Demon Hunter

Aug 23, 2012 Upgrade advice I'm very hesitant on what to upgrade next and how much to spend. Any advice from my profile would be awesome. ThanksKvant5 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Manticore 2 soc, 198 dex, 82% crit, 987 dps Up on RMAH now. Manticore 987.4 dps 85 str 198 dex 37 vit 10% IAS 82% crit dam 2 open socketsGan1 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 1.0.4 Hunting Stream! Balanced Build! trail of cinders without nats! tune in!mukunda8 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Long shot...but looking for new 2h Xbow... OK, so I'm pretty happy with my MF set...I know it's not "godly" or whatever, but it works for me for now. However, I'd like to upgrade my 2h Xbow so I can get some more damage. Is there anyone out there with an extra Xbow they want to sell? I'm kinda on a budget of 3-5 million I'm def not gold rich. Is it retarded of me to even search for a better bow in the 3-5 mil range? Am I stuck with this until I get 100s of millions of gold (ya right)? Or, if you have any other gear that will increase DPS but not nerf my MF I'd be willing to look at that too. Just remember, as of right now I've got max 5mil to spend....I may have 10mil or so tomorrow if my buddy buys a barb weap I found from me tonight. Thanks fellow DH'rs.MechaJubei5 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Help your DH brother can you guys tell me what should i do to improve my DH, right now im killing mobs easy enought(act II inferno) but im also dying in a easy way what should i improve??(gear and skills) my build is pretty aoe focused or thats what i think(bola shot,cluster arrow and ball lighting) but thats killing me against elites and strong solo mobs tyXcilion3 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Thanks Blizzard for Screwing up Demon Hunter You make mobs that reflect damage and take away the healing from nether tentacles - essentially making it impossible to attack packs that have that - frankly I would rather see you take the game back to it's original settings and have if basically screwed up - rather than you constantly tinkering with it and making it worse.Ham13 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 ARE YOU SELLING A 1H BOW ON AH? READ THIS. I'm posting this on the off chance that the person selling below bow on AH right now reads this: Rangers Ire: 246-569 Arcane dmg 137 dex 155 vit IAS 11% +7 disc OS If you pm me in game, I will make you offer you cannot refuse that is much higher than current bid on AH. leaf#1621leaf2 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Question about ToC Does it crit? Would it be better to use a 2h crossbow with ToC or a 2h bow?ANigerian1 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 MANTICORE - Dex/Lifesteal/2Sock/CDmg 277%CRIT Taking Offers on Manticore 2h XBOW. ... 901DPS 183Dex AS11% ChitDmg77 2.5%Lifesteal 2Open Sockets, 277% Crit Dmg potential. please post in Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Be honest about trail of cinders So looking at the changes trail of cinders now does 1500%.... I can mow down elites and bosses by rolling over them faster than I can shooting them. There is no way this is going to stay this way 1500% with no CD is nuts. If you have not tried this rune post patch use it you will not be sorry.Broods76 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Trail of Cinders in post 1.0.4 Anyone else notice that when you use the Trail of Cinders rune for Vault now it doesn't rest your crit buff from Sharpshooter? As long as you can manage to not shoot anything while you are flipping through legions of demons and undead your fire trail will always have 100% crit.Pollenus7 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Lifesteal question So I've heard that for whatever reason life steal is massively nerfed in inferno (I can't find logic for why bliz would do that but...whatv). Does this mean that lifesteal skills like nether tentacles are nerfed in inferno as well? Or just life steal on weapons? I thank you,DeadraHelix1 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Price check on some top notch DH gloves dex-143 IAS-6 Crit hit dmg-39% Crit hit chance-8% My dps on my DH jumps almost 7k when I put them on and the other gloves he has are still pretty nice with like 114 dex 37 crit dmg and 7% crit. I don't have a picture but they are equipped on my Demon hunter in the profile. I am considering selling them since I just do not play my DH that much and am trying to gear my Barbarian even more who is my main. If you want to make a legit offer feel free I might be convinced to sell which I am leaning toward anyway.HenchmanNine2 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 WTS Good Quiver 115 Dex 78 Vit 14% IAS + 7 Max Discipline 7% Crit Chance Open Socket 26 StrGhazan4 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 WTS- Natalya's Embrace 154 dex, 3 open sockets, 12%life, chakram prop, sadly no resistSimoro0 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 what should i improve?? Take a look and tell me what you think i should improve. thanks. i normally use sharpshooter