Sep 20, 2012 needs some assistance. Hello, everyone. At the moment i have no clue on what to upgrade or where to put my gold towards(what poket change i have anyways.) can anyone give me suggestions?valiant6173 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 War Cry - Impunity 1.05 Here's a quick rundown of what's changing in terms of defensive skills in 1.0.5. Barbarian: War Cry - Impunity: Bonus resistance reduced from 50% to 20%. Hmmm tough to swallow gonna be hard to go from 900 all res to 600...guess its time to drop the skill altogether and get some more all res gearSeige38 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 WTB IK Belt Str 170+, AR 70, LS 2.8+ , Skill Bash.. let me know if u have smiliar stats for sale..CMPOON6 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Have Double nado gear questions? I can help Introduction I’ve been farming hard for the past month and am suddenly very bored with the repetition. As a way to stay involved in the game, I’ve turned to the forums over the past week to help other WW barbs improve their gear sets. I’d like to start my own thread offering my services so that I don’t have to go respond to each thread asking for help. It will also give me an opportunity to explain my gear set building process so I don’t have to explain it to each person I’m helping ad infinitum. I haven’t asked for anything in return during this first week of barb pimping but it does take a significant amount of time and I want to feel like I’m also getting something out of it. For simple fixes, there will be no fee, but for complete overhauls with budgets over 2mil, I think a % fee is reasonable and I will work it out with you after reviewing your gear set. Most people I’ve helped have had relatively humble budgets, ranging from 500k fixes to 30m overhauls. IMO with proper build understanding and micro ability, a farm status set can be made with 2mil. It will do Alkaizer runs relatively slowly. As a test, I created a set from scratch yesterday with 2.2mil that resulted in 22kdps, 45khp, 430all res, 5.5k armor, 1100LOH. Act3 was not faceroll but it was definitely farmable without taking 5minutes to kill tough packs. I must emphasize that the cheaper the set costs, the longer runs will take since survival is prioritized over dps. All this being said, if you cant manage fury or know how to down ranged molten, any budget build will still result in a lot of deaths. To overcome poor micro, you will need faceroll level gear which probably comes in around the 40mil range. Build mechanics I’m not interested in doing tutorials on how to play the build as the most effective way to do that takes resources I don’t have. Ideally, you can do act1 or 2 with your current gear set but aren’t able to farm act3. This usually means you understand the mechanics and the playstyle of this build but aren’t geared for tougher content. There are countless youtube vids and streamers that you can actually watch and learn how the build is played. Unfortunately, these examples usually don’t correlate perfectly since they are geared with 100m+ sets. Set building philosophy Almost every barb I’ve helped has had the same problem. Stat distribution was always poorly thought out. When most people shop for an armor piece, they think, “what can I get for the cheapest amount of gold.” People make one of 2 mistakes here. They either think that they can out-DPS act3 with 30k dps and not worry about defensive stats or get big Vit/Str while sacrificing all res. Yes, a shoulder with 220str, 50vit, 60AR is cheaper compared to a 180str, 90vit, 70AR. But this shoulder needs to be analyzed within the entire set. Shoulders can roll huge str. Unfortunately, for the budget minded, you cannot afford to give up even 10AR or chunks of vit for more Str. Prioritizing defensive stats on armor slots that don’t roll crit chance, crit damage, or IAS allows you get as many of these juicy dps mods as you can afford on the slots that do roll these mods. The budget minded have to be willing to forgo DPS now so when they can afford to upgrade a DPS slot, they don’t have to worry about replacing lost vit or AR. Weapons are a common place people will get humungous chunks of vit since you can reach for higher DPS for much cheaper than getting Str. The problem becomes when you want to upgrade to our next weapon, where is that 250vit going to come from? I went through this exact same process. I had a 1k dps spear, 200vit and a socket because it was cheap. I went ahead and upgraded my armor without focusing on vit because I had it covered by my weapon. Well guess what? I was ready to upgrade my weapon but losing 200vit would also cost me 7k hp because I didn’t get vit on those damn armor pieces. So instead of being able to simply upgrade my weapon, I had to change a couple armor pieces to add more vit. The beauty of my approach isn’t just the cost but also the ease