Oct 26, 2012 How do I decide its time to upgrade? Most of my items have came from me getting a decent amount of gold (100k is a lot for me), buying the item, and then continuing. Right now Im farming mp0 without a lot of deaths which is good. Mp1 goes a bit too slow...Anyways I have 500k which I know is nothing, but Im trying to upgrade because upgrading things kinda keeps me wanting to play the game, obviously. The more I farm and not upgrade the more bored I get. Now with that 500k I made, that was today. Not too bad I guess, it was purely farming with no drops. I havent even bothered to look through the rares I get. As a side question, should I be collecting the blues that drop? figured that would give me a little bit of more gold...probably alot more (compared to the 75-100k I make a run) I also get legendaries every so often,...only got two (one sold for didnt sell at all..) which brings me into the game. So I guess what Im asking is how do I know when its time to upgrade and what counts as a big upgrade for me? Just so I dont have to come back and say hey barbs, wat do 4 upgrade. I switched to WW/DT after getting the gear I could never get pre 1.0.5 and Im having a blast. Not so much for repetitive farming. I havent even gotten a single key...robocop9 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Wts nat helm with high strng roll +crit Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 3 machines looking for mp10 carry My friend and I are looking for a mp10 carry, we are both around 100k dpsSalinia1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Mf or Mp? Should I keep the mf I stacked or lose it for better gear without mf to play higher MPs?Hancock8 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Barb builds. Hello all, Wanted to get some suggestions on barb builds from everyone. WW is amazing we all know and i will not contest the fact that when it comes to huge packs of mobs nothing is better. However some diversity would be nice. One thing to remember is when PvP comes our WW barbs are going to be slaughtered by DH and wizards cuz we all know its flaw is 1) single target is meh and 2) a good DH or wiz isnt going to stand still while we surround it with tornadoes. Im interested in any build, even if its an idea you are experimenting feel free to share. I myself am trying to successfully have a HotA/Rend build. seems by themselves they are pretty good and i saw someone combined the HotA with a WW barb and it was fantastic. stats do apply i understand. this is a build thread, not my gear :P. it is trash i know i just got back from a few months of playing my other fan driven game obsessions.Kretanix893 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Barbarians and Attack Speed Do WW barbs still need Attack Speed? i know they nerf the WW but does attack speed help the run like the win tornadoes tick faster?Viper0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 The difference between Loh and LS! Dear Barbs experts I will like to seek some understanding on the difference between Life on Hit and Life Steal. I can't seem to be able to track a thread relating on this subject so your opinions and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.NBTDTaiZi17 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Tank barb pants on AH Good tank barb pants on auction if you aren't wearing any Set gears. 112 str 246 vit 63 res all 174 armour 2 socsStormchylde8 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WW Barb help Hello there, i stopped diablo 3 before the patch 1.03 hit and i wanted to play it again after i heard some new features have been added like paragon ect... I decided to do a ww barb, and i need your help, i bought some start item, and i need you help to improves my dps drastically i m just at 37k unbuff or so, i have like 65 Millions to spend, what do you suggest i buy ? (with the stats if you can). I farm mp3 but i still die to some elites my dps isnt very great so :pAlvinas2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 $174 for IK chest WTB an IK chest with about 400 main stats paying $174 RMAHShowpony0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 What do you think about this build ? Hey!ZYd!YZacZZ i just thought about it and tested it yesterday it feels really good and the damage is just amazing in comparision to the common builds i uploaded a quick video on mp 8 too maybe you want too check it out Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 ANY u barbs wanna make offer i found what seems to be a pretty good barb swrd whatcha think? thers nothin like it on ah 1 hand 972.6 dmg 268-647 psn 104-str ias-11% hit adds 467 life crit 55 1 socJiynks0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 I need help with my Barb! I keep dying in inferno..... Can any kind souls out there advice what I should be doing? I have about 2mil Gold to spend. Any help would be much appreciated. :)GHLT0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Barb Weapon/Gear Advice (Non-WW) Hey fellow Barbarians! I would like some advice upgrading my weapon. I switch between 2H weapon and sword and board