not ballistics the prof just hasnt updated yetParabellum2 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Price check on 908 DPs crossbow Thx in advance for any suggestion Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 WTS ilvl63 bow Fissure Flight 776.2 DPS +162 min dam +302 max dam +150 Dex +196 Vit Empty Socket (Radiant square emerald) 60% crit dam Message me if you want to bid on it HxCSavage#1565HxCSavage7 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 WTS - Natalya's Mark (Legacy) - Ring - Crit C Currently on RMAH with only one other ring with Crit Chance. Unsure how long the crit chance rings will be available. Am willing to sell for gold/$UTDZac2 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Bring me your best 1h xbow No budget, only looking for something truly godly. Must have at least 1k dps, crit dmg, os, and disc (willing to go without the disc if the dps/cd is high enough). Add me or post here with the item and how much you are asking.Hydrazine6 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 **WTS GG Dead Man's Legacy** Quiver** taking bids (gold or real money) judging from current AH it should go over 200mil 176 dex 173 vit 17% ASI 1.22 hatred regen 248 melee dmg 9.5% crit chance 12% hungering arrow dmgcurrently on the RMAH s/b $75 b/o $150 soldpoundette6 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Windforce 1.04 and Vault/TOC? I have some gold set aside for an upgrade to my bow. I'm tempted to try a windforce b/c I don't like the slow attk from the 2h xbows. My concern is the kb from the new windforce is going to work against a cinders build by knocking them off the cinders. Anyone tried this or seen this bow in action? I can't find any videos on youtube for twitch to help me out.krow0 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 New DH Skill System I do like the new system they have put in. I have not played but I like seeing "generator" and "spender" type skills. More spamming of skills... What do you all think of how its been changed?Baker7 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 WTS Legendary Dead Man's Hand (Post 1.0.4) 50m Dead Man's Legacy Level 63 183 Dex 199 Vit 17% Attack Speed 8% Life Hatred Regen 1.33 10% Crit Chance Cluster Arrow -1 HatredVitaminBxR5 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Demon Hunter help I need some advice on what to focus on when gearing up. I have a level 52 DH that was made to become a glass cannon but is not viable right now and dies on hell! I only have 500k and would like to gear up a little bit and farm ACT 1 Inferno soon... Thanks for those people that will help! =) Thank you for the trolls as well! =)keke2 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Help with Diablo Hi all, i'm at Diablo's door and well...when I knock and he let's me in...he proceeds to kill me. If anyone is available to help, would be much appreciated! please message me in game Karina#1310Karina3 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Chicken firing Legendary Bow Rules! The Cluckeye bow now shoots chickens out that explode into a cloud of feathers on contact, it's pretty amazing and hilarious. So what if i lose 75k dps.Ghostboner7 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Handbow (LoH) Legendart post 1.04 Dawn handbow 969.8 DPS +156 Dex +141 Int Increases attack speed 9% Each Hit adds +607 life 1.1% chance to stun on hit. Best Dawn on the market I looked. any idea what the cost should be? I am a DH but I dont use 1H and this dps is great for 1h I think. Thank youOldblood5 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Smokescreen really necessary?? Alright so this is the build I've been using since the release of 1.0.4!ZeY!cccZYc I'm just finding that I'm REALLY not using SS at all, unless I come across jailers. I just find Gloom to be sufficient to survive almost anything. I was thinking I could replace SS with another offensive ability, maybe RoV (just for fun). Any thoughts?Perfectiion7 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Another reason why legacy nats > new Trail of Cinders spammability? What do you guys think?Rambo10 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 PC good Quiver 251 Dexterity 296 Vitality 15% attack speed 8 Max Discipline Indestructible SocketEvangelion2 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Gold Find? Where do YOU do your GF runs? Just looking for a little help on where to do some GF runs. Right now im just running through Nightmare act 3 with 350 % GF making like 200k a run ( 15m max ) using DH with vault. Is there a better place to do some GF runs?Adhsnoopy1 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 S: OLD Blackthorne belt 225dex, 68vit Bin 20m Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 dh armor ( tank chest) figures i find a tank chest now , hows this rate? Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 How do you beat Siegebreaker in Inferno? He is reflecting damage and I am dying... Simple as that... So What can I do?CodyG6 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 .::===~~ WTS GODLY HELLRACK!! ~~===::. 