of upgrades. Focusing on survival now frees you from having to upgrade for more vit/AR in the future. Now, all you will have to look for is adding more Str to your armor or more dps mods like cc/cd/ias on your gloves, jewelry, or weapons. Logistics If you’ve made it this far and want me to help you build a set, I think the easiest way to do it is by posting in this thread. I am on most days and can be in game mostly during the daytime. I can work with you in game so that you buy everything without having to give me the bankroll or you can give me the bankroll and I can shop for you. Not everyone will agree with the way I look at set-building but I’d rather not debate it here. If you want to describe a more cost-effective process then please create a thread and we can have a debate there.PhatPhoEater14 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Found a nice IK helm. Keep or sell? So, right now, my barb is wearing roughly 45m worth of gear. I just found an IK helm that looks to be minimum 65m on the AH. I have no other IK pieces, and I don't have enough gold to really go buy the belt or the gloves to complete a 2 piece set (my gloves are also amazing :P) Anyway, should I keep it or should I sell it! The helm alone vs my helm : +2k life +2500 dps - 60 all resist I'm currently at 74k dps in WotB without IK. Its fast enough to do act 3 in about an hour, but not so much damage that I kill too quickly to generate fury. I'm leaning towards selling it, but Idk! This is the first and only set item or legendary I have found that was worth more than a brimstone lol.Awes0meJ0hn10 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 What build and items to choose a3 and a4 Hello, I'm a barbarian which can't decide what build to use. I have done diablo, sure, but how many times didn't I die to get to diablo? I wonder which build and which gear I need to be a good barbarian, and how much it would cost. If you want to talk to me in game my battletag is Shizzar#2182. Thanks for taking your time helping me :)Shizzar0 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 WW Off hand questions. Unsure of weapon type. Hiya guys wondering if someone could help me, currently gearing up my barb. I plan on using a mighty weapon in my main hand for the fury generation. But Im completely stuck on what type of weapon to use in my off hand. I see a lot of people with mighty in mh, and daggers in oh. IS this a speed thing? And what about an axe/mace would I get the crit bonus then? Would it greatly slow me down? Or is Dual mw a good way to go? Any help would be appreciated, got my barb to inferno a few months back and kind of just abandoned him.MattIbiza5 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 PvP Barb Builds It might be a little early to real know what PvP is going to be like. But just for the sake of good discussion what do you guys think will be the best or at least your way of building a Barb for PvP. Give examples of how you deal with a DH or Wiz. Also with how you would fight another barb. Would a Barb be dead before he could generate enough Fury for the high Dmg skills? I think a very important thing to have for PvP is Ground Stomp and War Cry. Combined give you enough Fury instantly to get some good Fury Spending Dmg Skills early in a fight. Thoughts?Nikurdur2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Is Rend Blood Lust nerfed in inferno? As the title says. It's a % based life heal so is it nerfed just like life steal?Mlenk1 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 WW/Sprint off-hand weapon tradeoffs For sprinting barbs whats the tradeoff for DPS on the offhand vs +str +critdmg? When I use the d3up item simulator to play around with my offhand (dagger) to see what adding a critdmg% property would do, if I remove say 250 dps (= ~400) from the weapon to add in 50% crit and I add ANOTHER 100 str (for +200) it comes out about even for the overall reported DPS. So is this really a no-op or is there more at work here? (yes the str gives me some armor). I think that its the last weapon swing that determines sprint tornado dmg so it would seem important. Im trying to look at ways of upgrading my barb to make him better in Act III (kill faster, its fairly slow going and a bit fragile against heavy hitters and ground elemental dmg) and I wondered if my OH would be a place to start.jotter2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 WTS> GG IK gloves, high str with vit and res No lowballs please. No BIN as of yet.Arvid3 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 [GUIDE] How to gear a great WW barb for less. TLDR ITT guide for people with a total budget for gear (in its entirety) in the [approx.] 