and like each setup equally. I pretty much like my skill setup as well, but I am always open for suggestions (especially when it comes to warcry. I have no idea what to use here.) as long as it doesn't steer me towards a WW build. So what I am trying to accomplish is a sword & board combo (currently I use Hallowed Set which gives me only 38k dps but total of 30% block with Helm of Command) or a 2-hander (currently have Messerschmidt's Reaver which gives me ~56k dps) for 25M. I would like to have something that can be effective with the gear I currently have. I would like to use another 25M on upgrading my gear, but if it would be better to buy an even better weapon combo for 50M, I would be open to that as well. Thanks for reading and posting suggestions!Derfel1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Switching from 2h to DW sprint Hi there, I've always played a 2h rend/seismic slam build but from what I've seen DW tornado sprint works a lot better. I am wondering what needs to change about my gear first so this can work and also, what sort of stats do I need to look for? My budget is around 85mRinkon0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 PC Mempo with pickup radius What do you think ? How much gold does Pickup-radius add to it ?banhmipate4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Name what difficulty of ubers I can do I'm going to try to do ubers tonight with my buddy and was wondering what mp level I should try on my first run? I can solo keywardens on MP5 myself, and so can he. We're both ww barbs. Should we just stick with mp5 or are ubers really really hard compared to normal leets on the same mp difficulty?SilentExodus11 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Hammer Whirlwind build Playing around yesterday and found this nice build ^^ I bet that build is not new, but lets open to community!bZY!YZZYZc Basicaly you WW all the way. Single targets? Smash, yeah :) Hammer time in permazerk is doable to me. Dont know the requirements The only thing is missing is BASH. Is just for starting the fight. I want to achieve 0 fury HOTA with SoJ and Belt, so i can use overpower or warcry insted bash Why i like this build? WW is not good enough for single targets. Really, try 406% damage in permazerk for single target. You will notice the difference Thoughts?Babunera4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Completing the IK set is it worth it? I have a 3 piece set right now. Happy with all my pieces. But getting the helm and the boots will cost me about 9% attack speed and 15-20k DPS I will gain about 10k HP, 30 All resists a socket in my helm and the set bonus. I burn through a lot of fury between sesmic slam and sprint. My question is about the life gain on the set bonus? How good is this? Do you think I can replace one of my weapons with a double crit one with no life steal if I have this bonus? Cause that would make up for a lot of damage lost. Right now I can't afford a Double Crit weapon with life steal so I have to choose between and so far life steal has won out. Any advice from someone who's used the 5 piece set would be appreciated.Foldz19844 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS - Blade of the Warlord 908.5 dps 218-425 holy dmg 47% dmg +193 strength +increased attack speed 10% +Critical hit dmg 82% +gain 20 life per fury spent Will be on for 20 more minutes tonight. if not can sell mid-day CST tomorrow.BlinG9 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Rend and 1.0.5 Hey guys, I am a 2H rend build, and I really enjoy it. I recently upgraded a few things to increase my survivability (ie double my AR, increase HP, and gain 2.7% life steal) and while I'm not really having any problems, I wanted to check if I'm using the right skills. I'm not really having any problems, but want to make sure I can't improve (without spending money). Thanks in advanceAxeGrinder5 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Noob Sunkeeper Offhand Question Question: the Sunkeeper has a +% dmg to elites modifier. Does the +% dmg apply to tornados if it is in your offhand ?Archimony2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 PC: IMMORTAL KING'S IRONS Hihi, Can anyone give me a price check on this pls 186 str 67 vit 34% crit damage 307 life regen 10% crit chance 6% reduced meleeyiTOWN12 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Need suggest on items upgrade Here's my profile: Can anyone give me some advice on which piece I need to upgrade first and which stats I will need to look after? Note. I dont have much gold to spend on.. so yeah... ThanksJacky3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 New Barb needs gear help? Im still in the process of upgrading my barb. my dps is 50k unbuffed as of right now which is not cutting it. My goal is to hit 100k unbuffed. Ive already upgraded my helm chest gloves and bracers. I bought the belt but it was just temporary. Should I buy a better belt with vit and high str or just buy a belt with high str for cheap(most IK belts without vit are cheap). Also what should my next upgrade be. I think my shoulders