Aug 6, 2012 Godly Barb finds out he's not so Godly Unbuffed: Buffed: Those are my current stats without the enchantress buff. One problem seems to be sustaining, so life-steal would probably be a good investment to make in a belt and/or weapon. My other problem is damage taken. I could probably stand to make an investment on a Helm of Command, but I need the socket and resists -- they are already low enough that I risk being a glass cannon anyway. Current passives are Nerves of Steel, Ruthless, and Weapons Master. I use War Cry - Impunity, WOTB - Thrives on Chaos, Frenzy - Maniac, Revenge - Provocation, Leap - Iron Impact, and Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss. Help?acrimony84 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTB> Mace/Axe1H 500+LOH OSocket 50mill Budget 50Mill is the highest ill go. Post what u got :)MisLegendary7 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS SKUllS GRASP - 209 STR 164 LOH 4 CRIT Starting price 50miRazorwind1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS 1h sword!!! --880.8 dps, 200 vit, 758 loh COME COME COME! any takers can either add me in game or place ur bid here!!!! ending in 12hrs starting from now!!!!c00lioz74 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS 2 WW OH LOH/OPEN SOCKET/STR/VIT 3M&7M Hi all 2 OH spears up for grabs 1) Dps 755 416 LOH 132 STR OPEN SOCKET 400 fire dmg 100 intel - 3M 2) dps 772 442 LOH 142 STR 132 VIT OPEN SOCKET 400 Fire dmg - 7M reply here or make your own offers. add me jek#6574.jek14 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Just Another Tanky Barbarian Build I was getting owned in Act 2 Inferno until I changed my skills around and experimented until I settled on this skill setup.!bTV!aabccZ I'm not technically savy enough to make screenshots of my gear so I will post a screen shot of my barb with impunity active. Gear is pretty cookie cutter with strength and vit on most pieces and resist all on all my gear pieces but the sword. My 2hand is 1016 DPS with a total of 1058 LOH that I got for only 200,000 on the AH (it didn't have the the gem when I bought it)!! Some mobs require me to move around a lot but for the most part I can take on just about anything I have come across so far. My build is centered on damage mitigation and healing thus no Rage skill. Only skill I can consider non standard is overpower with crushing advance. This is what makes my build shine against some of the heavy hitters. Not only do you reflect 30% damage but that 30% damage never hits you. It is essentially a 30% damage reduction against range and melee attacks. Threatening Shout also helps against elites because of the 20% damage reduction for the duration and with falter you get a 15% attack speed reduction as well. The AS reduction further reduces incoming damage. For passives I use Nerves of Steel, Juggernaut, and Tough as Nails. I don't have awesome gear or anything but I have been breezing through with this build so far. Pic of my barb with impunity active:[/IMG]Misesian2 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 wts helm the core 751 armor 84 str 75 vit 27 arcane resist 47 resist all 356 armor crit chance 4.0Skipper2 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Freezing wizz looking for barb Freezing wizz with 47K DPS, 45K Life, 700 resist all looking for a Barb with Impunity to farm act3 with Add me Patrick0r#1497 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 BARBARIAN WEAPON add me Sorrow#6609 to deal quickSorrow7 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS GOOD LOH WEAPONS and CRIT DAMAGE WEAPONS All weapons are in AH now. 795 dps Crit Damage weapon Link: Min Bid = 1 million 649 dps LOH weapon with 900++ loh with strength Link: Min Bid = 2.5 million 704.2 LOH weapon with 650++ loh with strength and vitality Link: Min Bid = 1.9 million To search for the weapons do a search with a lowered stats value and sort the dps tab. Thanks.Yogi20037 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Act III - getting owned, HELP please! Ok, so I'm a Double Tornado barb cause it's really fun. I have problems in Act III Keep Depths. Ramparts are no problems with Overpower and no WotB (no WotB beacuse I pick a Fury generator). In Keep Depths, I need both Overpower and WotB to handle elites and that is really problematic with initial Fury generation. I usually run around with this build!ZVY!ZZZYcc - with Bash for Fury generation. But not in Keep Depths. This doesn't