Oct 23, 2012 Best Bang for my Buck? Currently doing the first half of A3 pretty easily.. then second half is rough. I have about 3.5 mill atm to drop.. should I drop it on one solid item, or can I get a decent return on investment across multiple items? Perhaps I should ditch the dual wield WW dreams for now and just go SNB?Rykan5 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 WW + Overpower So Overpower is supposed to cool down faster per critical hit right? How come with 56% critical chance it won't cool down when I use WW? I understand it says "has a chance" but I will use WW and crit multiple times before I see the cooldown meter shrink in duration any. Really need help with this, I'm experimenting with my build at the moment.Souljah1118 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Whats wrong with my barb Guess I have taken the wrong advice, seems I'm not getting anywhere with my Barb except dying lot's of times. So can u all pick at my Barb and suggest how I can fix it. I have been saving some money to buy a piece here and there that might help. And please don't hold back I really need some advice Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Ubers? Is there anyone here who kills ubers for free....i got enough mats 4 2 portals trying to get all 3 portals so i can do this at one shot? like to do mp 8+Earthshaker2 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Need Help. Hi all, Is there anyone here can help me out? i have a few question id like to discuss in chat regards barbarian that can farm mp 7+ with efficiency. Plase add me in-gmae if you can help me out, its just a few question i have not for farming or anything like that.Perna1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 top 10 americas strength vile wards c/o 200m : Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Unidentified Vile ward (leg. 63 shoulders) up for trade or goldCracktheNut0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 The new best ring in the game. It has been overlooked It has been deemed as crap. It is amazing. I'm talking about BUL-KATHOS'S WEDDING BAND. Here is the one I'm using- Look at my barbarian. Look at his pathetic amount of AR/ARMOR/LoH. Why can I farm MP7 solo with relative ease? Wedding Band. The life steal passive is AMAZING when fighting monsters with so much HP. About the passive- The passive damage is calculated by a base percent of every creature in zero range current health. It deals .025% of their current HP as damage to them, and returns that amount to your barbarian. The Inferno difficulty LS diminishing return IS applied, but it is still an absurd amount. The stronger the monster you are currently fighting is, the better the ring is. Oh, did I mention that the passive scales off of your CC and CD!? Your crit chance and crit damage scale directly with the passive. Everything that I have posted is not exaggerated, you are welcome to research the ring yourself and see that the information I have provided is accurate. Ive seen ticks of 6k+ LPS. Buy one, try it yourself. Theyre still dirt cheap. Equip one, go stand next to siegebreaker. Seriously. Do it. Then go buy an awesome one like mine before the prices sky rocket. Now, for my question- Since item rolls are based in monster level when dropped and not on item level any more, is it possible to get one of these rings in inferno A3 with ilvl63 rolls? It is ilvl59, so can still drop in Inferno. If my assumption above proves to be correct, this ring just easily became a best in slot item for many barb builds in my opinion.LordShane79 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 +Critical Damage VS +Strengh Hi there, What is best to have, +100 Strength +100 Critical Damage (let's say we have 50% critical chance) I'm puzzled by the math behind damage. It would be nice if Diablo 3 displayed skill damage much like Diablo 2 does. Regards.ovosmoles9 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Need help with build Hi, I recently got to lvl 60 with my barb, and I wanted to know what the best possible build with whirlwind could be, or any other possible build, i tried double tornado build, but I was getting owned by damage, it seems I could not regain enough hp as much as I was dishing out.Xombeh0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Immortal King's Eternal Reign RMAH [Immortal King's Eternal Reign] +178 Strenght +258 Vitality +78 Resistance to all elements +257 Armor 3 Sockets Starting price : 150eur Buyout : 200eur Anyone interested ?Mawuena1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 selling IK Tribal Belt- 14% frenzy dmg 198STR looking for 350M Rukia#1937Rukia1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Help Pricing barb ammy I dont play barbs and am asking for help pricing a barb ammy I found today. Couldnt really find AH equivalents to compare to. 124 Strength 95 Vit 48 AR +94% CD +5.5% CC 38% Golf Find Thanks for the input!Catalini8 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Godly 1hand axe for sale(Sold) lv63 1234 dps...