hr (15 – 25 DB per run), including Orek’s 30 seconds per rift. 4. Rock and Steel Cons: 1. You cannot use Sage’s Journey. Hope it helped. Feel free for comments. EU profile: DragonSlayer Hero Good Games.Dragonfire0 May 6
May 6 Hey you, -1er... After a few glasses of wine, I thought, "How can this guy/gal take these forums so personal. Hahaha, you make me laugh. This goes out only to the one and only -1er. The one that -1's without fail. ;)DieHard28 May 6
May 6 Blade of the warlord and rune Pulverize The Barbarian Bash rune Pulverize creates a shockwave behind the main target which deals 100% weapon damage. This shockwave does not benefit from the Blade of the Warlord damage bonus. BLIZZ pls FIX this bug! The nice bach-based build dont work correctly!nJIuacyH0 May 6
May 6 Question re: R6/IK4 and Area Damage I haven't been able to locate the answer to the following question after much research. Given that Boulder Toss deals damage to enemies within 9 yards of the impact point,does Area Damage's 10 yard radius extend the damage radius to 19 yards(i.e. 9+10) total with the extra 10 yards or merely 1 yard?Bulvai1 May 6
May 5 Blizzard, let's make Wastes more dynamic! In season 6 I've been testing different options for the Wastes set using the BK 1hand set. And, what I have noticed most with the change to include triple Rend damage is that what we need most for the WW set is some options. Rend really shines with a 2H weapon and we've already seen some strong T10 builds with 2H WW action. A few seasons ago we also saw a strong Wastes 2/IK 6 build using a 2H weapon which was #1 on the leaderboard for quite a while. So, let's fill some gaps! 1) We need a 2H Rend (and perhaps WW) weapon to expand the play styles available to the Barb class. Rend isn't horrible with the BK set, but it would be a lot stronger in synergy with a new 2H weapon. 2) This weapon needs to be a 2H Axe. Why? Because there are literally no two handed axes which are optimal for end-game builds at the moment (except for those with a Skorn fetish). This sad creates almost no excitement for the player when a rare axe drops. Let's change that. 3) Monks and Witch Doctors already have multiple options to push greater rifts with. Let's give strong multiple options to Barbs as well given that the general opinion is that Wastes is lagging well behind Raekor. Lastly, I will say that the strongest T10 clearing variant of the BK WW barb with 6x Wastes I've found so far includes Rend - Bloodbath. Mobs just seem to melt a lot faster when with a pure WW and Threatening Shout - Falter build. This might be due to the fact that I don't have a Focus and Restraint combo yet. Might be due to play style as well. At any rate, from the many build options I've tried, I predict that 6x Wastes with Lamentation and beefy optimized new Rend 2Her would be powerful and fun to play in the spirit of the old Wastes+IK combo. Let's do it!Gnada2 May 5
May 5 Crafting Ancient Legendaries (DB/FS ratio) I updated my spreadsheet for legendary drop rates some days ago and looked a bit deeper into crafting ancient legendaries. I wanted to find a number that allows one to find out which recipe one should use to get any kind of ancient. * rare-to-legendary (25DB, 50CM each) * reroll-legendary (50FS, 5BM each) I found this: ... What does that mean? An item like standoff has super high ancient legendary odds of 1 out of 35 for the rare-to-legendary recipe. The opposite is an item like Furnace. The chance to roll an ancient legendary with the rare-to-legendary recipe is only 1 out of 190. On the other side we have the costy recipe which is 50 forgotten souls and 5 bounty mats each. It always has a 1 out of 10 chance to roll an ancient legendary. The less likely it is to get an item, the higher the DB to FS ratio gets. Weapon________ | Odds | DB_ | = | FS | Odds/DB | CM_ | = | BM | Odds/CM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~+~~~~~+~~~+~~~~+~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~+~~~+~~~~+~~~~~~~~ Anc. Standoff_ | __35 | _90 | = | 50 | ___2.59 | 181 | = | _5 | ___5.17 Anc. 2H Mighty | __60 | 156 | = | 50 | ___2.61 | 313 | = | _5 | ___5.22 Anc. 1H Mighty | __80 | 209 | = | 50 | ___2.61 | 418 | = | _5 | ___5.23 Anc. Hack_____ | _110 | 287 | = | 50 | ___2.61 | 575 | = | _5 | ___5.23 Anc. Furnace__ | _190 | 497 | = | 50 | ___2.62 | 995 | = | _5 | ___5.24 Odds = Chance to cube ancient legendary with rare-to-legedary 1 out of N DB = Death Breath FS = Forgotten Soul CM = any crafting material BM = any bounty material All you need is a value of time that indicates how much time you need to farm each material. If you have that time you can pick the crafting recipe that will cost you the least time. Odds for cubing legendaries are in the spreadsheet. Just multiply them by a factor of 10 to get the odds for an ancient legendary. Optimally you want numbers of FS per hour, DB per hour, CM per hour and BM per hour. When looking at the above table here are the values for ancient Furnace: 497 DB = 50 FS and 995 CM = 5 BM. Means ~500 Death Breath are worth 10 Forgotten Souls and ~1000 crafting materials each are worth 5 bounty materials each. When looking at Standoff we get different values. 90.5 Death breath are worth 50 Forgotten Souls and 181 crafting materials are worth 5 bounty materials.zork1 May 5
