Oct 26, 2012 IK belt 262 Str ohai selling my ik belt 262 str 99 Int 75 AR 15 Max fury 2.80 Life steal increase bash damage by 11% iso offers also ohai nyghost before he posts here!!!!! :pReasoning7 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 PC Bul-kathos's Solemn Vow 945.7 DPS 170 525 Holy Damage 47% Damage 198 Strength Increase Attack Speed by 10% Each Hit Adds 801 Life Empty SocketTanner1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Rate my barb? Need a kind rating on my barb and what all my gear would be worth. (gold, money) thanks for any reply ;Also as a next step, What peice should I improve next on my barb.CopeTroll2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Throw Barb Question Im looking to upgrade my MH weapon to a EF, whats the minimum LS i should be running?SwagMonster7 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 overpower crushing adv rune help. it redirects damage. does that mean when it's active i take 35% less damage??kobiebomb2133 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Barb 1.0.5 Builds So I stopped playing a while ago, back in 1.0.4. In 1.0.5 there were some significant changes to WW and run like the wind, both of which act as an overall nerf to WW barbs. In either case, are there any new builds people are using? Or is WW still king.Subjugglator1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Where do I start with upgrades? Where do I start with upgrades? Is my spec alright?DaddyChief1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS: one of a kind EHP boosting mace Guys, I have a very nice 1H Mace for sale with the following stats: Grand Batter 887 DPS 144 STR 313 VIT 2.3% LS OS This mace will give you an extra whopping 15,000 HP, as well as solid dps and other desirable stats. It'll go a long way to help keep you alive in those high MP uber boss fights and is ranked 6th in the world (according to diabloprogress) for all 1H weapons with comparable stats. Going on the AH now with S/B: 25m B/O: 50mjayteez11 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 How should i improve my gear? I have around 30m to spend. Lets ignore the gems first. Should i get EF, Blade of warlord, switch cc cd to ias cc rings?Emperor4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Need Expert advise on Bul-Kathos wedding band I've been using Bul-Kathos wedding band for a short time now and I've been wondering if I should trade it out for a better ring. I've heard that it works well in the higher MP levels but I'm not geared to test it out. So do any of you more experienced barbs have any info on this ring?JUSTICE2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Hows My Gear? Check my profile. Obviously I'm no ML10 250k dps mega barb but I think I've done pretty good for myself. Need new Chest, Pants and Feet next. I have a pretty decent neck that increases my dps by about 40k but I can't use it just yet because it has no vit, res all etc. So my survivability is nearly cut in half. What do you guys think? Any tips or suggestions on what to change / fix for a resonable cost? FYI I paid a bit more than I should have for the Skorn; 38m.Rispetto2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Good 1423 Skorn with 169Vita in AH Requires level 60 Skorn 2-Hand 1423.7 dps Legendary Two-Handed Axe Damage Per Second (1161)–(1686) Damage 1.00 Attacks per Second +283 Minimum Damage +356 Maximum Damage +47% Damage Critical Hit Damage Increased by 165% +317 Strength +169 Vitality 99.9% to bleed 6280-10414 Empty Socket Already put in AH, I may take it down from AH if any reasonable offers here.Vly2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Which immortal ffor my next upgrade? Not sure which immortals shld I get to upgrade my barb. Below is my profile. Any advise will be appreciated. Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Returning Barb Hi all. I'm returning after a few months break. Think around 1.03. Kindly help me out in what should I upgrade/next few upgrades for my gear. Note, I'm totally broke, have about 50k gold. Want to start doing Inferno Act 1 MP1. LOL. I'm currently mixing up my build a bit. Thanks all.fuske3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Rate my gear plz (advice appreciated) Hai guyz... My barb is your typical tornadow/WW barb that's wants to be as optimal as possible with dps and defense Can anyone rate my gear and also give me any advice on what I should replace etc I need some new peices feet, gloves, bracers and rings Just a question of the gloves.. Would it be wise to get a nice paid of IK Irons or try get a trifecta pair of gloves with CD/CC/IAS ? for boots id love a good pair of ice climbers, good pair of launci bracers for the MS I think my attacks are about 1.8/1.7 from memory but have to make sure My hp is a little low, so I need to find some good HP in the replacements i find How much APS Should I be trying to get from IAS ? (how much IAS)Drekka1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 20 Mil - Cheapest Upgrade I have 20 mil to spend. Is there a worthwhile upgrade I should be making. I am running Act 5, but not very efficiently. Thanks for the help!Doggfish4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Wanna do Ubers together? Archon wiz and