(nice number lol) 1.38 speed per second 74strength 321 vit 6% attack speed open socket 300m buyout /currently in Ah for 350m.. C/o 240m. will sell it to the guy if i dont get better offer in next 24 hours Soory guys...this beauty is gone in RMAH for 150 bucks..little more than 300m :) thanks for replyKay22 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 pvp dummy i love the pvp dummy stat on diabloprogress :D Duel me b!tches!Teksuo3 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 WTS SOJ> 6%cold 5%ww 21%elites pm me jek#6574 if interested.jek10 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 SnB - Gear Up Advice Greatly Appreciated! According to DiabloProgress: 52k DPS 1.5M EHP What gear changes can I undertake without losing either? I think I'll need a major overhaul on all my items but what legendaries are a must have or are core items that I should build around? Thanks in advanceTwister0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Changing for 2 handed to WW I am just curious what would it take for me to change from my current stats 2 handed build, to a WW build it seems like it would be far more effective for me. while farming. any input would be helpful I do not know much about WW build over all.Tibben1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 How much should I sell this for? The sword has 1058 DPS. It has 1 Slot. It has 10% Aspd. It has 550 LOH. The current bid is at 12.5m. Do you think that bid will go up. So currently the sword has 1.54 attacks per second, so I think it is quite good for offhand.Awesomesauce8 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 What am I doing wrong? Seriously... Someone with some sense please take a look at my guy and tell me what, if anything, I'm doing wrong? I've been reading some threads from guys with way worse stats talking about farming mp5, etc., and either they are lying, or my skills are just way off, cause I know my gear is fine. Right now, I farm mp3 without too many problems, but I know (I hope) I can be better.... I know i need crit chance on bracers and hat, but other than that - should I ditch frenzy for something else? I've got a skorn on my enchantress... will that make me happy with rend? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.Rimripper11 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 203k DPS Barbarian [Picture] + Mp5 Run Video As you may already know, I'm a cocky barb. Img My Normal Build -> 238k DPS -> Video -> MP5 Act 3 8mins (my normal build) -> Random DPS with Berserker + 100% dmg boost xD -> Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Provide Free Uber Kills Service for you hi Gamers, I provide free Uber kills services for you if u need help with killing ubers. Feel free to add me and msg me, I start uber kills from 4am PDT - 9am PDT, or during Singapore time Zone 7pm to 12am. This timing is for Weekdays. As for weekends, I do uber runs for 20 hrs a day, so you can msg me.RobinJack5 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 unsure of what to upgrade for dps okay guys so i got no idea what i need to increase my dps even more. and for some reason my profile isnt showing my dw setup.. but anyway any suggestions would be nice.CDFH7 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 WTS belt 252str/85vit/74ar/5%life/8fury Scale Killer- 336 armor mighty belt 252 strength 85 vitality 74 resist all 5% life 8 max fury 1692 thorns damage please send me a friend request in game to make an offer on the belt please or you can offer on here if you wish i will try to check back as best as i canIxFatalityxI0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Lf someone to farm mp8 with bored ;p As title says. on right now add me in game .. plz over 100k dmaage k ty ;pT0ny00 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 LS question This is such a newb question but I never really looked into it until now, and still can't find a good answer So does LS stack for both weapons similar to LoH. If I have 3% on one and 2.7% on the other, will I have a total of 5.7% LS when hitting something or WW through stuff. Second is their a ceiling on LS like movement speed has?IplaythsNude5 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 WTS Ammy with crit Ammy crit doesn't get much better than this: CC 10 CD 97 It's on my profile now if you want to see it. c/o 120mrobchogan3 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Survivability help Hi. My barb lacks survivability when I try to use a WW build. It seems to do fine whenever I'm using a rend/cleave build but when I switch to trying WW it dies very fast. What gear improvements should I make? char profile - Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Is a cold damage off hand worth it? I recently accquired a cold damage offhand with LoH, LL, CD and socket but the dps is quite low about 600+. If i use it i would lose about 11k+ dps on my character sheet but will gain the cold snare effect when i ww past mobs. Is it worth it to use it as my offhand?Gorrfang6 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 WTB Chest 150+ str and vit with 3OS and AR Please post stats or and leave offers. Tyvm.Hancock0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Permanent Disintegrate Hi guys I just watched this video and its cool to try out with tanker like barbarian Hope blizzard will not nerf it soon :)OttoCamo0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 LF insights on the SNB/WW setup Hey all, I'm trying to decide on a possible WW setup for my barbarian. While there is no shortage of info for DW/WW, I can't seem to find much info on the SNB/WW setup. To those who have gone the SNB/WW route, I'm curious! As a SNB/WW barb, do you solely use a traditional WW skill set? Or does being a SNB/WW barb actually allow you to switch up your skills between traditional WW (for say, faster farming) and a more "tanky" SNB skill set as you choose (for something like higher MP level progression or ubers)? Also, how did you go about prioritizing your gear items+stats as a SNB/WW barb versus DW/WW or traditional SNB? Thanks in advance for any insights!Sserecros6 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 2hander barb help Hello, i have been running a 2 hander barb on mp5. my stats are 105k dps before wrath/rage and 56k hp with 500 ar before warcry. I feel like i am still very weak and die often. does anyone have any tips on gear/builds for me?Anguish7 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 WTS > GFG Barb Ice Climbers Ice Climbers 348 armor +274 Strength +74 Dexterity +134 Vitality +77 Resistance to All Elements +12% Life Reduces damage from Cold Attacks by 7% Open Socket Selling these incredibly rolled Ice climbers. c/o - 305m via d2jsp ( Bin - 500m Bidding will end at 10pm Tomorrow!