8-60 mil zone. Also, tips for spec and more for dual wield "double tornado" spec barbs. Since there are many topics on this I will highlight some good yet less expensive items that are good for dual wield ww barbs. (not meant for a super competitive budget, but no more then 5m per piece any make you able to do all content easily and quickly no more then 5m per piece. (also build tips below!) I. GEAR Helm: Legacy Andariel's Visage (IMO go for a socket and exp gem.) Chest: Legacy Tal's Chest [I prefer this for attack speed] (alternatives) Cindercoat Rare (str/vit/allres) Belt: (try to get life steal on any belt you choose==will have to be a mighty belt) Thundergod's Vigor [My #1 choice, the proc is nice and the reduce melee damage pairs excellent with supersition.] (alternatives) Ageless might Rare (str/vit/allres/lifesteal) Bracers: (these are hard to find a good cheap pair!) (1) Rare (str/vit/allres/crit chance) (perhaps drop vitality on this piece and make up for it elsewhere) (2) Strongarm Bracers (if you can find a cheap one with similar stats they are pretty decent, I would prefer not for the knockback) Gloves: Rares the only option here really to stay cheap. (Str/vit/allres/attackspeed/crit-chance is preferred) Only other choice is a legacy sage's grasp if you choose sage's seekers boots. Boots: Rares (str/vit/allres/movespeed) (will take stat loss to get movespeed's worth it) Sage's seekers (come with all res, armor, and 12ms, just need a pair with str/vit) Amulet: The flavor of time (no better/cheaper way to itemize in the extra movespeed than a flavor, get one with str/vit/+ crit chance or crit dmg if you cant get 3+ crit chance on one, they only roll up to 35ish crit hit dmg because of item level though. Also if you are lower on budget, just get one with str the attack speed/movespeed base is enough to warrant their use!) Rings: (1) Rares with str/critchance/attackspeed/allres (vit will usually cost you a lot extra, but if you can go for it) (2) Hierophant's seal looks like it could be a good cheap ring alternatively (haven't tried this one myself though) Shoulders: (1) Seven Sins (these roll similar mods to good rare ones, and sometimes for similar or even cheaper prices) (2) Rares (str/vit/allres/ [i like to get pickup radius here]) Pants: Rares are your best bet to stay cheap and keep high resis, but if your resis is already high you could go for a legacy inna's pants as a very cheap alternative. for the rares you'll want: str/vit/allres [alternative spot to get pickup radius] Off-hand: You'll want 750+ Loh on off hand preferably IMO, the rest is 'gravy" i.e. not necessary but get what you can afford. crit hit damage is nice, stats are nice, fast speed for offhand is nice. I chose empyrean messenger for the relatively cheap price, high damage, dmg to elites, and all resis. **note** the trend of getting a low dmg off hand is not a good one to follow IMHO, tornado only calculating main hand damage, you want your damage to be even or even offhand heavy!.. you use tornado when gather a pack up much more then whirlwind, whirlwind is for when stuff is prime for the kill! Main-hand: Try to get at least 800 damage. Must be a axe or mace in my opinion. Mighty weapons are a viable alternative, but they fair no better for fury gen except without battlerage, and give less damage from 10 crit chance lost! (10% crit = .10 x 15 fury per crit => 1.5 fury per hit avg gain) just keep brage up and fury will never be a problem... anyways Look for 300+ Loh, crit hit dmg, stats etc. attack speed is good but stay within confines of mace/axe. The best legendary that is not crazy expensive for main hand is IMO sky splitter. Only need 300 loh on one of those for sure with the fast speed and regen life, and the stun goes off a ton (i can also only assume it will be better with cc changes in 1.05) i was using one till i got a good offer for it and got this mace for a bunch cheaper. II. BUILD INFO AND TIPS: Passives: Weapon master + Superstition + Ruthless - need the crit from the 2 offensive passives and the 3fury for elemental attacks is something i'd not like to go without, plus it plays great as mentioned with a thundergod's belt (reduce melee dmg by up to 20%) Fury generator is up to personal preference I play with dif ones a lot, although if you havn't given frenzy-vanguard a try, i would suggest giving it one. Besides that make sure you're using hurricane WW rune and run like the wind Sprint rune, etc.. the rest of the spec is pretty set in stone, only thing you could opt to do is drop warcry (if i did i'd pickup 10% crit for 6 sec overpower) [see profile for details on other abilities and runes] Info: Build is based on loh. stay moving and stay generating tornados, if your low on health reposition to get more hits per sec in. With decent resis you won't need to even move out of lasers or desecration/molten or anything. Crit hit damage is generally expensive and only boost your dmg (and the little lifesteal you got) resis will help you if you are struggling far more. prioritize it lower. Stat priority== Crit chance (if below 50% crit in