Demon Hunter

Oct 8, 2012 WTS Nat's Mark (79dex, 7%as) BIN 110m It's in my profile, looking for serious gold offers of 100+m only. 110m gets you the ring now!AidenMacleod1 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTS Calamity 1hd xbow 1213dmg calamity 1hd xbow 1213dmg, ias 10%, crit dmg 84%, hatred regen 1.32, 31% to cast marked for death. pm in gameHaggis4 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTS DML 188dex, 190vit, 20as, 9.5crit, 6% HA Dead Man's Legacy 188 Dex 190 Vit Attack speed 20% Hatred Regen 1.22/sec Crit Chance 9.5% Health globes grant 3751 life Increase Hungering Arrow by 6% Looking for a quick sale, so selling for 26 million (4 m less than the cheapest 20as hungering arrow DML on the AH right now).Recursion1 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTS NICE CHEST ARMOUR IN AH (US)!!! 83 STR 158 DEX 132 VIT 30 LIT RES 67 ALL RES 3 SOCKETSRazeRaze0 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Cold DH SOJ Have a 28% cold SOJ, 9+ max disc, 2% crit multishot. Anybody know what this is worth?torrent4 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTS natalyas reflection 34-62 dam 85dex 31 arcane res attack speed increased by 7% life regen 232 crit chance 3% taking offers for 24 hours before this goes to the AHandrei1 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 DPS question I'm looking to upgrade my crossbow but I'm not sure at what point will a lower dps Manticore will start offering improvement w/o SS (and I cant afford a 1300+ dex 2 socket). I've heard the term "DPS calculator" used around the forums, is this what I'm looking for to plugin some numbers?Judist3 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Good Shield for Bola DH? Would this be a good shield for a bola shot one handed demon hunter? Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 GG FULL NAT 150K NO SS 42K HP 250-350 AR Willing to piece out individually, can give a discount if you buy in bulk Lowballs ignored Scammers don't bother Thanks *helm is sold*choloniglet14 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 1347.5 DPS Manticore for sale 188 Dexterity 64 Vitality 63 Strength 10 IAS 89% CD 1 OS Make offers no lowballing I will not respond In game name TheClapTheClap2 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Best. Amulet. Ever. Dex: 279 Vit: 86 Lightning Res: 33 Attack Speed: 6% Crit Damage: 51% Crit Chance: 6.5% Now on gold Auction HouseWarfire0 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTS 2 SOCKET MANTICORE 886.6 dps 257-297 poison damage 141 str 196 dex attack speed 10% crit damage 77% 2 sockets with 80% crit gems POST OFFERS 47m buyout thank you!HUNDAL2 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTS Vile Ward 197 Dex and 6% Life - SOLD 649 Armor 197 Dex 78 Intel 77 Resist All 6% Life 251 Armor 285 Life Regen Starting bid 24mil BIN 29milVeldin4 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Selling Natalya's Headgear(164 Dex) +38 Str +164 Dex +147 Int +258 Armor +1.1 Chance to fear on Hit 1 Socket Bid starts at 15 million, do offerCyrus1 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Nats Bloody Boots Accepting offers.... +64 str +200 dex +43 int +75 resist all +254 armor +2% movement speed reduces dmg from melee attacks by 5%Ramses8 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Selling DH Items (Nats/Calamity/Innas) Selling the items on my DH. Check it out on my profile, comes with the gems. Paypal/RMAH only. Kay#1143 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTB Legacy Nat Set DELETEDSCTetra14 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 cc/damage/all resist int dex gloves 311 armor lvl 62 gloves 44 crit damage 5 crit chance 78 all resist 44 int 77 dex message me in game tonight, boneslinger#1933 must sell tonight, best offer takes them. so far, c/o is 2milBoneslinger0 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Random DH Question... How do Demon Hunters with 30 disc w/o legacy nats set live?Kaizar18 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTS -> Windforce 1257DPS open socket 1257dps open socket 40% knockback 3% lifesteal 1.23 hatred regen add me and message me in game or search it on AHABHORS3N2 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 WTB Windforce, 1250dps >40% KB OS OR better. Hey boys and girls, Looking to upgrade my WF. Minimum stats. 1250 dps open socket or 95%+ CD 40 knock back at least. Budget is 35mil straight up. But will negotiate based on stats of ur bow. Add me to discuss. JPblackened#1406JPBlackened6 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Legendary Crossbow 2 sockets Legendary Crossbow 2 sockets. The easiest way to get 100k dm in a weapon. 