tanking monk here. Looking for 2 other friends to do ubers with. add me if keen!Geren2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Strength Litany, High Cd Roll 163 str 62 all resist 44 CD 199 LPS 4.5 CC 7% reduced elite Up in AH for only 690 mill.Zanyu20 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Help me with a proper 2H rend build please!! Hi, would anyone be able to recommend me a proper 2H rend build?? I just recently got the skorn and I really want to use it properly. Also what mp level do you think I would be good at?? (fyi, with war cry and battle rage i'm at 123k dps)Renegade15 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS: Skorn 1267dps, 5.7% LS, 196%CD, 322Str Hey selling my Skorn, going to play around with DW for a while. Starting bid 100M. This will let you farm around in MP7 pretty easily.Jashugan7 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 56 Mil Budget -- Biggest Upgrade Good evening, I'm having a hard time deciding what my biggest upgrade is to maximize my DPS. My budget is 56 million (just found an Intel vile ward that I sold for 50 mil :D).. What's my biggest upgrade? Thanks! ThundernickThundernick3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 3mil double nado set give away! I bought this set as a tester for PTR and have no desire to sell each thing back on the AH. I just ran MP 1 with this doing alkzaizer's route and died once. Not able to keep wrath up 100%. I think a few tweaks in the rings for more cc will make this a decent starter set.PhatPhoEater7 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Need help with my WW barb any tips help, thanks.Chris2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 My barb and mp what mp should my barb be really doing? Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 I got 20m help me gear my baba!BANGBROS0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Anyone up for ubers mp8+? my machines ive got 6 infernal machines looking for someone who wants to do ubers mp8+. I'll make the portals you kill :)Uky0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Hammer of the Ancients Redux in 1.04, a number of barbarians bade farewell to the Devil's Anvil build as Blizzard "corrected" an unintended game mechanic. In this post I try to combine two builds in a bid to create a barbarian build based on hammer of the ancients. At 90k unbuffed DPS with decent (not Godly) gear, I'm hitting 500k crits. At 6% (1.2%) life steal, I basically get a "health globe" everytime I hit a pack with rolling thunder. With leap and ignore pain, I get enough durability to dish out the punishment. I. BUILD 1. Hammer of the Ancients: Rolling Thunder It was a toss up between rolling thunder and smash. In the end I decided to go with rolling thunder because of its way better reach. Seismic slam with strength of the earth was also considered but it felt too slow and cumbersome when compared with hammer of the ancients. With the right build, rolling thunder will allow you to crit for 400k-500k. 2. Leap: Iron Impact This serves three purposes: (a) to get some fury going and (b) to be virtually indestructible for three seconds every ten seconds and (c) for added mobility. In between leap and ignore pain, this build allows you to be indestructible for a full thirteen seconds. With enough DPS, that is more than enough to lay waste to any pack. 3. Ignore Pain: Iron Hide The build requires a barbarian to stay in the thick of things. This skill allows the barbarian to do just that. Cycling through this and leap makes barbarians using this build extremely durable. In conjunction with the offensive skills, the resulting barbarian is an offensive and defensive powerhouse. 4. Battle Rage: Into the Fray While not as efficient as the old devil's anvil build, this build still manages to use into the fray quite well. In my experience it allows the build to get several "free" hammers before having to resort to a normal attack. The extra damage and crit chance are of course welcome bonuses. 5. Warcry: Impunity Not much to discuss here. 6. Earthquake: Mountain's Call I would have wanted wrath with insanity but the build isn't particularly fury-rich. Combined with a hefty 2-hander, earthquake is a worthy replacement. Pop ignore pain then pop earthquake and melt packs in seconds. Passive #1 Ruthless More DPS. Passive #2 Weapon Master More DPS and more consistent fury generation. Passive #3 Bloodthirst If you don't have enough life steal on your weapon and your belt then this passive is more or less necessary. If you have enough then tough as nails or nerves of steel could be better. II. PLAYSTYLE This build combines mechanics from the now defunct devil's anvil build and the bread-and-butter two-hand builds out there. It uses into the fray in conjunction with a high enough critical hit chance to generate fury for hammer of the ancients while cycling through the defensive cooldowns leap and ignore pain. Basically start out with warcry into battle rage and then leap into hammer of the ancients. If you crit, you can go on ahead and keep on wailing with the hammer. If you don't a normal attack will get you back on track. If you have enough DPS even your normal attacks will hurt so it's not that big of a deal. III. ITEMIZATION Here are