wrath) > attack speed**[if and only if] that will cross a new tornado breakpoint > crit chance > attack speed > all resis > loh > str > vit/chd (can opt for chd above vit once ~35k hp) tornado breakpoints [I did not find these out myself, so not trying to take any credit for them] (calculated separately for MH and OH goes by w/e you swung last, to have your speed switch in character info panel, just shift attack once and it should show you the other hands speed) 0.90-1.00 attacks per second = 9 tornado ticks over 3 seconds = 3 ticks per second 1.01-1.11 attacks per second = 10 ticks over 3 seconds = 3.33 tps 1.12-1.17 attacks per second = 11 ticks over 3 seconds = 3.67 tps 1.18-1.32 attacks per second = 12 ticks over 3 seconds = 4 tps 1.33-1.43 attacks per second = 13 ticks over 3 seconds = 4.33 tps 1.44-1.536 attacks per second = 14 ticks over 3 seconds = 4.67 tps 1.54-1.665 attacks per second = 15 ticks over 3 seconds = 5 tps 1.67-1.815 attacks per second = 17 ticks over 3 seconds = 5.67 tps 1.82-1.998 attacks per second = 18 ticks over 3 seconds = 6 tps 2.00-2.22 attacks per second = 20 ticks over 3 seconds = 6.67 tps 2.23-2.4975 attacks per second = 23 ticks over 3 seconds = 7.67 tps 2.50-2.8512 attacks per second = 26 ticks over 3 seconds = 8.67 tps 2.86-2.98035 attacks per second = 30 ticks over 3 seconds = 10 tps Lastly, I would not recommend a build that did not get 1.67 in both main and offhand at a minimum (5.67 tps)enigma20 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Looking for criticism... ...constructive criticism! So here's the story, there are a ton of great players here, and I'm trying to get there. Unfortunately I dont have a lot of time to spend playing (fam, kids, work, etc) so I'm limited in regards to time. I'm hoping to get some a few questions answered, and I thank you all in advanced who will leave some good ideas. So here goes: What are the 2-3 equipment pieces that most need improvement (they all do but list the top 3)? Do I have any pieces of equipment that do not need replacing (or at least can stay with me for the longest)? I would like to play a ww barb (yes like everyone else) or a throwing barb, so criticism on my skills would also be applicable. Side notes: I have only a little over 2mil gold (dont spend real money) and I read the forums here as much as I can so I'd like to hear from some great players. Also if someone wants to sell me something that will really improve my barb for a good price let me know as well! Thanks for all your help!Yiannaki16 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Non 'nado 2H barbs: what's bis? Hey non 'nado 2H barbs, what do you think is best in slot for gears? For starters, I think we'd all agree that a well rolled life steal Skorn is the weapon of choice.Facebiter4 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Legendary Barb Ring For Sale 51 STR 153 VIT 54 AR LOH 180 27.3% To Inflict Bleed For 132-274 damage over 5 secs Reduces DMG From Ranged Attacks By 4% This Ring Occasionally Haunts Nearby Enemies Offer PleaseLandshark4 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Act 2 farm guide Anyone know of a good Act 2 farm guide for a Barbarian? I'm having a little trouble in Act 3 and need to farm more gold. I feel like I'm wasting my time in some areas Act 2. What routes do you take? ThanksHAQattaq7 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 IK set and the Melee Damage Reduction Has anyone figured out the accurate equivalent of 1% melee damage reduction to an equivalent amount of AR?acrimony10 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 S> MF Lacunis 92Str/18MF 92 Strength 30 Cold Res 18% Magic Find 8% Attack Speed 12% Move Speed 1014 Thorns Great for hitting that 24% Move speed and great MF for farming! Next nearest thing on AH is 6M with worse MF, but I bet that's not gonna sell. C/O None B/O 5MFrozinite4 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 S Good Skorn for Bar bidding there thanks Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Help with my barbs gear! Greetings, I'm looking for feedback regarding my barb. I believe I have pretty average gear. I'm looking to upgrade my gear but without a huge influx of gold I'm not sure where to start. Please provide me some feedback on my gear and what I should upgrade first. Thanks,Flatfoot3 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 ACt 3 Run Look for the best path to run act 3.... i usually start with the kill gohm quest aand then do the keeps lvl 1-3 sometimes i spik 2 run to the manics but what would be the best path as a 2 hander?Earthshaker2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 First post; help out a scrub barb, please? Here is the culprit in question. I'd like to finally get into Act 3 farming, but am not sure where to make my changes for that to be possible. I updated a bunch of gems, which almost broke me. I have a Calamity on