1010.4 dm 646-1010 1.22 aps +32 Minium Dm +200-512 Poison Damage +185 De + As by 11% + CH 88% 2 sockets We can start at 100m, and Buy out at 180m. i am looking for 150m, if you want to buy, Add me in game LionKennedy#1843. ThanksLionKennedy1 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Need Help I have 30 mill for gear with my dh. I want to know some things i should invest in...feel free to comment to help me out! p.s. my gear is awful right now.Robatron0 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Does dual wield compete? With other available options...... ? Just renewed. After purchasing decent Danetta + calamity vs a mediocre windforce (crit dmg) + quiver ..... I found i had better overall stats and same if not more dmg than dual wielding could give me. I've done light searching about the topic but most of my queries are filled with 'WTS' threads.... What are your experiences with the subject?Banff11 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Any thoughs on what I should upgrade? Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to upgrade next. A little background. My initial goal was a full legacy nats set but now that I have it I'm not so sure that is what I should have been shooting for. I have about 14 mil now to spend but I suppose there is the option of scrapping the old Nat's set and using that money to make significant upgrades. I can farm act 3 pretty will but lots of deaths on reflect damage mobs sometimes, even with shadow power.Chaos1 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Need advice on gear Hey guys, i recently bought my Vile Ward so i'm kinda broke now (having only 20mil)... but thinking what would be the best next upgrade for me (DPS / survival). Can you help me out? Also, i'd like to know if my gear is ok or missing something. Cheers!TiagoMD7 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Pc on ammy 154 dex 332 armor 64% crit dam 27% mf 7.5 crit chanceAkcrazyfool2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Need advice please. 4 days ago I came on here looking for advice and naturally I received some. Now I am back because it seems like everything past act 1 inferno is just way to hard. What specific gear changes should I make? Skills?Kashnere7 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS Nice Manticore (1150 dps, 93% CD, 198dex) @ title price is 30mil. Cheapest in AH.TiagoMD2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 ACT 3 HIGH DPS Speed Run Group Looking to add some friends to my list to start doing more Act 3 runs. I usually play on weekdays from around 7PM -8PM EST to when ever I go to sleep and pretty much during the day on the weekends. I'm looking for players with high DPS. For DH, that means +100k unbuffed. I don't know what is considered high DPS for other classes, so I'm probably looking for someone ranked in the top 3000 DPS in Americas on My DH is ranked in the top 900 in Americas. Again, I'm not really familiar with other classes, if you feel I should change the requirement, feel free to make any recommendations.Destroyer2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS 1024.6 DPS Dawn Please leave offers here.Anubrious1 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 ALLOW CHAIN OF TORMENT LINK BETWEEN TEAMMATES The DH's Chain of Torment (CoT) rune would be much more fun to use if players can place the chain on their teammates. At the current stage of PTR, Blizzard has increased the CoT damage from 80 to 125, but I think the damage is not the root of the problem. If the damage is increased too much, people will just build tank DH and abuse the skill. If the damage is not high enough, glass and balance DHs wouldn't use it. Allowing CoT to be linked between players in the team will greatly increase the dynamic of this rune and encourage team play. Imagine players running around trying to trap mobs between the links, I'll lead to so much fun as well as frustration.Long3 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Need spec/gear advice -- 400M to spend. This post is not for me, so please don't look at my scrub DH an offer pointers for her :). His battletag is Shooter#1227 A friend of mine with a nicely geared DH just made 400M+ on the AH and is looking to upgrade. I'm interested since we play together regularly but he is too busy to mess around on the forums and I have the sneaking suspicion he's not really optimizing his build. His dps is ok but he dies a lot, and I've noticed that when we play together my xp/hour drops about 15%. He likes his 2 x 1H build -- he claims I move too fast for him to use a 2H but I'm not sure how valid that is, or if it will remain so in 1.05 where I am definitely going to be slowed down by mana issues. Anyway, I've got 4 areas I would like some advice on: 1) 2H or 2x1H? 2) How much allres to survive mp5+? 