May 5 Cydarea inferno Guys is there any specific strategy or build to kill her post 1.03?Yuri6 May 5
May 5 Rock of Jabrawlta: BT Bld GR 84+ (Per Jako);) Special thanks to Enoone, who's always lent his support. Pick a spot and go to town (can spam BT with 40% RCR, though not sure what minimum RCR would be). Kill Elites first, then trash mobs. I completed GR 60 w/ 2:25 to spare and using one Power pylon. Jako completed GR 84 (determined by using an algorithm after completing GR 48 to calculate it's potential {I think} that Teddy is bent all out shape about). Should perform really well with IK update. GEAR IK 6pc Endless Walk 300th Storm Shield Unity FotA Shoulders Nemesis GEMS BotT Stricken Zei's SKILLS WC: Impunity BR: BS CotA: TaO WOTB: Insanity TS: GH (considering Terrify since your ranged as well) PASSIVES S&B Relentless Ruthless Superstition CUBE Furnace Skular's CoEDieHard150 May 5
May 4 And now I sleep and call in sick tomorrow I'm going to wake up and it won't be there anymore, but I will always have swag as #1 in my heart.Stormay5 May 4
May 4 Having a hard time with RG's (Raekor) Anyone else having a bad time with RG's? Just blew threw a 64 with half the time left. Spawned Perdition RG and he literally one shot me every time, finished with 3 minutes left cause I died so many times. Any tips to help with this? or is this just the way it is for this buildSteve9 May 4
May 4 which BoT? Hi Guys Which one gives me higher dps..... ??fReako1 May 4
May 4 2h'er/Mighty Weapon Transmog Would anyone amongst here agree with me that any and all two handed weapons should be able to be transmog'd betwixt one another? Like wise, single handed weapons? I mean, in the end, what would it matter? I hate that there is no solid build for a Corrupted Ashbringer and I can't even transmog my barb's mighty weapon into it because it's a sword. I don't feel that the visual representation should matter so much. I would settle, obviously, for no 1h transmogs into 2h and the same backways. Penny for your thoughts? Let's talk Blizzard into it, shall we?PaladinWay1 May 4
May 4 Whirlwind - Wind Shear rune question Will Whirlwind/WindShear rune proc the fury resource generating side of the Focus - Restraint Ring set. I am using Whirlwind with Rend in the Raeker SetFastrunner4 May 4
May 4 barbarian whirlwind this might be OT but i dont care, i love whirlwind. I try to make other builds because of full ancient Raekors and "Of the Earhs" or ancient IKBB and i dont even care because i get halfway through the build and say screw it, i love the smooth feel of clearing a rift with WW. Am i wrong to feel this way? or should i just accept my weakness? Or have i just not given the other barbs a shot?Foley1 May 4
May 4 Help reforging this blade of the tribes Just drop, need help with reforge please. 1823-2191 damage 1231 strenght 1327 vitality 23% area damage 171% earthquake damage ------------------------------------------- 23 maxim furyLeChuckVCF26 May 4
May 4 what set is the best barb set this season? I know barb got nerfed pretty bad..debating which set to go with..which is best for highest solo grifts? i have 4 piece raekor at the moment but i cant figure out how to play barbs like at all lol been so long since ive played one any tips/help appreciatedBucs55Brooks9 May 4
May 3 Best T10 speed farm build? Someone can help with a fast t10 farm build please? I use earth set and is really fun and good in grifts, but in T10 speed runs i feel i am going slow.LeChuckVCF30 May 3
May 3 Struggling with Malthael - Master Do you have a build in mind that could help me get over this boss? I usually do WW for PVE, I had great success with that so far. I tried the build I am currently using and managed to get him at 25%. However, he throws balls of fire and then send an arc of deadly red spikes. The later chop 75% of my HP. I have difficult to dodge them as I don't have the time to escape. I guess having sprint as one of my skills could help me in that regard. I also struggle a lot due to very weak teammates. The grey lakes prevent me to revive them even if I manage to stay alive for ages. I am probably a bit under geared but still manage to survive fairly easily and get through multiple elites at the same time.Armageddon7 May 3