the AH, as well as some rares, that I am hoping to bring me in some gold, but I haven't had much luck with that. I found a similarly specced Calamity, and undercut it a little bit (B.O. is 17,500,000) but I honestly doubt it'll get sold. So needless to say, I am on a budget. Thanks, guys!Acky30 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Selling Godly Litany of the Undaunted +158 Str +62 Resist All +14% Magic Find +168 Life per second +4.5% Crit Chance +6% Reduced Damage from Elities Offers must be over 100 mil to be considered. Message Solidius #1726 in game for more information. You don't want to let someone else snatch this thing up!Solidius0 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Cash for barb inferno gear plus gear in stash Need some cash, got a decent barb that can speed run through inferno as WW keeping zerk up almost all the time. im plvl 24. Looking to sell my gear for sure. Also have a pretty good Zunimassas Marrow in my stash with 87 vit and 185 int. Blade of the Warlord, Helm of Command, Andarials visage (legacy) and a WD SoJ. Take a look at my profile and let me know how ya feel. Thanks.Nahz2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 WTS - Killer Barbarian Full set for sale!! Hello, I'm looking to sell my whole barbarian I've recently invested roughly about $1000 into it, and I'm looking to sell. I will not sell pieces separately. I'm not looking for $1000, but please make some reasonable offers. Thank you. add me in game for serious inquires Masterk#1591MasterK4 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 188str, 76vit, 42 AR, 13% mf 586 armor WTS cheapest price on the AH is 10 million and mine have a 4500 health globe bonus asking 25 million for the shoulders. 586 armor 188 strength 76 vit 42 resist all 4500 health globe bonusTheFootOfGod7 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 What should I upgrade for better a3? I'm looking to see what should I upgrade for a better a3 experience. I'm doing ok but occassional death. I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks.Raptor2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Help with my barb Can anyone give me some advice on how to bump my DPS so I can get through A3?Caorthanach2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Post your Barb Bored so here goes Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Results on timed a3 runs with different gear. I only recorded one of each so this is far from conclusive. It was more out of personal curiosity than anything else. Route: Stonefort, Depths 1/2/3, Field of Slaugther, Rakkis Crossing, Siegebreaker, Crater 1, Tower, Tower, Heart, Crater 2, Tower, Tower, Heart, Cydaa, Core, Azmo 193k dps , shield, 12 MS - 31 minutes 110k dps, mighty weapon, shield, 24 MS - 29 minutes (yes, WOTB was up in all the alkaizer zones + rakkis crossing) 208k dps, DW, 12 MS - 30 minutes 218k dps, DW, 24 MS - 30 minutes (because of low ehp i had to dance out of molten/arcane) here are the interesting ones 173k dps, shield, Stone of Jordan, 12 MS - 27 minutes 181k dps, shield, Stone of Jordan, 24 MS - 25 minutes Stone of Jordan is ridiculously good. I had my doubts before actually using it, but It would be very difficult to go back to another ring now.Cloud912 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 WW barb are cheap, my *** So, just looted a decent pair of ice climbers ; 186 int 71 all resist open socket ( along with other minor stuff). Nice... useless to me but I can probably trade them for a roughly equivalent STR version. I look up on the AH, the INT version go for 15 million while the STR version is nearing 25 million. Minor QQ for the day. had to vent off.Vlorg2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 I feel like I'm becoming more and more OP I don't play very much, maybe 1-2 runs of siegebreaker to azmodan every day or less. ^ + I had no gear, no coin, nothing, starting about 2 weeks ago as i returned to the game. Even though my gear is likely still mediocre to most (most items bought on sale, everything under 10m, except legs and chest which were like 15m) And even though I keep lowering my 300 all resist now... I'm still absolutely @@*@!%!!