work. I just can't play a no Fury generation WW spec with Overpower and WotB and without both of them I get destroyed, and I don't know why. I have no problems in Act II and first part of III. Stats quick look (buffed with WC/BR): 40k DPS, 700-800 AR, 43k HP, 1.41 APS, 47% CHC, 330 CHD, 1300 LoH. What am i doing wrong? This feels like more of a L2P issue than gear/build. Stats: Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Guides, tips - where do i find them hi, i came here from the witch doctor forum, and i was surprised - is this a trade forum now? where do i find guides, tips on strategy, discussion about stats, beating bosses what to prefer? (like in the WD forum) i've decided to play my barb again, so anything to read would help.Pekelnik6 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS GG STORMSHIELD 28% RMAH (PAYPAL) Offers or some serious gold. Im anti scammer so gtfo scammers Kujararanch#1382Kujararanch5 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS bracers 6chc 67res 17mf 80str Sorry I don't have a pic for the item but here are the stats: has 225 armor 82 Strength 51 Arcane resistance 67 All resistance 76 Life regen 17% Magic find 6% Critical hit chance Please post offers here for RMAH or Gold. Thankswoodchuck1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Those who've cleared inferno MF run question Recently solo cleared inferno and was wondering... A1 200+ base MF vs. 0 MF A3? From my very limited sample size I've noticed the former gives me crappier items w/ more props while the latter gives me "fundamentally" better items (higher core stats w/ low props). Thoughts?X0R0 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS 711dps 300LOH 90CD% + SOC dagger,2Ly2s offer, end in 8hFrei3 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 SHIELD AR/CC/STR/VIT/20%block/Socket Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Need advice on Crit % vs IAS for my tank barb Hey guys, I am a sword/board barb currently at 30k dps, 40% crit, and 276 % crit damage , 0% IAS I am looking to upgrade some gear and gain either 10% CRIT vs 20% IAS. Base on my current setup, which one is more beneficial to me? Any input is appreciated, thanks. 10% crit or 20% ias?Dogmeat0 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS 1039 dmg barb weapon, socket, 150+ stre Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 dual wield attackspeed question it appears that attack speed on my offhand weapon does not affect my overall speed. i have tried putting a faster weapon on my offhand and my speed did not change according to the details screen. also weapons master seems to only affect ur main hand. is this correct or is the details screen inaccurate?Dirk7 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTB 30M HELM hey guys looking for a helm with socket. 150 str 130-150 vit and AR 50 or more post if u got somethingcheez2 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Nice Ring For Sale Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Nice Shield For Sale Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Auction in trading! Hey guys! I'm back with an auction, this time Bracers + Gloves! Please check out and bid in the following thread: Thank you for your time and support!AaronSSw12 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS 802 dmg 1H 86% crit open socket leave offers below or whisper ingame Bullseye#1552 US server Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Selling Godly Monk, Barb, Wiz Weapon Sliver Grasp Rune sword 707.7 dps 301-710 dmg 1.4 atk spd 195-465 fire dmg 115str 100dex 195int 671 loh 2.6% life steal Open Soc c/o -Itoli4 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Need PC - Ring 145 Str 113 Vit 6% AS 3.5 Crit As title says, looking for a price range on this. AH figures dont seem accurate and its hard to find comparable one Full stats - +19 Maximum Damage 145 Str 113 Vit 6% Attack Speed 3.5% Critical ChanceDookie0 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Life Regen Tank Barb's Sages Seekers worth anything? 