Oct 6, 2012 New to Barb need Help!!! Ok so I have been playing monk for quite some time and I must say I just got tired of it so I built up my Barb. So far I am really liking my barb but I really want to do WW Barb. As of right now I throw up WC then I sprint and spam sprint about every 2 secs. Then I hit BR and try to keep it up as ofter as I can. Next I hit WOtB. I think that I maybe doing something wrong because I still keep running out of fury and some times get stuck in crowds. Any advice to help would be nice including gear I really want to hit at least 75K dps mark or even more. ThanksLabPhantom1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS 807dps 95%crit/OS/2.9LS/170str Sword add me or leave ur offer here s/b 50mLosk4 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 EPIC LEGENDARY SALE!! (REALLY GOOD!!) Me and my friends are quitting diablo 3 for awhile cause of our studies. looking to sell away our legendary gear before they depreciate too much! as you can see most of them are really good except for maybe a few? BIN: 1. 28mil 2. SOLD! 3. 110mil 4. 200mil 5. 80mil 6. 10mil 7. 3.5mil I will not be on much. so post here if you're interested and i will add you once im on. Cheers :DAshleyCTJ32 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Rend weapon master sword question Does anyone know if the 15% modifier to damage for swords on weapons master gets applied to rend damage?Gulelin2 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Great skorn super cheap, ends in 20 mins 1247 dps 483 str 84 vit 179 crit socketed no bids yet!! get it for super cheap on RMAHChickenhawk0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Rend build barb vs elites (video) will check in periodically for questionsTemper10 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 S>Trifecta Glove Str Vit Int (9AS, 29CD, 6CC) Gloves: 79 str 87 int 43 vit 41 Poi Resist 9 IAS 29 CD 6 CC Drop offers here or serious buyers Pm me @ fragy#1365 to nego Highest offers winfragy2 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Is your Barbarian better than mine ? Hello fellow skull crushers! After many hours of playing and what I would consider good use of limited gold, I "think" I've put together a pretty decent Barbarian. Trust me, I know my guy is far from uber, and I'm not just fishing for complements...I'd just like to know what my peers feel about my Barb. So, is your barbarian better than mine? Please just answer with a simple YES . . . . or . . . . No. Thanks!jerjabs55 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Soj question Isnt 30% against elites basically the same as crit % 30 if you crit most if the time? I know you don't crit all the time but assume you do.vict3r1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Need some gearing advice please 2H Currently trying to upgrade some pieces for more damage output. I am thinking about replacing my IK gloves with a rare for more dps as well as my helm for a nice socketed andys. I would need to pick up a IK belt to replace my current rare one for set bonus as well. I know my shoulders and boots need to be upgraded, I just have not been able to find the right set of ice climbers or rare shoulders I want yet. For my rings and amulet I am waiting of course till 1.0.5 to upgrade those. I am looking for any other suggestions on how to rearrange my gear to get more damage output. Any input would be appreciated. My current DPS values are listed below. 10 Str 622 Dps 1% IAS 1514 dps 1% crit 2080 dps 10% crit dmg 2651 dps These are my current gains based on gear in my profile at the moment. Any other ideas on how to improve please let me know. I will be visiting some family today so will check back later. Thanks, bash / rend / SS / my normal smash stuff buildnaadra0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Maximus with nice rolls 1150 dps, 529 str, 175 vit, 146 crit damage, 23% more fire damage, 15% damage to demons Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTB Blackthorne's Notched Belt/Duncraig Cross With the following stats: Notched Belt 1) Strength > 200 2) Vitality > 70 3) All resist - 30-40 Duncraig Cross 1) Strength 2) Critical Hit Chance >= 6 Have 120m budget. Thanks.LKS2 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Vile Ward Almost perfect STR/VIT/AR Hit me up guys ^^shamus861 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS GODLY SKORN 1437.8 DPS 200% CRIT + SOCKET 1176-1700 damage +282 min dmg +351 max dmg +49% damage +290 strenght 200% critical damage +97.7% bleed for 6617-9079 Open socket bid starts at 200mil also accepting RMAH leave offer with battle net tag if interestedFireball6064 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 decent O/S echo fury and good LS O/s offhand Those are very cheap deal. search AH first before say anything..thanks echo fury 1048 dps 150str 0.21attack speed 19.3 fear LVL requirement -2 O/S 35m Spear 714 dps 162str 92 crit damage 3% LS O/S 28m add Kay#1169Kay1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS nice belt 232str 148vit 2.8ls 51RA 30PR 232 str 148 vit 2.8 ls 51 Resist all 30 physical resist 353 armor Currently on AH for 200m BIN or message me with best offeroudokh10 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Stuck at A3.. please advice I'm new to barb, and just started out a new WW barb.. I'm currently stuck at Rakkis crossing and dies too much.. advice on gears improvement. thanksEugeneK1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Help me gear barb too 100k DPS!! i am 45 thousand DPS unbuffed, with 700-800 all res and buffed is like 1300. i currently have 75-100 mil to through down to get there but i dont want to lose my tankiness but i want to be able to act 3 clears fast and no problems. Add