some stats to shoot for: 500 Unbuffed Resists (shoulders, helm, belt, chest, legs, boots, bracers) 45% Crit Chance (gloves, bracers, rings, amulet, helm) At least 50k Unbuffed DPS At least 35k Health At least 5k Unbuffed Armor Anywhere from 3% to 6% life steal (depends on your DPS) Hope this helps!Uldrich2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Need Advice on what gear to get next...any tips help, thanks.Chris0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Hall of Godly barbs EHP question This is a spinoff of the Hall of Godly barbarians thread. I'm trying to devise a formula to determine how effective a barb is, and trying to account for as many factors as is feasible using numbers from the diabloprogress site. In my original formula, I had EHP start diminishing at 1.25M but I think given the nerfs to MP, I should have it start diminishing at 750K EHP. Do any well geared high paragon barbs want to comment on this proposed change?Celanian90 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 What should I do to upgrade my Barb? I can only borderline pass MP3, I can die at least 2 times on a single run, more when I meet a insane elite pack. What should I do to upgrade my ability to survive, without comprising my DPS? I'm using the double tornado build now. I have 10M to spend btw.trifluxe0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Would like views on balancing my stats I've been looking at some of the profiles of the other more prominent barbarians, but I'd like and hope to get some insight into breaking 200k dps. I farm mp10 with ease, but it is quite slow, and I would like to improve my speed. Are my stats too lopsided? I believe my stats are not well I focusing too much on crit chance? I see that some of the other more prominent barbarians have around 40% crit chance with weapons master, and they have almost 400 more strength than I do. Also, a side question - how much life steal is a minimum? Would it be 5-6%? Also, is LOH totally worthless now? I was hoping my LOH would be able to make up the numbers if I swap to dual wield.kapo375 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS>262STR, 5%Life, 47CD, 8%AS Witching Hour The Witching Hour 262 Str 5% Life 47% Critical Damage 8% Attack Speed 99 Intelligence 49 Dexterity SOLD @ 240m to Zanyu (BO) Thread CloasedLordGT20 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Crit chance: the budget 1.05 WW It is commonly suggested to WW barbs who have played the PTR that the most effective way of increasing fury generation that is lacking due to the sprint coefficient nerf is to stack more attack speed for your tornados to tic more per second. Refer to: While this is generally a good idea, and will not harm your fury generation in any way, I would argue the more effective way to increase your fury generation on a budget is by increasing your critical hit chance. Most WW barbs have been aiming for at LEAST 40% crit chance in order to attain a respectable budget WW build in 1.04, so that is the number I will use in my upcoming examples. If I were going to re-gear for 1.05 to continue to have an effective WW barb I would not even attempt to stack attack speed, because it is an expensive alternative to crit chance. In order to make up for the 60% coefficient nerf one can assume they must increase either the number of tics per second by 60% or their base critical hit % by 60%. This does not take into account that the coefficient to WW was NOT changed, and therefore will proc all the same, return the same LoH and generate the same amount of fury. Because there was no nerf to WW proc rate, and the fury cost was reduced for WW the real nerf was to how much fury is EXCHANGED (gained/lost) during the process of WWing, which really just nerfs perma WoTB, but that is a separate argument. Budget WW builds should concentrate on crit chance to be able to maintain their build in 1.05, and here is the reason why: it is easier to gain mass amounts of crit chance then attack speed, and critical hits are what procs into the fray. According to Nubtro's guide it takes about 60% increased attack speed (varies) in order to gain a 60% increase to the amount of tics/second of your tornado which would in turn increase your fury generation by 60%. Buying gear/weapons with a total of 60% increased attack speed is a tall order. However, if you are having fury generation problems with 40% base crit chance it takes minimal gear and/or skill changes to attain 64% base crit chance and even at the same attack speed increase your fury generation by 60%. Changing some of your passives around to get more crit chance, buying cheap gear with high crit chance % (don't neglect crit chance on your amulet, gloves, rings, helm), or introducing skills in place of War Cry that raise your crit chance % temporarily like Revenge: Best served cold, or Overpower: killing spree (since War Cry is being nerfed, and is going to be less necessary for lower monster powers which budget WW build should be farming anyway). By making these simple changes somebody can increase their fury production at the same attack speed for much, much less gold. While I agree the best way to combat fury generation issues is to stack both crit chance and attack speed, the easier of