(Tuesday)Blexican8 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 FS> Ring Damage,AtkSpd,CC,Socket adds28kDps selling my ring Str/Vit,AtkSpd,CC,damage, socket that adds 28kDps on me when equipt Dps calculator screenshot. left ring has no stats so that i can know how much dps will add if equipt: Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 B>1hand axe looking for a axe or mace with: (prefer axe) 100str 700+loh 50+ crit 1 socket got 40mil budget post what u got or add me Jababa#1610Jababa2 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 wts barb stone of jordan 30% elites, 6%ww stone of jordan +6% arcane dmg +14 max fury +30% elites +6% ww crit im online. offer here or add me alansushi#1652alansushi3 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 IK helm 230 str, vit, 12% life Legit bids, will not back out. Please post offers in trade forum thread.Ourumov1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Help with Ring pricing. Just found a pretty sweet ring for a barb that wants LoH & extra DPS. 60 STR 340 LoH 29% CD 3.5% CC If it had INT instead of STR on it I'd wear it on my WD because I'm looking for something JUST like this lol... Any estimates as to it's worth? My internet is crapping out... Surprised I was even allowed to post something lol.. I'm going to keep trying to log on and check the AH for similar ones. Appreciate any help I can get.SunTzu2 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 In need of Machines Willing to pay.Akechi1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 S> All of my barb's gear~! Look at my profile and see if there is anything you are interested in. I also have a: Spear Off hand 108 str 99 vit 478 LoH 84 Crit dmg Open Socket 1H Might Wep: 1049 dps 2.6 Life steal Open socket Spear Off hand 50 Crit dmg Open Socket 2.9 Life stealkevinree11 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 PC Storm Shield Storm Shield 1113 Armor +28% Chance to Block 3706-4706 Block Amount +175 Strength +73 All Resistance +9% Chance to Block Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.5% Reduced Damage from Melee Attacks by 5% Reduced Damage from Elites by 7% Both gold and real money, please. Thanks in advance.DarkSpell5 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Next Upgrade What items should I replace first on my Barb? What should I look for when replacing them? Profile link: Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 What are my barb's weak points? Howdy all, I'd like to get some feedback on what parts should be upgraded next and what I should be looking for. ATM the profile hasn't updated, the chest piece is eternal reign. I am looking to go with the immortal king helm soonish, but should I be looking to do with pants/weaps/bracers next up? Or even the rings/amulets? Any feedback would be appreciated.Suprall3 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Help with WW barb please? :) Hey I just put together a budget WW barb gear set and did a run through act 1 MP1. It went pretty good. Everything dies quickly but I do feel a tad squishy so I have to play pretty careful when it comes to some packs. I only died a few times. What I'd like to know is how far does the barb community think I could get with my current gear. Could I possibly do MP2/3/4? Also what changes could I make or what upgrades should I aim for first. I'm pretty new to barb so any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks! Edit: Also for some reason I don't think my skills are updating in my profile page. I'm using what I assume is a standard WW barb spec. Bash, Whirlwind, Wrath, Battle Rage, Sprint, War Cry. Passives are Ruthless, Weapons Master, Bloodthirst.Darksyde3 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 PC on Immortal king's triumph I just dropped that helm on act 4, Immortal king's triumph 197 str 105 intelligence 10 life% critical hit chance increased 6% reduces damage from elites 6% has socketconio2 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Need some advice for upgrading my barb Hi guys, first of all thanks for reading my post. As you can see from my profile, I'm currently level 60 paragon 41 WW barb. So far i have spend a sum to upgrade my gears going through patch 1.05. I can manage running mp4 - mp5 with ease. Looking to farm mp6 - mp7 efficiently with better gears. im still left with about 200m tp spare. Any kind soul can recommend what are the gears i should upgrade next? Cheers, JuandoJuando0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 What to improve on my Barb??.. So as of now MP5-6 is no sweat for me using the WW build. I usually farm MP5 on the regular and have literally only dies 2x, and both time were from lagging out and not spawning tornadoes. I want to improve more but don't know what to replace. I have abot 130 Mil. What would you guys suggest?Asadian0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 WTS good trifecta gloves I just bought good trifecta gloves with 20MF, so my old gloves are for sale. They should be visable in my profile, but here are the stats anyway: 303 base armor 74 str 61 dex 33 int 65 AR 7 AS 28 CD 7 CC I'm looking to get 50M for them.Celanian2 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 wtb mempo looking to buy a good mempo helm , high strenght, cc , and high resists with vit but not nessecary. have $ 300 to spend also have alot of good gear to trade.GoldDust0 Oct 23, 2012