me in game because it is harder to keep track to the forums and i dont get to see all comments or suggestions. ATRAZiiNE#1880 Anything helps! Thanks.ATRAZIINE12 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Loving my barb now. My main is (or was) a Wiz. I really enjoyed him and got to PLvl 11 Act 2 Inferno. Lack of money and horrible luck with good drops kept me from progressing further. So I started leveling a barb. It was fun and new - being all up in the action. I tried frenzy build and WW build leveling up and it was great. When I hit 60 though, I decided to switch to a tank spec. Nothing über good: 73k health, 8k armor, 18% block, 43% CC, 300% CD, etc. Sniped a lot of heal tanky gear off the AH to get me started. Man, he's so much fun! Yeah, I kill slower, but I never die. Took on 2 blue packs by myself the one night while my brother and a friend slacked off in town ID'ing Crap. Plus, I can easily farm all of A2 with ease. My Wiz, on the other hand, couldn't down Kulle without several deaths and some luck. So, no real point to this post except to give props to a better class than the Wiz. RIP my lightning flinging friend.DillPickle0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Epic crit Helm SOLD for 50m! starting bid 10m. You won't often see a rare lvl63 roll like this that's for sure...this Helm is pretty much a cheap version of IK helm with AR that could cost you over 300m on AH. Let's show it some love ppl :) C/O 22M.SimpliztiK32 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 S> Bulkathos Solemn Vow 1k dps rolled 95%CDM Looking to sell this for at least 350m-400m (does not want to be taxed lol) Most weapons like this go for more on the AH (OP but they sell) 200 Str 744 Loh 11% IAS 95% crit damage.SilverDeva15 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS BRACERS 141str 72AR 5.5CC 9M selling for 9Mjek0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 GODLY 180k dps WW BARB 4 SALE So i've achieved most goals i set out to achieve is this game, Gf has been making complaints i been spending too much time on this game so its time to hang up the boots and retire. Up 4 sale is my WW barb which i've built for the last 3 months or so. Stats and items are in my profile. Please make your offers/bids here preferably in terms of rmah gold, I would like to sell it as a whole set but if you are really keen on just a particular peice i would consider reasonable offers. With this set you can easily clear act 3 in less then an hour no problems, 1 shot mobs no problems. Happy bidding and willing to answer any questions you may have. I also have some spare radiant gems which I keep in case i need to swap out 4 certain stats which i'm happy to include if you want to buy the whole set :).PhamineZ33 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Question for ALLL you WW barbs out there been debating with dropping the skorn and jumping on the WW band wagon... however i see a lot of people using different weapons... my question is which is your favorite duo and why.Servindix10 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS Str Vit Ice Climbers SOLD SOLDjek5 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 can anyone pimp my barb ? can anyone pimp out my barb i have about 7 milion goldjayngo0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 SnB 1.0.5: what's the best end game gear? Hello, what do you think are the best sets/legendaries? Starting having some money waiting 1.0.5...I would like to buy gear and forget forever about it... For example now I run hallowed shield and axe combo...but perhaps stormshield and other weapon it's better... Maybe the elm of command it's the best choice maybe not and it's better immortal king... I use bul kathos wedding band but perhaps the best combo willl be SoJ and hellfire... ...and so on... Your thoughts will be helpful...thx! :)Xail4 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 S> Top Notch IK Gloves and 1k OS Sever! Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Just lost 90% of the fortune, need advice OK, long story short, I am rolling a barb, so I am selling my gears on my DH. But due to my ignorance, I missed a zero and sold my Natalya's Mark with critical chance for 50 mil, so I am left with about 40 mil budget for the new barb which probably not enough. Need some advise on playstyle and skills and so on. Also, I am playing SnB style barb.RockStarLee6 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Why Stone of Jordan so expensive for Barbs? Why on earth Stone of Jordan with cold dmg is so expensive for Barbs. As a result, I can only afford one for other classes? How many Barbs out there are using this ring?Frank41 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 if you had a billion gold.. what item would you get off the ah? not talking abt selling the gold or whatever. just curiousCDFH9 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Does anyone know when the patch will happen? I feel stuck i want to buy better rings and a new amulet but the patch will devalue them... I've heard nothing about a timeline for this patch so any info would be great. thxwillshouse1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Immortal Kings Set I'm assuming these are random drops and can drop in any Act of Inferno however i'm not really sure. Can anyone shed some light on this? I know it's all random and all that but just wanted to see if they tend to drop in a certain act off a certain boss or something more often than not.Norseman10 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Semi godly LV63 shoulder with Pickup 7yards 401 armor 186str 118vit 75AR 9%life 7yard pickup radius Current offer 52M by Keavo in game looking to get 75M. add kay#1169Kay2 