the 2 stats by far would have to be crit chance. Budget WW barbs, keep spinning right into that next patch.Wayneold27 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 LS Viable ov Any pro barbs around? Ive come back to D3, and Ive found a few pieces to upgrade my dps its at about 115k now But im a bit unsure what defensive and maybe some offensive stats to focus on I have about 1100 LOH, and 2.9% LS I usually play Tornado/WW barb Some barbs say to go LS, some barbs say to go LOH for your build, I keep getting mixed opinions Should I try get more LS due to my dps being over 100k?, can even get up to 12% by stacking the passive skill here is my profile if you want to see my gear and give me any advice Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Uber boss~~ I got 3 machines!! Need someone to carry me, uber boss mp 9 or 10 please! Jababa#1610Jababa1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Nice barb belt PC? How much is this worth? Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Just starting Inferno: weapon and build? Hi guys, new player here. I've just got my first character (Barb) into Inferno Act 1. What build should I go? Currently I'm going Ground Stomp, Revenge, War Cry, COTA. Primary is Cleave, Seismic Slam as secondary. Should I change it up? If so, to what? Also: Currently I have a 699 DPS rare weapon with +150str, +86 vit. Should I upgrade? If so, what weapons should I be looking at? Looking to spend 1mil gold. Thanks for any help! Appreciate it.crunchy4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 any other Barbs getting only Monk/DH drops? I only play D3 every now and then.....and I return to a total n00b every 3 months or so when I stop playing altogether but lately I've been picking it up. I'm on hell difficulty and half way through it.......however pretty much every drop I get for elite kills, bosses, etc. are drops for monks or demon hunters. I don't get it. Usually my inventory is about 75% monk items when returning to camp. Why is this? No matter how long I play or how many times I respawn the same !@#$ happens. It's frustrating to say the least especially when playing for 6+ hours at a time and you barely improve your character. I'm level 57 btw and I also die every 5 %^-*ing minutes at the moment which is also a !@#$%. CheersnaK5 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS Near perfect Skorn Here are the specs: 1474.7 DPS 305 STR 192 CD 9% IAS 99.2% Bleed O/S Shoot me an offer in game or on here if you want.Elektrik9 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS GODLY MEMPO 176STR, 76AR,9AS, 10%LIFE, 6C Yah its the most amazing Mempo i ever seen, Strength 176 All Res, 76 Attack speed 9% Life % 10 Critical Hit Chance 6.0 Has Socket. If you are intersted let me know with price. Contact me at Apocalypse#1911. US Only. Here is the link: Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS>Ring 66 VIT 422 LOH 7% LIFE 3.5% CC 25% CD 6% ASBadBoy3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Question regarding favoring armor over AR So ive read about ppl who like to stack Armor+Life Regen+LoH+LS to max their healing potential. Always sounded great to me to have high armor and then i would love having around 1k loh, 3-6% ls, 1k lps, and some extra armor. But my main concern is about those who are saying armor>AR>X>Y>Z Ive been wanting to replace my witching hour belt and saw one with a ton of extra health great ias and chd with an okay amount of str, but it has +136 armor giving it a grand total of 431 armor compared to my 290 armor on my current belt. I notice that even with the +armor stat and + vital stat the protection stat when comparing this two items in game says it doesnt give nor take away any protection. I just assumed the game doesnt take life into consideration for protection like your EHP does, but considering that my current belt has no stats that would allow it to have + protection over any belt with the same amount of base armor, does this mean that the +X% protection stat on items dont take armor into consideration either? I could have sworn it did. Or is it possible that its just a glitch? In order to compare these items, i have to msg the item from the auction house to a friend, then i can load a game and click the link and it will give me the stat comparison in the item window which its comparing to my currently equipped belt.TheMadHatta0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS: Best Blackthorne's in the game Nothing like it on either the AH or on - good stats, comparable to high end IK chest. Make an offer.muffinlove9 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Question about Grim Harvest and Birthright. what does treasure means? is it gold or items too? I tried to farm with them but dont see and increased drop for items, maybe gold, but i am not sure.wishy1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS Lamentation Belt 180Str 72AR 8%Life 2.8LS Post here with your offers. Thanks.Sttebbs6 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Help me Price Check this amulet? [IMG][/IMG] Usually I am good in my own PC for Wizard and other general item. But I do not know if this amulet helps with any barb build. Anyone interested can also offer me..thank you... P.S: First