3) How low can you accept DPS to make #2 happen? 4) Is there a general spec folks are agreeing upon that should be most successful farming MP5+? TYVMSilentMike696 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Grenadier and Strafe I am experimenting with different builds but can anyone tell me if the 2 hatred regen bonus from grenadier applies to the grenades launched from Strafe? I'm watching but it doesn't appear so. I play hardcore so the death benefit doesn't mean squat to me but if it could also be a hatred generator it would border on interesting.Rycci5 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS Godly DML 19% IAS, 9.5% CC, 241 VIT 94 Str 187 Dex 241 Vit 19% IAS 1.23 IHR 9,5% CC Reduces resource cost of Cluster Arrow by 5 Hatred 25mi C/O, 55mi B/OSic8 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Looking for new Ammy? 270dex,9ias,6.5crit,vit Offers and price check. Only one on AH has a lot lower stats. Thanks!KamboNZ5 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTB 2 socket manticore w/ dex, 1200+ DPS Only want if it satisfies the requirement in title. DPS the higher the better of course. PM in game to talk price.Jd0070 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Why isBola Shot critting before it explodes?? Hi. Today I had an idea about a bola-shot & sharpshooter build. Then I tested it first to some zombies. Actually some random realy low damage-hits were critting when I hit the monster with the shot. It does like 1% damage of the bolashot but more of course when it crits - thus releasing "sharpshooter"... Exact numbers: 150-200 on hit. 29k explosion. crit 400. NO crit from explosion of course because sharpshooter is already over.. What the hell is this? Looks like some mechanic to prevent me from using bolashot: imminent doom & sharpshooter. o_O I can hardly contain myself from flaming..ffFiend2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Gear Advice? I currently have the belt for the pickup and my right ring i don't want to buy anything with hellfire coming (soon?). Any suggestions?Dominator6 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 pc unreal quiver 188 dex 169 int 188 vit 20% ias increase hatred 1.23/sec crit hit 10% increase entag hit 7%AZZMASTER1 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 p/c on dead mans quiver 190dex 180vit open socket att speed 19% hungering arrow 11% cc 9% wanting to know price none on ah atmSKIMXD7 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS Manticore View my profile; starting the auction at 1 GOLD! 1181.5 Weapon Damage 172-460 poison damage 45% Damage 301 DEX 73 VIT 10% IAS 77% CHD One Socket (Radiant Star Emerald for cheaper than AH if you need one)DiVerse1 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTB - Danetta's SPITE (with socket) 70m to spend. Add me in game at sfjenOwn#2433 for discussion. Thanks.sfjenOwn2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Any help appriciated i do decently well on any act but the later acts my killing slows down considerably in act 4. and seems likes it takes forever to cross a map. but i can do whimsyshire pretty well it just seems to be act 4. any help would be appriciated. as far as builds or what items to improve Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS DH ITEMS!! Hey everyone, stripping my DH so anything you see on him is for sale. Just say the item piece and a price and we will talk or start bids. Thanks and good luck. Add me in game if needed, TheJoker201#1474TheJoker2010 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS - Good Roll Natalya's Embrace Cheap! Don't have a demon hunter, so I just wanted to sell my drop quick for a cheap/fair price Natalya's Embrace: - +99 dex - 11% life - +195 armor - Melee attackers take 283 dmg - Increase evasive fire dmg 11% - 3 sockets Anyone interested?kleanx5 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS Dead Man Leg(8 Max Disc,Hungering Arrows) DML 170 dex 187 vit atk spd increase 16% hatred regen 1.2/s 8 max disc crit chance increase 10% hungering arrow increase 6% BIN: 100m res: 90m c/o: 55m (RunningBack#1466)BabyChimZ35 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Excellent Gloves for Sale 192 dex 169 intel 145 vit 74 resist all 27% crit damagejclipper710 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS LAcuni Prowler crit4% dex/vit @AH dex 53 vit 63 crit 4% regHP 213 bid is low @ 29mil. Happy bidding!Horngyuh801 Oct 7, 2012