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 100k hp 1,5k res 50k dps enough for act 4 ? i guess thats what is needed to farm as fast as any ranged class in this game .Brutus70 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 MP10 GEARING AWAY FROM IK. JST AN ALT IDEA (: Another alternative that mid tier barbs might wana think about or maybe even high tier barbs that wana do more to ubers and elites. Just adding more flavor to the gear diversity that barbs have. Just my humble opinions. So don't get offended with the simple setup im suggesting. Instead of using the typical Ik set for PTR. I tried TY might and a no ms ice climbers (budget but for ehp). MP10. Of cos if you have the imbal IK rolls. Then this combination will pale in comparison. EHP: when i did this. my ehp remained almsot similar with my ik chest and boots DPS: Increased due to e str gained on ice climbers. I had a lil dps gain. HP: had a 1-2k hp boost cos of my vit 10% IC Pros: I had 3% more dmg to elites (ty might) which was around 20k dps extra and 7% dmg against demons (works for most act 3 thrash mobs) Cons: I lost my IK 5 set bonus. Of course this differs from person to person (based on what IK rolls they get) but im just reporting my personal experience. have a great wkend.jek4 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS AMULET CC/CD/+DMG/STR/INT/+ARMOR Buyout = 28M or closest offer.... PS: +DMG adds a heap of damage. zuldan#1782Zuldan6 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 [PC] Immortal Knight's Eternal Reign Hi Guys, ... 836 armor 159 str 42 vit 80 ar Can anybody please help me price check? I am considering posting this in the AH for 100m starting bid as well as in the RMAH for $150. Or is it too high for $150?Lanskie0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Question About LoH and LifeSteal When It Hits So, if my main-hand has 500 LoH and my off-hand has 0 LoH. When my OH hits an enemy, will I still gain life? The same question for Lifesteal. If my main-hand has 3 LS and my off-hand got 0, will I still gain life leech when my off-hand hits an enemy? Thanks for the reply.xxx0071 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS/PC 689armor MF pants 689 armor 65 strength 33 vit 68 resist all 16 % mf 2 sockets Anybody want these &/or can you tell me a fair AH price for them. Have them posted at a 4mil buyout with 600K starting bid but it seems really high to me & I don't forsee selling them for that much. ThanksBlahblahblah1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 HELP!! I'm sure that you will realize that I'm pretty much clueless when you go over my profile. I need some guidance please . . . I have pretty much been following my own head, wish I had come here sooner. Dont have much of a budget to work with right now, but I will work on that. Dont want to spend any more unnecessary gold.m0r1tz5 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS Blackthorne Jousting mail, 2 OS, 50 AR Found these last night. Currently on GAH 300mil starting bid.Brenden61913 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Getting owned in act3 Can someone help me out with my gear and what i need to replace? I do 50k dps with my shout and have about 700-800 resists with my warcry but for some reason act3 just rips me appart.. do I need more LoH??Kazzle1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 What's your dream gear setups? Mine would be: Mempo with str and max crit IK chest 400+ stats IK gloves 70+ AR, 190+ str and max ias. Witching hour with AR, 200+str, vit and max ias Vile ward with godly roll and max life % ice climber with mspd Lacuni str, ar and crit Ammy with max double crit, life %, 100+ str, 100+ vit and max average damage. Hell of Fire ring and ias litany 1500 dps skorn with max LS I personal think this would be the best all around setup for most specs except weapon throw.SimpliztiK10 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Goblins @ MP10 Anyone managed to down them yet post yesterday's PTR update? Best attempt I had was 40% life left (approx 7.5 mn out of 18+mn)DAKKON0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Gem Crafting Question I recently found the radiant star emerald design scroll, at this point in the end game, is it smarter to just sell or begin crafting myself? Previously I have just been buying what I needkleanx2 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Can Crushing Advance Crit? If it can crit is it based on your crit chance or the crit chance for overpower?Cloud91 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 I need some help...... With the new PTR and all that Jazz I hear people talking about switching to LS and ignoring LOH. However I understand that in order for LOH to work you need at least 80k DPS for it to be highly effective. So how would I switch from LS to LOH ad get my DPS up at the same time. My problem comes in the fact I have no idea how much LS I would need to be viable. 3%? 6%? What items are the best to get it on? Any suggestions on what gear of mine you would switch out to put in its place?? I currently have350MIL. Hopefully that would be enough to build me a viable barb in 1.0.5. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)Asadian1 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Sweet Barb 1h on Auction House I have a sun keeper with 1023 dps over 300 strengh over 100 vit 9% damage against elites 44% magic find On the Auction house now, its going for less than 20mil at this moment, bid is ending in less than 12 hoursdoemondo0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS immortal king's eternal reign 147str 49vit 35fire resist 73 all resist 255 armor 3socket on ah @82 m unless have a similiar offer hereJustJustin0 Oct 6, 2012