## anything on inferno, and never die... I'm starting to think all resistance is almost useless... Besides all that...I feel it's a waste of time now to pick up anything besides 62 + 63 items, rings and amulets. It seems that spending time identifying rares is silly because i get like a rare every minute or less, and I find tons more gold than most rares are even worth. (123% GF, never intended to have it, but it makes for 2500+ coin drops at 5 stack)Desolater0 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 PC Shield Can I get an idea of what this is worth? :) Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Three Hundredth Spear OMFG LOVE Just wanted to start an I love the new Three Hundredth Spear thread. Just picked up a low dps roll with max weapon throw bonus of +50% for a mere 200k. I've got around the same dps with it in my offhand but the +50% weapon throw damage is amazing, I'm critting, well, 50% higher now, seeing mostly 100k+ crits when I was getting 60ks before, and the movement speed is awesome. Also, if you're not using ancient spear - rage flip, you're missing out, I can go without BR into the fray, and rage flipping an elite to death is to die for. Anyone else in love with this weapon? Post your super happy fun times!Bendickson4 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 evaluation of a stone of jordan for barb Hi, I'd like to know if this ring is valuable or not 6% Arcane damage 13 max fury 25% damage vs Elites 8% damage on Bash Is bash a good skills for barb ?IronButt19 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 33% Block Chance StormShield Place bids herePiffman3 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 How to improve my barb for act 3 What to upgrade to survive better? i cant seem to get enough fury sometimesphilip423 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 So r monkeys and hunters the worst 2 now ? what's the current top 5 ? will the top 5 class change in 1.05 ? I guess it will change again and again everytime the patch change. ww barbies dh saying they are weak as surviving skills witch doctors pets buffed. think they are good now ? monks are quiet. wizard critical mass works.Jzargo0 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Good/godly barb pants 150 str 125 vit 47 physical res 69 all res 2 sockets Search AH for those stats and it's the only one. Starting bid at 25m.Dremin4 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 New(b) Level60 Barb! Looking for budget build finally after days of dungeon crawling i got my 60. Now im looking for an effective starter build, smallish budget of 2-3m (spent all the money on my DH and beer) Any tips/hints how To survive and have fun? Good day to all and good hunting :)pacmanlife3 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Can someone gimme a litte hand? Hi! I'm currently able to farm act3 really nice (couple of deaths eatch run, no biggy) but i really want to raise my dps, cause i have a hard time dealing with those elites that run away to much, think that with higher dps i may be able to kill them faster! The problem is, every time i try to replace something, i loose away too much on the other, OR the item are away too expensive to buy... Im thinking on replace the gloves for the immortal kings iron wihout AR and get a second piece so i get 60 AR as bonus. But i cant afford 2 pieces like that of the immortal king!mechanix3 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 S>$0.95/mDiablo 3 US gold (Singapore only) Hi, selinng diablo 3 gold as stated. got lots of gold cos my friend gave me. it is Singapore dollars $0.95/mil :) ibanking/ATM transfer :) sms me at 8 one 5 7 eight 0 eight 0sheldon1231 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 what is the best Legendary Wep for WW Barb? please let me know i want to nail my first Legenday Wep downDarkprince24 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 IK helm-PC Str-196 Dex-86 %life-10 ChC-5 OS... some of the AH had prices of 140 mil....which i think was to high i got it as bid 50mil/BO 65 mil willing to sell it on here when i get off of work if no one has bought it yetEarthshaker2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Where does Weapon throw base damage come from It is from the main hand weapon like sprint tornadoes are or does it alternate like bash/frenzy would?Braddles2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 WTS GRANDFATHER!! Hi guys, check it out and let me know if you're interested. i have it equipped currently.JonPickle0 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Act3 Run partner needed I'm a WW barb. Not amazing but okay. Looking for a friend or 2 to run unique packs with.Yokazuna2 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 A no-barb asking for IK helm price check the helm : 200str 12% life life regen 122 crit 5.5 reduce dmg from melee 5% socket Thx in advance. i tried to evaluate it through the ah but the prices there are....oh well..ah prices..wishy8 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Whats the gear difference from a2 - a3? I can do a1 and a2 just fine i have a few probs here and there but i'm getting smashed in a3 like a little pillow i'm new to the game and I have my barb decently geared I think. If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated.Ikerui0 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 [WTS] Barbarian Full Set Critical Equipment Check out my profile. If anything you wan give me a PM and Offer. Preferably buying out whole set, will let it go cheap. Accept trading for GOLD / RM / PAYPAL.Memories4 Sep 20, 2012