457 armor +72 strength +127 vitality +59 all resist +207 armor regenerates 107 life per second +12% movement speedRaiseOnce3 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 PC>Pants 424 Armor/152str/169vit/2opensockets 424 Armor 152 Strength 81 Intelligence 169 Vitality 2 Open Sockets Thanks in advanceakuris0 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Wts - 869.9 dps Mace /29% Block Sacred Shield Stone Ruin Mace 869.9 dps 219 - 564 lightning damage 119 str 147 vit Increase attack speed 10% 21.1% bleed chance 791 - 1376 damage Socket with 70% Critical Hit Damage Emerald Gems Sacred Shield 29% chance to block 3706 - 4706 Block Amount 31 Str 31 Int +9 Block Health Globe 3109 Life 1.9 chance to stun 1 open socket pm me at sound1 #6899...Pls offer me ....Thanks.....sound122 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS CHEST 54 AR 111 vit 6%life 3Open SOC 2M Hi selling at 2Mjek18 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Working on Barb DW life steal build So i decided to give a try the life steal stats. My current stats: 9% Life Steal (6% on weapons & 3% on belt) 52k DPS unbuff 900+ AR (Buff) 7400 Armor (Buff) 46K HP 50%+ Crit Chance Old Build: - Frenzy/Sidearm - Revenge/Proc - Battle Rage/Marauder's Rage - Ignore Pain/Iron Hide - War cry/Impunity - WotB/Insanity Passive: -Ruthless/Weapon Master/Nerve of Steel Follower: - Enchantress As a result, I am not impressed with the return from life steal. It is not as good as 1000+ LOH. After doing more researches and read the blue post that "Life Steal do scales better in AOE situations", so i decided to tweak my build from single target focus to AOE based. (Ref: Balance for Single Target & AOE Build - Frenzy/Sidearm or Cleave/broad sweep - Battle Rage/Bloodshed Defensive cookie cutter Skills (Set#1) - Leap/Iron Impact - Ignore Pain/Iron Hide - Warcry/Impunity - WotB/Slaughter Bulldozer [Charge Build] (Set#2) - Charge/Merciless Assault - Sprint/Run like the wind - Warcry/Impunity - WotB/Insanity Passive: - Ruthless / Weapon Master / Nerve of steel DPS sheet doesn't look great but game play wise is much better: - I no longer need Revenge to clear trash mobs and gain life. - Bloodshed easily clear trash mobs and yield enough life steal in return. - Removing revenge spare me another skill slot for leap/iron impact for the 11 seconds immunity or to change to charge build instead. - Frenzy on WotB/Slaughter with iron impact & iron hide generate enough life steal & mitigation to stand on fire/pit/arcane on Act3 inferno within 15 seconds time frame. - Personally i prefer Frenzy/Sidearm over Cleave/Broad Sweep as i need a good balance between single target & AOE. TLDR: Life steal required at least 60K DPS buff and AOE skill sets to work.vaansteer3 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 monk looking for good ww barb to farm with have 58k dps unbuffed looking for barb to farm a3 with. champ#2665 is my tag.champ0 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 building a MF ww barb for Act 2 (~30m budget) Is it even possible ? Im looking for ~300% MF with 5 NV and can faceroll act 2 ( yea act 2 only, i had a monk that can faceroll act 3 but bored with her already) just to have some fun Havent played any ww barb so have not much idea in mind at how stat goes: Do i need: - min xxx resist all ( id say 800 with warcry is enough ? since my monk roll act 3 with just 555 res all) - Min dps ? Crit chance / dmg ? HP ? - 1k5 LOH ? or 800LOH + some LS - Which spec should i use ? - Weapon choice ? LOH + socket + crit dmg ? Or just crit and get LOH from amulet / ring ? And last, my English sux and i know it =|Kaboom4 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 GODLY SHIELD ON AH Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 wts nice axe 712.8 dps 326-770 damage per hit 1.3 attacks per second 156-452 lightning damage 31% damage + 505 life on hit 59% base crit damage 2.6% life steal open socket hit me some offersafewtoomany5 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 S> My barb gear Hey all selling my gear take a look if interested add me ingame or leave offer here thanks :) No cheap/troll offers thanks! :) chalwat#1570 Cash / IGG ~Chalwat2 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS 1h 949 DPS Mace 949 dps 563-875 damage +192 min dmg +208 max dmg 49% dmg 75 Str 89 Vit 10% IAS 593 LOH 3% life Steal c/o 12mil Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 S: 853 dps 84 str 56 cd o/s mace soldPiffle1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 price check on this really sick weapon Got this sword today and was looking to sell for real money was just going to see how much it was worth. 