time poster for a player who started since the beginning. Really goes to show I am ignorant about this item.Pug3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 2H Build for higher lvl MP, IK abuse If you get tired of spinning for hours or seeing a goblin runs away at higher lvl MP read on. WW is still the best farming build at lower MP level due to movement speed, but I found WW build to provide more of a sustain damage and lack in burst damage. Besides grinding for loot I enjoy testing different skills setup and I found IK's set bonus to be pretty underrated compare to legacy Nat's for DH. Using the right passive skills can make this set shines and be on the same par if not better with the other classes set bonus. The downside is that this build is gear dependant although dropping in price IK set can still be very expensive for some players. Requirements: Weapon: 1400+ DPS Skorn or IK might weapon with 150%+ crit damage If you go with skorn you're bound to use all the other IK pieces and Into the Fray rune on Battlerage. If you go with IK mighty weapon you could go with Tal Rasha's chest piece (highest DPS chest in the game for barb) that has STR and 9% IAS for higher damage output or the witching hour belt. You can also go with 30% dmg rune with battlerage because the amount of fury you will be generating can replace Into the Fray. Active Skills: 1. Battlerage with either into the fray or marauder depending on your choice of weapon see abovie. 2. Seisamic Slam with rune of your choice. I alternate between 70% stun rune and 15 fury cost depending on my mood. This is your main AoE skill that will be spammable for 300-700K crit. 3. HoTA with Smash rune. This is your close combat skill for mob that survive your seisamic slam you can use thunderstrike rune but I like big crit. Also with a new buff this skill can have 80%+ crit. 4. You have 3 options here this will be your only defensive active skill either Rend, Warcry, or OP with crushing advance. I use rend because it works pretty much like tornadoes but more predictable and consistant. The amount of heal is also ridiculous. 5. Bash with either Punish for 24% more dmg or Onslaught for quick burst in fury regen and damage. I use Punish in MP8 and above because every bit of dmg helps and your damage out put from stacking this 24% on top of 30% bonus from Battlerage. Your dmg can be ridiculously high if your base is already in the 150K range. 6. WoTB with Thrive on Chaos this is obvious. Passive Skills: Weapon Mastery Unforgiving Animosity Ruthless Here you have 4 options if you really want to be a fury monster go with IK weapon, weapon mastery, unforgiving, and animosity. The key here is to use Unforgiving with IK set bonus and you can either choose Ruthless to increase more damage or boost fury regen even higher by using IK weapon and weapon mastery or Animosity. The amount of fury generated by having Unforgiving, IK set, and Animosity is unbelieveable. You can almost WW in town infinitely without having to hit anything and it takes less than a minute for your fury orb to be full again. Note: IK's set bonu add 2 fury to everything. For example if you use mighty weapon which has a 3 fury bonus her hit, IK set adds 2 fury on top of that so your swing generate 5 fury per hit. HoTA cost 20 fury let's say you crit with intot he fray and gain 15 fury back + 5 fury from IK/mighty weapon bonus = 0 fury cost. If you have reduce HoTA cost bonus you actually generate fury from using the skill when it crits with into the fray. Not to mention with Animosity your fury can be as high as 140+. The new bonus to HoTA is every 5 fury = 1% crit all that add up you could have 90%+ crit spamming a skill that could do well over 1.5 million dmg non stop. I found this to be every abusive but enteraining. So if you are tired of spinning and have all the requirements give it a try. Have fun.Netadm1n0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Help on upgrade please Im not rich so im wondering what would be a good upgrade for me with a reasonable gold price say 20mill or under.. Check my barb in profile.. I know hes not great but its a work in progress Set items were found not purchased...TJS1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Advice on next gear upgrades... hit 60 a few days ago and spent the week prior getting some nice bids on items for a startup set. Have about ~25M into this set due to good snipes. I have an idea as to how I should be building, but not sure where I can get the most bang for my buck. IK 5 piece is nice, but I think the chest is significantly over priced. I have been shopping around to get some LoH so I can drop bloodthirst. My opinion: IAS/CD ring ---> IAS/CC ring Blackthorn legs Dagger OH w/ 4-500+LOH 800+ dps 100+ str OS/LL Sitting on about 100mil budget, but I am frugal so looking to budget upgrades as best I can with late night snipes. Thanks for any/all input!Neflak3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WTS throwbarb maras - sold 85 str 85 dex 86 int 89 vit 40 cold resist 61 AR 91 CD melee attackers take 1308 damage per hit -3 fury weapon throw 15M initial bid 100M buy out bid lasts 24 hours upon posting 10% of sale goes to highest bumper. :) will add url to screen shot later.OTWA1 Oct 26, 2012