983.6 DPS 283-516 Fire Damage 34% Damage 111 Vit. 7% IAS CRIT Dmg 48% Chacne to root enemies + O/S Serious offer only please...Sungjoon907 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Price check on lvl 62 ammy just found +31-61 dmg +118 Dexterity +184 Vitality +37 Physical Resistance Each hit adds 153 life () Open SocketDUNEV5 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Need advice on progression - what's next? So i've been able to land some pretty dope pieces in Act 1/2 in 1.04. I'm able to faceroll act 1 (no big surprise), and Act 2 I can handle with a few deaths. Act 3 is a test in patience, and i'm getting smacked around way too much. I'm kind of lost as to what to upgrade and what to buy. I'm hoping someone can help me~ Thanks in advance!! My Build + Kit: Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Ouroboros 178 dex, 28 vit, 7% crit chance It's probably not worth much, just curious how much it's worth?Joshkowski3 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Multishot or Cluster Bombs for dps opinions?Castablanca8 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 legacy nats or new nats? wonder which is better over all?Unforgiven2 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Critique my 1.0.4 tank method Everyone I play with in the last 2 days say the same thing. "How are you tanking inferno act 3 full game?" So after chatting with someone I told him I'd post what I'm doing. I actually don't rely on caltrops and used it more for insurance or when going against elites/champs that like to move around pre 1.0.4. Just look at my profile but essentially: 1600 loh 85k dps ss 45k hp Setup before engaging elite/boss: M4D - Death Toll Put down a CoT Gameplay: Use ToC 3x back and forth to be on the other side of the CoT sandwiching the elite or siegebreaker Cluster bomb - generates all hp back to 100% because of M4D Use Prep focused mind to build up discipline for 12 secs (must be how Nats users feel.. nice) Shock Collar keeps hp up and generates hatred. Once discipline has regenerated, go back and forth with ToC until discipline is exhausted (elites are usually dead by now) rinse and repeat: It takes a little more effort, but while prep is generating discipline use cluster and shock collar to build up hp, then ToC to exhaust discipline. Repeat.spiike323 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Help me with upgrades Im a weekend warrior (dont play to often) and i was looking to see what you guys would recommand when its time to upgrade my gear. Do keep in mind I am on a budget so dont recommand 35milion$ items. I know that my bow needs an improvement. Current gear Current build!eYT!ZcZbbZ ThanksKingKong6 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 745dps Hellrack Hey guys just wondering if this is a good weapon at all.. 2 Hand Crossbow 745 Dps 1.17 Attacks per second -100-325 fire damage - 31% damage - 114 str - 115 int - 45 vit - 6% ias - 39.9% chance to inflict bleed for 6548 - 8155 damage over 5 seconds - chance to root enemies to the ground when you hit them - socket I tried to look on the AH but couldn't find anything with that bleed, ias, or chance to root enemies. I really wish that str/int was a dex tho haha. Anyone have any idea on the pricing on this? AH is not very reliable... Thanks guys! Appreciate it!Xplicit3 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 [VIDEO] Vault & Trail of Cinders Demo There's a lot of Vault talk going on, so I thought I'd demonstrate some trail of cinders gameplay, and just how -really- strong vault currently is. The easiest way to do this is with a video, so here it is: Note that doing this kind of negates the need to "skip" mobs, because vaulting through them basically kills them anyway, so it does 2 things at once: - same speed as if you were mob skipping - insane damage & kills all the mobs anywayMysticaL34 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Skull Grasp with Hungering Arrow and Dex Just got this thing, the dex isn't the highest but It's the only hungering arrow one i've seen so far. It's a 1 in 58 chance of rolling any skill. Anyone want this? Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 What do I need to progress through A3? Suggestions on gear / build? Seems like when i'm using Vault/ToC I die because the mobs 1-2hit me.ANigerian6 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Looking for opinions. Should I hold onto the old Nats I have now and sell later or sell now? I really like the 4 Nats except I could never afford the ring so I went duel with the bow. But I am thinking I wanna go higher on DPS and a more balanced build. I know my DH needs a lot of work so I am learning as I go. Any constructive comments are welcome and very much appreciated.DelDuck5 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Group play paragon Hey all, Can we leech paragon exp from other players just like when we are going through normal levels? Would be nice if we lvled a bit faster by playing in full game. Anyone know if this is the case?leaf0 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 increase in Reflect Dmg? or is it just me?McCookies19 Aug 23, 2012