746.2 dmg 140 str 854 loh 61% crit dmg and a socket here's the pic: thankscraigspade1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 full set DW/Tornado 85k DPS/1500 LoH Everything is now or will soon be on RMAH, thanks for looking The gear: The stats: 85k DPS with with Battle Rage and Frenzy. WotB takes it to almost 200k. I will include a 190 MF set for free. The ordinary set as pictured already has 36 MF. When I farm Act 3, I swap. If that seems like too much work, just swapping the helm, ring, and amulet gives 127 MF. Some of the MF gear is fairly valuable in its own right, including Tal Rasha Guardianship chest with STR/VIT/AR/IAS. I prefer to sell through Paypal. I believe I can provide information that assures the buyer we can do this safely through Paypal. I would expect the buyer to do the same. RMAH is fine if you are willing to split the fees. Price: similar RMAH items total over $650 at the low end. I will entertain all offers, but keep in mind the gems alone are worth about $50 and a few of the items (sword, bracers, shoulders) are fairly easy high dollar sales in RMAH. Make offers here or add me in game: VeePow#1555 One last thing... the sword is flat out godly. I know it is all the rage to stack crit on 700-800 DPS axes and maces, but you will have a hard time finding one that matches the DPS of my sword. Check a DPS calculator - the sword is equivalent to a 1k DPS axe with 190 crit dmg, and equivalent to a 900 DPS axe with 170 STR and 170 crit dmg.VeePow30 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 price check on pants 653 Armor 135 Strength 39 Dex 167 Vitality 37 Poison Resist 64 All Resist 262 Armor Just curious if these are worth anything. ThanksCyraks1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 PC on this top tier amulet? It has max life regen max crit chance.RuthlessAB11 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 WTS: Shoulders with 194 Str, 82 Vit & 78 Ar Hello Guys, Below is the link to item: 386 Armor +194 Strength +80 Dexterity +91 Intelligence +82 Vitality +78 Resistance to All Elements Please let me know your offer if you are interested in the above. Thank you.JigsawPuzzle0 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Elite 6-7prop gear! Super sale Hello fellow Blizzard gamers!! Here, looking to sell my 6-7prop barbarian stated gear in RMAH, so I can go to school! August, already which means time to buy some books! Would like to start each item at $25 but offers are always nice too. Here for serious bids only! (no silly dollar offers, keep it double digits) - full color image - 1. Helm 538arm/85str/68intel/53vit/38LR/69RALL/+arm/CrtHitChc4.0% - 2. Belt 305arm/68str/28intel/122vit/42PR/72RALL/18%ExtGold - 3. Shoulders 347arm/197str/69intel/40PR/69RALL/15%ExtGold/HGG 2229life - 4. Chest 374arm/129str/155vit/37PR/62RALL/Rgn130LPS/MAT98MPH - 5. Neck 147str/43vit/46PR/534LOH/144LPS/CrtHitChc8.5% - 6. Ring 22-46DMG/71str/153vit/CrtHitChc 4.5% - 7. Pants 163str/44intel/157vit/43FR/68RALL - 8. Shield 1008arm/24%Block/143str/46dex/68RALL/7%block/RDFMA 4%/RDFE 4% - 9. Ring 129str/150vit/35PR/ASI 7%/+6% life - 10. Helm 360arm/81str/76intel/89vit/44PR/+8%block/CrtHitChc 4.5% - 11. Boots 329arm/149/54intel/60CR/78RALL/Regen114LPS/IDL - 12. Gloves 314arm/96str/82dex/100vit/32PR/73RALL/CrtHitDMG31% - 13. 1Hand Mace 856dps/+213-409ADMG/42%DMG/59str/84vit/CrtHitDmg94% - 14. 1Hand Mighty 714dps/+208-499HDMG/160str/341LOH/+9MxF/CrtHitDmg70% - 15. Wrists 224arm/173str/65intel/54FR/61RALL/20%ExtGold Post your bids here or in game mail, world of warcraft - ínsomnia (US Alliance Tichondrius)Insomnia5 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 PC High Crit 1 hander 63 Spear 805.2 DPS 142 STR 119 VIT Crit Damage +91% Socket Any idea? Thx!!Gtech2 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 selling off hand 92 percent crit dagger!! 686.2 dps 218 str +98 dex +900 LOH +92 % crit damage c/o 7mill!!!! b/o 25millRaygorn17 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Requesting a gear investor I had quit playing D3 shortly before the release of the RMAH. I plan to play a lot and was wondering if anybody would either: A.) Help me catch up on the major changes to barbs B.) Gear up with me on an alt or some other toon because I only have 200k gold or C.) Hook me up with gear that is ok but you wouldn't sell cuz its "bad" Add/Whisper me: Vpsurf4#1720Vpsurf40 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 160K DSP WD streaming Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 act 3 gg Dps stream Act 3 Farming Stream - DPS Monk - Two DPS Barbs Loot give away, Q&A, and we will interact with the viewers. Come watch and hang out Aug 6, 2012