May 3 AD or Dmg% reroll? Hi guys, Just found an ancient IK weapon that I'll be going to use. It has STR, VIT and Life per hit. I believe I will reroll Life per hit, but should I reroll it to Dmg% or Area Damage?? What would you do? It's for the Furious charge/Ancient spear build. Cheers.Grandmuul3 May 3
May 3 R6/IK4 vs. IK6/R4 My first time rolling a barb this season so forgive the "noobness". I noticed that most barbs run r6/ik4. Why is it better than ik6/r4 when you benefit from the 6pc bonus of the ik on every attack while on r6, only if you use a spender? Just wondering. Thanksbugoy2 May 3
May 3 #stealtheshow This is for all football fans, she (I think) tells it like it is!Thump1 May 3
May 3 pre patch skull grasp if you wear pre 2.4.1 skull grasp with max damage bonus of 400% does it still benefit from the retroactive multiplicative effect?carbone4 May 3
May 3 I have hit the gear wall...and I have had it. ***Please, everyone who plays Barb, show this post off and raise discussions about this. Our builds need to be more flexible. We need item buffs to make us more powerful, not be situational and useless at End Game.*** TL;DR Please make items useful for multiple builds instead of immensely situational builds that have no use at end game, and give us an actual drop rate that makes playing worthwhile. Ever since, the slot item bonus effect slots patch was released, I have kept The Furnace in that very slot. And I have not changed it since. I have had no reason to, as a proud barb player. And you know what? I've had it. All these improvements have only carried me so far, and yet, others have surpassed me. And I want to join them. I want to be able to do level 75 rifts with others. I want to do level 100 rifts. And yet I can not. I have not found any better drops since the MOTE set revamp, except the occasional +40 str ancient item buff stick. But not weapons. And nothing game changing for me. A tiny buff, here and there. It makes little difference, I am still stuck at where I have been for the past......9 months? I have lost all track of time since things began to slug off for me. Hell, the MOTE set doesn't even work that well at 70 grifts. Especially since the main attack to trigger any of the effects has a stupidly long cool down, and swarms of powerful mobs will tear you a new @$$hole. As a WW barb, I have tried for months on end, to find ways to improve my skills. "Gee, if armor can't carry me forward, then skill can!" NOPE! NOT A DAMN BIT. You guys know Oathkeeper? I found it recently. I misread the buff, "Primary Skills gain a 50% atk speed boost and 200% damage increase." You think that means PRIMARY SLOT? Nope. Primary SKILL. Secondary skills can apparently go to hell. So why should I use this item? It doesn't benefit my WW attack in any way, the primary skills are useless at end game. So back to Furnace I go, as always, and still, to this very day, a Day One of Release player, I can not progress past the gear wall that other lucky b@astards have passed already, most likely because of either luck or they cheated, who ever knows how. So why should I still play D3? I want to progress with my favourite class, but can not. I can not find better gear to help my character, and am stuck with what I have, which leaves me stuck at 60 to 67 or 68 dif riffs which I can't even solo regardless, because barbs apparently are terrible solo classes. Or so I have found to my own experience. On 70+ rifts, I get two shot. It doesn't matter what I use (currently I have been testing out different pieces of gear, so my build will not look completely stable atm). And Barbarian keeps getting dragged through the mud. You know what? Maybe you guys should bring back Jay Wilson, for the barbarian alone. It seems only he cares about what Barb was all about in the end. And just for the Barb alone. Considering where it is now, it can't even tank. The WITCH DOCTOR, A MAGE CLASS, CAN OUTTANK HIM. So what does that make my Barb? Chopped suey apparently. What the f*ck, Blizzard? I want to PROGRESS. But I can't even for the life of me improve my damage skills wise with the build I wish to use. Why is the game like this at the moment? Not in D2 even were builds this....locked into a position they could escape. Not without good reason. Balance, is a terrible reason.DeathOrGlory16 May 3
May 3 Revert WW Nerf: Decrease Dust Devils Speed In 2.4, Dust Devils were made to move faster to balance lag. As a result, they end up hitting fewer targets throughout their life-span, and dealing less damage overall. But in 2.4.1, Area Damage and Life On Hit cause much less lag, and by extension, WW is now completely lag-free. The nerf is no longer necessary for server performance. Please revert the WOTW nerf. It is no longer necessary and is artificially holding Wastes back.Archael3 May 3