and rings will be ok for now. My boots the same since i already have resist on them. I know my pants need to be upgraded because they have no resist on them and thats the one spot I need to get my all resist above 500, but I know my weaps are drastically holding me back as well. So should I upgrade my armor or go upgrade my weapons? I know weapons arent cheap. I want LS CD and on OS on my weapons. My goal is to have between 8-9 LS then i still might possibly use bloodthirst for the extra 3%Whistlr4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Life Steal/DPS Correlation - HELP I am trying to figure out if it will be beneficial for me to swap to a pure dps main hand rather than use a life steal weapon in my main hand. Currently I sit at about 90k dps unbuffed w/ 8.8% life steal (0 life on hit) and do fine on MP6. I am debating on buying a 1100+ dps o/s echo but I do not want to do so if it will be end up getting me killed :Pbwest862 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 sold Immortal King's Eternal Reign: 781 Aromor + 151 Strength + 36 Vitality + 75 All Resist 2151 Thorns Damage ( ) Open Socket x 3KN0WLEDG36 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 1297 DPS Skorn for sale 1297.4 DPS 972-1476 damage 168 Min 349 Max 44 % Damage 303 Str 6 Attack Speed 188 Crit Damage Taking offersGathios2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 600 loh or 2,5% ls? Hi i'm playing ww barb,what will be better on off hand,600 loh or 2,5% ls?Nemojimmy4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 mempo is awesome so i found a crap mempo today, low str, but the IAS!!!! i was at 96k dps before, now im at 105k with just the added ias :OPetraeus4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Frenzy Smite as fury generator? Realize I need a better way of generating fury. I also miss using Frenzy which benefits from my IK belt. Would Frenzy Smite be viable over Bash Instigation by utilizing it's crit procs with Into the Fray?Aeternam0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 My New Barb - What to improve on! I just started this barb as I have been a DH player (strip and sold). After, reading the forum with the little time I had, I assembled what is on my barb now. However, survival in MP5 is still a question, not to even mention above MP5. Is resist the main problem I faced or am I too slow? My questions will be: - Movement speed will help spin faster? - Increase attack speed only assist in melee? - What is the difference between Life Steal and Life on Hit actual?NBTDTaiZi12 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Any godly barb wana go uber mp8? 3 man team, each one must have 3 portals so that we can have 3x uber runs. add me up ThePwet#6321ThePwet2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 5.5CC/25CD/Dmg/Str+Vit Ring Edit: Wife decided to keep original ring, but just found this one, which is now for sale: 29-51 Damage 69 Str 49 Vit 5.5% CC 25% CDztking13 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 SG Barbs - Let's play! Hi, i don't see any SG (Singapore) barbs around in the open servers. Hopefully can find a few to start some catching up. :DNBTDTaiZi1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Need more DPS, any suggestions? Can't seem to get my DPS any higher. What should I upgrade? More strenght? more crit? more AS? Thanks for suggestions.Brobarian4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS Immortal King's Boulder Breaker On RMHA C/O 15 dollars 1556.8 DPS 44% damage 497 Str 151 Vit 6% WW CCADAKAR2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Upgrades/Tips I just recently upgraded my new barb, but I am still having some trouble farming MP1, I still have a bit of money left over from when I upgraded, could I get any tips on what items to upgrade?Bulking1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 tips for my barb? hey guys just wondering how i can further improve my barb i'm running dual wield just smashing through stuff in act 3 might be thinking of going WW build but am also not sure how to gear up for that. I guess the main question is how can i improve my barbs damage and survivability?...not sure which pieces to get rid of, i have a 40M budget any advice is much appreciated :)barboza3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Looking for a good barbarian guide Hello! I've read through the forums, did some research, but overall the information is hard to gather. As many of you must have noticed, roughly 90% of the posts are about selling gear and not discussing the barbarian. I am wondering if there is a 'user-friendly'/comprehensive guide to barbarian mecanics. I've been trying to figure out what was the status on Rend and crit., how IAS improved certain abilities (namely Rend, again), but everything is so spread around it takes ages to figure out anything. I have seen the Gearing up tips thread, and although it has been useful to get starting tips, I am looking for something a little more in-depth. Does anyone know of such a website where I could find the most useful tips for a barbarian player who is not a newbie, but also not an expert, and who is looking to improve? Thanks in advance, Mektaur P.S. : I've played a little DW WW, but since I'm poor as hell, I switched to SnB and this is rougly the best gear I could get for 5m >< P.P.S. : I would also welcome if an experienced barbarian was willing to befriend me in-game to answer the questions I may have along the way :) My info is Mektaur#1849Mektaur3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Just got back...question!! Does the mp level affect quality of drops or is it just an epeen thing to say your farming in mp5? iv heard it both ways. not sure the truth.Kretanix890 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 2H Barb - Life Steal is a MUST! Greetings all! I want to share with my fellow barbs, how important it was to get 6% LS. I was having trouble farming MP3 before i got the IK belt. Now im farming MP5 decently and i believe i can still go further. LS also makes it worthwhile to go for more offensive builds, choosing more damage runes to uff the dps. I think i can drop relentless whenever if i ever get my hands on a skorn with LS . If any samaritan feels he really should get me one, i wont object ;). Since i cant have acess to RMAH, all you see in my barb was dropps or the result of gold farming and trading, but im proud of what i have accomplished so far. I also want to ASK YOU what companion do you prefer fro barb these days- Despite the enchantress nerf i have kept with her, but im considering changing for scoundrel. What are your thoughts on this?ptderfel5 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS 176 STR IK HELM+ 181 STRENG IK BELT.... ik helm: 176 strengh 59 poison resist 10% life 5 CC 5 RD socket ik belt : 181 stren 79 all resist 40 lighting resist 13 maximum fury 2.9% life stole inrease frenzy by 7% please post your offer..thank very muchv9killmaster6 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Barb heal problem hello im trying to run mp3 for key farming since my life steal seem very low i tried using 8.6% life steal its same healing as 5.6% and i dont even get enough healing either there any suggestion what i can do to improve it? i just bought ik belt 3% lifesteal havent updatedHellVaX9 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 killing MP10 UBERS for u starting runs now msg meRobinJack6 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Working on my WW barb.... help please So I recently decided to try to give WW barb a try again.... it is working a little better than what it was in the past for me, maybe cause my gear is a little better, or maybe they nerfed the game... not sure. I can farm MP3 Act3. So here is my questions: Is it better to farm MP4 Act1 or MP3 Act3? I have about 2mil on me, what should I focus on upgrading next? I am torn if I should be going for LoH or LS, what should I go for? I should be on for a bit today in game if you want to come help me one on one as well I would greatly appreciate that as well. Hit me up and thank you for any help you can offer. Thanks!UncleDerek1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 AMAZING ICE CLIMBERS Melkor3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 [WTS] Godly Immortal King Chest 184 STR 159 VIT 71 AR 797 ARMOR 3 Empty SOC Accepting offers, BIN - 600Mmfractal7 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 new barb gear advice needed i just came back to the game a few days before 1.0.5 after leaving 3 weeks after the game launched .. i didn't have much gold .. but i managed to clear inferno with my monk.. then i rolled this bard on sunday and cleared inferno in 41 hours of playtime .. now i have put a mf gear set together .. but i can run acts 1 and 2 and half of act 3 on mp one .. so i have 30 extra points of mf .. with 5 stacks of nv right now i am wondering what slot should i go for first getting a piece in the 1 -4 million range .. i like my build.. it plays well for me .. right now the only stuff that tends to kill me is stuff that spawns with molten and runs away a lot.. or fire chains /freeze/or jailor ..other than that i do run into trouble when i leroy jenkins with a room full of mobs and figure out an elite is in their a little to late .. my own choice would be get a belt with life steal and maybe an offhand weapon with life steal ...but my shield and my belt are a huge chunk of my AR .. I am a noob basically so i don't understand all the acronyms yet heheOdahn0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Wts STR/AR/CC Lacuni Prowlers C/O 400M Wearing them currently. As OP as they are, I'm looking to sell them to upgrade some of the large holes in my gear. Current offers have been between 200 and 400+ in gold/gear, but nothing that stands out as a clear upgrade path at this time. Ideally I want to upgrade non-jewelry pieces for now while prices continue to drop. I'll consider offers as they come, with a straight gold number being preferable. Setting a solid buyout is kinda difficult considering the rarity of these and the tendency of the AH to be far overpriced, so I'll leave that open for now unless I see something stand out.Moist18 Oct 26, 2012